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REShow: George Kittle/AIR Stefon Diggs/Steve Smith Sr - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 10, 2023 3:07 pm

REShow: George Kittle/AIR Stefon Diggs/Steve Smith Sr - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 10, 2023 3:07 pm

49ers tight end George Kittle tells Rich why the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl unless the Eagles can find a way to shut down fellow TE Travis Kelce, why he’s looking forward to seeing who wins the Niners’ Trey Lance-Brock Purdy QB competition, and more. 

Bills WR Stefon Diggs and Rich discuss Buffalo’s “disappointing” season, Damar Hamlin’s on-field collapse and subsequent recovery, who he’s picking to win the Super Bowl, and why he’s hoping to see more player empowerment in the NFL. 

NFL Network analyst Steve Smith Sr. tells Rich why he’s expecting the Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl to resemble a heavyweight boxing match and more.

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In New York, call 8778-HOPE-NY or text HOPE-NY467369. Bonus issued as bonus bets. Eligibility and terms at sportsbook dot DraftKings dot com slash football terms. NFL Network Analyst Steve Smith Senior. Plus all the latest from Super Bowl 57. And now it's Rich Eyes.

Yes it is. It is our third and final day of Super Bowl 57 coverage right here live on the Roku channel. This Rich Eyes and show terrestrial radio affiliate network.

Also Sirius XM and Odyssey. It's our final day inside the Super Bowl experience in the downtown Phoenix Convention Center. Thrilled that you are here with us. We have a full house to say the least for our final day in the Super Bowl state of Arizona. George Kittle is making his way right here. He will join us in the middle of this segment. We've got Stefan Diggs right after him. Steve Smith Senior after him. Our number two, Kirk Cousins and Sean Payton will be here. We're going to give our game predictions. Aiden Hutchinson, Bert Kreischer in our number three.

You guys saw him live last night here in Phoenix, correct? We did. We are barely alive.

Okay. You were almost a man down. Shirts on for that though.

Keep your shirts on for that. Rob Riggle will also be here. Diehard Kansas City Chief Fan DJ Mike Udias and Deez Nuts.

Good to see you over there. Mike Del Tufo. We have got a fun show in store. Lots of laughs coming up as we have a a countdown now to kick off. An actual countdown to kick off for Super Bowl 57. Two days from now it's going to actually happen. Unfortunately, I'm a little bit late for the pregame show for NFL Network that started five minutes ago. It's an eight and a half hour show. My god, I'm hydrated.

I'm trying to stay hydrated. NFL Honors was a blast last night. Patrick Mahomes is the NFL, thank you, the MVP of the National Football League. It was a fun night with Kelly Clarkson as the host and somebody who lit up the stage last night kicking off our show. Walking onto the set right now on live.

Roku Channel Air as well as this radio show. Good to see you George Kittle. How are you brother?

I am great. Please take a seat right behind you. I can see right here. Right behind you. There you go. You guys look handsome today. There you go.

Let me just describe for the radio audience. It's an old spice sweatshirt. You're putting the product on the corner of my desk. Oh did I? That was there. That was the thud.

That was the thud. You also have a Rugrats. Reptar.

What have you got? It's yeah, it's a Reptar. A Reptar, Rugrats, Sweats and then you're repping the boys. Well I am one of the boys, aren't you?

I'd like to think. Rich go on the show. I want to go on the show. Let me just get this straight.

You guys wait one second. Rich go on the show. I'll co-host with it. I want to go on the show. I have told Taylor Lewan from the beginning I am not going on the bus unless there is a motor in the in the bus and he still doesn't have one. I need to stick to my guns but I'm still happy to go on as a Zoom or something because I can't get to Nashville.

Why not? Come to Titan U and then do your interview then. Are you officially inviting me to do that? I invited you last year. I don't recall that. Yeah. I mean you invited me to have a hand in the curriculum for the university, you know. That's inviting you to Titan U. Okay very good.

Yeah come on through. We'll get on the bus with the boys, all co-hosts. We'll just kick Taylor out. It's okay.

That's okay. Compton could stay. Compton could stay. Compton's pretty funny. We'll take him on a walk. Well too many Mission guys on one bus.

There's not enough windows to breeze that one out. I love that picture I saw of you in a Michigan shirt. Was that this year? That was this year.

My good friend Tracy. Should we bet on it every year? Yeah. I have not won that one yet. Actually I won like my rookie year I think. Okay.

I mean come on. Good to see you. Great seeing you Rich. So great singing job last night. I thought. Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

You're the unmasked singer of NFL Honors. I saw that. It was stressful. When did they reach out to you and say we want you to sing? Like Wednesday or Thursday last week.

Okay. I was like oh my gosh I'm in Vegas. Totally not going to practice very much here in Vegas because I'll be doing other things. But I practiced about five times and I realized I was like I don't know how much better this is going to get so let's just wing it and have a good time out there.

And? I had a great time. Well what was the general sense of your reviews?

What did you? My wife said I did great so that's all that matters really. Let's be honest.

That's all that matters. I did it. Got it over with. I had a great time. It was that was more stressful than to me than like a two-minute drill to win a football game.

I like it. My heart rate was through the roof. I had to do deep breathing for like five minutes. Any Kelly Clarkson tips?

Did you get anything from her at all? Well so when I got to rehearsal get this. Okay. I go up to the guy who's like he's like he's doing the keyboard and like the band he's telling them what to do and he goes what pitch do you sing in? I said that's not the question you should be asking me man. Have you ever sang before? Maybe a better question. Is this song the right choice for you?

A Kelly Clarkson song? Maybe not but hey we're gonna wing it anyways. So he's asking me questions. I'm like I don't know what you're talking about here man.

Like my pitch. He goes I think you're a B. I was like for sure. You say I'll trust you guy.

I'll trust you. You hit that B gap? Yeah. Did you hit the B gap last night? No.

You say you see a c-gap tray power? We're in a gap scheme? I'm in. There you go. Fantastic. What do you think of this Super Bowl George?

Who do you who do you have in Super Bowl 57? I'm just jumping right in. What do you got for me? Well break it down George. You want me to break it down? You want me to give my well I'm gonna go with the Chris McCaffrey answer. I hope they both lose. It's a great it's a great answer. Yeah but you know that's not gonna happen.

Do I? I didn't think Jimmy Garoppolo was gonna be a niner last year and look at that. What the heck happened there? I didn't say I don't know what's gonna happen.

How about Kyle saying he doesn't envision a scenario in which he's back and I heard that I'm like haven't we heard this before? I don't know. I have no idea what's going on.

I just work there man. It is what it is. This game though I think it literally comes down to one thing. Yes. Do you take Travis Kelce away? I think that's the whole game plan.

You watch everything the entire season. He's the reason that they win. I mean Patrick Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes.

He's fantastic. MVP should be but the reason like a big reason he is the MVP is because of Travis Kelce and what he can do. How he extends the drives every third down he converts it catches everything. So if the Eagles could take Travis away.

Yes. I think the Eagles have a great shot at winning. If they don't take him away I think the Chiefs will win by a couple scores. How does he get so wide open all the time George? I think it's a combination of Travis's fantastic route runner. He beats man coverage all the time. You see it on tape but his like how he reads zones and then how Patrick extends those plays just a little bit makes one guy move just one yard more and then he has that great arm that I mean he you saw him through like a sidearm stance and he has every throw in the book which is so fun and he makes throws up too which is really fun to see but like that extra two to three seconds that he extends those plays for it so now plays are seven eight seconds instead of four to five seconds.

Yes. That's it's hard to cover someone for eight seconds so when he has that extra timing and then Travis just gives one little extra wiggle he's wide open that's where you see all that stuff is they're just so in sync together six years together playing every game together that's that's how you get good at football. And of course you're you are also the king George Kittle of not being out of a play ever even if you're not schemed to be in the play that juggling grab that you grabbed against Dallas you weren't even an option right? No it's I was a part of the double down flats when two guys on the edge are both blocking down selling outside zone away Purdey's gonna bootleg out. Juice who is outside of me is actually the hot guy so if something blitzes off the edge he's gonna dump at the juicer knock it at his feet but Juice came out of it he was covered. Ayuk's running across the field he's covered I'm pretty sure Debo's on a high cross thing he was covered and I'll just kind of sit and I was like hey no one's on me man why not throw it here throw it this direction right and Brock tried to make me work a little harder than I needed to work for it I made it dramatic and you know we're just trying to get the ratings up there it is man look at that it would have been really cool if I just would have stuck that because then I might have been able to run and score but hey the juggling was fun too that's right if you just like one hand grabbed it if I just would have been better but this is incredible it is a cool photo that is a great picture right there like oh you're looking at the the tight end huh the money maker the money maker the money maker George Kittle the money maker here on the Rich Eisen show so we had Trey Lance here the other day and he's a great kid isn't he we we loved him he's fantastic all of us we were all you can't not like yeah he's very like super humble smart he knows that like he's good on shows he's aware he's not stiff by any means he knows what he's doing and he was doing and he was saying that he doesn't want anything handed to him he wants to be in a quarterback competition that's how it should be I mean Rich I said it yesterday it's Brock Purdy in my opinion hasn't lost game yet he got hurt like what five plays in and I'm not going to say if he would have stayed in the entire game that I'm going to guarantee a victory yes I'm confident in my team that we would have won the game yes it's not how it happened it is what it is and I'll live with that it is whatever it is yeah but nice yeah thank you you're welcome but I think it's hard just to say hey Brock thank you for the eight games you're 1300 yards you're three interceptions and winning 12 like eight straight games yes you're like I don't know if it's a I think it's it's definitely like a 1A1B thing I think you have to you have to do the competition because they're still both young quarterbacks and I think that I still think well Trey's gonna get all the OTAs reps right he's gonna get all these spring reps because Brock won't get them and when you get to training camp depending where Brock is like you don't know like if he's gonna be ready to go day one in training camp I hope he is if not though like whenever he like it needs to be a little bit of a competition there but like if you're starting tomorrow like it's hard to say you're gonna bench Brock Purdy after what he did this whole season and that's and it's not nothing it's Trey it's Trey hasn't had a fair shot by any means right he played one game in 2021 against the Houston Texans and he played at a high enough level for us to win the game and he got one start against the Bears in a monsoon that wasn't even a football game people forget that like there was one quarter of light rain and after that you couldn't even you couldn't throw the football and then the second game he got hurt right so he hasn't really gotten a fair shot and like that's kind of what football is like you just have to make the most of your opportunities stuff happens injuries happen but I know Trey like the type of person he is and the work that I've seen him put in like he's hungry and he wants like all he wants to do is go out there and show why we drafted him at number three yeah right that's all he wants to do and he has the ability to do that so I'm like we're all rooting for Trey like we want Trey to come out there and get all these reps and to be a great quarterback so it's gonna be a fun competition it seemed like you and Purdy were on the same wavelength Iowa it's the corn is that what you're saying it's the sweet corn it's about the sweet it's not Nebraska sweet corn that stuff is terrible I'm kidding it's not terrible it's just not as good um you know we're just we're just humble greedy guys from the state of Iowa I didn't know he's from Arizona but he went that's about saying he's a local kid here yeah a local Schmokel he's fine he went to Iowa State yeah I know now like nothing against him for going Iowa State but you know still an Iowa connection yeah why wasn't he a Hawkeye what happened there do we know that do we look into this do we look it up nothing against my Hawkeyes but I don't know how we recruit quarterbacks so that's just I know we're really good at tight ends and uh D-line and linebackers yeah secondary but I don't know you I'm not there man you kick ass in those departments thank you yeah we just get CJ Bethany needs to go back and just be quarterback at Iowa for the rest of his life most exciting Iowa football has been in a long time he's incredible he'll just show up like hey young here young fellows hey I'm here I'm back here and for year 15 what's up with that how y'all doing exactly George Gill here on the Rich Eisen show okay let's get to the let's sell some product what do we got here oh is this your product that you want me to talk about the old spice swagger yeah what is that oh it's a scent first up it smell that okay it does smell nice all right here we go oh that is very nice you know actually you know what I feel like I've got more swagger right now you do look at look at you okay just by doing that it's just your personality thank you I know I appreciate that so I'm uh I get a partner up as uh oh and we got an actual uh okay a role of his dancing to our left right here what is yeah is that is that not exactly how the old spice mascot should look I think so yeah right like they knock that out of the park I think so it's the glasses and the chain like that's exactly how he should look a deodorant stick would it keep to leave come and rip that thing straight off 100 percent my grandmother's natural change is that granny orton watch out watch out watch out RKO out of nowhere uh thank you thank you sorry uh yes swagger and the order and sig that he's good at what he does the dancing deodorant did take me out of my game no it's k adam's boyfriend last night yeah I know oh I didn't know that was chance okay it's incredible but I'm just trying to stay current wow what's going on jeez what do you got here um old spice swagger I got a partner with them you got guys like Trey Lance CD lamb guys that have swagger yes and while I have my own swagger I appreciate old spice for you know um accepting it and promoting me just a little bit here because yes what I love about old spice is it's uh it gives you confidence right and why does it give you confidence rich I'm gonna ask you that right is there an answer we're good friends right yeah I would say so if you had some if I had something my teeth you would tell me I tell a million percent but if I smelled bad it's more of a it's kind of hard to tell someone that because there's not much you can do about 100 right so how about you just start your day with old spice give yourself the confidence that you're not going to smell at all ever 24 hours seven days a week you have to apply it more than once a week just saying that but use it and you're going to be confident in your ability all day to smell fantastic you have to worry about anything else because that smell just take care of everything and that's the swagger it's a swagger the swagger comes from the confidence of not smelling hey it's like Brock Purdy he's confident his ability to play quarterback and that's why he goes out there and succeeds is this why he he did it yes for sure Brock Purdy Brock Purdy endorses old spice swagger fantastic thanks Brock I love it old spice swagger right here on the rich eyes and show George Kittle on the program who'd you meet last night did you meet anybody last night at the honors that you hadn't met before any hall of fame I sat next to Jimmy Johnson that was pretty cool sit next to it yeah sit next to a gold jacket it's pretty sick that is pretty sick yeah and then like right next to him was uh Dion that was cool um right behind him was Jerry Jones and then Joe Namath was right there too do you take notice who's in a better seat than you all I know is Brock Purdy sat two rows in front of Joe Namath and I said Brock that's pretty good for you my guy wow it's pretty good you point that one out of course I did I have to bust his balls he's a rookie man you got you got to go he still is a rookie yeah he's 14 man I'm 13 but he's 14 when he would show up you know to games in his bat with his backpack it did look like he was going to home ec you know like fifth period history you know like it's what it looked like he was totally on brand it was totally on brand when he was walking in like that it was pretty good you know like I thought like he'd go five o'clock shadows start looking you know do the John Randall eye black sort of look you know nothing just get the Jimmy G chin line instantly that's what that's what happens to become quarterback of the niners you get the Jimmy G chin line it just happens I do have to tell you that there are times when I I'm I look at Jimmy Garoppolo and he's on camera and uh and Susie my wife will just go oh like that I'm like oh really is that what we're gonna like I'm sitting here in the room you know like I'm here hey at one point the Niners might have had the most handsome back field in all of football you had Jimmy Garoppolo yes Kyle Juszczak, Christian McCaffrey three handsome guys I gotta be honest with you I don't know Juszczak is you put him in that category he's a handsome guy really oh yeah yeah he's a handsome guy Harvard guy's smart you know that makes up for half of it anyways it is what it is more than what Michigan would make up for well Harvard is the Michigan of the east George you know it's it is the Michigan of the east yeah if you're aware of that there are t-shirts I can send that one to you for this coming fall do we play each other this year I don't we do it every year I don't know I only played Michigan twice I think that's it yeah how'd you do one-on-one why didn't wait no I was two and one actually against Michigan and the one we lost I didn't plan I was redshirted I was actually in the students section so you're a factor with a flask you're a factor you're a factor it was negative 20 degrees what do you want me to do that is what I want you to do yeah I showed up thank you wineskin at Michigan stadium back in my day Michigan does not play Iowa this year what's up with that oh except for the big 10 championship hey what else you want to bet on and it's got nothing NFL bill now it it will be you will wear the Michigan is the in the biggest game Harvard is the Michigan I did get your Michigan players are in Iowa now I got your tight end and your quarterback is that right yes they both transfer portal over there I didn't know incredible okay super cool and I've met that tight end before Eric uh good player he goes actually at my house we tied in you Erica yeah yeah good kid was good all right enjoy him it'll be great I really really hope they throw him the ball okay so I am thrilled that you are here do I have great singing yeah I mean your deodorant is dragging you away the dancing deodorant is gone I don't know if you've noticed I don't want to meet you I like it it is fun I always enjoy my dad did tell to say tell you hi by the way I love doing your pod with your dad he's someone he's I mean I know he's chill that's why you have the whole yoga that you know the mindfulness oh speaking what do you think of the darkness retreat idea from Aaron Rodgers what do you think because I know you are all about positivity and speaking things into the world and having that positive energy and I know your dad yeah and you are very serious about that what do you think about hanging out in the darkness for four days George um I don't think I'm there yet in my life um if I could I could do like a cabin retreat by myself but like I need to be able to go outside and I just I can the light I can just sit outside and like it could be dark still but like just let me be outside like by the trees and stuff I would really appreciate that total darkness for four days seems like a lot I don't that's not my thing right now it does sound excessive but um you know I get it like I understand he's in an insane part of his career right like yeah he he doesn't have to play he's got all the money in the world he doesn't need to play it's just if he does he still love the game enough to go through all this stuff because there's a lot of stuff that you would go through especially at his level like he's one of the best ever do that position he's fantastic right right all the people that want to talk to him all the people that critique him all the people don't talk about super bowls all MVPs whatever it is so he has to go through a lot like or he could just go chill by himself with all of his money and do whatever he wanted to do for the rest of his life start a family find someone like so I think he does he needs that time to himself to really like how much do I still love this game of football because it does take it takes a toll on you every single year so I hope he plays again I love watching Aaron Rodgers play yeah um but I'm not jealous of his darkness retreat but if I ever do one yes we'll go cabin side by side and we'll yell at each other walls yeah I don't know if that is exactly the spirit of the venture I don't think I feel a lot of categories so I just kind of bust into my own I just think after it after one day that should be enough four days sounds as you say maybe like if he said like two I'd be like all right yeah sure that's kind of psychopathic but sure before I'm like you just don't like people man that's where you got to just figure it all out George Kittles thank you for coming on here I always love chatting with you oh rich you're the best you right back at you that is George Kittle the Pro Bowl tight end of the San Francisco 49ers right here on the Rich Eisen Show Stefan Diggs is about to join us along with Steve Smith right after him for the first time ever stream the Super Bowl for free Super Bowl 57 on Westwood 1 is this very Sunday catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood 1 station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood 1 Sports that's how we're rolling right here on the Rich Eisen Show George Kittle out Stefan Diggs in God this Friday here you go I like it for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form scissor you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically I feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen so look who's here courtesy of Downey his name is Stefan Diggs of the Buffalo Bills right here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Friday before the big game and the Rich Eisen Show radio network has just rejoined us here at the Super Bowl site in Arizona sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk right now furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you call or just stop by and look who has just stopped by why should the radio audience just return listen to who has just stopped by his name is Stefan Diggs he is him of the Buffalo Bills what's up him what's up they got how you doing how are you I'm awesome thanks for having me on I really appreciate it now where did him come from it was that just natural that just came out of you or you've been thinking about something well I mean what is um it's kind of natural you know yeah I think it's I think it's more so a play on uh who are you you ever seen that guy with the bowling you know you like oh yeah who do you think you are who do you think you are that's probably the best video I've ever seen of any sport ever in life yeah shout out to Pete Webber so that him is from kind of like a play off the p whatever like who you think you are I am and I'm him so that's the extra I love it a little twist I like the twist um so what do you make of your season man what do you make of it um of course like I want to give you the storybook or the political that sounds great to say that yeah we gave it everything we got uh you know we fell short it but it is disappointing it is very off-putting it's such a delicate season this year with everything that took place and you know the adversity we had to battle and you know it felt like the world was pulling for us yes I'm saying and the way we kind of let them down especially just how it didn't resolve and how we didn't see the whole thing through like of course we wanted for ourselves but I felt like in a moment throughout the season everybody wanted it for us you know everything that happened and everything that they saw that our season was uh so it damn sure was disappointing um some good things to take from it we are we are a good team we've been a good team for for the past couple years and just that moment to get over the hump it's just like we're working at it so then I guess what what wound up being missing do you think I don't I don't know it's just like I don't know I feel like the first nine weeks of our season we had a clear identity we had a recipe that was working and we kind of got away from it towards the back end uh trying to figure out we kind of figured out ways to win but we weren't necessarily winning with that that same energy we had those first like nine weeks so um getting back to and we weren't as healthy we had guys get banged up all throughout the year on going down mom was a huge huge blow he was one of those guys we brought in to be that spark and he was from day one from day one when he walked in the building so it just seemed like uh everything that's almost bad that could happen kind of happened for us so well I mean absolutely no question about it yeah but it was great to see Damar Hamlin here last night yeah um you know what what can you put into words what that was for you yeah watching that on that night in Cincinnati and everything else I kind of feel like I'm coming from a different lens than everybody else because the people that were there kind of saw him like kind of saw everything happen so up close and personal and if you're watching the tv you kind of only saw the emotions evoke from the players like and it was really just a reaction of what we were seeing yes so uh for a moment I guess the world kind of like stopped and everybody was just like this well you forgot all about football he was like just trying to figure out what's going on that has everybody so so heartbroken or so in a bad space so I felt like uh when you see him on tv today yesterday it's like a moment of like trying moment of rejoice like everybody won by seeing you know him a positive him well him speaking um and uh I know that's that's that's as good as I got for you it was great to see and I love seeing all of the first responders who were on the field and then at the hospital and part of the team yeah just seeing them last night at the at NFL honors and they're there they are right there on beautiful people beautiful people on our training staff you just you want to give them more than a pat on the back you want to give them more than a hug you just want to give them give them really a moment of just appreciation of being professionals because in sports uh we fought in the line of being professional but it's entertainment and you know what they do is life saving and you you don't really see it in football as much just because like the sport that we play you know guys get injured but not to this extent yes so to know that they were professional they were ready to go and they were prepared it's like this damn like uh every job is important you know and everybody plays a part so shout out to our staff Stefan Diggs here on the Rich Eisen show from the Buffalo Bills courtesy of Downey we'll get to that in a second you have a prediction for Super Bowl 57 uh seeing that I played uh I played the Kansas City Chiefs consistently I know the team I know that offensive offensively and Steve Magnoli like his brain and how it works uh I'm pretty sure he's going to put together a plan I love the Eagles defense they play great defense they got a good offense they got you know receivers that go crazy they got a running body that can run they got a good offense as well but it's going to try to slow down patching my homes and that's always really really tough to do yes so um I'm probably go with Kansas City you will go with Kansas City most everybody sitting in these chairs has been saying Eagles yeah because I like the Eagles you know everybody likes the Eagles but I also feel like uh you know they haven't played patching my homes I've played patching my homes in that team not only just patching my home but they got some real pieces over there and Frank Clark with the energy on defense Chris Jones uh guys like that it's just that little stuff that you don't really see but those those guys make more plays than anybody um and they got a young they got a young back end to go out there and compete at a high level with a young back and says a lot about their defensive coordinator in the position that he put them in and how much that he trusts them I feel like they grew up probably this year alone you know they went from rookies and stuff like that to guys that got to be out there playing at a high level and they also took a lot personally from the Bengals for somebody who does come up with as you pointed out him and have a very inventive way of talking uh your game and then of course backing it up where did you rank burrow head from afar when you heard you heard the Bengals call that spot burrow head what are you thinking about I like the Bengals because they're young um and they're confident yes they don't lack confidence they got three receivers they got a running back they got the quarterback at the helm Joe Cool is really Joe Cool he gives he gives you a reason to kind of be motivated from that position and I see why they I see why they talk a little drunken because they're often they're offensively driven team they play good defense but they're offensively driven team mostly so but in terms of coming up with this stuff did were you were you just nodding your head I just I kind of just go with it I was like this look they're getting creative now you know what I'm saying I got I got to respect the creativity I figured saying I like creativity you know I'm I'm all about swag so I'm here for it you don't want to call it allen head though right we don't get into all that you don't get in on that I try not to get into all the talking I leave that for the young kids well we we yeah like you are you're an old man you're an old man and so you know you uh also made an impact here on this program because last March when all the free agent signings and trades and all were going down and the and then everything went crazy even like a week later and the day that tyreek hill went from kansas city and that morning you wake up like wait a minute he's gonna really want out okay wait a minute he's really getting out oh wait it's done like he's going to miami you put up a tweet you sent out a tweet and we use it all the time the hell going on we wanted to know how like what what was the inflection that's it right there right now it's just seeming like we're on we're in a different space now like as old school and traditional as football was yeah that's kind of like becoming more outdated it's coming more like guys are kind of somewhat taking more control of their destiny and more control of their future you see a guy like uh I give one great example sure tyreek hill for sure but then minkovich patrick was in miami was in a situation I'm not saying he was in a bad situation but was he in a good situation for him nah because you saw him go to pittsburgh and become an all-pro safety in a drop of a hat in the blink of an eye so he always had the talent he always had the ability but more sort of situation you know what I'm saying so it's like I feel like the way things are going now guys are somewhat taking more control of just their life and the things that going on back in the day you play with a team for a hundred years and you get a pat on the back in the end and it's like all right well whether you're a good player unsung hero hall of famer that was it nowadays the kids are like well nah well you kind of did that 100 percent I feel like I'm 100 percent agreeing and I always have something to back it like you got to have a thorough explanation as to why you don't want certain things or why and it's not necessarily selfishly uh because at the end of the day this is a professional business this is a business because if I tell you firsthand if you're not doing your job they're gonna find somebody that is um saying so if I am doing my job or I kind of just want a different scenery why not so that's what we get we refer to last march as the hell going on the hell going on is that what we refer to when your mom wakes up and the kitchen's still dirty or your room is the mess like the hell's going on a lot of surprises you you gave voice to what a lot of people were thinking the hell going on rich I've waited since march to hear him say just plug it just plug it now we are going to trust me certainly when next month is that crazy it's spicy again so uh what are you doing for downy before I let you go oh well I'm here on behalf of downy yes I wanted you to sniff this shirt on behalf of the downy unstoppable they keep you smelling good it's like perfume for your clothes and uh you know I'm clean I like to look good and I like to smell good so of course that's made it happen a little bit it is that and the 12 weeks of freshness that's coming from uh from the downy brand partnered with a mystery celebrity that's been teasing the campaign since december and it's going to be um paid off yeah amazing and we have some people that already use it that's right brockman right every night all the way behind it fantastic easy I do laundry a couple months and tj uh we we all for those uh listening on the radio during our our roclo channel only segment uh we all sniffed the shirt and tj took an extra sniff yeah and creeped out our guest stefan in here I was a little concerned like you're like the kid with the sharpie like smiling at stefan digs on twitter and instagram you're uh one of my favorites thanks for coming on anytime you got stefan digs of the buffalo bills don't go anywhere we're back with so many more guests still to come on this program steve smith senior told the nfl network is next i've been telling you about net suite folks for quite some time but this is the first time i'm able to tell you that you can defer payments of a full net suite implementation for six months no payments and no interest for six months a huge deal net suite by oracle has never made an offer like this in its 22 years as the leading cloud financial system 33 000 companies have already upgraded to net suite you can gain visibility and control over financials inventory hr e-commerce and more everything you need to reduce manual processes boost efficiency build forecasts and increase productivity across every department whether your business generates millions or hundreds of millions of dollars take advantage of this special financing offer of no payments or interest for six months at rich radio that's rich radio rich radio thrilled to have right here settling into his rich eisen show seat right here on our program at super bowl 57 is a man who will be part of the eight and a half hour extravaganza of nfl game day morning on nfl network starting at 9 a.m eastern seven o'clock local here in arizona good to see you steve smith hello how are you excellent fantastic yeah you this is super bowl 20 for me covering it for nfl network the first super bowl we covered it was you and the carolina panthers yeah we lost let's i know you know you lost but i know what it was a great game you know i just put for the second time i put that ring on uh the other day uh-huh yeah what for i don't know i just never put it on before so i was like oh you had when was the last time you put your championship ring on uh when they gave it to us that's it that's it yeah just to sign up that was a hell of a team you were on it was on a great yeah football team and it just changes the next year that quick it did didn't it yeah it did i broke my leg uh i think you know dimo he he went on to do some other things musa and muhammad he went on and had a pro bowl year then he went to chicago uh peppers ends up signing and it was it was a lot it was ricky manny went some other places so it was a lot it was a lot reggie hauer i mean just the names mark fields you know a lot of things have sam you know sam obviously a couple of years later passed away sam mills it was a lot um it was a lot now that i think about it hey this feels like a therapy session well you want to lie down i mean we can get just you get there is a couch we can move no you know with covet now is everything zoom so you know you're able to you don't lie down that's true that's true it's good not to see you in a rectangle like actually here in person yeah it's pretty cool yeah so what was going through your mind for that super bowl what was that year two for you in the nfl year three for year three nfl yeah year three so what was that like for you at that stage in your life i don't even know what i eat for breakfast two weeks ago i have no idea what 19 years it was 2004 yeah yeah calendar year 2003 season so i have no idea you don't even remember super sunday is what you're saying yeah because it's i'm also working on this right now too is you know if you think about football players that's why short-term memory is one of those things you got to retrain yes you get a playbook you learn it then you get new plays every week you discard it so it's information discarded information discarded so i've you train your mind to do that so much so your long-term memory shot no it's not shot i just have retrained it but i don't see a reason why to go back that far down my notebooks to figure it because it it serves no benefit it doesn't like it's not like it was a moment in my life where i'm gonna go back and maybe on my on my you know i'm laying in bed and i'm taking my last breath i'm going what was i thinking no it's it's just no okay oh sorry that's i apologize you don't have to apologize to me for anything steve okay you're gonna have to do that uh so let's talk about the here and now what do you think about this match up between the eagles and the chiefs steve smith what do you think i love this match up uh you know we this match up reminds me like the old tyson uh holyfield um so somebody's gonna bite somebody's helmet off no you know just the whole heavyweight fights right it's gonna be a lot of haymakers okay you don't really necessarily care who wins you just want to see you just want to see some great punches some good plays some good strategy especially what we saw with the philadelphia eagles being able to take out brock pretty um josh johnson going down it was pretty tough game to watch um that i just want to see these two guys and then nick seriani he's also from the andy retreat so he has some plays under his belt as well uh that he knows they know each other so i just want to see some good old-fashioned uh chess football versus sometimes especially in the last couple of weeks of the last couple of weeks of the season it was more like checkers uno uh you know old mother made it wasn't really great football but i think once we hit the playoffs man it was glue you were glued to the television the afc championship game was a terrific it was yes i enjoyed that afc championship game was a i think that was a heavyweight fight that we saw absolutely and so i i i kind of think we're going to see a similar game i know that's why that's why it's it's exciting it's going to be it's going to be good well the sense that the eagles have such incredible depth and talent yes at the look at you analyzer i was giving you a compliment i appreciate yes don't get defensive i did get defensive there i did you want to move but no it seems you want to switch uh you want to counsel it's okay it's okay because no i mean like i pay attention you know you do i pay attention when folks like you talk i listen are you an active listener or wait to talk i'm an active listener oh yeah an active say what i was just oh no you want that you want these guys i wondered i because it's great that you think you're an active listener i want to know the people you work with do you believe he's an active listener on a consistent basis i put the fit there steve oh that is yes are you doing this or me this right you know steve um he pulled me out the mud bro and i i like my job so i'll say yes he's an active listener he's act yeah yeah a hundred percent rich is an act thank you he would not be in his position this long if you had a boy hey mike you got a little bit right there by the way the potential worst listener that we have on this show just that my play and the guys in charge of listening like that's his literal job is to hear and listen to make sure that what we are saying is heard it's heard well enough not accurate but that is heard he's right and he's the number of times where it's his job to actually add something to the moment we produced it and he'll just be on his phone or be just something i'm working yeah like that's watching the guy that he's back in my play i'm so sorry videos don't listen to these guys no doug the puck no i'm listening to him doug the puck what is that a big big internet sensation dog by the way oh this all started with me actually so you're saying something hold on hold on you're one of those you watch other people do other things like so you're like you'll watch you'll watch a youtube of other people opening gifts that you don't receive is that you're one of those guys no no i just like dogs i'm a dog guy do you have a dog no you did exactly what i just said steve is great i love this guy i mean he's but he was lit he was listening no he's waiting to talk i was listening that's what led me to ask him because i'm pretty sure i thought he did not have a dog you know i am saying something important about super bowl 57 and i thought it was spot on and you even said you went higher register you know what that means that you don't really like you're surprised i am you're so wow look at you analyze you know why would you like to know why i'm surprised are you going to keep assuming it for me why are you surprised because we have nine million hours of it yes we do and sometimes you just kind of we just kind of like all right i'm gonna just say this one because half of it nobody's gonna pay attention to until saturday or sunday that's so i'm using up my good material now that's a problem right now i refuse to talk about travis kelsey until today and tomorrow okay so what do you want i don't know what you're willing to talk about because i don't want to talk about them last week when there was no game okay so i was like why am i going to use up all my good material next week when no one's even watching except the the poachers or the pleasure the people that are going to plagiarize and not even give me credit so now i'm going to use it okay i i hear you yeah i'm going to use it on this other show i'm not going to use it on your show i'm going to continue to give you great ratings you can you can actually work shop in here i know i'm just you can workshop it yeah you can no i pass so at any rate the defensive line of the eagles is very deep really yeah steve you know more would you know more how deep is it how deep it's so deep that endama consume might be like the fifth sixth guy on the whole chart and i heard by his own words that he just didn't go to he didn't want to go to any old team where's my solo camera is that it right there right there after i heard that okay what do you mean come on now i know a lot of people so that that he this was his only team he could find is that what you're no yeah yeah he talked to some other teams see now if i was just listening or trying to hear you i would miss what you're also putting down with your facial expressions yes okay so don't don't take the cheese don't take the cheese he's in a super bowl dynamic dynamic player but he things work out for a reason they do yes okay patience is good certainly if there's no other options there were other options okay well is carolina an option i don't i i am i grab information from probably about probably about 15 or 20 good teams yes yeah okay is carolina one of them i'm not sure uh my 15 or 20 ndas with those teams can i say steve smith senior here on the rich isin show so asking you to make a prediction now is i'm gonna say i don't know right now so but do you know like you know if you're gonna say sunday if you go on if you go on to cut to it uh featuring steve smith senior you can find out my prediction oh i saw that when are you when are you gonna have uh you are yeah yeah once all season's coming uh i'm gonna call up that favor okay yeah is that before or after matt rule comes on your pond uh he will never come on is that right because i heard by the way i was listening i don't think what you were saying about him he would i don't think he would accept the invitation why i wouldn't soon and get exposed like that i don't know are you crazy you spilled some tea i don't spill tea i shoot facts i don't spill tea i wouldn't i wouldn't if i was him i would filet him it would not go well he could retort he could refute listen he would have to be in studio so when he refute you give him a little wink you're like you know what's up listen it just wouldn't work out how about that it's it's not him it's me how about that very good so who you're predicting to win super bowl 57 you gonna cut to it and see did you not he's not an active listener i'm an active listener i also don't like the answers go cut to it you can find out go to cut to it on youtube we're all okay take it give me my credit run it on your show ain't nothing like that what are you doing on sunday though you're not gonna give your prediction on sunday no because i'm doing most interesting jobs okay which is on youtube as well right you see do you see what you see how this is going there's you fell into the trap you didn't even know acting yep we're connecting dots not everybody can have the rich eyes in the show that's because you my name's not rich now i heard that i don't understand it you gotta go on steve smith's show to see steve smith's stuff very good and i'm using your show to promote yes that's what my show is here to do that's why i love it okay just in case you weren't gonna do it i'd beat you to it we sound like we by the way we're two people who love each other who sound like we're arguing we're saying the same thing that's right yeah but we also are highly uh we highly uh infatuated with ourselves as well there is an i in rich and eisen sir that's all i'm saying that's smith and and one in smith and senior i mean i'm in fact i changed my legal name to senior come on how how you love you some you well actually too and so my son when he gets older he can't steal my credit because my buddy's dad did that okay and i learned you know how long i worked to get this credit back up to where it used to be can't happen i have poor credit which is bad credit that's you so i'm glad that you've you've achieved what you're looking to achieve yeah and i see all the commercials about fixing your credit yeah yeah steve says senior an nfl nfl network analyst you can check him out eight and a half hour edition of nfl game day morning sunday at 9 a.m eastern time seven o'clock local our interview with uh steve today has been sponsored by can help you help you tackle the job search and make your next career move it's time for the big game go to and win the job hunt uh check out cut to it for steve smith's musings on everything from the super bowl and who wins it and how much he loves and misses matt rule in carolina thanks for coming on steve oh man you're the best anytime i appreciate that family good we're good good how about yours excellent fantastic i like that answer since we're running out of time cool via right here on the rich eyes show our number one of the books kirk cousins coming up but we still have what about a minute and a half here on the roku channel so your official prediction steve is i don't know yeah what do we put you down on our show cut to it how's the answer i'm going to it right now go to cut to it i'm going i'm on cut to it well listen to it get that view and then you'll get the answer super bowl preview special you can read yeah by the way he's a good reader good reader what's the last book you read i'm currently reading robert evans uh the kid stays in the picture oh uh for me i just finished um td jake sore it's pretty good all right wow what's the last book you read mike the book the book the adventures the real life adventures of doug the puck no i'm kidding is that a real book it is not he's made that up he doesn't read seriously what's the last book you read i'm currently reading al michael's book was the last book i read oh my god he came on the show to promote it four years ago you did not read that book yeah who wrote the forward thing i don't remember that steve thank you she's x factors i'm scrolling this cut to it video i'm currently reading the uh you're looking at x factor the flowers yeah you like that big x flag i like it yeah i'm looking for your prediction so i can tell go to super bowl you're on the shorts go to the actual no i'm on the full episode oh we haven't we haven't broken down the chapters too yeah yeah that's what i'm looking at well you just got posted an hour ago i like you uh i like the j's today thanks thank you for joining the steve smith show here on the roku channel i'm rich eisen signing off for kurt cousins coming up don't go anywhere there you go you
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