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REShow: Nolan Smith/Chris “Mad Dog” Russo - Hour 2 (3-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 9, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Nolan Smith/Chris “Mad Dog” Russo - Hour 2 (3-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 9, 2023 3:09 pm

Georgia OLB Nolan Smith tells Rich how it felt to run a 4.39 40 at the NFL Combine after missing most of the Bulldogs’ season due to injury, why he owes much of his drive and success to his mom’s influence, and more. 

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo tells Rich why he thinks Tom Brady is retired for good this time, why Aaron Rodgers is the better choice at QB for the New York Jets than Derek Carr, why New York Giants fan should temper their expectations for Daniel Jones next season, why he’s a fan of MLB’s new pitch clock, and more. 

Syracuse grad Chris Brockman reacts to Jim Boeheim (did he get fired or retire??) leavings his alma mater after 47 years as the school’s head basketball coach.

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You in? This is the Rich Eisen Show. There you go. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. And you guys were wondering when I came in today I'm like we got a new drop and you're like when are we gonna use it?

Does it matter? The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Still to come, Georgia linebacker Nolan Smith. Sports radio legend Chris Mad Dog Russo.

From HBO's Perry Mason, actor Matthew Rhys. And now it's Rich Eisen. Number two the Rich Eisen Show is on the air and we man that first hour flew by. Totally flew by as we're waiting for Aaron Rodgers to make a decision and talking about Lamar Jackson's decision that he he's hoping to make. Pretty much his market as it's currently looking. Now six days before he will hit the the open market with the caveat of having a franchise tag on him that's non-exclusive from the Ravens.

You can call us at 844-204-rich. Mad Dog Russo is gonna be joining us on the program in the middle of this hour. It's always a lot of fun to check in with him. The actor Matthew Rhys from Perry Mason. The Americans, brothers and sisters and more.

He's in studio an hour number three. Chris Brockman on a scale of one to ten. You and your Georgia Bulldog household.

How how much does Nolan Smith make Sarah Tiana and everyone else in the Georgia Bulldog family of yours happy? I say a ten but a back-to-back ten. How about ten? Got it. Ten plus 4.39.

So 14.39. Can Sarah get him on the Falcons? I don't know. That's that's entirely possible.

You never know. And he's joining us now fresh off of his dynamite combine on NFL Network that I was very thrilled to be calling. The great Nolan Smith here on the Rich Eisen Show from the Georgia Bulldog football program. How you doing Nolan?

How you doing? Thank you for having me. It's a blessing to be on your show and I'm just happy to be here. Talk a little bit about the great Georgia Bulldogs.

Now I know you once you ran that 4.39 and we're chatting to our colleague Stacy Dales. You turned NFL Network into a Georgia Bulldog I guess television recruiting program. That's pretty much what you did on our. Yes sir.

Okay. You know I try to recruit you know we got out recruit the other the other schools now just because NIL it's crazy now you know every school has their best offer against their best offer so what can the school really offer and what can they bring so that's what I try to bring to the light and tell people other than the money you know it's a lot fortunate things that Georgia can bring to you. Well and before we get to the trappings or trimmings or fixings that you mentioned on NFL Network to me you know obviously your teammates rooting you on as they did that video that went viral of your teammates watching you run the 40-yard dash and what did you think of when you saw that I think we showed it to you on live NFL Network television but I give you the floor a few days later Nolan.

Yes sir you know that's just the connection piece that Georgia guys just cheer for the other guys we know each other's background we know each other's story so we know how hard each other works for the goals and you know one of my goals I used to say man I want to run a 4-4 at the combine and you know those guys seeing those numbers and they were excited they just didn't know when I was training I blew those numbers through the water so we had to make a new number. No but I think you saw the unofficial time being 4-4-4 did you throw your phone in disgust when you did that did I see that on on our end Nolan? Yes sir you know I kind of threw my phone in disgust just because I have tweaked my hamstring a little bit and RC told me don't run again that's all my strength coach my trainer and when he said that you know I just thought I could lay down a better time and I just got upset you know cuz they called it and they said hey you know I don't think you should run again that was a really good race and it looked good online. Then so you thought you didn't get your sub 4-4 and you weren't gonna run it again and that's why you were all upset and angry. Yes sir that's really it. And then you found out you actually did run sub 4-4 right?

Yeah yeah that made me excited that changed my day when she told me my official time came in at 4-3-9 yes I say okay that's a little better that made my day a little better okay she made me smile. Well Stacey Dales makes everyone smile so and then and then that's when you started going into your recruiting pitch for Georgia what's this new restaurant what the heck was it? Bones is an amazing restaurant and you know we have a lot of things set up nicely at Georgia not the indoor facility but Bones is a new thing that's just added this year we have our own restaurant in our facility we got our own chef and everything and it's just for the Georgia football team. That's it I couldn't come there could it could I be your plus-one at Bones?

Nolan? No you couldn't be my plus-one at Bones you have to be a part of that those guys in the locker room that's the privilege of coming to Georgia you eat at a beautiful restaurant for breakfast lunch and dinner. And did I hear surf and turf's on the menu at Bones did I hear that too did I pick that one up?

Yeah surfing Fridays is surf and turf Thursdays before you know the spring practices are on Tuesdays Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays so on Thursdays we usually have surf and turf for the games we do a little surf and turf for however whatever we really want that we we talked to Miss C Miss Koya gets it worked out and we you know it's a restaurant so we really can do anything all menu is open. Now and I also understand you know teammates or teammates and everything like that Nolan Smith to me Bones should be serving up whatever Darnell Washington wants to eat that's pretty much the way I saw for the rest of the combine. Yes sir.

You know what I mean? Old number zero could push that old number zero could push that slut man oh my god I couldn't believe that what I saw what what is that like being around him Nolan? Darnell's just a great guy you know we call him the big old anything he's our 6-0 lineman that can catch the ball that's just athletic that's what I call them you know one of those guys on the split zone that you don't want to look down that midline and see you see Darnell coming you better have your big boy pants on. Ah yes I would agree with that he and he he had a heck of a combine as well so what was it like for you I've got Nolan Smith here on the rich eyes here what was it like for you to watch your teammates play without you because you tore your pack last year? Oh it was just it was exciting for me just because that's the goals that we work for in the summer you know we talk about going back-to-back national championships or really just playing 15 games because it's a privilege to play 15 you know some people stop at 14 some people stop at 13 we always say it's a privilege to play 15 games and when I was there with them and they everyone accomplished the goals on the team it just lit me up inside and I was just happy my heart was just hurting home from all the joy. Well and then you know to see you kissing the trophy there in Los Angeles what what was that like that night Stetson's got the cigarlet and things like that for you? Well it was just one of those nights where you will never forget you got to be in that locker room I try to tell people you can't explain it from outside looking in but if you're in that locker room no matter if you played or if you only play half of the season that moment is just special to share with all you guys because that's what we work for we work for to win team accomplishments like championships and some that you can put on the board or put your name up there forever that no one ever can take from you. I've got Nolan Smith here on the Rich Eisen show let's get to your goals what's your goal as a professional football player Nolan?

Let's get to it. Oh Super Bowls that's what I want you know I'm a ring chaser I can care less about individual accolades just because you know Tom Brady won all those Super Bowls and he's automatically in the Hall of Fame so you know the things that that carries a team and inside the players I'm just looking for a great group of guys that just want to work and I'm a hundred percent able to find that in the National Football League. And so who did you speak to at the combine how many teams do you think you speak to at the combine? Oh I probably spoke to a lot around 25 teams my favorites though well just because my childhood those are my childhood favorites and just watching those coaches now to see what they do and now I have opportunity to sit in front of them you know Pete Carroll Mike Conville and and then the great Chiefs their organization. So you okay you spoke to you spoke to Tomlin you spoke to Tomlin?

Yes sir it was amazing it was one of those moments that you'll never forget and I still remember he told me man throw your bag down you know take it but take a load off be easy we just here to talk to you and get to know you and it was just like one of those like man he just doesn't know I'm officially here with him. By the way I've loved talking ball with Mike Tomlin whenever I have that opportunity and and because he he just makes me want to you know hit somebody and I don't do that professionally for a living but I'll be honest with you know they'll be lucky if you drop to 17 you know what I mean that's where they're sitting. And so did you speak to Chicago do you speak to the Bears too? Yes sir I spoke to the Bears organization we have a lot of guys that came from the Bears Roquan you know when we spoke to their organization they just talked about how much they love Georgia players and just our program and what coach smart has built and what he's producing out of Georgia. Do you speak to Houston you speak to them D'Amico Rhines Arizona? Yes sir I spoke to Houston it was it was amazing I talked to a lot of teams all my interviews were amazing I was just happy to talk to some of the best coaches in the world at their professions talk just talk ball with them. And Arizona Colts you probably spoke to everybody right you've mentioned Pete Carroll? Yes sir.

Seattle? Yes sir I spoke to the Colts and the great Pete Carroll it was one of those interviews well when I got to shake his hand it was like man I really want to take a picture of my hand just to let my father know I just shook Pete Carroll's hand. So what's your team growing up then is it the Falcons because you're from Savannah or you played for Georgia is it that simple or? Yes sir I really just didn't have a team growing up but I did cheer for the Falcons I know a lot of people think I'm gonna go there I'm just blessed to go to any of these 32 teams whoever picks me up just know they getting the guys that likes the work and it's just ready to play some football. Nolan Smith here on the Rich Eisen show all right Nolan before I let you go so after Georgia destroys TCU and wins the national championship somebody stepped to a microphone and said the following words they thought we were gonna go seven and five we end up perfect I could talk trash now cuz I'm done who is that person Nolan Smith that said Georgia was gonna go seven and five who is that person um I have to say you know coach smart put it in our head early no they don't want you to win a game and I say it um I think coach smart said that oh so did you now you're the one after the game who said they thought we were gonna go seven and five right oh yeah I said that you said that you and now I'm like who said who I need to know I have not met a single person that thought Georgia would lose one game let alone five last year I don't get it yeah I don't get it no you know you got to put that self chip on your shoulder and now for since day one since we were running that's the one thing that I said everyone want us to lose everyone we got a target on our bag and coach smart said we will we'll do the hunting and so you know I try to make up my own little narrative tell people you know they want us to go seven and five just cuz a couple years ago that's what Georgia did I got it okay so now you don't know a single person who thought Georgia was gonna go seven and five right Nolan you didn't need to meet a single soul who thought that is what you're saying no no sir okay but we did meet a bunch of people who wanted Georgia to lose we did meet a lot of those people right yeah okay very good I was in the building that night man that thing was a rat within five minutes over finished yeah it was electric though it was one of the best games just for me just to see my guys out there having fun having a blast just this whole season from JC holding up the quarterback at LSU I was like man I never had more fun just being on the sideline with you guys and I'm so happy I didn't leave to go train well and now you're a guy who is atop so many people's draft boards what is draft night gonna be like for you Nolan what can you envision right now I just envisioned just me sitting with my mom and my close family just the people that really got me there and just envisioned my mom crying you know this is this has been a goal for me just to play in the National Football League I just always wanted to be a football player and I played since I was four so I just imagine she's just crying letting it go how what she done for you walk me through that known your mom just everything you know that's the reason that I started my camp in Savannah my mom used to wake me up we used to get up at three o'clock in the morning and drive to Atlanta to make registration at seven after she just worked a long hours so she sees my everything and I love her to death and she's one of the reasons that I play this game still like that like I do to this day what's your name oh she came a big one okay what'd she do that she was working all day and drove you what's her gig well she used to work at M Mart so she used to work at a gas station and she used to do in a little those little M Mart phone booth sure the person that's in there she used to do the all-night shift the graveyard shift and the morning shift now she works at South Coast Medical Building but hopefully you know my goal is to retire my mom completely and was she on the other end of the phone when you picked it back up at the combine you told her it was four three nine oh yeah soon as I called her she said he was just excited to see me run she said she was happy she knew her that I was mad but she was just excited to see me run just because I watched the NFL combine as a kid and I used to one of those kids that had it on all day well this is a thrill to meet you this way and meet you the way I met you on Thursday night sitting in the booth and watching you run and then you know give it your all and and put it all on the line you got fans here sir so good luck to you in your pro day days and your interview days and I do hope that you will if you do come to the draft and in Kansas City I'll see you and if not I'll see you down the line I greatly appreciate it no one yes sir I greatly appreciate you having me on and one thing go dog okay is that is that the surf part of the turf part of the dogs oh yeah that's both of course it is why not you got two championships you got surf and turf I got it I got you thanks again for the call Nolan you got it that's Nolan Smith everybody who the hell wouldn't want them him on their football team come on he's not gonna who wants the answers everybody gonna get to 14 do you think do you think what if what if he plays for Tomlin he's not gonna get to 17 he's not gonna get past maybe they come get him 11 12 they come get him like they went to go get Devin Bush yeah okay you just never know I mean he could go in the top ten he should go in the top ten should if he'd lit up an interview room the way he just lit up this this yeah this show very likable oh gosh seven he's the one who said it they thought we were gonna go seven and five he's at least made him admit he never met a single person who said they thought we're going seven and five and he made that one up because that's what Georgia did few years ago which championship team had the most fake outrage the Georgia Bulldogs or the Kansas City I would go I'd go the Bulldogs yeah yeah I'd go the Bulldogs yeah cuz I mean come on man the Chiefs at least there's a chance they weren't gonna I raised my hands and they were gonna win the division yeah good point so blame it on me is what I'm saying I'm the schmuck on wheels to use the Goodfellas phrase let's take a break here Oh baby that dog Russo he says what can't Brady retire in peace hi I'm Ali Raisman I've been living with migraine for a while as an athlete and gymnast I was taught to just power through the pain now I use you Brelvi or you bro Japan 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initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit play football calm the future of football is here you in back here on the Rich Eisen show terrestrial radio network along with Sirius XM and Odyssey and more joining the live Roku channel stream Sydney at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click Ranger calm or just stop by I love this man love listening to him every single day whenever I can on his radio show he is the the star the start move over Stephen A Smith the star of first take on ESPN the great legend Chris mad dog Russo back on the Rich Eisen show how are you Christopher nice to talk oh you got you got sponsors for your tables yes oh my goodness come on you are something the lead man of the NFL Network who I short change no make it up to him come on how are you I'm fine you put me on at the end of your program you had the hard out I don't care anytime I get a chance to talk to you it's just as well to that you had a short amount of time because you only got to list one out of the ten grievances you have against the NFL that you hold me personally responsible for as you may and you handled it well that was the spieler one on Christmas Eve when they didn't see the video and you said the video lasted a minute freezing on the field you got to get those older players yes back in warm areas correct you handled that very well thank you Chris how are you so I saw I saw him first take yesterday you said why don't you leave Tom Brady in peace in retirement I'm like I got to get Chris on the program to talk about this oh that was you who had that original story well it's not a story you know I just like I went to the combine and have you ever been in a scouting combine Chris you ever been to one of them I have not I have not been here no I have not imagined the most gossip filled place you've ever been to in your life and then multiply it by a factor of a hundred that's the NFL scouting combine and so I decided to give everyone a little sense of the stuff that I got in my ear the best I could because it was multiple people who said look out for this look out for that and I decided to there's no other way to describe it rumor-monger I did that but this is what people were saying and I figured I'd throw it out there so I'm not reporting it that he's coming back I'm saying there are some people that described to me the scenario in which he would that's basically it makes and that would be Miami I guess right most of all Miami well I mean yeah because if if the Dolphins do find the need to replace to it because he can't answer the bell heaven forbid and you got the greatest quarterback of all time sitting in Miami and he might be sitting there thinking you know what I kind of do miss the game and I could still be the father I want to be by playing for the Dolphins then suddenly now it makes sense why he's not signing a one-day with the Patriots or doing a salary cap favor contract with the Bucks he's a free agent and he can do it that's the way it was described to me yeah I mean I would be only based on what I saw on Instagram and the fact that you know last year he ruined selection Sunday by announcing his turn and he had to go put us back on February 1st as you know almost acknowledging that but it changed the real deal I'm gonna go on that more than anything else and I'm gonna think that he is not going to return I think just saying you would know more about that football listen and Bruce and Rich is on top of the football I happen to fall into a restaurant where they put me in a back table at the Super Bowl and I could not believe everybody flocking to rich to just discuss life on the network Supermanning Trevor Lawrence Garrett Wilson DB Samuel Sean Payton Russell Wilson the great Montana and so you would know more than I would not but I would be surprised if he's gonna play again he's gonna go get himself embarrassed the people are gonna go crazy really Tom I mean it's gonna look bad I understand Miami concussions to a you got talent you know he almost went there to originally with Ross but I would be really really surprised me too anyway I would too I was just you know throwing out something I heard why are you surprised that people come up to me in a restaurant Chris why would you be surprised oh you were you were you were great that day at that night and by the way one thing about the Brady thing yes remember I gotta do what I'm mad about and I do the three week I saw that I had a lot of trouble finding a couple yesterday because you know there's no football there's no baseball at the moment to speak I'll actually through the WBC in there so it was hard to find a couple that really were going to stick I didn't want to do the golf with the live because then it's an issue with the PJ to it again so I was in a tricky spot so I kind of ran out a lot of ammunition so normally I wouldn't have put that in this I put it in a long behold you watch it trouble it's not trouble I it's caused me to say you know what I haven't had Chris on the show in a while and I appreciate you finding the time to do it I got Chris mad dog Russo here on the Rich Eisen show you are you've been around for the Jets forever man and here they are going for the Packer legend at the end of his career I can't believe for a second time do you think Rogers is a good fit for the Jets Chris I I I do I speak it sort of irrelevant to such a time I did not want a hundred million dollars your Derek call pink closet championship back the Jets win a weird spot with car because yes easy to prove it but they're not going to win playoff games with him I don't think so as a result of that if you're going to go after a QB you must go after QB that gives you a fighting chance in a postseason scenario and Rogers does that a lot more than car does you know the Packers that can't answer that much with the collateral back you would know more about that than I would based on being out I wouldn't think they'd have to give up a first time because of where the Packers always sounds like they want him out I got you above sit there and he wants to play for the Jets but I do think he would help the Jets I like I hope he buys in shows up at the OTAs get to know his receivers a little bit that doesn't show up you know we get his training camp here I am I hope he buys in but I think that studies got plenty left I think Rogers will have a good comeback year not that he was that bad last year right and I think it's the right move for the Jets I think you got to do that if you have a chance well but a lot of stuff that he says outside of the world of football that doesn't get brought up to him in front of his locker by the 10 people in Wisconsin I think would be by the 50 people in New Jersey don't you think like that's the one thing oh that's the guy who think you know he could get himself in some trouble there there's no question about it you know and this is there's a lot of reporters here and talk show hosts and everything else but again the Jets are so desperate the fan base is so desperate that as long as he played well in the games they will put up with everything else as long as he played well in the ball games where in fact he you know once good teammate didn't sag his shoulders I mean they haven't had a quarterback in such a long time I think that the jet fan per se will look away from that and go out there and deal with it so I think it's a I think it's something that's gonna happen rich you're much more plugged in and I am I have trouble believing that Woody Johnson would have flown out to California if it anything this could happen so I think that you'll see Rogers at the end of the day be a jet how do you think how do you think Daniel Jones is gonna fare with him now having a forty million dollar salary tag over him you know the New York fan if you don't I mean and also you know Eli got paid but he already had one in the case when he got paid like that I mean they are paying Daniel Jones and I guess they had to do it you know where they were as far as the whole thing with Barkley and franchise taking everything else Jones to me I am NOT one who is gonna run thinking that because he played pretty well last year to easy schedule great coach that all of a sudden out Daniel Jones is going to respond to be this great quarterback I don't buy that myself I think last year the old things kind of broke right form he they took advantage of his legs and they played the AFC south they play Carolina play the AFC I mean they played the NFC north and the AFC south I mean think about that for a sec I mean they play Carolina they played Jacksonville and they played when they were bad they played Houston they played the Colts I mean they put a lot of bad teams which I think helped the Giants with your schedule so I am NOT convinced that all of a sudden he's now a top 12 quarterback in the NFL I think the Giants probably had to do it with she but I do think the love affair could be a brief one I don't think the Giants fan if he plays Bailey is gonna forgive him so much myself I have to be fair Doug I mean Chris I'm totally with you man because if he if he does not perform at the 40 million dollar price tag I mean we saw I mean growing up I mean Winfield right when he was mr. May and how much he was getting paid which is now how much I guess Daniel Jones would be making over a two-game span right I mean I've seen this before and I hope he's ready for it and I hope the Giants can actually make it to a second round of the playoffs certainly when Jalen Hurts is doing what he's doing and he's about to get paid you know and that division it's we all know the going way to quarterbacks is that money so I mean the elbows how to pay him I understand what the Giants are doing they gave me two main guaranteed you know got 40 million guaranteed they were able to slap the tag there of course on on both which maybe they weren't going to be able to do but I am one I don't think Jones is that good so I mean I'm still under the belief that I got to see this again and he played well this year but I'm gonna have to see it again as a fan to think that Daniel Jones is a what top 10 top 11 quarterback he was that sort of borderline this year I look at him worn at 15 category then I look at number 10 and for 40 million dollars I think you'd like to get a better quarterback than a top 15 guy we shall see a couple more minutes left with Chris Mad Dog Russo here in the Rich Eisen show what do you think of the pitch clock Chris what do you think in baseball worked out well I haven't watched that many training spring training games right but I think so far it I had Brian snipped around ready I taped them yep the brave manager today he loved it he thinks it's gonna be a big plus he thinks you'll see a lot more singles good in the sport so but the shift now being banned he also thinks you see more stolen bases based on a no more flows you know it's definitely the first base and the bag is a little bigger he liked the rules I think listen if you can shave 30 minutes off that clock thank God the games are way too long so I think this was something that baseball had to do and it sounds like listen early returns with it's a big difference to enforce these batter box you know shenanigans and pitchers throwing the ball at the clock behind them you could do it on March 8 let me see you do it in the middle of July in a pennant race at Yankee Stadium in front of 50,000 no doubt I mean giant out of mine can you imagine Giants Dodgers your Giants against the Dodgers Sunday night whole country's watching on ESPN or as many that watch on Sunday nights on ESPN Yankees Red Sox and there's a walk-off pitch clock violation get out of here you know like I understand I understand they're probably you know over officiating this right now this like the NFL does with the new emphasis on holding and things like that in the preseason and we all go crazy and then and then players adjust and umpires adjust or refs adjust I don't know though a walk-off pitch clock violation in a big game can you imagine I don't care let's see if they use yeah let's see if they use some common sense but listen something had to be done the games are way too long and too tedious I mean think about it a football game is theoretically about three hours and ten minutes and that was this the length of a baseball game football they play 18 baseball they play 162 so something had to be done I happen to think maybe this will work out baseball needs some good luck hopefully this works out and we can have ourselves a season that's a little more brevity oriented instead of tedious as far as the length of these games go Chris man dog Russo you're the man how long are you gonna keep doing first take it's fun to watch you what are you thinking how long you are you know listen they've been good to me yeah Steven Hayes good to me yeah there's no way I would not do it if they wanted me back yeah so I would suspect at least for the time being that I'll be part of the family when are you gonna host that family well yeah I do when are you gonna host Sports Center when are you gonna be a Sports Center host I don't know I mean I'd love to see you do a highlight or two I think you should you can expand the roster you can expand it things well I mean the Lakers are wondering if they're gonna make it you know the Clippers are kind of hanging in there Dodger fans are already putting uh you know their napkins into their into their shirt with their fork and knife thinking Oh Tani's gonna come here I know that any Dodger family I think I know he might go to the Mets I go to the Mets I mean I've never seen an owner like the Mets owner I by the way I can't believe the Mets have gone from looking underneath their couch cushion for change to an owner that says what luxury tax bill the luxury tax bill I think is the amount of an entire payroll of third of Major League Baseball teams Chris I can't believe it for me 364 million dollar payroll he's got Rembrandt in his bathroom Steve Cohen does and so as a result of that you know he's any grew up in Long Island as a kid yeah and he's 68 years of age and so and he's worth 15 billion you put all that in the mix you don't care about spending an extra 30 40 million dollars on luxury taxes I can promise yeah you're making Super Bowl commercials for the Mets I don't know I can't exactly which they did I know right which whatever what like when has that ever happened they never used to do that first time they did those 30-second spots I think it may have just aired in New York I'm not sure where that if that was just local spot no but I mean think about it for a second it did have it and by the way yeah think of the Super Bowl myself I hated that call third nate you can't make that call there on third nate I was sorry I was with you too if there was no call on that I mean you all you have to do is look at look back at it and you see Juju Smith Schuster's body language he wasn't going crazy in the end zone hopping up and down he was ready to run back to the sideline thinking that's that that's that play point all over good point I thought the same thing too you can't end the season on that call when you're throwing the flag there you you are ending the football season and ending that game and you know if you leave it alone the Eagles well you're active at the worst you can begin an overtime so that was that I hated to call I couldn't stand the call I hate those kind of calls I if it was egregious Allah Saints Rams I got no problem with it obviously that was not egregious I had to call Chris standard thanks for thanks for the call let's do this again more often if you're up for it I will do that Chris okay but great spot Chrissy thank you he's a great spot I think it was a great spot thanks Chris you take care the great one and only Chris mad dog Russo so good how about him saying why is he so surprised people come up to me in a restaurant it's up with that well listing listen to the names he listed off I think we're a little surprised by the way I must admit okay full disclosure here this is the wheels up party at the Super Bowl I had a table I was sitting at this table it was up at the front it's up at the front okay he arrived later he was in the back and it wasn't like I'm sitting there and Trevor Lawrence is coming up walking to me okay I got up you know it's one of those things no it's one of those things where I say hello to this person at this table it's right behind me he's at a table Cooper met Cooper Manning was at the table right behind that table we lock eyes Cooper Manning gives me the the head nod of course I'm going up to him and I went and I told Coop Cooper I told him hey you're the star of those commercials which he is yes okay so I say hello to him on the table behind him there's Trevor Lawrence and Alex Smith and Garrett Wilson and I said hello to all of them and I went around like it was my wedding my bar mitzvah so it's not like I sat there and all of a sudden you know it's like Luca Brasi coming up on the day of my daughter's wedding I just want to make sure that everyone understands what the what the scene was here she mean that alone it's it yeah they all came up do you mean T law wasn't sitting there like rehearsing what he was gonna say you as he approached you paying their respects to the dime before they called it he's just pacing guys got to God Richard I appreciate you giving me time here on your Super Bowl weekend Duvall I appreciate you believing in me when I threw four interceptions in the first half he almost slept with the fishes that night yeah I guess what though but I just but other than that he surprised people you know I'm saying hello everyone I've been around this business I've been around the block but we just figured you might have shared one of those stories with this one you got back to and you know about the wheels up dinner I don't think that's the one yes that's the one with Sean Payton it was sitting with Russell Wilson for the first time but you didn't you never heard a table right next to mention that your ring was getting smooched all night my ring was not getting smooched I enjoyed the evening good time I knew a lot of people in the room they knew me you know was there to Jesse Palmer and and all we talked about was how wild his story bachelor appearance years ago with Tom Coughlin went viral he said his phone blew up all week of people talking about that story story great story and at that point Baker Mayfield walked up so many names yeah I got right now I'm just telling you it was lots of wheels up party for you at the Super Bowl is a hell of a night and must be nice to get invited to those things getting ready to tell Fredo it was you broke my heart you broke my heart by the way that was when the Cuban government was really falling apart that night was wild I had to go I had to run you know I had to go how to get out right you let it out Wow I got an out that night I could tell you about that party for days 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial will take your phone calls Matthew Reese is joining us here in studio hour 3 that's gonna be great when we come back we will set off Chris Brockman all right oh yeah you got a new basketball coach in your collegiate world no I'm unless unless he's coming back because it didn't sound like you were tired rich eyes in here at u.s. cellular they know phones are great but they're not always so great for us sure they connect us to so much but they also distract us from well us the us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it that knows being in the same room doesn't always mean being together so let's find us again by putting our phones down for five five days five hours even five minutes join u.s. cellular in the phones down for five challenge find out more at u.s. cellular comm slash find us back here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four rich number two down right here on the rich eyes and show monster calm can help you win the job hunt folks if you are looking for a new gig many of you might be go to monster calm take your resume upload it there because you can be already recruited on the spot by employers before they even post their jobs and then employers check out the millions of resumes that are there millions of job openings great coaching and career advice and guess what your resume stands out because monster calm specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits when you score the position monster calm salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth the regular season is history and we all know as we know the playoffs this is at that time of year where you got to step your game up your a games brought to bear when you go to monster calm win your job hunt by using monster calm right now eight four four two oh four rich number two dial here on the program let's go to Rob and Austin Texas you're here on the rich eyes and show what's up Rob hey how's it going rich how's it going guys we're good what's going on your mind I got a question here about sources coming off the combine and free agency reports so kind of just the broader question is how do you guys as sports journalists in the industry as a whole kind of put some validity to sources and what kind of sparked us in my mind was I think Peter King yesterday maybe came in he said something along the lines of like someone at the combine said to me that a very good friend of one of the three just decision makers his good friend has not returned to call in two months that's like so many degrees removed from something so how no it's just that somebody's a good friend of the Jets general manager had not received a phone call from him in two months meaning he's laying low and he's trying not to even say anything to anybody including his good friends does that make sense I I totally understood what he's saying I guess I'm just questioning about sources not questioning Peter King specifically just in general I guess what what prevents people from this you know I could make breaking news could you go for it Rob I do all the time my kids don't like it I heard it from the playground dad okay all right look it's just you know there are people in the business and thanks the call Rob who you should I don't know I mean when I'm going around and I I hear things there people who you trust cuz they're they're in on the information and when I was rumor mongering earlier this week stepping out of taking my Northwestern Medill School of Journalism degree and placing it off the wall for a moment it's in the green room right now I've seen yeah right behind Matthew Reese who's in our green room right now we can't wait to chat with him from Perry Mason and the Americans and so much more also cocaine bear most importantly for a very very brief bit without him throwing the cocaine out of the plane there's no bear by the way and in cocaine bear you've seen it I've seen it I've seen it you've seen it now we can all confirm in cocaine bear the coat the bear loves cocaine loves cocaine loves cocaine loves it can't get enough bad reaction to it don't trust the cocaine bear rest of react when they're telling you some rumor about the NFL so I'd like to have a new segment here called triggering Chris Brockman that's the new that's I think that's we're coming up with you can't trigger me today rich eyes oh we can okay your beloved Syracuse orange program yeah that in 1969 the year I was born 53 years ago in seasons of 54 I guess calendar years brought upon a graduate assistant to the basketball program his name was Jim Bay high and in 1976 he went from graduate assistant to head of the program head coach and the legend was born he's a Hall of Famer and he is one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time would you agree to that Christopher one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time right I would in the whole family is for a reason second all-time college wins but you believe he overstayed his welcome very very much okay and yesterday after losing to Wake Forest in Matt and not Madison Square Garden wherever the ACC tournament is like this shouldn't be in the ACC it was announced that he's retiring you tell me if this sounds like a man who retired from his job oh yes this is the post game this is the weirdest retirement announcement in the history of retirements and announcements check it out you're gonna retire this is up to the university you want to come back I didn't say that okay but so what are you saying you're not saying you're retiring I just said it I don't know so you don't know okay I said this is up to the university and you're not sure whether you're well you when will it how will you make a determination about when you will come back you're talking to the wrong guy the guy would be John Wildhacker I used to work with it ESPN he was an executive at ESPN program department I believe I got the Syracuse he's in the fall of 98 he's now the new athletes the athletic director I've been now and Kent Savard I think I said that right yes the Chancellor I've been a Syracuse person now for 25 years the two previous greatest days in my Syracuse fandom championship in 2003 and we miraculously made the 2016 Final Four we upset Virginia in Chicago I was there yesterday is now the greatest day of my sir okay this guy is so miserable there was a succession plan in place years and years and years ago I don't think he was part of that point Mike Hopkins he was he announced the plan that he was gonna stay three more seasons and Mike Hopkins was gonna take over his longtime a1 assistant then all of a sudden Jim was like you know what I want to keep coaching and then coach hop left for Washington and turned them into a perennial tournament team we have now struggled and been in mediocrity now for over a decade minus the miraculous run down 16 okay we're irrelevant when it comes to big-time college basketball now and it's because he would not leave I am so happy along with every other alumni that I've talked to today we are so ecstatic that now Adrian Autry former player played in the gym in the early 90s yes he's being introduced tomorrow at 10 a.m. as the new head coach could not be more excited for a new direction a new voice and a new face of the program today is a great day great tyrant great great great job great see you later does he sound triggered to you I mean maybe a little mmm no I wouldn't say okay we got a pilot the program with something that triggers something a little bit more than that more about what Chris and I were talking about this Jimmy Baham thing this morning I kind of told him it kind of made me sad a little bit because even though I know the big aces we grew up and knew it is no longer yeah it's been gone for a while this last game was against Wake Forest in the ACC tournament those days are long ago where he was battling it out with Lou Carne Seca it is long gone but the fact is I still every time I see him I still when I see him I think John Thompson and I think are in a second I think Rolly Massimino and it kind of like gave me that thing to hold on to and now he's gone it's like Ari what our childhoods officially over what do you think of I see Jim Baham yeah guy picking his nose yelling at officials and being a miserable press conference yesterday and then and then he makes some offhand comment about well I gave my retirement speech on the court on Saturday but did you we all missed it bro see now he's triggered see I was away and he feels like he could work blue on the road I was just all about you getting mad at me saying the the Jason Tatum son's name yesterday but not this but you did attempt to trigger him so you get mad at him for that segment everybody he should be he should be at the new coaches press conference tomorrow to end all of this now you don't think you'll be there I don't care there you go it's not about him anymore it's over new segment triggering Chris Brockman hour three Matthew Reese coming up no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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