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REShow: Seth Davis - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 13, 2023 3:52 pm

REShow: Seth Davis - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 13, 2023 3:52 pm

CBS Sports’ Seth Davis tells Rich which teams could emerge as this year’s Cinderellas in college basketball’s NCAA Tournament, if Jim Boeheim was fired or not by Syracuse, how the controversy surrounding the tragic shooting at Alabama could impact the Crimson Tide’s play on the court, and more.

Rich reacts to Jimmy Garoppolo signing with the Raiders and what it means for Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets, and says why the Rams only getting a 3rd round pick for All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey does not mean they’re tanking.

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You in? This is the Rich Eisen Show. There's his number, hey Joe. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Want to come on my show tomorrow and talk about Rodgers and the Jets?

I would love it. The Rich Eisen Show, today's guests. CBS college basketball analyst Seth Davis, NFL film senior producer Greg Cosell, plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is, can confirm, and here I am. I'm wearing a very comfortable shirt and soon I will be going to NFL Network, changing out of it, putting on a suit and tie, and hosting the free agency Frenzy Show, because it's definitely a frenzy. And that's on the air now on NFL Network. I'll be joining it at four o'clock eastern time, when we'll be four hours into this craziness. Maurice Jones Drew, our Friday guest, I'll be sitting there with him and so many more. Very excited to be there for you, talking about everything going on. And I'm just wondering, at four eastern time, Aaron Rodgers made a decision, because as of one o'clock eastern time, one hour into the negotiation period.

It's still nothing. I'm laughing from crying. Oh my gosh, I can't believe the Jets are in this position. At any rate, Greg Cosell will be joining us shortly here on this program to break down the film that he has already worked on for the top quarterbacks in the draft. And that could not be more relevant with the Panthers moving up from nine to take somebody, and then the Texans taking somebody off the list of top quarterbacks not named whoever the Panthers choose and so on and so forth, with the Colts that's sitting there at four. And while we're waiting on Rodgers decision and everything going on, Chris Brockman, you're monitoring, right? My god, my fingers are working.

You're monitoring. We already heard Jason Kelce's coming back, which is great news for Philadelphia. A perfect way for them to start their non-playing season. Brandon Graham staying put too, as we learned last week over the weekend as well.

So things are looking up for the Philadelphia Eagles for first blush. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial, but let's turn to our guest line right now. And joining us here to help us break down the brackets, massage the brackets that we have now received from the tournament committee on Sunday. A man who will be covering the NCAA tournament for CBS and Turner and the athletic. And he's got a new book out that it's called Wake Up With Purpose. What I've learned in my first hundred years, not Seth, Sister Jean and Seth, writing a book together back here on the Rich Eisen Show, Seth Davis. How you doing, Seth? Doing all right, Rich.

Little running on fumes this morning, but I'll recharge my back in time for tomorrow night. I don't understand the point of having an NCAA tournament without Michigan in it, but maybe another time. You know what? I think it got canceled, right?

And then they just put it back on just because some of the other people complained about it. That would be the appropriate response. Understood. Understood. So let's just jump right into it.

Do you like the brackets or are there any issues with the brackets in your mind? Seth? Yeah. I mean, you know, allowing that these committee folks spend a lot more time on this than I do. And I said during the selection show, I don't see any justification, frankly, for putting Houston over Kansas in the overall seed line.

I'm not sure because people actually have normal lives and they don't live this like I do, but I'm not sure how many people know. They actually seed the entire field one through 68. And people think there's an S curve where, you know, you're matching up seeds in that way, but it's all it's all determined by geography. So if you are Kansas and you are the number two overall seed, you get to go to the Midwest regional, which is being decided in Kansas City. So now Houston has gone there and Kansas is being sent out west. I mean, Kansas had twice the number of quad one wins and much the hardest strength of schedule in the whole country. Houston was 96 and Houston had a bad loss to Temple.

So Houston's good, clearly deserve to be a 1-C, but that was really the one thing that jumped out at me. Everything else, like your bubble team, I know Rutgers fans are bummed in Oklahoma State, what have you, but if you if you've played your way out of the bubble, then you really have nothing to complain about at this point. Well, I mean, if you're a Rutgers fan, you just root for Fairleigh Dickinson in the first four, right? That's Jersey.

Come on now. I mean, it's not like Jersey got completely shut out here. And then there's Princeton.

But I don't know why. Maybe it's my old school backdoor Pete Caril type guy, you know, but I see Princeton versus Arizona and I just start to wonder to myself, is that an upset? Start identifying some of the shockers, the the slipper fits type moments that we're going to see on Thursday and Friday of this week. So just some nerdy numbers for you. Six of the last 10 years, a 15 has defeated a 2.

So if you pick a 15 over a 2, then ostensibly you have a 60% chance of winning. At least, you know, one of them. So, you know, Arizona, the last number two seed, so that might be where you looked and got an injury issue with your point guard. You know, they played UCLA in the Pac-12 final and UCLA had two guys out, one of whom was not coming back and Arizona still only beat them by two.

So that was a little bit surprising to me. But, you know, staying in that bracket, Rich, the two teams I like there in the south are Charleston and Furman. Virginia is another one with an injury issue. Charleston, you know, at one point was ranked in the top 25. I think they're very understated at a 12. And I love the way they match up with San Diego State.

So those are two to jump on. I actually have UCSB, you know, Baylor's been vulnerable. And then, you know, Florida Atlantic to me is an interesting team, which also won a ton of games, has also been ranked in the top 25. They play a lot of players.

So that one comes to mind. And the other two I'll give you, I really like VCU over St. Mary's. VCU had a great home stretch last month and a half of the season, won the 8-10 tournament. Terrific defensive team as is St. Mary's. So that's why I think it's a good matchup. And of course, we've got to love the Drake, which is one of the oldest teams in the country and a really good bucket getter. And Tucker DeVries, the Missouri Valley, has a great history and they were the best team. They won their conference championship game by 26 points. So I've got them actually beating Indiana in the second round to go to the Sweet 16. How about that, man?

But I'll tell you this, Rich. All these teams from 11 to 14, they can all play. I'm telling you, they can all play. That's what I guess. Yeah. And I guess that's what we've seen over the last couple of years. And I'm just wondering, you know, why or if it's now a deeper pool or, you know, we never talk about college basketball when it comes to NIL, Seth, we always focus on the college football world, but I'm wondering if we might see a time and this year could be it, if we just see more of the upsets from the double digit seeds because they get one or two or three kids that are terrific that we might hear about, say heaven forbid in a June draft in the NBA, that they're going to the smaller schools and now suddenly there's parity, if you will, for NCAA tournament.

Yeah, it's a great point, but you know, I think it's been happening for a long time. I mean, I think if you look back really over those last 20 years, you know, starting with the George Mason going to the Final Four, you know, the very first year we had the first four, I want to say it was 2012, maybe 2014. The very first year from the first four, BCU was in it. They went all the way to the Final Four and then UCLA did that in 21. So in what, nine years, we've had two teams go from the first four to the Final Four. So you're talking about the last teams in the field. You know, Florida Gulf Coast was the first to reach a Sweet 16. St. Peter's last year was the first 15 seed to reach an Elite Eight.

So, you know, Wichita State, Butler. So it's been happening for quite some time. One thing that is happening though, because you mentioned NIL, between the NIL and the transfer portal where kids can now switch schools and not have to sit out. And the other thing, Rich, is the COVID years. Everybody got an extra eligibility. So we've got like 60 or seniors on some of these teams. So college basketball is definitely older than it's ever been until this COVID thing cycles out. And I think that's kind of what I look for, not only experience, but also continuity, you know, who's retaining players over a couple of years.

And oftentimes it is the mid-nages who are able to do that a little bit more easily. Seth Davis here from CBS Sports Turner, the athletic on the Rich Eisen Show as the brackets have now come out. And the first four starts on Tuesday. And then do we call it the first round on Thursday? Have we finally given up the ghost of calling that the second round? That's long gone, right, Seth?

Can you believe someone had that idea? Yes, that was like, you know what, they didn't like the play-in game. So, you know, first it used to be only one of these games. That was the play-in game. Well, let's call it an opening round game.

Okay. But now it's a first round game. And then the big first round is the second round.

That messed everything up. So sometimes it takes them a little while to get to the right spot, but I think they got there. We're finally there. We're finally there.

So just a couple more questions on the sport writ large. Did Jim Boeheim get fired, Seth? Kind of.

Yeah. You know, um, I think he was moving to a place where he was going to retire. Um, and then because he's Jim Boeheim, God bless him. He's a, uh, he's a reporter's dream because he always says something he shouldn't say. He just couldn't help himself in that press conference.

Well, it's up to the school and then, okay. You know, so sometimes if you force them to, to, to show their hand, they show you their hand. And in this case, he got the back of the hand. So I think he saw the writing on the wall of, well, if I want to come back next year, I think I can, but maybe there's some folks who don't want me to, cause we haven't done well the last couple of years and I'm 77, whatever he is. So I think they would have gotten there in a better way, but he just wouldn't play nice in the sandbox and they were working things out.

Some of it, the chancellor was out of town. You know, I talked to Jimmy for a while about all this, but yeah, I think at the end of the day, um, they, they expedited the, the, the denouement, I think is maybe a more politic way to say it, but if you want to say he got fired, it's not entirely incorrect. Well, I guess in it, the only reason why I bring it up is because of that final press conference and how odd, there's no other way to put it, odd, awkward, which is not what you want to have from somebody who has been part of the program since 1969. So does he, does he have a role in Syracuse basketball if he wants it or, or is this just a, let's just have a cooling off period because of the way everything ended? What do you think? I think, yeah, I think he'll have a role. I mean, like I said, I think it was messy.

I think they would have ended up there anyway. They were starting to have conversations. Okay, how's this going to look? One of the issues was he's got another year left on his contract and he wants that money, you know, and I said to him, well, you got enough money, right? He's like, ask the principal. All right, Jim, it's the principal.

It's the principal. So God bless him, you know, figuring that out. He's going to do some ambassador work for the school. You know, he can certainly help to raise a lot of money. He's still got to do a radio show. So he's got some, some radio obligations there. And I think he'll do a great job for the school.

I mean, he's certainly a huge asset in terms of raising money. It just shouldn't have gone down like that. I mean, he should have answered, he should have known the question was coming like, okay, after you lose your last game, they're going to ask you if you're retiring. What's the answer?

And the answer should be, you know what, we just lost the seasons over. I'm 77. I'm going to take some time. I want to think about it. And I just, you know, I'm not there. I mean, I'd like to whatever to say, and then it goes away, but he didn't do that.

He didn't do that. And so he forced their hand and they showed their hand and it was, it was not pretty, but I do, I, like I say, I think they ended up in the right place. And I think that he'll, he'll be around and he'll be helping out. And, and he's, he's still, you know, meant a lot to that program in that city. And in time, I think people will forget the way that it ended and celebrate what happened up to that point. And then, you know, before I just return to the brackets and then send you on your Monday, Seth Davis, the shooting in Alabama with the Crimson Tide program being involved and Brandon Miller, who is as terrific as they come in college basketball, part of the reason why Alabama is a one seed, I think is going to, certainly if Alabama starts making it to the sweet 16 and the final four, it's going to wind up in more places than just columns or on the internet or the top of news stacks. I mean, it's going to, it's going to, it's going to go throughout the entire country with news stations getting interested.

How do you think this plays out, Seth? Well, I think it's going to play out exactly the way that you described because they're the best team in the country. Now the best team doesn't always win, but the thing that I really look for, first of all, you know, who's got the highest ceiling?

If everybody plays as well as they can possibly play, who wins? The answer is Alabama. And the other question is who can beat a really good team when they're playing poorly, especially shooting poorly.

And there are, it's a very short list. And at the top of that list is Alabama because of the way that they defend their ability to get to the foul line and their ability to get to the glass, offensive and defensive. And they have a true alpha, you know, really the most talented player in the country and Brandon Miller, who, you know, when nothing else is working, you just giving the ball, get out of his way. That's the basketball side. What you just described is I think what's exactly going to happen. And it's unfortunate and it's awkward, but we're keeping in perspective.

It's a hell of a lot less unfortunate than what happened to this young mother whose life was absolutely senselessly and violently taken away. We should never forget what this is really about in terms of the basketball piece and in terms of Alabama's handling of the situation, did they do everything perfectly? No. Did they do everything the way I would have done?

No, I definitely believe that he should have sat a couple of games as well as Jayden Bradley, because they were both there. I can only tell you, Rich, I've dug deep into this thing and I've talked to people in the know on background, on the record, all of it. It is very complicated. First of all, he has not only not been charged, but they said right away, he is a, he is a, not just a witness, a cooperating witness. So that was the first thing that Alabama knew. And then also Alabama knew that he was there and his role in this, but the public didn't know. And they are very hands-off on this because rightly so, they don't want to be seen as or in effect interfering with a murder investigation. So they're like, hey man, we ain't touching this thing. Like every law enforcement, we're not interviewing players, we're not digging for information. So they were in an awkward spot about not putting out that information. Once it came out and they were kind of learning things through the courts, the way the public was, you know, they, they have to make these decisions. Again, I would have sat him, but you know, it's very hard to get to the point where you say, well, he should have been kicked off the team for somebody who hasn't been charged and as a cooperating witness say, okay, well, he's not kicked off the team, but he should sit for a couple of games.

Fine. That's what I think. But whenever he got back to the court, you would have that same wave of criticism saying he shouldn't be playing at all.

Why did he only sit too? And then if you take his whole season away, there's a whole wave of criticism saying you're not being fair to the kid. You're opening yourself up to legal liability from, from him and his camp about damage to his career. So it's an awful situation and it's a tough situation. And I think I'm glad you asked me about it because I think I would only hope that however people feel they would first acknowledge the complexities of actually having to make these decisions. And then also let's just stick with the facts, like as long as we're factual, then I think reasonable people can disagree. Seth Davis, I appreciate the time when it's all said and done.

Who's cutting down nets? What do you got for me? I got, I got the tie. I got the tie beat in Kansas and I got Marquette and Texas, my final four.

And as usual, any similarities between those predictions and actual events is strictly coincidental and highly unlikely given my, uh, my past record. Okay. So Marquette, Texas, Alabama, and, and, uh, and Kansas. Okay. So you got Arizona, Purdue, Houston, and Gonzaga in the, uh, in the elite eight.

So a bit chalky there. Alabama over Kansas on Monday night. On Monday night, April 3rd.

And then where can people get wake up with purpose? What I've learned in my first hundred years, great title by sister Jean with Seth Davis, where all books are sold, wherever books are sold. It's been, it's been a great ride. She's an incredible, she's 103 years old. She goes to work every day. She's more mentally sharp than you and me and anybody that, that we know she remembers everything.

She's on top of the news. You know, we, we, we wrote a good book, rich, but honestly I made a great friend. I love that. So you're already working on the next book.

What I've learned in the last three years is what you're saying. That's right. So we're going to, I told her at the end of this, I told them we were going to give her a bar mitzvah.

I'll send, I'll send you a, save the date. Oh, it's like, it's like, it's like a Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, right? The, the 2013 year old man.

I remember that one for sure. Oh my gosh. Uh, Seth, thanks for the time. Thanks for the call. Let's, uh, let's chat during the tournament afterwards and down the line. Appreciate the time, sir.

Anytime, Rich. Always happy to talk right back at you at Seth Davis hoops. You should follow him. I do as well.

Check him out on CBS and Turner's coverage of the NCAA men's tournament that starts this week. Are we going to fill out brackets? We got to, we got to, but why? Cause it's, it's what you do. I know, but let me ask you this question. I've probably watched more basketball than anyone in this room. That's true.

There's no questions. So like today I can, I can, no, you've been present for more basketball. You were watching it. You've been present for more college basketball. It's not like you're watching the games that you're working.

I bring that comment back. Yes. I was in the actual mixing.

You've been, you've been, you've been pressing watch for the broadcast. I did pay attention in a lot of course, the big 10. Oh, sure. Women's more than men. Cause it was the women's, but this is the men's basketball tournament. Can we do the women's instead? Of course.

I know there's a couple of good people. So in the, in the interim though, why don't you want to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket? The clown makeup days are over.

The loser will not wear clown makeup like we did for the first four years. Certainly since you were the one who wore it every time this morning, I had no idea who the number one, or I just had to ask you guys. I got it.

And, and neither do my children either. So we have the three of them and the four of us. I say we let's include Adam too. Everybody sure.

Adam. So the five of us, whatever, we'll have a whole tournament. Right. I mean, we're not, we're not doing the celebrity thing.

We'll just do an us thing. And then my question, the stakes is just, it's, it's pride. It's pride. And so, no, hold on a second. So my, my retort to you would be your entire life that you did know because Syracuse was doing their matchup zone all the way to the final four, or you were interested because Syracuse was in, or you just were more into the sport. Or I knew who any of the players.

Correct. All those years that you filled out brackets and were in office pools, wherever you had an office pool. I haven't looked at the NFL email, my email inbox just yet. I'm assuming we did get the human resources email every year saying stay away.

You are not allowed. So you're allowed to do it for pride. So I'm doing it for pride with you guys. So long story short, all those years that you filled out a bracket and an office pool, didn't you always get beat by somebody who knew nothing? Didn't you always like, look at the list and go, that person is winning the pool? Yeah, but they're morons and I know they don't watch college basketball.

So why can't you finally be that person? I think I just have a general disinterest in college basketball. You're not listening to me. You may be hearing me, but you're not listening. I feel like I'm talking to my children.

You have definitely, I know I have all the way back to my Staten Island advance days. And I'd be like, really? We're losing to this person? No, I understand. I don't want to be that person though. But you can be. I would rather not do it. Than be that person? Yes. Than be the person who just threw darts at the board and won?

Absolutely. Why? I don't get that. Because we're supposed to know things, but I'm like openly admitting I don't watch the sport anymore. You're still filling out a bracket. So are all of us here. And so are my children.

I'll take all four number one seats. Great. Take the chalk.

That's what Seth Davis just did. And he's the expert. I know. It's because nobody knows anything.

Oh my God. Perfect bracket. You haven't said a word. You're too busy filling out your roster for our basketball league that you're complaining about.

I mean, I said one thing and then I haven't said anything. You have a problem filling out a bracket, right? I mean, didn't I win this like two years ago? Oh, nice. I'm pretty sure I won like four years in a row.

I'm legitimately asking. I can't remember. I'm pretty sure I got one of these in the last four years I've won for sure. I won more than it probably did.

I think I won a couple. We're in. We're doing it. TJ, let's do it. We're doing it. TJ won.

And we're doing it well. And that dispels your myth that no one who knows anything wins because I won and I know the things. I'm not denigrating your knowledge. You're not watching college hoops. I'm saying the number of times I have been in an office pool and I'd show up and I'd be like, I think my, my bracket's killing it. And then you show up and you're just like, wait a minute, how the hell am I losing to that person?

They don't know Jack on top of squat. You know, the ultimate thing like that is when you, and this is all luck in the way, but when you do the squares for Superbowl, it's always someone's wife who just wanted to come and hang. It's always someone who doesn't care anything about Chris be that person finally, because he cares.

He's going to play it like he doesn't care, but he does care. I love it. Let's take a break. Stuff's stuff's popping. Eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial stuff's popping.

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The regular season is history and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around. It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network with our live Roku channel stream we were just talking about I saw Rogue One with my children over the weekend. I had seen it years ago.

Haven't seen it since I started watching Andor on Disney Plus which by the way you could see right here on the Roku platform. Dude I told my kids I'm like this is maybe I think this is the best Star Wars movie. Outside of the originals. Empire Strikes Back. Empire Strikes Back is number one.

Outside of 456. Rogue One is really good right I think it's better than any of the sequels even the prequels. I think it's because it's it's basically Star Wars book three and a half. It bridges it bridges the trilogy prequels that came out after the originals prior to the trilogy sequels.

I'm confused. So Star Wars the original Star Wars is episodes four five and six in the storylines. Yeah yes. Then as we all know after the Ewoks spoiler alert helped conquer that then Star Wars took a long long hiatus. Then they come back with a trilogy of prequels leading up to episodes four five and six that ended with the creation of Darth Vader. Right.

Yeah. Okay and then they come up with a trilogy of sequels that go after the Ewoks and Revenge of the Jedi seven eight and nine. Seven's not bad. There there there are some good you know Adam Driver's terrific. Seven has some good parts.

Right. Rey is a terrific character. I do love I do love the characters of the seven eight nine but Rogue One is right before episode four. Yeah and the way they nail it like right up to episode four where they take you directly to the doorstep of the original film and the way they handle it blew my children's minds. And then it sets up and or Diego Luna plays the character Andor in Rogue One and they've created a new Disney Plus series on him that is phenomenal. I don't know if you've seen it.

Phenomenal. Is this a hot take where I say it's I might have to give Rogue One another shot. It's one of the best Star Wars movies period.

I would put it above maybe even like the original. I'm serious man. A lot of people have Rogue One high in the west. A lot of Star Wars people yeah. Okay I don't know if this is as controversial as me saying I will recline my seat on a plane. Well nothing. I saw the final results of our poll question. Two-thirds of the people say it's terrible to recline your seat in a plane.

What's the button for? Two-thirds of the people are lying. I mean talk about Rogue One that's rogue. Rogue.

Two-thirds of the people you know care about their fellow man. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Ranger. Are you ready? Has he made a decision yet or what?

No absolutely not. Look the Bears thought they were getting Mike McGlinchey. You thought Russell Wilson had a good night last night? Is he Denver? Wakes up this morning gets a new guard now he gets a new tackle McGlinchey Broncos.

Wow let's ride. Sean Payton man is just that team is gonna be. We need the cage Brockman Broncos country let's ride. I gotta be honest with you it's just I mean it's a great place to live it's a great place to play football and and and and Sean Payton showing up I think has a lot to do with hey you come here and let's ride and part of the part of the problem has just been all the holding penalties they have on that line okay so Denver big news I like that move and it's kind of a loss for San Francisco but the Niners did if I'm not mistaken shore up their defensive line. So the top defensive tackle on the market Eagles lost another one so Javon Hargrave going to the Niners four years 84 million how are you going to score on them? Well I mean this is this is the deal you just keep building up your line just that's why the Eagles won the NFC period yeah this year they won the NFC period as Joe Banner who is our in-studio guest last week and if you missed it great conversation check it out on our YouTube page and also the Rich Eisen Show collection page on our Roku channel partnership he was saying offensive line defensive line that's it and play and your quarterback keep hitting that and you're going to win conference championships if not Super Bowls so the 49ers that's a big move right there Stidham went to the Broncos too. Ah so the Broncos got to see what the Raiders had in Stidham too last year. All right five million guaranteed and four million more in upside so there's your backup there's your backup to Russell keep building that team I told you one of my favorite storylines this offseason is going to be one of the Sean Payton Broncos look like now maybe you flip one of those receivers for some draft choices they need to get in the first two rounds of the draft this is a really good draft deep and playable what else anything else? Ah let's see the Lions are signing Cam Sutton okay and then the Giants just oh so the commanders are signing the Giants center Nick Gates okay Jeff in Detroit let's take his phone call how you been Jeffrey? What's going on fellas it's been wonderful here listen I'm just like you believe me nobody wants Aaron Rodgers in a just uniform war could you imagine a Suns NFC North with this man like yes the AFC is that way sir listen I am really really hoping that he really really goes that way because I'll be the number one fan for him and I'm gonna tell you why it's possible you think about this with Aaron Rodgers it's always about him and his competition Stafford leaves gets his first ever can you imagine a life in the AFC is that way, sir? Listen, I am really, really hoping that he really, really goes that way because I'll be the number one fan for him.

And I'm gonna tell you why it's possible. You think about this with Aaron Rodgers. It's always about him and his competition. Stafford leaves gets a Super Bowl. Brady leaves, gets a Super Bowl and you best believe that he believes that he's better than those two. Two elements reason why that he would do that is that one and it's NYC. If you get a Super Bowl in New York, it's worth two.

It's honestly worth two. Could you imagine the headlines? I know I'm dreaming for you because I'm sitting up here dreaming my dang self, him getting up out of the NFL.

But could you imagine the headlines? If he goes there and wins a Super Bowl, they'll bring him his jacket to the Super Bowl ceremony. Well, here's the deal, Jeff. Here's the deal, Jeff.

I think he's out of your division no matter what. I hope so. Honestly, and thanks for the call, Jeffrey. Always great to hear you and your passion and your excitement. Always appreciate hearing from Jeff in Detroit. As things currently stand right here on the Rich Eisen Show on Planet Earth at 1.36 Eastern Time on a Monday of New League Year week in the NFL.

1.36 Florham Park, New Jersey time. The New York Jets sitting wherever they are, to use the midnight run phrase with their coffee breath and their BO, sitting around waiting to find out if they got the Duke or not. Has the Duke been secured? Duke being Aaron Rodgers, who's probably got $300,000, a respectable neighborhood of amount of money in a money belt around his face, spoiler alert. But they're sitting around and they're waiting. One would think, or they're sitting around and they have the information and nobody's saying a word because they know it's antagonizing to Aaron Rodgers. But the Jets, if this currently is a situation where they're waiting to hear, if they are really staring at a phone, as you know, a watched pot never boils, but they're hoping this one does. If they're sitting around right now and waiting for Aaron Rodgers, the question is, is why? Because where is Rodgers going to go if not to you?

That's what I would sit around in a room and just say, what are his options other than us? Do you think are the Raiders in on him? Did he just possibly call and then they're running an okey-doke telling everybody they're in on Jimmy G?

But they're working the scenes? Because I just spoke to the Packers and they're not, they're waiting too. Because if Rodgers turns around and says, I want to come back, what are the Packers do then?

Really? After all this time, I don't know which would be more difficult to put back in the bottle. I would say Rodgers back to the Packers rather than Jets jilted by Rodgers. If Rodgers comes out and says, you know what? I just don't want to go to New York.

I don't want to start from scratch. I just don't anymore. And I'd rather go back to Green Bay. By the way, words I just said could possibly be not even in the realm of actual possibility. It could be Rodgers sitting there thinking, do I want to play or not?

Do I want to go to New York or not? Or calling his agent up and saying, are these really all my options? And what is the actual deadline? Is it Wednesday in his mind? Because they have blown past the time where now everyone's talking to Jimmy Garoppolo and Baker Mayfield and everyone else who's a free agent.

I'm kind of stunned that we're sitting here heading to hour three, the two o'clock Eastern hour of the Monday of new league year week. By the way, I was told in an email from the great Jeff Birchfield of NFL network fame sitting there at his desk. It's negotiation period or negotiation window or yes. All right. Either or there you go. So yeah, keep saying window. You keep looking at me, correcting me.

I mean the document I have says period. I'm just telling you we're now two hours into the negotiation window slash period, don't call it tampering. And here we are still waiting. So again, it strains belief that both teams are, if you will, in the dark with Rodgers at this point in time, but it sure looks like that's the case. And if it is the Jets have to have a we're out button. And if they do, the Jets social media should have that scene from Seinfeld where Kramer just strolls in and slams the money on the table and says, I'm out. And that money belongs to James Garoppolo. Jimmy G and Raiders have mutual interests.

There you go. So the Jets, I mean, clock is ticking. How about this one that our buddy Dan Hans is an NFL rich fellow Jets fan.

He just proposed this on Twitter. What about the Jets trade for Matthew Stafford? I don't get the whole Stafford's available thing. Give up a second round pick at Stafford.

You got a little veteran. Why would the Rams flip? Because they're tanking. No, they're not tanking.

I don't know. Incorrect. You can't tank with Aaron Donald on your team.

You can't take when you only get a third round pick for Jalen Ramsey. That's ridiculous. Yeah, that is ridiculous.

Excuse me. It's the way of the world now, man, you're paying the dolphins just picked up two years of his contract guaranteed. So what are they going to do? The Rams are going to demand a one for that too. No, no, you got to put it all together. It's not like, Hey, why is Lamar Jackson sitting waiting for people to call him?

First of all, they can't contact him yet. No, it comes to the price of two firsts and an insane amount of money and some questions. Ramsey wasn't just scot free and you know, the dolphins paid for not coughing up more than a three. So that's not a tank job. You're not, you can't, let me just put it this way for the Rams. You can't tank with Cooper cup and Aaron Donald on your team.

Invariably. Those two guys will win you enough games for you to be out of the Caleb Williams sweepstakes. If that's what you're driving at eight four four two Oh four rich number to Dom, please make that part of overreaction Monday, Chris on the back end of our three. Okay. Greg Co cells coming up top of our number three has Aaron Rogers made a decision. All right, we're back with more on your phone calls.

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Don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about by new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Back here on the rich eyes and show. I just went a little crazy on the Roku stream because Chris Brock when you have you have information from Mike Garofalo of NFL media. What does he have to say? Proud member of the brotherhood rich the Raiders are closing in on a deal with Jimmy Garoppolo. Reunite with Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas. So they take Jimmy and they tell Jimmy hey Jimmy you're coming here and you're gonna help us out and you're gonna run the program the way I want it run and then what we're gonna do is we'll win as many games as we possibly can and at some point whoever we choose seventh overall is gonna get the job hope you're fine with it or they mentioned nothing about seven though for seventh overall him because why would you do that with Jimmy Garoppolo especially since he's kind of been there before with Trey Lance he's probably got Trey Lance syndrome and guess what they may they they might not have a quarterback sitting there at seven the way things are going and they're not gonna move up to four to make sure it happens the Colts are will move up to five and hope that we'll move up to three and get somebody I don't think they're in the business of trading draft capital they're in the business of using draft capital so maybe Jimmy G's the guy and I'll tell you what Raiders fans tell you what you could do a whole lot worse because this guy's coming and executing the way Josh McDaniels wants it you could sit there and go well that isn't that great that didn't work out so great last year well look your owner hired Josh McDaniels and when you do that he wants it done a certain way and the answer is not Aaron Rodgers he costs a hell of a lot less than Aaron Rodgers and we're no draft capital being coughed up to Aaron Rodgers and by the way at this point in time as we're closing in on two o'clock Eastern Time on Monday Aaron Rodgers is not decided he wants to play football anymore so you're just gonna jump on Jimmy G and get him two hours into the negotiation window slash period your owner can't probably afford Aaron Rodgers your coach doesn't want Aaron Rodgers your receiver clearly does you do a whole lot worse than Jimmy Garoppolo who is a very good quarterback and even more so handsome man so very Garoppolo to the Raiders makes a ton of sense I thought Rodgers would make more sense because boy you show up with the Chiefs winning it all and the Chargers coming off of a playoff season albeit a disastrous one for them and the Broncos getting Sean Payton and Mike McGlinchey and everybody starts to show up in Denver what better way to say we're hosting the Super Bowl this year than making a big Aaron Rodgers splash not in their DNA not in their bank account not in their plans and it's not happening so at this point in time 10 minutes to two the Jets have that option gone and so does by the way Aaron Rodgers so it's up to him do you want to play or not because if you want to play it's New York unless he's trying to what work some sort of Nashville gambit last second or they're just talking turkey and he's trying to get every tee crossed and I doubt it where he retires and if he does then what do the Jets do there what do they do Baker Jamis Dalton that whole business of trading for Stafford let me just throw this out here let me just get this out off my chest too I mean look I know general managers don't tell you what their plans are less need called Matthew Stafford a pillar of the organization I don't believe under any circumstances is this guy available I've heard that tons of teams have knocked on the Rams door and this is not from less or anybody there I've heard they come and the Rams have rebuffed this is their guy he's the one who helped put one in the case and what they're doing right now by trading away Jalen Ramsey is paying off the credit card and by the way if you buy something shiny you get something beautiful and the credit card bill comes and you can write the bill and pay it while staring at that shiny object it makes you feel better like let's just say you put a car in a credit card you pay off the credit card and you're like damn that's a lot of money and then you look in the driveway oh yes the Rams paying off the credit card and looking at that trophy in the case and it is so bright with that ring they need to wear sunglasses although not around here these days it's like we're living in Seattle in Los Angeles it's true it's raining again it's going to has Rogers made a decision yet thank you that's my update that's the Rogers and weather together they're not tanking you can't tank when you have Aaron Donald and Cooper cup and Matthew Stafford on the team because if you tank you need to go all the way you need to make sure next year you have two or one win going into the offseason because I'll tell you TJ I'll tell you what you need to have one any team out there that's thinking of tanking in the NFL virtually impossible to do you better strip for parts and make sure whoever's left can't win you three games that's what I was gonna say if the Texans didn't tank so that should prove that tanking doesn't exist well the Texans didn't tank because their coach refused to do it and spit his last breath to you know the wrath of the conference at the Texans on behalf of the Bears and I'll tell you what you better have two or one loss next year because if you don't you are not getting Caleb Williams or Drake may and I don't think the Rams the Rams are do they trade Stafford crazier things have happened I highly doubt that the staff the Stafford's I think love living out here they're staring they're staring at the Pacific Ocean every day what he wants to move to New Jersey and play for the Jets really Jersey sure three years 67 million for Jimmy G 34 guaranteed done done so he's off the board the Jets have now watched Carr go to the Saints and Jimmy G go to the Raiders while they're waiting on Aaron Rodgers as we enter our three of this program and the negotiation window slash period don't call a tampering window so they're in on Rogers they have no choice and at this point in time I don't know if Rogers is any choice that but to be in on the Jets unless he just wants to walk away if that's the case via Condeo sir enjoy I find that hard to believe Greg Cosell grinded tape all on all the top quarterbacks coming up and I'm sure Raider fans are going to be sitting there going why why are we going with Jimmy G and not Aaron Rodgers because that's the way your coach wants it and it's way cheaper it is and he's a really good quarterback who man we would be talking completely differently about if he hit Emmanuel Sanders in the hands as opposed to overthrown him in that Super Bowl or does it get hurt this year or doesn't get hurt this year playing really well and man does McDaniels know him and him no McDaniels and they can they're probably high-five on each other how much are they paying him over three years sixty seven and a half I mean that's nothing absolutely a bargain a bargain and the Jets have got to be looking around the room is there waiting on Rogers saying why you could have had that and we could have had that at what point did the Jets send like an edible arrangement or something to Zach Wilson like sorry come on back no there's no they're gonna have to get somebody for him and I will I will still right now believe it's going to be Aaron Rodgers it's just part and parcel all the details getting hammered out parts and parcel unless Rodgers wants to walk away from all that money let's take a break hour number three of the Rich Ozzin show Greg Cosell grinded tape over Reaction Monday and more no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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