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Aaron Murray, Former Georgia Bulldogs Quarterback

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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December 8, 2022 9:29 pm

Aaron Murray, Former Georgia Bulldogs Quarterback

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 8, 2022 9:29 pm

Aaron Murray joined Zach to discuss who he thinks will win the Heisman Trophy and if Auburn missed out on hiring Deion Sanders. 


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There's a lot to listen to, so get started and download the free Odyssey app today. Is there something really absurd that skeeves you out? Getting a paper cut on my eyeball. A fear you can't shake? I'm going to leak ocular fluid down my cheeks.

It's going to go into my mouth and I will perish. Whatever scares you, I want to talk about it. Join me, Larry Mullins, on my new podcast, Your Weirdest Fears.

Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from. I didn't even know any of these plays right now getting claimed two days ago. I feel comfort going out there and having success. For most teams, their day one through day two, day three install, really not getting deep into the playbook. But the hardest part, the most impressive part, is obviously mastering and understanding the language. I know a lot of West Coast offenses are similar, but there's always a little bit of a twist. So having to learn that new language just to be able to get in the huddle and spit it out.

But once again, I'm sure it's been really dumbed down for the first few days of install. Just go out there, execute, survive. And hopefully the defense can keep this thing close and see what happens. But listen, I got the Raiders defense tonight on my fantasy team, so I'm hoping they keep it a little scoring game.

Yeah, I think you'll be A-OK on that front. When I saw that Baker was going to be active tonight, I thought maybe they would script one drive in for him or have him come in in the red zone or something like that. So you think this could be sustainable where he could go through an entire game with not really knowing much of the playbook just because of the basics? Yeah, I think it's sustainable. I mean, it's sustainable on the part of maybe they don't get embarrassed.

But it's, you know, these are the big boys. These defensive players have seen these basic concepts, like I said, the layers concepts, the hook flag concepts, over and over and over and over again. So I'm sure they feel like this is going to be somewhat of a cupcake night for them on the defense side of the football. But yeah, expectations are not high for Baker. They should not be for this game tonight. But there's an opportunity for him to say, hey, listen, I can understand. I can run your base game plan.

Give me another week to continue to learn and see what we can do for the next week because you're going to get a couple more days off. Aaron Murray here with us. Did the college football playoff committee, in your opinion, get this thing right with the four teams they selected? Yeah, they did. I mean, this was the four most deserving teams, especially the first three. You know, Georgia, Michigan, you know, with them being 1-2 just makes a lot of sense. TCU with, you know, I think a very competitive Big 12 this year definitely deserved to be there with going undefeated and losing a close game there in the Big 12 championship game. You know, then you had to have a fourth in Ohio State being the only team kind of with one loss right now was just that next team up essentially.

So, you know, I think they got those four right. I know there's a lot of people, especially here living in the south, that, you know, were saying, oh, Alabama should be in there because if they played against so-and-so that they would win. And, you know, listen, the game's not played on paper. And you were also favored versus LSU and favored versus Tennessee and see what happens.

This isn't about that. This is about who deserves to get in there, who's put together the most impressive resume. Like I said, those top three teams definitely have. Ohio State, while they, you know, not the most incredible resume, the win versus Penn State looks great. You know, the win versus Notre Dame is good to start the season off. It's definitely more impressive than honestly what Alabama did. So, yes, the committee did a good job. I thought it was pretty easy for them. And we haven't seen too much, you know, complaining besides, like I said, a lot of Alabama fans right now.

Yeah, and here's the thing. It was so open this year. Don't lose two games if you're Alabama. And I didn't think they had the resume. But the one thing I didn't really get on that Alabama conversation, I know Hendon Hooker got hurt, but Tennessee beat Alabama this year. Like, if they were going to put in Alabama, Tennessee should be in front of Alabama, Erin Murray. Yeah, it gets hard.

I do think you have to take into account that Hendon is out. And then, you know, they did mention the loss to South Carolina was just so bad. I mean, it was bad. So, then all of a sudden you look at, okay, you know, where were Alabama's losses? They were on the road versus Tennessee. You know, they miss a field goal, then Tennessee goes and makes a field goal with time running out to win by three points. LSU went for two on the road, night game in Baton Rouge. And you kind of say, okay, listen, you're two plays away. And I know people say, well, they're also two plays away from losing versus Texas, losing versus A&M.

I get that. But still, those losses were not terrible by any means against two very good football teams. The way Tennessee lost, not only to, you know, Georgia was a pretty bad loss too. I mean, the score wasn't as bad as it could have been. If you go back and really watch that game, I mean, Georgia could have beat it by three or four touchdowns if they wanted to.

They kind of took the pressure off there in the second half and just went into survival mode to win. But that was a pretty bad loss that they looked like they were not an elite team as we thought they would be. And then the loss to South Carolina was obviously extremely embarrassing.

So, I think you put all those three factors into it. You kind of say, okay, you know, we'll give Alabama a little bit of a nod, even though they won head to head. And I'm referring to Tennessee there.

Aaron Murray here with us on the Zach Gelb show. When you get into the early preview of Georgia and Ohio State, we know Ohio State can be a really good football team. But in their biggest game of the year, they did not show up in that fourth quarter against Michigan. Where's the level of concern that maybe this is the one that Georgia finally drops this year?

You know, this was not the matchup I wanted. I was kind of hoping for TCU in that first round and maybe, you know, TCU would drop the four. Ohio State would go to three just to make it a little bit of an easier matchup. Just because, you know, you always do worry with a team that can push the ball vertically down the field like Ohio State can. I mean, that's what's given Georgia problems in the past. You know, you go back to last year, SEC championship game, you know, Bryce and company were throwing the ball over the ballpark.

Ended up running away with a football game. You know, the first half of the national championship game, you know, they were moving the ball before, you know, their starters here went out with an ACL injury. This year, you know, this past game versus LSU, they were able to hit some chunk plays. You know, Tennessee and Hennen missed a couple. You know, there was two plays that really stood out to me. An inside fade to Jalen Hyatt, another one on the outside, I forgot who it was, too. But two plays that Hennen usually makes that were overthrown by a yard or two.

If they're not, you know, maybe that's a little bit more of an interesting game. So, you know, I thought big news for Georgia, the fact that Jackson Smith and Jigba decided to, you know, forego the rest of the season and get ready for the NFL. But, you know, Marvin Harrison Smith is a stud. C.J. Stroud is a stud.

Abuka is a stud. So, you know, they are going to find ways to get matchups against Georgia's defense. You know, the key for Georgia is can Jalen Carter and that defensive front create enough pressure on C.J. Stroud where you can play a little bit more too high safety, get some more support over the top of those corners. And if they're able to do that, I think they'll run away with it.

You know, so that's the one area of concern. You know, if you flip it over to the other side of the football, I think Stetson and Bowers and Darnell and McCloskey and AD Mitchell back and, you know, Kenny McIntosh coming out of the backfield. Yeah, I think those guys will have plenty of success against this Ohio State defense, especially the secondary.

Well, they'll be able to put some points on the board. You know, so I think to me the key for both teams is what secondary is going to limit the explosive play? Can you force both offenses to drive the length of the field? Can you force both offenses to have success over a 10 to 15 play drive, five plus minutes, and then see if they can go out there and execute in the red zone? Because both offenses and big games have struggled at times in the red zone. Georgia this year struggled in the red zone. They struggled to score inside the goal line. Ohio State has struggled at times to do not give up the explosive plays.

A team that limits those are really going to, I think, give themselves the best chance to win. Aaron Murray here with us. When it comes to C.J. Stroud, do you just like him or do you love him when you evaluate his game? Because I think Bryce Young, when it gets to the draft prospects this year, is a better quarterback than C.J.

Stroud. Yeah, I really like C.J. I don't think C.J.

should be in New York right now. There's a lot of people complaining that Stetson shouldn't be there and Hennen should be ahead of Stetson. I agree with the fact that Hennen should be in New York for the Heisman tomorrow night, or I guess Saturday night, excuse me, but I don't think C.J. Stroud to me has had a Heisman-like year. He's played well, and the numbers look great, I get that, but you're an Ohio State quarterback. The way your offense is run and the receivers you have, you're going to put up stupid numbers. We see it every year from every Ohio State quarterback.

It's kind of, at this point, just a little bit boring. He had his one Heisman moment versus Michigan, and he did not play well. They lost pretty bad and he threw two picks. So he's had a good year. He's had a year that we all kind of expected that he would have. I want to say the incredible season.

But it's hard because I really don't love either. If I'm an NFL football team looking for a quarterback this year, I would lean towards C.J. just because of, you know, Bryce is tiny. I remember seeing him last year in Atlanta for the SC Championship game and standing next to him, and I'm not a big guy by any means, but he's 5'10 at best, a buck 85, buck 90. I know NFL teams are not afraid of drafting quarterbacks on the smaller side, but like Tyler's stick, Baker Mayfield's stick, I do worry about his durability a little bit at the next level if he's going to be able to withstand the constant beating.

So that's my worry. I mean, C.J. 6'3", 220. He can handle it a little bit better. I like his arm a little bit better. So just based on that, if I was super desperate to pick a quarterback, I would go with him. But like I said, I'm kind of hoping if I'm an NFL team that I do not need a quarterback this season in the draft. So you said you don't think C.J. Stroud belongs as a Heisman finalist for this year. Let's say you only got four selections.

Who would be the four names that should be in New York City, in your opinion? Well, to me, Caleb Wave is the best player in America. Caleb deserves the Heisman. I think he's played exceptional all year long.

He's had some incredible Heisman moments. You know, that's how he played well the other night. Wasn't his best game. I don't think he was terrible.

His defense just had no idea how to tackle. He got pretty embarrassing on that side. So I think I think Caleb deserves to be the guy hosting the trophy at the end of the day. I think Max Duggan at TCU, his performances all season long, how heroic he was, especially in third and fourth course situations, bringing his team back, leading his team to an undefeated season. And then obviously what he did in that big 12 championship game to get them right back into it and put in overtime.

I think he's just been so much fun to watch as a leader. Stetson, I think you want to talk about Heisman moments. I mean, he just he was not asked to do a lot this season for a lot of football games. But when his number was called, he came up big over and over and over and over again. Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, and then just actually balled out versus LSU this past weekend.

I love the fact that he's there. And then Hennen Hooker, the guy that just was named SEC player of the year on the offense, was absolutely terrific every single weekend. Big time moments versus Alabama. Big time moment versus LSU on the road there dominating in that game.

So I think to me those were my four I would have there, which would obviously leave CJ out of it. Aaron Murray here with us. I still can't believe with how great Max Duggan was in that big 12 championship game against Kansas State. Third and goal at the one, fourth and goal at the one. They didn't call it QB sneak.

I will never get that for the life of me. No, I heard it from somewhere that even JJ Watt made a comment about it. Yeah, you're at the one yard line, especially the fact that you can now essentially push a quarterback from behind. Give him the ball.

He's your best player. You know, he's someone that was going to keep turning those legs no matter what to get in the end zone. I'm giving the ball to my best guy in that situation and just saying, hey, running back, push me into the back, put your helmet in my back.

I don't care. Just get my butt into the end zone and, you know, let's put seven points on the board and force Kansas State to not have to settle for a field goal in order to win. So, yeah, don't let the play call. But for them, listen, you know, if you can beat Michigan, which I think is definitely doable, and then, you know, maybe find a way to win a naddy. You definitely take that over winning a big 12 championship. Right now, who would you pick, Michigan or TCU?

I think Michigan. I still am not in love with their offense, especially with the core amount. I know the backup running backs played well. You know, JJ looked good versus Ohio State. I think that had a lot to do with just Ohio State just pitiful in the back end.

I mean, those guys were wide open, but I just I don't trust him just yet. I do think TCU has a shot. I think Michigan could be a little bit more physical, run the football. And I like their freshman corner on the outside to be able to slow down, you know, TC's talented receiver on the outside. So I mean, Michigan, but I think regardless whoever wins that game, I anticipate Georgia winning. And I think it's going to be somewhat of a snooze fest in the national championship.

I think Georgia wins by two touchdowns plus versus TCU or Michigan. Whenever it came to the Deion Sanders conversation, if he was going to leave Jackson state, I was always saying I was hoping he would wind up in the SEC. I would have just loved to have seen it. Now he goes to Colorado. You know they're going to get a big jolt and we'll see if it ends up working. Why didn't Deion end up at Auburn? Because that was the job that was open that everyone was kind of talking about where he could potentially go.

Yeah, I was hoping it too. I said on a couple of my shows this week that if you're an Auburn fan and you saw the press conference, all the attention, all the talk about four and five star kids who want to take a visit to Colorado, you're kind of like, man, did we drop the ball on this? Should we have pushed harder? Should we have maybe offered him the position? So I think some people got nervous.

It's risky. He's a two-year coach at a swag school. I know he's won his conference championship.

I know they've won a ton of games. But I think for a school like Auburn, they were wanting a little bit, especially with the first time AD, he just left Mississippi State. His first move is hiring the head football coach. That's a big deal here in the Southeast. You want to make sure you get it right and do you want your first move to be hiring a guy that has never coached at a Power Five school before?

And if that goes south in a year or two, are you on the street trying to find a new job yourself? So I think for them, it's, hey man, we're going to play it safe. Get a guy that we know has had success in this league. A guy that's won in this league that's a little bit more known. But I don't like it at all. I would have loved to see Lane go, and I think they did offer Lane first.

But then my second was definitely Deion. But can you, Aaron, let me just ask you this. Can you even trust Hugh Freeze? We know he could win games, but if they reportedly can't even trust him to tweet, how do you hire that guy to be your head football coach?

Yeah, I don't know. I had Hugh, so I actually covered the game Liberty versus Arkansas about a month ago, and I sat down with him Friday night, coach's meeting, and talked to him for a while. And from talking to him and talking to other people, he's a guy that definitely has obviously learned from previous mistakes in his life as a man, as a coach. I think he's more than equipped to get in there and take over Auburn and have success. I think he's a really good hire, and I think Auburn found themselves a really good coach. I just think that when you have an opportunity to get a guy that has an it's factor, like Deion has, a guy that, like I said, moves the needle in a lot of ways. I think they're gonna look back on it in two years from now and say, okay, listen, we got a guy that was winning eight games, winning nine games, somewhat happy, but Deion is over there winning eight, nine games at Colorado. Like, imagine if he had all resources here at Auburn, what he could be doing. Last thing I'll ask you, Aaron Murray, when it comes to Jimbo Fisher, next year, if we're talking at this time, is Jimbo Fisher still the head coach of Texas A&M? Yeah, it's just too much money, man. It's way too much money for them to let him go.

It'd be silly to do. Gotta get an OC, gotta get an OC, but I think he's got a pretty good quarterback. The freshman looked good, looked good in the last game. They just got that five-star running back today that he committed from Louisville. They got count on the roster. I really like their young receivers.

So, they got the pieces on both sides. I think now it's just, he's got to humble himself a little bit. That's on him, bringing an offensive coordinator. And then from there, I think he'll be fine. But, I mean, they would have to go, like, two wins, three wins next year for me to feel like even A&M fans would bite the bullet and pay him, I think it'd be right around $75, $80 million to let him go, which is just a crazy amount.

I mean, he's playing with house money right now. He's Aaron Murray, does a great job for ESPN, Sirius, XM, and Volume Sports. Always appreciate the time, Aaron. Thank you.

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