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REShow: Trey Lance - Hour 1 (2-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 8, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Trey Lance - Hour 1 (2-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 8, 2023 3:12 pm

Rich and the guys break down the latest in our ‘Patrick Mahomes Ankle Watch 2023’ coverage and comment on what’s at stake for the Kansas City Chiefs QB in Sunday’s Super Bowl. 

49ers QB Trey Lance joins Rich on-set to discuss his recovery from a season-ending broken ankle suffered in Week 2, why he’s ready and eager to compete with Brock Purdy for the Niners’ starting quarterback job, and why he’s picking the Chiefs to beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Rich and the guys react to LeBron James breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA scoring record and debate if that feat makes him the league’s greatest scorer over Michael Jordan.

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Head to to find a store near you and stock up for Sunday. 49ers quarterback Trey Lance, Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana, Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, and now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is can confirm we are live here in the Super Bowl city and state of Arizona. We are thrilled to be here inside the Super Bowl experience in the Downtown Phoenix Convention Center for today and the next two days after this right here on the Rich Eisen show could not be more thrilled to bring the first ever Super Bowl show to the Roku channel. We are thrilled to be here on streaming on the Roku channel for free and everybody can get the Roku channel for free by going to any Roku device, Samsung Smart TVs, select Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV.

If you have the Roku app guess what it's free to get the Roku channel on the Roku app and the that is how you could see it our beautiful set that is in the Super Bowl experience in the Downtown Phoenix Convention Center that later on today will be filled with hyped children and for the moment my hyped children running around here are Chris Brockman and TJ Jefferson right next to Chris Brockman and DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts right here Mike Del Tufo we are back here at the Super Bowl. What's up Rich? Amazing.

How you feeling baby? Look at us. Look at us. Oh by the way I forgot to introduce one last special friend that's right here with us. My cousin Vinnie.

Your cousin Vinnie. Wow. It is the greatest trophy in all of sports and obviously I am biased so with all due respect to those who follow hockey and love hockey and love baseball and love basketball but this bobble to my left this is the genuine article that's the benefit of having this show hosted by somebody who's been with the NFL and covering my 20th Super Bowl for NFL Network is we have the Vince Lombardi trophy right here. That's what's up. And this is next to me on my desk I've got a cactus to my right and to my left I have the Vince Lombardi trophy far more expensive than the cactus which is by the way very beautiful and we get to keep the cactus by the way so guys. I got it. I'm definitely don't make me pull this thing over and separate you guys it's just a cactus but we have we have the Vince Lombardi trophy here and the neat part about it is we have somebody who's hoisted this four times Joe Montana we have somebody who's hoisted it one time and had a chance to host it two more hoisted two more times than Kurt Warner coming by here and Charles Woodson I believe had a hoisted with his non-separated arm. Charles Woodson will be here in hour number three Kurt Warner and Joe Montana back to back in hour number two and the first guest that we're going to have here at the convention center coming up in about 17 minutes time is Trey Lance who as we know is the quarterback of the moment for the San Francisco 49ers Seth Rollins is stopping by WWE superstar and I booked him the other day when he was booked for the show the other day I called you TJ and I'm like guess who's coming I was coming day one and he's a die-hard Bears fan so and we've got Justin Fields tomorrow we've got some great guests lined up for all of us here on the Rich Eisen show joining us at the convention center in downtown Phoenix and we're thrilled that you are here and that's how we're setting the stage for day three of Super Bowl week of our call of our coverage but day one year and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs spoke today we're going to hear from the Eagles later on today they speak one more time tomorrow the players do the coaches speak one more time after that and then nothing but the the football remains for the Super Bowl 57 week here in Arizona and we're thrilled not only to bring our show from Los Angeles to here and when we do that we also bring our Emmy award-winning coverage of Patrick Mahomes's ankle now you know that we have had ankle watch 2023 in a way that I would put our ankle coverage up against anybody else and we don't very we don't have like orthopedic surgeons on our program we don't do that sort of injury conversation what we do is just focus on the ankle itself with any video that could be possibly shot by anybody that's actually at these press conferences as you know we were the first to show you how Mahomes is going to be fine in the AFC Championship game in the way that he got up and down from a riser very similar to the one that our set is built on right here at any rate I have set up our ankle watch coverage by reminding everybody how expert we are at it and the fact that Patrick Mahomes spoke again about his ankle today I could have easily just thrown to the soundbite but I wanted to give ourselves a pat on the back here's what Patrick Mahomes had to say about his readiness for Super Bowl 57 on that supposedly highly sprained ankle last week you had mentioned that the ankle was preventing you from really stopping with some of the pain where are you at and how close do you feel like you are to just doing everything that you'd be able to normally do with the injury yeah I don't think you'll know exactly until you get to game day I'm definitely in a better spot I mean I definitely can move around better than I was moving last week or two weeks ago and so just trying to continue to get the treatment in the rehab and get to as close as I can to 100% and then rely on some adrenaline to let me do a little bit extra when I'm on the field so it's going to be it's going to be definitely better more mobile be able to move around a little bit better for sure and then we'll see on game day how close to 100% I can be all right I take two things from that first thing I take from it is that we are so damn bored waiting for the Super Bowl to actually kick off that I wouldn't be surprised if somebody actually takes some microphone and sticks it and Patrick Mahomes his ankle and starts to interview the bone itself I would do that I'm you know I'm just like so tell me how do the ligaments feel what are we going to honestly I personally think that there's not going to be any problem unless he gets hit on it I can't imagine that he's not going to be 100% in the Patrick Mahomes MVP we've seen all year Andy Reid said that the entire playbook is available I definitely don't think he's going to be 100% though I was watching the day still a little bit of what'd you see oh well you know TJ if you're going to bring well yeah any information to the table for our Emmy award-winning ankle coverage you understand it's a very high bar so what are you talking about I use my years of working at Foot Locker like I told you I know about supination of the foot so the way I watched his game it's he didn't look 100% he looked like he might be about 85 but well enough to continue on with the game okay yeah there you go very good I'm next we should we should have a uh like a referee jersey available for you to put that stuff on I have I left I brought one very good did you really bring one yeah I have a ref jersey of course he didn't bring it I have a rich I brought a lot I drove out he drove a car here man I got a lot of stuff with me I honestly think this is not going to be an issue um I think he's actually going to be better than we saw in the AFC championship game and I don't think this is an issue at all and now we're just focused on legacy questions for him quite frankly and that is he going to show up to this game and win this football game and get one closer to Tom Brady Joe Montana who's won four times uh and used to have the standard set and this department's going to join us in hour number two but here's what Mahomes uh asked I got what he was asked about what's at stake is that what uh he was asked because what he's chasing there we go which is an interesting choice of words since apparently you know he's got a bad it's a must win game rich what are you chasing um what I'm chasing is I don't I never say I'm chasing a player I'm chasing that I don't want to have any regrets when I step off this football field um and I understand how lucky I am to be in this organization I understand how lucky I am to play with guys that are going to be hall of famers um and so when I look back at the end of my career I don't want to look back and be like man I didn't give everything I have to to win to win Super Bowls because of the great people I have around me and so uh when I get done with my career I just want to make sure that I know that I gave everything I had on that football field he's chasing Brady I mean that's it that's what every quarterback's chasing but he's still in the part of his career where it's absurd to sit here and say I'm chasing Tom Brady um because he's not even 28 years old um this is what the question that we're referring to or the media is referring to when asking him who he's chasing right now all he's doing is just chasing a championship and start stacking them and then once he stacks enough of them that's when he can potentially turn his attention and say he's hitting this sort of uh button by saying I'm going after Tom Brady can you imagine if he came out and said this I'm chasing Tom Brady right now I mean like that's yeah I mean I'd respect it I'd respect the Moxie but look he's in year six year five as a starter like this is where he's at and he's had tremendous success early on so this is going to be the conversation the rest of his career I was talking to DP on his show today um and about young quarterbacks who have been that successful at this age um and so you could sit here and say who can actually run down Tom Brady or get in his area code not named Patrick Mahomes and you know so there's two of those I'll take the other one first which is which other quarterback that's young enough and good enough right now and has the ability to potentially start winning and be so generationally talented and surrounded by a talent that can do it obviously that's Joe Burrow in my estimation Joe's the only other one who can start to get back to Super Bowls and start to win he's made two AFC Championship games in a row and obviously we'll see what happens once he gets totally paid uh to the rest of that uh roster but uh other than him um you know I don't know who else could start to put seasons together to get to the Super Bowl and you could sit here and assume he can get to the Super Bowl enough other than Patrick Mahomes Mahomes is the only one with a win right now of all these young Turk quarterbacks um so that's one and the other one is another guy who I thought had a chance at some point to start to get in this direction and had like Mahomes a chance to get closer to Brady by actually beating him in Super Bowl is Russell Wilson everybody kind of forgets because of what just happened with the Broncos nation country Lex Ride disastrous year in Denver but Russ came out of the gate and started winning division titles and he started winning NFC Championship games he was the guy that would get into the divisional round every year either by being the one seed and getting to the divisional round or winning a couple playoff games a wild card game either at home or on the road and and he had that going on and I just he he really did you know I'm just looking at it right now so his first nine years uh in the league he won 98 games right 267 touchdowns obviously won a Super Bowl been to another one uh he made eight Pro Bowls in nine years I mean Russell Wilson has every accolade correct that you could possibly except for an MVP uh to you know and that's a it's a nine-year run it was not just the first five it was a spectacular first few years of his career and you said nine-year run and you take a look at the the first five years of his career and we were he was on a path oh yeah and the question is you know this Mahomes going to be part of a franchise where suddenly that path starts to go a little bit wayward and he's going to wind up somewhere else in his 30s of course not this guy is going to be like Brady where he's going to be with this team for a very long time and I doubt I doubt there's going to be any fall off I don't sit here and think in any way shape or form that if he ever decides in his mind's eye I'm going to chase Tom Brady he can do it now there is the Philadelphia Eagles standing in his way this year and if he does not win this one then obviously he will still only have one and Brady can just sit back and start smoking cigars like he's the 72 Dolphins you know and start popping champagne corks is that so that's the way this is going to go from now on he's turning the Mercury Morris now that's what I truly believe this is the new conversation again the conversation used to be can somebody go chase down our second hour guest in Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw and now the conversation is who are you chasing and it's him and you know we we have once again led this show with Patrick Mahomes and I'm sure Philadelphia Eagles fans are like what gives on that front don't worry we're going to give your team a ton of do by asking all of these uh experts because they have hoisted this trophy to my left if they think the Philadelphia Eagles are uh are are going to win this football game and I bet you Chris when it's all said and done at the end of the week when you add up tally up all the people who think the Eagles are going to win uh or who's going to win the Super Bowl I think the Eagles might wind up with more people saying that they're going to win the knot and I you know and I know Kurt Warner when he joins us in hour number two having had conversations with him he saw the Eagles eviscerate the Niners in the NFC Championship game but I think he's going to sit here and and lean in their direction so we're off and running here from the Super Bowl state of Arizona just down the road from Scottsdale just further down the road from Glendale where the Super Bowl is taking place we're hanging out here at the Super Bowl experience at the Downtown Phoenix Convention Center all day today and then Thursday and Friday right here on the Rich Eisen Show and we come back Trey Lance is going to be our first guest here and so much more don't move and you can just check us out on the Roku channel our beautiful set here in Downtown Phoenix we're back with more on this radio tv streamer in a moment for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form scissor you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically I feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen I'm back here on the Rich Eisen Show from the Super Bowl Convention Center the Rich Eisen Radio Network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call or just stop by joining me here our first guest of Super Bowl week right here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Roku channel and this terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM and Odyssey and more courtesy of Sleep Number San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance how you doing Trey I'm doing great man it's great to see you too good to have you oh man thanks for having me absolutely and I was noticing the way you got up here you you were watching my walk I was watching your gate no hitch my gate well look here's the deal uh we are we're we're all over ankle watch from home so we're all over ankle watch from home so we are experts on whether somebody needs help getting up a riser or down to the riser I you just hop right up I see I noticed you guys were kind of ready holding the hands out and everything like I was gonna need a crutch or something no no we can I mean we can go for a jog or something if you really like I mean whatever Trey I won't lie I was recording you just your ankle my walk from you walked up there I saw you walk on the steps so we're gonna analyze this this footage later I'll pretend like that's that's not weird yeah it's fine no I'm not sure that's good you are actually creeping me out and it's your job not to creep me out and do what you did by the way so okay how are you feeling you look good I'm doing great yeah I mean I just I'm in a great spot my recovery okay um obviously you know sleep number has been a huge part of that you know my my recovery come on I mean look at you you know how important sleep is for you of course I mean my sleep number bed obviously I can raise my feet up okay and I can put the ice the game ready preventus whatever I need on my ankle uh-huh elevate my ankle look at you and I'm in a great spot do you want to work your number I mean they got a foot numb they got a foot warmer okay I mean how many beds you know you got a foot warmer um I don't know I don't know of many of them I mean I know your wife's feet get cold sometimes okay so I'm just throwing it out there okay so I know you're on a sleep number by the way my setting's 60 um okay very good uh not saying that this is weird as well um so you're you're you're pitching me a bed is that what you're doing right I mean I mean I want to know about your ankle and you're and you're pitching me I'm just throwing it out there I'm just letting you know that very impressive sleep number has been a huge part of that recovery you're a leader man you're a leader I appreciate you leading look at you you only know one speed I'm trying man uh-huh okay so uh you're you're ready for when when are you ready to get back out there for the 49ers I will be fully throwing back on the field the last week in February like truly taking drops throwing okay but it's it's going to be you know it's going to be a process ups and downs and and it has been obviously yeah second procedure and everything like that um but I feel like I'm in a really great spot and and OTA's I should be fully cleared I did misspeak okay when I was doing my exit interviews what do you mean and I said that I would be fully cleared in the next three weeks but that was cleared to run okay not fully cleared okay so people took that in a very different way and uh my my my PT was gave me a hard time about it oh I say that PT is that my physical therapist yes yes yes I thought but not your HC your HC was no no no for that now my HC is like man whenever you're ready to go let's go you know Kyle Kyle ready to go right but he can't I you know get you until April right I mean yeah yeah yeah with with you know the rule he follows the rules okay of course he's a rule follower yeah he got fine one time right I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about that no that's okay but he did get fine one time for OTA's but it was our fault you know we were going too hard yeah it's not it's not his fault you know guys were sleeping on sleep numbers guys were ready waking up in the morning ready to go after the great night of sleep he might win coach of the year uh tomorrow night so you don't have to cover I don't I really don't see how he how he couldn't what was it like for you to watch this year play out uh it was hard um it was it was hard for sure uh ups and downs throughout the year um it got easier when I found my role I went in you know after uh probably a few weeks after my first surgery right and just talked to Kyle and it was it was like man what can I do um what was your role what was your uh I started with base downs um started with base downs breaking down pressures um especially once Brock started playing it definitely picked up which is around the time my second surgery right before my second surgery um but I needed something I needed something to to feel like I was contributing that was that was the hardest thing for me was getting to that spot where I'm feeling good I'm doing my rehab I'm in the meetings I'm asking the right questions but I I didn't feel like I was truly helping uh when a lot of time when when Jimmy was playing and obviously Jimmy's a vet Jimmy's done it he played a really very high level right but once once Brock took over like I felt like I needed to help uh so whatever it was base down pressures third down pressures red zone um I just tried to help as much as I could well I'm sure you were you were hearing all the coverage of Brock Purdy and the magic carpet ride we got baller I know we were we got Kurt Warner coming on in hour number two that's people were we were on on NFL network equating Brock to what Kurt Warner did in 1999 but obviously lost in all of that was your role as potentially the future quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers at any point in time did did uh Shanahan pull you aside and say you're still the guy or anything like that it wasn't that situation and I I wouldn't want it to be that way um Brock played way too well um and Brock played at such a high level and handled himself the right way uh I don't I wouldn't want it to be a situation where I'm just handed something um and I feel horrible obviously Brock for his injury um for me I mean I mean I truly believe everything happens for a reason uh whether it's his he's gonna be better for it mine I'm gonna be better for it um and I'm excited to just get on the field and compete so that's all I want an opportunity to do so you believe your next uh few months is about competing for this job absolutely yeah I mean told everyone saw what Brock Brock doesn't just come in and play that well and I just get handed something out of the blue and I don't expect that or want that um but I truly believe yeah I just want opportunity to compete that's all I wanted going into this off season all right and then one other thing that's been talked about you in particular and the 49ers is that this team we just saw is ready to roll ready to win a championship ready to do everything the quarterback spot is too green you still haven't had enough reps I mean you haven't played a lot of college and professional football the last few years due to covid due to your injuries due to Jimmy G having the job in your rookie season so what do you say to people that that this is too much of a ready win now machine to be handed the reins to a guy who's yet to really do it I mean all I can say to people at the end of the day is I'm going to do everything I possibly can to be as prepared as I possibly can to be ready to go every week um at the end of the day I'm not going to promise anyone anything I'm not going to promise anyone a certain number of wins but I believe myself and at the end of the day that's all I can do all right what would it mean to pick up this trophy for you to win it one we're going to get there I was just with Christian actually on the flight yesterday um with who Christian McCaffrey okay yeah who's my teammate now okay that's pretty cool pretty cool I'm just throwing it out there it's pretty cool Christian McCaffrey like that's a guy so what do you say but just being able to talk about you know this opportunity uh how does that conversation sound like give me come on let us in on it I mean we're close you just told me about your bed I mean what's more personal than that no we're right there I mean like you said man I mean offensively defensively Fred Warner is the most intense human being I've ever been around and I can't wait to just kick his butt during training camp and he won't he won't participate during OTAs uh-huh he won't participate during the OTAs because he doesn't want to smoke but wow I'm just playing I'm just you know I don't think he's playing I'll be very honest with you if I had a guess I mean it's a great play we're not playing and Drake Greenlaw too um but nah truly uh I mean like you said man everything you said is 100% correct I mean this roster is ready to go um coaching staff is ready to go uh plug to Bobby Slowick and Brian Griese really hope they stick around okay um but yeah I mean this is what it's all about at the end of the day I listen to it every week this year um talking about the the ultimate goal where we're trying to get to um and I'm just excited to be a part of it this year I mean it's got to be you got to go out it must be out of your skull that you this is still you haven't gotten a full season you haven't gotten a full opportunity yeah and it's been it's been a long time when was the last time you played a full season of football uh right before COVID that uh right North Dakota State shout out to the bison there you go shout out to the bison okay thank you all right so um what what do you want to tell me about sleep number beds I mean sleep number has just been such a such a perfect partnership for me um you know I like we talked about last year you know you know the whole story about my mom always being hard on me about my sleep you know I'm never a mentor that I'm tired uh but I understand you want to stay up late is that what you're having are you trying to stay up late I'm and I and I I didn't have a sleep number 360 smart bed game changer you use the app I don't use the app no okay well let me put you on the app so the app okay I you want to take your phone you got a minute oh does he have a minute I'm being told that you've got a they're they're they're talking he's talking about your product oh you don't have to take Trey just yet so there's a sleep IQ app there it is opening it up right here oh there it is all right sleep IQ app yeah it will tell me how many hours of sleep my quality of sleep right whether it's my average hours average quality heart rate heart rate variability okay I mean everything it's it's a game changer also sleep number makes these cooling pads yeah game changer yeah sleep nice cool mattress I mean sheets anything whatever you need I need to have 66 degrees is my temperature sleeping what about you I'm in the room do you turn it down I'm about 67 but I have my temperature so it it starts to heat up at about 5 30 yeah so when I wake up at six yeah then it's a little bit warmer so you get out of bed you don't want to be freezing you know it's hard to get out of bed when you feel that you can see your breath I do know that by the way is this a competition I said 66 you said 67 I noticed that it's a game changer I could sleep colder than you Trey Lance yeah the bed warms up you're tougher than you by the way when it comes to sleeping colder you don't want any of my smoke look at this by the way yes he's so locked in right now what do you want to show you my sleep IQ app my sleep okay my sleep like my sleep score was 74 in bed look at you this is amazing I mean okay you need to get on the app okay I'm telling you like you truly need to get on the app it's really a game changer well you can see how many hours you sleep just the fact that you can track it and then you can understand okay do I feel good today because I got a massage yesterday knowing you you probably get a lot of massages or do I feel good because I got three children okay massages or get some push-ups you know are you feeling good because you did a little workout went for a walk went for a hike well I mean what you know okay very good that's that's just throwing it out there for you look at you Trey the sleep IQ he's got his phone right there and I do I just need to make sure you guys are you guys on sleep numbers I mean I gotta get a bed first I gotta get the bed okay these are guys I got it I got a discount code rough night of sleep Trey Trey Trey down to your left to your left are three guys who want free stuff as a matter of fact yes the guy at the very end never wears a thing he's ever bought it's not free respect respect respect be careful you need to keep it here I'm not going to ask you for free stuff to your left I had a rough night it's like I'm a 13 13 I mean he's all right Trey Lance your prediction for Super Bowl 57 who wins Chiefs well you didn't stutter did not stutter why I mean obviously they're both playing the Super Bowl so no disrespect the Eagles have had a great season the the Chiefs have had a great season it's just it's just my my prediction why you can't just say it and just walk out I mean is it because you're bitter are you bitter about what happened your team last I'm not bitter I I mean it would have been nice to obviously see a real a real game oh and I think both I think both teams would agree it was a real game I mean it was a real it was a real game wasn't it I mean the whole real game yes it everything happens for a reason true true believer in that okay some players no but hold on a second quarterback so the fact that it wasn't a real guy because 47 million people watch the game I saw that the team that won is here at the Super Bowl no yeah I know and I'm not taking nothing away from them at all I'm not I I didn't even play in the game so how am I going to sit here and take something away from you I watch right I watch just like you watch yes you did that's true but you had the better scene but it hurt a little bit more you know I mean when you when you can't throw the ball and the other team knows you can't throw the ball I mean it's it's that's the reality of the situation I think they would they would agree the same thing I'm not taking nothing away from them they're a great team and and they beat us that's at the end of the day so I'm not going to take anything away from them at all um sounds like you're I'm just making this let me make this very clear I'm not taking nothing away from the Eagles they absolutely deserve to be in the Super Bowl they deserve everything they've got anymore and I think it's going to be a great game my prediction is the Chiefs but that's that's that's that means nothing that's irrelevant that's not irrelevant you said it Trey Lance it's good thank you for stopping by shout out to Jalen uh shout out to Trey Sermon all the guys on the Eagles that I'm I'm good friends with um excited to watch them and I hope they ball out all of them they go and and uh so it'll be I guess the first real game since the AFC Championship game will you stop on Super Bowl 57 I've had my sleep Trey I think they they understand my sleep I'm I'm wide awake now it's getting cold it's what we're doing the temperature's dropping it's how we're starting the day okay on Twitter Trey dot Lance on Instagram follow this man give me give me to a meal or something man give me some give me a shout out give this man a follow please all right uh thanks for being here uh courtesy of Sleep Number I don't know if anybody could pick up that Trey Lance is here it's part of Sleep Number I needed I really needed a shirt uh that would have been great what shirt uh Sleep Number shirt well guess what you're gonna get it rich honestly I got a swag bag for you there it is Trey come on wait you see what you get here we go let's pound it out Trey Lance right here on the Rich Eisen Show by the way the next guest is Joe Montana we've got that coming up and we'll talk about LeBron's special night when we come back back here at the Super Bowl Convention Center for Super Bowl 57 do you know what's trending now I will tell you you can defer payments of a full NetSuite implementation for six months no payments and no interest for six months this is a big deal folks NetSuite by Oracle has never made an offer like this in its 22 years as the leading cloud financial system 33,000 companies have already upgraded to NetSuite gaining visibility and control over their financials inventory HR e-commerce and more everything they need to reduce manual processes boost efficiency build forecasts and increase productivity across every department whether your business generates millions or hundreds of millions of dollars take advantage of this special financing offer of no payments or interest for six months at rich radio that's rich radio rich radio so uh LeBron became the all-time yeah scorer in the history of the NBA incredible last night the 38 year run of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the leading scorer in the history of the association came to an end last night with Kareem there and the Lakers rolling it all out his family was there and um it was um quite a moment yes it was and I think it was obvious that um it was a moment that led to the Lakers potentially having a letdown in the game for Oklahoma City winning that game but um I I think the fact that there's even a conversation today as to whether LeBron is the greatest scorer in the history of the NBA still even with him having the all-time record how's that the conversation is kind of just just open oh well you're not on twitter anymore well you know you're the rich isis social media would you call Kareem the greatest scorer ever just because he had the record um kind of I would yeah really yeah I mean you weren't alive when you watched when he was playing so I mean I mean if you score the most points you are the greatest scorer I don't know about that then what's your definition Michael Jordan has the highest points per game average in NBA history to me that's the greatest scorer in the league he scores the most every game all right well that's I like Chris I can't disagree with that I think it is and this isn't a MJ Lebron thing I'm just kind of looking at it even though you just made it that that's the same thing as Trey Lance look I'm not taking anything away from the Eagles but I just called their their NFC championship game win and not a real win well scoring the most point not a real game it's also a credit to both Kareem and Lebron's longevity of course points per game is what you do when the game's played how about this how about this then let's if if you want to um not have an argument in my estimation even though we just had an argument in a way or a conversation about him not being the greatest scorer ever since he is the greatest scorer ever and he's going to put up 40,000 points when it's all said and done that more than I just was sitting there last night watching him you know be with his beautiful family and seeing him you know after the game there was a video of Brony showing him his phone like the video of yeah you know showing his dad here here's the moment where you broke Kareem's record and all I could sit there and think of was being on the SportsCenter set years ago coming on after one of his high school games was broadcast on ESPN and him being on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the next chosen one junior as a high school player and having him discussed as one of the best basketball players on the planet potentially before even being drafted and talking about him on SportsCenter back in the day when I was in my you know early 30s and here I am a 53 year old man that he's the greatest scorer in the history of the NBA that he is maybe you can say arguably but I will just come out and say out of the maybe I'll remove the maybe screw it he he's he's the greatest player to live up to the hype in the history of players living up to the hype to the high no also all sports he gets yeah yeah Tiger Tiger is the only one in that world I guess you could you know that that's the only one that would give me pause to throw the maybe in there because LeBron I'm talking about his high school games being on ESPN and Tiger showed up as a three-year-old sinking putts for Bob Hope on the Mike Douglas show you know which again I know I'm dating myself but see he was as a three-year-old kid out there but nothing beats the spotlight of SportsCenter being thrown on you and Tiger had the same thing thrown on him and but LeBron also didn't have any Thanksgiving moments you know he has been just from start to finish one of the greatest if not the greatest livers up to the hype ever ever ever and you're never on TMZ never doing anything but the the right thing you can just no injuries like nothing really has derailed a year or two is you know his beautiful family you know out there celebrating his moment it was cool in front of Kareem it was actually a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be really just we all watch together we all get caught up and I guess what we started the conversation with which is like is he the greatest scorer of all time there's Jordan there's Kobe there's Bill Russell about the greatest winner of all time and who's this and who's that but just in terms of kid having high school games aired live on ESPN drafted by of all teams his hometown team and the hype that he had to live up to why by the way when Kobe was at his zenith and when others were you know who he has since passed on the way to passing Kareem being not only active but all-time greats I mean wearing Jordan's number to start I mean all of it you got to give it up it's very Tom Brady-ish too when you just talk about longevity like guys started their career after him and retired before him yes and he's just still going he's still at the height if the Lakers had a better record he'd be in the MVP conversation like he's really having a phenomenal year outside of this yes that's kind of been looming over the whole season and um you know I was just sitting there thinking of of that last night it's another one of those sports moments where I sit around and I think of Stuart Scott and wonder what he would say and what he would think you know as LeBron passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar I mean again he's gonna have 40,000 points he may have more he's gonna have 42,000 points when it's all said now he's got this so far five years left you would think right well he did say after TNT said afterwards he wants to play at least a couple more years um did you think he was gonna go hook shot because we got skyhook right yeah well I mean it's kind of interesting uh just to linger on the moment itself because there's a still photograph that's gone viral um and and we have it and and it's just this is a moment that I think could be a painting and you can hang it in a museum in the Louvre because here he is shooting you know his shot um and there's a couple things about this that that is amazing first of all you want to talk about a 21st century moment everybody has their phones out yeah and they're watching the moment through their phones with the exception of is you could see at the very bottom right of your screen the richest man in the arena by far Phil Knight of Nike is sitting there with his hands in his lap like okay I don't need to take it to Bryce and Bronny which is so cool I don't know it's truly unreal of him just sitting there with his hands in his lap and pretty much everyone else has their phones out uh and then another uh I guess 21st century moment is uh Thomas Bryant number 31 at the bottom of your screen of the photograph calling for the ball he's posting up SGA like hey I'm open and this reminds me of the old Adam Sandler uh bit about Wilt Chamberlain breaking the one the record of most points scored in the game is 100.9 Adam Sandler's joke is you know Wilt is uh got 96 points 98 points time out they go to the huddle and one of his teammates looks at Wilt and goes hey Wilt I'm open you know and it's one of my favorite jokes that Adam Sandler tells I thought about like you know Thomas Bryant like okay brother he needs one more bucket to pass Kareem his whole family's there everybody's expecting it like he's going to hit the open man but got it okay terrific that's LeBron's whole career there's probably a 40 chance he may have passed the ball to Thomas because that was that's LeBron's game and he thought he had a better shot yeah and to be honest with you if you just look at this snapshot but but you know if if Thomas Bryant has got Shea Gilders Alexander underneath him honestly like LeBron should have actually gotten assist on this play but come on I just love how he's like hey man I'm open and then all I could think of as well for this iconic photograph is that the kid who's asking for the ball is named Bryant and I didn't think about that in Los Angeles there's a he he shot his record-breaking shot his record-breaking basket was shot over a teammate for the Lakers named Bryant and I honestly sat there and thought to myself that is wild like you can't make that sort of stuff up he wears number 31 like Kurt Rambis who has nothing to do with this but I just figured well I mean I'm sure you know Kurt had something to do with it because you know he's in the Lakers front office but we don't want to go there on this wonderful Laker day so there you go I mean this is a shot that everyone's talking about today and also just kind of the way he ended it was like the like f f man like thank you oh that was hilarious like everything about it was just cool but like you said it's since 16 no one's had as much pressure as him when you figure the amount of people who want this man to fill for as many people pulling him in so many different directions we're in the camera phone situation every time he leaves the house someone's got a camera on him people are waiting for him to trip up people are waiting for him to do something dumb dude we parsed this three-word tweet earlier this week yeah maybe it's me you know and and we legitimately did that I think because it is a story what he thinks and what he tweets to his gajillion followers and and that is the life that he leads and he has led it remarkably well and you know the guy clearly you know has his faults and things to criticize criticize him you know about but for somebody to come into the league the way that he did and the fact that he still has more of a story left to write we we all know he's going to play with his son I mean like that's going to happen like whatever it takes it's whatever it could be I mean it could be in Orlando it could be anywhere it's going to happen like that literally is we we all know this on this day we just don't know when that's going to happen and he's he is as we said when Brady retired for good um earlier I still use their quote I did use it because you have to um that he retired for good that uh it's now LeBron's sports world for us to wonder about his end game how long he can keep it up at an age an advanced age that nobody else is able to look like the way he looks and plays like it is very similar to Brady and um and and just the winning of the championships that's that's the question can he can he win another one like Brady Brady while he stays active longer than most people think like Brady playing at a high level that nobody else had ever been able to play at at such an advanced age like Brady that that's that you know that might be the next movie I guess like Brady uh I don't know if little bow wow can uh you know reprise his role um so that that's the way I'm looking at it you'll have a part in that movie though I just got actually opened a residual check before leaving here for like uh for I think it was 85 cents oh rich it was Ocho Cinco it really was hey also did you see Brady had uh Belichick on his on his pod I did they're still friends they surprise people exactly like what are we well I think there's been you know a false narrative obviously that these guys have some beef and that they uh they don't really like it by the way also I wouldn't be surprised if Brady signs the one day like I think that's coming I I wouldn't be that I and I think that shocks people I don't know why don't you remember when Brady went back as a buck and almost lost to Mac Jones that was at the zenith of the Mac Jones era pretty much close to it um you know it's the beginning he made the playoffs that yeah I was they did you know all right I just it was a I guess a lame attempt to troll on you here but um they had like a didn't they have like a 20-minute conversation yeah after the game right I think that whatever was discussed there all week long prior to that got uh hashed out yeah that didn't surprise me it was pretty cool though it was really cool and then he had pate manning on his mannings on uh later latest example he doesn't need fox to have a platform but he just he might need fox to have a 375 million right payday for the first time ever stream the super bowl for free super bowl 57s on westwood one sunday february 12th catch all the action on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports the free auto zone fixed finder service can help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine light for free and get you back on the road restrictions apply get in the zone auto zone joe montan is making his way oh yeah i mean my god this is amazing ankle watch for what his ankle for what i don't know joe's in the 60s we just got to make sure he's all right i'm going to ask you this and i really mean it from the heart near him everybody okay no videos no videos of his ankle no he's retired his ankles it's creepy we don't know that can i hug him because i love you you can of course he's 66 guy i gotta make sure he's all right you can hug him i saw him play as a kid in nd i would still say this though rich we talked about brady seven i still say that's an anomaly i think four should still be the the number of people shoot for because yeah seven is just stop wait a minute there's so much to get right he was there when rudy was there right yeah he was a freshman yeah well joe is on the record joe's in your camera stop all the fact that i could use a super bowl show platform well for this i think is a force i don't know i don't have the real rudy wants to fight you yeah i know that right yeah okay for people who don't know rich in the real rudy from the movie have a look well i have no really has beef with him you have beef with notre dame i have beef but i'm gonna put it aside for the man who's right behind you okay everybody act accordingly okay my guy right act accordingly joe montana is here on the rich isin show come on out joe you can take a seat good to see you oh i know here he comes joe montana is about to sit down we're gonna wrap up our number one right here on the rich isin show on our terrestrial radio outfit and our radio uh listeners stay tuned joe montana just sat down right here concluding our first hour of three days here at the super bowl state we're still here on the roku channel good to see you joe how are you pull that microphone in front of you right there yeah there you go well by the way i just jockey over here earlier no i know here you go okay good to see you you too how you been i'm fine so here's here's what we're gonna do we're gonna take a break yeah then we come back at the top of the hour and then we then we talk yeah and we're gonna sound good to you um i appreciate you saying i'm here i'm i'm yours you're mine okay in your world this is amazing it's great to see you joe joe montana is here and then kurt warner's coming by now nice yeah it'll be good yeah i got all the old guys huh all the old guys the old guys you you don't consider yourself an old guy do you joe well i used to have a lot more hair who are you talking to look at me well i didn't want to say anything i know that's great and it's and it's great that's great well fantastic i appreciate you coming here um and then we just had trey lands here as well nice i want to have a conversation with you on that front and i'm sorry i'm a michigan guy so i'm sorry you overheard me slagging on notre dame as you walked in well yeah don't worry we just had guys that flunked out of notre dame they went straight to michigan it wasn't very good you had a better quarterback but i should have got into michigan too all right that'll wrap up our number one right here in the super bowl town when we come back a full-on conversation with joe montana four-time super bowl champ when we come back here to the super bowl state live on the roku channel
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