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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

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February 21, 2023 3:16 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 21, 2023 3:16 pm

Rich blasts the lack of competition in the NBA All-Star Game and says what’s the root cause for the complete lack of defense.

NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero tells Rich the latest on Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain Green Bay Packers future and which teams (Jets? Raiders?) could be in the market for the enigmatic QB, if Derek Carr would be wise to choose his next team before or after Rodgers’ decision, why the Ravens could trade Lamar Jackson, if the New York Giants are willing to pay Daniel Jones $45M a year, and if Arizona Cardinals’ rookie head coach Jonathan Gannon can get the most out of Kyler Murray.

Rich and the guys debate if Daniel Jones is worth the $45M per season he’s reportedly seeking from the New York Giants.

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Oh my God, you guys are my favorites. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The one and only Rich Eisen. I know what I'm talking about.

That's the headline. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. This stupid rule that you fumble the ball into the end zone, you lose possession, and the defense gets it.

The XFL and USFL. Now you fumble through the end zone, you get the ball back on offense at the spot of where you fumbled it. Today's guests, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, quarterback consultant Jordan Palmer, actor and comedian David Cross. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Well yes, yes. Hey everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. I'm back sitting here in the chair in Los Angeles, California. Thrilled to be seen live on the Roku channel after a two-day two-show respite. And in celebration of that, I'm wearing Roku purple. That's exactly how I'm rolling today. I'm a company stooge, and I don't care who knows it.

You know, that's what happens when you take two days off, you clear your head, I don't care. But I'm back here on the program here on the Roku channel, live, also on this terrestrial radio affiliate. Smart enough to have a Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast. We love our podcast listeners who check in with us on the Cumulus Podcast Network all three hours, every single day. Our YouTube page, we're over 521,000 subscribers now there and growing.

We're appreciative of that. And of course, our relationship with Roku and the Roku channel. If you miss anything, we re-air as soon as this show is over on channel 210. There's the Rich Eisen Show collection page. That's a very fancy way of saying we're video on demand on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices.

Select Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, we're free on the Roku app and the for all those out there on the internet tubes. I want to thank Kirk Morrison for sitting in this chair on Friday, and then it's remarkable. I did not have to readjust the chair after John Salley did it yesterday.

I appreciate him not having... I thought for sure I would have to, you know, lower the chair. He didn't touch it. He just sat right here.

No, he just sat right there. He has very long legs for about seven feet tall. Well, I mean, that's what happens when you're seven feet tall. Some people have long legs and long torsos. Do you really check out people's torsos, Chris? Some people have really long torsos. Good to know.

Not Salley, really long legs. No, I feel judged. But, okay, I'm glad you're there. You're appropriately proportionate. Thank you, sir.

No problem. How are you? Good to see you, DJ Mikey D. Good to see you, Rich. Hey, Jefferson, the candle, wow, is that an aroma candle?

You got it three times over there. It's evening fireside, and I thought these pants were black when I put them on this morning. They're green. They're green.

No, they're very green. My whole color scheme is thrown off now, so I'm going to be uncomfortable. You're yelling your Christmas thing with the red shirt.

Yeah, man, I've got to put more light in my bedroom, clearly. Well, good to see you over there, sir. What is happening? Good to see you. You know what I'm going to do is I'm going to chime in as if I was here yesterday. Great. I'm going to chime in on the NBA All-Star game. I know that's what a lot of people have been chiming in about in these parts, right?

I want to start off with that. I'm watching the NBA All-Star game. Coop, who's now 12, turns to me and goes, Dad, why aren't they playing defense? And I'm like, you know, it's an All-Star game, and it's kind of difficult to hear this, because, you know, All-Star games used to be, for me, moments where everybody showed up in their own uniforms, right? Their own warm-up uniforms, instead of, you know, the All-Star jerseys and uniform warm-up jackets that, Coop, NBA would like me to buy for you if you say, hey, Dad, I like that. OK, let me go right now to and dial it up.

At least interrupt the city. In the same way that baseball does it for their All-Star games, in the same way that the NFL used to do it for their Pro Bowl, now Pro Bowl games or whatever the heck they have morphed into it, because we saw everybody stopped playing defense. And the Pro Bowl and the NFL used to be, you know, hardcore for old school, and then they stopped playing defense until the fourth quarter when the players in the NFL Pro Bowl used to do the math in their heads and say, OK, so I get this much more if I win than if I lose, and this is how much it's cost to take the entire family to Hawaii this week, and so I'm actually up if I win, and I'm in the red if I lose, I better start playing defense.

That's literally the way it used to go in the NFL with the Pro Bowl, when I started covering it in the early aughts. But defense actually happened. Glorified layup line? Who called it that?

Which player called it that? I think Jalen Brown called it a glorified layup line. And this is after his teammate went for the double nickel and hosted the MVP. And they had some cool moments going at each other one-on-one.

Of course, they were on opposite teams. And then Shay Gilgus-Alexander, he was upset because LeBron blocked his shot. He's kind of like, what's up with that?

SGA afterwards, he's like, what's up with that? LeBron's ole'ing everything. He saw Tatum jam one down, and LeBron, his arms are in the air.

It looked in real time like he attempted to block the shot, but in a still photograph, LeBron's arms are in the air way past Tatum, who had yet to jam it in. LeBron didn't want to be on a poster. Is it brutal that All-Star games aren't what they used to be anymore in any sport? Yeah, it's just a bummer. It is a bummer. And it's tough to come on and pound a table and say, this is so outrageous. It is a bummer.

It's a bummer. And I've seen fixes certainly for the NBA All-Star game in the first blush of the 24-48 hours since that glorified layup line. And I know that the NBA now has, in the fourth quarter, a fixed score that the team that enters the fourth quarter with more points than the other team has a better shot of being the first to that score. That's how you determine who wins it. And thus defense starts to maybe get played in the fourth quarter. But, you know, it's just not a game anymore. And if you're trying to tune into an All-Star game to watch a game, you're not going to see one. You're just not going to see one anymore.

So either we have to change our expectations or the leagues have got to tell these players play defense. Or how about this? If you want, I thought a lot about it.

This is what happens when you're sitting around a fire, as I was yesterday, having a glass of Cabernet. Oh, nice. It's good. As you know, I'm a gold medal apres skier who doesn't ski.

Best in the world. Well, I mean, I should ski, but that's a different story for differences. It's dangerous, Rich. All I'm saying is this.

Sitting around, I'm thinking about it. I'm like, why is there no defense anymore in these All-Star games? And part of it, I think, has to do with the players are all friends with each other. And in the day when we grew up, when players were all friends with each other, it still didn't matter when they played each other.

They still wanted to rip each other's hearts out and show it to them pumping. I don't think these athletes of our current time are like that anymore. I don't know.

I don't know. I don't think they really care about losing in a game like this because they all go back to their lives and are very happy. And I'm not just saying this is the NBA is the NFL, too.

You also don't want to get hurt in any of these games. Yeah, that's you know what I mean? And and and so it doesn't matter that the days of of us growing up where the competition really mattered more than anything else, that it didn't matter. Like Jordan, back in the day, we're losing a game of quarters or pennies or two to the security guard, you know, where he had to win everything. Right.

Those days are gone and they're not coming back. And another important parcel of that is the conversation that I know that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had with the media leading up to the NBA All-Star Game is that them saying, I don't want to play for the team that I'm contractually obligated to for the next several years. I don't want to play for him anymore. So I say I don't want to play for you anymore. And I should get to go wherever I want.

I should I should declare free agency whenever I darn well please in the middle of a long term contract, because it's more interesting, as I think Durant said for the NBA or Kyrie said, I don't think it's, you know, out of the realm to say I don't get along with every employer. Oh, by the way, when he said that, I'm like, oh, really? Tell me more about that.

This just in, huh? That he shouldn't have to live with that. As if the rest of us on planet Earth can relate to that. I like you. I appreciate that. But if you didn't and you said you wanted to go, well, we don't have contracts here. So, yeah, you can just go. I got the analogy right there. You could just go. I got nowhere to be anyway. I like it. But that's another part and parcel of this.

It really is that this day and age where I can go wherever I want to go because I'm as great as I am. And all I got to do is say the word in and the governors have to let me go. So why should there be any competition for a game that doesn't count when the competition aspect of I'm going to beat you with my five against your five?

No, no. You know, my five is not as good anymore. And the governor of this team told me it was going to be good. So guess what? I want out and I'll go play with somebody else who I kind of love as a person.

And I don't care about beating with my current team. You see what I'm saying? I don't know if, again, the altitude was getting my my mind going.

You know, at ten thousand feet, you can't breathe and you feel you feel every ounce of your body weight and you start thinking crazy things. I'm serious. Since then, why did it not matter? The competition also doesn't matter in the fact that you're choosing the team before the game.

Also, they changed it so no one would get their feelings hurt by being picked last. Although Jaron Jackson Jr. was. And and as far as I'm concerned, you know what? And that's not going to bring it all full circle. I'm going to bring it all full circle right here. Is that if you're Jaron Jackson Jr., if you're triple J, you're thinking to hell with all these guys.

To hell with all of them. Because it should hurt you that you're picked last. And again, this is coming from somebody who got picked last a lot in grade school.

Should it though, Rich? I mean, you're the 24 best players in the world. Someone's going to get picked last. And to bring it all full circle, I have a new favorite team here on the Rich Eisen Show. I am rooting for the Memphis Grizzlies because any team in the NBA that's coming for you and doesn't care who you are or what. You play for and who you play for. And I'm going to puff my chest out. I'm going to tell you, I don't have any leg to stand on with my current resume of how many rings there are in the closet.

I think we can beat you with our current team. Nobody asking out. Nobody saying that, you know, let's swap jerseys after the game and hug it out. They're angry. They're stirring it up. Old school. More than any team in the NBA through the first half of this season.

Half in quotes. I'm rooting for the Memphis Grizzlies. I want them to win it all.

And I want them to tear it apart. And I want Jaren Jackson to say, OK, picked last. My ass, Defensive Player of the Year.

He's just not buddies with LeBron and Giannis, right? I mean, fire it up. Because everybody doesn't like that. I am rooting. Hey, I am rooting for the Memphis Grizzlies. I want them to. Is there another team that just talks it, tries to walk it, does walk it a lot? They're like the old school.

I'm going to put you on your ass if you're coming down the lane. And they talk like they've got five rings in the case. They do. Grizzlies are not a very well liked team. I know that. But you're not the only one. Now we are liking them. We're on their wagon after this whole. Yes, at least I am. I mean, I got I got enough teams. I think I got it. You see what I'm picking? Are you picking down what I'm picking up?

What I'm putting down here? They could be my West team. Why not? Why not? Because I have John Fantasy. I mean, I'm sure they swap jerseys after the game or whatever, but they don't care.

They're coming for you. The old school, like John Salley, who sat in his chair yesterday. And again, I think I'm making maybe a little bit more out of the NBA All-Star game than not, but it just.

I don't know, man. More Mac McClung and less layup line. That's what I want. More dean time. Pulling up from 50 feet.

I love him. Layup line. He's he's pulling up from he's pulling up from the logo in the parking lot, man. So that was my take on the NBA All-Star game. Watching it.

What say you eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial in this program. Tom Palacios is going to join us in six and a half minutes. Today's the first day the teams can apply franchise tags. That's the terms of the teams use. We're applying the franchise tag. Anybody who doesn't want the franchise tag, as you know, gets it slapped on the team has slapped a franchise tag on a player.

Today's the first day in which tags can be applied or were slapped. And what does that mean? Is Aaron Rodgers out of the dark or not? We don't know. Derek Carr visited with the Jets. They really enjoyed each other.

Enjoyed each other's company. Well, does Daniel Jones really want forty five million dollars a year? I do. I mean, why? Yeah, well, I'm like, of course, I'm sure. Sir, sir. Me too.

Three very nice people from Nebraska just crash. Yeah, of course he wants it. Yeah. He wants forty five million dollars. He wants to save his Patrick Mahomes.

Just I want that out on the record. The guy who just won the Super Bowl. MVP and the Super Bowl.

Probably already a Hall of Famer. Is this the best league ever or what? It is pretty good. One week from today, one week from today, I'm on a plane to Indianapolis for the combine. It's right there, man.

Right around the corner. And C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young are vying for that first overall selection. If it's the Bears or not.

There's Will Anderson, there's Jalen Carter. In terms of the quarterbacks, Jordan Palmer, who is one of the best at getting these kids ready for the next level and also working with pros, working with college players, throwing guru, however you want to call it. Jordan Palmer's joining us top of our number two to help us kick off our talent evaluation portion of the calendar coverage. It's combining draft season, in other words. Combine it with the free agency and the franchise tags.

And what you've got is the NFL offseason, which really is not an off of a season at all. Our number three in studio, one of my favorites. I loved Mr. Show with. Bob and David, Odenkirk and David Cross, Tobias Funke of Arrested Development World, and now David Cross, Worst Daddy in the World Tour, a 40 city spring North American theater tour that's coming to a town near you. David Cross in studio, our number three of our program. I've got a top five biggest storylines going into the NFL offseason. There's so much more to go on this program. We just started 844-204, which is the number to dial. Great celebrity, true or false, set up with David Cross.

I need to know if the never knew to cut off jeans were literally bought in a women's department store. That's coming up in our number three of this program. And that's how we're rolling to our first break. So let's take our first break. We'll come back. And Tom Prosero, my friend from the NFL Network and NFL Media Group.

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844-204-Rich is the number to dial. Have a nice chat with us here on this Tuesday, mid-February show. One week from today, I'm heading to the combine.

Coverage on NFL Network began three minutes ago. And joining me here from the NFL Media Group, my colleague and frequent Rich Eisen Show guest host, Tom Pelissero, back here on the program. How you doing, Tom? Doing great. How are you, Rick?

I'm doing fine, sir. Let's get right into it. What's the current scoop with Aaron Rodgers? Do we know where he is? Lights on, lights out, decision, all that business.

What do you got for me? I think at this point, the next thing that I'm going to confidently speak on is when Aaron Rodgers tells the Packers what the hell he wants to do. Honestly, everything up until then is very much on Aaron's own schedule.

He's made clear that there are very few people who really know exactly what he's doing at any given moment. What I would say is that despite, you know, whatever reports are coming out on a daily basis and speculation, the first move here belongs to Aaron Rodgers. The Packers cannot trade him if he doesn't want to be traded. He would need to sign a revised contract to allow Green Bay to facilitate a trade. He also could simply say, I'm not going. If they try to trade him to someplace he doesn't want to go, I'll retire.

I'm not throwing up. So they would have to work through that together. If he wants to return to Green Bay, the Packers and as long as he's fully bought in, the Packers want him back. They had good conversations after the season. He is still, you know, down the stretch last season. He played at a high level. He kept him in it.

Obviously, week 18 didn't go the way they wanted it to. But there would also need to be further conversations about making sure that everybody's on the same page about the direction that the roster and the organization is going. And all that is without him actually telling anybody, including people he knows with other teams, that he's definitely going to play in 2023. So he's going through his process. I do anticipate we're going to have answers sooner than later.

Right now, as we sit and certainly as of last night, there are those answers that did not yet exist. This is up to Aaron. He's $60 million fully guaranteed. Whatever happens from here, the Packers and the Rogers are going to work through it together. Well, and I'm sure you know the name Bob McGinn and you know what that's going to lead to my next question.

Bob McGinn having covered the Packers since Don Michalski was the quarterback and Lindy Infante was the coach. He kind of knows where what's going on in the Green Bay front office, despite having been retired on a day to day basis for the last couple of years. He says the Packers are, quote unquote, disgusted with Rogers and are done with him. What do you what do you make of that report, Tom?

I certainly know, Bob. I would say nobody has told me that they are disgusted with Aaron Rogers. I think that it is natural when you give someone a unprecedented type of contract, basically ripping up the remaining contract and giving them what amounts to a three year, 150 million plus dollar deal like they did last year. You're anticipating you're going to get somebody who's fully bought in and is going to play at a really high level.

And it didn't work out that way in 2022. He had the finger injury that probably impacted him more than people realized at the time. He had some other injuries that he played through, did, as I said, played better down the stretch as things got going. But then you go right back into the Willy or Waltie and, you know, keeping the franchise waiting.

I think it's natural for people to be frustrated by that. Listen, to win in the NFL, your best players, your highest paid players have to play at a really high level. That was not the case on the whole for Aaron Rogers with the Packers last year. But again, I would just go back to all I can speak for is what I know, which is that if Rogers wants to play for the Packers and if he is bought into the way that they are want to proceed here, then the Packers want him back and they would expect that he's going to come back and play really well in 2023.

So then let's make up his mind first. So let's say he doesn't want to play for the Packers anymore and he wants to be traded. What does the market look like? We're all assuming Nathaniel Hackett is the new offensive coordinator for the Jets who just had a meeting with Derek Carr and they'd be interested. And we're assuming Devontae Adams is in Vegas, but we're assuming and thus we're assuming the Raiders would be interested in despite Josh McDaniels having his set way of doing things, being his track record. What's the market for for Rogers outside of Green Bay? I would anticipate you're going to have several teams involved, at least the challenging part of actually pegging what the trade price is. And ultimately the market is you're getting a player who not only is due 60 million dollars this year, but you're now going to take over the year to year Aaron Rodgers watch. In other words, how much do you give up for a player who potentially is only going to be there for one season? You go back to a year ago and when the Broncos were evaluating their options, they paid more in terms of draft picks for Russell Wilson than they would have expected to pay for Aaron Rodgers. Just because with Russell Wilson and of course, hindsight's 20-20 and you can go back to the trade, the contract and everything else and evaluate it. But they evaluated this as Russell Wilson is going to be the quarterback here for three, five, seven years. With Rodgers, it would be a one-off. So what exactly did the Packers get? I would guarantee you that they've done some research historically on players who at that stage in their career were traded. They have a pretty good track record themselves, specifically trading a quarterback at the end to the Jets with Favre, who is not a big price in that trade. And he ultimately spent one year there, retired a second time, unretired a second time, went to Minnesota and beat the Packers twice in 2009. Different spot right now with Aaron Rodgers, but some of the similar dynamics here.

And then the money is a factor. Not everybody's going to want to pay that type of money and pay out draft picks for a one-year rental. But there are spots like, you mentioned the Jets, you know, they seem to have everything else in place. They've got a really good young roster. They seem like they're set up well, but they don't have a quarterback. That may be a team that's willing to go all in on this. Teams like Tennessee that run a variation of a similar offense, could they potentially get involved? You mentioned the Raiders. I think that the natural connections with them are probably more so guys like Jimmy Garoppolo who have run that system. Josh McDaniels is going to want to, but you can't cross them off. I mean, half the league right now, Rich, doesn't have a firm quarterback plan.

If you look around the league, how many teams right now can you confidently say, we know where their starting quarterback is? All of which is to say, if Rogers decides he wants to play and does not want to play in Green Bay or does not want to play under whatever circumstances are laid out for how the Packers are going to proceed here, then he's going to become available and the Packers are going to have a market for him. But also the other dynamic here is because he basically has veto power over any destination because of both the contract and the retirement threat. He can narrow it down to more or less one team and say, I'm only going there. And then you lack the, you know, let's say the, you know, the type of leverage that the Texans have with Deshaun Watson, where you could pin a price, say everybody's got to meet it and then let four teams all try to beat each other out for the guy.

Tom Palacero here on the Rich Eisen Show. Our colleague at the NFL media group, David Carr, speaking on NFL Total Access Monday night about his brother, Derek, saying that he's going to go on a long free agency tour and he's already, as we all know, the Saints were interested prior to his release. He had a meeting with the Jets that by all accounts went very well. Don't you think he would it would be best suited for him to make his move before Rogers and the rest of the free agency begins?

He's got the dance floor all to himself. Wouldn't you think he would tell a team, you want me, you can get me now? If you're going to wait for Rogers or wait for anybody else, wait to see what the Ravens do with the franchise tag, with Lamar Jackson, that, you know, you could lose me? Don't you think he should use the moment to strike while the iron's hot?

What can you tell me on that front? Well, that's assuming that any of those teams involved have made an offer, much less an offer that's at the price that Derek Carr would want. If you're the Jets and you're waiting to see what happens with Aaron Rogers, you're probably not rushing to give Derek Carr thirty million a year right now, or whatever the number might be that he's got in his head that he should be getting on the marketplace. Absolutely. I mean, all these dominoes are interconnected, but the best offer for Derek Carr also might be out there after somebody misses out or after Rogers goes back to Green Bay.

There's a lot of it is a fascinating environment. It reminds me of last year where there were some things that happened, for instance, and think about this last year. You go back, Rich, the Falcons believe that they had a shot at the Sean Watson, so they go as far in as they were willing to go there. They weren't going to do the fully guaranteed contract, but they made their swing at it. And then he chooses Cleveland. Well, in the meantime, Matt Ryan's looking at that and saying, you know what, I'm probably going to want to move on here. So then they deal into Indianapolis for a third round pick. Meanwhile, the Russell Wilson deal gets done to Denver. Washington is watching that happen and watching the Matt Ryan trade happen. They go, well, we can't miss out. They all of a sudden drastically increase their offer for Carson Wentz and acquire him.

All those things were on parallel tracks and they all impacted one another. So now, let's say by the end of the week, Aaron Rodgers makes his decision and whatever that decision is, everything else now is going to play off of that. If he decides to go back to Green Bay or he says, hey, I only want to be traded to, let's say, Las Vegas. Now, all of a sudden, the Jets might be willing to go stronger in for a Derek Carr.

So Carr's doing what he should, which is evaluating his options here. If somebody blows him away with an offer, I would expect that he would take that offer. If he had a chance to go to the Saints, they agreed to the framework of a trade with the Raiders before that visit. But my understanding was the contract, which would have $40 million guaranteed, was an issue for New Orleans.

And so he could still end up back there. He could end up with the Jets. That's how Frank Reich was talking today, saying they're not ready to say whether they'll bring him in for a look with the Panthers. But there's a lot of different options out there and the best offer for Derek Carr might come after some of these other dominoes fall. So give me, Tom Pelissaro, the name of a team that doesn't have, one would think, a seat at the game of musical chairs or the quarterback carousel that appears set that might change minds. Give me the name of a team that, you know, do you think would sit on the quarterback carousel that we're not talking about right now?

You got one? I would not overlook Baltimore. I don't know how much you talked about that. But the reality is there is a scenario here where they trade Lamar Jackson for a significant number of draft picks. They've tried for over a year to get a deal done and already just says, pay Lamar. They're trying.

They're just doing it under the traditional structure. That's not a fully guaranteed contract like the Sean Watson got with, from a football perspective, unprecedented leverage. Lamar is still two years away from getting to the open market because they could tag him twice at relatively reasonable numbers, less than what they've been offering him on a long term deal. If this thing goes sideways, if they can't get something done, I fully anticipate they're going to tag Lamar Jackson.

They use the exclusive tag. They can shop him around and see what type of price they potentially can get. Or they could use the non-exclusive tag, let somebody else negotiate with him, and then depending what that offer is, they could match it. Basically let somebody else do their dirty work for them and get the long term contract done or let him go for two first rounders. I think that's a real scenario that you have to evaluate as we move forward here. I think that until Seattle gets something done with Geno Smith, you can't rule out the possibility that they potentially are going to end up back in the quarterback market.

We mentioned some of the others. Washington has said they're committed to Sam Howell. Is the right situation out there that they could be in the market for a quarterback?

I would certainly expect. I don't think that you roll and just say it's Sam Howell or bust for the commanders. They're going to add another quarterback regardless. I don't know how much appetite the Colts have to go back into that veteran quarterback market once again. But their quarterback situation is unsettled.

Obviously we talked about the Raiders and the Jets. What do the 49ers do? Brock Purdy's got surgery tomorrow. We'll know more about his prognosis and his readiness for the start of the season after that.

Carolina's in that mix. Arizona's got to do something because we simply don't know when Kyler Murray is going to get back on the field. I don't anticipate that's going to be making some big trade, but they may spend some money at the position just so they can compete in the short term. And then you've got Tennessee that has Ryan Tannehill under contract.

He's due, I think, $27 million. No guarantees. So they've got decisions that they're going to have to make. You know, Miami has said that they're competent to a tongue of Elo as hell. They're going to need another quarterback, though, because Teddy Bridgewater was on a one year deal. We can go on and on. I mean, there's so many of these teams. We haven't even mentioned the Giants.

I was going to ask you that. What about the Giants? Is it true? $45 million a year ask for Daniel Jones? I have not heard specifically the $45 million number.

I do anticipate that if a Daniel Jones deal gets done, it begins with a four. If you look at all the deals that have gotten done with quarterbacks over the past couple of years here, they're all 40 plus million. You know, Kirk Cousins got $40 million last year on a one year $40 million extension. You've got Stafford was right at the $40 million mark. Obviously, Kyler was above that.

Mahomes was above that. Rogers deal, you know, is deflated with two dummy years on the back end. But really, it's a $50 million per year deal.

All these deals that are getting done are at that number. And you could say, well, Daniel Jones hasn't accomplished what those guys had or, you know, doesn't have, you know, the playoff wins and things like that that we already picked up, you know, one in his young career here. But he's still he's a young quarterback. His worst case scenario right now would seem to be he gets tagged for 30 plus million dollars this year. Then if a deal doesn't get done again, potentially gets tagged for 120 percent of that next year. He's got a lot of reasons if he's willing to bet on himself to say that I want you know, I want to have a contract that's in line with those other quarterbacks. And this is a time, Rich, that the salary cap is going to be a record number.

What is it? Two twenty four point eight, I think next season, the biggest jump non covid related that in NFL history in terms of cap, we could by the end of some of these long term deals that are getting done, you have a three hundred million dollars per club cap. You're talking about five, six, seven years out. I mean, the gambling revenue, the TV revenue, the Sunday ticket deal. That's all going to continue to cause the salary cap to rise here. And so, you know, the smart agents, I think in a lot of cases are being patient with some of these guys, especially if you've got the leverage right now, which Daniel Jones does, which is, hey, if you don't get this done, well, then you're going to have to tag me. Now you're forced to get something done with Saquon to run the risk of losing him. Again, it's one of the situations, Rich, where all these different things are kind of interconnected here. And really the giants of the team this year that you have to look at when you got two pretty clear franchise tag candidates.

There's going to be some urgency on the club, man, to get something done by March 7th. And then last one for you, Tom, Sarah, by the way, great job spinning us around that carousel there. Last one for you was the final hire of the NFL coaching season. Jonathan Gannon, the former defensive coordinator, now the new Arizona Cardinals head coach.

A video that Cardinals put together of him greeting Cardinals players kind of went viral because there was sort of a Steve Buscemi, how do you do fellow kids type meme that went out there with it. And just seeing him, you know, go up to Kyler Murray and say, you know, people ask him, well, you know, why would you take this open job? You know, do they have a franchise quarterback?

Yes, they do. And then they hire, you know, a thirty five year old coach who I'd not heard of before, to be honest with you. And this doesn't have to do with his qualifications. All I could sit here and say, like, is Murray going to be, you got to sell him on the program. And I know the NBA and the NFL are different.

But if Murray doesn't buy into Drew Petzing coming in from the Browns and he's rehabbing his knee. I don't know. I just didn't get the best possible vibe, to be honest with you. And I'm wondering if that's something that's shared by the NFL community.

And you could tell me completely otherwise. What are you hearing on that front? Well, let's start with Jonathan Gannon. He's got a lot of swagger to him. He is very, very competent. If you have seen the viral video of him rolling down the window of his SUV and yelling to some Eagles fans, we're going to bleep and gut these guys while sitting in traffic outside the stadium before the 49ers game. That's Jonathan Gannon.

No, I saw that. I didn't think anybody's going to stop him. He's very confident as he's coming in. And he's also very confident in his guys. He worked with Drew Petzing for years in Minnesota. Petzing is a guy who came up a lot like Kevin Stefanski did in terms of he coached like four or five different positions, spent time with the quarterbacks, the receivers, learned every aspect of the offense, and has been the number one guy in the NFL for OC for a number of years. 35-year-old, first-time offensive coordinator, never called plays in an NFL game, but somebody who was highly regarded certainly on that Cleveland staff as well. And then on the defensive side, too, let's also mention they're going to have the youngest coordinator in the NFL, one of the youngest in history in Nick Rallis, who is 29 years old. Funny story on that, I went back in my email and found it 15 years ago, an email from my buddy, who was coaching youth football at the time in our hometown of Edina, Minnesota, saying there's this kid on my team who's just unbelievable. He's going to be even better than his brother, Nick Rallis. At this point, he's coaching like a nine-year-old. Rallis came up and he was a star player in high school, started at the University of Minnesota.

His brother is Mad Cat Moss, the WWE wrestler who also played at the University of Minnesota. Nick's a really sharp guy, so much so that the Eagles were trying to keep him, and at least one other team was also trying to hire him after he got that offer from the Cardinals. So it's a young staff, he'll balance it out with an older staff, with some other coaches that they're going to bring in. I don't want to be an ageist, because again, to be honest, just jumping in here, I was a 26-year-old getting on SportsCenter and a lot of people might have thought, who the hell is this young kid?

And I don't mean to be an ageist. I'm wondering how this plays with Kyler Murray and his future there, to be very honest with you, Tom. Right, and so with Kyler, again, it's a unique situation because he's hurt.

He's rehabbing from a knee injury. Maybe he's ready around this season. We'll see. You would not anticipate that they're going to take any chances with Kyler Murray. And I would fairly say that even though Jonathan Gannon said whatever the line was, make no mistake, we're going to win games here, I don't think realistically the Cardinals are approaching 2023 as a year where they're going to win big. You're going to have to slice some things in terms of salaries, move on from some older players, certainly in terms of Kyler not being ready. You're not going to be playing with, as Gannon would say, an elite quarterback. So this is very much going to be a rebuild type of year, and you're going to have time for some of these young coaches to grow into it. Now, how Kyler reacts to things behind the scenes, how he embraces the offense, how he embraces this coaching staff, how he approaches everything about his job is of course going to be worth monitoring for all the discussions that have gone into this over the last couple of years about Kyler's approach.

But, you know, Gannon's right on one thing. In terms of just pure talent, Kyler Murray is one of the most talented players and dynamic playmakers within the league. If things don't work out, if he's not the same quarterback, his contract is certainly movable. In the future, you're not going to do it right now because the guy is coming off of an injury, but certainly you have some pivot points down the line.

But the number one relationship here is going to be, I think even more so than Drew Petzen, is going to be Jonathan Gannon with Kyler Murray. Because one thing, listen, going all the way back to when he was at Oklahoma, when you talked to people on Kyler Murray, what you were told was he's not what you normally think of in terms of a quarterback leader. He didn't really hang out with teammates. He hung out with the baseball players there. He's more to himself.

He's very intense. And everybody respected the hell out of him because he's such a talented player. So you're not going to suddenly turn him into, you know, I mean, name your quarterback. Because that could be Phillip Rivers overnight. But you've got to get the best out of Kyler Murray and make sure that, you know, from a program perspective, he fits into what you want to do.

And they're embracing that challenge right now. I don't think that Jonathan Gannon went in there and said, hey, I want to go walk in Kyler Murray ASAP. But let's see how all this works out and we probably won't see it on the field until next November at best. Tom, thanks for the time, man. Look for more of my calls. We'll chat again soon. Combine right around the corner.

Franchise tags can be applied, slapped, however you want it today. So news is going to start breaking fast. Thanks for the call.

You've got a great set. Tom Pelissaro on Twitter. Follow him. You should. I do. He's awesome.

A lot of food for thought right there. We'll take a break. 844-204-RICH number to dial here on the program. The New York quarterback scene. Oh, baby. We'll talk about that. Your phone calls. We also have Jordan Palmer talking about the next crop of quarterbacks coming up.

844-204-RICH number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Words that I know you don't like, Chris Brockman. We've done this eight plus years now. I think, you know, there's many, many things that set you off easily. But we're entering that part of the calendar year where the words that set off Chris the most are going to start to be said quite a bit. The quarterback gets paid on the open market.

What the market value is because it's his turn. That's preposterous. I used to be on your side with this. And I think I'm on his side. Well, you better, you better, you better, you better come back home to my side because the way I've been laying it out is just what's known as spitting facts.

It's fact, but I don't have to like it. We're not going to live in a world, OK, where Daniel Jones makes more than Patrick Mahomes. Yes, we are. No, we are not. It's coming. That is not a world that I'm going to choose to live in. I think it's going to happen.

I'm a cow going to take you heard. You just heard Tom Pelsaro say whatever the number is. But Daniel Jones makes going to start with a four forty million dollar a year quarterback. And the Giants will be laughed out of the league and they will never win a playoff game again. Didn't didn't we hear that Daniel Jones being drafted? Joel Klatt came on the air the next day and said that it's going to set the Giants franchise back years.

They just want a playoff game. Took five years. Ask the Minnesota Vikings if you look like a 40 million dollar a year quarterback. You sure did. Yeah.

Ask the Eagles how we look. Understood. And that's your point is that you don't pay somebody 40 million dollars a year just to win one playoff game and hit your head on the ceiling. I know, but that's the way it works. And if you don't like it, then don't own an NFL team because this is the way it's going to happen.

OK, well, I was going to buy one, but no, I'm not. They should tell him to pound sand and draft someone. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this.

This is a good one. And Daniel's a nice guy. This is great sports talk radio.

Let's throw in another nice guy into this. Which quarterback would be because, you know, we love to talk about pressure. Oh, I love pressure. It makes diamonds. Yeah.

Bus pipes. Here we go. Which New York quarterback would be under more pressure next year making 40 million dollars a year? Derek Carr or Daniel Jones? If the Jets sign Derek Carr for 40 million, you get 40 million.

What do you think? Per year? Yeah, brother, it's his turn. Unless they reset this market, unless they reset this market, Dak makes 40 million a year. How many playoff games does he want? All due respect. I mean, two, one million a year.

He's the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Yeah, I mean, just a little bit back to the New York Jets. That's not saying anything. It's not the same as 2023.

It's not the same way. New York City. Everybody back off.

We all understand where that is. King of the Heat. Top of the top of the top of the King of the Hill. A number one. There's a song about it from Hoboken. Great retort.

Metropolitan. There's a bridge. Seriously, answer the question. Who's under more pressure?

Stop putting aside like they're not worth it. The market will bear what the market will bear, and most likely it will bear fruit for both of these guys. Daniel Jones stays put 40 million a year. Derek Carr comes in 40 million a year. Who's under more pressure? I know the answer to that question. Daniel Jones.

Damn straight. Well, Chris, what's Aaron Rodgers going to make? Because he's actually going to be in New York.

He's not coming in New York. You don't think so? No. Still a favorite. Great.

Don't take it. I think he's going to eventually realize the perfect spot for him. Vegas. Perfect spot for him. Tennessee. Both of those. Or stay put in Green Bay.

All those spots are unlike New York City. Again, the whole business of King of the Hill. All that business. The media crush. Everything that he says that's out of the lane of sports that doesn't get brought up to him when he's standing in front of his locker in Green Bay won't be brought up to him when he's standing in front of his locker in Las Vegas or Tennessee. It will one million percent be brought up to him standing in front of his locker in New York City. Everything he says outside the lane of sports will be brought up saying, what did you mean by that, really?

What is your definition of woke Aaron that won't be asked of him? And all those other spots that will be in New York and I think he'll eventually say that he doesn't want a piece of that. Despite winning in New York and him having a generational talent that could bring a Super Bowl there and can you hear us and picking his confetti out of his hair? That said, Daniel Jones, right?

Yeah, absolutely. Boy, if he makes 40 million a year between this out. He makes 40 million a year because at least Eli when Eli struck it rich, there was a trophy in the case, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, he'd beaten the Patriots and it was time for his new contract. The hell going on?

It's coming. This is what happens in every year. The market gets reset. And if you walk into the free agent market and it's your time. Hey, Derek Carr got released by Vegas. Daniel Jones won a playoff game. You don't think he's going to make a number with a four in front of it? You just heard it from Tom Pelissero. Jordan Palmer is going to talk about the next crop of quarterbacks coming up.

I know that he's going to make it because these GMs are morons. Like you don't have to do, you don't have to pay them this. You don't. That's correct. What you have to do then is start with somebody fresh and hope that you win it in the first iteration of their contract in the same way the Giants did with Eli before the market got like this. Because that was before they reconfigured how you pay rookies. But also the way that Mahomes is on contract number two, his contract at the time half a billion dollars. How does that look right now? Genius.

Correct. So maybe you pay Daniel Jones this now and a few years from now it looks genius. He ain't going to beat Mahomes, dude. You got to hope that he can beat Mahomes if he's in front of him. One of these days, one of these teams is going to figure out, you just churn it through. I draft a guy in the first round.

He's my quarterback for five years. I say goodbye and I start over. Out. I know that.

Start again. I know. Somebody's going to do it and it's going to change the sport. I always pegged the Ravens as being that team first. They should do it. What a risk that is, man.

Look at all, look at, please, what a risk. All the one playoff game they won in five years? Don't forget about the jerseys they sell. And the relevance that they have. Don't forget. They'll sell New Jersey.

You sound like Seinfeld now. You root for the laundry. It's true. Come on.

I don't know. One team might do it. Certainly if you start to have to pay your quarterback $40 million a year with one playoff win on their resume. Get out of here. Be prepared to have this conversation more often because this is that type of season. L.A., it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens, but also just everything going on in my personal life. Like, I want to get on this mike and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give them Lala wherever you listen.
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