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April 7, 2020 6:24 pm

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April 7, 2020 6:24 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Where does the belief that Jesus was in hell during the three days in the tomb come from---2- Was Paul a eunuch---3- Is baptism for the remission of sins---4- Is the corona virus related to the last days---5- Why did Jesus say -My God, My God, why have you forsaken me----6- If baptism is essential to salvation, then why would Paul say what he did in 1 Corinthians 1-14- How do Roman Catholics respond to that-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show. Found online and you have questions about Bible doctrine. Matt why rent is called in responding to your questions at 770-7276 here is Matt's way around it will show that slick live that slick authority to call me if I will. Lines 87772276.

All right now we had an earthquake here in Idaho should actually be productive news 6.5 or something like 16 years never had an earthquake in Southern wife and her Mary down there and hold that some earthquakes were like so to do today will city windsurfing basic what you do, so I don't mind earthquakes and I didn't bother me into a lot of big ones, small ones, and so one time one time back in the day there was an earthquake. You know, we were newly married and live with my folks for just a little bit there and a lot of couples. Good luck.

Then we didn't go to school earthquake and my wife. You earthquake and I didn't comfort her and so my mom held her and the whole bit.

My wife is never let me forget that instant circuit. She earthquakes are renowned and yes and he did not hold me when I earthquake so yesterday yesterday.

Okay, that was earthquake so I ran upstairs and held my wife and down her earthquake left about two minutes and so I made up for for at least one of my good flaws in the marriage life with with my wife so she said yes but then there's another time you hall so I'm thinking another earthquake to happen in order to hopefully make that what you know and we just go okay whatever dude. Tested women all it was 402 in the afternoon on Tuesday you were wearing a green shirt and you said what so any rate goes up going to McCall. 772072276 if you have been reading my novel was released yesterday. A good meal of the feedback on the text of your watch list emails. Love that. And also let's see we have three open five lines 877-207-2276 and only a preschool spoke. So if you are interested in learning your your theology. All you do is give me a call and we can ask questions I can answer.

But if you want to learn stuff like that. Good answers different pace a different way than you can go to the schools lower the price. During the pandemic time make it easier for people and so I gotta do is just go there and check it out so well.

Hopefully you want to and hopefully will work blessing that effort we have school of theology school apologetics school of critical thinking mind this morning I had a conversation with someone who called up and down talk about how she had written some stuff on the Trinity and it wasn't most people think that's a warning flag for me so I started talking to her about this and I'll tell you one difficult conversations I've had in a couple of years with anybody. I guess the question like a is a Trinity polytheist or monotheistic -2 minute answer it on its monotheistic best answer became quite frustrating.

I will say that nevertheless is what happens and the people who think they have a good understanding of things often don't don't say having discussions of logic, relational Scriptures, stuff like that. All right 208 Scooby 20828772072276. Let's get to Anthony from Michael Anthony welcome here Anthony a question, are you listening via radio station or just on the Internet on the radio or the Internet radio okay good thank you is curious and know we got a question and what somebody come from that.

Yeah I'm helper, whatever.

I think it was some I could see his face right is an old positive confession teacher and I cannot really think the life of me, maybe Charlie is listening might remember the guys name points right there account number. Anyway, this guy who started Bill Heimer was was my somebody earlier and that's the right. I'm not exactly sure who started that heresy, that false teaching that is depicted by Kenneth Copeland by Joyce Meyer and a few others and it's absolutely a false teaching you not go to hell. Okay the old Creed says that with the help of my that it would just descended into the earth as in his body died and so that's what it's talking about. Not go to a place and be punished and stuff like that. The point of trying to propagate that is not to do believe it's a rumor false of people believe it's true and they just are ignorant of what the word of God really says we have far too many people who are able because of their charismatic ability of backing from people who knows whatever reason and are able to get on TV and/or radio ads are teaching things that the undiscerning don't know or are not truths. This happens a great deal. This is why the radio.

What I do is I stick is close to the Scriptures as possible and if it doesn't cite Scripture.

They'll say we didn't say it this way, but here's a theory here's a theory now trying to give as much Scriptures as possible.

They do is miss quote versus repeatedly and then just start saying things like, what the Lord told me and like this woman is talking to this morning the Lord told her what I asked was that mean why this impression in my heart. Impression your heart what you're saying isn't equal to Scripture so there's problems in this happens a lot in people who want to be have her ears tickled think I have heard from God. God told them something less God telling her not believing the sufficiency of the word of God and how that high view of Scripture. So if I were ever a pastor again. I would always be referring to the word of God is and what is what God's sake, what does it say what does it say that's how it has to be because they don't do that 20 they fall to these other false teachings on postage chapter never made anything. All I know a lot of people you all me anyway. Bill know doesn't just a lot of people who taught a lot of things that are really bad considers of mother Earth planet.

I think for who was his head and could fly nebulas read some things these people get worse from God.

And they say that most do things and they are just dumb and they're not biblical. And because Christians don't open your Bibles excuse Michelle within Scripture. Christians don't do that all the news people are allowed to teach false doctrines happens. It is this.

And so what we do here. Carmen is very seriously. We will be trying to do is present the truth of God according was word is not to say that we believe we did everything right all the time is #but we are saying that were trying to stick a student of the Bible is much as is possible that were trying to do so well known for wrong shows in the Bible. If I say that have a friend who mocks me every now and then because teach Bible studies and say was Bible say and so he mock me.

This is this a friendly mark because it always know what to say. It was about the Bible so it says right right Bible to God bless. All right, let's get to Kayla Kyla from LA welcome here on here are no final painting. No unit know what I understood nothing about a Pharisees could be married and had to fulfill the commandment to multiply and fill the earth and there were keepers of the law so Pharisees would've been married in Utica, someone who's been physically castrated someone who is celibate has not been physically castrated and does not have any relations with all I is they are out economic clarification fell back on will you know okay you can learn you can learn there's wasted TI when I get you to do a course to teach people how to interpret the word of God. Good school of theology, the school of biblical interpretation run through lessons with help people.

It's only the 500th thing about it.

Do you need to be done and that I can't rightly divide the word of Scripture, my grandma Bellini bring right now.

I cannot wait that the content of the basics of the Christian faith and what I want to do when things have been wanting to do is have it manifest because of situations the past few years. I want to start having conferences small conferences where I teach people how to do various things. Apologetics logic equip different interpretations Scriptures and things like that and they get a certificate afterwards to go there. Learn things like this to teach them so they can learn how to teach others. This is what I you ever get that I'll be on the lookout for it back in the back and sign up for, well, I thought about doing it but I'm certainly something like that on this on the Internet. People sign up and that I would have coursework to do their homework before get there and then I teach them and then we have a Q&A about various things they think it is okay and Ali, welcome God bless.

All right, just Kyla from LA let's get to Harrison from Florida. Pearson welcome you on the all right. We just got a break so old. All right, so sorry about that folks who write back after these messages will get to Harrison from Florida. I call 77 charismatic slave back to the show. We have two open lines 877-207-2276 Harrison from Florida. Welcome you when talk about earlier biography of Graydon.

One of them being that one that I cannot, you know, the other partner all that okay whether then I'm like in the Baptist Church and then when you look at the early church father talked about exactly who they're putting the church father no idea possible. You know, now I'm not the church fathers agreed with what baptism was about. So you know you hear this idea you unanimous consensus of the fishmonger's that's just not true. I was saying my church father can beat up your church father because there different quite a bit in library as far as reformers go to question what is it mean by for the remission of sins. Okay this is next to 38 be baptized for the remission of sins. But what does the phrase mean for the remission of sin in the church or to be forgiven work.

You have to be baptized to be forgiven is so then were not justified by faith. Early but we are to work right and there are lot that might think that holding back so we justified by faith we have faith we justified by faith we get baptized were typified by would you say through one baptism. So what you're doing is making no sense at all. Using no sensible thing to understand what you're doing or saying by faith alone, as long as you get baptized.

Let's not faith alone is very silly nice by faith alone that your help. I got excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Excuse me, so you know which will count in the seminary right now. Okay so I'm asking you questions and instead of going to get what everybody else you think everybody else says about you direct question right now, but I love you guys okay excuse or excuse me. Excuse me now are we justified by faith we have faith or we justified by faith. When you get baptized weird what Doc can you just answer the question answer the question we justified by faith we have faith which is likely to baptized. Okay, so they were not justified by faith alone on we know it's not justification. Paul said in Romans 45 the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness is faith alone. Baptism is an ordinance. Baptism is a ceremony what you're saying is meant to be. We justify by faith and a ceremony we have to go through is not by faith alone in Christ to look. Faith is something is granted to us by God's 129 is the work of God.

John 620 29.

So were born again by the will of God. The John 113 and were caused to be born again.

First Peter 13. This is something that occurs because God does is to us the faith we have is to us by God. Philippians 129 granted to believe when God grants that you believe is that faith that you have in him sufficient in and of itself to justify him.

For God, believing that no go work that you not answer the question. Nothing but 100 years care. I want to know what the Scripture says why are you arguing early by you, Harrison, Marta Harrison, you focus you need to focus you all over the place.

This is why you can't get out a direct answer to be mean we need to answer questions directly on believe in faith with baptism is a surnames requirement salvation.

That's not faith alone. Harrison that's not faith alone, to have faith alone means faith is in itself sufficient to justify you before God when you have that not being the case with data ceremony baptism in order to be saved. This is what you're doing. How do you know enough preaching and teaching a false gospel all act of shuttle to Nepal about this father Harrison Harrison Harrison. I don't care about the church fathers, you're wasting your breath with the church fathers.

When you talking about your wasting time. It's not that I listen to the Bible. Harrison Harrison trying to tell you. Try to get you focused that this picture is the final authority, not church fathers who contradict each other, not councils. The descriptors of the final authority. Let me read some scripture to you while Peter will while Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message all the circumcised believers who came with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out upon the Gentiles also for their hearing and speaking with tongues and exalting God and Peter answered surely know can refuse water for the ski baptized to have received the Holy Spirit just as we did County so they had received the Holy Spirit glorifying God speaking in tongues are the same.

At that point before the get baptized. Harrison Harrison, the fact that you can't answer a simple question like this repeatedly without having to go through 18 different directions without being able to focus on something tells me that your theology is is all messed up next to an hour before I asked him 1040.

Take a look at and then call me tomorrow all right fixed letters. Boy is this get back right after these messages I call 77077. Here is Matt's leg back in the show, call three lines 87720776 looks good to Don welcoming on the air that part of all thank you for your your radio thing for the Lord and it's always been a blessing like this in the Scripture for the pandemic that is going on now hitting America in a courtroom where not this weekend but next weekend is Easter the biggest day for churches and go to church every Sunday, but to make a long story short, the pandemic that's going on are hitting now that that were starting an escalation in is going to the last day in the Scripture I know the verse that you know there'd be wars and rumors of war like that but I never really being in the Bible were pandemic with the upper part of the last face tribulation and I'm wondering what you see in the Scripture. From that point will first of all, wheeling last asked to see that the people there were speaking in tongues. Things were happening and is drunk X2 16 but this is what was spoken through the prophet Joel and it shall be the last days, God said, I will pour forth my Spirit on all mankind. Technically, were the last days. Last days as the completion after the completion of what God had ordained in order for the provision of Messiah most important event in the universe, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This this thing so were technically in the last days.

Now when Jesus says in Luke 2110 through 11 and he continued by saying to them. Nation will rise against nation's kingdom, and there will be great earthquakes when yesterday here in Idaho and in various places plagues and famines of detergent great signs from heaven. So, plagues, sicknesses and illnesses are relevant, so the pandemic we are going through right now.

It's one of the signs of the end times.

What I mean by that is, it could be like direct work of God, a pandemic, it could be also in direct work of God and that he allow the circumstances of sinful man to come to fruition with the pandemic occurred. Either way, technically it's all within the end times woke them up the last days.

Now the question most people would want to know is, is it of that sort of thing that's eschatological towards the eschaton. The return of Christ in that it is the bad earthquake feedback plagues where Earth is in complete mayhem. No, not yet.

Yeah I know I tell people who create with in my car get furniture members. All we can do is just pray that God will help the researchers in the finances of the free world in every country to find a solution or cure vaccination of what is going on. I know and I work and I work in the hospital I work in a hospital environment. I happening a lot there. There's a lot of concern that a huge blow not just our financial economy, but a lot of other things and a lot of people are under a lot of take it one day at a time and you notify Lord you will be done and just go along because if you don't, it would really burden you but I'm not sure you get anything you know. He knows when he knows one of my time to go just like anybody else but I just wondered how you felt about that Scripture not appreciate me say that different people are being affected in different ways and the effect of the pandemic is in spot families is not enough money supplies not enough this that not knowing what is happening, not knowing where your next check might come from, and things like that. Well I've been through that and many people been through that without a pandemic. I remember I wife my newly married baby school loans rate rents being raised to lose a job if these things were that last one so that work for two months trying to find work and risk is getting worse and worse and worse in the same kind of thing and then I'd be home and I get a phone call from the tenant from the apartment complex acreage being raised $200 you know and breaking down once the pressure was so great and I just could not function. We got a note card was a couple years old at the time to check the mail for $15 a member. This $15 and we had my wife and I decide to spend it how much the gas how much for baby food, food, diapers publish whatever $15 and yet what happened was God's answer to supplying and right, you know, $15 for this is an example of how God does things so $15 was not much but $15 and $15.

I was grateful for and so I was teaching at a church and I this manual that I was on for $15 of information together and I wanted to sell more of them, but only made like three dollars per manual because you printing cost all the stuff and this guy comes up to me and he says I have a printing company ceases.

I'll do it for you. Cost you kidding me Joe help you so great a given file printed up a whole bunch and he sent me 100 manuals in the mail box. I opened up and the bill isn't in there. I called him up and he said he forgot to put the billing. A pay use of the bills not in their snotty said that we had 100 manuals I could sell for $15. We translate one or two or three at a time and was just enough to keep us going. Just enough that I needed some more manuals, but don't forget to put the bill in this time you really help us out, but I appreciate you. He says again I call him back the second time the billing again.

He said I did all well will have to do it next time and this is how went on for three years to seek God.

God provides provided just what we might just what we needed. Not a lot I been through this so many times I can give a story to story her story where God is just provided the minimum of what we needed and so now I'm not worried if things get bad then things get bad, but you know what he's going to provide and what he does as he lets us go through these things and I told you we have options. What are going to, you can praise God through them you can get mad at God is easy to praise God with things are great praise and thank you and things go bad all praise God anymore. What kind of double mindedness is this our salvation great and it's not just me having a food pantry that mixes praise God. Our salvation and another opportunity for him to provide for us in a miraculous way you praise him through all these things and then as you look back and you see how God is provided.

You have all the more ability to trust him etc. know how it can work, but it is true you will provide. I've seen that sometimes my life so now literally something will happen to my wife and I will be having to go through something or make something up like let's just say I take my car and get oil as an example, has not happened is the kind of thing get my oil changed and let's just say they do it wrong. The engine gets ruined okay. I my wife was upset about that. I would be to go to them. It's a well know things happen and what was can happen except what if I get a new car because of it worked out with a new engine because of it worked out. With this attitude of it's okay once I miss my flight at an airport small example you break a nuptial stall little bit further.

I miss my flight because I didn't pay attention to the leaderboard they moved the flight and I missed the flight I had to go to this one room where it was may have these poor people behind the counter.

Employees are trying to help people yelling and screaming and crying all the stuff Mr. solid I finally get to the counter and I said to this frazzled employee. I miss my flight is my fault not yours. You take as long as you need to pay the difference for missing the flight, she just melted relaxation, long story short, she ended up canceling the fee for me missing the flight and she said I can't believe this butterfly just opened up and you could be on this flight you get home two hours earlier.

Where is it.

She pointed across the hall 15 feet away at door. So I just think we can learn to trust things right on. God bless you Matt yeah I know that that one Scripture will take care of already felt that Kathy's messages get three lines you call 7707227657707 Matt's leg all right during the break. My daughter and she's all green and saw the video of people may have seen this green woman come on the air she's done modeling and she does make up and and so she came in switches on the other saying that what was so someone said because she is nice, but it's when someone once said she had all her good looks from you to me right what is because you got none left so alright let's get serious. Let's get to Courtney from Ohio. Courtney will welcome you on here. I clearly made it even better.

Calling out with all the heavy noises it just enrages me.

Killing is okay during a time of pandemic phone call to get out there for anybody. What did it for their find out that is happening and I don't think they're all killing the life and the essential thing of society.

Mercy's air all you so we got there when I got my God, my like you not know you what he was doing well. There are some reasons that have been offered the primary one is simply that he was quoting Psalm 22 verse one, which was written a thousand years BC and describes in detail the crucifixion was written sick for 400 years before crucifixion was invented so he was calling attention to this to the guests. All which begins with my God like you forsaken me. So the first thing you have to definitely say is he's quoting the word of God and in is that prophecy of him so he's quoting it and that's the reason. Other reasons have been postulated why that particular sentence when committing that sentence. So why that I like how felt he would not believe the other theories about this. So some of this is that because he had become since it is 521 Boris it is not in the cross for 3 to 24 that there was an effect on the fellowship that he had in the intro to determine communion and so something was a kind of abandoning of the father to him, but it really wasn't because it's really difficult because we can't break the ontological Trinity. We can't break the nature of the Godhead, so that it could have been that with the separation but the effect of sin was there and so he said that some think as a result of that, but we can't fathom to what effect that was the wrath of God was Binks poured out on Christ and it could have also been that as you use God and man as he did want to go through this crucifixion, which he Artie said he didn't want to and to finally to what he's going through it so it might've been that as is just as a man. He was assigned for sake.

Through this, even though he knew we just don't know. And so are we offer theories and we don't have great understanding except we can say for sure he's quoting Psalm 22 verse one, which has details of the crucifixion later on in that soul. So why go every attorney. Let me explain something here.

This is really important.the Trinity is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons. The Trinity we have is called divine simplicity. What that means is, God is what he is not in parts but his essence is Trinitarian and cannot be separated into parts, and that his attributes in his nature all relate to rage related is a doctrine called per Teresa's, which means that the father indwells the son indwells the spirit would blow the father there is this mutual indwelling. Because of the nature of the ontological Trinity ontological Trinity deals with the nature of the essence of the trying being so God is three distinct persons and one being one God and the ontological Trinity means that the father the son the word of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit cannot be broken up, the canopy partitioned the Recently parts and you can't do that so so what were we cannot say that that the Trinity was broken possible.

We cannot say that the fellowship between the father the son was broken because of the per Teresa's the mutual indwelling of the person's nature.

I should say of what's going on. So this gets no more complicated things. But this is why we look at this question. Why did he say that we can only offer conjecture except for the fact that he was proud, quoting Psalm 22, thereby pointing to the fulfillment of Scripture because he said in John 539 you search the Scriptures because in the in the me to give eternal life is the zipper witness of me, so he send Scripture about him.

He's quoting the Scriptures and the Psalm 22 is a messianic Psalm's Christological so okay. I do is call the Pyrrhic Teresa's. Okay, there's a and this is Pyrrhic. Teresa's is an important doctrine and it's it's biblical okay and it's the fellowship of the three persons within eternal Trinity do deal with that is derived the Greek. Teresa's which means going around rotation and so it's the intra-Trinitarian relationship in the essence of God's being in which there is fellowship.

The three members of the Godhead that includes love, harmony, mutual exhaustive knowledge and it's in defense of the oneness of God. So this is what's going on. Teresa's is cannot be broken because it's the nature of the trying being to have it okay thank you you're welcome what you know I think you're right. It's an article I wrote back in November of last year and it's worse. Teresa's P ER CH. Co. Reese's and just check out okay. I welcome okay alright let's get on only have four lines 877-207-2276 Chuck from Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome here. Good evening good evening jolly question. If you want. Well, if you read Psalm point you question Jesus asked his old not just excision but he actually asked the question because it starts with the question you start with that in your state goes down down down desponding, but at the end it rises back up and follow right arm. Psalm 23. It seems like it's a lesson to we will never be an situation as he was, but he showed us how to turn to God in prayer. In those situations is really very encouraging start and go right through Psalm 23 I checked it out and read Psalm 22 I say because we know that Jesus was directly, according our advice.

We got question I call about that about baptism. I was raised Catholic and Catholic relatives and songwriting series of debunking some of the teachings I just finished writing about baptism and I finish with the one quote that you missed tonight that you did report that first rank in chapter 1 verse 14 Paul said, I thank God that I baptized none of you except Christmas and guidance. So if they think baptism is essential to salvation.

Why in the world. The general wanted to baptize everyone he good. The general response is that he was just preaching and the other people do the baptism. You still asserted that this was necessary because they were doing it, even though he wasn't. That's the general response to give its name to get Enya is 114 is is a great verse is necessary. Why was Paul not going to because he came to preach the gospel with all due is all tied in with salvation. Romans 116 other verses time saved by we not been completed.I'm with you I think I think that scrap the second covenant to replace son that's what I agree with you, and that's why I work less on politically got no colors with you, but I affirm that because it is a replaceable cipher circumcision. I lean towards the idea that it's permissible for children under the covenantal idea if you'll do covenant and the consistency of the covenant, then the question arises if it replaces circumcision and circumcision was commanded to be performed on the children. Is there any place in the New Testament that abrogates that says no no longer to include children in covenant relationship question to ask a question I don't baptism. It's like swearing allegiance to their peers. I think the covenant is a covenant is a Packard agreement between two or more parties, and the father of the house in the Old Testament economy, he would do is circumcise or have circumcised the child, son, who was then by declaration. According to Scripture, entered into the covenant by that act. When I was a child. Basically, unaware, entered into a covenant, because he is represented by the father so the same question comes is that same covenant still in effect, because the covenant of circumcision is the ratification of the covenant of God's promise to Abraham in you all the nations of the blessed. In Genesis 12 three and Paul quotes that in Galatians 38 and calls it the gospel so that covenant is still in effect. So therefore, what is it imply about the relationship baptism if it replaces circumcision as a covenant sign which seems to be implied in the idea of Colossians 212, 13, 11, 12, even circumcised with the circumcision made without hands have been buried with him in baptism. So these are the questions that I asked people the good for conversation starters will a lot more guidance responsibility to help them.

It's not just as circumcision didn't save anybody. Covenant responsibility our children covenantal under us still as fathers question is if your covenantal list of answers yes if you're to sensationalist answers, no good thought is everybody. God bless.

As always, I enjoyed you all right there was Chuck from Greensboro photo at a time. The Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow

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