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January 17, 2020 7:00 am

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January 17, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Should Christians suport Zionism---2- Can you clarify what Scripture says regarding divorce---3- Were all the priestly requirements in Numbers 8 performed on Jesus---4- I am a new christian, converted from atheism. I've been attending a church, where a woman is a pastor. I know I shouldn't go to that church, but I've found their men's group to be helpful. If I still go to the men's group, am I endorsing their stance on women as pastors---5- A caller wanted to continue a conversation he had with Matt recently regarding an argument to use against the idea that there is no objective morality.--6- Is 7th day adventism a heretical sect---7- At the moment of salvation, do we receive the Holy Spirit and then at a later time, receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit---8- What does 1 Corinthians 7-14 mean-

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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive as hard as more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a matter why you match look slick live anyway if you want to call you for open lines 877-207-2276 and I think it's about it.

He looked was let you know that we still nearby your support. Please consider supporting us. We do need it's all your dues go to carve it work.

See information to write their little bag that we just let you know we do need the support and what you hope hopefully would expand other stations run a few right now in different areas and praise God. So if you are new to the show listing for the first time. Not sure what it is, say Christian apologetics show I'm an apologist, I defend the Christian faith apologetics so I defend against all kinds of heresies like Roman Catholicism, Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam atheism baptismal regeneration sacerdotal is him all kinds of-isms and sticks and feel free to give me a call.

We try and use logic. Scripture, of course, and the truth of God's word will put all cut a topic, so feel free to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Chris from Georgia, Chris. You're on the air. Hello, my lip licking. Shout out. You believe that Creek should work. Diane is four-day that when you buy Zionism with the belief that you have great or that you should be allowed to have the right return to their land. Israel and occupied land is that my my question is you believe that American Christians are misinterpreting what you prove Israel in Oak Ridge right yet and I think there's a myth I think is a misunderstanding about that topic, we have to define what would it mean to be a true Jew. In one sense, yes couple verses of Romans five it talks about the true Jews are those who are chicken thighs apart, not just those in the flesh, and so we would say in one sense that's what you Judaism is on the other hand, there is national Israel in Romans 1125 says record not, want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery, so that you will not be wise in your own estimation that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in so all Israel will be saved. So what is looking like here is that God is not done with the nation of Israel May 14-48 they became a nation again. So personally I believe in supporting Israel, not in every single thing that they do. But it is their land. They have come back accord the prophecies of the of the Bible and we should as Christians support them.

We should not support them in anything you do that is on biblical, of course, but we should do that. So one sense the true Jews.

Another since there is the covenantal of blood Jews to sentencing and got okay but okay.

But you know the Bible. He is not a cute one outwardly, but as I put it out whenever set versus that that is rough Roman to 28 and 29 what you talk now about the out of context context is always something with a look at because what he's doing is talking about physical circumcision and physical non-circumcision in the condemnation of all people. In Romans one.

What he does is of Paul is condemning the unbelievers the Gentiles and the Jews of course are going out in a light on that. Of course they don't get they're not like us in verse 17 of chapter 2 is as if you bear the name Jew and rely upon the lawn both in God and goes on and then he says, is the circumcision and none circumcision, and then he says of her. He is not a Jew who is one outwardly, etc., and because of the issue is talking about. And then he was in the first one of chapter 1 than what advantage has a Jew so he's talking about national Judaism as well as what it means to be true Jew of the heart to be careful that we don't mix them up too much work ignored the differentiation of existing go-ahead well but what about Robin right at it about Abraham's offspring out later. No, these are not the children of God shout at the hand of God, not from 9#was like versus I could check on the text of everything okay if I'm not big and I got it taken and they are not out right this individual is correct.

You okay neither because they are the fate of a round now ethnic views are that they did I hear neither because they are the fate of Abraham are like children, but I shall not want to stand the difficult commented in the Old Testament Abraham are now compounding crap because he said eight that you note Naomi and asked about okay do you believe that the people in Israel right now were not Jews.

I do not believe that they are, what their ethnic cute but they're not late okay okay okay and so I do believe also that God is done with other nation of Israel, even though he says do not be informed a partial hardening has happened to Israel. He says Israel what he think he means there okay might talking believe we says that I didn't hear talking to the Romans. He said I did not. In verse 25 I do not want you brethren to be uninformed of this mystery that he partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullest of the Gentiles has come in to the Israel are Jews and Gentiles non-Jews. So is talking about the differentiation between them is has God not done with them yet.

So Paul right there is telling us that he's not done with national Israel myth. This would assess okay Beth might not done with appellee know I don't really think they got art about Lando out one thing. If not, according to the out innovate.

He is he is concerned about the land because this is where Jesus was born, and God strategically put them in that land. If you look at the area geographically use look at the map you look with the deserts on the mountains are you will see that Israel is a strategic location. Why do you think the Roman Empire had it under their control because in order to go from North to South Lejeune across the sea, which is very expensive and sometimes dangerous because of the sudden storms you to go by land and had to go through budget. The area of Jerusalem, so it is for strategically very important because God is concerned about will have, since he promised to give it to Abraham.

So it is a concern for okay you believe that we should make a note out. What I okay now the need to doubt that you recognize the heavenly we have to have we should mother of the file which is about though… In Colossians 318P Danby written with crappy mixing things you make something a lot of place your mixing things all of you jumping all over you. Notice what I'll do is also a list look at the verses look at the context when people are not just accusing a bad stuff here with you to be careful about is jumping all over the place and putting things together so that is okay, but when it comes to this issue, we definitely understand that the true Jews are the one circumcise of heart. We understand those of the true Jews.

But God is not done nationally, with Israel as Romans 1125 tells us that nest is that so Israel is back in the land and we need to be careful and we need to support them because it's a national issue and we hope as God says that all Israel will be saved or seen the revival and hesitant the okay shuttle to land okay, okay, no, even if Diane and I hope you know much about not even if it had it right and cabal it Babylonian myth okay okay hold on a little. I don't know if this is a very old unskilled work we move along because what you're doing is your argument every single point knife throwing another things about mysticism and all kind of stuff and so is telling me that you going to the sender that okay to move along with clinic Dr. Michael does move along folks, and let's get on the phones next with Ella Ella from Utah hello look in the show.

You're on the air and appreciate your sharing your information recognition got a question for you added it per se wow that there's something in that policy said regarding that man put it mandatory for divorce that there picked away his wife and great set merit collection and that she is now not claiming more like Trevor Mary at her thinking is that number into your shell fragment and I thought when I cannot always think of is that a concert that I divorced my name, I myself have been through divorce and salad like that. We thought it be like in that it man pencil a lie. In my case, then she does not clean or anything to marry. Certainly not an adulterated humanistic.because the clarification. First of all, a divorce is not always assume there are different justifications for divorce in Matthew 19. Nine Jesus says I said you were to divorce his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery. So if we can just divorce your wife in that culture you can say that that's it, but unless she was committing adultery in the word there immorality, sporting a sexual sin and the other thing Paul says in first content. Seven. He speaks about the issue of when the unbelieving wife some 15 unbelieving is as if the unbelieving one 90s I believe the brother sister is not under obligation such cases. But God is called us to peace. And so there's an another place I'm trying to word is a word God divorces Israel and missing finality I think is Hosea, but he he issues a Ritz of divorce to Israel because of their spiritual adultery rights… 100 different variations of this will come with a quickly let's it is to unbelievers, husband and wife and it doesn't matter which one and that one of the commits adultery.

They end up getting a divorce divorce will then in a sense it's biblical nonbelievers.

What you do with her both believers and one commits adultery while you the question one's belief, but woke in the tickers now and the saving the spouse who is offended seeks reconciliation, but the one who is committing adultery chooses to dissolve the marriage in that case, the one who is offended is innocent and is free to remarry back. I went on I thought that their wagon. I don't know why I like coming to marry her then it's coming adultery after many mind. Jesus said in Matthew 19, nine, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery. So if your husband passed husband was committing adultery and he would not be reconciled new socket that he leaves in the divorce occurs, you're innocent. You're free to remarry. The problem remarry in the prison to make that person clean yes you get your point, but now some people will say we are going. What if you did get you that you will know these like each other as Christians, and you got your thinking to get remarried. Well, it's a problem and then those gives a particular honor of the elders need to get involved with. But then what you do if someone they just get married anyway will then want you to well disqualified for certain things in the church in function and things like that but everything okay like most every line is 877207 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show with Nate from Texas and Benedict. Call or minute YouTube video about how we can know that you would include but are not merged, you reference three versus in the first one with the numbers eight and you talk about how from the ultimate estimate we can see how you would have been baptized by water anointing oil in the verbal but so my question for you. It doesn't numbers eight go on to describe a whole lot of other things like saving your body wash your clothes, training and sacrificing just how good it is. Think also happen to see lot of them know we do not recorded as such. And that's the next question is been raised and then the responses to go back to Matthew 315 and and were Jesus as he did this or is to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness to fulfill means Old Testament loss with to go back and find out what it says what I suspect is that those chapters, which describe what of men needed to do and be in three years of age and all these things that that the the elements that were represented by Matthew were extracted out of those issues in order to demonstrate that as a whole. He's fulfilling the law requirement for entering the priesthood after the ordinal Catholic even though not every single thing was listed has them so he is representing them and if it's not the case that through their within where else is in Scripture. And that's the problem because have people asking every question.

It's a great question and would say well if it's not referred to those chapters, then where else and there isn't anything else. So with the conclusion as he was fulfilling requirements there as he said in Matthew 315 fulfill all righteousness. And it looks like Matthews extracting representative things out of that area to draw the issue of the priesthood requirement to him. And it does say and we really seven really for direct that I really fit about what is happening parallel if only part of it only like one small pit part of it is a reference how stupid I met you talk about the anointing oil out the verbal blessing not only to the baptism and you're picking out one at a fixed thing thing for Chuck to 27 anointing which you have received of eyes and you will teach you of all things anointing is often referred to as the Holy Spirit was broken upon crisis baptism and the oil in the Old Testament was referencing the thing that is knowing the person being anointed by something else. It's perfectly consistent with the idea the Holy Spirit coming upon because the Holy Spirit was prophesied in the Old Testament is being poured forth and poured out upon. And that's the baptism issue that is spoken of in Hebrew and ask 15 and 217 through 229 a back bench. Also, so are you a member of the Church of Christ is checking so this is an issue, I've wrestled with, but since it says method 315 to fulfill all righteousness that I asked people who simply can't be referring to Christ. Baptism that I think Shelley would also was in Scripture look anyplace else and I done it. When you find anything so the logic is this it must be was referring to in Matthew did not list every single thing because not every single thing would apply to him, necessarily, for example, a sacrifice since he was sinless concluding.

Nobody will probably officiating vents was symbolic of cleansing and so if that was necessary that he wouldn't need that so that we can the theological issues of what was represented by him.

We certainly know it had to be 30 years of age and he was 30 and he had ever anointing us the Holy Spirit of verbal blessing is also mentioned within the texts there. My beloved son, whom I am well pleased and then had to be in the administration of water upon him, and let people don't realize that when someone is sanctified for priestly work in the Old Testament, oil and/or water was applied to the person and that when objects were anointed for holy use. They were the water or the oil was a floor blood was put upon them scribbled upon. This is how things were done in the Old Testament. And so, if Christ was to fulfill that his assistant numbers 87. Thus, you shall do them for their cleansing sprinkle purifying water on them. Then you come back and say what he did need to cleanse so I sprinkle and then we get these discussions about well ask a question would be to do so when we do is we just look at Matthew 315 says fulfill.

I go to the Scriptures in the Old Testament that best fit it in.

That would aggregated it. Maybe John Beck doing his own thing and it can't be paralleled because it was a Levite, everything Clinton John drifting to Jen and what he liked difficult, then what did Jesus refer to when he says the baptism was to fulfill righteousness. Was he referring to in the Old Testament.

I don't take it out shortly accurate or are necessarily true, but what were we get when you take the Bible as being accurate, no, I don't know what you would do go to church at all. Do believe only an atheist or want this. Christian if you okay right well okay you can believe that talking with the text says and you would be you are misinformed to say is not reliable and you know who I am. And you know what I've been tied down with atheist. I talked about this issue so most probably the Bible is very accurate even archaeological review on the web.

Check these things out.

But good good stuff. I appreciate the question you still need Jesus from the dead. Everybody come left. Okay, let's move along to see Stuart and Rhode Island Stewart to the Shelley are on their hello hey got five but told you unlimited your LEAVING a huge shell of Ellis Cave November last year the many year and the loan payment of a wonderful you told me that the word of God is under present through 100% correct and that there are no exceptions to that.

Let me basically I started to life when sure with food as the last month and 1/2, which is a nondenominational church and really wonderful people, very little extra. However, I have no other looking at the that there should done earlier that the pastor's wife is also the year of pastor and I've heard you teach on this many times I've been in full agreement. I agree with Scriptures understand there's no way I can accept that I cannot accept that basically what you mean about it except her being a woman pastor that which is good exactly for clarification. I will like that but I would like that that there are not whole first Corinthians 34 to 40.

The that of course Timothy to… Probably the most well-known agents.

Switch question what will question is they have amended every Wednesday night, very enjoyable date. They are very good men and so far after about 45. The event you have enjoyed it but I don't know feel that I shouldn't go because by doing I will be in store thing in the body is an institution that that is if you know what kind of break is the device okay after messages is a good question that I call 770727 pairs maxillary back everybody there alright so you have two options one is to stay in one is to go know me I would do is I would do with the Bible says when you confront somebody better ignore the people first. So go to the pastor and ask the pastor's wife to deal with the issue Scriptures.

I have an article on this on Carmen Ivan article that you can print out to take with you is designed for that to give to pastors and elders about this issue and you can ask since the Bible says this and this and this time I want to know why you go with.

With this in contradiction to I would study the article little bits and psychological spirit, your familiar with the sweetly polite response will happen is you will be most not-for-profit here, but I would spend much guarantee they're going to say we just agree to disagree disagree with you. What you say. At that point I would recommend that you seek out the elders. This is when things are probably targeting difficult yes the elders about this. The elders are obligated by scriptural mandate to preach and teach good doctrine and refute error. But of course there can you agree with the pattern elder but at least you've done which right when the elders reject you and you go to the body of Christ, and at that point you may be asked to stop it or leave it to causing problems in the church and we tell you I've had two instances with two churches, believing on the same day. The Boise Idaho area where I was in contact with the church about the woman pastor thing and they told me that they would meet with me. Then he went back on their word. I went out and pass out literature for the church on a Sunday morning and call the police on me and the police have no problem thing right everything legally. No one came out to see how was doing in the snow snowing time in the cold with me and nobody cannot ask to check in doing just the police on the church a big church earlier and then I went home that day and I stop by another church right emailed the pastor and what pastor just what I was cursing.

We talk about sometime within the church and am now wasn't angry. He wasn't mad… Which of my shoulder and let's just say, long story short, and it's a long story… A long story short, I ended up on the parking lot walking backwards with my hands in in the defensive position using Krav Maga which is a martial art I was walking backwards in a defensive position because I was afraid for my safety because of what was happening. I did nothing wrong and I was lied about) go to details, so this is the kind of thing you can be up against at least potentially their people don't like to have their applecart's upset and they don't like a particular pastor is to start believing the Scriptures above what his wife want to do now that a major problem cheese can add approximately now and then with the elders anybody only organ to be labeled as a troublemaker and then what you can do is respond safe like I name slick on the radio said it was okay and then see how that goes. That's joke clear and good fit me down. I live in it it it it it it it I I am the Lord, like a cut with the code that the word of God, 100, but then give the denominations are modified the word of God.

There self parenthood it out. It wasn't long ago I was a night though I know will be eight argument in the way they have An abundant. The Quicken light fell through better counteract that of the head of the Lord instructed me that the word of God, is it by Philip Gordy of the great wonderful.

I've read a lot of your website already being so alkali.

I can't thank you enough that the good. Matt is I've found a church right by me that gave the doctrine and they will not have an even entertaining the goal of a female leader oil to go there for you. You say something say something you said something that really is just resonated with me. You spoke of the truth. Inspiration of this exact words but the assurance of the truth of God's word, that is a supernatural thing that happens by God to the person you know what's true and it's the final authority. There is a fairy very good thing to have you had billing will automatically phased start to interrupt you. I would personally save you quite have an when I woke up the next day I had overwhelming feeling of no that the word was 100%. So I put that it is exactly embittered. It not. That's what happened and I will not.

When I come across you. Read article to that of the Methodist Church will audit going on American and it upset me to the level III think it incredibly personally because I'm committed to trying to get this right and the other way to get it right.

They were 100% and they're not doing it now within one month of going back to church. I update the reality that the real you out for us regarding God and they are there. Their defense from the Bible. There units to believe it it it it it's going to be one of the instruments of the devil. The eighth you gloving that you need out you loving managing to penetrate the pulpit with with this point of and people that made all your clothing.

If edible portion of the bill, but if it is on left. If you know where laughing. They think the organization of the church is clearly laid out like Jesus Christ, Paul the apostle, so we cannot be perfect people were born perfect, but I'm convinced that any hierarchy of the church laid out, likely will is perfect with the perfect model, but at least we can adult and we can fill our imperfection in it were organized in the way God intends life perverting that will I like disobeying it it it open the gate for the legal element so sorry Matt.

That's just the way I felt. You are exactly correct exactly an echo that when I first got saved the next day or shortly after that night, whatever. I knew without a doubt the Bible was sort of God that is that from God. And that's why you'll notice I write, I put scriptures all over the place. That's what the Bible says so. The battles not only are we tell you 80% of the churches according to research, I found 80% of the churches and adopt women pastors and elders within 2 to 2 generations also adopt pro-homosexual sex dancing all but 80% when you compromise in one area in a compromising another dose continue to stand her on the truth is not popular staccato delivery, but that's going to interrupt like they be. I'm abandoning that Kurt already got a new church. I loved spoke concurrently with the cost of their category capital thereon, you'll let Is not a family pastors yet that that was not going to start going to okay gotcha yeah yeah yeah they greatly literally right down the street don't go to the eye pleasing the other one. I'm leaving it with denominational and I'm going to Calvary Chapel K spoken to the pastor earlier shortly. They follow doctrine of the men in the old church.

I think that if I just advertise with it what you think. My personal opinion as I wanted on and tell the truth guy take literature granted to them plant the seed of truth, and the fight for virtually test me all right you don't but okay. All right.

I think you are a blessing that the time you got that take up less all right. He's from Rhode Island love that Joshua from Iowa. Let's even get to before the break.

There, Josh Joshua, your own buddy Iran back.

I want to know right yet.

I will allow any and anyone they want and I have not been made, and they said that opinion that it's wrong to think that it was their opinion and then I think that no my opinion, just make the statement of opinion is that it's easy as you already right folks is that I call 770776. Here is Matt's leg all right when looking back, the show we have two open line 877-207-2276. Now get back to the question. There's a statement I've devised for debate, with an atheist Dan Barker several years ago debate with them and I had made the statement that there were no moral absolutes in the he said he could find an objection to any moral absolute or an exception to it.

So I came up with this in her debate, he wasn't able to refute it, and I asked him if it was true that there is a debate with children think this account to you ever just a question about torturing stuff like that. Is it always wrong or here's a statement. It is always wrong for anyone to torture Biggs to death, merely the personal pleasure that's a statement.

The statement true worship false so atheists know how to answer the question very well. The him and haul all around it because if they say yes is true, then there implying that there is such thing as universal morality when moralities of the mind and therefore supports the idea of universal mind since God or some will say that no it's not true, or neither true or false to get his mother issues will be in the moment and what you doing with an atheist who says it's only his opinion, that's true will then these work with it. All that is your opinion that there's a universal moral absolute because that's what is affirming if he says it's his opinion that it right.

The statement is true, then he is saying from his worldview was atheist worldview that it's his opinion that the such a thing as a universal moral absolute.

How does he obtain that or justify that Innes is atheism. If he said his only his opinion that is wrong then you say okay it's your opinion that is wrong.

Can you please give me an instance when necessary. It's okay to do that when it is okay because it was always wrong to do that you're saying is not always wrong. Can you give me an instance when it is okay to do that very thing stuck in the way that I respond to it. Hopefully that should help. Let's get to Sean North Carolina Sean love Michelle you on the air, but should not all drink by the end of the word and did you get to be wrong in my elected vendor act like it better than the dolly vendor but got LSI's never been before.

Yet dolly… But say one thing first indent in the garden that many Genesis 3 through six.

Did God really say first 1 to 9 God's word switch what you question but watching Doug Bratcher and Mary and get acclimated back YouTube channel is a seven hours yeah I recommend you stay away from you really yeah so I have is anyway why not that out in the category name to Paris did not at our youth. They before that they're not there not depend like radical that it depends if they are if he and they are affirming that that you must be worshiping on Saturday going to be saved or certain other requirements for salvation and denying just like the look.

If you deny just the case, my faith of Christ alone and occult, and that the STA has other doctrines that are aberrant, I recommend people to not be associated with them because most of you here like Nolan enough to build know what's right and wrong within the go yet. Years now, about that I know I… Know your and and he said something about eating the think there'd been dead actually know what that law ate the back mill and evaluated no will follow that you know the unclean animals begotten by bite. They were not, delete the great animal that invites Devon waiting Bella obeyed the goal. I get the about me since I got you. It wants the required the Legionella obeying the clean and unclean animal log by how we broaden bite that there okay without prepared by an Eden, but only to the unpainted. I like all recognize that there are clean and unclean and divided by that you have on Inc. unclean animals and clean animals that would multiply in that year. Some of them can multiply pretty quickly and so we could we could speculate about what it might've been because those numbers and I can speculate in other areas to contradict so is not a good place to go to to do that.

What he must do and what all that you do this with STA.

I just away from them because they do stuff like this. They tend to go with the Old Testament and use the Old Testament to interpret the New Testament is not eligible to be the New Testament service the Old Testament were not under any of the old Covenant necessity except for the moral aspect and the 10 Commandments but even then the fourth commandment keeping the Sabbath is not reiterated in the New Testament is a necessity because Christ is our rest at 1127 to 28 so we have a rest in him. And so it is just that he acted with her doing is constructing something, but they're not constructing it in such a way that they are looking at all the issues and love all things related to it and not giving it a good thorough examination and what they do repeatedly is as if there's 10 options of discussion worth to be had on a particular topic. The pick three or four that suit their needs and ignore the rest. And that's what they do and I would be glad to go on his show and debate him on several issues. One of the requirement to Sabbath one on Satan being the sin bearer and things like this.

I would love to do that to all callers on Bob Peter Peter okay okay and look what I'm looking next follow appreciate at the end sure okay God bless.

Let's get to kill the weight over 1/2 hour from rural Hall North Carolina Kim here. Thanks for waiting.

My rapid John 1423 20, 22 act 1.6 which is hiding out like they may quickly and with the second one, 20, 21, 21, 20 okay and was 1/3 line or okay and so what about that my mentor read each one and one John 2023 says and John 2021. Okay PC with.

He was a father sent me. I send you these on number see the Holy Spirit in X14, and five deals with the you heard big John death is a watery bathtub to the Holy Spirit.

Okay so and John 1423 is a father and son will come and make their abode and you switch your question question it at the moment. At that rate to the right.

Yes, being late. The here this one main theory is that when we receive Christ we are indwelt by God himself. The father son and Holy Spirit. And then there seems to be initially this seems to be something going on with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

And so when you go to this well-known verse, asked 238 on the go to Hebrews that he was asked 1045 I believe it is yes, and this notice is next to 38 repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit what is the gift of the Holy Spirit is the seal you will receive the spirit, but the gift of the Holy Spirit that's that's the thing. And then you find the only other place in the entire Bible, where that phrase is used is annexed. 1044 all the circumcised criticism 40 and 44, 45 Holy Spirit fell upon all those were listing the message) fell upon all the circumcised believers who came with Peter were made because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also, for they were hearing them speaking with tongues and exalting God.

It seems to be that the gift of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues and exalting God to seem to be what it is and so I think you make a case that there and we will bring the art initially saved the Spirit lives in us. We are convicted. We have a dwelling of God.

To say that the father and son live in us without the Holy Spirit would not be correct. And furthermore, there seems the case with the laying on of hands to receive the Holy Spirit in a different way retracted to now do research on the laying on of hands aspect of the Holy Spirit in relationship with gift of this effect figure out there's a pattern there, so it looks like this gift of is the charismatic movement of the Spirit upon someone which would be that as some call it a second dwelling second baptism next baptism Holy Spirit baptism okay so do we bow moment now that you know it. Happily, weight. I believe some receive both at once, and some can receive them both.

Later at different times. You can I know if I got this rebel can happen later because of Scripture talk about that okay regular godless man okay alright let's get to Michael from Tennessee hey Michael, welcome the show. We got about two minutes. We got there is actually not sure how and where the court without a moment out of it pretty quick and Caribbean Chapter 7 were operating that I speak not of the Lord is referring there to believers being married to unbelieving spouse, now 14 and not want to learn about it.

The MAV on the unbelieving husband after he said that if Bobby unbelieving spouse wants to buy Mary that there's no reason to leave but he said in 14 year for the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the life and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband. Otherwise, your children would be unclean, but now they are holding and my understanding that what I expected when I would be the classic form. When looking at that I wanted. If you believe that we all thought about it and if not, I would you look at it and most of questioningly at how would you explain that the reason you believe it what you believe about it energetically to someone there that I switch part of verse 14 talk about because the saved files manually, but I do agree with you. Likewise okay that's what Seattle questioned me about about the unbelieving spouse being sanctified exactly what you think that maintenance if you agree with the defendant informed that belief about that and also about the time physically got one. I'm not exactly sure the official historical reform position is on this particular verse perspectives of 14 so I can't say agree or disagree, but I napped. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what it means, I may say the word exactly exactly sure what it means that unbelieving husband is signified to the wife to be sanctified generally means to be set apart for holy use. He's not a believer is not justified, but because of his oneness with Christ and with the wife who is a Christian in marriage. There seems to be some relationship that he benefits from by the Lord because of his union with unbelieving wife and that's what I think it is.

But to say what what is that benefit then and not able to really say exactly but that was interesting as he says otherwise. Your children are unclean.

That's in Old Testament usage. He brings it into the New Testament which is really interesting and so how did you come clean, well, to sacrifice the blood of Christ, they could split because the children are the product of an unbeliever and a believer and the children are clean.

In that sense synchronized in this theology already doing talk about us more. He felt sorry about that great?

The Lord bless you all and by his grace closely back on there tomorrow

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