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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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December 13, 2022 11:18 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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December 13, 2022 11:18 pm

JR pays tribute to the greatness of Mike Leach who passed away at just 61 years old

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You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio.

That's right, this is CBS Sports Radio and you are locked in to the JR Sportbrief show. I'm coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, it is very, very, very simple. Rocket, Rocket can. I hope you had a great Tuesday. If you didn't, let me try my best to help you out. I'm going to be here with you for the next four hours. This is when I get started.

10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I am thrilled to be joined by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd, and everybody listening all over North America. You could be in New York. You could be in California. You could be in San Diego.

San Diego's in California. You could be in Seattle. You could be in Portland where I'll be. You could be right here with me in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yes, I am in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you all so much to all of the wonderful staff and faculty at Midwestern University as we talked about utilizing the power of sports to do good for people and their lives as it relates to health and also sports. Thank you so much to everyone at Midwestern.

Thank you so much to everybody at Special Olympics. I'll talk more about that and what I've been able to do here in Arizona in Phoenix later on in the show. We got a busy one. If you want to know what we're going to talk about, if you want to know where I'm at and what I'm doing, it's easy. You can follow me on social media.

That's at JR Sport Brief everywhere. I'm not a difficult person to find, a difficult person to get a hold of, and then of course you should know this as well. We got a phone number here.

It is connected to multiple lines. Unless it's ridiculously busy of many times it is, you can call up. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I feel like the minute I touched down in Arizona this morning, we all found out about Kyler Murray, what we all pretty much knew last night, that this man has suffered a torn ACL in that game against the New England Patriots and Kyler Murray is going to be missing some time and we have no idea how much time he's going to miss. He can't do anything but wish him well in his recovery and that's pretty much all anyone has wanted to discuss all day today. It's how big of a blank show things are right now for the Arizona Cardinals and so we'll talk about Kyler Murray next hour. While we were on air last night and yeah we discussed and talked about Monday Night Football.

We got into the Patriots and also the Cardinals. There was a high school basketball game going down in California. LeBron James' sons, Carmelo Anthony's son, playing basketball for the world to see and guess who was in attendance? Not just Carmelo and LeBron James.

The Kardashians were there. One of Scottie Pippen's sons plays on the game. This was celebrity-studded, star-studded and Carmelo Anthony also told everybody something that I think most of us already knew. Carmelo Anthony wants back in the NBA. So we'll get into Carmelo. We'll talk Kyler Murray. Speaking of coming back, Cole Beasley is back in the NFL.

Yes it was only a couple of months ago that he decided to step away and retire from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is back. Speaking of back, I think this team they just got they're not back they just got their backs and their spines destroyed. Golden State Warriors can't win a game at home to save their damn lives. So on the road I should say the Bucks just beat them 128 to 111. I mean are the Warriors that old that quick? We'll figure it out. We'll see.

The NBA have the NBA awards have new names. There's just a lot that we have to get into. Before we get started and I move any further, it's a simple question to our super producer and host Dave Shepherd. Dave how you feeling man? You good? I'm doing well Jarris. Sounds like you have had a very hectic day my man. I've had a very hectic day.

I basically got off air last night, flew to Arizona, spoke at Midwestern, hung out there all day, caught up with some friends here in Arizona, had to do work, did some interviews that I can't wait to share, and now boom I'm here in the studio ready to roll man. I feel like there's something wrong with me because I don't I'm not I'm not on caffeine. I'm not on drugs. I'm not on coffee. I'm just I don't know man. I need to go to the doctor and get checked. Maybe it's called adrenaline.

I don't know. Oh you just love what you do. I do. I love I love you know what I you know this is the part I love talking about sports but it's the part where you can you can help other people out.

It is so it is so energizing and so I look forward to being out in Portland Oregon tomorrow and yeah man it's a it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun and so that's what we're going to do here over the next four hours is have a lot of fun and unfortunately we found out early yesterday morning and Sunday night and I heard Zach just do in a amazing job and kudos to having coach Stoops on you know talking about Mike Leach right before I signed on air and we know he passed away at the age of 61 and for myself personally there's only two things that that come to mind when you you think about certain coaches. It's it's not like Mike Leach is running around and he's he's Nick Saban. We know about his offense and air raid but there's two things.

I think air raid and I think about what the hell is going to come out of this guy's mouth. Some of the things I didn't always agree with but Mike Leach was a ridiculous quote. It didn't matter the subject.

It didn't matter the topic. If there was a microphone in front of him he was going to give you maybe something related to football. Maybe it was maybe it was going to be an analogy related to football. He was just just all over the place all the time. I mean back in his Texas Tech days and before he basically was told hey man you you mistreated this guy now you gots to go. Mike Leach just talked about his his players being being hyped up. He talked about his own players being hyped up.

You know typically people will say the players are reading their own press clippings. Mike Leach well just listen to what he had to say about where these guys were getting encouragement from. As coaches we failed to get through to them. As coaches we failed to make our coaching points and our points more compelling than their fat little girlfriends. Now their fat little girlfriends have some obvious advantages for one thing their fat little girlfriends are telling them what they want to hear which is how great you are and how easy it's going to be and how you know we had a whole bunch of people everybody wanted to win the football game but nobody wanted to play the football game. Well I mean that defies every level of work ethic that exists with regard to football and as coaches we have to solve our failure on on reaching them and the players have to listen and I'm willing to go to a fairly amazing lengths to try to make that happen.

I don't know if I'll be successful this week or not but but you know I am going to try and there will be some people inconvenienced and if it happens be their fat little girlfriends too bad. Well damn that was about 13 14 years ago after they lost Texas Tech did to Texas A&M. I don't know if he shut would he be able to get away with that in 2022. I can't believe he got away with that 13 years ago. Fat little girlfriends oh my god maybe it's because most of their girlfriends aren't maybe fat little girlfriends is that why? It helps that you're a pirate maybe that's what it is.

Yeah this guy had a he had a pirate in his office he's uh he got away with saying anything and it didn't just stop at at his own players and their fat little girlfriends. Mike Leach was also philosophical I mean he knew about Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster and and Buzz Lightyear and and even more what about what about Bigfoot? I hope there's Bigfoot I don't think there is the reason I don't think there is because we've found bones of dinosaurs and everything else but we haven't found bones that I've heard of of Bigfoot. Aliens I suspect there is and I don't know that they're um they're little green men and I don't know that they're specifically um in our galaxy I don't know that they would uh um you know just be hostile mutants and the rest you know uh they might look uh you know remarkably like us where the style-wise or something they evolved to different directions maybe buildings cars different who knows you know but I I certainly wouldn't rule out um I certainly wouldn't rule out life somewhere else other than just earth because see to me that seems like a lot less of a stretch than the notion that oh we're the only one we're the only one special enough that lightning struck has struck a puddle of mud or we're the only one special enough that god cares about enough to have life on this planet say I don't believe that I mean everybody wants to be special but I don't think we're that special. Mike Leach just saved me uh I don't know 10 years of college. I got I got the creation story I found out about Adam and Eve and and Bigfoot and aliens and and I didn't have to go to church I didn't have to uh you know study science for 10 years Mike Leach just told me in in 50 seconds about how we came to be a puddle got struck by lightning boom here I am I'll take it I'm fine with that I can walk eat and do other things so I'm okay Mike Leach on on creation Mike Leach on his uh his players not being motivated or finding the wrong motivation and their fat little girlfriends and then I remember this vividly because it was only a couple of months ago it was recent this is on the SEC network that's where it was captured it was Mike Leach giving marriage advice and this was during or to a reporter on the field here you go now you have strong thoughts on weddings I'm in the middle of planning one right now do you have any advice for me who are you marrying his name is Trevor whatever you and forever decide I would kind of keep it on the down low what you failed to do that Trevor was probably planning to but you didn't so go ahead and don't don't say anything else about it but as soon as the season's over or even an off week go elope trust me on that go elope because basically every female in the family is going to terrorize you guys until it's over once it's over I mean they'll be upset for a few days but it'll be over and then you know you cruise away along have a happy marriage have a happy life I'll pass along the message thanks coach congrats on the win Trevor unless he's crazy is totally on my side and trust me on this if Trevor doesn't have the sense to do that tell him to call me because I mean he needs to do trust like I've told all my kids I'll give you ten thousand dollars extra if you elope so far they haven't done it but I would too well what what what what does this man sound like when he's at home what did this man sound like when he was just sitting around having a beer I can listen to this guy just tell anecdotes and and stories and sit around and and shoot the blank on life I could I could listen to him all day and thank god he left a whole lot of that behind if you ever need a laugh it's it's it's a shock that this man wasn't on a stage somewhere just just rambling on we got some good ones who got the gift the gab and as much as Mike Leach is known for a passing attack and being able to take that from you know Texas to Washington and and more recently down to Mississippi State and they're going to play that that bowl game in his honor they're not going to sit things out man that guy talked that's what I know him for ask me about some of these other guys ask me about Nick Saban I'm gonna go yeah evil whiner and winner sure you know ask me about Bob Knight I'm gonna say oh he was a winner but he was an abuser ask me about Mike Leach I'm gonna say air raid and I'm gonna say this dude was a comedian and everything that he did and has done was not lost on his his contemporaries the guys that that he helped rear up the dudes that that he actually coached we talked about Cliff Kingsbury last night unfortunately is because he's a he's a loser as a coach but he actually played quarterback he was there at Texas Tech when Mike Leach was running the show and Cliff Kingsbury talked about his favorite memory from Mike take a listen to this you would learn a lot about life it's probably 50-50 life and football in his meetings and he always thought everybody was open you know like you'd watch him film man you'd throw to the wrong guy and he'd circle each guy say this guy's open this guy's on which they really weren't right and he said this guy probably scores a touchdown and then he asked the backs he's like who would y'all throw to and they're like that guy and then you threw it here see you threw it here but that was kind of his beauty it's like he he truly thought that his offense was unstoppable and he made you believe in yourself you know more so than you did and it was that's why like a lot of the same concepts didn't signal the same plays the same stuff he's running today that we ran and it still works and everywhere he's gone he's won and so it's there's a method to the madness and just it was an honor to be able to call my friend yeah he he was able to to play under and in for the man i couldn't imagine you you just heard from cliff kingsbury what those meetings what they sounded like i mean what about someone who he opposed on on the sidelines more recently with the rebels you can go back even further into the the pac-12 and that's that's lane kiffin he talked about how he will remember mike leach this was on espn so funny um you know just always there aren't many people that you look forward to seeing every single time especially on a game day at conference meetings um you know having pac-12 meetings and just think of somebody that you could go into sec head coaches meetings where everyone's supposed to not get along and all that and here's this guy just get along with get along with everybody didn't matter where you're from um how long you've coached anything he was so wonderful to everybody and just a true joy to be around and maybe i said yesterday to our staff that didn't know him maybe the smartest person i have ever met oh there you have it he was a he was a history buff mike leach was he was a a football coach obviously more than anything he just seemed like a jovial human being he seemed like someone that you would absolutely want to be around i never met the man but he has certainly left a legacy to with those that that he has touched for his family and man i think i'm going to be on youtube for quite some time just checking out some of these clips fat little girlfriends bigfoot and aliens the the marital advice is uh was was classic you already screwed up by publicly asking me about it i mean well damn it's funny stuff r.i.p to to mike leach you know condolences to his family it's a it's a it's a tough one you know it'll be interesting to see what what happens in that bowl game we'll talk more about that later on in the show you know do these these bowl games that one will certainly hold a lot a lot of significance but you think about some of these other ball games the significance has been lost not that one r.i.p to mike leach it's the jr sport reshow here with you on cbs sports radio the phone lines are open if you want to give me a holler it's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs we're going to talk about another coach we'll talk about an nfl player returning we'll talk about an nfl player who just went down last night here in arizona and then of course we'll talk to you we got a lot to accomplish it's the jr sport brief show we're just getting warmed up we're just getting started here on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio jr wants to hear from you call him now at eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four two two seven it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio speaking of coaches yes we we just talked about and and remembered mike leach for all of the amazing and hilarious moments that that that he shared with us especially i'd say over the past 20 years since he has really been in the the public spotlight there's another coach that we know who has has been in the public spotlight for a long time in his case it's probably now closer to you know 40 years shup can you shut can you imagine that really that that sounds odd to say deon sanders has been like around in the public sphere for now just about 40 years yeah florida you count florida state we're we're we're at we're inching there wow tom flies either that or everybody's getting old but the fact is we know deon has has moved on there's been a lot of conversations over the past week week and a half two weeks the speculation about him going out to colorado and and leaving jackson state and i i've made a point here and if you haven't heard it i'll say it again damn it i have no problem with deon sanders leaving on to quote-unquote greener pastures and when i say greener pastures i'm talking about the money all of the money going from 300 000 per year to about six million dollars per year that's that's not a difficult decision to just say no to unless you are elon musk or what's the what's the amazon guy's name what's his name he owns the washington jeff bezos yeah bezos i think most people would say hey hey i was signed me up 306 mil oh yeah please sign me up and so deon is gone but i've made a hard point about what he quote-unquote left behind he did a lot of talking what did he leave behind did he leave behind memories did he leave behind a legacy did he leave behind a blueprint well i think we're starting to figure out or find out the well i guess that the first part of that answer it's going to take years to find out we know deon is going to coach the celebration bowl and then he is on his way out the building to colorado and so even at this stage it's odd to see him be at a press conference in colorado and to address their players and to shoot some hoops and then to get back on a plane and throw a jackson state hat back on just to just to finish things up and so it was revealed today and at least thank you deon sanders for putting it on social media we have found out who's going to succeed him as as head coach at jackson state and it's t.c taylor who graduated from jackson state in 2005 and three years ago he rejoined the coaching staff as a wide receiver and tight end coach he basically owned all of the wide receiver records we know deon sanders he comes on and joins the program in in 2020 and so t.c taylor has been announced as the next head coach for jackson state now where they go or what they do it this there's only one deon sanders this is what we know and so i don't think there is quote unquote and and up and i wish i could be more more optimistic but i'm being realistic i'm being honest you know t.c taylor can can leave a legacy but there's there's one deon i think he would have had to stayed around you know much longer i think he would have had to have graduated from coach graduated from coach to maybe overseeing the entire department maybe overseeing the swag having more of an influential role before we we see some you know long long-term change like i can go outside and pick up some seeds i can go outside and you know kind of litter them on the dirt but we know like in order to to to yield like real fruit and get real results you gotta be patient you gotta put the seeds down you gotta feed them you gotta make sure everything gets light and the deeper you bury them can't bury them too deep gotta put them at the right depth you you gotta you gotta tend to the soil to get results and for right now i know there are a lot of people who feel like the the seeds were just dropped on the soil and then deon said all right i did my part i put the seeds down y'all figure it out and so i think in due time time will tell but he was he was a big advocate for t.c taylor getting this job at jackson state and taking over so good on deon and uh let's see what what he really legitimately left behind eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs andre he's my next door neighbor today he's calling from vegas you're on cbs sports radio what's up andre what's going on my brother man good to hear from you again this is why i say something real quick about my man deon deon won the world series deon won super bowls with two different teams he was the man in atlanta he went down to jasmine did what he had to do man let him hate man let people think what they want to think man about dr i appreciate him but uh i'll go for the money too i mean you built your legacy down there well for like you know a mediocre program now he put on him now he put him on top now it's time to move on keep on moving dr that's why your name is prime top take care appreciate your homie all right thank you andre for calling from vegas i think that'd be cool if deon just say hey i'm coming through the coach he said so much more it was out of his own mouth that he was talking about how he was going to elevate hbcus that's what he said other programs for other people did he live up to that i don't know tom will tell i don't think so i think the impact wasn't wasn't long enough and that that is disappointing bj is calling up from texas you're on the jr sport brief show what's up bj hey jr how's your night going sir it's absolutely amazing how's your night going oh man it's great it's great just got the christmas shop and done uh okay it's uh it's a good night well thank you thank you for reminding me i haven't bought anybody a damn thing oh hey and talk talk you know time's a ticket my man yeah well what's today today is uh december 13th i got some time 13 yeah you got 12 days you got 12 days oh wow make it sound worse now but go ahead yes sir well i just have a quick question um i'm loving to know your opinion on uh two nfc's quarterbacks who in your opinion they're both free agents they both cost the same amount of money who would you take oh uh dak prescott or jaylen hurt jaylen hurts you know like i said same money same offense oh you're asking me in a in an alternate universe if they if they were just in front of me and what quarterback would i want yes sir what i want dak prescott or what i want jaylen hurts i'm gonna answer this i don't want your explanation explanation just tell me who you would select jaylen hurt i'm sorry i'm sorry dak prescott no not jaylen hurt dak prescott you would take dak prescott over jaylen hurts okay as a quarterback yes sir why um so as just a pure i mean just long looking longevity wise uh just a jaylen hurts i mean that we're running i mean it's awesome look at cam newton he was awesome for a bunch of years and then i mean just i mean then after just that running stuff got him hurt and shortened his career quite a bit and point i think that we'll see a very similar thing with jaylen hurts i think dak will be a good solid quarterback in the nfl for at least you know another seven ten years roughly just give or take um and he i think he's just a better overall quarterback okay so what i'm gonna do uh bj i'm gonna answer your question on the other side of the break so you stick around and you'll get your answer okay sounds like a plan yes sir all right thank you so much bj for coming or calling up from texas dak prescott or jaylen hurts all things being even all things being equal who would i decide to start my team with today hurts or prescott bj says that he would go with dak i'm not disagreeing i'm not agreeing i'm going to give you my answer on the other side and then we'll talk about someone who's returning to the nfl a little bit longer of a retirement than uh tom brady but i'll tell you who it is on the other side and then we'll talk about you know jaylen hurts and dak prescott it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio your credit to your profession you're one of the rare where your personality is actually balances facts with whatever callers call me but i'm also calling for purely in texas so purely in texas loves you call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio sports radio we just had a a caller hit us up on the other side you can call to eight five five two one two four cbs his name is bj i believe bj was calling out of texas i mean maybe that's why he had this uh this answer to the question that he posts to me of which i will now answer he said all things being equal no free agency no contract no no nothing if dak prescott was in front of you and jaylen hurts was in front of you and you had a choice as to who you wanted to be your quarterback into the future who would it be bj said that he would roll with dak he feels that he is a safer option and he wouldn't necessarily take the pounding that a jaylen hurts would and i'm sorry bj i would have to go the opposite direction i look at the upside of a jaylen hurts and i think we see it in front of us right now for a philadelphia eagles team that is 11 and 1 and i think that that hurts we see it we see it on on on on the ground we see it in the air we've seen the progression like i have an idea of who and what dak prescott is i think on a very good year for dak and i think he was getting ready to have one of those before his ankle got shattered to pieces you know two years ago he can be a 40 touchdown 45 touchdown type guy i just think there are too many instances where where he's hit or miss i think jaylen hurts has the opportunity and this is why i think he's going to win mvp to be absolutely explosive explosive in a way that that dak prescott is not and so am i going to tell you that jaylen hurts one day and i certainly doesn't don't hope it happens do i think jaylen hurts is going to go on one of those those runs outside the pocket and and go down to a non-contact injury i have no idea anybody could get hurt at any time dak prescott was was on a run and he got dragged down to the ground and his ankle we saw what happened to it it split in two and so i look at jaylen hurts and i just think there's there's more explosive upside i understand the understand the concerns about his health and whether or not he'll last and whether or not he'll hold up and you used a comparison to cam newton i think this is where there's a difference jaylen hurts when he plays it's not a battering ram cam newton most times outside of weight he was one of the biggest dudes out there cam newton was was ready willing and able to drop his shoulder into a dude and lay you the hell out and i think that's one of the reasons why his career was kind of shorted and stopped where it was that and his his personality all things considered man jaylen hurts is he's been praised universally by everybody on that team from the coaching staff starting at seriani to to veteran players you got guys like kelsey who continue to big him up and so i think jaylen hurts has more upside i mean even if i want to you know kind of throw you know the age and what we know out of the window already i would go with jaylen hurts who's 24 years old over dak prescott i think we know who and what dak is and think about this jaylen he might be having the best season of his career right now i still think there's room for him to get better easy eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs let's go to baltimore maryland and let's talk to dave you're on the jr sport brief show hey how you doing i'm amazing what's up dave i'm just about i want to say the thing about um dion now like i told you your guy i said i had no problem with dion doing what he did when he went to colorado for one he put jackson state on the map before he hit the scene i ain't never heard of jackson state i'm pretty sure a lot of you never heard of it either now i mean another thing i understand dion put a lot of money in that school he prevents big time um stores like walmart and and jeff bezos and them to put money in that school because that school was a wreck you know what i'm saying so my thing was here he did a lot for that school he did a lot for habc you know it's all for black colleges and uh i think it's that time for him to start making some money and build a powerhouse team now one thing i said he said he would never coach in the nfl i think he's bluffing on that once somebody i think he's bluffing on that but uh i'm saying big kudos on on day off doing that and also i give it to him as a man as a father he got his kids well you know what i'm saying yeah it's a it's a it's a beautiful thing dave absolutely yeah i don't i don't i don't fault him or anybody else for for deciding to to to elevate to another position uh i think that's cool i think what he's doing is cool i just think for the game and everything that he talked you know is it long standing because that doesn't necessarily match up with what he said initially when he said he wanted to elevate you know all hbcus and he wanted to get more recruits in well are you telling me you're gonna cut my grass hey i got you i got you i'm gonna cut your grass don't worry about it well when it gets tall are you still gonna come back are you gonna go down the road when somebody pays you more it's a little tough david is calling from buffalo you're on the jr sport brief show hey jr how's it going tonight man absolutely amazing what's up yeah i appreciate you taking my call tonight man now i want to jump in here and talk about mike leach uh i i think you know a couple things i'm going to bring up here number one i think from a football standpoint we're seeing his uh imprint on every everything high school college the pros air it up throw it out yeah no no doubt man i mean so so teams are going to copy his concepts and and his stuff is going to live on forever because i think we're seeing more and more high school teams play that way and obviously the colleges and the pros are playing that way every week so there's no doubt he would you would you say that he is uh mike dan tony on the football side yeah yeah that's a good analogy yeah really good analogy i think that's very fair to say yeah no doubt um you know i i think there's no question that uh maybe his record wasn't the greatest but i think his innovative style i think is going to be live on forever and you know i i think that the saddest thing is you know it's just you see how much pressure there is in college football especially the sec level that you know i mean it's just it's awful for his family because you know we talk about how the sec is almost like the nfl and there's so much pressure with the nil and the recruiting and it's just awful because like you know i'm sure that that had a lot to do with his health and it's so sad because like to me at the end of the day all these guys who play and coach whether it's big time college or pro sports you know to me it's it's they're human beings at the end of the day and you know we we have to remember that because yes they make a ton of money but you know they deal with the same stuff you and i deal with so um i appreciate the time man and uh rest in peace to him and uh mike leach his family and friends and everyone in college sports who was connected to him all right thank you so much dave for calling up from from buffalo absolutely i didn't think about that analogy just all offense how many wide receivers can i get on the field let's let's put 10 of them out there no offensive line just go down the field and and let's roll kb is here from alabama you're on the chair our support ratio what's up kb hey what's up man how you doing good good uh yeah i just want to talk about the prime uh situation i believe me and you both know that anybody put in that situation would take that deal but also you have to think about not only the great things that he's done for jack stake but the things that he went through there also with i don't know if you heard about or i'm pretty sure he did uh during the game folks breaking in the locker room or his son's car being broken into he had problems with boosters and alumni's uh helping out you know but and that all plays a role in it you know but like you said i don't think he i believe he left a legacy but like you said the blueprint i believe he left something behind that to help jack state move forward and still be good at what they do but uh yeah man that's all i wanted uh i think he made a great decision and i think he's going to bring colorado up and i believe he's got more coming for him i mean he might be an nfl coach as soon as then we thank you so all right that's all i wanted man thank you kb i don't i don't think colorado can be i don't think they could be worse than than what the hell they are so i think they got one direction to go it's up you don't sit down that low and just uh and stay that damn bad that's that's crazy speaking of crazy this just kind of popped up on the news past me the Mets are showing interest in Carlos Correa this is being reported be via the athletic Correa would reportedly shift to third base to play next to Francisco Lindor at shortstop the source at the athletic says i'd say there's some smoke but i'm not sure how big the fire is though like what what the hell is the point of the report shepherd do you understand what i'm saying okay john hayman on line one like why why are you reporting this to go yeah yeah yeah yeah there's some smoke there i don't know how big the fire is like so what are you reporting it for just wanted to see how many retweets they could get oh man just tell us when Carlos Correa is ready to sign that that makes much more sense than just well Mets are showing interest i'm sure the Mets have shown interest on a lot of folks and their owner and their owner happens to be worth i don't know it changes by the day i think without me googling or searching steve cohen is probably worth chef here let's play a game chef is steve cohen owner of the new york Mets i'm how do we do this i'm i want i want to be the one to guess do you know the number have you identified it yet uh no okay i'm gonna okay well i think it takes two seconds let's see steve cohen is worth less than 20 billion dollars right less than 20 that would be correct 17 he's at 17 uh no he's at 15 no lower lower 13 uh not quite oh my god it's 12 uh go lower no i'm seeing nine billion steve cohen only is worth nine billion dollars i've never heard anyone say someone is only worth nine billion dollars but yes i thought i thought i thought uh maybe uh what i think the name of his his venture fund point something capital i thought that the man was at about 15 16 he's only worth nine billion dollars oh my god steve cohen instead of going to get uh you know waggle beef he's gonna have to eat mickey d's for the next year man that's that's tough going in fairness to you investopedia puts him at 17.4 billion oh oh yeah yeah yeah i you know when it comes to guys like that i i would tend to go higher and so i don't think he has any issues with putting francisco lindor on his team max sherzer on his team justin verlander on his team carlos carrea on his team the man just gave brandon nimmo who i think is uh he's a nice guy and a nice baseball player brandon nimmo just got a contract i think approximately 120 million dollars maybe more than that i need to go play for the new york mats hey chef i'm coming back to new york man i'm gonna be in queens bro great to hear man you'll be more clutch than the grom was i tell you that much oh well that guy's a loser so is the rest of his uh sherzer do you call sherzer a loser well he's in the playoffs we're gonna talk about this on the other side and columbary don't move here on cbs sports radio throughout the 60s and 70s cops hunted down key figures of the dixie mafia including its enigmatic ring leader kirksy nicks i'm interested in making money i'm not interested in hurting people 15 years into kirksy's life sentence the dixie mafia was practically folklore but that would soon change i'm jed lapinski this is gone south a documentary podcast from c13 originals a cadence 13 studio season 2 the dixie mafia available now on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you
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