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REShow: Robert Griffin III - Hour 1 (12-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 1, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: Robert Griffin III - Hour 1 (12-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 1, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich reacts to the possibility of the Broncos benching the struggling Russell Wilson.

ESPN’s Robert Griffin III tells Rich what Wilson and the Broncos can do, if anything, to turn around their disappointing season, explains why Vikings CB Patrick Peterson was wrong to publicly call out his former QB Kyler Murray, says why the Packers should bench the ailing Aaron Rodgers for Jordan Love, and says if Lamar Jackson’s recent profane Twitter response to a Ravens fan will impact his contract negotiations with the team.

Rich and the guys weigh in on the Peterson/Kyler beef and debate which NFL teams (ahem, Cardinals) are most in need of a complete reset.

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There's also the Rich Eisen Show collection, which is a video on demand service thanks to our friends at Roku. We welcome you to this show and we welcome back to this show clean shaven Chris Brockman. Ladies and gentlemen, Movember is over. There is you left a little five o'clock shadow on there. I always have the five o'clock going, but it's five o'clock somewhere. Exactly. OK, very full mustache and a little weak beard I had going.

See you later. Rich Eisen Show audio executive. And for this portion of the sports calendar year, Rich Eisen Show World Cup stoppage time expert.

Mike Del Tufo. Fleece wearing. Oh, this is we can't tell because there's no logo on it. Brand new.

It's brand new. Is that what happened? Yes. We retired the other one.

We didn't have a retirement ceremony. We got to get to that. Hello, T.J. Jefferson. Like that candle, sir. What's going on?

Candles. You know, I don't know about every now and then. I think that sometimes you might be mistakenly lighting your teacup from all the way over here. People don't know how far away we are.

And he's like, you know, I mean, you're a good 30 feet. Well, maybe. Yeah, we're pretty far apart. But, you know, I don't apologize for anything I say in this, Mike. Only things that I don't say. OK, I apologize for not OK. Letting them leave my I don't know what that means. I'll write down.

Write it down and look at it. Maybe that's what we call a way. Homer, right? You get that on the way home. It'll hit you about one o'clock and you'll go, oh, oh, OK. And it's Richard Pryor's birthday today. That's so birthday, you know, which reminds me I was sitting at home one time.

I wasn't doing this. I was off, but I was watching Sports Center. For some reason, they moved me to like the 11 o'clock Eastern Time show that night. And Stewart was doing the two a.m. anyway.

And and I'm sitting at home watching Stewart do Sports Center. And he did a lead in on the late great Richard Pryor. And I'm sitting at home thinking, when did did Richard Pryor die? Now, this is before, you know, smartphones or anything. And I don't think Google existed yet. So I had no idea.

I started like flipping around and like CNN and other things like just to see if there was breaking news. Richard Pryor was still alive. Stewart thought he had passed away. Oh, no. Months and hours or days before.

And I thought to myself, they're going to have to stay an extra hour to fix that. And they did. Yeah, he passed in 05. Yes, he did.

Yes, he did. Stewart called him the late great Richard Pryor, and he was very much alive. But anyway, happy birthday. I don't know how Richard would have been or how old he would have been to 40. You know, we'll have to do math over here.

Close to 80. Can you imagine? Well, at any rate, speaking of birthdays, I don't know if you know, it was Russell Wilson's recently and much was made.

Much was made as to who was his party and who was not. I can't believe that's a thing. Brother, it is not only a thing, it's a big thing. Because coming into this week 12, the team that is third on the clock in the NFL draft coming up in Kansas City next year is the Seattle Seahawks with the draft choice they got for trading Denver Russell Wilson, winning only three of their first 11 football games. And 11 football games. The number 11 is apparently 16, fewer than the number of his invited teammates who showed up. And for some reason, somebody took this information and made it glass half empty as opposed to party half full. And Mike Cliss, who covers the Denver Broncos for many years, Denver sports scene, just tweeted it out that there's some gossip about Wilson standing in the locker room.

And here's some context. Per source, Wilson's wife Ciara threw him a birthday party last night. Looked like about half the team was there was a quote he put on there on a player's day off.

Why do people have to be so hurtful is what Mike wrote. Hashtag nine sports at TV station he works for. And we asked this of Patrick Peterson, who then when hung up the phone from us yesterday, went on a podcast and lit a fuse and threw a bomb towards the direction of the Arizona Cardinals locker room that we'll talk about later on. Peterson's like I asked him, you know, how many people would go to his birthday party or Kirk Cousins birthday party?

And he knew what I was kind of getting out. He pointed out, by the way, it Tuesday night. You know, a lot of guys won't show up because practice is early the next morning. They have it on Monday, he said.

On a Monday. But at any rate, it's just the latest thing here to just throw onto the burning fire in what is a dumpster fire of a season for the Denver Broncos. And Russell Wilson was asked about this. Oh, gosh.

Yes. And this was his response to him having problems within his own locker room. I think that, first of all, you know, everybody wants to win. We all want to win, you know, and nobody wants to win more than me and this team and what we want to be able to do. I think also as well, I got great relationships in the locker room.

So whoever's trying to tear it down, you can't. You know, I think that the best thing about it is, is that it's been an amazing journey coming here, moving here, being here. You know, this is a great, great team. You know, we've got great players. I'm honored to be here.

I'm honored to play with this team and these guys. You know, and so, you know, there's always noise, especially when things aren't going the way you want it to all the time. So the thing is, is that, you know, you don't bat an eye. You know that, you know, my biggest goal every day is to continue to try to lead at the highest level and to be consistent every day with my approach and to never change. And I let the highs of life, you know, change you and I let the lows just be consistent with your approach. And knowing that I love these guys every day, man, and who they are, what they're about, you know, and how they impact this community and what they've done.

You know, it's a blessing to be on this team and I'm honored to be a part of this. So is that the, you know, I know what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking.

I didn't say anything. I know what you're thinking. Well, I mean, this is like I said yesterday. This is who Russell Wilson is. An outwardly optimistic, positive individual that for anyone else out there who no question has doubts and concerns about anything that they do in life comes across as perhaps somebody who is just saying these words.

Because how can somebody be so positive and blessed to be in a situation that appears to be so disastrous? But that's him. That's him. Is that the guy who doesn't have jet lag or is he the guy who is absolutely trying to lead by putting a positive spin on absolutely everything?

That's Russell Wilson. And that's why I said he said to whoever is dividing the locker room, I would love to know. As I said yesterday, he's going nowhere. So I don't know who's trying to make it seem like he has lost the locker room and maybe he has.

If he has, then guess what's going to happen? They'll change the locker room. They're not changing him. They're not going to change who he is. And he is there. You have signed him.

He's there for at least two years more. So what are you going to try to do? Keep this locker room thing simmering by letting it be known who showed up from his RSVP list and not? I don't understand what the end goal is here. Maybe you're trying to clown him. That's all. Or you're trying to get out there what the truth is and somebody's not addressing it. That would be, I would assume, the head coach who had this to say.

This is a very quick exchange. Had this to say on the subject matter of can Russell Wilson go somewhere else? And that else being the pine, the bench, sitting down, Russell Wilson.

Check it out. Coach, are there any scenarios where you'd make a change at quarterback if you thought it would give the team a better chance to win? Right now, no. Right now, no. Right now, no. So there is a scenario when you say right now that means down the road.

So you do hear that and you say to yourself, that's something to me. He is indicating potentially two people in the locker room who do have an issue with Russell Wilson and think he is not playing well enough to keep going out there, I guess. A way to basically say, yeah, I hear you, but we're not moving with this guy. I would also counsel him that if there's one way to get got in this situation and everybody, I think, thinks that Nathaniel Hackett is going to get got. Because Russell Wilson has absolutely regressed since week one, as we pointed out yesterday, he had a terrific game in the first game in Seattle.

And so he is regressed. The one way to get got is to put Brett Rippon out there saying that I have, we have collectively lost patience. Robert Sala can say my quarterback needs a reset when his quarterback is 20 games into his career and has put up stats that are so dreadful and the locker room can win right now.

The team has a shot to win right now and make the playoffs right now. They had no choice but to hit the pause button and a reset button. And you can sit there and look at the coach and look at the general manager and look at the quarterback and say, totally understandable. And then the guy who he puts out there for the reset button lights it up for 300 yards and three touchdowns.

That can work. When you're the new coach, married to a guy on a Hall of Fame trajectory prior to his appearance in your system, on your team, and you say, yeah, we need to hit a reset button. You're basically saying, I haven't gotten it done with Russell Wilson yet, so I'm going to hit a reset button and let's go with Brett Rippon.

And if he goes out there and performs like a backup quarterback who hasn't started very much would on a team that otherwise can't get it done with a guy who prior to this year as a Hall of Fame trajectory, that's the way you get got. I feel for the guy because I don't know what options he has. If the locker room says, you know, anybody is sitting there grumbling, you've got to sit this guy down because he's killing us. And the guy gets sat and the other option is basically saying, all right, 12 games into this whole new marriage with me and Russ, we got to sit him.

It ain't working. Russ has got to sit there and watch Brett Rippon and what, reset, learn? I don't I don't know what the right now means other than maybe, hey, everybody in the locker room that didn't go to his birthday party. Hmm.

Hey, everybody in the locker room, you know, that thinks that he's not being held as accountable as I'm holding you accountable right now. No. Wow. He almost for now, Russell Wilson, as you know, here on The Rich Eisen Show, when a general manager coach says for now, that means the bench is coming.

Or the Turk is knocking. Yeah. For now. The general manager owner says for now.

Yeah, he's my coach for now. For now. OK. When do we revisit the later? When does later hit? When does later become now?

Right now? No. Or he could have just pulled he could have just pulled a Zach Wilson. No, no, I don't envision a scenario. Then the other guys in the locker room might be really OK. What a whole holy hell of a mess. And we thought the day when it started. We thought the day when it started, the worst piece of news for Denver is that they are performing so poorly. NBC told the NFL, take the Mahomes game back. We're flexing out of Mahomes his first game against the Broncos with Russ as the starter will opt out of that, which if I told you prior to week one that NBC would want to opt out of the first game between Mahomes and Russell Wilson is a Bronco.

They would they would turn that down for Herbert versus Tua. You'd have been like, OK, sounds good. I'll have what you're having. And this tweet comes out and it creates a whole hoo-ha that I said yesterday, look, 27 guys showed up.

That seems pretty cool. Half the people, if I invited half you guys and some of you couldn't make it to my birthday party, I'd understand it. Certainly, if you had if I said, hey, first thing tomorrow, we got to be at work at 6 a.m., you'd be like, OK, you might be like, OK, I mean, Sarah's out of town. I got to look after Cage. I'll be fine.

That could have been the case for any of Russell Wilson's teammates. But when I hear right now, for now, what? Let's take a break. RG three will be joining us here from the worldwide leader in sports. He'll be joining us. I'll ask him when I asked Desmond Howard yesterday, who is he voting for in the Heisman? Desmond was just like, yeah, Caleb Williams isn't definitely stamped on my ballot just yet.

We'll see what RG three has to say about that. And of course, everything going on in the NFL. Mike Florio will join us on this program. Top of our number two to discuss this and what Patrick Peterson lobbed into the Arizona Cardinals locker room. The Kyler Murray's only about Kyler Murray. OK. Then in our number three, the actor Kumail Nanjiani will be here. He is the star of Hulu's new show.

Welcome to Chippendales. He'll be fully clothed. I assume maybe our number three on this program. I have got a surprise for all of you. You do not know a segment that has been in the hopper.

And I have created we finally get those backpacks full of cash. Told you what happened when they brought the minds to know you need to move to Indianapolis at the same time slot for this show. If you want. If you want. Crap. Sorry, brother. It's too cold. Eight four four two or four.

Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show. Stay tuned for the surprise. That's coming in our two RG three is coming up next right here on the program. The world tournament of soccer happening in Qatar is finally here.

And with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously, it could be kind of hard to keep up. So to make sure you're up to speed, be sure to listen to Qatar Kickaround for the daily wrap up of all the action from the tournament from the group stage all the way to the final. Andy, Lars and Peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in Qatar.

Everything could be found at the kickaround dot com. The Cumulus podcast channel on YouTube or wherever you listen. Well, Deshaun Watson is speaking right now, as you know, he did not speak yesterday, but he is speaking today.

He is making his debut as a Cleveland Browns quarterback in Houston and this Sunday. And as you know, I think I think literally one percent of the country is getting it. It's just the Cleveland area. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. So I don't know what he's saying right now, but it's the first time that he is talking since the last time we heard from him. And his comments being lacking, to say the least, going into his suspension. But once we we hear what he's got to say, we'll turn it around.

If anything, he says is newsworthy. Eight four four two or four rich number to dial here on the program. Love this guy. Love what he's doing on the worldwide leader in sports, whether it's calling games with Mark Jones or sitting on the Monday night countdown set or calling into this show from ESPN.

Joining on behalf of the 2022 Allstate AFCA Good Works team is none other than Robert Griffin, the third. How are you doing, Robert? Rich, I'm doing great.

How you doing, brother? I love talking to you. I just love watching you. You crack me up, but you also make me smarter. That's that's it. Period.

It's great. Hey, man, we're just trying to have fun. Football is supposed to be fun. You know this.

You've done it for an extremely long time, even though you still look like you're about 33 years old. So we have we have fun on our broadcast. And that's why I think the people gravitate towards what we're doing.

Fantastic. So let's just jump right into it here. The Russell Wilson birthday story and the RSVP list and how it got out there. That's the thing that I'm fascinated by is who's who's who's putting this out there as if there's a locker room problem and the glass is half empty as opposed to a party half full. Robert, I mean, I don't know who's doing it, but it all started obviously with the way that Russell's played, the way the Broncos have played. You know, I kind of mentioned this on Monday Night Countdown that the situation that they brought Russell into is completely different than the two situations that they probably looked at as the key to doing what they did with Russell.

Obviously, Matthew Stafford going to the Rams and then Tom Brady going to the Bucks. Now, both of those teams had established head coaches, had an established environment and just needed a quarterback to get them over the hump. And that happened for them. They won the Super Bowl. But Russell came to a team with a first time head coach, first time offensive coordinator, hold completely new different staff and a young group of skilled players on the offensive side of the football.

And all those ingredients just haven't been able to mix very well, i.e. Russ hasn't been able to cook. So when you look at what Mike Purcell did in the game, kind of screaming at the quarterback, you never truly see that happen on a football field, let alone on a football team. So that leads to more speculation in the locker room.

You got KJ Hamler slamming his helmet on the ground early in the year when Russell wide open in the end zone for the game winner. And now you got this birthday story. So I'm sitting here.

I'm like, OK, I don't know why that got out. Guys throw birthday parties all the time and no one shows up or half the team shows up. So why does it even matter? At the end of the day, Russell and Sierra are happy. It's his birthday.

You get to celebrate it and you just move on. There seems to be a lot of people piling on to Russell Wilson because they haven't been able to over the last 10 years. I was saying like whoever's putting it out there with the knives out, it's too bad he's going nowhere. You know, and that's the whole thing is this he's got this situation has to be rehabilitated. Robert, that's the that's the bottom line and anybody in that locker room who wants to win. Thinking that him being benched or sent packing or embarrassed or be clowned in the process is going to actually lead to those wins is sadly mistaken.

So I don't I don't kind of get it. And what are you seeing that that you think can be rehabilitated, this situation that has deteriorated in Denver? Yeah, Rich, you're 100 percent right. Russell's not going anywhere. They owe him way too much money. So for me, a lot of people are saying, hey, get rid of the coach. I don't necessarily know if that's the solution.

That's probably the popular solution, the popular thing to say. But they also pay that coach a bunch of money and they're going to owe him money to not coach there if they fire him after one year. So I just think if you go back and you look at what Russell has done well over the course of his career, it's not drop back passing. He's never been that type of quarterback. He is more of an off rhythm guy when he gets into the pocket.

And yes, his height does have something to do with that. But a couple of things he has done extremely well over the course of his career is RPOs and play action shots. So what that means to me is that the Broncos have to find a way to develop their running game. Through the rest of this year and then obviously in the draft or free agency next year, bring in some guys that will mimic what Russell was able to do with Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin and those gaggle of backs that he had in Seattle. That's going to allow some pressure to be taken off of him because he's never been a rhythm and timing guy.

You know, three step, five step, seven step like Hackett had with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay for a few years. That's not his game. So they have to go back, watch the tape from the last 10 years of what Russell did in Seattle. Cherry pick 10 to 15 concepts that you're like, all right, he sees this really, really well. I wasn't his coach. I don't really know him that well. But this coach knew him and he was with him for an extended period of time.

Let's go run those concepts, because as a coach, the main thing you have to do is put your players in position to be successful, not put them in your system and tell them to go run your system. Now, I don't know if that's happening or not in Denver, but it definitely looks like Russell is not comfortable with the offense that he's running. His feet are off. His timing is off. The look on his face doesn't scream confidence, even though he says his confidence never wavers. It looks like his confidence is wavering in the way that he's playing. So I think that's what the coaches have to go do, because they have no choice.

They got to make Russell work. What would you counsel him, Robert? I mean, I don't think I'm telling any tales out of school here, but at one point in the Washington locker room, there was some questions about you having maybe lost it at some point in time, the way things are going on with your career.

Kirk Cousins was sitting right there. You know, you had a knee injury, and I'm wondering if, does any of this sound familiar to you at all, Robert? For me, it doesn't sound familiar, just because I made sure for my own self that I didn't allow what the outside was saying about me to dictate who I was. My teammates in that locker room knew who I was. They knew how much I cared about them. They knew I gave my all for them. Heck, I gave an ACL and a left ankle for that locker room for those guys.

So a lot of this stuff can be created by the outside. I remember vividly there was a story when I was there in Washington that the locker room was upset that I was becoming the starter again. I think this might have been in 2014, when really the true story was that the locker room was upset that the media had come out and said something bad about one of our players, and they didn't want them in the locker room anymore. It just so happened that that whole ordeal happened when I was coming back as a starter, and it was pitched in a way that wasn't true. So the guys in the locker room were upset about that. They're talking to me about it.

We're talking about it. But there's no control that you can have outside of the locker room. So for Russell and the Broncos, it's one of those things of take care of your guys. Russell is your guy moving forward. You have to take care of him. You've got to support him, whether that be social media wise, because we live in a social media age, whether that be in your press conferences. And Russell's got to do the same. He's got to support his guys. He's got to take accountability for what he's done and how he's played and try to continue to get better and then go get better.

So from that standpoint, it doesn't remind me of anything. But yes, the stories from the outside about losing the locker room as a player, as a quarterback, all those things happen to every quarterback throughout the history of the league. It's just about how you handle it moving forward. And then for Russell, there's no way to convince the guy. He's got to be their guy.

So that's not going to happen. Whereas for me with Kirk Cousins, I was taken out of the lineup and replaced. And then it was my job in 2015 to just make sure I was a good teammate to Kirk Cousins on that team.

And that team in 2015 ended up winning a division. So I wasn't a distraction. I made sure I was a pros pro. Russell's got to be a pros pro in the locker room and just sit down and talk to his guys about what more they need from him. Robert Griffin, the third here on the Rich Eisen show care of Allstate AFC. Good works team from ESPN as well. We'll get to Allstate in a second.

It does appear that there's something. Or Patrick Peterson says something's going on in the Arizona Cardinals locker room. And and he said on his podcast that Kyler Murray is all about Kyler Murray and that Cliff Kingsbury is going to wind up being the one blamed for all of this. Kyler claps back at him quite a bit, quite strongly on social media. What do you see when you watch the Arizona Cardinals play?

Robert? Yeah, I mean, the Cardinals, this last game they played against the Chargers was probably the best they looked offensively all year. I think Kyler took the opportunity when he was out to just go back to the basics and say, all right, I'm going to run the play. I'm going to make sure I get the ball out of my hands.

I'm going to utilize my playmakers and make a few special plays here and there. And he did that. They just didn't come out victorious. Whereas earlier in the year, they just looked helter skelter. You didn't know what was going on.

They had no rhythm or timing. Kyler was on a different page from literally every single person on the offensive side of the football, from the head coach to even his star receiver, DeAndre Hopkins. When he came back, you could see the frustration on the sideline with those guys yelling at each other. So I put out there that I think they should make Kyler install the offense so that everyone on the offensive side of the ball sees the game the way that he sees it, as opposed to the coach putting it in. And now everyone goes on the field with a certain expectation. And Kyler has a different thought process going through his head when he's seeing the same exact plays.

So I still think that's the solution for them. But they're also in a situation where Kyler's got to be the guy. They just paid him. They have to make it work with him. And he's got the coach that recruited him out of high school to go to Texas A&M.

So at the end of the day, they just have to get away from this media firestorm. And what you just mentioned with Patrick Peterson and Kyler doesn't really help that part of it. And on this part, I'll go ahead and say it.

I know you might ask. Kyler's right in this regard. If Patrick Peterson is a big brother, big bro slash mentor to Kyler, then he should have picked up the phone and talked to Kyler instead of dragging him on social media so his podcast could grow. That I do agree with.

If you have a relationship with the guy and you're considered a mentor or big brother, you should definitely go to them first before you say something like that publicly. I saw you on RG3 here on the Rich Eisen Show. Also saw on your terrific Twitter account that I follow your opinion. No, seriously, it's great, man. I just love all the content that you're putting out there. I take it all in.

Certainly since I'm not watching everything you're doing in real time, but I'm catching up on it through at RG3. So what's your opinion about Rodgers? You think the Packers should sit him right now? What's your two cents on that with Jordan Lovell? Yeah, so the Packers have, I believe, a three percent chance of making the playoffs.

Essentially what that means is they have to win out and they got to get a boatload of help from everybody else around the league just to be in contention for a wildcard spot. So in that regard, the best thing for the organization is to play Jordan Lovell. Yes, everybody in that locker room is showing up every Sunday, Thursday or Monday to win football games. Aaron Rodgers gives them the best chance to win. But for their foreseeable future, they need to know right now whether Jordan Lovell is their quarterback of the future.

They got five games left. Give Jordan Lovell those five games to go out there and prove that he's either the guy or he's not the guy. Three years ago he was drafted.

He hasn't had significant playing time in any of those years. Aaron Rodgers is not going to play for another five to seven years and they need to know next year are we building again to build around Aaron Rodgers because they are. They paid him for two, three years more. Or are we now starting over the clock, going to decline Jordan Lovell's fifth year option and look for Rodgers' replacement in the next draft or the next draft? I think that's important for them.

They're a long-term thinking organization. That's why they went and got those young wide receivers and let go of Devontae Adams, which was a mistake. But they need to know that and if they can't get in the playoffs or really it's bleak for them to get in the playoffs, play Jordan Lovell. You know what Aaron Rodgers is going to give you.

You owe him $60 million next year anyway. You might as well find out if you have your quarterback of the future. And you also know very well Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III, and you saw I'm sure his clap back on Twitter and John Harbaugh I think rightfully called it out of character for him. But it was very profane and it was also showing that he's hearing the criticism and bothered by some of it. And I'm wondering what you make of that and the Ravens opportunity in front of Lamar Jackson right now. Robert, what do you think?

Yeah, it's a couple things, Rich. Lamar definitely showed his frustration. You know, you never want to do that, but I made mistakes like that when I was at 23, 24-year-old quarterback in the NFL using Twitter as well, so I understand it from that point.

Two, the South Florida definitely came out of Lamar. Was it out of character? 100% out of character for him to say something like that on a public forum where millions of people can go out there and see it. And that's why he ultimately ended up deleting it because somebody got in his ear and said, hey, you shouldn't be doing that. And he shouldn't have said what he said and he understands that too. The third thing is a lot of people are saying that because of the way Lamar is playing this year, he shouldn't get the contract that he's demanding. And I vehemently deny that.

Don't disagree with it wholeheartedly. Lamar has earned the contract that he's going to get because of his play throughout his career. It's not just this year in a vacuum. And I think the Ravens might be a little bit discouraged in paying Lamar because of what happened with Joe Flacco. They paid Joe Flacco after he won the Super Bowl.

He bet on himself when he got it done. And then they proceeded to miss the playoffs, I believe, either four out of the next five years or four out of the next six years. And they weren't able to pay other guys and build a team around Joe to help him be successful. I think that might be something to do with why they're a little reluctant to pay him and kind of letting this draw out. But the Chiefs have shown you and the Bills have shown you that you can pay your quarterback a boatload of money and still go build around him through the draft, through free agency, paying a few select high priced guys that are difference makers and still be in contention every single year. So I think Lamar is just tired of people kind of tying his play this year to the money that he should get. And I understand that.

Just keep it off of social. I'm not hearing Odell and the Ravens in the same sentence because it sounds like I know they got to Sean Jackson, but man, Odell would be exactly what they kind of need here. You know, I mean, it does appear that's missing from their game right now. Yeah, with Rashad Bateman being outraged, it's hurt them a lot. Mark Andrews, his production has been down. Not that he's a different player, but people are keying in on him trying to shut him down now. So OBJ would be a great fit in Baltimore.

But I've said this time and time again, I'm sure you've heard it, Rich. The free agent receivers, they're not going to want to go to Baltimore just because of the way that they run their system. Now, it's been more a little more past happy this year. And I think that would be great for Lamar to get a guy like OBJ. He's never truly had a guy like that in his career, but I think OBJ is more so looking at the Cowboys going back home to the Giants or possibly the Buffalo Bills because those quarterbacks are known for throwing the football 35, 40 times a game. Hopefully Dak doesn't do that because that'll be really bad for the Cowboys offense.

That's not when they're their best. But OBJ, I don't think that he would want to go to Baltimore. What are you doing with Allstate, sir?

What do you got? Yeah, Rich, if you didn't know this, I was a part of the Allstate AFCA Good Works team back in 2011 when Baylor won the Heisman and we were able to go to the GoPro. So to partner with them now is an honor for me.

This is their 31st year in existence, Allstate and the AFCA Good Works team. And you'll love this, Rich, because we're trying to get a thousand volunteers to get involved in their community. We partner with the for the Do Something initiative, and that's exactly what we're trying to get people to do, to do something.

I ran in the Run Rich Run charity event this past year, and that was a ton of fun. And you know that the best way to get active in your community is to actually go out and be in it. Give your time so people can go to backslash Good Works team. And what you'll find is volunteer opportunities in your own community, but also some volunteer opportunities that the players on this team like Caleb Williams, the quarterback from USC.

He has an initiative with mental health awareness and also anti-bullying that you can go be a part of. So go be a part of some of your favorite players' initiatives. Go be a part of initiatives in your own community, and that's important for me because I remember, Rich, when I was a young kid in Coppers Cove, Texas, which most people don't even know where that's at.

But it's right next to the biggest Army base in America, in Fort Hood, and a guy by the name of Charles Tillman came back and played basketball with us, my seventh grade team. And I told myself in that moment, if I ever make it, I'm going to make sure that these kids out there know that they're not forgotten. And I think that's a big opportunity for volunteers with us with the Allstate AFCA Good Works team and the DoSomething initiative to go out there and show these kids that they're not forgotten. Because that kid's life that you impact could be the one who changes the world in the future. So let's go do something and help change the world. Beautifully put, as always. slash Good Works team to find ways to get involved and do your own good work. You mentioned Caleb Williams going out the door. Does he get your vote? I had Desmond on Wednesday, and Desmond Howard was wide open. He was talking about Max Duggan.

He was talking about a whole bunch of players. Who gets your vote right now, Robert? Well, first of all, Desmond's going to be wide open because he's technically not supposed to tell you who his vote is for. But I would say that it's Caleb Saluze, but it's a two-man race. It's Caleb Williams and Max Duggan.

If you don't go out there and play bad and have a terrible championship Saturday, it is wide open. There's guys that I put out my list on Twitter maybe 30, 40 minutes ago, an hour ago. And there's guys that aren't on that list that could end up winning the Heisman if all these guys just have a bad day. Whether it's Hendon Hooker, who did get hurt but had a great year. Michael Pinnix Jr. from Washington. But I've got a gaggle of guys that are on that list that have all had really great years.

The Heisman's more open this year than I think it's ever been in any other year. And then as I'm going out the door, Rich, I just want to also say, talking about getting activated in the community. If anybody wants to help, they can go to backslash RG3 Foundation. We're doing Christmas giveaways in Houston, Texas, and also Copper's Cove, Texas, where I'm from. And you can go there, click on the donate button, and give whatever's on your heart to allow us to go out and bless these kids and these communities.

Who don't necessarily have all the money to go out and buy the gifts and truly experience Christmas like some of us are right now. So if you want to help there, like I said, go to backslash RG3 Foundation. It'll really help. And speaking of being blessed, did I see that you used another baby on the way? Robert, did I see that? Oh, man. Did I see that?

Yes, you did, Rich. Got another baby. And I'll go ahead and be the spoiler alert.

It's a baby girl. So I'm a girl dad four times over. Just really blessed and excited about that. You are surrounded, sir. You are surrounded.

You are surrounded, but it's a beautiful thing. I love being a girl dad and blessed now four times over. Best to your wife. Best to your whole family.

Let's chat again soon. Greatly appreciate it always, sir. You got it. Appreciate you, Rich. God bless, brother. You bet right back at you the best at RG3 at RGIII, not the number three right here on The Rich Eisen Show. I love what he's he's become. I think he's a terrific broadcaster.

I really do. He and Mark Jones are blessed. They have a really fun time. That's a really fun broadcast. They are. They are.

Absolutely. And then obviously he's on on Monday nights as well. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the program. Mike Flora is going to join us top of our number two. We'll tell you what Deshaun Watson essentially had to say and set the table on the conversation with Kyler Murray. What's going on with him in that locker room, according to his former teammate, Patrick Peterson. We had Patrick Peterson on the program yesterday. I honestly didn't think to ask, have him comment about what's going on in Arizona. He hasn't been there for multiple seasons.

I just I just thought, you know, you got a team that's nine and two. Maybe I was blinded by the Mike White. You know, I just want to talk to him about, you know, the game that's coming up. The golf thing threw you off from the jump.

You kind of got you off your game. Because last time we spoke to him, he was on the golf course. And I'm like, are you playing golf now? And he basically he was kind of off to basically say, Rich, I live in Minnesota now. He said he was driving in the 30s. It was all icy out. But as soon as we hung up and then he got it on his pod. Right. And dished. The only way to put it.

Check it out. Do you think Cliff Kingsbury may be the scapegoat in regards to their struggles? Ain't no maybe. He will. He will be.

He will be. And the crazy thing about it, the guy who hired him will still have a job. Yeah, it sounds about right.

I initially I was thinking that. They probably would stick with him because of the contractual agreement he has. But now just seeing how bad they've been in there and a coach at the at the at the season, man.

Yeah. And he is saying he signed extension last March. But see, just verbally now, vocally. Kyler Murray is talking about and I don't like how he's doing that. I think he should keep some things privately. But it tells me he doesn't care about his head coach.

And he's putting everything on the head coach, basically saying I don't care about nobody but Kyler Murray. That's just a matter of the fact. Well, well, yeah. Well, I got to go.

Hey, I can't I can't. I don't know him personally. You play with him for a few years, so I got to take your word for it. That's Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson on the All Things Covered podcast. I got back to Kyler Murray. Of course it did.

And Tyler tweeted out, this isn't true. You on some weird ish at P2. You got my number. If you really felt like this is as a big bro or mentor, you're supposed to call me and tell me not drag me.

So your podcast can grow. I mean, I'm Team Kyler here. So I don't think Patrick considers himself a mentor of Kyler Murray anymore.

Probably not so. And clearly he's not upset. He's not happy with the way things ended in Arizona for him, although it does look like Kyler Murray's fault. Look, I don't know what's happening in that locker room because I'm not in it. I just see what looks what it looks like on the field. And it looks like there is always a play or two where the same page is not being read. And Kyler's body language is just really, really negative.

The whole thing. And, you know, Ian Rappaport, my colleague from the NFL media group, one of his nuggets on Sunday's game day morning, is that Kyler spent his couple weeks off talking to Cliff Kingsbury to smooth over whatever needed to be smoothed over. If you remember, there was that I think it was the Thursday night game where he went against against New Orleans. We were rehearsing it.

That was the rehearsal game for our Munich game. And we were he came out, you know, timeout gets fired off. He's barking at Cliff to calm the F down. Something's up there. Something is absolutely up where it's just not working. Something is just not working. And you know how it works.

Quarterback certainly gets that big, huge contract. I have this piece of paper on the desk still for a reason. It just strike. Oh, there's like a did Susie use this now to to like black blot her make. Oh, no, really. I was just discovering this.

That's what it looks like. No, I'm definitely not cheating here. Oh, man. And I ain't trying either.

Why would you? Oh, man. She used it to blot her makeup.

That's more of a scandal than what Patrick Peterson's turn up. I just took a picture of the monitor. I'm going to text this to her real quick. My body language stinks now.

Take a picture of the actual piece of paper. Well, because it's too far away. So wait three minutes. You know her. She's going to text back quick.

Three minutes. We're already in Bruce. I mean, like this didn't happen when Pellissero said it.

You know, Tom's lips did look very good. Well, at any rate, I don't know what's going on there. But something's got to change. And as Patrick's saying, it's going to be the coach if something doesn't change.

Unless Michael Bidwell is like everybody, let's just go back to our corners and come back and try one more time. Man, they talk about needing a reset. There's a whole host of teams that need a reset. Right. Top five teams that need a reset when we come back.

Go. Mike Florio before that.
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