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Answers to Your Questions on the Church and Immigration; and Update on the Repeal of HB2

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 4, 2017 7:01 pm

Answers to Your Questions on the Church and Immigration; and Update on the Repeal of HB2

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So was the Obama administration really surveilling trump and some questions and answers about immigration stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown not on not making any of this stuff up on looking for the wildest, craziest quote out there, major media people say all kinds of crazy things article on Townhall today mother and a brown with the Trevor Noah Comedy Central calls Mike pence quote sharia Mike as he walked on along with women that aren't his wife. I spent a lot of time on the broadcast talking about this yesterday and I did write an article about it. You can read our websites on Why have some of these crazy quotes but this is this is the latest and it strikes me that the same media attacking Donald Trump for being a serial adulterer is now attacking Mike pence for his marital guidelines of fidelity, one of which is not to work late, alone with an aide who is not male note is not to die alone with a woman.

These B practices I have as well and most men that I know a ministry that would have the same practices so the saved the same media that come about Bill Clinton. So what he had his little things on the side swings on the side. What a guy say media looks like pence.

What a jerk.

Craziest wild very revealing. All right, Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcast 8663 freight 780 for the recall 348 Mike Starkey number 21 more time I will eat 6634 truth okay a bunch of things I want to cover with you today.

I preach this past weekend and a fine congregation in the St. Louis area Grace Church St. Louis pastor by Ron Tucker and just lovely people. They are very hungry for the worded and hungry for the truth and I spoke on three different subjects of their three weekend service Saturday night on break and stronghold of food. These were topics I was asked to address Sunday morning, the first service and immigration in the church. Second Sunday service on LGBT activism in the church and at the end of of the first and third services because there was nothing after them. I two questions. We did Q&A from the creation they could text in their questions and email the man and then folks on the church that went through them and then we answered out about 13 questions each time but we could not answer the questions and immigration because we had a another service to follow. So we asked the folks at the church to text in their immigration questions I can be answering those talking little bit more today about the church, and immigration. Always a relevant subject.

I see news that according to one all authority formally involved in immigration illegal immigration is down 66% under Pres. Trump.

That's positive illegally. We want illegal immigration down there. We want to deal compassionately with those who've been in the country for many years and are working hard, their contributing citizens and raising families here and what do our best to keep out those who want to destroy our country so we talk about selling an answer bunch of interesting questions and then get work. We can spend a few minutes on this question of whether or not Susan Rice from a national security advisor and USM Lassiter to the UN, whether she acted wrongly whether she unmasked people who were being surveilling all explained being surveilled. The above demonstration. Explain what unmasked is and what she involved in leaking this information to others to make sure that it got out serious accusations and and yet CNN his report on gravy and use CNN goes on a rampage against Susan Rice. Bonsall instructs viewers to ignore story what's going on will sort it out right here in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us today, one of fire, 86 join in today's conversation. Okay, let me say a few things about Pres. Trump. Yes, I do wish that he would tone down some of his tweets if he wants to keep Tweety and that's his way of communicating B who is both the nature of personal insults and things like that and the streetfighting that he could avoid. I would prefer to see that simply so that this can be a battle, let it be a battle over substance and not these side issues understand he got elected being who he is but he could still be who he is and do it in a way that gives less open doors to criticism and attack my opinion some who voted for him albeit with reluctance and concern now.

He was on the air.

November 13, 2016 with Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes. A show called the 45th president. I listen to this interaction are people going to be surprised about how you conduct yourself as president will conduct myself in a very good manner, but depends on what the situation is sometimes you have to be rough or when I look at when I look at the world and you look at how various places are taken advantage of our country and I say it in a shaded very proudly to be America first and second be what were doing. We've lost losing this country will losing this country. That's why I won the election and by the way, wanted easily and I won easily and you can have one, usually for our existence is serious of but when he says look depends on what were dealing with, who were dealing with. In other words, if were dealing with Isis, you gotta be rough and tough and not on why we would really like it if you wouldn't do such horrible things. No obviously there there to be taken out through violence and through through warfare and things like that in the ideology must be confronted out right what about if in fact if in fact you, you find evidence that there has been illegal wiretapping. Okay, maybe that wiretapping surveilling of different kinds of of your administration. What if you find out the people of the intelligence world have it in for you and they're trying to bring you down illegally unethically. I imagine this would be one of those moments where Trump would sell him be rough and be rough and tough and on the call things out will that's what he's been doing. Of course he's been marked and vilified. There is no evidence of any NSA, FBI anybody wiretapping Trumper's people now we have reports.

Apparently multiple sources multiple sources who were saying yes. Susan Rice unmasked people that were part of the Trump administration prior to the election. Okay, what is it mean to unmask. I wasn't familiar with this concept until it came up recently, so let's say that national security agency is is monitoring conversations that you are having with with the Syria some folks in Syria are interacting with them.

I retract with the government there and that they want to know what's being said your contract with the Chinese government or right so so they are surveilling a foreign government or foreign entity and using American are part of the conversation that your identity will be covered in less your identity plays into the national security concern. If, for example, your dialoguing with people in Syria, and the reason your dialogue with them is because your you're trying to import terrorism to America well in that case.

In that case then your identity would be unmasked because you are now part of the security problem. But if it just so happens that it was your phone line that was being tapped because of your communication with someone in Syria. It happened to be someone in the government, but you you're trying to find out about a relative that with a dead or alive with this hospital and you were given them as a contact quote.

There's no reason anyone should know your identity. So according to the reports that we have a right. Susan Rice is denying any wrongdoing of the left wing media is basically turning a blind eye to this and even being more aggressive were dissenting and cover this talk about it. CNN even telling viewers ignore the story but according to multiple sources I'm reading now from the daily caller Richard Pollock yesterday Pres. Barack Obama's national security visor Susan Rice or US spy agencies to produce, quote, detailed spiritual spreadsheets of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president. According to former US attorney Joseph D. Genova quote was what was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked crocus and Associates and perfectly legal conversations with individuals in other words nothing that they did nothing that they did was wrong, nothing that they did was worthy of them being unmasked. Yet according to these reports.

Susan Rice had them unmasked and that you can know exactly who spoke to whom about what even even though cellular business is none of the government's business to unmask who these people are and according to sources that this was now released to lots of different individuals within the intelligence agencies basically with the goal being to make sure somebody leaked it and not tried to make the Trump administration look bad and this could be what happened with Gen. Mike Flynn will who is guilty of anything or not is a whole separate story, but it seems that there are things that he was. Not guilty of doing it. His identity was released because this was part of the desire to make the Trump administration look bad though, is this this this is a smoking gun. This is serious. So yesterday, Fox News and Bloomberg news, citing multiple sources reported that Rice had requested the intelligence information was produced in a highly organized operation Fox of the unmasked names of companies were given to officials at the national security council NSC, the Department of Defense, James Klapper, Pres. Obama's director of national intelligence, John Brennan, Obama, CIA director, the these are major major major allegations seemingly supported by an interview. Bart's second Obama deputy Defense Secretary Evelyn Farkas who said that into an interview on MSNBC. She was quote urging my former colleagues as much information as you can get as much intelligence as you can before Pres. Obama leaves the administration and anyone interested. Subsequently, no I don't I don't I don't give anybody anything but advice in the community, but the directors are. I'm not can spend more time on this. Let let other talkshow host spend more time on this with the TV news spend more time on this. Suffice it to say that is a said from from the beginning it would not surprise me in the least if illegal and unethical things were done by the Obama administration and it would not surprise me in the least if they were done by the Bush administration and if they're done under the Trump administration. In other words, I do not have the most trust in the pristine nature and the pristine motives of our government here, look, look, let's look at the broader issue. Big Pharma pharmaceutical industry.

I was just assuming this, the medical industry.

Just trying to help people and that's that. Your only goal. You want to help people.

How na�ve of me to think that that money as I can talk and that big corporations and I can have certain soy so I have heard account after account from people within the industry, not just of how difficult it is to get a new drug released and approved by the FDA, but that people that have something that could really work in a holistic way as secure. That would make completely unnecessary.

Some of the most lucrative drugs out there that those things are not approved and, in other words, that money and not just health is often the larger driving force will I should surprises that human nature, it's human nature you here either within the sports world shocking scandals about bribery and and forfeiting matches to to win best to think know they're just athlete will people are people people do these kinds of things, so does the government do a lot of things in secret.

Yes, other things done that would surprise us. Yes, it doesn't surprise me and would surprise me if these allegations were true, not in the least, especially with the idea of trumpets that we gotta bring down as quickly as possible. But please understand it. In my view. Call McAllister what, that's fine.

In my view if the Obama administration was guilty of something like this.

It wouldn't be the first administration to be guilty of self like this and it wouldn't be the last to be guilty of something like this absolute power corrupts absolutely. These things will happen. And there's always a justification that can be found no known nothing illegal.

Nothing unethical, nothing immoral. So bottom line for me with clean live clean because somebody could be watching and somebody could be listening and most of all, God is watching God's list is not out to destroy us with bless us. Let's live lives above reproach enough to worry about surveilling us to not okay immigration we come back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us along the far yeah and at article March 20 Michael Savage's target of NSA spying from coarsely discussing this. Anyone is prominent at that point the NSA was going to after to collect data.

This is going back in the Bush administration.

It was, not necessarily the direction of George W. Bush. They were doing it off there. It their own initiative. So who know who knows how much goes on with security and things behind us and hate years back. Years back I had read that Israeli security was listening to the private conversations that Egyptian Pres. Hosni Mubarak had in his office said.

How did they manage that. Well, as I read it. What happened was the Israelis were able to secure a contract as cleaners so they were responsible for cleaning the presidents office and wall cleaning the office. They installed bugging devices would surprise me with not surprise me in the least.

Then again, I can substantiate any of this study what I read years back before Pres. Hafez Asad of Syria died to be succeeded by his son Buster.

She was ill, but people didn't know that he was ill, but Israel found out in advance by getting a urine sample.

What are you talking about, according to what I read was a conference of Middle Eastern Arab leaders and Hafez Asad was attending that conference. Use the bathroom wall.

There in Israel was able to get his urine sample. Somehow they had inside connections there and saw that he had cancer advance stage of certain kind of cancer, which was then confirmed shortly thereafter I don't know exact amount.

I'm not a doctor. Some of the what could be learned from a urine sample not learned if they had other information is further confirmed it, but none of the steps prospect. None of the stuff surprised if the government was listening to every word I said or did know my name. Neither woman swabbing they know my name in there your day. You know what I'm saying and when I'm traveling in another country if I just move that got my latest address and that's all self-evident things like that and yet is a lot of information on this, but who know who know so none of the stuff surprises me at all and those that were just scorning president trumps tweets yet. I wish he doesn't did things a different way since terms of some of the tone of the personal attacks but those scorning a melon while was onto something right you switch subjects 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Syria the latest news from Syria, at least 100 dead and suspected chemical attack in Syria hospital reportedly hit horrific pictures of people dying from what is reported to be a a chemical attack, a gas attack, first responders, BBC said found people choking in the streets.

Mohammed Ross school head of the Syrian ambulance service that our team is still there moving patients.

One place to another. Because of all credit hospitals speaking to my team and they're doing fine with the situation over there is very bad. Most of those who are suffering are children and and then then a bomb was dropped by playing and then the hospital people were hit by debris and rubble and I'm just an absolute horror okay so so people want to flee from their people want to flee from Syria.

Understandably, there's a terrible refugee crisis. How do we respond to the refugee crisis.

How we respond as believers to the question of immigration. I wrote an article the end of 2015. We grab that here the other 2015 I wrote an article on the Syrian refugee crisis, and the church. Here we go for reflections on the Syrian refugee crisis, and I I'm made four points in the article 1. The government should major on security.

The church should major on compassion to priority should be given to Christian refugees, three Muslim nations must step out step up their sponsorship of Muslim refugees for the must guard our heart against un-Christ -like attitudes so in response to those points which I filled out in depth in the message or preacher Grace Church in St. Louis this past weekend, the congregants, those who were there ascent in a bunch of questions to me so I want to want to respond to those questions one by one. If you have a question like to add in 8663 for 87884 about dealing with immigrants about do we open our homes as Christians. How do we know who were living in our homes to churches work to sponsor refugees should be more matter of doing outreach to refugees reliving our communities for the government just shut the door on whole nations for long periods of time. Just because there might be some that come in that are deadly and destructive. I mean, what if you knew that one out of every 100 people that was you welcomed into your church fellowship was a serial rapist or a serial killer. You knew that what you do to close endorsed everybody to have increased vigilance over everyone had any deal with it what it was 110 was one of the thousand euros guaranteed that, among them would would be that person. So these are some of the questions facing our nation okay so here are some of the questions I was asked first. Is there a group, government or private sector that the church, lined with to help work with the lawmakers to find the middle ground you talked about underreporting the lawbreaking immigrants and helping those who are law abiding to stay so although I and dollar endorsed Sen. Cruz during the campaign I I differed with his policy and immigration on this level, that there are some who have been here for many years who came in illegally, but who have been part of the American society working jobs working hard with their jobs, raising their kids here having kids erase and are considered kids are part of our school system.

They are not in an ongoing we break our laws. They are not troublemakers they are not the ones selling drugs and raping women and things like that so how do you deal with them. Do deport them in the giveaway back in.

Would you say okay they're gonna be a lot of requirements put on you.

You have to work even harder, but were going to give you a path to citizenship to me. The did seem to be a compassionate thing to do. Another said the look the laws. The law, so Garcia do your best to enforce it better from here on.

Try to work with those who been in our country for years. You don't want to divide families etc. amenities before citizens and everything but the actual fact of it yet. So is there a group, government or private sector. The church can align with to help to work with the lawmakers to find the middle ground you talked about and supporting the lawbreaking immigrants and helping those who are law abiding state of limited my best to answer that clearly says bricks. They were Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown so is there a way to work with an organization, government or private sector ferrite. Here is a path that there were those of the been an American city came illegally. A man came illegally 20 years ago for Mexico then got married and had kids here scheduling the school system and somehow he's these never become legal again. I don't know how these things work that summer could be here this long and still fly under the radar listener happens so is he deported thin. What was his wife, his kids have is that work and and even with that the two came in together that husband and wife illegally, then have your kids here and the kids are in school system.

The kids attending 12 years old and the couple's been working jobs steadily so, in a case like that, I would say that the government needs to do is it's best to work with organizations that have large scope nationally and practical wisdom. So for example the National Hispanic Christian leadership Council, the witches or ask excuse me conference which set up a Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who is known to the Trump administration. I would see you work with a group like that and then from there you do your best to say okay government has policies. Let's help you implement these policies on the ground as the church is the people got, I think that that's something that could work practically by the way, there was a steak segment done by Stephen Crowder where he pretended to be a relief organization calling liberal churches so-called progressive churches, virtually all of whom opposed Pres. trumps temporary ban on refugees from seven Muslim countries, while asked extreme vetting procedures were put in place and he call these different churches and said yeah we have refugees right now we have someone ready to be resettled there from this country that country and we understand you have a heartless oh yes yes okay will how many would you like to take an to a person ever although we are asked to take written note. No we think it's a great idea, we can will have on your own home will know you can't do that. How about the church but well know that won't work. Was no one at your will see that it was was really quite remarkable. Okay, how sees me how you sign up to host refugee I would contact organization like world relief world vision and say you are interested in sponsoring a refugee or refugee family, either in your home or working cooperatively with your church in your church community, the church community became this families new family and they were the ones getting them settled then they were the ones getting them acclimated with here's were you go to apply for this here is where you go for potential employment of here's where you learn English, things like that that the church community becomes that the host organization and I can be very effective, especially with whole families of others are able to take people right in their home but organizations that world relief world vision Christian compassion organizations will be able to tell you if interested in sponsoring personally or corporately.

Here are list of refugees from different countries that need sponsors and why was Grace Church.

I did share about what we did as a family late 70s and early 80s during the boat people crisis from Vietnam with the great joy of sponsoring refugees or church to be progress. Just open the doors.

It became something through the whole body that we open our doors, broken homes, if we had an extra bedroom if we had a couch, we just brought people or homes so we had families first ones we took in a couple with with your baby from Vietnam that we had different men single man 1234 different ones in this facility are church this community for years.

This extraordinary enriching for everyone. What a blessing to serve these people fleeing from horrific suffering for cleansing Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I quoted from the book of Exodus in terms of compassionate treatment of the alien foreigner because you yourselves were aliens in Egypt to remember that and I said it's important to use verses like this, but also to realize that the same Israelites were called to slaughter the Canaanites and in other words, when it came to dealing with the hostile neighbors whose land they were taken through was called to annihilate them when it came to dealing with more distant aliens and refugees that wanted to be part of the people of Israel than they were to be treated with compassion notes that they want to come under the wings of the God of Israel, they want to be incorporated into the community of Israel.

They wanted to be part of Israel fact we even have to abide by Israel's laws God reminded Israel to treat them compassionately to treat them kindly remembering the mistreatment they suffered in Egypt so I find it a little disingenuous when people will quote these verses from the Old Testament and yet reject the moral authority of the Old Testament of the words that are left-wing liberal will quote these verses Tuscaloosa yeah and in you hold to the other statutes of of morality in the Old Testament sexual morality things that they are not just outdated, you do agree that is was posted by public cannot.

So, that's terrific.

That's the some bronze, a violent type deity that would order that the wife couldn't have hearses so it's let's be holistic in using this, but by all means let's use these in article and relevant magazine when come out so last year I think be a year and half ago with the Bible says about how to treat refugees love refugees as yourself. Leviticus 1933 and 34.

The food for the poor and the foreigners. Leviticus 19 9010 God loves the fire residing among you. Deuteronomy 1018 and 19, the sin of Sodom that did not help the poor and needy. Ezekiel 1649. Do not oppressive far as the verse or read Sunday morning. Exodus 23. Nine do not deprive farmers among of justice.

Malachi 35 do whatever the foreigner asked of you.

First Kings 841 to 44. I sits a bit of an overstatement of the sources but important versus unless the reader open to the traveler.

Job 3132. Invite the stranger in Matthew 2526 five 236 living there was himself immersed in your neighbor were all baptized by one Spirit of the verses that are more general. Let's also remember that the culture of the day. Homes are always open to strangers in other words, you're out living somewhere in the desert in a tent community and someone is passing by. It was an ethic that you opened your house to them. In fact years back when I was in Israel. We were seeing the Bedouin tents and things like that.

We were told in and that I had believed it was taking Arabic and grad school. The professor told me that you're not even allowed to ask until the third day with someone's businesses. Was there passing through it's it's a celebration. This person comes in your home as a guest guest and they stay with you and your family and eat together with you and you feast together with them in and according to the ethic you can even ask until the third day until the third day.

By the way where you going, what your business would be considered unethical.

That's much hospitality was a fundamental ethic was, not in the midst of an inner-city with gangs when someone comes knocking the door at midnight to rob useful so come on in, here's here's where we keep our valuables so we have to translate properly for each culture. Nonetheless, there is a great calling in Scripture to be compassionate to the poor, the needy, the suffering and Paul writes in Galatians 60 good to all men as of opportunity especially to those of the household of faith. So, practical questions what organizations help church response refugees again if if you need start with one ago to world relief.organist, world vision role belief the org is very active in dealing with the refugee crisis, and helping those filling fleeing violence and persecution. So if you just type in the world relief refugees you get information both in terms of giving and in terms of helping in other ways quite. Let's see in my message.

The second point I made was that we should give priority to Christian refugees questionnaire. Your second points is priority should be given to Christian refugees. I totally agree on a church level what ways can that be applied on a government level with the government be accused of favoring one religion over others that woke that's what happened when the trumpet administration put forth in Executive Order saying that priority would be given to Christian refugees or minority refugees and the legal basis was to say that when dealing with humanitarian crisis.

Those that are a minority population. A persecuted minority population in the midst of the crisis with our priority which makes common sense, so groups like the CDs and Christians who are heavily persecuted by Isis and her minority communities in the countries in which they live in Iraq and Syria, etc. that they would then have priority and that's with the trumpet administration was doing in my logic is not only is that right for administration. It's right. Logically, because we are a majority Christian nation, despite the carnal condition of much of our country. We are a majority Christian nation and other countries are majority Muslim and some almost exclusively Muslim, so would make more sense for Muslim countries to repatriate Muslim refugees and for professing Christian countries to taken Christian refugees to be more at home. There'd be less chance of persecution. So the only to do it legally would be to argue that they would fall under minority, persecuted status and therefore should be given priority on the church level. Obviously we can do our best to say hey what help everyone, but in particular will make sure Christian refugees have a place to go how I feel about the wall. I assume that means the security barrier in Israel, which is about 97% fence and 3% wall I feel about it the way many Israelis do.

I don't like it being there, but it's a necessity. It's an eyesore does divide communities. It could hurt income of tourist income and things like that say Bethlehem it.

It certainly makes life more difficult edit checkpoints and things like that. For Palestinians, but it is solely the result of Palestinian incitement of murderous acts against Israel, lack of Palestinian leadership.

Stopping those acts like a policing those acts, so it is up one reason only to keep murderers out since it was put up the murderous terrorist attacks went down by 99% said why the wall, the wall is there keep snipers at strategic that's why it's there. So when the Palestinian government stops naming schools after people that died is as quote martyrs killing Israeli children, women and men. When the Palestinian Authority stops inciting this type of violence on TV with its rhetoric, when the leadership cracks down against it when it when it doesn't reward the families of the so-called martyrs.

When that's the case then then the walk of them are not yet met approximately correct art by gradients from the will. The will trumps law trumps law okay look, if this is the best way to keep really bad people out.

This is the only way to do it effectively, then do it. I'm working on it it it it's going to be it's going to be just like Israel in terms of you. Wish it wasn't there many ways, but if it will reduce criminals coming in those that are legitimate refugees and I can be stopped by wall right those are that legitimately people need from from Latin America coming to Mexico. They won't stop them from coming in the same border control. You go through the same process of immigration same hardship requests and needs right as far as I can tell when would stop anything wouldn't hinder anything when change anything.

There just keep the bad guys out. The people from the drug cartels and the rapist and the murders that we all want to keep out. I imagine every legal immigrants in America wants to keep them out as well.

Every legal Hispanic immigrant American doesn't doesn't want bad apples coming in anymore that I want bad apples coming in from any other country to America from Israel if there bad apples out to destroy country among coming so is it the kind of thing I would Gloria get excited about no is something that could be a necessity. Just like prisons have walls and bars to keep criminals in put walls up to keep criminals out and let people come in legally and those that need to be here and deserve to be here.

That's part of the beauty of our nation.

A great melting pot of people from different cultures and backgrounds, making us one great America alright thanks for get me straight on the water.

Yikes. I got a bunch more questions on him to get to them all. Every single one of them. On the other side of the break, 866-3487 85 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown if they are here legally. If they are draining our country if they are not working productively or willing to work or be incorporate in our society they are here simply to train our society in their here legally than they must be deported that no business being here and and they're not trying to be part of the fabric of our society. Rather, they are just trying to get a free handout. If they have a legitimate need.

If you put out traumatized refugees, for the countries that are unable to work, incorporate themselves into a society you bend over backwards to help as a prosperous nation. When someone comes just to drain you in the coming illegally on top of that, the got no business being here. You said government should lead and security in the church leading compassion. Why can't government also be compassionate with government ready provide humanitarian aid to needy countries. As an example.

Yet my exact wording is that the government should major on security. The church should major on compassion, and I did say in passing that yes the government does compassionate things, but its main role is law and order. Its main role is to uphold a certain status quo of society so that you do not have societal chaos and to the extent that the government says save.

For example, tries to create a welfare state to help those in need. It often ends up making their lives even worse long term by making them dependent on the state in creating a culture without work and responsibility and things like that.

So, yes, be compassionate, but with the church major on compassion and that the government major on security.

Had he feel about the separation of religion state to think that prioritizing Christians contradicts this law number one's separation season separation of church and state is primarily to keep the church that this is me the state out of the church. It's that it's disfigured not going to have one state religion and the government cannot interfere in the practice of religion so to say were majority Christian country so we are sponsoring a Majority Way, Christian refugees.

I'm on the sea, that is a violation of separation of church and state.

But again, legally only I believe that could be done is by saying that it is a minority, persecuted people in another country and therefore they should their priorities refugee status with the same door would have to be open for others like you see these who are of minority, persecuted status in another country.

That's me would be the legal way to do it to believe the Theravada extremist Christian groups will you say to that while either I don't know any personally but I'm sure they exist just because you have wackos everywhere and you have wackos in every group and those wackos to make the group as a whole look bad now. You have nothing that compares the Christian world.

A worldwide level. Isis and Al Qaeda and the Taliban and Hamas and Hezbollah, and also Bob buckle her mom and other Islamic terrorist groups.

You have nothing that compares in that regard. So you you cannot logically get from the teaching theology of Jesus who was crucified to violent extremism that say blows up an orphanage in the name of religion. However, you could get from the teachings of Mohammed, who was a warrior with an participated beheading captives that they can get from his teaching and actions to the Isis is in the tele-bands and the Al Qaeda's of this world. So yes you have these extremist groups.

Some of them may be in Africa� The midst of the Civil War this month in the call itself the Lord's army fight against the Muslim Army nugget. The Christian army and their fighting with each other and yes you have some of these excreting so-called Christian identity groups in America, but they can only do what they do.

By denying they can only do what they do. By denying the gospel and they have no connection whatsoever with the gospel and of any of them active in planning terrorism and things like that. I'm not aware of that in our country any whatsoever when we draw the line.

A high school is letting Muslims use the gym for prayer.

We have mosques for that. Well, if the school the Christians use the gym for prayer meetings. The Christians use the gym for Bible studies that Hindus use that the gym for for meetings and things like that woman. If it's open to one. It's open to all. If Islam for some strange reason we get special treatment, and that's completely wrong and cannot be but you level I after while the other our criminal immigrants dealt with well basically once they are arrested they should be deported if the here legally right here legally in the record breaking the law, then immediately. Now you know who they are. They broken the law there deported its rough, tough. That's reality of lessee, Dr. Brown, the last of your here he took a hard line regarding Islamic belief season is speaking of radical Muslims. I'm pretty politically savvy and agreed to theology than a Christian process kill the infidel. But every friend was a devout Formosan.

She helps with Republican conservative candidate Sr. Sinatra Muslims first which reactions the second.

How can I reach for Christ loving on her, and she trusted his first reaching her keep doing that. Keep loving on her.

Keep keep being a real friend and say hey you believe that Jesus is the Messiah coming to the quality are really what his words. We have his actual words in the Gospels. See if you can get her to read the Gospels, read the words of Jesus. Find out who he really is because the Quran does not paint a true picture and then the answer. The question is that the radical Muslims consider muscles like are not true Muslims and Muslims like or consider the radical Sinatra Muslims. As I understand Islam both or potential expressions of the faith.

The radical expression in the peaceful expression. Both are valid potential expressions of the faith in your program how can I get regular news conservative perspective would be nice on world events, non-American events I go to stream that's right regularly. It is published and funded by James Robison's organization is a great place for Christian commentary on the news, as well as for breaking news how can judges override president trumps executive orders last time around everything I can tell, complete ridiculous judicial overreach that must be exposed must be combated must be stopped. The CL will be executive horses.

This, but during trumps campaign. He said things and the rhetoric was bad. So based on the rhetoric he said I can interpret the law based on that nominal block nonsense utter and complete nonsense must be exposed must be resisted by friends. If you are not part of our support team. I would encourage you to join us everywhere we go folks come up to me and and I'm humbled by, often with tears in the city. Thank you Dr. Brown for being our voice. I mean I hear it I'm unmoved by were blessed as a team to to stand together and serve you day and night, but we do with your help we are praying about ways to amplify my voice to reach more more people but again we need your help to do it this month. When you become a torchbearer. We are pouring into use of sources on the five: eye-opening stuff that exterior heart blessed great resource materials the ministry so find out about this, go to the line of fire.

Join team today. My bottom line. Let us be the people of God that the government do not does. Let us be faithful from the repeal of HB to the NCAA lifting its sanctions against North Carolina to Satanic strategies to stop our witness. We got all here today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, have you heard about from the very positive president Trump has done perhaps not.

Perhaps I will will let me give you the news you know that he ran as a strong pro-life candidate. I was one of those who questioned him for a while.

Is he really pro-life with is really stand, but he has really entrenched himself in that way and been very consistent in his his nominating of justice Neil Gore such to the Supreme Court is in keeping with that is also promised to work to defund the UN in certain ways or withdraw funding from it where it crosses certain lines and work against the funding of Planned Parenthood. Well, you may not of heard this news that we share with you this is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire which is an IM calling a grace your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution upstream Amicus Smith reports president Trump defines UN abortion outfit devoted to population control the State Department settable and US funding of the United Nations population fund, a group that promotes abortion overseas in a letter to US Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker, the State Department said it would not fund the UNFPA because it supports are participates in the management of a program of coercive course of abortion or involuntarily start involuntary sterilization State Department said this decision was made based on the fact that China's family planning policy still involve the use of coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization and UNFPA partners on family planning activities with the Chinese government agency responsible for these coercive policies. Good for you, Mr. Pres., thank you for keeping your word hate you know I am not just one standing in the corner of president Trump saying hey hey everything he does. I like everything he does is great in other issues. I haven't questions I haven't things that I wish were done differently and there's much he does that I appreciated in and check this out check this out Dennis Prager, a wise commentator.

He explains why he believes Trump code has not only surpassed many of her expectations, but also those four governed in a manner more consistent with conservative principles than any president since Ronald Reagan and arguably Calvin Coolidge and storing the AP news says from abortion to energy to climate change and personal investments. Trump is keeping his promises and methodically overturning regulations and policies adopted when Barack Obama was president course. I could hear that in this world of constant attacks against him, but I think you can make a good case for that quite a little while. We should be join us. It should be. Unless something happens in the governmental level.

It pulls Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest way we should be joined by Lieut. Gov. Danforth about 15 minutes to talk to us about the repeal of HB two, so North Carolina wins the NCAA championship last night came very close let down to the last bucket.

Lester lost to Villanova. There is a conspiracy theory here share that with you in a moment, all from an anonymous source that I cannot leak the I'm having fun but touch about that. On the other side of the break that the NCAA said okay I will do business again will will bring our vents back to the state of North Carolina. I imagine the NDA and submitted bullies will follow. This is compromise the seller's sole thought principles for money or destroy the missing Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest, the champion of the values will hear straight from him.

This can relate your plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is happened back in.

I just didn't talk about it on the air, but I'm going to do it.

Johnny clips one and two will play in a moment there's a story on the Federalist last week Sean Davis Washington Post lies about lawmakers biblical reference and refuses to quote a single word he said that others have said how quietly the post was trying to rewrite the whole story right.

So after the presidential election last November. Your times executive editor Dean back quite gave an interview to NPR in which he admitted that his journalist simply don't understand religion but we don't get religion get the role of religion in people's lives. He was correct and explain this that other parties involved don't understand religion, especially Christianity that he was specifically speak about New York Times reporters.

His comments clearly also apply to the Washington Post, which on Friday morning/Friday accused Republican Congress men from Texas of claiming that the Bible forbids the unemployed from having food to eat that life in the Washington Post couldn't be more clear, GOP lawmakers, the Bible says the unemployed shall not eat. Shocking, right vision by the Washington Post reporting. It is lawmakers real jerk. God is real jerk for hitting people out of jobs or maybe even there.

Both jerks so is with the newspaper wrote about rep. A representative Jody Arrington Republican Texas lawmaker setting a godly reference to justify changes to the supplemental nutrition assistance program representative Jody Arrington richly quoted the New Testament to question the strength of current work requirements of the capacity. Second Thessalonians 3 Thames rebuttal to one of the hearing experts witnesses representative of the Jewish antihunger group. He quoted Leviticus is also familiar refrain to anyone is watch past debates about staff. This is the food organization, supplemental nutrition assistance program as justification for cutting some adults snap benefits safety won't work.

You don't eat well, let's let's listen to what actually happened here. Let's listen to the hearing will start with clip number one. I did hear Mr. produce your opening remarks were you quoted Leviticus. I believe in, and I think that's a great reflection on the character of God and and the compassion of God's heart and how we ought to reflect that compassion in our lives, but there's also the note that the Scripture tells us in second Thessalonians chapter 310. He says for even when we were with you, we gave you this rule, if a man will not work.

You shall not eat right, so he was first thing I absolutely affirm passages in the Bible that you quote about leaving leaving gleanings for the poor right so when there when were you going through your your vineyard you gathering your grace when you're gathering your crops to harvest leaf stuff intentionally for the poor sling coming afterwards and that's that's what Israel was commanded to do so.

We sing yet. That's great. So we do that, but we also have this ethic from Scripture for medicine.

Work should meet numbers of people intentionally not working and not looking forward to just standing around idly. Then they'll work you don't eat that was just simple. Okay here. Continues clip to I think that every American, Republican or Democrat wants to help the neediest among us and I think it's a reasonable expectation that we have work requirements and I think that's I think that gives more credibility.

Quite frankly, to snap and so my question to you and again if I missed the conversation on I apologize, but tell me what is a reasonable and responsible work requirement as part of the snap program right so this is make sense to it doesn't make sense. This makes sense to say yes want to help the poor, yes you want to help the knee yes will be compassionate but if you are you have a food distribution program. The government food distribution program supplemental nutritional assistance program work guidelines.

If someone is able to work in the not working yet many guidelines about that and and for this he gets crucified by the Washington Post GOP lawmaker. The Bible says the unemployed shall not eat, this isn't that absolutely while on the can read the rest of the article but but you get enough of an idea just just look at things carefully.

The headlines not the silly, accurate, can I tell you that when I write an article that the editor at various websites were that articles posted there quite a few of my articles posted they might at their own discretion, change the headline they might do that. That's that's a normal thing and it may not of been the exact way that I worded it. Now if they want to change the wording of the actual article Xi for grammatical corrections or typos, and though the talk to me about that but that the title, the headline might not even be mine and you might be reading ethic.

While that's a bombastic headlight.

Maybe it was my maybe once, but the many headlines themselves are totally misleading and in the news puts it like that and you read the stories like what that's that's just their interpretation of what happened. That's just their spin on what happened and when you actually go look at the video for yourself are the footage for yourself or listen to the audio for yourself or read the original article for yourself or to the original culture so you think that's an impression I got. I used to sit example months back I used to get during the presidential campaign, Jim Bush was doing a small, town hall meeting and I see these headlines, no embarrassment for Bush has to tell the people the small crowd to clap or whatever it was, and I thought all the poor guy is going from bad to worse. How embarrassing.

This was the headline said, and that's with the story said so then I clicked on the video actually watch it was. I actually was kinda cute that he had a small group he was speaking to, in his typical low-key style. He wasn't like in this get the crowd off site yeah yeah yeah like that and as he's as he's talking he makes a point and then says hate now would be a good point to clap it. I was like oh yeah good point, good point.

Never had a pastor do that. Can I get an amen or like eight you just missed the good point to say. A man and everybody last I took it as a cute, harmless thing and just because of his delivery not to sit and agree with what he was saying, but because of his delivery. It was like punctuated in such a way that can draw responsive that's his cute website. Hate that would be a good time for flaws I sent to Nancy and she felt the same way. In other words, had been me, I would've looked at it is embarrassing had been me, I would've looked at it is one of those moments ago Josh my campaigns stuck in the mud and will become one of those cutesy things that you do. But the way it was reported it was such that that if you don't take the time to watch the video and to be honest with you when I see news reports and only read transcripts because it's it is a lot shorter than watching videos and stopping to do that or sift through 1/2 hour video clip to find a two minute quote that I might've come away from wrong impression or or you might have gone to that video with preconceived ideas because of which, because of which you can way with the wrong impression will because that was. It must've been embarrassing.

And that's the way it was reported he see it through those eyes. So look we we've gotta be really careful, however, we identify conservative or liberal on the writer on the left. However, we come to our convictions before God. We have to be really careful not to look at the world around us with blinders on. We have to be really careful not to look at the world around us. As influenced primarily by political commentaries or preachers or teachers or talkshow hosts. We want to think things through our own if I articulate what you believe use it yet yet died. That's what I mean Mike Brown you're saying what I believe. Okay here that all the time you're putting into words what I feel wonderful. That's my joy. That's why I'm introduced as your voice of all cultural and spiritual revolution. I'm simply encouraging you when you agree with me or differ with me to think critically to to look at things the way they are presented, headlines shout at you and that shouting sometimes is all we get we are in a soundbite generation. All you see is that tweet and that tweet is hundred 40 characters. It's it's making a statement about some that may be a complex news issue so process it. Look at it go beyond the headline go beyond the rhetoric go beyond the sensationalism and look at the reality then the facts for yourself and ask yourself, being biased I just reacting pro trump anti-trump pro-Obama anti-Obama wherever the political leader is pro this cause and to this cause, just push my button and get a reaction out of me or my thinking person who processes the information that we may come to radically different conclusions.

In the end, but I assure you I'm in the process the information under the sink through the opposing views as best as I can make a comeback response that hopefully is holistic.

All right speak of. Hopefully all goes well think of an event for us and telling us the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown that in less the government was in session, requiring him to make everything for his presence that he be calling us right at this minute in touch with his office again to see what's going on. If you were calling what he considered to Danforth before: our phone lines are open 8663 freight 784 Michael Brown here delighted to be with you. Okay, so a few reflections on the repeal of HB two but then with other legislation that has gay activists and their allies outraged and of course repealing the bill has conservative activists outraged the NCAA has said okay the pulled their boycott of North Carolina and north, the values coalition statement says this, the NCA's boycott of North Carolina. She wasn't one of the repeal of HB two proving that bullying works as long as you meet the demands of the bully. So we've got Dan Forrest on the line here. He has been a champion of conservative values in the state. He's only the second Republican lieutenant governor to be elected in North Carolina after the 2000 election became the first Republican states history to be reelected to office, so he has stood tall and stood loudly and clearly with our conservative values, among other things, is a lot of controversy now with the repeal of HB two Lieut. Gov. I know you're busy man. Thanks so much for joining us today while traveling on I am. Thank you.

Could you give us insight from the inside. Folks are outraged on both sides, conservatives and liberals are outraged.

Questions are her bathrooms safe. The door is now open for predators and things like that. All these concerns coming up. Could you give us your take is a conservative Christian in government hurt will ultimately be marked thank God for� Allowed Matt and Dr., like you and your listers know that I didn't do anything wrong about Bill. It was written up a good girl year. All of the country around the world and built like a cricket. I felt like the process by which we came about trying to repeal HB two predicated upon extraordinary tactics by the NCAA land AA the existing them.

Some folks in corporate America and the narrative that was created by the media Bible after really where the negative influence, all negative ideas about HB two came from. So was it from� So is revamping said I think the builder was crafted. The attempt was to get back to the place where we were prior to Charlotte working at the crafted in the first place but that place also doesn't establish policy for bathroom usage in North Carolina. Just as the state has the authority to do that so I think really were in a position kicking the can down the road. Will you.

Time will tell whether this was a good thing and I certainly appreciate your candor and yes there there was corporate building, and yes, media misreporting, I called you just a few days back regarding SB six in Texas. We said what the economy north, thriving and and perhaps the loss was 1/10 of 1% so it was really the way it was portrayed in the secular media. So let's go back to this the. The folks like PayPal and Bruce Springsteen in the NBA and NCAA none of them had a problem doing business with North Carolina two years ago when things were just as they are now before the Charlotte city Council push their bill and then suddenly everything became terrible to go back to the way it was before.

So were things bad to disrupt city Council provoke a fight to get this kind of outcome.

I think really what happened. Charlotte back in trying to parse out the left going on around the country that been to hold one of Holland nourishment transgender usage of bathrooms which never have been a problem, but to protected class status and that was Arthur Pearl. I think the bigger goal protected class status for the LGBT community of which majority of states in America is both federal government don't recognize that really North Carolina became a target for the rest of the nation based on the left. False narrative about what our felt that and dust of the universe. Things of the like. In the corporate America.

They never read Bill you know anything about building were just going off of the human rights campaign told them that I am told.

So what you make of the fact that the government clearly lost in there some other factors in that of course which were Cooper greatly outspent Gov. Lacroix was funding from HRC and other groups like this, but the fact is, Republicans held two houses. What does that say about North Carolina values to to the nation. Guardian books North Carolina noticed a lot of things one that we got a great job with your copy of got economy back on track, written country of, if not of the very top where the top of all the list of best places to live.

Best places to work best place to raise a family and alike. Everybody knows that Carolyn always been a great place in were rebounding.

What were doing a good job getting everything back on track are impacted, and so forth this issue about bathrooms with a distraction to all lot of people and will probably continue to be a distraction to a lot of people for some time, but it certainly in the election was not a reflection against Republicans by picking up a thief in the Senate and only losing one seat in the house, maintaining super majority so overwhelmingly people North Carolina thought that the legislature was doing its job.

Yet, absolutely, what would you now say to voters who are we disappointed I was to the bathroom. Bill is this is a minor thing of the scope of things. There was the feeling of being bullied by the Obama administration seven schools.

For example, is below 15-year-old boy to plan to go sports to musicals like Murphy identifies as a girl, you could lose federal funding. So these things became even bigger issues than you might imagine, but what would you tell voters moving forward which would sure hope which we be majoring on as we seek to do it's best for the state may drown majoring on the economy and job creation are you making sure that North Carolina is a great place to raise a family and it has been for quite some time. Little things we we chose to focus on until we got distracted by the other thing I think that was the disappointed as well to your listers.

You may been disappointed in the outcome. What happened the other day I was in Ellicott that I fought very hard to keep peace be to you because I thought was a good bill and nobody ever told me why it was a good bill so I think going forward of the hope is that this thing actually does blow that we actually do go back to the way things used to be. Don't know the aftermath of America. I think the LGBT battle scene all over the country about protected class status and extra special rights or population now look like a bathrooms opened up and in no such thing.

I think that battles continue mostly your North Carolina with the slightest legislation kick the can down the road and I wasn't happy about that but that's what happened in it will be an issue again on the 2020 ballot now because of now. We'll see what happens will play out. I hope I'm wrong all the way back to the way I thank you so much for your time. Keep up the great work.

Many are standing with. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We are about to have fascinating conversation with my colleague at the stream, John Merrick, you don't want to miss that Michael Brown welcome to the line of fire right we have an internal source right here in our broadcast network who is advancing a theory conspiratorial theory regarding last night and see AA file now you remember that last year Carolina made it to the finals and lost the last shot of the game to Villanova this year, North Carolina one was up by six points over Fonseca.

Now what's the difference between the two years. Last year HP two was in force in North Carolina. The so-called bathroom privacy act. The NCAA said that we will not allow any of our games or final games anything like that sweet 16 NCAA champions. We we will pull our games and other athletic organizations will pull our of the fence from your state. Because of this, and North Carolina lost now North Carolina bow down to the bullying of the NCAA right in the middle of the tournament saved 24 hours to repeal HB 248 hours this crazy thing and if you don't do that them when I can to bring our games there for another several years and in the legislature caved in and had some compromise with the thick of people on both sides of said conservative activists LGBT activists all upset on on both sides, but the NCAA now said okay that was enough of a similar really happy with it. We would've would've wanted to see more you know, but this is the way things were.

A few years ago we were happily working a few years ago, so they put things back to the way they were so will go on working with them and theirs, one sold the conspiracy theory is the NCAA orchestrated the events, not allowing North Carolina went last year but allowed them to win the show. Okay is just an in-house staff conspiratorial joke. I did think about that yet North Carolina lost last year in the closing seconds HB Tuesday the fourth of this year.

HP two is removed and they win in the that what final minute or two of the game. Anyway the NCAA board of governors said this NCAA did not lobby for a specific change in the law of the board of governors of was hopeful that the state would fully repeal HB two in order to allow the host communities to ensure a safe, healthy, discrimination free atmosphere for the championship sites get some of us might get somebody explain to me how making bathrooms and locker rooms effectively gender-neutral provides a safe, healthy, discrimination free atmosphere get somebody out there please explain that to me only law meets the minimal NCAA requirements. The board remains concerned that some may perceive Northcote's moratorium against affording opportunities for communities to extend basic civil rights as a signal the discriminatory behaviors, permitting, etc., which is inconsistent with the NCAA bylaws. In other words, North Carolina said that no no city county can pass a law giving special rights to LGBT individuals up to 2020 when you have the next election should not happy with that. They say that that's you know any quality recent notes against special rights. They go on.

However, we recognize the quality championships hosted by the people North Carolina and years before HB to a line of Seth a line of sanity in the midst of the statement. What do you know. Yes, everything was fine in the years before the Charlotte city Council passed its radical bill which was undone by HB two.

Everything was fine. Chanson counsel started all the problems in this new law restores the state to that legal landscape a landscape similar to other jurisdictions presently holding NCAA championships.

What do you know how continue taking subjects with my guest judge Barak is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I guess John's Barak editor at the stream stream org. He also wrote an article he wrote a few days before I did about Mike Pentz being criticized for living by his moral guidelines as marital guidelines and I tweeted out today Trump is terrible because he's a serial Dr. Pentz is terrible because he will die alone with another woman than his wife. Then leftist logic sleeper only Bill Clinton one guy strong moral guidelines like extra more goblins like Mike Pentz, jerk, and because because the media can't find dirt on Mike Pentz. It looks like they're attacking him for being to clean or interact briefly with John about that but his newest article written together with Jason Jones, the Screwtape option three new ways to thwart Christian witness today. Hey John, welcome back to the line of fire.

Thanks, Michael.

Good to be out so so very briefly your take on the criticisms of of Mike Pentz and one journalist, a lawyer saying what he's doing is illegal discrimination against female employees if you will have a meal along with the woman of the his wife. You have an interesting take on it from the perspective of liberal thinking.

What was your view shot. What what really shocks me is not liberal carping at a conservative or making fun of someone for practicing the virtues I mean that's something our Lord told us what happened to it would be mocked, we would be spoken aloud. We would be slandered or following the gospel, but the idea that they would invoke the government that this should be illegal were going to make it illegal for you to live out your marriage about just one more turn of the group of a secular government that is increasingly intolerant of the existence of the Christian family and of believers in America. I mean just want actually saying it could be illegal.

Now I don't know if that criminal law or civil tort. I'm not a lawyer but she spanked it doesn't grant equal access to all employees, whether they are male or female, including on his own free time he is violating discrimination law now is the case, then discrimination law needs to be changed. He needs to be paired back there has to be some kind of freedom of association in America and it's interesting that freedom of association is only being applied.

One way men's clubs are being closed down ecologist Hartmut Hunter close the latch email Bob Cornell distorted fraternity system.

All-male colleges have virtually disappeared all female organizations are finding all-female clubs are fine. Half the population is being denied First Amendment right of hood with looking for you to associate with that being put under control of the government that would take us start a class a whole set of rights away from one class of people, the word for that discrimination.

After the Civil War the South chocolate gun right from black people but not from white people filing their second amendment right now the liberals are taking the First Amendment right away from its what happened when you got your PhD getting this literature.

What went basic advice.

Did you get spoken or unspoken all day, but maybe worth applying for a teaching job because every single job advertisement. I thought that they were looking for a woman or minority.

Michael said no Irish need apply.

So I didn't even apply. I knew I would be at the very bottom of the barrel plus the fact that I had published conservative things Christian thing I knew, even if they ran out of women and minority I would be the last man on earth at extraordinary and but that's the reality of what were facing and the wheat we are the epitome you and I as as white males.

Conservatives and Christian believers where the epitome of of of white privilege in America and their family. I should censor ourselves, we have to pay for what other people I mean my family were Irish. We weren't even in the country when slavery out your family. Would you wish you were never part of privilege, delete, and yet we are being punished for what slaveholders did 100 years ago a lot of segregation years ago that we had nothing to do it. This is the essence of group justice and group That is no justice at all. It's like if Let's take 20 operatives and shoot them because we don't like what the people in the village it completely inimical to the whole Judeo-Christian app. Yes, absolutely. It's all right, let's let's switch gears, your latest article, the Screwtape option three new ways to thwart Christian witness today. First, for those who are not familiar with CS Lewis and Screwtape letters. This just give a brief overview so they can understand what your angle is here. Sure, that's a great point of view of the demon killing other human how to tempt people. So sometimes it's fun and enlightening to look at things from the inside out from the devil point of view fewer. Be well. God point 4 Different Way that Christians can fail to live out their witness in America today and the way I would say, but most clear way we can without that witness is by being in solidarity with the most vulnerable people who Christ called the least among your brother and when you do something for them.

You do it the most vulnerable people in America right now in the last right in the world. Unborn children with absolutely no legal right and can be cannibalized for part that they are by Planned Parenthood. Every day K religious minorities were persecuted for their faith like the Christian, the EDD interactive area and religious believers who are being persecuted by the government in the left might lose their job or their liberty as the alternative to violating their conscience. Think of people like him data.

No Christian Clark Christian Baker and inbox magazine had way. Mike will be prosecuted for living out his Christian beliefs and preserving American fears are the people really at risk even of people we need to step out and be in solidarity with the pro-life movement. The movement to protect Christians in the Middle East and other minority and through defending religious liberty.

Here in America you are the devil and he wanted to stop people from saving at all.

People from serving the least among us, what would you do, you would find ways to distract and add all the brains of Christians that they don't do what Jesus told them to do so. How how would you go about doing that. If you are the devil right.

While there I lay out for plant. The oldest one in around since the New Testament I call it therapy plan member you get people focus on squabbling over a little detail the religious observance and focusing on on preserving their own external righteousness and not caring about their neighbor. Acceptance of far as they criticized the neighbor that's pretty old award tribute and there are other new thing the devil keeps turning out through sometimes well-meaning people get well-meaning people and he lead them astray. And that's where I going to do three things now. The first one is this new controversial book by Rod Dreher, an old friend of mine called the Benedict option. You said that people need to withdraw from society at various times. He said they need to stop voting Republican. He said that typically Newsweek magazine in 2015 they need to stop being involved in politics and focus on building up Christian enclaves and subcultures. We think that will be separate from society and insulated from the cultural decay that surround now course that doesn't do much for the unborn offer religious liberty for persecuted Christians are really for anybody except the people are doing all the ones we reached the ones were supposed to sell the life you will be allowed to stand. You aren't instance of first it forgets about all the people were supposed to reach an Bigs makes our face basically just a matter of self-preservation and then secondly right so if we withdraw from the culture wars and from voting and from standing. Then we lose all our rights to keep our Christian enclaves safe. You know he talks about St. Benedict and what he did after the Holy Roman Empire, but you know what nobody was persecuting Christians with a panic. What door barbarians. There was definitely was hunting a Christian. No powerful central government was going to try to dictate how much religion could be in a homeschooling curriculum.

You know, it's a completely different situation where not in something like after the fall of Rome were in something much more like Diocletian from Christianity is actively being targeted by the government to get your little enclave no good brother to kick down that door.

That's one of the option type layout is a snare and a delusion and a bold new dead-end in Christian living colony article then there is the seamless garment the seamless garment is is a slogan coined by Leslie Cardinal Bernadine in Chicago in the 70s and sometimes it's called the whole life movement but it equates all human life is being exactly the same. So yes abortion is wrong but so is air pollution and so is handgun violence and fellow global warming and if you don't agree with the left on the solution to everything besides abortion you don't get filled because abortion is still right there to finish seamless garment and then what is the victim is gambit with Satan strategies might be through well-meaning people to keep us from focusing on a real commission here in this room that I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown with Johns you can read his latest article written together with Jason Jones, pro-life leader. Screwtape option three new ways to thwart Christian witness. Today, in particular, stop us from helping the most needy babies in the womb. Christians persecuted countries like Syria and even Christians in America who are suffering the loss of their rights and freedoms again when someone puts a gun to your head is going to kill you. You know that your enemy when someone says hey I'm with you I'm here to help you this, just look at this differently. You might end up being paralyzed by some of this is melt well-meaning but the words are not words of life from above, so John you are in the midst of describing the seamless garment which basically says hey we care about life in general, so global warming is just important to us as abortion and and saving the baby whales. Just as important, saving the baby humans so hot. How do we get lulled to sleep in the midst of that. I think it is a form of relativism where you don't make distinctions between all make distinctions between like okay too many people die in auto accidents every year and a lot of children are killed and abortion so if a politician is promoting seatbelts and airbags. Maybe that makes up for the fact that he's pro-abortion. What is a huge difference between people dying in an accident, which is just part of living in our fallen world, where people may be dying because of the negligence of others and people being in pension only ill for higher by Dr. with the full support and funding of the US government of the radically different things from a moral perspective. But if you convince people to make their mind intentionally funny, like pouring sugar in the gas tank of a car you can train them to not make the obvious distinction and went well and that all but that whole life seamless garment movement is an attempt stop people from making obvious moral distinctions between King and and really it's just the seamless garment is just a bulletproof vest for left-wing politicians, especially left-wing Catholic like the Kennedy family, the net now Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, and Jim came these people. They well the church called us to protect all human life. And so you know we can expand funding for Medicaid and that will include abortion but will also play breast cancer screening and and hey, look at there's a squirrel if sleight-of-hand is like a magician, deadly world and a handkerchief around you don't even calming the big and the rabbit back. This gets revealed when you do stand up strongly pro-life and so the you get this vehement opposition in that :-) becomes that the smile because more fangs than anything. Lastly the victim is gambit you see this plan is the most ambitious so explain with this is yet ambitious and the most overtly diabolical. I don't in your story yesterday.

The terrific site like tightening that it is getting A group called Catholic Church like that is funded by George Dora. We could come out in defense of funding Planned Parenthood and their quote marks, Catholic social justice tradition compelled to scan with the poor and the most vulnerable in our society what Amy is still Richard the wrong seven and $700,000 a year.

Planned Parenthood would get half $1 billion in taxpayer funding of the clinic owners who she talking about.

You certainly not talking about the unborn children she talking about that that group is using Christian language in the most perverse and diabolical way to say that it serve the vulnerable to wipe out their children. An organization Planned Parenthood that was created by a white racist eugenicist who wanted to wipe out whole ethnic groups of people you wanted to sterilize everyone below certain Nike now this is an example of victim is victim is in is where you don't try to identify who out there is a victim and actually help you try to identify with the elite with the popular position with the fashionable caught in that you will gain brownie points by being an activist for whatever the UN George Soros and the US government is behind what you don't look for the actually vulnerable people. You pretend that your objective. If anyone criticizes you for saying that global warming is more important abortion or for equating handgun violence with genocide.

Suddenly you're the victim and there the bully is incredibly perverse way of feeling morally justified while you're actually complicit in crimes extraordinary and what a tactic the life set article Catholics in good conscience support access to reproductive health to the people who needed Planned Parenthood provides it Catholic support the rightful limits decide in their own healthcare based on their own conscience without interference and Planned Parenthood helps us do that. So we're just standing these people in their need. Hey John, as you keep sounding your ascent of the alarm and getting your voice out and speaking a prophetic way to the nation you feel like people are listening to you for like your words falling on deaf ears. Did you feel like people are getting it and responding to know I can't really judge.

I get emails like I get things people thinking anything you put it.

I knew that the adult level but you made it explicit helping make the argument to my friends but of course there are a lot of people hardened hearts who don't want to know the truth include when you present them a perfectly logical argument based low-budget emotional smoking and I can't judge their heart but God yeah and you jump when I sign those that others watching can see that I did a debate about 10 days ago was an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and maybe to have adequate time to prepare Christmas filling in for someone else that was sick or maybe just in heavy ammunition is very clear that he wasn't responding to my points and Raising a strawman argument. But we found that people who were there overwhelmingly saw that and notice that, and I think that would people do just blow smoke when they're presented with logical argument respond with emotion. I think that people use it.

Of course yes hearts are hardened and and others have their eyes wide open, but I want to encourage you keep keep speaking, keep getting your voice out because wanted is articulating what others feel to us giving them information that we thought about and three. It's giving people some the think about and it's revealing and demolishing a false ideology. So keep it up. We were confident in the entries will triumph. Thank you Michael God bless you and all your God bless. Thanks so much. All right. Always a joy to speak with John and always a joy to read his columns at the stream hate friends I have got some terrific news for you. Some of you said you not think about on stand with you want to get behind what you doing swing for the right time.

Like we believe in you and is what we want to stand with you and hey, we can put aside a dollar a day or two dollars a day to stand with you $30 and $56 a month. We must stand with you what we've got a great thank you package for everyone joining us this month to stand with us some great life-changing resources for right back into you and stand with you as you stand with us on a monthly basis will go to the website line of fire.

The Lord line of fire. The Lord, and stand with us. Take advantage of this bottom line to that yes yes yes of course. Truth will ultimately triumph

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