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December 6, 2019 8:00 am

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December 6, 2019 8:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller wanted some clarification on Matt's article on the multiverse theory, wanting to know how it disproves other religions--2- What is your thought on Seventh Day Adventists--3- What was Jesus's actual, original name--4- Why does God, in the Old Testament, often say at the end of judgement passages -then you will know that I am the Lord---5- Can a born again believer be cursed--6- Can unbelievers do good--7- What does Paul mean by a righteousness of his own in Phillipians 3--8- Does it matter what language we say Jesus's name in--9- Why is the tribe of Dan omited in Revelation-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why mess with live and have a good time listening to Sirius Wednesday 12 54 2019.

December 4, 2019 hope you will have a good time. Hope you're looking forward to the water turned looking forward to the holidays. Holidays are kind of stressful sometimes you know that people come in overlooking stuff but it's good it's worth it. Hey look, if you recall you to do was dialing 772072276 last four numbers spell CAR room on your dial on the phone so that's karma@workcarroom.rg, and though if I will blind right now.

So if you're new to the show, as I frequently say all you do is so give us a call and we talk about things of the Bible apologetic.

Safety is a Mormonism kind of stuff and we do so by way of reminder hey we always use your support coalitions will talk about the fast one, we still nearby your your support is how we do it and if you want to continue to support us all you do is go to and so on the right-hand side as you were donate. Just type in/donate and uncomfortable/donate and you can help us out that way and also let people know were doing a fundraiser for the computers for Brazil and we are just about $400 short in that office on Monday we get there and then for the one in Columbia.

We are about $300 short amount and then get this for the one in Africa were about hundred short coming through and over those of you who have been supporting praise God. I think I might do was a fun support on the show. I'll just say, hey there it went up that I know your name something like that. I'll take her that one might see your name such right, Harry and Marie send Marcos and some of them anonymous so we have people supporting only harm Africa stuff and also on Columbia and we have a lot of people do not think you know what because you've been so helpful, so good.

Looks like every great Maurice, thank you so much so if you want to help out so doing any computers for them. They are missionaries in those countries and they have your feet on the ground know the culture and language suborning raise their and so they're able to do things we can't hear their translating articles from the Carn websites and setting up seminars, etc. it looks like you trying to get me down there to present results Columbia in July were talking about having a July conference down there and talk about today will get more details on that sometime.

I may invited to go to Dallas in January for debates and that might happen and looking into the idea of getting a booth at G3 conference in Atlanta but I haven't heard anything back from the G3 conference people so I don't know if this can happen and we don't have the funds for anyway.

Don't think so will be going but… How things go.

So we try and squeeze every bit of usefulness on the dollars we have the praise God for the people have supported us all right for the life which you may call 87720722764 open lines when we just jump on the phone to Jake of North Carolina Jacob look initially on their question. I read your article on a multi-verse couple years ago and got a question you mentioned in the article that if the multi-verse is correct and it proves that Christianity is correct because of the infinite possibilities you never but then that is not also prove the other religions are correct because of the know because if Christianity is true because you don't know the multi-verse says as if a number of universes out there that's the case then there's a universe in which the Christian God is true by definition, the Christian God can be the only one who's true in all existence and all universes and all things would no doubt be that universe for the Christian God is not know is that you got it is not if he's a true God always different universes of that that I suppose it's actually non sequitur doesn't work that way you can have multi-verses are to be problems with his logical problems. It's like go you take all of you don't like is called natural infinite potential infinity take a alignments of foot-long. How many points on the line: infinite number take half that distance on the pointer on that and infinite number of Oaxacan half of an infinite be equal to the whole of the infinite logical problems. It is this kind of a cynic that rises up with the multi-verse thing because if the there's an infinite number of universes will and how is it possible for that to be you can have an infinite number because going to do an action potential thing that not a natural infinite potential infinite don't know potential infinite is gradual increase in numbers from a starting point on not infinitely old or infinitely in the past. So if we have the multi-verse ideal that we have a paradox because that would mean the Christian God is true with the Christian God's truth means all other systems can't be true is that what about God or create a universe in which he is not know because it goes against his revealed word that he sovereign over all things, and so all things would would encompass all potential universes so he would logically be the only true God and all of them by periodically. I don't believe it's true. But I did want to call you about yet, in this is the issue is given logical paradoxes, conundrums, and sometimes antinomies and so with deal with these things this way when you know a thistle tell me there's an infinite number of universes in Sedona figure Christian home because that means one of those universes. Your Christian and if you're Christian and that universe will then why wouldn't she be trying to talk to yourself here so you repent which one of you is true. You see, you have these games you can play and it just doesn't get a sailor I determine the probable you two got a blouse that was Jake from North Carolina folks are going to give me a call while you do is dial 877-207-2276, and therefore open lines will get the number 208 that's right that's identical 877-207-2276 et seq. 877-207-2276 chemical logic at the Malcolm North Carolina Malcolm looking to the area near Mary Journal writing in your get a bit of a frog in my throat a little, but no okay so I will call and I would wonder what was your thought on that day, invented by the light YouTube video then one guy was talking about. If you do the fabric on Friday and go to hell and knowledge that I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Well, the thing to do about that is see you two people to deal with that person is one person has to get behind him and get down on his hands and his knees and then the person pushes him over. Okay, that's one because it's ridiculous to say you have to worship on Saturday or the what you're going to hell that is legalism itself. Failure to understand the nature effort of abrogation new covenant, it fails to consider that were not to be judged on any particular date of the worship of Romans 14 11 through 12 and I Colossians 216 talks about the very things like that people who require such things are extra teaching a false gospel and they are not Christian. After their cultists. I would be glad to dialogue with these people over the air go on their forum and have a debate with him on these things and set them straight. So the those some of the evidence that teach that are heretical know something of it as it should be avoided. Anyway there are Seventh-day Adventist people who are Christian, they have aberrant views but those aberrant views don't negate the essence of salvation so that you and I was away from the get out. I appreciate something I was missing as I could take a particularly interesting about this is our sins will ultimately be placed on Satan next false is not in the Bible in rice and write that on October 22, 1844 Jesus entered the second phase 2nd last phase of his atoning work will not get the stuff you don't write yet.

So there's this things like that. They deny the immortality of the soul and teach annihilation is him which is false. Also write that news. I really hate that man you every day me and my white blood.

I'm glad I got a call about which ones now yield faith in herself a Rochelle how are you Michelle that's a Seinfeld had a movie. Rochelle refilled the one school that you listen you have a good night you too." All right, okay, let's see. That was Malcolm from North Carolina and we have four open lines again.

Give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to and from North Carolina.

Welcome to the show.

You're on here alright alright when he got what they could come about Jesus Christ all night. Well Leah go to the Scriptures are the dues that are Matthew 121 and it says this, she shall bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins. Now the Greek word is actually pronounced Jesu's EA sues EA sues and so it was a Jesus okay like Matthias is reminding Matthew Spanish table will we don't pronounce him exactly how was the pronouncement that we understand that's the original name on it.

When is Matt Matthew but instead in the Spanish which is correct well to both correct but nevertheless it's a Jesus name is Jesu's in the Greek, but we see Jesus. That's his name) Angel said shall bear a son, he shall call his name Jesus basics you will be how much you could ignite. Maybe, maybe not. You see, some people will say that it has to be a Hebrew name and that's his real name. If that's the case then why does what we have in the New Testament under the inspiration of God record that his name is prophesied and proclaimed by an angel to be Jesus what the Bible go but quick quick quick quick.

It's not the original Bible with you that with second encounter with second we don't don't don't don't cabal the place 18 things at once to say it's not the original Bible. I can tell you have not studied this issue we have not studied the historicity of the New Testament documents you haven't, you black Hebrews are like you want. I do my study… Usually I got my own knowledge, and devotion right back. Hopefully with Andrew these messages to maps like why call 7707 rifles to remind you that I didn't get all the Buffy the go find anything on karma for the computers for the other missionaries over the world. So if you're interested in supporting as its carbon work/go fund me Geo if you Wendy M.


Check it out.

Hope you do all right, let's get back on the phone with Andrew.

Andrew, are you there are still so you said all he would soak you realize I did a quick check during the break, that the word Jesus at 914 times in the New Testament that means basically all the Greek, there why you sing is not his right name. You go down without getting out the document sale phase is the document Sanjay is the Greeks as Jesus or Jesus about… A negative book, the public may okay hold on so that the name of Christ, the name of Jesus it occurs.

914 times Greek word in the New Testament and use after 500 years ago.

Well, that's only maybe in the English but English language in Jesus books. We have Greek manuscripts the word Jesus, the Greek Jesus is there.

From the first second century on what original Hebrew, etc. also, check, check. What what what what what you have these original documents you do you have the faithful Bob with a bottle. Do you have general Hebrew second work missing this were the New Testament.that were the New Testament documents written in Hebrew word they work. Do you have any of these copies from the Andrew do you have any of these copies in the first, second, third century in Hebrew of the New Testament document object. You don't because I know they're not solely why is okay.

That's okay. I understand that there was no general in the Greek understanding of headphone after the Greek song just telling you his name is Jesu's in the Greek is that how you call his name Jesu's is known assess says Jesus 914 times in the Greek New Testament. We don't use the Hebrew New Testament because there isn't one is written in Greek, wasn't changed and it is a cyst that will look look my name is Matthew should be releasing Matthias according the Greek should we you know Bob okay Hana secondly asked a question I asked a question and don't the word Matthew should should we use the pronunciation with dialysis with dialysis. That's what it is. In Greek, should we use that pronunciation for my name Matthew original go okay you guys and your question about not answering the question Andrew masking your question again that you want elected original directional of millwork Matthew in Greek is Matthias my name is Matthew is okay for me because Matthew or should be called Matthias not I worked out okay so then you will will will is Andrew Andrew Andrew 112 and name on and Robert was not Andrew going to say is that you say it's okay to use an English version of biblical name and Matthew was one of the apostles and Paulos is the Greek word for Paul the apostle and so I'm sure you say it's okay with Paul. So why do you see just say it's every every name we can just we can use in an English equivalent except for Jesus. Why the inconsistency in your part. I might agree Jesus spoke Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek. No work all the world. I what what it is all original April.

He was obviously Jewish Hebrew in his name is Julie Cecil right Malcolm, Andrew and I Andrew Andrew Andrew so that the geocoded acts 412 is Notre Dame. I haven't and under heaven by which an end may be saved and his name is Jesus. According verse 10 Andrew Andrew Andrew degree is… Why do you change with the with the Bible actually says when you change it. Hold on sick hold on so on. Okay hello hello hello I love having conversations like this, but what they do they think the grass into a shouting thing and obviously he wasn't listening is not listening. This is this is there's a movement called the sacred name called the sacred name movement and in some of them there if there are different groups within them, but so they have to pronounce the name of Yeshua that the pronounced name of Jesus properly of God's name properly. If you don't, you can't be saved up pronouncing it properly and that they don't know the true pronunciation really is so obviously the problem here is that they have the say they want to Hebrew and then he's a oneness person, which is a whole other topic which I cannot, I would be glad to debate these guys but just not good form and regular people waiting so smooth along. Let's just get to Daniel from Southern California Daniel look the show.

You're on the Valley like it's going to deal with cultists, which I love to do. I cannot comment on that. Not sure I had the before I was actually days I listen to a podcast it with a bunch of teaching by that group called the Yahweh restoration finish grading you ever heard of them, I think so you can you know they got yeah because you know they they teach no Jesus.

Namely, Joshua, you have to be sure what all the it really yeah and it did it suck me into at Unitarianism and it really carries people away from the truth, you naughty listening to hear if you've ever encountered that group just get out of there and if it coagulates the truth of Scripture you know you got to get out of there and I have known that partiality, but I'm really glad I did. Mike Michael my question light on I'm I'm reading three Ezekiel and in the Old Testament whenever God held Israel basically on that judge you valuing to do the thing a lot of times at the end of that day and then you will know that I get a hold on to hear about this is folksy like that. After these messages with the California mass Y call 77077 after the show three Manor to make sure you write back. We got five (five callers let's see, I'm not sure which one I was the okay and we go and I think that's it right there James. Without you, James Hooks on the phone with your outline what I got James back a return about the folks I was doing stuff in the on the brake lost my tractate Daniel were back but got there that they get like my question was like Ezekiel 2038.

At the end of it whenever God really not awake but a lot of times that they will know that I am the Lord, what saying with that night, not disdain.

You know I let it be getting that he is an assistant Hebrew that he's Yahweh that he is not one who has promised and will carry on what is done and what he does is he often does.

Does this two ways. One is with judgment once with reward.

The both of them are based on the covenant aspect of God's faithfulness or stipulations in the covenant. So the Israelites were covenant people with God. They were going. The covenant of Moses the 10 Commandments were covenant document 10 and 10, five and five verse four and six but tenant 10 that's how the pattern was done vector and because each party of the covenant got a copy of the covenant document and that's covenant document and so there's other aspects of the covenant that are related to this. So when God says in the bad way when you get punished. And you know who I am is because they're breaking the covenant in a good way when the keep the covenant you know who I am. Faithfulness blessedness is because of the covenant aspect the help yeah that you're out okay.

Won't God bless man slip directly. Thank you, Eric. Okay the phones to fail from Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome your on-air how are you okay here that is want to be correct about their I do like to talk about the Bible without a Bible study a born again believer, I believe, based on that when the pilot that Kurt man that died on the tree that we gave her and sat on the call.

All of that. Also bad for the corrected and well affected those 27 and 28 note here that correct but people say that a born-again believer. Jesus wasn't born again even in spite of with the heretics or teaching various sources in Christianity, I understand you but so we are born again. That's undoubtedly true, but I figure question.

I'm sorry on labor.

Kurt that all out on it would depend what is meant by curse because everything has to be defined properly and when you go to 2728 Anders curses and they are to the people of Israel because of the covenantal aspects of the work supposed to do. Go through and there was warnings there cursor, you who lay with an animal life with his sister, mother-in-law, things like that.

These are punishments for moral and judicial wrongdoings. That's not what happens to the Christian were not under the law. We died along Roman 74's were free from the law we know every won't receive any cursing that way or curses in that sense we can certainly, however, as Christians, we participate in sin.

We can certainly facing judgment any discipline from God. Christians all over have been disciplined by God for the rebellion against him, even as they follow. Thank you very very much and the word that I view the word good night but I get that there are consequences. Consequences, however, does not carry the meaning of God's active hand in his discipline of the people of God, and he does discipline those whom he loves. In this talk about Christians so we can be disciplined by God. And it's a sign of his love for us.

Vandeventer, like, and I do appreciate your knowledge with everything from God. Well, okay please God.

He gets all the glory. Okay yeah okay thank you all right. Let's go the phones with a leave from Nebraska only welcome to the show, your on-air back in front. They would not have not remember that on good yeah no I'm following up on that day. Example in statement I made that may be clarified thing like I have all like live on the line. I'm trying get that they picked her though I like I work you lie and let things like a bleeping standpoint they I lie and because like you were talking about yesterday are reply enrollment.

One might worry that the laws of art or unbeliever. No, that if I were to be an anomaly that why I would know in my constant because it's written on my heart that it wrong and so that they I don't want that.

I cry not do it again and that would be then not not because you not only a believer with an eye wanting to do it would be more like a self preservation like they don't want to get caught. They don't want to get trouble running no stop what you mean by good… Unbeliever, it would not be an example that you would need. There's two ways to look at what is good from fresh perspective. God alone is the one who was the standard of all that is good in order for us to do something good. The motive has to be pure and correct the standard by which we to judge something has to be correct and as a Christian it has to be because of the Lord Jesus Christ and we wonder what this blends and the idea of proper preaching should always be based on the work of the cross, which sanctifies and cleanses all that we do but nevertheless, so we can do no good work, because nothing in our hearts is pure. Nothing so therefore God is a standard of perfection, holiness and righteousness, and we have to live up to his standard is lower standard for us standard is still perfection and is to be met with Mitt in Christ so nobody.

Can do a good work except the person of Jesus Christ. Nobody can do it correctly. Good work you me in the butt, but the thing is that since were in Christ, which is a term of federal headship and representation and we have died with Christ from the 66 from six they were crucified with those who have died are no longer under the law. Collation room 744 no longer under the law. In Romans 513 comes into play when there is no law sin is not imputed, so it's kind of an interesting thing because we died to ourselves and died to the principles of the world died with Christ, Ingrid Clawson 3125 about that as well.

And because of that we therefore have died to the law and the law has no jurisdiction over us.

So therefore, in one sense, we can't sin, because the laws dead to us.

We died to it in that sense and so God the father sees us in Christ. Having guide to law law is not valid for us. Therefore we are without sin. That's in a it.

We have anything in theology, called the now and the not yet it's it's bright now, but is not really not yet is kind of up of both notes in both the black and white area. We can look at things but nevertheless soap on the other hand, if you say we have most of the deceivers deceive ourselves. Go to first John 1789 and Paul clearly set struggles with his own sin in Romans 714 through 25 so we we see that from God's perspective. He imputes us the righteousness of Christ and we are there. Therefore, called righteous but okay now that's on the background so right.

Nobody can do a good work.

Period. Except for Janice, but on the human level, the horizontal. We see people do a good thing we call generically good. Returning a wallet that was dropped helping someone out and these are no human level real good cop called good and they are good in that sense, but they'd have no merit before God, because it is not Christ is not sure.

So there's a yes and I know there is a break. I say that?

The brick okay is good stuff and I enjoyed teaching folks be right back after these messages, please why call 770-7703 right but only Roman that I will not quote you know and own strength that the visualization of being your own mind that can only be brought upon by God help that you meant everything you said spiritual what God blinded like the ability are careful. Blinded by alternate I think that I will be like. How list of spiritual blindness. There is about his struggle with his own sinfulness.

He desires to do what is good, but he failed right this was going on there that have worked. So what then kind of another part that my mind then then flipping three when he said I want to be found not having the right of my own that would come by faith and faith in Christ.

What is the word you think of right and that contacted me, referring not a literal right that could be found in your second. I'm thinking but if thing speaking and a and await the youth that thought that they could pocket is the Sunni and Greek means what it means in this context, so we can say this has one universal meaning and that's how we have to flight every place that's not how we do that so word has a semantic domain.

Arrange meetings with in different contexts. The righteousness that's of this is not a righteousness derived from the law so that righteousness is talking about is derivative of keeping the law which is self earned, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God. The basis of faith that the righteousness imputed to us by God's work by faith to different brightly within the same verse is a slight differentiation between it makes okay yeah okay yeah the problem had a believer and you know wrestling with then relying understanding your plate right something to be like a really big trouble struggle to find that they want to know them at a minimum bet in your mind, recommend that I recalled the pursuit of holiness by Jerry Bridges and he's reformed and it's a very good book. It's about holiness and righteousness is kind of a devotional kind of a thing, but is not that it is right to check it out okay yeah thank you. We welcome God bless all right is going with James from North Carolina.

James like tag literally.

The show was initially on their all right hanging in there. Sorry about that earlier so we got what I though I would click on one of the combined question and Jill called talking about real name. I had that discussion or an answer that I came up with and I good answer is that it got of the creator of all life and other language.

Thank wouldn't be in the realm that he would be able to accept and understand any and all derivatives of the name as an application of his real name is what seems to me that he speak and understand English as well.

David speak and understand Greek or Hebrew, Aramaic, or anything else. Many derivative of that name would still be name right next to try to make about Paola my silence exactly and then there's another issue altogether and you didn't bring up certain people can't pronounce certain words because of your speech impediment or a language that they learn when you don't have the ability to say certain conforms like my wife speaks French. I cannot make some of the sounds that she can and stuff so I can roller our city will Attract and so we do at that point we can see the name right to see the Hebrew way see nothing in Scripture that says you have to pronounce God's name properly in order to be a true Christian. Nothing the Bible said I would. I would argue instead of the Bible actually know the other direct you grab you there. Even if you don't, that will be in the right direction. I would agree with that he no action on it for you before you become blessed. Okay. All right.

Let's go over to Chuck from Greensboro future look initially on their good evening. I was like I keep going back and forth revelation God and it dawned on me for a list of witnesses that drop netlist tribe of Dan is omitted rapidly but also the son of Joseph by someone. What is this significant discrepancy I think is because Dan introduced idolatry to Israel some point I think that's it that's in the back of my head I cannot. It's a fact. I do believe I suspect that he'll have to look at some a lot about the rate it might be because that's still I don't know for sure, but it's it could be that sisters used as reasons for stuff though.I know the state operable is so this is something that we should get that's exactly right. If it's not listed reasons not listed if it were listed a different order is a reason is listen to different order whatever might be there's always a reason absolutely correct all the Scriptures again… About you know that CMI will to find it here. Dan and you'll have kind of Dan suggesting on but yet it's worth looking at and to see her so much. Just so much the study. I will you know about have alcohol-related related. The colors we shall see in a blab with you about this guy was sitting heavily for 40 years now and the getting a little bit tired just a little bit, not of discovery but of the constant constant everything we are frail, but the word of God is enriching and it's it's wonderful.

You know what of things I really like to use it in its enriching. One thing I love to do is is study words and cabins kick now for the past three for five years where only one word and see how God uses it, and working on an article on that in relationship to something that I deal with with the Roman Catholics and so test the do with the word anomalous law in the New Testament, and it occurs about 200 times little bit less than that. And I'm going through every single verse in the entire New Testament where that word occurs in reading and looking at the context looking such a long time to do that but I'm learning how God is using the term and what it means and then I do that in order to refute ideas of the Catholic self going to go toward in its enriching and is always this collateral lesson.

You know I was love to do the studies that you you'll know that because I could hear your voice to study one thing and you learn for five different other things in the process is awesome. I always tell people it's not just… God gives you long search, I would get through. It may not exactly will you know will do the right article sometimes and alcohol have an article I'm working on doing word search rephrased search and the next thing you know I get two more articles I have to write, and often fragmented others as well because to be a lot of fun just to see that happen because word of God is so rich and as I said its enriching and get to share with people you talk now. But there was a story of a woman to Sunstone, and she discovered that, install, so she allowed him to keep the money going to be drunk by you to part of the and you go to battle with until there was a little early but all we like to be not completely stop about our plan of just a Levite, Dan Ike came along and found out the guy was there. He took them along the path and idols so they took their idols along with that phone call please and thank you God and make pleased that I might be in beginning of their introduction… Could be judges okay story Jan Boutwell Brindley to search for the word annexes comes up in judges Clinica and Chronicles also chronicles the dead. The Knights how interesting the dead, the nights you never know little retelling the Bible not even know that was there and I read the Bible many times confident verses like that word said that the nights I had no idea that's in Isaiah Isaiah 2113 this is this the Oracle of Arabia, in the thickets of Arabia.

You must spend the night oak caravan caravans that the nights for me to go very far because you did was like I was the recently about how some of the books level below the book of Chronicles and even got one example 2nd Kings 21 second Chronicles 33 of the first 10 verses of goggles or games, but then he goes on to state one the world with forgive monastic only got to go through you.

I like that I do not mean I like to look to see that's consistent but was the kind of things that cause you to I just explore other avenues and start looking at the Scriptures categorizing things in it becomes a real joy to study that way I can tell you do that and I love doing it that way.

I study… With a lot of lessons based on weight is always something to get inspired by nature, sometimes up without a word like I never that was Chuck from Greensboro. He folks with that come here tomorrow Wednesday first visit is for dwelling great day

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