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REShow: Sean McVay/Marshall Faulk - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 16, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Sean McVay/Marshall Faulk - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 16, 2022 3:13 pm

TJ reimagines what the USMNT squad would have looked like at the World Cup of America’s best athletes from other sports like LeBron James, Mookie Betts and Tyreek Hill had gone into soccer instead of basketball, baseball and football as kids.  

Rams HC Sean McVay tells Rich how impressed he was by Baker Mayfield leading L.A. to a thrilling comeback win over the Raiders just two days after joining the team, if he expects incumbent starting QB Matthew Stafford to return in 2023, and how going from Super Bowl champion to one of the most disappointing teams in the league caused him to question his confidence and ability. 

Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk tells guest host Suzy Shuster why he’s confident Matthew Stafford will return to the Rams next season instead of retiring, says how 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey’s dual run-catch skillset compares to his, and explains why the Niners can win the Super Bowl with rookie Brock Purdy at quarterback. 

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What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive, and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers, and even his own family to try and get his points across.

New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. Some guy walks up to me in the middle of Munich. He says to me, this is the Rich Eisen Show. Aren't you Susie Schuster's husband?

No. With guest host Susie Schuster, live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I don't want to be controversial, but almost the worst thing that could happen for the 49ers right now is Brock Purdy takes him to a Super Bowl. Today's guests, Rams head coach Sean McVay, plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Susie Schuster.

Hi everybody, Susie Schuster in for Rich Eisen. Thrilled to be back here with you. Happy holidays everybody. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, you name it.

It is not too soon to wish you a happy holiday season. Really happy to be with you, Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo, TJ Jefferson. Thrilled to be with you guys because you're not my kids.

It's great, better than my partners that I work with, so I'll take this. I am one mimosa in because we are just relaxing into the weekend, which doesn't bring mimosas. I do.

You sure don't. I brought donuts. I've got Aunt Leah's fudge from Nantucket. I came with the goods today, people, and I want to share them with you and share you and share all of this goodwill with you. The calls are coming in. That makes me so happy.

That's your gift to me. We're going to take some of the calls. We're also going to hit on TJ's would-be World Cup situation in many different ways. Yeah, World Cup Final this weekend, TJ. We have a phenomenal World Cup match. It's 10 Eastern on Sunday morning. You can watch that and get ready for the full slate of NFL action. It's Argentina.

It's the defending champion French team. It is going to be spectacular. Lionel Messi looking to complete what many people think is the greatest career of all time.

If he wins a World Cup on Sunday, people think he has a case as the greatest soccer player ever. It's going to be awesome. I cannot wait. Yeah, Chris, it's going to be great. You just keep sending people to the counter-programming to Rich's show.

I think he's going to love that. You just keep sending him over to the World Cup because why should they watch NFL game day? Well, here's the deal.

This is what you do. If you're like me and you're a diehard sports fan like myself and my lovely partner, Sarah Tiana, you have two TVs in your living room, right? So you have game day morning on the maybe the main TV because you get your NFL action leading up to the day. Then you have the soccer on the second TV because you don't really need to hear what's going on. You can watch the action and you can get the best of both worlds. So throwing out two cliches, you can have your cake and eat it too.

And yet you still know where your bread is buttered. That's what I'm talking about. That's what got me the Emmy.

I'm just saying like wordsmith over here. Did you like that? TJ, before we get to the calls really quick, let's go first to you talking about your World Cup. Are we doing this before the calls? Do you want to do it before or after? Let's let the calls come first. Should we go calls first?

Calls first. Hey man, I'm loose. I'm one mimosa in. Let's go. I can roll with the calls. All right, hold on, glasses on.

Sorry. It's so small down there and I'm 50 and I can kick and stretch. That's what she said too. We need that. I can kick. Sally O'Malley, everybody. I'm 50.

I'm like the opposite of the LA woman. I'm like, I'm 50, man. I'm going to just put it out there.

Might as well. Aaron from Wisconsin. What's your favorite movie, sir? What's your favorite your favorite Christmas movie?

Hey guys. Yeah, I have a favorite Christmas movie and then I have breaking news about a pandemic in the NFL, but my favorite Christmas movie is actually The Family Stone. With Sarah Jessica Parker? Yes. Yeah. It's a great cast and really touching movie.

It's a great one to watch on Christmas. No, I like that. All right. Well, what is your breaking news? So unfortunately there is another pandemic in the United States, but fortunately for most of us, it only targets teams with great Super Bowl defenses.

Okay. And that would be the Jets, the Broncos and the Niners. And they all either have or had at one point a case of the Wilsons. The Broncos, unfortunately, are suffering pretty bad. The Jets immune system has started to convert this disease by giving them Garrett Wilson and the Niners just didn't want to take a chance. So they shipped Mr. Jeff Wilson over to the Dolphins. Oh, that is a pandemic of mythical proportions.

I still have trouble with Russell Wilson in Denver. I still have trouble adjusting my set when I see that. What month is it? December? Mid-December. It's December 16th. The month is half over. Is it? I don't even know what day it is.

There's only 15 days left of 2022. So I hope you've accounted for, you know, everything that's happened this year. Yeah. Back to you, Chris. Okay. Thanks, Erin. That's great.

Thanks for the call. Everyone call us right now with your favorite Christmas movie. I didn't see the family stone coming.

I never would have guessed that. I mean, play the hits, play Home Alone, play Elf, play Christmas Vacation, play Die Hard. Play Love Actually, people. Play Love Actually. Love Actually.

I love the holiday too. It's all great. But you love girly movies. You're very, you've got mail. You're very, you've got mail. And I like that about you.

You're very, you've got mail. Do you guys know that Chris Brockman's favorite movie is You've Got Mail? Favorite is pushing it.

No, it's not pushing it at all. You love that. I do enjoy that. I mean, we got to throw Friday after next in there because no one else is going to say that but me, but Merry Christmas from Pinky, if you know what I'm saying. I have no idea what you're saying. Is that okay?

Someone's going to go YouTube and they'll catch my drift. I like drinking TJ because it never happens. Jeff in Syracuse, what do you have for us, sir? How are you? Hi, Susie. Long time listener of the show. Love the show. Always enjoy it when you're in there too. Thanks, Jeff.

We're supposed to be there for mimosas. Favorite Christmas movie? Of course, as a kid, it was Rudolph.

As an adult, okay, I'm in that category. Yeah, it's Die Hard. See another Die Hard guy, okay. Quick thing on Brock Prudy. Love the way he's playing, okay. But I mean, Susie, I got to wonder, that offensive line, those weapons that he has, that defense, okay? All right, it's two games in. Let's see what happens, okay? Let's say he's down to the Eagles.

Let's say 14 to 10, two minutes left, you know, one timeout left. Let's see what he does then, okay? Just before we, you know, we fit him for that gold jacket and all, you know?

I think that's really fair, Jeff, and thank you so much for calling in and happy holidays to you up in Syracuse where Jack and Sam Schuster go. And I have to say that I think you're right, but I do think that we're looking at defenses, right? I mean, he does have the luxury of playing behind a defense that is out there just stuffing. I mean, as we said last night, Geno Smith looked befuddled half the time. I mean, they are outstanding.

And yes, a quarterback can shine when their defense is playing lights out. It will be that much more interesting as we get further down the road. And who will they go across to win it all? Will it be the Eagles with another stifling defense? Who will it be? And you're right.

It's very easy to say that somebody is great when they don't have to worry about the points that are going up on the board. I know, TJ, you want Dallas to go far, but I think we can all agree there's just something about them that doesn't scream Super Bowl winner this year. So let's just go. 49ers, Eagles, NFC championship.

Let's go. I think that's what everyone kind of wants to see right now. I mean, it depends on who everyone is, you know?

Well, the majority of people in this room, let's just let's just leave it to here. How about that? Mike, you in for Eagles, 49ers? Dallas loses in the first playoff game.

To Tampa? Wow. Hot take right now. I don't even think that's a hot take, though, Mike, because like I said, we never bet against Tom Brady in the playoffs.

We never bet against Tom Brady ever. And I'm legitimately worried about this, the fact. So, you know, if we do sign Odell, which I'm not I'm not actually looking for that as a next year thing, too. Right.

Because I'm looking at the future because I can't believe it would just be this year. Right. So I'm enjoying that. But man, having to go against Brady is just that's a frightening proposition, man. So Tampa. Oh, baby. Yeah.

I never, ever, ever, ever, ever bet against Tom Brady. Nathan in L.A. What do you have for us, Nathan? How are you? Great to talk to you again, Susie. It's a genuine pleasure.

Oh, so great to have you on with us. So I was enjoying your discussion about the Niners in the beginning, and I wanted to throw out a perspective on the Jimmy G part of this. And I'm going to play out an analogy for you as quickly as I can. I kind of liken Jimmy G's San Francisco career as the football gods playing with a yo-yo.

OK, elaborate, please. They throw him out there. He does all his tricks. He gets him to a Super Bowl. But then in the Super Bowl, not quite there. Pull him back to the hand. Fast forward. The Niners decide we need somebody new. So we go get Trey Lance. And then we throw out Jimmy G to different teams.

No suitors comes back to the hand. Now he's just sitting there. But oh, wait, Trey Lance goes down. Now Jimmy's back out on the field.

Gets to do all his tricks. We're going to the Super Bowl. Oh, wait.

No, back to the hand. We're injured. And here's my end game scenario. It's possible now we're hearing that Jimmy G's injury is not permanent or not season ending. So let's say Brock Purdy gets them all the way to the NFC title game. Jimmy G becomes available. They decide to go with him and he gets them to the Super Bowl. But in the Super Bowl, once again, he loses. And the Niners give up on him finally. And he ends up in Tampa replacing Tom, which he was supposed to do five years ago. Oh, that's a little twist. I didn't see coming. Where's Tom go then, Nathan?

Anywhere he wants. Isn't that the truth? Yeah. Isn't that the truth? Yeah. So here's where I think your idea has a flaw, Nathan.

And thank you so much for calling in. I just don't think that if Brock Purdy is on a hot run, it doesn't matter if Jimmy G comes out there wrapped in a bow. They're sticking with Brock Purdy. Right, Chris?

Totally agree with you, Sue. Brock Purdy continues on this magical run that he's had that's been two games in. If he wins out the last three weeks and then three games and makes it to the Super Bowl, we're going to see Brock Purdy at the Super Bowl in Glendale against whomever, Buffalo, KC, Cincinnati. We're going to see Brock Purdy out there in the Super Bowl. And it's going to be an amazing story. And we're going to get two full weeks of Tom Brady comparisons. And it's fine. I'm here for it.

It's going to be awesome. But he's not giving that gig up to Jimmy G. No, you don't stable a hot horse. I mean, let's face it.

I mean, you don't do that. So it's his season at this point to take it to the big house or not. Yeah, absolutely. I think so. All right. Samantha in Michigan. Hi, Samantha.

How are you? Oh, no. Samantha. I was so happy to have a woman call in. Come on, Samantha in Michigan.

We want to hear about your favorite movie. Let's say this. We want we want ladies only right now. Rest of hour two. Ladies only phone calls to talk to Sue's favorite movie.

Maybe last minute gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend or your partner. Let's go. Ladies, we want to hear you. 844-204-RICH. Right, TJ? Oh, guys, you can call into it. It's my show today. And I'm the boss. And I'm the cake boss. It's my show. Call in. Who are you kidding?

I'm an equal opportunity call taker. And by the way, last minute gifts for the guys. It was so funny. I was listening to DP and the guys on the way in and and the Danets were talking about taking your girlfriend or wife on vacation. And when you plan a vacation, don't throw in the sports thing that you're going to do first.

Like first do the play or the musical and then get in the sports thing. And I thought to myself, what are you idiots talking about? The women are the one planning the trips. You're telling me that guy's going to go plan the trip? Who are you kidding?

Maybe it's just my house. But by the way, also, like some of us wives like to go to the sporting events, by the way, I would go to Fulham. I'd be psyched to go to a Premier League game.

Sarah Tiana would like to go to a Premier League game. Three years ago, right before Cage was born, we went to Paris for a week for a kind of a babymoon Christmas thing. We took a little day trip to London to watch Premier League.

We went to watch Tottenham Hotspur. It was amazing. By the way, that's an amazing stadium. The food's amazing.

It's fun to go. Everything about it was incredible. It was pouring down rain in London, but we had some nice seats under. Really? It was raining? That's so weird. So weird. But it was amazing.

It was on Boxing Day. We had so much fun. I was just laughing because I thought to myself like, you numb nuts. Who are you kidding? Your wives are the one who play on the trip. But that's the end of here and over there.

I digress. TJ, let's talk about your World Cup scenarios, please. Your would be World Cupers. All right, Bet. So, you know, Chris, like watching the World Cup and we get into it.

So the question is always kind of existed, right? We have great men's soccer players, but because of the amount of talent that we have in other sports, you kind of always wonder, right? What if these other athletes who are top notch professionals in their sport, what if they, instead of playing whatever sport that they are now currently playing, what if they had concentrated on soccer? Like what kind of team could we put on the pitch that could dominate this sport of football or soccer, you know? So I was thinking about this for a couple of weeks and I know soccer purists hate this because I've heard this from soccer.

Soccer purists so mad. They hate this, but, you know, it's something that we I'd like to do and I think we'll have fun with it, you know, and first of all, I got to give a big shout out to my brother, Rafael Kolinkowski, back in Pittsburgh. He is the Plum Mustangs head soccer coach, which is Pat McAfee's alma mater. And he's the guy who, you know, I've known rap since we were 18. He really helped me kind of understand and learn the game of soccer. So he kind of helped me out with this this segment here. So I just want to go through the positions on a soccer pitch and kind of see what other athletes that we could put into these positions based upon what the position needs to do during the game, if that makes sense.

All right. So we're in a we're in a basic 4-3-3 setup for soccer. And let's start now with number nine, which is a striker. OK, now a striker needs to be a little bit stronger, a little bit bigger. They're a finisher.

They're a sniper. You know, when this person gets loose, they're going to score because goal scoring is their number one. That's number one on the resume. So I just reimagined Austin Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. You know, he's got two hundred seventy four career goals in seven seasons.

I think he would be a perfect guy to put out there. And then we have your outside wings, right? These guys are good with their feet. They're fast.

They attack on the flanks and they take people one on one. So how about Tyreek Hill on one side and Russell Westbrook on the other? No one's catching Tyreek Hill. And despite anything you say about Russell Westbrook on a fast break, it's beautiful to watch Russ get to the rack.

No one stop him. He's a little bigger. He's physical. And I just imagine those two guys on the flanks.

That would be an amazing attack there. And now we have the number 10 position, which is the attacking midfielder, right? This is a playmaker. OK, guys, this guy, he's not the biggest guy, but he's quick, he's shifty and he's accurate with ball placement. He's a playmaker.

Best of the best. And so for that, I put Steph Curry. So could you imagine if Steph Curry was as good with his feet as he is with his hands shooting a basketball?

I think he would make an incredible attacking midfielder. And then we have our midfielder, the number eight position. Now, this guy's a grinder, right? He controls the middle. He does it all.

You know, he's your little things guy. And he's got to be in great shape. He needs to be fit. He's running a lot. And he's also a playmaker. Let's put Bryce Harper in there.

Let's see. Let's see what Bryce Harper could do if he was in that position. Then you're holding midfielders.

These guys are great. This guy's gritty, physical. They're kind of like a strong safety in football. So the best strong safety NFL, in my opinion, is Derwin James.

So I put him in that spot. Then you have the four and five positions. These are your center backs. They're usually bigger, more physical, and they need to be great in the air.

And they're very defensive. So I got Micah Parsons in there because he wants to beat Tyreek Hill in a race. Brockman, you saw it. He's physical. And if being like a linebacker is the prerequisite, then why not have him?

And then I put a little twist in there. I got my man Ricochet, WWE superstar, because nobody is better in the air than Ricochet. This guy's athleticism is off the hook. If you ever see the flips that he does and he's physical, he's got a match tonight against Gunter and you're going to see how physical Ricochet can be. I just thought he might be a guy who had he honed his skills into a soccer player.

He could be World Cup material. And then we have your outside backs. These guys are good defensively and they need speed and they're responsible for defending the other team's wingers.

But when they get the ball, they have the green light to go ahead and get involved offensively. So think of two-way players, Chris, the guys who go both ways. And I got Jimmy Butler because we know Jimmy Butler is a beast on defense and he's a bucket. And then how about Mookie Betts?

We need two dogs in those positions. Mookie Gold Glove winner and Silver Slugger. Mookie's a dog. He's a beast.

And, you know, you don't really consider Mookie Betts a beast, but he's one of the best players in the game. You OK with that, Chris? You OK? Just put your head between your knees.

It does make me cry a little bit. And then lastly, we got the number one. That's your goalie, right? You need to be bigger. You need to be nimble, fast, great reflexes. You also have to be very cerebral because you know the game, you know tendencies. Why not put LeBron James out there as a goalie and try to get the ball past him.

And then one last thing, our first sub, right? This is the guy who when the other team's worn down and tired, you bring him in. That's instant energy, instant athleticism. Yeah, like a minute like 65 or something.

Bam. This guy comes on. We need a quick goal, man. Change his second half.

John Moran. Oh, baby. Well, how would you feel about having to chase him all over the soccer field? Nope, not going to do it. So that's it. You know, I guess anyone who's out there who's more into soccer than me, obviously, you know, comment on Twitter, comment on YouTube. Tell us how you feel about this.

But I just thought this was a cool way of maybe seeing what a U.S. men's national team could look like. I think that's fun. Good job. Thank you. Yes. And finally, Russell Westbrook is wanted. So good job on that.

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NetSuite dot com slash rich radio. Samantha in Michigan is back. We're going to get to her after this break. But before that, I'm audibly Marshall Falk calling in from an airport across this country when we come back. What's right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dove and defend his sharpest opinions.

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You can sign up right now at Hey guys, earlier this week Rich got ready for the Monday Night Football Showdown on Westwood One. Obviously the Rams will be large and in charge and up front. He got a chance to talk to Sean McVay about what to expect ahead. Joining me on the Mercedes-Benz phone line in advance of a Monday night trip to Green Bay here in week 15 is none other than the defending Super Bowl head coach, the winning champion of last year, none other than Sean McVay. Good to see you and hear from you. Sean McVay, what's going on?

Not too much. Just like you said, getting ready for a tough game. Going to be nice and cold there and see if we can build on what was a fun game for a lot of guys. Doing a great job getting the win last week.

Let's jump into that, man. So is it true you send a playbook to Baker Mayfield who booked his flight before it became official anyway? Like that literally happened last year, last week?

If I did that I'd be getting in trouble. It was impressive Rich. I mean the guy's capacity, how quickly. There was some carry over based on some things that he's done but you know Zach Robinson, Liam Cohen, and really you know got to give a ton of credit to Baker for the capacity that he had to be able to do that. He set the bar pretty high on a couple days now that we got a week and a half. I know right. What I meant is that he official, you sent him the playbook for the plane flight. So that's how as soon as it became official you gave it to him so he could dive into it on the way to Los Angeles. And then how many reps did he have prior to that game?

Yeah, well I guess we won't let the truth get in the way of a good story. But yeah he had about you know 15 reps in a live type of setting and it was still modified because short turnaround. So you know maybe about 15 reps you know probably about 10 live throws. And then we ended up throwing some routes on air and you can't make it up. It's pretty impressive what he was able to do and you know you could just see he wanted to come in compete and guys made plays around him. There was a certain comfort level and I thought just the communication from his teammates. You know whether it was the guys up front even just the rapport that he was able to establish with some of the skill guys and he's just in between series with Zach and Liam and the rest of the coaches and even Matthew and a lot of instances kind of helping guide along the way. It was a great group effort but a ton of credit goes to Baker for being able to do what he did. The rapport you're referring to that was before he started head-butting helmeted guys without a helmet on for himself right?

Is that what you're talking about? He's a maniac. I mean when you watch people's reactions around him when they see him do that it is classic but he's not short on personality that's for sure. And then one last thing that I heard that I just want to check on is it true you only called one play off of his wristband play sheet that everything else was as you just said just feel gut and things like that? That's probably true you know in his ability you know that's the one thing that was nice about the mic is you're able to kind of communicate in a way and he's so smart that you know he was able to digest a lot of that stuff.

We were you know we were a little bit more regulated but like it's unbelievable what he did and I think that it's definitely it sets some unrealistic expectations because I thought you know that's just a real credit to you know a special guy and an incredible job by him. So what does he do that fits your system because clearly you know he despite being smart despite being talented clearly he's got to feel comfortable and it's your you know your system that helps make him feel that way and you and your staff that helps make him feel that way and his teammates as you just said but what is what is the you know intangible that that you see that makes him fit what you do? I think the competitiveness obviously you know you mentioned the smarts but you know just the ability to be able to activate a lot of different phases of our offense. You know you obviously always want to be able to run the football but whether it's your play actions whether it's your keepers where you're moving the spot and even some of the screens that come off of that and a lot of the core drop back concepts that he's had a lot of success with in his previous history are things that you know that we emphasize as well.

I think there's a lot of foundational elements of what he's done particularly in Cleveland with with Coach Stefanski and with Bill Callahan and Alex Van Pelt and those guys that I got a lot of respect for what they've done and so there's a lot of similarities and so there were some things that he's done but it's being able to activate all those things and and I just think that you know the play swagger the energy it elevates guys around him and I think that was on display for sure on Thursday night. How is Stafford doing Sean? How is he doing? He's a stud you know he knows you know he wants to be able to be out there he's gutted through a lot of different things this year but you know you talk about a guy worrying about controlling the things that you can control being able to you know lead in his own way help Baker get ready help the coaches being able to lead and and just the communication there was a lot of things that you know he was on the headset on Thursday and some of the things that he's able to mention you know that you want to kind of relay to Baker are things that only the the quarterback with an amazing command that's been in those shoes could articulate especially at the timeliness that he was able to do it so you know he wants to be out there rich obviously it's been a challenging year but you know you learn a lot about people when you go through real adversity and it's continued to make me realize what a special human he really is well and obviously he can speak for himself and you're you're you're a head coach and you're obviously a close with him so I will ask this about the narrative that is being said out there when you hear the word spinal cord contusion and you see his beautiful family and you guys now have a trophy in the case together the general sense is that maybe he could be sitting around and looking around and saying that maybe football isn't isn't there anymore for him or he has something else to do or he wants to be you know doing something else and then Baker comes along and we start putting two and two together is there any anything you can say on that subject matter Sean I think that I think that's getting way ahead of stuff you know certainly the safety and health is a really important thing rich but I know that he from my understanding the expectation and anticipation this guy still wants to be able to play he can play at an incredibly high level we love him he's done amazing things for us in a short amount of time here and so that's kind of where I'd leave that I certainly wouldn't want to you know speak on his behalf on any of those things I think that's that's a good headline waiting to happen before before really any you know we don't have the necessary information Sean McVay LA Rams head coach here for a few more minutes before he takes on the goes back into the locker room in the film room and get ready for the Green Bay Packers here on the Rich Eisen show getting ready for Monday night football what is your goal for the rest of the season what is your what is your the way you're looking at the last four games here I think you're really looking at it as you want to just continue to focus on that process it's the coaching cliche but it is the truth you know I mean you coach wooden was so far ahead of his time in regards to hey let's do all the little things the right way and usually the score takes care of itself but hey let's focus on our process let's really have great standards with how we approach everything that we can control let's try to get better and let's see if that gives us an opportunity to come away with the outcome that we got against the Raiders but seeing that improvement seeing these guys commit to the process especially rich in the midst of you know I thought we've had some adversity in previous years this is real adversity whether it's the injury or not getting the results that you want all of it you know really doesn't matter other than being in the moment and that's really where our focus and concentration will be playing as well as we possibly can coaching as well as we possibly can and see where that leaves us after the last four games but I've been proud to be associated with this group it's been a challenging season it's been humbling but there's been a lot of things that I think when you look back and reflect you know there is great growth has it been fun in a lot of instances there's times that it hasn't been but I've always you know thought you know how you want to handle adversity and then when you actually go through it you can't you know you know you can't ever mimic and emulate that unless you actually go through it and um want to try to avoid these things at all costs but when you're in the midst of it I'm proud to be doing it with the group that we're doing it with do you think we've seen Donald and uh and cup for the last time this year do you think you know I don't Aaron is is doing well I think it would be tough tough for me to see Cooper um you know I obviously have to sit down and talk with Aaron see where he's at he's a guy that like those other guys is a fast healer I know he wants to compete every opportunity that he can get but we'll see about Aaron and Cooper just being on IR kind of hard to envision him playing again but I wouldn't say never uh speaking absolutes but I think it's unlikely for Cooper yeah the phrase that you used earlier this week and if you just in a couple minutes I have left with you here just put a little bit more meat on the bones you said talking about injuries was quote-unquote wasting your emotional energy what do you mean by that well you know if guys are not physically able to go you know sitting there and complaining about you know these great players that we don't have doesn't do you any good you want to support them they're going to do their part is trying to get ready as fast as possible to get back out on the field um but you know the thing you really hear people talk about it all the time rich you know how do you spend your time and energy on the things that you can't control because so much of the time and especially this year when I reflect I've wasted a whole lot of time worrying and thinking about things that hey they've already occurred and I can't change them given the circumstances so let's pivot our focus and concentration on those things that we can control and you know the guys that are available that doesn't mean that you're not still there for the guys that aren't able to be out there but you want to make sure that you don't let the disappointment of having so many of our core players not available inhibit your ability to coach to the best of your ability and lead to the best of your ability for the guys that are out there right now so what have you learned about yourself this year to get a little introspective before I let you go what have you learned about it I think what you've learned is that you know you think you've been through adversity in relation to just being a coach here and you know this has been the most challenging things I think it's revealed some insecurities that I have that maybe I wouldn't have realized otherwise that you know I think you're in the process of being a better equipped to handle those things I think you're able to reflect and and learn that hey man the consistency really is the truest measurement of performance and to say that I've been totally consistent I don't think would be accurate it might not have been visible externally but internally you're you know you're going through some different things but getting back to you know focusing on the things that you can control being present coaching and really encouraging to the best of your ability to help players play as well as they possibly can that's what it's about and and that's what I'm going to try to do but I think you realize you learn a lot about you know people you're around and yourself and and sometimes it's it's hard to admit that maybe you're not as strong as you thought but if you can get through it and keep fighting then you know I think good things can come from it and it's not going to break you I gotta tell I can't tell that watching you I can't tell that every pretty much everything you just said was it's kind of surprising to me that you did you have these thoughts going on I'm serious I'm watching it might be more internal and you know it is important to you know to acknowledge I think you got to be real with yourself and to say that I've I when I look back on it that there's things that I wanted to handle better and that I haven't handled relative to the way that I think I'm capable of with the surrounding people it hasn't always been that way it hasn't all been bad but you know there is great growth that's occurring for a lot of people that are going through this but it's something that you know challenges you in a lot of ways and you know we're learning that firsthand. Baker had a hell of a Christmas weekend in Green Bay last year I don't know if you cut up any of that stuff for him or you talked about that in his preparation I mean he he damn near pulled that one off last year with the Browns so let's see what he can do Monday night. I think I think he had to fly private because of the COVID stuff too and get there on late notice so hopefully he'll just be able to travel with the team and we'll make it a smooth deal and let him go do his thing.

I don't know man maybe he does well when it's last second and travels like crazy I mean it's he seems to do pretty damn well planting flags doing that Sean my goodness that's right he did it last year it is unbelievable. Thanks for the time I always love catching up with you happy holidays to you and yours and let's do this more often I miss chatting with you you take care. Yeah me too I appreciate you having me on Rich. Anytime that's Sean McVeigh head coach of the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams here on the Rich Eisen Show. And you can listen to Rich each and every Monday doing the pregame and halftime show on Westwood One and you can listen to the NFL in the app NFL on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports if it's the NFL it's on Westwood One. Interesting conversation with Sean McVeigh about Matthew Stafford this guy's in his mid-30s four kids a ring back-to-back concussions and you have to wonder what more do you want four young babies out there you know it made me think guys and we're going to go to break in a second and come back hopefully with Marshall Faulk somewhere in an airport maybe buying Twizzlers or what have you but made me think of Chris Miller the old Broncos quarterback I don't know if you remember him or not did a feature on him on Real Sports and he'd come back and concussions they add up you get a ding you know it happens and you know Matthew Stafford is just a joy to watch he's got a gorgeous ring four young kids who knows is it Baker time I guess that's why the NFL so interesting every week so interesting right yeah and it's Stafford look do you want to keep playing for the records do you want to do you really think you got another Super Bowl run in you I mean that was the thing about Matt Stafford hey puts up all kinds of great stats but the Lions never win anything and he finally comes out here and gets his ring got to think that's a career fulfillment for him football is a fickle fickle friend yeah hell yeah but by the way I mean yeah exactly and by the way how much money do you think Matthew Stafford could make calling games dude seriously just saying just saying think he'd be good I think it'd be great I think so too I mean honestly he's he's he's handsome he's smart he gets this you know he's he gets the system the system is like a four-letter word when you say the system but who knows well we can ask Marshall Falk what he thinks when he comes back we're gonna be back here on the Rich Eisen show so much more ahead Michael Irvin ahead another another go around with Rich Eisen when we come back you're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks a few becomes a few too many as the evening comes to an end and people start to head out you think of calling for a ride ah you live nearby you can make it home okay it's no big deal what are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway and even so what's the worst that could happen your insurance goes up you lose your license you lose your job you total your car you kill someone everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk the results are tragic and often deadly however that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the influence that's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives so if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks think again play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride it only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever drive sober or get pulled over paid for by NHTSA this episode is brought to you by smart food the sweet salty snack you need this holiday season air pop popcorn tossed in delicious white cheddar cheese or mixed with sweet caramel and cheddar it's the perfect snack for your smart holiday party shop now at welcome back to the rich eisen show susie schuster in for rich eisen on the phone right now is the other man in my life there's no other way to put it i don't think but marshall falke joins us from an airport somewhere in the midwest marshall how are you i'm doing good i am doing good happy to be on with you guys today but i'm missing you the chair is just so empty when you're not i know i know i know just duty called i have to i'm actually on my way back to st louis so what you got going on there marshall no one one one when you make you know when you make when you make the call you know i'm saying i come the ball i know you do and and that's the first call i always make what you got going on in st louis uh nothing just visiting friends um nothing special um but there uh some some old relationships back there obviously the fan base is still there uh pissed off but um yeah i enjoy going back what's your choice of snack in an airport marshall what do you buy um i actually i try to get through the airport and not buy anything oh that's a sleeper i try to get through the airport i i try i try to fall asleep on the plane and not eat the food um because every time it's like um probably about five years ago i started to notice i get off a plane and like my hands are swollen my feet are swell i'm like what is this it's never used to happen to me and then the doctor said well a lot of the food on the airplane in the airport it contains a lot of salt like ah didn't think about that so you know i just start getting older you got to start worried about your salt intake and stuff like that i have trouble going by the twizzlers you know like the the big bag of twizzlers that's like my kryptonite yeah but you know once you open those you got to eat them all yeah you do they're not like now there's not they're not like now laters like you got to eat them all no but and you don't want to get the flat ones because those are too skinny you got to get the ones in the bag because they're fresher and they taste great i'm trying i'm trying to i'm trying to get through this connection without buying anything what are you doing here all right i'm sorry uh what are you doing to me what are you doing to me just just i'm just trying i'm just trying to i'm just trying to hold your hand i'm just trying to take that time with you you know experience what you're going through there marshall you know that's just that's just how i how i roll um marshall we just heard from sean mcmain talking about matthew stafford and and what's happening with the rams right now do we think that this has become an issue do you think that baker mayfield is the future of the rams what hey listen listen um i think what they did and got baker to play and let me say this man what baker did i mean we've seen quarterbacks who have been in systems not be able to come into a game and function let alone what he did so kudos to him but i think i think matthew stafford is the future of the rams i mean uh and here's the thing um let's not we don't want to compare him to tom brady in the sense of how long brady played but quarterbacks are playing longer they're playing later into their careers now i know i know matt ryan is not making it look good but quarterbacks they get to play a little longer and it'll be interesting to see what he does that being i understand the whole elbow thing in off season i don't know if you guys forgot about that but that was an issue and and we saw from i thought the ball lacking velocity early in the year and i don't know if he was because he was on a pitch count or maybe he wasn't ready i don't know but the matthew stafford who who guided this team last year to win a super bowl um i don't think he's done i think there's still a lot left in the chain marshall falke here on the rich eisen show i guess when you hear spinal cord contusion back-to-back concussions young kids a ring psychologically does it ever occur to a player playing at the highest level i think i have a decision to make yes you know what's funny is we were just talking about this um a lot of a lot of the young players they don't have to negotiate with a lot of the things that we negotiated with i mean they're making a lot of money they're secure and you know they're they're they're not thinking about being the greatest all-time you know this game to them is is um it's something that's going to change your family's trajectory and if that's enough for you then that's enough for you you know when you when you go back to whether it patrick willis decided to walk away um who's the linebacker in carolina i mean watching watching emotionally um watching him walk away you know guys are starting to walk away a lot earlier guys are starting to say okay that's it for me i'm fine and um and matthew staffer could he could very well be there but but here's what i say you know the quarterback position is a unique position they should just have a red light on their helmet so when you touch them it's it's a fact they protect them so much and if it's the one position you could play late later in life and you're well protected quarterback is it you know i want to flip over to um the game that we watched last night the san francisco seattle game every single board after the game marshall when they were referring to christian mccaffrey every single board was except for marshall falke and then except for marshall falke you were all over that game last night as we watched christian mccaffrey have a spectacular game what do you see when you watch this kid play um just just a lot of what i did a lot of a lot of how i was used um cal is doing a great job at at finding ways to get in the ball not just allowing them to pee on him as a runner and um and and and and he's he's a smart player he's not taking you know he gets he gets the necessary yards and he's not taking his understanding that he's a focal point in his offense and and we're watching him you would think that he's been in camp with them the whole time that's not even the case you know this was a trait that happened not too long ago but he's very astute um he and i you know we have dialogue we'll we'll touch back and forth and the last thing and i'll check on him every once in a while he was really vocal about you reaching out to him and about him reaching out to you so what was that conversation like what did you tell him just just just um you know it's it's easy to have a good year to sustain what he's been able to do it requires not just the on the field preparation but the off the field preparation and um and having conversations just like i wouldn't like how good they have it practice wise and and where he has to find time to make sure that he takes care of his body because it's important if you're going to play as many plays um as as well let's say as he was playing in carolina now he has some people on the team with him he doesn't have to carry it all by himself but they're still he's still getting the volume it touches i just want to make sure that he's doing the right things um this is this is what uh lonnie harmon the therman thomas you know and emma smith these are the things that they said to me like hey man i see you you're a high volume guy make sure you do this this and this and that's that's all that's all i'm trying to do you know pay it for it you think that the 49ers can win the super bowl with brock purty i'm gonna say yes i mean how can we not when you when you look at what kyle is doing a question is this here can kyle can kyle shanahan keep dialing up plays to get guys wide open and the contested throws that he's making the 50-50 balls the receivers are getting now last night diggs dropped a game-changing interception do you just just just drop it now last night diggs dropped a game-changing interception he just just just dropped it but it didn't rattle it didn't rattle purty and i'll tell you what i like about it all right here and i'll be honest that you could still win game with with some good skilled players some really good skilled players and a good defense and you don't have to pay 40 million dollars for a quarterback that's what it's saying to a quarterback who hasn't proven himself even more so it's gotta have so many of these scouts just scratching their heads right oh no no no it's it's they've taken the easy way you know you you have to have a franchise quarterback in order to fill some of these stadiums now listen purty purty is not purty's not purty but he's pretty darn good he's like the kid is like really going into i've played in seattle that environment is hostile it is hostile and what he did was amazing now that defense is um and i played against ray lewis when they were the best i played against warren stop when they were the best man the talent that they have the speed in which they play with it is awesome to watch and here's what i'm going to say i'm going to put this out there already if the nfl allowed these these owners and gms to not offer jonico ryans a job this year it's a tragedy it is a tragedy yeah i hear you that's how we started the show that's how we started the show talking about just how incredible he is marshall thank you for not letting me down thank you for calling in thank you for being here and make sure that your trade tables are adjusted in an upright position please your seat make sure you tighten that seat belt please and you know have a safe flight thanks for having me on too always always much more rich isin show when we come back see that's when you know you have a good friend you know what i mean when they when they have to hide in a corner in an airport to call in to talk rock party right that was that was a pretty good conversation what do you have in an airport chris brockman when i go in the airport see now i'm going to rethink my whole airport strategy like i knew all the foods there were salty or whatever but i like to go combos yeah we got that in common i like combos i like a little beef jerky jerky beef and i like peanut m&ms with a smart water that's my go-to i love i love how you like trade off the peanut m&ms with the smart water yeah because it doesn't count if you wash it down with some h2o that's what i'm saying i like some dumb water myself that's what i'm saying i had this thing on abc when i was traveling i um i never eat food on an airplane i bring my own i i wash the seat down i'm like that crazy person lavender oil like shocker right of course you are no ice on the plane because one of the flight attendants had told me the ice is disgusting so by the way stay away from the ice but if i had a good game i would buy a eight inch ice i would buy a you know i never ate the day of a game because you're running around like a jackass right so if i had a good game i would buy that giant snickers bar you know like the big one the one the big king size just a king size and that was my reward like a big king-sized snicker bar i like it for that cross country flight it's a big snickers bar we haven't even gotten into the aunt leya's fudge yet we gotta have a little fudge taste test when you get back a lot more rich eisen show ahead we're gonna have rich eisen back we're gonna have michael irvin calling in and we're gonna wrap up this holiday edition of the rich eisen show don't go away you're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks a few becomes a few too many as the evening comes to an end and people start to head out you think of calling for a ride ah you live nearby you can make it home okay it's no big deal what are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway and even so what's the worst that could happen your insurance goes up you lose your license you lose your job you total your car you kill someone everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk the results are tragic and often deadly however that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the influence that's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives so if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks think again play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride it only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever drive sober or get pulled over paid for by nitsa you
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