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REShow: Sam Prince - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 15, 2023 3:16 pm

REShow: Sam Prince - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 15, 2023 3:16 pm

Rich weighs in on Aaron Rodgers’ impending decision on whether or not to accept a trade from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets, and says why he loves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing QB Baker Mayfield to a 1-year contract. 

Rich breaks down which teams are most likely to reach out to restricted free agent QB Lamar Jackson among the Texans, Titans, Colts, Commanders, Jets and others.

Heart transplant recipient Sam Prince joins Rich in-studio to discuss the importance of organ donorship, his beloved New York Giants and getting to announce their Kayvon Thibodeaux draft pick last year, landing Darren Waller from the Raiders, and more.

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Rogers has provided the Jets with a wish list of free agents. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Let me say this. Let me say this. The Rich Eisen Show. I like the way you think Aaron. Now that's a thinker. It's not my money.

It's not his money. Today's guests. Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz. Eagle Center Jason Kelsey.

NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes. Yes it is.

Can confirm. Rich Eisen Show is on the air from rainy Los Angeles, California. Make it stop.

Make it stop. We're on the air here on the Roku channel which is live and free and it's great. And I love being on it because like I said the platform is free.

So many folks out there watching here on a great day in our neighborhood. Right in the middle of March. Right on the day the new league year begins.

Free agency begins in the National Football League today. That's not free. The Roku channel is free on all Roku devices.

Select Samsung smart TVs. It is free on Amazon Fire TV. Free on the Roku app because the Roku channel is on it.

The Roku channel dot com. We say hello to our terrestrial radio listeners coast to coast. We say hello to Sirius XM Odyssey audiences listening to us on satellite and streaming. We say hello to our podcast listeners whenever you choose to listen to this show. We appreciate it if you listen to our podcast version by hitting the subscribe button.

Why don't you? The Cumulus Podcast Network would appreciate that. That's who puts out our show where all podcasts can be acquired. YouTube dot com slash Rich Eisen Show. A nice backstop.

Same with our video on demand service as part of our partnership with Roku at the Roku channel. The Rich Eisen Show collection is how we call it. Good to see you over there Christopher. How are you man? Hey Rich. DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. What's up Mike? Good to see you.

How are you? TJ Jefferson. I mean it's pouring rain outside man. I don't even understand this. We're on daylight 35. Let's all huddle up. The ark's almost built. Let's all huddle up.

Hey folks. Today's the day. Today's the day!

Is it though? Today is the day. You don't even know what I'm referring to as to today being the day. You don't even know. Let me talk.

The hell going on? Today's the day! Today is the day. Today's the greatest day you've ever known? It's my way. It's going to be over today.

Shout out to Smashing Pumpkins. It's going to be over today and it's going to be a great day. Aaron Rodgers is going to say he's coming. And the only thing I can hope is that he's excited about it and I'm assuming he is because the Jets appear to have done everything that he's asking them to do that we don't know that he's really asked them to do. But we're assuming him to do it which is like, hey, when I say I'm coming, these are the following things I would like from you. And it's a test. I think Rodgers kind of put the Jets through a test.

I think he's putting them through a test here. This is what I want from you. I want, first things first. All my friends. Your money.

Secondly, a jar of green M&M's. I want some friends to come with me. I'd like you to see if you can bring in my favorite receiver that was still there named Allen Lazard. Can you bring him in?

Can you bring in my BFF from a very, very long time? His name is Randall Cobb. No, he's not really been on your menu. You didn't hit the offseason, I get it, saying we've got to get Randall Cobb, but now you do. You have to get Randall Cobb. And if you can bring in Mercedes Lewis, that would be great. I'd love for you to call up Odell Beckham Jr., see if he'll come. I know you can't guarantee it, but why not, right? I mean, why not?

While I'm asking, maybe you can deliver and it seems that the Jets have passed that test or at least Rodgers believes they have done what he's asked of them. And I think the third thing he asked of them as a test is just to see how quiet you can keep everything. Loose lips. I don't want to see them, right? In those movies where they're like, I'm going to show up.

We're going to make this drop. I don't want to see a cop anywhere. I don't want to see it. I don't want to know your people are there. I don't want to see it.

It's one of those movies, right? Come alone. Come alone.

And I know you're going to, I don't want to see it. The minute I see somebody, I'm out. We're out. It's off. Let's see how quiet you can keep it, Jets. It's been pretty quiet. Pin drop.

Pin drop. And the silence breaks at one Eastern time. Appreciate Hall of Famer, Baseball Hall of Famer, great broadcaster. John Smoltz acting as the Rich Eisen Show. Counter-programming to Aaron Rodgers appearing at one Eastern time on Pat's program. Terrific golfer as well.

Both of you. I would take Smoltz. Over Rodgers? And a golf course? Rodgers is kind of a sandbagger. We're talking golf now, right?

Yes. He claims he's a 10. Come on, I'm a 10. Oh, he's no 10. You're like a 2, bro.

Come on. When did he claim he's a 10? At the century. At the match, at whatever event that they had recently.

Oh, at Pebble Beach. He was part of the winning group. He claimed he's a 10. Yeah, right.

I'm a 2. I mean, with Max Homer hanging out there, he's a 10, don't you think? I mean, he's getting...

I don't know. Bottom line is, let's focus. Today's the day! Today's the day! Rich, we're pulling for you.

No, you're not. Because you know the dynamic changes if he shows up. We were at the bottom of the division. The dynamic changes if he shows up. If he shows up. He shows up looking like an MVP, not looking like Russell Wilson last year.

He won't look like Russell Wilson. How do you know? Because I know.

You know what, Rich? I'm going to pull at you. I need to see it. You need to see how Aaron Rodgers looks with the coordinator on the Jets being the one who coordinated his last two MVP seasons with Allen Lazard. I need to see it. And Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall coming back.

You need to see how it works. And Randall Cobb. Doesn't this sound familiar? Roll reversal from last year. Rewind a year ago. Same conversation.

It's totally different. Russell Wilson always won a Super Bowl. Same energy. When Rodgers tells Pat, today's the day. When he tells Pat, today's the day. Same energy. When the Jets stroll into Gillette next year. Same energy. Please!

Oh, I only know one speech. Please. This is so exciting. I think the Jets have passed the audition. Congratulations. Now, I hear Schefter saying on ESPN that there's still the matter of the Jets and the Packers coming together.

A very complicated deal. That the Packers won two firsts. Two firsts? Now, there's a word in the New York City area.

Starts with an F. That ends with an... Forget about it. Two ones. I thought you were going to say... Do you want to be relevant or not? Beat it. Do you want to be relevant or not?

I do want to be relevant. Then you pay the price. It's not the price.

That's an absurd price for a 39-year-old guy. You don't know how long he's going to play. You don't know how much longer he's going to play. I'm sorry. And guess what?

You win a Super Bowl. Who cares? I hope the Jets held the line there. I hope they told Gouda Coons, forget about it. Gouda Coons. Forget about it.

Hey! Because that whole concept of how much the compensation's for, for Rodgers, because the Jets really want him and they value Aaron so significantly well, works two ways. Works both ways. Well, you want him so badly. You flew all the way out to Malibu and gave him a dinner at Lucky's. You want him so badly. You also told Derek Carr, you know, we love you. You could be a first ballot Hall of Famer if you come here, but he sensed that he wasn't choice A.

You love him so much that you watched Jimmy Garoppolo stroll to Las Vegas. He could have worked for you too. He could have been your bridge quarterback for Zach Wilson too. Hey, you also need to see what you got in Zach Wilson. So two ones for Aaron and the answer back, I hope Joe Douglas told Gouda Coons, okay. You love Aaron so much, have him back.

Have him back. Man, that's a game of chicken you can't afford to play. I would play that game of chicken. You can't afford it. I'd play that game of chicken.

You can't afford it. Hey Brian, Brian, you have him back. You love him so much. We love him. We'll take him.

You can start your Jordan Love project that you have been itching to start since the minute you drafted him. It's a dangerous game, Rich. Okay, well that game has been played because he's coming. Today's the day. Today's the day and this is all wrapped. This is why Garrett Wilson said my vacation is now enjoyable and this is why all the young Turks from the Jets were tweeting stuff out. How much did Lazard get?

Apparently four years, 44 million. Okay. That's great. Terrific. We'll find out in 50 minutes.

Let's roll. It's going to happen. Very excited. I mean your excitement now was not the same way you felt four weeks ago when I was trying to tell you.

You were not into this. No, I got it. But now that the Jets went down this road and I see what Rogers is going to bring to the equation and assume he's going to be all in and assume that he knows that this is his last rodeo here. You know what they say when you assume. I got it. Meanwhile, Zeke Elliott's going to get cut. Good for you. Because that means Tony Pollard gets more reps, which is good for you.

Better player. You want to talk Cowboys? Always.

Great. I love how you always like deflect off Jets talk to try to bring down the Cowboys. No, I deflect off your attempt of trolling me and the Jets have been to championship games more recently. I'm not Chris Brockman. I don't troll you. But if you want me to start trolling, I could jump on the Brockman train. I'm trying to hype you up. That's all I try to do. He's talking.

It's higher register. He doesn't believe that I do what a bunch of hooey. Hey, another subject that popped up. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Have signed or about to sign. Baker Mayfield. One year, eight and a half million bucks, and this is the guy after the guy in Tampa. You never want to be the guy after the guy. You'd like to be the guy who is the after the guy after the guy.

But Baker's if anybody could be the guy after the guy at this guy. And here we go. You like that move? I do.

Yeah. And congrats to Baker for landing in a terrific spot. Terrific spot. Great receiver. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Russell Gage.

Let's roll. And I liked the kid White who was running the ball very well. Rashad White was running very well at the end of the season.

And to me, that's a wide open division. You're going to have a rookie quarterback in Carolina. You're going to have a first year starter all year long in Desmond Ritter in Atlanta, because that's who the guy is. And you're going to have Derek Carr in a new spot in New Orleans. And Baker Mayfield with, I would say, one would think, his last best opportunity to be a regular all 17 game starting quarterback in this league. Kyle Trask might be raising his hand in the quarterback room saying, hey, I've been here.

I'm ready to roll myself. The Bucks will no doubt posit this as a competition. They will position this as being an open ended conversation. But you're not paying somebody eight and a half million dollars to back up somebody who's never done it before. They are sending him that contract with the intention, in my mind, to be the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while Tom Brady sits on their cap for a 35 million dollar hit. So you could sit here and say they're spending 42 million dollars on their quarterbacks this year.

There you have it. Love this move for the Bucks as they figure out what they have in Kyle Trask or give them an opportunity to try and win the job. And Baker has the opportunity to be the Bucks quarterback for a time to come. What's he going to do with this opportunity?

I can't wait to see. You know he's got a chip on his shoulder. You know it. And you saw what he did without hardly knowing any plays just by the seat of his pants playing instinctively for the Los Angeles Rams last year. So he went from Cleveland to all of those guys.

Freddie Kitchen's dialing up plays for him. Survived that. Survived that. You know seriously don't forget all that nonsense that he went through. Hugh Jackson drafted him didn't really want him and Freddie Kitchen's was his guy and then Freddie Kitchen's was the coach and couldn't handle it. And then we all know Kevin Stefanski wound up being coach of the year because of how well he played until he didn't and then Deshaun Watson shows up and then he winds up in Carolina. And then we saw how well that went with Matt Ruhl getting fired in the middle of the season and then he winds up getting released, picked up by the Rams. Now here he is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Quite a journey for a first overall selection in the draft. It's quite rare to see that. But I like the maneuver quite a bit. I think he's going to play well down there. I do too. I do too and I'm excited for him. Now when was the last time, I guess his last year with the Browns, was the last time that he walked into training camp knowing where he was going to be and had an opportunity to be the guy?

Right? And if the Baker that showed up in Kansas City in that playoff season going toe to toe with Mahomes until the dreadful circumstance of the Browns fumbling through the end zone right before the end of the first half. If that guy shows up in Tampa, I think he's got a shot to win that job for the foreseeable future. Todd Bowles hopes he's the guy.

Isn't that amazing? That Todd Bowles hopes Baker Mayfield's the guy and Todd Bowles was the one who drafted Sam Darnold after Baker Mayfield got drafted and Baker Mayfield is now on team four and Sam Darnold is on now team three. And he's hoping to be a starting quarterback but Baker knows, I think, he's going to be the guy in Tampa. Congrats to him.

Good news there. Okay, so here's how our show is mapping out. Bucky Brooks in hour number three of this program. Also on this show, John Smoltz, top of hour number two, he will be chatting with him while Aaron Rodgers makes his plans known. We'll react to that after an hour or two and then welcome in our first Ballot Hall of Fame guest talking about his future plans, Jason Kelsey. I'm told he's calling in in the middle of his physical to sign his one year $14 million plus deal to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles and keep his Hall of Fame career going. I'm told he's stepping out of his physical to call here because he knows.

He owes this program. No more tequila shots with Howie Roseman? I was told he did that at the combine and they shot that in advance knowing if he comes back they'll run that video. And then if he didn't come back they shot a different one. Because I was like that was up pretty fast.

I'm coming back and then boom this video popped. This is what I was told. And so Jason Kelsey has been invited many times in the show. And the fact that I appeared on his podcast before he appears on the show or at least I recorded that before he ever appeared on the show. Interestingly enough that podcast comes out next week. He will in fact have appeared on the show before I've actually appeared on his podcast.

If any of that makes sense. Bottom line is Jason Kelsey is on the program. At the end of our first hour we've got a special guest in studio. His name is Sam Prince. I first met Sam when he went, what's the word for it? Ape. Ballistic.

Ham. On the draft stage in Las Vegas as he was the one who was the, look at that photograph. He was the one who announced Kayvon Thibodeau's drafting for the Giants as a Make-A-Wish. Would you say graduate or once a Make-A-Wish person, always a Make-A-Wish person? Once a Make-A-Wish person.

Okay very good. But anyway yesterday was the 12 year anniversary of him getting his new organ. So we're going to talk about organ donation with Sam Prince.

And interestingly enough as Sam comes out here in a couple segments to just chop it up. Darren Waller's a giant. Darren Waller is a giant. Do you know how pissed Raiders fans are about that? Did you see the reaction to the trade yesterday? Or the news that apparently Waller was upset that McDaniels leaked plans of their wedding that they didn't make public to anybody that was coming? And then he wasn't invited apparently? Oh my gosh, Raiders fans are so pissed.

I understand. I saw actually a meme that the fourth round pick that the Giants flipped for Waller, it was a four right? Was it a fourth round pick they flipped for Waller? A third round pick, my bad. That the third round pick that the Giants flipped for Waller, somebody plugged into Madden and the Madden computer algorithm rejected it. Saying it's not, it's not an acceptable trade. That's the video game world in the world of cap space and whether they fit somebody's system. Or I don't know if the algorithm took into account that player was pissed about a wedding situation. I don't know.

But at any rate, lots to discuss on this show. When we come back, today's also the day that teams can legally contact Lamar Jackson for his services. And since we first started talking about it last week, when he got that franchise tag slapped on him, because again, players who get the franchise tag when they don't want it, it's slapped on them when they don't mind. It's called applied.

It's placed. So the franchise tag was slapped upon Lamar Jackson. We went over his potential market. That market has dwindled in just a week's time.

We'll discuss that. There's 844-204-rich number to dial for you to chit chat with us. We got a full Wednesday and there's pro days. Georgia's pro day is happening today. A lot is happening in the world.

844-204-rich number to dial. And March Madness has begun. That note of protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter. Don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about.

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You in? The Rich Eisen Show radio network is back now with the Rich Eisen Show live stream on the Roku channel. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Today's the day for Lamar Jackson to look at his phone and see if he gets a phone call from somebody saying, Hey, Lamar, I like you. You want to play football for my team?

Would you like to join us at fill in the blank? Because any team in the NFL that has a first round selection in this year's draft and next year's draft has the opportunity to negotiate a contract for the services of Lamar Jackson. Sign him to an offer sheet, send it to Baltimore and say, match it, tough guy.

Match it. If you dare. Because if you don't, we get your guy. You get our first two draft choices in this year's draft and next year's draft.

You get our first draft choices. That's it. That's simple.

If it was only that simple. So let's take a look. We did this when Lamar got slapped. Again, that's the phrase you are mandated to use in the media world. When you're talking about a franchise tag and a player who doesn't want the franchise tag in the manner in which it's been given, it's slapped upon that person. If they don't mind it, it's applied. We still don't know if Saquon thinks the franchise tag has been slapped on him or applied.

We'll find out. That's down the road. But for Lamar's market, we did this when it first came out.

So let's do it again. Here are the teams without a first round pick in this year's draft, thus removing them from the equation, even though, again, the Broncos have Ross, the Rams have Stafford, the Browns have Watson. And the reason why Lamar's got this franchise tag is the manner in which the Browns have Watson. So the Dolphins are the team one would think Lamar would love to play for and vice versa.

If they already didn't have to love him and the fact that Lamar's from Miami, he would love it. But even if they decided to just abandon everything, they don't have a first round pick. Now these teams can acquire a first round pick in the draft and then go for it.

Or hope that this whole situation lingers past the draft and then they're back in the mix. And the Niners, as we all know, have got Lance and they just got Darnold. For the moment, these teams can't be in the market. And then you got the teams who just, we know they don't need a quarterback. And that has now expanded considerably in the last week of teams who do not need a quarterback. The two Super Bowl teams, the Bengals and the Bills and the Chargers, we know don't need a quarterback. Same with the Jaguars. And now you have seven teams who have made maneuvers since the week that Lamar Jackson had the franchise tag slapped on him.

And that includes Geno Smith, yesterday's comeback player of the year who came back after his phone service went kaput twice to call back in. The Seahawks and Geno Smith are, you know, down the aisle together. Same thing with the Giants and Daniel Jones. The Saints and Derek Carr. The Raiders now with Jimmy Garoppolo. The Buccaneers, as of moments ago, they signed Baker Mayfield to an $8.5 million contract. They have Kyle Trask. They are not going to, with Tom Brady and $35 million on their cap as dead money, going to go ahead and sign Lamar and make this move. The Falcons have clearly shown you that no matter how popular a move it would be, no doubt in Atlanta, they are building around Desmond Ritter. They signed to a two-year contract.

Taylor Heinecky. That's their plan. They got, you know, Jesse Bates a $60 million safety. You could see how they're building their roster.

This is not in the cards. And Carolina has traded up to first overall in the draft to clearly choose a quarterback. They're not flipping the first overall pick in the draft.

They didn't move up from nine to one, give up all that capital just to now send the one to Baltimore. That ain't happening. There's now the same eight teams that would blow everyone's mind if they actually made a move and called Lamar.

Dallas with Dak. There's no way Arizona's doing this. Not with Kyler coming back from a knee injury. I mean, what are they going to flip Kyler somewhere else? Someone's going to take Kyler coming back from a knee injury when they go ahead and take the third overall pick in the draft this year and send it to Baltimore? Minnesota? That would be provocative.

It would blow everyone's mind. What, trade cousins to Baltimore? You make that trade? Is that possible? It's possible. It's possible. I don't know. Green Bay, after all this time.

Wouldn't that be nice? The Bears trading down to nine. You know why they traded down to nine? Because they weren't going to trade the one to Baltimore. That nine they'd consider to finally pitch Justin Fields. All these plants, just so they could scrap them and call Lamar today? That's not happening.

You got the Lions? That would blow everyone's mind. Patriots and Steelers, I think, would melt the internet. That's not happening either, is it?

So now we've boiled it down. Who are the teams that could ring Lamar's phone today? As of right now, 29 minutes before Aaron Rodgers makes his plans known, the Jets truly need a quarterback. So that's why they're still on this screen, even though I believe they are on the teams that do not need a new quarterback.

They could be on that screen very shortly. And then you got the Texans, Titans, Colts, and Commanders. We still have the commanders there, even though Ron Rivera has said to NFL Network's Sherry Burress, as she said the other day, and he's made it known the commanders are out on Lamar. They're not doing it, but they still do need a new quarterback, unless they do love Sam Howell. So put it up one more time, Mike Hoskins.

Put it up one more time. Let's see it. Texans, second overall pick. You're gonna flip him? Flip the two in next year's first overall for Lamar? 200 million bucks? We're gonna do that?

Maybe? Titans. They're gonna call up. Tennessee Titans appear to be what looks like, are they in Rebuild or not? 11th overall.

They're 11th overall, but we still need to know what are their intentions? Could they be in the Lamar Hunt? Could they just go, and by the way, Lamar Hunt, you like that? That's one way to get the Lamar Hunt trophy, right?

It's to be in the Lamar Hunt. I keep landing on the horseshoe. I keep landing on the franchise that's in Indianapolis that used to be in Baltimore.

Wouldn't that be an interesting connection to both of those cities again? Blue horseshoe. I keep on landing there because their fourth overall, that's a very high first round choice to cough up. But if they're gonna use it on a quarterback, you feel like this is it, right? This is the year after the Philip Rivers project.

Great band, by the way. Matt Ryan just got released yesterday. So, you saw how that got done and, you know, Foles had a nice little quick look-see. I think he's still on the roster.

Saw how that all worked out, right? Carson Wentz, don't forget the Carson Wentz era. Well, it's easily forgotten. Couldn't beat Jacksonville to make the playoffs. Oh my God. As they were on their way to the first overall pick.

Oh my God, that happened. You'll be terrible, Rich. If you were right and somehow Lamar did end up in Indianapolis and then he's gotta move and then Ravens fans look out the window and they see Mayflower moving trucks. I mean, that would be the cruelest thing. I don't wish that on anybody. If Lamar does go to Indianapolis and leaves Baltimore for Indianapolis, he's gotta hire Mayflower movers and the trucks have to come in the middle of the night.

Is Mayflower still a thing? They'll go back in the business for this move. And again, the reason why I keep landing here is like, if you're going to use the fourth overall pick on a quarterback and it's on somebody that might be the fourth quarterback on the draft board this year and that's a big mystery and yeah, you could build together with your new head coach and you could do that with your new head coach. Or you could go for it.

What's the exact opposite of rolling the dice on the veteran, aging veteran to see if he's still got it or the exact opposite of taking a flyer on Carson Wentz? This is the move. That's the bold move. And if I'm Lamar, I am hoping I look down and what and see a three one seven area code on my phone today.

Is that what that is? Indianapolis? I'm hoping.

Three one seven or four six three. I'm hoping. Either one. I'm hoping. That's it. I mean, I was just there.

So I'm hoping if I'm him, that's the one. Because who else would it be? Could it be on the teams that would blow everyone's mind list? Because I'll tell you what, this is played out perfectly for the Ravens who are like, go seek out your market and the market will be open after the negotiation window in which everybody jumps on everything else. And his market is minuscule.

Facts. So he'll go back to the negotiating table with Baltimore and want to assume more than 32 or I'll just say, screw it, I'll play on the tag again. What do I care? 32 is enough for me right now. I'll just do it again, even though everyone's saying I need an agent and I'm leaving money on the table and all that business. What do I care? I'll play it again and then at some point I'll be free and I'll go wherever I want to go and my market won't be depressed by two firsts and my market won't be depressed by teams that are nervous about doing the paperwork for the Ravens and figuring out a deal that the Ravens couldn't. Show everybody that I can still do my business even though I don't have an agent. He might do it, but that's the reality of boots on the ground, market as the Lamar market opens at 4 Eastern on the day that he can talk to other teams. Let's take a break here.

844-204. My buddy Sam Prince is here. Let's talk Giants.

Let's talk football. Let's talk about making sure you put your name on a list for organ donation because without it, Sam Prince is not about to appear on the Rich Eisen Show as he is. Our friend Sam Prince here before John Smoltz and Jason Kelsey on the show.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network here also on our live stream with the Roku channel and joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show in person is somebody who I met in Vegas last year. You took the whole draft world by storm, Sam Prince, the way that you introduced Kayvon Thibodeau and now you are here in Los Angeles, California hanging out. Good to see you, Sam. How are you? It's great to see you. I'm doing fantastic today, Rich.

Excellent. And so let's just before we get into the football aspect of it, yesterday was a big day in your life. Explain why March 14th, yesterday was a big day in your life, Sam Prince.

Yes, it was, Rich. 12 years ago on March 14th, I got the gift of life, my new heart. You got a new heart. So your heart in your body is 12 years and one day old in your body.

Yes, in my body. I was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and one lung. Before I got my transplant, I couldn't walk down the street. I couldn't go to school for a full day. I couldn't walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. When you get your transplant, you treat a new set of problems for another set of problems, but the set of problems that you're trading your problems in for are extremely different.

In a heartbeat, I'd much rather have these problems. And so you were an eight-year-old receiving a new heart? Yes, sir.

Okay. And do you remember anything about that? I mean, do you have any significant memories as a 20-year-old sitting here now in college?

I have. You know, Rich, that was my life. Going in and out of hospitals, doctor's appointments, that's all I knew.

You know, while you and everyone else here was able to play in the yard and play basketball, play football, et cetera, go to school, I couldn't. I was in doctor's offices. Let me tell you a little story.

Please, Sam. So I got my transplant on the 14th. I waited six months to get my transplant and I got the call the night before, Sam, we have a heart for you, at 8.58 p.m. March 13th. So you had no idea as an eight-year-old that you were going into surgery the next day until that phone call hit? I knew I was on the list. When you're eight years old, you don't realize everything that's going on. Of course.

For me, as I said, it's just everyday life. Do you know whose heart is in your chest right now, Sam? I do not, but I honor my donor family every day by wearing my green bracelet. And I will give you one right now and everyone else on the show. Beautiful. Fantastic. Thank you. Flip it out here. Thank you. Very good. I got one for you. All right, let me put it on.

And I'm wearing mine right here. But, you know, I want to meet them one day. If they don't want to meet me, that's their decision. Now, because obviously it must have been a difficult day for them as to why the heart was available for an eight-year-old, right? But the fact that they decided to donate...

They didn't have to do it. you the life. So what do you tell people who are potentially thinking about it or just say got their new driver's license, didn't take the box?

What do you say, Sam Prince? Check the box, everyone. If you are wondering if it really works or not, look at me.

I'm living proof. Organ donation works. I wouldn't be here today without the power of organ donation, without that family checking off the box and making the selfless act of donating their child's organs. And then, obviously, joining Make-A-Wish was a significant moment for you as well, right? Of course. Got to announce Kayvon Thibodeau.

How about that? And I saw we did NFL Network a terrific feature on you for our Thanksgiving show and Thibodeau. And what was that moment for you with Thibodeau on the stage? Big moment for him, big moment for you. Well, it's a big moment for me. My dream came true of announcing the Giants' first-round draft pick. And then you have Kayvon Thibodeau, who's played football all his life, waited to get drafted, and he gets drafted fifth overall? Yeah.

Fifth overall. And all our joys, all our... we're both excited guys. We're both high energy guys. It just all came together on the stage. I love that picture that you're like...

I love it. You know, just the most powerful man in sports standing in between you, witnessing the whole thing. I mean, that was wild, to say the least. And then he balled out. He was terrific this year. He did. You know, he did miss the first two games. But other than that, he was excellent this year. He sure was. Okay, now let's get to it. Darren Wall is a Giant.

You've got to be flipping out, right? I was so happy. So basically, this is what Joe Shane does. He traded Kadarius Toney, who wasn't the right system for him on the Giants. He trades him to the Kansas City Chiefs for a third and sixth-round pick. They just traded that third rounder from the Chiefs, a hundred overall pick, to Las Vegas Raiders for Darren Waller. So basically, Joe Shane traded Kadarius Toney for Darren Waller and a six-round pick.

Sold. Not bad. I mean, you've got to be jacked up. Oh, I'm so happy. Who else is going to catch the ball though, Sam?

Walk me through this here. What do you want Joe Shane to do from this moment on as a Giant fan? Well, Joe, we got a lot of talk about. We got our receivers need to improve. I would like to draft Zay Flowers, number 25 overall in the draft. I would like to get... Why do you like him? You just saw him at the Combine.

You've watched Boston College football. I mean, what's your connection to Zay Flowers? To me, he's the most underrated wide receiver in this whole entire draft. I think Jack Smith and Juga is the best receiver in the draft.

I don't think he's going to follow the Giants unless they trade up. But Zay Flowers fits our system perfectly. Okay, so you want Zay Flowers. What else?

What else do you want? Well, you want Saquon sign long-term, I'd imagine, right? I would like the right deal for him. Okay. What's the right deal for him, Sam?

That's up to his agency and Joe Shane. Look at him, everybody. Okay. But if you're talking on the right deal, I would like 13 mil for three years.

Okay. And the man across the way, Chris Brockman, is not sold. And he's not by himself.

He's not alone. He is not sold on Daniel Jones making $40 million per. What do you make of this, Sam Prince? Chris, if Daniel Jones walked, you really think that he wasn't going to get the money? No, he was going to get the money. I don't think teams should have paid him. What has he actually done to earn $40 million a year besides being born in 19 whatever, however, whatever year he was born in? And by the way, I'll just chime in here and say the thing that upsets Chris the most is when these conversations that happen, and we're going to be having them all throughout today as the free agency period officially begins, is you pay somebody when it's their time because it's their time and that's what the market bears when you are that good or you have shown that you can be good or you're a quarterback and it makes you outraged. But I'm looking, we just did a whole segment on what Lamar Jackson's market is. What would Daniel Jones' market for a $40 million a year contract been if he walked? Who would have? Nobody would have given. I don't know.

The Washington Command? The Indianapolis Colts. Would have given him $40 million? Daniel Jones is better than anyone that they could draft fourth overall. They are QB desperate. They are a team that said, okay, we get Daniel Jones, we'll pay him big money and then we'll go draft Will Anderson or Jalen Carter.

That's not a bad choice there. And then you would have used the fourth overall pick on the best defensive player or somebody else. It's possible, which is why I'm pegging the Colts is if you're willing to give somebody $40 million, then it's Lamar. The problem is that Lamar comes with the cost of two firsts. Well, I think Lamar should have been signed already. He should have gotten his guaranteed money. The Sean Watson, who didn't play for a year, gets every single penny guaranteed. And he's got his legal troubles. You're giving him a fully guaranteed, but you're not going to give Lamar Jackson, who has done everything right, won an MVP, has been the heart and soul of the Ravens team. So let's have fun in the last three minutes of our segment before, again, John Smoltz joins us at the top of next hour. And then Aaron Rodgers obviously makes his viewpoint known. We'll discuss that before Jason Kelce joins us. And by the way, phone calls at 844-204-RICH, number to dial. They're already seen.

Many are lit. Let's have some fun. Where do the Giants, do you think, stand in the NFC East? Second place.

Behind? Philadelphia. Philadelphia is still the second best team in the NFC. Yes, I said second best team. I think losing Gary Slay and Hargrave is going to be massive, especially Hargrave going to the Niners.

That D-line just gets better and better. So you think the Giants are behind the Eagles. Why do you think the Giants are better than the Cowboys? The Cowboys beat you twice last year.

Yes, I'm very sadly well aware of that. TJ, what has the Cowboys done in free agency? What have they done? We made some moves, man. We tightened up our defensive backfield. We re-signed the Wolf Hunter, Leighton Vanders. By the way, Gilmore is a pretty big addition.

That is a big addition. Diggs and Gilmore together. They got Staphon Diggs. It's just Gilmore and Trevon. Which is what I told you guys, that Staphon Diggs would be a member of the Dallas Cowboys. It's Staphon and Diggs. He's not going to be a member of the Cowboys. He's going to be a Buffalo Bill, and one day, one day for the people of Buffalo, they will win a Super Bowl.

Look at you, San Prince, throwing out the red meat. What do you want to do? What are you doing? Which college are you in right now? I go to Rowan University. I'm studying sports communication and media. Okay, and so are you writing for the paper, doing stuff media-wise?

What do you got? Yeah, so I write for the paper. I'm an anchor for our TV show, All Access. That's our sports show. And I also do a lot of radio. I do a lot of talk radio every day. And I have two internships with one doing some game for the pre-post and halftime shows for the Delaware Bluecoats.

Delaware Bluecoats. Okay. Have you met Mac McClung? Have you chopped it up with the NBA slam dunk champ?

Sadly, I have not. Mac and I just haven't met yet, but one day we'll meet. Attaboy. Make it happen. You make all these things happen, man.

I really appreciate you and who you are and how you go about your business. And, you know, I'm glad you took my seat at the draft for a while. Well, thank you for having me in that seat. When you gave me your seat, I thought it was a dream. When I did that? Yeah.

Okay. I thought it was a dream. Well, it was a reality.

It actually happened. By the way, I felt the same way a half hour later when the Blue Man Group came on the set and were just screwing crap all over the place. Love the Blue Man Group. Yeah. What a week that was in Las Vegas. Are you excited for Kansas City? I am.

Yeah, because they're diehard fans and I can't wait to see. And it's been, what do we determine? It's been 11 years since the draft was in the home of the Super Bowl champs when your G-Men won in Indianapolis to beat his Pats over there. So, I got a question for you. Okay. You're a Big Ten guy, Michigan guy.

Yes. Who's your favorite Big Ten prospect? In what? Coming to the draft this year. Oh, it's CJ Stroud. Hands down. Is CJ Stroud your favorite?

Yeah. See, I am a fan of the linemen. Paris Johnson Jr. No, I doubt.

No doubt about it. CJ Stroud is my favorite for two reasons. One, he's a quarterback and he could be the first overall pick in the draft where it's totally wide open and is the host of a draft. He could be, because you asked me about Big Ten prospect, he could be the first overall selection and it's a mystery and that's great for being a host of the draft. The other reason why I love CJ Stroud is Michigan beat him twice. He's my favorite Ohio State quarterback of all time. Are you kidding me? Well, I mean, if any NFL team is going to watch film of him, they should watch three games.

His two losses against Michigan and the Georgia game this past year. He definitely showed up and he, I'm just being facetious, but at any rate, our radio audience is about to depart. Thanks for being here, Sam Prince. Thank you for having me, guys. It's a pleasure. Absolutely. And how can people get involved?

What website can people go to or other than just ticking a box when they're getting a new driver's license? Great question, Rich. Thank you, Sam.

I like to, I like, I like not only to ask that, but I like when people, when I'm chatting with them to say those things to me. So thank you. You can go to or you can ask Siri, how do I become an organ donor? Or you can do it the traditional way of checking off the box on your license. is how you can do it. And so you're going to hang out here the rest of the day, right? Just hang out, just be part of the, part of the crew. And then you go into NFL network as well? Yes, sir. By the way, he's got a media tour today. I love it. Car Wash.

The Sam Prince Car Wash. So you're going to NFL network, huh? Yes, sir.

Okay, fantastic. Then just hanging out here in Los Angeles. Sorry, the weather's been crappy, brother. Yeah, I thought this was supposed to be a Sunshine State and the one week I'm here, it rains. It's been raining since January. It is not the one week you've been here, so don't think it's you. Don't worry about it. If you've been here in any week this year, you're collecting animals by two.

That's what we're doing here. So being an LA resident, do you like the rain? Um, yeah, when it's just occasional, when it happens.

When it's like every six months. Yeah, but when it comes in the form of an atmospheric river, not so much. Seven times over. Last night, my dad and I are driving back for dinner and it was like a monsoon out there. Yeah, I'm sorry, brother.

It's okay. But at least you're from the East Coast, you know how to drive. Oh, by the way, you're from Jersey. Rich, what are you jealous of, Jersey? He's from Staten Island. We just branded what it looks like to be a champion. My World with Jeff Jarrett, wherever you listen.
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