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Mentoring 101

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December 4, 2019 10:23 am

Mentoring 101

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 4, 2019 10:23 am

Mentoring 101

What is a mentor? How do I get or become a mentor? Why do we even need mentors? All these questions and more answered today with BIll Mann!


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble, so if anything happened to my dad in the last six or seven maybe even 10 years of his life you want to be with the Lord last year in September at the ripe old age of 91, and starting at about I think about age 80.

My dad started to ring the bell.

I mean literally all the time about these seventh graders, sixth and seventh grade boys that he was all of a sudden meant touring so here the 80-year-old man touring a middle schoolers which are in a unique breed of individual and of themselves, and so he is sister talking all the greatest thing since sliced bread grazing he's done in decades mentor mentor mentor mentor in the first time he started talking about it before he got down the road of ad nausea. I said my dad. You sound like Bill man while I bill Matt's office is Marbella. So tell me what is Bill man guys Bill man is a friend of mine here in Raleigh, North Carolina encompassed attorneys all install that against him, but Bill has been talking about and doing mentoring for years as a volunteer and being a part of a group called mentor. Link etc. etc. it's a clarion call that pretty much anytime your Friday morning Bible study Bill welcome Michelle Merry Christmas Christmas, pretty much always comes up. This is a big deal in your life and well it should be.

This is something that I know will go through some frustration today because most of us don't mentor we don't think about mentoring is not a mentoring going on out there is element mentoring relationships.

Mentoring is really just kind of a marketplace word for discipleship, which were supposed to be doing.

So there's a huge biblical weight behind all this. But walking to the show I'm organ to talk about mentoring all day today and when what we want to come away with is when were done. Hopefully you're going to start figuring out you being you out there who are who are talkative, you know you are that your thinking I should probably be doing this and I don't think discipleship's on an optional thing.

It's a required thing but it's not like you're carrying a bag of rocks. It's a beautiful thing and it's an invigorating and huge blessing. I cannot think so, Bill.

Welcome to our fun. This is so ugly I'm a recovering attorney. I was out of mentoring conference so a couple years ago. Reggie Campbell put on and they had you introduce yourself and I said my name is Bill man. I'm a recovering attorney and some guy on the corner said hello Bill if you haven't I taught AA meeting right down the same thing to say.

I'm an alcoholic and Bruce's hello Bill yeah because I want you to know that you fit right in and so I was so that's funny it was for just made me chuckle yeah sure.

So it's how did you come to get down this road because I you and I know each other quite some time, but I don't know how long mentoring is been a big part of your life. What I think you sort of back into it. Most of the associates that I had I had a 45 year law career. I ended up mentoring in and sort of over the years, they would turn to me and said you were my first mentor really never even thought about that. Then I actually hired a guy ask you mentor him some. Some got called me up.

He was a Christian counselor and said I got this young man is a lawyer. I think you can help woman. I said well you know what the heck is he was have coffee so I met this guy turns out his dad. Lectures of a colleague of my age was in the he was miserable. He was kind of at the wrong spot at the wrong time becoming a father following his father's footsteps into the wall business. The hated yeah, he was just miserable and and so I said to them won't ease so he was thinking about another career, and so I said well what was the age difference.

Let's see with 30 years significant. So, so I said won't let you know. I'd be glad to meet with you and so that started got it off and and and what I did.

Hindsight really turned out to be just the right thing I said before we quit law practice. You know you're doing a lot of things he was doing a general practice soup to nuts and I said, is there anything on your desk that you like what others are like certain files. All types of cases, less of, let's list them. So we came up with list about three or four things you like to do and I said all right to say before we abandon this, what would your life look like if you only did those types of cases. They should not be a happy camper.

I said well this'll take three years. But let's let's spend some time on basically going through the process to get rid of the ever the rest of the stuff and build this up.

And so that's what we were working on for nine months and then a job came open my office and you can't make this up yet that one associate was working for me what corporate and I said, by any chance would you like to work for me and his response was my wife would love that. And I said I'm not hiring you yeah yeah what is she had to do it right so the rest is history not you know he worked for me for several years and then took over my law practice when it's just a great relationship that's coming from but that was kind of the first really all in most of my mentoring. It was sort professional mentoring sure helping to develop skill set and then his was, in fact, that really what happened was in the process he can speak becomes an associate and I I default to my let's do professional mentoring and let's get you up to up to speed on what were doing and after about nine months he came to me said we go back to the whole life mentoring is so important, so important, and we don't get most people don't get your like what you and they just anything you who mentors you and who do you mentor, which is an easier question for most people because it's not laden with spiritual weights is a you discipling most people in the room, get uncomfortable, most of us don't disciple anybody well I think that's true there's no there's a distance I've written about this.

There's a disconnect in the church because the church is sort of forgotten the mantra that says go and make disciples of all nations.

It doesn't say go and make new members of your church right it don't. It's not about making converts is not about making converts admits about making disciples in the church is frankly they're in trouble that are dying to want to have many disciple six so coming out of that experience. Like how did you get connected with mentor links and tells about mentioning for when you had a commercial break are pretty quick, but let's start with that. Okay well two guys from navigators rough rough enter send Stacy Reinhart ended up in Raleigh of all places.

They were stationed at the time was vice president navigators and Ralph was doing this sort of own thinking he's a real brainiac Konica and their job was to this is in the late 80s early 90s. Their job was to figure out what was going to happen with navigators going forward. Yeah because they were finding that what they were doing was becoming less appropriate and just what work yeah all the other guys got it ready when those guys are gone is going to come behind that and at the mental there's there's actually a future beyond our own if you can believe that. Were talking to my friend Bill Miller say about mentoring what your role are you a mentor who is mentored you why we have to do this, as Christians really really important topic will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show here today of my good friend Bill Mann who is very passionate very involved in mentoring mentoring as a way of life that they've as a responsibility of a Christian and being able to disciple others and this is something I started to show it. That's something that my dad got a really big into look much later in life, like were talking late 70s 80s and did for several years with the middle school students where he lives six and seventh graders, I think, and he just couldn't stop talking about it. It was amazing to watch the impact that it had on him. Besides the fact that you had 80-year-old man with a lot of wisdom selling that into these young boys, but the fact that it turned around and blessed him as well and it's a deeply biblical concept, but it's something that most of us don't do. We don't mentor anybody wouldn't get meant toward and that is a huge problem. It's a huge deficit really and what were doing is a church and is something that builds and passionate about and involved in for years and he always talks about it where it Friday morning by will stay together which is kind of a famous thing here in Raleigh, North Carolina. But EI just one of the only people I know really only the only people I know that talks about mentoring regularly people just doesn't make the radar screen. Some is going to write something is going to do it so but that started in Canada professional atmosphere with a younger attorney in your practice and you brought him along and it is mostly focused on his professional development.

But he came back around. Not that long. Later and said hey let's go back to the whole life thing, because there's so much that needs to be done that isn't being done but then you also get involved with this organization called mentor links the tells about them right quick mentor like God actually comes up for its 20th anniversary in January and it was started 20 years ago to basically do leadership training of pastors around the world. The need there is that the pastors just a note leadership is not taught in a seminary. So basically wants to get out of seminary, the sort of on their own to figure out what the leadership yeah you problem and they will automatically adopt their whatever the cultural model is sent and invariably it's a top-down model in America.

It's the CEO in Africa is the chief action of the Middle East. It's the shake in Latin America and Eastern Europe is the tyrant of the dictator would look like yeah while and and so so do what you know in it. They don't think about that. Don't go back to my once I got Jesus a biblical model. They just do.

And and there's a lot of controlling this lot just, you know, a lot of damage gets done. So we try to take them from that pyramid top-down to a bottoms up so long and we do that through our training we do something called passing it on. It's about 2 1/2 day training session and I've done several docent in sub-Saharan Africa. And it's interesting about halfway through the training and these are these are principally pastors or elders or church leaders. Some some leadership position something will come up to me and say I get I get it to me so we resort mechanically in the I guess that for me for the fun for me is always at the end of session we do Q&A what you think about it and somebody will always ask when you're coming back. Yeah, about that and you're like okay that's good you there. That's basically a short-term mentoring relationship people that know a lot about leadership trying to pass down the people that should know that don't and that's exactly what it is it's passing down of knowledge is not a just a working definition of mentoring. One of the things we impress in them is that they need to duplicate it with others. With other people. It's not. I got it. I'm holding onto. Don't be a hoarder exactly and you know it had prepack sheet for pastors, that's a little challenging partly because they make you hire younger guy who may be better than them. Yeah, that's better. That's a leadership issue such as the past but what we have found this is kind of interesting is that the pastor is the loneliest guy in the church he's got nobody to turn to and that's why one of the things we push into them is to do mentoring you want to be based in your today with the technology you can do it with the pastor sure counter stuff like that but that they need accountability, then he wants to is better than one, and otherwise they're lonely and they'll go off it will truly go off the reservation if the stay single is amazing and so from up from a pastoral perspective in a leadership perspective, which is what mentor link is about.

I want to make sure we focus most of our time today on just personal mentoring to somebody in your life that it is now the parameters. Is there a formula do I if I'm 53.

I need to mentor people who are basically half my age have had a week start to go down that road. Well it's interesting, but my mentoring people, not mentoring. Most recently, ranging in age from 19 which is a GNC to age 47, which is Jetix and and on the millennial's are kind and between them at lunch and a lot of money was in the most from in the low 30s and in support of the 47 is that this guys in the life changing, issue, and he's trying to figure out what's going on in his life and what's the next step for him is in a career change and things are going wrong in his family and I get this call in Ilsley we got to meet. Yeah, we got to meet and so and I have to say, not every mentoring is a success. Got my one of the young guys ended up getting addicted and the next you know he's dried himself out, but he keeps coming back and sought, well that's I mean how do you define success in a mentoring relationship.

You don't yet I don't think you can.

I think you look at progress, but when you maintain a relationship that's that's a win, in and of itself exactly what it said pastors were toxic to Paul's letter to Timothy.

He said watch your progress so you get it you never achieve projection but you know what question are you on the path to progress and that's from Pro, mentor, stamp or not you can have an impact on the guys life woman's life of a young child's life just just by being there.

Do you think that's one of the biggest misunderstandings that people have, or perhaps an excuse is that on my knees and stronger language. An excuse is that I don't have anything to offer. I'm not that smart enough that wise I'm not the cement that well. My response to that is typically if you got battle scars and you screwed up somewhere along the way you got something to take even if it's not to go down that path right even if it's just that there's no don't do it. I did it the millennial's don't want to hear all your success stories they want to hear your failure so that's just us selling them something exactly we have a passion for millennial's is always comes out as well to mentoring a millennial's for you to another in word but mentoring and millennial's, why are you so passionate about these young people, millennial's are ducking basically, most of them in a mirror. In the American context are between mid 20s to 40 well as I was getting ready for retirement. This in 2013, the summer before I felt like that. Got it sort of put a call on and we end up taking a trip with my son and his family are Taiwanese. So what to southeast Europe and I downloaded like 27 books on mentoring the best one was mentoring for dummies the classic because it is that I could understand and just over one of those and I thought will only read what other people said about it and after reading 27 books I'm not sure advance the ball much because it's it it at the end of it is organic. You can't study to be numbing you can learn techniques and that sort of thing, but you know I think listening is the best thing that you can do well and you have a ready signature rain.

I've used to be together and we we are in life.

Life yeah we we talked about this and I'll felt tell you some of things he said we we were just right on yellow if his estimate was a take to mentor how about listening.

That's a pretty good place to start to get into that to a bill man talk about mentoring today also and I come back. I've got a bunch of free concert tickets tomorrow night for 10th Ave. N. here in Raleigh so I get a bunch of those when we come back as well.

You the phone number then pick it up there with my good friend Bill Mann will be right back to Maged Steve Noble to Steve Noble silver any back in just a sec. our conversation about mentoring which I really hope all is are you and challenge you to look for an opportunity to be a mentor in somebody else's life, and working to talk about that relationship what it is what it is and and and just how do you can go down that road, when you decide to actually start following the biblical model is are supposed to be doing and teaching younger people build or teach the younger for the men that the younger boys for the women. The younger girls and that's the way God designed it in there's a unique blessing waiting for you there when you do that's organic continue that conversation with Bill Mann I mentioned before the break that we got the 10th Ave. N. concert here in Raleigh North Carolina tomorrow night decade, the halls, it's a really fun show that they been doing for a couple years where they do a Christmas song in the style of each decade, starting in the 20s 10th Ave. N. phenomenal contemporary Christian Bannon and Mike. The lead singer solaria state of constant changes.

It's really gonna be a fun way to kinda ring and that that the holiday season so that's tomorrow night 7 PM here in Raleigh.

We've got a bunch of tickets that we are blessed to be able to give away. But you gotta give us a call during the show, so just pick up the phone, call 866-348-7884 and will just need your name and your email address and will get you connected with the tickets that you need. This is tomorrow night, Thursday, December 5 here in Raleigh at the Lincoln theater downtown Raleigh truly fun place. Most of us will be standing. It's not a sit down, kinda concert place with it's a lot of fun. It'll be a really really enjoyable night.

Bring your family, there's a standup comedian is actually Charles Stanley's grandson any Stanley's son Andrew is a standup comedian is very funny called in a couple weeks ago, so he'll be there as well just be a great family fun kinda night and a great way to kinda kick off the Christmas season to give us a call free tickets through the end of the show, 866348784 is the number same as always are 866-34-TRUTH 10th Ave. N. here in Raleigh tomorrow night.

If you're on Facebook live and part of the show that way today.

Just send me a note on Facebook live will get you connected that way. But on the radio. Just give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 true so we were I was.

I was asking about millennial's mentoring millennial's you have a big soft spot in your heart for millennial side of that happened in the course of talk about mentoring use will disable who you can.

Mentoring is a more traditional model is a younger person just turns out that they got a name yet call millennial site and in so you one of the things that I started writing about this and studying them in a in a way to sort of figure out if you mentor somebody you need to figure out where they are. Or better yet where they're not.

And so in the course of that.

It's his, you know, I continue to study a look at the barn up you all the resources and research of the come up with is trying forgot how can I make that available to other people who were doing mentoring so that they understand what's different they communicate differently. They have shorter attention spans. They don't read. And so you if you if you can interact with them. You. You sorta have to figure out how to do that is like being a missionary to a different kind culture. It's a different culture.

There's always generational their church, or the advent of the cell phone of the smart phone is.

This is a cultural difference in gentry and Molinos are similar, but there are distinctive centered make them different and was inching I was in the I was in Nigeria and I came across a lady pastor who had in Africa just went to the effort. The average age of an African as 19 so hard for you well and while here's the interesting thing the millennial in Africa is very much like the millennial in America doesn't matter that is like the millennial and in Latin America what it is and that's because of social media yet are living in the same digital landscape exactly there. Digital natives so this lady had 85% of her church will millennial's, and she was having a hard time communicating with her. So I sat her down. I said look, there's no tried-and-true some of this is trial here, but here's some things that we've done that were successful chum and she was so grateful to sorta say, oh, there is a way of dealing with this and what is it strong there is no tried-and-true formula but they like to collaborate, that's what's interesting that's how they learn best and so what I tell people if you want to actually do a ministry for millennial's dude in a way that they can collaborate and then throw food at it yet. Boom boom that never changes that never changes.

Yeah and and because millennial this of the John which are also now called the loneliest generation because their their clinical connected social media wise there connected digitally but but personal, interpersonal, face-to-face like sitting down at a table, not so much, and they have a lot of relationships but nothing that's too deep and so there's a huge need their for what mentoring is, which is a real relationship centered and you can use technology but mostly sexy sitting down somebody important yesterday posted a good wing talk about is the end of the last posted is called anxiety and they basically have a level of high anxiety often over things that probably show yeah yeah sure, but that they have that so he talks about the pew research Center shows 36% of girls being extremely anxious every day you that's just that's just crazy. So what happens when they go off to college right it's a train wreck. You it and it can handle it in the past five years, it's gone from 30% to 63% last two out of every three girls as this was a woman study and I would probably advance it. That's probably not much different than the guys know.

Probably not. Yeah, I mean a shocking and I think one of the things that I really appreciate because I know you have a true heart for millennial's in younger people is that we hear stuff like that and we just got like, I'll suck it up, grow out bunch of snowflakes and we kind of throw whatever the regular colloquialism is that we throw around millennial's income, snowflakes, and got up and write them off, but that of course is not alternative like oh my goodness is not Christlike at all.

Now I understand the frustration in there and there is some validity saying okay you guys need to learn to deal with some adversity year but forget to lead them down the road in the first place my hands up right now because I was part of that what one of the best things a church can do is to put on and you can find this guy from some of the dozen.

We got Ocala tar church Julie Garlock or Jackie goes around the country and talks about social media and how parent should deal with because it it's the elephant in the room. Sure and and it's doing damage. They don't see it does not question about it and you know and kids are smart made yacht. I did a post on invasion work. It turns out you can go to any middle school or high school in America and there's some guy selling burner phones out of his locker for less than 20 bucks. She's so would appearances longer to confiscate your phone at 9 o'clock. That's curfew I get your phone just going to get on the phone.

Another phone tonight and aware that he was aware that shocking. If you violate a bill as reference. Couple times the blog post that he writes you can find those that mentor link so to mentor mentor and then on the front page on the homepage is click on the resources button and then you'll see the blog and book listing right there so you can find because Bill is an excellent writer.

Great communicator mentoring relationship.

What is it and what isn't. Well here's let me describe how I start one. So I got somebody new. Here's how I start I start with. I need to know something about this person so I bring a book and I basically the first session is one question tell me about your life and in hike its attribute one. One of the men that I met with we were eating lunch is not like I finished my sandwich because I wasn't talking right yeah you were halfway through the assurance he's expounding and I occasionally ask a question just to leave thing and we finished lunch and I hardly said a word.

Eddie get up and he said I thought we made a lot of progress and I got up. All I did was listen to guys that amazing and and I've had the youngest guy had a listen. He said no one's paid this much attention to me. Go that is set that said and I said will you know I'm always good reader, you no longer be in your corner you get you get in a pinch you get jammed you call me if you're not, you can't call your parents. You call me just make yourself available since it's that simple. It's not you know this ain't rocket science galaxy nine. That's a great way to start to tell me about your life and you listen, which is going to get you so far down the road and that relationship is relationally finding somebody that will actually listening to you is was amazing. It was also helpful to be honest with yourself because now you got that as a written record and you can go back and study it and you're taking notes when he said no on copious notes. You are taking notes was there sharing their lien and that that makes a point to the Hampshire. This means some.

You're actually very serious and what would you do like and the second time, and how often together it it it. You know that's a scheduling issue logistical probably ideally once a week, know something nobody can do that and you'll hear people to hear here's here's the here's the supply demand. This is this not a perfect research but we found it mostly 80% of millennial's would love to have a mentor fairly consistently talk to millennial audience are like one of your role in and I look at the mentor age guys for bluegray yes with a lot of very probably 25%. So you have this mismatch blind man so there's this demand for mentoring in the supply and there sitting there say well I don't offer I don't have any time, you know just I don't know how to do it when I get all these young people starving in the Galveston young people starting it.

You know it, that I understand is is basically mentoring dropped out of our culture, both here and abroad about over 80 years ago and when the schools went from right mentoring and apprenticeships to didactic teaching classroom capture no interaction much in interaction and then you get apprenticeship which is mentoring a professional level. Yet all this goes away are paying a price for it but a great opportunity gospel opportunity and just a good opportunity to love people. Well were talking my friend Bill Mann Dawson tickets left. If you want to come join us. I'll be there with my family tomorrow night at 10th Ave. N. 866-34-TRUTH here in Raleigh will be right back to Megan's email to Steve Noble, shall have a great conversation today about men touring and that were all if you if you is anybody or talking my friend Bill Mann is so passionate about this dozen himself teaches it, and that is very involved in the mentoring movement also works of mentor link which is a mentoring and teaching leadership skills to church leaders, pastors, deacons, elders, anybody involved in leadership in the church is like Bill said earlier, I'm sitting at a seminary you can learn all kinds of great things at a seminary, but seminaries do not teach leadership and in daily that's taught is by people actually have been glad to know what leadership is about and with mentoring. It's the same thing and it's interesting bill because you talked about the very first meeting. Yet when he said he bring a book. It's a book study that's a book club you actually you talk about no butts about it. Take note slows little notebook. I just haven't tell me what to me about your life and off you go and ended his would you say there's a minimum age to being a mentor.

I think anybody with enough experience. You know that's probably 35 pup seven 3035 years of age. You know it was inching out. I actually did a presentation of mentoring at Temple University Law school Christian law society and what came out of that when I talked about.

It is also they got it in the third year student started taking the first year student 20. That's contextual mentoring absolute that's super needed to what we think of classical mentoring is often an age difference but there's also peer mentoring so yeah you were talk about how to get up with Stacy around for weeks. We decided years ago to meet together regularly doing for 27 years in. It wasn't too late.

It was or thought about what's effectively peer mentoring lies. Iron sharpens iron, so when the sharpens another, and sometimes I can get at.

Believe me, I I've been sharpened many times by people half my age. Yeah, you have to be humble enough to receive that, but it's possible you know I think back to my daughter who went off to boarding school in she had bad experience with another student just was pretty disappointing and I said I was trying to comfort her control and so you know she's that's right that you know sometimes people just do bad things to elf. Oh, thanks for the reminder. Exactly right. Something I forgot. So how do you so somebody sooner listening so that like yeah you know what I know I need to be.

It's a great way to love somebody else and when you know them or not, really, isn't that the point if you're 3540 4550 most of our audiences good to be between 48 and 60 that's kind of the sweet spot is not a perfect mentoring Eighth Circuit and Eve got look like you said, if you got any scars in life, you might spend your whole time mentoring by telling them what not to do, but there's a huge need there for us to share what we been taught in the biblically that's gonna get in there as well. It's a Jesus way basically that's how we taught the disciples he didn't sit him down said okay guys, tomorrow we have a class at 8 o'clock. Bring your text and I'm going to deliver some. He walked with the walk and you know that that's the model you look throughout the. The new it's in the Old Testament. The first recorded mentor that I could find is in Exodus 13 Jethro and Moses about that and you Moses is conducting the court.

Jethro comes in the town's is what the heck you do. I can handle it. It's only a million plus people and what's interesting is that the model of resolving the issues that came up. It actually became what now is still the is the Jewish model of how they resolve disputes that, while it's still there, that's amazing. Soon a mentoring relationship starts by listening and every time you should be good listener and then you're basically just gonna react to what they're sharing with you the last of asked questions and most people you mentor ask us next to the youngest guy had comes up with these. I don't worry Tracy and you're like what is. That's when actually one of his questions to be reduced just short off the wall. Was he said can you can you be a yeah was Michelangelo in more than one field like wow what an interesting question where did you get that is just you know cannot Really be successful. More than one field. I said well I don't know that I have a perfect answer for that. I think it's hard not or was a Michelangelo, Michelangelo, the answers do lots sure yeah just you know you could be a da Vinci but nobody so I sort of piece that were really words that come from, why do you want know and he wanted to do a lot of things very well successful basically excel at them, which I think is good but you got it you can't do everything.

Can't do everything.

Yes, it is a great opportunity there is I do want to be a shotgun on the laser and just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it laser focus sometimes better than Chuck and so how is somebody's wants to start mentoring and why was jokingly saying what earlier what what what I do put it on Facebook but I think you actually could in your own's friends circle as they listened as if you know anybody here's what happens in its happen in our church and was kind of fun.I was part of an email chain and some of the older guys of mental age of 75 and I'm still doing all do it to drop a minute and what they decide that they want to get into mentoring and so what they did is the typical thing and they turned one of the staff members and said let's find a cemented folks to mentor this would happen.

Nothing. Nothing.

And basically I've learned that unless the senior pastor is doing it or it is basically embrace it, you can forget about it. I can happen in the church that you want to make a program so series of emails and nothing happened since 01 because civil maybe we ought to reconsider this. I haven't said a word. I'm just watching this and she finally had to have a meeting about maybe there's something else we should do. Maybe we need to publicize it more.

Make announcements from the from the church and I said I said this is just my two cents folks but I mentoring three people in the church right now. No staff member directed to. Maybe I just asked if they want to have lunch. Imagine that, and they said yeah and I said you know and you can you can kind of feel it's right that there's a chemistry issue you not to call you at 3.2 so you know you have lunch you figure we can. I can think can I invest in the sky in a way that will impact his life. And if he's willing to to listen know I'm only you both have to come up to the table. Yeah willing to share some willing to listen. You can invest in them. You want some. It is basically a list.

I think the one thing that we almost never bring up is just start praying about it absolutely will have an opportunity disciple somebody to mentor somebody to share the gospel. It's helpful for you actually pray for the opportunity absolutely taught you a price to those you don't mention mentoring because it's a description of a process in a matter fact if you say mentoring the second. LOL sounds to form a what's the protocol you telling me there's something wrong with me but just don't. It's one another and one another.

That's basically what it's all about and you know there's a different spot every time you meet with them there a different place and something's happening between the euro just side basically get them tell me what's going on here-what's important and what you mention my dad earlier. I think he found out because he's inquisitive spent a lot of time online.

Just looking around, found out it is local school system that there is a huge need for mentors.

Hello and so you okay I want to mentor you start looking around an instant look at the are already the group of people you arty know your friends.

People in church people at church that your age that have children or grandchildren say yeah actually I have a grandson that's struggling, and he lives in the area hate want me to have lunch with them correctly. I think throw it out there and ask you one and I was doing one of the seminars minister said what what if the person that you say would you mentor me says no and I said well I look at it. It's a little like fishing. You don't catch something every time you so you just keep throwing your line out you catch something so what happens to you. If you're the mentor will you get out of I could get a huge amount of satisfaction make make an impact and influence in somebody hopefully to do the right things. Give them a Christian worldview. What's going on and the student of relational units nothing more complicated than that I like to see other people succeed, and that's really what you know so if I can help them along that path back. I asked did a process map of what mentoring is it every mentor has the same process is actually a map and starts with who they are. So you you spent time forget who they are out what their passion about what their skills are sometimes you can you can execute and test want to Myers-Briggs and some of the other test if their Christians can do spiritual gifts to feature and then you know, depending on where they are. Life will work okay now figured out who you are is like my young lawyer. Okay now we got something you you like the sort you think will happen.

We basically expand on their that's the vision figured out what the vision is where you want to go with this.

And so we start that and then then the next part is basically what I call clearing the junk in the trunk and I had to change that phrase because in most non-American countries. They don't call the boot trunk Sunday So if I'm in Africa or somewheres else. It's a did the junk in the booth like oh yeah so you know what is its hold back and it might be education it might be, they might've had some family history stuff who notices just like this, I see. Think about how how to basically clear that stuff out and then it gets to the basically getting the operating song. Here is my simple example. So you've decided she will become a pro golfer. Here's five things you need to do to do that put a plan in place to plan place and start working your plan and then follow the idea you mention mentoring for dummies that that's actually a book that actually is another one that comes to mind in terms of a good book that talked on the one from Prof. Hendrickson wrote a good one. 20 years ago how we hinder your outlook on both up and put them on Facebook why that'll be my Facebook page and a couple minutes after the show is over such an important topic and you know would be fine to bring in one of these young men. The mental facility that you get in and hear both sides of that relationship, Bill. Thanks much for coming and you're very welcome. Okay princesses email to see Bill shall be back tomorrow.

Theology Thursday with her good friend Dr. Danny Aiken got willing and until I talked my dad always used to say ever for

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