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REShow: Zak Keefer - Hour 2 (11-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 8, 2022 3:34 pm

REShow: Zak Keefer - Hour 2 (11-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 8, 2022 3:34 pm

Rich breaks down the myriad options in front of Odell Beckham Jr. and says why the Dallas Cowboys are the best fit for the free agent WR. 

The Athletic’s Colts Insider Zak Keefer tells Rich why team owner Jim Irsay chose the unproven Jeff Saturday to be Indy’s interim head coach, breaks down the team’s front office dysfunction and says who’s ultimately to blame for their disappointing season.

Rich lays out how the Colts misfortune is a golden opportunity for their Week 10 opponent, the Las Vegas Raiders, to turn their season around, and reacts to Saturday naming the young coach who will be calling the offensive plays for the Colts on Sunday.

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Each set is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out., Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m., Friday at 7 p.m. This is The Rich Eisenshow. Brian Kelly is going to join us one hour from now.

I am, we're going to join our family. Big W for him, man. That was instantaneous right there.

What a big W for him. Can you ask him about family? I can, if you'd like.

Family feud. Can you do that? Guys, quick question. We were just talking about the Manning cast. Yes. Do you think Jim Erce may be called 18 first? Let me say Sean Payton was the last guest on the Manning cast last night. And by the way, the Manning cast is the choice of Cooper Eisen in the household. He watches the Manning cast. I had it on the entire game yesterday.

All the time. He loves it. I don't know. I think he just loves the goofiness of it because obviously he never saw Payton rely play football.

He doesn't remember any of that. He loves them. They got a great time. He just loves the silliness. I think he likes the look of it. I don't know what it is, but he always puts it on. So whenever dad gets a mention there, it is the greatest dad points.

Maybe I could score. And so Sean Payton started telling the story that he's told here on this show multiple times of how he was getting set to coach in the divisional playoff game in Seattle Saints at Seahawks. Our control room ran the wrong video, ran video from a Monday night performance between the two teams from about four, six weeks before. And he was in his room, in his hotel room watching NFL network, thinking that he had missed a bus because seeing the two quarterbacks out there, he needs to be at the stadium by that point in time.

He freaked out. He called his assistant. And I guess the Manning cast, Omaha production producers saw him tell that story here. I don't know where else he's told that story. And the Manning's brought that story up. And as soon as I heard that, I'm like, I told Cooper, like everybody just sit down because dad's about to get a mention here. And sure enough, he mentioned me because, you know, I was the one that was coming before him. No, as soon as he started telling the story, I knew that I was part of the story where he texts Marshall Falk in the middle of NFL game. They morning saying, what are you guys doing to me? And I then told the line of like, well, when Sean Payton finally showed up, like, hey, Sean Payton's at the game.

Everybody showed up. At any rate, I bring all this stuff up to mention that Sean Payton, when he came on and Eli Manning asked him about, you know, there's a new coaching job opening and in the NFL, you know, he set up by saying, so I'll ask you this question, where are you coaching next year, Sean Payton? And his answer was, I knew this was going to come.

And so he threw it in the lapsing. I wonder how many times has German or say already called you Payton and you've been telling him, no, Jim, I just, I kind of like where I'm at right now. And he, that was his preference of saying he kind of likes where he's at right now. He likes the TV thing on Fox, even though, you know, if somebody hits his price and has the ability to, if they hit his price and they hit the saints price because the saints have his, oh yeah, right. His, his rights. If you hit his mark and the saints mark and you've got the quarterback and the draft choices and everything else around you, you know, I think he'll say yes.

I think he'll tell his buddy glaze and everyone on Fox. Thanks for the memories. We'll see you down the road.

Deuces. And, you know, to me, looking at the NFL calendar right now, as we're right around the corner from Thanksgiving, which is Bill Parcells always said, that's when the season really began in the NFL is when Thanksgiving hit. That's when the games really rubber meets the road and the stakes get high. And, you know, and in the NFL these days though, every week is so big.

And I don't think that axiom is right anymore. That's just, it's huge now. And the trade deadline is too soon, even like they need to push it back a little longer to see if we can get more movement around teams. So Thanksgiving can be that much bigger for more teams.

And you're seeing the pressures build up in weeks four through eight anyway. But the reason why I bring all this up is because there's one last big piece that's sitting out there in the NFL that can change a fortune right now. And that is Odell Beckham Jr. He's sitting out there.

According to reports, he's going to be cleared medically to return this weekend. And just like last year, he said, I'm going to the Los Angeles Rams. And if he didn't blow out his knee in the Superbowl, I think he was, he was on track to be the MVP of that game. And he was so terrific. And it changed the fortunes of the Rams in that game for, for a good half.

I mean, don't forget it was that final drive of the Rams that did change the game and everybody's fortunes to use that phrase again. So who is Odell going to choose this time? Well, there's somebody who's raising his hand saying, what about us? Others are doing it.

They're doing it. But only one already has a bust in Canton, Ohio, and is the proprietor of a franchise known as America's team. That's Jerry Jones. Odell is someone that we have all the appreciation in the world for what he is as a competitor.

And I know that the cowboy star on that helmet when he puts it on, could look pretty good. And I will say this, out of all the choices that Odell has, about a month ago, Green Bay and Tampa Bay were part of that mix. Wouldn't you say?

I think so. Not now, not now. Even, even the possibility of playing with Tom Brady, which is very enticing one would think there's just, there's just too much else going on. And obviously I'm going to see the bucks up close and personal this week. The run game still, you need to work on that.

The protection up front from Brady, the 44 second drive last Sunday, just a couple of days ago, we'll find out if that can resonate more, but there might be more sure bets for Odell. Obviously the bills are, I'm sure Von Miller's calling off saying, join us here. Join us here. Come hang out with him and Gabe Davis.

That's enticing. One would say the chiefs are another one that's out there. I don't know if they have the so-called space for him. If the Caddarius Tony acquisition does anything, I know that they cap spaces gets mentioned, but I think they could get around it. One would think, but if you're Odell, I mean, there's, there's a million options that are there. And, um, is that the best fit? You can win a championship. You play with my homes.

That's gotta be enticing too. I don't know if Seattle's an option. Would Seattle be an option? The 49ers, would that be an option you want to join them too? And that would put them over the top.

One would think, is that a possibility? I don't know, but I, I've got to tell you, man, I think the best spot for him in terms of showing up, being the difference maker, getting on everybody's radar screens, cashing all whatever checks that might come from signing with this team and the attention that comes with it. I gotta say, I think it's Dallas. I think it's Dallas because you're, you're, you're coming in to lamb and gallop and you would be the guy, but not really have to be the guy. Kind of like last year too.

I don't know. Obviously I think cup is more accomplished than the other receivers that Dallas has, but I kind of dig that the star on the side of the helmet. You're back in the NFC East. You're, you're, you're, you're not joining a team. That's at the very top of the division. You could then get in there and change it and be part of the Dallas Cowboys lore forever, forever. I mean, that's gotta be really enticing.

And then just one last thing. If I'm Odell, my two cents for you, sir, if I'm him, I do what he's doing now and what he did last year, every year, the rest of his career, skip the first half of the season. Obviously they get hurt and have to know the previous year, the previous year he got traded or he got caught.

Pardon me. He got cut released and he's a free agent in the middle of the year. This year it's because of getting hurt, but just sign for the rest of the year. You're a free agent and don't sign and just go.

It's going recruiting visits every year. Yes. Everybody talks about how Kirk cousins, he gets, he's, he gets generationally paid because he went year to year to year and then he got his guaranteed contracts.

And, and you know, it's very difficult to do that, to pull that off, but he did. Why wouldn't, why would Odell Beckham, he could be the first guy who plays half a season, does whatever he wants to do. If I'm not mistaken, is he, doesn't he have a young kid too, right?

Go hang on your baby. Dad time. Dad time. And then it's time for dad to leave right around November every year, play half a season, choose whichever team you can join and make a super bowl contender instantly. Who needs a free agent tour in March with the rest of everybody else when you don't have to choose in the middle of the season. What's to stop them?

Is there a collective bargaining agreement rule for that? Which team will say, you know what? If you're not signing with us now, we're out. Don't come back. Don't come back. Don't come back.

The door's closed. Oh, really? Oh, really? If he tells every team in March, yeah, I'm not entertaining any offers now. I'm just going to take off training camp.

What? Go stay in some dorm room, bring my air conditioner, my mini fridge. Is that what I should do? I should hard knock it with you. That does sound speaking of what's coming back. Really? Should I, should I do that? Oh, OTAs. Yeah. It's a mandatory trips to your facility in April and May and June.

110 out with no AC. Or do I just hang it home? Show with my baby.

Quality to add time. Watch September and October play out. Work out on my own. And then show up in November and say, who wants me? And then have half of the league raise their hands and a half of that half has the best chance to win.

You already know who has the best chance to win. And you choose wherever you want to go. And now you're the mayor of multiple towns in your career. You've got multiple rings from different teams. Who cares? And, and you go to the hall of fame and 15 fan bases show up saying you're our favorite ever. How much, who else can pull this off? Who else is in position to pull it off because circumstances have created this.

He chose the ramps this year. He's going to choose another one. What if he goes to the Superbowl again?

I wouldn't sign with that team next March for a million millions of dollars or for a million years. Just keep doing it. It sounds good. It's no theory. It can actually happen. Are there rules that you must sign as a free agent in March every year? No, I don't know. No. Oh, absolutely not. That's everyone else's free agent period. The Odell Beckham Jr. free agent period is October, November from now on, except that he's 30. So what that's even, even a better point.

Why would you want to gas yourself out in the summer and March and April? Oh, so people. Oh yeah. So you're concerned that he's going to let himself go.

He really looks like he's letting himself go. The only thing I would push back on that is, you know, you always want to build it. I mean, obviously he didn't need it last year, but you want to try to build a rapport with your quarterback, right? And that's kind of maybe hard to do. If you come in mid season, I'm just throwing that out.

I mean, it's not, I'm not saying every single box of optimum is checked, but I like what your head says. If I'm him, this is the way I'm doing it from now on. Well, unless rich, unless I just say, you know, he happens to head to a team and then he doesn't want to leave because knowing that if you play with that star on your helmet, gets you awards, affords you opportunities that you might not have. Or you get to hang with your baby. You don't go to training camp. You don't go to OTAs.

You don't go to any of that. And then you decide every year you've got the best chance to win it all in a sport that hasn't seen repeat back to back champions in two decades. Longest stretch we've ever had.

So the odds are you could just pull a Ken Norton, a Dion, go from one to the other and go back to back yourself. You're welcome. Oh, wow. Let's take a break. Zach Kiefer of the athletic.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Gotta be honest. Last time we had this uh guy on it was after Matt Ryan gets bench Sam Ellinger's in and we're like let's gives let's get him on he's not been on before but we we appreciate his work from afar. He knows the Colts covered him for the Indianapolis star now for the athletic let's get him on and he gave us information and it was fascinating and I thought to myself be honest we hung up I'm like well we'll have him on later in the season if the Colts start doing things right and start winning games well they did things well they did things didn't expect to have Zach Kiefer on the Mercedes-Benz van's phone line back so quickly but here we are Zach here we are how are you sir?

Well to be completely honest I'm exhausted. Does that mean you turned down the job to coach the team is that what you're talking about you're you just went through that exhaustive process yourself. I was listening to your conversation a minute ago and you were knocking Jeff Satterday's qualifications what you didn't mention was that he was 20 and 16 as a high school coach that's four games above 500 and I believe he led the school to their first playoff win so let's not just omit the fact here. Well I mean I have to push back with your characterization of me knocking it uh I was just actually delivering the fact that he has experience at the high school level which is not something I need to point out as a fact ever when I'm talking about the hiring of an NFL head coach so let's jump right into it. How did this come about? Zach best on your knowledge? This has got Jim Merce written all over it and then like you said Rich and I was kidding by the way like you said this is this is unprecedented territory this hasn't happened where you've hired an interim coach at this level that hasn't coached in college and hasn't coached in the NFL in six decades that's how long this has been and this has gotten Jim Merce written all over it because this is the third straight move that he has ordered from the top and you go back to the first one it was Carson Wentz last year they're getting them out no matter what the second one we talked about a couple weeks ago on your show and that was to bench Matt Ryan against I think my opinion against Frank Reich's wishes who was the coach at that time and against the wishes of the team like they always talk about the locker room Chris Fowler the GM always says the locker room knows well the locker room knew that you were benching Matt Ryan and I'm not omitting his struggles he turned the ball over he fumbled but they're a better team and they're a better offense with Matt Ryan versus Sam Ellinger and then to finish my point the third move is is not just to fire Frank Reich it's to go hire a coach who and I think both things are true just Saturday's an awesome guy he's an awesome dude he's a heck of a football player he's also very unqualified for this position and that's the third gamble that Jim Merce is making and it just feels like this team is falling further and further into disarray and dysfunction so why does does anybody know why erce turned to Jeff Saturday I why do we is there any reporting at all on this here because he likes him like that's the only tangible answer we got in a very wild 35 minute press conference last night is just to paint a picture for those who didn't watch like I got a text from someone who used to work in the building as a coach who called it embarrassing I mean we had we had a mention of a rocket ship going to Mars we had a mention of Michael Jordan and the missed shots he made in his career we had a CIA CIA mention and we had Al Davis quotes I mean it was just a winding circuitous random press conference that really didn't give us an answer to your question why Jeff Saturday they loved him as a player they love him as a man but rich this guy literally flew in yesterday to Indianapolis and had to meet his coaching staff because there's guys on his coaching staff he's never met they play a game in five days and he doesn't know who's calling the place for it I honestly I don't even know what the follow-up question is to this I've never heard of anything like it and it puts you know everybody in such a position including Saturday all I'm hearing from folks is around the league is how unfair it is that Saturday gets to skip the line and that's no reason for his Jeff to not accept it I mean he can't sit there and go well so many other people are deserving I will not accept your opportunity to become an NFL head coach of the team that I love so I don't I don't begrudge him from saying yes but I still don't understand why you know other than Ursay was railing against coaching scared and relying on analytics and here's somebody who's not scared I is that really all it is there's nothing else to it really gut and fuel is that with Jim Ursay it's hard to find tangible explanations for a thing right I mean why did they move on from Carson Wentz they didn't like him um well that's and to be honest with you Zach I mean that one I was I had a front row seat at the combine for that that's everybody was just talking about you know that was the worst kept secret when when Ballard and Frank Reich was coming to the booth talking talking about Wentz you know in a way that he was still present and and and they couldn't wait to get rid of him and that was kind of understandable based on what we saw in Philadelphia and the way that the season ended um and and the Ryan acquisition was also understandable I got that this one though is is um uh is totally beyond understanding I don't get it it's beyond bizarre you're right because of because of the options they had and I'm not saying these are great options but you've got two former head coaches on staff John Fox has coached three NFL teams two of them to a Super Bowl Gus Bradley's been a head coach in the NFL Scotty Montgomery has been a college head coach and Scott Milanovic has been a uh he's been a CFL head coach for two teams and then you've also got Bubba Ventrone who's a special teams coordinator who's starting to get a little interest from a head coaching perspective so if you're going to go back to that if you're going to even just go back and try and grab the glory days which they constantly try to do Reggie Wayne is on staff as the receivers coach so this took everybody by surprise some of the you know just the responses I got from people inside and outside the building yesterday where you know what are they doing is this for real this feels like a circuit and and and just just Saturday is a great football guy I get that but there's a huge huge huge step from being a great center in the NFL and even a high school coach to being an NFL head coach in six days this is absolutely unprecedented Zach Kiefer of the Athletic covering the Colts here on the Rich Eisen Show it is currently uh 1 30 p.m eastern time on the day after this all went down it's the Tuesday there's a game on Sunday in Las Vegas who's calling the plays in that game best you can tell as we are talking at this very second um paid Manning Pat McAfee you got any time Sunday who knows um to be completely serious it's probably Scott Milanovich but this is how bizarre this is I mean just Saturday was interviewing members of his own coaching staff last night to find out who would be calling the play I mean that's where they're at and this is let me remind you the worst offense in football the worst offensive line in football they didn't you know they had the worst day in 25 years Sunday in Foxborough they had an 0 for 14 day on third down and they had 120 yards their worst since 1997 the year before Peyton Manning arrived so all those things can be true about Jeff Sutterty being a great guy and I bet he gives them some punch some energy that they need but they also you know they're having this guy walk into a bus saw the team that needs help on offense and I don't even know what the offensive skiing looks like right now because frankly they're running out of people to fire on that side of the ball wow and so um in your article about last night's press conference and you're going through what's happened in the last several weeks with the Indianapolis Colts Zachie for you called the Ryan benching quote unquote universally unpopular in the locker room so that was who ordered the code red that was Jim Erce who ordered the code red on Matt Ryan yeah that was his move okay and whether the players say it publicly or not they were not in favor of that so if that's the case then seeing Sam Ellinger on the field against Belichick's defense and just you know and I know Erce spoke last night about history in this century in football and how the Colts are the fourth winning his franchise if you want to talk history since um 2000 Belichick eats quarterbacks like Ellinger like like a feral prey right like we we we see we see animal documentaries that that uh would be the proper analogy of what Belichick does to quarterbacks like that so why is Frank Reich the fall guy for that after a game like Sunday can you help connect those dots for me yeah that's what I don't like that's what I have a little bit of hard time understanding because if the rug was pulled out of from under you as a head coach in terms of you don't even get to pick the quarterback now we're not talking just one quarterback here I would I would play Nick Foles before I play Sam Ellinger but they're not doing that either as the directive from the owner they want to play the kid Sam Ellinger and see what he's got and you pull the rug out from Frank Reich two games in now Frank Reichs he's guilty here too the offense is terrible it's his offense um you know he wasn't getting it done that's absolutely part of this story but it just feels like this is an impossible situation for anybody to walk into and have success because everything goes back to the offensive line falling apart but if you're telling the coach who to play and who not to play and then you're firing him for losing with the guy you want him to play this is meddling and and this is what Jim Mercy has fought for 25 years as an owner he didn't want to be his father for those who remember Bob Erce was insane he would run down on the field at halftime and tell the coach to bench the quarterback and he would fire the coach and forget about it an hour later and I could go on and on but Jim Mercy has been very deliberate he wasn't going to be that owner but in the last 12 months he stepped in to these decisions that he's made his voice heard and Frank Reich is out Marcus Brady is out and Chris Ballard was sitting there last night sort of like you know we had some passionate discussions I certainly don't believe this was Chris Ballard's choice to go to an unproven coach to try and save a season that's going nowhere of course since he knows for sure there's nobody on the staff that's called a single NFL offensive play before nobody and you're making this move in the middle of a of a of a of a week you're you're I mean that that building must be sleepwalking right now not wondering not knowing what's going on what the schedule is how things are going to change who's calling plays what's going on at all and you've got to play a game against Las Vegas and of all people the guy who turned down the job you know I mean you want to talk about football gods winking at you um so of course Chris Ballard wouldn't make a decision like this and that's why I'm still wondering why Erce did you know like did he sit there and think that that Reich was coaching scared and going to analytics too much in New England and that the kid wasn't being supported because he was purposely trying to tank because he was against Ryan being benched I mean is that like that's the only sort of stuff I would as you're speculating because again I you know um as you know um a conspiracy theory always um fills the vacuum so I can't I have no idea I'm really grasping talking yeah and and so are people within the building you know people that go to this cult practice facility every day to work and some of them are livid some of them are embarrassed and some of them are just completely in disbelief and you know one of the most poignant moments last night during this 35 minute bizarro press conference was was I asked just Saturday like what in the world are you doing here for lack of a better phrase and he said look man like I got a call Sunday night and I was shocked with an understatement Saturday's response when Jim Merced brought this up to him was honestly can you tell me why you're calling me for this job right now I mean right like we all do respect to Jeff Saturday great player this is this is not how this happens in the nfl and and hey extra credit for thinking outside the box but this is going to be a long couple of months in Indianapolis so uh let's just try and what's the silver lining look look look for it for me and for cults fans who might be hearing this slap in their heads with their their open palm is there one do you got one here you know they have the worst offensive line of football maybe he fixes it you know what's happened to Quentin Nelson what's happened to Ryan Kelly what's happened to Braden Smith they they allowed nine sacks on Sunday nine that's that's just horrendous and they had like two net yards in the first quarter I mean maybe he gives him some juice maybe he fixes the offensive line and maybe he stays on you know they tried to hire him before as an offensive line coach it didn't happen but I think this is a test run for Jeff Saturday as well I think he wants to find out if he wants to be a full-time coach if he wants to be a head coach or a position coach or something this is a heck of a way to do it right just get thrown in the fire on November 8th and have a game in in Las Vegas in five days and uh what about Jonathan Taylor what can you tell me Zach about him and his health you know do we see him again this season really I don't know come on really they just put him away that's the problem too is that you know the three wins that they have already are are too many how about that Frank Reich won too many times at this point in time Ryan won too many fourth quarter comebacks for them they they're not in the top five right now and I think that's the only silver lining at the end of this season the end of this disaster that has been this season if they need to find a way they need to find a way into the top five or six or seven of the draft and they need to find a new quarterback that could be the only payoff from this crazy couple of months we've had in Indianapolis I mean are they really gonna like I it's hard to see the Colts competing in so many of these games down the stretch because of their offense and because so many holes they have to fill right now and this is a mess of their own making that's really how I would sum it up Zach appreciate your your time again let's chat again soon just check back in on how it's all working thank you sir that was fun thanks Rich right back at you at Z Kiefer I follow him you follow him as well let me just say one last thing please do okay because Jeff Saturday doesn't deserve to be looked at through the prism of not belonging and in over his head and the face of franchise dysfunction he doesn't deserve that but he's in that position okay that's where he's at and him being put in his spot where he's got to interview his coaches to see who's best to call plays in a game that's taking place in five days as the rest of the building is wondering what has just happened the NFL more than any other sport I believe it depends on the routine more routinized than any other sport okay and this routine has been disrupted in a way that in 20 years I've never seen and I've seen Bobby Petrino ditch the Falcons and I saw whatever the hell happened with Urban Meyer last year okay but the Falcons didn't replace Petrino with what Steve Bartkowski and the Falcons didn't replace Urban Meyer with Mark Brunel okay with Tony Bisselli and I've never seen anything like this and I've seen a lot so I say that to set this up because you know what I've been saying for months and you know what I said yesterday about this team that I was out I gotta turn my back on him out but the autumn wind of the football gods have somehow decided to place this most dysfunctional situation I've seen in 20 years right in their building and if the Raiders don't win this one now I gotta turn my back it's right there you want to talk about the mother of all get right games this defense has taken on a kid in his third career start in an interim head coach who just was coaching high school and they've never had an offensive play called by whoever is calling the offensive plays on Sunday before in the NFL this is it and don't do it I care about you come on Raiders yeah sure why not it's it's right there boy the mother of all get right games in Las Vegas and I'll tell you what man you I'll tell you what man I'll tell you what man grab the Raiders on your waiver wire for defense any any human that wears silver and black because no matter how much I adore Jeff Saturday and how I adore John Fox and Gus Bradley and those guys this team is going to be spinning their heads around the schedules off everything's off for them to be able to pull it together and win that it would be the greatest win in the history of the NFL whoo it would be the greatest win the history NFL if the Indianapolis Colts under these circumstances go and beat another team I just said it and I will be I don't know maybe I got to stay up because I'm going to be it's going to be like three kickoff with three in the morning Germany time you know the Raiders are blowing three seven point leads this is it this is it I'm gonna add I'm on fire thank you eight four four two oh four rich number to dial we'll turn to the uh Munich game my plans we'll talk more of your phone calls eight four four two oh four rich Brian Kelly in hour number three of LSU football and my power rankings in hour three influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name Elizabeth Taylor I'm Katy Perry this is the story of the original influencer this is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen Matt in Santa Cruz California what's up Matt uh good morning rich thanks for uh taking my call checking you out on Sirius XM 992 not a boy what's what's going on uh so Colts need an offensive offensive coordinator who's gonna call the place your last guest Zach just suggested Scott Milovich all right you got Reggie Wayne on the coaching staff receivers coach and you got Matt Ryan a 13-year veteran I like this idea about Matt Ryan yes and Reggie Wayne calling the plays on the field with Milano bitch up in the booth it's just like the end of varsity no but it's not it's not a preseason game it's not the pro bowl you know Matt knows how to call plays it does he knows offense better than anyone on the staff he's the most tenured guy on the on the team on the offense look at you thinking outside the box Matt well done okay thanks for the call thanks for the call however great idea not gonna happen you know why because the man who's sitting in this chair for the next three days just came up with a nice little scoop oh tom post arrows hosting the show Wednesday Thursday Friday what a perfect guy to have in this chair for the next three days right tom post arrow says that Jeff Saturday has chosen his play caller you can put it up on the screen do you have it there it is our Colts interim coach Jeff Sattery expected to have 30 year old pass game specialist assistant quarterbacks coach parks Frasier there he is on the screen you know I would just have thought that was Eric Zurndor for our former reserve as the offensive player well actually you know uh serving he's gonna be the play caller um you know what he he's got what it looks like he's wearing a uh tarrant kill him suit don't you think yes it's Zurndor and tarrant kill him that's it the pylon's gonna be lit pylon's gonna be lit on amazon send it home send it home to sarah um i'll tell you what though here here let me just let me just tell you uh i have googled parks Frasier and in terms of um hold on a second in terms of the conversation being had about Jeff Sattery is that he didn't earn it he didn't pay his dues and whatever the play caller and again you'll hear 30 year old i'm done with the whole age thing really yeah of course i mean i think mcveigh and everyone else who's the youngins uh i i'm i'm i'm done with that you're too young to to be able to do it mike mcdaniel all of you you know what i mean i'm 30 is obviously young but um Frasier was a coat working on the the staff at samford at age 23 for little to no money and was living out of his car okay and he was essentially homeless living out of his car because he wanted to coach so bad wow he wound up taking another job after six months of samford at middle tennessee and then got a ga gig at arkansas state and while he was um at let me get this right while he was at samford he was working closely with drew peterson was a quarterback there and the son of doug peterson okay who saw let me hold on a minute let me get this right here um who saw um at the a guy named spencer phillips who was a friend living in los angeles volunteering with a high school team to quit his job move across the country and work for free with parks frazier saw this guy phillips at the senior bowl was impressed and interviewed him for a position and eventually hired phillips as assistant to the head coach doug peterson did that when josh mc daniels backed out of the colts job and frank reich got it phillips recommended frazier to reich who then hired frazier to be his assistant to the head coach and he was the ga and and sort of a jack of all trades he typed out the play sheet for lux wristband he fed information to reich and the offensive coordinator at the time named nick syriani and then he relayed the requests to the colts equipment staff that's what he did i mean he's done it all man frank reich told the indianapolis star of parks frazier at one point quote he's the first person i go to no matter what it's about i just think that much of him he's the guy that if he ever makes a mistake he rarely does he's never going to make it again he's got a really good football mind his work ethic his attention to detail his knowledge of defenses he's got it end quote okay so before you know everyone's gonna crap on it the question is though is so parks frazier to sam ellinger from jeff saturday how do you get that up to speed for an actual nfl game in five days well today's supposed to be an off day but it ain't get going right now you know who else was 23 you know us was 23 working for little to no money probably everyone in this one yeah not sure i only know i bring that up i bring that up because you know people are going to make it seem because of jim errsay shooting from the hip like this like parks frazier stayed at a holiday and express last night you know and like want to raffle or something right you want to raffle like you you you know you get a gig like oprah find underneath your seat in a playbook you're you're now the offensive coordinator and you know we're talking about who is paid dues and who hasn't paid dues but i mean talk about an opportunity of a lifetime he is calling place for the indianapolis cults in an nfl game and the other play caller i'm assuming is josh mcdaniels okay good luck know the defense that's max crossby that's channel jones and so on and so forth and you got to get that up to speed now and again i just don't know how the rest of the staff feels about this rest of the team is just has to be wondering what in the hell's going on are they taking this game off the board in vegas no it's actually currently up uh raiders are six and a half point favorites seems low it'll just show you how many times that the raiders have just blown the leads little bit you know wow this just gets crazier crazier and crazier i've run out of words to express how unprecedentedly bizarre wild weird some weird wild stuff am i reading the honestly tyreke hill has just said it right that was about bradley chubb insane crazy creepy thing the hell going on is right the hell going on rich next thing you're gonna tell me is that somebody won powerball in pasadena yep somebody did didn't they did yep i was up there yesterday pasadena joe's service garage or something is that right what it was yeah somebody goes into joe's service garage in pasadena and walks out naked by the rose bowl now brian kelly coming up next from ls it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit saiti talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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