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March 24, 2020 1:21 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 24, 2020 1:21 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt explained that he was absent for 3 days due to being sick.--2- Matt shares his thoughts on the corona virus situation.--3- What can I do when I pray and have trouble staying focused---4- When you get baptized do demonic influences go away---5- Can you explain 1 John 5-16-17 as connected to Romans 6-23---6- What was the issue between Luther and Erasmus---7- If we can't be at church to take communion, can we do it at home- Can our husbands lead---8- Can a person cast out demons without the Holy Spirit in them-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found you have questions of our Bible doctrines. There is a max likewise glances called in responding to your questions at 877072276 pairs.

Matt slick all right would welcome the Joe hey Dave, so March 16, 2021. Give me a call yeah I had a your super bad chest cold so bad that I was whispering to talk and so when you do that for a couple three days so I missed Wednesday Thursday Friday my boy started getting better on Saturday and I to preach yesterday at her church so there you go, and my voice is a little bit about 95% by 95% back to be told voice anyway so he look at what you may call me at five open lines altogether do styling 772072276 to give me a call and this is not a well it might be for later BUT right now it's Monday, 16 March call blab and went out for a few days. People can get into the habit of not calling because I think it's so you rebroadcast your life or give a call okay 772072276 and if you're new to the show tuning in and wondering what this guy is about. I'm a hard-core Christian apologist, which means a person face to politely very very securely grounded in my faith and believe that every single of the religion of the planet except Christianity is false, and that if you don't trust in the Lord Jesus Christ God in flesh you put your trust in your hope in him. If you do that Rachel, on the day of judgment. This is not a threat. It's just informing you what Jesus Christ got in flesh.

The universe has said. I firmly believe this and I defend the Christian faith doing it for 40 years. I website CAR enough has had over 100 million visitors to it in October will be 25 years old and I would love to be able to do a 25-year-old anniversary shindig for a car like that government are people like to.

I have a meeting like Dallas or something like that.

Find a church of La Mesa building fly out of people. Next time I'm so who knows who knows remedy. No Phoenix in but go now because the virus thing you know so if a colleague. 772072276, maybe a Greeks from Slovenia in Europe and also type in what you like out there on the text chapter Sola so went grocery shopping and to me if you just wash her hands. If you just be sensible no don't cough people's faces. Be careful. I eat your veggies take vitamins make lots of water. I recommend this to recommend that you take apple cider vinegar with mother each morning and rinse your mouth out afterwards because it's acidic and you know a lot of it can affect your tooth enamel. But it's extremely good for your system.

It really balances a lot of things are system and is look up apple cider vinegar with mother what it does is really good. So it's really good to do that and it helps us stave off all kindest friend of a friend name Ron is good guy and a he rarely get sick and I mean rarely once every few years, and one of the things that he tells me that he does every single day as he gets up and he drinks a large glass of water large glass of water is what and so I started doing that and I noticed that my frequency of getting sick was just cut in half.

Just from that one thing alone so that I started adding up apple cider vinegar also have a huge bag of pure vitamin C and Sonos told me this blab about how things so will someone else told me what you do is you take a teaspoon of five pure vitamin C put in water and an equal amount of baking soda that fizzes out and when it's done fizzing to drink and or some combo thing is really good for your system as well. And what I've noticed is that when I start to feel a little bit under the weather. I will take that like three times in a day and I would say about 75% time. I never get affected by what's going just on the things you know and I'm watching everything and go stuff. So there you go, preach yesterday. That was a good thing. Think the Lord for that. So he folks look at five open lines, nobody's calling I want you to give me a call 877-207-2276 now Amy says elderberry for your immune system is really good orange soda? I don't know what's up. I do know that a lot of water really good for you. Here's a reason that water is good for you people don't know this one side effect.

Really simple your mucus system in your sinuses is a repository of germs because it's designed by God to filter out microbes in various things and stuff. So get your lungs but is designed to do that if you don't have water in your system then mucus can't form as well.

And because of it. You don't have the ability to to get rid of those germs. So what you do is make sure you have moisture so use a CPAP machine and keeps you moisture in the sinuses. I learned this from a pharmacist who said that with you.

What a way to prevent colds is to simply have a humidifier because it keeps the air moist in your throat doesn't get dry and the mucus in the cost of addressing all these little things you know were talking about this because of the coronavirus collector will sink so well last week right you might my voice was gone. I felt fine had no fever had nothing I get this congestion in my sinuses. But once your things and allergies and so I went to sit with people but I had to get a couple things.

My wife and I'll tell you people panic is no need to panic. The shelves are empty.

Why we have an incredibly efficient food distribution system here in United States and I remember that some of another country came United States and was blown away by the grocery stores by the variety of items that were there to understand what it's like in other countries. He said countries you don't get that wide variety of things only United States to get that writing were extremely efficient at being able to produce means of getting food and supplies into stores and this can continue to happen so you worry about that you want to panic. I would suggest you know if you can get a future keep cans of food and just have a couple weeks supply doesn't take much to do that and him and that that's that's all you need okay just get a little bit there and you be fine so don't panic, don't worry about it. The Lord is going to protect us the Lord to take care of things they been worse pandemics out there and we survived and so I know that people are dying but they die from the flu. It's a normal kind of a thing not making light of it, but these things are are just realities in a fallen world.

So there you go to open lines in the call 877-207-2276 and Keith.

He's a guy really nice guy. He produces the show so you guys can you call when you talk to Keith and O'Keefe. I talked for the show he would do a soundtrack check and he's a really nice guy and I think we befriends if he could stand. My humor but he told me to to mention something to you guys that best of Matt slick live podcast together on Monday and are usually released around 3 PM on user time each Monday go to Apple iTunes to get the best of Matt slick life you put these together and I was joking. I said well how do you reduced to just a bit.

That's what it's all good you know you chuckled but so if you have different ways of finding that maybe just give me a call and let me know why my phone keep doing it all down and you cannot give me call and say hey this is how I get the mats look like podcasts is informational to say okay there we go. Why don't we just jump on the phones. Let's get to Christina from Richmond, Virginia. Christina, welcome your on their I'm fine by God's grace are you doing). My white what I do is repeatedly bring my mind back to prayer and the things you can do. Also, is to literally get a notebook and a prayer notebook and you write down certain things you want to pray about and you can prove your eyes open finger underneath your word that you praying about and when you deviate. Don't worry about it just just keep praying a lot about my problem is I used to do a lot of body surfing boogie boarding down in California a lot.

That's all you praying next thing you know I'm taken away from cutting and getting getting. I took off and like now get back prayer so I completely understand.

So I guess is do that kind of thing and just just keep praying. Just distrust the Lord.

It expressed a lot of my I would probably really bad and I don't I go away, clicking sound is on your and mine for some reason loud snapping sound coming through okay I do so seems to have no happening, but some people do is no big deal. Just wondered so you get these these impressions these things can I you don't have to tell me what can I ask your age well okay you sound young. A lot of times this kind of thing happens to people who were in their late teens early 20s, and a lot of times because the brain is simply developing its growing and solar wires get cross and so sometimes in some people.

We feel excited, some depressed, some have more bouts of these is just a possibility.

Nothing is what it is. If you're in your 30s, your brain is matured by that and so if you're having doubts of this kind of stuff.

It might be a spiritual thing and just possibilities what you do is you pray, you asked the Lord to work through it you ask for your protection, things like that you continue to do that now. Baptism does remove things like that baptism is a covenant signed by which we publicly proclaim our identification with Christ. And so that's what we do. Baptism could be.

Diet is an organ could be that you have the medicine for something because our bodies are sometimes hold off it will talk a little more about you back right you folks. Please write back after these messages. Mats like why call 770776.

Back to the show back to Christina. There are clear tell me that you're having a little bit of the right word open compression will become a strange feeling about you and around thing will will know that like now I know what I'll will direct down some questions.

Are you married Mary you you living with a guy okay you not married. Why not married so your to be straight with you okay so you're living in sin, you living in a sinful situation and when you are openly in a sinful situation in rebellion to God that has the ability doesn't mean it is happening but has the ability to open you up to demonic oppression just like someone who would be doing pornography. Someone who would be doing drugs. These are doors that can open you up to oppression.

Now do you go to church well so let me ask Christina so do you believe that Jesus Christ is God in flood and you believe that he died to save you from your sins by fearing your sin in his body on the cross. You okay will continue to do a believe as much as you can write okay. All right. And okay, is this man you're living with is he supposed to be a Christian is a limit. Let me tell you, let me tell you if you both were sitting in my office on the couch you were talking you both know I would politely but firmly say that both of you are living in sin and your lucky God hasn't killed you.

That isn't taking you out because you're proclaiming to live as a Christian you go to get baptized and then you're living in a very sinful situation and that God's mercy nothing but his grace is letting you continue to live you have borne witness of him and then lived in a manner consistent against and and and I'm not mad at you when I'm not pointing fingers and if I was there with him now. How during the test on need to stop and you and your hut, your your boyfriend need to either get married ASAP, but the need marriage counseling you find a local church get that together and you met you move out from each of you don't live together. You have to honor Jesus before you honor your husband and this man has to honor Christ before he honors you. If I were counseling you to. This is exactly what I be telling you must separate physically. You cannot have physical sexual relations anymore to get married and why do you not married already. After living together and have a child together. I be asking these questions. How get married. He's a believer right. What kind of a man is he who says he's a Christian is willing to violate the commands of Christ himself, and what kind of woman are you to do the same thing to him while I will will you not because you're living in soon and you can remedy that with your mom and dad were you get somebody you work it out or go to a church right and truthful with you and on and look like this. Okay, I write a strong recommendation for you need to find a good local church and you need to go to this church together. You need to tell the pastor what it is you're doing and he will give you recommendations of the same kind of recommendation, and you guys need to get married right away if you claim to be both Christians and you are then you get married if he's not a Christian and you are you don't get married to Mary in a believer, and vice versa. When it's time to mature up and do which right before God you to confess your sins to the Lord and to each other and you stay away you do not sleep together. You don't do that stuff you're not married to have the right okay well good okay you need to even avoid the appearance of and so do what's right. Okay this is a good church is after okay well I'll hire what we like you want Christina you can find a defined more more churches are going bad and I have recommended the Baptist church denomination with some of them are going bad.

Calvary Chapel. This is pretty safe. Still so Calvary Chapel.

Even though I don't agree with everything they teach. That's okay. You'll find some good counseling there on this issue. Just find it Calvary Chapel when you go and just calm up talk to them and you need to take care of this problem.

Okay, this is the first thing you got right Right now. Okay all right will call me back let me know what happens. All right. Okay lot. Praise God for something you two okay that was Christina folks pray for Christina in this situation if you Christians out there and you're listening you to pray for ever just lift up a prayer today. Tonight's about Christina and the situation that God would work it out and work through them to do what's right just prayed with them. We have the great ability as Christians to hear people's problems and issues and lift them up before the all right, let's get to Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina. Scott break up Sorry buddy like that with my right after these messages capably stick to this got me right back folks mats like why call 77077 Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina, on this lovely Monday.

Welcome around here by God's grace, find and recover from the chest cold.

I know my voice is back regarding John chapter 517 and have looked at me like Romans 623 613 talk about and it doesn't late today.

There different kinds of death. Death is a separation from God. Ultimately, Isaiah 59 verse two, your sins, your iniquities have caused a separation between God and man. Physical death is the result of spiritual sin. Adam represented us and so when he send we died in him for 2015 22, Romans 518 so would Romans 623 is talking about is the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life so it's contrasting the idea of death and the spiritual complete sense, not just the physical sense would seem to be with church on 560 or 70 because there we don't know what that sentence.

Nobody does. It says if anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death you shall ask God to forgive him. Give him life to those who commit sin not leading to death.

There is a sin leading to death. I do not say that he should make request for this we don't know exactly what that is. However, we do know from acts 5133 Christopher St. versus Rex five. We know Annis and I since a fire of what they did was not they lied to the Holy Spirit were physically killed because of first Corinthians 5 was a man who was having sexual relations with his father's new wife and also deliver them over to the devil for the destruction of his flesh so his soul be saved. We have the issue the blast with the Holy Spirit so black through the Holy Spirit is not forgivable and it would lead to absolute physical but ultimately, spiritual death, in which there is no hope in people go to hell. And that's it. There's no hope of forgiveness. So, some commentators think of the sin leading to death has a new do with lying to the Holy Spirit. In that sense and in that way that Dionysus fire it did and they can be killed and and also participating in gross immorality, sexual morality now on the say something here and I want people listen to this because I I've been very, very rarely ever bring this up, but I use myself as an example of failure because there's so much to draw from, to tell you there was a time in my life when I was, not walking with God as I should and I was involved with certain sin. I had difficulty repenting from it and I even saw it at times. And God actually communicated to me that he's going to kill and he was and I had a roommate and I was so bothered by what was happening.

The sense of my guilt and the trigger that God used, to convince me and communicate to me that death was around the corner. If I did not repent and to this day.

40 years later that trigger whenever it occurs, still makes me nervous to tell what it is but I know very well, so I went to my roommate and I told my roommate I think the Lord is going to take me out because I've done been doing blah blah and he said to me. Yes, the Lord told me the same thing you been praying for you.

I repented, I believe I would've been taken out but I stop my sin and God just as the previous caller living in soon as I had done some bad things as well in varying areas and is you listeners out there. We all have done something. Why does God let us live why is he so kind, it's because of his goodness and because of his greatness of his mercy and his grace, and so we need to be very thankful to him. He is so so patient with us and we take advantage of. But there are times he will let you know if you continue in this particular sin.

Whatever it is a sin leading to death.

He will let you know. And so this is a serious thing to walk with Christ. I'm glad to say that God communicated that to me. I'm also very glad because it demonstrated to me the love of God. I was terrified and trouble sleeping. Remember it well in my roommate who still friends with.

He remembers I'll tell you it told me that God loved.

He did not want me to participate in certain sins any sin. But these particular things. Time to stop. It was a loving act view that is some merciful movement of God. That's how I see it, and so here I am 40 years later. Being able by God's grace and nothing is grace nothing but his grace I'm able to perhaps in God's mercy speak truth to people's work, so we don't know what those sins really are specifically speaking about for John five 6217 have an idea with the letters of Scripture, some sins don't lead to a test, you may still paperclip once a week and got me very well just let it slide. But if you it is hard how he communicates. He has ways of doing this to us. I know the people of the right."

That's right. Amen. I hear that I know what you're talking right now about something or the Lord did last year.

Whatever it all we know those of us who are life in Christ I've helped you all the late right in my translation I standard Bible, he let her think that I am not praying about request for this.

I don't know what that means. Why would we not think request for someone who is committing a certain sin. It might be because it's an example of judgment upon one person that would tell other believers and followers of Christ that judgment does come to us here, not electronic preach a dark message and got ready to spank us know God is asked worryingly patient with us, but those who deliberately spit in the face of God, even in their Christian profession. There's going to be a consequence, but usually the consequence happens a long time after God is communicated in love, patient. Always strive with this. I think that might be the case, there might be an issue up example so that might be taught, others not to sound okay.

I was about.

I thank you very much right.

Hope that helps will not lose sight all right, let's get to Chuck from North Carolina.

Chuck is still on the air yet another thread about the yes I can. When you write what what with the right fork is on the grandmother will I I and I remember one work. I don't know what I don't. I don't know she was with you harassments.

I just don't. I do know that Sue went to Lutheran college mapping a bachelors in social science from a Lutheran because Concordia University in California and I do know that Luther was watching the abuse of the Catholic Church in the area of indulgences and he watched a man in a gutter trunk and held up his paper.

I have an indulgence. This is okay you know the exact wording, and it forced Luther to re-examine a lot of stuff and went back to the word, and there's other things are contributed so I know that he was upset by things like that by seeing because no municipal the abuse of people because of the will to the lies of the Catholic Church at the time so I but I don't know that story question no I just don't know yet. I find that okay I cannot do that. One young lady for right now I anyway evident not fall prey really love your yeah I know you take care and God bless you folks. We had a break and the last segments lines 877207 mass Y77077 back to the with so little time effectuating your on your your time now I've been walking down that man there a part-time and all their father had a great and I find any parking by pastor and elders like different clean like how communion right now where we can't get you in our church pastors are we allowed my heart. Thank you labor a lot. My family and it felt like why not use the Mormons as you knows non-Christian Colby will have the power of priesthood authority. So that's it, because that non-Christian religion does something similar to what we can do doesn't mean that their correct. Having said that the husband is the federal head of the family.

He has that right to be able to dispense give communion to the family and nothing in Scripture that I have ever seen says only a man can give it or only clergy can give it.

So entertaining the idea of doing a church service this coming Sunday online or preaching a sermon and stuff like that and so you know if you want me to do that I might do that was really miss anything since you brought this up. I thought about that because people need word and a lot of people are being sequestered right now that's okay but your husband because you're married, your husband is the automatic roll leader in the home he has that right to be able to take the bread, break it wine or grape juice.

The kids whatever it is and just always going to do is just break it is talk about what it is and they will write an article on how to give communion it will do that today. Just for this reason, and put up on the current website that you think the duty and put it up.

I don't mind getting underneath. Umbrella corporate you now you think you know I don't want to usurp the authority of the position of any church body and I'm Presbyterian and I have a Masters of Divinity from Presbyterian seminary, but I see nothing in Scripture that says only clergy can do this and that will be my comeback show me in Scripture were says communion can only be given by the clergy that we know that Jesus instituted to the disciples of so much about.

They had the authority over to say they had the authority husband has the authority in his home.

When the church is I loved to see pre-check occasionally and Southern California and Santa Cruz. What they would do. I love this. My favorite way of doing it. They had community Sunday nothing to do it every Sunday the elders would go awry front to the church and the first row of pews. The first row was always empty because every Sunday they would have communion and what they did was they had the family they take one row and move up to that empty road and it wrote the front row and if it was a husband. There then the elders would give the commute to the husband with the father and the father within give it to the family. If there was no father there are husband there that time whatever situation the elders which is due to go to the mother correctly. The mother would give it to the children. I have no problem with that. I think it's a beautiful way of doing.

I loved it because it demonstrates a high priority that that's coming down and the husband has that place are you doing I see nothing in Scripture that says the contrary listener say that your husband is when the testing sees way for two weeks and you know you if you have kids and you want to be in communion.

I don't see any problem with your in place you're not usurping anything. I don't see a problem with you getting the community to your children if you love your husband's not there, stuff like that you know. I can see from an article yeah I'm all now out regular church yet.

I mean, holy, holy ground, but yet I have all the right lever background my thing that you are absolutely here and you get the computer not know you forgot that you know you're talking about. Walking all morning. I don't believe all the club you what the Christian view and I would really like you that I don't believe in authority that you either my head free you have the authority in our home a little bit walking all the morning know how their union and I might wait it out.

How curvy planning occurred and then go back.

I had no think you administer communion tonight with our family and I can feel that I need.

I want to share in Gary's hand, and I wanted that I felt like I wanted that problem with the end. Again, I'm just going to Scripture and if anybody wants to take take offense to that comment was wrong. Here's why I'm actually open to hearing it from Scripture. I've looked over the years and wondered about it and I've never seen anything in the Bible it says thou shalt only have clergy administer communion. What if your your plane wrecked on a deserted island and is no pastor around no clergy around, and what you can have communion anymore just doesn't make any sense. You also very cool with our Lord referentially thing to write an article on how to do communion in the home.

Okay some like that I would communicate my reasoning on why my fellow believer like now Casey and fell. I would appreciate that information.

Pretty cool that you're I know what tuition do we deliver 20 and we got a video where somebody roasted me and it was Larry because people who knew me knew all the quirks that I have five courts have asked burgers. I got quirks yeah yeah you and so it was, I was absolutely just love it I can find you put it up.

It's cost me a lot of humiliation.

Certainly worth it. Good laugh and lack article. Why not hold out no never really made me either by article. Okay, I just go by the word luck and in my tonight because I got a lot to do with the will of well okay let's Casey. See you okay I alright Mr. David from Raleigh, North Carolina. They draw near your work while my wife would probably be saying that's not true, but you never know little wives are you fun earlier when I water felt better on your you you I think you're some wisdom there you if you are in prison for example It is a lockdown for a month and you get you get wine grape juice.

Maybe you'll get water you want have communion with your fellow cellmate because he became Christians think it's doable in certain situations, normatively speaking.

When you do the body of Christ, and we should.

I believe have the option of lying there because that's what Jesus did grape juice is fine too and unleavened bread. But if that we don't have that get you something to kill us for this, we want to demonstrate the covenant faithfulness of him before others and we should try to as biblically as possible the way down from their circumstances. There earlier there like you like year one mountain on the, there you out of the really love you know what great great okay sorry or later that okay talk you later. Clicking something that is Nelson California about a minute on the year, if that.

We got okay as quick as possible. In Scripture, no. And because the main hall repeating that thing over and over. The book back. My question is a person Human. In their life. Apparently people really do this by the power the name of Jesus Christ. He went believers where it is in the book of acts of answer they would be yes were the Demons came in and attack them. All we know, so, so we know we know who you are and looks like that is the case so long ago that tremble try. It's always name for 12 m and is going to go okay I got awry Amy call back tomorrow.

I want to talk about what you're talking about there and Courtney. Good question as well.

The Lord bless you all and trust and faith in him and by his grace will talk you tomorrow

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