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February 18, 2020 8:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 18, 2020 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Isn't the situation with Adam and Eve like putting poison around your kids and giving them the free will-choice to eat it---2- Are women deacons biblical---3- Whom would you recommend as a good biblical teacher---4- As a Christian, what are we to make of ailen-UFO sightings- Are they all due to demonic activity---5- I know someone who believes that the name Jesus was made up and we are not calling him by the right name. What is that belief call- Will they be condemned---6- What's the most dangerous aspect of the black Hebrew Israelite movement---7- Why would God elect some and not others- Why did God allow angels to fall---8- Does God still speak through dreams today---9- What are the main issues with Seventh Day Adventists-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Matt slick, why is the founder and president apologetic about all I got more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why you called in responding to your questions and Friday for Valentine's Day and for those of you who have to be males. It's panic day will you do, don't think, practically that's my advice.

Not that I would know that from experience so will move along if you want to give you call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 we have nobody waiting right now. Five open lines. All right if your newbie this is a Christian show and what I do is enter question people: we talked with the Bible.

Final politics.evolution UFOs, aliens, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science, unity, Baha'i Islam, Roman Catholicism, Christian theology and all kinds of stuff-isms and districts have very large website CAR and had over hundred million visitors to ask a big site. You can check it out and hopefully you will and so we were a bunch of stations here if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's just jump right on the phone center first caller is Brandon and Brandon welcome your own ear.

Are you all right now what you gonna find where I could find it can lead oh like salvation and things like that. Like the original guard had been the garden brought up. I really can't argue with it. Meaning that you ever get there any can't pick what you would ever put poison around your cute give them free will to eat it, and that eventually kind of thing that kind of look at it. So they fixed it with the poison and die or if you had alcoholic pride recovered every day. Well would've put all the black. The 50 if you're okay with ever attempted bay away from him not to do anything to make this hard on the already.

Why would God know already. I tried it and that the fate of the why I like him. First of all inner-city things talk about here. One of them if I was talking to somebody they raise it up that objection to me. I say is what God did wrong and in that he allowed people to freedom as it will yet was wrong and said and what universal standard of morality. Do you have that which you can make such an assessment, no I don't. Not that I and understand understand the sink if some of the thing is when people bring up these things what they're doing is they're saying that they have a moral standard that God has to be held to where they get the right to say what is right and what is wrong in the first place because all they're doing is saying I don't like something and then there saying that I don't like it. And this is why God can't be true. There is make it the case. Second, if they realize that their subjective preferences don't carry any weight in universal morality and if they say that there is a universal morality that are appealing to then I would ask them if they can justify that because how do you have a universal morality without a universal being. And if you are appealing to a universal morality is based on universal being who is this universal being. And if you're complaining against universal being for morality or perceiving is wrong, then you're wrong to begin with because you not universal.

You know all things that point to three. It's a lack of understanding on the person's part. We are created image of God.

Genesis 126 through 28 and God is not the cause of our sin. And so we have was called the ultimate cause.

The proximate cause and the efficient cause, the ultimate cause of Adam needing in the garden is God's creation. The ultimate cause of the devil existing is God's creation, but he didn't create that from where I'm getting. I I'll like you out there with light well but I'm not a God who want you cute let me parlay into this okay because this is definitely not for you and so he is the ultimate cause of their existing, but he's not the efficient cause the efficient cause means that they are the ones doing the rebellion. He is not the one causing the rebel first of all, the analogy of an alcoholic. You take something and you put it into a place knowing that a person has a susceptibility to it. That is what we would consider to be morally wrong because you're intending to morally subjugate them or morally compromise them.

That's not the case with God. He does not morally subjugate anybody is not morally compromise anybody. So the analogy does not work.

It's a false comparison is what happens is that God has created Adam and Eve, he created the angel Lucifer, who in his own self freely chose to rebel and did so the question really should be. Why would God create Satan knowing he would fall well he did because he chose to.

He did because he chose to allow him the freedom to follow.

Why did God choose to allow them the freedom to follow that something only God can answer, but we know that God did not cause Satan to fall and we know that God did not cause Satan to come into the garden and forced Satan to come into the garden to tempt Adam and Eve, but he freely chose to do that and he let them do it.

It was the will of God, to let it occur if someone says that God should not have let that occur, then what moral standard they have.

I wish they could say that is correct. At this point I there's a problem, go ahead with the order. I understand that but it kinda like I'm an argument make I and things like that and think like a God of training everything rated… Going to happen or got off the out that a no good or bad without God. How can standard it wouldn't even if we would know anything without God, though it did not make the call apart from… That's the part got off the train. This is good. Romans 922 and 23 and let God answer and let people deal with his answer would've got although willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath appeared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory. People often don't like God's reasoning God's actions didn't have to.

But God is the sovereign king, and he does as he wilts in his ways are not our ways, his ways are superior. He knows what he's doing. He has his reasons.

He is not disclosed all of it to us.

Why did God create the universe, knowing the fall would occur because God wanted to, we can say why did God want to because only God knows why he would want to.

And only God could reveal his own will to us is not done that so we don't have an answer and that anybody would say will, then you won't serve God. Lynn don't serve the God that is true and living serve the one that you wanted your own heart, mind, the fact is God is the one who arranges things God is one who permits things and is for the ability to show his power and those who are for destruction and his glory upon those for him salvation. Romans nine 2223 that's the answer might think I'm I called. I rushed that it would be. I live I tried right after that out of every know all the third at anymore honestly answer a question, have become very hard on it on hold on. You just said you can't getting on to honestly answer retelling that me saying that I'm not being honest in my answer.

No I'm not talking about my people are coming off. It didn't like when I am being very general and I did.

I did, I did write an interrupt up.

I just not your radio shows my radio show and you keep saying these things that are problematic. No I'm not talking about I'm not talking about Brandon you have time to try one more time ask a question directly asked my question directly asked directly under the direct answer without okay would you or would you not put around your cute with no I would not yes or no wire know why because I wouldn't. Why not because I wouldn't why because I wouldn't want right. Okay, see, here's the problem. Folks, we have people who don't know how to have a discussion. I give the same answer over and over and not satisfied with an answer. They're looking for something else and the problem is he's not getting to the place of actually asking the real question that he really wants to get to. I've given him different answers. Jesus was implying I was disingenuous and not honest and he said anyone.

His frustration is that he's unable to heart is to click the issues properly.

I gave more than plenty time to be able to answer to asked me directly and he said why would I not do that and I chose because I would not do that. I don't want to answer any further because I know what will happen with him. I want him to get to the main point.

He's getting argumentative so we just done. We have to three of us could be to open lines folks 877-207-2276 is good for man from North Carolina met on their quick question for you. I was wondering are planning on biblical depends in what they define a deacon as right as well. I was wondering, it added they get that without a writer will think about that shirt particular deepening the word deacon comes from the Greek DR cannot and it means saying so the word can occur in numerous contexts in different ways different forms in the church office. It's not to be for women because it says it for 7312. Deacons must be husbands of one wife. Men of one woman right and good managers of their children in their own households so no woman is not to be a deacon in the authoritative sense in the church office.

No doubt that I did. But thank you for answer my question okay look at happy Valentine's day to get the kids to think Smith right let's get to Sean from North Carolina, Sean. Welcome you on the mat will do a random unrelated question okay. The first is what you and early this week. Would you recommend in terms of teachers, like the fear that they did report that there is a lot out there and let you what they think they are right, enough so I get back let's talk about a 40 right back after these messages we have three open lines 772076 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave. We have three open lines 877207227 section on distiller. I am alright so you are no hybrid recommendations for some good teachers you go to any I don't teachers what I do is I have a Bible program with commentaries and Greek and Hebrew, and so I just study constantly and then what I want to study a particular topic. Let's just say the nature of free will as it relates to the sovereignty of God. I often find a book that where an expert has talked on it and I'll read that book and then I might want another topic, so I'll study all kinds of topics that way so much study intelligent design. For example, no go to William Dembski my study Christian theology and I might go to be completed health burden.

Well, actually Wayne good and Charles Galloway. Okay so on. Baptism issues might go to somebody named James Chaney to be studying stuff on evolution.

I will read evolution books and all read counterrevolution books and so on. A variety of topics read their I trust Catholicism pro and con, so it's not one thing I don't have any particular one I just go to for stuff but just don't get this.

You are getting it lingered a little on the one that I have ideology but very helpful and I you James White. Are you familiar with them. James and yes you have a slight assortment of people all go to. I have people you even know of Flicka Eli, a young and he's a friend of mine and we just talk theology and philosophy, sometimes for hours looking into things like, various levels of causation as they relate to omniscience and omnipotence of the divine decrees and wills go back and forth and he studies things. I don't study and he'll teach me the things that he learns and I'll teach and the things I learned I have others my critical issue of monism size is this different authorize different development appeal that I go to as question F. There will not like the question is what you would back relating to you at an alien and and you know you but even I think it would most maybe came out and got really no footage of eyelet that literally had to dodge this like they all edit so you need so you know whether it that you now alien court." Laura, you know that you know that been around and died back like real metal. However, negative manner which would you stated that all men just demonic might have fallen Angel. Amen just kind of speaking to get confused and thinking you just did the people are well here's the thing at a gripe that I don't categorize it as being home alien life as in and develop out there in space. I know that the universe is incredibly huge and I discovered some things through my studies of various authors. The funny thing is, mathematics relates to actuality. 2+2 is four. We understand that trigonometry works algebra works calculus works we could develop a a on the computer, we develop a roller coaster and we could do it minute using mathematics while we do that we have it all printed up when people build and it works it works. In reality, why does it work. In reality, because math relates to reality. If it's not true mathematically is not true. In reality, this is the general principle so toothless to us for not too close to his five and the sign you trigonometry the opposite of the hypotenuse is always true in its relationship. When you have the right angles okay will this we can trust math and because we can trust math or computers, work planes, work cars, work, etc. why is this important because probability is critical when we study various things. Probability is why Vegas works because the house always wins. What that means is, the odds are stacked in favor the house.

Though there may be an individual who wins. Statistically, the great majority lose and so therefore there was making money because they trust the math probability relates to actuality as well as simple straight math 2+2 = 4 in DNA deoxyribonucleic acid we have for nucleotide bond pair to actually it's editing going to cytosine and thymine.

These are the video nucleotides that form a bond with each other to form the type having the DNA molecule okay we have 18 NTA GC and CG so that meters for possibilities. So there. The sugar phosphate backbone of the DNA molecule and the nuclei volunteers have no necessary chemical requirement for any particular order of these nucleotide bond peers took to go in any particular order. There more or less using random. For now, let's random this means that the first one in place has one in four chance is for options ATR TAN GC and CG and that's all there is for building the entire DNA molecule and so one for the next one is also one form only have two of those is one of four times one for less 11 16th will will be the odds of those two arranging that pattern in the next one is one fourth .5 times that 1 quart times. That was 1/16×141 at 164 in it and then you get to keep going down an increase in the number. The odds of that particular arrangement occurring become astronomically impossible and what would talk about his permeability. I will try to get to sophisticated but we have a nucleus of a DNA molecule, virus of 220,000 of these nucleotide bond peers. It's equivalent to saying one quarter to the 220,000 power it's in and this is the odds of that particular arrangement but then in DNA you have to have a reader from RNA to splitting down the helix center that has to have folding information in the genes that are formed of the proteins in things like this just is so complicated that life cannot form any place entire universe possible to break up with talk a little more about this difficulty right back going after the mass Y770727 charismatic slave, Sean, are you still there and you want to continue along this vein a little bit is okay with you not hear you're getting at and explain.

I don't listing a lot and understand something, so if you want I really want to do this so with these with ease.

The odds of DNA forming is incredible what I did during the break is I with the calculator and .25, which is one fourth .25 just to the thousandth time, not 220,000 because of the thousand, it's 8.7×10 to the -603 power.

That's one was 603 zeros and it's ridiculous. There's what's called a universal probability abound in the universe. If the universe which I don't print is 18 billion years old and every single particle in the universe, which is 10 of the 80th power was changing and stated the maximum rate of possible in physics to the end of the 40 times per second every single particle in the entire universe for 18 billion years is changing and state the maximum rate possible is only 10 of the hundred foot 38 power 1038, and yet the odds of a particular 1000 set of of the elements necessary in the DNA molecule just just a thousand of them is a .7×10 of the six or three power and that's not even meet you anytime you and want to go to the to the thousandth of one is 10 times that value thousand and two hours 10 times that total. It's impossible for life to form any place in the universe by chance. If this can't happen.

So what are those things out there. Their real and if you do send you a post I did a lot of beautiful studies that the biggest will invest one is the want to happen in the 80s and in United States airbase and military bases in England look at that. It's incredible. These things are real addicts, I forgot, but you look up 1980s UFO occurrence USA base England you find okay and she especially thought it would dictate its demonic. I think it's all been mild to negligent yachting is ultimately demonic. The what got me started on skillful studies is is some article that I read by a secular guy who is not a Christian and he was doing hypnotherapy on youthful abductees and he stumbled on something that one of them said the abductees so that the aliens taught theology and he was dumbfounded what theology and the theology was Jesus Christ is not God. We are all God and reincarnation is true. So he went to the Bible and researched and re-hypnotize people, and he's his comment was I don't understand why they behaved the same way as the demoniac stayed in the New Testament mentioned was written in the Scriptures, they said, and he was even a Christian and this is what he saw happen and if you go to Que KK check Mr.'s ministry passed away past two years ago and I has a lot of information on UFOs and turns out that no Christian is ever been abducted except one case of one woman and when I should give permission and she was a Christian and also we don't hear is that when people cry out to Christ during reductions. The suddenly and in one of the these these things interested in sexual reproduction things like this when the patient theology.

This is information you will not find propagated in the in the news in these accounts, in the styles news is very selective and very secularized so they wanted life to occur out there in the universe because they want a way to deny God's existence is why you see things that you know Europa said that the moon of Saturn. The moon of Jupiter desert conditions for life opening find life.

I laugh at that. I don't suck anything that can drive a God ultimately okay I'm sorry I might might think that note about related the other 11 month growing old and falling away a great rebellion that current as I've often wondered at that. And it be in correlation with some type of quote unquote yell UFO alien reviewing and likely than you, Richard, Doc and Ellen Pilates. I believe you know that I don't believe in aliens you know like like planting like… I think the primordial is your whatever I wanted you to be a revealing of you know, the demonic ultimately but of alien and giving up the engine. Our and I called Christian the court." All away knowing that they would have remained in there were truly of the day. I don't nobody ever thought about the form. I just ask that someone in a series of things offer the office to correct but it's a theory because we know that we know that there are these actualities will what are these things. One of the series is that there is an ethylene continuing and that they have developed certain technologies now is a true, we don't know the technology success in these things have been seen in so we can deny them the combine that with the idea that no life can't form anywhere in the universe mathematics just prevents this does not me saying this, there are other mathematicians not on repetition but for mathematicians who are there saying this as well and it just doesn't work.

And so it blows a Huguenot hole in evolutionary theory that it is dismissed outright.

It is devastating.

Along with the evidence, but never any with another thick celebrity sex.

Well, I demonic yeah yeah I agree and I think you hear the book of Enoch, where it on the movie. The movie Natalie and I gave a good knowledge about how to make it out in a different plant and how to get no greater yield than it, like their name like nothing or not biblical or publicly somewhat valid. You directed at men.

But note, they talk about that right lung giving the hidden knowledge and districts haven't read it had you read that report now but there's all kinds of series I talk to a professional you apologist was a Christian we talked about some things, one single point discussed but I have them will studies over the years and I noticed the series but I know it's true. And it does talk about a great the subject coming in and maybe it will be deception of a worthy aliens from another planet. Whatever it is that we want to start is Christianity and Islam have a great pasta site.

I don't know.

Maybe. Maybe not good fodder for well a novel but not that you and you know you in it we would be talking on the friends.just to get people liking their interest in you and not what they did that that in a day like no pre-tribulation rapture. We need to make sure that work arming people that Wendy things do happen and when were not equally rapture of the earth that you start with Dr. that were not. You know what were prepared (you know aliens reveal themselves quote unquote, we know how to where to put that in our worldview and it will be is not shaken now, so I recommend go to Que look up check Mr.'s information on some very good research on okay I will I will start no problem art accomplice is coded to be tree from Miami to Demetri how you doing hi Matt, I can hear me okay this I can leave you high for you really honored to meet you finally you feel Bible thumping site years ago and I follow you think note. With that said, I have a friend that early. You then but he believed Yahweh and Yeshua, but he denied the name of Keith. He denied the translation yet rebuke that all make a mockery of Christianity, and think that that nature thing that you'll beat that they might know where believe in the white man upon the work without them hurt the hell she's a racist like some of the races, the issue that that's all for now though, I think every family prior all about thinking something made up made up and conical port man me that he would never call that it was a column by name. Well, okay. The Greek word for Jesus is the Asus EEE Asus E Jesus that's how it's pronounced my name in English is Matthew in Spanish at Smith Dale, but in Greek it Smith's Maasai office. So what's the right thing Maasai office going and I 24, but not all of like a greater well she can do that she select she might be in the black Hebrew Israelite movement, which is unfortunately growing in the black community because of its racist ideology of premises. Other things that fortunately have a black shirt racist to just like white people.

So the break so hold on okay they felt right back up to open lines 87707 max Y call 77077 is Matt's leg and what about Mr. everybody Demetri whips regarding solar so when people say to me that the name of Jesus is made up is really Yeshua that I'll ask you believe in anything in the New Testament. Yes. Okay. So the word Jesus in the Greek occurs 914 times in the New Testament is every single occurrence. There in the Greek Jesus incorrect and were to say if they say they affirm the New Testament how can they deny the New Testament is accurate concerning Christ in Alaska also. Why did God then God himself ordaining his greatness that the Greek New Testament is what was distributed around the New Testament around the Mediterranean and not the Hebrew New Testament. Since we don't have a Hebrew New Testament. From that time can explain the reason the question is a kind answer from the perspective so freshly fight against God, though I like believe in that will be damn well just because someone believes that Jesus name has repressed a certain way doesn't damn them. But what is the issues that relate to the doctrines that disqualify someone for Christianity would be a doctor. The Trinity through did not deny the Trinity deny that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh denied justification by faith alone in Christ alone deny his physical resurrection these other things and there's a few more that if they were deny the sick can't be true Christians.

So as of the name of Christ which I can deal with with them. I ask another question as well. But what what what must we do to be saved and I went to Gordon." The New Testament when the end of an error if they then start to quote the New Testament to me, in contradiction the means are they are believing and to some extent the New Testament, which itself contains the word of Christ as he Asus it says in Matthew 121 she shall bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. This is the command of the angel what she's going to have to say is other people say is the Bible been corrupted then you have to save. Can you show me how it's been corrupted and where what evidence you have prescription okay perfect thank you much for that I will will. How about this we have at the slider all booked up.

So one of call back Monday because it will okay be a conflict or okay like when you wonder the Bar. It got everything starts 6 to 7, Monday through Friday on Eastern time. Perfect. Thank you, thank you very much for that goblet. YouTube all right, usually the longest next that would be Levite from Ohio.

Haley will commercially run here thinking that nearly as I can. Love you okay yeah I wanted out here?

I ran out of time.

I wanted to ask you, in your opinion, what do you think is potentially the most dangerous Blackshear Israelite and why I don't know.

I don't know BHI well enough to know its divisions, but I do have a connection with a guy who does know this of the stunning for years and he could tell us to get it all now that vocab alone. He's the guy who knows and stuff and well done exactly as putting out all yeah we're driving along and he was getting give me lessons on hers. This group in that group that had these names and it was it was awesome to hear him just go to town on this, but I can't member all the names I don't deal with them enough to be able to memorize all the because that's how I memorize is by simply debating people about his various issues and it becomes ingrained as I have encountered them very well.

I remember don't want to misquote vocab you talking to a white one night and I think June 28, 2016 the night before. Yet the so-called debate with Robert Shire which was just absurd development that yeah I think he said 12 tribes geometrical tribe, but you know I'm an advocate vocab going on that diagonal I know.

Maybe Osama and I don't yet well yeah I know I reply out because it is not a group and their I get like you have to put it into a different clock quotation and actually like a compound they look like a community and I can they be dangerous, but they do mind their own business and guide, train them militarily and everything that's such a problem ever heard about well greatly truth is I've heard so many things you can haven't haven't heard of and so can't remember BHI's coming up more and more maybe old contact vocab again and say we need to get together some articles together for car so well is expressed interest in that the force ethical reach out to him again right so good.

I got less all right. Let's get to Bill from California Bill will show you around here hello Matt hi. So the lot about three years Bob Alcala more Scriptures. Okay my question is why would God elect Joe for salvation and nobody did it, and my second question would be why the angel covered joint apology, not for salvation, followed God then thumped Bill okay keep him listed. Each point of your questions and so this to the first question first, and I forgot it already. What was God. But we got, not of ask him if he doesn't tell us in the Bible while he elect some and others, except to say this out of the intention of his will and arising out of his heart is something that he's privileged to and is not privileged us with a revelation of why he does that, but ultimately, I can say for his glory because Isaiah 43, seven says he treats us for his glory so understaffed and you can go to the because I get to as Romans 922 and 23 which says that with God all the will to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath well and he's saying that is to demonstrate his power and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy which prepared before and for glory so power and judgment upon those for prepare for destruction and glory and mercy stuff to demonstrate on those from a prepared beforehand for glory. That's the closest I can tell you why. Why would God get the angel of the delegates to the ball and not man but the truth, no angels… Something that always the cheers and angels don't have biological descendents easily don't have the concept that applies within the federal headship federal headship is the teaching that the male represents of the sentence Adam represented us first is 1522, Romans 518 but it doesn't apply to angels because there's no biological ascendancy.

Both have free will and ability that they are able to choose according to their natures. The angels chose and fell the first 2521 talks with elect angels so it looks like the elect angels were the ones chosen by God not to falsely some interaction by God upon them when they would not fall as first and free will goes with human free will was consistent in the person of Adam.

He was good he was, not fallen, but he was able to choose to rebel and he did so we felt in him we were in Adam first, 15, 22 talks about the fell that interest of national God bless. Okay.

All right mischief on the phones to Michael from Utah Michael, welcome and I get that question for you about the dream and got the equipment through third grade today. Yes, like you did an ultimate document yes he does.

The reason we know that is because it was has next to 17 potentially the last days and sparely poured forth in all mankind sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your unrelenting sexy visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. So it looks looks at state think visions and dreams. This really seems to be the case in the last days okay okay okay great I got married and I trigger that was about their color about "the I remember that you are a program by Walter Martin about UFOs and I went to sleep that night. The last thing I remember thinking before I went to sleep for the welfare of her better UFO like this shirt you see the Lord of the universe right about that night I had a dream I like better make a long story surety bright light kept getting closer. I thought it was the UFO, I got a call my folks out there in the Houston UFO went away when I try to do that all may want to meet with me anyway.

UFO turned out to be Jesus, watching out closer and closer to bright light but anyway they live below.

If you like it. The people will have visions and dreams in the mid-is from God. That's the Bible says next were asked to 17, 19, okay, okay, based that Michael got less money but you two could weaken all right escape to our last call her Hector from North Carolina, Hector will computer on the pioneer. What are the doctrinal fee on the fed and they have been Seventh-day Adventists are problematic in the primary issue that there's an investigative judgment taught by Mary Baker Vena Ellen G. White, seasoning, and an investigative judgment what appears to be his people, salvation are based on the judgment of God as it relates and how they performed some 87 deficits over this not true true. I have read that in her writings so there's a problem there. They also teach that that our sins will be put upon Satan and Satan will be cast out into outer darkness. Mississippi not true. She just worsens and canceled them at the cross for 2 to 24, Colossians 214.

They teach that Jesus Michael the Archangel, but they're not saying he's not God said that Michael the Archangel was Jesus, the pre-incarnate, divine person there an error in that but doesn't make them heretical and in view because they still are maintaining the deity of Christ. Some SDA groups urge works in the necessity of worshiping on Saturday in order to be a true Christian those who would urge that are adding a work of salvation and are therefore cultic, but other SDA's don't do that.

They just believe it's a better day to worship on a Saturday and Sunday and if they just teach that this preferable, but you could be saving the way and that's fine as the major issues. God bless one all right okay have a great weekend, folks.

There's music we are out of time with the Lord bless you I hope you have what church read your Bible pay attention to the sermon see God is a good exercise to learn a lot.

Lord bless you by his grace were back on the air on Monday. Document

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