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REShow: Calvin Johnson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 14, 2023 3:41 pm

REShow: Calvin Johnson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 14, 2023 3:41 pm

Pro Football Hall of Famer Calvin “Megatron” Johnson tells Rich why he was frustrated by the controversial holding flag on Eagles CB James Bradberry near the end of the Super Bowl, what Eagles WR A.J. Brown does even better than he did, why CB Darrelle Revis deserved to join him in the HOF in Canton, Ohio, and more. 

Rich and the guys break down the latest in the NBA, and offer up their sports valentines to the athletes they’re most smitten with at the moment.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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Hey, it's Valentine's Day! This is The Rich Eisen Show. Was it holding? Yeah. Should it have been called? Why?

Just swallow your damn flag, man. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I saw the grab by the back of the jersey and it is a clear hole.

Son of a... And I fought the player, you know, who said I held him. Earlier on the show, pro football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Coming up, pro football Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson. ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Hey everybody, we're here live on the Roku Channel, the Tuesday after Super Bowl 57. We're getting ready for NBA All-Star Weekend coming up as the NBA takes a break on Thursday. And now you'd have to Thursday night's games. So it takes a break starting Friday. And that's when you guys can all take a break from fantasy basketball.

That'll be coming up this week. Eight Tigers in town. Is that why all the traffic is being stopped?

Out there? Tiger is back. He's playing this week at the RIV, baby. I'm going on Thursday. Very good. Post-show, I'm gonna go walk around. Post-show?

Post-show. I'm gonna be here. Okay. Very good.

Not a Del Tufo situation. Excellent. Good to know. Good to know. I'm always here.

How do I get collateral damage from this? Because you're never here. No, he's not never here. He's been on a great run. Let's give it up. He's been on a great run all day. Why?

Because of college basketball. Nope. World Baseball Classic. Oh gosh. That's coming up.

What are you saying? World Baseball Classic. That's a baseball classic. Yeah, that's coming up.

Good March. Mike's gonna be, Mike's gonna be the ghost runner of the Rich Aisens. They should let you be the second base runner.

I can't believe it. That would be incredible. That would make it fair. It would be fair for both teams. That would make it fair. Are you kidding me? I think this is a great idea.

They should. They should put the ghost runner in baseball in cargo shorts. Sophie Slice. Doing something. The ghost runner. Did you hear that, by the way? Baseball, as Calvin Johnson's calling in shortly.

We gotta hit that. The ghost runner's back. And the ghost runner's here to stay.

Ghost runner is permanent. Dude, Shane Steichen just got, he just showed up, I don't know what's going on with that whole, he does not look like Dax Shepard. Are you sure?

Because the photo that was going around, it did look like it. We're gonna get to that. Jeff Saturday also chimed in to thank Colts Nation. Wow, he was fishing.

With a beautiful sun behind him. What a great way, what a great way to indicate to everyone, I'm okay. Yeah. Wanted the job.

Don't have the job. I'm out of my basketball. We're good. We're good. I'm good. We're good.

It's all good. Our number three, Daniel Orlovsky, gonna chime in here on The Rich Eisen Show, but joining us right now is a pro football hall of famer. We love this guy.

One of the greats of all time. Joining us here on The Rich Eisen Show, in advance of, well I guess not in advance, there's a new oral rehydration drink mix from his company called Primitive. Joining us right here on The Rich Eisen Show is Calvin Johnson. How are you?

Calvin Johnson. Doing great Rich, thanks for having me man. Always. You know that.

You know that. When I saw you in Cant last year, I'm like, let's do it. Let's do it whenever you want.

And now's the whenever, here we are together. Who was the first one Calvin to call you Megatron? Who's that? Roy Williams. Yep.

Roy Williams. Give me, give me, give me that moment, please. When did that happen? We were at some practice, but it was just after the first Transformers movie came out.

Okay. You know, so he just started. I just, and it didn't really pick up till my second year, but he was calling me that my whole rookie year, and I guess he got, he must've mentioned it to the right folks and then it just caught on and took off from there. And so, I don't know, were you fully aware of the Transformer as well, who he was referring to at the time? Or did you? Yeah. I knew Transformers. It was just, you know, it was the bad guy, you know, but it was okay. I, you know, twisted it up and I was like, okay, I can be the bad guy to the defense all day.

Okay. Have you ever transformed into a machine ever at any point in time in your, in your life Calvin? That's never happened, right? You've never really transformed?

No, thank God. That's very good. That's very good. And did you, did you have to look up Megatron after he called you that and go, okay, I like it or no, you just, you're good. You're fine with that.

I just roll with it. It was just, it was wrong. It was perfect.

You know, it was a great nickname. Like I say, it was the bad guy, but I didn't know they would make, make that work. You sure did.

You sure did. What did you think Calvin Johnson of Super Bowl 57, what'd you think of the game? Man, what a great game. What a great game.

I hate that. I mean, obviously the Chiefs, obviously I'm guessing, you know, showing who I went for, but I hate that the zebra's gotten away there at the end on that last little wheel route that Juju ran there at the end. You know, he didn't even want a flag.

He wasn't even looking for a flag at the end of it, but tell you that they got in the way of that. But it was a heck of a game, I mean, home, healthy, just the whole team, Pacheco, I probably mispronounced that name. No, Pacheco, you got it. So hard.

You got it. And he ran the ball hard. That was good to see. They just, that was a great game. So walk me through that body language of Juju, cause I thought the same thing too.

He was just ready to go back to the, to the bench. Right? Yep.

Yep. I mean, for a receiver, when you get that contact within that first five yards, you don't think nothing of it, whether they grab you, you know, grabbing you inside the shoulder pad, maybe they grabbed the face mask, you just thinking, okay, they got five yards to harass me. You know, so he got bumped and all that happened, seemed like within that five yards, even though that changed the direction, I mean, the incidental contact there. But I mean, at the end of the route, you just see him look for a flag. You see him like, Oh, it's overdrawn.

That's that. And that's why I was like, I thought that should have been a factor. It was like the ball. He wasn't going to catch it.

Even if he wasn't bumped, you know, that was the ball was, it hit the ground, like at least, you know, near close to 10 yards in front of him, you know, but he wasn't gonna catch that ball. So yeah, it was just frustrating to see that, but you know, I was going for my boy, the Eagles. I had a couple, a couple old teammates over there, so I was pulling for them. Okay. Well, who are your old teammates off the top? I don't know. I can't. various slaves over there and Dominic and Sue is over there and then our old shrimp coach, Ted Rasko, all those guys are over there.

It might be somebody else, but those are the ones off the top. So that's why you were pulling for the Eagles on Sunday night. I mean, honestly, I really like Jalen Hurts. I mean, I've been a big fan of Jalen Hurts ever since he was in Alabama. You know, the, the, uh, adversity that he went through there, Alabama, you know, when he got benched right. You know, in the championship game for two, he came through with one, he transferred, he had some sense there, you know, so everywhere I'm starting to see him start to see a little trend that, okay, this guy is going to have to set, uh, everywhere he goes, obviously he had a rough year last year, but to see him bounce back this year, you know, as well, um, you know, I've come to expect from watching him over the years, so I'll decided to see him play as well as he did, um, big AJ Brown. I'm not, I love the SEC. I watch SEC football more than I watch anything else. So, um, AJ Brown, um, Devontae, those guys, uh, have success.

Yeah. I mean, I, I love what Jalen Hurts has become. I can't get enough of it truly. And he could have been the MVP, um, no question about it without a doubt of Super Bowl 57. And so, um, but let's linger on AJ Brown a little bit, um, because I, I, I would proffer to say he would model his game after, after yours as best he can. What do you see in him that you might've seen in yourself, Calvin, a little bit here? I love the physicality, um, I mean, he has the ability probably to get a little bit more yak than I did. Uh, I love the visibility to get yak and I just love it when guys use their hands, you know, that touchdown catch that he had, where he had to stand, I love to see that extension and use in the use of hands and just catching the ball securely like that, man, there's more to any day in his physicality. I love it.

Yeah. I mean that grab, we're showing it on the screen right here where he, I mean, Hurts put the ball, um, in a spot where no one from Kansas city could get it. The only one who could get it was Brown and he trusted his guy to get it. And he did. It was incredible. I got out of my chair at the game when that happened. That was unreal. That was truly unbelievable. And then, and then also, say that again. Sorry.

No, no. I'd love it when they showed the review from behind the quarterback, like you say, Jalen through to a spot. You can see where that spot was in that net, that left corner, that ends on, he dropped it right.

He dropped a dime. What about the idea that Brown and Devante Smith will enter next year as the best receiver tandem in the league. And I know who's there in Miami.

Um, but what, what do you, what do you think of that notion? Calvin? Yeah. I mean, I know they're in, you got Tariq and Waddle there in Miami to a potential number one. I mean, maybe number one, but not, you know, I think they have the playmaking abilities, but you got the, you got two definite number one receivers here in Philly, you know, and in the font say it, both of those guys went on the same team and you know, you would know who I think you would, it'd be obvious who the number one receiver is. Um, obviously, you know, where they are now, I think, you know, maybe it's a big Batman or strong Batman, whatever they call them. But uh, AJ, uh, might be the actual number one there, but man, it's like I say, you pick your poison.

You can't, if you want a double one, you mean you still got another pro roller on the other bill. That's going to make plays pro football hall of famer Calvin Johnson here on the rich eyes and show. Um, you got a good Darryl Reavis story. You guys are going to share a bus room together. You got anything for me on that front count?

What do you got? Man? I just wish, um, I plop, I wish I would have played the relevant more cause I never had a chance really to get off on him. You were on the island. Did he catch you on the island? Were you stranded on the island? Calvin? He got me on the island.

Oh yeah. He got me on the island. Probably my rookie year, we might've played them or my second year we played them. I was pissed cause I feel like I didn't get enough looks that game, but you know, yeah, I was good. I was, I was statistic. I definitely was. What made him so good, Calvin?

What do you think? I love, I mean, I didn't love it, but I mean the way he played his, uh, press, um, I don't know if it was just on me, but it wasn't really wasn't on me as if he played a salt like a catch technique. He wasn't really the guy that's going to try to quick jam me all the time. You can test them off, you might try to get you, but he played a nice little soft bell catch press technique, which is tough for a receiver because at the line of scrimmage, you see him like three yards off of you. You don't know if he's going to try to engage or or whatnot. So you giving him some moves right there and all the time you're giving, you're giving him moves at the line of scrimmage and he's just taking a couple of steps back. So then you making these moves and then you still got to go to get to him and make another move to get to your route.

So that was a great technique as far as, you know, it really dropped timing. You know, when you got to, you know, you got to make your move at the line of scrimmage, taking time, and then you got to make another one, he's going to bump you and ride you big and strong. So it was tough, you know, guy has long arms and he played the hell out of that technique and uh, he gave me, you know, help them stay on top of the receiver. And now this is going to be your, uh, I guess third full year being a hall of famer.

You inducted in 2021 and now you're seeing these guys join you in, uh, Canton immortality, you know, with DeMarcus Ware and Joe Thomas, contemporaries of yours, you know, got Rondé Barber. I don't know if you have any stories with him. I don't know how many times you crossed paths with Rondé, Calvin, a few times I imagine.

I played Rondé a couple of times when it all went in in Tampa, you know, it was, uh, I always hated playing that cover too, you know, but that was the situation I was like, yeah, he just got grown up, man, my foot's taller than Rondé. And did he do that? Did Matthew do that? Oh yeah, we had a lot of success. Okay. Do you remind these guys when they show up in Canton about the success?

I mean, how much competition still exists? You know what? I try not to, I don't talk s*** because then there's going to be somebody else that's going to be coming back with something that they can say and I'm like, damn, Trump card. Like, you know, but it's just like a respect thing, you know, out of anything that, that from what I've seen, like we share our stories, but guys, I don't really see, you don't really see guys, you know, talking down and talking s*** to each other, you know, they'll remember and talk about the plays that happened, like, hey, this is happening, but there's no really, no, just riding, you know, that's what I appreciate, you know, strictly professional, just enjoying the moments of the game that it really made the game what it is today. Calvin Johnson, Pro Football Hall of Famer, four time, Old Pro wide receiver here on the Rich Hudson Show. What's going on with your business? I will now give you the floor.

What do you got for me? What's going on with you? It's exciting times, man. Obviously, we have our cannabis brand, we got a vertical, you know, retail cultivation and processing there, but we're expanding our vision, not expanding our vision, but sticking to our vision and being innovative in the space. You know, we really want to, you know, obviously we're advocates for the cannabis industry, but being innovative is a key part of our mission and our vision and what we're trying to do here in the industry and that's bring new products to light, you know, because cannabis is and really highlight the healing powers of the plant because, you know, I think that the taboo of cannabis has set us back so far being schedule one, you know, not being able to really do the research and the things that we need to do to understand the healing powers of this plant, you know, being innovative in this space, you know, is crucial to kind of push the ball for so that the public can really understand some of the things that cannabis can do to really help enact a better quality of life. And so what's the transdermal topical cream?

What is this from Primitive? Our first two SKUs that were coming out where you mentioned one earlier, the ORS, the oral rehydration solution, you think, you know, liquid IV element of the world, but, you know, we're adding cannabis to those electrolytes as well, but then we have the transdermal topical cream. These are things that we use as professional athletes, you know, we're always trying to find the newest and the best rehydration solution that's doing multiple, that has multiple functions within your body, you know, that help, you know, build upon that quality of life. So that was why we came out with the rehydration solution. And then the topical, you know, pre-pulse workout, I was using topicals, you know, whether it was warming up my joints, you know, to kind of get you lubricated and going or to help with the pain and inflammation. You know, what we have cannabinoids that we're adding to bugs, they both of these SKUs that have been known to help with inflammation, everyday inflammation and pain. So they can fight and can come out with things that we use while we're planning things that we use today and be able to add a nice little twist to it by adding cannabinoids. How's the reaction from sports leagues about this, Calvin?

What are you hearing when you go to sports leagues? That's where, that's essentially where we want to get to with this. I think we position our brand in a clean, elevated way, a wellness brand, even have the ability to, you know, to go after the healthcare market because of the cleanliness of our brand. You know, people always ask, why did you call it primitive though? You know, why is it spelled like that? We just, I mean, it's spelled like that just for the originality, but we call ourselves primitive because we think about it for millennia. People have used cannabis as a healing agent. So by nature or even by definition, cannabis is primitive.

So I mean, that's why we call ourselves that. And we truly believe that we're doing good work by elevating this community and highlighting these new potential products that are going to be great for a quality of life for the message. A few more minutes left here with Calvin Johnson, Pro Football Hall of Famer.

A couple of questions for you about the current day and the future. Do you have any sense of what Matthew Stafford's next move is going to be? Staying put? A lot of talk about how he, you know, how he sat out this large part of last season with an injury that's quite frightening when you hear about it. What do you think? Calvin?

Yeah. I haven't talked to Matthew probably in a couple of weeks or whatnot, but we weren't talking football, but I feel like maybe I asked him a while ago, did he still come inside or something like that? I mean, Matthew, obviously I think he made that statement too publicly that he was coming back. And I took that as them holding him out as, I don't know what his contract situation is, if he's up or if he's still there or whatnot, but I took that as them just sitting here out because they want to make sure that he's going to be, you know, in a good place to start the next season.

So that's the general sense. It's just like, hey, Kupp was out and Aaron Donald was out and you might as well make sure he doesn't get more significantly hurt in action that clearly wasn't going to lead to a playoff spot is what you're saying. He would have been dogged if he got hurt while you have, you don't have a shot, you know, and then he gets hurt.

Now you're getting dogged by everybody for even having him on the field. And in terms of dogging people, it looked like the Lions were doing that to anyone in front of them at the end of the season, Calvin, right? Man, that was, it was a fighting time here in Detroit, you know, everybody was starting there in the halfway through the season, like, oh, we're out of the playoffs. They have like no hopes to make the playoffs. And then all of a sudden they went on a, you know, pulled out, I don't know how many games they won in the second half, at least six games in the second half of the season. So it was exciting, exciting football, to say the least, because, you know, like I know Dan played with Dan, know he's a soldier and you just see the guys are buying in, you know, the guys are believing that, you know, they're following through and they're getting better players. And at the end of the season is just going to help them out and obviously a free agency this year, hopefully fully expect them to have a playoff push.

I do too. I mean, I thought he vastly improved as a coach. I thought he would, you know, if, if, if the first half of the season went any better obviously starting off against the eventual defending NFC champs wasn't easy, but they, they put up a ton of points, you know, against the Eagles and they, you know, they're unfortunately didn't make it because of what happened in that game where they put up a ton of points against Seattle. They, if the defense had shown up in the first half of the season that we saw in the second half of the season with Aaron Glenn, who deserves looks as an HC, um, you know, Dan could have been coach of the year type material this past, you know, they were close to some of those games. They just weren't finishing. They just weren't able to finish.

And then something clicked halfway through and they just, they turned it up. All right, Calvin, thanks for the time. Always great to chat with you.

Congrats on everything going on with your business and if there's anything I can do to be part or help you just let me know, let me give a shout out to permanent or to find out more about us, but I appreciate you may have me on always. Do I see you in, uh, you come out to LA all or no, not really, um, you know what, how about this? I, I actually, I actually haven't been out in LA in a while. I used to get out there all the time, but, um, they got me playing in the all star celebrity game on Friday. So, oh, oh, well that's in Utah.

That's in Utah. So you're playing, you're playing hoops on Friday. Yeah. I'm trying not to hurt myself out there. Oh, okay. Okay. I'm sorry. I know. I know. We've been, you know, we've been talking quite a bit. Listen, you buried the lead, sir.

Screw the super bowl. What? Hold on a second.

What? You're playing Friday. What do you got for me? How's your game?

What do we got? You know, I'm a hustler, man. I'm going to be, I'm going to be getting boards. I'm going to be trying to dunk.

I'm just, I'm just, I'm just holding my, hang in there. Okay. So, uh, do you know who you're playing with on which team? Who's your coach?

You got anything on that? Yeah. I'm on, I'm on, um, I think Ryan, I forget Ryan's name, but he's my coach, Dwayne Wade is the other coach. So yeah, definitely.

We're going to try to show them up. Dwayne Wade is your other, is the other coach. Okay.

How about that? I got DK Metcalf on the other team. So I'm probably going to have to play. Are you?

Running around with his young ass. Calvin, you're also playing with the Miz, uh, Albert Pujols, uh, Cincois walls. Oh, it's an interesting group, man. It'd be a good time for people I've always, you know, um, of course, like wanted to meet.

So it'd be cool. You do know that at once upon a time, Jim Schwartz, former lions coach, then the defensive coordinator of the Eagles walked up to DK Metcalf prior to a game and told him that he reminded him of you and that set off DK to say, no, I'm myself. Are you aware of that?

Calvin? You remember that story? That's funny. I remember because DK hit me up after that and you know, I respect the heck out of the kid after that. Cause he's like, man, I didn't mean any disrespect. I'm like, bro, that's what you're supposed to say.

You want to be you. That's what you're supposed to do. I didn't, I told him I ain't, there wasn't no disrespect. I didn't even know about it until everybody told me about it, but that's what he's supposed to say. Let me give a shout out to you so that doesn't mean you're not going to dunk on him on Friday if given the opportunity.

Right? Calvin? You're going to posterize him. See, I'm not going to say anything. You're not going to get me caught up. You know, I'm not going to, I'm not going to try to, I'm not going to give them any fuel.

I ain't trying to get none of them. No fuel. I'm trying to tend to my ankles, you know, and make sure I don't collapse. You know, my body can keep up with my mind. Double double. What do we got? Come on. Come on. Double double. You got a double double. I'm going to be tired as hell. I'm trying to pump you up.

I'm trying to pump you up. All right. Last one for you. Wishful thinking.

I hope so. There you go. Last one for you then.

Last one again. I know I've kept you longer, but who's the NBA All-Star you'd like to meet? You get a chance.

What do you want to meet? Damn. That's tough.

I met LeBron a long time ago, so I met LeBron. That's tough. Right? That's tough. What do you got?

Damn. Whose game do you love watching? Whose game do you love watching? You're like, okay, I see him. I'll get to see him. I never met KD though. I never met KD. Okay. I've always been a KD fan.

I've never met him, so that would definitely be, I like Hawaii. You know, jeez. Okay. So, KD's a great one. By the way, he's a big Washington football fan.

You didn't torch them, did you? Because he might not want to see you. Oh, yeah. He saw that. Have a great time, Calvin. Have a great time. Have a good one, man.

We'll be looking out for it. Thanks for the call, Calvin Johnson. There's Calvin Johnson. Who's Ryan? Who's a coach? Who's a coach? Ryan. That's the coach. Rex. Phillip E. No. Chapman.

Looks like a young influencer type. Oh, is that right? Yeah.

No idea. And then Dwyane Wade's the other coach. Wow. Yeah.

With DK Metcalf. Do you want your X's and O's coming from Dwyane Wade instead of Ryan the influencer? Dwyane Wade, I think, has a minority stake in the Jazz. In the Jazz, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Makes sense. Calvin Johnson's going to be out there. Is he going to shoot threes like Mo Bamba?

Is he going to get here? Megatron. Bamba.

Bamba. Somebody damn near seven feet. How tall is Calvin? Like 6'5". Didn't he?

Yeah. Megatron. I think he's taller. Didn't he? He's got the Hall of Fame. He's got the Hall of Fame.

When I see him at the Hall of Fame, he keeps going like Mel Blunt, who, by the way, sought NFL honors. Cowboy hat? Oh, of course. Makes him even taller and more imposing.

Listed at 6'5". That's fun. Fun chat. Dude, that was great. He buried the lead. Calvin's a fun dude, man.

He's going to hoop it up in Utah. The way Calvin was talking, you could tell he was very comfortable because he's chatting like he's just chilling with his boys. Remember last time? Didn't we call back?

We called for a couple S-bombs. Didn't we call him back last time? Oh, we did, yeah. Oh, because we thought of something and then called him back. Oh, because Sean McVay beat him for Georgia Player of the Year.

High School Player of the Year. Yeah. And so we called him back.

And then we asked him because he and Roman Reigns played together at Georgia Tech. Right, right, right. Yeah.

That's right. We kept him another 10 minutes after we hung up with him last time. Call him back. Let's see if he's still there.

No, just kidding. He would answer. Who's Ryan?

We're going to find it out today. Coach Ryan. Rob?

Leif? Rob. You see Rex is a... Yeah, the Denver might... Sean Payton might hire him. You're being rumored for Denver. Dude, if Rex Ryan could be your defensive coordinator, don't you do that? A million percent you do.

Are you kidding me? Man, Rex has been gone a long time. Rex can coach defense, brother. He can whip people into a frenzy. Well, I hope so because he was talking a lot of trash on McCarthy this whole season and actually said that he could do a better job.

So I would love to see it. Denver played Dallas this year? We got a colleague of his coming up in hour three, Dan Orlovsky. Let's take a break here. It's Valentine's Day.

It's Valentine's. We hand him out. That's next.

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Call or just stop by. Fun stuff with Calvin Johnson's. Apparently Ryan is, do you know who Ryan is? I'm being told on social media who Ryan is. He's the governor of the Utah Jazz. Yeah, he's the big guy. The big cheese Ryan Smith is his name?

Yeah, yeah. Big guy. Quite an influencer. So it's, you know, minority owner against the governor. He's the end owner. Part owner against the full-time owner.

I said influencer because he's 45 and he looks really young. Okay, good. You know what happened last night? Knicks beat the Nets for the first time in three years. I saw that. First time in three years?

How about them apples? What is up with Jalen Brunson? He's really good. Well, somebody saw that coming.

They gave him all that money. But someone else, I'm sure you're going to say somebody else saw it. Oh, it's because you drew up. I walked into that.

Yeah, I did. But he's balls, man. He's great. He's balling, bro.

Dude, I love the way he plays and he and Randall work really well together in a two man game. He had 40 last night, right? Huh? He had 40 last night. Let me get that exact number. It was significant. I got a couple of alerts on my phone.

It was that good. Google alert. Yeah, he had last night. It's easy to find because he's right there on my championship first place team.

Here he is. Jalen Brunson last night, 35 minutes, 40 points. Before that, he is on a roll. He had 38 against Utah and 30 against Philadelphia. You know, everyone clowned on him. He had 41 against the Clippers to start the month as well. He is so good. Everyone clowned on the Knicks when they gave him that deal, man, but nobody's clowning anymore.

And Dallas, they're fine because they got Kyreno. Yeah. Had to give up a lot to get him. They could have just paid a little extra and kept Brunson, but it feels like he didn't want to stay there. That's what it is.

He went with that Quan, baby. His dad's on the bench, you know, as one of the coaches. It's working. Oh, Rick's with the Knicks? Yeah. Did you see the headline?

The back page of the Daily News. You know, there it is. Orange is the new black. Big Apple power shift complete as Knicks role for first win over the Nets in three years.

And you know, the Nets are have now completely unwound their plan to dominate New York with Harden, Kyrie and Durant. You know who we should have on the show, Rich? Nope. Some of these backs. Whoever writes these headlines. Yeah.

And you, Ben Simmons had 13 minutes last night as Jacques Vaughn's trying to figure out the rotation on the fly with all the new pieces and Simmons didn't talk to the media after the game. Imagine that. Amen. Gosh. All right. I've told you, I can't root for this team while that schmucky owner with his facial recognition. It's too late. You already went to the game. There are so much fun to watch. I'd like the coach.

I like his Rodney Dangerfield look. You know? I tell you, I'm already right now. You know what I mean? Hey.

What's the difference? I'm going to call a time out and yell at you. You know?

I mean, he does not like it when he gives up an open three, Tibbs is just like firing off those time outs and they, man, are they fifth in the East right now, Knicks? Fifth? Sixth. Good question. They are.

They are playing like they can win a first round series for sure. For sure. Seventh. Seventh right now.

Okay. But it's tight. You know, five through ten is six games.

It's pretty tight. They can win a first round series for sure. Who's two in the East right now? Is it Philly? The Bucks. Milwaukee. Yeah.

That's one. Big one tonight. Boston, Milwaukee tonight. Everybody playing? Or back to backs?

We're resting people to the weekend? Oh, I know that. Oh, I know that. So he's still out. Because he caught a Tatum elbow, right? Yeah.

He's still out. Friendly fire, man. That was it. Yeah.

We'll call and then we'll give out our Valentine's. Bucks have won ten in a row, by the way. Yeah. Middleton's back, right?

Ready to go? Yep. Does it look like Boudin Holes or look like the guy that you just like, who's like, standing in front of you while you're waiting to get your reservation looked at? You're standing there and all. You're just standing there.

The guy in front of you with PSA. He just won't. He won't. He will not get out of the way.

You're just trying to say, I'm just trying to check in at the restaurant. He's just standing there. And he's kind of always looking at the manager like, what's going on? Coach.

I don't know. That just looks like that to me. Yeah. Well, he was going to get fired a couple years ago when they won the title.

I know. Out of all the NBA coaches who do not look like NBA coaches, he's one of them. Is he the most happy they don't have to wear suits?

Oh, man. I think Thibodeau is that guy. Just because his neck is so big, he's got to find a shirt to pick up his neck. That's a great question. The NBA coach happiest to not wear a suit has to be Budenholzer. You've got to be up there.

Don't you think? Now that Quinn Snyder's gone, who's the coach? Quinn Snyder was so mad he couldn't wear a suit.

He quit. Who's the coach? Who's the coach who wants to wear a suit the most? Well, it was Quinn, Steve Nash, and then those guys are gone. Nash wanted it? You would think Nash would want it? I think Steve Nash really liked putting on the 2K suit. But Steve was a player.

He's used to that sweatsuit look and feel. Your coach is a guy who's an open mouth gum chewer. It's tough to watch him. The gum is tough. But he's an open mouth gum chewer. Like, Susie would just put her stamp on the franchise right now if she was there. Close your mouth.

Close your mouth while you're chewing your gum. He's a young guy. He's 34. Are they going to let this man keep the job? I mean, I don't know what we're waiting for. He's still got the interim title, right? He hasn't been... He's got to earn it.

Bring home Banner 18. But who's the NBA coach who wouldn't wear a suit more than anybody else? Great question. Spoe? Oh, yeah.

I think that's it. Don't you think? We've never had him on. We've never had him. I got to be honest. The amount of coaches, teams who I don't know the name of their coach is shocking to me because I usually know this and I'm looking at five teams.

I'm like, wait a minute. Who is their coach? I don't know some of these guys, man. Clippers lurk.

Oh, yeah. They lurk. Clippers are lurking, man. Made some moves. We'll see how that pans out.

They lurk. I mean, the West is just... So Phoenix is nine back. That's where it starts. So, okay. Okay. And Durant doesn't come back till after the All-Star. Did you see the practice video yesterday?

He was dunking, making moves. Look good. Okay. So there's no reason to rush him back. Let's unwrap the KD present in the Valley of the Sun after the weekend's done. So Phoenix is nine back. So it'll be around nine or eight or maybe seven if they're lucky when he comes back. If you go all the way to 12, the Lakers, well, Oklahoma City is 12. Three games separate four through 12. Lakers are two back of that at 13.

So five games between hosting a playoff series and out. Let's go to Nick in South Carolina. He's been holding on for an hour and a half. What's up, Nick? Hey, Rich. How you doing, buddy? Thanks for calling, pal. What's going on? And hanging on.

Thanks. Oh, thanks for taking my call, man. I have an idea why Travis Kelce is open all the time. But before that, man, I want to say about the call and the Super Bowl at the end of the game. Rich, I know you are passionate about the NFL, have been for quite some time, as have I. And I am glad the call was made.

There's been so many times where the call was not made and it's blatant and it's obvious and the ref just swallows his whistle, whether it's Saints Rams in the conference championship or Super Bowls or whatever. And as much as I love the NFL, it was just I didn't have a dog in this hunt. I'm a Dolphins fan.

So I don't have a dog in the fight, but it was just a fantastic game. And I'm sorry that the call came so late in the game, but he shouldn't have grabbed a jersey. And your thoughts on Kelce is what? Why is he so wide open? Turns out Kelce was a quarterback in high school. So when he breaks the huddle as he's approaching the line, he's looking at the defense.

He's reading it as a quarterback instead of a receiver, and apparently he's got the ability to shift the linebacker, an extra yard or whatever, to give him some more space. He's unbelievable. Because of that experience. Thanks for the call. Greatly appreciate it. Thanks for hanging in there. Kelce's going to the Hall of Fame, man.

Tool rings now? No doubt. I think he was already... He was such a... And we talked about it with Ed and Donna Kelce. By the way, everybody should check that out. They were our final guest on the show's big game bonus special. It was so good. It was not only a special, it was a bonus as well on the Roku Channel. It aired all weekend long, but you could check it out on our Rich Eisen Show collection page on the Roku Channel, YouTube. I think we've now posted it there as well.

Great chat with them. And just talking about how, at one point, Kelce was just a really talented hothead who wore Gronk's number. That's how we were talking about it in the first couple of seasons there out of Cincinnati. Who's this guy wearing Gronk's number? And a hothead and got ejected from a game, I think. Didn't he have like a... He threw a flag at a ref or something like that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right. And then something clicked. I don't know if it's Reid talking to him or what, but he is now a mature, grown-ass man, Walter Payton Man of the Year candidate, going to Canton first ballot, no questions asked. Well, they drafted number 15. That helped, but he was beginning, Chris, he was beginning to ascend with Alex Smith there. Remember, he came on our show in Minnesota lamenting Alex Smith's imminent departure. Yeah, he was calling his boy A. Smitty. Right. No, he was first team all pro in 2016. No slagging on Mahomes, but he was beginning to ascend, and man, it has clicked.

Yeah, I mean, he was doing pretty decently with Smith, but with Mahomes, those numbers have just... No question. I hear you. 844-204, rich number to dial.

When we come back, we hand out Valentine's Day greetings to all of our new sports Valentine's. You got one too, Mikey? You got one too? No.

You never did it? No. Oh, no, he was too busy dealing with stuff. No, I love myself too much.

Are you done dealing with stuff? I love myself. Oh, my God. My own Valentine.

844-204, rich number to dial. You give us your new sports Valentine too. Dan Orlovsky also still to come. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form.

SZA. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety, but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity, like the excitement overrides insecurity. That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything.

Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen. It's Valentine's Day, everybody. Yeah. Hey. I figured, let's give out sports Valentine's to people. Let's do it.

And it's somebody that you just love. I'm going with a sort of a new sports love. Oh, I don't know where you guys are going, but I asked you guys to do it.

Del Tu Fosse. Maybe I'll add one in without a graphic. What do you mean?

You can't just come in. We have graphics and things. We've produced it. We've produced it. You had your shot earlier in the show. We had your show. Prior to the show.

Yeah, you shot prior to the commercial break. Okay. It's too late.

What is happening? Left out. I'm kidding. Chris Brockman. Let's go. Hey. You're first up. Give me your sports Valentine. Person right?

Go for it. It could be anybody. I'm picking a person. Okay. He's not playing tonight now, apparently, which is kind of a bummer, but I love this man like he's a member of my own family and I want him protected at all costs. He's free for dinner. He's free. Yeah. He might join me in Sarah tonight. Oh.

If he wants to catch a flight out to LA. Jason Tatum. I love you. You are my Valentine this year.

Now that Tom Brady's officially gone and the Red Sox, they've resigned to average for you. I know. I'm excited.

Okay. I'm only half as excited as I could have been, but I love this guy. He's gotten me so much joy in the last few years where number zero for the green and white. He's going to bring home banner 18 this year. I believe it.

I believe it with every ounce of my soul. I'm going to be off that day because I'm going to go to the parade. Okay. Just giving you a heads up next June. I'm going to the parade. I might just bring you a duck boat here to make sure you stay here. That's all. I'll take that too. I want to go to the duck boat. I'm out of time.

This year. Sports Valentine is Jason Tatum. Stay with the Celtics forever, baby. Bring it home. Just tell him.

It's just look in the camera. Tell him you love him. Go ahead. I love you, Jay. I love deuce. I love your little son. Who's awesome.

I want him to never leave. We're creeped out now. Hold on. Sorry. What do you got, TJ?

Well, we're a little creeped out. So many people I wanted to give Valentine's to because I love so many sports teams as you all are well aware, you know, but then it felt weird. I couldn't give Dak a Valentine. I can't give Joel. I do.

The audacity. I can't. Tom Brady. Totally. I mean, but that's Tom Brady. That don't count. That don't count. It's Tom Brady and nobody other than Tom Brady.

I can't give it to Joel Embiid. He won't understand. So I'm going to go into the wrestling world. Right. And I'm going to give my Valentine to a person who started off fighting Bellator. So mixed martial arts really in the cage, really scrapping.

They had a huge social media presence. Right. And then this person decided, hey, I'm kind of pretty. Why should I really get punched in the elbow and kicked in the face when I can kind of maybe pretend to get punched and kicked in the face? So I'm giving my sports Valentine away to former MMA star Valerie Derrida, who is now known as Lola Vice in WWE's NXT.

You know, she's the first Cuban American woman signed to WWE, and I'm hoping she takes over that Brock Lesnar mantle, that Bobby Lashley mantle, that Ronda Rousey mantle of MMA fighters who've come over and really start to dominate WWE. So Valerie, you get my sports Valentine later on today, Chris, when you post this video, make sure you tag her, make sure you use her Twitter handle. Yes. Let's be respectful. Of course.

And hopefully this is what you're looking for, right? Well, I don't have a Twitter, so it doesn't matter that she will hear your Valentine to her and potentially answer it unless you're home all the time, unless her boyfriend's like the undertaker or something. Whoa. Okay. He's married. Here's my sports Valentine. You'll be surprised to know it's not for any team that I personally adore or root for. Oh, so it's not your fantasy team. It's not my fantasy team.

I love them all. Not Zach Wilson? It's not Zach Wilson because as you know, he is not engendered, shall we say, the love from here. And Rich doesn't care if he plays again.

No, you can troll all you want. It could have been very easy to say Aaron Judge, very simple to say Aaron Judge because my children love him. I think you're going to go another way, Rich. We went to the Yankees-Angels game and watched Judge hit his 50th in front of my children. To give my children joy, as you know. Makes you happy. Makes me happy. I'm going to give Cooper and Ellen basketball this week, sorry. I could have done anything Michigan related, but instead I'm going to go with somebody who's given me so much joy watching him play.

Me? I have just given him so much joy watching him play and it's Jalen Hurts. I just love what this guy has become.

Didn't see that. I love watching him ascend the way that he has ascended. I love the way he handles his business. I love in his darkest sports moment of his life, he sees Geo the podcaster and he smiles at him and he answers his question with a thoughtful response, not only for the young man and Geo asking him the question, but also wearing his heart on his sleeve again, talking about what he's going to take from the loss and how you have to cherish these moments. God, I love everything about him and congratulations, Philadelphia. You are the latest franchise to have somebody fall into your lap. Now they did draft him, but you are the latest fan base to just get up. I didn't see that coming.

That was the Super Bowl between two franchise up. Didn't see my life changing as a sports fan. Didn't see that coming one day. That will happen to me. I don't know when that day is. Well after Aaron comes out the dark, that'll happen for me.

That ain't it either. I want, as you know, 15 to 20 years of enjoyment waiting for that day. Like that guy over there who loves Jason Tatum so much, he creeps everybody out talking about a man's child on the air. I'll just, no, I'm serious. In all seriousness, you had it for Brady. Oh yeah. Brady, big poppy.

Good God. I had it for Aikman, Emmett, Hershey. You did? You know.

You did. Mike had it with Rudy. Joe Montana.

Stop it. Derek Jeter. Those are our sports valentines. Who are yours? Those are our sports valentines.

What are, who are yours? You can call us at 844-204-RICH, number to dial. We have a whole third hour. Dan Orlovsky. We'll ask Dan his. Nice. I love Dak. I'm just saying. Pause. Ish. Ish. You don't love, love Dak.

You love him. Ish. No, I mean, when you say Tom Brady, I'm going to think about it. Dak, which, which quarterback would a Philadelphia Eagles fan say, yeah, we'll swap out Jaylen Hertz for? Tom Brady. No, he wouldn't. No.

They might have won the game with Tom Brady. No. No. Get out of here. This guy. Wow. Look, I'm still holding back on.

Saying stuff just to say. You don't have to say it. You know it. You'd replace Dak with a couple guys right now.

Maybe Mahomes. Uh huh. That don't mean I love him.

Would you replace one of your kids? No. Okay. Well. With Patrick Mahomes? No. Even though I wouldn't, you know, have to worry about a college fund, he could pay for himself.

That's true. I still love my children. How dare you? It's Valentine's Day. What are you trying to do in my household? I'm just joking, kids.

844-204-H number to dial. What and or who is your sports Valentine? We'll take those.

Dan Orlovsky coming up, but also coming up here on the program is my top five storylines to come out of the Super Bowl. Yeah. What, do you got one?

No, no, no. I got excited. I played music and I got. It's okay, Mike. I got excited.

What do you got? Who are you going to say? You said I'll do one late. No, I can't do it. I said it offline. I can't.

No, I have. I know he's going to say he's worried that he can't say it on Roku. Why?

I can't. TJ knows. Rihanna? No.

It is a female. She's an actress. Okay. Retired.

Exactly. California. She's in New York, actually. Not anymore. Yeah. I think she lives in New York. Is that really who your sports valentine was?

Yeah. Who's your sports valentine? Who I love. Which person do you love watching, Mike? Well, she talks about football. You love Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge would be probably it. He's amazing. He stayed.

I got the mixed two. Are you talking about somebody who watches on TV all the time? I don't know if he watches all the time, but. No, no. No, no. Not the person you're thinking.

TJ. The one who gives the sports gambling through ESPN, that one? Oh, well, that's mine. He's flipping out about. That's his. That's his. That's not. That's my duck sports. You might have to dig around a little to find out I'm not involved in this.

I'm not saying a word. So who's your sports person that gives you enjoyment? I have so many. Al, you want to give Al a valentine? Al Michaels? Yeah.

You don't know. Yeah, I love Al Michaels. Mike, you love Dion.

I want to eat dinner with Al. Dion. You love Dion. And I told you, it annoys me that Dion loves Del Tuvo as much because I wish I had the, you know. He does love Mikey. He loves you, man.

He does love TJ Mikey. That would be it. That would be it.

It's crazy. He would. Yep. Dion Sanders. All right. Well done. Coach Sanders. I had to coax it out of him.

Wow. Hour three coming up. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala.

With her assistant Jess. L.A., it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens. But also just everything going on in my personal life. Like I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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