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REShow: Greg Olsen - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 18, 2022 3:17 pm

REShow: Greg Olsen - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 18, 2022 3:17 pm

Rich recaps yet another ugly offensive display by Russell Wilson and the Broncos and offers up some advice for rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett, and breaks down why the Chargers’ offense is wildly underutilizing the immense talents of QB Justin Herbert.

FOX Sports NFL Analyst Greg Olsen tells Rich what it was like seeing his son, who underwent a heart transplant a year ago, meet Aaron Rodgers, if there’s hope for Rodgers and the struggle Packers’ offense, why the 4-2 Jets are no fluke, what to expect from the 49ers vs Chiefs with both teams coming off losses, comments on Russell Wilson and the Broncos’ stunted offense, and makes a big announcement about Tight End University with George Kittle and Travis Kelce. 

Rich and Brockman debate if MLB should change the playoffs format in the wake of higher seeds like the Dodgers and Braves getting bounced by Wild Card teams like the Padres and Phillies.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. How much of a challenge has the first five weeks been for you, Russell Wilson? This is the Rich Eisen Show. It's like my favorite Earth, Wind & Fire song in the way of the world. You know I'm built for it.

I got these 39 yards, charts or swings. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, today's guests, NFL on Fox analyst Greg Olsen, head of lifestyle and content marketing for NBA 2K, Ronnie 2K, Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer, plus actor Colin Hanks. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Everybody, welcome to the Rich Eisen Show right here on the Roku Channel, Channel 210. We say hello to you and we say hello to anybody listening to us on our terrestrial radio network coast-to-coast Sirius Channel 218 XM 202 992 on the Sirius XM app. Hello to those streaming us on Odyssey listening to us as well there. We say hello to anybody who has downloaded this show later on on our podcast network.

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How about them apples? Love it. And I love it. It's the Rich Eisen Show collection. The Criterion Collection got nothing on us. We're a collection guys. Hey. We're a collection. We're a collection of something. How are you Chris Brockman?

Yeah, I would have been better if like Justin Herbert threw a touchdown pass. Okay, very good. Good to see you over there. DJ Mikey D's and D's Nuts. Good morning, Rich.

How you doing? And TJ Jefferson left his phone ringer on. I heard the... Anytime you hear the gurgling enthusiasm theme, I know it's TJ's phone left off. Who's calling you at nine o'clock in the morning when you're coming on the air? You know what it was? Who's doing that?

Is it a bank? It's my niece Nailah texting me. She had a homecoming volleyball game yesterday.

So I FaceTimed my sister and I was watching it on the phone and I think she just found out because she just sent me a text. And whenever she sends me a text, you know what she wants? Some money.

So I know this was a money text. Wow. Wow. Way to throw. She heard I was watching. They won.

She played well. Now she wants some type of compensation, I'm sure. There goes your best uncle ever sign for your station here.

She'll probably get it. So by the way, can I say good morning to everybody except the people that run Twitter and his own? Wow. Everyone else have a great day. Wow. Look at him using the platform. I'm upset. Wow. New segment here called Angry Takes.

Do you use Scepter for it? Well, remember my one take? I can't say the word on Roku. Speaking of angry takes, let's talk about Russell Wilson. Oh, come on.

No, no. Listen, look, whatever. Here's my take on Monday Night Football from last night. Hey, Nathaniel Hackett, whatever you're doing, you need to take it and rip it up and throw it out and start over. Literally start over whatever your PowerPoint presentation to the then owners or to George Payton, the general manager, whatever, whatever you presented about what you're going to do for this team on offense, take it, throw it out. Whatever you did, maybe in the first quarter of last night's game where Russ was cooking, riding Broncos nation was riding 10 nothing lead. Keep some of that. And I know you might say, well, part of it is what you just told me to throw out.

I got it. Throw everything else out then, because whatever you're doing, it ain't working. What you're doing defensively is working, but the Broncos are right now at two and four. Despite allowing 16 and a half points per game, if you are allowing 16 and a half points per game in the National Football League, and you have a quarterback who prior to joining your team was a damn near perennial Pro Bowler, who made the playoffs almost every year and not only made the playoffs almost every year, appeared in the division round almost every year, because he either got a bye or he won in a wild card game, because that's what Russell Wilson did in Seattle. If you have somebody like Courtland Sutton and Jerry Judy to throw the football to, and you're allowing 16 and a half points per game, and you're only winning one third of your games, something is up and wrong. The math ain't mathin'. They've allowed 10 or fewer points in their two wins and in their four losses allowed 17 to Seattle, the outliers 32 to Vegas, 12 points to Indianapolis, and last night 19 to the Los Angeles Chargers, who won the game with a one-legged kicker.

Dude, I don't think I'm lyin', okay? He couldn't even warm up. That's usually the great shot, the kicker warming up on the sideline. I've never seen more points scored by... The last time I saw more points scored by somebody staggering was in college, walking out of the brown jug on the campus of the University of Michigan, one of my fraternity brothers, staggin' around and scoring. I mean, this is what's happening to the Denver Broncos right now.

And it is not acceptable. And everybody who's pointed out, well, the offensive line is banged up, absolutely. And people are pointing at Russell Wilson and even Troy Aikman's pointing out that he is just, he's not seen a field. And I will not be part of the crew that thinks Russell Wilson is washed.

You can't. He's just not feeling it. And part of the reason why he's not feeling it might be whatever is going on between his temples because he's not used to being criticized and the manner in which he's being criticized so widely. It might be part of him seeing ghosts up front. It might be him being completely uncomfortable, the offense. It can be his inability to see the field, but it could also be part of whatever deficiencies he may have that got covered up in Seattle.

I don't know. But I saw last night him stepping up in the pocket and finding his wide open rookie tight end for a touchdown. I see him moving around. When he's moving around, it's so much better for him. And then I don't know what happens with the coach play calling when the game's on the line. Is he pulling a rock? I don't know because I cannot imagine. He went into an organization that's had Vic Fangio attached to the hip of Joe Flacco and Drew Locke for all this time, for all that time before, and he's going to run it twice, and then we're going to throw a 50-50 ball. And if I was in charge, I'd be like, we've been doing that around here quite a bit.

Like, what are you going to do? Last night, Latavius Murray in overtime, two runs, and he got him to third and one. They threw it. Incomplete pass. Next time, they got it back because the defense was balling out. Two runs, third and long. 50-50 ball to Jerry Jeudy.

And then you got it back. And then, of course, the muffed punt that kind of wasn't their their receiver's fault because he had his own guy pushed into him. Ball game, out comes Dustin Hopkins, staggering around and splitting up rights, which, by the way, Chargers fans are like, that's not usually what's supposed to happen with us.

We're supposed to have no kicker and then lose the game. We'll get to the Chargers in a second. I'm not done yet with the Broncos. I'm not done yet with the Broncos. I'm not done yet with the I'll get to the Chargers in a second. I'm not done yet with the Broncos. Whatever they're doing offensively, get it out of here.

And at some point, I know people are like, fire Hackett. It's just six games. You're two and four. And the teams in front of you are two games in front of you, yes. Two and a half in front of you because you've already lost now to the Chargers. But season's not over. But whatever's going on with Hackett, I mean, the play calling in overtime and the, you know, whatever they were doing, second, third, fourth quarter, it was just so difficult to watch.

And here's the ultimate on it is I don't know how these things happen. Anybody who had, and this includes me, you know, raise my hand. Javonte Williams, you have him in fantasy.

Okay. You were watching him split snaps with Melvin Gordon and Mike Boone. And this kid is one of their most electric playmakers they had coming into the season, right? Now he's out for the year as we all know. But he's splitting carries like Mike Boone. You're like this guy who could only see the field in Minnesota is if everybody in front of him got hurt, he's getting some meaningful third down snaps. This kid's off the field. Melvin Gordon's fumbling it all over the place.

They still give him shots. And then suddenly Melvin Gordon gets, as soon as Williams is gone, benched. Latavious Maury was running the ball well. And I think he's going to run the ball very well. And he knows the AFC West very well. I mean, he first burst onto the scene on a Thursday night against Kansas City for the then Oakland Raiders.

He knows the division. But all of a sudden, Melvin Gordon is just benched and you don't even tell him what's up. He's standing there and he's going against his former team. And you're not even going to bottle that and use that and roll him downhill against his former team? So you take Russ off the field for your kicker for 64 yard field goal against his former team in his former team's house. You don't let Russ cook there. And now Melvin's back in Los Angeles against the Chargers and you're just benching him? And he says after the game, nobody told me why? That's ridiculous. I mean, what's up?

Who is making these decisions? Jerry, Judy's like barking at the field, talking to Melvin Gordon. I have no idea what he's talking about, but he doesn't look happy. It's probably like you should be out there.

So whatever that's been done, take it, throw it the hell out, burn it and never acknowledge its existence and start again. Because you know what? You're going against the jet team next week at home and they are coming. They are coming with young kids who feel great about themselves, the exact opposite of the Broncos team I saw last night.

As for the Chargers, you are what you are. And what they are, are a four and two team that for some reason, again, I'm not an X's, O's, all 22 tape head, but the stuff they're running with Justin Herbert makes it seem like they don't know who they really have there. And Brandon Staley was on this program last week and he's a former quarterback talking about how it's the first time that Justin Herbert has shown to the country this year. Everybody knows about what he did in college and everybody knows how he got the job.

Initially in Los Angeles, took it over when he wasn't expected to start and has never looked back and has been dynamite. And so many people thought he was going to be the MVP of the league this year. And they're not calling plays like he's the MVP of the league. Just look at the Buffalo Bills. What they have with this big, strong, tall, confident dude who can throw it and run it down your throat.

And I know that running it down your throat is difficult when he's got a fractured rib cage, but they're going vertical. They're just pushing it down the field. They're not, I mean, and they have a better running game with all due respect in the Buffalo Bills.

With Austin Eckler, this guy's carrying people in the end zone. It just seems to me like watching paint dry with one of the most dynamic quarterbacks you've seen in the league in a long time. They should be winning games like this by two touchdowns when you can't score.

When you've got a defense with Khalil Mack and JC Jackson doing what it's doing without their BOSA. It's so frustrating watching that too. And I don't know what the hell they were doing at the end of that game with all timeouts left. I mean- Plan for overtime it seemed like. Well, they were playing for overtime after they went, they threw it on third and one, I mean third down and didn't get it. And they're like, well, we're not going to, I guess Brandon Staley was, I already went for it on my side of the field in fourth down last week.

We were lucky to get away with it. I'm not going to do that here. I'd rather take my chances in overtime.

And why not? Because Russ wasn't, forget it, he wasn't even in the kitchen. He was ordering out.

So, you know, whatever he was doing. So I'm sitting there wondering, you know, I'm seeing one coach from Denver using all his timeouts on defense and then one coach in Los Angeles, you know, using his time, one time out when he has the ability with Justin Herbert to just go with much of the field and hand it off to his one-legged staggering kicker and try and go for a shot at the end of regulation. If I'm a Kansas City Chiefs, and I know I've just lost the bills and I know I'm going to play the, what appears to be, unfortunately, one marquee game of week seven, you look at the week seven schedule, it's not going to, it's not going to light too many fires just by looking at it. But Kansas City at San Francisco is the marquee event of this weekend. Clearly, we all know Super Bowl rematch between these two franchises from just a couple years ago. So here comes Kansas City going to San Francisco and that's not going to be a great matchup for them. One would think, although San Francisco's banged up and Kansas City almost won this game, all I'm saying is this, if I'm Kansas City and I saw that game last night, I am going to be a Super Bowl rematch between San Francisco and Kansas City. If I saw that game last night, I am read our back, foot up, feet up on the table, lighting a cigar and saying, we got this thing.

We got this thing. And I know the Chargers just won and they have the same record as Kansas City and took them to the limit in week two on the Thursday Night Football kickoff on Amazon Prime this year and they have the same standings right now. You're sitting here thinking, wow, that game that Mahomes invited Henry Winkler to on November 20th here in SoFi Stadium between the Chiefs and Chargers, that's a pretty big one.

And it may be when we all get to it. But if I'm the Chiefs, I'm thinking long run here, we got this thing. We got this thing sewn up. We are so much better than everybody else in this division that everybody thought was the toughest division we'll see in the NFL in quite some time. I'm the Chiefs, I'm watching that Monday night game thinking this is great.

More of that please. We're good. Let's just focus on the Bills and who might ever come out of the AFC North if it's the Bengals again for sure because they have our number from last year. My two cents on Thursday Night Football, a little fired up today. I had a lot of caffeine. I love it.

It's an easy drive to work today. I'll tell you a little bit about that. And plus I got one of my favorite people in Los Angeles, a dear friend Colin Hanks coming in studio on hour number three. He's got a show on Peacock that he was telling us about last time he was here when he was promoting the offer. A friend of the family streaming now on Peacock. He's great in it.

It's a great show. And he's also got a documentary on Willie Mays that's coming out. Before he shows up in studio, Jordan Poyer of the five and one Buffalo Bills fresh off of that game in Kansas City that he drove to and back from western New York.

We'll explain why if you don't know. The NBA season tips off tonight in a ring ceremony in San Francisco that we know Draymond Green will be there for. But the way that we're celebrating the tip off of the NBA season is by having Ronnie 2k in here. And Ronnie is the guy who's in charge of giving out the ratings for the NBA 2k video game. Clay Thompson loves him and we'll talk about that.

Oh wait a minute, I'm being told it's the exact opposite. He gets a lot of crap from players who don't like their ratings. People take it very seriously. They've also run through some simulations and they know who's gonna win the championship this year.

I agree with half of it. Yeah. But let's take a break. When we come back, Greg Olsen, the man who will be calling the Super Bowl this year on Fox, along with Kevin Burkhardt, fresh back from Lambeau Field where the Jets took care of business.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show 844-204-rich is the number to dial. What did I say when I first came back from the combine when Greg Olsen was doing the combine stuff with NFL Network? What'd I say? What'd I say? You love him?

I did. He's gonna be really good. Well he had me at hello way back when. Yeah of course. But you know when he was doing stuff with us the combine I'm like that guy has got the chops if he wants to follow it and he's followed it and guess who's calling the Super Bowl on Fox this year? This guy.

88? This guy. This guy. And he also has some announcement about tight end university. Oh.

Which you know he and Kittle and Kelsey and the rest of the tight end community have been putting together last couple years. Joining us here from the NFL on Fox and so much more Greg Olsen here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. How you been Greg? I'm doing great man. How's it going?

I'm doing great. Hey I love that. Appreciate the warm welcome. Of course it always is. You know you always have a warm welcome here. Loved loved loved your son TJ getting to meet Aaron Rodgers and the story you told. I'll give you the floor here to tell that story for those who may not have seen that part of the broadcast on Fox this week sir.

Go for it. Yeah it was a really cool moment for him. So at the start of the year I let each one of my kids they get to pick a game that they can come to with me and they come by themselves the other two have to stay home. So my daughter came to LA last week when I called the Rams game and then my son was going to come with me to Green Bay in week 10 when we were scheduled to go there. This past week we were supposed to be in Pittsburgh so last minute they changed the game so he ended up coming a little bit earlier.

So we were sitting in production meetings and we you know with you know Burkhardt and Aaron Andrews and Tom Rinaldi and the rest of the crew and we were you know TJ was talking and they're like hey why'd you pick Green Bay. I wanted to you know I wanted to see Lambeau Field and I would love to meet Aaron Rodgers. So fortunately I know Aaron well I don't know if I know him like well enough personally like call and ask for favors but Aaron Andrews and him are close. So she texted him and long story short he came out of pregame he came out of the tunnel for pregame looked for us found us right by the tunnel came over he was amazing you know took pictures with him ended up throwing you know having a catch with him at during warm-ups like it was just an unbelievable moment. It was TJ's you know TJ for those who don't know had an open had a heart transplant last summer so he's finally now being able to go back on the road and he can travel and start doing some of these things. So one of his wishes was to go to Lambeau and meet Aaron Rodgers and we're fortunate that Aaron was kind enough to take some time in pregame to see him last week on Sunday and yeah he carried the smile on his on his face the rest of the day. Well I again it's just it's it's a little thing right it's it's little things that mean so much and and I you know I love it when I see big-time athletes just do the little things and I'm so glad that Rodgers you know and the right before game it's the stuff that he should do and and and he does and I think it's awesome man and I thought it was great I'm so happy for your son and you I mean what a moment that must have been for you as a dad to watch your son after his journey and the depths from which he is now come back it's it's amazing I'm happy for you brother really. Well I appreciate that yeah he's a special he's a special little guy he's been through a lot he just had his 10th birthday last week so he's he's doing great and like you said he's been through a lot he's had you know last summer was you know as probably as low as you probably can go right I mean needing to have your heart replaced at eight years old but he bounced back he's better than ever he's a great kid and now he's just able to go back and enjoy the things that he wasn't able to do for a long time like travel and be on the road and whatnot so it's been it's been a blast we had a fun weekend just the two of us for a couple days and in Green Bay and he got to check off a pretty cool bucket list item. I love it how many kids do you have again Greg how many kids you have? I got three okay so I got one so my my son's been set very high bar has been set very high yeah for the third one so what he got here yeah my daughter came to LA PJ got to come to Lambeau my oldest son's in the middle of football season right now okay tackle football so he's got to wait until the season's over so he's got he's got another month or two until you know he'll probably come to a later game knowing him he'll somehow like finagle his way into like a playoff game somewhere amazing so he'll be just fine I'm not worried about him I don't know I mean Brady Brady tapped out on a Friday night to go to a craft wedding I mean maybe your son you know does your does your son have any Brady rules that he could abide by right there yeah we're not missing games okay we put way too much time into this season I don't even miss the games I offer my flights around so I can be at the games I love it good for you man good for you Greg Olsen here on the Rich Eisen Show let's just jump right into what you saw this weekend what is when Aaron Rodgers after the game Greg he said that when asked about what to do for the offense he said simplify things so he said that when they moved the ball they were doing more simple things less motion and when I heard that and he also talked about you know the the guys that they have there that that they need to do things that the guys that they can have there can handle and that if they have the wrong guys there that that's a different conversation that was what he said after the game I thought to myself isn't this the time of year where the simple stuff should have gotten already assimilated and they can push the pedal to the metal on the rest of the playbook what did you see that Rodgers might have been talking about Greg Olsen yeah we we've been we've seen now Green Bay up close now we've I think we've called three of their games um you know we had them the opener in in Minnesota and I think going into that game of course the conversation early on was you know replacing you know Devante Adams when you know traded to the Raiders and you know they got two rookies that are coming in and Randall Cobb and Lazard was still out so I think there was that notion of like we don't know what to expect there might be some you know some growing pains early in the season and that's what we saw week one against Minnesota and then it's kind of the unfortunate part is there's been glimpses here and there but for Green Bay what we just saw last week in week six was eerily similar you know that they struggle having guys win and create separation they're not you know they didn't pass protect great so Rodgers got got banged around a little bit you know he's trying to keep plays alive with his legs but you know when your protection when your protection's struggling a little bit and the Jets were getting after him but he was under fire from the jump and you're not having a ton of separation down the field there's not you know every ball that's thrown is a contested catch he takes a perfect throw with a great catch to just make anything happen down the field it's it's not a recipe that's easily sustainable you know and you know people say oh they got to run the ball more yeah and and that's fine but you you get the best quarterback horribly in NFL history one of the few the offense is always going to run through Aaron Rodgers you know to have Aaron Rodgers and say oh but you know we're just going to hand the ball up a thousand times I think I think it's just a little short-sighted they've got to figure out how they can develop some guys outside whether that's through simplifying some of the reads again I'm not privy to a lot of the inside information though it's their routes being run wrong the depth's wrong and they're not running it you know how the play is designed and that's why there's no separation right there's always a lot of context to why teams are struggling it's never just a simple fix but at the end of the day they got Aaron Rodgers the passing game got to be a force for them and on top of that they are used to playing from a lead right they're used to playing ahead their defense is able to play a certain style last year they're winning most games and able to you know not really worry about the run and whatnot right now defensively Green Bay's struggling you know that at the end of the game Rodgers cut it to one score with that pass to Lazard in the end zone and all that you know the reset it on the broadcast the Green Bay defense need to come out and get a stop and hold the Jets here and get the ball back and the Jets went right down and recall popped one for a touchdown and then the game was never you know it's kind of out of reach since then so just both sides of the ball right now I think are struggling to find their identity and I think you can kind of hear those words when when Rodgers speaks to the media. Greg Olsen here on the Rich Eisen show and you just mentioned about what's wrong with Green Bay and both sides of the ball and how they they gave up a touchdown after making it a one score game at home how I can't believe I'm saying this but how much of this can you attribute to the Jets being really damn good Greg Olsen?

How much can you? I think a good part of it right I think I think it's a two a two-prong conversation I think the the Packers are uncharacteristically disjointed right since the floor is taken over all we're just used to the team winning 12-13 games every single year we just expect Aaron Rodgers to be the MVP right it's just that and all of a sudden it's not quite that and they're they're 500 and the sky's falling but then on the other end you have another team now that entered the game three and two with the Jets now they're four and two and there are two games above 500 which feels like for the first time in god who knows how long but I'll tell you they are young they are talented they are very confident it's hard to believe that they have all these first and second year guys you know to some of the graphics we showed during the game about their point differential and point scored in the fourth quarter and their ability to close out games and win close games for a young team that's very very rare and I think it's a product of Robert Saleh I think he's a stud I think he's a fantastic coach I think the culture change that they've implemented there is pretty significant and their acquisition of talent has been really good their last two drafts they've added premier players at premier positions quarterback tackle pass rusher corner this past year of course in the second round they get a guy like Breece Hall I mean just it's a really talented fun group and now the question you know they needed a they needed to check a box with a big time win and I think winning in Lambeau Field qualifies it yes it does yes it does yeah man and I'll tell you that you know that's kind of the progression of a rebuild it is well I mean yeah the the box man that I'm checking all right is is that clearly you mentioned Breece Hall and uh we want to talk about brash and confident that sauce gardener for sure that kid Quinnen Williams up front is a game wrecker of the first variety and I when I say verse variety I'm talking about the tops in the game at that position and there's a lot of top names out there that you can mention and he's heading in that direction man you saw it in person he was a game he blocked a field goal he was in Roger's lap all day he is a tone setter he's allowing the guys behind him to fill the gaps he's allowing the guys in the back end to do their jobs he's freaking amazing that guy he he was we there was multiple times during the broadcast that the only way we could classify what was happening is Quinnen Williams is unblockable run pass you mentioned he dropped the field goal I mean he was arguably the biggest factor in the entire game on either side of the ball and and I think and when we talked to Robert Sola last week going into the game you know we brought him up and he said you know he's kind of flying under the radar right now not due to lack of ability or or his impact on the game he's just unfortunately been playing on a bad team that hasn't played a lot of marquee games well he goes if we continue to win and he gets a national stage look out and sure right on right on time he played a national game and was arguably the best player on the field so he's uh you know we all remember him coming out of school we all remember the impact and he's I mean some of the guys you mentioned a few of them some of those guys they have on defense Jermaine Johnson the first-round pick out of Florida State he didn't even play he another one of their first-round picks from this year you mentioned sauce gardener Carl Lawson the other end on the other side is having a big time year coming back off injury so I mean they they're talented and um I'll tell you what I think they're they're gonna be a force here for for a long time so uh in the few minutes I have left with you here let's let's turn the page to where you're going next marquee game of week seven without a doubt there's no question about it I assume you're doing Chiefs and and Niners right you're going to you're going to Santa Clara next um so you got two teams coming off of losses one you know with the Chiefs playing the de facto uh best team in the league somebody who you might be calling uh the Super Bowl uh with them involved in it and the Bills then you got the Niners losing to Atlanta where uh Atlanta is a young upcomer obviously um but still the Niners should win a game like that what do you what do you make of this contest and and the Niners inability to start being more consistent like we saw at the end of last year Greg yeah I think I think that's the key word you said I think right now for the 49ers the consistency factor I think any given week they could look like one of the best teams in the league especially defensively and then on any given week they have a setback like they did last week um you know losing by two scores to Atlanta and I went back and watched that game this morning just preparing for it it was really a combination of a lot of things that you know three turnovers one fumble that was returned for a touchdown to put them down 14 nothing early they ended up coming back to tie it they just could never quite get over the hump and you know and again there's no excuses and and you know injuries happened everyone there you know when you go down there week one starting lineup on both sides of the ball their original starting 22 versus the the starting 22 they played with this past week for whatever reason it seems like every year just injuries play a huge factor um especially defensively with this 49er group and I don't know exactly why if it's just bad luck or whatever but you know they need to get some of these guys back they need to get Bosa back on defense they need to get Trent Williams back on offense at left on the left tackle so there are some guys that hopefully are back for them this week that just obviously make them just a different a different group but of course last week you know going to lose to Atlanta especially coming off the good win the week before against the panthers um you know I think was uncharacteristic I think they were playing better than than that result but as you said Atlanta is getting better than on the other side I think that game builds chiefs is the flip of the coin every single time they're going to play for the next decade and barring some crazy you know something happened on either side I think we're going to continue to see the games be what we're you know what we saw last last year in the playoffs which is already one of the best games we've ever seen um and then you know the way that game ended the other day is pretty much in that same character you know came same category so I'm looking forward to this one I wish they both didn't lose the week before we had them yeah but um I don't think it takes away anything I think San Francisco gets some guys back healthy which will help and I think it's two you know two of the teams that are you know in the running I think especially with the San Francisco being in the NFC I think it's anybody's conference right now yeah I mean it you know I know that you say that with the Eagles the lone remaining undefeated team they're on a bye week this week the division for the Niners is still there I mean they got three three and three teams they're one of them um decent chance is what Kyle Shanahan said about getting both Nick Bosa and Trent Williams back for this game and then Kansas City's got to sit back and watch the Monday Niner and uh from from last night the week six finale and say we got either one of these teams if we face them and in that regard the last football question for you I have is you know I started the show by saying whatever Nathaniel Hackett sold to the management team there about what he's going to do with Russ and whatever he's doing with Russ he should take it and throw it out or just see what he did well in the first quarter and keep a little bit of that but everything else gone what are you seeing with Denver yeah it's just whatever they're doing is just not working right and we I think we expected I think week one you know that game against Seattle I think there was some reason you know I think there was people were a little more accepting of you know the struggles the inconsistencies I don't I think people expect the Denver to win right but just it was that was a little you know mystery I think people just saw that as like early season struggles a new new team new quarterback but it's been every single week and I think that's the concerning part is their defense has played really well I mean they the games they're losing the defense is holding people into the team and they're losing and you know what they're losing and what also hurts is they're losing prime time games right we're seeing them play night games premiere games um you know in the NFL you know schedule makers are putting the schedule together they you know they saw Russell Wilson and this you know young talented broncos team and thought they were going to be a contender and obviously they've fallen way short of expectation so you know they they've got some they got to figure it out to do I think Hackett you know you talk to Aaron Rodgers he speaks the world of them you know he thinks he's a fantastic coach and and really you know thinks highly of them and obviously we've all seen what Russell's been able to do you know in his time in in Seattle but for whatever reason what's that what's going on there right now is falling severely short of I'm sure all of their expectations forget our expectations I'm sure internally that's nowhere near what they expected when they brought Russell there and made that trade so they got some figuring out to do and they got to do it fast I'm told Greg Olsen that you have some news regarding tight end university to discuss yeah so what are you going on to yeah for the I appreciate letting us share it so we are we are pumped we're actually this this sunday is going to be national tight end today started by my fellow PEU partner George Kittle so it's very fitting that on national tight end day I would like to thank the NFL schedule makers did this on purpose but maybe maybe it's a coincidence so Kelsey and Kittle my two partners in TEU playing against each other I'll be calling the game so what better week to announce CEU than this week on national tight ends day so we are back um Sharman is back as our big partner our big presenting sponsor we're going to be down in Nashville we hold it down at Vanderbilt campus last year we had like 85 NFL tight ends with three days down in Nashville for like a three-day kind of tight end summit of class work and on-field work and some fun it's really grown into a pretty a pretty significant event on the summer calendar so we're excited to bring it back what better time than then now as I get ready to go call a game between two of the best guys I love it the last of our generation playing the position so we're pretty pumped about it Olsen in the booth Kittle and Kelsey on the field let's go I mean how good is that I that's it that's I bet they did that on purpose Kelsey and and Kittle on national tight ends day and just assumed you'd be calling it then I I'm I'm I think that was planned and I'm I love that Sharman's your sponsor what a great sponsor how how fitting is that amazing well I take care of your tight ends you know yes they do hey and uh so it's gonna be in Nashville next year again right the whole drill same drill this will be our third year run it back it's in Nashville all right Vanderbilt makes they're a great host and uh it's an absolute blast I love it uh thanks for sharing thanks for sharing that information here as you know I'm I'm a big fan of uh all three you guys and certainly the idea that tight ends matter um and uh and I I mean that for the position stop laughing over there TJ what's the matter with you um and uh and so congratulations on that and everything going on with you I appreciate it so well deserved I appreciate it it's always great to see you man it's always good to talk to you and uh I'm sure I'll be on soon oh let's do it again thanks again that's uh Greg Olsen at Greg Olsen 88 from Fox Sports right here on the Rich Island show how dare you what are you a child a little bit what's the matter with him what does it matter with him yeah I don't know there's a lot to be honest like speaking of which major league baseball did something for the kids last night I love the kids they should they they all right we'll discuss it we'll discuss it game fives later today now okay we'll discuss that whole business when we come back on the Rich Eisen show before hour number two with Ronnie 2k stepping in here and Jerry has chimed in on deck stop laughing you're a child what's the matter with you does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection 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that's not all navy federal offers low rates and fees too so you could save even more and navy federal's experts can help you choose the best option for you so the home loan process is as smooth an experience as possible this is insured by NCUA equal housing lender qualifying members with purchase mortgage applications after 9 16 22 may receive up to a thousand dollars towards actual closing costs apply to closing with no cash back and subject to loan program maximum contribution limits terms subject to change ask your loan officer for details learn more at navy federal dot org navy federal credit union our members are the mission 8 4 4 2 0 for rich number to dial here on the program evan in new york here on the show what's up nevin rich how are you doing hang in there hanging in there what's on your mind sir well well rich uh before i get into what i want to talk about i just want to say um i mentioned earlier in the year uh to you when i called in that your show makes the viewers feel like they're friends of the show and i want to let you know that that still holds true to this day thank you evan appreciate that of course excellent um thanks for saying i was watching on this sunday on the nfl network and let me tell you something as a someone who feels like a friend i would like to say that it made me feel very happy to see everybody else on the panel picked green bay but you sir were the lone the lone wolf the lone wolf to pick the new york jet so how did that feel amazing amazing just amazing amazing and then i have the jets back up my play by saying they're going to put their cards on the table and tell everybody that the crap of the last 50 years is over over and they did exactly that and it was amazing and i believe everything that i'm seeing i honestly don't feel evan like like this is fugazi i don't feel like this is also a flash in the pan like uh rex ryan and and sanchez those grounded pound years and then once uh once they got capped out um they they they had to rely on rex's ability to coach uh players who might not fit systems and things like that as well and it all fell to crap as we all know gino smith got drafted rex wasn't even paying attention what was going on in the field because he was so focused on the defense when the offense was out there and things fell apart this doesn't feel that way they're young and they're they come from programs where they're not used to losing and they're beginning the light is on the light is on so yeah that's great and you know it's great to see new york being you know the home of football too you know with the bills yes the jets are on fire and the giants as well um so that's great to see one more quick thing uh kind of just uh two things uh tonight to start the nba season just want to get a quick shout out um my dad worked with his dad at indian point he's a fourth also a new yorker so rich keep an eye on him for the new york i mean the uh los angeles lakers matt ryan okay the 15-man roster in briarcliff manor okay so eye out for him and uh of course rich we've had our we've had our disagreements about this team and uh i'll let you i'll go off the air to let you talk about it real quick but if at any chance what do you see the new york nicks doing this year i have no idea i'll be very honest with you i i know i know they got uh you know what brunson right i mean so very yeah look uh thanks for the call man i appreciate it i don't mean to shine it off but jets giants right now well they're the nicks home opener is what um against the pistons so they'll beat the pistons and everyone's going to run on the streets like they won the super this the uh the championship like the larry o'brien trophy just like last year when they were all acting like they were six-year-old morons tough opener they have the gris tomorrow whatever but they're at the gris so yeah i'm the hall opener whatever i'm i'm i'm i don't want to go down to don't want my home right now i don't either yanks are taking on the guardians at four eastern today and i don't know what major league baseball was thinking all you had to do is look at the doppler radar and i know that around you know what halftime of the the monday night football game last night is when they finally when they finally called it they let it go for a while you know like nine nine something at night is when they finally called it and it's just like what were you thinking like you're i i heard they were like there could be a window open at like a quarter to nine and they were like going to give updates throughout the night and they gave no updates i kept on refreshing on twitter zero updates i felt bad for the people who show up at the stadium sitting there trying to stay dry and they're like what there could be a window at what 8 45 at night nine at night and the whole conversation too has been with this baseball playoff season because the padres and the phillies who are starting game one down the road from us here for the nlcs is uh you know the wild card teams have advanced to the lcs and the guardians might bounce the yankees and the astras have gotten through that maybe the bye week is a bad idea for the teams that have the best records that they're they were too rusty and what have you and that you know that's been an issue with the playoff format buster only who i adore even came out with some wild idea that if you have the best records two best records in the league like the astras and yankees and the braves and the dodgers had you would have the chance of maybe playing in the first round to keep fresh and you have your choice of a bye week or not it's just like how about you play better than you played how about if you're the dodgers you play better this whole business of you've won 111 games and now you get bounced by a team that was 20 games behind you that's not fair how about you play better but even with this whole conversation of being like the regular season should matter more because the two teams that have the best records are getting bounced out of the nl so you're going to hold the game five that the yankees earned with that almost 100 win season in front of eight thousand people who still stuck around like that's the home field advantage you were willing to play a game with and how about the kids sitting in ohio and new york that would have to go to sleep some kid waking up in cuyahoga county and saying dad mom did the guardians win at two in the morning while i was asleep what are you thinking i understand they were trying to make sure that the winner of this game five wasn't handicapped for game one of the alcs but so so be it at least it's going to be on a bright sunshiny day in new york the yankees earned the right to have 47 000 screaming nut jobs there today like nick taturo sitting on his couch and um and so they're gonna have it and the kids will see it actual new york and ohio kids will be able to see a game to its conclusion without being asleep or 11 at night or even two in the morning what were they even thinking for as long as they were thinking it last night so i'm glad they made that move well the other conversation too that i saw was uh you know the dodgers and the mets losing means we need to change the five games we got to go to seven now no no no i kind of like this series i kind of do too and i think the idea is that you get your first you get the two best records you get to set your pitching up yeah you get to set your pitching up and that's that the other teams what because they have their juices still flowing have a better chance to win i don't know man i'm not sitting here thinking the yankees were rusty they won game one of their series against the guardians who just put the ball in play and let things happen and if they bloop they bloop they bloop and then they'll get get one other base that they had five singles in that comeback win on saturday night that earned them the right to still be playing today you know so i i'm i am not of that mindset that this new playoff format just one year in shows that the teams that had the best records are actually handicapped because they're rusty while the other teams still go i don't believe that just play better just play better the dodgers were rusty really is that what is that is that what it was didn't they win game one the braves were rusty maybe it was just the time for the phillies they've been red hot ever since they they told the binder to go to the mlb network cleveland too aren't they like 26 or something they got a hell of a manager yeah who i love when he's what he said that aaron judge he was going to pick he was going to maybe pick his home run ball up on the way home he's a good manager rich he's a manager he's awesome i know what you're saying he gets to do his own thing ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my house keeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay use your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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