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Harris blames Trump, again, for the border; GOP has edge in midterm polling

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 11, 2022 12:43 pm

Harris blames Trump, again, for the border; GOP has edge in midterm polling

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 11, 2022 12:43 pm

[00:18:26] Allen West

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Thousands of people bed and when asked by our reporter Greg Jenkins what's going on where you from disguises on from serological what you doing here.

Oh, I just want to come want to come to America borders open. You believe this.

So what I do with Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba was going to the call off the coast of India.

That's how insane this is will get some sense of that.

Also that was going on the war in Ukraine as Bobby Putin has the worse as the most brazen barrage against civilians to date in this war.

That's nine months old, was get to the big three stories you need to know is Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three. I think it's more likely than not. Sometime in the next year or 18 months we will have a recession. Yeah, it's pretty big, say statement, especially from Larry Summers, Obama's prayer Treasury Secretary economy warning signs are flashing for the big bankers in the business as inflation numbers and interest rates take their toll. We have the latest tail first came in the first bill that we proposed last for a pathway for citizenship was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration you not to enforce the border. Don't worry about asylum to people re-broke our laws are you crazy as the vice president last night bursting at the seams and by demonstration doesn't seem to care that's happening in major cities is thousands of bus for sanctuary status to sanctuary cities where they what do they find little housing, no jobs, no money and nothing to do and where is the BP was in charge of tackling this crisis you talking it up with the humorless Seth Meyers. I would expect to see Janie Vance to start to take a further lead away from Tim Ryan for number reasons this debate. I have to really apply Janie Vance. He prepped hard and he showed Tim Ryan had no excuse for his 20 years of failure. It's true. Tim Ryan is pretending to be a Republican. That's wise even close to date events, Senate candidates head-to-head Ohioans got there debate between JD Vance and Ryan while in Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Maybe the Democratic candidates past which decides their future. We have the latest strategies and explain with 28 days to go. So last night. It was unbelievable what I saw with the vice president United States. She is somebody who's been probably the biggest letdown for Democrats that I can remember, they thought, well, young, young woman of mixed race who is a Atty. Gen. sitting senator ran for president failed miserably. But people saw some positives there unable to understand the issues and answer instinctively on anything that's not rehearsed, but she was picked as vice president and man. If you have an opportunity as a vice president. The best thing is to have a 78-year-old failing president as the guy in charge. You could be a hero and give him or her the credit, but she's not capable that's clear not capable at all. So she was on with Seth Meyers last time and I'll go to get to the individual races. We discussed and she's always Seth Meyers and she's asked fun things like let's legalize pot.

Meanwhile, the vice president in the city and she talks about what's going on and how how a leader must face problems. Listen cut 19, I think it's an absolute dereliction of. If you see a problem and if we agree that that we need to address that.

Then if you're a leader participate in a solution right does she have a mirror.

She is the vice president number one, specifically the borders are number two who want to go to the grassroots of the problem.

Number three. She's done nothing up for resume calls in a visit one cursory visit to the border. She's in New York City is Century City which is overrun according to their Democratic mayor to deal with illegal immigrants you think shall visit the cruise ship in Staten Island. The hotels with illegal immigrants. The tent city.

That's taking root at Randall's Island, the one that's breaking down of the Bronx that dereliction of duty. You don't have one on what you want to have a one-on-one with your marriage.

Express rightly the problem that they're having in view of a prominent New York at 16,700. How about 7000 a day in Texas and how about instead of blaming the Republican governor blamed the Democratic mayor in El Paso because he said to 7000 Mayor Adams Quail Gov. Abbott sent you about three bottom line is to take over sanctuary city come one, come all, that's the message it is sinful what's happening. Gov. Greg Abbott joined Jesse last night. Cut 22. All you gotta do is look at the numbers of the people who are both coming across the border as well as those who are victims of human trafficking and you see there's one person who's responsible for this and Joe Biden go back to and 1/2 years ago and you saw the fewest illegal border crossings and multiple decades and then Biden eliminated every measure put in place by Pres. Trump that has now led to an all-time record in the past year.

The been more than 2.2 million people crossing the border illegally. Many of those are victims of human trafficking. Many did not make it here because they lost their life on the way.

That's why the United Nations declared the border between the United States and Mexico. Biden's border is the most dangerous border crossing in the entire world. I'm speechless. We cover the story so often so many different ways.

Thank goodness that Gov. Abbott, Gov. DeSantis doing what they're doing there making the people that ignored the Democratic administration, the Democratic candidates and making them take ownership of it there making Kelly criticized administration center Mark Kelly in Arizona.

Same thing with the Democratic candidate who wants to be the next governor in Arizona there making people like Henry Cuellar's voice even seemed louder as a Democrat who talks sense because he represents the border community first as a Democrat. Second, now I have nothing I really don't have any animosity towards these people to come here at all, especially when you hear their stories, but they just not the way you do it you can't let everyone in your house to stay trout you might have a big car but it's not right to your family. Who are these people, you're no idea while they seem nice knowledge. If I'm not a youth hostel in our country is not built to take in other countries, will he absorb other countries that is more populous than most of our states. Over the last year guitar between two and 4 million illegals coming here, listen to, Harris as clueless as will be as you can imagine, cut 21 when he first came in office. The first bill that we proposed was for a pathway for citizenship was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration participate in a solution because we are offering solutions and fitness gamesmanship with school and is the problem is the probably Seth Meyers going to late night comedy show they just want to kiss your butt for not you not to follow-up as a New Yorker and say, wait a second. The people that they're coming here illegal 4 million are coming here illegally. Not because you didn't do massive immigration reform is because you not enforcing the border enforce the border is nothing to do with comprehensive immigration reform. You cannot even have it in less you have security first. Chuck Schumer will tell you that Harry Reid would've told you that before he died. They knew this he knew you could not open the border and have an open border and have coverage of immigration reform. She doesn't even care. She doesn't know she wanted to open up the border, which was retained to be a candidate in California. They don't care, but the rest of the country does and should because it's now everybody's problem. I don't bring you put a great you thought it was theatrics. It was brilliance for Gov. DeSantis to grab some of the illegal immigrants who wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard and put them on a plane and made the elite take notice.

Cut 24. This is an issue that seems at long last to gain visibility the longest time with Foxworth covering this video every day like that which exists all of my redfish walking across the shells of the river swimming across and pour into the United States. Most of being a great percentage of them being allowed to stay here illegally. Here and the ministration wasn't doing much about it still doesn't and the long time it was only covered the effect it seems to me of those migrants being shipped north to cities and equipment financing to Martha's Vineyard seems to awaken some of the media because of the reaction to it and it's not getting some coverage and is outright lawlessness tolerated along the border and has been for years. Yeah, it is lawlessness. It's sickening and it's happening.

And now you brought it up it you call theatrics. Why is it theatrics using El Paso the Rio Grande Valley has to pay the price because you can enforce the border. Why can Martha's Vineyard pay the price. Instead, you get 100 national guardsmen to ferry off 55 illegal immigrants and get them onto a military base ensure that life is just great. Now big heart you have, so let's fast-forward to the economy.

Right now the economy is not working for the present gas is going up again last year at this time was 327 now is 392 yesterday was 391 last month with 371, the prison like to take a bow and said I have released to the strategic goal reserve.

I have found other ways to get oil and gas down and I'm a hero even though it's twice and what was right to go over so now at 392. It's going up again and now you guested the prudent price hike. Good job diesel 512. What was it yesterday 506 it's 512.

Today, why does it matter that's who's delivering the food to the supermarkets that's you delivering close the stores that to keep said that those that's what trucks use long story short, that as to inflation.

Overall, if you look around what our country is doing in response to the prices the taxes and the congestion in the crime they're leaving, they just did a study called smart where people going the top locations losing rich young professionals number one New York 15,078 number two lot Lawson professionals Elmwood at about 8000 California, Illinois, is three Washington is four and five is Massachusetts where they have in common, all blue, all high taxes warily going to go to Texas going to Florida to Washington state going to Colorado and New Jersey in that order or of the five are red states that have reasonable tax rules and opportunity and will perchance not to get carjacked on the way in the least affordable state Hawaii, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey at five yeah, it just nightmare and bird end of the one sitting in Texas as well as the most is the most liberal is Austin. The average home price reduction highest in Austin as well as 10% of its value phoenixes second and nine Palm Beach Palm Bay, Florida is third Charleston, South Carolina, is for the Ogden Utah is fifth.

So that's our economy and what I think is most disturbing is the people in the know that I guess lean left they wouldn't know for sure they feel so they know where this country is heading is people like Jamie Dimon he sees a US recession in 6 to 9 months. He says right now our economy is okay, but he's worried about what's next, cut 25 inflation which are this is no change in the effect of normative thought about its rates going up more than people expected a ready and probably will be more from here it's QT which we've never had before.

So therefore the unknown effect to see it today and bond markets around the world and sovereign markets of people selling your treasury debt. Mr. war like you put US in some kind recession, six, nine months from now and that's the largest bank in the country who by the way, got hacked by Rush. It looks like when I come back I'll take some calls and go to your emails bring to and then a minute, which you would Larry Summers had to say.

I put on these people here. I don't think you need to hear right wing economist, I think you just need to hear.

I know you have your own reality own investments. You know what is like that. You see you size your paycheck and see the size your bills and then I want you know where to where the smartest people. The country think were heading because they are aware that other people's money as well as their own and then at the bottom of the air will expand on what tapping over the war in Ukraine a lot of movement even though today was a terrible day for Ukraine. I actually think the big picture. It shows a desperation rush.

I'll explain.

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They borrowed and spent trillions of dollars that we just don't have an excellent fuel on the flyer fire. The inflation problem and at the same time they completely gone to war against America's energy sector and you can't do both of those things at St. under each bad idea, but we do both of the same time you get record patient which is exactly what expect to get anything present like Biden is to blame for the inflation crisis might think everybody's the blame and we were coming out of a pandemic.

It's a problem.

The question is we can sit around for another 10 years and point fingers. What I've been proposing is a significant tax cut for working people and small businesses put money in people's pockets right that is Tim right and so he's a tough position because everybody is not not really because with the present you coming on the pandemic absolute supply chain would've been a challenge and we did spend a lot of money on purpose. Nobody was quite surprised by the abuses incredible on the PPP program on down, but that was JD Vance and Tim Ryan in the debate last night to be the next senator from replace Rob Portman in Ohio. Great apartment stayed but JD Vance sees got the military background came from a rural upbringing's Ivy League education then became a self-made success story big movie and book's book sales. Now people are worried about his credibility.

I don't worry about is like the experience I don't Tim Ryan's got a problem with 03 when he burst on the status of this guy wants each took it on. Nancy Pelosi wants to be a moderate. He has a problem with Democrats and their agenda. He pulled 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi, 100% of the time with Joe Biden and the spending on the rescue package is a terrible what he just spent and signed off on a with this inflation reduction deal which is a green a new green deal is actually awful.

Almost everything that's been going on right now. It was hurting the economy that according to other economists. We can ski through that and say it's everyone's problem that's his problem here is more from that exchange, country.

This is the crowd that JD is running around with the election deniers the extremists with. That's not Ohio. I find it interesting how preoccupied you are with this at a time when people can afford groceries.

People can afford to walk down the street safely.

Let's focus on the significant issues right now. The candidate and nobody really thinks Ohio was not on the up and up. It was supposed to be too close to call. Want to trump by eight points Mike to wind is up by 20 points to get another four years as governor of that state.

I think JD Vance is going to pull away.

With this error.

Paris does to listen to what she said. Cut 10. I would expect to see Jamie Vance to start to take a further lead away from Tim Ryan for number reasons this debate. I have to really apply JD Vance. He prepped hard and he showed up time and again he did not allow Tim Ryan to trying to find his position. He talked about the fact that he believes in reasonable exception, and in the case and that 10-year-old. He said that he would have tried that that was an abortion. That should have been allowed in.

A child should not have had to cross eyed when he brought it back to a much stronger point. Tim Ryan had no excuse for his 20 years of failure or not pushing back on his party. Hey by the way people write a membrane kill just click on comments little bit. We talked about the first block about, Harris and I wanted to do comprehensive reform. As if that's an excuse not to do border security. I said hi, Brian, his roof is leaking.

The roof is is causes aging ineffective roof. The roof cannot be fixed for months. It's going to pour all week, I guess, would not talk the roof because she's waiting for root causes to be solved with the roof better to let the wood rot in the mold spread. I hear you. I love the analogy thanks so much for the email.

Other people writing about write about, Harris, none of the complementary. This episode is brought to you by La Quinta by Wyndham here you are miles from home and ready to start your vacation. Good thing you're staying at La Quinta by Wyndham.

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Go to KPMG .us talkshow that's getting you talk with Brian kill me every time that people like great and they are coming here seeking refuge and talk about political parenting plan games of people's lives in their life and their mothers with sleeping babies getting off those buses. I can't believe how clueless his vice president is the lack of self-awareness and she also talked about earlier in the show. I plated that leaders usually take responsibility you gotta act. You don't just throw these migrants into somebody else's lap as if she is not the borders are in charge of the root causes. She is part of the reason this thing is totally out of control whispering with Tenneco Allen West is the American has to share right you need Executive Director and author of victory or death hold Texas hold the nation, welcome back, Brian and I got it. Listen to that end, if you want to will ask do you really think that the American people believe you're right your orders are your supposed to be the leader that's in charge you abdicated your leadership due to response, but they go on these shows like Seth Martin late-night shows that give them a welcoming audience, but you know she's talking about what Gov. Abbott is doing but remember that the mayor of El Paso Democrat bear percent more buses out of El Paso to New York and Chicago and asked what Gov. Abbott is gonna furthermore we are saved by the administration statement flying people and bustling people all over the United States of America for what a year and 1/2 now, I would've paid X amount of money to you since Meyer say exactly as you just said while that may be true. Gov. Abbott's doing half with the Democratic mayor's doing, and is the Truman's vice president that your administration is flying people into into Newburgh Airport into Westchester airport New York mental ops into Montgomery County without give you a heads up to local officials absolutely innovative Klonopin two. It looked blonde in Florida so the thing is that you got ask yourself do you think they were so stupid we don't know what you do what you think you were so stupid we don't realize that you all. This is a result your policy. You know you look at the fentanyl crisis and the amount of space America and that bind administration years we have lost more miracle could print at all, and death in the Korean and Vietnam wars combined, and in so how can she with a straight face going to say this, so I think once again there just because of their own demise and in less than a month you go to the American people respond to this. This way I would give the Democrats so much credit for year ago they were saying. I'm really cute. For example, Cinemark Kelly just came out as I'm outraged as a military veteran and flow for a font to secure our country and get into wrist is like to go into space. I don't care from a Democrat.

This is outrageous with tapping Arizona. It's outrageous that mayor to stand up like Henry Cuellar does and make it a big deal to save this outrageous is what's happening here now you have these candidates likely Tim Ryan talking about how bad the border is, I'm not buying it, and it's not to me. You've eliminated yourself because you would've for the election to start. For example, listen to this woman, Katie Hobbs on face the nation. The Democratic maternal candidate in a dead heat with Kari Lake at 17. Our state will have Barnett prompt action in Washington from both parties to address both border security and comprehensive immigration reform and I and the federal government. Trumpets and immigration policy around sing-along and it's not and and that Biden got me to step out immigration and border security. Absolutely I Arizona and staring at Frank and on illegal drug trafficking and smuggling. I mean anymore but I security Sonja Trump couldn't finish the wall. Why is the couldn't finish the wall.

He had to repurpose defense funds because they wouldn't give him money for the wall. He kept building himself and to think that she prefers this policy trumps policy of the border is is folly.

I'm at the airport.

Out there all the help, Terry Lake and also Blake Masters out with with their races and talk about these issues and how funny that now all the sudden you hear the Democrats who said that their number one issue was going to be the roping weight decision.

Now listen what issue is the order because I guess they been looking at the polls and so I'm just waiting for the Democrats now to come out and say that we want more police officers will you know crime is a big issue and we've got to cut back on crime which I doubt they will put the bail reform law, the release of the purpose of the street in this open border policy to jot the sex that human trafficking crisis. This great Bear Lake of the party and I locate that the American people are going to believe them or what they say they felt.

This is just political rhetoric. I hope so busy, so serious, I mean we could debate so security and Obama care and it does affect everyone, but you know we could maneuver around the like which choice it with this. We talk about a security I'm seeing this video this morning.

Col. and I'm seeing thousands of lined up their young men and there might be great feeling to be the worst people in the one guy goes to Griff Jenkins and says I'm from serological why you here because I want to come here. He would prefer our country over it is all really isn't that nice know we care cacti go to the Netherlands right now. No huge beautiful.

I can go to Australia they would laugh at me.

I think it is under my hair. Real comment about these people, because they persecuted their coming here because the borders wide open and they know that when they get here.

They're going to get free meal cell phones in all of this public at all, government orders really disturbing to me as were a month away from Veterans Day that we got veterans in the United States of America. The home that better is that what we got veterans that are taken a lot. It is not 20 to 22 per day on average we talk about the numbers up to 37 but yet we are opening the doors and allowed to hold the stretcher and were putting our veterans out on the street. Those people that you know were willing to put their lives on the lot. This country discussed taking out his will get vaccinated.

In 1000 the president that the pandemic is old right a lot of this absurd you get vaccinated you with this question because you syndicate generations before got the same vaccines that you got will become of the vaccine. The middle of the pandemic and you will avoid a second, I'll take the risk. They don't know when you're in the military and doing everything excuse me, is a brand-new vaccine. I got some religious problems I might up I might be allergic to it. Physically I'm there willing to take the risk. The pandemics over Americans know you're out there, really. You can't recruit and you kicking out 20,000 that we kid that we were even fun on the callous note.

We've invested in you. We paid for you. We've trained you and that were capable.

How is it her own interest to kick you out so enjoyed your disagree point would you mention about because those coming to work today. The security now meets is that this is how crazy it is a been doing this for 25 years. They meet us at the curb because I get dropped off in the morning I get on the train. The way home by get dropped off in the morning and they meet you at the curb because they're worried about the 60 the 50 yard walk to the door and she sees their egos were clicked on Buckeye audios. That's back-and-forth look over there. Let's buy for their own legal immigrants.

They just got brought in here.

They have nowhere to go. They just walking around so you give a bunch of young men and women nothing to do no money one set of clothes and give him a hotel, tell me how that's not a combustible mix of incredibly or you have a Guatemalan illegal immigrant that went on the established rate.

Step seven people on the strip bear and two of them are lost their lives so again Biden body bags stacking up being that the loss of life, the Pimpernel, the loss of life because of the crime and the beginning balance loss of life of people trying to illegally come the country and losing their lives in the Rio Grande or losing their lives because they don't have the physical stamina to make this incredible journey is so again you want talk about humanitarian crisis, have you all created this humanitarian crisis. You all have created this incredible loss of life in just 92 years of you been in office and so this is a critical issue, I think, along with the crime issue along with the economic issues along with the energy issues everything that this administration touches it just falls apart silence about war because you 30 years in the military Oliver North spoke last night. I know that Republicans want nothing to do with this. I see I see World War II all over again deciding that Hitler is not our problem. I look to Vladimir Putin the same exact way. He's also detached from reality like Hitler was this guy will has if Hitler had a vision. Putin has a vision. His vision is folly to us and comical and you say, not practical, but he took Georgia and stayed to Crimea and kept it and now he wants to rest the Ukrainians get his ass kicked.

So he decides eating his suit of 84 rockets into various infrastructure and 11 urban centers. Here's what Oliver North says that he's decided and we all know and it's been nine months. We still have not given Ukraine what they need to cut 33 is what Zielinski needs and is not getting from Americans. They need the ability to knock down Russian rockets and missiles, even though the letter that's available to Putin right now is considerably reduced because of all that is been doing against civilians. Ever since 24 February. People are talking about the US providing antimissile defenses was patriot antimissile defense system or the Israeli iron Dome defenses you remember US deployed patriot batteries with US troops in Saudi Arabia when their cities and refineries were under attack from running supporting rebels in Yemen not likely going to happen here.

That's a great point. I forgot about that when you listen a lot of regatta conservatives like you were very conservative. To say I want anything to do with this JD Vance is okay but Ukraine and I don't hate JD Vance. I just think he's wrong. So Col. where you stand on this perspective and you are absolutely right, going back and thinking about Adolf Hitler and no going into sedate land go on and overrunning all of which great war, and of course Neville Chamberlain back in 1939 or so say that you know I have this you know sod agreement compared Hitler will be peace in our top want to see us be na�ve like that. Once again, and you know instead of sending you don't barrels of money over there. I think we need to have the God of this 40 billion yes, the man portable air defense systems.

The demand past you give them the mix that they think that because it's so important for them to be able to control their own airspace and then you get make sure that they have the long-range artillery that gives them range parity and so I know that we sent these high marks the probability artillery rockets, but we send them let you know fully functional system that we send them the lockers to be able to use that because that gives them the ability to strike back at this plus volatility inside of Ukraine that is bomb and it shall initiative indiscriminately. These war crimes and I think the other thing that your body should be talk about United Nations need to kick Russia out of the United Nations Security Council call for 9/10 is Chinese not allow them, and if China wants to sigh with Russia bent your boxes that you kick John out to walk away from the United Nations and the United States is not funding United Nations were tired of seeing United Nations. Curtis is really not a state 99.9% of the time we get when you see the indiscriminate targeting of innocent civilians like what just happened yesterday Ukraine you're not say anything about you.holding or responsible. We don't want to be a part of the body politic anymore. Did speak out to their credit, so it should be interesting to see where this goes because everywhere you look. Vladimir Putin's failed. He's lost between 60 and 80,000 troops he's had to hundreds of thousands leave his country rather than fight for his country. He has given has been critically has critics on the inside now and to the people on his right. He sent those 84 rockets 4143 of which were knocked down. It killed 19 and wounded 97 so that's what they want this to did they understand that he does not have a bottomless pit of rocket to get a borrow from North could buy them from North Korea. So he's losing his battle would it must be like for them Col. to know that his soldiers lose to the Ukrainians award that he started they can't be a big cannot be stopped. This best hope to stop them is winter. Talk about so important people in Russia now realize that there losing his will and they're not willing to offer themselves up into the cauldron that you know send them down to the cricket kill so now the critical important time to isolate bladder because he has unrest within this country. We can isolate him and cut them off from any type of economic and military support and build the type of faith which Obama should be doing instead of going to Democrat fundraisers and having this diary of the mouth. Talk about nuclear IT'S solely responsible and forgot he was chairman of foreign relations, knowing that there is no intelligence to show the move in any of the nuclear arsenal or tactical nuke out of file wherever they keep them and knowing the tactical nukes wouldn't help them in these battlefields post commander say that we need help and would blow back in our own face so well for him just to throw that out to act often from the Democrats while walking best reporters is is actually responsible Col., thanks so much.

Good luck in your trip to Arizona. Ron, you go get him and take your brother right 1-866-408-7669 lot to discuss Branko Mitchell so glad to hear your knowledge base. Brian kill me show precise personal power is America's losing in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News contests network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. I'm calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me in leaving the Democratic Party if you can no longer stomach the direction that the so-called quote Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country and I invite you to join me Josie Gabbard's gone from the Democrat. She didn't say she is Republican begun to tell you truth that mean it, which was run for president she was going to make sense on the stage and I like her. I got a chance to meet her the first time I met her was at their watch and correspondence dinner and Bob Barack Obama was president and we got the worst seat in the house way in the back and I met this table way the backward normally would be a walkway and they put me next to Tulsa Gabbard. I do know she was your SIM card, swimming.toast Gabby and she was so fun to talk to and think to myself why she gets such a bad seat and the main reason is is because she had no problem taking on the administration and she also took on Debbie Wasserman Schultz when she was running the place took on Hillary Clinton when she thought she was wrong and basically they can try to leadership almost like Liz Cheney was kicked out. Only she just held to her values was a militant about it and ran for president she runs for president and took apart, Harris. At one point Eric that we can show that this will let you what you here this week but that was the first time that I remember her exposing his Harris.

Remember she had a very strong speech to start our candidacy and even present Trump at the Tysabri that was pretty good. You know, sitting Sen. Young was also attorney general legal background keynotes can be tough and then all of a sudden she sat for an interview and she didn't know anything on any issues and was taken apart by Tulsa Gabbard so she is now an independent. I guess, but for the most part she is very anti-intervention is very antiwar who fought the military big surf from Hawaii, who resigned her position very curious to see what she'll do next but I know if a Republican wins the presidency. That'll be one of the first calls he or she makes because she someone is into services got unique experience and will not be put into a political box. I hope to have her back here interest to Tucker tonight Lori or Sean tonight and then will maybe have a back here will discuss where were going. His other Democrats want to fail at Tim Ryan certainly sounds like once a bailout after the election will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News contests Fox News contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite time just the fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here body is the Branko Mitchell from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world. Tim Stewart standing by present US oil and gas I borne of the longest time US oil and gas to be proud of what they've done to this country and to stand up and push back against administration likes to bully and bony company and will do a simulcast will take a look at the economy and on FBM will do a simulcast which your audiences hope you don't mind being shared here. Just amazing. Today in New York city coming into work being mad at the curb and having the security say hey wait a sec describes an issue here. Fox is a target. No question. Even the NYPD knows that and there me and said she these people around him seen these groups of four groups of four groups of three. Walking around on their 20s was some looking to 00 illegal immigrants they just walk around speaking other languages.

This is been happening for the last week or two. All because we've gotten between 13 and 17,000 illegals into New York City from Texas from Arizona. Why because they've gotten to to 3 million this year because we've left our borders wide open. I will discuss that in all that and so much more solicited to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. I think it's more likely than not. Sometime in the next year or 18 months we will have a recession. Yeah, the Larry Summers Treasury Secretary of Pres. Obama economy warning signs of flashing from the big bankers in the phase in business as inflation numbers interest rates take their toll. We have the latest tail first came in our fast first know that we proposed last for a pathway for citizenship was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration.

So ridiculous bursting at the seams and find administration doesn't seem to care.

That's what's happening in major cities is thousands of boxes I mention into sanctuary status to cities with century status like the one I'm in. What do they find little housing, no jobs, no money and nothing to do and where is the VP who is in charge of tackling the crisis jerking it up with the humorless Seth Meyers. I would expect to see Janie Vance to start to take a further lead away from Tim Ryan for number reasons this debate. I have to really apply Janie Vance.

He prepped hard and he showed up at Tim Ryan had no excuse for his 20 years of failure. Every premium used to be the spokesperson for Donald Trump Senate candidates head-to-head Ohioans got their debate got their debate, JD Vance and Tim Ryan Wisconsin in PA. Well, it might be the Democratic candidates past which will decide their future will discuss that with the latest strategies for both will the big story last week and this week is was having with oil and gas OPEC plus sat around and said in a rush of thanks joining appreciate being here will cut 2 million barrels a day of production out all has an effect. America prices will go up. How is it America for American oil and gas feel about this. Tim Stewart joined just now. The prison of US oil and gas.

Tim welcome back your thoughts about Saudi and hope I posted last week. The question right After. How do we actually get here and we got here because Joe Biden admit that he was wrong about energy policy requires that your meeting you're wrong right today want to cancel pipelines and we seldom suspend permit.

Something like that. But the OPEC situation you find yourself in a situation where in a volatile global market will market oil market. When you so openly courted Iran as part of your policy, which was wrong. The Saudi children. Traditional regional allies for us of giving administration, the middle finger and you know what else to expect them to do so. Biden died in a strictly got very few options left the got better as Layla got strategic targets are they gonna export Panthers of the mass of their own making. If you would admit is wrong. Go back and turn the US on gas in the street or pull them out of the ditch, which is were ready to do that.

For example, he says see you guys what you could be doing more you having all you oil companies that you know you run oil company, but all the oil seals executives making millions of dollars to your profits increase so they think that you be labeled as greedy which it was your reaction again at the situation of crisis of his own making. You obviously the run up to the Russian invasion that an incredible inflation run-up which was driven in part by enterprises which is driven in part by very bad policy.

I believe that's where we find ourselves right now and again you not talked about the thought that this situation is the lack of investment that has got us in this situation it is a lack of looking further out to seeing what is within the realm of the feasible. Just within the US industry and US asset itself and they have set that aside and so again I we can interface perspective. Brian we want to be able to have the American consumers in position where they don't have to think about what how much it cost to fill up the car at the bottom line and we can get there until administration actually clears out the way and let me do what we need to do this is Brian D said about OPEC plus his decision OPEC decision. The reason why we were disappointed as we believe it's unnecessary and unwarranted. Words look at the global energy picture oil picture lack of supply continues to be a significant challenge and the lack of supply is because we decide to slow down here by how much we are from the last trump year of 2020. No great essay by Stephen Moore week or two ago. Take a look at it, but I actually gave him an interesting project where we could be right now. Had we not shifted gears for our rap about 9 1/2 barrels a day from where we are poorly worded in pink that peaked from peers I and to Trump's credit he know he help position the industry to a place where we could have been at 15 million barrels a day in production and none of this would be an issue but obviously as you and I both talked about day one on the bite ministration that all came to a grinding halt and were still trying to get ourselves back to where we were again without batting.

Million barrels off the where we really could be right now I'm only going to be a millionaire so a couple of things like using money. Not only are they not looked up to drilling right now and make it easier to get to get leases but there also says considering an offshore drilling ban. Yeah, that was part of the five-year plan that they were they were a year late in getting out now inflation reduction act forces them to actually reacquire them to delete sales, both onshore and offshore which they can reluctantly do that is a big difference between holding Alisa on actually moving forward on the permitting process and so while demonstration naysayer I could posted will decently sales doesn't mean we actually have to move quickly. To process the permits to get the infrastructure in place actually get that production going so there I am not interested in a slow walk. I think will probably be down two thirds of what the trumpet ministration was proposing offshore to third while he going to the Persian Gulf only could go the Gulf of Mexico. That's what irritates so many of us on this thing right you guys do more responsibly with more conditions. Anybody else of Venezuela they don't have an infrastructure to handle it so we had a build up that Chevron has to build up their infrastructure in order to start exporting drilling same thing, which I understand when it comes to shell and offshore drilling is that correct correcting on Bennett Whalen original member of OPEC knowing OPEC finger last week why you turn right around and go to one of the members OPEC and say hey let's let's do a deal together. Yet at the end of the euro their link at the hip. Anytime a country sanctioned by the US who lives in Guelph, the Russian and the Chinese movement first to start those things and so I think if you dig into this. You can be really interesting to see how what is the influence of the Russian and Chinese and the current state on capital company right now. And frankly, you may be able to get Chevron to do what it needs to do because they've had legacy assets taken back almost 100 years, but the reality is, is helping Venezuela in a roundabout way is still helping Russia and China, and that discipline is nonsensical. I think some Houston press secretary demonstrations press secretary talk about this is an opportunity for guess what a transition to go green, listen. Today's announcement is a reminder of why it is so long that United States as its reliance on foreign sources of spousal fossil fuels inflation reduction act. We are making a historic investment in accelerating the energy energy transition to clean energy early always accelerating the tradition of clean energy well you know I worked on 700 million $700 billion in subsidies toward that transition. My response to that is that's great. 63% of their electric vehicle is being charged today is being charged using fossil fuels, natural gas and coal and so you need it for a long long time. Even after so if you want to get batteries, tensioning, cobalt, and lithium absolutely well you get it from from a foreign sources. Unfortunately, China controlled almost 90% of global market, not processing, market and sell you this again.

It said it, it takes a long, long stretch along like transition. We keep reminding ministration. They don't listen to you. They will need a freight for the long, long haul for 20 or 30 years out from that formed into students. You want to get solar panels we going to China and guess what this is making most of the solar panels Uighurs who basically slave labor.

They been enslaved.

They've been Your head shaved and reeducation camps in during the day they make solar panels. How is that how is that dataset work with the American human rights ethics and values well is completely contrary to the American ideal, you know, and that that's the best way getting nonsensical illiterate is where you have to describe the litter and litter energy policy. Brian and I wish you all Americans would pay far more attention what's going on because were being sold a bill of goods to essentially turn global markets over to our capacity. Our capacity and again advanced to going back to the oil and gas situation. What is wrong with using American workers and American companies in American resource wiring on the Persian Gulf only.

Should be really focusing on the Gulf of Mexico. It's that simple. We can do this. Major investment companies have been told to divest themselves from fossil fuel. Have you guys felt that in your business absolutely cannot.

As we start going out back in January of last year when it was a really really slow walk. I have friends who are in the private equity business trying to raise money for the oil and gas projects. What normally would have been a 20 or 30 hit point pitches that took me 300 different presentations to raise the money they needed. It was it was going on but I do think also, if you look at the market conditions now crime is nothing quite like having the market down 3% with except that one sector of energy particular gastric wake people up, that it's a good investment to cool down the bet against us.

And right now that's two and when you locate oil and gas right now. The present administration say look at how we've gotten that down. We've also done that by depleting the strategical reserve how dangerous is this this for Americans. I think were dental 40 year low. I mean only crap. It is incredibly dangerous and out-of-date and it is done. It is not only depleted reserve but is so grossly distorted the market conditions. It's one thing to do a release for two or three weeks to get through hurricane season where different refineries are shut down. But to do it every day and at a million barrels a day for six months you have at this point distorted the market and that means well. So yeah, I mean, they did not oil that were releasing million barrels a day is equivalent of one of the midsize OPEC countries were releasing more oil out of the strategic petroleum reserve that we are producing in Alaska by a factor of two, and so were actually acting were were dumping market dumping onto the market at a US producer side of summer between Exxon and Conoco and is nothing coming in, if not in production is just moving it out and so there's we are really good seeing you note fairly significant market distortions because there's a supply on the on the market that could expire at any given time and this is to my view a ploy to the election still has not stopped gas prices for going up last year this time was $3.27 last month with 371 yesterday was 391. Today's 392 diesel is at 512. Last year was $3.46. We know the ripple effects to that affects everything in our supermarkets or shelves the church we buy the food we eat, so can you give us an idea Tim Stewart is a talk to you as Prez of US oil and gas where you think this is heading in a month to month, three months well with the strategic programs are eventually going to run out of product that you can put back market that the refiners can take now that because right now the US refining capacity focuses on a particular type of fruit and when that's gone, then what do we do we have to figure out where we get it from. Unfortunately, Brian.

I wish I could give you good news, and say yeah prices are going to come down.

I just happen to think that unfortunately due to again mismanagement in the global situation Morgan for high prices for the for the foreseeable future until were able to have things cleared out and I wear wish I could give you better news but I'm not real optimistic right now that were going to drop down to where we were in the fat years of the trunk of the trumpet ministration when we were making less told me last time. Refinery capacities key and most people agree on that.

Is it true that we have refineries in Virgin Islands and we could put online or back online yeah and frankly you know it's not just the Virgin Islands and California and other places where we have the opportunity to expand refining capacity, but we gotta get the government to clinically to get refiners greater flexibility on the type of blends of their making consumers appreciate it. Thanks so much. I want see you guys push back because the way you being bullied by politicians and nothing about your business I find sickening appreciate and follow us on Twitter because that's where we push back makes liberals currently enjoy it.

Go get them Tim.

1-866-408-7669 by the hour will still take you closer to blocks and then we'll get into a simulcast regarding company list of the brain to Michaux so glad you're here you go places you need to kill me information you want truth you demand. This is the variety kill me show you ask voters today most Americans will say they are currently in a recession. They feel as though they were in recession because inflation has cut their standard of living by somatic extent.

Inflation is an issue for this midterm.

The recession issue for Democrats in 2024 and I think the reason that the Democrats are waking up to the fact that they're going to have a wall night for his on the issues that matter most independent voters, the economy, crime in the border. The Republicans have the advantage that will be decisive Nikon that he was not saying that he's been washing free begin a couple weeks ago three weeks ago. I would say it was I but I have a different feeling right now because the issues have tacked Republicans way.

Michael is AKS EV in use today. Mike Bryant in 19 I know that the state of New Mexico had a $1 billion surplus. As a result of the windfall from the oil and gas production. 40% of the economy in New Mexico is oil and gas is a very poor state. It was a great situation. I have called on the state for 20 years and nothing like that has ever occurred at $1 billion surplus affect the quality of life.

Every person in New Mexico and the fact that that is been operated because of the COBIT because of the China virus that no one think they care about Washington DC that affects every single person are the quality of life in New Mexico equivalently. At the same time I read an article about Pennsylvania Pennsylvania $917 billion surplus from yet Scott and we know it works a lot of family-planning New Mexico land investment from Texas Oilers so it's all taken away. It's it's so frustrating. Mike and his dates up to you guys to speak off the letters so it affects you from his mouth to your earlier Brian kill me deliberate targeting of civilians feasible crying. By launching missile attacks on civilians sleeping in their homes rushing toward children going to schools Russia has proven once again that this is a terrorist state must be in the strongest possible ways, and I agree.

And that was the Ukrainian Vassar talk about the 84 rockets sent into 10 urban centers and around Ukraine to terrorize because the Russians can't win the head-to-head fighting and they just got their beloved bridge to crew my Crimea that they stole from Ukraine blown up over the weekend invited to Putin for experiencing all types of pressure from his inner circle and that was confirmed by an intelligence source it. I've had her directly and cooperate with another intelligence source. It didn't even know the other one said it actually true. They also said the Russians are in desperate straits divorce between 60 and 80,000. This is how little regard they have for their people to just leave them on the battlefield Ukrainian attempt to get rid of them in there, and so so desperate to leave. They picked up so many tanks and rockets from the Russians who were basically running for the hills because they have no training and they're not committed to this fight. So that's why the rockets came and that's why they're going to be hitting probably again today, but they can't go on forever good to running a rocket running out of money and looks like we're finally going to give them the missile defense that they need which all goes back to oil and gas prices which get began to go up in Western Europe because it was so dependent on Russia, even of, among things that down trumpeted that end up 100% correct that many people question was, he told Angola Merkel. Why am I protecting you if you were going to continue to do deals with Russia on North Stream one and now you doing Nordstrom to and you didn't even mind that they bypass Ukraine to bring the pipeline in that's how selfish this Angola Merkel is equivalent always is Great Western leader, forget it. Vicki listened W DBL in Orlando hey Vicki, document oil and gas industry can predict when oiling to run out every third question my dad. I could've asked that I visit Fort hello but I don't know the bottom is but you know there's also opportunity for American oil and gas to refill it. And if you're investigating in shallow Lord Chevron you're happy about that, and I'm happy doing Chevron and Shell rather than going for a Lukoil or anything else. So will the government allow you brings me to this email. I just got from Marianne Marianne rights the caller that we just had noodles with John about the said break there the other night was talking to Kim McCarthy asked if they could. What would they do if Republicans win in November to stop buying from drawing down on the sheet you go reserves nieces McCarthy said well after voters in and Marianne said that is code for not a damn thing someone or something needs to change this before this idiot does any more damage. Well, what you gotta do is you got have some Democrats jump ship and the house would you gotta do is you take away something that they need in order to get something that's going to help the country.

For example, if you want to get to Republicans. Traditionally, you cut the fence and you want to put that money back in defense. Republicans give Democrats something even notes should our national defense. So that's a question how and how soon until it's all gone and that that's a really good question here is an inch usual in terms of the economy.

I want to continue on that is to people he came out. I thought there were significant. Jamie Dimon, Larry Summers and talked about our economy know all you have your own decisions about the economy. If you paycheck to paycheck and your paychecks are going as far if you don't have the opportunity. If you feel like you're your company's cutting back.

You understand that feeling.

If the promotions out there travels being cut back if you over to being cut out, then people or tighten their belt because AC would bellwether companies like Facebook are doing minutes laying off a lot of people in their say no if they're worried I'm worried he was Larry Summers cut 26. I think it's more likely than not that some time in the next year or 18 months we will have a recession.

I think that's a, that's a consequence of the excesses that the economy is been through yeah that's concerning because if you're Republican or Democrat. If you're an American. Larry Summers said that on CNN.

I'm sure they try to cut his microphone so Jamie Dimon weighed in on CNBC cut 25 inflation which offices no changing the effect of normative talk about its rates going up more than people expected a ready and probably will be more from here is QT which we've never had before.

So therefore the unknown effects you see it today and bond markets around the world and sovereign markets of people selling your treasury debt is the war like to put US in some kind recession six months from now. Yeah, I will see how the war turns out absolutely, and we know that there is a great opportunity for us to get natural gas and gritty gray customer in Western Europe to begin counted on and they can count on us but to be no movement to do that because of these green energy companies that support all these Democratic candidates they don't want to see LNG which burns clean transported over to Europe.

They don't want to see you continue people like Al Gore fire around it like John Kerry in their private jets and Leo DiCaprio and Sean Penn and all these people fire ant see how bad it is that were breaking earth, but their life is unchanged working class lives to change your portfolios affected people working oil and gas are affected and people Western Europe and me right now they're burning coal. So how's that working for the green. The green movement.

How about not at all credible so that that's what were looking at in terms of what's happening with the economy. Gas prices are going up there. Sparely I think a lot of you are actually making moves in your own life to this study from.

I was in the New York Post today from a group called smart asset is to find out where people are going. They asked people where you why you moving where you going top locations losing rich young professionals number one location is New York, 15,000 California eight Illinois three Washington to Massachusetts are always off. This is where people are going because home prices between home prices between taxes and between quality of life. The quality of life right now in New York in certain areas is good, but there's a fear of crime taking place here and it's palpable and it's it it's in places that it normally isn't what you saw in the last month you had 12 people attacked in transit. Whether it's buses with rich subways, which are at stations whether it's in cars with these lunatics in green leotards just beating up to 18-year-olds undertrained randomly.

Thankfully, to get caught that type of thing has such a ripple effect get 12 out of millions. But I I say to myself, do you want your kids going on there. Do you want to go on their joy get pushed on the tracks and who is the people, not professional criminals.

A lot of them east dangerous homeless people.

Marcus at WABC in Staten Island hey Mark with anyone you in your own discrete mandating vaccinations. People lose their jobs over it. Where were you, I haven't heard anything about any of this striking I think the Democrats Democrats say they do, I guess so, but no one gets paid, they don't work right used to pay your dues, you can reduce income out of your paycheck so tellingly said Mark. They told all those men and women working oil and gas go make solar panels okay go get retrained go do something else. Think about that you know your career.get rid of it.

I'm deciding that it's time for you to stop to start doing something else. That's what they told the pipeline workers, would picketing is expensive. Everything is expensive. Everything goes up.

Everybody was, I would be a great thing to say.

And that's why a lot of these union heads had problems complementing trump because AC the trump is not doesn't care you desire antiunion. He was say he has to do with unions all the time in New York is getting bill without it. So he understands that unions for the most part of vote for a Democrat and they do it is groups in blocks so most part, Republicans ignore and try to break but say they up the cost of labor because of products forcing a lot of manufacturing to go offshore.

Bob Wilson WABC hey Bob: you talk about people living paycheck to paycheck is something a lot of these people make a lot of money there broke at a higher level. I mean look at what they paid for houses there big cars these days. They bought one of those things that burn quickly. It just broke at a higher level. If if people don't figure out we've got that placing us to leave you high and you get money with this.

Maybe, maybe wages are going up little bit that they don't match inflation and inflation is not going anywhere so consistently your life is underfinanced and people thinkers have a nice house, nice car, you cannot problems that is wrong and that was the dose. The point Bob was making a WABC keep it here when I come back onto a simulcast on FTN and then I'll be able to squeeze in some calls on the backend use of the brain to meet Joe so glad you're here now Brian until Michaud joins Fox businesses Farney in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian until made back everybody 186-640-8766 to Catch on the backend. This simulcast and FBN eyes they get back from commercial, Harris.

I didn't talk a lot about this.

I plated earlier on the today show here but her appearance and Seth Myers is such an embarrassment. She goes on yuck it up while New York is in a catastrophe crisis state of emergency that according to its mayor and then Gov. ogle doing optionally nothing will discuss both those things. What I say is doing nothing that he respond to the Democratic senators was listening on a blind kilometer will miraculously bear right that there is a Brian Tulsa gathered counsel in Tulsa. Gavin announced she's leaving the Democratic Party watch this. I can no longer remain in today's Democratic Party now.

I believe in a government that's of the people by the people and for the people. Unfortunately today's Democratic Party does not. I'm calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me in leaving the Democratic Party if you can no longer stomach the direction that the so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country and I invite you to join me.

Well Brian what did you say what you think when you first heard that doesn't really surprise me that much. I mean, when it comes to foreign policy. She wants nothing to do with Ukraine when it comes to green energy makes no sense to you and I have talked about this exciting and logical that not even solving a problem that jamming an agenda down her throat and time of a national energy crisis. It's insane and then when you talk about all of the other issues in which there there there pushing none of that addresses crime. None of it addresses inflation. None of it addresses the economy.

So, to me Tulsa Gabbard not going to the Democratic Party was more of a little over the Democratic Party no longer just a formality. I assume she got it. She's going to remain independent. I texted her to see if she would she think about the Republican party. I'm not sure but I know that if Donald Trump or been with the second term. I know we talk very highly of her. I think any Republican that wants to reach across the aisle would be smart to reach for her because she's America first me she's a veteran that she understand she's a good surf, which I think should be a prerequisite that minx Chris Jenkins would be available by God Tulsa Gabbard I think is more independent thinker. Any remember the thing that made her so special when she stood out is when she started at the bait stage and blew up, Harris by just playing background back to her and point out what a phony.

She was. I remember it well. Who could forget that what next case, the governor of New York at the Hogle openly ignore the question about the minor crisis. Watch this one.

Not much of respond why won't she help New York City with the migrants.

She's running at the clock number one number two know she was a big loser issue Century City huge mistake putting her face huge mistake except all immigrants. How do we deal with it. Put them in hotels putting cruise ships make 10 cities all bad bad bad. What atoms pay the price for that. After all, he's got three more years for people to forget about it. She wants to run away from it. She doesn't want to debate Joyce debate once on New York one where nobody watches no offense, but there's other people in New York State.

The cake in New York, one like Long Island and upstate New York and number two is here's one address any issues you want to go to meet with donors. Give them sweetheart contracts like the one she did for that rapid off of the rapid test of $37 million and she had a fundraiser for days before the CEO so Sen. Sheila Brenda Democrat said take some illegal immigrants bring them upstate and get some of the porkbarrel spending will be suddenly eligible for she will not answer a democratic senator.

That's how useless it over her head as she is why we got a shot at electing a Republican on a statewide vote in New York State. I think that's a possibility here prime time out of time, later, but I'll get back to shortly talk to the quick announcement I stress. I mean those things and I received pretty passionate about and we sailed and I think is a great candidate. He's got somebody willing to work with Democrats. He understands it because he's working in a purple area in a blue state got a job in Suffolk. Every election was tough and then he has to work in a blue state. Every single day and he worked in statehouse two so he understands it, and he also makes it clear he wants to work with Mayor Adams if he was able to become governor if you believe the Trafalgar pole. He's two points from Hogle who was just literally just try to run out the clock.

What do I mean by that. She doesn't want any waves doesn't want any debates doesn't want to make any big decision does want to have any bold proclamations does one prevent any vision, because if she just is able to keep that lead get that for years. You watch income the restrictions again. The crackdowns should there be a surge all the Democrats want everybody to forget the crackdowns the bannings the fire rings the school closures all them after the initial shut down all them and they want to forget that they if you give her four more years and there's any type or take up or surge look out the impossible stop so the present freedom fighter. I you were kind enough to keep it up SOS for 10 weeks.

The paperbacks coming out next week and you get a brain kill new afterward. I think you like some able to go on stage and talk about all my books are to red white and blue night and a couple of dates already been said Brantford Mississippi. I'll be there November 12, so all you listeners trying to join me there have a chance interactive before view the VIP session November 13 KR MMG listeners. Hopefully your hearing on the I'm good to be back in town love visiting over in Tulsa and Oklahoma City the next day, but Tulsa on the 13th that Sunday and then on December 2. I'll be in the New Jersey performing arts Center, Newark, New Jersey will be Fox surprises there will be a great night. I know you're not. About 1619 boxing up Columbus statues getting rid of Andrew Jackson trying to find a way to get rid of the freedom statue lived was dedicated by Frederick Douglass for Abraham Lincoln in his honor. 10 years after his death he hearing about the moving of Teddy Roosevelt statue the taking down a Confederate statue. I'm 1776 not 16, 19, so I'll talk about an honest look at our history from Thomas Jefferson. The Tripoli pirates to question secret six Andrew Jackson the miracle of New Orleans to Sam Houston, the Alamo Avengers. Now the present freedom fighter. I don't talk our past, from segregation to slavery. That was a horrible for the good news is we got out of it. We grew from it and were better than ever. That's my message soap see on stage with that your brain kill you get an autographed copy of the paperback sent to your house for the holidays brain kill me. Thanks. Was always seeking solutions for selling is Brian kill me. I went right to me from 46 in the town hadn't heard around the country heard around the world. Thanks so much for listening Dennis Prager the bottom of the hour, you know, Dennis, founder of our Prager you is also a New York Times bestseller. Brenda Bookout the rational Bible. He'll be here to discuss that in a rational way. John Levine is also here in your post writing over the channel reaches columns of course.

And before we get to John.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. I think it's more likely than not that some time in the next year or 18 months we will have a recession okay that's Larry Summers economy warning signs of flashing from big bankers in business as inflation numbers and interest rates take their toll. We have the latest tale only first payment on the first know that we proposed was for a pathway for citizenship was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration. What is you keep saying that bursting at the seams of Biden administration doesn't seem to care. That's what's happening in major cities is thousands of bucks for century status to century cities what they find little housing, no jobs, no money and nothing to do and where is the VP who's in charge of tackling this crisis. Looking it up with you over Seth Meyers.

I would expect to see Jamie Vance start to take a further lead away from Tim Ryan for number of reasons this debate. I have to really apply Jamie Vance. He prepped hard and he showed Tim Ryan had no excuse for his 20 years of failure there and preening former spokesperson for the Trump administration Senate candidates head-to-head Ohioans got there debate between JD Vance and Tim Ryan while in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania it might be the Democratic candidates pass with decides their future with related strategies and explain with 28 days to go John welcome back so you know we write about how to write about what's going on with this with this selection on everywhere yeah jurisdiction you have no jurisdiction like Batman, are you allowed to sleep. I mean, are you allowed enough time for that you have the thing to do list which is wide open is nothing to check with everything's on the table. Everything is on the table. Okay, good. I did not know that would very much succeed to get paid to cover everything. Yeah I would say so so so John a couple of things with you.

Look at the debate last night.

JD Vance against him. Ryan Tim Ryan's problem is he's photo hundred percent of the time with Joe Biden and fundamentally, if you want to be a moderate who takes in the Democratic Party. You had to show it before you showed up last night and I think Vance did very well like an Ivy League grad from rural beginnings, who's a best-selling author. That's pretty much how we start up. There were lots of questions about Vance and what the debate performance might look like is obviously not a professional politician, but the reviews so far very very good for him. I know I saw a lot of really good like knockout moments strictly with the immigration and abortion stuff that you like that Ryan really was kind of flat-footed and it Vance certainly show that he's capable of going toe to toe against a professional politician on Ohio's obviously a red state was once a purple state, but it's been increasingly read over the last 10 years and winds up by 20 right for governor. Here's a little of the exchange cut for they borrowed and spent trillions of dollars that we just don't have an excellent fuel on the flyer fire. The inflation problem and at the same time that completely gone to war against America's energy sector and you can't do both of those things at St. under each bad ideas. We do both of the same time you're getting it record inflation, which is exactly what you expect to get anything present like Biden is to blame for the inflation crisis might think that everybody is to blame and were coming out of a pandemic. It's a problem.

The question is we sit around for another 10 years and point fingers. What I've been proposing is a significant tax cut for working people and small businesses put money in people's pockets. Yeah, not enough like mean basically you look to a situation where inflation was 1.8% under Trump is now almost 9%. So how can you blame both right that that's going to be the biggest drag on the Democratic Party to series we have historic inflation its 40 year high. There's there's no there's no getting around that. There's no spinning that it's like it was, as you say, less than 2% under Trump. Now it's approaching nine know very few Americans have seen this yesterday back to the 1970s to really remember a time when it was this bad and that was only had gas lines and we saw the 1980 election were Reagan just put away Carter and one more than 400 electoral votes. Yeah. So let's look at this to the other big state outside while I believe that I did events can win this angry right means little bit mean. Basically we stand is conservative. He's not anti-Trump and you don't have to disavow trumpets, Pennsylvania. This in place would trump one by eight okay the big story is John Federman you watching a cratering candidacy. Now the New Yorkers to cover the probably John Fetterman scanner see the problem is. Couple of things. He's Bernie Sanders in Riley right and he's not healthy any canned he can't do more than seven minute rallies every time you see clips of Federman online. It's him gargling as words and reversing the order things and you know obviously he just had a stroke that's going to be front and center voters minds is a debate there on October 25 late and it's like there's gonna be a lot of early voting, but no game day voting is still important to the runners-up. That debate doesn't you know get over the finish line that I think I was as a chance to win. That was just a couple things. By the time they get the question out. She watches it print out because he can't understand right away is really going to get like seven questions in an hour because in Oz responds in a high-stakes lien. He's gotta get Oz's translator for him. How can you do this job it's going to be up to us to to do the debate in a way that highlights these vulnerabilities that Federman has so Unionist people Pennsylvania who outside Philadelphia don't tend to be very liberal. If they want a senator that is very liberal said this from 2018 when it comes to law and order is real opportunity to build a statewide platform that elevation exposes the demonstrated by school to prison pipeline, the prison industrial complex and tough on crime policies like stop and frisk in and cash bail restorative justice to me is just common sense. I base my approach a law enforcement policy restorative justice practices of Mayor Braddock.

We train the police for four weeks we've trained our police force to show discretion. Just because you can change charge someone with a nonviolent crime doesn't mean that you have to charge somebody. He goes over everything. He also wants to defund ice as does Mandela barns in Wisconsin so all this 2018 talk of law enforcement would enjoy the criminal criminal justice reform is not en vogue in 2022. Right now, exactly. I think that's a broader national trend among Democrats is a lot of them. You know, went over there skis on defund the police send and let all the criminals at a jail in 2020 and the aftermath of the George Ford protest and now that were kinda back to reality again. A lot of them are trying to run away from past statements are seeing a lot of websites. The language being updated or scrubbed entirely of past positions and Republicans are doing their best to remind voters right. I think that that's true. Also, the fact is, Lieut. Gov. you Billy showed up. Please notice lazy. Anyway, didn't have a job into his 41 finish parent support until he like 50 right so so he doesn't show up as Lieut. Gov. to preside over the state Senate right yeah I mean I think he has the advantage given that Pennsylvania is I would say purple to blue.

Generally, I know Trump wanted. Generally, it leans more blue and he's been leading in the polls. There I will say on Federman's behalf. He's got a great look in some ways he looks. He's not like a suit and tie guy he really can go into blue-collar areas and I think has a look that will appeal to people and that's what got this far right and so that's these are all things are gonna be an advantage.

But at the end of the day, you will see Bernie Sanders comes out with a statement that is so on the money.

You and I really say that he calls on Democrats to do more than talk about women's rights is, in my view all abortion issue must remain in the book front burner is political malpractice for Democrats to ignore the state of the economy and all Republicans lies and distortions go unanswered, so it's true only talking about is that in Trump and now Trump is being smart. Staying out of it doesn't rally couple of things, says his converse moves investigations calm. He's let Ms. candidate speak and now is actually using his super back to support trumps money when Trump stressed sends the money that's I think what most people want send us the money but you stay home you have a couple columns that I think discusses first off as our WABC listeners were endorsing and listen to appreciate you talk about Gov. local. Many people annoying about it.

Why just do anything except for go to fundraisers and give favors to a lot of big donors you're seeing that she could be somewhat vulnerable while looking out for if if foreign a red wave type election. Nationally, it's gonna lift candidates across the country and that would potentially possibly even put her in danger. And this is one of the bluest states in the country. Local. Still, the odds on favorite to win, but there are a lot of places in New York.

I'm thinking upstate I'm thinking Long Island where she deftly knocked in a Windows air and I want you entirely not an and Democratic politicians in those areas have varied, I've noticed and it's been. I've written about it have been distancing themselves from her in various ways because I know she's just underwater in their districts and close election, she doesn't talk about crime and with his whole immigration drop off.

It's against the mayor is not Gov. against Gov. right she walked away from Sen. Julie Brennan who was trying to say have an idea can we get some of these illegal immigrants put them upstate New York alleviate some of the pressure from the urban areas and that we could be eligible for some pork barrel spending.

I'm not thrilled with any of this but just having said that, that's a Democrat. She will answer her right who's ever heard of it being a governor not doing the job right. You know she's just it's increasingly it looks like paralysis and no and she's not. She's not a dyed in the wool socialist not so like like you know a lot of the people she beaten the primary and a lot of the people in Albany actually let you know I think her heart is a moderate but she's just not effective in on the key issues signature issue with things like bail reform. She's not there. John, you have a few of the columns which is everything we talk about but I'll try to put into here. First off, when present buying said over the weekend at a fundraiser that gave Norm again real opportunity real chance walks by reporters process is a fundraiser among the people you write about bring forward. They were upset by this. To be more responsible is a guy that was going out Trump regularly present McCrone French leader took a guy who is former chairman of foreign relations and took on the task and I keep hearing that this is the closest we've been to nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis. And yet it all feels a lot more like a videogame in the Cuban missile crisis probably did not seem 13 days I it seems like I was a very tense. Of America. I would think so. I feel like brothers kinda coasting now little bit doesn't feel like work, but apparently we are close to Armageddon. According to the president and any reality is would you write about is they were not. They have done nothing to move the nuclear arsenal into into theater.

They've knew people look to this note with tactical nukes doing as a tactical moves when even benefit his guys in data right now. So why would you say and among the people. That said, why would you say it is the president of France guy, just as a general rule is never good for the present essays to be talking about Armageddon right or that I would have to forget the coming thing is I would give the benefit of the doubt if there was a tactic to achieve my city. So what's he saying exposing this story is he making food and say while they must have intelligence on me, but he lost benefit of the doubt because he was doing the same thing leading up to the invasion yard.

All things look like an amazing second invasion in their theory was if we expose that we know that they won't do it. This will be telegraphed wrong.

II think I would I would resist resist the urge to think anything of like seven DHS here. I think he's just said something lady and I remember when he called for regime change in Russia and that his staff had to actually wait out when I really want regime change he just sometimes just says stuff. I think Trump was the same right, but people say he's a businessman intends to log on the cover go on instinct now and they do this they would wait a second, is the guys was to bring back normalcy to government and what he does is a special foreign policy supposed to be his forte, all you have is a lot of walking back of his statements at a time of consequence right you have is vice president who confuses North and South Korea and a vice president seems totally out of her depth just amazed when she found out there was a divide between the two when there was a DMZ line. As you look through the binoculars added 80, almost like a tourist, rather than a leader we come back.

I want to talk about.

What is your your area of expertise. Another area that is Hunter buying what's developed on that front. Would Republicans prepared to do. Is there a danger of overstepping and is the administration ready for the barrage of probes. This is the right to only show John Levine tear the New York Post to move diving deep into today's top stories Ryan kill me talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show you.

I was ready to sit down with anybody you need me to travel wherever I wanted to and they will both be working a follow-up interview Tim Tebo is less discussion with my legal counsel is listened to know Tony's cooperating. We appreciate all information is provided we will follow-up with you deafening and have them come in for follow-up interview or spends more time on this, and I haven't heard from them since you imagine a grand jury being impaneled and not asking Tony to volunteer become voluntarily come up and talk about what it was like dealing with the Biden family, the president as well as his son John Levine tear knows all about this. I wrote a story about the latest revelations the command that laptop and beyond.

John your reaction to attorney Bob Linsky said are you surprised you never asked a follow-up to doesn't seem to be an honest broker amongst them all know I mean I think we've seen over and over again. The FBI is completely politicized and and they have been in possession of the hard drive since at least 2019 and they've done nothing and we've now had eight allegedly years long investigation which has produced no results to date and now maybe after the midterms may be will be some weapons charge and he did report as income tax or I'm not even convinced there won't be some kind of plea, and it's all just one hand washes the other lousy. I would say this, or they going to pretend to. Sky had an addiction problem one in every four families has an addicted person and their friends amongst your family.

How can you not relate to this. She's clean now. It's really not about Hunter Biden know it's not but you talk about in your column that the by demonstrations already staffing up to fight against a would-be Republican house who wants to probe the 500 buying situation where there they are putting together a team in the White House it's it's people report directly to the president's being led by guy name Richard Solberg, long time no Democratic super lawyer in DC and the comms guy is a man named Ian Sams who used to be Kemal Harris's comms person when she ran for president, not the greatest track record there but this team is already costing $265,000 a year in salary is expected to grow if Republicans take back the house. So in this is this is not just money that grows on trees. It's your money, it's my money it's taxpayer money so you're looking at the White House potentially spending seven figures millions of dollars on on lawyers and comms people to deflect an interference on probes oversight probes, but Hunter is not part of the ministration purity committing to order $65,000 you write in salary for these lawyers and picked out the course daily lawyers any paralegal.

Second, I need researchers to get a fan out to get a grow and they go to look to defend the guy and I know they're probably the BPR people crisis managers working within the state. This is how you make them look like their bullying a former crack addict to seem to love hookers and tape everything right and I think in week we alluded to this. A moment ago, but obviously Hunter should be punished for things like the gun crime and lying on the federal form saying is not a drug addict when he is a drug addict, but this is not just about Hunter's malfeasance with individual things like that. This is much more about the reason this is a national story is potentially president Biden's involvement and and where and how was president Biden involved and how is potentially the president compromised by his involvement. These are the questions that a house she led GOP oversight probe is to try to answer if you want to use leverage over present Biden to make sure he does not run again maybe same is present when stop blocking this unless of course you decide that 78 is old enough, you don't need to be able to talk to nobody on the Democratic side. Thanks, John Levine radio show like no other. Brian kill me if I were he's at right now.

This morning for an average of a 42.9% approval rating. Let's take every recent president at this point, 20 days out from their first midterm. What were their average approval ratings. You can see with it. 49 and 42.9 fits into take less than trumps couple points under Obama basically identical to Bill Clinton back in 1994, one exception here was George W. Bush this about a year after 9/11 when his popularity was still stratospheric shame. Use what this is translated into in terms of how seeds gained and lost in midterms again.

Biden is right in that range from across the house. Obama lost the house, Clinton lost the house and 94 giant gains for the opposition party on this metric.

Joe Biden is right in that extreme danger zone for president. Yeah, that's the current active MSNBC thinking that I do not know that can imagine this with a compliant press the delete and point out his egregious errors like for example, two words made in America actually say that yet to start a speech off with all the coming he still below where Trump was who was attacked by almost every branch of the media, without the Dennis Prager show or Dennis Prager. He is the host and he joins us now brand-new book out the rational Bible Dennis welcome back. You will hate Dennis. First of what you think about the the analysis. If secret Hakki. He's obviously swimming against the tide in predicting things are breaking the Republicans ways that you see it 40 years. I'm proud to say and I don't think I ever made a prediction. The only prediction may be that I've ever made is that if America abandons its traditional values, Judeo-Christian and American values that were doomed. But that's not a prediction about that. That's about the extract.

I don't know what will happen to me selections and given the censorship of the social media given the mendacity of the mainstream media propaganda that we are drowning in. I don't know I simply don't know what to know what to tell you I only know I only know when people ask me thinking Brian be people actually are you optimistic or pessimistic.

So here's my answer. I think that optimism and pessimism are both dangerous. The op� Everything will work out so he doesn't so he doesn't fight the customer says nothing workouts. If you like this, not about the fan or exhibition fan.

All I know is we have to fight because this country is in more trouble, but many times since the Civil War will restate what makes you feel that would put you to the point we make a statement that it was someone such a perspective on history to say that we brought you to that point all well how about this course, I could answer this for an hour but I'll give you one example and want more give you more air every poll shows that between 40 and 50% of young Americans do not believe in free speech for hate speech, meaning that which means of course they don't believe in free speech for what they believe in free speech for love speech that's our free speech free speech means that something I think or think it's hateful.

I allowed to speak when the Nazis wanted real Nazis wanted to march in Skokie Illinois when I was a kid in the 70s and the patron Skokie Chris only Holocaust survivors lived there virtually every liberal organization. Even many Jewish organizations said this is America, the Nazis can march in Jewish neighborhoods.

So I grew up in America but share with free speech, which is the single most important freedom of all.

It half this country does not cherish free speech and backs. That alone constitutes a mortal threat to the country else's thoughts to the cylinder so human human rights back to our foreign policy. The same foreign policy. This is by solar panels from the Uighurs who were enslaved and forced to make it against their will.

That doesn't seem that doesn't seem to add up to anything and let's do a deal with the Iranians who have killed her hundred 85 of their citizens and all spurred because they killed a woman who wasn't wearing her. He job right well people understood how lithium batteries are raping would live your life the electric car. It strips it is extra trips the earth right mean you child labor, which would be regarded here is pure evil.

Gotcha so this is very few people in a conversational way they can breakdown the Bible like you can need to get to the next level with the rational Bible which your approach year well title suggests, so speak personally. My my route to God and religion is to reason other people have have all the routes I never disparaged over ways to arrive at God and the Bible for me since I was a child of something doesn't make sense. I just didn't expect it. So I am making sense of everything in the Bible. The first five books, which are the key books of the Bible. Everything else in the Bible is rooted in those five books 5 books of Moses patrol or whatever term you wish to use creation at the garden of Eden love your neighbor love God, the 10 Commandments are told of the first five books and people would read the reviews there were 4000 of them on Amazon for Genesis and Exodus today literally today. The third of the five volumes coming out Deuteronomy which is the last volume setting the following order. By the way, about everything.

Read the reviews will seek to get attached. It has deeply deepened the faith of people who already believe, and it is born agnostics and make fears to take on seriously.

I know biblical Hebrew like English obviously has been a great advantage Deuteronomy you will find fascinating was the single most quoted book by the founders of the United States of America 2nd to 2nd place was Montesquieu beat the French Enlightenment thinker first place. Deuteronomy so it is Deuteronomy are looking up. Since the command to leave. Can you expand on what it means. Deuteronomy actually is from the Greek means second law. This Deuteronomy has the most walls of any book of the Bible. 240 I believe and I explained every one of them. The meaning of it is this is Moses recapitulating the previous three books he doesn't recapitulate Genesis and it is fascinating including the 10 Commandments. Again, God gives them. In Exodus, Moses repeats them in Deuteronomy. Interestingly, he has two little changes which are fascinating.

I'll let the reader find them out because I got all the people in suits. I stand that I know you not when it comes to politics on the prediction business. But I know you could point out what's wrong. Is there something that the Bible would have. Is there something wrong with wanting secure your borders is that your lack of compassion does that show that you don't care about people. There were not all world God's family. If you don't take care of your borders or means you don't care about your country that's definitional. You don't have a country without borders. You don't have a country and in the left doesn't want national provisions. It wants the international bodies to the world. This is not a conspiracy theory they say at the base fine nationalism any belief in the importance of one's nation to be equitable to fascism so that as part of the battle and the it's it's interesting when God blesses Abraham recent all the nations of the earth will be blessed through you.

There is an understanding and that God himself wants there to be nations. That's what that's that's in the Tower of Babel story, which is fascinating where where when people united with one language only did it go with power to go up into the sky and challenge God. The whole thing everything in it is so contemporaneous that give you one example, it Deuteronomy and Exodus have a law, you may not favor a rich man or a poor man in the courtroom. In other words, social justice is unacceptable.

Social justice is injustice.

If there's a poor man of the rich man courtroom social justice is toward the poor man good judgment containing the money much more than the rich man just says that's irrelevant. You just do what is just, justice and social justice have nothing to do with one another. That's one of the many many the infinite number of insights that you get from from this read anyway, I would ask people a very simple question. Remington this on my radio show my great experiment that I called my human laboratory. If you don't get your wisdom and your values from the Bible. Tell me what book you got it from and it was fascinating but the answers were either shared or nonexistent.

People think that you just get wisdom bye-bye by getting older. That's nonsense. You never heard of an old fool like you have to learn musical physics and and and this should be like this book I might prove is I knew this when I went to Columbia. This was a great greatest single revelation might have in my life and that is that the most secular institutions of the committee in the country. Universities of the least wise. There is more foolishness in the most secular institutions and therefore I concluded that the proverb is accurate. Wisdom begins with fear of God. If they fears when there's no Bible. There's no way I challenge anybody listening to tell me one secular institution that has wisdom to be an example of this is a good example of wisdom, but we talked about Dave they talked about America being a compassionate country, Harris last night talked about our immigration system and how migrants are being used cut 21 men were talking about people who have sleep great harm if that great harm and they are coming here seeking refuge and talk about political theater and playing games of people's lives that with airline and their mothers with sleeping babies getting off those buses right. There's also young men prime of their lives. He said America's allotment of my country. I think I'll be here. Do you think she's being sincere when she says that will I study the lecture so I was meant to Columbia. The Russian Institute specialized in cognitive countries. All of my life I have � the left believe what it says that they believe men give birth to him in the justice that's one they really believe it and I have now come to the belief that if you say anything and milk you start others you start to believe it. So I think Kamala Harris is not a particularly bright woman and and she doesn't say things that are particularly insightful. This notion that they're all fleeing something bad by that criteria. Most of the world to come to the United States.

Yes we do. We have no country and she said, and by the way, we didn't. Chris Jenkins was just on the border and the sky came because he sincerely Anke and he said where you come here because I want to come here because his brother my country that's not here always a reason for them. It's not a reason for us to open the borders. But if I were him I would do the same thing. I completely empathize with the people trying to get into America is the greatest country ever invented the left hates the country.

Sri Lankans love it. So when you see people in the big picture Dennis Prager who want to box up statues of Christopher Columbus and take them down in the middle the night, let alone by Abraham Lincoln of grammar schools and now I think Alexander Hamilton just came off the school. They had Patrick Henry come down those other just about every founding fathers been subjected to a Benjamin Franklin.

As you know, ended up abolitionist from the beginning he wasn't. So when you see these and Teddy Roosevelt moved off the front of the Museum of Natural History, a museum that really exist because a him and his family. When you see all this stuff because they were imperfect people, how you feel about that will try writing a rational Bible series.

So here's an answer from Genesis, God sees the world just rooted to be able to destroy it and save Noah and his family wanted to save Noah here is a verse exactly and translating in my mind from the Hebrew Noah was a righteous man in his generations you judge people in their generations and their generations. The founders of this country, or moral giants. In fact there moral giants putting putting aside the issue of owning slaves, which of course is horrible, but in that world. It was normal for African stone slates for Indians to own slaves for Asian stone slaves 10 times as many slaves went to Brazil is 2X to X to the United States regional go through this self immolation that we are. There's no wisdom in this bespeaks reason all these people want to come here is because of Jefferson and Adams and Washington. That's the point. It's because Columbus found that this this place with all the terrible things that happen which will completely again.

Unfortunately the norm in those days in in in all of the world.

If it weren't for Columbus I'm using him metaphorically. Somebody else will ultimately come forward for Columbus where would this guy in Sri Lanka want to go to all that you he celebrate Columbus Day's you are you will Dennis had to say is ever heard you majority really angry dispassionate Dennis Prager hosted the Dennis Prager show the rational Bible is now out. Congratulations that is thanks so much. Great to be with you got it back and moan entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian until made.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian until made Harris as out of her record as a prosecutor and the prosecutor present but I'm concerned about this record there too many examples to cite 100 people in jail.

Marijuana violations laughed about it when asked if she ever smoked marijuana.

She can't people in prison be on their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California and she thought impact for people in the worst kind of way that is totally Gabbard carving up, Harris, and she had basically nothing to say and she just put down the candidacies as well. She's an also-ran only got 2% of the vote no cheese go to prepare for debate people he want to listen to her because he wants of a left-wing. They were at that time firmly behind this guy named Bernie Sanders a moderate like totally Gabbard has no shot so she thought she just come and be on the main stage in Carrboro, Harris, who the previous week. It destroyed Joe Biden about busing. I was that little girl.

Remember that little girl was me remember and that is why Joe Biden still does not like the vice president United States. Now she just is incompetent, rather than like or dislike. That's pretty much the did this is the story with her totally Gabbard made news today. She put out on social media that she is no longer a Democrat that that'll shock the Democratic Party but also just on the fact that a lot of people locate the whole pronoun thing this push to trade transgender rights as if it's a mainstream issue. The whole fire hating of America rewriting our past spending us through greed through green energy is just not how you feel you got somebody to follow now and still be Democrat you can say Tulsa Gary, I'm writing to make a right to city of Brantford Mississippi talking about our history and stuff like this, as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then in Newark, New Jersey Frank Tillman over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber list of Malik Fox news or wherever you get your

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