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QB Carousel: Paul Kuharsky, Titans Reporter

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 8, 2023 9:36 pm

QB Carousel: Paul Kuharsky, Titans Reporter

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 8, 2023 9:36 pm

Paul Kuharsky joined Zach to discuss if Ryan Tannehill will be the Titans quarterback in 2023 and if Derrick Henry will be traded this offseason. 

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That's A-L-L-B-I-R-D-S dot com. The Super Bowl is over, but the NFL quarterback carousel is just beginning. What does the future hold for all 32 NFL teams at the QB position? Let's spin the wheel and find out which teams we hit today.

The Tennessee Titans. Alright, let's welcome in our pal Paul Koharski, who you always liked. But now I love Paul Koharski, but you can find him at because I'm on his Twitter bio, paulkoharskinfl.

I never realized this. He's a Bruce Springsteen addict. Paul, how are you?

I'm good. I've been to two shows on this tour already. I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Wow, that's impressive. And where was the other stop? Atlanta, which is a reasonable drive from here. But I took a connecting flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I'm taking my wife and my 13-year-old son to his first show in Greensboro coming up. Oh, how about that? Now, my producer Hot Take Kiki, he got annoyed at me because I said I'm going to three shows on this tour and he's like, ah, isn't that a bit excessive?

I'm going in Long Island, in New Jersey, and then in Philadelphia trying to swing Madison Square Garden. But I can't explain to him how great it is because he just doesn't get the magic of the boss. Yeah, it's not excessive. It's completely appropriate. Congratulations. Perfect.

A lot of the things my producer says end up being wrong, so it's a bad opinion by him, but we'll continue to power through. So let me start you off with Ryan Tannehill. I was operating under the belief that this past year was his final year with Tennessee, but it seems like that's not going to be the case. Do you expect him back on the roster come the fall?

I don't only expect him back. I think it gets extended in order to get his cap number under control. He's $36.6 million.

They could sure use some of that money. They stretched it out, largely for Julio Jones, by redoing his deal and pushing some money into some voidable years. They need to get that number down in all likelihood, and I could see him extending him in a way that he'd maybe be signed through 2004, 2005, and they could get out of it next year or the year after. But it's not written in stone, and they could trade or release him. I think he's got trade value for sure.

They'd eat 18.8 and dead money, but save 17.8, which is obviously a dramatic save. Do you expect that there's been conflicting reports that Derrick Henry will be on the roster? I think he'll be on the roster. I think they've put their toe in the water to see what he's worth. I don't think he's worth that much.

He's heading towards 30, and he needs a heavy, heavy workload. He's not a three-down back. He's not going to help you on third down.

He's not very good in the passing game or in pass protection. So he's good in the context of the Titans, who are going to give him the ball 23, 24 times a game, but who else is going to structure their offense around a guy like that and give up a value pick to take on $10 million in base salary? I think it's kind of a long shot that they'd get their money's worth for him, so to speak. What do you think it's going to have to be in return for them to say, okay, we're going to part ways, final year of the deal, and get rid of Derrick Henry and trade him to wherever, like a Buffalo, Philadelphia, wherever it may be? Well, I mean, I could see Buffalo maybe offering a fourth rounder, but again, I don't know if Buffalo... Buffalo, you take out Josh Allen's carries.

I was looking at this today. They handed the ball off 18 times a game, so if they were to give Derrick Henry 12 or 13 carries a game, I don't think they're getting what people think of as Derrick Henry with 12 carries a game. That's 10 carries short of what Derrick Henry needs to be Derrick Henry. I don't think it'd be very prudent for Buffalo. I know it only takes one, but is that the best thing for Buffalo to get a guy who needs 22 carries, give him 12 carries, and pay him $10 million, plus give up a pick to get him?

I don't think it'd be very prudent for the Bills or for a lot of teams. So it would only probably cost a fourth rounder for Henry? I know he's in the final year of his deal, but you only think it's going to be that?

Yeah, I mean, a third would surprise me, and I don't think it'd be more than a third. So at that rate, it probably just makes sense for them to keep him, and then if he walks at the end of this year, you get a compensatory third round pick back? Yeah, the other thing is they have a ton of salary cap money next year, and I think they'll be way more incoming than outgoing of value, so he'd probably get canceled out. Right now, Paul Kowarski, when you look at this football team, I know that you still have to go through the draft, you still have to go through free agency. What are your expectations for this team this year? Because it seems like this is the Jaguars' division, and then it's everybody else. Well, the Titans absolutely fell apart with the injuries, starting with Tannehill. They used 93 players two years ago and 87 this last year.

Seven-game losing streak was brutal. They need offensive line rebuild, they need wide receiver help. They're obviously getting older with Tannehill and with Derrick Henry, but I think Mike Grable is an excellent coach.

Agreed. And they've got a new GM. If they can do better drafting and have a fruitful free agency, I don't think they'd, even if they were bad, come out with fewer than seven or eight wins in a division where Indianapolis and Houston are still going to be at the very best at the front end of good new quarterbacks. And they've got a second-place schedule instead of a first-place schedule, which gets them out of the Bills and the Chiefs and the 49ers. So I think they could, you know, if they do well in this player acquisition stuff, I think they could be right there with the Jags. It's not like the Jags ran away with the thing, and the Jags caught them, you know, two times in that late-season fail instead of in the early season when the Titans were pretty good. So I think it'll be a two-team division and much more competitive than it had been for a while. But I think Mike Grable will do good work to probably keep them in the mix or maybe, you know, contending for a seventh spot as loaded as the AFC is.

You know, that seventh spot's been nothing special the last two years. Was the A.J. Brown trade, is that the reason why John Robinson is no longer the GM in your opinion?

Well, it was the final straw. I mean, Isaiah Wilson played four snaps for the franchise as a first-round pick. Caleb Farley came in as an injured guy, didn't do anything as a first-rounder, was only playing special teams when he injured his back again. They've had too many first-rounders not pan out, hardly resigned to anybody, brought in a guy like Vic Beasley who didn't show much affection for football and only lasted half a season. They didn't get anything out of Javian Clowney when he was here. Too many misses, guys they spent money on or brought in for a big win. Josh Reynolds didn't really like football while he was here, went to Detroit and did some things.

Just too many misses. And then the A.J. Brown thing, I mean, the other three teams that had receivers who were upset about their contracts at the same stage, their teams all managed to make things work out.

And the Titans folded, seems to me, really quickly with A.J. Brown. And now, guess what they need? A guy like A.J.

Brown. It's funny how that works. At the time, I remember I was on the air at the draft in Las Vegas and I absolutely slammed them. I thought it sent a horrible message to the locker room for a team that was in it the last few years. You know, we're in an ASC title game and it just didn't make sense to get rid of one of your better players.

I've covered this since its last year in Houston in 1996. They've had a problem finding and developing receivers forever. He was the first real premier guy since Derek Mason that they drafted and developed. And Robinson kind of acted like, well, we'll just go do it again. And maybe Tralen Burks turns into that, but it's going to take some time. It didn't take A.J.

Brown very long, so you finally get one. You've got to treasure it. Before we let you run, the new GM ran Carthon. What could we just kind of expect out of him would have been your early impressions, Paul Karski? I mean, he's an impressive guy. He's super popular around the league.

Too popular with a lot of national media, from my liking, from everything I gathered at the Combine, talking to a lot of guys. But, you know, it's too early to have any kind of read on anything. He's cut a bunch of guys that we knew were going to be cut. Outside of that, it's going to be very interesting to see what they do in free agency. And then with the draft, only then we'll start to get a sense of what direction he wants to guide them in.

And then we'll have to see how they play. But it's very interesting to talk about his desire to serve Mike Vrabel and Mike Vrabel's staff by giving them what they need and what they ask him for. I haven't heard a lot of personnel guys talk so dramatically in those terms, so I think Vrabel's got to be really excited about that. He's Paul Karski. Make sure you check him out. does a great job covering the Titans and also is a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, which we love. Paul, thanks for the time. You be well. Thanks.
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