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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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February 27, 2023 6:13 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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February 27, 2023 6:13 am

Damian Lillard makes Trail Blazers history | Nikola Jokic triple-doubles again in Nuggets OT win | Bucks rally without Giannis.


Evan Matt talks with Matt Hardy. Hola! I'm busy till the very last second taking notes about what was a nutty basketball weekend.

Wow! There's a lot going on. You can tell they're eyeing March in college basketball and actually this was the last weekend in February.

I think it makes me old that as the months go by faster and faster I just can't believe how quickly the planet is spinning and it seems like it gets faster. The more that I set my calendar around sports, which is ew, the more it seems to go faster and faster and here we are on the cusp of March and so it's not just college basketball as they're gearing up for what's to come. March Madness and the conference tournaments but it's also in the NBA where there are not that many games left. You know some teams are now under 20 games to go in their NBA season and so it's getting to be crunch time and you can tell that teams are fighting harder and there is more of a sense of urgency for a lot of these games, especially those in the Western Conference. Did you guys watch the wacky chaos that ensued all over the Western Conference this weekend? The East has got some of its own battles and those are fun I suppose but really can't hold a candle to what's happening in the West right now where you do have the Nuggets with a healthy lead atop the conference but then it is a scrumble really insane. The Grizzlies and Kings they're firmly in second and third place right now though that could obviously change before the season is done and then you've got from fourth place down to 13th place. So fourth to 13th that entire group of teams separated by just three games in the lost column and four games overall.

That's crazy. The Suns, the Clippers, the Mavericks right now are clear. The Mavericks better watch out. Right now those three teams are clear of the 7-10 split, that 7-10 tournament. The Warriors, the Jazz, the Timberwolves, the Pelicans are the teams that would be in that 7-10 tourney, you know the phrase that I hate so much but yet I use it anyway, if the playoffs were to begin today but those four teams are separated by one game in the standings. One game from the Warriors down to the Pelicans and then if you throw the Mavericks in there who are in danger of being caught or even the Clippers also in danger of being caught as I say we're talking about a total three and a half games in the standings and only three games in the lost columns that separate those teams and if you include the Thunder just four games so technically the Thunder are not out of it either. The Lakers were five games below 500. They've won a few in a row now so they're getting closer to the Mendoza line and the Thunder are hot on their heels.

It's very technical to start the show but I just want to emphasize the point that it's total insanity. It's like a preview of March Madness but it's coming in the NBA and so as I say more of a sense of urgency this weekend you could really feel it going back to the second highest scoring game in history on Friday. I can't tell you I love this but in double overtime both teams over 175 points. That's weird but it is the new NBA and then on Saturday you get a little bit of the East locking horns the Celtics the Sixers two of the top three in the Eastern Conference in a couple of late dramatic moments one that counted one that didn't but it was still fun to watch. The Milwaukee Bucks are closing in on the Celtics too and they've been trying to manipulate their heels for a while but now 14 straight wins and then again in the West on Sunday where the Nuggets and the Clippers go into overtime to wrap the weekend. Man, Clippers had a rough weekend. The Mavericks blow a 27 point lead to the Lakers.

Thought Kyrie was supposed to be the Savior. The Suns they're trying to hang on to their position in fourth place waiting for KD and then there's Dame. Actually I should say even before Dame the Warriors and the Timberwolves went out of the wire as well and remember those are two of the teams that are in that 7-10 tournament right now. So the Warriors are back above 500 the Timberwolves have dropped three in a row and they're below 500.

So you blink and everything can change. One night every night shovels the deck in the Western Conference. Now the Trail Blazers are just two games below 500. They've only won five of their last ten so they're inconsistent but Damian Lillard is on a one-man mission and I don't know I wouldn't put it past him.

The way he's playing lately I wouldn't put anything past him. So it's a Sunday night thanks for joining us after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Last week I wasn't here on a Sunday night so I missed a lot of the drama of well it was the all-star game so never mind. But this week I'm working the first four days of the week but then off for a long weekend to visit mom in Houston really excited about that. So that of course means that there's got to be a bunch of cleaning and packing taking place this week. I'm not good when it comes down to trying to get ahead of the game.

I don't know what it is about me since I was a kid in school I always wait till the last minute but I do my best work under pressure so there's that. So it's gonna be a great four days excited to have producer Jay back from his vacation week and so we're full steam ahead to March. It's full steam ahead to March so you can find me on Twitter A Law Radio. On Saturday night I was not watching basketball. There is a photo of where I was if you want to check it out on my Twitter A Law Radio maybe I can throw up a photo on Facebook too now that Jay is back and actually have some help with the social media. So that's where you can find us our YouTube channel as well After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Glad to have this opportunity to reconvene on a Sunday Sunday night into a Monday morning.

If you checked out all weekend well don't you worry we got your back. So Damian Lillard. He didn't need to be out there until there were 90 seconds left in the fourth quarter against the Rockets. The game was well in hand but there was history on the line. This holds on the ball finds Dame off the screen.

He goes left, cross over, steps back, fades away, three, buries it! Franchise record! 64 for Damian Lillard. He is crushing every scoring record in franchise history.

121-105. Well leave it to Dame to first pick off a franchise record and Lillard I think deserves to hold all these franchise records. Sure the Blazers have had other incredible players in their history. My favorite thing about Dame in addition to how incredible he is as a basketball player and the fact that he can score from pretty much anywhere inside half court and honestly we've seen him hit a few three-quarter court shots as well. I love that his expression never changes because he gets into that mode into that zone and if you see the highlights of this game he was virtually unstoppable. He was scoring on the dunk which you don't see very often from Dame but he actually took a couple of guys off the dribble and was able to jam one through the rim on the dunks, on the drives, and on the deep shots.

All of it. He was able to score on essentially anything he tried and so a brand-new Blazers franchise record but even then not done. Dame's got his hands on his knees in the corner. Dame fighting through, gets tripped up, now gets the ball out of the wing, puts up a challenge three and hits it. 69 for Damian Lillard. 126-109. Dame's got it. 145 to play.

Bump drives, runs it up. Yes! 70. 71 for Damian Lillard. Oh man I got goosebumps. I got chills. I'm seeing history.

Dame is the eighth player in NBA history to score 70 or more. We got I think 23-22 games left after this and we need to win as many as possible and you know obviously being short-handed I know that it's gonna be a team effort but I feel like I got to you know do my best to be aggressive and just try to do what I can to make sure that we get some wins and you know that's all the case was tonight. I wanted to be in attack mode. I got it going and I just stayed aggressive.

We don't get the chance to experience things like this a lot. I've been around the league a long long time and 71 and how efficient he was. I mean that is just incredible man. I sensed that very early and then he just he stayed so aggressive you know the entire time and the ball just kept going kept going and then they got out you know started coming up to the level and he was forcing them they was fouling them. I mean I said dang this is this could be one of those special nights.

It definitely was a special night. First you hear Damian Lillard on Root Sports Northwest and then his coach Chauncey Billups. Here is your Damian Lillard nerd alert. In addition to setting a new franchise record with 71 points and a new career high with 71 points did you know Dame is the oldest player ever to eclipse 70. In fact he's the only guy over 30 who's ever scored at least 70 games in an NBA franchise. This is I mean this is something that I don't think about much with Dame because I know he's been around a long time and he's been in Portland a long time.

He wants to win there. He continues to put everything he's got into it. He stays relatively healthy. I mean he has a few injuries but takes care of himself and in 39 minutes he becomes the oldest ever to eclipse 70 and only the eighth player in NBA history to do it but he's an old head and look at him busting through that glass ceiling. Also the second most three-pointers made in an NBA game. On this night he goes 22 of 38 overall 13 of 22 from beyond the arc.

A perfect 14 for 14 at the free-throw line and also throws in six rebounds and six assists and yes 41 at halftime. Let us know this was something special in the works. I came out you know I got I saw it go in a few times and I just stayed aggressive you know I didn't ease up I didn't you know try to back off or anything. They're a competitive team you know they play hard they play with a lot of energy and they put pressure on you with that the effort that they play with so I just wanted to stay aggressive like I said I finished the half strong. The second half they came out and gave me a lot of attention and I just wanted to be patient you know I didn't want to try to come out and get back on the heater so I just kept making the right plays and you know Matisse hit a couple threes he had a dunk.

T-Wat was in the middle of the painting he had some good plays and I think that softened him up and then I was able to you know get a little run going again and then it just turned back into what it was in the first half. Lillard's not kidding when they desperately need wins and he points to that because again they're on the outside looking in right now and can't really afford to waste any of the opportunities they have in front of them. You would think of course that the Rockets are a gimme it's they're beatable but as we've seen this weekend in the NBA but over the course of the season as well you take a team lightly and it's to your own detriment.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. A half game out of that 7-10 tournament. Damian Lillard reminds me of a player like say Mike Trout in baseball or trying to think of another player that we would love to see in the postseason that we just don't get enough of or that I always am left wanting more. We've seen a fair number of series with the Blazers in the postseason but I always think it's Dame he should be on the game's biggest stage namely the Western Conference Finals the NBA Finals.

So that was one of the dramatic moments dramatic performances from Sunday but there were more. The Lakers weirdly enough even though they're also below 500 and on the outside looking in their second rally from at least 25 points down this season and it comes at the expense of the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas. You want to talk about stunning there was a third quarter 12 nothing run and a bit of a scare actually with LeBron James as he went down kind of grabbing his foot his ankle maybe his heel there was a lot of speculation his ankle was retaped he was able to finish the game and between the offense of LeBron and Anthony Davis and the defense of Jared Vanderbilt one of the new guys that came over before the trade deadline he was matched up on Luca after Luca Doncic had a big first quarter he really had to fight and scratch and claw for everything the rest of the way and so the defense of Jared Vanderbilt can't be overlooked AD with 30 points and 15 rebounds but mostly wanted to talk about Vanderbilt following this rally. Very valuable you know being out 27 14 and you know a half and he comes out and you know set the tone for it defensively on Luca getting some steals making them shoot some tough shots and over his rebounding on both ends of the floor they just started you know a effect for our group to lock in defensively.

Each and every game we've gotten better we've got more chemistry so just trying to keep building in that right direction as we you know we keep progressing I can see the chemistry getting there you know each and every game so yeah like I said we need every game right now so just continue to fight and you know playing every game like like we need it and I think we did that tonight. So LeBron James appears to be okay mostly the Lakers are feeling that same sense of urgency that I talked about. Now at some point we'll hear from Jason Kidd from Luca. Jason Kidd actually dropped the phrase they need to grow up if they want to be a contender so working on the audio.

You can find me on Twitter a law radio love to start out the work week with you also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence elsewhere in the league 99th career double for Nikola Jokic. That was a game against the Clippers that goes into overtime just moments ago finished up. Quinn Snyder does in fact get a new gig with the Atlanta Hawks.

Remember he's a former Hawks assistant under Mike Butenholzer was just there one year before he made the jump to the Utah Jazz led them to a half dozen consecutive playoff appearances. In Major League Baseball the pitch clock controversy already taking over spring training. If you didn't see it there was a moment that really underscores the type of frustration that we could see a bunch until players get used to these new rules that baseball is instituted all about piece of play. That's what Rob Manfred cares the most about.

Manny Machado I thought he had a fat contract before he's got a new one and then if you were paying any attention to football over the weekend maybe you saw the new rumors and speculation about Russell Wilson trying to pull a KD in Seattle before he was traded. So we have a lot to get to here's what I want to know from you in light of the scoring in the NBA going up up up up up up up in fact think Kings Clippers over the weekend I know it was double overtime but 176 to 175 that was the final score. That's an all-star game well an all-star game of say I don't know 10 years ago an all-star game that people actually watched we know very few people watch this year's but in light of Dame being the second player this year to go over 70 multiple games over 60 even more over 50 it actually seems like 70 is the new 50 it's that rarefied territory that it's hard to get to how long do you think it'll take before someone scores a hundred in a game again like Wilt Chamberlain how long but maybe you don't think it's possible I kind of watch the way that things are playing out now and it seems to me like it's only a matter of time maybe it doesn't happen this season and it would certainly be a herculean effort but I feel like the second a player got close to that well then you're gonna have his teammates feeding him it just it really would be about getting a super hot start like what Dame had tonight 41 in the first half it's hard to replicate obviously you're not asking teams to lay down and allow it to take place but I don't know I feel like it's maybe just a few years away where we get one of these perfect nights where everything comes together by the way I I was doing some research on Wilt's 100-point game just to go back and and see what it was and the circumstances it was in the early 60s Hershey Pennsylvania place I am familiar with but mostly for the chocolate not for the sports arena do you know according to the records that night there were barely 4,100 people in the building that's just funny stuff it's just funny to compare it this is why it's so hard to compare eras in sports so what do you think how long until someone has a hundred points in a game like Wilt Chamberlain did in the early 60s it's good to connect with you we're just getting started a busy weekend but yes a visit to mom on the horizon which makes me happy we'll get more from Portland around Dame's performance of 71 but Nicole Yochich the Denver Nuggets fighting off all challengers in the West that's coming up next it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast and her short corner far side against Murray double-team being shaded by Yochich he'll face up 18 feet out drive towards the middle of the paint looking to get to the dotted line for to shoot fades from 12 in and out back in again Kawhi Leonard cool hand Kawhi delivering he's got 31 Clippers 115 Nuggets 113 Leonard once again gonna try to get to his spot in the short corner and they get it to him to your side double team being shaded by Yochich again I'll back down on Jamal Murray Leonard to the dotted line fades away gets it to go Kawhi Leonard kaboom this is after hours with Amy Lawrence Kawhi Leonard is also locked in as the NBA season grinds through its stretch run 33 points really keep the Clippers from keep the Clippers from essentially running out of steam and not having the energy after what they had to battle through on Friday with that double overtime game in Sacramento actually so I think it was De'Aaron Fox one of the Kings say I never want to play a game like that again so you're talking about some older players for the Clippers right Kawhi Leonard Paul George these guys are not spring chickens they got a lot of mileage on their body and so for Kawhi Leonard it was impressive to see him raise his level of play in the late stages of this Clippers Denver Nuggets game this was in the Mile High City in the fourth quarter it's Kawhi they kept going to and going to and it was he and it was Nicola Yochich who were going mano a mano and Kawhi was able to hit some critical shots to not only keep his team in it but also helped to force overtime but this is just two nights after he has 44 in that loss against Sacramento it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio different gear for the Nuggets in OT hurry head fake on the 3 back over to Yochich good job of killing the clock hook shot won't go got his own board and put it up and in nine-point lead for Denver it's a nine nothing run for the Nuggets to start overtime Jamal Murray at the mid court circle he goes to the right hand throws it off to Yochich at the nail spins on Gordon jumper got it Denver's up by 10 they're gonna come back and beat the LA Clippers in overtime 132 to 122 so you hear Jason Kosmicki on Nuggets radio before that it was Noah Eagle on Clippers radio and yes they maybe have a little more gas in overtime they've got the crowd behind them as well and so they able are they're able to find another gear and the top seed in the West they grab another victory it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio stop me if you heard this before but Nikola Yochich with another triple-double his 14th in the last 19 games it's about as close to automatic as you can get these days 40 points in OT 17 rebounds 10 assists he goes 12 of 15 from the free-throw line even though he's got guys who are scratching him his arms have got a bunch of scratches at the end of the game when he's being interviewed yeah this guy as I say whether it's the scoring whether it's the ability to dish and distribute to his teammates he's fighting for rebounds as well he is all over and he's automatic that's three-time MVP you know I mean so there's nothing else more to say for me it's there is there's nothing to prove I mean I think for everybody in this room there's nothing to prove but there's a national audience out there and I think it's great that this game was on ESPN so he can continue to showcase his abilities and I couldn't agree with you more Nikola impacts the game in so many ways he does he has the ability to not only score and do it in a variety of ways he likes to get close to the hoop face up to the hoop he likes to they run the pick and roll with Jamal Murray which are the pick and pop too hard to defend with those two guys they've also got Michael Porter who had nearly 30 points in this game some huge threes late it's a very deep team when Jamal is healthy it's a different team and so the Nuggets maintain their lead atop the Western Conference now sitting at 43 and 19 same number of wins as the Bucks but the Bucks and Celtics have two fewer losses though the Nuggets have a much much more comfortable lead atop the West as for Tyloo they go from that overtime loss in Sacramento to now the overtime loss in Denver. Rebound has always been a Achilles heel of ours and like you saw on that last shot you know we up one Murray shoots a half court shot you know hits the rim and they get offensive rebounding get a three-point shot and go up to so just those little things like you know but the biggest thing for me is just the way we started you know you can't get down 15 16 points to a good team like this and then you got to fight and claw back but overall I like our grind our grid you know I thought Russ did a good job tonight probably should have played a little bit more but we got it we caught a good rhythm a good flow kind of took the lead and so I kind of stuck with our guys. So Tyloo and the Clippers with a tough weekend now they're still in a situation that they are able to stay out of the 7-10 tournament if they take care of their business there's obviously gonna be a lot of a lot of that battling so hard in this group of the West that these teams are kind of taking each other out but also the the wins and losses will cancel each other out if that makes sense meaning it's gonna be a one step forward one step back two steps forward two steps back it's gonna be really difficult for any of these teams to be able to either make up a ton of ground or to lose a ton of ground so some may defend depend excuse me on injuries also it may depend on whether or not they defend I mean we're talking about such a tight group in terms of ability as well as the standings and so as long as the Suns for instance who are kind of at the top they're sitting in that fourth place spot ten games out the Clippers are ten and a half games out the Mavericks are 11 games out now the Mavericks keep melting the way that they did against the Lakers on Sunday well they're gonna find themselves in that 7-10 tournament but if you can keep your head above water if you're the Sun to the Clippers keep your head above water stay above 500 defending is gonna make a huge difference then you should be in good shape but the Clippers dropped two really painful games two games three overtimes and let me see how what was their final total today 124 tonight 175 the other night we're talking about 300 points scored in the span of essentially 48 hours that's a lot of effort that's a lot of time on the court and so we'll talk more about the Clippers even as they now have Russell Westbrook so they make that trade but they lose two pretty critical games in the Western Conference over the weekend by the way Russell started and had 17 points in this game against Denver but only played 25 minutes you can find me on Twitter a law radio how long until we see someone match Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points in a game I think it's coming I'll give it three years three years and no I don't mean an all-star game although that's probably coming to I could imagine that it might get orchestrated so we'll talk Clippers at the top of the hour when LaMari of the athletic joins us from Denver fresh off what was an overtime affair won by the Nuggets Nikola Jokic is there anyone who's going to unseat him for a third consecutive MVP award he may not be the best defender out there but I don't know how you don't tab him as most valuable for a team that is sitting in first place again in a heavy-handed West a wild and wacky heavy-handed Western Conference it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast now Joe Ingles thought he got fouled at mid-court but he passes it out to Holliday Holliday takes it down low he fades he fires and hits left baseline jumper from Drew Holliday who has become the Bucks primary source of offense with 20 points now in the game bucks by six again with two and a half to play in the third Middleton running the other way takes it all the way in puts the shot up and in with a foul cash money Middleton never hesitated took off and the rest took care of itself they're out there with Lopez Crowder and Ingles Holliday pulls up shot by the way three-pointer from Drew Holliday who delivers in the clutch yet one more time bucks by two with 206 to go this is after-hours with Amy Lawrence Dave Kane on Bucks radio even without Giannis Dattinacupo 14 straight wins for the big bad Bucks remember not so long ago a championship in their future so they definitely have that pedigree as well with their core group it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio this game with the Suns in town but no Kevin Durant just yet not sure if we got an update following this game from Monty Williams but I know they the reports out there are that he is expected to play on this road trip so the Suns right now are there in that group where they're all knotted together in the West as they say four games separating the fourth place team on down to the thirteenth place team and even as the Suns run into the Bucks they next will hit Charlotte as part of this road trip so it goes Milwaukee and then Charlotte and then after that they're in Chicago and then Dallas for a nationally televised game from the category of you can't make this stuff up could Kevin Durant be on the court next Sunday in Dallas with Kyrie Irving in a Dallas Mavericks uniform on the other bench that's interesting it just like I thought it was super convenient and I know these schedules are put together months and months and months in advance so I'm not saying it's a conspiracy or anything but just how it worked out that it's LeBron James and it's Kyrie Irving in a nationally televised game not long after Kyrie is traded to the Dallas Mavericks it's the dark side embrace it oh I do embrace it I do love the dark side of the force so Milwaukee Charlotte Chicago Dallas that's the four game road swing for the Phoenix Suns we'll see if I can find an update I have to read some of these game caps and see if there's anything about Kevin Durant that might indicate when he's coming back but what I've heard is that it's likely to be on this road trip but this particular game belong to well it belonged to a former son named Jay Crowder I think that's kind of cool for Jay who gets traded away as some other guys did to make room for Kevin Durant who of course calls himself one of the best players in the history of the game Jay Crowder is not making any type of claim and in this one he comes off the bench but he scores seven in a game for the Bucks that is also a W Santa myself like goodness wordy wordy team but can go a lot of different matchups a lot of different lineups on the court I just feel like probably that one of the deepest team I've ever been a part of I felt like it was this pivotal win for Justin just for my just for my mental just moving forward just feeling good and knowing that we just I know they was gonna play a hard for a fall game that's a great team that's a good team over there so I just want to get the win just to keep this good winning streak of playing good ball for us going yeah these are the type of critical wins the wins that require everyone that you've got and the wins that go down to the wire that really help you to become a playoff ready team a battle-tested team and though the Bucks do have as Jay Crowder points out a very deep team and a team team with a lot of history a team with a core that has been together right now they're playing without Giannis and so in the absence of Giannis you need guys like Jay who is a role player but it's gonna give you everything you've got he's got he's intense he's tenacious he's a veteran he's gonna work hard on defense and sure he'll give you some points now and then as well but he's a glue guy and then in your starting lineup well you've got Brook Lopez who has 22 and 13 rebounds a lot of times his stats go up when Giannis isn't on the court for obvious reasons he gets more touches he gets more touches and more looks close to the hoop there's obviously more rebounds there for him as well but give him credit for stepping into that void when there's no Giannis it really does become critical for Brook Lopez to to take on the challenge of trying to fill that hole and and while you're never going to completely fill the shoes of Giannis we're talking about a completely different athleticism and in just a different game overall for Giannis versus Brook but someone's got to get the rebounds and Lopez very often steps into that void and then there's Drew Holliday who has got a take charge mentality and what I love about Drew is that he is a little old school but he's a little new school so here's what's old school about Drew Holliday of the Bucks he is okay with being the point guard who distributes he is okay with being a point guard who sets up his teammates he is okay with running the floor head up looking to not just start the play but orchestrate the play whatever it is that the Bucks need he's okay with not being the star of the show it's a definite trend in the NBA over the past let's say 10 years or so where the point guards have become the stars of the show very often we're seeing fewer and fewer quality superstar big men and even with Nikola Jokic he definitely is the center he definitely is a big man but he doesn't play like your typical back to the basket power forward or center so more and more the emphasis in recent decades in the NBA has been on wing players and then point guards think about the number of scoring point guards that we have in the league Steph Curry being the first that comes to mind but not just him obviously a Chris Paul who's an older guy but a scoring point guard I could go on and on about the number of point guards in the league who very often look to score first and that's not a bad thing if that's what your team needs and if you don't have one well a lot of times you can be in trouble because that's what you're matched up again against especially in the playoffs but Drew Holliday can not only score when he needs to 33 points tonight but he can also distribute if that's what is required of him and he doesn't have any problem with it I love that Drew is willing to do whatever it takes to win as I say he's old school he's not looking for a lot of the attention though boy he commands it when he has a game like he did tonight and so 22 for Lopez but 33 for Holliday just defender he is the player he is you know he's one top two-way players in the league and go at least top three you know just absolutely phenomenal you know just just the best way player in the league and those are the plays he makes just time and time again yeah so he not only enjoys the offensive side of the game but he'll also play hard on defense against the better point guards in the league he can be very effective and he's okay with doing whatever is required he wants to win which is what that says of him it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio I swear when I first heard that Brook Lopez cut I thought he said well it sounded like he said he's one of the best Twitter defenders nope not that I mean when it's okay it doesn't sound like that anymore but when it's slowed down okay rolling my eyes I actually had my fill of college students for a while over the course of the last week so and I bring this up because of social media but you all know that I was at Syracuse on Monday and had a chance to do a Q&A with students at the Newhouse School of Public Communications where I got my master's degree so that was really a full circle moment and I've heard from a bunch of students this week it's been great to connect with some of them and excited to be a part of that faculty in such a small role moving forward but felt very welcome on Monday and then on Saturday now this was pre-planned I wasn't it wasn't looking at this as a connection to Syracuse it predated my commitment to Syracuse as an adjunct professor but I was asked probably going back last September and I remember at the time that the request showed up in my email box thinking wow this is so way out I'm not sure I'm gonna remember this in with everything else going on in football season but I was invited to speak at the annual IBS college media conference and it's a huge conference that takes place was it been on zoom the last couple of years but it takes place at one of the big hotels one of the big Sheraton's in Midtown in Manhattan New York City and it's featuring college students from all over the country so I met college students from Florida and Indianapolis and Tennessee and Pennsylvania and of course a good chunk of the Northeast as well it was pretty amazing to be part of that and both times with Syracuse and with the two panel discussions I did for college students on Saturday I don't I people ask about social media I don't remember if that's how it came up but I always am really honest about the fact that I have a love-hate mostly hate relationship with social media and the face that they all give me right because they've probably been checking their social wall I'm talking I say to them just wait just wait once you become a working broadcaster this in this business you will hate it too oh my gosh so yes there's definitely a learning curve when you become a public figure and you get on social media but we use it because it is to our advantage to be able to connect with you the way that you use social media so I put up a post about Wilt's 100 points in a game Wowzers it's gonna happen I'll give it three years how long for you we're gonna talk Clippers next it's after hours with Amy Lauren CBS Sports Radio
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