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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from Saskatoon

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 10, 2017 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from Saskatoon

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

I'm coming your way live from Chile in cold Saskatoon, Canada.

The questions we got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yes so so there was about 80 difference. I flew into Orlando on Monday night and it was 72.

We arrived there was eight below it.

Saskatoon were going that extra I was going next and up boy it's a long way to get here too but thrilled to be here for weekend of meetings even more thrilled to be alive with you right here in the line of fire Michael Brown Friday. That means you got questions, we've got answers, 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH for truth. Anything under the sun. You want to ask me talk to me about in any area of expertise I have any way that I can be of help to you whatsoever here I am, my joy and privilege to do so. Thank you again, all of you who prayed for our filming with God TV. I preached 16 messages in two days, we recorded 1630 minute shows a four new broadcast on God TV called world on fire. I believe it starts airing early March ready have a five minute daily show called ask me anything right respond to questions sent in by viewers of God TV but this show will be 30 minutes preaching where I really get to pour my heart out about holiness, about discipleship about revival, about the real gospel versus the contemporary gospel, God's grace was was on me to do it and make sure I got good sleep and of course healthy eating just invigorates me so can't wait for those shows to come out and what's interesting is that God TV's biggest audience is outside of the United States. So we get to minister to folks in countries like India by the tens of millions, and that all over Europe and Africa, and so on. So thank you for being a part of that. Thank you for praying and let me share something with you before I go to the phones call Dave Myers a good friend heads up the Jerusalem Institute of Justice sent out a newsletter about the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem and he says this. The arguments of those who are for and against moving the US Embassy Jerusalem are wildly exaggerated their sensationalism. Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish nation several millennia before Washington appear Washington DC appeared on the map of the world. Indeed, ages before was inhabited by white Europeans, perhaps even before was inhabited by Native Americans so it's a big deal but makes the current melodrama all the more inappropriate is the fact that US Congress decided the Jerusalem Embassy act of 1995 to move the embassy to West Jerusalem. First well this is old news. Secondly, West Jerusalem. Unlike East Jerusalem, which some still claim to be disputed territory has clearly been under interest undisputed is really sovereignty since 1948.

No one in the world except preposterous radical Islamic movements that still deny the very existence of the Jewish state ever dispute the fact that West Jerusalem is included within the legitimate boundaries of the Jewish state is absolutely ridiculous.

Indeed, laughable that anyone outside of the Israeli government should think that they have the right to determine where Israel's capital is. This would be similar to the Knesset decided to move the Israeli embassy to Dallas Texas before is because forces rose concerned. Dallas should be the capital of the US Iraq absent many Texas may actually brace that viewpoint. If violent attacks against Israelis. The result of the US administration's decision regarding the embassy than those made a big deal of this issue are to blame and not the Americans really governments journalists in the Western media may have literally created the justification of scratch for Islamic terrorists to spill more Jewish but a recommendation to the international media and political pundits is to move on to more exciting news.

Get over it already the decision with US Embassy is not in the slightest. Feeling the president doesn't speak much more sensational decision.

Sosa Scully Myers justice them with you calling right back with your questions for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown broadcast you've got questions you've got answers. Michael Brown from Chile cold snow covered Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 866-34-TRUTH 784 through listening anywhere in the area, even a few hours away. Don't know the next. I will be up this way. Come and join us in faith alive family church tonight, Friday night seven the night and Sunday morning. By the way, let's see.

Left Orlando with the hotel at 830 in the morning yesterday and then went from there flew to Charlotte had about 2 1/2 hour layover in Charlotte then flew from Charlotte to Toronto and then just about an hour hour and 1/2 there just enough time to go through passport control customs, the whole bit.

And then the flew from there about a four hour flight actions over four hours last night at the Saskatoon cystic from leaving the hotel.

Arriving at the hotel is about 14 hours yet about 80 difference and Klonopin.

All's well I'm energized and alive and excited to be on the air with you.

8663 freight 7884 will start with Michael and Fort Lee, New Jersey. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Although read Revelation 12 point read allegorical however that occurs on 23 tempera bits. Describe the same store alignment of Revelation 12 also be stored discovered by astronomers on 23 September 2015 and despotic guided the wise men for two years. During the birth of Jesus complete this to get back along 23 step 2017 significant electoral event whether the celestial events of significance to me would be totally different then the question about Revelation 12 and in other words, this clearly symbolism here in Revelation 12 great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head. She was pregnant, cried out in pain. She was about to give birth in another sign appeared in heaven than enormous red dragon with seven heads and 10 horns and seven crowns on his heads we know, for example, depictions of Satan or Leviathan on or some type of powerful adversarial spirit. The ancient world. He was a dragon with with seven heads so where we are aware of of that type of imagery and we know the whole book of Revelation is filled with signs and typology so it is absolutely correct to read that sir as allegorical in Revelation chapter 12 as to whether there is significance to these other events of which you speak. I have not followed them. I'm not aware of of them in detail. I would only say this God can use the constellations to get our attention.

God can use unusual formations in the heavens to get our attention. You do have the astrology saying and the pagan way of looking at the stars, but to recognize that God has always spoken through creation and then unusual arrangements of things or unusual timings of things have gotten our attention or have made people realize something's up something unusual is happening. I'm fine with that but I have no comment on the specifics that you mention haven't followed it, and I don't follow these things on a regular basis to say this is extraordinary. This is never happened and it happened that certain key dates and therefore to get our attention, is Revelation 12 continue to read it allegorically in terms of the symbolism. It certainly meant in that way. Thank you for the question. I appreciated 866-348-7884. Let's go to Hyattsville, Maryland Carl, welcome to the line of fire your Michael, you bet you math curriculum spider, none when you're talking about the African Hebrew in July heritage under communication yet and just just be clear. That was last Thursday and my guest who is a Jew of African descent as opposed to many in the black Hebrew Israelite movement. I was was talking about the errors and dangers of the black Hebrew Israelite movement and how it had its origins as a African Jews and then became this cult with with people with no connection to Israel whatsoever.

Some just just in it for the benefit of our listeners tuning and yes fascinating show fascinating guest go him that I will mimic and prepare his his name, let me just make sure I pronounce it correctly the first name is is is Marcy yahoo.

But let me just let me just get it up here. Hang on hang on almost here, here we go. Yeah, sorry ESR is is the last name is is up Marcy yahoo it saw Sean Roth. That's the part I was didn't have correctly. So Charlotte Marcy yahoo is his Hebrew name (because I I wanted to know I'm interesting and in that ministry and ministering to who not only direct Jews but also to do in general, you also have your ministry directed to been cooked and Mona Israel, and by government African Hebrew select community that lived there and they had been accepted as of and given status in Israel. So I'm quite familiar with them, but this this undergarment. He was given with the website some time ago when your last interview not to spend the time before, but that website if it was on the construction industry still beyond the construction and a number of us to hear our enemy could could we get website for him a contact number for him. His congregation yeah I don't. I'm not sure about his congregation here sufficiently.

Can you stay right there right, and how it's going to come on and get your email and in my assistant Dylan will do his best to connect you to write so were talking about a Jewish follower of Jesus, who is of African descent and are not important and very right. Right. Because big you like in Dimona. They also hired ex-Olympic. They have difficulty record Bible available on the New Testament in there and hurt the mark of the graffiti that they worked into the New Testament of the Bible you have right yet you have you have very good sir, you have a black Hebrew Israelites who do have some relief in Jesus, but often only as the Savior of the black race was certainly not the Savior of the white race. There other cultic views very legalistic and then very hateful and destructive.

So just again for listeners, we want to distinguish and will put the put those in Dimona, Israel will not bring us into the discussion right here but there are Jews, for example, Ethiopian Jews at some point in history through intermarriage with people in Africa.

The tribes of Israel. Individual Israelites communities were birth just like there's been intermarriage with Ashkenazi Jews from which I dissent. Hence, the European characteristics. So there's been intermarriage with different groups around the world and there have been substantial numbers of Jews who can legitimately say we are part of the tribes of Israel through intermarriage we are part of the tribes of Israel in the history of Israel and we are Jews, most of them do not believe in Jesus, but there many do Ethiopian Jews and and lumber Jews in Zimbabwe are many of them are believers in Jesus as well. That is separate from the black Hebrew Israelite cult. We just want to make that clear. So Carl stayed there. Dylan will catch up, however, get your contact info and send to Dylan and we will connect you with my guest from a week and 1/2 ago.

I thank you for calling stare at their 866-348-7884.

Can I share a prayer request with you. I just saw this post on Facebook.

I can imagine the gentleman's name.

Hello Dr. Brown I am an addict and I want to stop using. I'm from Oxford California and when I was at new life Church. I spoke when you came and spoke. I was amazed with what you said. I also have injected myself and I suffer with my sexuality. I do not want to use anymore.

Everyone tells me need to want to stop to stop in there right when you came down and spoke. He spoke about the relationship you have with God. What do I have to do to give myself to God. I do not want to live this life of sin drugs desperation I want to live a life of happiness, joy, hope and inspiration, I wrote back to him giving them counsel as to what he needed to do along with God than who we needed to reach out to in the church community to get help. Would you pray for this man, self identified drug addict in California God we lift them up to pray that today is the day when he comes to the end of himself and the beginning of your grace, and that in the years ahead. He would review the ask God in the name of a member right back with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire, 866-348-7884. Not sure what the delay is with Apple getting our app on its store, but you can download the android apoptosis look at it last night and and so blessed to see so much that's available for you.

It's free. Of course, asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown for all your android phones and devices.

This way, just at the click of a finger. Latest articles, latest videos Jewish outreach latest line of fire. Listen live on your phone just just export get it.

Recommend that your friends let's get this out by the millions. 866-348-7884 we go to Jared in blue Springs, Missouri, drawn the line of fire.

Doing well. Thanks real quick question for you and wrote it down so that I could get out about the night! Lastly, the other day by Chuck and the ethic of what he was saying. In brief, was that even more than giving credit to the adversary taking organizing and paying would be more like taking a married night and now you're using the new name Christ name Christian to identify yourself and we misrepresent the one who gives you the new name use that name in vain or irreverently. There thereby a misrepresentation of God by calling yourself a Christian.

The not living a Christian life will be blessed now that in mind, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit to be seen at the nightly gaps in the work of the spirit, i.e., real property congener are not the work of the Holy Spirit could be understood as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Also, the abuse and the intentional manipulation of the of people by using HER trickery attribute and attributing to the Holy Spirit would be considered blasphemy Holy Spirit. If even how we approach our theology is stupidly believing the district they are not are not so if application it really broadens the realm of blasphemy is glassy spirit as and hold the to a far higher standard of living the Christian life than than most of us are ever taught at least year and we also still hear them more aware of God. It is so salty Jared appreciate you taking time to write that out. I agree with the spirit said in terms of how were identified as followers of Jesus in our lifestyles bring him reproach that that brings disparagement to God's name and I am very sensitive to the fact that denial of what God is doing by his spirit or manipulating people and false ways allegedly by the spirits of those things are grievous in his sight I did. I just would not put them in the over category blasphemy of the spirit because the severity of that is such that Jesus is all never be forgiven and can never be forgiven. So there is a certain hardness of heart. With that in the context of Mark three.

It is knowingly and willingly attributing the works of the Holy Spirit to demons, so you have these religious leaders who certainly understood that Jesus was was operating in the power of God but harden their hearts to the point that they attributed it to Satan and because of that were were cutting themselves off from God's grace, and from God's mercy.

But here's an interesting thought. The God says in Ezekiel and Isaiah that his name is being defiled or blasphemed. And by the way, this is this is not a technical term with theological connotations only. It would be like, you can slander a person, or you can slander God and and when you're slandering God you call it blasphemy. But God says Jared and Isaiah 52 that his name is blasphemed among the nations because of the children of Israel being scattered around the world.

In other words, it makes him look bad. It makes him look impotent. It makes him look deficient. It makes it look like the God of the Israel was defeated by the other gods because he wasn't strong enough to preserve his temple, and to keep his people and the land and now they are exiled and it made him look bad so in that respect.

I agree with the spirit of what you're saying. Our responsibility for going to name the name of Jesus the way we live can bring honor to the Lord, or can drive people away from him.

If were going to name the name of Jesus the way we live.

Could make people think well of him or make people think poorly of him.

There are religious Jews around the world.

If they ever would say anything close to the name of Jesus, they would spit on the ground afterwards at the name that we revere the name of Yeshua. They would spit on the ground if they said it. Why because they associate him with the Crusades and inquisitions in the Holocaust and 15+ centuries of of anti-Semitism so that is how the church has made Jesus look bad to the world when say evangelical leaders brothers and sisters of mine, evangelical leaders would say one of us sends in a very public way. We get caught in adultery we get caught stealing money we get caught in some kind of hypocritical lifestyle not only makes us look bad not only makes all evangelicals look bad, but it makes this Jesus of the evangelicals look bad and when it comes to the spirit. Let us be careful let us be careful let us speak carefully. Just because something is different than what you're used to. And people say the Holy Spirit is moving in your different than it's different usually don't be so quick to write it off and and attributed to demons.

Be careful, be careful in the same way. Do not under any circumstances. Use a gift or not you have to manipulate people for any gain. Financial gain or other personal level so again I appreciate the spirit of what you saying I just wouldn't put it on the category of blasphemy, 866-348-7884 got one phone line open if you'd like to join and friends. I will be taking your calls for 90 more minutes, so feel free to call in now.

The sooner you call the better chance we have of get your calls. If you're not able to listen to the rest of the show.

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Click on donate together friends make up the loss of different it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for being part of the cast joining us on the line of fire, 866-348-7884. Let's go to our friend Eliana in Clinton Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Graham how are you doing well. Thanks Dr. Backstrom of McGregor's stronghold of food. Thank you so much you and your wife or writing and I wish it was an audio goodness to review and sign over and got inside to the touch of the publisher about that and yeah absolutely. My question is what it was two-part. I guess depending on what you believe will determine whether or not you can maybe answer the second part but didn't you believe that the millennium I'm not spoken of in the word and I am your after a mutually returned. If that's it. You believe that's a literal thousand years, and which shall reign on earth actually return you as best as I understand it, the actual thousand years is only mentioned in Revelation the 20th chapter, we know Revelation book of revelations filled with symbolism, but it is mentioned several times in that passage it would be in harmony with.

So the end of Isaiah where it says that someone dying in 100 would be accursed and it was widely believed in the early church, even the concept of 6000 years of human history and 1/7 thousand years would be a millennial millennial kingdom and one day being with the Lord like a thousand years. Even though you have one explicit reference in Revelation 22 that thousand years in that setting of of the of the future reign of Jesus. He had the Old Testament prophecies pointing forward to what's going to happen on the earth at that time so I personally do believe that there will be a thousand year reign on the earth, and that's called the premillennial view that Jesus will come before the millennium and set up his kingdom on the earth out of Jerusalem. I will question do you know of any rabbinical or any type of people either within you believe or otherwise, that talks about the nation that are sent Revelation talks about being here. Whatever consisting of children and haven't lived long enough to get to the age of accountability to make choices people who have passed away. But you know again didn't have an opportunity to actually choose being here doing that time is not any type know there's Jehovah's Witnesses and other groups. Different cults will have this view that the people get another chance in the different levels in the millennial kingdom and in some would try to point to versus saying in Jeremiah that the talk about restoring the fortunes of certain nations in the future but for a traditional Jew, the millennium is not a time when anyone is is being resurrected. Nor would that be a a Christian view that the millennium is a time of resurrection. The resurrection would take place after that time rather than a traditional Jewish view Messiah will come and fight the wars of the Lord, and subdue the enemies of Israel and then the nations of the world. So, the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will then come and worship in Jerusalem and worship the God of Israel, and serve the people of Israel, that would be a traditional Jewish view, so it's not going to be a future second chance kind of scenario in the millennial kingdom. According to Jewish tradition. In Revelation 20 says that the speaks of the resurrection of the righteous. The believers before the millennium so were resurrected with the Lord's return, but the final resurrection for everyone else is not until after the millennial kingdom. In short, Eliana Ellis anything in Scripture that speaks about the second chance to an earthly kingdom for anyone except if you have survived turn then you live on. That seems to say thank you.

The question is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for being part of our broadcast again. If you are anywhere near Saskatoon in Saskatchewan Canada joined the tonight Saturday night Sunday morning at faith alive family, church, 866337884 let us go to Hazel in Queens New York. Thanks so much for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown I doing well thank you out mall common and equestrian support on the radio station I think is very strictly important because it takes a great deal of finances to keep these last days been housed on the radio station and it is so beneficial on the last words I have been in a religion for 13 years and I have never ever earned as much as I have done the past as I listened to find 70 a.m. on the information and so enlightening and so truthful and so difficult to find a church that teaches from the Bible and teaching such real estate years and I am so grateful and said so very important to support them financially as much as we can. But the problem that I have is if you have been on the radio for half an hour and you will always show it 20 pounds and now 40,000 and why would you go I need air for an entire hour and now show it hundred thousand dollars limit rate should make ends meet.

Distancing Hazel for some I'm so glad that your enriched by the broadcasts by the teachings by our showing others on 570 a.m. W MCA one of the five stations in the country and were blessed to to be on the air.

If at any point is we are rearranging some of our own radio stations and finance parties. You don't hear us on 570 a.m. just keep listening the line of

This way you won't miss a show with her on your local station or not. I can't speak for others. Hazel in terms of water on but it's very costly to be on the radio and bear in mind we have a team that broadcast this is not a one-man deal. The stick several people to do a broadcasts and a lot of hard work and of course the time and energy on my hand or the other broadcasters so cost a lot of money less than TV but a lot of money in the less and were privileged to be on the stations across the country and so you understand that we have to raise money to be on the radio so was hazels rightly say for me to be talking to you right now we have to raise money to do that is the archer like making a lot of money doing this, don't we have to raise money to do this, so Mike don't you get like a big contract like Rush Limbaugh, these other got no no no no I don't get a contract and I don't.

This is something we do as a ministry to serve you.

So if you're blessed and helped by this then every gift, whether it's five dollars or 10 or 50 or hundred 10,000. Every gift goes a long way in helping us and above all, torchbearers, monthly supporters goes a long long way in helping us reach out now. Why would someone who's ready in debt 50 or hundred thousand or two or 300,000 expand their radio reach only if they know that over period of time they going to get funding.

We sought to do that over time to settle into new areas and believe God for funding as we reach more and more people but in point of fact, many people have to go off the year we've had to cut back on stations because is not adequate support. So everyone does their best and always say say everybody help out there if were blessing to you then help Beth put aside a dollar a day to help us.

That's awesome enough people do that we could blanket off America with radio of those who look at is just another moneymaking scheme have no business being on Christian radio and I certainly don't think most going Christian radio for that motivation may the Lord bless you Hazel, I bet there's some good churches. You can find that a preaching strong gospel message right in the greater Queens area 866-34-TRUTH 87884 right since I'm in Canada will go to Nick in Calgary, Canada. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Brown. Great talk. Yes sir, nice to hear from you.

Okay so I have a question. I'm kind of. I get to get them part of the Apologist at my church, whatever that for and my pastor recently came to me with an issue that been going on.

Apparently there was a YouTube presentation by a guy name that Jim Daly called identity crisis and he apparently is some sort of Hebrew root teacher. I haven't gotten a very firm background on exactly what extent, but because of this video and it is teaching group of people have decided to leave our church and become due, like they're in there and now attending synagogue and they believe that there they were supposed to be following the law, and 1/3 of the convoluted description of what exactly they believed that there not even exactly sure what they believe, they just know that they're supposed to be. Actually, Julie based on his teaching. Apparently, I'm not a guy having a chance to watch the entire video can by three hours long, but I did the I get the income Internet.

A Google search of your name.

What loosely felt that with him, although I don't know to what degree I figure if there's anything out about route that probably you.

You can't break down what he teaches that you are aware of it and and what would be a good good resource to think that response with the sum of claim gastric sure thing and and thank you, thank you for the question okay of the first just an interesting part of history here.

I was doing Friday broadcast and was simply answering questions in the last caller on this particular day calls him with questions about Jim Staley and what he taught about about the dietary laws and things like that so I responded is to the what I felt with the errors in the teaching that that all believers were required to observe the dietary laws and one from that was about to go from there to the airport and unhand my itinerary and I was flying and speak it some congregation and they seem to have an interest in Jewish roots, etc. know exactly they were, but they really had a passion for me to comment. I was asked a few times to counsel finally ended up agreeing to do that and I I was just told that red instead hotel the pastor had a separate suite in his home that was ideal and with my healthy eating.

I have a refrigerator all that I said okay great, I'll do it. Turns out the pastors Jim Staley and I was about to stay at his house and I remember that yeah exactly so tragically, Jim is in jail right now. He would say falsely accused a little. He's made a confession taking lesser charges kick it into any details about that, but he is he is in jail for some previous business dealings. So, if people adhering for much that's the case, and he's he's got I think six dollars bunch of girls stayed at the house very sweet family and Jim was emphatically against the Hebrew roots movement, of which she used to be a major part is renouncing that. However, he still believe the things that he believed he call himself a pastor not a rabbi.

He did not claim to be a Jew. To my knowledge, but believed that although were justified by faith in Jesus and saved by grace that all believers are called by God to observe the seventh day Sabbath. All believers are called by God to observe the dietary laws, etc. that there is one law for four Israel for the sojourner among them, and that should be lived out to this day, so his teachings that he is as I was with him with the teachings of a brother in the Lord with whom I have strong differences as opposed to those that I would completely write off as is an occult or those who are trying our final cable tribe of Israel. Jeremiah dissented from or who believe that all Gentile Christians are actually descendents of the Escada 12 tribes, etc. so III do need to write more on some of the subjects there are different things out. I'm trying to find the video and in fact, if you hold to the breakup saved during the break we can locate this but I did teaching for Southern Evangelical seminary right gave an apology, a four Hebrew roots teaching.

I gave the arguments in favor of it as if I believed it and that I deconstructed it that I took apart said what was wrong that I had interaction with the students and faculty there and they were very sharp and there think I'll see if we can find that otherwise my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices is a good place to start.

60 questions Christians ask about Jewish practices. I would say that there are things in his teachings that would have been alarmist dream that I would check because the divisive and destructive. Many other areas as believers would have an error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us. You got questions we got answers if it's appropriate to ask on Christian radio. You can ask away. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 hey Nick in Calgary. I cannot find where that video was posted on dinner have our folks check on it.

The lecturer gave us of the Evangelical seminary on Hebrew roots again II do my best to give their argument to prove he roots argument Jim Staley when I was with him did not identify with that moving anymore said that he renounced it the serious error he found in it did want to be associated with it, although he still held to the fundamental teachings that he held to some of which I affirmed and some of which I strongly differed with but will find that and will get it posted and as long as you're in touch with us in either Facebook or twitter, YouTube, you will be notified all right. God bless thank you for the question 866-34-TRUTH we go to Austin Texas Andrew, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown stronger part of the probing brothers in the Lord. I am a speculating on or about the millennial groove located at awesome man.

The thing I'm being thick. I bet I am surrounded by people who aren't exactly rational and they're just doing favor for this for the sake of those who may not know what Baptist confession you speak of what that means. The six explained that the phrase uses six and 89 phrase okay so I observed a speculating I like a lot about the question, which is an outline of what we believe. We generally tend to be Calvinistic and and covenantal and archaeology and also tend to be fairly dotted all clear this one are just to understand that I have a fully finite and sometimes got a load of time for our lucky perlite but but but that we don't really have made excellent in liquid of the environment and so I would have two questions for you in relation to both what I've been dealing with an opposition and those whom I line number one would you say that like the more important question them in whatever order you desire. Would you consider non-Lordship salvation. Would you consider it a group, would you call non-Lordship believers are brothers in Christ and would you say that you favorite spot, the people who claim that dispensationalism naturally leads to nonwork I would say that this does reduce dispensations. Actually, that's a debate about Lordship salvation and transcends dispensationalism that I was saved in a dispensations church and we would've had no notion of non-Lordship salvation that I believe John MacArthur is a dispensations to find correct and John MacArthur is also reformed and led away and fighting against non-Lordship salvation/Shiite. I honestly don't see any connection between the two. Dear the early dispensationalism or secessionist. The majority of dispensations around the world today are charismatic to dispensationalism. Dispensationalism rather is a way of looking at church history and world history that sees God's dealings with Israel separate and distinct.

A separate dispensation from from church history so that were in the straw.)

Now, when God is dealing with the church and nobody takes the church out in the pretrip rapture. According to dispensationalism Hill then deal with the nation of Israel again as a nation and then Israel will rule and reign in the millennial kingdom and the church will just kind of have a more heavily or supervising role, but there's there's really no intersection with that, necessarily, and say with you believe the gifts of the Spirit and not or whether or not you believe in, in the Lordship salvation, and even within that there's a question of what exactly is meant by Lordship salvation and the Lordship salvation hello anyone" Lordship salvation that believes unless you get rid of every last sin in your life categorically and definitively that you're not saved unrelentingly believes that rather what we teach what I believe is that salvation means embracing Jesus is Lord, that salvation is so from sin to service of God.

It's in God save me from my sins and make me your own eye. Confession is my Lord, that salvation well is to is supposed to save me so I can keep on sinning right and I agree with everything I agree with."

The elevation I think that there are not Lordship people out there, would you consider them your brother right like I bought a number of Asian arena. Many times I met you, which should reconsider those who reject Lordship salvation as a brother in Christ all only if they do not radically deny the foundations of the faith. So it all depends on how extreme the position is in other words, if they say luck you have Jesus as Savior that having is Lord, meaning you have no idea what it really means to submit to his Lordship and all the implications of that and that you'll find out as you go on in the Lord will, of course, that's that's true. If they say no matter how you live. No matter what you do, no matter whether there's any evidence of a change life under any circumstances whatsoever. You simply prayer. Prayer and your in that to me is is a terribly dangerous and misleading teaching. I don't know anyone that teaches it quite like that.

They may say that you're born again.

The moment of your prayer.

I don't argue with that but they would say that if you truly born again will be a change in your life.

If they did not even that and and simply say if you pray this prayer God forgive me for my sins. I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead, and your end. And there's never a change in your life.

There's never repentance of any kind.

There's never been fruits of repentance. There's no evidence of a new birth is no evidence that Jesus as your Lord, there's no evidence of pass from from darkness to light nothing and you live on 3040 more years in sin and rebellion. Obviously, I would say that person was never born again and the person that counseled them was terribly misled now are they themselves save God knows but that doctrine itself is a misleading and and damnable and destructive doctrine.

So perhaps Sandra and I got a run just at a time here perhaps are on the fringes of the non-Lordship salvation movement. There are those who are truly denying the Lord and truly outside the pale of faith, but if they hold to other fundamentals of the gospel and just have a wrong emphasis. I would look at them as brothers and sisters who need correction hate. Thanks for the call and thanks for the unity that we enjoy in Jesus friends.

I'm taking calls for 60 more minutes if you're on the phone right now hold on getting your calls right on the next Saturday. Our housekeeper listing the line of fire Lord. My bottom line today, but it's good to be unified in the midst of our differences. Make sure that I'm coming your way live from Chile in cold Saskatoon, Canada.

Questions regarding answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire, 866-348-7884. You've got questions, we've got answers. If you're anywhere near Saskatoon and Even a few hours away, few hours away. I travel at 14 hours for Orlando, Florida.

The get here yesterday. Join us for the weekend.

They fly family church Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday morning, but today right now we're focused on your questions any questions of any kind you want to ask me talk to about above got a few comments I want to make about things in our government and things related to Israel get to those a little later in the show. I'm diving straight into your calls right now and will start in McKee Kentucky with Sean. Welcome to the line of fire.

Certainly Eric, yes I can. Okay great I will not call about a year ago you got a critic: very, pretty much it was apostolic Pentecostal calling attacking the Trinity and Roger: thank you for how you defendant that it really increase my on defending the Trinity, but I have to quick question order, and I'm just using an example you are on the mistaken belief in the posterior pressure that correct yes if there is a specific seven year tribulation. Then there is the second coming will be at the end of that. So whatever the end of this world is the second coming will be at the end of that. Yes or okay will you believe in a postscript rupture. I'm not sure you're aware of Mark Hitchcock from Dallas theological seminary is equivalent pretrip rapture and Hank paragraph the bottling plant people you know rapture. Basically, my first question is the man you think Intergraph markets caught that I have extreme effect for theory defined information, read the fine bottle become the very different conclusions, my question is how do I know that my interpretation of the Bible is correct, so anything you know going on the same question in Ezekiel chapter 9 and can it mention a man clothed in 120 melt that website Old Testament appearance across right in Ezekiel 9 and 10. Yummy. Daniel okay Dr. Burke got it right right so let's just us look their first because of course you have.

You have certain angelic appearances in in Daniel as well so who's the man clothed in linen, who had a writing kit at his side, and they they mark those that put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament overall detestable things that are done and it in this vision was the man symbolizing a prophet. Was it an angel or was it an appearance of Jesus.

There is nothing in it that would tell me it's an appearance of Jesus.

It could be you do have the son of God appearing in angelic form. In other ways. The fact is dressed in in in linen does that simply symbolize the son of God, that would be a stretch to me it's it's possible, but that to me would be would be a stretch. Frankly, at as for the differences to her in in terms of end times, I would. I would say that indicates that were talking about future events. When we don't have as full clarity because God tends not to give prophecy in such clarity that we can figure out every detail and then almost try to manufacture it or figure out specific dates and things like that.

Just like the first coming of the Messiah, things became overwhelmingly clear. Once he came and did what he called do, then you look back at above Scripture to think all my God it's so clear there is to have it ready for the future for and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. You've got questions, we've got answers you get the opportunity to call and have time to do it.

If you tweet me a question if you post a question on Facebook.

99% chance we will either not see it or have the time to respond to it. It's of import you want to ask you can contact us through the website on Better still, give us a call. That's why we do the shows on Friday you got questions, we've got answers so on and in McKee Kentucky.

Should I trust you still listen I want to give the the heart of my answer have different views about the end times, different views about the return of Jesus.

What you do will first as an individual believer, you still do your best to study and sort things out.

The idea that there will not be a future second coming of any kind. The idea that there will not be a future resurrection of the righteous run is not that that that is absolutely to be avoided and pronounced as unscriptural and certainly through all generations of church history there has been emphasis on the return of Jesus and looking forward to his return and clear Scripture on that, but the details of the return or the timing of the return and things like that. This can be debate. So how I sorted out while let's be honest, everybody's lives up to now has lived with this as a speculative abstract question as opposed to something that actually affects their life. For example, if I tell you that chicken will be available at a certain restaurant 300 years from now. And other say no, no, it won't be available at that restaurant 300 years they support what I care with a chicken restaurant or oranges at a grocery store 300 years ago. They'll have in stock they want. What I care about who cares obviously so the fact is if we get into a battle over this and and tried it. Specify every detail, every mess is wrong and only we are right you see that's that's a promise dangers, however, let's look this around slip this around.

There are things that are important. It is important for us to know that Jesus will return. It is important for us to know that the wicked will be judged.

It is important to know that we will be changed and that we will become like him glorified. It is important for us to live in purity and in readiness and committed to endure hardships so we know whether Jesus returns in our lifetimes or not. Many believers are persecuted, some even to the death, and we must be strong in the Lord. We also know whether Jesus comes in our life, not that none of us have a guarantee on the next breath, and therefore we should be ready to meet the Lord so what I encourages this put your emphasis on the want, rather than to win put your emphasis on what will happen when Jesus returns that the believers in the New Testament the longing for his appearing, wanting him to come eagerly so they could be with him forever wanting him to come so that wicket with wickedness would be destroyed from the earth and suffering would cease, and the kingdom of God would be established so let's put our emphasis on the want, rather than the when and let's look at the larger things. Let us walk in sobriety. Let us be ready let us persevere in the midst of hardship and opposition and let us have great hope that Jesus will return that certain that's clear in Scripture. And that's what I think we need to emphasize it's what I know we need to emphasize 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Chillicothe, Ohio, Ajay welcome to the line of fire on Dr. Brown how are you sir I'm doing well. Shalom I am a United Methodist pastor who has recently life the last few years taken a strong interest in the Hebrew root and I laid there that that Jewish proverb who was a white man. You learn from everyone on III will I love that and I love note stating that the feasting and and all that. I don't want to waste your time, but I am doing I I'm I'm a Methodist pastor, so I am firmly entrenched in the mainline Christian community and I end up living with 1 foot in both world, the mainline Christian community and the Jewish Frigidaire leverage movement and I meet a lot of angry messianic. It's it's almost a stereotype at this point someone says oh you go to church on Sunday than you worship the sun God your pagan and your evil and horrible.

Do you have any advice for dealing with those people and not in a good Christian manner and in a way with love and truth. Yes sir. First, it's important you had that experience is one whose work conserves in the messianic Jewish movement for decades. I would say that represents an extreme fringe, and it's unfortunate. Those are the ones you keep running into but that ask way, clearly absolutely represents an extreme fringe and the messianic leaders and unfriendly with work actively with the church as a whole do not believe that God commanded Gentiles to worship on the, the Sabbath, and it's great if you want to, but they see this a specific sign in covenant with Israel and that's why they'll have messianic allegations with with the services on Friday night or Sunday morning for the Sabbath, but I have messianic Jewish friends that have services Friday night and Sunday morning so they can minister to the larger church community as well. I have messianic friends who have messianic services on a monthly basis in the midst of the mega church and otherwise they participate in the life of the church for many years when I would travel and speaking to messianic congregation.

Maybe the messianic interrogation was smaller, with limited finances and they the needed help setting up a weekend of meetings and they would they would set things up, or I would do meeting for them on Friday night or Saturday morning and then speak it churches in the area send moissanite there will friends their work together so I can say that you're running into fringe people with spiritual immaturity and that good biggest that the biggest issue is is the spiritual immaturity. II would also would also find out why this is such a big deal to them now. That's always a good way to diffuse things. As you know, was a pastor and leader that is sure can defuse the controversy hit one feel so strongly about this. Why feel so passionately about this and they might civil church history, it's departed from Jewish roots and liquids have that's that's a great point. To the extent that the church did departments Jewish roots to the extent the church said that we are the new Israel in God is through with physical Israel, to the extent that the church cut itself off and and cut out the Jewish believers from the body and must they conform to a totally new Christian practice it it it did itself terrible harm and open the doors to horrific anti-Semitism through church history that is undeniable and it if if you haven't read my book. Her hands are stained with blood. I really encourage you to do so.

Not only will it give you some insight into the positive Jewish roots teaching, but it will give you church history through Jewish eyes, and when you see it like that you can understand why there can be the frustration the anger but I imagine some of these could angry messianic to deal with uneven Jewish. I imagine some of them have taken on a Jewish identity and it's kind of hyper compensating for the fact that they're not Jews themselves, yet lately opportunity Gentiles and their their fury that I celebrate and that I go to church on Sunday.

I also celebrated Yom Kippur today. That year I backed up for the whole day and fellowship with a wonderful messianic group at the end of the fast but there's just some gorgeous if you agree with you it's it's it's like it is in overcompensating for the fact that they are and are not even Jewish themselves and their now identifies just what we tend to see in the messianic movement is most of the congregations have more Gentiles and Jews because of logistics of where people live, and it's only in a heavily populated Jewish area or in Israel. We'll have more more Jews and Gentiles messianic congregation, but which will normally see is the ones that dress in the super Jewish way like a guy that grows a beard and gets this black outfit and does this whole thing that he's unable Jewish that that he has now gotten into this soulless thing of an outward identity and because that this can be all kinds of flesh with it so Ajay, let me encourage you to hang out with messianic Jewish believers that love the Lord and love the church there plenty of them. I'm sure you can find them all over Ohio was as well. Their great communities and in different parts of the state gonna get your friends in the Columbus area and if you read the book. Her hands are stained with blood. That'll sensitize even further. Will you probably know a lot of these things and then my book 60 questions Christian assessment practices 60 questions Chris assessment Jewish vision practices for dealing with folks who are reactionary or misinformed as well.

Alright God bless you, Ajay Grace, on your journey. I will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back fire, 866 this is Michael Brown your voice of all cultural and spiritual revolution.

It's Friday which means we got answers for your questions as you call and before I go back to the phones. There is an article posted on United with and Donald Trump president Trump had an interview with Israel hi Jan Israel today exclusive interview with them before his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu next week and he is first moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

He said I'm studying the embassy issue and will see what happens. Embassy is not an easy decision. As I was a bit out there for many many years. Nobody's wanted to make that decision. I'm thinking about it very seriously. We'll see what happens. Hope that's not a moving back from the absolute guarantee that he would move it.

As for the new Israeli settlements.

He said that they don't help the peace process I can say that there's so much land left.

Every time you take land for settlements, there's less land left relook at that we look at some other options will see.

But no, I'm not somebody that believes that going forward with the settlements is a good thing for peace. No I don't want to condemn Israel is also a long history of condemnation difficulty on to be condemning is really been through a lot. I like to see peace and beyond that, I think the piece was will be a good thing for the Israeli people, not just a good thing but a great thing.

Obviously nothing specific in any of that except for the I don't like the settlements, but I'm not condemning Israel 866-34-TRUTH we go to Andrew in New York welcome Salina fire bank Dr. Brown, the real pleasure to talk with you keeping warm yellow. Let's that's the plan.

I had a pack for Florida and for Canada self that sometimes they were good was dating related with the far north what yeah at least as far as far west. Also it's a central standard time over here.

Here they go. I really wanted to let you know I think taking my call and also how much I appreciate your your work and that you are a real inspiration. I'm almost as old as you are in, we actually come from similar backgrounds. Not that I'm Jewish, but I am from New York and grew up around the same time. So with that in mind I I've been watching and were listening in and and studying a little bit about the Calvinist idea of the sovereignty and ending in. I've always felt that the God was sovereign, but I been trying to find out and understand where the idea of choice comes in in the Calvinist point of view and I've seen your debates with Dr. White and I listened to Dr. when I think is great. Actually, I think he has a great love for you know bringing out the word of God and evangelizing, but I don't understand where our part. It's not synergism is a lie. See what he continually hammer that but that it's actually we have choices and I don't hear them talk about when it's our turn to choose God rather than pagan idols or some other thing that that it isn't part of our our responsibility in doing. I think effort and faith. The creaturely choice not effective sovereignty in which they what I am absolutely confused yeah the first century. Thanks for the kind words and that we been a blessing to you. As for document specifically simply's of Calvinism.

It's obviously best for him to clarify what's unclear but generally speaking, your you're looking at a few things with Calvinism. One is that ultimately everything happens according to the decree of God that God set things in motion a certain way to get a certain outcome and therefore whatever happens, even tragedy and evil happens because God ultimately ordained that he himself is not evil, and he would not be the author of evil, but you record. For example, Lamentations 3 has disaster come to a city in and the Lord has not done it that Calvinist would say people may make certain choices. But God's choices ultimately what's going to come to pass today would say that on the large level and James would say if you put on a particular type today when you going to work or bought a particular toothbrush at at the store that is insignificant as it seemed that God was ultimately at work and that things again were unfolding. According to the sovereign decree of God. But if you look at it that that they were 10 trillion bowling pins and he threw that one ball in such a way to set them in motion to ultimately get them to the inevitable result that he chose with the end the exact number of people in heaven and hell will be exactly what he predetermined before the world was made. Now Calvinist would make the distinction between choices we can make in a creaturely way like what tie you where or what toothpaste you by and choosing God for salvation they would say our fallen, rebellious state, we would never choose God on our own. We never choose salvation, under oath, and I agree to the extent that the Holy Spirit has to pull us the Holy Spirit has to draw us the Holy Spirit has to give us even the desire to turn and then we make the choice where Rob would differ obviously, as I believe that God ultimately gets what he ordained, which is a people for himself that will love him and serve him forever, but that many things happen in this world. Contrary to God's desire, and these things grieve him and that he set that up the set of the universe, knowing that in advance so as the sovereign God. This is the way he set things up a W toaster said this and I quoted in one of my debates with my friend Dr. White, God sovereignly decreed that man should be free to exercise moral choice and there for the beginning has refilled that decree by making his choice between good and evil when he chooses to do evil. He does not thereby counter available sovereign will of God, but fulfills it.

Inasmuch as the eternal decree decided not which choice the man should make, but that he should be free to make it if in his absolute freedom God has willed to give man limited freedom. Who is there to stay his hand or say what do us that man's will is free because God is sovereign God less than sovereign could not bestow moral freedom upon his creatures, he would be afraid to do so II found it to be a very powerful quote and one with which I agree.

Now last comment. Andrew from a human viewpoint, every choice you make is the choice you're making the toothpaste to buy the tie that you put on calling the show or not, the show believing in Jesus are not believing in Jesus from a human three point every choice we make is our own Calvinist would say that ultimately God is the one who ordained these choices, especially for salvation and set them in motion and when he saves us he now puts a desire in our heart to love God because which we do love God. So we are actually doing it, even though God is behind someone else would say well ultimately that's making us and to robots. Of course, Calvinist strongly differ with that idea and understand how some people can understand how medicine so hopefully that explains things always call Dr. White's dividing line and get him to explain his love. I hope and think I have been there to what he believes.

If not, he'll let me know unless you Andrew. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown this out right think the church should stay out of divisive social issues say we should be silent world self-destruction were not going to do that here on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be here with you, 866-348-7884.

Come your way.

Live from Saskatoon, Canada get anywhere near Saskatoon tonight, Friday night and Saturday night Sunday morning join us 866-34-TRUTH 784.

We are still going back and forth with Apple for approval for app on iPhones and iPads.

They are just very picky about certain things and gonna go back and forth with the app get things finally prove but it is available for tens of millions, hundreds of millions of other phones and devices. Everyone that has android yes so downloader asked Dr. Brown app ASCII DR Brown downloaded his sister gets a break here if you're able.

If you not listening on your phone. It does get away when downloaded your valise articles latest videos latest everything right there at your fingertips. Plus, you can listen to the line of fire right on your cell phone just by clicking the link to listen 866-34-TRUTH, let us go straight to the phones we start in New York with Ivan welcome to light a fire. I got the wrong hey what really.

Article a special court gumball LOL you teach and above the original question how go for a church that addicted to certain doctrine. The future low on one is able to return when it was aware and according to that particular date.

You save by you doing that significant limit of the limit go to Illinois grant you you you but you, you were kind enough faith, though that's what you call the yeah Ivan that's what you call legalism that I will religion from the outside in. That's what you call rules without relationship or loss of the lover standards without a Savior that surgical going beyond the word and putting your traditions first. In point of fact, were saved through what Jesus did and we put our trust in what Jesus did ask us asking to save us from our sins, and give our lives over to him. We are saved, even if we may not be perfectly mature or fully developed, spiritually, yet still making mistakes which all of us are going to do and there's no question that the Bible teaches strongly against sexual immorality is no question that there are many warnings in the Bible about adultery, about fornication, about lust, there's no question that the Bible recognizes the the temptations that exist with sexual issues.

Sex is something very powerful sexual attraction very powerful made to be lived out in the context of male-female marriage. Lifelong union is God intended. But having said that the Bible does talk about modesty for sure.

And it encourages women to dress modestly, the greater temptation on the woman is going to be that dress modestly so as to get male attention, the greater time and for a man is gonna be to lust after women more than to dress modestly, so there is a lot of talk about man and lustful eyes and women and not being seductive so yeah by all means encourage modesty but no no no no, we don't judge salvation based of the similars makeup or not. Let's say a woman is is saved and she put some real heavy makeup is it's it's part of her background and she's to try to get all the. The young guys to check her out.

She was his heavy makeup and close to tight was sent down to his sister. You have a beauty that comes from the side you have. If you have a beauty that spiritual and just don't the second half. Modesty incur the older sisters encourage her to do it for Ivan S.

Legalism is legalism and her slot for plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown broadcast today, 866-34-TRUTH hey Ivan want one more point, I preached a series of messages for God TV 1630 minute broadcasts on Tuesday and Wednesday in Orlando Florida. That's why was there and they will begin broadcasting was called the world on fire.

That will be in March. So come your way less than a month now. I think I still can't wait. I think the Lord is really in the shows they can be powerful, but I preached about holiness about the fire of God in repentance also preached about the dangers of legalism and explained how legalism judge issued by several specific externals and based on that it it's going to declare righteous, it's going to damn you to hell an offense specific customs a particular church will have and it may be that the Lord worked in one generation.

Some deep convictions and in the ladies just wear pants and feel that's that's not right to wear a dress and East were heavy makeup with us not right or not wearing any makeup and these have long beautiful is a long beautiful hair where it down with that looks too alluring.

On the way up in a bun and that's how the Lord dealt with them in their own lives. Maybe the very worldly and seductive women in

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