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Southern Border Nightmare!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 27, 2023 8:19 pm

Southern Border Nightmare!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 27, 2023 8:19 pm

Southern Border Nightmare!

Steve has Misty Hedspeth from Heart’s Cry Children’s Ministry in studio to discuss the child abuse in trying to get into the U.S.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Welcome back. I hope you're doing well.

Something that I do often in my classes with my homeschool high school students, all 165 of them, is I will play word association, which helps me to see where they're at and their understanding with some things that you would think they would understand or you would think they would know. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a picture of people of color and the Rio Grande Valley and the wall or not the wall? Is it Donald Trump? Is it Joe Biden? Is it the Border Patrol and the folks down there? Is it drones?

Is it Fox News coverage? But basically, it's Texas, Arizona, and Mexico. And for most of us, that's kind of where you go when you think about the border crisis or the southern border and the illegal immigrant border.

Illegal immigrant problem, however you want to phrase it. But it's actually if you think of a funnel and in this case, we're going to invert the funnel. OK, the the bottom of the funnel where everything comes out, that's our southern border.

So go ahead and keep that in your mind. If you go to the top of the funnel where everything's getting poured in, it's not Mexico. You have to go a whole lot further south than that. And so in the summer of 2021, Misty Headspeth was here to talk about Hearts Cry Children's Ministry, which I know doesn't sound like it's directly related to the border crisis, but it is. That's why it's there. And as a result of what's going on up and down this trail of tears, if you will. There's a humanitarian crisis and it's what we see is on our border, but it goes a lot further south than that. So we're going to get reeducated today and recalled to what the Lord would have us do. And there's a whole lot of bad news here. There's a lot of things that we just don't know, again, because we're pretty much just fed what's happening down on our southern border.

But there's a lot bigger story than that. So, Misty, it's great to have you back. It's good to see you. Thanks for being here. How you doing? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

You're welcome. And so what what kind of started this journey for you guys? In Panama, in general, is that what you mean? Yeah, I mean, you were up here living life like normal Americans doing your thing.

And the next thing you know. We were living the Christian Raleigh dream, just leading Bible studies and minding our own business. And then all of a sudden the Lord laid on our hearts this orphan crisis around the world and specifically in Panama, Central America. And through many divine appointments, he opened the door so that we could go down to Panama. We were invited in because I'm an attorney in Wake County, actually. And I had gotten to know the Hague Treaty and had gotten involved with international adoptions, as well as the abuse and neglected dependency courtroom here in Raleigh. And I had just gotten really involved with children's rights. And we went down ourselves to turn in our dossier and adopt.

And the Lord opened some amazing doors to where we were able to see right away. Kids are not getting out of orphanages. There's a massive bureaucracy problem. Fifty some orphanages in the country and tons of children wanting families. But and lots of people waiting for families.

But the bureaucracy was stopping it. And so he showed us that he was calling us, my husband and myself, down to Panama in order to help with the orphan crisis and in order to work with the government. And we helped rewrite the foster care and adoption laws in the country. We started our own foster and adoption agency for free to nationals. And then along the way, the Lord called us to open a special needs orphanage and therapy center. And that's what we have right now. Right now is called Casa Providencia.

Yeah. And so that's kind of the the hearts, if you will, of Hearts Cry Children's Ministry. But then if you go look and I'm putting links up now for not only Hearts Cry Children's Ministry, but a link tree page where you can see all these different things. There's some other things going on here now in your guys's ministry life that is you wouldn't necessarily like you see guys that look like their special forces kind of guys. And that doesn't sound like something that would normally tie to an orphanage in Panama. So all of a sudden it expands to this whole problem we have with this trail of tears going up and down from our border all the way down as far as Panama.

Right. So if you're one of our supporters, thank you so much for working with us and helping us run the orphanage. What I'm about to share has nothing to do with that side of the ministry.

This is something I've just been working on the side. And what ended up happening was our missionary friends in the area started telling us about the huge problem that was growing with the migrant trail going through Panama. Previously, in years past, have been maybe a couple hundred people a year.

But all of a sudden, January 2021 and went to thousands in a month, you know. And then by that summer, we started learning of all the children that were suddenly making it through the journey. Prior to this, no one would dare take a child through that treacherous journey because it was so horrific. But what we started learning was that people realized children were the golden ticket.

If you had a child with you or if you're a woman who was pregnant, then you would get through the lines faster in every single checkpoint or stop along the way, as well as at our southern border here. And it's really because of how we declared that at our southern border that family units could get through. That's what precipitated all of this madness that's been going on for the past year. Yeah, I keep telling people we're the one that put the cheese on the mousetrap. And the cheese is a porous southern border. And they knew it. I mean, people up and down this path and the people all the way down to Panama and the Darien Gap all knew as soon as Biden comes in, there's a new sheriff in town. He's not really a sheriff.

He's just a sleepy old grandpa. And everything's going to change. And as soon as you do that, you put all kinds of cheese on the mousetrap and then you get a humanitarian crisis, which they never want to talk about.

They just want to talk about, hey, we want to be open. And this country is built on immigrants. Well, true to a certain extent, but that the bigger crisis here isn't even so much what's our border policy.

It's a humanitarian crisis. And especially when it comes to kids, because, like you said, they're the golden ticket. They're the meal ticket. You're going to go for a walk. You grab a bottle of water.

I was thinking about this earlier when I handed you a bottle of water. You want to make the trek up and get into the good old U.S. of A. You need a kid. And if you don't have one, so what?

You just grab one. Is it literally that? It's kind of that black and white.

And by the way, we're not going to check the documents. Yeah, which is crazy. So it's insane.

It's literally incentivizing children to be trafficked. On a scale from one to 10, Misty, we're talking to Misty Headspeth from Hardscried Children's Ministry, we had a lot of ground to cover today, literally and figuratively. On a scale from one to 10, 10 being the worst, from when you first started to get a glimpse that we have this whole problem going up and down and the kids' involvements and kids being used in the humanitarian crisis. On a scale from one to 10, now that you've been dealing with it for a few years, relative to when you first found out, how bad is it really? I thought it was around a six and then whenever I went and saw it myself, it's way beyond a 10. It's worse than I could have imagined. Yeah, just horrific. So we'll, Misty is going to share some of those stories with us as best as possible so that we can all understand exactly what's going on down there.

And then ultimately, what do we do about it, especially if we're followers of Christ? We'll be right back. Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show today talking about the crisis on our southern border, but I want you to expand your thinking of that today as we learn more about Hardscried Children's Ministry. So there we got a couple different things we're dealing with here today with Misty Headspeth. She and her husband had started Hardscried and that's down in Panama, but Panama is part of the southern border problem because of this whole trek, which would include an area called the Darien Gap, which you're going to learn about. And so we have an opportunity for you to support the orphanage, which we're going to talk about.

There's 22 babies down there right now. But then there's just the advocacy that Misty is doing and with politicians and anybody that will listen. And there's other groups involved, which I want to make sure we all understand that, Misty, and what's going on up and down this trail of tears.

That phrase keeps coming back to me, but I teach U.S. history, so that one's going to burn into my head. But then you finding out about it and getting in there, I ask you that question before we hit the break, and it's way worse than you ever expected. So take us into that and just like the first time you decided to go explore and see what was actually happening, you're dealing with kind of the refuge from it all with the kids that survive when you have an orphanage.

But what was it like the first time you went to go see? Well, I was invited by some journalists that were going into the area, as well as the government social worker and psychologist and attorney were going down way into the bottom. So whenever you go through the Dottie Inn Gap, it's a 60-mile journey. They come from countries all over the world into easy visa countries like Ecuador and Peru, and then they make their way up to Colombia, and then they have to walk from Colombia into Panama in this area called the Dottie Inn Gap. And that's one of the most treacherous jungles in the world.

And so anyway, what I did was I went with this group of people from the government in order to investigate the children's rights and whether or not they were being violated. And so we went down to the very bottom where the people pop out at the end of that jungle trek. And at that point, there's an indigenous village, which for us to get there from Panama City, you know, it was, I don't know, five hours in a car and then four hours in a dugout canoe with indigenous people. It was one of the most dangerous things I've ever done. I have lived in Panama 11 years, and I had never done anything like this that far down because, you know, the U.S. Embassy says you can't go down there. We had to have special permission to get past the guards to go down there. It was a big deal, and it was very, very intense.

We went at flood stage, and I didn't know if we were going to make it, but we did. Yeah, because that was some of the video I saw on YouTube, right? Yeah, yeah. So I made a little video. Sorry, my videos aren't that great.

I'm an attorney, not a video maker. Yeah, but it takes you right down there, and you see, you guys go look at that. I put that link up. That's the link tree. So when you go to a link tree, for those of you that are not 30, when you get there, you're going to see all these different links, okay? So all the different things involved in this conversation that Misty is referring to are all there.

And plus, I'll put up the link directly to that YouTube page and the YouTube videos. But yeah, I mean, it's something that you're not used to seeing. No, and it was lightning. It was one of the worst storms I'd seen in Panama. It was flooding, literally, and we were about to turn back, and we just prayed and then just decided to go for it. And I just knew the Lord told me, you know, my dad used to say this, the safest place to be is the center of my will. Sure. And so we got in the boat, and we went.

I'm saying boat. Anyway, it was intense. And we get down there, and I'm with the government psychosocial attorney team, and I'm there to investigate the documents that the people are exiting the jungle, and there's a checkpoint. And that's kind of the funnel place where we were. And what I saw just totally broke me so much I could hardly even speak for a few days afterwards.

It was so bad. I had been around the world and visited many other orphanages in Haiti, you name it. But this was one of the roughest things I've ever seen because people were coming out bloodied, barely walking, barely alive from the jungle.

If you're a super fit like Delta Force agent, it takes you six days to get through there. You know, these were not super fit individuals that were coming out of the jungle. Plus, most of them had kids. And so it takes you even longer.

And so anyway, whenever I went there, I saw children, for example, a woman was holding her toddler. And what happens is dysentery sets in from the jungle because they didn't prepare. They don't have water.

They don't have the right amount of food. And then they're drinking from the streams. There's parasites like crazy.

You know, the nasty stuff going on out there. And then the baby started having diarrhea. And then within a few days, this journalist I spoke to said like within five or six days, they're dead.

Well, I was seeing them on that day one when they were about to die. And there was just a flesh ripped off of the baby's bottoms from all the diarrhea. And I saw one child sitting there at the little wooden bench where the government social worker had placed this child who was about to die. And I saw many other children that were on their way to death. And it was just a very hard thing to see. And it was very hard to know that it was because our border was open.

That's what got me so much. Just just one simple thing. Like a president standing up and saying nothing and allowing everyone across, you know, meant that these babies were dying.

So I'd like to let me jump in there right quick. And I don't want to be I'm not going to talk about politics for the rest of the time. But there are a lot of things about Donald Trump I didn't appreciate his approach and mean tweets and I get all that. But if you're somebody that thinks just Donald Trump is the most reprehensible person on the planet. Just remember the fact that he was tough on the border and did a lot of things that needed to be done that actually saved lives.

You can hate him all you want. But the policies that he was trying to put in place and many that they did enact cut off a lot of this. And then as soon as Biden comes in and that's why I just looked this up. One hundred and fifty one thousand migrants crossed the gap en route to the United States between January and September last year. And you're talking about one experience when you were there for just a little one day, one day. And this is one hundred fifty one thousand people with tons of kids, nearly twenty two thousand of them.

Twenty two thousand kids between January and September last year going through arguably one of the most dangerous tracks of jungle on the planet. And if you're going to allow people in, that's fine. Right. That's you know, I don't I don't agree personally, but that's your prerogative.

But don't allow the children in without the proper documentation. Right. Checking them because. Right. Because why?

Because they're going to bring them as a commodity up through the jungle and use them all along the way. What I also saw other than the children dying in front of me was there was a little boy that I was called to go and see his case because the government workers said, hey, this is a reunification. We found the family. This is so exciting.

And, you know, I jump into attorney mode and I'm going to check out this this child. And I was excited with them. And then I was also there with a former head of DHS in the region.

I was also there with some former Delta Force agents. And we all went to go and check the situation out. And what I found was the documents weren't matching up. And actually, this wasn't this wasn't the child's mom.

She said she was. But what alerted me wasn't the documents. I was sitting in the car with the child. He'd had COVID. He was sick. He was upset a little. And I was singing to him. And he was a sweet little boy named Samuel. And anyway, as soon as this woman walked up, he looked at me and said, that's not my mom.

That's not my mom. Yeah. And again, don't just expand your thinking once again. Don't just think kids as commodities. But this is rich sex trafficking land as well. This is child sex trafficking.

OK, I have I have a friend that deals with that kind of stuff around the world. We're talking four, five, six, seven year olds. Get that in your mind. We'll be right back.

Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show here today, trying to educate you and activate all of us to get involved with what's going on. When we think about the southern border, generally we think of just that tight area, whether it's Texas or Arizona and El Paso and Mexico. And right there along the Rio Grande River and the valley. And yes, that's true. That's that's kind of the end of the line. But this is a line that stretches all the way back down to South America through Panama and the I'm saying it like an American. Right. Darien Gap. But how do they say it?

Like a D. Because that's all right. I got so the Dottie and Gap, which is one of the most dangerous about a 66 mile track through one of the most dangerous journeys through a jungle, basically on the planet. And people are dragging to the tune of one hundred and twenty two thousand of them went through there between January and September last year. That included twenty two thousand children, which is what Misty's talking to us about. And that started with Hearts Cry Children's Ministry, the orphanage down in Panama. So you can follow the links to get to that and check that out. Hearts Cry Children dot com is the Web site abandoned, but not forgotten.

You'll see that at the top of the home page and then other things that will allow you to see you just lose your headphones. So did I. Hey, Josh, can you help us out with that? And so there's that. And then like this, I talked about this a couple of days ago where there was nearly one hundred people on the terror watch list.

I want to get to the type of people that are out there. That was just last year and just this month. Thirty eight people on the terror watch list. So one hundred all last year and thirty eight just this month.

And then you mentioned this earlier, Misty, over two million in the last 12 months. But we're looking at it, especially the people coming up through the Dottie and Gap all the way up through South America, basically starting at the top of South America, working their way up to Mexico. You get to Mexico. Now you're on the downside of your journey and all these children. And it's just horrific. And people are just grabbing kids because that's their golden ticket. And like you said, you're in a situation where the mom's coming over. Somebody's thinking it's the mom.

Everybody's happy. But the little child says, that's not my mom. So they're just they're just pawns and tools for sex traffickers and the cartels and everybody else.

There's a lot of bad players in here. And then they tricked me with this little child who tells me it's not their mom. And they say, OK, we're going to take him back to the hospital. And you can go on, you know, go on to the hotel.

We got it. Yeah, exactly. I'm saying hotel.

It was a joke. But anyway, we so I turned around and I saw immediately someone took him into the OIM tent, which is the NGO that's internationally pushing all the migrants up in every single country along the way. And they then took him to that woman. Right back around.

Right back around. And we all knew the documents weren't matching up and nothing was we were going to wait till the next day and figure it out. But then they completely took him away from us and then gave him to her and then got them on a bus and shipped him up north. So there's a bunch of NGOs doing that, all these non-government organizations who are funded by.

Well, a lot of it's from us. Yeah. Great.

Set the trap and then fund getting the mouse to the trap so you can break its neck. Yes. So I obviously was shaken up by this entire ordeal. I've never had a child trafficked out of my arms like that. And so I began meeting with anybody I could. I met with congressmen on both sides of the aisle. I and what I was really pushing for, I got connected with this group that had a rapid DNA machine where you could literally they work in different refugee camps around the world. And and I got the price for it and we were going to get it to down there in that migrant camp so that within 45 minutes we could actually decide if this child was related to the person or not.

Imagine that. And so I was trying to meet with someone from the U.S. Embassy. I was I was connected with the Panamanian government with it. I met with high up individuals in the Panamanian government. And first thing I did was I apologize on behalf of the entire United States as to how we were trashing their country by opening our borders. I mean, you wouldn't believe what has happened in these indigenous villages.

They're just completely trashed. Malaria has now come back. The worst diseases that they had gotten rid of in these super far out indigenous villages were now completely ransacked and all of the diseases have come back. And it's just because at that point, a thousand people a day were coming through that village that I went into and I saw the numbers. So anyway, I met with as many people as I could. It got nowhere.

Absolutely nowhere. No one could help with funding for that project. And it was an expensive project, an expensive machine. I had you know, we had all the players in place to do it because I know the people that work with the equivalent of social services in the country and we were ready to go.

But it was not allowed. And I believe it was because the OIM group and the other NGOs that were pushing everyone northward. That's what that's what I believe. Well, listen, you got the thing you understand about organizations that appear to be there for a good cause is they are organizations and there are people that work there that get paid and they only exist if there's a problem and it's getting funded.

So the whole thing starts to feed on itself. They're they're actually enabling what the United States and the Biden administration started and they're all making money on it. So it's basically us funding this whole train wreck up and down, including child sex trafficking. You can lay all of that at the foot literally of the Biden administration and and Congress, because how often are you running into people in D.C. at the government level anywhere in the in this country that actually care?

Do you do you find any do you have found some I have found some, believe it or not. But the problem was certain certain sides and they were strapped for the money and they didn't have the weren't able to make decisions. Now the balance has shifted. We'll see what happens. But this is all on us.

We as the American people of the United States are responsible for allowing all of this to go on. And like I said, I went and apologized to them and said, hey, let's let's stop this. Let's see what we can do.

But we couldn't get the funding to do it. And so I mean, you know, you just feel so stuck. What can you do? And so you pray and you pray and you share. So that's what I've done. I've tried to share the stories with people since then.

Our ministry has gotten involved in several ways. As I said, children are being trafficked. There was one child, a toddler who was trafficked from Peru.

Her a man left Venezuela and was trying to come into the United States. So he entered Peru and he knew he needed a kid to get through faster. So he grabbed this child and actually the the parents were very sophisticated and alerted all the authorities up the way to get to Panama. And so believe it or not, this is one of the few good stories that they caught this child. And then the child was placed into one of our foster homes.

And then, you know, one of the foster parents that we prepared and we worked with this family and monitored the family. This child was terrified of men, just absolutely terrified after this most horrific journey. You know, when I went down there, the lightning, you wouldn't believe the lightning, how bad it is. And I have a four year old little girl who was scared in the house of a storm.

Right. And I mean, this lightning storm, it'll kill anybody in a second. And the floods going through there. I mean, people get washed away in these rivers in a second. And there's so many people dying, getting washed away in the river.

There's actually on the video, I'm going to be uploading it the next day or two. But it's about it's about how, you know, so many people are dying. There's literally like mass graves. They're building in Panama with these body bags, just throwing them in there because they don't know who these people are. They don't know where they came from. And no one's looking for them.

And so they'll just burying them right there. Another little girl that we helped along the way. Her mom died on the trail right in front of her. And some other people helped her get through to finish the journey. And then she is with a foster family.

And our psychologist is meeting with her weekly in order to help her get over the trauma as if that's possible without the Lord. You know, but these are real children. These are real stories. And those aren't even the ones that made it up here. This is a whole trail of tears. Like you're saying, there's children, just remnants of children just bleeding and dying.

All strewn out all along this all along the trail. And by the time they get up here, what on earth has happened to them? I mean, I know from the people that they can't I mean, short of the Lord intervening and doing something really powerful. I don't you don't recover from that. There's no way you're not you're not going to be a normal person. No, you're utterly traumatized. I mean, just from the elements that you went through, much less the women being raped around you. You know, well, the boys and the women that are being raped. You know, whenever I was in there, there was a they had the they kind of funneled everyone down to this migrant camp there. There were different sections of it. And I was with these Delta Force agents. And I wanted to go in there and try and find one of the family members of one of the children we were working with. And they were like, you're crazy.

We're not going in there. They'll kill us. These guys. Yeah.

Delta Force tough killers themselves when necessary. And the men that were in that migrant camp were rioting and they were trying to get out. And it was extremely dangerous. And there was a nurse practitioner that was part of our group. And she had worked with a woman the day before who had been gang raped in the group and in the migrant camp and drug through there. And no one helped her.

Her injuries were absolutely horrific. And that's from the migrants. Yeah, that's I'm not talking about on the migrant trail. All of the coyotes, the people who paid are raping them. All the cartel people come in and do that. This is once they finally make it out.

These are just the folks that are inside. Going up north with you. So we'll turn the corner in the last segment, talk about what we can do besides the obvious, which is to be prayerful about this. And so all of us that are sick and nauseated and ticked off, if we're not praying about it, then we're just part of the problem. But there's other things we can do, too. So we'll keep talking to Misty Headspeth about it. We'll be right back.

Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. Hope you're paying attention, something we all have to be doing about this situation at the southern border, which stretches all the way down to the tip of South America and the thing called the Dotting and Gap, all the way down to Panama with one hundred and twenty two thousand people last year making that trek up through that jungle, one of the most dangerous sections of jungle on the planet. And of that big group, about twenty two thousand of them were children. And being dragged up here probably more often than not by people that actually aren't their parents. They're being used and abused, neglected, raped boys and girls of all ages. And why are they coming?

What's so attractive that they would risk their lives to do that? The adults that are dragging up here. Well, that would be the poorest southern border, the United States of America. This is a story that changed a couple of years ago when we changed from the mean guy with the crazy hair to the dumb old idiot who's allowing all this to happen. And now we have a Congress that's doing the same thing. And so one of the things that I would encourage you guys to do and then we'll turn it back over to Misty Headspeth, who's here with us in the studio, Hearts Cry Children's Ministry, which has an orphanage down there, is find out.

This isn't that difficult. Take you three minutes, if you care, to find out who your representative is in Congress. And they just call him or email him and say, hey, I just listened to this radio show and this lady, Misty Headspeth and Hearts Cry Children's Ministry, are you aware what's going on up and down the track?

The track that leads to our southern border because of our poorest border policies. Are you aware of this and what are you doing about it? And then you just keep burning them on that. You don't leave them alone. You bug the tar out of them. And that's the least you can do.

Plus prayer. But let's let's get back to it before I lose my job. Misty, thanks for being here. All right. So talk to us about what it sounds so hopeless. The numbers are massive.

The government's unresponsive. You talked about Representative Tim Tiffany is in the House of Representatives from Wisconsin, a Republican. He's he's and he actually went down there.

Yes. Did he go down there before he met you? Was he aware of it or did you make him aware? I spoke with no, he was aware of it for a mutual friend journalist.

And I spoke with him before they went on their trip and then afterwards as well. Have you seen any news media outlet handle this? Fox News. Fox is the only one.

The only one I've seen. Even locally in Panama, they don't want too much of it. No, of course not. It makes them look terrible because they're enabling. Well, they want to blind the Panamanians from this little horrible thing that's going on.

Yeah, yeah. And that's why these NGOs are so slick at it. You know, they're they're literally once people come out of the jungle and they have to wait in the migrant camp and then they get on these buses through OIM and these other NGOs and they ship them up to Costa Rica. Then they have to walk across the border there and then and then they bust them up to the next to the next to the next country. And they have to go through certain areas that aren't monitored or bust. But for the most part, they have this down to where they're just funneling them. Yeah.

Interesting thing I just saw this past this week. Ben Berkwam, which you should follow on Instagram. He he went through the D studying gap himself, which was extremely difficult. I'm so proud of him for doing that. A friend of mine went to help take a media guy as a guide.

And so I've been following him. And right before you leave Columbia, there's an OIM tent that will give you a packet to help you get through the jungle. And it includes things such as condoms, female condoms. And basically it's a rape kit.

It's the morning after pill. And so that's what you get is your little goodie bag before you enter the jungle, because they know what's going to happen to you as a woman. Of course they do. And so and yet we're allowing children to go through there. And we're setting the trap and children are watching it or having it done today.

Right. So these are extremely violent. Criminals that are along the trail, but then also a lot of violent criminals are the migrants themselves. And I actually witnessed that myself, like I mentioned before in the in the break. One thing I do want to make people aware of here in Raleigh, for example, you know, I have a family member that's older and she leaves her door unlocked most of the time. And now all these people that I saw when I went are probably up here around here somewhere.

And I promise you, there are more criminals that have gotten through and that two million number than we could ever imagine. And so we need to be aware that as a society, we have led in people that we have no idea their background. Right.

We have no idea what they're capable of. And you need to start locking your doors. Yeah. And so for you to even say that. Well, of course you say it. You're a white person. And that's the way this gets played by the left. As soon as you start talking about you question the character of the people coming across the southern border, you're one of those. But no, actually, what we do is we care about our neighbors. We especially care about children. Jesus is going to lean into that one a little bit more than he does the safety or security of people our age.

I mean, it's so twisted. And so I put links up for that for the hot zone with Chuck Holton. I put the other one up on Instagram. What can we do as individuals? Obviously, we need to support Hearts Cry Children's Ministry because you're kind of dealing with some of the children that you can rescue from that with the orphanage. But what else do we do? Just just tell us. We have to stand up and fight to control the border.

Don't worry about what people call you or what they say to you. What what I know and if you don't if you want to come see it for yourself, then I can arrange for you to go down and see it. Children are being trafficked. They are being raped. They are being sold and they are dying to get up here. And it's all because some adult wants to bring them. I don't think the children minded the countries that they were living in. I mean, I've seen some of the countries that they are coming from and they were they had housing, they had food, they had whatever they needed. In fact, an interesting side story. Well, a five year old would rather be impoverished and fed and in a home as opposed to being raped in a jungle. Yeah, I mean, it's exact.

Sorry, go ahead. One of our one person that worked with our ministry got fired for nonperformance. Let's say it that way. And she has a house. She has a car, has a degree in Panama, and she was one of the ones that just decided, you know what, I'm just going to go to the states. And now she's living in Utah. Right.

Get out of there. Yeah. So, I mean, the people that are coming through, they're fine before a lot of them, you know, they have they have homes. A lot of the people that came from Haiti, it was way after the earthquake and they were living in Peru, a lot of them. And they had a separate place for housing for them. They had jobs. And then they decided, nope, I want to go to the states. Here's my chance.

And they took off and came again. If you're an adult, that's up to you. But don't don't take a child with you. Just don't do it. And that becomes, like you said at the beginning of the show, that's the golden ticket.

And then you have so many evil satanic players along the way that the kids are going to get swept up into all that. Whenever Biden went down to the border just a few weeks ago and air quotes and and said that it was no longer open. What ended up happening was in Panama, the people that made it up that far to Panama, they got word of that. And guess what they did? They actually got on planes and went back home. It just takes one word.

Yeah, one. And it will happen now, of course, right afterwards. They realized that wasn't true.

You can get through. And so they started their way back up again. But it was amazing to see for a few weeks there people going back home and not trying to take children on this crazy journey.

And I was and I was excited about that. I mean, it's horrible. It's been happening this whole time.

But it can happen in one second. It just takes you going on CNN internationally and saying you're not coming through. Yeah, we're going to shut it down. And I am all for people coming to this country legally. Of course. I've helped people do it multiple times. And I am for the right people coming in this country with their background checks and everything done properly and legally. And for true asylum seekers.

Great. But what I saw were people that were coached by these NGOs. Drop your IDs once you get to the Texas border.

They teach them how to play the game. Oh, totally. When they came into Panama, they all had their IDs. By the time they get to Texas, they don't have IDs.

Sorry, I got nothing. Yeah. But yet you have to have your ID to get through every single country along the way. So it's only because some NGO tent tells them to drop their IDs that suddenly they don't. So while there are a few asylum, true asylum seekers in the millions, two million at this point, the few that that applies to could have sought asylum a proper legal way. But I'll tell you, you can't even get into the embassy to get a visa right now. The the wait is so long. They're purposely discouraging people from coming the legal route and they're encouraging people to come this illegal route.

Oh, yeah. All all acting like what we're really trying to do is help you improve your life. But again, these NGOs are making money completely. They're making money. I you know that the inner the international NGOs are getting paid to traffic humans right up to the U.S.

Right. Then they then they get once they get to the border, they drop their IDs. And then these NGOs are getting paid to ship people, you know, on airplanes to these different states wherever they want to go. They're getting their hotels paid for their food paid for. And then guess what? I just found out this week. I mean, a lot of people have heard this, but 41 million in contracts were given to left wing groups who fight against the deportation of those entering the country illegally.

Guess what that means? They're now getting their legal fees paid to stay in this country. And what I started when I started digging, that headline was just a drop in the bucket. When I started digging, you look into organizations like the Vera Institute for Justice and other NGOs that have gotten one hundred and thirty six million in grants in 2020. Right. And twenty twenty one follow the money. Fifty million in grants. And then they fund smaller organizations like the Capital Area Immigrants Rights Coalition. And these people are just getting paid. Right. Oh, everybody's making money on it.

Right. And they're paying for the legal fees of these people. And there's a special interest affecting the Democrats up to the president of the United States to make sure we have a loose border policy because everybody gets on the teat on that one.

And then everybody's getting paid while kids are getting raped. So if you call yourself a Christian and you voted for Joe Biden, part of this is on you. OK, there are consequences. You want to go back to a Cheeto man bad and don't think this is compassion. That's the whole. No, it's not compassion. It's cash. The same reason the coyotes are doing it. The cartels are all in it for the cash and the devil's using them to a rape, plunder, pillage and kill and steal and destroy. And all wrapped up in that are little kids.

That's little kids. OK, so pray for getting involved with Heart's Cry Children's Ministry. Misty, thanks so much for being here. We'll do it again. Let's not wait a year and a half next time. God willing, you guys, I'll talk to you again real soon. And like my dad always used to say, ever forward.
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