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February 12, 2020 2:27 pm

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February 12, 2020 2:27 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What Scripture do you use to show post-tribulation---2- Who is Jesus telling the parable to in Luke 12-41---3- What does 2 Thessalonians 2-7 mean- Who is the he- Is it the Holy Spirit---4- Doesn't 1 Corinthians 9-27 and Hebrews 10-26 prove you can lose your salvation---5- How can we be sure of any end-time position-

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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a matter why gold is of February 2020.

If you would give me a call.

We are five open lines 877-207-2276 and see you know normally I don't worry about what to talk about because callers: in the renowned insulin pump in my head. Tonight is a possibility of me discussing the issue of our salvation home online looking for the connection for that. It may happen in an hour so our two hours, but if I do do that and maybe wants to watch participate. Teams go to one of the karmic Facebook account.

If it happened, I got your book will if it does up with information after it will be discussing the issue. Can we lose our salvation or not and I believe that I can prove from Scripture, you cannot lose what's your your saved you can't lose it now. That's not a license to sin, as so many people will then unfortunately just say all that means you can send all you want and don't what's really sad about that kind of an accusation is that the people don't seem to understand what regeneration is in relationship to salvation, and so that'll be part of the discussion. If we have it tonight anyway you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and stay on the air folks by your own donations. If you want you can months. Give us a little help.

That's always great. I can do as good a card that org CAR M.OR/donate to, and you just help us out. You know, we ask 510 $50 a month. Whatever it is we left the monthly things because it helps us to be able to make budgets and pay our missionaries and things like that. We have one in missionary and Columbia one in Brazil one in Turkey and one in Malawi and so we've got a lot of stuff going on and I were trying to expand and expand the kingdom of Jesus Christ. So that's what we are hoping for, and the report of that by supporting us and him. You know what we'd mainly do we believe that support comes with the regular one for the regulators email us to say we don't want this for the radio.

That is what the gospel is we do.

So that's all you do/donates on Carmel. We have nobody waiting right now we do have some people in Facebook and Pinterest and YouTube. So you got any questions and there your type anything on that I can scroll and address those questions if you're interested in watching the big deal, but here in the studio of the office. I should say would have my equipment. And sometimes you like to watch. We have 5060 70 people. We then were thousand before we started doing Facebook, I want to call watch parties that's right. We a lot of people watching and I think some of the people because you hope to go into the I I'm aggressive. I believe going to the Mormon thought the Jehovah's Witness stuff. The Church of Christ of the Roman Catholic stuff. The Muslim stuff.

The atheist going to those things and they let they come on the scope so you don't.

I have no problem tackling all of and I think they get a little bit. Tell him irritated. I don't know what what why would he get irritated with so with what I had to say those people who deny the true God and the true gospel already for open lines 877-207-2276. Give me a call. Love to hear from you… Jump on the lines to Neil from rolling North Carolina Neil looking to show you are on the air that do all right and we got 20 good, quick question about the rapture. I know Jack you believe it or you can think that it might be near the end of the tribulation.

You're not bound on 9% which Scripture were you leaning on on that a couple of scriptures you leaning on that will one of the things I'll go to show you is in Matthew 24 and when it says their mother to men in the field one is taken, one is left.

The ones who were taken day are the wicked. That's the context yeah, and I'm when we go to put us together for you and will he go to the parallel in Luke 17, where they taken Luke 1735 talks about this juvenile bit woman to be grinding one place will be taken and answered, what, where, Lord, and he answers them with the body as the vultures of the gathered severe taken not to be with the Lord there taken to a place of destruction. All right, so when does this happen though. Well okay not good gun that can I get make sure you think you think that the right by me and I wouldn't think that that would be billed. Rapture the rapture and the knob and put together on the put it together okay okay going to get because the marker here is the taking of the wicked witch of the show you occurs before the taking of the good.

And that's the trick. This is not an approach I've heard anybody use just me that I'm familiar with, except that I do know that others are now adopting this position that the wicked are taken first as I get the Scriptures.

That's what it says no sheltie, but nevertheless to Matthew 24 he came out of the temple and I said then do you see these things you once totally not one left to be on another gala be torn down, standing on the Mount of olives is his will. When will these things happen will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age. That's the tilt that they kill. That's the.

The killer thing here this. That's the main thing the end of the age goes on. He says wars and rumors of wars, etc. and he talks about the and immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be dark in them a little give documents like the sign of the son of man will appear in the sky, etc. learn from the parable of the fig tree and then he says to middle be in the field.

It will be taken one left.

So he says this is occurring after the tribulation of that. Now the light. Okay that's interesting then what you do is you goodness. He says this would be the end of the age right. The end of the H we go to Matthew 1330.

This is the parable of the we the tears and feel the weight are the good dictators of the bad and the helpers in the parable say actually uproot and give her the tears and he says no lift you up with the wheat with them.

Allow both to grow together until the harvest.

Remember this. The harvest and assess the time of the harvest. Also, the reapers first gather of the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them up, but get together with my burnt barn to the first was gathered are the tears at the and is at the ideational show you this because he got a verse 40 where he interprets it any of Matthew 13 says just so as a tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be the end of the age. So Jesus saying that the tears are gathered first at the end of the age. Jesus is saying Matthew 1330. In Matthew 1340 in Matthew 24 what he says to minimum and the field was taken on his left. This happens after the tribulation of the effort that the tradition. Return at the end of the age. So therefore it has to be a poster rapture now question when he when he said looking I got up and I don't think I do believe though things absolutely going to happen, but at this point the thing though the church isn't present that the ED is not packet we got guide and then resurrected.

So the church has been established later on we read that and I'm trying to remember where get them driving Garrett has to be taken away.

So I sort this is one that hinders at okay this link to or okay except and and half as we removed before the the call the antichrist or are that you say can do this all work you found.

By the end but here's the thing. At this time, it's say this alone is 27 says for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work, only he who restrains will do so until he stick not away, who was the one who are straining the Holy Spirit does it say that this is a government they typically but he is present on the earth father and the sun is setting up all the father the son and Wallace and guess Luke is a jumper is only correct and well known on an elevated know the father is the father-son Holy Spirit each and well us.

They are with us and Jesus specifically said in John 1423 that the father and the son, make your abode in us that he would have Christ in us.

The Bible tells III you Greek. So when it says for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains we don't know who that he is. People say will has with the Holy Spirit. I that I say show me that White has to be the Holy Spirit in the can't with her doing is reading in the text. It may be.

The Holy Spirit is the printer to make it may be, but you can't say absolutely is because but you are the bear. The Holy Spirit we know the Holy Spirit is what catch group to be part of the church is better but holier this letter. But there's another thing he who now restrains will do so until he's taken out of the way, does it make does it mean he doesn't exist here anymore or does it mean that you snobs of the restraining out the holy to get this right across Holy Spirit. For yes I'm saying euro eight and in it in this in this verse he'll be taken out of the way.

We don't know who that he is, and we don't know what it means to be taken out of the way, does it mean it asked the questions as me, to be removed from the earth, does it mean to allow the bad to occur taken it out of the way as in the issue of resistance because he says he understand Eileen's come back a little of that.

Okay I know and can okay we do both agree that there's a wrap correct all yeah absolutely, and we do we do both agree that at that point that the dead in Christ will be taking part and as those who are still alive will go to meet eminent in the plot right the first was taken before them of the wicked end of verses that phrase at it does typically expect the fight that way. Is it does. This is the wicked are taken before the Christians with their tail says that the dead in Christ none and our methods are 30 and 40 is the dead is the wicked were taken before the believers when the believe it or taken the first ones are the those who died in Christ to die to the faith your euro looming that that is during to the wicked being taken before the rapture will here's the thing rapture of the church other than a fairly have to be that it says that the whittling says the wicked. Skaneateles is one place at the Christians or taken only one event not to get rid I should say put into the text. We did this affect the hold on it irrevocably. They voted right back after this method. Hope you enjoy this back-and-forth mass Y call 770727 tears. Matt's leg all right, but it will come back to the show with Québec radial. Okay about that veteran.

So go ahead by fidelity were well yellow okay so the concept of the dead are they the dead going first and then the out of the dead in Christ and then the alive in Christ going after that, we are all so you are saying that the wicked had the non-Christian have to go before that Jamie and I write and and when you're so some of the things you're relating don't deftly high like when you said that Matthew 24 and that that it wanted taken one.

It is not the I understand that and I understand that at the end of the eight that would, but that doesn't hi, he's not referring to the rapture at that point in any way shape or form. The one to stay down like they would go through the millennium.

If there's millennium is another topic but on this okay that that brings up content that is another thing because of some other stuff. My eschatology doesn't sit any one particular brand wanted nice things about being me I could say that is that I'm not loyal to any I don't have any loyalty let's say to any denomination to anything I need to do.

I needed to why I do agree with you.

I think that the best way is the word of God. It is very clear.

I think healthy enough error doctrine in every curve connecting an error doctrine in my own mind to be able to say that none of us have it all now. One of the advantages that NSF I love you so that's why you know I'll change my views if I see the scriptures teach them. That's why when I read through this issue of Matthew 13 which is in the wick.

Tears are taken first staring at it.

What took me two years before he finally would start saying it publicly.

The wicked are taken first why because he says so you know it because this is a dangerous like how come no one else the second's and is right there and also what gets me is Matthew 24 Luke 17 tomb in the field wanted to just one is left you with the context it's the wicked who were taken. It's clear I've shown this to people left and right, and I think 98% 9% of just that right away. Could you write. My question is why is it that people are being taught these things when the text is a say with her site I think is going to ask or think that the wicked are taken in the right if our lab okay were the righteous and the Old Testament that we have absolutely yet this talk about just letting work.

The thing they did hurt yet and they want the Old Testament were not part of the church. We know that because John the Baptist was the greatest of all that depends on how you define the word church but I hear we find I cited my money. Some of the references there that you getting to may not be including some of the people groups. If you want call it that that that God has defined well and it looked. We got scholars waiting I mean and am you have a suggestion. When we got one last quick thing and and then I'll let you do that. I just want to say in in Isaiah 5261 verses wanted to.

That's what Christ read and reread by the things that are in their and not been there all separated by, the last thing is correct, you yeah and you get to the last thing you might want to think you would said once before was that the the rapture in contact would have to be at the end because of their the way the timing is written.

We know from that Scripture right there that at that last day there were three year hello filing hello to level the latter had slowed to do just to see how I can recommendation for you callers wait when you don't because you located this a lot more deeply if we didn't have any callers waiting I say we continue. But we do that. I suggest go to Carmen and look up to ages and this to search for to ages. Is this a logical thing and I think of for much proof of culture, rapture chickened out and the go through it and see what you think they give you a call back let me know hundred okay. All right.

Thank all right meant, okay, that was Neil and by the way, you forget that color spokes that is my position. I hope wrong. I want to go through anything. I hope the others are right I just I just can't see. Oh well sweet it is this get to Greg from North Carolina.

Greg welcome you were on the year. I have a question about chapter 12 around six start verse 41. It's what I like in the middle of it. As Lord speak about this girl a lot to us or even to all is basically Jesus was saying, talk about the being ready for all sought to ban cognitive and not I was just curious if Peter was curious to know you have to question Jesus seemed to ask a question said that it that faithful and wise steward as Lord shall make ruler of the household to give them their portion of the disease. I just got because our board, drama to sarcastically reading Barbara that's probably the first operator that I was just curious if those this is peer with one red about it. He actually asked that we install. You know what what was Gee it was Jesus talking about the talk and talk verbally about his answer.

What did Peter's question is in reference to that which came before and had to do with mastering the wedding feast and things like that and and so when the when he asks you regress the purple to to everyone as well and and it gets me sometimes is what Jesus does is just an answer a question directly teaches and not theirs in the morning but it's like why is he doing that and I'm not exactly sure why. In this instance. But what he does do and I think it's a relationship to the answer the question, is it to the Jews or to everyone because what he then speaks about applies to both and it applies to them in the issue of what he says in the following verses says blesses a slave whose master finds into doing right when he returns.

Truly I say to you that will put them in charge of all his possessions slave start my master will be gone a long time and begins to beat the slaves in the street was entrusted to him. The master will come a day when is not expecting him and the slave new and that slave who knew his match as well did not get ready oracular cord will receive many lashes. I know it's eschatological. I think what is doing primarily is talking to the Jews about the responsibility that they had before God with what they were given and that they were failing and that they were going to be receiving a stricter judgment and punishment for it.

I things primarily to the Jews. He was talking about this answer question 12 yeah basically I would think if you have the right first day what would we have Ricky hold. Will get back to you but all all right, folks, please stay tuned. We have two open lines 877207 mass Y call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg back everybody ripped open lines 877-207-2276 Québec to Greg from North Carolina, Greg back on the air here QUICK short… Dollars base groundwater addressing the loss of salvation likely for believers here are put into if they're not at watch network audit watch for all know what Jesus return that were liable to be grouped together with the I do not believe that Christians can lose their salvation based on several errors in Scripture and Jesus himself said he would lose none Methodist. That's in John 61737 240 actually will the father that he lose none of all of the father's given to him and want to come to him will believe in him and so he said he lose none of them is what Jesus said in Angus to moderate more technical arguments, but there's that it looks like what's going on in Luke 12 is he is addressing the Jews. The Jews were the ones were given the oracles of God the commandments of God and that they were the ones who were supposed to be pointing ahead in the future to the arrival of the Messiah and they had failed to recognize the time of the Messiah's arrival that you already should have known because the prophecy of Daniel chapter 922. Conversely, by the 27th which actually gives how many days it will be until the Messiah comes into Jerusalem was right there so they should have known and buy things pretty obvious here that that would stop doing is talking about the faithful discreet slave will give the proper information property of the right time and there not to be judge for at least a SYC. It has been a lot. I've been taught different things like buy at my Christian life. But yeah, I thank you for your job.

Thank you for a menthol blessing to: I think you was grim you through the lines folks like you may call 877-207-2276 William from North Carolina. We got buddy doing right when I I hear The way that we could park and now you know I like that you thought that it was the Holy Spirit on some of the arguments are. That is the Holy Spirit with the text doesn't specify on what that is or who or what no reference of the large diameter ale reference to God or are irritated and gone 16 like it is to prove the world and right got thought it might help me out like my father or thoughts that were you and John 14 you know what you're the whole, but what you think about it in my name you know God's name is certainly true. I'm guessing that's the text in the context of second Thessalonians 27 doesn't doesn't designate who is the that's all I'm saying he doesn't say who it is we would have to offer.

Theories go to other places in Scripture see this in the parable that we can draw a conclusion with Larry God.

God certainly would. Well, God yes Jesus is God the father's God and he could be.

The Holy Spirit is essential Holy Spirit to me. I don't think this radical little, I will dig is necessitated by the text was certainly not prohibited by the text they could the church right like Rachel Europe with John one well also enact chapter 1 verse eight which are which are given a question about this or you wanted a are you trying to say that that he there has to be the Holy Spirit are or what like that would happen that were right. Okay, the dispensation of grace.

Okay that's that's definitely one of the more prominent theories that are Churches Today. It's Certainly within Air outside.

Workplace I Would Say Anything outside of the Work of Christ. The Chronicle Makes Everything Everything That We Do Must Be by the Blood of Christ, Everything It, but I Honestly Mean You Won't Which I Did Hear You What Ever and Dry Resurrection Right God Shaped by the Grace of God Is in Your File. You Get It Whenever Experiments Also. Yes I Agree You Have a Question That You Want to Ask Her Way… That Is Related to the Holy Spirit Guided Them out on the Right, Some with You Can See There Will Okay What I Know You Understand. When I Tackle Issues in Scripture. I Have Learned over the Years Not to Assume Very Much. It Says He Doesn't Say Who the He Is so Therefore We Would Have To Try and Deduce from Context or Other Related Verses That Might Shed Light on Who That Is. That's All I'm Saying. That's All I'm Saying.

And so I Know That A Lot Of People Have Been Taught over the Years.

It Has To Be the Holy Spirit That Are It May Be I Don't Any Problem with That.

I'm Just Saying the Text Doesn't Necessitate That On-Site and When People Comply Me Know so You Don't Have To Be the Holy Spirit. Also, Show Me from the Text White Have To Be the Holy Spirit and They Can't. I'm Not Saying It Isn't the Holy Spirit I'm Dissing. Be Careful When We Start Making Assertions That the Text Does Not Require That's All I'm Saying. It May Be, but May Not. I Don't Know My Design Done a Study to See Who That's Based on Specific… A Person Would They Because He's Restraining and We See That God Himself Is Referred to As He We See That the Holy Spirit Is Referred to As He Has Is That of the Father and the Son so We Could Have Four Options Here God As a Whole, or the Father the Son Holy Spirit, but Generally What People Want to Say Is It Is a Holy Spirit Because Liquid and Dwells Us and Then They'll Say If the Hole with the Rapture Happens Pretrip. The Notes for Taken Out Of the Way and Then the Evil One Can Common Is They Say Makes Perfect Sense. But It Doesn't Always Spirit.Yes, Now Let's Remember Studying This a Long Time Ago. He's Taken Out Of the Way Does Not Mean Removed. It Can Mean Steel Liner, but the Restraining Work Is Part Spirit God Well Current Level That You Don't Then I Will If That's the Case, the Listeners Removed from the Earth, and How Can Anybody Disable the Tribulation. If You Pretrip List Rapture Is so There's There's Problems with It When You Start Actually Asking Difficult Questions, More Diagnostic Questions Hurt When I Met How That Work Plus No Man Knows the Date of the Return of Christ. No One Knows the Day nor the Hour but If It's Us If It's Pretrip Rapture. It's Mostly Exactly 7 Years to the Day That Jesus Comes Back Anybody Disable AAA Shipping Would Know When Jesus Comes Back to the Day I Was No One on Monday.

Go with You. That's Right There. There Are Challenges Both What You Will Agree to Move along. Okay Appreciate This Point People Free to Refuse Was Sorry. What about That so I Can Get a Break. But If You Call Back Again All Right. God Bless Really Enjoy the Conversation Then Folks May the Lord Bless the Bridge Recalled for Three Overlies Eight 772-072-2760 Right Back to the Max Y Call 770727. Here Is Matt's Way Back to the Show. We Have Three Open Lines 877072276.

All Right, Helen from New York Welcoming Rainier. Thank You Want All the and at That and with a Question like That. It Thick Enough Death Deal.

I Don't Do That on How Do You Make the Event That a One Corinthians Chapter 9/27.

I Just Let My Body Make a Slave, so That If I Preach to Others. I Myself Will Be Disqualified. Disqualified from What Disqualified from Regular Know What He Needed to Be Honest, I'm Not Exactly Sure What He Means Because I Does the Same. Very Well, I Don't Know Okay How Fast the Profession of On-Time. Let Hold Fast the Profession of Our Faith without Wavering and Wanted to Provoke Love and to Good Work. Not Making the Family Apart.

No More, but Exhorting One Another, and Hopefully after That We Have after We Perceived the Knowledge of the Truth, Therefore, Will Remain in the Present Yes Are You so You Can Lose Your Salvation Is That It Will Are You Trying to Support That with Scripture.

So Then, Let Me Ask You This Verse Here to Hebrews 1026 One and Never Can I Get to Meet Them. Addresses We Go on Sinning Willfully Receive the Noted Truth. Have You Ever Send Willfully after Receiving the Knowledge of the Truth. Okay, You're Damned Okay No Longer Made a Sacrifice for Sins, You're Going to Hell Okay Got Another Verse and What We Do Say Lose Your Salvation You Trying to Use This Verse to Support It and You Said You You Said You Say Have Send Willfully after Receiving All the Truth.

The Text Says, Then There's No Longer Made a Sacrifice for the Finished Text As If the Text Says There No Longer Make a Sacrifice for since Recording What You're Trying to Get This to Say You Are Damned Because You Have Send Willfully the Text No Longer What You Know Is Not an Ad Hominem in Helen, "Please Don't Be Condescending and Insulting. Bonnie Is Not an Ad Hominem.

I'm Helen Is Not an Ad Hominem and Ad Hominem Attacks. It Seeks to Attack the Individual Instead of the Arianna to Acutely Finish Helen, Are You a Roman Catholic. You Know I'm I'm Planning on Writing an Article about How Roman Catholics Are Rude When I Deal with Them Because Are so Loyal to Their Church. They Don't Seem to Have Much Charity in Their Hearts, so You Only You're Only Helping Me in That Article, Research 25 with Second in Math You with 25 Excuse Now and Not Helen Helen Helen. It Is My Radio Show so Please Would You Be Patient Okay Okay Helen Helen Helen Helen Helen L Account on Hold on Putting You on Hold.

All Right, You're on Hold Helmets and the One Here and You Not Even Me. So Hebrews 1026. Let's Explain This. A Lot Of People Make a Mistake about This. To Say That You Can Lose Your Salvation If That's the Case If They Say That Then When It Says If We Go on Sinning Willfully after Receiving the Knowledge of the Truth, There No Longer Remains a Sacrifice for Sins What I'll Do Is Allow Someone Okay This Verse You Want to Go to. Do You Believe That the Teachers You Can Lose Your Salvation. They Say Yes Then Have You Ever Send Willfully after Receiving the Knowledge of the Truth. They Say Yes Then the Text Says There No Longer Remains a Sacrifice for Sins, That Music Can't Be Saved. This Is Their Logic, I'm Just Applying Back to Them and Then Hopefully They Can See That There's a Problem There with the Context This Is the Writer Is Addressing the Jews and the Jews Had Rejected the Knowledge of the Truth of Who Jesus Christ Was and His Sacrifice in His Resurrection and the Whole Bit. They Had Gone They Were Going on Sinning Willfully after All of That.

In Other Words They Were Rejecting the Messianic Knowledge Will to Do. That Means There Is No Sacrifice for Sin Left for Them Because Jesus Is the Only Sacrifice There Will Sinning Willfully by Rejecting What Was Offered Is Not a This Is Not a Text about Losing One Salvation and If I Just Try to Show Her and She's Being Rather Obstreperous so You Know Make for Good Radio Sometimes. But Let's See How She Can to. Unfortunately She Knows Not Very Nice and I Actually Have Been Thinking about Writing an Article about That Very Topic.

I've Been Doing A Lot with Catholics Recently and I May Be Releasing an Article Here Pretty Soon Where I Was on a Facebook Group That I Have To Question Why Do the Roman Catholics Think That I'm so Much against Christian against the Coliseum and Roughly 600 Responses Came in within A Few Days and They Were All Very Accusatory Very Negative about Calling Me Satan Calling Me Evil All Kinds of Stuff Been Writing an Article Courting Them and Are Dealing with. This Was Caused Me to to Think about Other Issues.

What Is It about the Roman Catholics That Leads Them to Such Reprehensible Behavior and I Think It's Her Loyalty to Church Replaces His Loyalty to Christ, and so They Get Obstreperous so That Means Foxes Boisterously Recalcitrant Sean from North Carolina, Sean Look You Are on Here.

Good Note That the Great Point Made Us Whatever It Is That Perspective Always Just Go First John Words like It Went out from the Door Need Another Project That Were There Would Remain That, but My Question Was Back to Earlier You at That Deducted Do What I Believe I Question like That. But What I I Love Your Rapture. Thank You to Be Back the Last Outlook within Now That Would Be the Last Trumpet, but That the Tribulation That That Song Yeah but I'm off the Premillennialist. Do You Not Believe in a Particular Rapture but I Did Live in a Literal Thousand Years and One of My You Know When I Denied on and I Dread the Millennial You Know at That and Still Ate about One of the Things That I Was Was Thinking and You Know You Know Assuming Revelation Is Obvious. It's Bigger Than Others Did Not Go to Find What Symbolic about but the Question Scripture in the Gospel Is Working at That You Know What You're Looking Merrifield 11 Taken First at the Wicked.

How Will We Have Been out in Revelation Is Saying That That the Rest of the Dad and I Worked the Rest of the Wicked That Were Dead Did Not Rise until the End Right to the Great Great White Throne Judgment.

And so My Thought Is You Know It's Just Kind of Coalescing Those Two Ideas Right and You Are Not That Aid That They Donate to Competently up on the Patient. Some Think I'm up and down the Neck That in the Coming Ages He Might Lay It Is Glory. I Just Wonder You Know Could It Be That Ecological That This Matter of Its Kind Amalgamate Everything in Form the Best No UI Can so How Are We Sure That When Jesus Was Talking about That You Mean on the Field and One Being Taken Referencing the like, You Know, Eschatological Matters, We Sure That You Erect an Addict That Beats All That I Think You Make a Strong Case Because When You Go to Matthew 24 and Luke 17 Which Says the Same Thing. This Was the Days of Noah Social A Few Days of the Coming Sentiment They Were Eating, They Were Drinking They Were Giving in Marriage of the Day That Noah Entered the Ark, and the Flood Came and Took Them All Away Is What Matthew Says Destroyed Them All Is What Luke Says to the Ones Who Are Getting in Marriage and Stuff Were Ones Were Wicked in Excess to Middle Be in the Field One Is Taken, One Is Left of the Context Is the Wicked and Then in the End of Luke 17 They Ask Where They Taken and He Says with a Body Is a Vulture Gathered so We Have This Odd Thing of the Wicked Being Taken and They Seem to Be Taken to a Place of Judgment, a Place of Destruction and I Have Certain Death. In Revelation 19 Is That You Do Not Destroy the Wicked and All the Idols of Wrath.

In What Way We Get a Arcade in and Dad yet. I Was Tribulation Atlantic That There Yes but Not What I Can Do Is Go to Matthew 13 and As You've Heard Me Say This before the Radio and This Does Not Make A Lot Of People Very Happy When I Teach This Either but I Giving the References on the Check of the Scriptures Because He Says in the Parable to Win the Tears and the Wheat Are the Good Tears of the Bad You Want to Go Tear up the Tears. This Is No Less You Uproot the Wheat with Them. Verse 30 of Matthew 13 Allow Both to Grow Together until the Harvest of Time. The Harvest Also the Reverse First Get Her to Tears by the in Bundles to Burn Them up and Got My Barn and 10 Verses Later in Verse 40 He Can Win Is Interpreting Everything He Says the Tears Are Gathered up and Burned with Fire at the End of the Age Burned with Fire, and so We Can I Kiss Is a One-To-One Correlation When You Go to Matthew 24 Luke 17 the Wicked Ones Are Taken, the Wicked Who Want to Take It This Is the Only Place I'm Aware of outside Revelation, Where the Wicked Are Taken and Are Taken to Place Destruction, Just like Jesus Said It Happened at the End of the Age so Therefore Psychological.

Yeah, the Point Where I Would like That and Shifted through That Guard You Added It out When You Go Gather Something You're Getting Not Grabbing All Go to What You Know Your Gathering like Portion Right When You Harvest Anything. Maybe so My End in the in the Last That Age That It Becomes Just I Get That Idea Could It Be That Jesus Take Some Drinking You Know Is Destruction of the Antichrist and and Catching Them in the Lake of Fire and at the End of the Age Old Harvest.

Well, It Doesn't Say That Both Dead and Living Right I Tell You What We Are about Out Of Time – Are You Dismissive at All on the Website. A Written Article Called to Wages. This Agent Is to Come and Sit Supportive of Eschatological Physician. I've Taught It Many Time the Reset Now Called Back. Yes, I Would Suggest You Check It out Have Not Had Anybody Refuted yet.

That's Not Me Being Arrogant and the Blind, but It's like You Know What I Think Is Pretty Solid and Maybe I'm Wrong but to Be Corrected.

I Am You Know.

Check It out and Map It out Too Much like Okay Love to Hear It. I Will However Have Any Bugs That Become Less and Loved to Have Talked to Jeanette about That Topic of My Catholic Non-Christians in Math, Pennsylvania Porch of Salvation Will Very Topic Tomorrow If You Can Talk about Those the Lord Bless You Both. Everybody by God's Grace Back on Your Tomorrow

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