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Biden blames Saudis, vilifies republicans over inflation, gas prices

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 14, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden blames Saudis, vilifies republicans over inflation, gas prices

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 14, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:18:26] Carley Shimkus & Pete Hegseth

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Fox News radio studios, and fastest-growing radio show and kill me. Thank you much for being here, but if the writing to me Joe I think you be here all week long on Crowe Shimkus and Pete exit will be together, and most have you standing by Al's eyes of you know this but have you heard Carly's confidence by booking Pete with her.

She says why am I suddenly not enough of the ratings down when I'm on I said Carly why I never saw this let you know, lack of self-esteem before what's going on with that and what was the reason behind that we wanted Pete on a call going to the first outright offering. We assume that everyone loved each other and there wouldn't be egos hurt, but clearly Carly's gotten her ego is going on outside present company excluded as UG goes on the television, radio, side these people that are on-air are the worst, obviously present company excluded clearly, bigotry stories, you need to know Brian's three number three, the FBI ran a mark under the Comey leadership. They utilized both myself and the steel dossier to continue to get warrants with absolutely no foundation, and they turned this country upside down and that is George Papadopoulos that he spent a couple days in prison because lying to the FBI or part of the whole Russia hoax stunning.

That's why characterize which happened so far with the dorm trial and they grew ego dead dish Enko and we learn more about the depth of the corruption around this folks everybody should be concerned. The foundation of what we announced yesterday is to reduce the number, the amount of irregular migration so that people can avail themselves of the lawful pathway is even saying America's HHS Sec. of failure, broken border closing in on the buying team is dam city shall file first at Republican governors now at the Democratic administrations schools as shelters or overwhelmed budgets are stretched and drug squad through the border. Finally, the public is making a negligent administration take notice. Will they pay at the ballot box under the sellers who convey to us both privately as well as publicly. Their intention to reduce oil production. We make clear that that would be the wrong direction. Come down if any blank and he's also beside himself. You blame everybody wanted to blame the Palouse a blame pruning price. I blame Putin and this point blame Saudi Arabia for the fact they were playing in California over seven dollars a gallon for gas and oh yeah, the fire Republicans that seems to be the response for the ministration as our economy is roiled interest rates rise. Inflation remains at a 40 year high in all energy costs soar over this week's economic numbers make this a tough sell for the Democrats at an inopportune time. October when you have an election in November. So with Prez United States has I love this actually is comes and says the presence got a different strategy than Obama and Trump to do targeted appearances not big rallies. I don't know. Is it a strategy, how many people will rally with Pres. Biden ever.

The biggest advantage he had to become president, is that he didn't need to go in front of people at rallies because very few would show he had a couple arrived but 100 people showed up after he passed legislation so he's doing targeted appearances.

For example in Colorado to help out a Senate center name Michael Bennett and they said that he want to this area.

This rich with oil and gas any declared it a drill free zone, a sanctuary national Park aces that's going to help Michael Bennett.

I love the people Colorado. They like playing exorbitant fees 40% more for the utilities did they want to make sure people don't work in the oil and gas industry in Colorado. I know this environmentalists I know there's a green community, but Colorado's purple and if he keeps this up.

My hunches and my turn red. So in terms of who to blame is pretty clear. It is Saudi Arabia.

Why would Saudi Arabia did is cut production down for 2 million barrels of oil a day.

What is that mean for OPEC plus amine for the world market. We have last, which means a barrel goes up to from $78 to over $90 a barrel that helps our oil and gas companies.

Yep, they would love to do more, pump more drill more Frak more, but this ministration is leveled that off and refine less on top of that will not putting I believe it's a Virgin Islands where we have a refinery ready to go but he's not using it because he wanted to sideline it. Because of this green religion. He's in the middle of so he wants to blame people everybody but himself. Joe Lieberman I think nailed to a new computer yesterday and one Saudi Arabia so they can it's a okay were not going to do a missile shield meeting to show you were upset we are going to reevaluate our relationship with Saudi Arabia to show your upset, just so you know it's not Saudi Arabia or France. It Saudi Arabia or Iran or Syria. That's the counterargument, and guess was good relations with Saudi Arabia now Israel, who is our true ally, Israel, who is now as allies with four or five other Islamic station estates in the region. Israel because of Saudi Arabia. They have been a tactical and practical ally of ours for 80 years, far from perfect and far preferred that Iran was killed over 200 of their citizens and just providing kamikaze drones to the Russians who are just shooting them into urban centers in Ukraine.

Joe Lieberman cut for people here.

I'm sorry support for the "broker is a slap in the face of the Biden assertion. I must say that the salaries over tradition her slap them up. It's time spent there were not anxious to know exactly what the surgeon asked think it's in their economic, social, loosing in terms of suggesting to stand. I know Saudi Arabia had 19 hijackers on it that was in a Saudi policy. They allow this Wahhabi religion to take group bin Laden to live there. The family was an influential family. I want to go relitigate 22 years ago in the Saudi's have some elements in there that we are that we find unsavory but if you want the Saudi Arabia one Yemen to be taken over by Iran, which is the who the rebels they don't help Saudi Arabia if you want to see the Saudi Arabia oilfields rocketed by Rhonda don't help Saudi Arabia because of their oil fields are rocketed you think $90 a barrel's a lot.

How about $250 a barrel. We should do for any responsible president is, we should be drilling and fracking and were not Stephen Miller cut six Joe Biden was attempting to collude with multiple foreign powers to interfere in America's election. It is as clear and example of corruption. As you will ever see. What makes it all the more humiliating and defacing for our country is that when Donald Trump was in office. We were energy-rich we were energy abundant we were overflowing we have more energy that we know what to do. And Eric is just so you know he's responding to a Wall Street Journal report that Saudi Arabia said that there was they were getting pressure from the Biden administration not to not caught but to wait on the cuts till after the election.

It's something the ministration denies. Let's continue energy poverty on our country energy dependence on our country and now we have this spectacle of the president going around the country like a popper begging, pleading scraping for energy from foreign powers because he will bring his energy here and all of our people suffer every day. As a result so you want to alienate Saudi Arabia.

They have a move to in their move is China.

China does no demands, they have no values and ethics. Saudi Arabia is beginning to recognize women's right to drive which is comically tragic, though beginning to open up their society. We also have 75,000 Americans there.

We have a military base there.

The UAE as a big one as well, but we also provide a one in Saudi Arabia. We provide protection. We never thought they were perfect with a look at him in world politics.

You have a real politics, realpolitik, and you say who can help us. It doesn't mean who would I want to hang out with. It doesn't mean who's gonna be ally like England with us in the future, but FDR sought every president from here on in a scene. It with the warts and all, to allow Sen. Menendez and Sen. Blumenthal, and Sen. Markey to say were going to punish Saudi Arabia for upping oil prices when they have done more to hurt oil and gas and therefore our security than anyone else should not be tolerated.

Please don't be deceived. The present United States that I mentioned that he likes to blame and tell you don't believe your eyes one more examples. First off on our economy only got to explain all of this to you but for those of you who don't do your bills meet is up 4%. Eggs are up 30% fish 8% milk 15% fruits and vegetables about 10%. Listen to this when it comes to energy gas nationwide, probably up more in some places 18% electricity 15%. This is what people tell me utilities 33% increase fuel oil like oil in your house 58% increase in the president wants to blame the prudent price hike now Saudi Arabia.

He only sees progress. 12. Americans are squeezed by the cost of living is been true for years, and folks don't read report development read squeezed in today's report shows no some progress.

Overall inflation was 2% over last three months. That's down from 11% over the prior three months. That's progress, but a lot of it is result of getting the cost of living gas pump down by more name in California, not by more than a dollar nationally.

Please look at your 401(k), they tell you not to look at it. Please understand what's going on and just know this yet there is there is a recession. They say in Europe but it is having inflation. This high was not baked in when you see other countries who just don't have this problem given Japan 2.7%. England has a higher than us, but almost every other country has a lower so the present United States got a bad hand to sell adulatory left Afghanistan who probably close over the glaze over that has going with the economics, how's it going here locally. I got a bunch of stuff past, but are you happy this past you have Larry Summers Jamie Dimon saying that the first thing you did was the first thing you did the $1.9 trillion. So here's Brian Deese, the less than inspirational overmatched National economic Council director cut 14. There was some progress in this report I headline inflation has come down.

A lot of that is gas prices that are down more than a dollar a gallon since the summer.

That's important for American families but at the same time, prices need to come down the need to come down faster.

This has been the president's primary focus and we have taken action on measures that will provide some real relief here in the near term, so it Sen. Cotten said it best if come down a dollar since June but they're going up again. It's at 393 so that's a huge increase from Trump center to center. Cotten tweeted out one year ago present buying was promising the American people inflation at Pete. He'll do it again. Biden's word is worthless at least a phonic has take by inflation was not temporary and has not peaked in a surge because of Biden House Dems inflation expansion act when Republicans earn back the house. We have a plan to rein in American inflation.

Listen a lot of people have gotten use to a lot of extra money a lot of subsidies we have to be asked is gotta be explained to the American people. This can't be can't be sustained. A lot of Western cultures did the same thing. Things were good. We can provide more of a social cushion but now what were getting his lazy people who don't want to work in a homeless population, many of which are perfectly capable of doing it but are choosing to live off the grid and lastly Sen. Marco Rubio was in a tough fight for the Senate. He talked about how the policies abroad have heard us at home. Cut 16 for solidarity play politics through oil so that I would obviously run for president.

He threatened to put everybody out of business or course. The refining capacity the production capacity almost a billion barrels of oil less today than we were when Donald Trump was president, then you have them start dipping into the strategic reserves we have a strategic reserves after the OPEC after the OPEC embargo.

The two of the 1970s never want to be in that spot again. Those things are there for things like hurricanes and war.

Some other disruption are not there for midterms. That's what he was using it for then we get into this situation our salaries and others are acting in their best interest think they're doing two things here. One, they want to set oil prices at a way that is good for them and at the same time.

That's OPEC plus Russia. The other is doing it to punish America and Joe Biden, and that's bad policy pariah nation save yourself what do I want from them in the future if you going to for example alienate Russia and China right before you try to get them to join you in sanctions for Ron. It's not smart. You might want to hold your pile. Keep your powder dry if you want to hurt America. In my view but not in their view by listing production at home to make sure you don't alienate OPEC so they don't strangle you, like they did in the 70s so instead he calls him a pariah nation and says that they are the of the word. I can deal with them. He second visited him until the gas prices got so high. The production got so low that he had to go over their hat in hand and in turn he got nothing again hurting American prestige abroad.

That's my view, which yours 1-866-408-7669 PX at the co-Shimkus will be here. We come back. I not only want to talk about this. I do want to form you what's going on in Russia are there moving their nukes around. I just got turned onto the story. I'll share with you. We come back getting past all the rhetoric and kill me right you really control your retirement money your 401(k) or IRA. You may think you do. But you don't.

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The way that John Durham said that he was under investigation. People I got to do what he did the cover of the Hunter Biden story and that's what he did. People need to be held accountable or assist hundred destroyer Republic and team T-ball to guide retired when it became clear that he was part of the cabal that stopped the Hunter Biden laptop from being looked at and sidelined all social media because of that and was part behind the meeting with Zuckerberg and others of the Zuckerberg feigning that I had to I just had to listen to the FBI as if all of a sudden he forgot independent thought that was George Papadopoulos, former Trump foreign policy advisor meant trouble once and it was like being destroyed. They set them up. Remember, and they kept saying you would as Vladimir Putin. What is a prisoner about prudent they didn't. They caught him.

They had samadhi go up to them tell the story and they said you were me with this guy when he said no they go you okay there is perjury. I've think they put him under house arrest or in jail for a couple days he did nothing wrong. They totally missed it so special counsel dorm yesterday charged a chancre with five counts of making false statements to the FBI. The shakeout has pled not guilty on all charges. Democratic operative.

This guy dates only back to the Clintons Charles Dolan testified Thursday that he lied to the Schenkel in 2016 when he claimed to have information from a GOP insider about why Paul Manna Ford resigned for the Trump campaign. Probably not a big deal. I will tell you why this he told Donald Trump stopping in front of the camera I'll handle it for now and you just go with my messaging. Trump laughed at him and said you kidding the next day. This report comes out with all of man affords connections and always work in the wind.

Russians in Eastern Europe, so Trump fired him, so Dolan tells the shank of the story. The Schenkel tells Christopher steel and ends up in the steel dossier total fiction then the FBI says oh my God, I'm getting worried about this money. I've been using the dossier to get fudged. Pfizer warrants to follow all these people in Their phones. Can you prove Christopher steel that your dossier is true and he said no. They do what I give you million dollars and still said no, you understand.

I hope I'm explaining this effectively was always the last one to get all these investigations. How scary this is that the FBI could decide that one party or one person should not be president, and when they win, take them down anyway and it almost worked. Fox News podcasts network mind and dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast. Subscribe and listen now by doing a Fox News will came close to Fox and friends we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business will subscribe and listen.

Now Fox News digests the talkshow that's getting you talk to your Brian kill made welcome back everybody for accepting Cully Shimkus in the radio studio.

I am thrilled and honored to have you both here.

Fresh up off the box and friends today but I will say this. Carly says to me in the break will you were downstairs is bright in my office and am not good enough and I saw the first time I ever saw insecurity with Carly and I go set that you are good enough, is it we just all be good to invite Pete up.

I didn't know that I would have a problem like this. Okay I will tanning this is usually our time sound wondering Carly I want I want to help you and tell you how I knew. I know this is your time and that's why I walked into the studio. There was no wedding here know what you got ready or may not even yeah I down at guest to the spot I met regularly addressing that's respect.

I guest one guest she's not kidding you can eat just one any day of the week. Not not right now battle for the American mind that longtime best. So number one for how many weeks it was number one for a month and on the let's incredible yet was crazy and on the list for 14 weeks that uprooting a century of miseducation and of course education as well top the top issues today.

First off I want you guys to hear something that's encouraging.

Two years ago if I could tell you, you look I grew coming apart at the seams when it comes to race I think is huge pushback. I really do everywhere.

I see people come by go okay. Can we come down like I'm not even worried about the World Cup them taking and eating works specially was that the women, so this the head coach of the Buccaneers. When asked since his coaching gets another black coach Todd Bowles. He was asked this question early this week at 35, to the relationship. Very good relationship with Tom when we don't look at what color we are only cults against each other. We just know it's a lot of very good white friend that caught in this league as well and I don't think it's a big deal as far as us being cults and against the tell that think is normal both got an opportunity to do a good hopefully doesn't and we cults ball. We don't look at, and well as they see you guys and look like them grow up like them that were both begin with and I think the minute you guys start stop making a big deal about everybody else will as well so I will actually get your perspective how simple the whole thing. I never the whole thing thousand and Erica Pete but which which you reaction to. I just think that the here reporter sort of school black coach on how he should respond to race relations is an unbelievable situation. Not surprising. He handled it sell well and alive somebody that is not maybe have a weaker mindset would have been like you know you're right. I understand you're coming from and he held his ground. He was like now listen you just said you guys last that's organizing us versus them situation when the other perspective is no everybody is equal not seeing color is a good thing.

That's how it always in advance, but people have literally been canceled for saying this exact same thing is true. I so well said I do for the balance of my time back to because it's it's in this case, a female white liberals shaming and telling certain people how they are supposed to think the way they're supposed to view the world.

I'm not. I have not been a believer that the pendulums gonna swing back. Maybe it will maybe it may be available. So much lewd because of the education aspect of it.

That's what makes me concerned that it won't swing back as properly as it should be, but it's good to be freethinking courageous men like this Yahoo local reporters were driving an agenda in the eye and say that's not true. That was Todd Bowles, head coach of the Buccaneers former coach of the Jets to cut his cup into head coach twice in five years so there is there to be other options box fan and yell at PI agree with you that I think that at the top like the tippy top of companies and I college is the third of having Ivy League mentality. I don't think it's going anywhere. Now when it comes to the hard-core are likely have to be hyper focused on race, but I think normal people. It's used to be something that people would start to tiptoe around and everybody's really overhead, so it's okay to share with you a passage so I'm all over Booker T. Washington. I'm doing a project of the Teddy Roosevelt how they work together race as forward and on as a country. This is easier.

This is from his biography, so don't even say this interpretation.

With few exceptions, Negro youth must work harder and perform his task even better than white youth in order to secure recognition.

This is this is a this is 1910 but out of the hard and unusual struggle through which we is compelled to pass. He gets his strength. The confidence that one misses his pathways comparatively smooth by reason of birth from any point of view, I'd rather be who I am a member of the Negro race than to be claim membership of the most favored of any other race I've always been made sad when I heard members of my rates claiming rights and privileges of certain badges of distinction on the ground simply that they were members of this race are that regardless of their own individual worth or attainments.

This is 110 years ago.

Don't make excuses that segregated society absolutely for 3040 years of civil war. Don't worry about what with the situations make it better. That has always been the ethos of our very best in this country. It also statement statements like that remind us that no one actually benefits when you're when you're doubting race over anything else, then you have people of one race wondering well is that person in that position because they were given a preference. The person in that position is saying well they look at me because I'm I'm here because I had a preference it's toxic across the board. There are some people that want it that way that yet he was what he was talking about his will in fact quote that you just right so eloquently written was really a difference between equality and equity where he sang it and now it's the equity where it's equally well not exactly.

And now you get to a point where in schools they are downing things down to help elevate one race or another. How about you just focus on the students that are struggling a little bit more rather than downing all of the education Night at my my mom side of families from Puerto Rico, and on supporting 50%.

I know I look like an after that, but my grandfather same exact thing. He came over from Puerto Rico.

He had no money work for any steel mall and he got his GED actually got his high school diploma tail and when he was already a grown man didn't even tell my mom or his wife that he was doing this he was just staying late for work and he just want he just had that drive and will to succeed. Bilingual English definitely not his first language, and he was so proud to be an American, and so proud of his accomplishments and exactly the example of what Booker T. Washington was there and became gorgeously wrong man until he was 12 MBE became such a strong man because of the struggles that he went around and he wrote those words before there was equality absolutely. And here now we are in a moment where we are closer to equality than we've ever been. And now we move the goalpost equity which is always been a lie. Yeah I hi, I just thought it was so true that you can talk Dennis Prager told me early this week. You have to judge people by the year in which they are born and they lift and by that good calculus.

Our founding fathers were giants never said Columbus was a giant, not perfect, but when you talk about slavery and equality.

There was slave. We didn't invent slavery. The Indians had slaves was aware that Blacks in Africa had slaves wasn't aware of that Brazil imported more slaves than anybody else you'd see them beating themselves up on a daily basis, but they have a horrible history when it comes to slavery, and we fought in the Civil War to get rid of it. I just think they will were about to get. I really feel optimistic were about to get over it. I'm telling you I'm not totally. I hope you're right Brian, I I just yes some big figures can say big things that give us hope. But what is being done in the classroom so that the sixth-grader in class knows what you just said as opposed to the prevailing Howard Zinn view, which is America's evil poison from the beginning founded on the backs of slaves and stolen from the Indians and as a result, we shouldn't stand for the pledge, let alone sign up for the military. What's worth defending. Weird.

We have not reversed that yet which eyes there are a wave of kids that will never encounter what you just said unless they get a subscription to Fox nation well will you say there's this gotta be a push on the education front, but don't you think Carly this whole pushback in the sobering up of the fund, the police and police are fundamentally racist and there realizing the communities that hurt the most of the African American communities because is no policing in those parents, looking around on I never said they were the probably loud shop doesn't speak for me, absolutely. And then there's candidates like John Fetterman who are literally scrubbing their campaign websites to get rid of these on the police made Kalahari Newport yet exactly what he is to be holding up a T-shirt that said exactly that everything I so they recognize that it's hurting them politically, which is fascinating. No time like the present 25 days until the midterm elections, when they reach this sober reality, but I exactly sad when you introduce that it is so refreshing to watch a football game and not have to worry about having to roll your eyes and half the sideline meals during the nationally right so there it has been a great shaft in this country away from that movement that once consumed the entire nation right do we want to do morning on the last box where we live now to choose keep rollers and no more now we know well yeah I know that's before scatting hours and there was yours. I'm done learning well.

Joey Jones is in for Pete this weekend. I see no reason for will well that's right so what was wrong right okay we come back more with Carly and Peter used to be just crawling up each year. The seventh of educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill made Fox News contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite podcast is so as a roommate. Dear Brian, kill me where was being held across the street right here in the car where my producer was grounded break through the window. You can see the break shattered the glass, another person got inside and tried to hotwire the vehicle and drive away with the press was just right across the street.

There is probably at least 10 people standing right here that's heard anything we were getting set up for the press conference and it happened really in a blink of an eye. None of us had time to react to notice what was going on until the producer noticed that someone just snatched her car window on the radio over back okay no not back, but we are right, do we play that soundbite okay you heard that right side. I was we would little distracted. I was just lonesome the we were just friends having a conversation show started a guide to Hugo Hillary von is Hillary von was on covering a shoot in the fire department. Big event and her car was broken into. I did hear about that. I at the event and the event was about crime in her car. Someone threw a brick through her window and it was right next to where other reporters were in like chaos is so constant that no one noticed that her rental car was broken into right at the event about crime is eradicating right at me and that that's was going on in mid-meal.

She spent most of her time covering the present United States.

The other thing to do to keep in mind two is since we if I was here in August. Number one story was abortion.

And after Bill Roe V Wade, what else is Supreme Court capable of doing to get a give-and-take away. Same-sex marriage owes other stuff nobody talking about that anymore. It's the highest I've seen.

It is fifth on anyone's list of things they care about.

I believe that this red wave is re-primed is that it's not a hope it's not a fear, I think it's a fact. Do you yes and I agree with you on the polling thing that I think is interesting and I also think it could, she Democrats in a fight is how much they're spending on ads that focus on abortion and it's so fascinating because the number one chilling three issue are the economy and then you get to crime and then you get to education and and then there is some sort of like an out democracy in hangs in the balance type bowling in there as well but abortion is really slipping and it is an issue that when you when you look at who cares about the issue you you always think that the people that are being pulled, saying that it's so important to them are pro-choice people, but there are a lot of pro-lifers that are undercounted when it comes to where that is in their last 50 that came across on the show this morning when we were asked asked about abortion than the gentleman says yeah because I'm pro-life so when you talk about threats to democracy. There's plenty of conservatives that feel like what the socialists and others are doing is a threat to our Republic yet so we can cut in both directions you want you want to hold an election where one side says it's abortion January 6 and the weather and climate change as their top issues versus crime inflation the border and what happens in your kids school. Good luck Brian.

I was with you I feel like the media was was just cheerleading for a change in the narrative, so much so that they, the blue checkmarks created an environment were some of us doubted whether or not a wave like this was possible and was always a mirage from, but that they created the people are interested in those topics became and went. When people vote out there can evoke the things that really affect them. And I think it will bode well for Republicans so you said your book out my paperbacks coming out in October 25 note on November 12 and 13th. I would be in Brandon, Mississippi.

Let's go to Brandon and then were going to on Sunday go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and on December 2, I would be in Newark, New Jersey at the Nguyen New Jersey performing arts Center and the question is will Carly Shimkus and Pete Haig Seth be joining me call your 50-50 on this right because you might be moving maybe in labor by animal. I also am moving route depending on the next thing was out of Xavier's are coming labor that's three months early is exaggerating ripe for dramatic effect, but I am moving now I am moving right around the time but I do think I'm so flattered that you even want me to join cell I and you know how I is what we do as I tried to gold all the books, the history books but now instead of just rolling tape give you an idea what it's about I bring them to life with the actors who have no experience but want to re-create key moments in passed using this book.

Whether Sam is the Alamo avenges George Weston secret six, seven Tripoli pirates and to be able to talk to about your book of the battle for the American mind which will talk about after I've asked Pete possibly join us in one of those moments to bring to life American history right I am so nervous about this is that yes it's 100% yes I'll write Friday night, December 2. I'll be there with you, do whatever you tell me to do right is really saying a prominent person in American history play. Sorry, but he's been talking about it in costumes as well. Yeah. Oh, and I don't think people move on Friday night Carl and I have the perfect thing for Carly to and I are you are probably more than one because now I realize ousting your use of the last one is that I just don't have it we do estimated to it was so well by the way when I first brought it up. Pat O'Rourke and Rick Bacher help me out the MC instant comic that opens and they were all in but I feel like I don't think it's can work it was so overwhelmed Allison BS in Albany had to go. It was very entertaining. Also forgetting that you've known Pat and Rex. Since you were a child that I think high school and having a good time through blend right in that both of you. Currently it's guy stole from my crow is 6� when he walks in and out of history to talk about how everything is related. I said how great would that be on state what roles of teachers for PRA, no more holes we need we need call I got Carly I got I got a call with the Tripoli Pines joining forces with you Brian to recruit Carly shipwright will talk after about your book and everything and then you have enough to buy the book, article, can't get a number one again is New Jersey ready for you because I just lost you talk about your comeback.

You moved on to do is get that in writing that they don't trust the radio show and a commitment to playback orders.

You're always seeking solutions versus selling is Brian Kelly thanks much for being hereby use the brain to Michelle 1-866-408-7669. Thanks much for being here all week long, would come to from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world this out by Geraldo Rivera and Josh cry Sarah back. She also to a Fox News contributor as we closer and closer to election day. I love what actio's right to write the Prince United States doing targeted appearances rather than big rallies as if he had a choice he could call a big rally in the biggest arena. Not many people are coming that's not his thing. And the reason why Obama did so many and tromp conducted about 18 over the last year because he sells out and accomplishes the goal actio doesn't seem to be acknowledging there is little difference in draw power big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three FBI ran a mark under the Comey leadership. They utilized both myself and the steel dossier to continue to get warrants with absolutely no foundation, and they turned this country upside down and roasting in the courtroom knows George Papadopoulos. Stunning. That's how I characterize with tapping at the door and trial is the grill ego addition go and we learn more about the depth of corruption around the hoax and the FBI.

The foundation of what we announced yesterday is to reduce the number, the amount of irregular migration so that people can avail themselves of the lawful pathway that is Sec. of Homeland security Alexander O. Hydro made orca's target about this new Venezuela policy, which essentially remain in Mexico. The problem with it.

Nobody told Mexico as we return to him yesterday Mexico says were not taken them nice nice play Joe. Keep up the good work on the sellers who conveyed to us both privately as well as publicly.

Their intention to reduce oil production. We made clear that that would be the wrong direction right and what a forceful inspirational speaker.

My correct blame Saudi vilify Republicans that seems to be the response for the administration as our economy is roiled interest rates rise in place remains high and low energy costs soar. However, this cannot however this week's economic numbers are so or take a backseat because it's all how you feel you don't really need me to tell you how the economy is rather Rivera. We need you cohost of the five foxes contributor is in Ohio because he heard that the Indians excuse me, the guardians were going to eventually come home to play the Yankees in game three.

Geraldo welcome back.

You know I have a real moral dilemma and you know I've been a Yankee fan delivered a lot of at age 14 and was rewarded with tickets to the bleachers with Yankee Stadium, but the guardians I must say with the smallest payroll in the major leagues. The youngest team in the major-league says that really captured my heart so I decided to remain neutral until the winter emerges and then will route for whoever that it was like the Astros it seems.

Yesterday seem to be what a franchisee when they're not cheating, they tend to win, I will see what happens again to the got rained out yesterday. They got a play at 2 o'clock this afternoon to see people care about baseball again. I think Judge helped a lot of people get re-involved with the sport but let's talk about what's happening and most people are focusing on this to the dorm trial. I'm wide open to rhetoric. I'm not into people going off just saying how bad the FBI is our great Republicans are were Democrats are bullets emerging in this courtroom last time with Sussman.

I don't care of those convicted and not in now, Sussman walks over and tells the FBI just little concern as an American citizen, I got this dossier and I got this information about Donald Trump being compromised by Russian you do what you want with it and then we find out that the Schenkel is taking calls from Dolan Charles Dolan is a friend of the Clinton to work for the Clintons in Russia and he's telling the Schenkel things to Schenkel's: Christopher steel and told him it just to understand I made everything up. Schenkel says I don't know if it's true, and Christopher steel says my dossier even for $1 million.

The FBI offered $1 million. I can prove it's true Geraldo out of everything you've seen in law school. Are you surprised everything I'm telling you is true. I am not surprised because I was shoulder to shoulder with Pres. Trump during that. I think it was really very very viciously unfair how he was attacked and what turned out to be that this detail the million dollars to prove to tell Christopher steel from million dollars. Would you please verify this and he said no I can't really call origin updated so and you know I I broke with the president when he decided to defy the constitutional order and and and refused to accept the judgment of the American people in the November 2020 election, but I knew I must say that he was driven crazy by all of these phony investigations and throw them in scandals that turned out to be hoaxes or democratic created the false information that's why Bill William R became Atty. Gen. to help protect Pres. Trump against these really really only attack and and not use my favorite guy in DC Bill are really an honorable man and you know is actually straightforward and correct on all these issues, but the the treachery and the the partisan terrorism that happened and happens in our country far too much from both sides is something I know that your program now is the is promoting the fact that you don't create the vision and I love you for that, you know, because it we need straight shooters. We need people who you are a moderate in them and then in the middle and listen to about but what happened the Trump in the early days with this deal out.

Everything else is really a scandal in the stain that will that will live forever, just as his actions on January 6 saying that will look for this was going on for three years. One was one day you go to Schenkel get this, the FBI PT going to Schenkel $200,000 to serve as a confidential source as the Democratic operative admits he lied under oath about the team Trump in the steel dossier so he's being tried at the same time is on the FBI's payroll whose maneuvering behind-the-scenes up in the presidency before it starts and when it started and in the backdrop and I was thinking about this. I am the biggest critic of Vladimir Putin on the planet. I do think he's Hitler. I do think he's just as bad and just as ruthless and hopefully ease I can be able to do what Hitler did that. I think he's evil. But you realize how our damp day how much damage game between two nations because we could not even deal with Russia because we were alleging that a president was colluding with another country to upend our electoral process so we could even ever to present could even meet with them and that they were different. Say yeah get what we post on Facebook if there will be United States and we bought some Facebook ads and we actually probably want you when we hate Hillary Clinton but there is we gave them so much credit for delivering an election that they almost deserve. They deserve no credit and playing a role in but it poisoned the relations to the point of no return. Well I don't know if that was the effect because I think was poisoned in the brain from the get go. You didn't need American domestic politics to make him crazy and and become that person that you describe what he has done for blood recruit just to shift the focus to truly create real evil and and Ukraine. What he is done it in the mass murdering dog is what really distresses me know and how some conservative commentators are rooting for Russia and may want Russia to win what the hell is that about how how can you get patriotic lover of our country and up the international world order and will and and cheer on someone who is a megalomaniac who thinks that he can get over it with impunity. Change the orders and invade a sovereign country and and and expected the world to act to acknowledge and accept is you know ruthless imperialism. I think it is beyond the pale. And I II don't know how any as I said, you know real lover of our country and patriotism what we stand for can abide you know you know I firmly I firmly see World War II fingerprints happening again.

We look the other way we think we can appease. They just take take take from Georgia to Crimea and then decide on with you but I think you're overstating with some conservative saying they don't so want Russia to win they want talks and they wanted to and they don't think we should be involved. That's their argument is not my writing a lot about even Elon.

So why is my number one favorite Dr. or I root him on. I wanted to own twitter or whatever amount but when he said that the negotiations should start with the premise that your troop should remain in place as they are today. What he doesn't see every third of all you know about it then nuclear and it rewards the kind of vicious imperialism that we thought that the United Nations and the European Union and the NATO and all the rest of these international organization that put an end to it is right), who tends actions are indefensible.

Yet Mexico decides what Texas Arizona back know everything that we are likely to carry. We don't think likely to California and then the occupy and they say why America what you negotiate to negotiate. You just decided to forget about 220 years. A history of Micah do that so that's how I feel.

I'm 100% with you on this about the actual war itself on the ground. The Ukrainians using Western tactics that they're not squaring off of the Russians else around them and and make them get out, and that's what could be happening to your son and wiping them out and it turns out the most inexperienced forces are on the front lines, which is stunning is a general king told me this morning cut 31 what Ukrainians have done is they've cut off access to the city by dropping all the bridges and damaging the Little League out, forcing the Russians to be at sea. In other words, it being cut off from their supplies.

Ukrainians do not want to go into the city and fight building by building a block by block because they know that's casually producing a much rather squeeze the Russians and force their withdrawal is likely what will happen will see that unfold over the next three weeks so and then can you imagine getting more land and then what he can do. He's using Iranian kamikaze drones terrorizing urban centers why we not pressuring Iran why we not white why we not been standing up for the these men and women were being massacred in the streets over 200 been killed for standing up and and try to get their rights back were not doing anything while I agree with your essay. Ejecting the best military analyst on television today and I think that both interviews regularly scheduled between you and him are are really very very eye-opening and people should listen because it very astute and a lot and will approach the but in terms of what Ukrainians are doing it. What was thought to be one of the great I would lose. Sounds like I know Geraldo is taken hostage as he been taken hostage against his will, and so Geraldo will you take to free you. How much money do we have in the budget Allison if it is a hostage situation we have money for Geraldo and us mounts right so we will will go into overdraft to free and relay full times. Why doesn't Sever have more arguing.

He would actually give me a compliment and we lose and why this is happened that's cut week. I'm having think the radio God sang O'Brien and in your face, right. How dare you. I think he may be back down around the back back from him on the freeway heading toward a decent were in the Pennsylvania light that will of bookkeeper fall. Anyway, I think the Ukrainians what their dirt.

I've been a military war correspondent for decades I've covered every basically every conflict on the planet since 19 did my first international assignment or two in Chile than the young people war and everything that's happened since I have never ever ready with the possible exception of what is really managed to get, but I've never generally speaking, never seen an as wonderful as an as effective as is amazingly underdog against the big dog I've never seen a better military campaign than that conducted by Galinsky and the brave Ukrainian patron they are taking back their country, and Russia is falling apart their soldiers at the moral they are and we keep you young it it is it is amazing what that managed to do and I call on the United States to even more, along with European Union and brick, but I absolutely agree that we are not paying enough attention to the heroic women of Iran for standing up against repression of the regime.

I have I have always thought that Iran got the short end of the stick.

We get the Saudi much too much credit, but thereon is now exposed as being frugal and humanitarian anti-women. They are Neanderthal in their approach to gender equality it is.

It is disgusting what they're doing what they did to kill these young girls want only to have the freedom that they say on television every day and every other country, you know not where job they don't want to. I think were not paid nearly enough attention. This could be the reverse of the Khomeini revolt that through the shot out maybe this is the beginning of the end of the video product regime that is run thereon in the decade since I last night. I know next week. I next week, so lay out your assets want to be in a big rush to get time to plan and hopefully yet, the Yankees will dispose of your guardians and they could focus on the Astros brother verify so much talent they have now with the Astro down. We agree on that backbone both sides. All of us until information you want truth you demand. This is the variety kill me show how I like to describe like the ghost pronoun like further description of my gender. Personally, another one of her authors gave me also uses Agosto self sometimes he could technically be considered a ghost because of a source, but also because of the source he doesn't consider himself a ghost, but he uses it because of that I personally use it because it's just more comfortable for me and better describes how my gender feels to me ghost. I am so confused. This is pronoun mania the lives of tick-tock, put it out right so would and this is that the group that spanned from Twitter tweet this� Band around crazy thing is, what is to continue for. If you can't it's okay, but what is she talking about the pronoun ghosting goes south, I guess, is that he/she in a day than whatever she likes ghost that's a ghost I didn't do a deep dive down the rabbit hole of why she identifies as a ghost that we can do that if you so desire. I would even know where to start.

I don't disagree with you can ghost be male or female. That's a good question. I think we should maybe try to but this woman are discussed.

I'm sorry cannot ask but I think he feels white shade in fact did she feel that you could she feel too good for us.

Is this just an October thing around Halloween right is trying to sell turkey November right we should sent to the storage shed.

Could you put your best personal selling time happy consumer from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me all in 1 October of their midterms. Pres. Obama well rallies across the country present in the October of his first mentor did 15 rallies across the country present buying zero big rallies in the October of his first midterms. Instead of buying flex is using executive authority with court saw his pardons on pot and weave corsage actions on student loans so the why it matters of this is the present buying is avoiding big settings where she could hurt a Democrat in a place that is not particularly popular where his poles are underwater and instead is using executive action executive authority to project accomplishment and democratic so that was my count of actio's founder and he says that that's a deal that is tactic for Joe Biden to do smaller venues were raise money rather than big big events I think were missing one elephant in the room you have a big event you could schedule it. I don't know showing up. He is never been a big draw in one of these great assets during the pandemic. Was he never had to be just cross our joint assessing a political correspondent actio's hey Josh, the reason why something would Obama interrupted his no one would come over forgetting that Dr. certainly but I would also point clear by smaller campaign of California, Oregon, Colorado reverse some of the bluer states are on the map so it's not your side of the events, but it's also the fact that it's hard to find a lot of state that the battleground map that were looking at now on a candidate for the Democratic side that want Pres. Biden for a political event in their state. You have to go really Oregon the most political abuse event that the state was one of the most democratic state of the country. In Arizona, for example, might be a benefit trump was there. He has no problem going to Michigan place that he lost to us, both those states, but he'll kill get 18 22,000 and and that's a huge difference. Not many people want to hear Joe Biden talk Obama truck had I had strong support from both of their party. Whatever you think about Biden that not the type of politician that you get a dozen gender maybe a strong opposition vomited when you look at the numbers back in 2010 and in them about the term electric, but he certainly isn't engendering it strong support that Obama or Donald Trump. When he was president by map of the problem politically because you don't win a bet midterm to do well. The BPR you gotta get your voters to the pole. There probably are hoping that the issue of abortion Dr. R voters out of baked left about 12 but that that the big risk to take and not been the norm.

We seem to present the whole body getting their turn out getting a lot of functional Colby from around oh popularity and the base of the party so Joshua's thing is the you have Mandela Barnes make you clear I need help from Barack Obama's asked Obama to help bistro by about four points in a most poles to Ron Johnson and you think Pres. Obama seems to be hesitant to get involved. Now you will you hear that sometimes when you get into Philly late part of the campaign you see a lot of candidate throwing up. I will call Hail Mary They know they're down and are trying to kind of come up with them might yield her desperate attack after asking for all that you do, and help them out. Look, Obama had not been engaged in the midterm elections at all and that Raven was confident Brian is moving towards Ron Johnson. What about all the public going out all the conversations I've had with operatives involved so the notion that Obama would not go to one event that you do it for our strictly of a little bit unlikely and that story.

It sounded like Mandela gargle to do that for Barack Obama but look where you left for literally anyone would come to look out to help him out I Mandela gargle you when you need to make it about not about national trends remarkably should make about the campaign itself. Johnson back if you look at national Democratic Figures. The campaign for him shows just how challenging it can't get drunk and just the problem is I'm not telling you anything you don't know is the issue is no longer how bad police are and have to be reimagined is scrubbed by website of any anti-law enforcement, please don't mention zero cash bail and law and law and order is now a key plank of what matters to people by almost all surveys that puts guys like Mandela Barnes in trouble and John Federman in trouble, absolutely Republican take back the Senate. It's going to be on the issue of economy is obviously that you should give individual races that are down going down to the wire. Pennsylvania Wisconsin crime issue and in the future candidate quickly Barnes in Wisconsin that are well out of the political mainstream map on that topic actually in the Milwaukee newspaper. Just this week, if that. Mandela Barnes went on Russian television. One of the RT channel to call for defunding the police car six years ago I met a clip in the make the big break with the hope it would count the type of care that the Republican rhetorical talk about the quality report about a couple Republican candidate battleground. Rape is clearly Mandela Barnes. The problem for Democrat as I can to to Arizona passing by Kari Lake who has tough primary.

Now 50-50 flat-footed tie in the Democratic opponent does not want to debate or sit flat on one theatrics really okay and Blake Masters. I only saw clips, but by most reviews see themselves great benefit by really preparing going aggressively at Mark Kelly how close is how close his masters to Kelly reported an active real quick master primary campaign close to putting in a bunch of money to help with Masters out but that Mitch McConnell and Mitch McConnell wanted to put back has decided not to spend additional money in Arizona so I would like to take all the money over important but also follower the money is going and I was sort of like a McConnell and a lot of big state spending in Arizona going back in Arizona to spend money for the you think about winning, but what Arizona the swing state that probably the political environment you want to vote Republican. If the question about the candidate certainly Masters in the Senate race. Now Democrats of the candidate should also clean the governors race with pity.

Terry Lake Lake is taking a tax for outside of the mainstream of the Republican Party near the back of the courtroom, but you think the Democrats want to debate.

What right think that would be an opportunity for Democrat get their points across the fact that Katie Hobson could be scared of debating Terry Lake is a good sign for the Republican yeah but just broadcast is extremely experiencing confident I know she's got a hard time with other with other Republican outlets or right-wing outlets and she said I stood up to the fire. Now the whole thing was down trump I find it fascinating for the most part he's done tactically when everyone asked him to do low-profile up to election day and his candidates are now getting money from him on a super pack, he just formed in the footing with dollars. How much is at stake for trump yeah I want to record your birth candidate that started out of underdog will end up one of the nomination and now were looking at the general election win loss record so will look at Herschel Walker Georgia looking at Dr. in Pennsylvania and were looking at Blake Masters and in Arizona all the calls Walker.

Certainly, the calculated torture got momentum in Pennsylvania after what happened to the public. The Quote little bit at least an Arizona trunk of three and Ellen in the great that would be good news for trump in the running again and having a political strong political future on three very winnable rate that might change a lot of card your mind about trumps popularity with swing voters in the lobby of the most important motor international call use the present United States in a tough spot because he's got some pretty miserable outside jobs, economic numbers tell me if you think this is a good tactic at 13 you know Republicans are going to make you working middle class folks pay higher taxes based corporations.

By the way, every single piece of legislation I got past a couple people here we have not raised the tax and anybody making less than 400,000 bucks a year, public and women's inflation is going to get worse. That simple.

They also blame the Saudi's Vladimir Putin. He also said the. The oil companies there are greedy so do you think the American people had anything to get a response to the present explanation on the economic challenges Democratic playbook talking about back to them about about inflation of the data that is right now.

Brian� It's falling on people are looking up at the grocery shop in the lab month index that shown in question is not being restrained.

It got going up again. By the way across the country and at the worst possible time politically for the ministry so that you be independent voters that make up her mind. Collectively, all the as quickly as you and I do their their pocketbook voters for their their letter that are attuned to the economy more than almost anyone and they kind of break against the party in power structures with stocks is contributing also seen you put in the corresponding axioms. Josh does two things going on them by just can't wait to get your take on number one Lee Selden according to Trafalgar for according to Marist eight, down, down from 16 he's trailing Gov. Holcombe winning on Long Island winning upstate New York, 30% in New York City.

That's actually the problem but it's better than almost any other Republican since Pataki and out in Oregon.

The Republican with a four-point lead. These are blue states they could see Republican change doesn't mean just those races or something else.

Crime actually most significant.

Brian is right, so we're not talking about it about the local, state, and in the crime and home of the disorder public matrix.

The cross across the political battleground Republican think they have a very good chance of winning or the first time in 1982 because of crime and homelessness. I think I think you're right Brian about New York. I think we dealt with electric and much more competitive rate of the culture show because of how rampant crime is been and how likely it doesn't seem like the Democratic leadership of the city or have any control or any understanding about it significant that it will typically get you the local elections in 2021 Republicans, one for the Long Island narrator in another state other districts across the board in another area for Democrat couple control. You can't blame the public to deeply blue faded blue area and if your client is motivated Republican and you're not feeling much intently among Democrats and are not worried about abortion as much because they know that they have Democratic control in the big picture change looks at the local Baltimore state so.

Lastly, you know, for the longest time I've seen the scene. The border of the border. Chris Jenkins is incredible job of the border.

Just exposing what's happening in the numbers don't lie with unprecedented levels. 4 million in two years almost 2 million this year already. 800,000 got a ways to mount a fentanyl, but everyone seemed to be ignoring it outside when they all came to that bridge and the controversy controversy with the Haitian immigrants but now since the shipping of illegal immigrants voluntarily to major cities like DC, Chicago, most of all New York and then Martha's Vineyard thanks the governor of Florida, people are paying attention again how much does illegal immigrants matter and I believe it does. When I saw Holcombe callout the president the Sabine's got take responsibility there must be something on the internal polling that shows Democrats can ignore it anymore. What are you sensing Josh to particularly order and I would like to look at all the local rate early smoke signals of what happened in our politics lookup report just moved to write that Hillary Clinton would like 20+ point in 2016. Move them to cough up the B district for decades and now Republican leader of momentum, or actually where down the border in Texas. The Rio Grande Valley to work quite right with open doing a lot of great reporting that is the smoke signal, but how potent the issue. The majority Hispanic area. With the blunt of the disorder and chaos along the US-Mexico border and receiving his dramatic swings towards the Republican area just � thanks so much. What is you do today will be on with nuclear document that will be on with Mark McCalla in the afternoon breaking out over all the cold all the latest political development. Electric two great years to great shows. Thanks much � appreciated.

Thanks Brent I will we come back over the phone 1-866-408-7669 to finish up this hour a lot of intrigue on 2022 issues that need to be addressed.

I care I care about the election, but I mostly care about what they can do when they get there. Indeed address the problem Brian to meet learning something new every day, Brian kill me show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show here in Los Angeles.

We were thrilled about the traffic ticket cost $5000 pop policy UFC ring fundraising evening on a little Oakwood Biden told that he didn't understand why so many men his age imprint was that granddaughters to the dinner instead of that wise.

Did he really say that I'm pretty sure it's probably a joke often said that you never know.

This is the most inappropriate stuff. Hey Mike, this NW and DB in Daytona hey Mike hey Brian, my call it getting to the bottom gate, but let this sit here and listen to you and all your guest. Talk about Dan Janco being charged with five counts of lying to the FBI during Brian is a liar that the fact they did hiring. They paid him to lie to but call me and Rosenstein lied to the FISA court. You got Baker you got McKay you got paid you got struck everybody on the seventh for the FBI is a big liar and what are we doing about that. Brian is this this is to happen if they get the house and had to get the house you see these whistleblowers front and center. And that's we need the good people at the FBI reporting the political partisans who are just tax and evil and end up with MSNBC contracts. Thank Mike don't don't lose faith. Bruce Ulysse, in York, Pennsylvania hey Bruce, how to relate what I would talk about how we have been probably coordinated and buried so bad I'm the one I'm okay.

My point when they bring these trials and thank God finally come and were getting these trials out there sooner or later it comes out to where people in the court room are siding in one way, I gave you the frustration he is the passion understand it. Hey by the way, if you will use impassioned frustration he can sound out sound off our meeting on stage. Brian kill I'll be in Tulsa Oklahoma the 13th on the 12th of France, Mississippi, and December 2 Friday night. I'll be in Newark New Jersey. See you there is the fastest-growing radio show Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy and being with us all week long appreciation everyone of you. Brian kill me show of course we want to. I will if you want more me and who doesn't.

Please watch one nation Saturday night 8 o'clock. I think we have a great lineup.

It's going to include Dana Perino, Mark Levine is going to be on the show Kelly and Conway some of your all-time favorites are Raymond Arroyo's canoes do it out with us as well and I cannot wait for this Gary Casper off I want to find it was time about reproving the battlefield tactics are great and informative and interesting. But if anybody knows what's going on with his inner circle how this man who started this war and cost about 16 80,000 lives and will cost even more while he's just destroying innocent people in Ukraine who did nothing to him except live to me. I started how he stays in power. Gary Casper will join us. The chess champion turned activist who now lives in New York.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three, the FBI ran a mark under the Comey leadership.

They utilized both myself and the still dossier to continue to get warrants with absolutely no foundation, and they turned this country upside down.

That's George Papadopoulos on with Sean Hannity last night. Stunning. That's how I characterize with tapping at the dorm trial and I'll discuss that with Annie McCarthy the foundation of what we announced yesterday is to reduce the number, the amount of irregular migration so that people can avail themselves of the lawful pathway you only did he told people from Venezuela who come here illegally.

If you sneak in, without permission, without being screened you to be banned. This can be certain criteria.

Every secretary will fly you into the country, if not remain in Mexico and I said well wow remain in Mexico policy just for that as well as the problem is we want to return back to Mexico make us as we don't want them so they don't know of the agreement. Good job guys, the sun is conveyed to us both privately as well as publicly.

Their intention to reduce total production we make clear that would be the wrong direction is so inspirational to hear talk is in the Anthony blinking blame Saudi Arabia vilify Republicans. Nothing is my responsibility 40 year high. The whole world, and recession were just one of them. It's going to get better but it hasn't any said they'd inflation the thief would be transitory, and it's not one year later with you right now is any McCarthy joining us who's been overworked lately. I wouldn't be surprised we put in for time and happy as you do at one point become eligible for overtime realize that Andy Brian and FBI informant.

But I'm right about this put together a questionable dossier and make the FBI pay you $1 million to get it right and and this I am astounded by because I'm seeing it in this about 10 great stories this week, but I don't care if the shake was convicted or not me. Call me crazy. What is been exposed in the Sussman trial and now this has verified everything the people suspected about what was going on the last two years. What you wrote the book you wrote full of collusion with the home of the report in the Russian hoax. So for you to find out that $1 million is off the Christopher Steele to verify his dossier.

What was it was your jaw when it was announced pretty well and I think Brian. The reason is because it amounts to saying that now we should frame it in a timeline for people fully understand. They started getting information from steel in around June 2016. The Bureau and they get all these reports, including his not only the infamous piece that stuff all the nonsense about how there was a conspiracy of cooperation between trumpet and trunk will take Ukraine off the table as an issue to scratch the back and help trunk with the election with leaks and all that jazz. So they get there, getting this reporting for five months. They sit him down in Rome in October 2016 and that's where you are from $1 million to corroborate. So when you say that the thing you spent a lot of stuff but there's no so they understand that it's not verified. Now why is this important because October 6 October 2016 is also when they go to find the court and under federal law and under US court will have to verify information before you bring it to the FISA court because unlike the regular criminal court in FISA. Everything is classified and no one ever gets any due process Bureau has a higher obligation to make sure that what they bring to the court, they'd make sure that they had good reason to believe it's true before they allege it. So they're offering to pay the guy $1 million, which is basically saying you have to verify the prevention then they go to the FISA court on the road, not once but twice. At that point and use his information to get surveillance warrants that in late January 2017.

They finally get around to what they should've done in the first place which interview the main source for steel and he tells them that the information is complete nonsense that they go back to the five support psyche Judges sorry we got it wrong. No, they continue to rely on field information and this is my favorite part of what makes me want to shoot myself.

They tell the court they had now in an effort to corroborate steel. They interviewed his main sub source PS he had been corroborated at all. At that point and what they tell the court about their gentler we interviewed him and we found them to be cooperative and truthful. But what they leave out is that he was cooperative and truthful about the fact that steel information was not more surveillance, more on the road. Let me just make it so I will underline that I'm being truthful in saying the document is not truthful so I will tell you honestly say this is not true court to believe that they can go in an effort to further corroborate steel corroborated at all and we found we found that strength of the sub source to be cooperative and truthful. So if you're judging everything that you said you all corroborated steel what they left out was that he completely might feel like this didn't tell the court that and there's no hell to pay. And the whole time. Once again, this is where examining the spies applications and sales history.

You walk into a judge and you have the authority, the FBI and have you were that would you give me before I make a judgment is the truth. I take it I look at the document. There's no counterargument. The way the FISA court set up.

I come back and say okay from what I read. If this is truth. You now have your phis application approved and reapproved and reapproved, but it's all based on integrity and we don't have any and do you think this is an isolated incident or would you it would logic slip into Andy McCarthy's life and said there's gotta be other times where an FBI in an effort to do whatever the hell they want on hunches. They may have or agendas they want to fulfill the FISA court just to get something greenlighted and put anything they want down there because one guy got Russ slap on the wrist for changing that guy Kleinsmith won the fight of phis application. Can we backup a second me a second time and look at the Schenkel source so the shake is the source for steel still can't go back to Russia get arrested. So here's to you. Sources in Russia says the Schenkel ends up being a paid source for the FBI. Let's back up Charles Dolan what was exposed yesterday by Charles Dolan Drought wanted basically concealing concealing source of some information and the other would prefer gardening Stargate million is about making up million as a source when he actually didn't speak to million. So with Dolan. What happened was of great importance in terms of substance, but it shows you how lax the FBI was here basically what what happened was that Schenkel reached out to Dolan to ask about what was going on in the trunk campaign.

At the time that they hooted all matter for August 2016. 19447 campaign made in July and what does it get back to ventricle and I've checked with Republican friend of mine, and here's what happened. And it turned out that there was infighting in the trunk campaign about reading it and say that was reported like every one right so well PS we saw The testimony that no one now he didn't actually have a Republican Party for walk in the new capo when he picked up doing the same thing.

You and I like to get in the media and then get checked out to steal, but they don't admit that Dolan is the source of that and then when the FBI later in check so they asked him did you ever talk to Dolan about anything that within the dossier and he said you know as far as the allegations of the dossier now, but it's a little vague because he also told you we talk we talk around the subject, but nothing that actually like in the document sent to Susan and we can be a tough one for pro rata win, but at the same time you know if you're the FBI had find that out. If you're actually competently interviewing. Check out have you not know where this is all coming from but what the agent testified yesterday.

It is the handling agent for Janco who paid him $200,000 and wanted to pay him another $346,000 would not It turned out he didn't even know that in 2009.

The Bureau changed all on suspicion that he was a Russian spot was. He was working for SEI was working for the FBI informant after the whole debacle steel why they would fight about at that point, I don't know but they said he was getting them buried more information about Russia's effort to stabilize our society now.

In the meantime, I haven't seen anything about about that. Who knows what that would you rely on them telling you that Schenkel had provided important information about what you're trying to undermine her when these are the same guys who like the whole telling the person telling the FISA court, the president of the United States with a Russian accent believe a word any of these guys say I don't. Sometimes this ticket is confusing, but just know that Charles Stone also did Russian connections from dating back to the Yeltsin Clinton days so that he was able to move around in Russia where steel couldn't so he's providing information on a poet with political political information as he deftly had an agenda. So how does this relate to Hunter. I don't Jim Jordan glinted well last I cut 21 what I think is interesting though, the guys testify to all that yesterday and today also happens to be the name that pops up from the whistleblower who went to Sen. Grassley who said two years ago this month. There was a group at the FBI who suppressed the Hunter Biden story and the same witness who testified all that in court yesterday was the guy involved in suppressing that information that was critical for the nation to have just weeks before the most important election. We do, which is the presidential election so that is our FBI.

I'm frankly at the point where I don't know who you can believe that the FBI country is and I think I got a factor that into the election just 26 days from from today you see mean the same people said okay and 20/20 trump could be winning. Gotta make sure that doesn't happen this laptop could flip things literally so we got a sense Russian disinformation and we gotta make sure no one publishes it and they had successfully signed up 51 CIA operatives for directors to say this is classic present disinformation. There was classic crackhead kid without with those in a dilute in a draw in a drug stupor dropped off a laptop and an independent computer repair shop that's that or Russian disinformation. I can't figure out which one it is worth. Jim Jordan described talk about his name Brian.supervisory intelligence analyst at the Bureau. He's the one Janco they find out that completely undermines steal information that they can corroborate yet they don't bring that information to the FISA court. So get this because of the steel debacle Chris Wright, director of the FBI were farmers thought for internal (office of professional responsibility about the day should really get a look at the conduct and propose like some of you don't like what he should be suspended or fired or whatever while he's under that investigation.

FBI drafted Hunter Biden and they asked him doing analysis of the information that Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson. The two Republican senators have been collecting about Hunter and he writes an assessment from which they conclude that this is all Russian disinformation from which of course is you just described the old narrative for dismissing all the Hunter Biden derogatory information is Russian misinformation comes a thing have any attainment of of brushing this information. They said that was Russian.

This information and yet you know what they want with respect to trump budget information that is total nonsense in the Russian inculpatory nation Cox or or or deliberately devious and manipulative and they've deftly doubt that this affects elections, not some crazy schemes about what happened in certain voting machines in different states. These are the types of things we should be investigating the other stuff was was a dry hole. Obviously, any no one stooped to you been all over this and will follow the dorm I don't care about the conviction I want I want the revelations in McCarthy.

Thanks so much Brian. We come back all you guys. I see up there 1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base. Brian kill me show a radio show like no other, kill me.

Hey, welcome back, everybody, Dana Perino came in one minute early just to show that she could be orally. I think it's a great character trait that you have you ever really goes you had anybody even 25 minutes early well because he was ready guys make up. He was like that in high school to do was leave a bit of a crazy guy would actually be interested in asking about that because I think I know now and are now part of the discipline letter part of the Bush discipline showing up early with part of the whole thing was he was a little bit, maybe not until he was ready like it is act together right after a couple of days and his dad was a stickler for that to my grandfather but I have an early dinner. I have a lot of work nightmares of being late. Really well as a guide. I'm never late but it did. Maybe that's it. Maybe true conscience seemed to like that ever happen that allows you never to be let it happen during the you NGA is all that terrible traffic you Brian.

I was almost late. I got out of my car and started running down the street in my jumpsuit and because I was in a make it and how to get on the subway to jump across upon let you know what I'm his tariff and mediation. As you take subway while the subways in New York before you in New York all last week. You and Charlotte W. I do not know that Dana Perino we come back.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me in response to the wildcard farms you need anything. I am referring to corruption which I've been trying to expose time for please so they laughed Dana Perino with us right now and you know it's in Ron Johnson's bill exposing over the whistleblowers that have come forward from the FBI to him you seeing if you are paying attention to the dorm trial. You see the corruption at its core. This been exposed and you see what happened over the last few years were McCabe and struck in others we get the laugh in Wisconsin.

They understand the foundation behind it. It's absolutely true Dana. I can't. I hadn't heard that until just now that they laughed and we played a different soundbite from that debate on newsroom and they laughed during that tail. So I wonder if the Democrats in the audience had a plan right to try to just help Mandela Barnes, who is basically helpless at the moment he's knocking a man, to help them out. Well I bet Obama doesn't go because he knows that now Barnes is gonna lose and Ron Johnson is actually answering this question on the very day that we learn that the John turn investigation is not just having Dan Shank on trial, but the FBI is really on trial here and it's really distressing to find out what had happened during that time Andy McCarthy on America's newsroom. Just this morning I asked him what would you do you think it's improved since 2016. Is it better now marginally maybe as he said, but he thinks that the intelligence part the international intelligence part. The spine part of the FBI should be taken away from them and that they should go back to being purely law enforcement. That's a big big decision and would be a bold move, but something like Andy McCarthy who has great respect for law enforcement and as a former district attorney and US a fine assistant US attorney in the Southern District of New York had to work with the FBI a lot. That's a big step to take, and it doesn't do it with pleasure and he's certainly not laughing about it, we we said in the on to a because we thought we could do it better than you guys so I'm good now that sorry.

I don't mind and I'm just astounded about the revelations I'm not even I don't care about the conviction.

I don't care about Michael Sussman not been convicted.

What was exposing that trial to me told everything that you suspected that people thought were crazy tinfoil hat theories. Sadly was correct and then it comes out the hold still dossier the fact it was used to get a Pfizer warrant and the fact is, they couldn't verify it, and the FBI knew they couldn't verify it and just in at just a question to you when James Comey pulls Donald Trump aside when he was President-elect and says I swear to tell you this this document out there that says it all these horrible things happen. I just wanted tell you that this is gonna be coming out to the press got older it. Do you think he knew it wasn't true. I don't know.

I do think that the reason he told the president that the press had already had. It is because he probably gave it to them always about tail and everything like that. As I understand it from my past experience that the FBI can't go public with some information and tell the person the target. The subject is informed Saudi see what I'm saying. So we tell Pres. Tromp in order to be able to leak what I don't understand is always in public and they sent right is just a trumpet. She's a brand-new character. They just had to get rid of. I guess so someone hands him this seasonal this year's excretes his lawyer and look at distances in this true, this is when the doors closed, Stacy's directory. I don't know you know I don't know why I talked to Chris for steel and he doesn't stand behind it and this does James Comey say use it anyway. Or does he think boss this document is true, it's red-hot the country securities at risk. This is unbelievable. I guess you technically get a brief the present. But we have to find out if John McCain drops it off the offenses note drops it off and says is true he thinks is true is Comey duped his everyone underneath them duping the director like he's the Queen of England was the queen of England's old 6'9" of them actually the banister. The timber right does design intrigue you will because he's able to go in front of you know him because he director of the FBI when when you guys know he visits Amos Deputy Attorney General under 30 was under Muller's deputy. Yeah I know I he was under on Ashcroft okay your hamburger down the Atty. Gen. and he is a man remember who went famously to the hospital wherever trying to re-up the president of the nicest, trying to re-up.

I spine capabilities on Terrace and Ash Grove had a Ashcroft was incapacitated because he is at the hospital and Comey went to the hospital and is a terrible situation coming and I don't think that that's partisan Republican or Democrat are not just I look back on that and think that was my first exposure to a couple other things you would your leader.

You can take responsibility is to be clinically savvy and say I can win election. I want you to hear.

Would Pres. Biden saying about our relationship with Saudi Arabia as if they are to blame: John Kirby cut to yard sales and and that's absolutely good to be on the table. Eli, I can tell you that that will be an option that that the present looks at is the display and the scale of size that the whole program of arms sales to doing something like that, John. They just run to the Russians or the Chinese and that we don't want to do that part of the calculus. When you think about arms as as you and I have to remember that that the kinds of capabilities we give Saudi Arabia's is not just to Saudi Arabia's benefit that we derive some benefit from that as well or 70,000 Americans that live there hello coming again. We haven't made any decisions. I don't want to get ahead of where we are but arm sales will certainly be one of the options it will terribly. So he's they vilified Republicans not Republicans. They vilified Saudi Arabia is the reason the gas prices going up Vladimir Putin's price hike is the reason why oil and gas go up when OPEC is done this further that my whole life they've always been pulling back into production. Why are we going after all relation your transaction relationship with Saudi Arabia. Don't they know that means at this.

It's either Ron or Saudi Arabia can have both and you can't have one touch a friend of mine who was national security I and our world back in the pressurization. He said he cannot believe that the Biden ministration is taking us back to where we were before September 11, absolutely and the danger in the right and and that day consequences that are pushing the Saudi's closer to China and Russia so this is not very deft diplomacy. Not only that, the fact that the document came out this is a slightly dispute but I believe the Saudi's that the Biden administration asked OPEC to wait a month that's political not exactly what they wanted to impeach Trump over that in the Saudi's came back in the plane. The skin they're playing a taking a train heart that plan our body playing hardball and I will say this interest in our system. They do understand our system well they know in elections coming up in the elections coming up and right exactly so they were to put the squeeze on. That's good point, but this thing is Dean. I'm just amazed at how no one plays a move ahead right when you. I sometimes know when you get on the stump you have to say things get elected then you quickly amended and famously JFK when he is running about a new generation time get the old guys out of Susie when selection goes and sees Eisenhower may solicit you that I have great respect for you. So when he goes out and says their pariah nation on think of myself which are alternative to and it is. He went back to run around with their idiots.

They have not taken the best deal of the get in their life. That's almost ready to evaporate just as timeout.

While all this unrest happens. They killed 200 there people who just one right sees these people call women who wanted a place in society. So does he understand we do pariah nation and then when you say will dedicate sanction you will Lennox stop a missile defense for you. What is your next move will ensure that the Biden diplomacy ~just a blunt instrument hen is obliterating our relationships and also the anything is there is new leadership in Saudi as well and that relationship will have to be.

He's a young man NBS is a young man, but he's not going anywhere. This is mid 30s yeah there are probably 79 or 60 more years and so the great answer to that would have been well we are going to unleash America's energy oil independence again. But, hi, it's like beating your head against the wall thinking of why doesn't it ministration to something that's commonsensical. Here's Joe Lieberman. He used to be a Democrat cut five my to some viewers in the 70s unbalances since the 1930s analyzes the words will sit down and talk about before we start punishing them because there is the risk that were going to drive them into the arms of China and Russia were really really don't want to go and I think we can better relationship. Again, if you just ask people how the Abraham Accords happened is this society greenlighted it and it was about to be done with Israel and Saudi Arabia had trunk I reelected yeah and I remember learning from Steve Hadley national security advisor under oppression. He had been a deputy to Conti.

He said something wise, and that was that you should praise your friends in public and criticize them in private. And so what Biden dad as he slipped out around right so he's kind of the pariah nation. But then in private panic. No hard feelings right so I think you do what I do a lot I always goes and I was noteworthy when people are normally allies come out and are critical of a policy, for example, when when a longtime friend of a Bush 41 came out against the war. Scowcroft that did that to me is newsworthy. Okay, why would he do that there's no agenda just cares for the country. Jamie Dimon is hardly an eight of the right comes out and says, in March we should've known when this war started. We have to increase production refinery capacity and fracking. We didn't do it. We put ourselves in this we should be the swing oil producer instead. I don't know what he's doing. People like always, never been that bright listen. I'm not asking you to take the SATs or amends exam. I'm just saying be politically savvy streetsmart and say yeah I'm with him and get murdered in the midterms. If the mic if the American people are paying five dollars for guests, so let's increase production maybe not announce it's Adele upset my left but announcements increase production. Instead, I would've been on the vilified gas station owners for gouging and sit and gas companies for making too much profit, but you won't let them produce more products of the profit goes up. I think that you see a lot of that next week from the Biden ministration Antarctica directly after that oil companies are the things that the press secretary this week signaled was that it's a patriotic duty for oil companies to charge less to American on this topic, Michael Bennett actually Tracy and Michael Bennett got a big benefit with the Prez United States one over to Colorado and's and bestowed this federal land 460 miles essentially to be federal and they cannot be touched. It's going to be a major national Park Mesa. What a victory for Michael Bennett on think of myself. I don't know.

I can name 10 people in Colorado you do, you can but a lot of people in Colorado probably one oil and gas jobs and a lot of them don't want to pay five dollars for gas. Why is Michael benefit of Michael Bennett got a benefit in a statement which he's he's got it counted a Republican right on his heels.

What is the benefit from that argued that oblivious to think that there everybody wants to pay a lot of money for oil, gas, and everybody thinks the earth is going to burn up in 10 days.

Right. I think I read that same peace and access. This morning I laughed a little bit because I thought both if that's your victory to victory for Michael Bennett victory for how long is that last. I think a cotton candy sugar high right. Remember that tomorrow will remember when you pump gas light independence in this country is the majority people are independent right and there's a lot of people that you don't listen.

It's a practical way in my life. You know, you tell people air AC doesn't work indicates can't be used. I can plug in my electric car afterwhile will wise my life screwed up again why am I living like it's 1910, and the independents are mostly in the suburbs and what he had to do in the suburbs when you have to get kids to soccer practice and set the car I will know and a lot of some people can't afford to do $85 to fill up the tank and is not a problem that that's not that many people in the country right and then we see these people. 6/10 live paycheck to paycheck and then you see those numbers of people. I like to see when we don't have a recession looming, but have any people harm pain at least one bill you hear that, and that's we had a tap into not to say but tap into it.

Listen we come back a few moments with Dana Perino and Dana Perino never seen her so excited with all the things happening her life. The fact that she's to be on one nation Saturday at 8 o'clock and the winner repeated at 11 has a more excited than she's ever been, including the name press secretary. These are words that she almost said actually was thinking she never set up. I hope she feels that way back in a moment this weekend.

Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel yeah Brian kill me is got a new show on Saturdays because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel more Brian coming out if you're interested in it. Brian's talking about your with Brian kill me you wouldn't mind, is very good relationship with Tom when we don't look at what color we are only cultic and that we just know it's a lot of very good white friend that quote in this league as well and I don't think it's a big deal as far as us being Colton against each other think is normal. Got an opportunity to do a good job hopefully doesn't and we called Paul we don't look at: well say see you guys look like them grow up like them that were both begin with and I think the minute you guys start stop making a big deal about everybody else will as well is a black coach say he's got a second shot in five years he was with the Jets got fired will become defense. According to the box takes over the job and people talk about two black coaches coaching gets each other. Dana I know this is portion life and I love sports sports so I want to blend that in with real life. I loved his answer. I do know I don't know if we were to her that answer couple years ago makes me feel more optimistic that things are getting better in my right. That way, if ever, turning a corner right that the session with race is not running it in advance. Us right and a lot of people felt like it was pulling him backwards and we have a lot of challenges in this country. Racism still exists. Of course it does. But we have made great strides in the way to make great strides continue into the future is to figure out a way to work together in writing obsessed with it because it is it can be a hindrance he could walk around every day looking for injustice in your life and why you're not achieving what you're achieving or have what you want and don't have continue to say it's ratio is essential to do the gender. I think she's plays into America being an awful slump. I just see us. I don't see, for example with World Cup and one for the World Cup yesterday.

I don't fear them taken in the anymore I don't fear that happening on Veterans Day anymore at a football game.

I think that I'll take little strikes as like the fever is broken. I hope I hope so. To write, commencing with area but I'm saying I'm hoping and I think with the minute people stop the obsession, the better it gets the big thing is going to this affirmative-action's decision only on the Supreme Court and a lot about it and why do you think about what you think. Well, it could out there and not just college affirmative-action but evidently might make companies all across America have to rethink things to remember that really that long California that got past that he had to have a certain number of people on the board that also might get tossed out while I just say level playing field for everyone and it's time just to compete I think would be a win for everybody. The Supreme Court says left something to complain about.

I Dino C1 one nation Saturday over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox news or wherever you get your

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