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TUES HR 2 012423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 25, 2023 12:06 am

TUES HR 2 012423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, Stile, just bring that clip right up. Since the very beginning, since the nullification project started basically an hour or two after President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton on the morning of November 9th of 2016. Walk us through your assessment of this fiasco, sir. Hey, Steve, it's great to be back with you, and it looks like War Room is the only one that's been covering it 100 percent accurately.

Called it on War Room with you. More and more documents are going to be found. Let's talk intent and then documents and then DOJ. The fact that these documents go back to- Hang on, cash, cash, cash, cash. Hang on for a second.

I want to make sure the audience understands this. How did you know? Because the very first day this broke, you came on here, you go, hey, there are going to be a lot more documents in a lot more locations. How did you know that and say it with such certainty? Because actually what I'm going to tell you for the first time, which I haven't said on the air or in any media, this investigation did not start because librarians at NARA came out and said there are overdue library books.

Excuse me, you guys forgot to return X. As a former federal prosecutor, as a guy who led the intelligence community, classified investigations don't start there. You know where they start? When you have a crime that you are investigating. You know what crime the DOJ was looking at for the last four years? Hunter Biden's laptop. Mark my word, this classified investigation, it will be put out by the federalization of the- Excuse me, the weaponization of the federal government subcommittee on Jim Jordan when they get the following document. The electronic communication, the EC, just like Devin and I got in Russiagate, that is a singular document of the FBI that says where and when the investigation started. It will trace right back to Hunter Biden's laptop. They will find information on it about China and Russia and Ukraine, which led them to go and search for documentation relevant to that crime, which led them to Joe Biden's door. And that's why I have always said, when NARA said, oh, we're missing one set of documents, I said that is the biggest political coverup of a crime I've ever seen and it's going to be a waterfall of documents.

And now they've come out. And that leads me to the intent portion, Steve. The fact that Joe Biden has all these lawyers who are around the documents and investigation, let's put that aside. None of these lawyers are telling him to shut up. He's out there literally lying and talking about consciousness of guilt. It's a federal term we use in criminal trials.

I have no idea. I didn't know this was going on. It's like me when I was a public defender and defended murderers and they were like, they tell the cops, oh, I don't know what happened. And then the cops put out the receipts and then they put it in front of the jury and they're like, hey, you lied about it to the world.

This guy just doesn't know when to quit. And the fact that they were in the wild for 15 to 20 years is a reflection on his intent. He's going to continuously say he had no idea what was going on for 20 some years as it relates to classified documentation. And remember the intent requirement for classified documents when it comes to being a felony. You simply have to be reckless, which means you have to be doing what Joe Biden is doing right now. I want to go to the I want to go because we always do this, Cash, as you know, we did in the White House.

We do it. We get a timeline going because once you get a timeline, things begin to reveal themselves. And we notice a lot of times when they're spinning, they don't talk about a timeline.

And you have you've always go, hey, you've got to go back to the beginning, the Russia gate and Ukraine, all that. The great Miranda Devine has a column up and she goes back to the laptop from hell and talks about an email. And quite frankly, she's very about this. There's one email that kind of jumps off the page of you. I think he's sending it to Devin Archer. Right.

And I think it's in 2013. And it's a it's a 22 point memo. It's an email from Hunter. And normally Hunter's emails are, you know, about, hey, let's meet here and have drinks.

Hey, I'm sending you over the deal for 10 million dollars. They're pithy. They're to the point they're either about drugs, sex or money laundering. Right. It's one of three things.

He's got one to Devin Archer. That's 22. That's 22 bullet points, 22 items. And it's incredibly informed. I mean, and you read it and she picked it out and your classification of mine, when you see this, you go, hmm. This was pulled off a classified document because Hunter Biden, not in a zillion years, could read this. But it also predates it predates the modern revolution. It shows you the strategic thinking of certain elements of the U.S. government to get involved here. This is going to be so explosive. It's one of things we've talked about this whole deal in the Ukraine. Just I mean, think about how the Ukraine is pops up in the impeachment. It pops up now.

It pops up all over the place. Cash. Your thoughts and observations about that, sir? Well, yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about, along with the fact that this investigation we're going to find out originated with Hunter Biden's laptop.

Nobody's talking about that. But as a federal prosecutor, the search warrant should have gone out immediately to every location this laptop and Hunter Biden ever spent four seconds in. Because we are talking about remember, here's the verbiage and legalese that the Biden administration.

Let's just take the latest example you're using. They're saying six sets of documents were found. Well, Steve, you know, and I know from my time in government, a set, one set could be a thousand pages. Rarely have I ever seen in my career one set of documents being one page. So what they're not telling us is the amount of pages that have been in the wild.

We still don't have that, unlike Mar-a-Lago, where they strewn all the pages on the floor. I think they probably didn't have enough floor space at the Delaware at the Delaware Biden ranch to put that stuff down on his 15 acres, because we're probably talking about thousands of pages of classified and confidential material, which is unlawful to have. So for me, that tells me that the DOJ has reverse engineered this prosecution investigation to cover it up, to reach a conclusion that they want, which is akin to what they said about Hillary Clinton, the legal fiction where James Comey vindicated her with a legal basis that doesn't exist. They're going to be like, oh, Joe Biden, you know, he could have been more careful with these thousands of pages of documents, but he was just reckless. So we're going to let him go. But the difference here is it's going to be tough to let him go, as you said, when you're talking about Hunter Biden taking this information off some of these documents, possibly, and then he using it for pay to play with the Ukraine.

And what about the other way? Was Joe Biden compromised by the taking of this documentation and his attempts to utilize it and pay for play? Did the CCP and the Ukraine gain a leverage point of then a sitting senator, of then a vice president, and now, more importantly, of our current commander in chief? It goes to the heart of our national security apparatus that this guy has kept our nation's secrets in his cereal box at one location that we know about. Well, actually, I should say five. And we're going to we're going to find out about five or 10 more.

You're right. The UPenn library, those need to be raided. The subpoenas need to go out by the weaponization on the subcommittee by Jim Jordan. The FBI is just not going to do it. We can't wait to see what Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's lawyers allow us to look at. It's like CrowdStrike all over again during Russiagate, where Jim's calling me, bending the knee to CrowdStrike and say, hey, nothing to see at the DNC servers. Why don't you guys go take a look and let us know what you find is the total destruction of justice.

You're saying I want to go back and if I can keep it for a few minutes through the break, but I want you to go back to what you said at the top. You're saying the two November, which I keep saying, drive a stake in that and go back, that that was part of a FBI DOJ investigation into Hunter's laptop where they had come up with there clearly been classified documents or et cetera. And that's why you got his personal lawyers rummaging around in the in the closet at the CCP Penn Biden Center.

Sir, is that your point? Yeah, that that and along with the fact that there that is a marker they set down because they didn't want it to go back to Joe Biden and say, we've been looking at this investigation for years. They wanted a fictional date to say, oh, we just found out it was very recent. And neither Joe Biden nor his lawyers, nor the DOJ knew how expansive the amount of documentation was going to be.

So that fictional date is coming that to bite them in the rear end, because now it doesn't withstand the test of just simple mathematics and facts. There is no way Joe Biden have 20 years worth of classified information out there. And the librarians at NARA, not the 10000 FBI agents or the slew of other agencies we have found out. But the librarians at NARA, are you are we really to believe that they were the ones doing a book analysis and said you have an overdue book in the form of classified papers? Biden's lawyers went to them and said, hey, you know, you guys need to say this publicly so we can save face already.

We are back. And, you know, this is, you know, one thing about the mainstream media, they don't disappoint us. They do exactly what we know they're going to do. They're going to deceive the people in every way possible. And now, too, now here, according to Tucker Carlson, he thinks that Mike Pence has thrown in and trying to help help Joe Obama Biden, because all of a sudden now they found a bunch of documents with Mike Pence, right? Right.

And the idea is to see it's very common in here. It's twice as bad with with the because Pence was part of the Trump administration and therefore they've had, you know, was two of them. You know, just really, they never stop. They really believe the American people is stupid. They really believe they're stupid. And Mike Pence, you know, if he thinks that he's good, he's got a chance of running for president, you know, Mike, that's what the cleanup. I think that's what it was, because it says the article from the Washington Examiner that Pence's team conducted a search of the former vice president's Indiana home and office group. After it was reported, the classified documents were found at the Biden Center for Diplomacy, blah, blah, global engagement. And that they're trying to make it sound like, oops, if Biden had some from his time as vice president, etc., they decided to check on Mike. You know, some kind of fishy.

I don't think most lawyers go looking for trouble, do they? No, but here's the thing. Do you know what it takes for a president to declassify documents? All he has to do is say this one's declassified, and it is. That's exactly. He could have a whole stack of them a foot high and say these are all declassified. That's all he has to do.

And that's what Trump did. That's true, the president has the power, but you know, in that purview, whatever we call it, Whoopi Goldberg, she's always so radical, so authoritative, you know, she's always right. Well, she was on the TV speculating that, well, Biden declassified all those documents he had when he was vice president. Whoopi, Whoopi, Whoopi Koshin is a wicked, wicked woman. I mean, an extremely wicked woman. Yeah, but she's also stupid. I mean, I asked a couple of my grandkids who were in high school, and they knew that vice president can't declassify documents.

Well, yeah. He has no power to declassify. Well, let me ask you this, if you were in the CIA, and in fact, I just read last night, if you remember what happened, where it's coming out. I mean, just like right now, do you know why Biden refuses to declassify all the documents on the assassination of JFK? Because the documents there make it very clear that the CIA was involved in it. And that's the reality.

We've known that for years and years and years. And that's why JFK was wanting to defund the CIA, and so was Ronald Reagan, and so was Donald Trump. And of course, they went after Trump, and they're still going after Trump. They're still after.

Well, here it makes it even worse. There's a story by Bob Unruh. It's out, just came out today from World News Daily. New investigation of the federal employees who leave behind federal positions for which taxpayers have trained them and move into highly paid positions in Silicon Valley. Now, the Just the News documented what it calls spooks to Silicon Valley pipeline. In other words, there are hundreds, hundreds, federal agents, intel analysts, even psychological operation experts. OK, these people were all trained with taxpayer money to fight what? Our foreign enemies, you know, or go after major crime syndications. And now they're taking these very high paying private sector jobs.

And what are they being used for? Fighting disinformation. Disinformation, misinformation have been the catch words that Silicon Valley and the left have been using to suppress Christian or conservative speech, folks. So here we have hundreds now of people going from these spook jobs, CIA, FBI, some of the other groups in the federal government. And here they found Just the News reviewed a LinkedIn employment history of senior big tech execs found that 200 of these big senior executives worked at the CIA, FBI, NSA, National Security Council, Homeland Security Department. And they are in those really big, high paying jobs. And one of them, everybody might have heard of Aaron Berman, a CIA analyst.

He's now with Facebook. And what is his job? Controlling misinformation.

And you give a list of the article goes on, but you get the point. You and I have talked about the open door between the Food and Drug Administration and different agencies back with the civilian. They go get a civilian job. It's like a revolving door government, big business.

Well, now we're going from the Intel community, the spooks to controlling free speech. And everybody's doing it for the money. So the problem in America, America has been sold out, not for ideology, I don't think, but just simple greed.

The Bible says what? The love of money is the root of all evil. And apparently, it's just our greediness is costing the downfall of this nation. Did you hear of Walensky's speech about he gave when he was talking about getting the Abrams tanks? No, I missed that.

Okay. And he was talking about the war over there in the Ukraine with Russia. And he was saying that this is an opportunity for a lot of us to make a lot of money. He actually said that. Yeah.

Wow. We already know that the military industrial complex is making money. The trouble is they're shipping weapons and munitions faster than we can manufacture. So you think it's an accident that they're shipping our ammunition over there and leaving us and America short, right? Vulnerable.

You don't think that's being done on purpose? They're evil. They're either evil or that stupid, and it's hard to believe they're that stupid.

Right. So if I were to ask you, we know that Joe Biden basically is a puppet for the Chinese communists. He's doing everything he can to help them. We know he's the gatekeeper. He knows that his job was to keep the border open, bring as many illegals in, as many of the drug dealers, and to bring as many terrorists. He's let the doors open to bring as many terrorists in as he could and as many killer drugs, which is brought in and making sure that his fellow Democrats have enough young children for their pedophilia. Folks, I'm telling you, that's what his job is, and more and more of you now are starting to understand. That's what he's done. He's done exactly what the Red Chinese government, and I watched, Joe, we watched, we listened to the military, and they had those people there, all those students, thousands of them, and they were telling them how, they were laughing, saying how we own the people in the highest office in America.

We own them, right, and he was talking about the Biden crime cartel. There's probably a few other people in there, if we ever get the truth out, there'll be a lot of other public figures that come out with that, but in that same line, right now, they just came out, the FDA is now recommending Americans take an annual COVID booster, just like they take an annual flu shot every year. And, of course, we have the doctors on our side screaming, nobody should be taking the booster shot, you know, but the government, the FDA, you need it now, even if you get totally vaxxed, and then get one more COVID shot once a year, that's it. All you've got to do now is take a COVID shot once a year the rest of your life, and they're even going to the children, and they're asking that the children have their six and above, and that they get vaccinated too once a year as part of their shot record, their, yeah. And people are dropping that, Joe, let me ask you a question, Joe, okay, what is killing more Americans today, being shot with guns or being shot with a COVID needle? Oh, the COVID needle, because I'm looking at the London Daily Mail, was it worth it? America has suffered 300,000 non-COVID excess deaths since 2020, non-COVID excess deaths.

Just, you know, That means that he's talking about the shot now. Right, this is not just the shot, this is the lockdown, and, you know, the people not going in for other care because they were getting the shots, and they, in the quarantine, people weren't being checked for cancer, heart problems. These were excess deaths, some of those are from the COVID shots, but they're still trying to claim a lot of those deaths as COVID deaths, even when they were the poison poke. So, well, we get an idea that we know from Rasmussen that there were 30 million people have responded that have had interactions with the COVID vaccine to different degrees, so that's a lot of millions of people that had a bad reaction to the shot.

That's nothing like that in history. Well, I know, but, I mean, we keep telling people, keep warning people, this is all a part of the global depopulation program, and yet, when you go in there and they offer you a shot, and that happened to be day, then they're part of the global depopulation program. But too often, some of the poor, I think a lot of like pharmacies that are local, the nurse at the local pharmacy, I don't think she understands, they're just doing their, we're told this is good, give people the vaccine.

I think there's a lot of people that are just ignorant, it's the people at the top that know what's really going on. Yeah, Joe, you know, there were certain people that were exempt, they didn't have to have, we mailed out thousands and thousands of the religious exemptions. Exemptions, right. Okay, but there were people that didn't need one. You see, the employees at the CDC, they were exempt from taking it, they didn't have to take the shot. Hey, guess what, Joe, the employees at Pfizer didn't have to take the shot, and the entire White House staff under Biden didn't have to take the shot, okay?

But they tried to force it on the rest of us, didn't they? They sure did, and now they're not trying to force it anymore, they're just trying to sell it and push it, they're trying to make it part of your routine annual healthcare, get your annual flu and COVID shot. And the thing is, is the doctors know already, the answer is what, Pfizer is going to make billions of dollars, Dr. Vinay Prasad there, UC professor, Berkeley, of all places, he's been up on Substack and telling people don't take the poke. And he said this proposal for these yearly shots, you know, they're going to give kids, the adults will get it once a year, and he said kids and older will get two doses of the bivalent shot and then placed on the perpetual booster train. In other words, Pfizer will keep earning billions, and that's why they want to give those kids five and up, because what, that's a shot every year of that child's life, because COVID isn't going away, that is money in the bank, isn't it?

Yep, it is. Vax, Vax fail, latest Omicron variant more likely to infect the vaccinated, the CDC admits it, okay, here's an article by Ethan Hough, cases of the Omicron XBB 1.5, that's another one of those plagues that they invented. Subservient of COVID arising all across the country according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Prevention, and those most likely to be infected with it are people who took the jab.

Nearly half, 43% of all COVID cases across the United States are XBB 1.5, while upwards of 73% of all new cases in New York City are this particular subvariant, the Big Apple being one of the most fully vaccinated cities in the entire country. There you go. We've done a story like that almost on every variant since the first one, right?

Yep. Story after story, every new variant, it comes up with the same thing, you know, so I don't know, maybe the people will start to catch on, they're being had, these shots and the money being spent, and Biden once is still trying to push to go back to the mask, and maybe even the lockdowns. Remember how he said the pandemic's over and he found out, oh, wait a minute, that'll mean taking away some of my presidential powers, and now the Biden ministry, oh no, the, you know, the COVID pandemic is not over, we've got to keep that presidential power. Joe, right here in Cleveland Clinic, who were pressuring and forcing their people to take the shot, they were pressuring them to take the deadly shot jab, have recently come out, and now they're saying, if you have taken the shot, you're four times more likely to get COVID than people who did not have the shot. So if you're four times more likely to get COVID, how many times more likely are you to die of COVID?

Yeah, I wonder how many times more likely, it sounds like an easy answer, but it might even be higher than what you think it is. Yep, I hear you. Okay. Do you remember a fella named Mark Houck? Yeah, a member of the name, but I can't quite place it yet, but I'm sure you'll help draw my memory. He was one of our pro-life activists, was out there in Operation Rescues and stuff. We had him on the program here. He's a fellow, and, you know, he's much younger than you and I, but he's got seven kids already, and he's the one, they're going to go to court tomorrow. Oh, that's right.

He's the fellow. Well, let me just read the article here, okay? Joe Biden's extreme pro-death ideology is probably captured better nowhere else than in the government's case against Mark Houck, a pro-lifer, a pro-life father of seven who was arrested in a stunningly violent pre-dawn FBI rage on his home. They pointed five guns in the faces of his little children.

Oh, I saw a picture of his family. They're a terrified bunch of little kids. Really scary.

Yeah, I hope those little cowboys are so happy with themselves. You know, I can tell you, it doesn't take much integrity or honor and decency. I would never want to serve with people that would do what they do, Joe. It's just, you know, I got no other word for it than other than cowardly, dirty cops.

What do you think? Pretty much. I mean, that's the kind of man that if they had just called and said, we have a problem, we want you to come down to the precinct and bring your lawyer, you know, he would have turned himself in, come down, but no, they do these raids to terrify. They come in with their guns, you know, and shields and combat gear, and the whole purpose is to terrify, scare, humiliate. It's a warning to everybody else that if you don't fall in line and behave, this could be you. So they're using intimidation to frighten the very public that they were hired to serve, but turning into a Gestapo rather than a, you know, FBI. So they become the enemy of the people. I've got no respect for those people. I knew several FBI agents and they were good people and they were patriots.

They were good, decent, the kind of people that, you know, you wanted to have as friends, decent people, honorable people. These guys that do this stuff, like the Dirty 30 that raided Mar-a-Lago or those that did that, they had 14 different, or over 100, they said over 100 now, dirty cops in that January 6th thing that were involved. Wow, we just keep finding more and more evidence, don't we? Yeah, yeah, it's just, you know, I want nothing to do. In fact, I'm even ashamed and, you know, I feel, here's what I feel bad. There are still some FBI agents out there that are decent people and to them, what these guys do, it gives them all a bad reputation to where, you know, when their children come in and say, Dad, do you have to work for the FBI? You know, the other kids in school have said this or that because of what they do.

And I feel sorry for those FBI agents that are patriotic American people and they have to have their reputation ruined by these dirty cops. We'll be back right after this. From power up on high and cries this battle cry, no king, no king, no king but King Jesus, the Messiah. No king, no king, no king but King Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, the Holy One of Israel. Through the toil and the tears and the last 100 years we have fainted from the fight for his liberty and right.

We've been blinded by the lies so we hardly know what's right from wrong. As the anti-Christian hordes and the global overlords now surround us holy saints in the camp United States, just like Israel of old, we now find ourselves some Babylon. So now's the time for all good men to seek his face on high and bow to do his will on earth and rise up and defy the lie and cry this battle cry, no king, no king, no king but King Jesus, the Messiah. No king, no king, no king but King Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, the Holy One of Israel. So now's the time for all good men to seek his face on high and bow to do his will on earth and rise up and defy the lie and cry this battle cry, no king, no king, no king but King Jesus, the Messiah.

No king, no king, no king but you hope you are the Holy One of Israel, the Holy One of Israel, the Holy One of Israel. Alrighty, we're going to open the phone lines and take some fast calls because the lines are going to be lighting up. Let's go to Nancy. Nancy, you're in the air. Hello, Nancy. Oh, thank you.

Oh, yes. Hi, Pastor Sanders. Thank you for taking my call. I just wanted to call again, as I called last night, about the need for courtroom observers for Jonah Locke, J-O-N-A-H-L as in Larry O-C-K-E. And this is at the Justice Center, 1300 Ontario Street, and this is under Judge Shirley Strickland-Sappold, S-S-A-M-A-S-S-O-L-D, Sappold. In courtroom 21B, 9 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, January 25th.

We would really appreciate courtroom observers there as Pastor Sanders has explained to us the benefit of courtroom observers so those in charge can't pull off some nefarious acts. I'm sure Pastor Sanders would explain more in detail. Did you want me to repeat the information, Pastor Sanders, again? Yeah, just go ahead, Shirley, one more time. Okay, I'll just repeat it.

Good. Shirley Strickland-Sappold, S-S-A-M-A-S-S-O-L-D. In courtroom 21B, downtown Cleveland, in the Justice Center, 1300 Ontario Street, 9 a.m. tomorrow, January 25th. In courtroom 21B, 9 a.m. tomorrow, January 25th. In courtroom 21B, downtown Cleveland, in the Justice Center, 1300 Ontario Street, 9 a.m. tomorrow, January 25th.

In courtroom 21B, downtown Cleveland, in the Justice Center, 1300 Ontario Street, 9 a.m. tomorrow, January 25th. Alright, let's go out to Cheryl. Cheryl, you're in the air. Hello?

Hello, you're in the air. Go ahead. Oh, this is Carol, not Cheryl. This is Carol Byler. Hey, listen, if I tell you you're Cheryl, you're Cheryl. Are you trying to change my name? Alrighty, go ahead.

Well, I have a couple things I want to say. I heard you talk about the vaccine shots and all that tonight and I just heard on the news tonight that they're going to make it mandatory that people are going to have to take the booster shots every single year because it's going to come in place of the flu shot vaccine and especially the children. They're going to have the children, make sure that the children have this vax garbage. Well, I'm afraid they're going to get a whole lot of push back because our children aren't going to get it and people, this is why I encourage one more reason to get your children out of the public school system because they won't even ask for your permission.

They don't ask for your permission to do other things, horrible things in the public school system. So, right. Well, I wanted to tell you also that this last week and experience in the hospital, I had my husband take me to the hospital and I said, don't you dare let them give me a covid shot. So, I'm in the hospital after two and a half hours.

They're doing tests and all that down in the in the emergency room, right? Finally, they said, finally, they said to me, well, we're going to admit you but you're going to have to take a covid test. I said, I'm not taking that.

Well, you have to take that. I said, well, give me a q-tip and I'll do it myself. Oh, we can't do that. That's not protocol. I just said, I don't care what it is. I said, you're not going to put that graphene oxide up my nose with that q-tip. She's pulled it out of the package and says, oh, this is clean. I said, no, that's got graphene oxide in it and you're not putting that up my nose. And she said, well, I'm not going to argue with you.

She walked out, right? So, she, so the doctor comes in a few minutes later and he says, it says, well, we're going to meet you. I said, fine, but I'm not taking that test. And I said, give me a q-tip or give me my own personal protocol that I want to do to take the test but you're not putting that up my nose. And he says, well, we'll just put you in a private room. I said, fine, do that, but I'm not taking that test.

So, I'm just letting you guys know you have rights. It doesn't matter what they say. They'll try to intimidate you. They'll try to scare you.

They'll try to stay. I said, I don't care. I'll go home because I'm not taking that test. So, they finally see that they couldn't push me and they let me go in, you know, but, but it was funny because they put me in this room and nobody, everybody came in all suited up with masks and plastic around their face and, and cloths on their, on their bodies. And I'm just laughing. I've looked at all of them and say, do you know how ridiculous that is that you're doing this? We have protocol. We have to go. And I said, well, I wouldn't do it. And they go, well, I'd get fired if we didn't do it.

Yeah. I, I had a, I had a situation where I was in there. I had to go in today, not to the hospital, but see a doctor. And she said, the nurse said, well, would you put your mask up? And without even looking at me. And then she said, oh, I see your mask is up. In other words, I, she, she did what argue with me about wearing that mask. And I, I had to laugh at that, but they have to ask you, do you want the flu shot or the, the kill shot? And she said, and I said, no, like that. Right. Me too. So that's how folks, that's how you ha you do have rights and you use them or you're going to lose them.

You got to use them or lose them. It was so funny. Cause I looked at the one nurse and I said, look, I said, I've been here two and a half hours. Now, if I was infected with COVID, don't you think I would already spread it on this floor already? So you're going to wait two and a half hours to take a test to know if I could go upstairs or not when I've already been here for two and a half hours.

It doesn't make a bit of sense. They just looked at, they just looked at me like, you know, but it's the truth. Yeah. Uh, we had a funny experience down at the prison. Uh, I'll have to tell you about that later because it would embarrass somebody. We both know it. I don't want to do that, but it was, it was funny, uh, what they wanted.

Uh, they will try to get us to take that test. Like you said. All right. Well, thank you for sharing me.

Thank you for your, thank you for your show. Talk to you later. All right.

God bless you too. Thank you. All right. Who do you have next?

Their style. Okay. Before we take another call, let's, let's let me get, I wanted to get a couple of these in here real quickly. Uh, here I have a clip, but I don't have time to play this clip, but it's a real powerful clip about what is happening in the cities. And this Joe, just real quickly, I want to just read this here.

Uh, young men, young men are safer going to war than being in American neighborhoods. Uh, in the, in the dark ages of criminal justice. I was watching Lori lesbian Lightfoot today out there. She's destroying the people in Chicago. They can't possibly be so stupid to vote for that woman again.

They cannot possibly be that stupid. And so you know, you know, what's happening is, you know that, you know, Chicago is known for its election fraud is famous. Remember? Right. Remember when Kennedy ran against Nixon, how many, they had thousands and thousands of people, everybody that was residing in the cemeteries was voting. Uh, and that's how that daily machine and it's still working there and they, they, they've known the history.

It's never been cleaned up and the people seem to like it that way or they do something to change it, but they don't. Well, all righty. Well, you know, it's just unbelievable. But anyhow, in the dark ages of criminal justice in the United States of the 1980s earlier, it was not uncommon for a judge to give a convicted criminal a choice to go to jail or to a list in the armed services. So choice was rightfully deemed unjust, but two recent research studies show that the battlefield may be a safer place for the cities than city streets for young men in America. Amen. Okay. Who did you say we have? Let's go to the Jersey.

We have William, you're in the air. Yes. Thank you, gentlemen. Two things to say. If you could get the interview between a reporter and Sasha Latipova, she explains everything that you guys have been explaining all week. The other thing is that, uh, I just, uh, I just played a clip of her last week. Oh, you did? Okay. Yeah, we, yeah, we did.

In fact, twice, two times, two different clips, but go, go ahead. Because it's very long. But the other thing I wanted to tell you, uh, being a teacher anatomically, a woman is a person who has mammary glands, an opium tooth.

She releases eggs, 430 minus 140 in her lifetime. And that's basically what I wanted to say. God bless everybody. Happy new year. All right. Thank you. Yep.

A good definition that, uh, yeah. Hey, Joe, what if, what if you felt like doing that? Could you do it?

I don't think so. I, I'm having trouble with identifying as myself. All right.

So I'm, I'm happy to start. I'm having a problem believing all this, uh, this transgender stuff. Okay. Folks, I kind of think it's just a bunch of absolute, complete, total lunacy.

It is. It's, uh, God, God talked in the scripture, talks about confusion, bringing confusion upon the people that are, you know, not following him. And we're watching this confusion, these children, one of you like the other children. We've done two or three stories that I can remember where one, one was specific, a young girl decided she was trans. And within three or four months, there are six or seven other girls in her class, her age group, her, uh, the ones they hung around, all decided that they were, had the same problem, that they were all trans. And, uh, it was like a contagion. And it's worse than the COVID virus, but it's a psychological contagion and it is a result of sin. And it's a result of all these people pushing this on the children.

They're doing it. The children are the victims. So we said that earlier in the show, this is all about the, the left is out to, uh, they're fighting the Lord. It's a spiritual battle.

And who's being harmed the most in the spiritual battle? It's the children. They're the ones that, uh, they're scaring them to death with, you know, global warming. Uh, they're sexualizing them from birth with this, oh, a child could be born, uh, transgender. They're, uh, bringing the just regular sex education, trying to get them to have sex earlier, earlier and earlier.

They're bringing in the white privilege and the, uh, woke economy and all, I mean, critical race theory, you name it. Uh, our young people, those suicides have just skyrocketed, uh, numbers of children, uh, going to see shrinks with depression problems, anxiety, other mental, emotional problems. A lot of these kids are turning to violent crime.

We did a story just a little while ago, a six year old shot a school teacher, another one, uh, one little girl stabbed her nine year old brother to death with a knife. I mean, these, uh, this is Satan. The children are the target of this spiritual war, spiritual battle, and we need the people out there to wake up and realize what's going on.

This isn't a political game. It's a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of this country, and most of the church doesn't even know there's a war going on, let alone running to the battle. Well, the church does, but most of what a professing church is really not the church. You're right.

Yeah, that's, that's it. And again, the actual church is simply a remnant. Uh, it's very, very, very small compared to those professing. And so what's happening is those, all of those that you see that are closing those buildings, they're not necessarily actual churches.

Okay. And so, and what you're seeing today in the entertainment industry where the prosperity churches and so on, uh, all of a sudden there's a bunch of these prosperity preachers. They're kind of seeing the handwriting on the wall and they're jumping ship. Now they're going into, you know, remember Babylon, the three aspects of Babylon, the political, the economic, and the religious, and they're jumping and going from one over to the economic, the money-making part of it, because they understand what the Bible teaches there in Revelation 17 and 18, that the economic and the political are going to join in a confederacy and burn the whore, which is the religious.

Which is the religious aspect of Babylon, the great with fire. And so we're seeing that more and more the, more of these, uh, big prosperity preachers jumping ship. But this is the days that we live in. And so some of us have discernment, we understand, because God, we see what God's word, the Bible unfolding right in front of us.

But the vast majority of people out there clueless, they don't have a clue. And, uh, anyhow, that's what that said. I think we're coming up to the end of the program.

Uh, we've got, uh, we've got five minutes left in the program, Joe. And, you know, you know, you know what happens every day in this country? Every day people die. Every day. Exactly.

Okay. And so, what if, yeah, that's exactly right. And I'm thinking to the folks out there, what if you died today? It's the question that people ask, uh, and, and tonight, you know, at this very time tomorrow, Joe, this very time tomorrow, millions of people that are in the world right now, millions that are in this world right now won't be here. And how many of those, Joe, do you think are planning on dying?

Probably not very many. There may be one or two that are deathly ill, but other than that, the rest aren't thinking about it at all. So the vast majority of them don't realize that, uh, this very night their soul is going to be required of them, so they're not ready. Um, you can't escape death, Joe, and it says it is appointed until men wants to die, and after this the judgment, Hebrews 9.27.

Now, maybe folks out there are thinking that, well, if I would die today, I'm ready to go. After all, I've, I've never done anything really bad. I mean, I've really done real bad things. Um, and I don't believe that a merciful God would send me to hell. The Bible says for all have sinned to come short of the glory of God.

God, amen. Romans 3.23, for the wages of sin is death. Death. Romans 6.23, but the fearful and the unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and whoremongers and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

Revelation 21.8, we know that by heart. According to God's word, it does not matter. It just don't matter. Not a bit, folks.

How good you are. You deserve to burn in the lake of fire forever and ever because you're born with original sin. But you don't have to. But, Mr. Ernie, I don't want to believe that. That's what I've heard. I don't want to believe that.

Yep. Well, I had a woman say, my God is a tolerant God. He is non-judgmental.

And I said, and that God exists in your head, the one you're going to stand before. That there was never a more intolerant man that ever walked the face of the earth than the Lord Jesus Himself when it come to your sin. And, boy, I'm going to tell you, He is not tolerant.

And believe me, you've got the white throne. He's judgmental. But anyhow, folks, God gives you a way out. He gives you a way out, and that's what He tells you. This is that, here He says that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6, 23. So what do you do? You do just what He tells you to do.

It's not real complicated, Joe. First of all, is repentance required for salvation, Joe? Yes, it is the most important part of salvation is to repent. Yeah, and so, but there's those out there, like the Word of Faith movement that teaches you that repentance is not necessary. The Lord Jesus, the first thing He did when He preached was repentance.

And, say, with John the Baptist and the others. So, if you'll go pray to the Father, Jesus says pray to the Father, ask for forgiveness of your sins. So, folks, you've got to really mean it.

You've got to do. Well, be sorry for the fact that your sin put the Lord Jesus Christ upon that cross. He suffered like no man ever suffered. He did it for you. And so now it was a gift, and He's given you a way out.

But you need to receive that gift. You need to be sorry that your sin killed Him. And if you are that, and you ask for the Father for forgiveness, He will. And then the Lord Jesus, if you tell Him, ask Him to be the Lord of your life, all of your life, completely and doubly, with no reservations, He will do that. You will become a new creature, a born again believer, and heir of the kingdom. You've got God's Word on that. God always will honor the commitment.

He's the only one that will always and never leave you nor forsake you. And so, if you have not done that, do it tonight. Make it be the very next thing that you do, because you may not have it tomorrow. And we're out of time for tonight, so as we do every night at this time, Joe, we say good night, God bless, and always, always, always keep fighting the fight! For more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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