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Dr. David Jeremiah

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October 4, 2022 1:18 pm

Dr. David Jeremiah

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 4, 2022 1:18 pm

Dr. David Jeremiah

Stuart Epperson Jr. talks to Dr. David Jeremiah about his event on Thursday night. What will be happening at the event?

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Wake up, everyone. It's time for The Steve Noble Show, where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God, and on his show, there's plenty of grace and lots of truth, but no sacred cows. Call Steve now at 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH, or check him out online at And now, here's your host, Steve Noble.

Okay, welcome to the program. We have such an exciting guest on the air. There's a huge event going on.

Anyone within driving range, and probably people will be flying to this, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina. Thursday night, I will be there, and this is an event we've been promoting a whole lot. I'm Stu Everson, honored to be sitting in for Steve Noble, and I have a special guest on the line.

Let's go ahead and bring him up, and we're going to get the doctors in the house. I'm talking about Dr. David Jeremiah, best-selling author, one of your and my favorites on the Truth Network. Love hearing this man preach God's Word. He's written a brand new book that is just... I just love this book.

It's a page-turner, but this is truth, and this is God's Word, and the book is called The World of the End, and the author is Dr. David Jeremiah, and he's with us on the air right now. Let's bring him on. Dr. Jake, are you there? Yeah, we just landed here. We're in Raleigh, Durham, and I have never been introduced with a cow in the middle of... It is great to have you here with us, Dr. Jeremiah, and so good to have you in the state of North Carolina, and you're going to be in Greenville, South Carolina, Orlando, Florida. You've got four big events coming up. Exactly right.

That's true. Can you hear me? Something's wrong. We are... I'm talking, but I don't think you can hear me. Yeah, we're getting it so I can hear you respond, and I think everyone can hear us, but we can't hear each other, but I'm hearing you through the back a little bit.

So do you need to... I just checked my phone, and everything's on that's supposed to be on. Let's do this. Tell us about what's going on at these events, and why is there so much excitement about all over the place, starting in Raleigh, North Carolina, this Thursday? Well, I think this Thursday may be one of the largest events we've ever done.

I think part of it is the pent-up desire that people have after having been sequestered for so long during COVID-19 and all this other stuff, and now they can come back together. And we've always had great events here, but this one I think is going to be uniquely special. As you know, we have the Gaithers here. We're celebrating a lot. We have a new book. We have a brand new movie that's coming out soon, and we're going to show the trailer for that on Thursday night.

So I just think we're going to have a great time together. And Dr. Jeremiah, a lot of this excitement is this book you've written, which I just got my copy. I've started reading it. I thought, I'm just going to look at it real quick, and just peruse it so I'll be on my game when I interview Dr. Jay. And I started reading it, Doc.

I couldn't put it down. And the book is called The World of the End. Well, actually, the full title is It's Not the End of the World, But It Is the World of the End. And it's based upon Jesus' words that he communicated to four of his disciples on the Tuesday before he was crucified.

Most people don't realize that the Olivet discourse happened in that arena, just so close to our Lord's death. The last message he gave about the future, and perhaps the greatest and most profound prophetic message in the Bible. Yeah, and I love the subtitle, How Jesus' Prophecy Shapes Our Priorities. Can you speak to that?

Right. Well, so often people tell me when they know that I write about prophecy, as I have done so many times. Well, prophecy's just not practical. And when people say that, they just remind me that they don't understand prophecy, because prophecy may be the most practical thing in the Bible. Every time our Lord gives us a message about the future, there either is written in the context, or obviously understood in the context, that this is the time for us. For instance, one of the first chapters in this book is about deceit. And the call to action is, in a world of deceit, be the truth. In other chapters on war, in the world of war, be calm. God wants us to know the future, not so that we can be upset over it, but so that we can live our lives in a way that brings honor and glory to His name, no matter what's going on around us.

Wow. And this play on words. People hear all the time the phrase, the end of the world, but your book, The World of the End, talk about the things we can't be certain of, but what we can be certain of. Well, as you know, there are many people who like to believe they know when Jesus is coming back, but in Matthew and Mark, like five or six times within a very short period of time, we were told by our Lord, you can't know that. Nobody knows when Jesus is coming back, and when the Lord was on this earth, He did not know, because He was walking in the limitations He placed upon Himself and His humanity, and the angels don't know. And so I always like to say to people, if you think you know when Jesus is coming back, you know something the angels don't know, and something Jesus didn't even know when He was on this earth. Now obviously He knows it now, because He's back in heaven with the Father, and He's looking forward to it, but He limited Himself while He was on this earth. So for people to say they know the exact time when Jesus is coming back, as you're aware of, Stu, over the years, people have published books.

I remember in 1988, I got so many copies of this book about Jesus coming back in 1988, of course He didn't come back then. All that does is, it does damage to the ministry, it doesn't help it. Yeah, and I'm just amazed at all of the Scriptures on prophecy in the Bible, and why it's something we shouldn't run from. People get kind of scared, they see Revelation, they hear this apocalyptic language. Dr. Jeremiah, why is this something we should lean into? This is something, I mean, you've written a book to help us with this.

Well, how many of your listeners would probably say, amen to this? When you know what's going to happen, when you know what's going to take place, when you understand what the scenario is, what the landscape is, it brings great confidence to you in your life. And Jesus told these four disciples, Peter, James, John, and Andrew, listen, He said in the end time, here's what's going to happen. He told us about it, and in order to prove His authenticity, He made another previous prophecy about the destruction of the temple, which took place in 70 A.D. and proved His credibility. And so, just as that happened in A.D., so it's going to happen in the future. Hang on, we'll be back with Dr. David Jeremiah's new book, and a huge event coming to a town near you, just after this.

Stu Everson in for Steve Noble. Don't touch that dial. If you haven't gone online to get your tickets yet for this event, I'm telling you, friends, don't wait.

I've got my pass right here around my neck. It came in the mail, I put it around, but you can go online, you get the tickets. Dr. David Jeremiah is going to be in the house on Thursday night of this week in Raleigh, North Carolina, the PNC Arena. He's going to be in Orlando, Florida next week. The 13th, he's going to be in Greenville, South Carolina, the 20th of October, and then the following week in Buffalo, New York for an amazing night. Dr. J, you've got the Gaithers in Raleigh, you've got great music, you know, folks, with each of your events. Great message from the Word, a preview of an amazing movie. I mean, it's going to be a great night of celebration.

So, tickets, Doc, I'm imagining, what, a hundred bucks, a couple hundred bucks for seats, maybe? No. What? We're the free event. What?

We're the free event. Okay. Yeah. How about it?

They have to have a ticket, but it's free. It is. But you need people to go to to order their tickets so we can know who's coming and make sure we save them a spot, right, Doc? Right. Exactly.

Okay. That's what we try to do. Well, and it's just a beautiful thing, and I just want to publicly thank you for being a blessing in all these communities. Of course, every year you go to different spots and different places, and the Truth Network is just honored to have you here in North Carolina, in God's country, you know, North Carolina, in Raleigh. And my phone's been burning up all day, people telling me they're getting their tickets. I called this morning, he says, I'm taking a whole busload from my church. People are coming from three or four states to this, Dr. Jeremiah, and just give us a quick teaser of what they're going to experience when they show up to an evening with David Jeremiah. First of all, there's the wonder of having that many people together, God's people. This is a great arena. We are really expecting a huge number of people, but we chose to come here in the celebration of 40 years in ministry, because this part of the country has been so good to Turning Point. We have been on the air here, both on the radio and on television, for many years, obviously with you guys, and I told people, if I ever leave California, I'm moving to North Carolina.

Because I love this part of the country, I love the people. These are conservative people who love God and love the values of God, and so we're so thrilled to be here and share this time, this celebration, with the people here in this community who are so akin to what we do, and the teaching of the Word of God. We're going to see a great night. Michael Sanchez is here, we've got a great band and a great worship team. We're going to sing, we're going to worship, we're going to teach, we're going to share this trailer for the new movie, Why the Nativity, which is going to really surprise a lot of people. And the Gaithers have a little set they're going to come and sing, and actually they're going to sing, and they're going to help lead us in worship.

I just found out yesterday, they're going to sing with our worship team a couple of times. So it's going to be just a great night, and you know, when I stand out there, I usually come out and sit in the front row for the first part of it, and I really feel the people all around me standing and lifting some of the many, lift their hands and worshiping the Lord. That's a moment you can't create, you have to be there when it happens, and we want to make sure you come. I promise you that if you come, you will leave with your heart lifted and your soul filled with the joy of the Lord and ready to face whatever God has for you in the future. Well that's a great word there, and so many pastors, you're a pastor of a church, you love sitting there and standing in the pulpit proclaiming God's Word, and so many pastors are coming to this thing, and they're going to be there, and they've been telling me, they've been telling me, I just got an email before coming to the show, pastor ordered my tickets, my wife and I are going to be there, we're going to help with the counseling, we're going to just be there to serve, and we've been told everyone in our church to show up. Dr. Jeremiah, there's a lot of chaos in our culture.

I just read a headline from SRN News, like not even an hour ago, where a little girl on a volleyball team got kicked out of her locker room because a man, a young man who thinks he's a girl, is now in there changing and making comments about these girls, and they have this no-hate zone, and she's like, I'm on the girls' volleyball team! There's this, there's the financial chaos, there's a world at war. I mean, this book you've written, The World of the End, these are some of the things that you're really, that Jesus Christ, 2,000 years ago I guess, addressed, didn't he, in the chaos of the season?

Yep. You know, Jesus is eternal, which means He lives in the eternal present. And I always tell people, the reason you can believe prophecy is because Jesus is already there.

He lives in the eternal present, and the eternal present to Him is the same as the eternal future. So when you say, this is going to happen, and Jesus says it, you can be sure that it's going to happen. He told us there would be times like this.

And here's the thing I think people need to remember. We often ask the Lord to change our circumstances so we'll be happy. He always says to us, no, I'm going to use your circumstances to make you better. God wants us to use these times to grow in Him and be a shining light in the darkness, and we can do that. And I'll tell you something else that's going to happen, I'm really surprised, I'm going to take the lid off just a little bit, everybody who comes is going to get a wristband that is lit up at certain times during the service. It's going to be a great night, a reminder that we are the light of the world, and that a city on a hill cannot be hidden.

We're going to be a challenging team tomorrow night. I love it. Like all the young people are seeing now, it's going to be lit. That's what the new catchphrase is.

I've got a young person in the studio audience laughing now, because that's what they all say. And so, Doc, praise God, what a symbol that we are the light of the world, that Jesus Christ has made a way, He's shining a light in the darkness. This book, The World of the End, the whole title, as you mentioned earlier, we may not be at the end of the world, but we are at The World of the End, subtitled How Jesus's Prophecy Shapes Our Priorities. Dr. Jeremiah, now, will this book be available Thursday night? What's the best way, folks, to get this book? Well they get the book at the event, and believe it or not, I spend the next two mornings signing all of them. Oh my soul! Well, unless we just don't have time, we're going to sign every book, and we hope that you will come and take that book, and don't just take it, but read it and allow it to change your priorities. That's what God wants to do.

He wants us not to be caught up with a deceit in the world, but to be honest, my favorite chapter is, in a world of bad news, you be the good news. I love it. Wow! That is something.

That's such a good word. Dr. Jeremiah, look, you're coming here, you're blessing us, it's going to be an amazing night. Thursday night, folks, get your tickets at Tell us real quick how we can pray for you, for your team.

This is spiritual warfare. Last time you came through here, a few years back, there was a massive hurricane. Y'all had to cancel that thing.

Yeah, right, we did. The enemy does not want Thursday night to happen. How can the people listening right now pray? Just pray. You know, the Bible teaches us to pray against the evil one, and we can do that. And pray that God will defeat him in his every attempt to bring anything that would be divisive or hurtful to this event, but that people will be safe in their travel, that they will come with an open heart, and most of all, that there will be many who will hear the gospel and accept Christ and start this new life in this crazy world, but with a center inside of them who is Jesus that makes it all worthwhile. Amen.

That's such a good word. Everyone, did you hear that? Take a moment today and pray. Pray for Dr. Jeremiah.

Pray for his staff, his team. A lot goes into these big events, and they're putting it on for free. So we come, we all get the blessing. It's in Raleigh, North Carolina, Thursday, October the 6th, so you can still get tickets for that if you go to Orlando, Florida, October 13th. Greenville, South Carolina, Thursday, October the 20th.

And Buffalo, New York, November the 11th. You have friends and family, maybe a friend that's not a believer that needs to come hear the gospel. Dr. Jeremiah, thank you, my friend.

You're such a blessing. All right, see you soon. We'll see you Thursday night in Raleigh and then these other events. Friends, we'll be right back to talk more about the world of the end. Hang on. Oh man, I tell you guys, this is going to be, there may not be a seat available Thursday night. It's just getting exciting.

I tell you, you know, people have been talking about this a long time, and people just want to get back together, of course safely. Of course, if you're throwing up and sick, don't, you know, stay home. But watch the stream. But come out and see the Gaither vocal band. Come out and hear some amazing praise and worship with all kinds of people of God. Come out and just be blessed and inspired with a powerful message.

I mean, it's amazing. Dr. Jeremiah captivates an audience just by opening God's Word and just teaching right out of God's Word. And people will listen, and people will come forward and come to Christ, and you may be at that point in your life, you're like, hey, you know, I'm checking this stuff out.

Maybe I'll just go and just check it out. You know, like you would go to a Billy Graham crusade, like you would go to do a big evangelistic event. Well, this is going to be all that and some, and some teaching about what Jesus says about his return, about what the world is like leading up.

The book is The World of the End by Dr. David Jeremiah. An honor to visit with him. We've got another special guest on. I want to give the website one more time, Now, I was able to catch up with Dr. Jeremiah's son, whose name is also David Jeremiah. We call him David Michael Jeremiah. He and I are about the same age, so we're kind of both sons of the pioneers. Our dads go way, way back, and have just been in the Christian broadcasting world for years.

And I'm going to play that clip in the last segment, so you want to stay tuned for that. You'll get some inside baseball on these events, what it takes, and some more information on how you can come and see Dr. J in Raleigh Thursday, in Orlando next Thursday. See, my sister lives in Orlando. She's taking a whole crowd with her to Orlando. You thought Orlando was just Disney World.

Think again. Greenville, South Carolina, the following week, Thursday, October the 20th. By the way, all of our Greenville listeners, upstate listeners, that listen to us on his radio talk, you are listening to me live right now. You've got to go to and get your tickets for the Greenville event at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, the big arena right in the middle of town.

That's going to be amazing. It looks like I'm going to be there, and I can't wait to see all you friends. And thank you to everyone that's been pumping that event up in Greenville.

Then finally, Buffalo, New York, November the 11th. An evening with David Jeremiah, who's doing so much good for the kingdom. And another man of God, who is, you know, everyone was leaving Florida not long ago. This man of God is heading to Florida with a big bus of people, with hammers and nails and planks, 2x4s, and all kinds of water and aid.

His name is Andy Bowersox. His ministry is Energize Ministries. They love on pastors, they encourage all kinds of folks. Andy, it is good to have you here on the Steve Noble Show.

Stu Epperson in for Steve. Hey, Stu, thanks for having us on real quick, and I know you've got a lot to cover. I appreciate all the promos for David Jeremiah, and I wish I could be there. But as you mentioned, you know, our ministry that provides care for pastors, we do a very specific niche as part of that. It's called Pastor Disaster Relief, and we have been inundated with phone calls of pastors in some smaller churches that need disaster relief help in the Fort Myers, Coral Gables area. So we are leaving tomorrow night, have room for a couple more volunteers to come with us, and really need some people to step up and give towards this effort. As you know, our ministry, everything we do is a gift of appreciation. We rarely ask for any funding, but disaster relief is something that's never in our budget, but it comes up every couple times a year, and so that's the one time that we do ask people to help support what we're doing. So if you've got a heart to help the people in Florida, there's some churches that desperately need our help, get their parking lots cleaned up, get the roofs car recovered, and we're going to be down there for the next several days. The information is on our website, There's a link that you can give there, and certainly contact us.

We'd love to bring a couple more with us. Well, Bowersox, I just want to make it clear to you, in front of you and all these people, no matter how big the ratings are on this program, no matter how high level these amazing guests like David Jeremiah, who just was on the air with us just a few minutes ago, we always have the welcome ad open for Bowersox. Andy Bowersox, Energized Ministries, you're helping pastors, and some pastors have had their churches just wiped out from this storm, so people can do something about it, right, Andy? And they can do something very tangibly.

Now look, tell us how. What do you need to raise to send you guys down there with a full tank to serve and minister to these amazing pastors in this community down in Florida? Well, I'm going to tell you, you know, Franklin Graham has been quoted many times as saying, Aaron's First does not have needs, but the people they serve have needs. And I very much appreciate that sentiment.

I feel the same way for us. So we, in this case, Stuart, I mean, there's always more that needs to be done than we're able to do. We're only going to be down there for about four or five days, but there's one pastor I talked to who has had almost 10 feet of water in and through his home. He's an older gentleman. Everyone in his church has also been affected. So one thing we're going to do is clean his place out. We're going to muck it out. We're going to get another church, the roof tarped on. So look, I mean, honestly, we probably need $10,000 in the next 24 hours to cover the needs of what we're giving right back into this community. And you know, it's not a lot, but it's a lot to us because we live by faith every day. So yeah, there's somebody listening that wants to help contribute to that effort. Stuart, you know us well, you know that we're very good stewards of what the Lord is doing, so we want to give it right back out.

But we need help to get there and we could use a few more bodies. So enter, check it out, and I'd love to connect with your audience. Is there a way to give there if they go to the website or to call the number or something like that? Folks, I know there's someone listening that wants to be generous to this and help what you're doing. What's the best way? Yeah, best scenario,

There's a link to give right on there and we'll just take and put a note that it's for specifically Florida Disaster Relief and we'll make sure it goes that direction. I love it. You know, you called me. It was a bad time, by the way. It was a tough week month for the Truth Network. And you called me and told me about a need you had for some kind of construction equipment up in, I think it was in Kentucky, from the tornadoes or something. And I can't remember what the event was, and I'm not doing this to blow our own horn, but I just remember in that moment I had to kind of do the calculus, okay? Like I didn't realize, wait a second, none of this is mine.

Truth Network doesn't belong to somebody or to, you know, our management team or whoever. It's God's. And so we just, I just, we called in and said, send Energized Ministries a check. And I don't even, you told, you told, said some good things that God did some cool things, Andy, but I can't remember what that was.

What kind of apparatus was that? What's interesting is that's actually the last time that we were on a Pastor Disaster Relief trip, and it was after the tornado damage in Kentucky, ended up being an absolutely phenomenal God story. You know well, we keep track of our God stories in our office, we love to share them. But yeah, that sort of resulted in the Truth Broadcasting Network becoming a partner on our Disaster Relief, and it's branded all over our Disaster Relief trailer.

So we'll be headed south broadcasting that. Yeah, we'd love to connect with new members, new supporters, people that are passionate about caring for our nation's spiritual leadership, kingdom leadership, much like David Jeremiah, and so I'll let you get back to that too, but again, thanks for having us on real quick. Connect with us at I'll do it, watch the, yeah, the, and give, for those that don't know, Andy Bowersox from Adam.

Your name is one that's hard to forget, by the way, and your personality is even, you're such an encouragement to people. This is the guy that, guys that, when Stu Everson's engine's running low, Andy Bowersox takes me to lunch, he praises me, encourages me, and he does that for pastors all over the country. He's done, we're doing a pastors event in the Carolinas, in Florida, later this month. This is, Andy, this is Pastors Appreciation Month! This is, you know what, it's the best time to be focused on it, we focus on it all year long, but yeah, love on your pastor, whether or not you do it through us, we have great options, activities, great reminders and tips for pastor appreciation all year round, again on our website, but yeah, a note of encouragement right now, I'm actually at a conference right now about pastor care, not too far down the road from you, but yeah, we want to stay connected to your audience, we want to bring in new people, and the main thrust of our ministry is to build an army of believers that are committed to the care and prayer support of their leadership. They need it, Dr. Jay will, he'll mention it every chance he gets, and you know, they need our support, it's a battlefield out there, we want to continue to pour back, assure them up, just like Aaron and her did in the Old Testament, just like Timothy and Bartus did with Paul in the New Testament, our leaders need our support, our care, our prayer support, and in this case, they need our financial support in Florida, and that's where we're headed. So they're heading down there, they really work to get dirty, to help these pastors rebuild their churches, rebuild their communities, share the love of Jesus,, is that right, Andy? Yes,, there's all kinds of normal activities, pastor care, encouragement, refreshment, recreational options, but then there's a giving link specifically that will go towards this disaster relief that we're heading to tomorrow. And the Big Energize Pray For Your Pastor bus was going to be in Raleigh, packed full of Truth Network warriors for the David Jeremiah event, but we've had to change those plans, we're sending you down to Florida to help with the disaster relief, pastor disaster, God bless you Andy, thank you man. Thanks so much. Appreciate you. Now look, I sat down with Dr. David Jeremiah at the beginning of this program, about his big event in Raleigh coming up, and in Greenville, and Orlando, and Buffalo, I'm sitting down with his son next, you won't want to miss this interview with David Michael Jeremiah about a huge event coming to your area, stay tuned, Stu Epperson in for my buddy Steve Noble. Are you ready for some encouragement, my friends? You are in for a treat. If you're able to get there, Thursday night, October the 6th, now this is going to be a series of big events with my friend, Dr. David Jeremiah, who has written a brand new book, the music's going to be amazing, and I'm honored to sit down real quick here in advance and talk to my other friend, the son of Dr. David Jeremiah, David Michael Jeremiah. Hey David Michael, good to talk to you brother, thanks for hopping on here with us.

Oh glad to be with you Stu, thank you. Well we're excited about these events, you've got a lot of folks, everywhere I go it's buzzing. There are people coming from many states away to Raleigh at the PNC Arena, which is going to be Thursday the 6th just coming up, not too long after the airing of this program. Then you're going to be in Orlando, Greenville, Buffalo, what is it with these events, because I have been in the house with you, and something about the message of the Word of God from your dad, the music, what is it that, you've been doing this a long time, and you're kind of the master of ceremonies, what is it that gets so many folks to come out to these things, what's the excitement around? You know one of the things is when dad gets behind the pulpit at an event like that, and there's six, eight, ten thousand people in an arena, he gets supercharged. Even as his son, I watch and I don't understand, I know the week he's had, or what's happening in his life, and then I see him come up on that stage, and he's like the energizer bunny, and he's plugged in, there's a plug from the Lord right underneath the pulpit, and when he stands on it, he's like wirelessly charging, right, it's pretty awesome. He's been doing it for forty years now too, so we come to these events and he says it's like clipping the coupons of life when he comes in and gets to see these people that have been listening for five, ten, twelve, twenty years to the Bible teaching that's come from Turning Point and from that. So it's a way for you to touch and actually connect with a whole bunch of folks that just hear you through the radio channel, they see you on the TV, but this is like a press the flesh kind of event where they actually get to come out and see and hear from Dr. Jeremiah, so I guess that's a kind of a neat dynamic, especially in this day and age of the impersonal social media devices and then COVID, you know, that's in us all underground, right? In fact, in a long time we weren't even going to church, so that dynamic, what's it like for you to see all that, man? You're probably buzzing the whole night, aren't you?

It's funny, our whole staff, you know, in the office yesterday, now it's six-thirty in California right now, so I'm not in the office today yet, but there's just a buzz. Our people are excited at four o'clock tomorrow, our office, you know, there'll be TVs where we'll be live streaming that event, and our people stay and watch just because they've got so much invested in it and it makes, for us, it puts faces to the names that we talk to on the phone that write us letters that do all that, and so we always bring different staff members so they can be encouraged. We come away more encouraged from these events, so everybody just gets so excited to go because they know how they're going to feel when they leave and what it's going to mean to them personally. Wow, and you may still be able to get tickets,, because there are events in Raleigh, North Carolina. I will be in the house with you, I'm pumped about that. It's Thursday, October the 6th, so it's right around the corner at the PNC Arena. Then you've got Orlando, Florida, October the 13th. My sister's down in Orlando, of course we're praying for them, they've got a lot of water, a lot of flooding, and we're just praying for all the folks in Florida.

Wow, just they've been through it, so this will be a well-timed encouragement night, just of recovery and refreshment. That's Thursday, October the 13th, Thursday, October the 20th, Greenville, South Carolina. This is a beautiful area, the upstate of South Carolina, then Buffalo, New York. The final event, heading north on Friday, November 11th. So you guys are going to be hopping around, but each of these places, David, Michael, Jeremiah, they have a special place in your heart and your dad's heart, don't they?

Oh, every one of them, and there's so much. We're celebrating 40 years of ministry, and so some of the key areas, like Raleigh, probably being the first in that list for us, are places that have just strong Christian radio in those areas where people respond and we get the letters and the testimonies that come from those areas, and so those are the places we want to go first. Dad gets excited about that, I mean, the history of Turning Point on the radio in Raleigh and on television in Raleigh is long, and it's pretty, it's a fun story to tell and to learn about for us. On the phone with me is a friend of many, many decades, David Michael Jeremiah, who's one of the key leaders in the ministry of Turning Point that his father founded years ago, Turning Point with David Jeremiah. You hear him on the radio, you hear him on all kinds of radio stations that carry this program that are brave enough to carry Truth Talk, AFR, Wilkins Radio Network, a lot of the Salem stations, the Truth Network all across the country.

You listen to Dr. Jeremiah's teaching, just a wonderful Bible teacher. I mean, who would think that 20,000 people would pack out at Arena, David, Michael, Jeremiah, to hear a guy open a book that's, you know, 2,000 years old, 5,000 years old, and start preaching from it? I mean, what in the world is going on there, bro? Every time we do those, that amazes me, Stu. It gives you hope, right?

Yeah. When you come in and you see 10,000 people there that are studying God's Word and it's important enough in their lives for them to be there, you go back out in your community and even though you may not know all 10,000 people, you don't feel like you're alone. But that is such encouragement, it's a huge encouragement to us, and I know from testimonies and people that we've talked to, that it's a huge encouragement for them. We hear it from our radio partners like you, who say, you know, you hear it from your people and how much they have loved those events, and to go and get a night of great worship and Bible teaching is very unique in today's world, and it's exciting to be a part of it. Yeah, not to mention that you've got the Gaither Vocal Band in Raleigh.

You've got each event, each venue, you have a different music attraction. You have your own Michael Sanchez, who is like a high-level, had an appearance on The Voice, and he does an amazing job in the worship, the worship team out, you know, for Turning Point and everywhere. In fact, I was with you guys this summer for some events with him, and with your dad, talking about this new book. Not the end of the world, but the world of the end. And this is another thing, and we're not going to, I don't want to take, we're not going to, you know, no spoilers here on what you're going to hear on Thursday night, October 6th in Raleigh, and all these other nights in Greenville, Buffalo, and Orlando. No spoilers, but David Michael, it's some pretty intense stuff.

Your dad is, he's bailing the hay, brother. He is shucking the corn when it comes to what's going on in our culture and what's going on in the Bible. A lot of things our listeners can be looking forward to, I guess. Give us a teaser on that real quick, on how this book has just taken off amid this chaotic world we're in. So much of us do, you know, you get up this morning, you turn on the news, and you just see the devastation that's happening down in Florida, and like you, our heart goes out to those people, and a lot of us have family in those areas as well. So we're praying for them, trying to check in on them like everyone else is. But dad's approach in this book is, it's about hope, the world of the end, but there's hope. And so every chapter ends with the hope and the story of how we can get through this and how God is still on the throne and what it means for us as believers and how we can move forward, and what seems like sometimes an impossible time. Possible is a great word, man, and we've got this horrific storm bearing down on Florida destroying homes, destroying lives.

We've got people in South Carolina, North Carolina is getting it. We've got a lot of people praying for that, and then your ministry goes through a lot to get here. It takes a lot to do an event. It takes a lot of planning, months and years of planning.

It's a big investment. But we're just grateful. I want to say thank you to you and your dad and the whole Turning Point ministry for coming to North Carolina, to South Carolina, to Buffalo, New York, to Orlando to bring a night of blessing. It's a free event. Folks, everything we're talking about, it's free.

You've got to go to, and you can sign up for tickets, and then I guess you guys will drop ship the tickets to them. And even though you're not charging them, David, it's important that they get those so they can get them scanned, right? So we can keep track and make sure we're not overflowing the facility, correct? That's the biggest thing. We're going to fit everybody in all the time, and the venues want us to have some level of understanding of how many people are coming, and that's really what the tickets do for us.

And Stu, they're all electronic now, so you go online, you can order it, and it'll come to your inbox, and you don't have to wait for shipping. So what that means is it's never too late. Even on Thursday afternoon, you can still get a ticket and come to the event and be a part of it. If something in your schedule changes and makes that available to you, then come. And I want to say this, pray, please, all of our prayer warriors out there, all of our churches, all of our pastors, please pray, because I know people personally who have given their life to Jesus at a David Jeremiah event, okay? And so there will be a lot of folks there that maybe don't know the Lord, and they're checking out like, hey, a cool free event with a big national speaker and awesome music by the Gaithers and the other different musicians that are going to be at the other different venues. I get to go to this thing, and that may be the night, or they may bring a friend, and you may bring a friend who will come to know Jesus through this special evening with Dr. David Jeremiah. So I want to encourage everyone to be praying all the way up to the event after the event. Hey, David, Michael, Jeremiah, we are praying for you and for your team, and we're praying for your dad as God prepares his heart to give a message. And we're so grateful. Any words as we close here, just to the listeners out there and everyone, about—invite everybody. Go ahead and do the invitation to everybody.

Let us know the best way we can get out there. Stu, this is going to be a special time if you've got Dad and Bill Gaither on the same stage, in the same night. That's going to be really special. They're friends.

They go back a long, long way. Two men who have reached probably billions of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ together, having a great night, worshipping the Lord and making it fun for us, but educational for us. I think we all have friends. It would be impossible to invite them to come to a church because they're not going to come to a church. You know, maybe they feel like they've been duped before or something, but you can bring them. They go to a event or a concert at an arena where they know that hockey is being played on the weekends.

They go to hockey games. They're, well, you know, I'll go. So invite those people because the gospel will be presented, and it will be clear. That's why we go. That's why we want to be there. That's why we want you there.

That's why we want your friends there. It's going to be a great night, a lot of fun. We have some great surprises for the night, and Dad's got a great message prepared, and Bill Gaither's already sending us funny videos about the things he's going to do, so he's unpredictable.

That is a good word. We've got Bill Gaither, Dr. J on the stage. I can't wait. I'll be there in Raleigh. I'm going to try to beat these other ones, and I can't wait to meet all of our awesome listeners. Raleigh, North Carolina, October 6th. Orlando, Florida, Thursday, October 13th.

Greenville, South Carolina, all of our awesome upstate listeners from all over Western North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia are going to be there in Greenville, October the 20th, and then finally, Buffalo, New York, November 11th. That's a Friday. And wow. Hey, David Michael Jeremiah, this is going to be awesome. An evening with David Jeremiah, your pops, and an evening with you because you're going to be... You're the glue guy. You got to keep this thing on track, so we really need to pray for you, and I don't know how you do it because who knows what's going to get thrown at you with all these characters on the stage when you show up on Thursday.

There's all kinds of challenges, but man, what a great challenge that is. I'm looking forward to it, Stu, and none of this is possible without great partners like Truth Network and Stu Epperson. So man, you know, I've told you this many times, but we're so grateful for you and for your team. It's a great team making things happen, and we don't go to some cities because they don't have people like you and networks like you in those areas to bring people to an event like this. So thank you, Stu. Well, very kind to say that.

Well, we're grateful, and I'm going to give... The website's easier to remember. It's, and I guess all the information's there.

Someone's like, hey, what is this about? You know, shoot them a little video from there, order your tickets right away while they're still there, and it'll be an amazing night, and I will see you Thursday night on October the 6th, and I'll see you these other nights, too. They're all at the website,

Put it on your calendar. You will be thoroughly blessed and encouraged, and pray for God to do a great thing. Hey, thanks so much, Dave and Michael, for hanging out with us, man. Hey, thank you, Stu. Thank you, Dave, for hanging out with us, and pray for God to do a great thing, and
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