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January 6, 2020 7:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 6, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about his upcoming debate with a Church of Christ member on baptism which is happening in the next week.--2- What color-race was Jesus---3- Why was Jesus never married---4- Should we practice the concept of giving your first fruits to the Lord- For example, should we give our first paycheck each month---5- What are scriptural arguments against the pretribulation rapture---6- Why does it seem that they baptize in only the name of Jesus in Acts, when Jesus commanded to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit---7- When Steven is being stoned, why does it say he sees Jesus standing at the right hand of God when in other places it says that he is sitting-

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Matt Slick Live!
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a matter what. Why bribes is called a respond to your questions at 8776 charismatic slick one is Friday. I hope you want to give me a call. We have five open lines 877-207-2276.

I can't get Facebook to work is let people know that. So, for some reason is not working right. I reboot my phone and do not cost likely doing on that and this is for Ron. FYI for those who might be wondering, however, I'm trying something new. And so it might be working Facebook might be working will see explain it, but so anyway able to look give a call right 877-207-2276 would love to hear from you and thank you for again, I think the donors for those of you who were so kind and and so very gracious of them. I'm very serious about that.

You supported us in matching funds drive and overlooking the matching donor person know about it and it seems to be going well. This can really help us this year, so I want to say thank you very much and it's about you know this many things going on a date last night's if some of you watched it so you are free to call and talk about it and was on the decrees of government will talk about that little bit. The decrees of God and and man's free will of God decrease something a predestined people to do something they can't go against what is read preterm of the Medill are they still freezing intercourse will yes and we are talking about this in the atheist guy said now now it's not for you Before you know this illustration and that was really kind of an interesting point.

I thought this guy was wearing a hat and I said look, if I'm sitting in front of you and I say hey what the heck is it on your hat and you take your hat off and take a look at. I said what I want to do is you take your hat off so if I say that with my intention of getting you to take your hat off and you take your hat off the dot and II caused you to do that.

Were you still free the same time were you still free. Make a free will choice to take off your hat, even though I cause you to do that.

He said yes. Discussion continued. I got the point. Reset all rights I said so what if Jesus were sitting there with Jesus is God in flesh and he said what's that on your hat you took your hat off is that your free will choices at no I just couldn't believe it.

It was interesting because of the exact same question the exact same thing. It's not free will when he freely does it. If Jesus asked them to do it but if I ask of it is free will, in the inconsistency of his response was literally profound and ecological saw that kind of a thing. It was so interesting. Of course the atheists always come back and say that I've lost you blah blah guys can't take them seriously. The only atheist I take seriously are those who say hey you make some good points here, but I don't think you made a good point there a note and then listen to, but if it's just always vitriolic condemnation and who cares, not wanting to talk about something else let's talk about her little bit but I want to give me a call 87720722765 open lines folks on Friday. I want to hear from you so please give me a call now.

So I've been prepping because I will probably end up doing a debate discussion under she could say with a Church of Christ guy on Tuesday nights on baptism and I was some research, and this morning this morning.

I worked up an Excel spreadsheet.

Nice to teach Excel some pretty good with Excel and that's what I do things and in my research talking without people were there various books about John the Baptist baptizing, and we don't have an exact numbers sought to just offer something that I think is is interesting and just worth worth some thought and that you guys can call up and give me different numbers. This is what I mean. This is a method 35 in Jerusalem was going up to him John the Baptist and all Judea. That means to the left of Jerusalem all the way to the ocean and that whole area all Judea and the district around the Jordan River and hold that a lot of people there. Mark 15 in all, the country of Judea was going out to him and all the people of Jerusalem and were being baptized by by him in the Jordan River and okay so we don't know how many people that was.

We just don't know. I did some research on how many people were living in that in Judea and Jerusalem and Israel at the time and so the bill in Jerusalem alone, the lowest number.

They said at that time of Christ will be 20,000 people in the highest. I read was 600,000 people so I don't know what what number to go with. But the majority of the research that I said I found lead to the idea Jerusalem thing about 40 to 60,000 people. Okay, so let's say 50,000 people plus a how many people were all around Judea, 10, 20, 30,000, 40,000 more people were in Israel and still try to find that one article were were in Israel now just just to think about this in one of his was 80,000 people just Israel alone and how many people were in coming, and Jerusalem. I don't know how many people were in Israel but I figured out how you nevertheless John the Baptist ministry was for six months is baptizing in the Jordan.

It doesn't say anybody else was doing it, but that he alone was doing work at the spreadsheet.

If 10,000 people were bit were baptized in six months. This has all of Jerusalem and all of Judea, and in acts 44 it said in many of those who heard the message believed in the number who came to be baptized there in that area with about 5000 and and to believe, which is another issue since I started doing numbers on this any rate, so six months is 26 weeks of baptizing if he did this for seven days a week six hours a day than that would mean that he is a due nine baptisms in our big deal if we were to go to 20,000 people getting baptized in six months will then it would be 18 people in our and that would mean one baptism every 3 1/2 minutes and okay want a big deal I just doing this in a people to call up in single how many people were there. How many days a week, what you doing is how many hours would you doing then I did some research on another water temperature of the Jordan, the average year-long water temperature is 53°.

Then I went and did research on hypothermia and guess how long you can last in water. That's roughly 53°.

You can only last in water at that temperature for one to six hours before hypothermia comes in and severe hypothermia and roughly less than 15 minutes. You start losing a dexterity and certain of motor functions and things like that and I this is interesting so I just do the homework and this is fascinating to me what was what's the what's up with that he was in the water. How was he baptizing.

I got more could say calls are coming. I hope that's interesting. Interesting stuff. Let's get to Michael from San Fernando Valley, California Michael looking to show your on their are you there hello hello are you doing all right and hang in there. We got but thought I actually got your number one called and can I have a couple questions. Oh what I mean are you a Christian are absolutely yes are you okay. Have you ever heard about the Hebrew is what yes I got my first question is, what color would you well. It appears to be that he was not the typical white person, but he was more Arabic Arab looking – the kind so use the Nike with a rabbit or would you say that you will a man of color because they didn't speak Arabic bespoke a lady. I obviously would they probably look like there's been some studies run on that and is actually picture of Boston Smithsonian thing and I they they didn't think he had darkish hair.

He wasn't a black guy wasn't necessarily white guy kind of in between to make its noise the background but the go-ahead I am sorry about my work. Okay yes, all running around so you you advocate to Black Hebrew Israelites stuff. We don't consider ourselves black humor is like that.

The mother okay Kevlar lilac put out correct okay and say oh we like you can't go to hell when we had to say no. No. So basically like for it. Anybody can become a Muslim. Anybody can become a Christian, but not everybody can become a Jew you have to be born from the from the stock from the Lord does not stop to is not correct, you could be cut out to be a convert to Judaism and were certain practices that they had.

After certain generations are considered a full blood adopted in June, but some so let me ask you who whose Jesus, as it was Jesus a black eye white guy mediate what you think. There hello are you you what you think you want the Cody think Jesus was go to Revelation chapter 1 verse 13 explains what colors he was going to just tell me what was the color you think it was Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 his head and hair were white like wool and the like on the fine breath.

They burned in the furnace graph regarding Brown when you burn Brown occurrence. Bless so you think Jesus was a black guy okay is that important.

If you have: second is that it is important I think it is live and the reason why I think of the ordinate because if we go to Christianity. Are we got to the Catholic Church.

The first thing that they have picture of what you know.

Why is that white Jesus there that YK given to us. You won't find the pride I why was on my radio show.

I I say he's a blonde haired like location server Jesus which I decried a signal okay so I am asking is it important to believe that he's a he was black and why it's all because it okay because if we don't we don't understand that. What color was the will understand who the true biblical is a like art, the date, for instance, when you got it nonstop since I got up okay so how do you become a Christian and a brick of anyone coming up after these messages mostly stay to mass Y. Call 770776 charismatic sling back to the show. Let's see if Michael there on question if I deny that Jesus was black. Can I be a Christian and can I if I deny he was black cannot be a Christian and be sending present but thought or incident I asked you a specific about another that I see a specific question.

Can you just answer the question if I deny that Jesus it was black cannot be a Christian can be saved in my sense from okay so then art, so then some isolation depend upon my belief in a racist idea of Jesus skin color. You tell me know your you think it was always at the base or keeping a commandment station really correct. Are you keeping the commandments I keep what I can put about my you're not keeping the commandments to keep the commandments of the best of my ability.

What I know I can only like eight know you will love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength litter neighbor as yourself. Do you do those correct. All you do is all your heart, wait a minute you love God with all hold on. You love God with all your heart. I do you do allow visitors no room for improvement with you and loving God, there's always room for improvement everything and it's not with all your hearts would you explain if it's with all your heart, and there can't be any improvement because it's with everything you've got, but if you say no. So basically, so basically what you're saying is, as long as you have faith in Jesus Christ and you believing that you could be saved. That's not true because if you got a map in chapter 5 verse 17 Jesus felt that think not that I can't destroy the law of the prophet, the lobby of the Torah. The first five books are the prophets being Isaac, not Isaac, Isaiah, and I understand you right so it though that work they could not be. Don't even think of a lot done away with and something something really consider sale on a single level eliminate likely you didn't come to abolish it, doesn't mean that you have to keep commands to be say this notice as you rip that verse so far at a Scripture that the wood it with an audible couple of states of way so. But Paul the apostle says that we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law so you can Hold 31 and all the hard cold yet. Do you know only what Paul said there apart from the law but what you gotta understand up all the words are hard to understand for them that are not for them that are not marked as well.

You as you rip out of this.

You know I'm not I'm not using Paul's word any Christian would you all the work that they that we don't have to keep the law. Nowhere in the Bible. Can you find that we don't have to keep the law, except all work and it sucks nonstop so stop you. Just admit anywhere the okay I have to put them on hold now one of the one the many arguments like this. It just gets more obstreperous and wouldn't move along let's go to Anthony from Iowa Anthony, welcome to the show here on why he never married. If you gotten married and he did have certain requirements under under the law in order to provide for his wife and any children and normally people were married very early. By the end of their teens, and they were required culturally and even biblically, so to speak, to be able to have children and provide self he would go gone, gotten married, had left his wife in order to do it had to do around Israel risking various persecutions which mean they wife and children would've been under persecutions as well and it wasn't what he came to do.

And besides, he will go with the marriage later on. The marriage feast. Later in Revelation, okay, that's right okay so it don't. Right now, and it's not to say getting married is bad or having a life isn't good.

I'm not saying it's just that I wasn't what Christ came to do came to die for our sins and need to be free in order to do that okay I okay got blessed. All right, let's get to sale will fall from Greensboro, North Carolina.

You call before the trouble your name before, but welcome to the show. Matt will think you think they'll mail you all right yeah I have an we know a lot about our group and the proper group in the Old Testament, but in the correct who put up on the root in a given labial KK back at no KK now firstfruits was an agricultural thing back in Israel yet first fruits of what they would Dukes be given to the Lord just like the firstborn male was supposedly given to the Lord in various things like this. The idea is that when we tithe when we give money would be support that we do that first and the general principle is that if he maketh $1000 a month and we pay if we do 10%. Would you temper send that thousand not of you don't will have-dollars left after their bills and we do 10% of that that's the idea of firstfruits, but it doesn't mean us were obligated to do because were not under the law died along Romans seven for we crucified with Christ. Romans 6668 so I say were free to give to the Lord not obligated to, but in one central obligated if were free to love him.

Love requires certain sacrifices. It's the nature of love. Well, if we love God wouldn't do that but on the other hand, if you love God were not obligated to do because we love him to discover in between. Kind of a thing.

I decided people that you're free to. If you want to go for it.

We don't that's between you and God to worry about it.

God will put upon your heart at the right time to do that. Very good. I like the way that that God all about love and appreciation better than I though wrote, obligated to do it not in your heart is not acted. What given to Christian anyway right thing is that the Christians did give they were so for the love of God that they gave it's one of the manifestations of the spirit hold. All right hey folks like that death is that you do have three open lines 87707 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave.

We have call 772072276. All right, let's get back on the air with fail Greensboro, Greensboro, and the green. All right, so where were we okay got all all white line that openly and everything in Notepad in your palate and your gift. Her and all that with the recommend you listen to her. I know I knows a lot of people out there on TV and stuff, and a lot of people think it's great from just just morning people. There's probably not going with that to me on that part and I were to slip it right.

The thing is if she did with firstfruits insulated. You need if you talk about the Old Testament context and then she would have some merit if she's trying to apply it in the New Testament contacted tithing and giving to ministries like her own and various things like that that is a problem, make people often miss apply Scripture like that in order to get money and I could do the same thing I can say look on the one feeding you, I'm the one doing all the teaching you should put in notepaper you get fed you should support me your firstfruits, then God bless you, I would. I don't believe that and and I would not say things like that to me. That is a mockery of the truth of God with her so many people out there who will say that kind of a thing and put guilt upon you and say if you want to blessed the words.

If you want to get something from God, for your own blessing that here give to him first, but give to us by giving.

We forget they have given us, and you get, but that is a con artist mentality.

First of all, if I were preaching like I we had is its heresy. If I were preaching a church.

I say if you want to give.

I'm not saying you to get anything back. I'm not saying you will. Unless, and you won't but don't give if you think you're going to get something back and you keep it you hold it and you don't give it because it is not the issue here, to give on the condition that I get something from God that is is horrible and needed repent of that sin I would tell people if you want to give because you want to trust God and he might bless you and might not then freely give.

That's how it should be so much heresy, so little time. But I agree that I will let me look better now look radically don't fail to call in again.

I will not do. Every time I have not will think you appreciate that year you two goblins and an annual light light snow melts.

She had lots of blessings but the other four had around me a lot. Still, whenever I'm correct a lot of yeah well yeah X she does. She really does not joke about. She really is in need of it and a lot of people are put to list out all the things you get mad at me if I did that, but the print for you to thanks appreciate it. Okay, got blessed all right, let's get to Carl from Idaho McConnell show you're on the air that I think Brad may, especially the time love you. I yeah I had question about the rapture.

I heard I have been like that into you every minute after, and I do not agree with the pre-tribulation rapture.

I don't beat out in Scripture. I don't see any, but they have a lot of Christians now at eight you break it out gospel and as it your your somehow lesser than me if you preach anything other than pre-tribulation rapture and I'm do you have an argument like what what would be the bad Scripture or the rapture can never fight Scripture.

They do bounce around all over the fight kind of come up with the idea because I know here, I guess it's good for you okay are you familiar with and they don't like to think possible. Use this which says that human on the field was taken was left right right and that it David laughed later in the either bad breath.

I got awakened by that's correct. And so when I bring this up with them. Little do is I'll say this really this really messes him up okay because they really didn't Scriptures themselves, and they see that Matthew 24 Luke 17 which talks about that and then at the end of skimming at the end of Luke 17.

They asked him where he says with a body as vultures gather so you go to Matthew 24's 37 and Outlook 2617 26. I think it is literacy 1726. I think it is and so you go there and show them in the context of liquid to the winter taken and then go to Matthew 1330 the right and you ask him. The rapture occurs. That's the harvest right and it will yeah it's the harvest get harvested okay good so it Matthew 1330 is the parable of the wheat and the tares and the enemy sewed to remove the Wheaton tree term up in verse 30 of Matthew 13 Jesus as I allow both to grow together until the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first to gather up the tares to find them on the trans-Alaska say so who's the first one scattered when Jesus comes back that are not what you have seen of that. Their eyes bug out. They stop talking.

Yeah a look at the Scriptures and I say well I think the verse 40 so it just as a tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be the end of the age. And that gets into the issue of how many ages there are this age and the age to come right right right thumb on kind about that one out and attain that I bought back eight and eight is the nondemocratic state. I in your website you know I know your wife. I might go to any theology, K appreciate that. Always check this in Scripture, but so would all ask you to do is is a you I hope preach of his true distance to get in when they give me the verses for the reason the context, it just doesn't support it.

So that's what I do with their is there any other grep survey that we like heat to being caught. I know that is being taught up together to meet with them. The cloud contacted. That's the first Thessalonians 4 effortlessness 460 Moran when he read that and through chapter 5, which was no check brick in the Greek and Roman to do just hasn't fun here nuclear colors.

I will read the computer 310, which is really interesting so well this is with the word of God says when you interact. First Thessalonians 416 through chapter 5, verse two, for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel.

The trumpet of God. The dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words. Now as to the times and the ethics brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you for you yourselves know full well that the day the Lord will come just like a thief in the night, so that's when the rapture occurs the day the Lord to conduct a thief in the night right now I go to second Peter 310 but the day of the Lord will come at a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements were destroyed with intense heat and the earth and its work to be burned up only a minute.

How is that possible if the day of the Lord come like a thief thief in the night and one is the rapture and the other one is the new heavens and new earth and ask him to explain how that works together and there's another one when they stop talking they look at the word trip figured out more. But now that's good enough for now.

Yeah for sure okay I think it might smack okay people.

God bless the folks will break your what you know I'm not against pretrip rapture or just giving you information. He asked what the supporting that view.

I hope pretrip rapture is true if you believe it is praise God. Just don't put your hope in it which hoping Christ is maybe that could be wrong and if it is great if it's not, I hope I'm wrong, but tell our hope is in that I'm not here to destroy that faith is people just give the Scriptures and see what the radio said they be right back with proven lines 877207 mass Y call 770776 tares maxillary and that Rob hold all of liquid gold five) giving to baptize in the name of the father and of the end of the oldest spirit of the ghost will widen the book of back that. The name of Jesus and I know they didn't go against what he was teaching what he taught them was easy to read you some Scriptures are the book of acts okay this is X 1619 and this did she many days but Paulding Green turned and said to the spirit, I command in the name of Jesus to come out of her interesting and in acts 947, 28, Paul is going around Damascus is spoken boldly in the name of Jesus and in moving about freely drew from speaking up boldly in the name of Jesus in acts 540 and they took his advice, never calling the apostles.

They flogged them and ordered them not to speak anymore in the name of Jesus and ask for seven they said and then when they placed them in the center to begin to inquire by what power or in what name have you done this Peter talking was the name of Jesus were doing this by this name. He stands before you.

So what you think the phrase means in the name of Jesus that what you believe in Jesus will be baptized in them. The phrase in the name of Jesus means by the authority of the authority okay because it was as I command you in the name of Jesus to come out of her. Matthew 1618, right and you speaking boldly in the name of Jesus. Document the kingdom of God and doing so in the name of Christ Jesus Christ. Acts eight by what authority with power and what name are you doing this they asked Peter he says in the Jesus were doing this by his power by his name as the phrase level will go out with you would do it in the name of yes and so when you exit your preaching in the name of Jesus that you're evangelizing in the name of Jesus. Your teaching in the name of Jesus and then when you baptize in the name of Jesus, you do it this way.

I baptizing them the father-son Holy Spirit because you doing in the authority of Jesus. That's what it means always wondered why the glycopeptide about credit limit of the note. And then so there is a lad because of a question that only wonder what that date limit and I noted didn't go against what the Lord told him about it.

God is the Scripture though that the correct that that the quick and pick them is an article on this on my website, I must baptism be in Jesus name. And it goes through the Scriptures.

It cites what I've said this was reading my article right now about the first call the Hebrew Israelites actually, I would one day encourage him to call it okay and I thin them in the Facebook I don't know them personally, but I did friends with them but I think that I'm in the posted posted out. I know what he believed that the two he is looking for something that did you know you believe it that it's necessary for baptism and ethical work be debating the issue were discussing the issue somebody on the second on on Tuesday next week is baptism necessary for salvation answers no, the seventh and often put a link on karma's effective for our discussion is clear from the discussion was. But no, baptism is not necessary for salvation. Scriptures never says never said and am doing a lot of research on baptism lately that really quite interesting to this Black Hebrew Israelites guy was humorless like a is becoming very argumentative and I don't want to do that on the air. I'd rather have a discussion that we go.

Point counterpoint back. We disagree. That's fine yet is becoming argumentative. It didn't listen so and then to admit that they moved up on a call in Oakland on Monday and you could ask them about the doctrine of the Trinity man-made or like to let the lungs a Catholic and let but he was not good he called them appreciably bleeding on the things that are callers okay okay thank you very much. But God bless I was Nelson, California. Let's get to Robert from Richmond, Virginia Robert, welcome to the show. You are on the air thinking that taking my call.

I really program every night. My question to you is holy dated seated at the right hand of the father. My question is with dealing with being done. Why is he standing tall and go to this. This is extra for seven to read exactly what diversity is and I behold, I see the heavens opened up and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God right in its verse 56 there's times when he said it is said to be seated and kindly said to be standing just so you know when Jesus told the disciples to cast the net out on the right side of the boat. They caught fish on the day of judgment.

The wicked on the left side and the righteous are on the right side so culturally and biblically being at the right hand of someone meant the hand side position of authority and strength. So when we see hymns as the text say the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God. It might in this is good question. You got me thinking about do some little bit of looking into it. I don't know the significance of standing versus sitting now right left to do is see if I can find things like this in a pattern may be, it said, standing whence the Christians being killed. Maybe I don't know. Maybe it's sitting well easy and accurate moderate both. Steve was martyred when to say I don't know I'm just throwing things out initially wanted to look to this. Could it be that he was standing because Steve was being killed.

Could it be that when he sense at the right hand of God. It's when exercising authority. Maybe there's a pattern or maybe there's not but so I don't know I'm just saying this is wonder what it definitely will mean no is Alyssa standing the right hand of God.

It probably means he's in that position of authority.

I don't the standing of the sitting has anything to do with it. However, it does. I do believe every single word in Scriptures are for recent solo. No doubt I like that initially lies different than it always puzzled me. You know, and I was just wondering because it was being moderate at the tablet God will John the Baptist 11 job looking online was modest. If I go to Matthew and I typing right hand in my Bible program at your right hand makes you stumble. Don't do that to have the right hand is doing sit at my right hand. Matthew 22 the Lord to sit at my right hand and your feet and justice Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power, and it also it would be fun to see how that phrase would it, but it means and see if there's anything sitting or standing and just learn such a great little quest to go through.

Have I done things like that before to see if a single word makes a difference some time to learn all it does.

And other times of Mike. No, I can't find anything. I don't know the man's wife different so it happens when I thought I thought I would come to you. Use them locally and promote quick knowing that something that puzzled me know how you got me puzzled.

Thanks a lot for making me loosely by the creator very much and have to go check it out now so okay you take care and again I'm going to keep you incredulous your life and it is her job programming up. Keep on doing what you doing right now.

Praise God thanks appreciate it right. We can write that Robert from Richmond, Virginia. Let's get on the phone with jihad from California. They are you got gummed out like yes it was. I was there for like 40 years. I'm supposed to be down there sometimes late next year. Speaking at a conference on Islam I called you like to go. I called Joe that I think it would like. That meant in a couple month right right there having a conference and does think a few things changed.

I didn't go in.

It kind of worked out that way because some other things with some health issues, my wife at the time so you know, George, Sadiq, he's the guy and he is awesome right with Islam. He's just wonderful is great man. I got a good humble man.

I got and I left a witness with him I learned so much. Let's so he's wanted a setting it up for me to be out there in others the ethically speaking on on issues of root related to Jesus and don't know exactly that. I mean that we can got by his mom. They hold they actually occur on actually peaked. The truth of the New Testament live bands that the argument right in the argument regarding being… Mad from Islam. I think they follow you, but don't think they New Testament the holy right you. I will switch a question two minutes what's up half a minute?

If they button but I want I want to.

If you've ever you've ever looked at. I know you have I know you have in your]. But during theology from active brought looking out from Abraham to come. I know about this one for the call before you mentioned it.

Asking about right right and I think that one perspective. I'm pretty sure that empathy buried on very guarded from it. I don't know if there's much of a distinction between sitting and standing there. It can be deeded at the right hand of the father in regard the material and may not want. Many maybe, maybe not.

I actually do it. This phrase right hand occurs hundred 31 times in the Bible little noise there.

I can export to Excel and get the New Testament ones out that I could see which understanding sitting and I can see there's a pattern I like doing things a good question. Okay.

Z is a guy that I go to bed as it is right they will meet sometime also fell of the all right there was jihad, California. Sorry Chris and Michael they folks called back here then then have a great weekend.

And what

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