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MinistryWatch and Chick-fil-A

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December 6, 2019 7:17 pm

MinistryWatch and Chick-fil-A

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 6, 2019 7:17 pm

MinistryWatch and Chick-fil-A

Today, joined by Warren Cole Smith, President of MinsitryWatch to discuss  Chick-fil-A, Boy Scouts, and more! Additionally, to learn more about MinistryWatch check out


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now at 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well say this for fall Merry Christmas say that being a former owner about Christian activist turned Christian radio show guy last 15 years comes with a unique set of benefits, not the least of which is a great blessing. Being able to meet incredible people that are working in the kingdom and a lot of people that are a lot wiser and a lot smarter than I am. Which is how I learned a lot of the last 15 years and just goddesses open a lot of doors and brought a lot of people in my life that have been not just a great resource on many different levels, not just from news and culture war and what's going on in our country and religious freedom, and all those important issues just in terms of being a follower of Jesus Christ and affected Jesus follower of Jesus Christ in a country that is increasingly choosing the secular road in one of those individuals that I've known for years now is Mr. Warren Cole Smith who you might recognize him when we know that name or Cole Smith. Warren was with was with world magazine up for quite some time is the vice president associate publisher world newsgroup world magazine then spent some time at Colson Center for Christian worldview. That's the breakpoint that chuckles in group and now is I just took a recent position with a great ministry also is now the president of ministry watch is as well. The fact that Warren's right here in Charlotte, North Carolina Warren, how are you man. Merry Christmas to you. Thanks for comment like great with you will be no right what do you do that and in 20 or $30 will get you a cup of coffee, but he would thank you I appreciate that. It's always great to hear from you and and a tap into your wisdom and your knowledge so much else about to dive into something for Chick-fil-A. I know you been doing a lot of work on that. You guys about put together a lot of great information on Chick-fil-A will talk about that because you and I both have a Boy Scouts in our background and Eagle Scouts in our families and want to talk about that.

That was pretty shocking. What they decided to do but some other things that ministry watch is looking into and in and some really cool things as well.

Not all of it is negative but tell us a little bit about ministry. Watch out for them to make sure people understand what you're doing right about that.

You around for about 20 years. Rusty Leonard and what Carol found it locked Rusty.been a money manager was for John Templeton. Many of your listener might remember Sir John billionaire one of richest man on the planet. Rusty was one of his money guys then thought will make the money for himself and I decided to we forgot about me 20 years ago he found it to organization stewardship partners, which is an organization that best money according to biblical and other organizations ministry watches ministry that really advocates for donors that it provides information about ministry database. The 500 largest Christian ministries in the country you think of ministry and see that database there is a unique resource because their financial information one back 20 years. We also rate ministries on a 1 to 5 star rating that take into account the effectiveness but does financial efficiency. So for example on how all how efficiently you because so much of the and how much of it goes actually to ministry and I was on the board when it started to think that work for the culture within our workflow magazine and my involvement with ministry watch kind of diminished because we have policies of those organizations that I couldn't sit on boards led to always been fascinated by an industry watch and about six or eight months ago Rusty called me and said you know we've gotten some additional funding would really like to reinvigorate ministry watch and started boarding door investigated girls watched AN organization is like going about six weeks ago left the Colson Center where I did the last four years. Have a great reach there but I'm really excited about what were already doing your watch something that's I love hearing that phrase investigative journalism and I know how good you are at a time when for those of you don't know words written over about 3000 articles and investigative journalism in one of the things that we struggle with today. I mean we should struggle with it. If you don't struggle that you need to question what kind of the information you're taking in all the time is always what can we trust what was an actual source of information that we can trust and I look all over the place. As you do Warren and then I assume that I'm not get the straight skinny from anybody so specially that the folder Christian worldview into investigative journalism I think is a is a huge need, especially now in our country. Well, I think you're right. You know, there are some organizations doing great work out there and in terms of news and I'm not going to take away from their work at all in the world magazine were what were you know seven or eight years and I still see for world and the Colson Center also where I was for four years of let the other 14. There think they did great work relationship. Both the patient and in fact still contribute to the goals that are some as well. You said something he confining investigative journalism with a Christian worldview is something that not a lot of folks are doing and I think need for Dr. because you know Steve, I think that a lot of people look at the Christian world, and I think in many cases they want to believe in the claims of Christ what you know in some ways, and I'm not trying to get a hold up Mahatma Gandhi yesterday on biblical wisdom, but he wants you I love you Christian that I don't think that many young people in our culture today are having a very similar kind of reaction and that they see some of the things that Christians are doing and getting away with because we fellow Christians don't hold them to account, and it causes them to get the solutions and courage.

I think anybody who is about the when asked what the church father used to call the peace and security of the church. I should welcome us shining a bright light on our and that's what we try to do here at ministry watch when I forget their downward trend buildup, which is excellent in the nested type of language we should be using in the Scripture makes it perfectly clear judgment begins in our house and while were wagging her finger at the culture were afraid to look in the mirror, which the book of James is talking about an assistive event. I'm glad you mentioned there's a lot of people out there, particularly millennial's and Gen X and Jen Jen CME that are you know they they can make a pretty good case against us against the church because of the way that we handled something some of that is just not wanting what fellowship does darkness have with light, we have that spiritual reality in there as well.

But in terms of hate what what what what you guys. You say one thing you do another valid question not just for the church in general but free choice of individuals only come back for talking to Warren Coast met the president of ministry watchman put on hold right quick warrant will come back working to dive into something going on Chick-fil-A with the Boy Scouts in the world to look at some ministries on some organizations that are really doing it well. We have a little time we might even talk down from this is seasonal on the noble show will be right that normal Merry Christmas to you and yours. December 6 already 2019, almost toast can read it over running the 2020, which is mind-boggling here today with a good friend of mine I were Nicole Smith is also here in North Carolina down in Charlotte and I've been very involved in the kingdom and in the kingdom capacity. Many many different ways.

Now is the president of ministry watch and I one of the things one that you guys have written on a lot lately and that we been talking about a lot lately, which really broke a couple weeks ago and it and it kind it was Chick-fil-A breaking it open when they decided to come out publicly, which is interesting and explain that they're changing the way that there doling out there, a contribution money, but this is a big story and am very disappointing at where you shot three disappointed how you react Warren with the stuff started coming out well yeah you that's a great question. I would think that I would point. And I want to talk but I prize that but that may think that that all sort of like get your boxing really get at the face right you like about 1/2 and not the frog but it was chocolate that when the years to come with much like you know to first of all, when you get to play a lot of credit that they have held the line for many many years later they weathered and endured a lot of criticism done a lot of great things for the kingdom of God.

They thought about the Kathy family and the lady organization. The foundation on some great things and I don't think that we can we audit over looked at her take away from that washer and they apparently it appears to me. I have been bowing to pressure at least lately that the AAA foundation is been giving money to organizations that are actually for year.

That's the thing about this thing that I think a lot of people don't realize is that this is we just found out about it happening for years, but they been giving organist money to organizations that are that really don't comport Christian values.

What I think probably the thing that shocked many people that were standing with light took a second look.

Whenever they found out the AAA given money to the Southern poverty Law Center, a group that has labeled many Christian organizations are takers back in 2017. That was not last week or last month.

The reason why here that they did that this is been happening for while walking closely.

I realize that dance Kathy, though a great many ways is not just father Truett Cathy when it comes to the kind of decision-making process that he goes you mention SPLC and a lot of people for us. That's a very common phrase we know all about Southern poverty Law Center. For a lot of people out there that don't this. This is one of the most radical organizations out there. They're the ones that labeled the family research Council is a hate group, which was then cited by Floyd Perkins is the kind of walked into FRC. This was several years ago, wanting to shoot the whole place up and then he wanted to this what he said you kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-fil-A sandwiches and victims faces and killed the guard because I was on the heels of Dan Cathy coming out in 2012. Actually, that the day after he was sitting in my studio here in Raleigh, North Carolina, and came out and reaffirmed that they hold to a biblical standard when it comes to marriage and SPLC the southern family Law Center had listed FRC as a hate group that's were Floyd Loy Perkins found out about it online and he goes in there and tries to kill people and five years later.

Chick-fil-A gives now. Not now. This is where it's interesting when I wanted to ask you about this Chick-fil-A is a $10 billion company. They made a $2500 donation to SPLC that is nothing for them. So what's the point of making a $2500 donation to the organization that really could could be pointed to that fueled the flames for the guy that went in and try to kill people and FRC having 2500 bucks on their scale. Nothing. Well, that's right.

And you think you're great little bit. Copyright $2500 is not a lot of money when a lot of property laws and they have grown into a massive organization well but I will say that a lot. Studies of the. The report of the AAA foundation. A lot of small do have some organizations previously.

For example, the Salvation Army and I felt an athlete they gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations over the years. They probably gave millions of dollars but they gave a lot of 20 $505,000 in thousand dollars donations to organizations so that amount of money is not really that unusual and the fact that they would give it to the Southern poverty Law so that was purely galling in and in fact that was the moment when Mike Huckabee organized that you're talking about that AAA appreciation Day labor reveals that exactly right.

Mike Huckabee came out whenever he found out that the money is going to the Southern poverty Law Center Tony Perkins of the family research Council when he cannot think whatever a lot of people felt that they were betrayed by AAA. You know, it's one thing for you to redirect money from you know from the Fellowship of Christian athletes to another note solid organization. Nothing last forever. I'm in the nonprofit business I have to raise money for organizations that I work for and I don't think that that donation even a significant donations from someone is an entitlement that I should get after year, but whenever the X nation that AAA made especially when it came to, for example by taking money away from the Salvation Army and giving it out.

Covenant House being a ministry that is involved with homelessness but is also very pro-LGBT Q a lot of the blood covenant House.for example, is that they spent some of their money sponsoring pride parades and being involved in gay pride parade and to take that money from the Salvation Army is also actively involved in homeless issues in the state that they're refocusing on almost a dentist didn't have anybody that just didn't make sense on any level whatsoever.

So I think that there is no nobody's questioning AAA's right to give money away as they see fit. Nobody's questioning, the AAA has been generous over the years, but the explanations that they can given the decisions that they have been made really felt like a betrayal of the Christian community and less latency. The Christian community really just fierce loyalty to a big part of their success for the last half-century well into the year 2000, Chick-fil-A was just crossed the $1 billion mark another $10 billion company what happened. I'm not that long ago in London when they open a shop and then London because that your cousin's London and they don't like some of the background and some of the allegations about AAA being cortical anti-LGBT Q shut the place down Chick-fil-A.

I mean, how much money do you need to have Chick-fil-A's been growing just fine and they been growing just fine as they been hammered by particularly the LGBT Q community as being cortical, hateful, even though obviously not another operations. They don't do anything like that so it's really@centered on thing and myself is this the next generation of These were younger and therefore not quite as strong and you got up to Dan and Bubba and then up to Truett and I just don't kinda know what to make of it and I'm glad you mentioned earlier. Let's give credit where credit is due. They been very effective in the kingdom. The many ways to where you think we go from here. Well, I'm not 100 picture because I don't think there's any one reason. But I do think there lotteries of them indicate that they broke 1 billion to 10 billion. I'm sure that they're dealing with issues of, for example week we noted in the airport recently. They tried to that date back to the city Council AAA I and that there been other places colleges and universities so I know they're facing a lot of pressure on there probably involved in conversations and in conflict behind the scenes that we don't even know about, but I do think that there is a generational approach. Number one also been very happy with you to get up there after the break were talking to Warren call Smith is the president of ministry watch so much want to talk about is we have a time with a great thinker and a great Christian working for the kingdom there in the country will copy decent practice cleaned up and dressed for the day. Things are not as important as a daily normal and they started offering my sending my daily dose devotion finished the book of Proverbs, and recently started 100.

Let me help you get your day started right worldwide is .4 million monthly active users. Good you are here, but I don't agree with a lot of things in my love how easily I watch my radio show live.

A lot of the article here. All you have to do is like the Steve Noble show page on Facebook were connected. I look forward to seeing you later. Collegians realized as an adult relationship with her parents was unhealthy. She set boundaries she didn't see them or talk to them for years.

There is a total of seven your strange man in the third year my dad had a heart attack and when I went to visit my dad. Something broke and I wasn't a little girl anymore how God brought healing to Julie Clayton's family this week on family life today Dr. Tony Evans says faith is a conduit for connections to Christ. Well, look at the difference in confidence and assurance, along with other motion question message this week on the alternative world wants to keep your mind on things Truth Network this is just a thought with Ravi Zacharias.

You must have within you.

Once you proclaim that feeling of God's presence in the knowledge of God's presence in your life that will all nothing more than an intellectual to know things about the gospel that is truly an and is unique is the story all across when you understand that you understand wife feeling in the Christian viewing what happened on the cross you understand the essence of the grace of God, thinker, believe in the believer thing.

For more information go to our CRM.award. This is the love language met with Dr. Gary Chapman Alyssa rights Gary, my boyfriend and I been dating long distance for a while. Primary love language is is quality time can't keep our love tanks pull in the traditional way would you suggest but again I think you when you are apart like that. There are ways to do that you might create your own website, just for the two of you, and you can go there and spend quality time with each other or you can have a book. He has a copy. You have a copy and then you need to read the chapter each week and you have a set time in which on the phone you talk with each other about what you learned though that chapter.

There are many ways available to have quality time, especially in today's digital world. So take advantage of technology and spend time with each other.

Dr. Gary Chapman is the five love languages. For more than five love and sign this is, by the way, Matt is a worship leader and a great hymn writer. We don't have many of those anymore. Matt Popp is deftly one of them so I would encourage you to check that out and here's music a lot here in the show it is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show Merry Christmas to you and yours.

My friend Warren call Smith is with us today is the president of ministry watch ministry is a great kind of a financial watchdog another expanding and similar investigative journalism. They look at all the biggest, like the 500 biggest ministries charities type things here in America not service international is an international as well.

Warner's adjust domestic yet we look at US ministry, but we do look at what will become Samaritan first compassion, which of course to work all around the world, but were looking and especially here at the end of the year were all doing year in fundraising. I'm working on that right now myself. I'm sure you guys are as well so ministry watch is a great a great resource. How would you suggest and I will more chick like question and then we'll talk about Boy Scouts.

How would you suggest we use ministry watch that that that resource here is where looking at our year and giving well wanted. We have the database available to anyone weekly rate all of ministry for about 500 of the largest American folk, you know, there might be some smaller local ministry that we don't rate of vector.

Many small local minister that we don't write what you know the big one saw Focus on the Family compassion international world vision and so on. Many of them are there, and it you got a favorite go rating we give it, and I'll find out on some information about it the other night. You don't have a favorite you feel like calling you to be what you know baby more generously given what you have asked, look at our shining like list every year in December we publish a list of the 30 ministry that we recommend faith, they must receive at least a walk or a five-star rating and are funny to look at the rating probably look at. We look at the effect of ministry. We look at whether there follow biblical a lot of ministries out there that are kind of you know quads are at least nominally Christian Christian route, always Christian principles anymore in their ministry.

So we try to look at. Take a look at all about thinking the staff recommendations from the leadership of ministry.

What you got always that list on Monday. You can go to ministry and it will be run from page I just put a link up on her Facebook life page right now, seeing the check that on the cool thing about that is if you have particular nuclear bent towards one particular area of the kingdom work of versus another that they list on that license can tell you the sector like relief and development. And then there's evangelism in the foreign missions and there's an evangelism support and persecuted Christians so you can kinda look and see hey that's something that really rings my bell in my spirit and now who the groups that are dealing in that particular area. Christian growth is another example. So that's BS up I will study fellowship which many of us here in North Carolina for my thoughts awesomely great resource. One last question about AAA than on asking about our beloved Boy Scouts because we both have a much history there should we boycott Chick-fil-A wow that's a really hard question for the breaker was talking so fast and try to get in that way at Florida when I was in Georgia. There I would forget the massive video and they they contract that deal out to I would productively love the marble movie, for example, been produced. There is a happy family and and their family trust is called river rock that had to deal with Hollywood allotted, effectively having an impact on your question AAA boycott you know boycott arguably thought I don't boycott ministry watch is not advocating a boycott that I think as individual Christians we should realize that the money that we have is not our money aside money. God expects us to be good stewards of that money and we should be not just in our you know where fire chicken sandwiches were worried by our fast food all areas of life.

We should ask ourselves how are we spending that money are we spending that money effectively and efficiently. Are we dealing with people who are going to use that money for the kingdom of God. And I think that that's really relevant question to ask you AAA I haven't talk about a boycott. I don't know any formal boycott to find at least you may know about the speed I have that yet, but you boycott your really cost to make work because you have to actually get everybody involved. And of course there will be others that will say well because the conservatives are because Christians are boycotting that must mean that we should go business.

There and so it's kind of talk.

I'm not an advocate boycott is a strategy for the movement but I will say for individuals prayerfully consider how we got money. We should use it in ways that God is leading if your conscience is that much of a roadblock in front of you go get your waffle fries, then you should be treated that enacting up and make sure you're doing that prayerfully, not out of hate, but hopefully a good stewardship with like Warren said everything that we have is not our own.

Okay, you got a Boy Scout background. I got a Boy Scout background you have Eagle Scouts I have Eagle Scouts on the title of this that came out for ministry watch on this article the other day that you wrote the Boy Scouts mortgage their crown jewel and I can when I first I saw that.

I'm like okay what is their crown jewel in my own now. Are you kidding me so explained that to me.

Explain that us because this is this is earth shattering in the Boy Scouts world what they what they decided to do and what I think they probably had to do and unfortunately I am glad that they had to do it. I think they need to suffer the consequences for all the things that they've done wrong recently. Yeah well yeah you I gently woken up of the work we do. Some of the basic back trouble for seven years and in particular they been in trouble along by for many years and in fact I just wrote an article called the long flight of the world magazine is going to be publishing later this year before the end of the year and it really is an article that talks about everything that happened often feel what happened in the last week, which is the event you referred to and ends that they have mortgage so much, which many people consider to be the crown jewel of the Scouting movement of Philmont Scout Ranch was given to the Boy Scouts of America back in the 1940s by a one of the richest men in America at that time wait to look many people remember Phil 66 petroleum sure I was actually brothers but right. So, for example. But wait, Philip owned a gas station chain from others and he was one of the richest men in America. It was also an outdoorsman. The voice For Yong David founded in 19 and so there were no not the kind of movement that it ultimately became what he had this ranch in New Mexico that he gave them and within 75 years I served on staff it back. I met my wife. It Philmont Scout Ranch more than a million men and boys, and now many women have high Philmont trails over the years and it truly is. Many the crown jewel Scouting movement is sort of the flagship high adventure based. What happened was that in March of this year. The Boy Scouts took out a $450 million mortgage on Philmont nine Philmont with owned free and clear. It was without any encumbrances by white guilt for not only that we gave an office building in Oklahoma to the Boy Scouts generating income that the Boy Scouts could use to pay any losses that they money it was free, generous gifts that we know about American history in the in the area west of the effect is just about to send the right quick.

So just in case you're wondering how why such a big numbers because it's 140,000 acres, or about 220 mi. in northeastern New Mexico is a beautiful and enormous piece of property that they basically just got a line of credit that writing the reason that they had to get this line of credit because the Boy Scouts are in serious trouble. They've lost money of the last seven years. The total of that will directly fold all the 990s. Which of the tax returns. The form 990s that every nonprofit file and did a little bit of math they have lost almost $480 million on six years now part of a big reason for that lawsuit because in 2013, Dean. The Boy Scouts made the decision to allow gay Scout openly gay scout event.

Two years later in 2015 they decided to allow openly gay leaders. Many Christians in men and others that were just not happy with that. They work all I've decided to have left scout has membership numbers and scouting has gone down about seeing percent during that same period of time. The Boy Scouts have had to increase their membership fees. Why including a recent membership. I am $33 in your $60 percent increase is a huge drop in that's got a whole lot of people out of the market for being a scout counting is in big trouble right now. They got all the sexual abuse lawsuits being filed against them. They already mentioned that they may have to declare bankruptcy.

Some people think that the decision to mortgage on was a way to get Philmont off of balance sheet hourly encumbered so that it might in some ways if they had people in the bankruptcy actually Philmont right having to be sold but either way you look at desperation move that causes a lot of people look at what you have time to savor the final segment.

Warren wanted to switch gears and come back I gonna put on hold or talking Warren close met the president of ministry watch power to set his responsibilities down there for secondly come back to talk a little bit about politics will be so great to be with you today.

Merry Christmas to you and your family hope already enjoying a great Christmas month and hope you will dig some more out of it as as we go through the end of the year from a theological perspective as a matter fact, yesterday was theology Thursday and my good friend Dr. Danny Aiken, the president of the southeastern Baptist where my studio is located. He was on the show yesterday with the theology Thursday. I just unpacked all different kinds of theological angles on Christmas on the birth of Christ on the view from above, which is Christology. The deity of Jesus. The view from below, which is the earthly view genealogies and and coming up to the line of David and then we did the view from behind, which was the Old Testament view of Christmas, which is all prophetic. So, really, really helps you go to a deeper level and understanding what's behind this time of year for us that are Christ followers so that was not yesterday.

You can check out the Facebook live video that we did yesterday. That's just on the Steve Noble show Facebook page or even go to the Steve Noble and grab the podcast podcast available and prematurely podcast platform out there, so it's easy to get that and then you can go back and listen. The previous shows, but on our website on the Steve Noble website. You can search the podcast. You can look based on topics of your lookup shows that we took touchup on abortion or LGBT Q things are Donald Trump or the Supreme Court or Christian persecution. Whatever you can put the search terms in their nobility pull up any podcast had anything to do at that so water resources there so we were talking to Warren close methods as the president of a ministry watch, but now are just gonna talk to my friend Warren Goldsmith because I want to talk to you in your capacity as the president of ministry watch. I just want to talk to you and in the capacity of my smart Christian friend on the issue of impeachment and Donald Trump. In general, are you up for that for little bit.

You better. Okay, so what's been your reaction to the whole impeachment process and honesty that started right after he won the election. People started talking impeachment right away and obviously is all the news that's fit to print right now is all impeachment.

So what you read on what's happening right now where you want it interesting to meet their war on both sides. In fact, I remember that like them very well Met with Donald about a month before the election in Trump Tower in New York City and in fact Rolling Stone magazine this past week wrote an article about that meeting that I was right. Kirk was there. Robert Jefferson.

Jefferson was there Austin family was there as well.somebody had an audio recording of that meeting. It was mostly off the record meeting but doesn't want to delete that the release of a magazine in the article we talk so I was pretty actively involved in. You know, paying attention to what was going on there and I can tell you that whenever Donald Trump wine and the Democratic control of Congress looked over to the Democrats. Impeachment was indeed investigation was being talked about you, but not in the all only came out in the last you know, six months or so. I as a result of the Ukraine debacle and so I I think it is important to keep the facts regularly remember our history and get off and I will say that I've been following the young got a job real work. We got a family to support.

So I would drop everything and watch every minute of that here easily been on radio and television nonstop pretty closely been an interesting ride. I've depreciated some of the history and I'm not one of those who think that the this is inappropriate I mean this is the presidency of the United States as a job it we should make character calculation inspecting to expect integrity there and if there is sufficient cause to question math should be an investigation of that investigation leads impeachment, then so be it. In that process as well.

I don't take it lightly as the system will only be the fourth president in our history that's gone down this road and to then impeach Nixon got out before he was impeached now are going to see articles impeachment almost almost a done deal. At this point against Donald Trump. I don't want to promise the oversight process.

I teach civics and Constitution to high school homeschoolers every year.

I have three years this is been highly politicized. It's not bipartisan, but I don't think you can get anything bipartisan anymore in Washington DC.

I just think those days are dead and so it's been it's been said but that in terms of you going a court of law.

This goes nowhere overnight in a court of law. At least not yet.

It's can be very interesting see what happens in the Senate, and of course Donald trumps now daring them to do it because that's just his style anyway but in the Senate. You don't see a whole new ballgame because all the sudden Donald Trump got his lawyers and their we may see somebody that we both know Jay Sekulow might be in the middle of all that in there and start calling witnesses and it's going to be unbelievable to watch that Whitley will be unbelievable and interesting.

Whatever call would also be a plea if you know witnesses that the Democrats want to call the apartment defective privilege will be called at some point will I don't think that will happen just because the the legal process they would have to go through the years argument of executive privilege will probably take much longer now possible that some of them could waive the privilege introduced to choose to testify even though they claimed executive privilege up until now, let me just make one quick point. We talk about the bipartisanship. Rather, the, the, the polarized partisanship and the little station of the process. But guess what politicians process. If there is an old saying in Washington that you can't take the politics out of politics, so if you expect all the mission who are engaged in a political process depoliticize this unrealistic expectation that is not something we should look just like you I have met you have to sleep. I have actually taken four of the capital. I have been on the floor of the House of Representatives in one of the things that they do whatever they give you a tour of the House of Representatives as they show you the old of Puerto Rican that were made by foreign radicals back in the 1950s. You know, we could go all the way back to the Broadway play Hamilton where they talk about the tools in which political rivals were actually shooting. I think we need to take a deep breath and you know yes is thought yes I think that the local debate debate has been course and I'm not happy with what I see out there, but I do think we need to take a deep breath and say you know Civil War is unprecedented in American history. I don't think so.

30 million people loses a million people work. Listen, that was worse. This is not that that that's exactly right. And we need to keep that in perspective, especially if you're a Christ follower, you need to make sure you keep a kingdom perspective, this is not everything all the time. This is temporary when Dale this stuff will be a distant memory of past and let's look to the Democrat side. It's interesting to see just how far left and how radicalized they become well it is you know that you found on I think in part Roe V Wade is the reason for that. I'm not absolutely there are lots of other causes of social media and the rise of the big money to super PACs in the you know the United here, Supreme Court patients, one support, but I really quite a lot of this fact will be waived because you know Steve 40 or 50 years ago, when I might disagree politically but I didn't think you were an evil person but with with the ad after Roe V Wade, I think that what is happened is that neither side the moral compass of the other side and for my for you as a pro-lifer I look at someone who think killing babies is okay and I look at them with fake how can I trust them on anything, and it becomes very difficult for me to overlook some of the positions of the Democratic Party and believe that they will be honest brokers in talking about in dealing with some of the other problem that we have in our culture today so I'm I think the spirit of the Christian name and despair is not an option but I do think that it is very very difficult for Republicans and Democrats that are sitting on opposite sides of that life issue that to come together in and really on common ground to such a level of distrust. Now that's a great point and that is that the central wedge issue that's out there from spiritual side as well because that such a dividing point between darkness and light, and as long as that's there you have this kind of battle I can fight social media and the digital world.

This is increased and gave more flame to what was already there. This is nothing new. There's nothing new under the sun. We know that.

I warned Cozumel in front of the ministry great having you on brother God bless you. Merry Christmas.

I look for to have you back on soon as well. But right now thanks talk to you later ministry is the website and again like the warmest talking on explaining earlier ministry watch you'll find on their especially they've got with the link up on Facebook. Life the shining light ministries is a list of the best ministries. They look at financial wherewithal and in the 500 biggest ministries in America and how they handle their finances.

Is it a good investment as a getting kingdom that you not given your money you're going to money that God has placed in your stewardship. So that's their ministry ministry

The 2019 shining light ministries, so surely the ones that are there best run that which is awesome. That's a great resource, especially here at the end of the year and back to that point on the issue of trumping politics and everything going on there and and abortion. The reason this is getting crazier all the time is abortion you talk about the debt you talk about all kinds of things. Some of Ukraine. You can talk about how the president interacts his personal style yada yada yada but really all this is about is either saving or killing a baby. It all comes down to that because if Donald Trump wins next year and and most likely, I think that's what will happen. The odds are very good at this point that he's going to get one and maybe even two more Supreme Court justice nomination.

I don't think Ruth Bader Ginsburg will last another five years so you can have a court 63 clinical conservative gets one more talk about a nuclear bomb going off. Could you imagine a 72 somewhat conservative Supreme Court, which puts Roe versus great weight on the chopping block in every demon known to mankind is involved in the fight to destroy God's creation at the earliest level so I need to be in prayer, which is why we need to be engaged why we need to focus, vote, not your your values, not your principles about God's principles make this noble shotgun willing to talk to you soon.

Have a great weekend and my dad always never for

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