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REShow: Frank Isola - Hour 1 (11-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 2, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Frank Isola - Hour 1 (11-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 2, 2022 3:16 pm

Rich reacts to the news that Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has taken the first steps towards selling the team, and weighs in on the latest in the snowballing controversy surrounding the Brooklyn Nets.

SiriusXM NBA Radio Host/Brooklyn Nets Analyst Frank Isola tells Rich why Steve Nash was fired and soon-to-be-replaced by suspended Celtics coach Ime Udoka, comments on the team’s handling of the Kyrie Irving antisemitism controversy, and weighs in on how Kevin Durant might be dealing with upheaval surrounding the team this season.

Rich reacts to Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniels speaking on the Bradley Chubb trade and Tua Tagovailoa’s long-term future in Miami.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. And now back to the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I have anointing oils for a new elite quarterback.

The Rich Eisen Show. I'll put them up there. I'm making him elite. I see you too.

I see you too. Yeah. Today's guest's next studio analyst Frank Isolla, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk. Mike Florio, comedian and actor Mo Ammer, actor Frank Grillo. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Otherwise for today known as Two Franks, a Mike and a Mo. That's what we got today on our program.

For why? It's a place. Yeah, Two Franks, a Mike and a Mo. And that's how our guests are here on this program. And you know, it's amazing we're even here today in these dangerous times.

And by dangerous times, I mean it's raining in Los Angeles. Dude, down pouring on the 405 this morning. We don't know how to handle it here, so I'm just glad we're all here. And the gang's all together. We're here, we're here. Good to see you Chris Brockman. Hey Rich, what's up brother? Day three of mustache Brockman.

I gotta say, comment on the home front yesterday. Uh oh. Well tease it, tease it, tease it, tease it. The radio audience doesn't see the look that's already given it away. Okay.

Coming up later this hour. The Roku channel already knows. The radio audience might not know. Tease it. That's content.

Everything's content, Chris. Let's hit them all now while we've got them. It's good to see you. Clean shave and Mike tell two for us. Second day of shaving, so now we're looking. Now you're leaving me out here on this island all by myself. TJ, TJ light the candle. How are you TJ?

You know, the rain was so bad it took me 12 minutes to get to work today and send to my normal tan. The two the two Franks, the two Franks, Frank Isolla and Frank Grillo. One covers the nets for the S network and you see him on the worldwide leader in sports and the other one is playing Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini in a new movie about the Lambo, the Lambo family.

I know I selected, that's crazy. And so uh no no no Frank Grillo is playing Ferruccio Lamborghini. Mo Ammer, the comedian and also one of the stars of Black Adam. He's a die hard Astros fan. He said yes to coming in this studio after game three that got delayed. So now he said yes to day three, game three. Had no idea that that he would be coming in off of a beat down of epic home run proportions in Philadelphia.

Wait a minute. Mo might be tipping his way of getting in the studio. He might be like people are like he's walking around wherever he is right now die hard Astro fan. They're like you're going to the Rich Eisens show today and you go how did you lift your leg this much higher when you're walking towards the Rich Eisens show studio.

You're tipping your schedule. Uh this just in Joel and B just at a home run. Just there you go. A beat at a home run. Rick Tockett hit a home run. That's part of the conversation about how Lance McCullers was dealing. We know what what he dealt last night.

And um. Lance should have been out that game. Bryce Harper, Schwerber, Reese Hoskins. I don't think Schwerber's has landed you. I don't know if it has. I think it was so far. So Mo Ammer will land in studio an hour number two and then we'll get uh Mike Florio on the phone line to talk about the breaking news in the National Football League.

Tons of stuff in the trade deadline yesterday. And then there's uh this story. I'm I'm I'm looking out the window for this. Hold on a second. Hold on a minute. Hold on a minute. Okay I was going to guess. No no you don't have to guess. I think you understand. I do not see a pig flying out there.

I do not see why my Lance McCullers I'm tipping my lines go. So what are you saying? Well it was either pigs flying or like end of dogs playing together.

End of magnolia where it just starts raining frogs. It is Los Angeles. Let me see. Let me check outside. Is it sure? Nope.

Yep. Check on the warmest place you know. Has it frozen over?

That's a frozen over. Unless you're the Eagles. He's got a point there.

The band the Eagles. Here's the deal folks. I'm gonna have to believe it when I see it. But Forbes broke the story today. So you know this is coming from it's kind of like if there's entertainment news or anything involving a police arrest of somebody in the entertainment it's TMZ you kind of believe it.

When Forbes says they've got some news in the sports business world you're like okay. I can't believe that. All right. Do tell. Do tell. Say what? And Forbes broke the news and the Washington commanders put out a statement confirming ish ish that the team has hired Bank of America Securities to consider potential transactions.

What would they be? Like Dan Snider needs a new personal property account open. A little little interest earning checking doing some banking.

Every dollar counts. You know what he's not going to wait online for a teller. He's just going to go straight. Come on. He seems like I need some I need I need some I need some help.

Can you please help me? Securities and some potential transactions. I want to talk about my raw. No. According to Forbes it's to actually thinking about selling the team.

Wow. Selling the Washington Command or something that as of just last week when Jim Erce continued to openly suggest the NFL just put in front of the membership the idea of forcing Dan Snider to sell his team based on everything that's gone on. Previously in the front office they say that they are a changed organization in terms of the way they deal with their staff. As a matter of fact put up that statement again.

I will read it because they put that in the end of the statement. Dan and Tanya Snider and the Washington Commanders announced today that they have hired B of A Securities to consider potential transactions. The Sniders remain committed to the team. All of its employees and its countless fans to putting the best product on the field and continuing the work to set the gold standard for workplaces in the NFL.

Washington Commanders established 1932 it says at the bottom and we all know they were not called the commanders back in 1932. So what does this mean? Because they could be come right around and all the fans that are you know thinking could this actually be Dorothy's house falling down out of the blue.

Can they actually follow this yellow brick road? Is it possible that's what this is or is the potential transaction just to sell a portion of the team? Nobody's saying. Nobody's saying. But none other than I believe the last.

I didn't look this up but I believe it's true. The last first round drafted quarterback by the franchise is chimed in on this subject better. RG3, summing it all up. Washington fans will throw a parade if they sell the team is what RG3 who by the way was drafted and traded for because one of the many times Dan Snyder put his thumb on the talent evaluation drafting rostering scale.

Yeah. To the point where the coach at the time said let's draft another quarterback a few rounds later named Kirk Cousins. I don't know if this is true or not what's going to happen but all I want to know is to the list of Bermuda triangle type questions involving the NFL. Unsolved mysteries involving the NFL. From why did the Seahawks not hand it to Marshawn Lynch? Why was Malcolm Butler a healthy non-scratch bench? One play on special teams. In the Super Bowl.

So on and so forth. Add to that list what has gone on behind the scenes to cause a man who just last week had his staff send out a defiant press release and statement saying we're not selling the team. It ain't happening. Now all of a sudden we're we're high on beer of asecurities and once again I don't believe it's to check on the interest rates for a home mortgage. I don't think I don't think they're going any mortgage lending right there. What happened man to cause this to happen?

I do not know. That will be the first question I have for Mike Florio. And man oh man oh man how this team continues to keep plugging along with all of this behind the scenes. God bless Ron Rivera. Honestly they've won two in a row. Did you know that remember last week he left the team for personal reasons because his mother passed away. All the stuff that's gone on with this guy battling cancer and they're 500.

They're four and four. Remember Alex Smith said it's so tough to knock everything that's going on in the front office in the world of their team management to knock it straight out of your own skull and out of your locker room to keep on keeping on. The Washington commanders apparently up for sale and I cannot imagine how much money they would go for. I'm telling you whatever the Broncos just went for. Whatever it went for just I wouldn't say double it.

No. But you know it's going to be 30 percent more. 50 percent more. Forbes the same story that broke broke the news today. They have the Washington franchise valued at 5.6. You better win Powerball five more times. I think tonight.

I wouldn't guess anywhere from six to six. I mean because there'll be a bidding war going on and all eyes are just going right to that rocket ship. Yep. That handsome bald man Jeff Bezos. You got what you got.

What do you got? Just you know shake that ass tray and check in the couch cushions. I'm sure you got it. You know what he owns the Washington Post.

He does. Hopefully he beats the other guy out. Who is the other guy? You know the other guy who's buying up stuff. We're not musking a franchise if that's what you're saying. That ain't happening. The other guy is buying up. That's not happening. No no no don't forget there's still a membership that needs to approve this stuff. I mean unless he lets me back on and I'll change my team. The only advice I have for whichever ownership group buys the team is when you are introduced it's Commissioner Goodell.

RES Consulting gives you that for free. On the arm. Drinks are on.

The house. Goodell. Maybe we should do one of those electric company things, Rich. Remember when you had two people that said face each other. Goodell. Goodell. There you go. Very good.

Brokden you don't get that dude. Good job though. What's the number of the day?

Good job. Apparently 6 billion. 6B. I think. 7B. 6 and a half.

Over under. Because there's going to be a new stadium that comes with the whole process. Because you know he's been trying to get some property in some spots downtown in DC to build this new beautiful new stadium in DC and everybody's telling me to go pound sand. Which may be part of the reason why he's selling.

Because that's part of the reason why in the whole deep dive from Van Natta Wickersham et al. You know owners are like you know we we'd like to get you this we'd like to get a stadium. Fill it up. Bring Super Bowl to the nation's capital. A cold weather site maybe but let's do it.

And I don't think anybody wants to do business with with the current ownership group. At any rate just to button it up during this entire process I've been trying to you know multitask you guys are you know looking down occasionally looking did a pig fly behind me at any point during the opening of this program. Okay so all right but this apparently is Atman. It's still early in the day. It's still early in the day. Mike Florio will join us in the middle of our number two on this one. Oh and uh let's just touch upon this briefly so we can be on time for our guest Frank Isolla. So the Nets what are they up to huh? What are they up to? They're up to uh sitting Kyrie down with the Anti-Defamation League. All right. Okay so Kyrie can uh can uh Kyrie can chop it up you know voiced his um anti-semitic theories in front of the ADL vet them with the Anti-Defamation League or the Anti-Defamation League can uh tell Kyrie a thing or two of what he's been doing that he uh is not talking about publicly the last two games for the Nets one win one win one loss uh Kyrie and the win another terrific performance last night his worst one of the season not speaking to the media afterwards which by the way is verboten that's against NBA rules who will be the one asked Sean Marks the general manager are you finding Kyrie you don't have to because he they're excusing him from doing it they're going to take the hit is what Sean Marks had to say and the reason why and by the way Barkley last night the uh inside the NBA crew I saw them before I went on CNN with Jake Tapper to talk about this subject matter because every single time somebody doesn't speak out or speak up you allow the normalization to take further route and the line of what's normal gets blurred and you don't talk about it whoever crosses that blurry normalization line feels compelled or comfortable enough to keep taking a step further and last night Ernie said it spot on in this day and age empathy sympathy out the window people do not think about it anymore or at least not enough you know when you say something or you tweet something you don't think how will others think about it and feel about it how am I affecting them I'm sure Kyrie would say well how are you affecting me Jewish person he might think that's an unfair characterization of what he's saying but I'll tell you what that's the way I take it so Charles thinks he should be suspended the nets have an issue on their hands to say the least and I feel they're not putting Kyrie out there because they know Kyrie's not going to say what needs to be said and anybody out there who thinks well he doesn't need to say anything he doesn't believe and that's correct which is why he's not being put out there at least that's the way I'm reading it and in between the win and the loss they uh fired their coach and it looks like they're hiring the guy out of Boston who Boston went to the NBA Finals with last year and then suspended for the year in quite what our friend Brian Windhorst called in his report on today an opaque suspension don't know what it's for just know it's pretty damn bad enough for the Celtics to not only suspend him for the year but allow him to walk to the Brooklyn Nets if he wants without compensation just you go we'll drop the paperwork I wonder if the Celtics will just pay for the lawyers to drop the paperwork because that's the way it kind of looks jeez are we ever going to find out walk and then the Nets are it's just like when did you start thinking about your Doka because this is going to be a vetting process right so you fired your coach when did you think about firing your coach what are you doing by hiring somebody who comes with baggage that you're going to need to explain right you can't keep why the Celtics not only suspended him but allowed him to walk free of compensation for them you can't just say yeah we've turned the page and then he gives opaque platitudes towards having learned something well what did you learn again that's to come apparently but for the moment wither Kyrie he's going to keep playing and not speaking to the media because he's not ready to talk yet or as Sean Mark said it would just potentially stir things up need to calm down what do we need to calm down I mean you see this too because I saw post on Twitter a member of the media talking that we wouldn't be talking about this if the Nets had a better record I'll tell you what scoop here's one for you I'd be talking about it if they were 6 and 0 because I'm offended doesn't matter the record because guess what for about a couple decades the Nazis were undefeated how does that sound so I'm gonna take a cooling off period called a commercial break and then we'll come back we'll talk some hoops and whatever the hell else with Frank I sold has a pig flown at all behind I haven't okay good to know it's been a while 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the program Mo Amer will be here to talk about how his Houston Astros just went into Philadelphia and absolutely got smoked in game three game four tonight game four tonight Mike Florio from pro football talk and then in our number three Frank Grillo will be here I've got power rankings which means you're going to heckle me maybe not I don't know if you could tell I got thick skin at least I think I do 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial Frank I solo when we come back right here from Sirius XM NBA radios the starting lineup and a studio analyst for the Brooklyn Nuts 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot-com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know 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one-quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show uh back here on the program uh he does um analysis in the studio for the yes network brooklyn nets he's on serious xm radio as well long time um a guest on this program on the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line back from the city of new york frank isola how you doing frank rich i'm really good and you know one of the perks of being a guy is that we're kind of allowed to wear the same thing you know back to back days okay i think i get accused of that as well okay you know uh but uh but you strike me as somebody who's got fashion sense though frank i'm looking along yeah a little bit i probably should have more okay so i'm not exactly house of gucci put it that way ah very good let's just jump right into this here with yesterday's news where did the firing of steve nash come from frank i mean i think it's hard not to believe that it really started or the clock started ticking on steve nash once the report came out that kevin durant and you know kind of made an ultimatum either the coach and the gm go or i go and i understand that they all ended up staying point you say something like that it certainly put it out there you know that they were two and five under steve and saturday night against indiana they had a really poor performance they're worth performance season i heard that steve kind of got into it with the play you know really read them out afterwards that includes kevin durant and they responded on monday night with a river of a very good performance against deviantic cases so i think from that standpoint there this whole losing the locker my i'm not buying any of that nonsense but i think it's uh you know a lot to just what they've done ever since kevin durant and kairi Irving arrived there it's trying to do everything they can to keep them happy and trying to salvage you know what remains of this run that they're going to have together and and um is it true based on your knowledge reporting whatever you can share that that the nets did this with imay yudoka from boston or soon to be formally of boston or whatever it's suspended by boston let's let's call what the current situation status is with him in mind to be the the full-time coach of the brooklyn nuts i i would think absolutely and you know the one thing that are coaches out there like quince snide a lot of coaches don't like to take over because coaches of a certain caliber don't like to take over you know in the uh you know a season to start or the middle of the season i think the situation with imay yudoka is different right now he's currently suspended by the boston seltics and like um assuming he has you know the leeway and you know the permission to just start his job at the brooklyn that's remember too we did spend a year there as an assistant coach um under steve nash we knows kevin durant knows kairi Irving knows who he's walking into gillison at the san antonio spur connection with sean marx and imay yudoka so i would think that has a lot to do with it maybe the maybe the moment that imay yudoka was suspended maybe that's something the nets were thinking about as well because you can't tell me that this is all happening within the last 24 to 36 hours they decide to fire steve nash and imay yudokas in mind like that i would think that the wheels on something like this would certainly have to be turning for a while now maybe maybe it's as recently as saturday but it could have been before that i don't i don't think that's out of the normal possibility so the question i have on that front is um what vetting can the nets share with us once this does happen uh based on because it's it's not just any coach you're getting the coach within the division from the defending eastern conference champions who decided to that whatever happened was so egregious they would suspend him for an entire year and now allow him to walk within division to the nets a talented roster for no compensation like like what is what's up with that frank yeah and i think you know and i know you've addressed this before with the whole karaoke situation so there are people upset about that and kind of the way that it's being held now you're going to get a whole new group of people or maybe you know some of the same people and rightfully so we're going to be questioning what the heck is going on here you're bringing this guy in the meeting with uh imay yudok and human resources with the net i think that's going to be pretty interesting but also there's going to come a point there's also going to come a point rich and remember this hasn't happened yet with imay yudoki he was suspended and left i understand you know if i'm memory surgeon correctly he did release a statement but he hasn't sat down and spoken to the media and i would think when he has his press conference that's going to be uh you know that's going to be a tricky situation for the nets and imay yudoka to navigate because i'm not so sure there's really going to be any right answers or answers that are really going to satisfy everyone because it's really something unprecedented we really haven't seen this ever before because i think it's only been about 31 or 32 days since the initial suspension was handed down it looks like he who knows he could be coaching the team as early as friday night well frank i solo here on the rich isen show well look if yudoka is brought in as a coach and can start coaching this team as early as friday night and you just said boy his press conference is going to be something else when he finally has it um that means that they won't be handling the nets uh that situation in the way that they're currently handling kari irvings which is uh allowing him not to speak despite it being uh against the rules i guess of the collective bargaining agreement and player contracts in the nba what what is the current status of of the nets in kari irving that you can share with us frank and i and i think too i you know and i know and rightfully so you've been critical of it i think the guys on tnt were critical of it us on the yes yes network we were critical of kari irving maybe all that stuff is really starting to weigh on him now because you know kari all this nonsense that's happened over the past five days has actually played really well up until last night he wasn't uh the same player he looked really detached he didn't score until the fourth quarter i think he finished two for twelve over six on three-pointer so i don't really know where this where this story is going to go from here you know the one thing too you know that press conference that kari did have after the game on saturday night clearly went off the rails and it wasn't a good look for him not a good look for the nets and i think the nets are probably kind of saving kari from himself that he did take down the post which he made it sound like originally that he wasn't going to do something like that i still don't understand why he just doesn't come out and say something along the lines of you know i was told about this documentary there was something that interested that i found interesting i had no idea well i think the problem is frank is that he said he does have an idea that's the issue is he does have an idea and he does believe it and if there's anything that kari has shown um amongst many uh by the way terrific attributes uh otherwise in men in other parts of his world of his deep thinking for him in free thinking world um is that he believes what he believes and he stands by it that he believes some what what was put out there in the same way that he told you know uh was it nick fredell of yes yeah he'd said to him that that what alex jones had said about uh cabals and and secret societies was true that he believes it and that's why the nets are keeping him away because he will not go out and say that he doesn't believe it which is you know not i i could say it's fine it's fine because he believes that but it's not fine because of what he believes and how how much of an influencer he is and how terribly disappointing it is and frightening frank you know and yeah and at first he said i'm an influencer you know i do have influence and then he does why do you guys in the media keep saying i have influence and i thought when you know when nick was trying to go was explain like what are the parts here that you believe that all of a sudden kari didn't want to get into that discussion which leads me to believe he really doesn't understand some it doesn't clearly understand how hurtful it is if you know this because you're from uh new york you know the landscape period carrier from west orange new jersey which is a very diverse city of my town i should say with a large jewish community he plays in brooklyn new york for crying out loud and i keep saying it you can't walk five feet in brooklyn without walking past a church a synagogue a mosque obviously a huge jewish community there um a large part of the jewish community is basketball fans fans of carrie urving fans of the net i just find it hard to believe that he could be so tone deafened to also say something like i didn't really hurt anybody yeah you did when when you're promoting something which questions the holocaust and says that six million jews didn't uh didn't die in the holocaust that that's going to be really hurtful to a lot of people and i and again i have a funny feeling one of the reasons why i thought i think really the stress and the pressure is now is getting to him because he has been taking a lot of heat and again rightfully so i did i don't i don't think that that's something that he should be promoting and getting into this discussion what's promoting what's not promoting i mean come on kyrate you knew what you're doing by putting that on your social media account and again when he was asked fair questions about it you know the one thing about nick freedale nick is responding to the owner of the team sending out a tweet yes he's responding to the league uh sending out a statement as it relates to carrie urving that's all they're asking about and now here's your platform to you know to explain yourself and you didn't want to and now we haven't heard from you since and we haven't heard from him since the post came down i could tell you this from from everything that i've heard from people in the network organization they're disappointed that you know they were encouraged that the media the social media post came down but it you know the fact that he hasn't issued any kind of apology i think a lot of people are disappointed in that that's because he believes it frank i mean that's it that's why in any sessions with the anti-defamation league whatever summit that that john marx is setting up to try and cool things off and have a learning process or a teachable moment i i don't i i don't think that's gonna so what so what should the league do then i don't know man he was fine doing you know basically kicked out of the league but the nonsense that he said i i don't know where they go from here i i don't know uh a a suspension of some sort i i don't know and i i i i don't have that answer i don't have it but i i do think this though and i i really believe it and i do hope i'm wrong um about that there's no teachable moment here frank i solo i i would love for kairi to be a partner in this i mean he does have such an incredible platform and so many people who do look up to him in a way that when he talks that people listen and it is compelling and if he does actually become an advocate for for um anti-defamation uh and certainly when it comes to anti-semitism and speaking out against it and and talking about the normalization of it being dangerous it would be incredible just incredible and i hope i hope that happens it would be amazing i'd be thrilled and i think to your point you know i think joe sai the owner of the nets and his tweet said he wanted to have a discussion with kairi now as recently as two days ago maybe that's changed on the last 24 48 hours he's not had a discussion with him and from everything that i've been told the anti-defamation league was hoping to talk to kairi not lecture him they want to have a discussion yeah and that hasn't happened yet either i think to your point i think that's disappointing as well frank i solo here on the rich isen show last one for you on the subject matter what's durant think of all this what how's this all landing on kevin durant who's one of the greats of all time currently as well wanting to win he's got four more years left on the contract or three plus more years left on the contract how's all this landing on kevin durant yeah i i think that he's probably thinking i wish a deal could have been made for me this summer but i i kind of agree with the nets it's one thing to trade them i don't think the net had any problem trading them but they weren't going to get raked over the coals and not get a deal that they thought was favorable to them i think both sides decided let's get back together maybe something can happen at some point this season now if they're bringing an e-mail token they're not bringing an e-mail token to rebuild they're hoping to kind of salvage kevin durant but again rich it's still you know it's only november 2nd a lot of things could change between now and when players that sign over the summer are eligible to be traded so we could all start up again with talk about phoenix and miami you know maybe the golden state warriors i don't think that's the end of the story by any by any stretch of imagination well because again as this keeps going on and longer and longer and we don't hear from other players and uh or and certainly other players in the nba uh who speak out on the subject matter they're going to end up owning it and uh has durant said anything about kiree that that uh of note he was asked about i thought he had an unfortunate response he kind of said uh he's asked if he was having any impact on the players in locker room he says not having any impact on us it's probably have an impact on you guys which i'm not so sure that was the right statement to give but reggie miller kind of said but you said what you just said right now reggie miller doing that early in the telecast last night on tnt kind of called out the nba players for being very outspoken about the situation that donald stirling and also robert solver but remaining quiet here you know you know lebron did come out as it relates to the situation robert solver and said you need that zero tolerance but all right so what is zero tolerance because it doesn't seem like that's the case right here as relates to kiree okay i mean because i think it's being masked by a lot of people as a free speech issue that he should be able to say what he wants it's just no no no no this is not that it is it is it is sure he's free to say what he wants but the consequences must land you know that's the way i'm seeing it but i don't know i think that's the way a lot of people in new york are seeing it i think that's the way a lot of people that live in the borough brooklyn are seeing it i think that's a lot of people in the organization are seeing it as well frank i really appreciate the two cents and you uh chopping it up with me i know it's obviously a very sensitive subject and you're covering the team and you're you're on the yes network and i i appreciate your time as always thanks thanks a lot rich take care you got to add to the frank i sold on twitter go follow them i just want to just say once again here um i i i would love an advocate in kari irving i'd love an advocate in lebron james i'd love an advocate in anybody in the nba who plays and has a major amount of influence to say right now that any tolerance for anti-semitic tropes anything that can come across is the normalization of what has already been established in the past of fringe theories on the hatred of jews and what we jews as collective people are trying to perpetrate and things of that nature and spreading that out on twitter like it's hey check out my new movie hey check out you know let's let's all contribute together for this charity and this organization that organization but here's a link to a documentary filled with anti-semitic tropes uh you're food filled with anti-semitic tropes uh you're food for thought where are the voices man i would i invite you to please talk about it just like my friend michael irvin once said don't lose the intensity same intensity eight four four two oh four rich number to dial take some phone calls and set up our number two here on this program don't go anywhere we're back with more here on the rich eyes and show this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and 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terrains you can go and help drive your ambition because a sprinter is versatile and capable enough to do that wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes ben's sprinter i was joking about uh two of being an elite uh guest because we just showed a clip yesterday i mentioned that he's now i anointed him an elite quarterback um in that video chris brockman you were kind of pushing back on it did you hear from dolphins fans on that subject matter at all over the last 24 hours well here's the thing did you happen to here's the thing i should have known better yesterday than to even open my mouth that two and on was going to come after me and they did and it's fine i had to mute a bunch of people just because you know they think five games is suddenly two has had a better career than tom brady and you're just like wait what what are you guys talking about two fans are very rabid what are you guys talking about dolphin fans are excited i don't blame them that bradley chubb acquisition more i think about it i mean it's huge dude especially if they intend to resign him and extend him just the more i think about it and then to to tell the 49ers yes you may move up to go get tre lance we will take your first round selection this year and then the next two years and turn that into in that immediate draft jail and wattle and then this past offseason on the famed hell going on day of uh of march flip the one to kansas city for tariq hill and then just yesterday flipping another one one to denver for bradley chubb that's turning picks into players huh one you draft and two you just say you go ahead and draft first round we'll take bradley chubb and tariq hill from you mike mc daniel new coach who also has jeff wilson jr now from san francisco so he knows exactly how to run the run game that where he mostered is running very well in he had this to say on this very subject you're right uh on all fronts that um from the get-go uh that i've fully seen too as our our quarterback for um this team in this franchise i think he's a unbelievable talent and so um i guess in a roundabout way uh i think that that implication um i think that's fair but that you know it's not something that we um all of a sudden you know rethought after he had a good game this is something that um since i've been here i've kind of known and we've uh been able to operate um with that in mind um with all the all the things that we've done the question was trading all these firsts away does that mean two is the future that was the answer because if you remember the collection of the ones was supposed to be to go get another quarterback or trade them for dashawn watson remember that back in the day they're getting all those ones to flip it for dashawn they once upon a time famously brought tom brady aboard a boat and that's caused them to forfeit their own first round draft choice this year but would you agree since you've anointed to it as a 2022 elite quarterback yes i have will you will you suppose that he was not their first option or second option when in the in recent years of course dude they invited tom brady on that's what i mean so it's a point where they they are forfeiting a first round dresser suddenly now everyone's so in love with tua like they fell in love with the third guy dude you heard it i heard it we heard it and all the drafts that we've been covering together okay you heard it i heard it we all heard it the minute the minute tua looked off the safety and flipped flipped it to devante smith future heisman trophy winner in philadelphia eagle to beat georgia he had the dolphins at hello we heard tank for tua non-stop and sure enough sure enough in that draft they try to say let's go get joe burrow instead remember that yeah they they said let's give everything to cincinnati you know he actually did something right stop me if you heard this one before mike brown was uh obstinate he said i'm i'm not doing it okay and then it came time between tua and herbert they had that choice that road of that road the tua road that we've we've thought we wanted although we saw what burrow could do and you also don't forget tua got significantly hurt you did so you have to factor that into the equation but all together they had tua herbert and they chose tua over herbert and have been hammered for it up until this year yeah because because one guy's playing with like multiple rib injuries maybe fractures and what no but you're just talking about this year i'm talking about up until up until this season rightfully so they should i'm not criticizing anything of that and during and it was at this point last year they got permission from the texas to talk to shawn watson and obviously kick the tires on him to see if they could give them any sort of certainty about his personal life to go ahead and trade for him right now so he's their fourth choice brady brady burrow watson no doubt and they hired a coach who's like i got it boy does he have it and they went and they went ahead and they and they and they put more eggs in that basket i'm sorry i'm referring to a cheetah as an egg but that's what i'm doing yes they did a good job yes and he brings in running backs who knows how to run his system it's a very unique system i don't want to get too deep into the x's and o's just the one thing i always like pointing out because it's the most obvious you could see with your eyes and you're an all 22 person the number of times they toss a ball to a running back when they could easily hand it to the running back is because mcdaniel thinks that creates a disadvantage for any defender to try and go get this player from the angle he's now going to come at them with like he's down he's actually parsed it down to inches on on holes that can be blown open by the offensive line for his running backs and angles that it can be created that make it very difficult to tackle him i remember making a joke earlier in the preseason will mcdaniel actually know any pass please because i figured all right dude would run the right right oh he does and now he's got this guy and he was saying that two is accurate most accurate thrower and except every deep ball seemed so under thrown two things can be true two can be a an elite quarterback in 2022 and the dolphins well you could say well you can add one more quarterback that was another option for him was ryan yeah he got benched multiple times for fit's magic so it all works out though in the end the number of times that they fell in love with him and fell out of love with him you know all of that together like that they and he's still there Taylor and Richard Burton and he's still there and he's still there it's working out and he's elite like ben and jaylo and he's elite baby yeah mo amor and mike floreo coming in hour two i don't know about you but that looks like money let's go to kathy in philadelphia let's get the philadelphia no no no kathy was mean to me last time she called to talk about the eastern asher's what's up kathy about it got about a minute and a half for you what's on your mind first i'm sorry tj i still love you though you're cool i'm actually not calling to to call brockman out uh for saying my spillies were going to get swept i'm not i'm not doing that um what i am doing i like to switch it up and talk about hockey okay for a sec um because rich i don't know if you're aware of this but the second episode of your character arc for mighty duck game changers dropped today oh and i don't want to give any spoilers so i'm not going to say whether or not pickleball was involved um but i will say it is the role you were born to play thank you wow myself yeah i love it yeah it's perfect and um i hope to see more episodes with you i appreciate that are you saying you could now add a new line to my resume disney plus star can you say that absolutely absolutely the future is bright for you thank you thank you so much i'm an activist and a disney plus star kathy i was very wrong about the fillies there you go thank you kathy are you kathy i'm only doing home runs that's it that's it me when i'm on tv with disney plus you're talking about you're talking about the fillies no no no not you in this case there are multiple game changers in this sentence you just said bryce harper reese hoskins whoever didn't tell lance mccollars he was tipping his pitches i mean bryce harper saw it and me and in game changers the new mighty ducks season malamor coming up hey mo it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit sadhi talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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