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Do You Even Lift, Bruh? (3-3-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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March 3, 2023 6:20 pm

Do You Even Lift, Bruh? (3-3-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 3, 2023 6:20 pm

On a Friday Drive, Josh gives his pick for round 2 of Duke-Carolina, reacts to the latest rule changes in college football, ESPN and College Gameday host, Rece Davis, joins the show to discuss the popularity of Duke-UNC and what he thinks of the new College Football rule changes, National Champion, 2017 MOP of the Final Four, and ACC Network analyst, Joel Berry II, joins the show to discuss some key factors that will impact Duke-UNC and who he thinks should be ACC Player of the Year, and Josh and WD recap Wake getting beaten by Boston College and other events of the week in five words, in Keep It Simple.

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Family Life Today
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He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, would you schedule this game? He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey.

I do sing the ukulele. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taking the wind out of my face. It's time for the drive with Josh Graham. We've made it to a Friday drive and to the final weekend of the college basketball season.

Where did the time go? That also means the Duke Carolina rematch will be on tap in Chapel Hill. And even though the Blue Devils won the first match up and the Blue Devils are playing better basketball than anybody in the ACC right now, you should expect tomorrow to be a completely different game than the one we saw in Cameron about a month ago. Because this game's at the Smith Center, North Carolina's gonna win this time. And they're absolutely positively going to get to the free throw line more than three times. That is going to be a huge difference in the game. You can ask any coach. And if they were being honest with you, they'd say the biggest advantage they have at being at home, whether it's home field advantage in football or home court advantage in basketball, it's not the crowd noise.

It's not sleeping in your own bed. It's the human element that comes along with officiating. This is scientifically studied that on calls that are deemed to be close, whether it be baseball umpires trying to figure out the zone or the block charge, the home team always gets more of the 50-50 calls. And it's why you shouldn't expect Carolina to be attempting three free throws again. It's why you shouldn't be shot that they shot three free throws in the first place at Cameron Indoor.

That is going to be the key difference between what we saw a month ago and what we're going to see tomorrow. And North Carolina still leads the ACC in fouls drawn. Derek Lively, fantastic defensively in that first game. Don't want to take anything away from him, but now North Carolina knows what he looks like. And now North Carolina knows what he can be because he's actually played over the last month. North Carolina didn't have that luxury last time.

They hadn't seen Derek Lively be that type of an impact player. That's why I love these run it back games. It's one of the things that we've lost when expanding up to 15 teams in the ACC. You no longer have round robins across the board.

The run it back game is always intriguing because it's a little bit more of a chess match. Everybody knows everybody. You know the personnel. You know what they want to do. You've seen it.

You've experienced it. How are you going to counter? What are you going to adjust from the first game to the second one?

North Carolina with Armando Baker in the post. They're going to be able to figure some stuff out. Also Pete Nance only had two points in the last meeting. Over the last three games, Nance is averaging 16 a game. So expect more from Nance. Expect more from Baker. Expect plenty more free throws so Hubert Davis doesn't have to go into the postgame press conference stating facts for everyone. The other thing is this.

You can't fake urgency. One team has to win tomorrow and it's not Duke. One team has to win in order to make the NCAA tournament. Joe Leonardi still has North Carolina as the first team out of his field and other racketologists are saying similar things. I think Patrick Stevens with the Washington Post has North Carolina as the last team in the field.

They're right on the borderline. If you lose this game against Duke, well you got to do a lot of work in Greensboro. Why leave that up to chance? You're at home. You've got your rival in your building. Duke, they were the team playing like they had to win the last time they played. They fed off that crowd which was the angriest, drunkest, loudest I've ever heard Cameron Indoor. Jeremy Roach, he hit the big buckets at the end.

One of the returning players from last year. Duke, they got the 50-50 balls. They beat North Carolina on the boards which is obviously important when you're talking about Duke being the number one team in the ACC in offensive rebounding percentage and Carolina number one in defensive rebounding percentage. The effort was on Duke's side and being courtside, you got that sense or I got that sense when I was watching it up close.

Carolina's the one that will have the urgency tomorrow. I have no doubt about that and for the older guys, they have a track record of when their back's against the wall and the pressure is on them to perform, they do so. Whether it be at the end of last year in the run they went on in the tournament or just the last week. Winning at FSU, despite the fact that they didn't hit a field goal, hitting 14 threes in that game and also knocking down a top 10 team in the country on your home floor a week ago and never trailing in the game.

Just listen to Leaky Black talk about that turn of events. You know it's just a different group of guys and it's just as soon as we start to care about winning and like nothing else you know that's when we really turn the corner and I felt like with our back against the wall this last two weeks or whatever you know it I feel like it's a different team out there. And does anybody have a doubt Caleb Love's going to be better this time around? He only had 12 points in Cameron. In his five previous Duke Carolina games he averaged 20. It just feels like in what could be his last home game, we know it's going to be Leaky Black's last home game, in what is likely Caleb's last home game, he's probably going to perform against the team that he wanted to play for coming out of high school.

You probably know the story by now. Duke didn't recruit him because they had Jeremy Roach already signed so Caleb Love has taken out his frustrations on the Blue Devils most notably in the final four but also his first time in Cameron where he had 25 plus. It's going to be a completely different game than the first one and North Carolina is going to win this time. Still think it's going to be pretty close but I like North Carolina to win the game by seven. On Twitter at wsjsradio if you want in.

That's why we're streaming video as well. Will Dalton, the executive producer of this show. What's up? Me picking North Carolina, does that make you feel better or worse about the Tar Heels chances tomorrow? I don't know given your track record here recently. Well I was right about Carolina last week.

Yeah. I was right about the first Duke Carolina game with Duke. See nobody likes to remember the times that I'm right.

It's only the times that I'm wrong that I get dunked on and Sarah McLachlan starts playing. Yeah you cursed us. You jinxed us.

No one ever remembers when you're right ever. We suck. Reese Davis going to be hosting college game day tomorrow. He will be joining this show in about 20 minutes. Next hour Tar Heel legend for the ACC network Joel Barry will be dropping by however and wherever again you are listening or watching we appreciate that.

Will Dalton and I will both be at the Duke Carolina game in Chapel Hill. Shifting things a bit. Hidden within a lengthy announcement in the last few hours some significant college football news was announced today. The NCAA's rules committee approved a few rule changes that will go into effect next season in order to speed up games and most of them are mundane. Can't call consecutive timeouts.

Yawn. No one time downs at the end in the first or third quarters. Okay how often does that happen but in between those two was something that will actually change college football for the better. Other than the final two minutes of each half the clock will now stop after first downs or the clock will no longer stop excuse me after first downs.

It's going to continue to move and here's why that matters. The length of games has become a problem. The NFL thought it was a problem five years ago. Roger Goodell was out front talking about this and the NFL's average length of game five years ago was three hours and seven minutes. They thought that that was an issue so they found solutions to that problem and the games have been shortened. I was at a game this year I forget which one it was that lasted two hours and 45 minutes. Games going by pretty quickly.

Not a lot of time of just sitting around. Three hours and seven minutes was a problem for the NFL that they had to address. The average college football game lasted three hours and 22 minutes last year. That's 15 minutes longer for those who don't like doing the math like me as an East Carolina guy had to write this thing down.

The clock stoppage on first downs was a perfect answer. It's still you know going to be a hybrid of sorts in the final two minutes of the first half and the second half. The clock will still stop after first downs but this is really outside of the final two minutes of a half and they are projecting this committee that it's going to shorten gains by eight or nine plays. That coupled with some of the other changes they think will significantly cut into how long these broadcasts have been because you have some games that's an average of three hours and 22 minutes.

That means you're factoring in the Navy games where they only run the ball and those games last two hours and 45 minutes and then the four hour games in the ACC where there are 16 reviews. So it might feel small but this is a big deal and it reeks of classic negotiation. Anytime there's a negotiation you have to have some compromise and all the talk about potential rule changes this offseason centered on one thing that appears to be a red herring now where after incompletions they might run the clock. When you hear that you think well that is not good that would completely change college football that would change football in general that's terrible but sometimes you throw something out there that you don't intend for anybody to agree upon so that way the next closest thing to it they will sign off on. It's like the interviewing strategy that Howard Stern has where he'll ask a question that's completely absurd and never will expect the guest to answer it and if they answer it great but really your intent is okay I know you can't answer that but let me ask this thing that's also pretty incendiary but not quite as bad as that one and they're more likely to answer that question.

It's a great interviewing tactic. It feels that they threw the it was a red herring they threw the the clock's gonna run after incompletions out there with no intent that that would pass so that way they can get hey let's stop that's crazy right but you know what's not crazy the NFL hey they run the clock after first downs maybe we could do that and they got that passed and they're gonna sandwich that in between some mundane things about oh into the first quarter and third quarter no one time downs but really what this was all about I believe is let's keep let's keep the clock moving outside of the final two minutes after first downs and this should just be the start I think you can still cut down on the length of these football games by focusing on replay that's what the NFL did they centralized the process you know what you don't see in the NFL anymore the referee standing there staring at a small monitor they instead have people in the booth who do this and you could do it in real time and it's all pretty efficiently done college football hasn't figured that out yet you've got these refs looking at the monitor on the side or having the headphones on and also they seem to review everything you just got to cut down the amount of reviewing you can do in a game maybe make it coaches challenges aside from scoring plays I think that's the next area you could continue to cut it down but the NFL knew it had a problem with three hours and seven minutes college football is at three hours and 22 minutes that's way too long especially when you're talking about an average you need to cut into that and this is a starting point on that I think this is a good positive change for the sport. Did you know that in Greensboro we've got Duke Carolina tonight on ACC Network the 18th ranked Tar Heels coached by Courtney Bangheart will face Kara Lawson's group NC State in action right now as we speak and halfway through the fourth the Wolfpack trails top 10 ranked Notre Dame by about a dozen and earlier today Wake Forest after a miraculous run to Friday of the tournament including that come-from-behind win against Florida State they fall against the four seed Louisville Cardinals 74-48 the final there. Reese Davis will be on site in Chapel Hill tomorrow for college game day he joins us 10 a.m tomorrow you can watch ahead of the Duke Carolina game. Reese I don't know if you're planning to be at the ACC tournament but just know that that Stamey's barbecue it survived the pandemic and they're going to be in business all next week.

Well that's great news because I I've dined on that before certainly my great friend Jim Donnan the former former Georgia football coach is a big proponent of Stamey's and so I'm looking forward to getting there we will we will be there starting on Thursday. Is doing college game day at Duke Carolina always a no-brainer for you guys? Um close to it I mean you know we've gotten a little pushback from different fan bases about this one but here's how I here's how I answered that one this rivalry is unlike any other in college basketball that's a cliche but here's what I mean by it even if you're a fan of another team fan of another conference more than likely you take sides in this rivalry rivalry when you sit down to watch the game you tend to root for North Carolina or you tend to root for Duke and you don't really know why but it's meaningful to you at least on some level and that I think that's not nothing you know I think that's something and it will be almost certainly either the most viewed or second most viewed to the first meeting game of the regular season and when you also factor in that my basketball partners probably won't like this but there's no singular game in college basketball that's as meaningful by itself as just about any game in football season for this reason one they play three times the number of games at least the the playoff field is 16 times larger plus four and therefore it's just it's simple mathematics so if you have something in the regular season that cuts through a rivalry with great tradition in history not just because they dislike each other but because both have been excellent for years and years if you have something that cuts through that's worth sticking with and you know with all due respect to you know Texas, Kansas, Arizona, UCLA, Pitt, Miami tomorrow this is still the game that the average college basketball fan across the country is going to say oh Duke and Carolina are playing and you know you can say that's a good thing you can say that's a bad thing but I just believe it's the way it is and that's why you know that's why I think it is it's important to be here and continue to celebrate the franchise. I grew up in the bubble here in the state of North Carolina thinking that maybe everybody across the country had rivalries such as this one and it didn't hit me until my first job at a college was in a small town of Ray, Colorado the metropolis of 2,400 people on the eastern plains out that way and I went to one of the two local sports bars that they had one of the two restaurants really and I thought I was just going to feel like home watching Duke and Carolina and nobody else would care half the bar was decked out in Duke gear and it's just something that I haven't really seen anything else like it in college basketball. Growing up in Alabama did you have a relationship at all to the rivalry? Oh you watched it I mean you want I mean now back then you might not get to see it every time because some of the Raycom you know the Raycom games and so forth more you know an ACC territory type thing but you watch it you're certainly aware of it because but I will say this when I was a kid like a really young kid you know North Carolina was terrific and Duke was a little up and down you know at that time that was in the you know in the 70s but by the time the 80s came around and Coach K got it going there and you know Coach Smith still had it rolling here then certainly it was one that you paid attention to you know no matter where you were that sort of sort of speaks to you among my friend group in college when you would when you would watch the game people would be sort of divided you'd say why and maybe there was a rare instance of you know my my brother or my uncle or whatever goes to Carolina or something like that but more times than not it was sort of like I don't know I just sort of like Duke you know I mean you know it was just no reason but it I think it resonates with people for whatever reason and one of the reasons I think is because it's not just two teams as I said earlier that dislike each other it's two teams that have been so prominent on the national stage for so long put up so many championship banners had so many iconic players that very few other rivalries either can match that or if they can come close in terms of players they haven't sustained that level of excellence over a long period of time or they don't have someone in their state in their conference in their same 10 mile radius that uh that does that as well Reese Davis college game day tomorrow morning at 10 a.m he's joining us here on WSJS you guys announced a couple days ago that Eric Church who is such a huge Tar Heel fan will be utilized on the show has there how's he gonna be worked in has there ever been a hoops guest picker um I'd have to think back I've done the show since its inception 19 years ago I don't really recall the guest picker per se like we have in football but Eric has been I remember an episode of uh maybe the tournament challenge show or something a few years ago where Eric came on and you know that was just like a phone thing but obviously he's been on the football show and does a tremendous job as the guest picker there so he'll he'll bring he'll bring some flavor we got something uh special that he helped us cook up that will that I think of the fans on both sides will will find fun and maybe a little bit infuriating on one of the sides that'll be fun it did it does sound like he learned his lesson maybe don't schedule concert dates on the day of duke and carolina maybe something that he learned from last year how was how was he to know that would that has never happened before you know never never happened before but uh you know and that's an interesting thing because I don't know how uh everybody really feels about it but I don't think there was a certain sentiment for years and on both sides that they sort of didn't want it to happen especially in the uh national semifinal maybe obviously either would take a national championship appearance but it was sort of feeling that there was this ultimate trump card that would be played it was talked about as armageddon around here like doing sports talk like there's two things that would generate phone calls regardless of what time of year it was if you said Michael or Lebron in the same sentence or you brought up the idea of Duke and Carolina playing in in it's an NCAA tournament game let alone the final four like that most people said they didn't want it because they were fearful of our crown jewel which is the rivalry right and you know I think the thing is is Carolina has claimed two of the biggest trump cards imaginable in terms of bragging rights and still here it is where you're here on the last will be on the sat last Saturday of the regular season tomorrow and you know the rivalry still carries tremendous weight I mean obviously the Tar Heel fans will always have those bragging rights but now they're still coming in here and the most meaningful thing is to try to win the rivalry game put themselves in position to make the tournament and you know what happened in the past is something to brag about and think about but it didn't you know it didn't bring about an end or in any way diminish the rivalry last thing for Reese Davis want to throw something college football at you on the way out it just feels like the the conversation from the rules committee this past offseason or really throughout the offseason thus far has been the idea of oh man there's a chance the clock might continue to roll after incompletions which got a lot of people charged up at the idea but didn't really feel like something that would ultimately pass perhaps it was a red herring for what was ultimately passed today that other than the final two minutes of halves the clock will roll kind of like the NFL after first downs rather than stopping the clock in an attempt to try and shorten up football broadcast shorten up games that have now I think last year the average is three hours and 22 minutes do you think today was a win for college football that this is a positive step I think it was a neither and here's what I don't I don't really understand this idea that people who say they like football want less football or fewer you know a shorter game I don't really understand that you're already investing so much time when you go to the stadium then then you know what what's a few minutes now people watching at home the length of the broadcast I can kind of understand but I think they're more bothered by the stoppages well you know somebody's got to pay the bills and that's the way it is but if there could be more creative ways maybe to integrate the commercials maybe not take them as off and whatever it might be but back to your point on the field the the incomplete idea to keep it running was dumb and I'm glad that I have I hadn't even seen that story because I've been traveling and been at practice but the incompletion stopping after incomplete passes was was I mean not stopping pardon me was dumb uh the not stopping after first downs is fine but not for the reason people think at least in my judgment it's more because I think we had too many too many plays in plays in the game sometimes and I know of what I just said about less football but I think you lose some quality because you start wearing out players and if we're going to extend the season it's not so much about once the playoff expands it's not so much in my eyes about shortening the time period in which games are played it's it's reducing at least to some degree whatever level that might be reducing the number of plays which is a number of uh I think they have a fancy scientific term for who basically reduced the number of potential collisions it's a safety issue yeah well I don't know if it is or not but it can't hurt you know I think because you're like here's the example and people are going to get mad because you're going to think I'm trying to say this team wouldn't have won and I'm not I'm not saying that at all you go back to that great Clemson Alabama national championship game in 2016 when Deshaun Watson 17 but 16 seasons Deshaun Watson led the late drive and hit Hunter Renfroe for the game winner through 80 plays which is far more than you get in almost any NFL game right through 80 plays Clemson had 14 points 14 but they ran 19 more plays and wound up if memories I think with 35 I think they scored three more touchdowns from the last 19 plays including that last drive I don't say that to make any kind of excuse for anybody and all of that kind of stuff I'm just saying that you run the risk of reducing the quality of the game in addition when you do that when you hit fatigue you're also potentially increasing the risk of injury so now if you're going to add more games for at least some of the teams maybe if you can shave off a few plays here and there and get it back to a more reasonable number with these you know with the offense is trying to go fast as many of them do though most of the defenses have largely caught up to the whole going fast for fast sake thing you can't really get away with just running the same play six times in a row because you're going fast unless you have somebody out man so you know I think that you know I think that that could be helpful but in terms of how much it's actually going to trim off the length of the broadcast and the length of the day at the stadium I'm not sure it's going to really make that big of an impact Reese really do appreciate how generous you are with your time is your is your son going to be at the game tomorrow duke baseball no he's playing independent league pro ball so he's you know he's off doing his thing training at a drive line in Seattle so he's off to where off to the pros and not uh not playing college ball anymore yeah I appreciate you asking thank you for asking and thank you for spending the time as well I'll see you out at the gym tomorrow thank you for doing this all right thanks a lot there goes Reese Davis joining us from ESPN and college game day check this out we're on it the perfect blend of sports and pop culture happens this evening at six with the Rich Eisen show okay let's get this show rolling now back to the drive with Josh Graham to simplify Duke Carolina part two tomorrow three areas that will decide the rematch we'll discuss the game with Carolina legend Joel Berry in about 15 minutes but if you want it to be as simplified as possible this is what you need to focus on number one Caleb Love's output he's played six games against Duke WD the magic number is his career average of about 15 points a game let's round up and say 15 points a game in four of the six games against Duke he's been in the top six games against Duke he's exceeded 15 points Carolina's won all four of those games in the two games he did not exceed 15 in fact he scored less than 15 including the last meeting in which he had 12 Carolina has lost those two it's an old adage but it's an old adage because players got to be your best players so that's number one 15 the magic number for Caleb Love secondarily Armando Bacot's free throw attempt Armando not percentage not makes attempts Carolina as a team attempted three free throws in Durham which led to Hubert Davis pointing out facts after the game just trying to point out some facts Bacot had two free throws in the game Carolina is seven and one this year when Bacot shoots more than seven free throws when he shoots fewer than seven free throws Carolina is six and seven against high major teams this year six and seven so they're an under 500 team when Bacot doesn't go to the line that much when he does get to the line they're a very good basketball team your best players got to be your best players Love and Bacot but the most obvious thing to point to what's ultimately going to just decide this game more than anything else is the glass is the glass Duke had a rebounding edge of six boards in Durham is it a coincidence that Duke also won the game by six the Blue Devils are number one in the ACC in offensive rebounding percentage that's fifth nationally they are fifth nationally in that category first in the ACC North Carolina is number one in the nation or excuse me number one in the ACC in defensive rebounding percentage that is 10th nationally you see the matchup something's got to give Duke expended more effort more care more want to it felt like in getting the 50-50 balls and winning on the boards in the first meeting at Cameron we'll see if North Carolina has more of that in the rematch so there you go the three areas Caleb Love's output Armando Bacot's free throw attempt and the glass the reason I wanted to bring up specifically Caleb can you see a scenario tomorrow where Caleb's not getting shots up please it's going up the question is is it going in that's always the question that's it and it gets Duke largely it's gone in this time there's not gonna there will not be the passive Caleb Love game tomorrow his last home game potentially and it's against Duke where he wanted to play you're not going to see passive Caleb Love it's going up tomorrow and that's why it's so key if you want to distill the game into the most simple factors those are the three factors it's NFL Combine week the focus has been quarterbacks it always seems to be quarterbacks but especially if you're a Carolina Panthers fan you're looking for a guy you're picking in the top 10 so you want to evaluate all these players and all of them spoke today they're going to throw tomorrow with the exception of Bryce Young who's going to wait for his pro day all the quarterbacks spoke to the media Bryce and CJ don't really seem like they're that obtainable for Carolina I don't know if I guess a team would have to pass on Stroud Young it doesn't seem like you have a shot for so the two quarterbacks Carolina has to really vet Anthony Richardson from Florida and Kentucky quarterback Will Levis now we've already heard from Anthony Richardson how he calls himself Cam Jackson and all that oh a combination of Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson okay sure who calls you that you lost to Vanderbilt last year Vanderbilt I wouldn't be in on a top 10 prospect a top 10 pick being a player who can't play this year being a project but Will Levis it feels like an inevitability that's who Carolina's gonna take he's got the tools you've got a staff that you've spent a lot of money on to coach up guys who have skill sets like Will Levis does there are Josh Allen comparisons that I don't really love because I see the other side of it low end I see it Sam Darnold all over again but maybe it is Josh Allen if he has great a great staff to coach him up here's what I know about Will Levis though after listening to him today Will Levis feels himself finds you somebody who loves you the way that Will Levis loves himself he's a cocky guy he had some comments going into the year where he was compared to Josh Allen a little bit and said you know Josh Allen actually reminds me a lot of Will Levis some combination of that other SEC fan bases gave him the nickname of football Jesus that's the way he views himself I was at the Kentucky Tennessee game and there were a lot of jokes about Will Levis and how he felt about himself before they got smacked and I watched that up close and Levis throwing a ton of picks I know Scott Fitterer was at that game it's the first time he ever been to Knoxville we were able to talk about that a little bit the Panthers GM but here was Will Levis talking about Will Levis yeah I think physically I just say my arm talent I think I got when Stronger Arms has come out of any draft class in recent memory and then just who I am as a person kind of my morals what I stand for my values not everybody goes through the throwing forces because I got a cannon I'm gonna show it off if you want to make out what was asked there he was asked why he thought it was important to throw other quarterbacks you know Bryce Young deciding to wait for his pro day and he says he's got a rocket he wants to show it off can you figure out if Will Levis was in a in a frat can you help me figure that out because I know he started at Penn State then went to Kentucky had a good year at Kentucky then wasn't so great this past year Will Levis gives off frat bro energy that's what he gives on dude I got a Hollitzer bro brah you even live I'm one of the got one of the best arms in recent memories coming out of the draft brah you know hey Josh where's this show broadcast is it broadcasting greens brah yes it is Will Will Levis I'm not advocating for Carolina taking him I'm not but it feels like that's what we're destined to see happen destined to see happen this might be a little bit difficult for WD to find how's your search first off what did you write in your search history I said initially I said Will Levis frat and what came up um well the first line of this one uh fraternity had a culture of haze I don't know he he might be in a frat yeah he looks like he gives off the vibe either he was hazed or he did the hazing he gives off the vibe of like why are all these jeans hanging out at our uh at our tailgate don't I know I can't say what that that stands for or what the acronym that's short for is but you know it's he does give off that vibe yo do you know any of the brothers here at the house I got a big game this weekend don't want to be hanging out with any losers you don't even have any women with you man no you can't get into our party he doesn't does he not give off that vibe give off that vibe at all oh 100 that's him that's great pay your cover charge to get in there's there's a 100 chance that he's in the frat house on a Saturday afternoon in the off season on a bench shirtless just doing curls that's him nah man just had to get a quick workout in and let the guns out you know gun show that's what we got no big deal stay humble my morals that's what separates me to recap the week in the most efficient way possible we'll keep it simple on this Friday we have a rhinestone cowboy Friday coming up as well but up next Joel Barry Carolina legend will join us to continue breaking down duke and carolina here on a Friday drive scram wsjs tarheel great joel barry from the acc network gonna join us momentarily he's telling me he's gonna be at pittsburgh miami tomorrow joel you are gonna be at miami and pittsburgh tomorrow that is a huge basketball game like when you talk about what is at stake this time of year virginia is probably gonna beat louisville which means they will be guaranteed a share of first place for an acc title but miami and pit they're playing for a chance to hang a banner in their building that reads acc champs and that's no small thing but we've got to talk about duke and carolina since we've got you here and since you've been in the battles and you know what the round robin element of this is like what adjustments can be made what are some things that you just have to deal with what's something from an analyst perspective that you saw in the first game that you expect to be prevalent again and maybe something else you can see not being so prevalent based on adjustments yeah i think uh one is uh for carolina they they have to shoot the ball better and lately they have um in their last three games or so they have been shooting the ball better from the perimeter and getting more perimeter production not only from the guards but you know the pete nance has been shooting it better um so they have to find they have to first shoot the ball better but two i i think they need to find a way to um get armando or get derek lively off of armando whether that be a cross screen and have it to where he can get easier attempts and not having to back down derek lively in the paint because when you have when he's attached to armando that way it's just too much size and too much length to have to back a guy down and you know armando's not the most athletic guy so to be able to have to have to force yourself through through uh somebody of derek lively's size is kind of tough so being able to find ways to do a brush screen or something to get armando on the block and get him an easy touch because lively did a did a fantastic job on him um in the in the paint and really took away the paint presence for carolina how do you expect that carolina is going to use leaky black in this game because a turning point last year was that hubert the first game when they lost by 20 was trying to make leaky black a guy who was guarding one player to give him point given how hot they were and then would flip it later on in the game they just decided that no no brady manic you're the four you're going to guard duke's four and leaky even though you're our best defender you're going to be put on the guy who most reflects you know your position i think he was on mark mitchell for a great portion of that game given how good leaky is on that side of the ball how do you expect he's going to be used plus don't forget offensively he was one of the better players that carolina had in durham yeah i um i think leaky black when he's being aggressive on the offensive end that's when that's when carolina has another uh another guy that can score the score the ball now not from the perimeter but being able to slash to the basket being almost that do type like player which that was for us where he's not only making plays for himself but he's able to make plays for other people um on the defensive side of the ball i like that adjustment that they made last year with manic guarding paulo ben carroll because then you you know they're forcing it into ben carroll and brady manic was just you know standing standing his ground and guarding and leaky was staying on the perimeter where he's used to being uh on the perimeter i think um you know leaky is is just one of those players that can give you so much and if he can continue to to have that offensive firepower that he's had that will be a huge difference in this in this game uh tomorrow and gives them another outlet and it will hopefully look like the florida state game where you have you know your four guys outside of amando that are in double figures joel barry's with us here from the acc network speaking of leaky black it's difficult see the awards are going to come out next week and i put something out earlier this week that i preferred re-speak men to leaky but would be all right if either one and it's based on a lot of things there are less metrics that you have for defense than offense so usually i'm trying to find the best defensive player on the best defensive team and virginia's the best defensive team and he's the best defensive player when i texted coaches some responded with leaky every single one of them included beakman on their list it's narrow but when you watch from a player's perspective seeing everybody in the league play how much separation is there between a guy like re speakman and leaky black and is there anybody else we've we should be throwing into that conversation for defensive player of the year it's it's between leaky and re speakman it's a very slim difference i mean those both of those guys can guard the hell out of the ball and those are two dudes you do not want to see going into the game especially if you know you're the man on your team you can expect to have leaky or re standing in front of you and when i look at these two guys it's not just what they've done this year and i think it's it's like that with um anyone that has spent a good amount of time in one league you start looking back at what they've done previously and both of these guys consistently throughout their years have showed up each and every game each and every game on the defensive end and have guarded the best players and to your point we don't have all the metrics showing how great a defender is and and two you don't you don't sit on the couch or you don't go to a game saying i can't wait to watch leaky guard somebody tonight i mean that just that doesn't happen so it's just one of those things that you have to when you when you look at the body of work that these two guys have done they you look at what they've done over the period of years and what they have done is just unbelievable i couldn't guard like they guarded um but it's it's very slim and i think those two guys if if one of those guys gets it i think everyone in the league will be just fine and say they both you know either person deserved that award who did you hate facing the most was it alvarado at georgia tech i know he was the trash talker who was the guy that you hated to face the most alvarado was definitely one of those guys um we had our fair share of battles i think if he still was to walk into chapel hill today i think a lot of the people with bull um even though i'm coming up i'm i mean i'm five six years removed so i'm starting to get to that old guy you know um but but alvarado was one of those guys i didn't like facing london perrantes and malcolm brogdon that duo was insane um and those those are the two yeah guys that i that comes to mind for me joel barry's with us here where do you stand on now there are more counting stats when you get to acc player of the year usually you look at scoring average and rebounding and those things um it's how many guys are in that conversation and does anybody stand out specifically to you right now going into the last weekend josh yes it's really hard and when i was doing the the the uh going through who i would pick as my acc player of the year there was there wasn't one guy that stood out to me yeah and it's almost to my point as i was saying when you start when in our league right now when we have a lot of older guys you not only look at what they've done this year but you look at what they've done over the years in their league in the league um and one guy that that i would choose is isaiah wong oh no doubt he has been playing unbelievable he is a huge reason why biami is looking to get it to to you know be at the via acc regular season champ um but he he has played unbelievable but you know you throw armando baycott in there um even though he has fallen off as the year has gone on but he has showed up consistently each and every night and last year i thought that he should have won it but it's hard to say that you know alondez williams definitely deserved it for what he does so how long so i guess what's interesting though what you're saying joel is how how long is the list i had somebody say to me now there are five or six people that going into the last week whether it's burton who's leading and like top 10 in five different categories at pittsburgh or if it's ty appleby leading good scoring at assist or if it's baycott or if it's wong like how long is joel barry's list five six guys yeah i i can go i can go five guys i got isaiah wong you can go uh i was just getting ready to speak on ty appleby you know alondez williams won it leading leading the conference in scoring and assist uh you got you got um uh yeah isaiah wong you have you could potentially go like a jordan miller um you can go jamair jamairius burton i mean the list goes on i mean there's more guys that you could throw in there as well but i mean you know it's just it's just one of those ones seasons where no one clearly stands out and separates themselves from the pack you have one speaking of pack you have one all acc spot remaining baby t turquavian smith jarkel joiner who gets the spot oh man that's that's a tough one because that dude jarkel joiner has been going crazy these last couple of games oh i had a coach tell me he might be the best defensive guard in the league which made me raise my eyebrows like he's having a great year i mean they they do guard the balls and he does a really good job on balls um i'm gonna have to go with baby t though i think turquavian smith is one of those guys that's just so unorthodox um and outside of him getting in foul trouble lately um he he has showed up consistently for nc state you know for him to come back for a second year and to do what he's doing he's not only still scoring the ball but the one thing that i've liked about him is the way that he has improved his scoring uh his passing ability um so if there's any guy i would have to go with with turquavian even though jarkel joiner is right there any beach time in miami this weekend no no beach time man josh i'm all about my business right now so i'm i'm in and out man okay i love that well thank you so much for being generous with your time it's good to hear your voice and hope to see you sometime soon joel yes sir thank you always we are going down the stretch on a friday drive the final weekend of the college basketball season is upon us or at least the regular season even though i know many of the mid-majors having their conference tournaments already we can't wait we're going to be out at duke in north carolina tomorrow wd and i will be broadcasting the game right here on wsjs not wd and i but i believe that believe that the david chewmate and company we can take a crack at it yeah who's the analyst and who's the play-by-play guy you've done play-by-play more recently than i have yeah i've probably done more games in some than you have yeah because i used to travel with teams and doing that a little bit so we need to figure out if a team will let us yeah just do one game together i don't know what sport we'd have the best shot at doing but basketball probably baseball i would i feel like baseball or basketball would be our best you'd be our baseball analyst yeah i'd do the play-by-play for baseball this is our call to the winston-salem dash yeah or the grasshoppers or the rockers to have a josh gramm and will dalton broadcast your game night maybe espn plus do a game at highpoint even though i know darren vats kind of locked down that territory just just a thought an idea we could pull it maybe we could do the radio show during a game like we'll tell you what's happening in the game but it's essentially going to be the radio show that's right it's an idea i think there there might be some demand for that we have an audience we can steer people hey you want to hear our show but during a baseball game us trying to broadcast a baseball game while this thing's happening that's right yeah oh and one count hey bear uh you know up there's a bit you know just just go back and forth between pitches you know get at us we're fine with that we're fine with free gear whatever we love gear throw our way now let's recap the week in the most efficient way possible by keeping it simple five words or less it's simple man that's all josh gets to tell you where your favorite teams are at it's as marvelous and as simple as that let's keep it simple okay before wd throws some things at me to recap let's get a dance break in here this game is over every time i come in the kitchen you're in the kitchen let's go to the sidelines tony haynes you got your head all the way open that's where i first saw mary no no on that roadside picking blackberries i like pigs feet it's time to get into some of the things that have happened over the last few days starting with unc they're starting to heat up beating uva and florida state hmm if we're putting those two together i probably would say carolina is playing good ball what it is this is ncaa tournament ball that they're playing the question is is it too little too late well actually we know it's not too little too late because you win tomorrow you're going to be in the ncaa tournament you're playing at duke so it is happening at the right time again is it the same as what we saw last year as some people were kind of connecting it to oh they're just flipping the switch again no it's not because aside from monday where they shot 14 to 29 from three they are still a bad objectively bad three-point shooting team brady manic is not walking through that door wake getting beat by boston college the dekes have checked out that's what i saw you were in the building for it you heard steve forbes after the game say that only two guys out there tried and it was ty appleby and davian williamson who combined for 43 of the 69 nice points that they scored that's when coaches tell you something like that believe them and we'll see how they close the season at syracuse tomorrow because there's good reason for the team to be motivated you came off a stinker that coach was talking bad about your coach saying that your program's not doing it the right way that you've been bought oh wake forest they've bought their team i want to see how motivated wake plays tomorrow duke beating nc state the devil's passed the test last year right thompson had a long esbn cover story on coach k where he was given a lot of access and he said between a florida state and virginia set of wins that they had coach k was so pleased with the preparation of his team that was young like this team is that john shire has he knew that he had built a monster he was sitting on a monster a machine as he called it this team's playing like a machine and they're now an old duke team when i asked john shire about that in relation to where duke this team sits he said he no longer sees a young team duke has either they've had real experiences and real tests and playing nc state was one of those when the wolfpack got close a few times at the end and duke always had the counter punch this is the scariest team in the acc and they've passed all the tests winning five in a row heading into this match up in chapel hill regardless of what happens tomorrow night you should be very worried or other teams in the acc into college basketball should be worried about dude panther's meeting with derek carr and apparently meeting with him again next week hmm carr isn't isn't only short term in a sense he's short term because he's 32 years old it's not a long term but it goes back to your definition of that like what is your definition of short term and long term and it feels like everybody only views guys who are on the rookie deal as being the long-term options anymore but the nfl's told us you have to make decisions a lot quicker coaches turn over so quickly the eagles just won a super bowl with two different quarter quarterbacks and two different coaches in a six-year period everything's kind of been sped up derek carr his game doesn't go out of style he's a pocket passer so when frank reich says oh he's a long term quarterback he we see five great years out of him well he's not lying but it sounds strange coming out of his mouth long-term option at 32 teddy bridgewater was 27 when you brought him in baker's 27 right now sam darnold was 23 what do you mean that this is a long long-term option at 32 well five years is a long time and if you get beyond five years in the nfl odds are you've had a successful tenure as a coach mike bray upsetting pittsburgh in his final home game at notre dame the luck of the irish the luck of the irish 16 missed free throws wd it's not a small amount 16 pittsburgh was the number one team in the acc when they lost to a team that was tied for last and that was notre dame i'm happy to see it for mike bray who is an acc legend but it was the luck of the irish and later that night he went to the linebacker that's why i'm pretty confident that notre dame's gonna lose tomorrow at clemson at little john colosseum yeah better we're working on it uh-huh if your coach was out till two in the morning on wednesday night ahead of a saturday road game and you're already bad in notre dame lock of the century is clemson tomorrow that's notre dame that is a lock of the century and lastly us taste testing lemon oreo not terrible but not great not terrible but not great it's edible i could see why people like it very girl scout cookie-esque i'm not the biggest girl scout cookie fan i'm not saying this is a rule that applies to everybody that my taste is the same as your taste but for me i ate it i didn't hate it but it wasn't great like the first time you have a double stuff oreo cookie oh maybe double stuff lemon oreos and i'm always reminded of gary goldman's comedy anytime i think of double stuffed cookies i'm gonna go see nikki glaser this weekend in greensboro really excited for that on sunday and i'm gonna go see nikki glaser this weekend and gary goldman had a bit about cookies in general that you can find and one of the bits was i remembered the first time i had double stuff oreo cookies and i said to the cashier how much more do i owe you he's like you don't know me anything extra we just gave you double the double the filling because that's how much we care about you guys at oreo well mission accomplished what's next that's it oh one more dance break i love green business good business i have tremendous respect for commissioner phillips that's what's right what is your favorite cookie let go don't slam that door excuse me brother it's time to pull free baptist church senate seeing boston college bernie mack making an appearance yeah happy about that
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