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March 5, 2020 8:56 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 5, 2020 8:56 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What can I do, as someone starting a ministry, keep the attitude of Paul of preaching and also living the gospel---2- As a believer, is it ok to write in genres such as fantasy or science fiction---3- What does it mean to pray in the spirit---4- How should I go about mentoring a new believer---5- What is the sin that leads to death and should not be prayed about---6- Can you explain the idea of -once saved always saved-- and the idea of whether or not you can lose your salvation---7- How do I deal with the idea that the gospel is giving an excuse to sin---8- What do you think about John Hagee-

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Mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. We found online at the car and got more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why rent is called in responding to your questions at 77 Max Lake Mexico.

I checked but hey you want to call you to do was dialing 77207227 surgery of phytoplankton is nobody's wedding right now and let's see just let you know that next week I'll be traveling down over going to Nashville, Tennessee to the religious and RB Nash national religious broadcasting network and a big thing there once a year or so I've been her. I think once or twice before you go again will check it out.

So look I will not be on the air live Tuesday and Friday traveling those days, but I may be doing the show from the venue out there Wednesday Thursday and it might be kind of interesting because I did it before there and people walking by. You knew what you look at the thing and really like laughs and smiles back, I think so. We'll see what happens. Alright so working on an article on Mary as the ark of the new covenant really interesting stuff and I've been working some other stuff on Catholicism. Given these habits of starting something and then look to keep going going going with an awful lot on Catholicism and awful lot on atheism and elation is 180 articles I really get down there and do some serious stuff you love being able to study the privilege to be do I do which is to sit at my my my computer monitors my desk for coffee and had the right conducting work for hours researching words, researching phrases out of God's word just putting things together for people and will prove privileged ability that I could come on the radio and talk about what I've learned over the years many years. 40 years of doing this study apologetics doing regular 15 years big deal just to artist therefore lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 and Lexi Leon always need support, financial support, if you're so inclined you could go to, run/donate CRM.O RG/donate and you can know donate anything. One time on a regular recurring this matter and if you want for the radio only. All you do is just email us and him will list your market for that and were not hate this bit about a lot of people like were going off the air and whatever we got there we go therapist anywhere we stay on here begging is let people know you want to serve the Lord helping us grace not served in some other way not worried about God provides and domicile. Go already single do now is just jump on the phones. Let's get to Jeff from North Carolina, Jeff Buckley Rainier, Michael E. Work through the where we left the church. We were last year and work pretty good by the congregation and I'm starting a ministry I'm hoping you can help me with some of the questions that I have try to do our best to resolve hypocrisy that a lot of churches.

Sometimes, especially with "mature Christian seizure. Well, I think the day that I would save and read through Malachi. The first time and then having it might thought about what it means to trust God especially trust God with heart hi things that Jesus affirmed the position that the given Old Testament… That that if one didn't help that the Christians that number one were not greedy but that our hearts are open to living the gospel and you know that in perspective, the minimum but darting there can be the right guy dove into the end, the more churches that we looked around to find one that was all gospel no infallible word of God church that the more mature Christians. Iran it is that I just I want to do the most I can help. What I want you to question well that' that I be in the church with mature Christian. What can I do with someone that darting a ministry to the attic that all like attitude about preaching the gospel, but living the God for who yourself or others for the other tiny myself then. I mean, I want you do is you pray and live it. You pray it yet you lose it you pray, you ask God very specifically to embolden you in the ways that he wants you to be involved, to enlighten you and those those ways that he wants you to be in you, pray for the people of the congregation we are asked you, pray for them that God would give them a spirit so to speak, of of the boldness readiness in those areas that you desire and you need to live it.

You need to live it. Not in a way that is in-your-face you don't like me show you how to write you not like that but you just live it in and they see it yet understand something people are sheep. Think of the analogy that Jesus himself.

John 10 2728 talk about people are sheep, they are led. That's not to say that your stupid, you know people don't all have the ability to study like I do, or maybe start a ministry and trying get it working in the church.

A lot of people are just working hard dealing with families deal with problems and issues may go to church and they want to be fed well they need to be and in land and that's with ministries about it's not to be done and arrogant pointing finger kind of way just to be done in a loving bring them along kind of what a shepherd would do with tissue guard them and keep them and instructs us.

We do regular hello Lucia. May we lost a few seconds the laws are okay yeah you we have about 8500 people on it into different services on any given Sunday and I spoke with the pastor about it. He asked me what what are you hoping to start ministry and realistically for me learning about liberty and an life and really getting Romans the first time open my eyes. So many things that I will you so 20 what's Romans to a group of people. I don't want to just Romans, III feel very identified with all we want to do that. I really want to do what I want to give. I would agree that thing here that make others want to you to equip others to disciple you can't you bring that spirit, it's the Lord God who does that kind of thing you need to be praying. Need work with them.

The elders and say how do I help you, how can it be used in order to further your kingdom and you pray and ask God to change you to work in you to prepare you. You don't worry about other people except that you pray for them what you're supposed to do is be prepared yourself. And when people want to going a ministry or say about marriage. People will call me know, after talking about only one perfect wife and my perfect husband and is are you praying to be changed in yourself to be a good spouse, you need to be praying to the Lord to be a good servant that he needs to ask him to change you because it anybody who goes in the ministry has to be changed has to be worked through and worked upon, and so that I first is his first yeah I agree with everything that you are maybe I didn't. I didn't question the right way.

Melinda okay well I see a lot of people go to church and unite the a lot of behavior that, contrary to being a person in Jeep when you pastor… Talk to the elders about the same. Seeing this, how can I help you, because a job. The ministers there is to work in that area that's their job. Their eldership position is that place of the teaching authority if you're not an elder. They not in a position you the then need to work with them and asked them how you can be used as extensions of their office yet and I have had that meat and we are starting very and I have to put together the the particular subject matter.

You know I get the K-1 unless I had her okay yeah yeah and I II was saved about six years ago and for the past two years we have done a little bit of moving because the employment and we had the opportunity to be in several church and church know in our time there, we became members my wife and and we were not there at any of the church is a lamp thing here.

You are that you're in this church and you know you want to have an effect need to be praying to be changed and easy to work with the elders and ask how you can work under their guidance and leadership in the church and you move forward slowly. Okay okay my mother's heart. I think this part is not that hard. Okay okay I got unless I okay got left to skillfully brine from North Carolina, Brian.

Welcome to the show you on the air when he got money erotic fiction novel your style. I am also a router and about and eight payment of the Bible that prohibit the from rotting planet being all four big and long know there's a word is a hole in the whole of other fictional characters invented by God as an illustration of something. Plus you Jesus, for example, in 16 9231 if it's a parable agree with his use an account which was I would say fictional, so use an account in in real life and there's parables that he said that he is a rectory fictional and so he used fiction and science to be able to write and try to illustrate things and so I've done that with the influence I've done it with the novella atheistic statement and I'm writing this novel called time trap and and it's doesn't have. It has has some stuff woven into it that are Christian, you wouldn't know and is not intended to Christian.

I'm hoping that people will like it. Want my other stuff they read and then might be your home will always honor you more. Brian God bless a foe to feel the line 87720722 mass Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg. Welcome back to the show person is right from North Carolina, Rachel, welcome what you're doing well. While I am by God's grace very good but I would like to make a comment.

I believe it might've been hand on your cell did not air in your regular time for my something totally wrong.

Want to come off a common invitation that 23 by listening to you and go ahead and make a monetary contribution because I think to myself if you get on meeting you, you shall appoint a black the area I would be good start. I thoroughly enjoy yourself and my question is, good local standpoint, praying in the spirit's will is with the Holy Spirit is in you on you and moving you to pray and the Holy Spirit can move in us and groanings that we can't even verbalize some time. If you've experienced in where you conviction and you teach is know as the Holy Spirit and then other times you might be having an inclination to pray about something. My wife gets things like that happen, wife of something will happen and she said I would think a person why was not praying for that person to have the get in an accident or injury or something and am into it happens or her life is more sensitive than we think that would've helped her when the prick picking a marriage partner. You don't you better judgment. But you know so so she'll do that was at will.

So we pray the spirits. We can pray knowing that the spirit or suspecting this here is moving through us and upon us to pray about something else. Pray in the spirit, not knowing generally the charismatic circle atop a pray in the Spirit talk of this estate was Tommy Haas in the prayers in my room and read in the spirit mommy and then all of a sudden it is know I saw the heavens opened up and ill talk like that.

And okay, it's nice and he boast about it and consider to be praying in the spirit.

When you spritz on you.

It's supposed to bring you to humility that most will not amount time people will think that if you not playing and speaking. Malarkey okay that Greek word alone gathers as you set the record malarkey malarkey at all myeloma. Can't say for the stupid education so other people say this kind of thing and they try and and in my opinion, be very careful multiple do this, but they are elevating themselves by spiritual experience.

Instead of submitting themselves with power. The truth of the word of God.

This is it. I've seen people misuse character charismatic gifts speaking in tongues each other on TV laughing at jokes and times it just sheer idiocy.

But if were removed by the spirit of God. One of the things that can affect is our pride is good be reduced if God moving in you and upon you to pray to move that spiritual power that he has. If it results in a person boasting about what God is done through them that I would say is not from God because the Holy Spirit when he is there in power and strength brings us to that place of humility before God.

That's what it should be. We pray for others. Medical boasting about it.

So tired of seeing a lot of charismatics and I believe the charismatic subliminal you know okay and you know since the show was non-there. I know what you do you get these pitchforks and you get tar and feathers and you get do you know torches can you march on radio station like more than 100 miles away from me so I wouldn't be able to actually it was good because I know you don't know well the water until the well runs dry. And I thought about that I like.

I would really really be difficult to go and more than if appointed.

If you are not acceptable because a lot of times I'm in the car or whatever. So having you on the radio is convenient for me, as opposed to going online or something on and I thought about that you know what in opportunity to ignite the AC if you know might cling to every thought and opinion. They should be the one that gave the most money of the matter because they're given a platform I'm at any rate, I appreciate you and I wish God, love and blessing what you already have that they will continue this. Thank the Lord for his kindness and condescension to use such a broken vessel for his glory. He consulted every that's that's it appreciate the kind words. Have a good night YouTube God bless that sucker off their Rachel and I didn't put the who she is but it's nice I in this way, pray for every time before I get on the air.

Pray that the Lord would bless my words and that he would bring people to hear what he wants, said that he would give me wisdom and I would speak truth in spite of myself pretty to be done according to his word that I pray every time every time of record on the air within the for years and years of the Lord to be clarified in his work to go forth with get the joy from Canada joint. Welcome to the show. You're on the way that all the on the brick on what you felt like what you how one go about mentoring other believers that affect the new you know I haven't been in the faith that long at the believer about four years now I've been on for about three or the Roman Catholic and you know like I have my own ideas about Bible ship. I'll be gone believer that anyone can be mentoring anyone they have to have a reverent doctrine as well as the character I just want to hear your I get the current mentorship not always point people to Christ, always point to Christ. Never have them trust you have them trust the word. Have them trust Jesus so that if you go south. They're not affected or not go off the rails always point to the Lord Jesus Christ you always point to the power of the word, and you admit when you have a failure to admit your your inadequacies and how you are struggling through through various things as you submit yourself to the word of God, the person work of Christ.

These are the basic ideas of mentoring because you have to exemplify what it is you want them to hold on to get a break for folks to break the Lord bless you right back after these matters. Like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave. All right, we will back to the show back on here with joy from Canada joy. Welcome is still there. I okay you have other thoughts about I am still very new hope. I believe that discipling someone begins with yourself and that you have to bend your knee in your heart before the Lord and ask that he would use you in spite of what you are. In spite of your sin and failures and you ask him to guide you, because it's a very serious thing to mentor others. It is not your radio owners and a sense of doing ship through radio and this is why pray every day. Make sure that I'm trying to submit my heart will mind to God so that he can use me to help others. That's the idea. This is why you have to make sure yourself you're in the right place with God because you mentorship begins with the relationship with God as you extend it out to others and you teach what you're already hopefully practicing that is how to look at the word of God how to study the word of God. I pray according to the word of God so that your life to that work, focusing on the issue of sanctification before Christ discussing what it means to fellowship with Christ in the fall of the cross and within these kinds of things you have doctrine and have truth if the Lynette foundation mentoring is a whole process. It's a whole process. It's discipling and it takes a while people wanted me to mentor them. This is never come to fruition. For whatever reason, and I suppose we need to do when you study this and this and that will talk seek to interact first and comes with it so plus awfully busy so that your neck that sense but so also I believe it's good to use yourself as an example of successes and failures because were Christians and you can use yourself as a means of showing how God has worked through you and that you give hope to the person your counter mentoring when difficult times occur going to.

This is how you ride through them. Discuss how God's life is testing the person he always pointed out word to word luck. That's the that's important so that when you move away or a person with the way the person has everything he or she needs and also shouldn't mentor some of the opposite sex.

It's very really think that I'm mentoring only guide about the effect I'm so careful about that that with my wife.

I let her know anything and everything with any of the ladies I come in contact with in reason you know the lady give me take my order in a restaurant to talk to Mike about it, but having phone conversations with anybody. I'll tell my wife and there's nothing to be hidden at all, she knows even to the point something for you because you have to talk like you don't worry about it that open the have to be very careful in how you are in your own heart before God's was right before people. Okay, I don't think that I question thank that did okay was a lot of good article of the web looks on on it to get a better advice on me, but that's what I would say the top my head okay thank you much that you you gutless all right let's get on the phones with Chuck North Carolina Chuck welcome you on the air. We got buddy Matt for God by one minute and then not that the last thing God will bore him like those who commit then not being that therefore there is a thin lady that I do not say that you make requests that does the NASA I recognize the Malone note that I love about our clerk said yes. It's a difficult verse to understand because it doesn't tell us with those sins ardently to death and not fly.

So we can infer certain things that we would ask 512 10 there was a man who was having relationships sexual relations with his is so father's new wife and I hope all is to deliver him over to save the destruction of his flesh shall be saved. For some people think that that might be an example of a sin leading death and so we don't know how sure accident of fricatives. Five.

That is nature that right and then there was so nice is fire up and ask fives we could ask five fricatives five and what they did was a lie to the Holy Spirit by Cindy sold all the property and helps with that.

They lied they were lying to God.

God took amount. So that's a silly like that and now we we sin every day sooner sins we commit are not leading to death. The lease in the physical sense, so we may lost when we shouldn't snap otherwise we shouldn't. Whatever might be and when unintentionally abiding in walking and sinful things and doing is great sins. So this is some of the stuff that we don't know about don't know exactly what it is but some of the ideas that you they were good. Okay good you get out of the bottle while you know you fight a lot.

Hope that helps. Goblins yes okay if those we have two open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Shannon from New Jersey love Michelle you're on the I really really enjoy your program. I will throw concrete mind you provide a debacle plate. Understanding the content but now in modern times that one only a foreign where I noted a number of people are not very popular strategy.

The individual ability for their own salvation. I think that you don't repent your salvation and very boring. Hoping you wouldn't mind providing sweet talk about the issue of the salvation and not lose it is and it cracked okay well let me demonstrate to you from Scripture what I believe is to be the position that you do not lose your salvation. You cannot salvation and give you some Scriptures and will go over them to break coming up in a couple minutes left to take a break from that will go in one address with this is about repentance, repent from your sin in order to be saved well – the question if we have to repent in order to be saved.

Are they saying then that you have to comply with the law in order to be saved, because if someone was lying. The Bible says thou shalt not lie and you read that essay will comply with the law, in turn, repent means from the grid method well which is a change of mind and the means to turn from turning towards the truth of God's word that we have to ask the question, is the person teaching that his compliance with the law is what saves him, contribute to salvation, and that will be a false teaching. Not saying we can continue in sin.

People often misrepresent the don't understand what I'm saying it's not a repentance that saves us is not a compliance with the law that saves us is our faith in Jesus Christ and repentance is something that God grants to a second Timothy 225.

He also grants. We believe it's 129 for God is the one who mixes born-again because his dad's first Peter 13 and were born again, not of our own will.

John 113. This is because of his chosen for salvation. Second Thessalonians 213, having been predestined for the foundation of the world have been chosen for the additional Ephesians 1.5 delivers to get to after the break with the idea of having to keep our salvation by complying to the law is the thing I'm concerned about. Yes, we need to repent, but were enabled to repent by the regenerative work of God because the Bible says in Romans 310 through 12.

Nobody does good.

No one seeks for God. Repentance is a good thing I can't do that. The displays of sin.

They see the problem there. Say what is right careful. After the break. I'll going to show that we cannot salvation folksy right back after these messages, Matt slick, why call 770727 pairs. Matt Becker show Shannon reached over now the verses that I go to to show that we can't lose our salvation is John 637 through 40. John 637 through 40. And this is what Jesus says all of the father gives me will come to me when it comes to me I will certainly not cast out noticeably censure all the father gives me will come to me. It's not all that come to be the father will give to me there's a group called the all all that the father gives me will come to me when it comes to me I will certainly not cast out, that I could go into a study in the word all how it relates to the Christians. Romans 518 first constricting 22 Colossians. It's really interesting because he uses God uses the world differently than what we do know that really study it, but nevertheless Jesus as I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him that sent me, that's John 638 in John 829 Jesus as he always does. What's pleasing the father I ask people.

Jesus ever failed to do the will of the father.

Of course for 39 of John six this is the will of him who sent me that of all that he's given me.

I lose nothing but raise it up on the last day to the will of the father that Jesus lose not can Jesus losing interest. People say to me that's the will of the five of the will of the father not always done the say that people could be lost as it will read the verse again this is the will of him who sent me that although he's given me. I lose nothing. It's between the father and the son. That's with the issue of the will is the will of the father of all the ones given to bind by the father to the son, Jesus will lose any God will father is Jesus don't want you to lose any of that's what he saying directly right context where people rankle God not only done with writer and Internet contact Elaine father and I find it that's right elbow man Natalie that it's right then I really appreciate it. Very prevalent in our very troubling because her little very, I believe you listen to. Many of them. It's a great lesson. I can't think of nothing that would cause somebody more anxiety, more beer, more panic attacks in the content of being able to find out if I might not be beautiful pathogenic and and and we should repent from then on, to get that going to enhance and create our fellowship that we have not it going better witness going to rapidly throw words that had any.

There's so many can't know are one of the I really appreciate your time. I'm sure of anybody looking a probably have questions as well.

Our ability to hear people, even things like that aren't made I'm hearing it more and more I really appreciate it. Thank you much going on more, but that doesn't the more power for what I will leave a little more. This finish this one out of the gutter verse which is very interesting, but for verse 40 of John six for this is the will of my father that everyone who beholds the son and believes in him will have eternal life, and I myself will resume the last day in which interesting as ever, 39, 40, both of them start with the statement will of my father and and with raising up the last day in the meat between the sandwich bread there is that he lose that all these given you lose none at all.

Who behold believe the sun will have eternal life.

Jesus equates eternal life would never perish in Natalie says in John 10 2720 much cheaper my voice. I give eternal life to them and they shall never perish. John 316 says, got little gives only begotten son, that whoever would believe in him would never have eternal life and never perish. Jesus equates this is one more verse. This is the more technical verse is Colossians 214 and it talks about Jesus having cancer death certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was also to take it out of the way, having nailed to the cross is Colossians 214 is a very powerful verse and the certificate of death is the Greek word carotid refund, which means a legal handwritten IOU of debt so different Bibles translate this different ways and they translated as the sin debt or the records and some think it has to do with the law but in the immediately previous verse he says Jesus was keep having forgiven us all our transgressions, having canceled out the certificate of debt choice and Stevie is equating the transgressions are sins being canceled, been forgiven with canceling the certificate of debt with has been there since the question I asked people is when did he do this and the answer is right there in the end of the verse having the will to the cross and I go into the issue of nailing something the cross because the what they were accused of with nailed cross crucified murder your thief, whatever would be the certificate of debt dealing with the issue that the law brings to us because we break the law, you're a sinner for John 34 wages of sin is death. Romans 623 and sin caused a separation between God and man.

Isaiah 59 to what Jesus was doing here at the certificate of that was nailed to the cross. That means the certificate that the sin that was canceled at the cross, not when you believe not when you get baptized. But when Jesus was crucified and it says, Romans 66 we were crucified with Christ as a Roman 68. We died with Christ, that means he represented us on the cross he can you counselor said that the cross is your two questions that necessarily must come to the forefront here. One is can we go to hell for us in that that's canceled. No, it's canceled at the cross were justified when we believe would have saved who were born with the sin that's canceled at the cross because Jesus bore our sins in his body the cross. First Peter 224 but were justified made legally righteous before the word before the law in God's eyes by faith.

Romans 51 Romans 328 and this occurs because of the righteousness of God, of flipping 39 River righteous is not our own. So our sin that's canceled across and we were justified.

We believe now, since you can't go to hell for sin that that's canceled than the issue then becomes, for whom did he cancel it. We know people go to hell at 329, 25, 46, etc. so he only canceled for the believers.

Those were justified, if he cancel it back then he canceled how much of your sin. All of it or just part says in verse 13 having forgiveness on her transgressions. Therefore were secure in Christ because of what Christ did in the cross, not because of our ability, repent and stay good in my life is the goodness out one more question, I really appreciate much time on one thing that I hear at all and I well I got to Europe using great running and yes frustrating yes that's cold antinomianism against the law. That's okay with so we sin the grace may abound go to Romans chapter 6 and miss read the couple of verses from Romans five last two verses one, so Romans 520.

The law came into the transgression would increase, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more so that, as sin reigned in death, even so grace would reign through righteousness to eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord to eternal life.

Okay, what shall we say that we to continue in sin that grace may increase my never been, how shall we have died to sin still live in it was Paul teaching eternal life you teaching eternal security within that mean we can this good sin.

We want will answer courses yes we can sin all we want people save you ladies are looking to treat you personally want you got that right. I can now ask me another question asked me how much I don't want because you are this was important. They forget the concept of regeneration regeneration with the work of Christ in us by faith were made new creatures, your different segment is 517 were born again.

John 33 through eight, and because of that were no longer our own.

We don't want to sin so that they don't understand the issue. Those who were justified by faith who have had her said that canceled at the cross are also regenerated by God and want to serve him, they forget the whole thing a separate doctrines and then they sent one against the other in their ignorance and then they end up believing like I consider a false gospel that you have to be good and keep yourself right with God in order to keep yourself saved that Catholicism let Mormonism the Jehovah's Witnesses.

That's what they teach religion in the world. All about individual Christianity without action, one not right Shouldn't tell you all night.

Thank you. You have an inside giveaway articulate thing is very good you have a good head on your shoulders about this and I'm not saying this, but you really nailing it very well. Good understanding of learning have articulated memories of Scriptures addresses and preach the truth and call those people who who tie their goodness with Christ blood is a means by which they retain and maintain their salvation. Tell him they're not understand the true gospel okay much okay you two guy went for 30 minutes back in Pennsylvania.

Sorry about that.

We would talk about the fact that last-minute romping all the quick question here on John AE, usually with a stay way from his positive confession.

Teachers make some wacko predictions don't just don't do anything to do with yeah and I have lightning and I invent that even God.

Wonder what you would say long.

I would say do a bit of research on John Hagy and you'll see plenty of documentation about things that you said there way off base is also a participant in the idea of positive confession that you to be healthy and wealthy because of Christ suffering and that this is with the real gospel is tied to his success. He said some very odd things and some heresies. I arrived but God bless. Sorry, David from California is no cross cleansed for someone not so much. Anyway, folks have a great weekend by his grace. Hopefully we will talk you on Monday

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