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March 25, 2020 11:00 am

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March 25, 2020 11:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talked about his discussion on ABN of the Islamic view of heaven.--2- Matt mentions that the theology schools on the CARM site will be discounted starting 03-20.--3- Why is it wrong for Christians to do yoga---4- How are Genesis 3-17 and 1 Timothy 2 12-14 connected-related---5- How can I witness to my JW friend---6- Can you explain Hebrews 6-4-6---7- In Romans 2, what does robbing temples mean and how does that fit today---8- What church-denomination do you suggest---9- Can you explain what Paul means in Ephesians 4 about gifts to be prophets and apostles---10- What is your view of speaking in tongues in Acts 2---11- God stopped advancement in Genesis 11 with confusing the language, why not now-

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Wrestling why Matt is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was written found you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a map what why branches are called in responding to your questions at 877-207-2276 pairs.

Matt slick blogger.

One. Matt slick with math look line producer Wednesday 2020. I hope you will have an good time virus is alive and well in their economies slowing down will make it, but the hope you're old and have a good time. Nevertheless, look to the Lord uses has an opportunity to do different things you want to be called if we have the final lines 877-207-2276, and also looking for some stuff. Your indirect so well it's interesting lot of stuff going on, just meet interesting emails about Corona, even the dentist is slowing down all right hate. I hope you want to give me a call. We can talk 877-207-2276 and I just did an hour on EB and set TV discussing Mohammed's view of heaven and it was a discussion Tony Costa was on Dr. Clinica's constant use of a good time and I hear we are so there to go by the way, just let me know that we stay on the air by your support if you want to support us five dollars a month dollars a month like his good karma that works CAR M.O RG on the right-hand side to find or donate or just type in kind of work//donate.we still nearby your support. No were not hurting no one, not begging this informing and know that God puts it on people's heart to support us and we do appreciate those who have we really do appreciate and also just let you know that we have a wish list on karma so if you're interested in that score, the karma homepage and check it out. Wish list and to do anything on the schools tomorrow and we offer the schools at a reduced price for those who want to stay home will do that tomorrow and I'll get that set up tonight so that those who want to study can do things like that. So there you go, what you may call for us. Give me three open lines 877-207-2276 look at the Chris Raleigh North Carolina Chris you're on their RMN hang in there. We got a man so regarding you and you know I know the origin of the no good and yeah I actually looked at your article on the you know.

Should Christian celebrate you or practice yoga.

And I even posted on Facebook today that you know because I actually know people that do that and I know it's wrong and thought method means that although you know you could explain this in the light will not really there. Like, what can you explain to me how it you know it basically wrong for Christians that do and I don't know if they completely read your article could not. I feel like it was very informative about everything you not a clear and dry. And I think they were just trying to kinda debate me anyway because beyond that, that's not a topic that I have studied in pool and I can without any material right in front of me I can't really give examples. All I don't like was the derivative from Hinduism and it is not like Christ in you know that you would do it is first. It's in Eastern meditation procedure methodology that uses body movements and stretching in order to move energy heal and get in tune with varying… Equal to generically energies all right and believe it or not I should take yoga I was younger and I remember very very clearly what we called chakra balancing and sports a Christian and we touch.

Just give me details, but touch certain parts of her body and transfer energy well that's all cultic and it's bad news, and so Christian should have no business at all. Now can we stretch stretch stretching is not hard but we don't call that yoga yoga is by definition the stretching the body posturing along with Eastern meditation and Eastern energy principles, transferences and ideas. That's what yoga is. So there can be no Christian yoga. There can be right to be Christian stretching the problem stretch no problem at all nor the gentleman so much anymore because of stuff people stretching their notice don't notice stretching stretching is okay, not the yoga not to Eastern mysticism, stuff like that energy balance and getting into it with your inner self, your energy, energy, healing, and all this kind of stuff which is all cultic Christians have no place right okay and that like again. I didn't do a lot because whenever someone like oh well you know there to stretching while you know reading reading Scripture whatever and like to me like there's names for reasons. Identify thing just like one thought method. All of their Catholics that love Jesus, but they are not actual Catholic Bible on my block, another tangent yeah exactly if I will get it, but it does it confuses me when someone says that they truly love. Even if they follow the Bible, but they still Like again because I'm kind of the same position on you with you on that with depositing the therapy of NUS that that the point but yeah I just didn't understand why people are are defending you know yoga and I have told him I like look for it literally like just tell him that yoga is by definition the stretching along with energy balancing and coaxing mysticism. That's what yoga is and if you don't do the mystical stuff with that you're not doing yoga, you just stretching this gentleman. One thing I don't want to like take any more time. But like one thing that they like oh well, there are certain stretch of the that are associated with yoga and background all around me yet are some of the bowel Lotus rights and train in various things and those are names given to them those positions by yoga enthusiasts for centuries. Well, we use the same names. This gets into the issue of freedom. Can we eat meat sacrificed to idols. Since we can't but not stumble somebody else. We have to be wise and how we use our freedom.

Can we use the same names yeah but waiting to do and then a whole new set of names for something. This becomes difficult right so if our pastor. The church is someone wanted to do stretching exercises to say that's fine. Not a problem if you call it yoga, you have a problem if you do mystical stuff. The courses never happen that with you the calmest, the same names. Then we have to talk about that and they don't command an eye appointment talk about what yoga is and how we can use namely no stretch this NAFTA whenever you my old martial arts instructor is a physical therapist and they have names of stretches the hamstring stretch the whatever it is stretch and so they have different names. So if you thought something like that with the tough mocha. Okay right now I cannot everybody keep calling men around that he was Chris Raleigh, North Carolina.

We have three open lines folks want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Kim from rural home North Carolina near you meant to be.

Now wait up for me and he used it. The example of admin E.

Adam, listening to the Lord why is this what you did at you thought the cancer patient X is a usurpation that comes in the verb to usurp which means to take the authority that's not yours, but that didn't belong somebody else to take it in and act it often means in a violent way does necessitate that's was take by force. Generally speaking, will take the authority of someone else.

So Eve usurped her position.

His position by taking his by not submitting to the authority that Adam had for first Timothy 212, 13, 14 Asante not allowing them to teach or exercise authority over Mandarin client network client for people to know in Greek is Saskia it means to keep quiet. Her there's another word Sadako which means absolute silence with nothing said it all so that people can become even more secure even more quiet anesthetist anything there for was Adam was first created and then Eve. That's verse 13 and this is dealing with the issue called primogeniture that means the first born of the first male in this case Adam is the first one created and so he has that authority and by fact of being male also has photos Adam Rose was to see it was not Adam who was deceived with the woman being deceived from transgression, so she was to see this part of the reason so this issue authority is tied to the creation order which is why women are not to be pastors and elders, folks. If they are in your church teaches that they are in violation of Scripture and I would recommend you don't go to churches or support churches that violate the word of God. Okay, my little soapbox to go ahead and make that me and on Wednesday he was punished for disobeying, but is also punished for listening to her, in contradiction of the word of God. We don't listen anybody who contradicts the word of God. You don't take them seriously including your wife or your husband, your children, your parents, so God punished Adam and him and us because he's the federal head representatives that we felt in him for 2015 22, as it says in Genesis 317 because you have listened to the voice of your wife and you been for the tree if we have commanded you, so you shall not eat from it first as a ground because of you.

So we listen to her and not the voice and submitted to that. That's why we have sin in the world Came in with a blessed to come but he got great questions. All right, we are fourth in line 20. Give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the slider from Kansas welcoming on the air… Like you my best quest. My best friend is a good and very high IQ and read the Bible on now is very 70 and the writer second book is published that have not been published yet.

That is the fictional nonfiction fiction includes the words I Michael Bray hold on please get to that regular break here, but this is the right back after these messages we have three open lines 877207 mass Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg. Everyone hey we have three open lines 87720722761, right slider is still there and I wanted to select a book about the public were Christlike on order coming down to destroy the world and five years ago Matt: Jehovah's Witness I want to think loudly never change on line site. My book they'll and like an MD event Bible during his life and on. I want to know what to bring back to the Christianity, you will be will to do that is to do for five years is thoroughly brainwashed and so attacking the issue of Michael and Jesus is again really be that productive.

To say it is just generally is not going to be what you could generally do was ask him to demonstrate from Scripture that Jesus is Michael the Archangel logistical problem here now describe this has to do with nature and continuity so is Mr. question is a cat the same thing as an elephant real simple answer is what we know can a cat become an elephant will answer now they're different in nature and essence can Angel become a man can Angel chinos nature and become something it wasn't. Now, because then you have a cessation of the first, so when the Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus who is by nature and Angel Michael the Archangel, he stopped becoming an angel. Stop being an angel and changed his nature and became a man, so Michael the Archangel ceased to exist and he became a man, because human nature and Angel natures are different then and Jehovah's Witness theology. Jesus became Michael the Archangel again. But that means that Jesus doesn't exist anymore logical necessity and Jehovah's Witness theology because now he's an angel again, but an angel in a manner different by nature. Before going to explain something in Christian theology.

When we say God became man. We don't say that he stopped becoming God and change his nature became man will do as we say the nature of the word. The second person of the Trinity, and I didn't human nature in the person of Christ. So Jesus has two natures, the divine and the human so the continuation is not a problem. The continuity is not a problem. It's different in the cults like the Jehovah's Witnesses, so this one issue is called the continuity issue and they can't refute that to say vessel civil guy can do what he wants but now the stroke but will he do with what's logically impossible and intercourse is no less one thing, here's something else that I think you might be interested in doing is go to go to car my website and look up in the search engine call upon the name of the Lord okay typing out right now my search engine and type Ist contains one to let me give you a brief outline of what this article is about when my longest wasn't written on the website and I did because it's very powerful against Jehovah's Witnesses and some Jehovah's Witnesses try to refute it and then I closed any gaps and problems and had to add to do it. But here's the basic thing. There is a phrase in the Old Testament to call upon the name of Yahweh or the Jehovah's Witnesses. It's fine will sit were Jehovah call upon the name of Jehovah someone 16 forks in Zechariah 13, nine, and many other places in it means to pray to to worship Jehovah and him alone and you get him to to see that you didn't see this is all written an article and so what I do deals with this is a say is that true is it true that whenever you see this the phrase call upon the name of Yahweh, Jehovah, it's worshiping and at adoring praying to the true living God, and only him and the site correct to good canal or sunk. So what I'll do then is say okay the Septuagint which is the Greek translation of the Old Testament Hebrew by the Jews when they took that phrase call upon the name of Jehovah or calling on the name of Jehovah.

They translated it into the Greek call upon the name of the Lord because the Hebrew Yahweh is not there in the Greek so they used the Greek word such as it is called upon the name of the Lord right well what is with what it says in first contains 12 with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord what it literally says in the Greek is call upon the name of the Lord of us. Jesus, Paul is using that same phrase call upon the name of the Lord of us. Jesus, we don't talk like that drinks will be different. So the English they say call upon the name of Jesus our Lord. That's not what it says in the Greek literally. This is some this is why we need a literal translation so that's why using the SP okay so call upon the name of the Lord of us.

Jesus and that's what setting in first contains 12. It's a very, very powerful witnessing tool that you go through that article you take a look at it. Hopefully you'll be able to use it and him and demonstrate with the issuance okay by the equipment repentance on someone I get there.

He was to not only signal I Hebrews 46 no, he was for six and eight and he said differently getting mixed up a recess 46 are not the problem. So it's either 646 and it says in case of those who've been enlightened once been enlightened, consider same enlightened case of the heavenly gift have been may partake of the Holy Spirit.

This even fits Judas Judas who betrayed Jesus was enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift was made partake of the Holy Spirit is the same as indwelt by or saved as a case of the good word of God and the powers of the age to come in a fallen away. It's impossible to renew them again. Repentance that means that anybody who knew this stuff and fell away could never renew to repentance. But Jesus says he won't lose any.

John 637 through 42 of the father that he lose none so it can't be that they lose your salvation. So Hebrews 646 can't be talking about losing salvation. All okay my friend even a year. The graph in the book say and last, by God in Christ; the book knowing that Jesus is not Michael is not saved okay okay thank you very much that I my God bless you and your program on a folks be right back after the mass Y call 770776 here's Matt's leg back ripped you up in long 72072276. Let's get to court Courtney welcome Ronnie Roman where all that deal…. Or I'll drop wondering break this pattern or I'll Temple. I understand why I don't Temple David Halleck that might fit with what would that look like that's a good question was either on the temple police go in and take the idols and the silverware and instruments in the high-value items and steel. That means that will just part of the question, though, he will feel are idle Temple.

I boring I don't but I don't like that.

Somehow or today, but I still think I see that you mean the juxtaposing.

I do not commit. If the disabled. You should not do you do it to teach others what you teach cell so he says, you poor idols, do you rob temples I see is I know it might be just a linguistic thing you know I'm a writer and I write fiction and sometimes you get this pattern going and you realize the pattern can't work with the next thought is a nice woman like that so it could be that way. I'm not sure, but if you say you are against idols, do you go into the temples and steal things on the much major going anywhere that the idols are the first place, so maybe maybe that's going on that are no that you rob temples that could be a shot to be idiomatic at the time going to be temples, not to good question is a good question. Let's see, let's see see see looking at a commentary to see listening lightly quickly. As a Jew certainly did. Even after the captivity fortis document sacrilege. No good question.

The I'm interested in the linguistic juxtaposition I think it's if you are interested in as well, but no, I don't know why the linguistic juxtaposition would be there except to say that they wouldn't be idolaters. The Jews, because when he stopped talking about is in verse one, talking about you condemn people you practice, same thing in verse 17 he says there are you for the name Jew and line the law of God and then do you do this or talk to the Jews so I don't think it would be applicable for the sake you poor idols, you will you.

I guess I don't. Do you mother temples what is that mean to run the temples in the context of Jews who don't go to temples and to be honest I don't know I don't get to know. It's interesting that a lot of times in situations like this nothing. This is the case, but sometimes you know sister cultural something that that is is the reason and something to get a find a little jump someplace to research sometimes let you stumble on it before to read look here yeah question I had last year but you rob temples to cross reference to X 1937 for you brought these men here who are neither robbers of temples or classroom or goddess robbers of temples on you. Now you got me curious. No medical research.

This that's that's a good look at me to rob the temples trying to picture yeah and I don't know yet because even stealing from the temple is still sinful. Still, theft. So while they do they are eager, nagging thing about a boring I don't know what writing may be I don't know maybe some Jews felt justified going in robbing the temples of false gods to help destroy that idolatry and he felt justified to do. Maybe that's the case, but it still would be theft so I can come up with me curious about it so now only got will you know I've only got hundreds of emails to answer and the 600 articles to write literally getting another book published in so you don't have much collar. I like the NASB, the new American Standard Bible one: possibly seven okay so James is fine and unlocking all the other ones and sing the bad but I like the NASB because of literalness as an apologist. I want that literalness is. I find that I can explain less when I'm in the NASB, you do explain more and other versions and then I compare Romans 518 in all other versions, and only the NASB's got right because when actually I think the only one that right yes financing and that is a very powerful verse because when it actually says in the Greek and is confusing. Maybe sometime people asked me to spend five minutes explain it but it sent me on a quest to to learn and open up a whole new door theology to me that on your website about that part think so, but it is on another website I got Calvinist back and look at all men saved that article.

There all men saved and then look for Romans 518. I going and explain what's happening in the Greek and their other church that you said that you got Calvinist know it was Calvary Chapel do not Calvinist, and the reason is because fewer and fewer denominations.

I can recommend generically across the board. Heretical.

Even SBC Baptist convention is going south. Calvary Chapel has it's problems, and some Calvary chapels teach anti-reformed theology which they shouldn't but generically speaking if you're pretty safe. That and evangelical free are two basic ones I would have to start doing some research, it researching in and find out groups of churches.

I could recommend is it's getting bad is not me. My narrowing out that our you like work in the title block I'm reformed in my theology I prefer reformed theological perspective. With the stroke of redemption of Christological century logical issues being preached. That's right, so Stephanie I get bored and will okay I don't know you know how I want to be a preacher again.

I want to preach but I don't have the time to do what needs to be done. I would need men who work with me to take care of all the other stuff and I could just research sermons and teach and preach. If you find someone who would want to do that then praise God but is it what God wants. I don't know how I meet with a lot more people over radio and the Internet router could care like like to think so nicely that is what I do. I have a knack for people tell me so you know, by God's grace I think.

Yeah, Courtney goblins all right they thought we have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Robert from North Carolina, Robert. Well I know about that question about topics you and all you go about any day so I'll probably not, but it will copy off of that work for you to gang up. I agree with you as you back okay hold on right that folks of these messages via three open lines 877207227 mass Y770776 is Matt's leg welcome back everyone we have three open lines 877207276. Let's get back to Robert North Carolina Robert Rainier you you are calm me Now eleven and it day, what I know about commentary figure 8 note. A day profit.

A normal got nation that is normal. Got copper it, why wanted to let you saying what yeah sure sure giving gifts to the church the people of God to get some as apostles, tell those know some who were passenger, John, Paul, Peter, James, etc. to the apostles were the prophets were before or since.

In the New Testament that the prophets of the Old Testament were there for for our edification and they are a gift to us as well.

Now there is, however, in first Corinthians 14, there is the issue of the prophets there but they are the ones who prophesy and it's a spiritual charismatic gift.

So the Old Testament style of profit is done away with.

They would speak and write Scripture in the Old Testament away. But the prophets in the sense of prophesying the New Testament in the charismatic that's not the same thing as the prophets of Ephesians 411.

If we understand 411 prophets to be Old Testament prophets. If we understand Ephesians 411. Props to be New Testament stop prophets, then no problem. Some people say we know there apostles today. Well, that would be interesting to to define because the issue of apostleship is using seven different ways in the Bible that we were talking about the issue of the apostles and its fivefold ministry metaphor.

It might be fourfold. Actually saves five don't spend much for the it says get some as apostles, will with an apostle.

When we see that Judas died we see that they replaced him with Matthias what they said this therefore dismisses acts 121. Therefore, it is necessary that of the men who have accompanied us all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us. So you're saying that in order to qualify for this. They have to been with them from the beginning with the baptism of John, verse 22 so he put forward to men Joseph and Matthias, and Matthias was the one chosen so one of the criteria that the apostles themselves used to replace an apostle and thicken.

Apostle was that is with in the beginning of the time John the Baptist now. In addition, however, receivers Cadiz 19 Paul says God is faithful, to whom he called for spend one night of prescriptions 11 nine and it 91, especially with bursts of my head says and when that freedom I not an apostle.

Have I not seen Jesus our Lord. So we know that Jesus appeared to him and called him specifically so we might build to say that Paul is a unique kind of apostle because Jesus appeared to him and called him and he defends his apostleship by saying and annexing the Lord Jesus to the definition.

The requirements for apostleship going to Scripture seem to be. You have to have seen the risen Lord and or you have to been with Christ the issue with the ministry of the SQL for the beginning so when I see on on Sunday and I hate looking at religious shows on Sunday because I yell at the TV so often it is not good rest for me on that sacred day of rest apostle so-and-so get up a piece and apostle and he starts talking and and half of what he says you know he could not better theologically, but it just bothers me. The apostle and or on the prophets or apostles.

I just don't see this in Scripture anybody getting up there and and saying that this is what they are. Apostle seemed to seem to be the office is done. They're the ones who were the New Testament covenant and wrote Scripture they could heal and they were called by Jesus Christ personally. Now some guy comes along and says well Jesus appeared in my bedroom you know when I was 12 and told me on the apostle well you know I'd like to have it tested to see some other things I get as many details about and I believe in the charismatic gifts are so you know I believe in all of I do, but I have a problem with people consult apostles by distancing this guy that it may help you eat again, God, you know you cannot pop you have that type work will. This is because there was no gifts of healing, and so I think it's of healing and interpretation of tongues and things like that.

This necessitated an apostle automatically can do that because even Paul left people sick so you know is not exact criteria for that which does say as it says in the Greek and the New Testament says he says he gave some as the apostles, and some as the prophets, and some as the evangelists, and some as the pastors and teachers. The word thought is called the definite article and occurs four times. There, the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists and the pastors and teachers, so some think that pastors and teachers are the same office or hinting at the same officer to submit to contribute information for people but nevertheless no I don't I don't buy the idea of of present-day apostles today.

Sure to head out a problem who made it babble. I laugh and make audit go when I read and review the means.

I know about unknown when I think about unknown, think about all the people I make a triangle with the word of God into that language and language you see is the date would be that and that language with me how to eat no outline the Galilee text to that is one of the views of the glossolalia. The tongues glossolalia in the Greek so something while you are speaking another language on the earth to those who are there some say that they knew the languages. The people were speaking like I'm pretty good at Spanish and Ifinish want to get around with I spoke Spanish speaking in a tongue so to speak in the idea this context, the idea is that in Israel. Only Hebrew was used to speak the sacred words of God. And so then other languages were there and it was being spoken of in those languages so slump.

One theory is that that's what tongues were. Then there's the tongues of those languages for evangelism, which I think is really possible. I things been documented and then I believe and also heavenly languages languages event of angels, though I speak with tongues of angels, and angels communicate somehow ESP or what they don't know I'm not just joke around either the tongues of angels, pursuant to 13 so I believe that there's tongue there as well that God in this great wisdom and charismatic movement can speak through us and communicate the gospel message in other languages to even do it in a I would have a handle of gift company book. Now go now I have a good means a lot and need to be interpretation.

How would you put it. They think they need some bad yet so understanding that, and I believe you know a lot of time. I called.

I believe they would thank you, Craig. Not many talk about our feet thousand one, so that they can practice that belief angry says for you buddy. God bless Matt that okay all right rubber from North Carolina was on the phone with Billy Charlotte Rainier created we have the tall buildings called skyscrapers. We have's commercial aircraft.

We put a man on the moon you 11 437 then they said, let us build ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth, but the Lord came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building the Lord said, if it is one people speaking this same language they have begun to do this. Nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them, let us go down and confuse their language that they will not understand each other. God's without the technology back then but he is not stopping it now why reasons are different because the people back there to tell the devil wanted to become, in a way like God and so they were using the technology for an ungodly way, so God scattered them around here. We can certainly benefit from using technology. Jesus used technology because he used to hammer and nails as a carpenter, that's technology to form metal by smelting purification using nails and hinges a plane in order to make wood straight and things like that.

The technology of mathematics which is interesting topic in itself. Technology is not evil is what we want to do with it right now the gospel hopefully will go out. These are waves I was just to the previous hour on avian set TV gave the gospel out to Muslims over different TV network.

Praise God we have cars we have airplanes that allow us to go to the places I went to the Philippines by if claim by jet and was able to preach and teach their technology is a good thing. We just want to use it for God.


Minton phones love like I'm a technology American Idol and left technology. If I don't if I ever get a new car which never have the money to do. I want all the bells and whistles that get like buttons pushed will stick with this to technology left in the house in computers I love computers, and to save it to my wife I would marry one if I could, that she just rolls her eyes and once I was in am a big computer storing huge computers to motherboard and headed in a really nice box all it was good. I mean really powerful look at my wife and I looked and I held. She's looking over this is good.

I rip my chest.

Oh yeah, like that is not you want to try this. She's walks away all in fun. But no technology is great. If we use it for good, for the glory of and it's okay we don't want easy for simple purposes. I peopled with pornography or hatred and condemnation. I use it to promote the gospel all right okay I got blessed going 55 goodbye data was perfect timing for the Lord bless you and by his grace folks back on there tomorrow. If you have a grading

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