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May 20, 2020 12:39 pm

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May 20, 2020 12:39 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does Matthew 6 mean that I shouldn't pray about the same things over and over again---2- Was it miraculous for Jesus to be able to speak such large crowds without amplification---3- Why do you believe in Jesus---4- Do you believe in free will- And what is free will---5- Does God have to force us to believe---6- Does Revelation 2-10 teach that you can lose your salvation- How about Hebrews 3-12---7- Caller accuses Matt of preaching a false gospel because he believes in eternal security---8- In what sense in grace irresistible-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded net slideshow wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why that's would live. So if your newbie is my real name.

Let's look at my real name was a cubicle you what you recall, we are for open lines 877-207-2276 and hate.

If you buy the chapter watching the debate that was in last night on baptism is water baptism by immersion necessary for solution if you want to call and comment about it what you thought. Please feel free to do that so 877-207-2276 and also I don't know if you guys heard about their rugs authorized passed away and he was a really good speaker apologist and the Lord to come home today. Last week I've heard things but he's gonna do the Lord and you know we have some great apologists out there there there, you become good through time and you have 1015 20 years, probably really being used for the Lord in a lot of areas and then it's time to go home and God raises up other apologists, and I'm thankful that he is doing very good people. Me, I consider myself mediocre. There are some really good guys out there. Praise God that God is is bringing more more people into that area defending the Christian faith. We will need it more and more because this is what is happening in our world is Christianity becomes more and more threatened to attack again if you give me call 877-207-2276 love to hear from you and will get similar doubts with the stuff little bit later the show let's go to John from North Carolina, John welcome and you're on the know much about Matthew that the only Amount why think so.

Question no I think you're some similar thing said in Mark but okay. Matthew right for the verses that you said something about don't pray in replication, like the Gentiles, that I would want to check that out. Maybe you can find real deletes in Luke the parallels are in Luke six not to go ahead and repetition. The I was wondering… Do that and having not today that I have no understand what he says is meaningless repetition as well so like the Pharisees may have us talk about the way I pray for the country and that all of the world. That means if ISS will increase, not every single night my wife and I pray before you and I need in prayer and she does sometimes to become. I always pray the same thing that she has a good night sleep. I have a good night sleep that our children to bless to the Lord, we pray for people's healing and stuff like that and were repeating that is not a meaningless thing when standing up as a Pharisees would do in public. You just quote something and is recited over and over and over that's his repertoire. I doubt that them right. That's of the Roman Catholic Church teaches is meaningless repetition repetition safe, say, 40 Hail Marys and only then do this and that grace back and so those it was not meaningless yet yes it is it a safe.

I listened this before on the radio. The Catholic radio station out here in sacrament, Edelstein was a do it is just a Hail Mary full of grace and note repeated that it is on and on and on. That is the formula do it this many times is not a heartfelt prayer and plus it's idolatry because you're praying to Mary, but I don't have one more question that really date you pick that out, no do you station did. They got a guy to the getting I do the announcement. They did a great job and I that yeah I like you lost but I was on the other radio stations we had in mind. The name of the show changed from faith and reason is because there for a few years and she did to Matt slick life. I didn't want my name in it because it sounds narcissistic. We found another group had that title that name latest ask you politely to change or your name your show because we believe in rounds and I did not shirt a problem and so we met slick life. I've had guys tax good name for the show okay with what you're doing. Well, okay, I bring that up. For that reason, Glenville 87 really sick at this like that. Sometimes he will call last half of shows willingly pick up. I think you would get off work and driving simply because I prefer the sleeve in a radio show for Ricoh for intros to have intros under that old style and some people did the others. Faith and reason innately. They took things of that I'd said put music to it that some grammar eat intros so I would offer this, that if anybody want to do that again would take various things that set of the radio or comments because they even got Spock saying something and putting these really clever little buffer music and will kick in some various things and very well, and so we would play those on the radio was intros and the we had River to ER tickler and ask your tickler ER tickler, and though he would speak out that the dues is more that go up and it what it would be irreverent revenue. Your ticket would come on here is an advertisement to not listen up to my show because I spite preach the Trinity and the salvation through Jesus. Listen to what I like the message that it was fun but was meant to be a joke later it so well I guess I'll things on earth. We can play some of them little would enjoy right when I got left right let's get to Bill from Des Moines Iowa bill welcome your near hi Matt, I work for Robbie. Robbie Zacharia is a big gamble.

It was a very big influence on me that anyway that think that I want to grant that by jumping on eight unite rate but I day that figured out a miracle that you reproduced many times in front of many thousands of people but nobody were gifted. Give them any real credit okay. Have you ever stood in front of 100 people and try to give those people a method yes without a microphone.

It was out of microphone without anything to do project your voice.

If you do that, you'll find out that practically yell at the top your lung. The people at the back of the crowd. But they want will drive distinguished by the Maryland thing Christ there on side of mountain on the side of Hill O all kind of different things and was able to project. Boy in such a way that thousands of people could hear him and understand it spotting it right but when he's out of the water, speaking the waters of the red about this guy lost it later. Yes, I could hear me okay I can out there, you were gone so I read articles and and discussions about this house a possible wealth George Whitfield in the 1800s would speak to 20,000 people at a time. No amplification and they were able to hearing your environment plays a huge import on whether not something I regret so if I'm talking to you next to a freeway it's can be difficult. But I'm talking to you across a lake save 400 feet across, of Lake and there's no wind. I can shout to you. You'll hear me because it's gonna reflect off the water to go straight to you so depends on the circumstances that have an effect. And so we don't know what the circumstances were in the middle doesn't say is miraculous and you want to say it was while I think with the Bible does say no it doesn't say I would call it miraculous. I think that he was able to project very well be seven hillsides. I have been to Israel. I have been the Sea of Galilee and I have been around the perimeter of it and sometimes it resist these two dice rolling hills that would come down to the to the edge of the water and if you're out in the water and speaking people could hear the ticket was a calm day right now I'm I wonder how this works because I need to speak to my wife and have her listen to and usually doesn't think the miracle she can't fly. I get lights in your feet, yeah, I think you're getting into the Opry will bear left and are not now and then some of them talking to her. I can see her eyes rolling the back of her head and she kinda goes woozy. I don't know she's listening or not on the what's happening there but you might think that that's exactly the reaction I get my wife… I think it's your wife does. So my wife rubbed her forehead around me a lot and the stairs.

It was her out eyes frowned notes you not it's a problem women have probably so I think I can't unique its did not meet either on face and wonderful okay thank you very much that your time. Okay God bless all right as get to Anthony from Iowa Anthony welcome you on the I question I work with a guy who proclaimed the drop yell through maybe hopefully will throw and and we were talking one day and he asked me why do you believe in Jesus Christ and and for some reason, the question just dumped me to go me. I can say you know will because I have faith but it kind of got a good answer for you why you believe the good answer that doesn't, I can tell you and people asked me that we regularly once or twice a month. The very reason that avenues and I speak in media stuff like that. So why do you believe in God and my answers. This goes the same because he and his great mercy condescended to open my heart and my mind to his truth revealed himself to me.

That's it, because that is the right answer to God grandson.

I believe it's 129 he grant you repentance second Timothy 225 to 5 you're born again, not of your own will.

John 113 as many as have been appointed to eternal life believed.

Acts 1348 so if this is the case then we get to do is give just tell the truth you're not there to convince your there to hold on. You folks want to give a call to mind some 77 Matt Y. Call 77077 is Matt's way back to the show we know let you know that the ripped open lot 877-207-2276 back. Anthony still there.

Okay so I want to reiterate, make it clear it is not your job to convince it's your job to speak the truth.

That's it. The reason you believe in God is not because of your great wisdom and because he presented evidence to you that you could way and then decide as if you subject God to your reasoning, understanding know God in his mercy opened up your heart. I've said this to atheist me to come God hasn't done that to me and also because I don't know why he hasn't. He's not chosen to but I know this you are openly free will, rebellion against God and so he said the Bible says he resist the proud and gives grace to the humble and James for so you want to believe in God and also know within there you go. Skim what you want, but he's not been gracious to you in that way yet and that you have been given that grace of belief that life and so they like to tackle that that is no way to tackle it. For one thing is true civil God.

God doesn't want baby doesn't want to save you.

I don't know and that really throws a wrench in the thought that much of it to be saved.

Maybe, maybe not in a clubby Scriptures.

I say let's talk about the Scriptures show them stuff they don't know about most atheists don't study the word of God. But anyway, that's smart, couple could questions and answers. Bless your job okay to tell because God granted me that belief with 129 is not done that for you yet likely printed note that he does so that you can escape the damnation that you are presently under I talked just like that. I like that you were abducted by Bill. I have no speaking inevitably come back to the caller. They need and I will how you how you build your real is easy. I know he's for sure renewal because he revealed himself to me change my heart. He said you for my sins. Those of the answer mean when we talk, but evidence within a certain light, God stop in our that's right God to it look like hope and says his home to a plea on my end but maybe you would agree that I sickly I know how to defend the faith that I can give answers a lot of answers right will I don't believe that those answers are what convinces people. God has to open your heart and mind, and he does that and so you know Luke 1619, Luke, Jessica 14, he open the heart of Lydia to believe the words of Paul the apostle so he does this and people think that they became saved because of their own ability to make a choice what that is is speak about this because it's important that humanistic philosophy imposed upon the word of God and the reason I say that is because the Bible says are born not of the will of man, but of God. Your appointed to eternal life. Acts 1348.

Granted, the act of believing clippings 129 it's granted that you come to Christ. John 665. These things are not because of you because of God.

What people do is they say will I made the choice for God.

Therefore, that's what's true because I saw it I was the one who picked I was the one who did this and what they're doing is her saying I'm going to judge truth by my experience in the subject. The word of God to their experience and lack of air it well. It is not an intentional American-style, but because people just doing, they naturally would do will, of course, I made a choice. You saying that we didn't choose.

Of course you did. These got enabled you to choose by granting you the case and regenerating you and granting this to you. The question becomes, why does he do if everybody in the answer is I don't know that's as far as a God I don't know. I don't know how to talk to God right because think about God can certainly save anybody all he has to do is just give 1/10 of us percent of the sliver of the nuance of a miniaturized little bitty sliver of his glory for the second year on your knees and sobbing tears of repentance in the presence of incredible holiness. If you believe, why doesn't God do this. Everybody was it was up to the free will awaken it. I can is a list of the people I can make you do something without violating your free will you and I could be sitting at a table having a discussion about free will and I could decide that I want you to look to my right. So were talking and I looked to my right and I point to say what the heck is that you look I just made you do what I want you to do but didn't filing free will that I really trusted right so it's just very simple illustration, but God can certainly bring you to the point of believing and in coming to that realization. If God wants every individual to be saved equally and it's up to us.

In the end God's hands are tied. That's false theology. God saves whom he wills. What he does not tell us is why or the how is above our pay grade my job to simply tell you what the Scriptures teach and what that's why we need to be praying for people salvation and those in this debate last night to Skype you know he's he was misrepresenting the theological position I hold he does understand that people will I pray why like my preach. If you believe God what it does because he told us to and after that it would you even know he was doing a lot of areas, but he wanted a baby so okay with some. Nevertheless, you see, so this is what we do, we present the truth. We want to get away from humanistic philosophy that imposed upon the Scriptures and racial humanism is judging truth by our experience and was able I'm doing freely choice Joe so therefore that's how it works, not necessarily okay okay road, unless what call back again right okay all right that was Anthony's.

Let's get youthful and broken through the lines 877-207-2276 John from Georgia John, welcome you on here very quick. We will what it will. We had to say what is free will and then do we believe in free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with your nature that are not forced. So, for example, God he's holding his nature is holy can only choose holy things he could never choose to sin. So that's why I use God as a standard of of free will, not man because man centered, free, free will is humanistic philosophy. But God centered is biblical so God is holy, can never send.

So we have to say that free will is the ability to make choices consistent with her nature and that are not forced upon you and what is not free to I believe in free will absolutely yes and no, I'm not going out every hold on. Originally we had to say okay so voted right by His messages.

We have two open lines 877207 mass like why call 770727 charismatic sleigh ride when looking back to the show on are you still there. All right, now I was doing something to break.

Entering a phone call message and I forgot we were talking about something. Next, all your free will and he said as a Calvinistic about a block downriver. Go ahead and say what make important what all night.

Okay, how about believe that we all night cannot believe in God… Bonded right the unbelievers natures of slaves in room 642 20 hater God could do knows no good from 3 to 12 is full of evil of 210 1112 again I nature child of wrath. Ephesians 23 etc. okay you mad.

If we cannot do that all you will then in a little thought. The fully correct. How would you a dozen forces. He changes us so that were enabled to freely believe joint man's we would say is no. If he changes our disposition and he frees us from the restrictions of sin, they were our free will is still in it into contact and we can then choose God we get the Bible also says it will read it to Rick right now. Read it to you this is John Larry John 112 and 13 because it's really important to understand what the Scripture director teaching is says here but as many as received him, so you've received in my perceived okay to them he gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in his name. Unbelievers who were born now when it says born is a mean bone in the physical form or does it mean a spiritual form because it went away surrender. This is begotten. So who were born, or begotten eyes. I believe assistant again, which is not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And this is talking about salvation and it says those who have received were born, not of blood or the will of God is to be the will of man, but of God. So how I understand that is that were born again, not of her own will, because it forces enslaved to sin, then what has to happen is God has a grant. We believe slippage 129 says that he grants us repentance to could Timothy 225 Bible says that and that caused us to be born again. First Peter 13 now because I see born again. That means more from above. John 3325.

What were talking about their is a change in our nature and our assets will once we've changed. We believe, and so we would say that regeneration precedes faith, we wouldn't say it's temporally the temporal procession is a logical problem here if were to say that regeneration precedes faith by let's say five seconds hypothetically, that some is regenerate. That would mean the regenerate without being a believer for five seconds left a problem. Let's reverse someone as a believer in five seconds later the regenerate letter problem to the good and you have a believer who is not regenerate for five seconds. It just doesn't make any sense. And also if you believe that's what causes you to be born again.

Wait a minute.

Is there some say this, but some magic kind of quality network magic with some inherent quality to the issue of faith that causes an internal change in your soul. Is it caused by the issue of our own face or is it because like God who causes us to be born again. First Peter 13. See the change in us is not something we bring upon ourselves with something that God does to us. So our faith is nothing that causes us to be born again. It's a faith that comes in concomitant with bring born again because God brings us to that place.

He's the one who acts upon our hearts and indwelling of the spirit of God within us and he and the father and son know the trivial old indwells us. This is being born again work for make new creations.

Things like that sacred is 517 so this is what we have to wrestle with. We asked these questions. So for the perspective that I hold to is called logical priority. In the example I use is light and electricity when you flip a switch. Electricity is in the light and the light instantly shows in its but there's simultaneous to happen the same time whenever electricity is present in the light bulb. The light is right there, but is not that the light causes electricity to be there. That's not true, but it is the case. Electricity causes the light to be there, that's true, but they're both the same time so we would not say that electricity temporally precedes the light but logically precedes that it has to be there at the same time is right, but has to be there in order for the light to a fast called logical priority and that's what I hold to the logical priority of regeneration must precede which bring simultaneously the belief that we have our trust in Christ which God grants to us. I don't how the nuances work in that area, but that's what I see the Scriptures teaching is what I hope to hear. Don't blame one last picture.

If God might go late and we can't add night we don't want that tail nectar that not all of them all night. Thank well in the sense you say yes because he is acting upon us and bring us to the place, but on the other hand is not like someone is an atheist renewal resisting God and all the sudden Sambo there's some new thing in his heart and he suddenly is is a believer. God does. John 644. You cannot come to me unless the father draws you. There's a drawling that occurs as well in the Holy Spirit.

John 16 convicts the world of sin and righteousness and judgment. Things like that. So God works through and this week, nobody can answer this, how does it work that the conviction of the Holy Spirit upon a person with God's drawing brings him to a place upon which God then asked to save them. Some of the questions I wrestled with it.

Had discussion with some of my friends and we can't solve the problem is that it is a proper this makes sense is just something to just think we can answer because I will tell us, and so it's a truth that God grants. We believe the truth that he changes us.

I would say changes or nature were still human. But he does something to us spiritually and so if we say he forcefully changes our nature that sounds a rather pejorative, but if were to say that he graciously changes our nature or estate graciously regenerates us in the next issue. What is regeneration precisely if he regenerates us were unable to believe there is no violation of will at all, and we're changed, so to speak sufficiently to be able to freely choose it were still the same person list is more complicated and I have to have discussions like this with a few my friends and we rush thought about open discussions of the people can listen. Not that were greater anything, but because we think people might be interested is kind of discussions but to get her pretty well. Thank you all you do, let God bless all rise yes and no you don't.

My friend that we have this discussion with Eli if he's listening Eli.

I got and I like to tease him about his name is Micah Muslim called the war I got but today we rush discussion discussing the issue of nominalism as it relates to empiricism and how universals are negated in that position which leads to humanistic philosophy without transcendental transcendentalists were discussing the stuff I love discussions like that sounds precedent but to click on a date.

You talk like that your girlfriend shall be impressed make out the carpet.

Take all right, let's see, let's get to talk Tommy for Texas economy welcome to show you on here make a couple of questions. Sure addressing*my wife] not run a virus that's you very… But the brother today about salvation, though you wrote Revelation chapter 2 and any you can pull it up.

If you have there. You feel at noon during Revelation chapter 2 verse and is then ejecting addressing Jonathan ejecting the early and basically he thinks that if you if you commit the ball and denying that you're a follower that basically that you lose your salvation like that it's impossible and can't bow that he's kind of thing other places in Scripture and by and what he's doing is going to the problem is going. The book of Revelation, which is highly symbolic and it says there in relation to 10 do not fear about what your to suffer.

He specifically talking to I think is so you yes Myrna and so now yeah is is because her to come under persecution, and behold, the devil is about to cast some of you to prison so that you'll be tested, and you have tribulation, be faithful until death of life doesn't say anywhere there you can lose your salvation does not say that hold I'll get back to Africa.

They falsely write back after these messages that I call 770727.

Here is Matt's back to the show we were on with with Tommy. Okay Tommy, you are using that word basically say that we have to be faithful that that and he asked a question can you be faithful without being obedient. That's how he would never that you have to be when a minute is the faithful is she can be faithful, not obedient, so the Christian because if you can use this as a standard faithful and obedient to what level of obedience is a required is required. Perfect radiance are mostly pretty good obedience or partial obedience. How many of us Christians obey Christ perfectly all the time, nobody got hurt.

So to say that to be faithful and obedient him and ask. Okay, what's the level of obedience that you're talking about here, critics, and once a day twice a day. What we see and people don't really think about what you're saying cannot be obedient will will ask him are you being obedient enough. Yes I am wow you keeping your salvation by your works that aren't you.

It does not say in the text there that they lose your salvation.

Be faithful to death, not the criminal life. He does not say the text if you're not faithful to death.

You lose the crown of life. It doesn't say what he's doing is using it to read into the text to try this try this a look does Jesus always do the will of the father sick but yeah Jesus as he always does in John 829 okay will good.

So if Jesus were to fail to do the will of the father that would be wrong and impossible right is correct. Great you go to John 637 through 40. Although the father gives me will come to me and the one who comes to me and I certainly will not cast out breath come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me this is the will. Jesus could do the will of the father right and this is the will of him recently that always given me lose nothing but raise it up on the last day for this is the will of my father that everyone who beholds the son and believes in him will have eternal life, and I myself will raise him up in the last day, the Jesus says the will of the father is that he will raise them up the last day and he says that the which were given to him and the one to believe both of them been given to him by the father and both of them will be race of the last day of the will the father. Jesus lose none of them so can it ask Kenny losing and what I gotta say I and and I actually thought that something yeah we just look at that decadent and it looked like you know what you and I are saying that it correctly. We have to look at the whole of Scripture, including okay Revelation and yellow brought up Hebrew Cities as well. As well she was 312 yet really says take your brother and not any of you be then a bleeding heart that falls with the living God yet but what this is where the issue here is that he's talking to the Hebrews who are covenant community who believed that they could keep themselves right with God by what it was that they did and what the writer of Hebrews is doing is saying. Take care that any of you having a number of unbelieving heart and wait a minute. How do you have an unbelieving heart.

If God is the one who granted you believe clippings 129 so you know he's not really thinking about what it is he's he's asking and he saying is not doing that. And furthermore, fusionists say that John 637 to 40 that it does teach that Christ can't lose any Zen. It's a very clear Scripture that then his problem is he is to harmonize everything because it says he can't lose any is not going to do what he saying is that Jesus is gonna lose some open Jesus as he can't. So I do say to people also accusing Jesus of sin because Jesus can't lose any right, and is the will of the father.

Jesus always does the will he fail to do the will of the father. He sent so are you accusing Jesus of sin. I got him hard between the the eyes because it took to say that what you have to harmonize Scripture units it was Scripture gets better. Scripture and if Jesus is very clearly saying I will lose none the will of the father. I won't lose any then you just can't lose him just that simple. It's so clear when people have to go to Hebrews 6426 or Hebrews 312 or Hebrews 1026 and want to save you collusion. Salvation will I can argue with that but in him and ask him are you being good enough right now to keep yourself right with the infinitely holy God.

I want to see thinning of the host yeah I'm keeping myself right with infinitely holy God I that had people say oh yeah I'm I'm being faithful I'm the one who's choosing to be with God. I'm the one who's remaining in answer to me less arrogant. So I brought up relevant or or not one word wages are not counted yet but I say when one is not what Bud believes yeah you like. You agree that were justified by our faith like that power. They despise, but he is he getting to the point that we have to continue to do work that is always a falls on if he teaches you how to do good works in order to keep yourself safe with saved right with God is a false convert. He doesn't understand the gospel and you behave brought will hold another live very quickly got a bunch of people waiting online, I will. I want you to call back tomorrow let's go over this some more seating get him to call into okay because it's a serious question could take more time and people been waiting for over 20 minutes each. So want to get to them, just reply to them but to call back tomorrow to talk about seating get him to call in with you okay: all right I think about government RMA got less what I write this get to Nick from Seattle, Washington Nick welcome you on the air. Buddy Woody got a appreciate that call. Matt wanted you John and thought the lifting, but I wanted to get back to the basement of the desert right and got the devil without the desert and you know you could jump off the cliff. You did and I God that he will think it think of Bayview correct what you have in reply that you shall not pass the Lord your God so they give a question you know you know the devil you have a question yet. Are you comfortable preaching about God for leading people to help Calvin somewhat gospel to preach I preach the gospel is that Jesus Christ died in the cross and that he rose and the dead. This is defined in the Scriptures is what I preach, and what I teach and I were justified by faith. So how are you saying this falls not work were in agreement that might fight my way hold on Nick, you sent preach a false gospel so you can retract a statement that he preach a false gospel since I preach the same thing you said you preach what you left out the part that we can't update all know that's not the gospel. This it has an issue of eternal security.

But if you view believe we can lose your salvation right absolutely capable okay so what you do, thinking that just tell us what you listen to what three things for salvation. 1313 therefore, everything pick up the full armor of God, while the devil okay so MNC had to resist the devil to be saved thing else.

Resist the devil okay about about the go. It's just 14 GameCube 14 faith without works is dead. See you do good works. I'm just asking how to do good works is that you follow me, pick up your God daily. Okay, so I simply make lately so you're telling me in order to keep yourself right with God.

You resist the devil and do good works right when I could do that right with Abraham not justified by the court will hold on hold on hold in James two need to read the article on karma but that's justification for people not forgot.

Look at verse 18. So what you are doing is some is really interesting to me ask you, do you agree that were suggested were saved by grace through faith.

After all we can do deeply that were saved by grace through faith. After all we can do right thing.

What is & agree with that or not agree with that were saved by heard anything. I ask you a question I'm asking you a question of work that you agree or not agree with the statement were saved by grace through faith. After all we can do you agree with that or not agree with were able to work by grace you agree with the statement are not a good eye statement were saved by grace are after I after all we can do you agree with the statement are not repaid by grace but do you not answer my question. They have correctly migrate after all we can do what I said.

After all we can do is that what you're agreeing to is you to resist the devil do good works widely that the gate that the drug Nick narrow gate nap agreement that Nick, I'm asking the question I would check question Nick, I did it by great, I just answer saved by grace. I said saved by grace.

After all we can do. Do you agree with this statement are not what you mean by defective product statement. Okay, so Nick, I'm trying to talk to you.

You're the one who said in order right right with God to keep yourself right with God.

You have things you to do resist the devil and you do good works for me. Ask are you doing enough good works to keep yourself right with God will play this. I'm not perfect, but every day I do a daily examination can't you are you doing on the are you doing enough good works to keep yourself right with God is either yes it's not all juggling only got what I so want Nick patient okay because I want to tell you something your false convert in your preaching a false gospel, you don't know the true gospel is the Bible says were justified by faith without the works of the law, but you're the one telling me you can do good works, or keep yourself right with God. That means your justification is the third upon your ability to good with God, you're a heretic, your false convert.

You don't know the true gospel. Now you need to come to a place relationship with Jesus Christ you need to believe in Jesus Christ and you need to not godly marriage to salvation.

You're a false capture your false teacher narrow gate that leaked out very false now for One of the Catholic Church is the one true church will instead hold on his leg and hold on a sec, I'm not can I have him trying converting to Catholicism, I put them on hold if he's that in the true church folks was to get rid of them going on the caller. Did you know in paragraph 460 the Catholic Church us as we can become God's in paragraph 972 and the Catholic catechism. It says that the best way to look concert in the church is to marry, not Jesus. If he's in the true church was to speak such heresies as a whole bunch more get into anyway. I love having discussions like that.

But let's get on to Nathan from Tennessee Nathan welcome you on the air, but however good I got less than a minute, what's up. Okay, I have Calvin, like I had issue with this thing got great and irritable. How can the Holy Spirit be black nurses will grace means that at the moment point of regeneration that gracious act of God. Regeneration cannot be resisted. That's what that means it doesn't mean we can't resist God's graciousness in life, generally at different times. It refers to the instance of some of regeneration that wears us will grace meet okay and not depend on your definition of life blessed the Holy Spirit is defined or exemplified in Matthew 12 2232 and it's basically saying that Jesus did his miracles. What a perfect call back tomorrow and remember that I okay will call back. Sorry about that. Luis waited 20 minutes. I love to get to talk God bless you Grady is great

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