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December 12, 2019 7:00 am

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December 12, 2019 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do we answer an atheist who asks why we pray--2- What happens to people who never heard the gospel--3- What is the Christian response to the statement that truth is subjective--4- What is your opinion on the sexualization of women in Christianity- Does that exist- Why are women blamed for how they dress-

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Matt slick, why is the president is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why 2019 five open lines 877207276 and let's see.

Hey just let you know that we are having a matching funds drive around if you want to participate can do what's happening is till the end of the year.

So if you donate anything you donate.

That's not a normal thing if Yorty don't count has recently come new if you are already donating Lexi doing five dollars a month you open up it to a 10 will and that extra five gets counted in the donor who will match that. So you don't need $100 a league match $1100.

So you're where you do will be doubled automatically and to participate.

All you have to do is go to convert or exceed ARM, RG, and type in/donate or decide were donated and attributes should work no problem. Just a convert/donate all information he got there, don't worry about anything. Anything new about the designated it so for the matching funds drive because will know we have records will know that it is automatically not a problem to let you guys know right and therefore open lines going to be call 877-207-2276 in the fear by chance a newbie listening. Notice a Christian apologetics show apologetics in the defense of the Christian faith is what I do be doing for about 40 years next month it'll be officially 40 years and been answering questions but on radio for will be 15 years in January. Also, I've done a couple written years before that. So about 17 years radio off and on, and I enjoy it, love it will be able to have that privilege to be able to speak God's word and when I I start the show. I always pray and ask God to give me words and bring in callers to speak through me in spite of what I have. That's the goal are listed on the phone to John from Raleigh, North Carolina John, welcome you are on the air right when you will be there, how we engage in a conversation with an eight years as a Christian Audi how we answer them why we pray and I'm thinking physically about an example somebody that terminally terminally ill unless they are Christians.

Gather and pray around them for miracle healing DNA, you would explain it. Donate. I would assume third bottle will be that you also.

So now you're guys gather pray over somebody not your direct God.

What know-how will be at the bank but how you describe that. Why would greatly how to explain that the reason we pray is not to demand to request request media doesn't have to be answered the way we desire and in our prayer. What were automatically doing is submitting to God because work asking him the sovereign king to do as he wills in a particular situation. So for example my wife as I mentioned, periodically has some pretty bad health issues. She is very rare connected tissue disorder to the gym today and machine just work on extremely light very carefully so she's in herself. It's that that we pray.

I prefer her every single night almost every single night for me. 99.99% of the time. I'm praying for her every night and I put my hand on her I'd lay hands on her and I pray that God would strengthen her bones give heal her osteoporosis for scoliosis. Her nerve problem.

Pain problems in various things and stupidest husband's on all the kind of thing right is a lifted up and so far she I'd say she's increased in health, a few percent, so to speak what I think she has been and she's gonna plateaued. We still pray why do that because were submitting to the will of God. We want his will. Our will.

We do not know what God has in store for her.

We do not know why God has not healed her. We do know that he will ultimately heal her in the resurrection.

We don't know if that is through our prayers that are not answered. The way we want them to be answered. Our continued prayer and trust in him glorifies him and might bring to her and me hopefully. But her especially a greater reward in the eternity with him after in the afterlife. So we pray for these kind of reasons as well. We pray because God told us to pray. We pray because the one praying is affected by prayer and whenever were on our knees so to speak.

Praying for. Time your affected when you when you walk away your affected I know what I pray for long periods of calm, or my eyes are more on him. My attitude is changed there. I say I'm a little more humble that I am humble, but in others is a fact upon users a lot of benefit to prayer and to keep the restful, believe it or not. So we we pray and that's why a lot of atheists think is that if you pray God to answer you, and that's how it works. You pray this formula and things automatically work but is not prayer spirited discussion relationship doesn't make demands, mix requests, but since God knows infinitely more than we do. We have to always submit to his will.

Above ours. Even as Jesus did in Luke 2242 when he did not want to go to the crucifixion. He said the father, not my will but your will be done okay that help you out. I did have a lot of Welcher so I was great on her right dorky and all the commonality Catholic area and not my question. Is it so in generally the you would typically in a family.

The wife got go to church on Sunday at all dated engagement church but so when I think about somebody like I have a grandfather for example, one gate Cherokee a much new cabal the multiple bike boy stop draws family know what somebody like him never had the gospel presented at informers.

What we know as Christian, what happened what happened to them in that waste our money and they condemn that they end up in Albee's. It was never presented to them in the correct form or that struggle is an issue of the correct form because God is hard to to understand the Scriptures with 2445. You can come to Christ less than granted to us from the father. John 665 God grants that we believe Philippians 129 he grants repentance second Timothy 225 are believing is the work of God.

John 630 2029. As many as had been appointed to eternal life believed that 1348 were born again, not of her own will. I John 113 because of the born-again first Peter 13 so is not an issue of a formula, but we do know this at all who do not trust in Christ will be damned. Doesn't matter how good they are written, relatively speaking, here on earth does it mean if it had opportunities or not have opportunities. I don't trust in Christ are lost. There is no other way of salvation. There is no other.

What's with the Christ acts 412 know the name and have under heaven by which men to be saved to put his faith and trust in Christ now as normative. We have things about babies that I question know it like one of what they never get that will one that was never presented to say about babies. As an example, they have not heard the gospel and they don't even have we would not know for sure, but of the parent, cognitive ability to believe the Bible to talk about what that I have is that to babies, but I presume they'll go to heaven.

I have reasons for that as a minimum) reasons for that. So those who have not heard the gospel in any way shape or form are under condemnation as a standard by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 2, three, and all have fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 323 two everybody is condemned because everybody has a lot of government on their hearts.

Romans seven the Roman Senate, everyone for selecting through basically technical University adjective ever should read those two chapters of Romans, and so people that excuse and not having heard the gospel. They haven't had that proper presentation of the gospel message given a chance to receive if they do not appeal to God, one way or another to Christ are to be lost now.

However, the people in the Old Testament because in the Old Testament, for example, Abraham was justified by faith.

That's what it says in Romans 43 escorting Genesis 15 six. She believed God, and he was crediting him as righteousness. So he didn't even know what the Messiah didn't even know about the Levitical law and the priestly law because it it came hundreds of years later, the revelation of Moses. Yet Abraham was justified so we could probably say is there is a case in the Scriptures, where people could be justified. Not knowing who Christ specifically is as was Abraham as was David, as was Joshua, but the appeal to God at a level that they understood in the level of knowledge that they had now I want to be careful. I want to say that all is another way to heaven besides Jesus nope because nobody could be saved through the blood unless it's for the blood of Christ, and nobody can be justified unless us by faith and trust in the true living God to the extent of how that works. I don't have every single answer nuanced out because I do know the Old Testament, the people did not know who the Messiah was an Abraham was justified by faith in God before the lighting came and even now we know how much he knew began many could also monitor like, but they about people were or live in a jungle or drive don't have contact with monitor what they should never have a mean really know what in their circle. But but I do know that there's I believe the part about not that you know God and revealed the two of them anyway and outside of Christ coming will, there's a young waiting around. There's a yes or no to that. But let me just say that there are accounts of cultures all over the world where the gospel is somehow embedded in an basically every culture.

The ancient Chinese pictographs have the gospel message in them astrology most probably was derived out of the Jewish star system of the defecation in the consolations Virgo virgin the virgin birth.

There's lots of these things like that and carryovers.

There are tribes that have things like sanctuary cities are not a city per se, but a sanctuary area and jungles where culture where you exchange the firstborn of a certain group. There's other cultures where prophecies of the of people coming with truth written on leaves truth from God.

There's these weird things and around the world.

So like I will say should for sure is that God has his way of communicating what he wants to various people in various ways in various times and right now in the Middle East and Muslim ruled areas of people having visions and dreams of Jesus by the thousands, and Al Jazeera has verified this at least two different occasions and so people are coming to faith. So God has his way of calling his people to himself. But what we have to say is, and we in it is true, it can't be say without Christ there is no possible way. You can't be saved by phone or you cannot be saved by being sincere. You have Christ are lost, how that's manifested as between God and that individual does is it wasn't for God and Abraham and David and Isaiah in very close what you call 58777 mass Y call 77077 back to Mason from Washington DC.

Mason your on-air, yes you are you okay regarding primary honoring and high school and I'm doing a project on me as a couple. I accidentally become. It is better yet little bit better.

Go ahead okay. I'm an article to project I feel that the next essentialism and I had a question that I got you would probably be grateful, and I question is about the subjectivity of tree and I want to know what is a Christian response to the idea that she can be subjected like if someone says if we tell someone that Jesus is God and I may say I'll attribute works for you.

It doesn't for me. How can we engage with that person.

If it's a truce forceful in this backup truth is that which comports with the mind of God. Nobody can know with absolute truth is because they don't know all things they don't know for what they're believing is completely true, since the Christian God.

The Trinitarian being, whose infinite has all knowledge and cannot increase in knowledge, then he is the only one who can relate relate to us properly what true truth really is. There is a degree of truth which is subjective. It's true that I prefer chocolate ice cream flavor over vanilla ice cream flavor that may not be true for you. So there are subjective kind of truths. The question then becomes, really, are there objective truths. If there are objective truths, then how do we know that there objective.

In other words, how do we know that truth exists independent of ourselves.

The funny thing about truth is it's an abstraction. Truth is something that occurs in the mind. So if I think 2+2 is four.

That's a true statement and it's also universally true because it's true for everyone LA for to use the laws of logic that the law of identity that something is what it is is not where it is not as a universal truth that would something just is what it is. It is not something else that is the law of non-contradiction, for example, a statement Moses in a statement can't be both true and false at the same time the same sense the same way and we can't have another variation of that is we can't have two statements which claim to be true and exclude each other's possibilities. That is a law of non-correct. We can't have those things are.

There are such things as absolute truths so but the thing about absolute truth is truth is an abstraction again is something that occurs in the mind.

So if for example I you and I would walk outside into a field and we look under a rock and we look for truth, were not defined it under rocks or behind tree trunks or under blades of grass. We can't take photographs of it.

We can't measure truth. We can't wait. Truth cannot be captured instantly that occurs in the mind or let glyphosate more generically in the heart. So it's an abstraction. If there are universal truths that implies very strongly universal mind because an abstraction which is what a truth is an abstraction requires mind so there's absolute truth that is not dependent upon anything physical. Then we have universal truth and implying a universal mind.

So what we call it this is transcendental so the statement for example that something is what it is and is not what it is not is the law of identity and has a transcendental necessity.

Transcendental truth value. In other words, is not dependent upon where you are or when you are is not dependent upon the condition it's independent of you and all people access these truth values. All people access to them make normal people who think and talk and reason the access these these truth values, but they're not dependent upon our own minds because our minds are different and so what we'll do is we will reach outside of our own minds to a truth principal and say well Bob what you said is is false and Bob. I said no Frank what you said is false. How do you know you have to appeal something outside of yourself. Universal truth exposed by which you can then go in and determine what is true when someone says what's true for you and not true for me.

That truth will wait a minute. In the issue of John 14 six would all say to people when they apply that kind of thinking to to Jesus as a wealth okay so you can deny what Christ said, but he walked on water. He died on the cross he rose from the dead three days later.

He also raised other people from the dead and command a storm to be still and obeyed. So I would think that the evidence that is there elevates his statement as a truth value beyond and above anybody and everybody else's truth statement.

If you were to say that his truth statement. I am the way the truth and the life and nobody comes the father but by me. John 14 six I see the person if you say that he's not correct you're saying what he's saying is not true. Which means that you are value of truth contradicts the very value truth that Christ himself had who grossed the dead walked on water. Why should we then trust your truth. Furthermore, let's just test the different way. If you want to say what's your truth.

I have my truth and say well I tell you what we discussed the silver cup of coffee. I would be glad to buy you a cup of coffee. Let's go someplace you pick the place and a bike of a coffee. They said okay that's fine but I want to drive and the reason I want to drive is because my truth is that green lights are really red and green light means accelerate and red lights actually green light for living stop and red lights mean accelerate so green lights mean stop and red lights means accelerate so I want to drive that's my truth was, I could drive with me and also of course not.

Why, because it is just true for me.

And what's true for you. It does work differently within why is it that my truth value won't have actuality a proper representation in the real world because truth relates to the real world.

If I were to say 2+2 is four. Two rocks into rocks as for rocks. It's a statement that relates to actuality.

Just like the statements I am holding in my hand which you cannot see what I am right now I'm holding a cup of water in my hand.

Okay writer tapping the victim.

So when I say that statement. It's a true statement that relates to actuality. So if I were to say that green lights really are red and red lights are really green. Let's go driving the person will say no because there is a truth value that exists independent of what we desire what we want to interpret tests and that that shows is that there's an actuality to truth. And so when so much is true for you and not true for me in what area and ice cream flavor or the person and work of Jesus Christ to die in the cross of Phil prophecy rose from the dead, the notion with his command raise others from the dead, who are you to judge that he can't be the one who he said he was, since he has the evidence to back it up in your derivative discussion is all attacked the evidence that help always on the horizon.

I did this again you play it back okay playback right for God bless for folks to write back reveille that is why all fine by God's grace we and the role that upon your question about the article about what about when wearing I want to know more about what you're coming in on Friday and eliminate any I deeply think that most importantly, why do we blame women and oxidize them incorrectly and for being the fourth of rather than going sounds like you have the rehearse questionnaire to list with the first thing the first question was to repeat the first question in alignment address way. I think you believe that well the Christian faith is revealed in the Scriptures has no sexualization of women at all.

If anything it offers protection and in a great honor and respect to women of men are to love their wives and a very godly way. There is no sexualization of them at all.

There is a gender differentiation because that is how God decreed it and that's how it ought to be. So what.

But that doesn't mean that Christians don't do that, but the source of Christianity. It got so even Christians, that Christianity never buys it is as it is now widely think about Oklahoma. It is touched in Christianity because it says the women dressed in my modest ways and the idea certainly God is very much aware of the apostles were very much aware of the differences of male and female biology and sexuality and things like that.

In fact, you are to go read in the Old Testament for some real research, go read the book of the song of Solomon. It's very sexual. The song of Solomon. Okay. And when I first read it I actually closed the book and what the Bible would back into it and it talks about anatomy and various things and out within marriage.

Of course it was there. So Christians have a sexualized women, but is not biblical.

To do that in the sexualized in a negative way.

I have no problem sexualizing them in a positive way in that you're a woman and I want to open the door for you and I'm physically stronger and if need be. I'll protect if I have to, and things like that, you know nothing women are inferior is different and so there's that kind of a thing and so I did. I was very wary of luck. For example, I don't want to be in a car loan with woman I'm not married to. I don't like being alone with other women because I want to guard them as well as myself and things like that so there's a good way to sexualize those things in that sense.

Was it a question really a article about Andre widely blamed on topic, but rather than blame when you have a weakness if someone comes up to you and tempts you with that weakness does that person who knows you have a weakness. Should that person be held partially responsible for the temptation should an alcoholic who's trying to stay from alcohol is a here you want to drink. No I don't.

Be sure you don't want to drink.

Should that person who's tempting that for other person be held responsible to some degree would he say yes or no, no, hold on to connect the dots. What you say yes or no to the person be held responsible in parts for the temptation to other knowing that person is a problem made by a good limit. I know my show is my show and they continue to answer. So when a woman is is on in a bikini on the beach which she is doing is sexualizing herself. She is displaying her body. The people say will she is right to do. She wants to she certainly does, but would you know and I know and most people know that man's visual areas that we operate differently than women do were very very visually oriented. In fact, the physical brain of the male has twice the visual processing areas, the average female brain twice were very visually oriented women know this. Know that they can get man's attention know that they can draw attention by having a low cut of this or that in high skirt that and bend over certain ways. In turn, certainly they know they do this kind of stuff and so they should be held responsible to some degree for the temptation that they are giving to others that which you and us. They will know which is the man's fault know it's not just a mess for the men I believe should stay with those kind of environments not encourage because it is not healthy for them is not helpful to the woman either.

We go be contextually careful, it doesn't mean wearing a burqa out in the ocean. My saying things like that. My wife great figure she conservative cloth wearing a bikini and and stuff like that but we she's always very careful not to inadvertently tempt anybody else. She's pretty and she has less to say nice features as we would go out. She would ask me to think this is to whatever it might be.

We have a discussion on because she's trying to be responsible with the gifting that God has and really should be that way as well. The alcoholic you and then a bondage bank. I believe that a woman does not grant for any man. I do agree with you. There are some women that I completely fill out get in that moment arguing about it feel good about themselves and their Now I can finally feel good about my body and finally letting my constantly got. I don't believe the going out with Mary at like you brought up the men don't think they can put them cosmetically think I believe it's more like an alcoholic going to a bar knowing alcoholic sitting there all, it's not our fault alcoholic.

They're not doing anything in any way you type you can thank you feeling they didn't represent my argument properly. I said knowingly, specifically said that knowingly what you did is that you misrepresented my argument turned it a different way and that's not my argument will because I would agree with you and that you this is something interesting you said loving en suite up to show that they love themselves well I'm in a make a statement probably will get people mad at me but I think that most people don't understand what true love really. Yes, I also think that women are better examples in some areas of what love can be then men and some areas it is reversed. But love is by nature other centered. Love is giving mom's office when I wash my wife with our children cannot believe how wonderful she's been over the years, far better as a mom than I ever have been his father, but she was very giving and very loving for children that's the nature of love. So when you say woman now can love herself as a contradiction. It's a self-promotion going out there and understand women want to feel attractive. That's fine.

You don't feel attractive with a need to be made aware are they inadvertently bringing or contributing to the lust fullness of men around them because we were designed is inadvertently happening.

Just think they have to be there to be careful you here recount. Your point that I felt that that woman you said that women were doing it knowingly edict that at one of going out doing inadvertently what you missed the context of both of those statements you Mr. Bennett again what I said so you comes with the true nature of love is. That's what I said the true nature of love. Love is other centered, not self-centered and when you said loving yourself. That's not what true love is I contradict what true love is. That's what the point is an incident.

It's a general form of immaturity and how you are, but immaturity in people as a whole to not know what true love is true love is sacrificial.

I was assuming I hope I'm not offending but anyway I'm assuming you're young you're not a mom. Is that correct I'M wrong, you are a mother, then okay great within you know all the more that the love is other centered you would give your life for your children. You don't say deliver children love others by letting yourself the I love myself because yourself work like your training your line did not love your felt very I believe strongly you need a lot of help. Cannot anybody can you hold on you would like the devotion to write back of his messages that I call 77077 as a cultural media is were having a matching fund drive for the radio show and for the ministry.

If you're interested in supporting us. Please go to carbon org/donate information will be there to sign up whenever you go donate will be matched.

Thank you very much for that was get back to me are you there there. Mia me hello like like lately I'm now if I hit the right button it might okay hide my bed is my count I hit the wrong button. All right, so limit because if you're Christian okay well that's interesting. So love, by definition, is intense feeling of of the affection. What you call it when someone loves themselves admires themselves her physical appearance. We call that there's a word for that actually numerators their between love and being cocky. Skull narcissus are being made. Yet narcissism is that it out. There is no such thing as self life. You say you're Christian. Jesus says in John's 316 for God so loved the world he gave love is giving and Jesus says in John 1513 greater love has no man than this, but he laid his life down for his friend so love is by definition other centered is not and Paul know he talked to would love is patient and kind, not jealous, it's patient to others kind to others is not jealous of others isn't bragging about yourself because a say look how I am. I love myself. [A job is a little of this, if you say you're Christian by yes it is what you do is would look if you love yourself. Give an example how you love yourself. What's that mean to love yourself getting up every day no matter what going on in my life and knowing that God had my back and wait and getting outgoing. I am not very detailed at well I appreciate that's not what love this.

If your you see your U Catholic now yet you know my view on Catholicism then write it in my okay I believe Catholicism is apostate false and will lead to eternal damnation. And I have a lot of good reasons why get serious, absolutely. And it does not teach you what you need to know when the true nature of the gospel does not do that and I was starting Catholicism for decades. I have my website car networking go read up on the articles I live in a great deal of research I've got. I've debated Catholics formally and so you don't want to do some more debates. But this is something is very serious and we can talk with another time if you wanted love to very patiently and gently with you in the word of God. But here's the thing is this why acid or Catholic now because you're not putting the word of God primarily before you reporting your feelings, your sensibilities above God's work is God's word doesn't say what you're saying love this. This is the opposite wall. I just put your Scripture, God's of the world he gave John 316, John 1513 greater love has no man than this, that he laid his life down for his friend so love this giving other centered sacrificial death right there and call you.

Thank you every day.

Waking up with the howling.

You couldn't get you really think you could love your life you really think you just love the Lord yes okay absolutely we live let you little surprise. I have the autism.

I have asked burgers and I been diagnosed. I just turned 63 yesterday was diagnosed about five years ago and there have been times due to it, and due to other things in the manifestation of it in my life when it's been extremely difficult for me to deal with certain things and to there's been a sense of self-loathing at times, real shame, real struggle. This is not making this up. I don't talk. I've never told it what it is.

I can tell, is alliterative of the generic but urban times when I do not understand why I had to go through like to go through and I hate so much of what I am and I married in my 33 years, but how I feel about myself does not affect time to love my wife because the obligation to love my wife is independent of how I feel. I'm supposed to love my wife. He would ever feel like loving her, which happens every now and I don't feel like loving her and no I'm not perfect, that's for sure. And she is she would say is that the case but still I'll open the door for her help hold her arm only walk you want to carry this out in the living room for you. These Al Qaeda things you notice various things that show various ways of love.

I certainly can do that even I don't feel like it. Sometimes when I'm angry with her. I could still show luster and it's happened recently rather upset about something and still volunteered to help do something and and you know it just the nature of what true love is if I don't feel good about myself. I can a part of the bed in the morning. I say Lord you want. You've called the I want to be used if you even in spite of what I this is because of a biblical view of what love is not the world's definition of love, which is selfishness and narcissism disguised in godliness. I agree with Ron that give the Scriptures because I believe that God made a love ourselves and love our brother and I believe hand and I do not believe Southwell did not at all clear by night is on getting up and running and thinking and so much better than everyone. Something I look about my job. Everything.

This is nonexistent as a form of the Bible says you shall love your neighbor as yourself. That's what love is. In his 1980, shall love the Lord your God with his 1918 you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

If that means your means either with it, but it means is you love your neighbor, even as you would treat yourself as Jesus reiterated it as you are to hear your neighbor's yard yourself you love yourself in the sense of you, not a lie that could beat yourself up and put poison in your own body mass and kind of love.

These talking about there in that it is a play on words, you shall love your neighbor as yourself. The work the extension of how you take care of the believe that for yourself.

You feed yourself.

You take care of yourself. You go to the gym how you can help others because that's the very nature, usually your neighbor. That's the issue.

It's other centeredness and Jesus. Also, he quotes due to me 65. He says the love to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. You cannot love anybody else properly. If you're not living God first and you have to go to Christ to do that so massive question Mr. colitis if you made never happen.

Of course, but let's a second meteor comes in and your sister Debbie to meet your maker and right there. He says why should I let you into heaven, what would you tell why would you go to heaven either. Hello okay did air ex-wife to make sure that there was some syllables on their hotel that you I'm my faith that I have faith that what happened in the howling why it be allowed in it now. I believe that I really have the alloy at your life and I think if I how amazing I like the right half-life be like to have the alloy Mia you don't know the guy was this you don't understand the gospel, but explained the gospel is the gospel is the Greek word Lynn galea remains the good news. Moses came in he said as God told him to. Don't lie. Don't steal. Don't commit adultery. These are the laws and we all break those laws one way or another were all guilty one way or another. Because a standard of perfection is God himself. I give you all the references them right now and so we need you and I have sent we broken the law of God and because of that there's a judgment upon us. We have a judgment upon us for breaking up long. God must punish the sinner.

The way to go to heaven is not by doing anything good because no one is good. Romans 310, 11, 12, and hearts desperately wicked deceitful Jeremiah 17 nine we don't know we do no good works with us. We can't so filthy rags. Isaiah 64 six with a trust in Christ alone, by faith alone with Christ is done is what the Bible says were justified by faith without the works of the law of Romans 328 Romans 452, the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness. The gospel is that death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for the forgive us our sins for script is 51 through five. So if you were to pass away at that day never occurs in tribute to longtime heavy.

The reason goblet you in heaven is because you put your faith and trust in what Jesus Christ did in the fact that you did not know that means Mia you don't know the gospel is your not a true Christian, this probably is one you will understand what true love. This much of the main previous patient, loving to you as possible because you just like me who are listening needs to true love message of the self-sacrifice of God in flesh. Jesus died on the cross rose from the dead and all who put their faith and trust in him will be made right before him, then can enter to heaven.

That's how it's done. Okay have you ever trusted in Christ and asked Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins and not me. I am not a real well. Christians know the gospel. This is how to become Christians but he didn't know that I believe when I got the Bible now know what I did in my life. I worked a Polaroid. I really like him and not but will the Roman Catholic Church says in paragraph 2068. The catechism of the Catholic Church that men obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the keeping of the commandments and the keeping of the commandments to do those things are to be saved.

Paragraph 2036 and 2068 2037. After that, which says that the keep the 10 Commandments to be saved because are necessary for salvation and the Bible says to the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness. The Roman Catholic Church contradicts the Bible flat-out. This is why turn the conversation because lack of evidence of the cause of Christ. There will collect tomorrow is my thoughts are about that time the Lord bless you

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