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January 9, 2020 7:00 am

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January 9, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How does Colossians 2-14 relate to repentance and God's sovereignty in predestination- When was the sin debt canceled---2- How is the word -for- used-meant in Acts 2-48---3- If someone is living in continual sin, what does that mean for their salvation- What advice could you give someone who is struggling with a perpetual sin---4- I feel like my faith is merely academic. What can-should I do---5- What are your thoughts as to the second coming- Does the rise of homosexuality mean that it is close---6- What does 1 Corinthians 11-10 mean about the angels---7- Do the ordinary means of grace pertain to doubt-assurance regarding salvation-

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Why is the amount found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why live garlic 772072276 NW fourth and long drive. No, this will remind you that we feel nearby your support if you're so feel so inclined you want to help us out.

All you do is go to confirm/donate needed help so we do need that work at the show on the air and let's see how debate last on the baptism of anybody was listening, watching, they can call in a comment if they want, and we talked about how if you're interested. If not, no big deal. The other questions you have your comments all you do is dial 877-207-2276 wherefore blinds you McCall is good on the phone with Mike from Pennsylvania like welcome to the show.

You're all here on that side and get you debate website. Well, that is what Tim Kern and Jan that was years ago and this guy was little more obstreperous and Tim Kern was very polite but this guy was was very difficult and not to answer to suit was this what happened you go to Matt slick Facebook page format slick on YouTube and so it's there to question Colossians 314 Jesus paid for all the claws is a poor with that being said, God choosing the electrically we definitely get the faith and repent needs to be looked at as a and as we look at it may be a good work of art being faith through his election getting that way we would.

Repentance is evidence of regeneration.

A lot of people make him miss the mistake of thinking that unbelievers can repent. They can't the unbelievers, a slave of sin, the hater of God he can do no good.

He doesn't seek for God so he cannot repent now is not the same nonbeliever who was lying can't stop lying. But that's not repentance, not of the biblical sense because repentance here in the context of salvation is concomitant with leaf and trust in Christ and so they can stop doing bad things, but by in one sense, but by stopping to doing bad things. They're not glorifying God not doing what is right is not a true repentance. Just stopping one little thing doesn't mean that you're okay and sin is always accompanied by other sentence just as truth is always accompanied by other truths. So repentance the Greek myth of Noel means a change of mind a change of attitude in the context of salvation were talking about particulars you better. Colossians 214 was talking about here.

Repentance isn't in that context, the overall context. Regeneration repentance is that work of God. Second Timothy 225 God grant repentance if he grants repentance. He also grants faithful things tonight to 191 29 so we would say is that repentance in the godly biblical sense is the work of God gutter generative work in us and our repenting is the ability that is, God has given us to do that because of his regenerative work, and us so repentance in the biblical sense, deals with regeneration. Also, I have a guy who was trying to make me believe that they wanted be a work of the gift of audio point was that out of work and by faith and repentance was, sound like you if there will be a contradiction, excluding the out of the works will when people say, for example, baptism for repentance is not a work they don't talk about a work is something that you physically do it's it's what you do. Repentance is also an attitudinal thing and it's a compliance with the law, because if you're lying you stop lying your ear adhering to the command. Thou shalt not lie and so we gotta be careful you don't want to say that repentance is what saves us all. Repentance is as if Matthew 311, Mark 18 for the forgiveness of sins and that you repent and for the forgiveness of means that that's how you get forgiveness by repentance. That's not how you get forgiveness. Forgiveness is by trust and faith in Christ.

Repentance was repentance for the forgiveness of sins me, it doesn't mean you obtain forgiveness by repenting because that would mean you obtain salvation by being good and in and that's false. The back of Colossians 214.

However, it says having cancel of the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hospitalist to take it out of the way. Having nailed it to the cross with a certificate of debt. It can only really be one or two things.

The sin debt or the Old Testament law and either way, there's it it's it's problematic for some people, not for me but for some people if you cancel the sin debt.

You can't go to hell for sin that the doesn't exist anymore. If he was able yes that's true but gets accepted no there's nothing to accept because the sin that is cancel of the cross with you exist or not a believer not it is irrelevant. It's taken with the cross and God can't send you to hell first and that that doesn't exist is cancel is gone.

If, however, they say it's the law. While in the problem there is that. Romans 513 says when there is no law there is no standard notification of sin or sin is not imputed when there is no law to impute me to reckon to some of the account at the legal thing since breaking the law is a legal problem. So either way if you look at that. How can people be judged through is no law versus the sin does exist because it is breaking the law God. So when Jesus canceled the sin debt. I believe it is because the previous verse talks about canceling for giving us all our transgressions was having forgiveness for our transgressions, having cancel the certificate of death. That's what it's talking about so will be the sea. Here in this issue is that God in Christ here cancel descendent of the cross, not when you believe not when you get baptized if it's canceled at the cross, not to get baptized, not when you repent and not even when you believe because canceled 2000 years ago the cross that requires certain logical necessities out of it, which may or may not get into if you want me to, but it requires certain issues, pontificating a little bit to is a very powerful verse in my opinion.

When my favorite in the Bible. Yeah, I one that I bring up and had a hard wrap my mind around it like how you look for an exclamation exit gave me their adding to give much of a spot going to I believe was Romans 15 repentance where it work with another thing that another understanding of you know how I was.

The Bible says that you know you get baptism for the eating of your salvation with them our sins and you shall receive the gift for the list attached to the now another understanding somebody had Allegheny was that word for their is a different type of usage by the time I were to tell you. Take Advil for that headache and the pathogen unit in that fence yes were things I want to do is learn how to use my Bible program better because I know that this can make any sense, but Greek is interesting when you learn Greek, you have to learn vocabulary not Greek vocabulary necessarily.

Could you do with things like genitive, date of accusative, genitive absolute. The dative of means yet to learn what these phrases are and then you have to understand that the nouns decline and verbs conjugate within they have to match because her gender is a gets gets complicated so I wanted to live a visit to look at at, for example, X2 38 for the due date of verb for and then the result in a defined construct the constructions of that other linguistic arrangements in the Greek so I can do a search in the entire New Testament to see if anything like comes up again.

Then I can see how it's used but we do know for example that repentance for the forgiveness of sins and the scenery good. Matthew three, I think it's not.

Matthew 311. That's an interesting verse in his own rights. I see four. Forgive us. Yes, Rego Luke 33 sorry it says and John the Baptist, who came into all district of the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins committed a baptism of repentance that means you got to get baptized with water in order to obtain forgiveness of sins that would leave before the new the atonement of Christ to Hockaday have been forgiven without the atonement of Christ in the present tense with Danny when automatic. Yes, repentance will be complies with the law because it's the Jews who were coming out all of Judea and Jerusalem for coming out to deceive to see him and be baptized. So what is it mean and assist difficult issue. I want to do a complete word study on this, but I need to build a master that linguistic capability in the program that mixes medical ultimately is whether was that right now thank we do not be praying of the time, effort for that and Audi Albee. You know what yes this is this is my dream. Okay, we have people who are helping me. I don't have to do emails hardly anymore I don't have to do about the forms anymore. I don't have to worry about the website rebuild want to worry about raising funds that I could just research and then do videos and do radio that's what I wanted to.

Then all men I would call the two conferences I augment and get into that kind of stuff in a deep level to me that is a slight sit in Jacuzzi.

All you got, that they are because they get back to Berkeley and I appreciate you writing video that they would obviously that's Mike from Pennsylvania thought, we have get this five open lines of these know what is waiting to want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 and I just thought of something to say this because I need this.

This is to the people who watch the show by walking the radio show either on Facebook or YouTube. What I need is someone to be able to talk to provide me after the radio shall provide me a topic and the the time when it occurs. So I can put up with the video listing for future references and that that would be like after 07, which is seven minutes in the topic of the Trinity came up. You know, that's it.

I just think like that Trinity and so if people I know people listening that 69 people right now watching and to venues right now. Maybe similar to do that kind of thing they could do well in life you need help, not just the mental kind ether is what White says you need help all right but wives are and speak in which I'm still trying to get her on the air. Here she is so not real, eager to build talk about her health issues and her face, but I wanted to do that. I hope you listing like the sheep listen is hoping she will break if I want to call 877 like why call 77077 are welcome back everyone, let's get right on the phone today from Florida. Dave welcoming on the air.

Thank you Marek for your time very quickly about our girl. I believe it myself but I did. A lot of people in the somebody living a lifestyle of continual man. Whatever lab property, adultery, alcohol, whatever the following regarding a person is not truly a leader are regrettably struggling while there is little the cyclist because her degrees and struggle and degrees of of the this issue.

Let's say there's a man and he struggles with the corn once a year to say it averages to once a year. He goes to church. He does his stuff and envious what year he falls into it and in a fruitless day and then he repents and he's remorseful etc. would you say he saved Jan meet Gavin that he was as once a year make it. Mom saved with its once a day that now. It's because of a different issue because now it's a habitual thing that doesn't seem to have any manifestation of repentance not not I'm certainly not saying to anybody out there is people often misrepresent me on not saying it's okay to do that once a year and never saying that, but was giving illustration. So when we talk about this. We have degrees of things about how people sin and frequently or on the frequency I should say will then how would we do with this if they sin once every 10 years with that particular thing would you sooner not save him now.

Either they just blew it, but once every day all the He saved within what were saying is, other than the frequency is what makes us save are not saved by evidence. What is there to truth that will yes and no. Because yes, it should be there to be some manifestation of repentance and struggle with her is no manifestation then then no but there is a struggle even daily, wilderness and evidence of Celtic CC.

This is not an easy thing to answer because their subjective issues here and normally speaking, someone who abides in sin without any repentance without any conviction that is assigned 1/3 not regenerate that they are a false convert we I do know of people who have struggled greatly with that particular center use as an illustration I got kids and their kids in the car subjective and not say to me words and so they struggle will what is her struggling once a week was to be two weeks and and I'm in my 60s. Let's just say I've counseled some young men over the years about this particular racial issues as has Nick continued with it and let's say once a week once every two, three, four, five weeks different young men of different struggles and they are remorseful and so what I say or not Christian at saying no is a real struggle, with the struggle is because their life in Christ. For some people say what you should never sin like that wouldn't sin is okay to sin as the lycée method settings okay this really becomes a difficult issue. So we have to say, normatively speaking this in this but when it comes a particular individual with a look at the situation look at it any conviction. Look at how the look at confession and have the elders of the church in their wisdom, then go from there really have to have that makes chemical audit literally that it helps that I know what biblical doctrine that the only people I think that view that families are hurt. Maybe not trying to be today.

They are struggling but it's hard to answer those who oppose it. But believe you can do it if you want to be a Christian without having the other day. That's that.

But I see that it is true I do do whatever I want and so you everybody does what they want. That's why they're responsible for their actions.

So the the the those who hold to the position that you could lose your salvation also have to maintain the idea that you keep your salvation by what you do and then they accuse someone like myself, or you can sit all you want.

What's true, but I don't want to sin because you're divorcing regeneration from the issue of our belief and trust in Christ and security is not okay to send. Let's say that it is it is not a license to sin, in spite of what Mr. Korner wants to say in his error is heresy. But the thing is, that is a fatalistic the thing is that the security and crisis of security in the work of Christ is not a license to sin is not license to sin and got do that which is evil is not what were advocating for those who do say yeah you mutants go sit all you want right will ask do you sin yes is it because you do it on purpose or accident with a state either one Allstate was it your will to do it with will then either way, you're the one performing the action with her was on purpose or by accident near held responsible for your actual so therefore you're sitting all you want. It's the same thing people don't think these things through infancy that there is is rooms to once a you're guilty of what you accuse others of epiglottis that appreciate that really help and also for the for those who I know that I'm dividing some people here are no longer say this lightly posting.

Now you can lose your salvation if that's the case. Colossians 214.

In my opinion destroys that Colossians 214 for the best verses in the Bible for this Jesus, having canceled out the certificate of debt canceled the sin that he did it by nailing it to the cross. The last people when did he cancel the certificate of debt that the sin debt and most of the process of Scripture says okay did he cancel all of your sin on the part of it has to be all that he canceled all of your sin that can you go to hell otherwise is not canceled his point which is as real sample and so that they'll do it. Would you accept it ornament is a sinner but accepting us is canceled issues. It's canceled.

Is it canceled I had and finally said yes it's canceled. Okay this cancel can you be judge for that which does not exist in your sin will know we got accepted except what if it's canceled there's nothing to accept, it's gone, you will accept nothing.

It is not there anymore. People don't know it. I say this that they don't think clearly a lot when it comes to things like this. They think emotionally.

They think with an agenda going on a just just think this is tragic like the my opponent last night that this debate was to do this kind of a thing, but he didn't. He wanted nothing to do with that what is nothing do with serious examination of the text only superficial level. Nothing super deep and what that's what happens a lot. I as you know, Felicity, for while I try and get people to think I want to stretch the stretch. I want to get irritated at me even some type that can't be right and go look the word of God to see from same is true that's what I want and writing for 15 years and one of the things people say to me the most is you don't you just irritated me, but you kept quoting Scripture. But look at the Scriptures and garnet.

You are right that what it says and there you go, in a way to do don't bent the blame it on the messenger, though a guy vibrated that it mattered or that?

Real fast right out of the whole line of the go-ahead. Yet what your advisor what you think. To a person who is going through situationally badly try to get agreement are struggling at eight got made or not they are, but would you tell them there's an illustration with him and thought with you. You and I are going to bring an analogy to get him out to get that from a faulty right that Kathy's messages please state the mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show. Dave still there are no give this illustration which I've often use with those who are struggling with sin who doubt their own salvation. Because of that struggle because of not having a victory in a particular area and so they beat themselves up so you and I are on a boat on the ocean a mile or two from land and were talking about whatever and we just were sailing along in a really strong winter sing-along we see suddenly two men in the water dressed in street clothes. We have no idea what happened or how they got there and we take a life preserver and rope tied on there and throw it out to them were yelling graphic rabbit and one guy is struggling and the window spitting the water back into his face east it on his arm. Entirety a struggling trying to get this life preserver. The other man is facedown in the water were yelling, yelling, come on, this first man he struggling with the second man is just doing nothing is facedown. The question is which one is alive constantly struggling dead people don't struggle for life and did people and their sins don't struggle against their sin of struggle against sin, even when we have failure after failure is still a struggle against sin and is an evidence of regeneration. Some people say you have to have that victory in order to be truly saved in your sin, you have to be basically perfect in your actions, in order to be right with God. Now a righteousness comes from the blood of Christ himself. I'm not saying it's okay to send. I'm not excusing your job there would be to go alongside such a man and lift him up in a loving embrace of kindness and grace that gives him encouragement that I know what it means to struggle for years. Personally for years over particular sins that have victory over sometimes for hours on for days, sometimes for weeks at nice surface again. We are there and even after victory has been attained. Sometimes you see the shadow of that sin crossing your path. It is difficult to be perfect, but those people who are struggling with their sin. Those are my kind of people are the ones who recognized their failures want to live as Christ has slipped recognize this is serious so they doubt themselves, which is a natural thing to do. The other hand, out in the water and one struggling for life is the one alive one struggling against sin is the one life in Christ give glory to Christ and lean on him continually and continue to glorify him in this troubled consent telnet day when he delivered okay really good like Yvette Leveille, a great rhyme and God bless what all right as Jeff over to Wally from Des Moines, Iowa. They will only let you for taking my call. Sure my question my question at the very heart of the caller you is very similar worktop, but you not think your show an offer for while they be maybe a year without I enjoyed it very hard at my partner communicating airtime, aggression is the I know Mike got that I cannot be good enough for Michele. I know that works. Don't make. I know I know I've asked me several times and I just feel like I'm not regenerate man I feel like my favorite anytime I want all the time my faith. It academic and I did. I just need to I guess one thing I learned by the whole that younger one night when I but I believe very few card member.

The 100.

Whatever your show care of the whole bit about that God does the picking and choosing for salvation, not the people in it was a new thing to me. I I don't anyway want to refute that. But it was clear to me to thinking well how I know I got a technique I know that she was an accident that I know I need some encourage money to ensure concern you make sure that my faith is not academic shortfalls in my life that you jump in and try to help you and let me tell you I you know I have asked burgers and we ask these aren't all that emotional. In some areas. We certainly can, but I'm assuming they may figure out a very intellectual so I have to battle with the same thing is just an intellectual acknowledgment in the intellectual faith they I understand that issue. I understand. But self-examination is something we all do.

And we ought to do, but what is the evidence of salvation in us. There's two kinds orthodoxy or the proxy orthodoxy is an intellectual faithful trust in the truth. The doctor, the Trinity, Jesus Christ is God in flesh. She died the cross rose from the dead. He died for our sins. These are things that an atheist could list out an answer on a test question?

Does it mean he believes up to me asking do you believe these things, you trust in Christ the best of your ability. Understanding do you okay all right okay so this is something that the unbelievers cannot do now.

Some will say will do. I really believe I said maybe I'm thinking I'm believing I'm not really believing that's another issue right well the solution I found when I went to my professor in seminary and I asked him this very question how I normally believing not just thinking and believing and deceiving myself about my belief. First of all John one flick at 129 God grants the beliefs or belief comes from God to the say. We don't believe this is a God granted to us when he did indicate from God and it sufficient with the professor told me was this asking will be given you seek and you will find knock and we will continue for everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. What man is there among you when his son asks for loaf will he not give him a stone or he will not give us totally or the asked for official not give mistake. Willie, the reason it is essential stone and bread loaf discussed in that culture.

We may bread it looked like a stone in a flat round thing and there's a fish in the celibacy galley that is long and skinny look like a snake so artistically faking thicket of fakery here. What man among you who when his son asks for loaf will give him a stone.

If you asked for official give him a snake. If you being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father in heaven who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask him if we have to do is trust that when you ask God the faith that he's given you to be able to ask comes from him and he stuck in a freak you out. You trust your own heart. You trust God's heart. You trust what he has.

This is orthodoxy with the proxy is good practice so you don't go stealing. You don't go lying and having no problem with it. If you do various sins, you say ouch. That's not rights. This is the sign of the Holy Spirit and you could convicting you to what the Praxair is doing those things that are right now and I think perfection here, but it should be.

But what is not perfect, but the idea is there's a manifestation of truth in you the truth that manifests and works in good works of James 22 James 242 26 talks about this. This was going on. If you have orthodoxy with the proxy and you trust that Jesus said in Matthew 77 through 11 that will give you good kits if you ask if you're asking for salvation you're asking God. He is the now gives it not you who has to receive it aesthetic to your ability to receive because God grants to be believe clippings 129 and were born again, not of our own will. John 113 people don't know that in our believing is the work of God. John 620 29 and you can even come to Christ is been granted to you for the father. The evidence of everything you said shows me that you're a true believer true believer okay help. All I do thank you for your time and that I'm trouble you, and why I love you with every cold on the set for one minute at a full line of right that These messages, please match like why call 77077 charismatic slave. A full length limit is jump on it really fast we can move along. But you struggle with quiet times of prayer time, and stuff like that right that's right your life right.

I don't really as you say, welcome to the club but I get into it because that's different thing I do for living and have my tools. I will set up but that's normal is normal and struggling in quiet time struggling prayer time is normal struggle. All right, whose move along and let's see this the microphone is always a Micah, let's cut to CJ from all the so let's get over to Robert from Salt Lake City. What is going on.

Oh, I'm hoping that we want to stick hello okay I can reboot my system. I think not having. Let's see if I'm still connected with this problem is service about once every three months. There's a problem. Let's see if it happens… I'm on… Good to. I'm not sure are you are you on the air. Okay good starlet who had a problem. I was just checking stuff okay okay man, I was wondering and called your government law conduct.

I like on.

I was wondering what your your about the second coming. Could we possibly be 50 or hundred years away because of the rise of homosexuality in our society being more tolerant and think like that to the flock crowd globally. I just wonder what your thoughts were on well II believes that I'm 63.

I don't know if I'll see the return of Christ may may not live long in my family anyway in 2030 years probably, but who knows it could happen if your pretrip rapture, then mostly people say what is not much left to be done.

If you post trip, like me, then there some more things rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and things like that. The arrival of the antichrist. So I think the spirit of the antichrist is certainly alive and as I watch the news and I see the save the rise of immorality. The rise of hypocrisy, the rise of narcissism of the increase of evil, where what is good is evil, what is evil is good. These are all the things and some of that not all is more that Jesus and the writers of the New Testament said would be the case and feel there's there are certain physical things, so to speak it have to happen before Jesus Christ comes back that was configurable, rebuilt, and it looks like that may happen because the dome of the rock is in the court of the Gentiles archaeologically of the temple so they could be built and it could work and I do know that the priests there are training of her sacrifices again and they have the ashes of the red heifer's mother, so I know some stuff here, but the training and when the temples rebuilt the beginning and the concomitant was soon after, I believe with the arrival of the antichrist. So if I understood Kenneth shoot at the hip here from the hip here, but the antichrist can't arrive intelligent apostasy. The Christian faith was that mean that well you don't are not hypothesized because I can't secure in Christ sleeve forgot what what others about you for your good guy you know hold that thought we probably talk about his is the apostasy the generic general idea of the Christian church and we see that apostasy manifested in Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox we see in another form of apartheid moving in Protestantism and with the arrival of the NAR and some serious areas in support of faith, heresies and stuff like that some false teachers out there that are on TV right now. Speaking things that they do not say so it's occurring, and because the Christian church is weak and anemic in a lot of areas is doesn't recognize and begin to act upon the power that we have in Christ and the word of God. The church is been weakened and… I'll use it. We can delete understood within a couple were discussed or when posting with were anemic and what is my little lining complaint okay. I let Michelle admit they currently do. Thinking of folks African lines. You may call 877-207-2276 is good to CJ from Ohio ICJ welcome to show you around here and I dome at nine a question about the Corinthians 11 to Braden, because of the life I have a symbol of employee overhead to get in and I would think about it, wondering maybe if you had been invited. When Angel licked have to do with that symbol of authority or what all I'm not sure what it is. The Bible doesn't tell us what it is kind of guess angels are arranged in harder structures and their certain there's archangels, there's cherubim, the angelic realm and I'm no Angel all adjustment and study, it's hardly at all, but it probably is in reference to the angels themselves are under the authority of God and under authority of structure within the angelic realm as well and as authority exists in the angelic realm. It also auto exist in the marriage house as well and it should in the mail. The husband is the head of the life and he's in spiritual authority responsible and she's subject yourself to that in a voluntary loving way and find letter to John that Dr. put the time that help appreciate that kind so you know the woman having her hair covered that culturally was a symbol of authority. The authority does not mean this to clarify is not me.

She didn't have the rights doesn't mean she's property it just means that there is a hierarchy and the wife is to submit to her husband not in sinful things, but in his leadership.

Just as Jesus submitted to the will of the father and his leadership because in John 519 John 530 Jesus.

He does nothing of his own initiative, he submitted and so the wife is in that area of submission like Christ was.

And it's for the will of God working through the order that was going on and that my wife and I have that arrangement because the biblical one and I consult with her all the time. She had a lot of insight I don't have doesn't mean I just don't listen to her. She sometimes will make a recommendation that we look at this right and make a decision is like a captain of the ship might listen to his crew, so you might have a good idea. He does something, but he still responsible ultimately okay okay all right complex rhyme if open lines 877-207-2276 Jihad from California welcome the regnant. Would you show me about getting a content object matter.

You know a lot of guys there calling and talking about now that's a real real issue with dragons on Christianity in the coming how do we do we deal with out how do we deal with assuring and confirming my mind really is a lot of good thing that got on my ordinary me the great to say about ordinary me the great doubt sure are you Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox network or back at the top of a lot of people. Sorry.

Member your name with who you are not my job job though you don't talk a lot. God better and that's for sure is for sure the ordinary means of grace is to make sure that you were trying to wheedle something in there that happens a lot at any rate, grace is not something that we obtain by nothing we do. Grace is the unmerited favor. If we obtain grace by thing we do that is merited and is now in graces that he or if you want to say that phrase. Ordinary means of grace was of the I got there is no communion we have to do any sacraments to get grace infused into us as Roman Catholic Church. This is just something that God does in a gracious manner and his grace continues to work in us and upon us in our hearts and in their hands will write believe and do women agree would agree that there are mean by which God is great throughout well individually. Mike gives it to us anything, given to us as is a substance techie here open this up you look at it inside of a box. No no no, that would mean something. It felt great. Right like an object so you would say then that what you mean by that is the grace of giving grace to us would be for such things as our self-sacrifice, our loving others. God is eat eat. Not that he does it automatically.

But he tends to work through us and that is we do those things and he is grace works in the office but is this what I don't get to be so careful because a Catholic sees the same phraseology with a mean graces in us to meet its infused in your spirit makes you more righteous and so by the a few substances it is heresy right right right. Roman Catholic also think salvation but the immune work they also write the outdated communion, but that would mean the literal body and blood of what we don't want. We think are ordinarily degree. I'm thinking of the preached word the Lord's table that my point might not get good letting you talk about it on a different topic. By 5 x 5 point when we are reminded only go to the Lord. For example, I will remind you of the sacrifice of Christ that is the exact remedies, so to speak, or any remedy is not just one sole remedy for fighting something like doubt or hearing the preached word of the Lord and being being called to repent that typically when we have doubt were battling with assuring their pain involved, which, again, the solutions extended glee of the gospel, you know, so when I think that when I think of in a rugged Box. We think of doubt and experiment. Often times I see Christian look to the exterior rightly look to themselves, which again is a biblical place that right to analyze yourself if you're in the faith. Look, I get that but there is also I think that we met. Often we focus too much ourselves and not right shown in the ordinary like the idea for judging the ordinary means of grace there in pleasures and extraordinary means of grace is if you do certain things to get grace and I just don't go with the terminology they were out of time conversation that would definitely by God's grace there tomorrow

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