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December 5, 2019 8:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 5, 2019 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do we distinguish between seizures caused by medical issues and those caused by demonic activities--2- Can Christians suffer physically or be affected-influenced by demons--3- Are Christians still considered sinners after they are saved--4- What does it mean in 1 Corinthians about turning someone over to Satan--5- What are your thoughts on Jimmy Swaggart--6- Is Levi counted as a tribe of Israel- How exactly are they numbered--7- Were the prophets Levites--8- Who did Cain marry--9- How does total depravity reconcile with Old Testament persons being called righteous--10- What exactly does it mean when it says in Romans that Abraham believed and it was credited to him as righteousness--11- Can we have the desire to do what's right without the Holy Spirit--12- How much power does Satan have in the world now-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a matter why is called Mets would live. I will really have a good time listening Lord bless you greatly. If you want to give me a call. All you do is delete 772-072-2765 open lines right now. This can become with something that you want to get involved with the government. Call now.

Sometimes during the month of December, slows down because well holiday stuff like that they were going so clear my throat and still doing stuff like that from the really bad cold that I have done remnants of it is going around the country and found my voice is just a gnocchi deeper than normal. My wife likes it and she says my voice but sleep Jesus was talking to her and she's out to sleep. Let's not talk, we can't open it in the she likes so what will be doing the show.

If you're interested is some we deal with apologetics, which is a defense of the Christian faith.

The Greek apology. If you have a question on the Bible on various issues atheism Mormonism Joe was with us is Islam. Whatever might be. Give me a call.

We can talk so as we do. We talk about various theological things a little bit unusual.

If I don't mind saying so myself, my wife will say amen to that. And that's a lot of logic when debating and teaching and I'm very very very dedicated to the perspicuity of Scripture that needs clarity and it some know it's the word of God and I believe that if you don't affirm Jesus Christ is God in flesh second person of the Trinity, who became mankind across Rosalinda in the same body. He died in and that if you don't affirm that and if you don't trust in him the sacrifice that he performed in the cross. If you believe this, you don't do that you can it be damned on the day of judgment. We want preaching and teaching the truth now just so you know, let the people know that we have a go fund me thing were doing for some computers, three computers, one for Brazil are missionary full-time missionary to Brazil with a full-time missionary in Columbia and a full-time one in Africa more doing with them as our setting them free. They translate articles from the English on Carmen into the respective languages and disseminate information on the websites were getting Spanish one perfected here pretty soon and also getting the Brazilian one is Portuguese one is already ready is what were doing is trying to get them some support together for the computers we have half of what we need for the Brazil computer. If half of that one and about half little under half will be for the computer in the Columbia and were almost there for the one for Africa and so since I was a computer tech for years.

I know computers pretty well.

I can build something to ground up. Love it. And assault problems replace parts and I was able to tell you guys, which computers are good ones that they would have that would last a long time and meet the needs of the ministry itself got those waiting in the in the works. You just need to get the funds raised. If you're interested in helping out and that all you do is go to car network CA and on the right hand side you'll see the go fund me thing you know actually just type in the typing/go fund me confident/just go fund me one word and you'll find exactly what we need right there. Would appreciate that a great deal. Let's get to Ryan from Pennsylvania. Brian will have the show, you are on the air outweighed the hardware child… I'll think about or were describing. How do we distinguish today between a seizure and biomedical as you are because I have the Holy Spirit reveal it to us will.

How else we have the spiritual demonic good machines that can measure how much is the demonic thing is working in a person. You know, we can tell him hey look at a at attendees D's for demon so that it reports probable. We don't have that kind of thing so we know that I we do not true. And I think a lot of it is medical but I think a lot of it also can be demonically initiated the play reports of people I know I really thought about five dollars per why was he that is one way and if the person under such a seizure is speaking another voice or heads turning around her levitating and cursing God. I think that the good clue also that it's demonically so beware because of the…… You rotate the make to the without… A speaking language of God, they think about documenting what day Bob, Dr. Marcotte, document I was curious about that by nowadays because of what you don't know of anyone who is curious what I do is encounter anything like that. I was assume a medical thing first. If those things are exhausted and I start entertaining the idea of the spiritual effect spiritual influence. That's what I do.

I learned from that you later I was running from Pennsylvania. We have no callers, folks.

It's nice Tuesday five open language you give me call 877-207-2276 now by way of her mind and let you know that if you want help Tulkarm there's a way to do what you can go to carbon work/HP LP and we have some needs. There what were doing what were hoping to be able to do is some is get people who one thing you fundraiser 1B project manager. I will try to find someone who would want to work with this radio ready to be putting up some eggs about email helpers and things like that and so the fact is that we here at Carmen are just their right thigh today. For example, I'm having to do a fiction, a computer not to find new parts because I can't get an adapter to order some parts and I had to do a video and answer emails and arrange for new drives to be looked at in order to get them to another host in order to get forms put on those to get those things repaired while working getting getting ready to have new new site be developed for delivery, before dinner languages and hose within a flick it just all kind of stuff and doing all the time and not write much of it has been ministerial. So what's a lot of it's just that kind of stuff and I were looking for people who want to help can be fêted in the information is all there is not easy to get into helpless you have to be dedicated to the Lord and hopefully you will want to go check out discomfort/help and the right let's get to Charles from Charlotte North, Charles the showing on the air yet. Like the show just one comment on the lot, all or talking about being in. I know demons and whatnot. I know from experience from relative you when your say they you that old belongs to God. Nothing can take it back to our elected you are a your property of God.

But now an unsaved soul.

On the other note, God is deep that an you know there is made of object being Arnold take an attack you.

But of course when someone instead. Again, you belong to God and not nothing can ever take or possess that soul because God is bigger and greater than anything never think of that's true we cannot be possessed as Christians because they possess many demonic forces and Absalom, glad you said that. That's part of the necessity discussing that whole topic is a question though it says that Paul was buffeted with a from a messenger of Satan in his body.

And that's always bothered me in the since I can't quite figure out exactly what that is. So it was he speaking metaphorically or was it a literal kind of a something that God allowed Satan to afflict bodily we would know we can't be possessed. There is no that's not possible, but that is not a question that maketh one of the mix. There, and that seems trial. Whatnot, you know what to do, and allow the crowd but know that you know the end result is no W no try. But God already knows right on everyone to stay strong and know God bigger than anything and everything. But I've got it right. God's glory and glory.

That's who I like to try Charles God bless. Let's let's get over to Scott North Carolina Scott looking Michelle, you are on the air it met or not. I did or not made, not I, okay, sounds like your landlord. They did that, barely not a restricted and operated by the devil. Only in that caliber that I feel like it probably out for the devil as much about you.

We don't know. I can't tell you from the Scriptures we know Christians can be possessed but it does appear that they can suffer physically from various things that I just got word one yesterday went today to Christians I know didn't with cancer and godly man. So what is it mean I wish I'd had better answers. I wish I could Miller tell you that this is a demonic attack, even upon a Christian we got a Guinness redirect account possessed but it does appear that they can be afflicted because we know that that the Jews were afflicted demonically and when Paul said he had a messenger of Satan. We don't know what that exactly is but it's it's opening up the possibility of a physical kind of of an impression is that you have is a nebula so nice of the discussed adequate question I hear all. They would have been just as there is that they will not bring them so hey folks that like why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show.

Let's get back to Scott North Carolina Scott on here. Scott is still there.

Are you nearly yes I can. Okay, so some is is saying you don't just a sinner saved by grace. Okay there while we were yet right that Lord that regular run alive then no matter what the Goth girl have not alerted and is the enemy that we can do anything about that God like that handpicking out a letter about the that she is an Reaganite bandit then it goes when it Went when he column they worked in management you don't like a private eye.

They give the that might fit for yourself and not tell a good SUV just a question about this wonder why people think they don't have to spend what I think it got there. Christian there. They bought a ticket to heaven and the all live like listeners and very out will if anyone says are Christian and they don't seek after the things of Christ may go ahead and they live purposely sinfully that we have to death or saved to their self deceived.

First John 24 says if you say you know him and do not keep his commandments to truth is not in you and you're a liar so I sometimes have met people anywhere, crosses and I get to know them a little but I can have a conversation with him and I find that they're not really Christians. What he was across because to good simple.

With the symbol of dying to ourselves and dying to send you awareness and illustration is a is what is this jewelry know Mike my hint is that they need to live with the proclaim this is any Christian real Christian should we should not and we ought not say that we live for Christ and go live with somebody and have relation sexual relations with them a fornication table Christian go to church will be forgiven.

You kind of lies that Christians can or it's okay to teach a little white lie to get a life. It's if it the result is good such things like this are not Christian and they harden the heart and God's judgments on people for these things so that initially limits Christ out there market order for manual think there will not be able to translate out like that and they may have got an increase in working with love emotional growth goal. I said, but we had. We can do it anything about it.

I had to have about your great now my class I come around the macabre, but Gail made it then and that only Christ may have make that judgment, that's great ideas that naming that it might get, the good color, in its okay Scott will God bless and thanks it is letter I will have function of three open lines of unity.

McCall, 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Josh from Utah Josh walking on air. I hello you're on here I Josh out my call. I got a question for about I remember one During first Corinthians was the part where there was a member of the church I was sleeping with that that might have slathered I live or whatever that would have got and I got me about that that that part of my work to pay them for the flag and advanced and at the they mean by that would be my Jimmy was anybody you to Satan when people sometimes walk in sin who are supposed to be Christians who may be real Christians and they continue to live in sin, I gotta warn them, and a lot of times if they don't see the morning the killer?…. Other remember the black dot and my simple uses versus the demonstration that you can lose your salvation does necessitate that because if it was possible lose your salvation Christ lost on and he can't lose any of the father to him. John 637 to 41 option is that says you will be saved to guarantee that salvation God kills to come home. You can never lose your salvation because God will intervene. It doesn't say that is possible to lose salvation because of Jesus's Jesus is so you can't John to put 728 Johnson 37 240 so it's a very sobering verse very sobering verse I had a brush while K I cannot take in a little another question about life insurance asked you okay writer, he's a heretic needs to quit.

And the reason is because with Jimmy Swaggart did was in the late 80s and stuff is he more than once with prostitutes and because of this he was defrocked and he should be defrocked as the Bible says that the elders to be above reproach that is mean perfection, but the pastor teachers and elder in the elders of the expectation elder in this context is what he did was, not only once but twice that we know of is he visited prostitutes and this means that a man who's in a position who was to be trusted, supposedly to build a preach that word then did that which is apparent to God as a minister of the gospel, not once but twice, therefore, is disqualified from being a proper preacher and teacher the word of God and that accent okay okay so you about that about it all out candle mama Dr. like that. I got a commentary that my mom how I thought some of them on the assignment. I have a problem with people getting revelations from God because it's a form of arrogance and that they get up on the stages and they say with the Lord told like Beth Moore says this Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, the Lord told me that we should getting revelation from God himself, and the creator of the universe talking to them personally.

So you need to listen to me this kind of thing. If I were ever preaching with the say this and I thought I had something from the Lord.

A word from the Lord, which is a word of knowledge or revelation to talk about my weeks really careful not casual really is the mass Y is 077 pairs nicely quick reminder for thing for computers for missionaries, one in Africa one in Columbia and one in prison you're interested in checking it out only to do was go to carbon work/go fund me to find information that you need were almost there almost that we need to send the money go get the computers in their countries and be able to do the will of the Lord all that much better. Let's get to Detroit from Texas Troy walking the show, you are on the air. Thank you think my call and you could clear up a small confusion. I have so in the Old Testament the 12 tribes of Israel. These include each amendment at the thing when you authentically believe I now have 13 so I might question it. It went in general when it refers to the 12 tribes or when there is no enforcement while thumping at that that it meant their leave out the Levite or what going on there will know if you were to write that question out and email it to me. Maybe do some research on.

I do know that that I have a great answer for you right now. My point. I do know that there's different ways that that the tribes were counted and one of them introduced idolatry into Israel and so is excluded in some of the counts and then there's the issue of laxity from a NASA which seem to be included, together sometimes. So… Will nuanced things that like to research so if you would write an answer say why this this and this verse, or that they can look at a specifically entrainment response, which I did a couple weeks ago I got had something he did have an answer to the Bible, difficulty, and then I reminded of the put upon, so maybe I think I recall part of that Rick because Ruben had a gift that mother that he would you was taken from them, and I thought that maybe even didn't get any merit, but usually shows up in the tribal leaders are not right.

Computer lucky right at that question.

Be specific and that I can look into it and I can do the research I have at my disposal. A lot of commentaries and a lot of cross referencing and able to go to stick to a whole bunch of research and financial. I enjoy doing that. That's a good question and there. I have been aware that there have been differences of the accountings before the why that's a question I think is interesting. Why are they different is a reason for is not a mistake.

It's a deliberate reason for right now. Can I get a quick follow-up. If you know and unite with all gadget event, but whether the proper profit, like Isaiah and Jeremiah as they kill etc. where they Levite or they just may not know where I don't know that when I don't know. I'm thinking not, but the elders do.

This was another phone tribal to sentencing, so I don't know your ancestry should say I don't know which ones they were good question asking them to Ms. Milliken and find out. I don't know everything, but I do like to find out and researching the answer to question again so no problem RN good men you get me twice. That doesn't happen very often. So this email be all right. Okay Karen I Gubler all right.

It was in Texas.

Let's get on the phone with Dave from Raleigh, North Carolina daybook conditioning unit on the fact that I write and I like the kind of back get my life back when you are talking about all the mom that day by Dabo with the got equipment I guess. I think dad that we agreed that all what not, nobody black nine… Allow Dabo Gould make it not make the bid I bought make-believe glory and example.I'd like you guys going allow Satan to do something that I got my day yet. I got without the mind really what… We know that when it did I would write admit that what they something about God you attribute it back to get the window that you know it's not perfect by… What they thought develop arthritis my club admitted Jenny back white birthday. When I find it at that would get the got way out of bed at nine. I will outthink back back but I did like all his glory in our life. You won't be used all right.

Example what Debbie glory that was a delegate I think I broke out the thank you for your local cable think the comment presented. All right, that was Dave's lonely North Carolina industry folks God uses the work of Satan for his own glory and nothing occurs unless God is permitted. It's just think of the cross, Satan was used. It's a sailor.

Satan brought the bad people together to destroy Jesus and look what happened and it redeemed God is just beyond all things is such a great measure that nothing occurs to us without his permission. We have to address it and deal with it at that time and hopefully by faith.

Let's get to Terry from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Terry are you doing here, I like your hero and I got a big board about socket not out because it's going to wire Craig came and are able and you know you going claims came left a lot of the lower atrial in the land now okay what what it will mystify you there when a lot of people other than day with the people you were going allow other than damn mystify you know your friend is using the life getting all I can explain one okay okay okay you divide the explanation is that Adam and Eve had children and because her genetics was perfect and pure. The children and marrying each other. They lived a long time.

All and they went out and formed at different people groups and is and say it and notice it does not say how long they were out there etc. etc. so in the text so there obviously was enough time for people to have other children and they did live for hundreds of years so you can propagate a lot pretty quickly and it wasn't till later on, that God put in the prohibition of interim the same family relations like that and it's because the genetics were becoming more problematic. Okay you about the big fighting and a lot of reading and reading. I never again from here. Bob stated there would letting other people know with one of the assault is a declination as is that they were having other children and plenty other offspring from Adam and Eve and me think about it. They are incredibly great, great shape. Okay, leave decayed slots for thousands of years genetic problems, deformities and things like this mutations in a covenant not so with Adam and Eve. There they were, and they can have children left and right, so to speak. I a lot of and so wouldn't take very long for a lot of people to be born. If you have an five, six, seven, eight, 10 kids at a time and generation didn't take very long for two, three, 400 years before you got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. Okay I want one of arrive. God bless. All right, let's get on the phones to see the Holly I guess from Nebraska. Welcome to the show we are on the air hello yeah I might have been directly right now about reconciling funding how the gravity dock. You're anything like I back awry I were going being right and have Howard fill it world that and thinking given over to our inability no. The answers found in the clarification of the definitions. So in total depravity, says the doctrine is that all of what we are is touched by sin, heart, soul, mind, body, nothing of what we are escapes that touch and hold on the breaker for the mass Y077 pairs nicely.

All right what I say in a total depravity is a teaching that all but we are is touched by sin Hartsell mind-body emotions, rationality, everything but it does not mean that words that is we can be so the unbeliever is totally depraved in the Christian is totally depraved in that both the believer and the unbeliever have the effect of sin, touching all of what they are the leader, however, is enthralled by God and his plan against was a difference were able to war against our sin. The unbeliever serves. So when it talks about certain members of the Old Testament, who are said to be righteous is not talking about legal righteousness by the computer imputation of Christ was talking about is from the generic perspective their righteous before God, and they're doing with the law requires. It doesn't mean they can't do that if you're totally depraved because total depravity can have different manifestations on people with some people, it manifests more profoundly than another's stove, some person might be a complete murderer were not when might just be the final paper clips to consult different levels of our sinfulness, but it doesn't mean that once you're a Christian that took depravity. See, since we all struggle with our sin and the Roman 742 25 Paul talks about this.

The struggle that he has. So what we hundred F understand is the righteous is nicely spoken of in that context. The Old Testament is not one based upon the repeated righteous of Christ in the righteousness that way. In the generic sense they were doing was right before God keep the law, that kind of thing it so that when setting of the righteous are good. Okay okay no error right by thinking alive that referring you that a band like all about, like when Abraham believed it right know that faith is not the covered legal with this, gets the more difficult questions. A good question and so we see the focus get this out. All righteousness resides in the work and the character of God in the person of Christ to fulfilled all the law perfectly. First Peter 222. None of us can be perfectly righteous because we are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 and we have all sinned and fall short, the glory of God.

Romans 323. Because of this we have no righteousness of our own. So on the vertical level. The vertical between man and God. We have no righteousness because the requirement of the Old Testament law is perfection due to number 27, 26, which Paul references in Galatians 310 that we have to keep that law perfectly and James. James 210 says we stumble in one area the law guilty of all the standard perfection is perfection itself. The standard of the law is perfection because it makes the character of God when he says be holy, for I am holy.

First Peter 116 to this is the standard's on the vertical. We can never meet that righteousness on the horizontal we can I give you right before you, you could be right before me. We could do right things that God will condescend so to speak in stable Job was righteous or Abraham was righteous in his eyes will ultimately that any righteousness that would come in a forensic sense vertically would have to be like because of the cross so we could say that in one sense I didn't know about the cross to come with her trusting God and they were then justified, which is what Paul references in Romans 43 Abraham believed God was credited to him as righteousness. I think that's out of Genesis 15 six. Not sure but think this works out" in the Old Testament.

So the justification would occur is based upon faith in God and the people would obey the law of God, not to be justified before God in that sense, but because what they wanted to do was to obey the law of God and God were considered any form of righteousness, but not in the ultimate sense because of practices because mother with the law that Christ died needlessly.

Galatians 221 we have the vertical issue. The cut between God and man. Horizontal between man and man. Those are, so to speak, met at the cross with the vertical postal horizontal crew post where Christ was crucified and there is so to speak. The vertical and horizontal come to the fruition of in one place in the first work of Christ, he is the one who was able to keep and the only one who is able to keep the law perfectly and have that perfect righteousness. Then all of us to put our faith or trust in Christ are imputed with that righteousness, flipping 39 but Abraham the Old Testament saints who didn't know about the cross. They were righteous in the sense of trusting in God and what he could do. They didn't have the complete picture. And so they were still considered to be righteous and both in the vertical and the horizontal. In that sense does it make sense to the incline of the heart because the people are right that they can't demand the amount of their part. They would want to follow them. What that means that that God had given them a heart to go after right, even if it's not perfect would not stand happily, not God hath given that desire like him. He has set the fire part. It unbeliever can help if it unbeliever should have a desire to do what's right because they want to do what's written on the parts of the rehearsal longer than the hearts was to talks about this, but they can never do anything perfectly right because it has to be with the standard of God's word, which I don't affirm God's character which they don't affirm and with the current of the cross which I don't affirm someone since they can be. They can practice a form of righteousness, but not really having it. The Christians can because it's filtered through Christ in the Old Testament saints.

They looked ahead to what God was can provide for them. We look back to what God had provided for us and so therefore both justified by faith, Old Testament and New Testament that help okay I will think you is more I can tell you she called again with letter time today the call back tomorrow. Ask more questions like that because this is very good stuff that you're asking not just saying it. Your thinking through these things and trying to work out the biblical theological perspective. So the can to summarize all people are touched by sin, all people are totally depraved. The manifestation of the total depravity is that they can never come to Christ on their own and never keep the law perfectly. Nobody can God just like you said you didn't intervene into people's life and grant them certain things, but this is me were not free in the interesting sense that the cold compatible stick of view of freedom.

But we are free than once were born again to the listserv God we don't do it perfectly because we still struggle with the old man within us. Romans 742 25 talks about and so we are graded righteous because of Christ we are perfectly righteous in that we can keep the law perfectly but God is very gracious through the blood of Christ seeing this is righteous, the unbeliever, on the other hand, can perform what we would call righteous acts, but ultimately is not is no righteousness to them because it's not through the blood of Christ is not a good work it selfishly motivated which could never then be pure and cannot be counted as righteousness right okay yeah that I didn't know that like in my life like you know it's like when I look at myself like light all the band like all the time and repent and rip like no continuity in ethical. I know that like you know what that struggle throughout the facultative Viking L rafting and that what he has already gone like putting up faith in what Don not in like a faith in your own faith that if a and like wandering than a faith though the incline of my heart. If you follow Christ like. I get that when I wrapped the print out like that. You know right.

Not right at the mall, but a right heart that you know God would give great then now follow him like a void in my life telling me like, like when I was when I laugh and laugh at something like not filled my heart that like you that you know like a Luddite that help me to like me to like it here heart beginning of your garden. You know, things like that so I like the pain without my will and give me that desire to want that you not things like that really love hearing you say these things because you are asking the right questions you're struggling in your sanctification you try to put all the theological pegs in the right place and I can tell from what you're saying that you're doing a good job of it and use deliver more refinement, which is perfectly good. Normally, one of the and right.

These are some of the things I struggle with an over the years am older than you. I'm sure have had to deal with these things in interactions over the years about this kind of thing so I have it, so to speak, articulated the allotted time is what this requires is for us to lay other things down.

It takes time to do that, but you are on the right track, and I'm sincerely impressed and that you are really thinking these things through your wrestling with these things in your learning and your being able to articulate them in your getting closer and closer to having it all fall into place in God's doing this to you.

Let me say that the desires in your heart like this for good things come from him. They come from him.

He is allowing you to struggle through these to learn and what he requires of us. When we learn them is to share them to use them for others the glory of the of the body of Christ and the glory of Christ for the edification of the body Christ in the glory of God to you on that path. Now if this is what your wrestling with in dealing with witches very good to look beyond the seriously, and I'll ask more guys we can get through it is sometimes sometimes it doesn't come out right until comes out right. You know that like is right okay yeah early great character and like all the like. I yeah I don't know like I knew that meant that Erin Arnott yet but now if I think of anything else I'll definitely call that I was doing because you have a good mind from your seeing these things you put them in place as could be really good freeze can be very freeing. Okay yeah I think will God bless this jump onto Kyle here from Vermont. Not literally but on the phone it, look in the shade on their Carl okay we got what I know you're on the 55 but I called you the other day about our statement a lot of world now you talk about that a little bit why can't measure it with a bucket or scale horsey differentiation but I can tell you that is quite powerful and so we don't know how much he has as if he could do 5/8 things he desires or whatever the measurement might be such a difficult thing to assert to demonstrate we can tell you is that he's quite powerful. But he cannot do anything unless the Lord God allows him to do that, but says generically speaking angels, particularly of that stature could destroy armies and their power.

They are physically at that powerful. We have that from the records in the Old Testament. An angel destroying or not. Not on that omnipotent and omniscient, not omnipresent, though without the influence or that's a good question. What you call back tomorrow

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