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No Huddle Offense (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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January 9, 2023 8:22 pm

No Huddle Offense (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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January 9, 2023 8:22 pm

No Huddle Offense: Week 18 l Will Georgia repeat as champs? l Assessing the 5 current head coach openings


What's the strangest thing you're afraid of? Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast Your Weirdest Fears, where we dig into the crazy things you're afraid of. Everything from animal people hybrids, you know people who get surgeries to look like an animal, to giant statues.

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There's a lot to listen to, so get started and download the free Odyssey app today. Touchdowns, sacks, upsets, and last-minute heroics. Another NFL Sunday is in the books, and we've got you covered with the biggest plays and sound bites from another wild week in the National Football League.

It's time for No Huddle Offense on the Zach Gilm Show. Chiefs with a little ring around the rosy action on Saturday night as they take down the Raiders 31 to 13. Patrick Mahomes as the Chiefs clinch the number one seed in the AFC and a first-round bye.

Now Kansas City will host an AFC title game just as long as it's not up against Buffalo. If it's Chiefs and Bills, that will be at a neutral site to be determined, but Mahomes in the contest against the Raiders 18 to 26 for 202 yards and a touchdown. Isaiah Pacheco eight carries, 64 yards and a score, and Jared Stidham who played well last week. This week took a little bit of a step back, but respectful numbers I guess for the situation that he's in. 22 of 36 for 219 yards, a touchdown and a pick. Also had seven carries for 50 yards.

Raiders fans are probably happy this miserable season is over. Chiefs fans, you will be off next week and you'll see who you'll play on divisional weekend, but let's hear Kadarius Toney on an 11-yard TD scamper to make it 21 to 3 in the second quarter. Here's Mitch Holtness on the Chiefs radio network. Under centers Mahomes, they come on a jet sweep to Toney at the 10 on the angle. Breaks a tackle inside the five.

Near front pylon. Touchdown Kansas City. It just took one more play and the Chiefs run a jet sweep to KT and Kadarius Toney with the touchdown and the Chiefs lead 20 to 3. Our next stop, the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Tennessee Titans. Winner of this game would get a home playoff game as AFC South champions and it goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars that had to come on back to take down Tennessee 22-16. Who would have thought Tennessee would have needed the final leak of the season to potentially go to the postseason when they were seven and three, but now they're on the outside looking in and they'll be interviewing for a new general managers. They got rid of their GM a few weeks ago in John Robinson, but the Jaguars win 20 to 16.

Rashawn Jenkins who has been sensational for them. You remember that big game he had up against the Dallas Cowboys with the two picks in the game-winning pick six. Well he applied the pressure and then Josh Allen picked it up for a 37-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown to make it 20 to 16 with just over three minutes left in the fourth quarter. Then a last opportunity for Joshua Dobbs in Tennessee, but the defense stopped to Hassan Haskins on fourth down to win the game. Listen up to both those calls as the Jaguars win the South.

Here's Frank Frangie on the Jaguars radio network. Shotgun for Dobbs, he drops, it's a blitz. An all-out blitz.

They hit him as he likes to go. The ball comes out. The ball comes out and is picked up. The Jags are running it back. The Jags are running it back. The Jags are gonna run it into the end zone. Josh Allen scores a touchdown. Josh Allen is running back for a touchdown for Jacksonville.

The four-man rush. He drops the throw. The Jags pressuring.

He fires to the right side. Caught by Haskins. He's tackled well short. A first down yardage. They're gonna tackle him at the 44-yard line and the ball's gonna go over on down to Jacksonville. How about this defense?

How good is that? Trevor Lawrence 20-32, 212 yards and a score. Christian Kirk 6 for 99 and a touchdown.

Joshua Dobbs 20 of 29, 179 yards. A touchdown and an interception and the Jaguars are the first team since the 2013 Chiefs to make the playoffs a year after having the number one overall pick. Doug Peterson, the coach of the Jaguars now.

Peterson was on Andy Reid's staff in Kansas City in 2013. Our next stop, the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Falcons win 30 to 17 over Tampa Bay. It was announced today that Falcons defensive coordinator Dean Pease is going to retire. Alamede Zaccheaus with a three-yard touchdown reception to make it 20 to 17 in the third quarter.

Here's West Durham on the Falcons radio network. Zaccheaus in motion from right to left. Here's Ritter looking.

Shoots it in zone. I mean wide open Alamede Zaccheaus for the Atlanta touchdown. Desmond Ritter with his first two career passing touchdowns. 19 and 30 for 224 yards and those two scores. Tyler Algier who had a really good season this year. 24 for a buck 35 on the ground for the rookie.

Drake London 6 for a buck 20. Tom Brady 13 of 17 for 84 yards and a touchdown. He was pulled in the second quarter. Game meant nothing for the Buccaneers. They will have the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football in the wild-card round. Bills and Patriots, we all know the horrible week it was early on for Damar Hamlin and the Buffalo Bills and as the week did go on we got better and better news as we fast forward to today. We did find out that Damar Hamlin has left the intensive care unit in Cincinnati and has been able to go back to Buffalo while he will continue his rehab.

The breathing tube is out. Obviously he is awake. He's been tweeting. He's been talking to Bill's teammates, the loved ones.

We just keep on getting more and more good news on the Damar Hamlin front and it continues to be remarkable and what a scene it was in Buffalo yesterday. Emotional before the game and then once the game got going you couldn't write this script. Naeem Hines of the 96 yard kickoff return on the first play of the game to give the Bills a 7-0 lead. Here is Chris Brown on the Bills radio network. Folt puts his foot into the ball.

It's gonna be short. Fielded at the 4 by Hines. Coming straight up the middle to the 20.

Cuts it back at the 25. He's got an alley down the right sideline to the 40, 50, down to the 40, 35, 30, 20, 15, 10, 5. Touchdown Naeem Hines. 96 yards.

Run run as fast as you can. You're not catching Hines. He's your end zone man. Buffalo on the board with the first play from scrimmage. A 96 yard kickoff return for a touchdown and he topped it later in terms of yardage with 101 yards. Two kickoff returns for touchdowns for Naeem Hines and he's the first player to return two kickoffs for touchdowns since Leon Washington did so in 2010. Josh Allen continues to be sensational. 19 to 31, 254 yards of passing. Three touchdowns and interceptions. Tafon Diggs who always dominates the Patriots. Seven for a buck oh four and a TD.

Bills will be the number two seed welcoming in Miami this upcoming weekend as the New England Patriots it was win and they're in and since they lost the game and you had Miami winning the Patriots eliminated from playoff contention. Vikings and Bears. Adam Thielen do a little gritty. A four yard touchdown reception to make it six nothing in the first quarter.

Here is Paul Allen on the Vikings radio network. Cousins under center. Dalvin the tailback. Play action. Straight drop. Pass to the end zone.

Caught. Touchdown. Adam Thielen. Kirk Cousins throws a touchdown to Adam Thielen. Vikings will play the Giants on Saturday. Kirk Cousins 17 to 20 for 200 and on Sunday excuse me the Giants will play the Vikings. Kirk Cousins 17 to 20, 225 yards and a touchdown. KJ Osbourne five carries for 117 yards.

I catches excuse me for KJ Osbourne. Bengals and Ravens. This game could have been deciding next week home field advantage. If the Ravens were to win you would have needed a coin flip to figure that out. Well the Bengals won so eliminate the coin flip. It will be Bengals and Ravens this weekend in Cincinnati. Jamar Chase a 26 yard touchdown reception for the back-to-back AFC North champion Cincinnati Bengals to make it 17 nothing in the second quarter.

Here is Dan Hoard and Dave Lapham on the Bengals radio network. Joe catches the shotgun snap. He throws it deep down the left field to the left sideline. A leaping catch in the end zone. Jamar Chase calls it in and the Bengals have scored again. Chase beating Worley and with that throw Joe Burrow has set the new single-season record for touchdown passes in a season. And for Joe Burrow 25 of 42 215 yards and that touchdown and as you just heard Burrow set the Bengals single-season franchise record with 35 touchdown passes. Jamar Chase 8 for 86 and a score and Anthony Brown for the Ravens.

Jeez what an ugly stat line 19 of 44 for 286 yards and two interceptions. Bengals Ravens they'll meet each other next week we'll see if Lamar Jackson will play. Texans and Colts this was one of the craziest games that I've ever seen in week 18. All the Texans had to do was lose and they get the number one pick and you know Lovey Smith was fired but all they had to do was lose and they get the number one overall pick. They were up in this game by 10 two different times finally the Colts get the lead and then Davis Mills is driving on fourth and 20. No shot that are they gonna find the way to get a touchdown they do and then they get the two-point conversion so the Texans actually win the game 32 to 31 and the Texans are the number one pick all year long they fall to the number two spot and now the Bears have elevated themselves into the number one overall pick. Let's listen up to the Texans radio network. Here's the snap Davis looking who scrambles out to the right got to get rid of it throws it to the end zone and caught it Jordan Akins my goodness on fourth and 20 Akins with the catch. Here we go Texans going for the deuce and the lead Davis looking throwing to the end zone caught and converted Jordan Akins comes up big again wide open as the Texans grab a one-point lead with 50 seconds to go 32 31.

Now I can't tell you I'm actively listening all throughout the year hot take Hickey to the Texans radio network's Mark Vandermeer because it's not like there's been many big Texans games but we play one of his calls well we probably don't even play one of his calls each and every week because usually on the losing end of things we usually play the winning calls here or the controversial calls didn't seem all too happy at the end. Seemed like he knew what that meant that the Texans were gonna screw themselves out of the number one overall pick with that win. He unlike Lovey Smith knew he'd be guaranteed to be back next year and he knew there goes Bryce Young's sealator. Well not necessarily because if the Bears keep the pick which the Bears should trade back then Bryce Young could still be there at two so it's not a guarantee that Bryce Young won't wind up in Houston and you could always trade up if you are the Texans. You could if the Bears pick a number one Ryan Polls nice knowing you see you later he's fired fire everybody you cannot pick a number one there's no reason to you laugh cause it's the evening it's Colts me they could drop down a two three four five and get a player in the similar range where they want and at least two of the first round picks. I'm in agreement but I just love now how you automatically think that an incompetent organization like the Indianapolis Colts that rip your heart out each and every year are definitely gonna move up to the number one spot and select the player that you want them to get like this is how naive you are that you think it's a lock a hundred percent that the Colts at four are gonna move up to one which could happen and they're definitely gonna take Bryce Young over CJ Stroud the organization that never does anything right now all of a sudden is gonna do two things that you want them to do. I'm not saying 100% but I will say part of the joy well a lot of the joy you were popping champagne yesterday I was because now for the first time getting the number one over pick is actually realistic because they were never gonna get it because the Texans are gonna trade down from one access with the Colts now because Houston's out there this is actually realistic the what the you you laughing at me about Bryce Young is now actually closer to happening than ever well no the reason why I'm laughing at it is because two and a half months ago I said the Colts suck you should be leading the charge on this Colts podcast that you have if you want to get some some buzz for the podcast to lead the charge for Bryce Young and you said to me and now for the last month all you do is say Bryce Young this Bryce Young that I said two and a half months ago they're not good enough to or not bad enough excuse me the tank and I was very wrong about that but now that they are in this position it's a great great place to be so let's just say this happens let's just say someone else trades up to the number one spot all right you know let's just say the Bears stay at one Bears stay at one just say this Texans take Bryce Young at two Cardinals pass on a quarterback at three are you mad if they take CJ Strout at four yes yes I'm mad thinking anyone but Bryce Young I'm all in on Bryce Young and Bryce Young only okay I don't think any of these other quarterbacks are gonna be very good but CJ shroud I think can be very good I don't know if he could be great but he showed he could be great up against Georgia now when you have no future at quarterback did he win they you think he was the reason why they lost the game no I said in one game okay so with how many guys you've advocated for this team to bring in who suck you with a guy that has a lot of potential in CJ shroud you'd want no part of him folks if you listen to this show you know how this works the moment the Colts draft CJ shroud this year who now I'm rooting for the Colts to draft and I bet you ends up being great because heck he doesn't want him heck he's gonna say I'm all I'm all on for an all-in for CJ Stroud you know how that's gonna work I said they happen when you didn't want Carson once and they get Carson once and you're saying wow we robbed the Eagles I've seen this script too many times Davis Mills in the game who's not hickeys favorite player of all time 22 of 38 298 yards three touchdowns and two interceptions hey Peyton Manning won't really acknowledge the Colts anymore so heck you need some quarterback to root for so now he's rooting for Davis Mills Brandon cooks five catches for a buck oh six and a touchdown and Jordan Aikens four catches for 70 yards in those two touchdowns and as we said the Texans now lose out on the number one pick they're now drafting number two dolphins and Jets other than this field goal there's not really many highlights from this one in 11 to 6 game Jason Sanders a 50-yard field goal remember the Patriots lost so Miami off to the postseason here is Jimmy Cefalu and Joe Rose and the Dolphins radio network a win here in a Bill's Law a Bill's win would give it dogs the playoffs it's up and it is good Wow biggest kick of the year for Jason Sanders when he comes through with 18 seconds left the Dolphins lead at 9 to 6 Skyler Townsend 20 and 30 152 yards Joe Flacco how bad is Zach Wilson if he can't get even get on the field 18 of 33 449 yards and the Dolphins our playoff bound for the first time since 2016 Panthers and Saints last little push here for Steve Wilkes who I think will be the next Panthers coach because I don't think they're getting Sean Payton and it looks like David Tepper does not want Jim Harbaugh Eddie Pinheiro 42 yard field goal to win the game with no time remaining here's the Panthers radio network a 42 yarder for the win JJ Jansen to snap Hecker puts it down Pinheiro swings the leg the kick is up it is good Eddie Pinheiro wins it for Carolina to end the season in New Orleans maybe the ugliest stat line I've ever seen Sam Darnold 5 of 15 for 43 yards at two interceptions Alva Camara did have 23 carries for 107 yards now Marcus Davenport and Deontay Foreman got ejected from this game for the Panthers on the ground Chuba Hubbard 21 carries for 69 yards Steelers had an outside shot to get into the postseason first they needed a win and they had to take care of their own business then they needed the Patriots lose which happened they needed the Dolphins to lose which didn't happen so the Steelers will go to 9 and 8 on the season they avoid falling below 500 so that's Mike Tomlin 16 straight season without a losing record as the head coach of the Steelers they win 28 to 14 over the Browns Kenny Pickett 13 to 29 195 yards and a touchdown look good down the stretch here for the Steelers Najee Harris 23 carries for 84 yards at a touchdown George Pickens who him and Pickett are gonna be an unbelievable connection for years to come three catches for 72 yards and a touchdown to Shawn Watson did he's just play some bad football 19 to 29 for 230 yards two touchdowns and two interceptions let's listen up to Najee Harris and the four-yard scamper to make it 20 to 7 in the third quarter here's Bill Hillgrove on the Steelers radio network they give to Najee Najee ducks under a tackle gets to the goal line touchdown Najee Harris his seventh of the year and this place erupts I guess we'll get to a low light Broncos and Chargers not really much the highlight in this one yes it was a 31 to 28 victory for the Broncos but a miserable season for Denver Chargers this game meant nothing for them they're locked into that fifth spot once the Raven did lose you will see the Chargers go to Jacksonville this weekend but we'll have to wait and see if Mike Williams will be playing who left the game with an injury Cortland Sutton had a 20-yard touchdown reception to make it 31 to 20 in the fourth quarter listen up to Dave Logan on the Broncos radio network Wilson in the shotgun play fake Russ rolls trees right throws a ball wide open receiver touchdown Denver Eagles and Giants is our next stop Eagles lock up the NFC East and a number one seed with the win they did that they will be off this weekend as they beat the Giants 22 to 16 the Giants will travel to Minnesota on wild card weekend Boston Scott an 8-yard touchdown run to make it ten nothing in the first quarter here is our Eagles radio network hurts gives it off to Scott up the middle touchdown Jalen hurts welcome back 2035 for 229 yards and interception nine carries for 13 yards AJ Brown four catches for 95 yards and of note he broke Mike Quick's record for most receiving yards in a season as AJ Brown in his first season with the Eagles finished with a 1496 yards Davis Webb for the Giants 23 or 40 468 yards and two total touchdowns Kenny Galladay got his first career touchdown with the Giants in a crazy grab coming up from Detroit it's been a disaster for Kenny Galladay in New York 49ers in Cardinals 49 is the two seed the welcoming the Seahawks welcome back Elijah Mitchell he had two touchdown runs a six-yard touchdown run was the second of the game this made it 28 to 13 in third quarter here is Greg Papa on the 49ers radio network Elijah Mitchell takes the left-side hand up Elijah Mitchell's in the end zone again San Francisco his second of the day Brock Purdy 15 to 20 178 yards three touchdowns Elijah Mitchell with those two touchdowns first game since week 12 had five carries 55 yards the 49ers end the season on a 10-game winning streak they scored 33 plus points in five out of six games with Brock Purdy as the starter and in JJ Watts final game as an NFL player for the three-time NFL defensive player of the year in the future Hall of Famer he had two sacks and three tackles for loss Seahawks Rams overtime Seahawks stay alive and we know they're in the postseason because they'll go up against the 49ers as the Packers did lose on Sunday Night Football but Quandre digs the former Detroit line basically eliminates the Lions but keeps the Seahawks alive with this win as he picks off Baker Mayfield in overtime Jason Myers missed a kick at the end of regulation that would have won the game well he redeemed himself with a 32-yard field goal to win the game in OT holy catfish listen up to Steve Ray ball in the Seahawks radio network play faith Mayfield's looking left gonna let it fly deep got a man man Jefferson finally Baker Mayfield throws us one from 32 can Myers win this one in overtime for the Seahawks there's the snap there's the spot the kick is away the Seahawks win the game the final regular season game of the year they win it at home against the Rams and now the playoff chances still live for the Seahawks Geno Smith playoff bound as the Packers do lose to the Lions and the Seahawks got the win he finished the season with 4282 yards that's a Seahawks franchise record for most yards in a season Kenneth Walker caps off a tremendous regular season as a rookie 29 carries for 114 yards commanders Cowboys Terry McLaurin a 16 yard TD snag to make it seven nothing here is the commanders radio network Terry McLaurin three catches 74 yards and a score Sam how first career pass is a touchdown 11 for 1969 yards a touchdown an interception five rushes for 35 yards and a rushing TD as well and for Dak Prescott 14 to 37 120 yards a touchdown and a pick he missed five games this year he leads the NFL in interceptions and it's a seven straight game with an INT and finally the stage was set at Lambeau field Packers win in there in for the Lions they were already eliminated but they were basically playing to eliminate the Packers as a Packers loss would mean that the Seattle Seahawks would be going to the postseason Lions and Seahawks fans can rejoice after this one Jamal Williams a one-yard touchdown run to give Detroit a 20 to 16 lead in the fourth quarter and then you did have the conversion to win the game late as the Lions were dialing up and being aggressive here's Dan Miller on the Lions radio network as the Lions finish off the season nine and eight and the Packers fall to eight and nine and they will not be going to the playoffs third and goal for the Lions from the six inch line golf out of the gun hands to Jamal this time he's in touchdown Detroit Lions they are back on top second of the night for Jamal Williams 17th of the year breaking Barry Sanders all-time franchise record fourth and one from the Green Bay 15 golf takes the snapback looks throws caught first down Detroit Lions DJ chalk down inside the 10-yard line this game is oh yes it is over and the Lions are the first NFC North team to sweep the Packers in the regular season since 2018 Aaron Rodgers season comes to an end and cue the speculation what he'll do with this future 17 to 27 205 yards a touchdown and a pick and he will not be going to the postseason and that is your week 18 no huddle offense the listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today the listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today you're listening to the Zach Gelb show I thought I was making a savvy gambling play last week where I was gonna take TCU plus twelve and a half and then by kickoff the number would go down and the number actually went up as TCU is now a thirteen and a half point underdog tonight I do think Georgia is gonna win the national championship game but I think TCU is gonna keep this close in some regard now is it one of those classic finishes that I don't know do they may be backdoor cover where it's a little bit of a touchdown game here or there then it jumps up to a two score game and then late they find a way to go get a touchdown and make it a seven or ten point difference I guess that could be the case I just think Georgia has too much talent tonight now a lot of people with the Michigan TCU game would have said Michigan had too much talent and TCU not only won the game they for at some points they gave up like three scores so I think it is a game where Georgia does it roll him tonight Max Duggan has had a phenomenal season from losing the job in the offseason to then seeing the quarterback go down and then he comes in and not only has an opportunity but he took the baton and ran with it and his run to New York for a Heisman Trophy finalists and was a runner-up and almost took the as and has taken the baton to the college football playoff and now in the national championship game and TCU before the start of the season was unranked picked seventh I believe in the Big 12 you had Sonny Dykes who is on his fourth day coaching job people were jumping for joy about this higher and this surprised the TCU team because Sonny Dykes is on the show when they were 5-0 and he said he's even surprised they were 5-0 now they only lost one game this year and it's because of the coaching staff just being stupid the only grab you could have at them all throughout the year was they didn't give the ball to Max Duggan third and goal at the one against Kansas State or fourth and goal at the one as well against Kansas State and that was the only game that they lost and they lost it in overtime and what was a a great game between TCU and Kansas State than TCU beats up on Michigan even though Michigan made a run at they were able to find the way to go win the game Quentin Johnson is one of the better wide receivers in college football if not the best wide receiver in college football with the year that he's been having even dealing with some injuries but I just think George is too good I I took him at plus 12 and a half TCU I'm gonna say that this is a closer game than what people think but what Kirby smarts doing right now at Georgia for how many years did we talk about Kirby smart just being a very very very good coach just not a great coach and last year even after losing the SEC title game to Alabama he finds a way into the college football playoff into the national championship game beats Alabama and this year with all that they lost in the defensive side of the ball and I know they were third in the country heading into the year in the AP poll but they have without a doubt been the number one team and they haven't really had many flaws throughout this year like the only game that made you feel a little bit uneasy and really made you sweat other than the Ohio State game in the semi-final because they had to come on back and it just shows you if you if you could knock out Georgia you better knock them out or else they're gonna give you everything they have to go win the game and they did that up against Ohio State say what you want about the kick and if you leave the door open for Stetson Bennett he's gonna kick that door down but really other than that Missouri game this year and the Ohio State can they haven't played a close game so Ohio State gave everything they could to Georgia it wasn't enough now Georgia back of the national championship with the chance to go back to back this time be undefeated national champions this one is more important is more impressive than last year and it's also more important because this shows consistency this shows just complete and utter dominance back-to-back years and I thought George is going to the college football playoff this season before the year I don't know they would be this dominant with all that they lost so Hickey I like Georgia tonight in the game I like TCU though plus the points you could get it now at plus 13 and a half I got it last week at plus 12 and a half so I'm hoping that you don't see Georgia win this game by 13 points or more but I think tomorrow we're gonna be talking about Georgia and we're gonna be talking about just their dominance and the new dynasty that is starting to form in college football now you got to do more than just win back-to-back national championships to be a dynasty but you are seeing a dynastic feel let's just say to this Georgia run and what they've been able to do the last few years but the levels that they've taken it to to new heights last year and then moving into this year as well not that anyone can win a championship right now that's now and it's not easy to do whatsoever but it's like I said once you win two in a row and now you start to actually build and you start to have sustained consistent dominance that's what everyone's eyes open up that's when I say oh this is real this is not just a flash in the pan or everything kind of broke right for you in one year and you kind of put all this town together curse words are able to have an insanely loaded roster year-on-year out even with all the losses off the defense last year in the draft and like I said you win two in a row tomorrow I promise you there will be conversations and discussions is Kirby smart the best head coach in college ball right now guaranteed to happen if they win this game which I'm with you they should but I do like TCU keeping it closer cuz I like their physicality especially pushing around Michigan for most of the game last week they should be able to keep this close but in the ending Georgia will go back to back and if you look at other teams not necessarily to win the national title but just get to the national championship game out of the SEC and like the last ten years like you know what LSU has been able to do you look at at also Auburn when they got to a national championship you know a while back it's just any time those schools got to the national championship or won I don't think Alabama feared them like even though Georgia was getting dominated or they would not win big games up against Alabama with what they've done the last two years I think Alabama starts to get really concerned about Georgia where what LSU did it didn't feel like it was gonna last for a long time when Auburn was in those moments it did not feel like it was gonna last for years and years and years this Georgia team they are showing you this year what Kirby smart is doing is not only a sustained level but it could get better through time and that's what is so impressive with this season yeah everyone like you mentioned is just really collapsed Auburn's an all-or-nothing program and they got to two in the last decade and they've been nothing since LSU they had that perfect season with Joe burrow and they just you talk about falling flat in your face the next year and Joe and what you wanna call it oh boy coach Oh got fired not even two years after that yeah I don't know I'm sorry coach Oh but even like Ole Miss Mississippi State 2014 like we're highly ranked and just never got back it's they no one's been able to sustain and that's been always the big question that's why he's so impressive if Kirby smart and the dogs go back to back and don't get me wrong Tennessee had a phenomenal season this year but in the big moment Georgia dominated them and then it's like Texas A&M is just the team that tries to tell you they're so great and it never gets reflected and Jimbo Fisher's on the hot seat so yeah next year I'm sure when we look at the preseason rankings it's gonna be you would imagine right Georgia one and Alabama probably two is probably what you would you would say right now that that's the way that I'd probably in that way do you lean otherwise I know it's so early to get into this conversation but it feels like those are the are going into next year those are gonna be perceived to the two best teams in college football I probably put USC above Alabama I'm trying to think you me yeah I don't know I'm Alabama the quarterback situations in flux right now there and they didn't have elite wide receivers this year which really did cost them Zach Gelb here with you on CBS Sports Radio we will take a timeout when we come on back we'll look at some of the jobs that are opening up around the NFL we already had three jobs that were open two more join the party today when it comes to head coaches in the National Football League who will your team hire we discuss that next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show it is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio by the way this NFL postseason every once in one NFL broadcast streams live for free the wild card round the division around the AFC and NFC championship games these Pro Bowl game and Super Bowl 57 catch all the action of the Odyssey app at what's the one sports calm via what's the one station streams or by asking Alexa to open what's the one sports it's all sponsored by AutoZone the free AutoZone fix find their service can help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine light for free and get you back on the road restrictions apply get in the zone Auto Zone I have two pet peeves hickey and I'm very happy what someone didn't do this super wild card weekend just call it wild card weekend the super is so unnecessary you know they change that ever since they put that Monday night game to make it seem bigger but this if anyone really refers to this as super wild card weekend you're like a sheep to the NFL that's what you are and I hear all these TV people and even some radio people to do you do you call this super wild card week are you like me they're just called wild card weekend not a sheep I say wild card weekend but I also don't care nearly as much as I guess now you do so it does not bother me either way I just hate when people call it super wild card weekend the other thing and then really know that this was a pet peeve of mine until now as TCU just false started to start off this national championship game of the false start so what wonderful start there by TC and I watch I'll answer back with a 55-yard bomb down the field the the interview right before kickoff when they interview both coaches Sonny Dykes and then also Kirby smart do you like that that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the between-quarter interviews that the NFL started doing this here that bothers me that's just stupid but it all I guess before the game during the game doesn't really matter but they're all stupid because you get nothing done now I can't hear obviously interviews when we're on the air but I usually like those interviews today just look at that Kirby smart and and Sonny Dykes I'm like I like is this really necessary they really need to interview these two coaches with all that they talk leading up to this game as they are about to snap the football and kick the ball off into the air I just I didn't think it was necessary anyway today is Black Monday we already knew that the Broncos job was open the Indianapolis Colts job was open in the and the Carolina Panthers job was open we also found out today and this was the worst-kept secret ever that the Texans are parting ways with Lovey Smith I kind of think everyone knew when Lovey Smith was hired he was gonna be one and done with the Houston Texans and about two months ago we didn't know what was gonna happen with Steve Keim we didn't know what was gonna happen with Cliff Kingsbury probably even three weeks ago you may have felt that they would both be back just because they extend them through 2027 there was enough excuses there but then I think the Cardinals did the right thing today in that they didn't double down and just said okay we're just gonna keep them because we paid them it's clear that Steve Keim and we wish him nothing with the bells best from a health standpoint ran his course with the Cardinals and Cliff Kingsbury really the way and I know he didn't have a good start this year but the way that you would kind of look at the Cardinals in his besides this year would just be really good starts hot red starts and then just down the stretch they would be abysmal and they paid Kyler Murray I know Kyler Murray's probably gonna miss most of next season if not all of it but how many times you saw Cliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray going at it and maybe cliff was actually in the right because I'm not saying that Kyler Murray deserves the benefit of the doubt but to get rid of Cliff Kingsbury it's just a paycheck to get rid of Steve Keim it's just a paycheck there is a dead cap attached to Kyler Murray so you know he's not going anywhere for the next year or two maybe even more than that so I think the Cardinals did get it right today I mean it should never gave me an extension in the first place that's really got it wrong but at least I mean look it's not money out of my pocket it's money out of Michael Bidwell's pocket the owner of the Cardinals but so I think there was a year left on both their contracts I get not wanting them to be a lame duck entering the season you didn't have to though just jump all the way into the deep end and say 20 27 that's absurd so they right of the wrong they got it they got it done and Alex and now you got a reset in the eyes of Kyler Murray and hope that this is the one that actually sticks for the first time and really franchise history so I wrote down a name for each of these five jobs that are open and we'll see what other jobs do open up in the upcoming hours days or maybe even weeks depending on what does shake on out in the postseason for the Broncos last week I would have said Dan Quinn and I know they requested an interview with Dan Quinn and I will definitely still think that Dan Quinn could get that job and he was a finalist for the job last year in the moment with Daniel Hackett that worked out really well guys but it seems like Jim Harbaugh wants an NFL job now from some of the reporting it seems like he was trying to have conversations with David Tepper and try to get an interview and it looks like for now David Tepper said thanks but no thanks so if Harbaugh really really really wants a job in the NFL it isn't just using this as negotiation tactics to up more money on his Michigan deal I would think that the Broncos are going and I know they've already requested an interview for Jim Harbaugh I think the Broncos are seriously in play for him it's just gonna come down to does this new ownership group want to go with Jim Harbaugh or somebody else because if Jim Harbaugh then doesn't get offered that job it's like you're gonna go to the Texans you know maybe the Colts are still in play for him I don't know how interested the Cardinals are gonna be this job hasn't even open up for 24 hours so right now for the Broncos I'm kind of hickey expecting it to either be Jim Harbaugh or Dan Quinn early stages what about Sean Payton who is right now the only one to officially have an interview or at least have an interview set right now at the team I don't think Sean's gonna wind up in Denver I think Sean's gonna wind up elsewhere and that's actually Arizona the Broncos remember you got to give up draft capital to also get Sean I would do that to go get Sean Payton but you already gave up so much draft capital with Russell Wilson I just look at the Cardinals job you're a little bit more obscurity in Arizona compared to Denver in terms of everyone's looking at Denver to fix that thing right away because you just got Russell Wilson so patience is not going to be long there but you bring in Sean Payton you know that you're handing everything over to him they do have a general manager in place I don't know what his relationship is with George Payton where you look at Arizona you have a vacant general managing position and a head coach position and a young quarterback that needs to be fixed so I think Sean's gonna wind up in Arizona so Broncos I'm going either Jim Harbaugh Dan Quinn Cardinal Sean Payton the Texans do they have the stones to hire Josh McCown they've wanted to the last two years I to my I think he's coaching high school football somewhere I do not believe that he's he's not a college staff or NFL staff I'm circling Jonathan Gannon who's interviewed before for that job the Eagles defense accordion I think he'll be the next head coach of the Texans the Panthers if they don't want Harbaugh they'll try for Sean I don't think the Saints are gonna trade Sean to the Panthers unless you just say okay you gotta give me even more than I normally do I'm starting to think that Steve Wilkes is gonna be back and they're gonna remove that interim tag the Colts are the toughest one because you could say Harbaugh but Harbaugh could go back to Michigan or he could go somewhere else the first name I thought of and I think it'd be a great move for the Colts and I think this guy's gonna be in big demand is D'Amico Ryan's that was the name that I put down on the on the Colts list if it goes this way Harbaugh Quinn to the Broncos Sean Payton to the Cardinals Texan Jonathan Gannon Panthers bring back Steve Wilkes and then for the Colts I put D'Amico Ryan's where you out in the Colts get to give me your three candidates right now for the Colts who would they be Jim Harbaugh I would go Ben Johnson and yeah we'll go to make our rides like to make oh gotcha a lot of love for Ben Johnson especially after last night see if he gets a head coaching job it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio five questions five answers next we'll do a little onsides offside
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