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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

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March 10, 2023 3:17 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 10, 2023 3:17 pm

Jets fan Rich admits he’s getting a bit antsy about Aaron Rodgers deciding whether or not he wants to leave the Green Bay Packers for New York, and lists his top 5 wildest destinations for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson including the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Washington Commanders and Chicago Bears. 

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and Rich discuss his new novel ‘Father of Mine,’ the timeline for an Aaron Rodgers decision on the Jets and if the Raiders and Titans are also in play for the Green Bay Packers QB, why being his own agent his hurting Lamar Jackson and if NFL owners are colluding against the Baltimore Ravens quarterback, and why Baker Mayfield to the Raiders could be the most fascinating free agency move this NFL offseason.

Rich names Devin Booker the Athlete of the Week after the Phoenix Suns’ stellar play of late. 

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You in? And I know you're gonna love this Chris. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Every single person that I see tweeting about Lamar and how dare he not get any offers and how dare people say you know that they're out.

First of all, live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Why won't you go for Lamar Jackson? He's so damn good.

I mean to me, he's worth it to first. Today's gasps, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, NFL Network Analyst Maurice Jones Drew, from Netflix's Luther the Fallen Sun, actor Andy Serkis. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Well hey everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We're live on the air on another rainy Friday in Los Angeles, California. We're uh, we're hanging in there, don't worry.

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It's a video on demand service. How are you Christopher Brockman? What's going on over there, man?

I'm great. The Red Sox are undefeated in spring training. I'm beginning to think we're never gonna lose this year. Like 162-0.

Would that be a record? You know what's kind of wild is seeing all of these world baseball classic teams taking on Major League Baseball teams and seeing Altuve get hits against the Astros and Mike Trout get hits against the Angels. It's kind of weird but it's fun. It's fun and part of the reason why it's fun is Mike Del Tufo is working it and he's not here today. Jason Feller. Good to see you over there, Jay Felli.

Hey man, if Team Venezuela, the crack of the bat from Team Venezuela sounds really pristine to you, it's because Mike is working the sound. Good to see you. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. The candle's already lit. What's going on, brother? And if you don't really pick up the crack of the bat of Venezuela, then... It was someone else's fault.

It was someone else's fault. Very good. How you doing, Rich?

I am well, sir. I'm waiting. I'm hitting refresh and I'm getting people saying, you know, hey, Aaron Rodgers is a jet and I'm like, really? Because that's not popping on my alert system.

It's not on my Twitter feed. Where are you getting that from? And it's just like, well, I heard it from this place that that's place said, you know, the other thing. Like, no, that hasn't happened yet.

And they went to Malibu to dinner on Tuesday. What's going on? Boo, baby. Every day this doesn't happen makes me think it's not gonna happen and we can't turn back now. There's no turning back. There's no turning back because the Jets flew out to see Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers told the Packers clearly he'd be interested in talking to the Jets. The Packers can't have him back right now. Oh, let's run it back.

How was dinner with Woody? You know? Oh, let's run this back with somebody else not named Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay as the only option.

One would think. And then with the Jets, it's like, you know, Aaron Rodgers not coming. Lamar, will you be our plan B?

Check this box. Here's my gift to you. 200 and some odd million guaranteed dollars. Lamar, please be our plan B. Do you like us? Yes or no?

Yeah, check this box. Come on. We gotta get this done.

Can't turn around. Especially since Sauce Gardener's already burned his cheese head. Sauce Gardener and Garrett Wilson and Breeze Hull, the three young Turks for the Jets around a fire in New Jersey burning cheese heads. A sacrificial cheese head has been served up in New Jersey.

That's all real. Sauce Gardener went on his YouTube feed last night and he's burning a cheese head? The one that apparently he took off of somebody's head in Green Bay after the Jets went into Green Bay and curb stomped the Packers.

Quinnen Williams treated Aaron Rodgers like a mall Santa Claus sitting in his lap all day. And Sauce wearing a cheese head? Sorry Aaron, don't mean anything by that. We're burning the cheese head as a sacrifice to you joining this team. What are we waiting for? Those guys were already drawing up plays in the dirt Rich. They were doing that. They're ready. Okay, they're saying about package deals if Rodgers comes, can't talk about it yet. It's happening. It's a hold up.

Is it draft compensation? Is it money? I'm hitting a refresh every two seconds. Everybody tweeting me. I mean tweeting at me, you all right Rich? It's been a heck of a week. No, I'm not all right. How's that for an answer? I'm not okay.

I'm very far from okay. To use a phrase of somebody whose LA privileges were once said to be revoked or he was doing the revoking. Look, I can't make sense of what the hell's happening right now. Other than the fact it's just typical of the Jets that here we are in this situation. So can't wait for this thing to be over and it's got to be over soon. I mean new league year begins next Wednesday. The tampering period, sorry, the negotiation window. No, negotiation period. Window starts Monday.

When the hell are we gonna get an answer? So there's that. You're laughing over there, aren't you? You're enjoying this over there. It's not like my quarterback situation is any better really at the moment. So yeah, it's fine.

I'm just trying to laugh my way through them up through the cries. Okay, so while we're waiting. While we're waiting for Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson in his whole pursuit or being pursued by somebody will happen next Wednesday.

Can't talk to anybody who's under this non-exclusive franchise tag till the new league year begins. I've got a top five list. I've got a top five list of the most mind-blowing spots that Lamar Jackson could land. I need NFL films music.

I need films music. I need a little bit of atmosphere. Here we go. Top five spots. Wildest destinations for Lamar Jackson.

Oh, number five on the list. I'm just rehashing the idea I had the other day. Could you imagine as Dan Snyder is thinking of selling his team and leaving the scene owners are putting pressure on him off-camera, off-mic, behind the scenes, behind the curtains pressuring him to get the F out of the NFL and he says okay guess what I'll do on the way out the door. I'm going to give the Players Association and all the players who want fully guaranteed contracts at this price tag to be the norm.

I want to give them a gift. I'm going to give Lamar Jackson every dollar guaranteed and just to have a little fun. It'll be one dollar more sort of like Duke's brothers. One dollar more than Deshaun Watson.

Going out the door. That spikes up how much my franchise is worth. I bequeath Lamar Jackson to the Washington fans who might be cursing my name forever more but guess what you've got Lamar in the NFC East and the commanders now are worth a gajillion dollars more and he sells. How wild would that be? And the commanders can tell the Ravens you take pick 16 this year and our pick next year and we don't care. We've got our quarterback for the future.

We're set up. Snyder cashes out and leaves all the owners who he doesn't like with a huge flaming bag of guaranteed dollar contract poop. How wild would that be?

Now we're assuming a lot right there. Number four on this list could you imagine if this team acquires Lamar Jackson and tells all of the fans in Detroit Michigan you have Lamar Jackson as your quarterback. Jared Goff we love you great job a lot of momentum going on right here with us for you but sorry Jared we're we're gonna find another destination for you. Lamar's our quarterback Thanksgiving every year with Lamar Jackson in Detroit and he's the one that restores the roar and the Lions take the 18th overall pick they've got two first rounders this year they designate if they can the 18th overall pick being the one their own that they give to Baltimore and next year's first round pick who cares they finally have their quarterback forever for a long time to come they're willing to give him $4 guaranteed and then they use the pick they got in the Matthew Stafford trade sixth overall to supplement whatever they want to do to get better who says no to that in Detroit maybe the Lions. Number three on this list let's now go completely off the rails why not let's go totally off the rails let's say this team decides to go for it they've said they love their guy they had a great season with their guy but their guy like Lamar didn't finish what if the Miami Dolphins say we're going for it Lamar you come home you come home to South Florida now Rich you might be saying they don't have a first-round selection right now and they need one to get him well what if they decided to go trade another one just go totally crazy flip somebody for a first-round pick now they've got him and now they sign Lamar and they do something totally wild and do that or wait until after the draft let's see how Tua looks in OTAs let's see how Tua looks you know towards the end of June we're nervous we need to make plans guess what sorry Tua we loved you but once again Stephen Ross is knocking on someone else's door and it's Lamar Jackson's they go ahead and give him what he wants and the Dolphins bring Lamar to South Florida and Miami number two on this list could you imagine the Chicago Bears do trade the first overall pick but not for a current rookie or to trade down to supplement a rebuild around Justin Fields but they take the first overall pick and send it to Baltimore maybe along with Justin Fields would that blow your mind yes would that blow your mind yeah yes and they take Lamar this whole business of what are they gonna do with the pick they can trade down they got to trade down they're not gonna take a new rookie and and send away Justin Fields are they could you imagine the Bears do that it would break the internet but there's only one other way to break the internet you know what I'm talking about yeah do it do it sky the wildest destination for Lamar Jackson destination for Lamar Jackson would without a doubt be the Dallas Cowboys without a doubt Jerry Jones stares into the abyss and he's like guess what guess what all the DAC all of what we've been through I am I can't wait anymore I can't we can't wait we're hitting our head on a certain ceiling right here nothing beats the buzz attached to the Dallas star what I mean that's true buzz what more of a buzz would be created then for Dallas to figure out what's to do with DAC what do you do with him after you go ahead and give Lamar what he wants and the Baltimore Ravens the compensation for it and Lamar Jackson is on Thanksgiving every year but in Dallas get out of here that would blow away everybody that's my top five wildest destinations you think we need one more Lamar all right I got one more I mean there's so many of them I don't know how I could put this back on the rails a little bit after saying that Dallas would be number one but Lamar as we all know so many people doubt his throwing ability so many people were saying hey hey why would a receiver go to Baltimore when all they do is run this and run that and Lamar is not that big of a passer well we know he's great at running and we also don't think about his throwing ability but he's a really great thrower so what better way for him to show off his ability to have people have great reception than a Verizon commercial there he is are you kidding me there's Lamar are you the wildest destination would be him as Einstein in a variety serious tell me what's what's wilder than that Chris let him right there let's just walk off why this is a walk off what about him in a Verizon spot I'm still seeing Paul Giamatti on the air I will not give up this bit you really won't what better way to show off his ability to have great receptions look at him you really I did not see that one coming almost there is he has it with a bicycle in Sicily strong I find it something I don't know funny is what I find yes this bit needs to go in no okay very good in the toilets great very good no it doesn't Dallas would blow the roof off this sucker to use a funkadelic phrase look I just asked you yeah how hard did you laugh when you came up with that last one we're sitting there right in this last night now last night it was this morning it was a wake up like what am I gonna do today's show you know what I'll do is I did you laugh I was I did okay thank I made myself laugh which is the first indication did not run this up the flagpole with Suze she would have rejected it on the spot on behalf of you thank you but I love it by the way Dallas could you imagine if the Bears did that I can't see that they won't do it because it's not sensible it truly is not sensible they're set up to make a crushing killing in the draft and Dallas though why not you're already paying Dak what you're paying them give them give Lamar that same piece of the pines it's give Dak another spot then I have to make a nice amount you could make some a nice return on that clearly and you've got Lamar why not I get it and I love Lamar but I got that's myself or are we that much better with Lamar than we are with that with the same weapons I don't okay that's necessarily the I would and I hear you too that's why it's the wildest destination for him now when D hop and Odell come to Dallas a couple Odell having his combine his personal combine today right yeah a lot of teams attending oh really fantastic well there is lots going on in the NFL don't you think we're all waiting for Aaron Rodgers to arrive did you refresh did you did you look I've been I've been too busy putting Lamar in a Verizon commercial and by the way you're welcome Lamar I think it's a great idea so there you have it Mike Florio is first up flutter I figured let's give him let's give him the Florida to set up the free agency period for us Maurice Jones Drew is gonna be stopping by in studio oh Joe and then an hour number three starring in the new Luther movie I've watched Luther on BBC America for a long ass time you're just Elba playing Luther is amazing and they're making a movie version of it on Netflix and the bad man to say the least the evil character that's matching wits with Luther is the actor Andy Serkis who many of you may know as the actor who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings he was Peter Jackson also put him in Planet of the Apes he was Ulysses Klaw in Black Panther and versatile and or fans will know him as well and I can't wait to chat with him in our number three about Luther returning and him I mean the pop culture wormhole we can go down with him is gonna be dynamite so don't miss it eight four four two oh four rich number two dial here Maurice Jones Drew making his way to our studio let's take a break so we're remotely on time for the pro football talk PFT live host and novelist by the way Mike Florio coming up hi I'm Ali Raisman I've been living with migraine for a while as an athlete and gymnast I was taught to just power through the pain now I use you Brelvie or you bro Japan to treat my migraine attacks as soon as I feel a migraine attack I take you Brelvie which provides me with quick relief once I get relief I go on 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values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit play football calm the future of football is here you in the Rich Eisen show radio network has been raised rejoined the live stream on the Roku channel I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click ranger calm or just stop by and back here on the Rich Eisen show is the founder of pro football talk also a host of PFT live on peacock which is an app that you can get right here on the Roku platform also he's got a new book coming out a novel that he wrote during the pandemic coming out what appears to be I guess draft week you can order father of mine right now the author in advance of a big week next week in the new league year in the NFL Mike Florio back here on the show how you doing Mike rich doing great buddy great to be with you as always dude writing a book bless you man Newton this is not your first novel either that you wrote huh well here's what happened now look I screwed around with it years and years ago just because when you practice law you generate a ton of paperwork and nobody ever sees like five people see it right yeah and you're constantly writing and writing and then I get into this business where I am writing and writing and writing but it's relevant for like a day by tomorrow everything I will have written today is meaningless no matter how much of myself I put into it if I have some witty phrase that that somebody sees and smiles at it's gone by tomorrow it's over it's done because they're looking for tomorrow's news and I get that but that manifested itself first in Playmakers which has a little more shelf life yes because it's a look at the last 20 years in the NFL but it's already obsolete given everything that happened since it came out last year so the pandemic sat down and just started going and for me it's got a Ouija board quality to it where the keys just kind of go and the story reveals itself to me and I only try to outline although sometimes I have to figure out how I'm gonna land the plane but it just kind of goes and that part of it is the most rewarding because it's kind of like you're reading it not writing it and it's revealing itself to you as it just kind of happening and I love getting into that kind of a mode so anyway long story bearable I see doing it it's my hobby now and I don't care if anybody ever read them although you get more out of it if people read them and enjoy them so we're gonna give it a shot see no publisher for this one to cut the price point down to $4.99 I learned through Playmaker the publisher makes all the money folks you don't get nearly as much as they do so $4.99 ebook available wherever you find your ebook you can order it now you'll have it April 25 there'll be a paperback version as well it won't be $4.99 obviously but you know we're gonna see what happens Mike Florio here on the rich eyes and show the author father of mine a novel so set in 1973 about the mob scene he's joining us here on the rich eyes and show kind enough to join us to set the table for next week before that arrives next week arrives I assume Rogers is going to make a decision over the weekend I mean wouldn't you think or what are you hearing about what's going on I don't know is there going to be another dark and burrow retreat for Aaron Rodgers I don't know my decision it's obvious the Jets want him yeah and it's obvious the Packers don't that that's kind of a one big takeaway that's been glossed over and all this on Monday when the reports first started to surface that he had spoken with the Jets we had all skipped over the fairly significant news that the Packers had given the Jets permission to speak to him because it was two years ago right before the draft the 49ers called the pack and said hey you interested in trading Aaron Rodgers and they laughed and hung up the phone so now we've got the Packers crossing that bridge and it's basically a Rubicon they've crossed that river and I don't think there's any going back for the Packers for Rodgers or for the Jets I think they all have to get it done at this point I don't think there's a plan B for any of them that make sense once we've gotten this far down the road unless Rodgers just says going through this process has helped me come to the conclusion that it's time for me to retire hmm well there's no plan B for Rodgers is another team is it possible that that's what the holdup may be that there is a third team here that intrigues Rodgers we all obviously point to the Raiders because Devante Adams is there the Titans because you know Rodgers is apparently building a house in Nashville so what do you got for me on they are decriminalizing magic mushrooms in Nevada look at you drawing cards for the Raiders right but I feel like the Packers want to have this on their own terms like they did with far 15 years ago where they wanted to steer him not just out of the division but out of the conference if they could and I wonder if there is some other team that we don't know about that Rodgers would like to play for I wonder if the Packers are resisting and I wonder how dirty Rodgers wants to make his hands to get to where he wants to go because one of the things I floated if he could always do exactly what far did in 2008 retire now and then show up later and all of a sudden that 59 million dollar salary lands on their books and they better decide what to do quickly in 2008 the Packers had the cap space to carry Brett farce 12 million I doubt they're gonna have 60 million in captain around him and are going to want to exercise their right to convert 58 million into an option bonus because then they own 58 million dollars so if if they are being difficult with him it may take that for him to get what he really wants but then the question is how big of a villain do you want to be you know a few years ago this was a guy that never wanted anyone to be upset with him he's taken the heel turn and he can break the 30% love me 30% hate me and 40% don't care reality that many seemed to love now so I don't know how much of a fight he wants to put up but I think rich that if there is somebody else out there specifically an NFC team that he wants and maybe the Packers don't want to send him there that that could be a reason for some of this some of this perceived delay and it is a delay I mean we need to know what's going on the Packers need to know what's going on the Jets need to know what's going on although for the Jets what what else are they going to do at this point Derek Carr is off the table Jimmy Garoppolo good luck fella to a Jets fan again Richard Jets fans how do they tell that well you know we got you all juiced up about Aaron Rodgers for the last two weeks may we offer you a nice Jimmy Garoppolo well he's handsome that's number that's number one but in in all seriousness no I mean if Jimmy Garoppolo winds up being the starting quarterback for the Jets this year I think that's sellable as long as Rodgers is retired or stayed in Green Bay if Rodgers goes somewhere else thus spurning whatever the Jets flew out to Malibu to offer that one's tough and then of course though they do have some warriors and I use that term you know I don't use it lightly in sauce and Garrett Wilson and briefs all these young Turks that it would be it would be really weird for Rodgers to say he doesn't want to play with them unless he just wants to play with Adams there is another there is another Mike planned that would be Lamar and and if if Rodgers says no Lamar still sitting there and if Rodgers says yes then obviously Lamar would lose one more team off the table that would not be you know willing to just go for it with him what is your take on on everything going on with him and the timeframe that he's got in front of him Mike well first of all I don't know that Lamar would be viewed as anything other than the Jets settling at this point given all the services on Aaron Rodgers and again I'm solid and base would feel if that's what happens but but with Lamar and it keeps coming back to the fact that he doesn't have an agent he's never had an agent he needs an agent now more than ever based upon the people that I've talked to there's a strong belief he'll never hire an agent because that will be perceived as admitting he was wrong to not have an agent the first place and we know how that stubbornness can creep into our lives and causes to do dumb things we double down on a mistake instead of admitting it and rectifying it he needs an agent now to be working the market working the back channels trying to get people interested trying to get a team just as a favor pretend you're interested do me a favor here let me leak to somebody that you're interested let me just get something that I can use as the ripcord on the lawnmower to get this market started for my guy that's what happens when you have a really good agent and that's what he needs because rich without it he's available now well as of Monday to talk to anyone how that gonna play out especially when we've seen multiple teams preemptively slam the door in his face before he's even on the porch because they don't want to get to the point where he says I want a five-year fully guaranteed contract so he's the one that's gonna have to go out and initiate contact he's the ones gonna have to figure out what to do or just sit back and wait and see if anyone shows up I'm still fascinated by the possibility commanders making a play for Lamar Jackson but you know right now there's no sense that anybody is ready to swoop in put an offer on the table that he'll accept at some point you got to do a deal with someone at some point in his life presumably he will do a long-term contract with someone the time is now but again it will be easier to get to that point if he has an agent so this is a big mess and rich we're closer than I think people realize the possibility of him not playing at all in 2023 because if he doesn't sign a long-term deal and the Ravens don't sound do a long-term deal and we get to live 16 and all he can do is a one-year deal and he says to the Ravens I'm not playing for 32.4 million balls in their court at that point do they offer him more they call his bluff and did he sit out 2023 because he refuses to play for 32 for I can't imagine that Mike and and but you're also the perfect person to ask that because when the word collusion gets thrown around you're you're you are you're the one with the the least fear of using it and sussing it out and pointing it out you're hearing all this stuff but you also just laid out all the reasons why there might not be a market for him do you think there is some sort of collusion going on here rich I think the collusion happened last year the seeds were planted then and you know the flowers are starting to pop up now when Deshaun Watson gets the five-year fully guaranteed contract from the Browns who were desperate and it was a great job by athletes first and David you move get it to create a market for Deshaun watch when he had 20-plus civil lawsuits pending had the st. Panthers Falcons and Browns all at the table through the Browns aside at the perfect moment they pissed off Baker Mayfield so back come the Browns with a five-year fully guaranteed deal but the reactions to that at the league meetings last year on the record comments from guys like Ravens owner Steve Bishati Falcons owner Arthur blank and people ask me or how does collusion happen the NFL here's what happens you have 32 different businesses that are supposed to be competing on everything there was a case in the u.s. Supreme Court in 2010 that made it clear that the NFL is 32 independent businesses it is not one business tied together with 32 branches it's 32 independent businesses so when they get together four times a year rich it's like the CEOs of McDonald's Burger King Taco Bell Subway Arby's Kentucky Fried Chicken Long John Silver's all getting together at a resort somewhere and comparing notes on how they're going to do business and how they're going to pay employees and that's a blatant antitrust violation the law prohibits that so to the extent that that some of the harrumphing that was going on last year among the billionaires about what Jimmy has on did with the Browns Deshaun Watson contract to the extent that happened and to the extent that that's that's what's causing teams now to generally say we just don't and they're not going to come out and say it you don't have to come out and say it if you never even talked to him I think that's what's going on if you never engage him you never get to the point where you tell him no to his Deshaun Watson proposal and then we don't have a stream of reports that the Falcons won't do it the Panthers won't do it the Dolphins won't do it the Jets won't do it this team won't do it that team won't do it then it looks a lot more like evidence of collusion that's the reality the collusion happens it's impossible to prove it hmm so huh interest I mean and you kind of just laid out what you know what what Watson's agent did on his behalf and that's the sort of thing that that that Lamar could use right here so before I let you go Mike what what does next week look like give me the headlines out because we're obviously so stuck on one Rogers and make a decision and what's what's happening with Lamar what happened with him what will give me the stars of next week outside of those two well and you know we know how it goes by now ever since the NFL put that negotiating window in place even though free agency technically opens on Wednesday at 4 p.m. Eastern it starts at noon when you go on the air Monday that's when it starts because what's going to happen is the negotiating window open but within five minutes mean by the time you're alive and come back from the top of the hour break there may be news that someone has agreed to a deal with someone that's what happened and by the time that the league year officially begins some 52 hours later 80% of the action may already be resolved then I think the biggest available name out there is Eagle defensive tackle Javon Hargrave he's probably going to get paid a ton of money by someone he's the top free agent on our list who wasn't franchise tag Orlando Brown the Chiefs tackle is going to hit the market the name down fascinated by Baker Mayfield though we mentioned the Raiders in the context of Aaron Rodgers I won't be surprised if if the Raiders make a play for Mayfield Josh McDaniel the coach there was tied to him five years ago before the draft and McDaniel had a front-row seat for Baker Mayfield showing up in LA and 48 hours later we're racing a 16-3 deficit against the Raiders on a Thursday night and that just would be kind of a sneaky move by McDaniel to have a bird in the hand at the position and see what he can do while they figure out their long-term plan and look 2018 Mayfield was good 2020 he was better 21 he got injured week two because he made a tackle after he threw an interception and he's never really had a chance to be the same since then thought that's the guy that I am most intrigued by and that's the guy that you know relative to all these other quarterbacks is the one whose name gets mentioned the least hey man if I'm Baker I want to go to Tampa you know what I mean like that that would be a spot where I can get a job I've got great receivers I can throw it and and have an opportunity to tell Kyle Trask sorry it's my job here you know and in Vegas clearly you know McDaniel says he wants to have somebody the that grows there for a long time and that's part of the reason why they're not interested apparently in Rogers which kind of makes no sense I mean if you clear Derek Carr's numbers off the books you're you're close right I mean I again I know that this is simple probably overly simple and that the math doesn't make add up but you can still move stuff around why aren't the Raiders interested in Rogers and and and get Davante Adams going in the whole world going to Vegas just in time for the Super Bowl season make the big-ass splash I don't get it I don't understand you know the betting odds come out from time to time and the last time I checked the Raiders were the favorites and I don't know whether that's because enough people are putting money on the Raiders that it's skewed the numbers but I always wonder what does Vegas know that the rest of us don't know but my big picture take on the Raiders is Aaron Rodgers and Josh McDaniel's I don't know that that McDaniel's style of coaching is going to work with Rogers so the question becomes how much of his own personal style does he want to stick in his back pocket so he can get the most out of Aaron Rodgers and we talked to him at scouting combine about whether Tom Brady has ruined him on other quarterbacks and and really if Brady's not there the next best thing is Rogers course so if you're getting rare Rogers then yeah if I have to tiptoe around the delicate genius I'll do it I'll do it because it's Aaron Rodgers if I have to be something other than Bill Belichick West I'll do it and and and so it hasn't made sense to me because when Aaron Rodgers was at Pebble Beach anytime someone asked about the Raiders you know there's always undercurrent that the Raiders were the place he was possibly heading but you're right as we get closer and closer to it there's been no indication that doesn't mean something's not happening behind the scenes the Packers have kept their mouths shut maybe the Raiders are keeping their mouths shut too and they're working out something quietly and then boom it just hits and we're all surprised and we process it and we move on yeah he can go to hook up with Devante Adams it's not a long flight from Southern California if he wants to go see the ocean on an off day I'm see I'm serious here and and Mark Davis gets the Raiders back as relevant as they've been in quite some time and and it's the Super Bowl season and just to tell the entire fan base we are going for it here and let's try it out you draft Will Levis or whoever it's seven and that person can sit and watch Aaron Rodgers in the same way that the Jets are planning to have Zach Wilson learn at the knee I honestly it just makes complete sense on every level I don't understand it and I'll just leave it there I just it's a head scratcher man we have never seen Mahomes and Rodgers on the field together because there's always been something that's thrown it off injury or whatever COVID last time around in 2021 kept Rogers from facing Mahomes we'd be guaranteed to Mahomes and Rodgers in 2023 I mean Rogers Mahomes Justin Herbert and Russell Wilson Russell Wilson becomes the worst quarterback division by far and he's a potential Hall of Famer Mike congrats again on the new novel which will obviously have you back on to promote many times between now and when it comes out how can people get father of mine anywhere that pre-order ebooks are available Amazon Barnes & Noble I've got that thing set up everywhere it possibly can be for 99 everywhere as well that's the price it's staying at until it comes out on April 25 and appreciate your rich appreciate the opportunity to talk about always you got home and thanks for the time here free agency is upon us can't wait have a have a good week next week and we'll chat thanks again look for my call as always that's it Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen show eight four four two oh four rich number doubt phone calls I just want to just take a break and and you know hit your phone calls the Raiders thing man I I don't I don't get it we'll hit it next on the Rich Eisen show or still to come Maurice Jones drew coming up to we're back here on the Rich Eisen show radio network along with the Roku Channel feed what's going on something just pop cowboys have restructured the contracts of Dak Prescott and Zach Martin okay creates 30 million in cap space for this year hey maybe they're there they must be at the they must be at the certain workout Dell workout today there's less pie there's more pie now there's more pie there's more pie pie by the way did you guys see Des Bryant's IG live the other day missed it I gotta be honest to you oh that's right well he was hanging out he was like I hear I'm here with somebody I hear you guys want to talk to and he switches the phone over and he's hanging out with DeAndre Hopkins and D hops like I hear you guys got some questions for me which you know so D hop costs something to flip to the Arizona Cardinals it would be within the 30 million dollar if you're the Arizona Cardinals don't you trade DeAndre Hopkins you don't have a quarterback this year until week 10 week 12 you're already hearing like if the Cardinals are already in the toilet they're not gonna bring Kyler back then we might be in this situation next year Kyler in the Justin field seat and Caleb Williams in Bryce young slash CJ Stroud slash Anthony Richardson slash will love a seat I could get Rosen I mean don't you think if if Caleb Williams was out right now coming out this year Justin fields would be on the market don't you think come on with all due respect to the kids that spun it at the combine and Bryce young who did not the way that Caleb Williams is discussed by professional scouts is a different totally different conversation and Luke may by the way both Drake may you're talking about yes so I know that's for next year the relationship with the rich eyes Joe Lee brings us to the monster calm athlete of the week and we're gonna give this award congratulations to him I mean he's been he's been needing these types of accolades Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns watched Kevin Durant go down in warm-ups in Durant's home opener as a Phoenix Sun watched him go down and dropped 44 on the Oklahoma City Thunder 17 of 23 shooting 6 of 10 from three four assists and with Durant out for what maybe the next day saying two to three weeks yeah you could tack on more there I'd say the whole regular season it's entirely possible it's now on Devin Booker's shoulders to keep this ship afloat to the point where they're not in danger of falling into that playing tournament and as you know in the Western Conference a couple losses in a row is a big problem four straight 35 plus point games for Booker that is a Suns record so this is now Devin's team for sure 100% while Durant is convalescing and and Booker is just reaching that status he's reaching that status of the superstar player in the NBA and could you imagine he takes the Suns to where they have to go with Durant hurt and then is the man with Durant as sort of the supporting player in the same way that Durant played that role as back-to-back what NBA Finals MVPs with the Golden State Warriors I know it's ridiculous to call him a supporting player but this could be well Devin Booker show right here could be and I couldn't help but notice Odell Beckham was at that game that night in Phoenix and and Instagram not a photograph of him carrying his beautiful baby boy and there he is saying why they take unk out he was six away from a 50 ball and Devin Booker is unk he is that guy and that's makes him our in many different ways our monster calm athlete of the week sponsored by monster calm monster calm can help you tackle the job search and make your next career move it's time to get off the sidelines go to monster calm and win the job hunt Maurice Jones Drew's here hey been a minute ladies and gents it has been a while it's been a while he got in the 21st century booked on the flight home from the combine and you know our bookers went through the NFL Network who reached out to him to book him he says yes to the NFL Network who says yes to our bookers who says he lets me know Maurice Jones Drew is in this entire time he was one row in front of me across the aisle on the plane did he recline I guess we could ask him when he gets up absolutely he's a man who reclines he's get out of here Mojo is a man of the people he didn't work that's absurd that you're not a man of the people if you don't use the button that is there to recline if you read the comments on our YouTube I understand that and you and those terrific people who comment on our page all wrong thank you if Brockman's got my back on something maybe I should rethink it if you don't want me to do something yes don't give me the option if you don't want to see somebody do a celebration in the end zone don't let him score same thing same thing if you don't want to turn the ball over near the goal line don't fumble through the end zone all right so if you don't want cage Brockman to come out of his bedroom in the middle of the night then put a lock on this door exactly and I have a lock on the door on the outside no you don't absolutely oh my goodness fire has German not fava beans with a nice Chianti to like what are you doing your child right there that's a fire hazard be I don't leave it locked during the middle of the night I mean if he's having a meltdown you need to go to your room I'm gonna lock the door from the outside and you know and what is it he must go and just go after that knob and scream and bang the door he's on lock down I was doing the same thing does he work blue without permission like you did at the end of a segment yesterday well yes okay but tell him why he does Chris tell him why he works blue well cuz the dog is then he hears me do it he's just repeating what he hears brought pieces and so and now that he's fully potty trained right is he oh yeah okay so now we could take him to Clipper Games thank you Jay you knew where I was going that's not coming our minds are equally in the gutter you guys are ridiculous no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali sugary Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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