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REShow: Chip Kelly/Roquan Smith - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 21, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Chip Kelly/Roquan Smith - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 21, 2022 3:14 pm

UCLA Head Coach Chip Kelly and Rich discuss his return to Oregon for the first time with an unbeaten top-10 team, the growth and maturity of Heisman Trophy candidate QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson, if the 6-0 Bruins have a shot to win the Pac-12 and reach the College Football Playoff, and reveals the amazing story about how he found out UCLA and USC were leaving for the Big Ten.

Rich and the guys have a tongue-in-cheek discussion about what the world would be like if we treated the NBA like we do the NFL. 

Bears All-Pro LB Roquan Smith and Rich discuss showcasing himself for any potential trade partners against Bill Belichick and the Patriots on Monday Night Football, what the rest of the season holds for 2nd-year QB Justin Fields and why he’s confident his Georgia Bulldogs would easily handle the Ohio State Buckeyes if they were to meet down the road in the College Football Playoff.

TJ preached his fantasy football gospel advice for NFL Week 7.

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We did a scoring so that was good. Earlier on the show Jets head coach Robert Sulla still to come. UCLA head coach Chip Kelly. Bears linebacker Roquan Smith. Actor Ryan Philippi. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That is correct. Can confirm the Rich Eisen Show hour number two on the air. If you are just tuning in on the Roku Channel 210 or this terrestrial radio affiliate or this Sirius XM station or listening on Odyssey or any of the above. Guess what there's the Rich Eisen Show collection on the Roku Channel. We are re-airing every day on Channel 210 as soon as we're done throughout the entire day and also you can watch us on demand and get our clips on demand through the Roku device that you might be watching us on or through the Roku channel and the Roku app and it is awesome and we love our partnership with Roku immensely.

It's just only a month plus old and they had us at hello. Shout out to Roku Joe. Roku Joe you love Roku Joe.

You know the rest of the Roku executives are going to get very jealous. Well Joe's my man though it's a bird thing they wouldn't understand. It's a bird thing. It's a bird thing. Okay very good.

So there's also our YouTube page slash Rich Eisen Show. I gave my two cents on the acquisition by the 49ers of Christian McCaffrey. What it means for them. What it can mean for them. What the pitfalls can be for them and then my take on what the Carolina Panthers are thinking right now and what fans fans should be thinking.

If you missed any of that the aforementioned applies. 844-204 riches the number to doubt. Roquan Smith of the Chicago Bears taking on Chris Brockman's New England Patriots on Monday Night Football the week seven that began last night. Bill Belichick was asked today about the quarterback situation who's starting on Monday Night Football.

That is today's Bill Belichick moment that we're going to save in our back pocket for Roquan Smith. Ryan Philippi is joining us in hour number three on this program. Also on this show Chris Brockman has what's more likely scenarios for me to try and lay out what's more likely to happen on this Dynamite Sports Weekend and TJ Jefferson has his fantasy segment which is kind of big because the Bills, Eagles, Rams, Vikings all on a bye week and that's a lot of people looking for some help on waiver wires I'm sure.

You're telling me. 844-204 rich is the number to doubt. Huge sports weekend in college football as always. UCLA going up to Oregon and UCLA's coach knows all about Oregon does he not? Nine versus ten UCLA versus Oregon and here to talk about that and so much more on the Mercedes-Benz phone line is the head coach of the undefeated UCLA Bruins number ninth ranked team in the country. Here he is Chip Kelly on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing coach? I'm doing great Rich. Excited about the game this weekend. I bet you are. I mean what goes through your mind going back to Oregon with a top 10 team that's not Oregon?

Huh what do you think? Yeah I think a lot's probably made out of going back there but this is our third time back there in five years so you know kind of been there done that. What really gets your attention is how good a team Oregon is. They did they lost in the opening game to Georgia but they really rebounded since then and so you know when you get a chance to have a number nine play number ten it's coming it should be the game of the weekend. Well you know I that's why I prefaced my my comment by saying about going back there with a ninth ranked team that now that's that's new for you there right? I mean for you to go back with with a team like this one.

Yeah we've been building this for a while here. You know because of COVID we've got a lot of continuity and a lot of kids have been here. There's a lot of players that were there five years ago that are still with us now you know so we hope our experience is beneficial to us you know and heading back up there. Let's talk about your your team and then obviously we know it's a quarterback driven sport. This kid Dorian Thompson Robinson is getting a lot of talk for Heisman and I'm wondering what you see in this young man that has blossomed in his fifth year here with you? Yeah first and foremost is just his toughness and I don't think people really equate toughness with quarterback play but the best quarterbacks that have ever played the game are the toughest guys you know for for someone to stand in there and throw the ball knowing that a 300 pound guy is going to hit him and not flinch is there's not a lot of people that can do it you know and the best quarterbacks at every level you know I would I would say you really admire their toughness and that's what stands out with Dorian. He's just a tough tough tough kid both mentally and physically and so his ability to face adversity whether it be physical adversity or mental adversity and come out better from it is is an just such an admirable quality and you love coaching them. He's a student of the game. He wants to get better every day. He wants to be coached hard.

He just so awesome to work with and when he decided to come back for his fifth year we were all excited here. So how has he gotten better? Can you give me an example over the first six games? I think just the nuances of the game you know and I think really understanding because he is such a dynamic player that he doesn't have to make it happen all the time. He can let it happen you know and then sometimes throwing the check down is better than scrambling around me scrambling around me scrambling out on the maybe an o-line and hold and now we're behind the stakes. He's really kept us on schedule. He's really being smart on first and second down with everything that he does to put us in advantageous in third down situations.

You know it's just that maturity. Sometimes you see the rookie quarterback in the NFL trying to do way too much you know and then once they kind of find the speed of the game they settle down and they start to really blossom in year three and year four and that's what we're seeing here. The cool part about it is that you know he's had an opportunity. It's their five year but he's played in all five years.

It's not like he sat for two or three years and was watching. He's got a ton of game reps underneath his belt and I think he can use those experiences and reflect back on them to help him make really really good decisions and that's what he's doing right now. You're gonna have a busy pro day with him I imagine right? I mean I know we're going way down the road here but you just mentioned NFL quarterbacks right would you say? Yeah.

Got a lot of interest. You know when you said it earlier quarterback is the position in this sport so everybody's looking for him and I think Dorian coming back has put himself in really good shape you know when it comes to postseason stuff and drafts and whatnot. Chip Kelly here on the Rich Eisen Show you know what a championship college football team looks like. Do you think you got one right there Chip?

What do you think? Yeah and I think the cool part about if you think you got one you really understand that each week is a season and you've got to focus and concentrate just on that week. You know we tell our guys we'll pick our heads up in December and see where we are. You know and I think it's about being consistent over the course of time.

You know it can't be highs and lows. There can't be hey we played really good against this team but we didn't play that well the next time we had a chance to go play. So it's that consistent behavior that you have to do it day in and day out, week in and week out and that's what makes me think that this team is special because up until today you know they've been that way every day.

It has been really good you know and they continue to stack good days on top of good days and that's what good teams do. Do you have to temper your kids? Nick Saban calls it rat poison when things are like I guess rose bowl pedals get thrown at your feet you know. What do you think? Yeah we I don't disagree with Nick and if you're in that situation we have not gotten to that point yet.

Okay. You know we were an underdog against Washington then we were the underdog against Utah. You know we're the underdog this week against Oregon. You know so I don't think we're throwing our arms out of our socket patting ourselves on the back right now.

We know the challenges that we face because we've faced this will be the third straight ranked team that we played and that's what our sole focus and attention is on. Chip Kelly here on the Rich Eisen Show head coach of UCLA football. You've been able to call yourself a lot of things Chip Kelly.

For instance running backs coach for New Hampshire, defensive coordinator for Johns Hopkins, Oregon head football coach, head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers. Now did you ever think you'd be able to refer to yourself as a Big Ten coach, Big Ten football coach? You ever think that was possible? No I did not.

How about that? I found out about an hour before that happened and that was not anything that was on my radar. Really an hour before that's the heads up you got was like hey we're going the Big Ten. I was told there was going to be a vote. I got a call from our AD. I was actually playing golf with Ryan Bay and we were both back in New Hampshire and I had a text from the AD and a call from the AD that I missed because my phone was in my bag. Then I had a call from the assistant AD and a text from the assistant AD and normally as a head coach you think what happened? Did somebody do something wrong?

What's the issue? So I'm like hey I got a call back and I was told you know in an hour there's going to be a vote that we're going to become a member of the Big Ten and make sure you don't tell anybody and I said well I'm actually playing with a head coach in the Big Ten right now what do I say? And not just any head coach, not just any Big Ten head coach either. No so it was funny because we I found out I'm 14 by the time we got to 16 he just kind of looked at me and smiled and our phones were both blowing up and someone told me to do something. I didn't say anything and then everybody wanted wanted to know what's going on and I was like I guess we're going to the Big Ten but my point for the whole thing was like when I talked to our AD I said what is this going to happen and he said in two years and I was like oh okay well that's that's an eternity in athletics so you know our focus is this team this year and you know in 2024 I guess it is yeah and then we'll be in that league but right now you know our concentration of focus is on the 22 season. So I'm fascinated by this story Chip Kelly so did you like did Ryan was it was he told by I guess what Gene Smith right?

I don't know who Ryan exactly found out because I think media people were calling everybody. I bet. We live right next to each other in New Hampshire so his wife was there my wife was there and they all kind of like what's going on and I just said I don't know. I guess we're going to be on each other's schedule every year starting in 2024.

We just hope hope in 2024 we're both at the same place. I think that's that that's we highly likely Chip Kelly but it is just amazing. I may be an assistant I may be an assistant on his staff one but Chip Kelly you're you're a card man but I'll tell you what it is just wild to think that this is Big Ten country and you have your home games in the spot that is the crown jewel of where Big Ten teams want to wind up or in the many many years have wanted to wind up I mean you're there that's it's wild that that the mecca this is happening right now you know and the Rose Bowl so what what I guess again I know I'm asking this guy before he goes to to Oregon play 9 versus 10 but how do you envision a Big Ten you know enhancing what you do and what you're building at UCLA Chip? Yeah you know I think the opportunities that the league offers you exposure wise obviously the TV contract and what that can do for what the services you can provide for your student athletes is outstanding and then you know as you know and I know you're a proud Big Ten alum yourself if Michigan's going to open up on September 15th in the Rose Bowl there's going to be a lot there's going to be a lot of blue in that stadium and it's not all going to be light blue so I think the fact that there's so many Big Ten people that you meet that are out here now you know the fact that they don't have to get on a plane and travel to the Midwest to go see a game that they're going to get an opportunity to Wisconsin Iowa Michigan Ohio State all of them are going to get a chance to play here is a pretty cool deal you know and it's such a storied tradition to say you know UCLA and USC are in the same conference in Michigan Ohio State it's I would imagine if someone went to a desert island and was away for three or four years and then came back and was like what happened I think they would be you know I just think of that sign that in the the movie with Tom Hanks when he he got on the desert island and came back and couldn't figure out why the Houston Oilers were in Tennessee he's like we have a football team now I think if that happens if someone comes back and says wait a second UCLA is leading the Big Ten and and with three games to go in the regular season what's going on here yeah I know I was talking to volleyballs when I found out the news too I mean it really is weird Chip Kelly there's no question about that you know and I had I had Martin Jarman in studio you're the athletic director of UCLA uh and I told him I asked him did do you have any cold weather gear like do you guys have cold weather gear you know like this the sort of stuff you gotta think about you know like I still got stuff from New Hampshire so I'm okay oh you got that you got that all covered I got that by the way I told him I told him that if you get one of those uh winter winter lids you can call it an eight cap for UCLA and so I want that okay I'll give you credit I will use that I'm going to use that again but I'll make sure I give you I appreciate that so yes when you put an eight cap on just think of me when that happens in 2024 and beyond but in the meantime good luck against uh Oregon and uh and let's do this uh more often congrats on uh on the nice six and oh start first one since oh five for the program and we'll chat down the line thank you all right buddy thanks for helping me on Rich I appreciate it right back at you head football coach of UCLA Chip Kelly right here on the Rich Eisen show there's uh there goes uh Chip up to Oregon that's gonna be weird I know he says he's been there twice but not not like this this is nine versus ten this is it exactly this is it for both schools both programs um big match it's on again man right Tennessee uh following up that big win against UT Martin that'll be a big one wait a minute wait wait T Martin has his own team Syracuse what are you where are you going this week we're Clemson baby massive match-up 14 verse 5 let's go you're wearing salmon just for it I'm not wearing the salmon orange versus orange will somebody explain to this man that this is not orange how is it not this kind of salmon excuse me hold up the Jim Brown autographed helmet in front of your shirt that is from like the 25 years ago no from from the Crayola box is what it is what are you talking about I think this is orange maybe my eyes are bad how it's in that look it's in the orange family I think you can family say right it's in the pink family okay I'm trying to help them out it's fine but it looks good on you whatever thank you I'm excited this is the biggest game for our program in 25 years is it Michigan's on a buy we always what does that mean oh my gosh it's not about you we're talking about me now we're talking about our teams my team okay so go ahead what about your team I'm here and you're here doesn't that make it our time mr hind we lost it anyway the line keeps going up Clemson's two touchdown favorites but we always play them tough beat them at the dome five years ago when they had Trevor Lawrence it was a very once you know one score game late in the game so didn't one time uh dabble have to explain to the kids who Jim Brown was yes when he came when he went to they did not understand who Jim Brown was is kids these days didn't understand why why is 44 such a special number is a big deal right I know right I understand I remember that by the way we are going to keep this close take Syracuse in the points Dino you know what Dino should do he should run down that hill or roll down it like my kids roll down like snow just roll down it he should get one of those bird scooters how does he not I don't I would be so fearful of eating it running down that hill that's a steep hill very steep what's the degree angle is that like 45 degrees what do you think it's steep bro and he is he is hauling ass down that thing college football baby college football some big games when we come back hey somebody knows about playing big-time college football games is playing a monday night football game grown ass man of the Chicago Bears he's going to try and fly around and make sure Ramondre Stevenson doesn't gain the edge and things like that because he could do that professionally yes he's Roquan Smith of the Chicago Bears we're going to talk to him when we come back right here on the Rich Eisen show and we'll find out together what Bill Belichick had to say about who's starting a quarterback for the Patriots so influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name Elizabeth Taylor I'm Katy Perry this is the story of the original influencer this is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen is built designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences off your bucket list owning a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they'll take you and with 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine and thousands of ways to customize a Sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now is the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Roquan Smith scheduled to call in in a matter of moments uh in the meantime could you imagine could you imagine if we treated the NBA like it was the NFL and you could see it you could see it you could see it on on the networks that talk about the NBA more often than not FS1 at ESPN certainly ESPN has got you know games tonight and I'm sure the pregame tip before their Friday night games will be all about what we saw last night no doubt Sixers falling 0-2 as the Bucks go in Embiid no points second half the Clippers go in Lakers home opener reasonable take the Sixers played the two best teams in the east I get it but but there's that yeah if it was the NBA if this was the NFL okay where one game accounted for one 17th of your entire schedule if it was that we would be talking about an 0-2 start think about it if the Eagles started 0-2 what it would look like in Philadelphia right look at the Raiders oh but I'm just talking about right just keeping it to the Sixers here okay 0-2 Embiid scoreless and Doc Rivers already on the hot seat is he on the hot seat in Philadelphia already I think he probably is already yeah two games in the off season it was kind of mentioned sort of 96 minutes of basketball I'm just saying if this was the NFL Rivers would have to go okay let me ask you this and you know how I feel about doc and I don't think he should go and it's but there's 80 more games to go Embiid like how does he not get points in the second half of a game this is unbelievable it is against against a Milwaukee team that you know they need him to score where was he he was invisible this is if this was the NFL and the NBA when do they play the next game I think okay so what if they lost to the Chiefs and the Bills would that's what it that's the that's right is your season over I'm with you I'm with you Lakers 0-2 oh that's a different new head coach Darwin Ham does he know what he's doing does he even know what he's doing Nathaniel Hackett does he know what he's doing this whole this whole business of Russell Westbrook can work within the construct of what he's selling for this team what are they clueless two games in a total disaster again this is if it's the NFL fire in the hole Russell Westbrook last night didn't make a field goal not oh for 11 his two points both of them free throws quite a stat line from him last night right zero points from the field and this was imagine if this was the NFL if a star player that is suddenly one would think regressing in the mind's eye of the fan base okay in game two comes out and just puts the stat line like you had last night what was it just three rebounds three boards four assists five steals though okay there you go only one turnover and imagine if an NFL player put up a stat line like that when everybody's focusing on that player and had this to say when asked about his stat line how about you personally how would you assess your game tonight solid solid played hard so you can ask for going to the next one solid now if you're new to the Rich Eisen show you know I consider the word solid absolutely insulting do not tell me hey you know what your show was today solid solid effort there are so many other adjectives that can connote success more than solid excellent superior it was I optimistic it's a solid outing solid you're all for 11 Pat Bevin and uh and none Kendrick Nunn together one for 25 you're supposed to surround LeBron with shooters what are the Lakers doing fire the GM if this was the NFL if this was the NFL and in this town though you're already hearing that about the Lakers though this is kind of like their NFL team the Lakers are kind of like their NFL team in this town people are freaking we talk and play all up so what hey we're talking playing all right now you got to be talking playing or what well this is two games in right that mid-season tourney right playing that this was the NFL how many people would be on the pelicans bandwagon right now to make the playoffs and maybe win the championship right oh yeah everybody oh look what they did in Brooklyn I mean Zion looks like he's running around like he's in high school odds went from 60 to one before the season oh so 15 after one game so maybe people are treating it like the NFL yeah and the NBA would love that promise the games just come too fast fast yeah could you imagine if the Sixers didn't play another game for a week the Lakers didn't play another game for a whole week that Philly media would be a whole week and you had to sit on this and hear about it and chew it up and look at the all 10 actually rich so look at the all 10 film Philly might be all right this week just because there's so much other good stuff going on with the Phillies in for the moment for the moment and the Eagles so this is a bi-week so maybe you know it's hard to say with them it's hard to say if the NBA was the NFL it's hilarious so Utah Utah surprise team right are the are the Jazz for real the Giants what they did to the Nuggets and Jokic so who is the season opener Warriors or the Bills right who's the Warriors would have to be like the Warriors are the defending champs sending to the Warriors of the Rams well but the Rams are struggling okay I mean I just mean so I guess the Warriors would be the player favorite I don't know the Warriors the clear favorites maybe the Warriors would be the Chiefs yeah that's oh well Curry is the Mahomes or Mahomes is the Curry of the NFL way to say that yeah right who's Tom Brady Lebron oh yeah oh yeah so Lebron retired that's what they'd be saying Lebron retired good point he looks disinterested in those two losses he's not sitting with his teammates he's a little further away down the bench last night guys he's 38 like father time is beating him he's a 38 year old with a lot of ish going on yeah those weird father time commercials you guys into those yeah you like them how could you not like them they're really weird first of all Jason Momoa as father time and he's going up against Lebron and was trying to beat no one's ever done a commercial like that that's amazing so so who is the Russ of the NBA the Russell Wesson the Wilson it would have to be Russell Westbrook is it Russ is a point guard so that's you equate that with the quarterback so it'd have to be it's Westbrook coming out with these new commercials about sneak and eating sandwiches eating good in the neighborhood is that what it is if the NBA lake show let's ride was the NFL lake show let's ride let's go for 11. Let's ride I wish Russ would just embrace it hey look Kyrie and Aaron Rodgers they're kind of yeah so hey guys hey guys we've never done this before yes you know we have a Bill Belichick press conference moment of the day we've done that multiple times before we branded it we piloted we branded it now it's a regular on the program we've never done it as potentially information to kick off an interview before that's true okay so before we get to Roquan Smith of the Chicago Bears who are taking on the New England Patriots on Monday night here is Bill Belichick from today being asked who is starting quarterback is is it Bailey Zappi or is it Mac Jones who appears to be ready to return from a high ankle sprain that's today's Bill Belichick press conference moment today's Bill Belichick press conference moment I would prefer to win since we haven't been able to talk to him how eager is Mac to return to game action and sure all of our players want to play that's their job that's right here for everybody wants to play after the decision has been made about who's there to play quarterback and start quarterback coming up we're just taking the day by day day by day by day in its third week of a hit of a hit musical in New England day by day every day yeah god spell with a new a new run in New England day by day and that leads us right now to the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line and a man who's going to either take on and chase down Bailey Zappi get him out of the pocket off the spot or Mac Jones he is one of the best at the position of linebacker in the NFL he is Roquan Smith of the Chicago Bears how you doing Roquan doing very well Rich thank you for having me you are most welcome thank you for being on did you gain any information from Bill Belichick right there let's do the quarterbacks uh not much you know Bill don't give out much information I have noticed that that is his that's on brand for him who do you think the quarterback is going to be on Monday night right now Roquan oh man you know Bill try to keep everyone honest but honestly I'm not too too worried about it I think he's going to run this same system regardless of if it's Zappi or if it's uh Mac in there so be prepared for both but not too worried worried about uh either both uh good players look at you echoing your head coach's comments Roquan Smith look at you going all Iberflus on me he said the same thing that he doesn't think there's going to be any difference if it's Zappi or or Mac Jones and and Zappi's a kid who just started playing quarterback and we saw what Mac did last week you think there's not going to be that much of a difference for either one of them yeah yeah personally I don't because I think you know Bill it's sick Patricia they're going to run their same plays regardless of who at the helm so and I think you know they're going to try to come out run the ball which they wouldn't depending on how the weather goes for the game so all those things are playing the part I'm sure and how do you approach a Monday night appearance uh for you for you Roquan obviously um you're the the last nationally televised appearance wasn't uh you know going your way what about now for you Roquan uh yeah no look forward to Monday night games you know because I believe that I'm the best in the league uh at what I'm doing so just being able to showcase that on primetime tv where everyone will be watching so I'm excited and I love those primetime matchups and versus a really good opponent when you say showcase who are you showcasing for Roquan Smith I would just say for all my my showcasing for all my supporters out there uh that know and believe that I'm the uh best in the game and also for myself it's never a bad thing to just keep showing yourself over and over for others who might uh be interested in Roquan Smith oh yeah definitely for those input of doubters you know who who are you know think think they may have seen me but you know haven't really paid much attention so it'll be great though I'm looking forward to it okay so uh how are you approaching your uh tenure with the Chicago Bears right now Roquan just to put a fine point on it right here getting ready for week seven for you yeah man uh it's been a nice run for sure you know uh see this year uh one on a one-year deal so I'm basically you know every game like I would any other year playing it like my last and don't really know what the future holds but I do know controlling what I can control at the moment and that's about just being the best guy I can in the locker room uh and then being the best guy there on the field uh week in and week out and I'm just thinking about that controlling that and letting the other do do what it needs to do no and I and I know I'm I'm kind of bringing up something that's two months old now but you and I have not spoken and I appreciate you calling in here uh is there anything that you could tell Bears fans about what happened this summer and how that might linger for you in whatever your future might be for a fan base that loves watching you play Roquan yeah I have a great deal of respect for uh the amazing fan base here the true fans uh and it's just it was just a disagreement with uh contracts they believed I was at a certain number and I seen myself at a different number and we could not uh agree so I said I would bet on myself this year and eventually uh get what I think I deserve for myself and that's my mindset but won't be like a negative guy in the locker room anything like that just controlling what I can control still the leader of the team and of the guys and just gonna you know approach it just like I would any other year but just knowing that this very well could be my last uh last year what is your relationship with Matt Eberflus the new hc there Roquan uh matter matter Matt Matt yeah flus uh very cool with flus have no problems with flus uh whatsoever I think he's a great guy for the organization here and I think uh it's gonna be a lot of uh great things he'll bring uh to this organization flus that's what that's that's the name that's the nickname flus for him yeah did you come up with that or is that how do we how do we land on flus for the hc I think it came from uh Indianapolis I honestly saw it picked up on it from a guy named Matt Adams who uh played with him uh over an indie so uh so would that make you if then if I uh use that for you if or Quan what would we do what would we go with here what would you go with Roque okay very good I guess I what would what would that make me guys n would that make me sen I don't know doesn't maybe just eyes it just doesn't work I'm sorry I'm going down a road here that uh apparently has uh has no uh future um so okay so Roquan Smith here uh on the Rich Eisen show what what is the Bears outlook for the rest of the season right now where there have been flashes there have been some nice w's and there's been flashes from your quarterback to say the least what what is the the sense as you get set to take on New England Roquan uh we're most more so just focused on being one and no and it's about just controlling what we can control uh this week and it's about going out doing everything we can leading up to it uh and then on Monday night to be the New England pages and I think once we get that one win on our belt then things will take off from there but all we can focus on right now is a this huge game on Monday night you know national televised game and we know there's going to be a lot of viewers and people think they've seen some things from us but they haven't so just got to go out and we all have to play to the best of our ability and we'll get what we want how is Justin Fields holding up and when I say that sometimes he needs to be pulled up from the from the turf quite a bit how is he holding up of for your team yeah man I got a great deal of respect for Justin and how tough he is and uh week in and week out you know he definitely uh takes some hits so gotta try to uh eliminate some of those but his mindset man uh I love it think the guy's gonna do great things still growing each and every day so got a lot of respect for him and I think he's just gonna keep getting better and I'm excited for him so you do know uh currently uh atop the flow chart in college football it would be your alma mater versus his if it all comes down to it what happens if that does happen Roquan uh dogs by a hundred hundred write that down will you write that down got it okay by a hundred really uh not real not not a hundred but I like the dogs in like uh legit fashion legit fashion okay um are you concerned at all with what Tennessee's been able to put on film and take uh take uh some goal posts and throw them in the river after beating Alabama any concern about that yeah no I just think that's what a typical Tennessee fan would do when they you know do something big but so that's expected down that way but I know when they come to Athens here soon uh all the little you know hype that they have going to go down the drain but they may be looking forward to that maybe they'll lose they'll lose to Georgia and then still be a one loss team and still give them the playoffs so they may look forward to that but we'll see okay I like it so if it is Mac Jones this weekend it'll kind of be a Georgia Alabama situation between you and he something like that right pretty much yeah absolutely okay all right Roquan Smith hey look thanks for the time right here uh on on this program um last thing for you the challenge taking on a Patriot team that you said you the quarterback is one thing but the system uh is the is the larger scope here uh when you when you take on this team on Monday Night Football you're thinking what what are you focused on on this offense then honestly starting out stopping the run and it's that's going to be big they got a uh pretty nice uh O-line some nice veterans on the O-line that uh plays really well together and uh do some good combination blocks uh pulling in different gap schemes and got a big runner at 38 so I think it's going to be a great opportunity to showcase being able to stop the run and I think once we do that and put the game in uh four or ten hand I think that that'll be the same either way it goes so looking forward to that Roquan Smith thank you for the time sir let's uh let's do this a little bit more often appreciate uh you calling in on a Friday before this big game on Monday night thank you absolutely thank you Rich right back at you that's uh Roque right here on the Rich Eisen show or Quan not if flus flus very cool flus how'd you get if out of that well I mean Eber flus I know this is the end of his name it's flus so if Quan that was perfect man you know I eventually landed but she would have set it off you just would have went I was circling I was circling the airport I finally landed it took me a while I think you threw him off when you went if he's just like what did my phone drop off did my phone drop off you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on westwood1 via westwood1 station streams or by asking Alexa to open westwood1 sports sponsored by AutoZone when we come back if you are looking at your fantasy team and you are saying uh-oh I've got those guys from the Vikings out or those guys from the Bills out or those guys from the Rams out or those guys from the Eagles out have no fear because the fantasy church of brother T.J. Jefferson is open when we come back right here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204-rich is also the number to top okay it is a Friday we have some Friday staples for you that we appreciate your feedback that you like them so we're going to keep on feeding them to you the what's more likely segment where Chris Brockman poses to me and of me some scenarios for the upcoming weekend's sporting events what is more likely to occur one over the other that's coming up at the top of the next hour when Ryan Phillippe does join us in studio but it's a this this may be the most important fantasy segment we've done since at least last week and we haven't done one all this week but it is time to turn to the pulpit to my right with four hugely popular fantasy-laden teams on a bye this week it is time to turn to T.J. Jefferson and time for his weekly fantasy segment with a new drop hit it please rise up the fantasy church is open brothers and sisters thank you for joining us today in this week's uh fantasy gospel and uh we know guys what i want to tell you with something real quick right now yes sir the devil is alive rich oh who's that the devil is alive the devil in the form of a bi-week you see the devil and the bi-week has tried to take away some of our best soldiers it's tried to remove some of us our best brothers from the battle but what we're gonna do is we're gonna make sure that you're armed you see because no weapon formed against us will prosper so we're gonna make sure that the devil in the bi-week does not take your fantasy team down but what we're gonna do right now is we're gonna tell you about those men that you need to stay away from because they are not him i said they are not him and they will not lead you to the land of milk and honey and who they are right okay that's brian robinson i know you picked up brian robinson you know you did right and i like brian robinson he's going up against the packers but the and the packers have allowed four rushing touchdowns in the last three games right and seven running backs have scored 12 or more points but deacon tyler heinecke has not seen much action and we don't know how he's going to react to the bright lights and the big city so i feel as though that might hurt brian robinson's fantasy output so i'm not feeling him this week also dj moore look caroline is a mess the qb position is shaky i don't even know who's playing brockman might get some reps uh they traded away their best player dj is probably on his way out of town soon i would say just stay away from carolina and sit brother moore and jared goff now let me just say this on the road against a formidable opponent and a defense with bad intentions those boys got bad intentions gosh this guy only one qb has scored over 20 fantasy points against the dallas defense so i would say brother goff should have a seat next to you on the pew and the pew on sunday yes and now brothers we want to tell you about the land who might take you to the land of milk and honey these are the men you want to have in your lineups because they are him tony pollard dallas i'm gonna give you tony pollard and here's why the line's ranked 28th at stopping the run and they've given up eight touchdowns on the ground i believe brothers equal eat and i believe brother tony pollard will have some long gains to make rich eyes and happy because he's been pounding the table for brother pollard the last two weeks i have two years i'm sorry marcus mariota he's named you're not going to hear very much but with all these teams having a bye week the bills the rams the vikings and eagles you're probably going to need a quarterback brother mariota right he only averages 176 yards passing per game but he averages about seven rushes per game and the last two weeks he's gotten 50 or more yards rushing so and he scored three rushing touchdowns so that's 15 to 18 points that's pretty good for a bye week replacement so throw marcus in there and uh robert tonyan the packers look 10 catches with 90 yards last week he had 12 targets that's the big thing rich aaron trusts him and if aaron trusts him he's going to throw the ball to him so uh look for big bobby t to find glory at the end of this game yes and uh now brothers i'd always like to tell you about the head of gut right these are the men that you either want to use your head or dig deep down inside and and just go with the feeling these three guys i'm going to tell you right now roll with them because of the bye week issues wandell robinson to the giants look there's a receiver because if you've got like we said the bills are out that means no digs that means no cooper cup that means no jefferson that means no aj brown no smith so brother wandell robinson against jacksonville look he found glory last week the giants receivers are kind of a mess but someone's got to catch the ball right rich there's always got to give the ball to someone take a shot with brother wandale davis mills again with these quarterbacks on by it's probably tough pickings out there but you know what go with your gut go or from the neck on top of that neck there's a brain and it takes a long way to get to that brain but davis mills might be the play and k naughton you see brother brady loves a tight end and with brother cameron braids sitting out this week you know cain had seven targets and ten uh points last week so brother ottin he might be a sneaky good pickup and brothers that is the way to fantasy glory can i get an amen let us play i'm a paid professional so i'm not going to do what tj did earlier this week to me when i mentioned tight ends and he starts laughing like he's three no but brady loves a tight end no but you said all tight ends matter it's what you said that's okay that's what he just said and i was funny and i didn't jump in i waited and then i jumped in i look i was giving you props for saying something brian robinson i'm gonna go against your uh your your first opinion i taylor heinike talk about big lights i mean that dude went against brady in the playoffs yes i don't think he's i think he's waiting and i think he's sitting there going you went to indianapolis when i've been doing what i've been doing and prove to you i came off the couch and damn near beat brady in a playoff game that very year and then i came back the next year and it was supposed to be the guy on amazon with the beard and then i stepped i stepped in there deacon Fitzgerald okay and then you went you went to indianapolis and got the guy that indianapolis couldn't wait to get rid of and philadelphia couldn't wait to get rid of and now i'm i think this offense is going to look better i think the ball is going to come out in a way that it didn't with wince and i think he's going to get out of the pocket in a way that wince didn't and i think brian robinson's going to score look that might be because i'm starting him and i need him to it might be part of my washington football team bias you know i try to keep them out it's the commanders the who ryan philippi is joining us in studio and what's more likely and a special power ranking to go out to the weekend interesting yeah special power ranking do you like that i've got another one for you i love them i got one last one for you sneaky good games too sneaky good games let's rock hey these games and they're sneaky good they are sneaky i agree they're good and they're sneaky what are you in the sneaky good we're uh one game over oh dude we're one game over so while we're talking gambling have you bet against the lakers in the first two games i have how much so how much did you start with five bucks and you're going to keep on no actually rolling it actually i've been doing larry bird bets what is that 33 dollars yeah so you put 33 against the lakers in game one did that turn into 66 no no that's not how it works rich the warriors were big favorites so i've i've turned to 29 50 profits so far well doing it against the war against the lakers versus the warriors and then against the lakers last night i'm doing money line of their opponents but how'd you watch spreads are different each game so right now having bet against the los angeles lakers in every game this year you're planning on doing i've made thirty dollars you've made thirty dollars yes hey but you could have won 66 but you've made thirty dollars yes okay and you're going to continue to do this i'm doing this 80 more times nice and i will be very ahead when the season's over how much do you how much are you hoping to achieve by end of the season i would love to get what you signed for right now i would get to mid triple digits would be great oh at this rate i don't know they're very good i kind of dig this thing it's full of spite yes very much and eagerness i like it hey gents let's talk halloween for a second what is your favorite halloween memory one time i saw a nightmare before christmas performed live at the hollywood bowl walking with your kids it felt so magical and after they've got their candy and they walk away so pure do you the dad inside the house is handing you a beer my dad when i get home he would have me like empty out all the candy to make sure that it's safe and it wasn't until i was about 35 that i realized what the he was just eating my candy rude what's your favorite halloween costume one year i was matthew mcconaughey's character from days to confused one year i was like i would like to be roadkill halloween costume was a plastic smock and then a really scratchy plastic mask i mean you was styling if you had one of those aquaman the plastic mask cutting into your eyes and then you get that little hole in the mouth to breathe through all night long what's your favorite halloween candy what's your favorite candy candy oh that rhymes anything reese's snickers bars it's all the food groups you got caramel yes candy corn i love wait really i'm one of the small percent of people who actually really enjoys candy corn it's a bad rap thank you so much everyone happy halloween halloween happy halloween from the cumulus podcast network make sure to subscribe and follow us at slash cumulus podcast candy corn is terrible it's atrocious it shouldn't be allowed it's not a candy happy halloween
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