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McDaniels & Derek Back In The Desert? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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December 8, 2022 10:04 pm

McDaniels & Derek Back In The Desert? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 8, 2022 10:04 pm

Aaron Murray, former Georgia QB l Heisman voting 5-10 released l Closing Bell


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Let's go out to the guest line right now. We'll talk a little college football with the former Georgia quarterback. Does a great job for ESPN and Sirius XM.

That of course is Aaron Murray. Aaron, appreciate the time as always. How are you? Yeah, how's it going? How's it going? Happy Thursday night to everyone.

Yeah, appreciate you joining us. I want to actually start you off with this game. So it's Rams and Raiders right now. Baker was claimed two days ago by the Rams.

And the second drive of the game, he goes out on the field and leads him to a field goal. How the heck does he even know any of these plays right now getting claimed two days ago? Listen, you can only do so much when it comes to plays.

I mean X's and O's are X's and O's. Like there's 11 players on the field. And yeah, you can have a little different twist, but I mean you can essentially as a play caller for Sean McVay, get lined up and say, okay, listen, we're going to run your basic hook curl for verticals, layer concepts, stuff that you've repped enough against the majority of defenses, whatever the coverage is, and you feel comfortable going out there and having success. So essentially for most teams, like their day one through day two, day three install, really not getting deep into the playbook, but the hardest part, the most impressive part is obviously mastering and understanding the language. I know a lot of West Coast offenses are similar, but there's always a little bit of a twist.

So having to learn that new language, just to be able to get in the huddle and spit it out. But once again, I'm sure it's been really dumbed down for essentially the first few days of install, just go out there, execute, survive, and hopefully the defense can keep this thing close and see what happens. But listen, I got the Raiders defense that I have my fantasy team, so I'm hoping they keep it a little scoring game.

Yeah, I think you'll be a-okay on that front. You know, when I saw that Baker was going to be active tonight, I thought, okay, maybe they would script one drive in for him or have him come in in the red zone or something like that. So you think this could be sustainable where he could go through an entire game with not really knowing much of the playbook just because of the basics?

Yeah, I think it's sustainable. I mean, I say it on the part of like, maybe they'll get embarrassed, but it's, you know, this is the big boys. You know, these defensive players have seen these basic concepts, like I said, the layers concepts, the hook flag concepts over and over and over and over again. So I'm sure they feel like this is going to be somewhat of a cupcake night for them on the defense side of the football. But yeah, expectations are not high for Baker as they should not be for this game tonight, you know, but there's an opportunity for him to say, Hey, listen, I can understand, I can run your base game plan. Give me another week to continue to learn and, and see what we can do for the, for the next week.

Cause you're gonna get a couple more days off. Aaron Murray here with us, did the college football playoff committee in your opinion, get this thing right with the four teams they selected? Yeah, they did. I mean, this was the four most deserving teams, especially the first three, you know, Georgia, Michigan, you know, with them being one to just make a lot of sense. TCU with, with, you know, I think a very competitive big 12 this year definitely deserved to be there with, with going undefeated and losing a close game there in the big 12 championship game. Um, you know, then you had to have a force in Ohio state being the only team kind of with one loss right now, uh, was just that next team up essentially.

So, you know, I think they got those four, right. I know there's a lot of people, especially here, living in the South that, you know, we're saying, Oh, Alabama should be in there because if they played against so-and-so that they would win. And, you know, listen, the game's not played on paper and you were also favored versus LSU and, uh, and favored versus Tennessee and see what happens.

This isn't about that. This is about who deserves to get in there, who's put together the most impressive resume. And like I said, those top three teams definitely have Ohio state while they, you know, not the most incredible resume that the win versus Penn state looks great. You know, the win versus Notre Dame is good circle season off. It's definitely more impressive than, than honestly what Alabama did. So yes, the committee did a good job.

I thought it was pretty easy for them. Um, and we haven't seen too much, you know, complaining besides, like I said, some, uh, a lot of Alabama fans right now. Yeah.

And here's the thing. It was so open this year, don't lose two games if you're Alabama. And I didn't think they had the resume, but the one thing I didn't really get on that Alabama conversation, I know Hendon Hooker got hurt, but Tennessee beat Alabama this year. Like if they were going to put an Alabama, Tennessee should be in front of Alabama, Aaron Murray.

Yeah. It gets hard. I think, I do think you have to take into account that Hendon is out and then you're, you know, they, they, they did mention the, the loss of South Carolina was just so bad.

I mean, it was, it was, it was bad. So then, then all of a sudden you look at, okay, you know, where were Alabama's losses? They were, you know, on the road versus Tennessee, you know, they miss a field goal. Then Tennessee goes and makes a field goal with, with, with time running out to win by three points, you know, LSU went for two on the road night game in Baton Rouge and kind of say, okay, listen, you two plays away. And I know people say, oh, they're also two plays away from losing versus Texas, losing versus A&M.

I get that. But still those, those losses were not terrible by any means. The two very good football teams, um, the way Tennessee lost, not only to, you know, Georgia was a pretty bad loss too. I mean, the score wasn't as bad as it, what it could have been. If you go back and really watch that game, I mean, Georgia, Georgia could have beat it by three or four touchdowns if they wanted to.

They kind of took the pressure off there to take it half and just went into survival mode to win. Um, but that was a pretty bad loss, um, that they looked like they were not, uh, elite team as we thought they would be. And then the, the loss of South Carolina was obviously extremely embarrassing.

So I think you put all those three factors into it. Uh, you kind of say, okay, you know, we'll, we'll, we'll give Alabama a little bit of a, not even though they won head to head, uh, and I'm referring to Tennessee there. Aaron Murray here with us on the Zach Gelb show. When you get into the early preview of Georgia and Ohio state, we know Ohio state can be a really good football team, but in their biggest game of the year, they did not show up in that fourth quarter against Michigan. Where's the level of concern that maybe this is the one that Georgia finally drops this year.

You know, this was not the matchup I wanted. I was kind of hoping for TCU, uh, in that first round. And maybe, you know, if you would drop the four Ohio state and go to three, just to make it a little bit of even easier matchup, uh, just cause, you know, you, you always do worry with a team that can, that can push the ball vertically down the field, like Ohio state can. I mean, that's, that's, that's, what's given Georgia problems in the past, you know, go back to last year, SEC championship game, you know, they, Bryce and company were throwing a ball over the ballpark and ended up running away with a football game in the first half of the national championship game. You know, they were moving the ball before, you know, their, their stars here went out with an ACL injury. Uh, this year, you know, this past game versus LSU, they able to hit some choke plays, you know, Tennessee and headed and missed a couple. Um, you know, there was two plays that really came out to me and inside fade to Jalen Hyatt. There are another one on the outside of credit who was too, but two plays that head and usually makes that were overthrown by a yard or two where if, if, if they're not, you know, maybe that's a little bit more of an interesting game. So, you know, I thought big news for Georgia, the fact that, that Jackson Smith and Jigba decided to, to, you know, forgo the rest of the season, uh, and get ready for the, for, for, for the NFL.

But, you know, Marvin Harrison Smith is, is a stud, CJ Stroud, the stud, um, a Becca, a book as a stud. So, you know, they are going to find a way to get match-ups against Georgia's defense. You know, the key, the key for Georgia is can, can Jalen Carter and that defense the front create enough pressure on CJ Stroud, where you can play a little bit more too high safety, give some more support over the top of those corners. And if they're able to do that, I think they'll run away with it.

Um, you know, so that's, you know, that's, that's the one area of concern. You know, if you flip it over to the other side of the football, I think Stetson and, and Bowers and Darnell and McKelvie and AD Mitchell back and, you know, Kenny McIntosh coming out of the backfield, you know, I think those guys will have plenty of success against this Ohio state defense, especially the secondary. Well, they'll, they'll be able to put some points on the board. Um, you know, so I think to me the key for both teams is what secondary is going to limit the explosive plays. Can you force both offenses to drive the length of the field? Can you force both offenses to have success over a 10 to 15 play drive five plus minutes, and then see if they can go out there and execute in the red zone because both offenses and big games have struggled at times in the red zone, Georgia this year struggled in the red zone.

They struggled to score inside the goal line. Uh, Ohio state has struggled at times to do not give up the explosive plays a team that limits those, uh, are really going to, I think, give themselves the best chance to win. Aaron Murray here with us when it comes to CJ shroud, do you just like him or, or do you love him when you evaluate his game? Cause I think Bryce young, when it gets to the draft prospects this year is a better quarterback than CJ shroud. Yeah, I really like CJ. Um, I don't think CJ should, should be in New York right now. There's a lot of people complaining and that, you know, Stetson shouldn't be there and Hennen should be ahead of Stetson.

I, I, I, I agree with the fact that Hennen should be in New York for the highs and tomorrow night, or I guess Saturday night, excuse me, but I don't think CJ Stroud to me has had a high end like year he's played well and the numbers look great. I get that, but you're an Ohio state quarterback, the way your offense is running, the receivers you have, you're going to put up stupid numbers. We see it every year from every Ohio state quarterback.

It's kind of at this point, just, just a little bit boring. You know, he had his one Heisman moment versus Michigan and he did not play well. They lost, they lost pretty bad and threw two picks. So he's had a good year. Uh, he said a year that we all kind of expected that he would have, I want to say the incredible season.

Um, but it's hard cause I really don't love either. If I'm a, if I'm a NFL football team, you know, looking for a quarterback this year, you know, I, I would lean towards CJ just because of, you know, Bryce is tiny. You know, I remember seeing him last year in Atlanta for the SC champion game and standing next to him. And I'm not a big guy by any means, but I mean, he's five 10 at best, a block 85, buck 90. And he is, and I know NFL teams are not afraid of, of drafting quarterbacks on a smaller side, but like Tyler's dick, you know, Baker Mayfield's dick. Um, I do worry about his durability a little bit at the next level. If he's going to be able to stand with Stan, the, the constant beating.

So that's my worry. I mean, CJ six, three, two 20. Um, he can handle a little bit better.

I like his arm a little bit better. So just based on that, if I just, I was super desperate to pick a quarterback, I would go with him. But you know, like I said, I'm, I'm, you know, I'm kind of hoping if I'm an NFL team that I do not need a quarterback, uh, this season in the draft. So you said you don't think CJ Stroud belongs as a Heisman finalist for this year. Let's say you only got four selections.

Who would be the four names that should be in New York city in your opinion? Well, I, to me, Caleb, Caleb Williams is the best player in America. Uh, Caleb deserves the Heisman. I think he's, he's played exceptional all year long. He's had some incredible, like we were talking about Heisman moments. You know, that's how he played well the other night, um, was in his best game. I don't think he was terrible.

His defense just had no idea how to tackle and he got pretty embarrassing on that side. So I think, I think Caleb deserves to be the guy who's in the trophy at the end of the day. Uh, I think Max Duggan at TCU, um, his performances all season long, uh, how heroic he was in, especially in third and fourth, uh, fourth core situations, bringing his team back, leading his team to an undefeated season. And then obviously what he did in that big 12 championship game, uh, to get them right back into it and put it into overtime. I think he's just been so much fun to watch. Um, as, as, as the leader, uh, Stetson, I think you don't talk about Heisman moments. I mean, he just, he was not asked to do a lot this season for a lot of football games, but when his number was called, he came up big over and over and over and over again, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, uh, and then just actually balled out versus LSU this past weekend. Um, I love the fact that he's there and then head and hooker. Uh, the guy that just was named SEC player of the year on the offense, uh, was absolutely terrific every single weekend, big time moments, uh, versus Alabama, big time moment for LSU, uh, on the road there dominating in that game.

So I think to me, those were my four I would have there, uh, which would, would, I guess it obviously leaves CJ out of it. Aaron Murray here with us. I still can't believe with how great Max Duggan was in that big 12 championship game against Kansas state, third and goal at the one, fourth and goal at the one. They didn't call it QB sneak.

I will never get that for the life of me. No. And I, I, I heard, I heard it from somewhere that, that even JJ watt made a comment about it.

Yeah. You're at the one yard line, especially the fact that you can now, you know, essentially push a quarterback from behind, you know, give him the ball. He's your best player. You know, he sees someone that, that, that was going to keep turning those legs no matter what to get in the end zone. Like I'm giving the ball to my best guy in that situation and just saying, Hey, running back, push me into the back, put your helmet in my back.

I don't care. Just get my butt into the end zone. And, um, you know, let's put seven points on the board and force Kansas state, uh, to not have to settle for a field goal in order to win.

So yeah, don't let the play call. Um, but for them, listen, you know, if you can beat Michigan, which I think is definitely doable, um, and then, you know, maybe find a way to win a daddy. You definitely take that over, uh, winning a big 12 championship right now. Who would you pick Michigan or TCU?

Uh, I think Michigan. Um, I, I still not in love with, with their offense, you know, especially with core amount. I know the backup running backs played well, you know, JJ's looked good versus Ohio state. I think that had a lot to do with just Ohio state just painful in the back end. I mean, those guys were wide open.

Um, but I just, I don't trust him just yet. So I do think TCU as a shot, but I think Michigan can be a little bit more physical run the football. Um, and I liked their, their freshmen corner on the outside to be able to slow down, you know, TCs, TCs talented receiver on the outside. So I lean Michigan, but I think regardless, whoever wins that game, um, I anticipate Georgia winning. And I think it's going to be somewhat of a snooze fest in the national championship.

I think Georgia wins by two touchdowns plus first versus TCU or Michigan. Whenever it came to the Deon Sanders conversation, if he was going to leave Jackson state, I was always saying, I was hoping he would wind up in the sec. I would have just loved to have seen it. Now he goes to Colorado, you know, they're going to get a big jolt and we'll see if it ends up working, but why didn't Deon end up at Auburn? Because that was the job that was open that everyone was kind of talking about where he could potentially go. Yeah.

I was hoping it too. And I, I, I said, I come to my shows this week that if you're an Auburn fan and you saw, you know, the press conference, all the attention, all the talk about four and five star kids want to take a visit to Colorado, you're kind of like, man, what, what did we, did we drop the ball on this? Should we have pushed harder? Should we have, you know, maybe offered him, um, the, the, the position. So I think there's just the, some people got nervous.

It is, it's, it's, it's risky. You know, he's, he's a two year coach at a swag school. Um, I know he's won his conference championship. I know they've won a ton of games, but, you know, I think for a school like Auburn, they were wanting a little bit, especially with a first time AD, you know, he just left Mississippi state, you know, his first move is hiring the head football coach. That's a big deal here in the Southeast. And you want to make sure you get it right. And do you want your first move to be hiring a guy that has never coached at a power five school before?

And if that goes south in a year or two, are you on the street trying to find a new job yourself? So I think for them, it's saying, man, we will play it safe. Get a guy that we know has had success in this league.

Again, that's one in this league that's a little bit more known. Um, but I don't like it at all. Like my, my, you know, I would have loved to see Glane go and I think they did offer lane first. Um, but then my second was definitely, but can you like, Aaron, let me just ask you this. Can you even trust Hugh freeze? Like we know he could win games, but if they reportedly can't even trust him to tweet, it's like, how do you hire that guy to be your head football coach?

Yeah, I don't know. I saw, I had, I had Hugh, so I had actually covered the game Liberty versus Arkansas about a month ago. And I sat down with him Friday night coaches meeting and, you know, talk to him for awhile and, and, you know, from talking to him and talking to other people, he's a guy that definitely is obviously, you know, learn from, from previous mistakes in his life as a man, as a coach. Um, I think he's more than equipped to, to get in there and, and take over Auburn and have success. Like, I think it's, I think it's a really good hire and I think Auburn thought themselves a really good coach. I just think that, that when you have an opportunity to get a guy that has an, it's factor like Dion has a guy that, like I said, that moves the needle in a lot of ways. Um, I think they're going to look back on it in two years from now.

It's okay. Listen, we got a guy that we're winning eight games, winning nine games or somewhat happy, but Dion is over there winning eight, nine games at Colorado. Like, imagine if he had all resources here at Auburn, what he could be doing. Last thing I'll ask you, Aaron Murray, when it comes to Jimbo Fisher, next year, if we're talking at this time, is Jimbo Fisher still the head coach of Texas A&M? Yeah, it's just too much money, man. It's way too much money for them, uh, to let him go.

It'd be silly to do. Gotta get an OC, gotta get an OC, but he's, I think he's got a pretty good quarterback. The freshmen looked good, um, looked good in the last game. Yeah, they just got that five star running back today that we committed from Louisville. Yeah, they got count on the lost her. You know, I really liked their, their young receivers.

Um, so they got the pieces on both sides. I think now it's just, you know, he's got to humble himself a little bit. That's on him, uh, bringing an, uh, an offensive coordinator. Um, and then from there, I think he'll be fine, but like, I mean, they would have to go like two wins, three wins next year for me to like, to feel like, you know, even A&M fans would bite the bullet and pay him. I think it'd be right around 75, $80 million to, to let him go, which is just a crazy, crazy amount.

I mean, he's playing with health money right now. He's Aaron Murray does a great job for ESPN series XM and volume sports. Always appreciate the time. Aaron. Thank you.

Appreciate you. There you go. Aaron Murray joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio. We'll take a time out.

Come on back after these short messages. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach Gelb shows CBS sports radio.

So hot take hickey. When you look at the four Heisman trophy finalists, and you got Caleb Williams, max Duggan, you have CJ Stroud and then also Stetson Bennett. I thought Aaron Murray made a really good point because his gripe was CJ Stroud being a Heisman trophy finalist. And the one name that he swapped out was all right, move out Stroud and put Hendon hooker there. His point of just simply saying the SEC offensive player of the year.

It's a good one. SEC offensive player of the year. That's the best conference in college football. Even though this year they didn't send two teams to the CFP and the big 10 sent two teams. You would think that if I just said to you before the start of the year, the SEC offensive player of the year, would, would he be a Heisman trophy finalist?

You think the answer would be yes on that one without a doubt, without a doubt. And then if you get into the comparisons, because Hey, Caleb Williams, I thought had the best season out of a quarterback this year, max Duggan in the college football playoff. You had Stetson Bennett. He, you could argue that one, but he is the quarterback on the team.

That is the number one team in the country right now. When you get to CJ Stroud, CJ Stroud had a really good season, but he never had that Heisman moment like Hendon Hooker had up against Alabama. Now in that same breath, Hendon Hooker also did not play well against Georgia. And I remember saying on the air that day, the next time we had a show on that Monday, and we had this conversation, I said, Hmm, he may have lost the Heisman trophy because of that way that he played up against Georgia.

Cause it was that bad. But if you're just going to look at it, just Stroud to Hooker, I do think Hooker had a more impressive Heisman worthy year than a CJ Stroud. If you wanted to say, okay, just judging off the four finals that are there, if there's been a big push to get Hendon Hooker to New York, and we know he's not going to be there now, we already know the finals are announced. If you had to swap out one, I thought Aaron Murray made a really good argument there. Two things I'll say number one, he almost in a way, even though he's arguing against CJ Stroud, also argued against, um, Cets and Bennett because how is Cets and Bennett an SEC quarterback, who's not the offensive player of the year and he's going to get there, but Hendon Hooker is not. Yeah.

But again, either way, if you're just taking one of the three out, right, let's just say you got to remove one of the three. If you want to, at least with CJ Stroud, the comparison is very easy. It's almost like Tennessee and Alabama, where in a sense that, okay, sure, Hendon Hooker, his worst game is against Georgia.

That big moment lost. CJ Stroud, his big game against Michigan, also lost, but Hendon Hooker has had way more bigger opportunities against Florida, against Alabama. He's played really smoked LSU.

They crushed LSU. Or it's like, look, even the best win they have so far for Ohio State would be either Notre Dame or Penn State. Notre Dame you struggle with all season, all game long and Penn State for three and a half quarters, he looked terrible, terrible.

Now he scored 24th quarter points to credit him, but for three and a half quarters, you now look very good. It's very ironic with how much we, because we discussed this. We said weeks before that it felt like it was like, right, it was Bo Nix for a while or Caleb Williams. And we thought one of those two schools would win the Pac-12. And this was like weeks before we knew what the Pac-12 championship game was. We know Oregon didn't get to the Pac-12 championship game. Caleb Williams became the Heisman favorite, and then Caleb Williams lose the Pac-12 championship and still played well individually on one leg. But we were talking about potential Heisman trophy candidates.

And for a while, we were saying, well, whoever wins that Pac-12 championship game between USC and Oregon that didn't happen, we'll have an opportunity to win the award. And the other was Michigan, Ohio State, whoever wins that game will either be Blake Coram or CJ Stroud. It's ironic to me that Stroud loses that game, does not play well in that game. And it's unfortunate because Coram wasn't in that game when he played two plays or whatever.

He tried to give it a go and then realized he wasn't healthy. And CJ Stroud is still a Heisman Trophy finalist. I mean, I can't say it's a fault of the voting because there's what, like 800 voters?

So it's just a mass number. Now I'm not attacking you. Who I voted for, but I will say I can't even go. I'll have this conversation on Monday when I could reveal my Heisman Trophy ballot. But Aaron Murray is right. And this is part of the reason why CJ Stroud is there.

The numbers are just eye popping. If you just don't watch a game, you go to the stat sheet or you go to the league leaders passing yards, passing touchdowns, he's up there. But again, I thought he made a good point.

It's kind of like plug and play at Ohio State. Now, I thought that Mike in Abilene, Texas was probably the first to lead this charge. And the irony of this is he's an Ohio State Buckeyes fan. And he tried to tell us earlier in the year, CJ Stroud is good. He's not as great as what people make him out to be. And that debate, Stroud and Bryce Young, I think is going to be a fascinating one leading up into the draft. And right now, the feel is that Bryce Young is the better player. And I do think he's the better player, but you just heard Aaron Murray, the size does concern him.

But I look at what, and it's crazy to say this too, what Alabama didn't have this year because they didn't have much. And what Bryce Young was able to do, Bryce Young to me was a more impressive quarterback this year than CJ Stroud. And if I was an NFL GM and I'm not, I'd be taking Bryce Young with the first overall pick if I needed a quarterback. Also too, I think in this day and age, like the small QB has been debunked enough where if that's your biggest concern, that's not an excuse not to take him. So you're not wrong, but like Kyler Murray has been okay.

He hasn't been great. But I argue is his size the biggest reason why he's struggling? I would say no.

Okay, fair. Baker Mayfield has not lived up to the hype. Is that because of his size? I would say no. Russell Wilson had a really, really, really, really good eight years and now he looks like crap. And is that all of a sudden now because he just realized how short he is?

No. But I'm just saying. No, I get it, but... Those guys, it's not like you have a no doubt about it, like Hall of Famer, like, oh my goodness gracious, smaller type of quarterback. Because Russ right now, I think there's the lost part of this. If Russ continues to play like this, he is peeing away his Heisman Trophy. Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame conversation. And the Heisman too. Screw it.

He's out. Well, we were just talking about the Heisman. You get what I mean, you jackass.

No, I get it. But yeah, I'll say this. If height is the biggest concern of Bryce Young, no one draft him. I'll take him on the Colts and I'll deal with the small stature. Stop with this nonsense of the Colts getting Bryce Young. Well, he's too small apparently.

So if no one else wants him, I guess we'll just take him as charity. Yeah. Oh my God. You're really delusional. He's really good. Yes, we know.

He's the guy. And I've been telling you this for months, he's going to be the overall pick to the Texans. Well, hopefully not. Hopefully the Texans look at his height and say, yeah.

Oh, that's great too. That's why you're really concerned because it's in your division too. Yeah, I don't want to see him. I want to see Trevor Lawrence. Afraid of the Texans. Maybe the Titans now are going to go actually get a real quarterback. This could be a tough division too.

Maybe Lamar's winding up in Tennessee. I got it. Colts got to gear up. Let's go. And you're going to be saying for the next 10 years, we got to gear up. Height matters. Brock Osweiler, he's a great quarterback.

He was screwed, right? You may have 10 quarterbacks in this next decade. Then you will have anywhere close to winning multiple Super Bowls like your owner was proclaiming. Well, that is the white flag. What are those, eight years left in this proclamation? The white flags already waved on that one.

Wow. I'm surprised delusional hickey would wave the white flag on his team, potentially getting two Super Bowls this decade. Because when he said that last year, you're like, yeah, let's go, Jim.

That's what I got to hear from Jim. You're all fired up. You sound like Tony Romo doing a game like that.

How can you not be fired up? You don't understand. We're winning two Super Bowls. I mean, anything an owner says is always, you know, always true. Always comes to fruition. So I locked it up. It's a joke.

Tell me when the parade is, right? Also, circling back to two more things that Aaron Murray said. If I was Auburn, I agree with him. I would have gone Deion Sanders over Hugh Freeze.

I know you're a Hugh Freeze sycophant and you would disagree with that. But to me, the whole that they don't trust him to tweet. It's like, how do you trust him to coach your football team? But then you can't trust this guy to do the right thing in some capacity off the field when it just comes to the simple things of Twitter. That's something that I will never understand.

And I know the thing that's really going to set you off. If A&M doesn't show you anything next year, I know you're paying Jimbo Fisher a lot of money, but how do you bring Jimbo Fisher back at this time next year? A&M does not give you a reason to believe that Jimbo Fisher is the guy.

I don't. There is not a coach under more pressure next year in college football entering the season than Jimbo Fisher. Would Aaron say two or three wins, right? He said was the bar basically get fired next year.

He'll get two or three wins. If you're six and six, I say goodbye. I'm with you. He's fine.

I would have found him this year. 90 mil is nothing. I'm sorry.

It's nothing for A&M. Five and seven all that talent. Well, I thought you were about to say some word that you weren't allowed to say on the radio. Marco, didn't that sound like he was about to drop a little expletive right there? I trust Hickey.

Come on now. You never know. It sounded like Marco when he was trying to fight Shep last week or something like that. Again, don't remember this. Marco's classy.

Marco would never curse on air. No, no, no. I don't know about that. You got to put that evil on me now?

I mean, seriously, it's never happened in 20 years. You're going to put that evil on me now? Write it out before I mean, just read it, man. Make sure not to burgundy your script next time. And the blank.

I mean, the box. Have you ever accidentally cursed on the air? Yes. Yeah. I once got a little tripped up when I was in Philadelphia on the running back for the Cleveland Browns, who was with Kansas City at the time.

Kareem, pause, pause, pause. All right. Yeah. Okay.

I gave you could use your imagination on there. I'm one of the many, many to be tripped up by the injury in your back. Oh, the bulging disk. Yes. You had a bulging moment? Yes.

That got me more than once, actually. Where were you working here? In New York on WCBS 880. Oh, Phil Hughes.

News station 2. He remembers the play. Oh, I remember because I had to keep saying it.

It was, you know, seven, eight hours worth of Phil Hughes. And it only tripped up once. No, got me a couple of times that night. Yeah. Wait, a few times?

Got me twice that night. Yeah. Can you just then just say like, okay, Phil Hughes is out for the year with an injury. He wasn't out for the year.

I think he went at the time it was the DL instead of the IL. So you just say like, oh, he's a back injury or something? Yeah, I think I did at that point.

Maybe I gave up after two, but he got me at least twice. So Phil Hughes, if you're listening, your injury caused injury for me. Yes. Thanks a lot. That's amazing. So just pull a calf or something. Honestly, that's not even dumbable. I think that's one of the nicer things you could mess up and say, well, you could always dump something.

So you could think of things you can't say. Oh, really? No. So if you got on there, I was like, mother, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's going out with the board. I would have to dump you. Uh, I don't know what they have there. What an operation.

There really shouldn't be a, I mean, it's, it's a new station. What are you dumping? Well, that was really shouldn't have to dump.

Well, you're getting injured wrong. That's me saying, stop saying someone has a bulging, you know, unless you screw up, there's really no reason. You know what my biggest concern was? I felt so naked during the pandemic when I was doing those shows from home and I didn't have the dump button in front of me because we had a few callers that would use profanity and it was like, also the board ops could be some slim pickings around here, especially during the pandemic. We had no clue who was showing up.

I also can't see them. So you don't know if they're paying attention clue. So we had one caller call in and by mistake he cursed. And I was like, did we get that?

Did we get that? And it was only like three seconds of no answering, but I didn't get an answer from that person. And I go, Oh, this is a problem. Next thing we'd have to turn off at the time.

You know, why are we going to say that? It is the Zach Yelp show on CBS sports radio. We will take a break. We come on back the future of Josh McDaniels and Derek Carr with the Raiders. Plus we will ring the closing bell.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. So here's what we can talk about when it comes to the Heisman trophy hickey. And I didn't know that they did this.

I guess this is new. Now it's pointed out from Yahoo sports, their college football account that beginning in 2021, the Heisman trust decided there would be exactly four finalists invited to New York. There used to be a minimum of three, but the total invitees would vary based on the voting.

So now it's just the top four get invited to New York. So they actually announced tonight a few moments ago, five through 10, they announced the top 10 clue. They left out one, two, three, and four.

They didn't give you the order there. They just list them alphabetically, but five through 10. Do you think you could guess the numbers of five through 10 and the names of them?

I hope so. So let's see if you get these six other guys. There's one that's not on. I think we'll surprise you. That's not in the top 10.

That's surprising. Okay. Is it six different teams or they're duplicates? Everyone is there's no teammates. Yeah. Yeah.

No teammates here. Okay. Yeah. Now I'm just, I was looking over the list real quickly.

Go ahead. I will say Henton Hooker. He was in the top 10. He was number five. Makes sense.

I will say Bryce Young. He was in the top 10 number six. Can you get them in a row? This would be probably not in order.

Is it cheating to ask any positions left? Yeah. You have two running backs and two quarterbacks. No receivers. Interesting.

Okay. So I will say for running backs and easy one is Blake Korm. He was seven. You got a quarterback here. Quarterback freight.

Michael Pennix. Yes. Good job. Okay. Two more running back on a quarter. Now I'm not going to tell you the order on that's fair.

I don't know which is tougher. Actually. I'm trying to think here. Running back quarterback. I will go.

I will go. Jameer Gibbs. No. Is it top 10? Bijan Robinson. Yes. He was nine.

He was nine. Let's see. This would be impressive because you're horrible on these things on the spot. You say it all the time if you get five through 10 right on the money. This is why I say you're the most knowledgeable person at this at this network when it comes to college football. Even though your Penn State takes a garbage.

This is really tough. In at number 10. In at number 10.

Drake May. Yes. Let's go.

Let's go. Nicely produced. Not bad. I'm surprised that Bo Nix isn't in the top 10. That was the name that was in my head.

And until Drake May popped in, that was going to be my guess. Okay. It's a good job. I'm impressed.

Let's go. I knew I thought you would get five out of the six. But the fact that you got him in order and you know, I'll give you a pass on the Jameer Gibbs thing because right after that you pivoted nicely. And it's a good job out of you. Not bad. All right. We'll take it. Thank you.

Thank you everybody. I'm honestly a little surprised no receivers are in there. Now let's get to your college football playoff predictions for the season started. Utah. Oklahoma.

Swing and a miss. Yeah. Alabama probably in there too. Probably.

And probably Ohio State maybe. So he left the Bulldogs. I got to look. Man. Jeez. Yeah. I don't think I put you in here.

Woof, woof, woof. Tough one. Next year, we know Josh McDaniels is going to be the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Is Derek Carr his quarterback? For now, I'm going to say yes because I don't think Brady's going there. And I don't think Aaron Rodgers getting traded there this offseason. But I think barring Brady or Rodgers getting dealt there. That Derek Carr is going to be the starting quarterback next year for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Your thoughts. I'm going to lean towards no. I think even if it's not one of the big guns in Brady or Rodgers. I just don't see how you can kind of have this season go the way it has. Or even if they quote unquote rebound nicely and finish 7-10.

Up 13-3 right now. I don't think against a quarterback who just got there two days ago. That's a quarterback that you said the top five quarterback in the NFC before the season started. That did not work out. That did not play well.

But that's what you said. I don't think that they'll run back the head coach quarterback combo with this failed season. So one of them just out.

Yes. And it sounds like Josh McDaniels, his status is cemented. I think Derek Carr is the one kind of.

Yeah the Raiders are a poverty franchise so they can't afford to fire Josh. And also I don't think you should get fired up for one yet but that's just me. All right let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell. Only on the Zach Gelb show.

I'm not a big participation trophy guy. But Baker Mayfield has been there for what a day or two max in LA. And I get it they haven't scored a touchdown but he came in on the second drive. And he's four of eight for 70 yards.

Three carries for 11 yards as well. It's impressive barely knowing anything in the playbook I give a stock up to Baker Mayfield. Desmond Ritter going to be able to start the final five games here. For the Atlanta Falcons we'll see how this thing goes. It's the right call there's no reason to start Marcus Mariota at this point.

Desmond Ritter will see what you got out of Cincinnati give him a stock up. Next up John Marant what John Marant did last night he's he's just so damn good. John Marant his numbers last night in Memphis Grizzlies win over the Thunder 123 to 102. 26 points, 13 rebounds, 11 assists that's triple double give a stock up to John Marant.

And finally I only have one stock down here. Hickey and my stock down is going to Jacob DeGrom. Jacob DeGrom how you could get in front of the cameras today at that press conference and talk about this winning culture that the Rangers have and how that stood out to you.

Their desire to win oh give me a project you went there because they gave you a five-year contract 185 million dollars and as an option for a six-year. Hickey this annoys me like no other and my from in a Mets texting group with some of my friends and they're like dumbfounded that I want to boo Jacob DeGrom who's a great man don't get me wrong. Most dominant men I've ever seen in my lifetime but I'm so annoyed that he didn't want to be here and he didn't give the Mets a last offer a last opportunity like you want to leave him for agency of every right but you at least got to give the Mets one last offer and him not wanting to be there finally when the franchise is getting aggressive and spending money that to me I am so out on Jacob DeGrom and I just want to boo him. I saw that he did a press conference I didn't listen to a word of it because guess what he is me he's dead people freaking out look he's not gonna say I came here for the money but we all know why he went there you can talk about the winning culture it's all BS they won what 68 games last year they are terrible yes but he is dead to me so say what you want Jake you got the money in the bank congratulations but your words they don't hurt me anymore that's for sure look at that I can't wait till October or August 28th I'll be there booing well hold on a cursing about that's a weekday I'll be there you're taking off actually I would not wait ah maybe we'll see news to me I thought the guy was dead to me he's dead to me but a lie for one day to boom give a stock down to Jacob DeGrom then that's the Zach Gelb show on CB oh actually real quickly I'm giving a bonus stock up I got to give a stock up to the slam Diego Padres that's a team that's trying to win I don't know how they're gonna be able to afford all these guys a few years from now and eventually someone will get traded but give it a big deal to Xander Bogart's nice job at the Padres and then I guess by default the Red Sox you have all these great players you keep on losing them what is that poverty franchise now give a stock uh down to the Boston Red Sox that's the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio we'll see you tomorrow on a big football Friday show big thank you to Aaron Murray for joining us all the callers listeners and tweeters we can't do without you give us a follow please please please please please on twitter and instagram at Zach Gelb z-a-c-h-g-e-l-b how to kicky great job as always talk to Minyata 6 p.m eastern 3 pacific we out bye bye Raiders 13 Rams 3 with 12 19 to go in the third quarter
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