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April 28, 2020 5:03 pm


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April 28, 2020 5:03 pm


#ReOpenAmerica! America is ready to open again after months of being quarantined. With ReOpenNC leading the movement, there have been numerous cases of arrests in North Carolina, Michigan, and even Dallas, Texas.


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Thank you and God Bless

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Everyone use time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred forgery 866-34-TRUTH or Jackie Mello life Steve no future host Steve Noble is another up all over the country even in California. Other taking back to the beaches. There are some problems out there, a hairstylist salon owner in Dallas literally just right to their face. Defy the order down there. Even though Texas is starting to open things up.

She said no I'm I gotta start now and they opened up and they threatened her and then they came back later and gave her a a bit of a summons and a standdown order in then she's got a lawyer involved so people are changing their position daily, hourly, and today I think it even bigger crowd in downtown Raleigh today for the reopen hashtag reopen and see movement and protest down there and like I said several people got arrested, including Ashley Smith is one of the founders. One of the cofounders of the reopen and see movement in the Facebook page. I have a friend that was arrested because they dared to step on the sidewalk which they were told not to step I get talks can step on the sidewalk surrounding the governor's mansion. Apparently a yet another new law, but I had a friend down there. We've known each other. I think for about 10 years now Jake McCauley is with the Institute on the Constitution and I we can work it out since I'm down here in sunny South Florida like Rush Limbaugh that Jake was there doing Facebook live our you buddy great Buick to get you great to have you on and appreciates partnering up with you earlier today. That was great that you are able to out to be down there so tell us, what you experience what you're seeing down there and then you are a constitutional expert you teach it. All of the country. I teach it here in North Carolina so let's just get your take on the whole thing. You got it while going down and today was recalled a beautiful day, everybody that I saw a variety variety of people stole from different backgrounds. Also different you don't believe system even political parties, curricular party represented there, but we all had same thing on her mind and that is the government have the ability to individually dictate our conscience or one number two prevents us from meeting together and number three today have the ability to shutdown our commerce are individual businesses are property when we haven't even broken a law. I think almost unanimously agreed down there that they do not, and I would people. There was a lot of people a lot of families, like children, one girl held up her spine. I would be in school right now if it wasn't shutdown. She had a lot of different viewpoint and we had a lot of fun good people really Mello wasn't super rowdy. There wasn't a lot of profanity at all, people were Bible believing Christian, but I saw in the practice of the Gothic culture.

My people gathered there. My people as well, praise Lord, so that you also met a good friend of mine Michelle Manley Morrow, who is that the 1 gallon Z is a nurse that came up and said she sounded like that it's it's like she had a prepared speech.

Although she didn't. She just that eloquent.

She's actually join us on Facebook live right now. So Michelle, great job. I watch that when you had a chance to talk to Jake. So Jake is the stuff all started unfolding. The government stepped in and said you can't go to work. You can't go to school were taking over. This is all it in the in the name of public health and the weather they want to claim the general welfare clause or not. But what's been your reaction as we see this on a federal level in the state and local level. From a constitutional perspective.

Once the Constitution had to say about the COBIT 19 shutdown nationwide, well nationwide are to each individual governor determined among themselves whether the argument trump, but on social media like Twitter to help the dog on Facebook that he had the opportunity on a direct quote, but it was under his jurisdictional authority to either shutdown the country or opened up all of the governor jumped on the bandwagon. Although you Checked about the separation of federal jurisdiction. We have the authorities government are and we have a lot of constitutional graduates from our course of study. All throughout the country from our leader started sending emails. Everything look at this is what is in our Constitution, the governor can't act unilaterally and if the governor does act unilaterally stays in the time of a crisis or emergency which is claiming right now that is not a binding legislation. It can be an executive order to carry out things in certain functions within the executive branch of their authority to be found in your state Constitution so constitutionally governor cannot stop or shutdown the economy of the state legislature's job is to check back, you gone outside of your boundary. The need to be recalled potentially impeached or you need to resend your order is that your giving out because it's unconstitutional. That is this full fact of the matter who the president now you realize. Look, I can't do this in one of the authority to do that I could.

I can speak I can give suggestions, recommendations, I can roll out plan, no different than the state of the Union speech to Congress or maybe a proposed budget legislative authority to do that and our state is no different right Cooper seems to think that he does and he continues to act on from merely posturing himself in a way where he continues to aggrandize himself that authority ignoring the voice of people.

The business and economy infrastructure collapsing in our country right now, and in our state. Here and locally and also to the voice of his legislature. There is many of his arm of the state legislature that was there speaking out. I just wish they would statement the correct should because it would be much of a conversation we just watch what the law states clearly and what his jurisdictional Roman authority is unfortunately got whether it's governor Cooper or anywhere else in the country and you might've seen this on Tucker Carlson.

This is about two weeks ago now the governor of New Jersey when Tucker said okay.

Hey, you arrested 15 Jewish people in their synagogues what what about the Bill of Rights where you have the authority to do that in the guide literally said, lapis, and that's above my pay grade, and I didn't really think about the Bill of Rights and centered on hey dude, that's part of your paygrade is not only that the Constitution of the United States America but the Constitution of New Jersey and the fact that he left it often shrugged it off. We might be and eight were certainly moving towards a post-Christian nation. We might even be moving Jake towards a post-constitutional nation. And that's my concern right now and I'm also concerned about the Fed now.

It was great today at the real pendency protests in the protest that a good showing up around the country, but it really is alarming to me Jake or talk to Jake McCauley from the Institute on the Constitution.

It was alarming to me and troubling to me that the country largely just kind of laid down easily enough. Going back a couple months and I think they were able to capitalize on our good-natured up as Americans is looking out for neighbors.

That's kind of embedded in our DNA is a country in the Judeo-Christian ethic.

But to see people continually just to go okay what the government says so that that's scary to me how you react to that. I agree with you. You don't like to build some expense records in row five. A very comfortable teenage you so for the first two weeks we were kind of like the old nobody really knew who felt governing vision of what you will. Jake is up against a break or talking to Jake McCauley Institute on the Constitution. You can find Jake in the Institute on Facebook. This is Steve Noble pick it up there when we come back to Steve Noble shall come into your life in sunny South Florida pulling a Rush Limbaugh this week except I'm not in like a 20,000 square-foot private compound, a family member's condo and down there for the week doing all the same stuff I get to teach more classes over the next couple days doing radio every day. I wish I were at the real pendency protests. Today I will be back next Tuesday. Although I think they announced today that they may first. That's what were going with the original ruling that got some sheriff something talk to that, I think they've got some County commissioners that they talk to around the state of North Carolina that are sent were not cannot enforce that anymore. So go back to work. So this is what has to happen right now. This is very similar to the American Revolution. Okay, we have we have taxation without representation with no representation anything for the most part. So now are just as chew toy for King George and were to stand up against and I think that's what were starting to see today and around the country and thank goodness for that. But my good friend Jake McCauley was down there this earlier today at the real pendency protests.

He's with the Institute on the Constitution instant Institute on the Jake is an excellent teacher. They have great free courses on the Constitution and of course Jake and I are the same thing.

He teaches around the country. I teach in Raleigh were both passionate about the Constitution in the United States but were more passionate about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. And that's what guides everything that's what sets my compass. Jake and I know that's what's that years but we really appreciate you taking the time to be with us today to remind you of John Adams when he said that the church is to be the moral compass by our Constitution was written for a moral and religious people is wholly inadequate to the government of any other person or people must be self governed first and that is what the issue is we don't need the government brain and find a bar head our brain going to the government.

The American view of Mann government is number one that there is a God, we acknowledge that you acknowledge that elected officials would swear an oath to uphold the car because the Constitution acknowledges there is a creator God and our right Tom from our creator God and that the only purpose and function of government is just a secure people's right to give us anything, it's not to deem what business is the central or not essential that is written. Nowhere in any founding document. It's written nowhere and the North Carolina Constitution and its written nowhere in any resolution in the state of North Carolina which is or talking about right now Gov. Cooper issuing executive orders and folks you can blanket this to all the other state you are know you're all over the country are originally a Minnesota native.

We have the same thing in play there.

We have government governors issuing edicts. That's what our founding fathers called in the Declaration of Independence pretended legislation. These are laws or legislation that do not square with the laws of nature or nature's God. They do not wear with the delegated or you given by the people in the state or federal Constitution, and that's were dealing with right now. Look, there is a fire.

There's also a virus agenda. The virus is going to go away. We are going to eventually pick the date. I've already started moving on with my life, but some people might take a month. Some people might take a couple weeks about your choice to do what you want to do, but that's virus needs to stop the virus agenda. Excuse me but you'll see annual find like so much government encroachment. Once the crisis is over. The overreach doesn't stop and continues on because you created a new normal, and I just wanted relate this to everybody's candor in the book common sense. Thomas Paine made the statement along habit of thinking of things not right along habit of thinking of things right gives it a superficial appearance of being right, so along habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right these patterns in these conditioning that are coming from government officials. We have to be so careful because eventually, forever. I guess that's just how it is. No, it's not and that's what I think the people down and open and see reopen and fear saying that you're saying Steve, it's what I've think that the danger that is the danger and you mentioned before the break in self-government because you have a teenager that's particularly susceptible to this and so you choose for yourself how to deal with that and that's it well and again I think they prayed on the good nature of most Americans were willing to shut down for a couple weeks. Take a big hit, but after that is the number start rolling in.

The reality becomes clearer in the fog of war starts to dissipate, now okay now aren't we see that that we see now, clearly, and people need to get back to work and I think right now it's a matter of more more people are going to have to literally start justifying these things and saying sorry.

I can't afford to do this in the 1200 bucks you sent me is and can carry me very far. I have to get back to my job and for me, for us as Christians I think of the Amato day and that God created us to be productive and to work and if a man doesn't provide for his family. He's worse than the nonbeliever, so I also look at this is just a complete violation of the Amato day which our founding fathers obviously would've understood in the natural law on the specified law on the word of God but but that I don't expect that for most of our our leadership today don't even know the Constitution right you know I called my mayor and tragically, with the right guy wonderful guy is very charismatic. How you keep getting elected. But you know audibly. I don't have a clue what what all the people need to be safe you heard the governor of New Jersey. Those very words go no following, filed by all the medical side following that ever-changing staff: 19 right now with this confusing is finding out the truth about the health of Kim Jong. You know, see Gonzaga to be a differing opinion and that's what makes self-government so important when I get hosting people send hate mail send me what you tell people I wish you would die of COBIT user healthcare oh now overstaying everybody is learned from virus, but what over arches that virus virus agenda and we cannot be too shortsighted to you that that's right that's right, Jake. Tell everybody real quick about Institute on the Constitution.

Let's go to the Constitution. We teach the Constitution and we have a course of study that does that. We been around for a couple decades we have graduates in all 50 states old school curriculum, civic government curriculum published by master book we are right now and we were to do this before this happened, providential of the Lord is doing as we uploaded our resources digitally so you can now take a Constitution course 12 lectures 20 minute video accompanies each lecture so that could be done in your church, Bible study can be done in your men's group. It could be done on your resume group, whatever you want to. Also, if you students teachers they get their civic government because right now the only schools in session our homeschool and my guess some private school to slightly deli made it a mission to restore the biblical American view of long government, which is quintessentially summed up by the declaration stating that there is a God, and omniscient God of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the farmers referring to, but our rights come from God and all 58 Constitution acknowledged that in these United States rights come from God, not government, is actually the only purpose for government is Romans 13 to be God's minister says in the Declaration of Independence that governments are Institute among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the government to secure the right that God given to people so there is a God of rights come from government to secure your rights, you can find more giving a free course right now. Would love for you to sign up and take that on our dime.

That's awesome Jake.

I will get 30 seconds will just offer up a prayer right click let's make sure we do this live and they are to suffer up a prayer for our nation for leaders. Whatever you feel led to for about 30 seconds at a great Uganda father, thank you for the book of Psalms. Thank you for the words that you have taught us to pray Lord. Some forces but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. From anywhere they that surrounded as they are fallen, and we are written in grace is your first record of the culture that you called Jesus name Amen Jake thanks for calling umbrellas talking. See you soon there will come talk to you later okay friends, I'll be right in the normal cell well what would you do if you are in Donald Trump shoes. How would you handle it well.

Our good friend Steve Daisy was on the blaze networking comes on after Glenn Beck every day Monday through Friday comes on right at noon Eastern time for couple hours.

Steve was on the show last week were texting back and forth to send me step is put on Twitter is these is probably my favorite analyst out there because each is brilliant is full of the Holy Spirit and he's got a great edge to him and and so he said the Saudi send me a link for it and I read it I thought this was great and this is just if you are the president. Okay, this is Steve Daisy posted this on April 25 answer is.

This stops now, the latest Somerset of Italy people under 65, no underlying conditions are .7 tenths of death. There latest numbers at a New York City people under 65 and no underlying conditions are only 1.8% of death. There, but were looking at 40% drop in GDP, which is straight out of the Third World. Not to mention all the other health concerns that have not been addressed and now in danger people's lives, the depression, the stress on families. The rising domestic violence rates stress on our food supply, etc. this is madness utter madness staggered reopening starting now.

We are out of patients. Here's my proposal to go into effect May 1. So this is Steve days writing for Donald. Donald Trump 30 May 1. Those 55 and under with healthy immune systems return to real life immediately. We want a national effort to encourage a minister anybody testing throughout the country.

By the way hate newsflash my wife and I are getting anybody testing next Monday so I'm really excited to tell you about that. So it's good to be like God, like 125 bucks apiece. Because we do a Christian sharing ministry for healthcare stuff so were going to do that on Monday we both think we've had it.

We both think our kids have had a tornado do the anybody test on Monday. Salty about that next week. I subtly talk about here anybody testing because that's what they're finding effective 10, 20, 30, even the Stanford study could be as high as 50, 50 times more people hadn't gotten over it than we know. Because all we know about in the in the in the clock and the ticker are the people that were sick enough to warrant getting the test so we don't have the denominator right the denominators unknown but it's getting more known okay focus our stars to coronavirus testing social distancing measures on those with weakened immune systems and over 55 before sending them back to reality. That's a matter of choosing a laser, not an atom bomb so working to working out but specify, and really work to protect older people and people with underlying conditions that make them more susceptible people 65 and older social distance 42 more days to allow for the other demos to get reintegrated and allow for any further infection surgeon to play the clip from the Stu ER Dr. C can learn more about that possibility to make their way through three cycles.

The viruses 14 day incubation. Just to make doubly sure we don't risk our elderly anymore than the RER but we let them out of their homes and their yards and neighborhoods get the warmth and son provided that they have no symptoms are positive for the virus.

Did you hear that newsflash. This is true of all viruses. As far as I know is doubly true.

The flu and it's true. Now coronavirus heat and humidity heat and humidity heat and humidity. Wow. So here's the problem. This is seasonal, so is going to die down now because it's 85, 86 and pretty humid down here in southern Florida and that's gonna start happening around the country by June, July, and guess what working to get back in the winter months. And because we haven't been out there. We have been able to develop our own amusement immunity. We have been able to get herd immunity.

People are going to start getting it again and then what's the government and I think you want to do the exact same thing is little chance of outdoor exposure transmission, particularly with the sun and warmth. Now here and basically zero from just passing someone on a sidewalk. Several studies in several countries have confirmed the odds of indoor transmission are dramatically higher is not even close. This way by July 1 at the absolute latest eBay's rights and the start of the new fiscal year for many Americans back to being America again. This time we return America to the American people then Steve days writing. This is for Trump then take no questions from the child's enemy media walk off. Nothing more needs to be said might drop rather right. I went to their Steve days it's good one. Steve days TACE if you want to file following the check amount, brilliant. So what about those two medical doctors as to the ER doctor so YouTube pulls their whole hour and 20 minute press conference that they did last week in Southern California you to pull the whole thing based on what will YouTube CEO Susan Wojcik and see if this doesn't sound you like Orwellian 1984, big government, big brother control quote anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy removal is another really important part of our policy. Will Jackie reportedly set anything that goes against the World Health Organization you mean like science like fax me like studies.

You mean like the truth if it goes against the if it goes against the quote unquote alleged truth of the World Health Organization which Trump just defunded as far as American dollars. Praise the Lord for that if you go against them working to take it down. So in honor of YouTube. This is a some more.

This is the different segments from these guys. I'm in a play on the try to play all this for it's about five minutes. Okay four minutes because I want you to hear this just to ER doctors who are actually seeing patients who actually study these things were actually down in the trenches talking about the situation. This is the truth.

You two doesn't want you to hear it, but I do after testing.

Thousands of people in their county for coded 19 doctors Dan Erickson and Martin Masini. Owners of accelerated urgent care in Bakersfield California held a press conference to share their data along with official CDC data Dr. Erickson reported that hospitals in California have become empty. As a result of allotting all resources to the coded 19 pandemic hospitals their ICUs empty essentially in their shutting down floors. Furloughing patients are furloughing doctors were busy with paperwork for all focusing on then went over the coded 19 numbers for the state of California. You seen 1227 deaths in the state of California. That means you have a 0.03 chance of dying from 19 the state of California and for the state of New York, 19,410, 19 million people, which is a 0.1% chance of dying from covert in the state of and then compared these numbers to the seasonal flu in 2017. The 45 million total case in 2017. With about 62,040 0.13 chance of death from flu in United States so the lease out of the 19 is much less.

He then went on to report what is happening as a result of the shutdown and millions of hard-working people losing their jobs, child molestation is increasing severely cases of children molested due to angry members were intoxicated and check these things last a lifetime is seasonal flu.

Follow these people them in a negative fashion for their life. Talking to my doctors and talking to people across the country are seeing alcoholism, anxiety, Christian suicide, one of the most interesting moments of the press conference was when Dr. Erickson went on to explain the immune complex unit sizes out regularly so horse to our environment system is by exposure to antigens, viruses, bacteria, when your little child crawling on the ground, putting stuff in your mouth viruses and bacteria come in antigen-antibody complex IgG GM. This is how your immune system is when you take human beings and using your house counters to kill 90% of viruses and bacteria where a mass side of our immune system is touching sure bacteria and viruses. We develop an immune response in dealing stuff got away from me, my immune system drops shelter in place, my immune system drops. I just thought this God help us if there's some people involved with these decision-making that are doing this for that very reason.

Population control fallacies and with gates and on start to sound like a wacko here, but that information is out there, really really alarming drops more sheltering in place decreases your immune system and we all come out of children pleased with the lower immune system is treating viruses disease is a disease hospital system with prison nurses.

Dr. Erickson reported that he is been in contact with leading physicians throughout California and that they are all in agreement and I've been working with some of the leaders talk to pH their opinion on this California and a lot of the leaders we need to have you soon in agreement with us to live this man is showing us it's time to live, so we don't lift what is the reason for I simply don't lift. What is the reason that's where this gets dark, dear. I say demonic and and there's all kinds of weird stuff going on in here and it's multifaceted like a diamond and we need to be paying attention to the stop and holy cow, I mean this is just crazy.

So part of it ineptness. So all of a sudden, isn't this fascinating. I love this. I was just thinking this as well as about Newsom Newsom. We need to get Newsom to understand these facts, we need to get Newsom to all of a sudden accept science that Christ science all the time. Hey you you Christians your antiscience hey you pro-lifers your antiscience hey you people that don't believe man-made global warming is the big problem that was made out to be your science denier who is a science denier now Newsom looks like the algae maybe Berks all kinds of governors Gov. Cooper now there science deniers. They were already science deniers because out of about 6000 biologists around the world. Most of them PhD level biologists 96% of them said human life begins at conception. If you say that's not a human being that were reporting all day long every day the nearest science denier. This is crazy just Lord help us in Jesus name will be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble show in Ewing, Chase, the truth and again that that just remind you of your newer to the show I been on the radio since 2007. We did three years on Saturdays we done daily started in February 2011. So this is like the 10th year being on daily Facebook life started a couple years ago, so this is an actual radio show and then were we put it on Facebook. Life okay so we've got plenty of history doing this and it just in case you're wondering, I am a registered independent. I've never voted for a Democrat, I never will unless they all of a sudden repent of their baby killing ways and that's a part of their agenda. That's a part of their platform. So until they change their orthodoxy. I can't even go anywhere there you could have the most brilliant fiscal Democrat ever known to man and if these probe death of babies your moral compass is so far off. I'm not going anywhere with you some an independent that always votes for conservatives never voted for Democrat can't imagine I ever will. I appreciate Donald Trump. I pray for Donald Trump. I support Donald Trump. Most of the time but when I can't. I don't and that's when on my own Facebook pages. People like we are obviously a liberal you listen to my radio show for 60 seconds. The last thing anybody knows me would call me as a liberal, but people get so whacked out because I'm telling you, Trump derangement syndrome also exists on the right for people that can't take any application of criticism. That's idolatry, friends, you know you're guilty of idolatry. When you're idle gets attacked and you get defensive you to be really careful what that so I've said this before, ad nausea my job. Your job if you're a follower of Jesus Christ is to call in this culture speaking truth, the power to call balls and strikes based on the word of God that truth.

The overarching metanarrative that truth we call balls and strikes based on that truth and it should not ever matter to you who's standing at the plate. The guy I voted for Donald Trump or somebody else if it's me standing at the plate you apply truth no matter what.

If your last name is noble or not. If you're my brother or sister or Christ or not you apply biblical truth to me to hold back.

I don't hold back okay so that's the deal. So sometimes when I when I lean into something Trump said or done. You gotta remember, that's where I'm coming from. I'm not like some anti-Trump person I'm pro God pro biblical worldview pro ultimate down the line pro America pro you throw me pro everybody pro unborn pro born pro Rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, employed, unemployed, underemployed, whatever. So that's the deal. Okay, you gotta remember that quite solicitous to hear about this. Probably not Temporary Restraining Order issued against Gov. Pritzker over stay-at-home order that just came out earlier today. I love this.

We need to see this in North Carolina and every other state, so this is an Illinois temporary raining restraining orders been issued against Gov. Pritzker by Clay County judge over the stay-at-home order an injunction is also been ordered.

This comes after state representative. God bless this man Darren Bailey filed a lawsuit against the Illinois governor and his stay-at-home order which is what Jake McCauley from Institute and the Constitution was talking about earlier. They cannot deprive you legally of your right to go provide for yourself, they can't. So this guys like forget it.

I'm suing and that's so awesome and then they got a temporary injunction. This is not mean the current state home orders been lifted. Gov. Pritzker's legal team has a week to appeal the judge's ruling.

According to the Atty. Gen. who is representing Pritzker. This is an Illinois. The order does not impact the entire state that there's an argument there.

The governor's office said if they lose the appeal on Tuesday they will issue the new directive. So instead of orders will call them directives which Jake was talking about this earlier and I agree that the government wants to come out and say hey here's some suggestions.

Here's some directives.

Here's what we think you should be doing were really serious about this, but you have constitutional rights and we but I respect you and we ask you think most of your pretty intelligent angle to it. You can take care your neighbor and yourself and work and provide all the same time you guys you Americans. You can actually chew gum and walk at the same time, you can patch her head and rub your belly at the same time, which for those of you on Facebook live on doing that right now see that wow we believe in the American people know they don't a lot of them don't they just don't were all idiots to them, especially their Christian Bible thumping gun toting believe that Bible idiots. However, an attorney, WAN, DTV, spoke with read the ruling differently, saying this could apply to Illinois as a whole is so the state could return to normal Friday, unless another judge gets involved in it to overturn the ruling. The ruling only applies to Bailey, the stick in the County but the lawyer said because Gov. Pritzker is acting on behalf of the government.

He believes Pritzker can now issue a new ruling exclude Bailey.

This particular County therefore making a binding for the entire state except for accounting good luck with that soon apply constitutional principles one county at a time.

It applies to all counties. All states all the time. That's the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Constitution reigned supreme over all state local law.

So if your local law.

Your state law violates constitutional principles, then you gotta get it in the court. That's why some of these gals that were arrested earlier today. As I said gals I hope they sue when you and I can't walk on the sidewalk around the governor, North Carolina's mansion that's public sidewalk, which by the way the taxpayers paid for.

That's an illegal arrest.

Were you talking about to get started soon, and this is about. And if you start quoting the Bible to me, which is great if you can say Christians are not supposed to sue each other correct were not supposed to sue each other in the body of Christ bring a mediator and bring an elder and bring a deacon and bring a pastor, a teacher, bring them in, but I love this story when you start seeing this in more more places I mentioned at the beginning of the show.

The the salon owner in Dallas who flat out said I'm opening I don't care what you guys do and they came out and they issued her a citation and she's like she held the camera, later said I'm not paying this that's what you need to know about Romans 13. I'm so glad you asked.

Romans 13 submit to the governing authorities as a blanket statement to think Paul is talking about that now. Remember the context context is King for studying the Bible. This is a remarkable thing about Romans 13, because who was in charge when Paul wrote it near L Nero was the Caesar at the time who used Christians like tiki torches to light up his gardens at night. That's Nero so that's Paul submit to the governing authorities. What governing authorities polyamine Rome yes is there any limits to that yes there are. There are limits to that this was the big contention in the early days of this nation. Hey, we have rights that are not provided by the government.

We have God-given rights inalienable rights in one of those by the way is the right to go provide for your family. That's why the Bible makes such a big deal out of it. Man will not work. You shall not eat, and if a man doesn't provide for same is worse than an unbeliever, as our founding fathers understood that that was all part of the deal as a natural law and specific laws found in the word of God is found in the Bible. Okay so you start looking at that go okay so did Paul mean we should obey the government everything the government says of course not, you don't obey anything the government wants to force you to violate the natural law.

The law of God the Word of God know you don't you walk away you stand up and that's what Peter and John did when they were told hey by the way your job out there preaching the gospel to talk about this Jesus guy you can't do that and I wanted that you need to stop that is matter fact shut up and stop and what Peter and John say sorry, we must obey God rather than man. We can't help but speak about that which we have seen and heard and so essentially you know you gotta do.

We got will do what we gotta do same thing with practicing a religion going out to an abortion clinic and praying. There in the government says you can't do that but yeah yeah I can practicing my religion.

By the way, you don't just practice religion at Sun on Sunday church. Do you or Saturday evening to go to really cool church that it is a feeling that we practice your religion.

I sure hope not. You're always practicing a religion you're always worshiping your worshiping.

Well, you're not. I'm either worshiping well or not, but for you guys.

You get to hear test five days a week of 40 5 PM Eastern time, whether in worshiping well or not. So you have to understand the intricacies of Scripture not over apply after know it in context and so there are times when you have a right as a follower of Jesus Christ to say no to the government because God tells you hate provide for your family practice your religion.

Surrender to me. Worship me follow me be obedient to me.

Jesus said if you love me obey my commands and the government said sorry you can't do that and I got a problem, so even a beta you know they got union of a man that's never a question, biblically speaking, never question an easy one piece of cake and by the way, it's not mutually exclusive to care about yourself, your income, your business, your employees, the people on down the line suppliers. Anybody else involved with whatever business you work at or Fiona business is not mutually exclusive to care about all that and care about older people and vulnerable people vulnerable people and people that have Cova 19 you can do all that. At the same time the government doesn't think you can, but God made you your fearfully and wonderfully made. You have way more ability than you think you do so you gotta remember that in and let's make sure as we finish up today tomorrow and open up the phones I want to do that today but with the real pendency thing going on with Jake being down there wanted to make sure we covered all those bases and these things are changing every day. So tomorrow I really want open up the phones tomorrow. I'm Scott give the show to you and I want you to call it is always the same number by the way 866-34-TRUTH cages get that one in your head putting your phone 866-34-TRUTH but I want to feet.

See what you think about all this. What you believe what you think about the situation. We think we should do now. We think about reopening. We think about Cova 19 do you think people like me are lunatics. We don't care work order or hateful.

We don't love our neighbor work in a Christian are you, you agree want to do that tomorrow you keep having this conversation in the government and YouTube cannot shut it down and I can tell you this, if they ever tell me to stop talking to be just like Peter and John got help me on that. Sorry to do it really entails getting okay this is Steve Noble this is Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you tomorrow will open up the phones tomorrow. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH that's tomorrow shows all yours tomorrow and hear what you think and how your processing for this what you doing are you being affected by the said God willing I'll talk to you real soon.

My dad always used to say

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