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The Resurrection of Jesus; the Persecuted Church; Kingdom Commentary; and Christians in Hollywood

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 17, 2017 4:20 pm

The Resurrection of Jesus; the Persecuted Church; Kingdom Commentary; and Christians in Hollywood

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 17, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/17/17.

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For the resurrection of Jesus to the persecuted church to the North Korea got you covered right here it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown one thing that I really need to know. And if I know this my heart is settled. If I know this, I'm sure, and confident. If I know this. There's no reason for fear did Jesus really rise from the dead and then ascend to heaven as Lord of all. If so, that's all I need to know.

Ultimately ultimately the kingdom of God will triumph. Ultimately, light will conquer darkness, good will conquer evil truth will conquer lives ultimately God's perfect ways will be established forever and ultimately we will be with him. We will be with him forever.

All based on the resurrection and ascension of Jesus this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire full of you who celebrate yesterday as resurrection Sunday, we join in the celebration and again this year.

It didn't work out the way it would've been biblically right in the midst of the Passover season, to me that's the ideal way to celebrate I got a bunch of questions I want to put out for discussion today a lot of things I want to share with you number to call interact 866-34-TRUTH 784 I think I'm going to give away a few books as well, 86634. Truth is the number to call, persecuted church boy powerful testimonies from Egypt very very powerful want to share some of that with you in the aftermath of the slaughter. Two Sundays ago on Palm Sunday in Egypt. One talked about some things happening around the world. North Korea of the trump administration whole lot more.

The second hour will be speaking with Phil Cook. He is a noted Christian leader in Hollywood so whole lot to cover today got some the testimonies of Panama my desk for a few days.

Some Christians doing outreach reaching out to Israelis working at malls some great reports on God touching them so so the resurrection of Jesus.

I asked this question on Twitter this morning, the resurrection of Jesus. Is it based on solid historical evidence that the words we have strong historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and that sufficient or is it's only a matter of faith, without any evidence do we we have confidence that Jesus rose from the dead solely by faith, or is there solid historical evidence. And that's why we know he rose wristed, 50-50.

We think that I put out this question on twitter.

I also gave the option. I don't believe in it. For those that follow me on Twitter that are skeptics or agnostics or atheists are simply people of other religions and hopefully Jesus rose from the dead. So far 0% to said they don't believe in the resurrection and the others are divided between the first three choices strong evidence.

Only faith equally evidence of faith and I'll tell you where they weigh in. In a moment, but this weekend, Friday night this past weekend I went to the movies with our two granddaughters, Eliana and Riley Eliana 16. Riley is 10 I brought them to see the case for Christ and by the way, you can enjoy the movies without eating popcorn and other snacks yet is be part of it but I don't eat that stuff so I was very happy during the movies with my granddaughter, granddaughters, and they give us a good feedback on the movies but I tell you what it made me think about Lee Strobel was a friend and colleague and the movie is about his life story, the case for Christ. Today we got my attention.

Aside from how unbelievably stubborn and hardhearted because between Peterson that I could not believe how stubborn you are the light that we put something got my attention. Consider the evidence, the resurrection will talk about that combat on the line of fire, 866-3423 standby your phones were to give away some books and come back number and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us, Evan is the number to call a first give away a free book I just found out that we had some copies of this book available for giveaway. It's the fire that never sleeps. I wrote it together with John Kilpatrick, pastor the bouncer revival and Larry Sparks editor it just an image with a great heart for revival and it's a book on keys for sustaining personal revival will ignite personal revival in your own heart what it looks like what it means to really encounter God in a deeper way. And we were sent some advanced reader copies of the book. These are books that the publisher will print up in advance so you can send them out for someone to give an endorsement or something like that, but turns out we got.

These are great books there absolutely normal readable books. We just got some extra copy center way. I was alerted to it of everyday so just remember today want to give this away to a caller number six 866-34-TRUTH 87884. A great book to stir your heart for revival, a great book to get you hungry for God.

Great book to help ignite a greater ongoing desire for God in your life 866-34-TRUTH 7884 caller number six okay, here's what struck me watching the case for Christ based on the life of Lee Strobel. Our older daughter Eliana, granddaughter commented that it was very well done movie for Christian movies. I guess she saw some others that weren't as well done and smile at that and I asked do you think it was too slow moving or dislike that this note note so maybe 5C movies lately been more extreme action or something like that. Maybe it's that the boy in me but anyway no tinting was slow moving race as it was well acted and that was that was a terrific they thought was a great movie. II was only one among us who cried though when he had his moment of coming to faith.

They drive but they herby got sniffling little and we do have a winner. Thank you, thank you for your calls but we do have or not your voice more books little later in the show, so stay tuned. But here's what struck me okay when I came to faith as a Jewish believer in Jesus. I heard the message right. I heard the message and I believed and my life was radically transformed right.

I heard the message. My life was radically transformed and therefore knew it was true. I knew that Jesus was alive then as I began to study the Scriptures more the big debates I always had were with the rabbis the counter missionaries those of the debates. The debates were not about the resurrection. The debates about messianic prophecy did Jesus really fulfill messianic prophecy. So that's why had my great apologetics battles and my faith was challenged and I have a learn Hebrew and related languages, and of course of written many volumes on the subjects and done many debates on these subjects in put out teaching series on the subjects but I never personally wrestle with the resurrection issue. I knew that Jesus rose from the dead.

Because I experienced him changing my life and I saw by the Scriptures that he was the promised one. So when people debate the resurrection. Some like Chuck Colson was a hitman for Richard Nixon. Sinister political figure in jail.

He has a wonderful born-again experience, but what convinces him is the evidence for the resurrection. That's what convinces him evidence for the resurrection, and then and then Lee Strobel is an atheist but aggressive atheists one who tells his wife Anna. I don't like where this marriage is going on the can have this conversation a few years if you're getting more and more faith in him and he's is in bad shape. He's hostile.

He's angry.

He's drinking. He's trying to disprove this and he runs wasn't a wall of evidence was honest enough to open up. He recognizes the evidence says Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, so this may surprise you after following Jesus. More than 45 years, but watching the movie and thinking about these issues is, is about the most time that I focused on proof of the resurrection. I can give you the arguments give you all the arguments for and and the reliability of the historical accounts of the eyewitness accounts and and is no such thing as mass hallucinations of everyone say that they saw person rise and so on and so forth.

The fight there willing to die for their faith subsequently and and the impossibility of the swoon theory religiously appeared to die on the cross did not always that I give you all the arguments was very familiar with all the arguments above looked at them over the years but II never really tried to put myself in the shoes of the skeptic likely Strobel and you might say, okay.

Will Paul mentions 500 people saying that they saw Jesus after he rose from the dead than most of them were still alive at that time so mean easy saying something that was easily verifiable.

Okay, where are these people if there's so many. If this is just some story that's out there is only when it mentions that, but the Gospels all mentioning different one.

Seeing Jesus after he rose from the dead you say will could it have been a mass hallucination and a crate came as written about that in different places, in his miracles book. I believe he addresses this is as well as to Vons miracle study and you have to have to think of this from it. If we were going to have mass hallucinations of someone rising from the dead right if this was something that would happen through history we would actually see it happening with some degree of frequency while I say that because the grief and agony of losing people is so great the pain of losing them is so great the wish and the desire that they were still up how many of you had dreams about Lovins after the pastor at a river after my dad died suddenly at the age of 63 in 1977 that that when when that happened I I I would have dreams for unlawful years that I was talking to him again and and then I get to tell him once more how much I loved him and and we were doing things together. I thought, he's not that he saw was just a dream is just a dream and you think of of people who are believer believe in God believe in God believe in God as you document.she's not in a dire childlike in the died. Noah will believe they can arise from the dead and then they finally recognize a kid didn't happen, didn't happen admitting to communicate with them in the world, whatever it is, there was such fervor, passion, desire so much so much expectation so much wanting things to not be the way they are that if people get a hallucinate that someone was actually alive youth he would think would happen over and over, especially a religious leader, a miracle worker. Yet you don't have that happen.

You'll have peoples and all spiritual heroes all you don't you go check in the trivial suitor, not really.

It's just talk. You know what I'm saying they they do not say I actually encountered this person. I was in despair. I was home at no I am count. I also I to this is substantial. This is major and and you think of of okay you just will people made it up and then of course you're struck with that issue again. All these arguments and you strides never really put myself in the shoes of someone likely Strobel or Chuck Colson, skeptic, who's been convinced by these things and the release of the manuscript evidence of the antiquity of the manuscript evidence of the overwhelming documentation and copies of the New Testament that we have and things like that again very much aware of these things are written about these things and so I apologetics were.

But never step back and said okay let me try to put myself in their shoes because I didn't go through that person that that was not an issue for me. So was it was fascinating to go through this okay me the appeared to die really die if log log. I like the crucifixion of Jesus is one of the best attested ancient historical events and you have others talking about it in the ancient world. Aside from numerous eyewitnesses who went on with their store, which is not denied even later Jewish literature says he died. He was Kelly was put to death and you have Roman writers talk about this one was crucified on the pilot so this historical fact you don't survive a flogging and a crucifixion and idea blood water coming out of his side. If that was a a proof of death a certain way, how the ancients know that particular deed owes him advanced medical information got in there. Either way, there's enough clear evidence that he died. There's enough clear evidence that his followers truly believe that he rose and really die from they say that's a parallel with the man named is the Menachem and Schneerson called Lubavitcher Rebbe the grand rabbi of the Lubavitcher for sedum, who died in 1994 the age of 92 and many of his followers said that he was the Messiah, and they still believe he's the Messiah and the movement is only grown after his death, you will most have abandoned the idea that that he is the Messiah. Maybe they secretly believe it was to say publicly they don't argue for it anymore because he died before he completed his mission right so that's that's one thing. The second thing. Second thing is, is this they never said he physically rose they symbol. His death was just a test for a naturalize or will it feel if you go like radio she's not there. He rose spiritually. His presence with us, but they haven't said I encountered him here and in the know we encounter here know several hundred of us. So even though they're there, they are people praying at his gravesite regular basis. It is not a parallel in fact you don't make up a story then die for subsequent I will be right back. Focus the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks for joining us on one of our 866-348-7884 the number two call and will you give away another book, the fire that never sleeps. Some of my best writing on revival John Kilpatrick writing on revival in the Larry Sparks rating revival great great quotes in the book.

Stir your heart to give your passion to believe God for revival in your own heart and life as well as in your church community and the nation and matures free caller number eight 866-34-TRUTH 784 8663 for 87884 is the number to call. Okay persecuted church there is big news reading about of major outlets. Christians are the most persecuted group in the world in 2017. Why is that news why why is that big news why why is that major news that this been the case for a long time that's been the case for many many years. The Christians around the world are the most persecuted single group, according to the Center for studies on new religions during the last calendar year Hellier some 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith across the globe become Christians by far the most persecuted group in the world yet, but I thought it why is it a surprise. It shouldn't be a surprise at all of the centers findings corroborate those of other scholars, human rights groups according to 2016 Worldwatch list. For example, posed by the open doors organization nine of the top 10 countries were Christians suffered extreme persecutions at populations that are at least 50% Muslim and in which which country is normally rated the worst country for Christians to live in in the world. Sadly, North Korea North Korea. This is been for years.

It is government enforced persecution, which is the worst of also open doors USA Middle East accounts for majority of countries ranked in the top 10 for extreme persecution of Christians. But here's the order number one worst persecution for Christians. They were in the world. One N. Korea to Somalia. The three Afghanistan number four Pakistan number five seed on the six Syria seven Iraq number eight Iran number nine Yemen number 10 Eritrea Egypt ranks number 21, according to the Christian advocacy group evidence advocacy group 1 and 12 Christians today experiences a high very high extreme persecution for their faith on the told you we had a wonderful a while.

Thank you will give voice more books later on Millie 215 million Christians face high persecution, with 100 million of those living in Asia in the years 2005 to 2015. According to the Center for the study of global Christianity. 900,000 Christians were martyred so average of 90,000 Christians each year. 900,000 brothers and sisters put to death for their faith.

10 years you staggering, staggering, and yet the church continues to go around the world that now notice this North Korea that's of course Asia, but totally different for the world non-Muslims is an authoritarian Emperor based regime which will talk about a little later in the show Somalia that's in Africa so Don is in Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Of course not part of the Middle East right then. Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen on the Middle East and then Eritrea. So you got African countries with Muslim majorities.

You've got Asian countries, you got Pakistan immediately to the north of India. This is this is tragic but it is not surprising so over the weekend I saw an article skews me on posted by Liberty McCarter immediately shared it and it is a response from Bishop in the Orthodox church the Coptic Church of Egypt, a bishop there delivering a message quote to those who kill us. It's it's extraordinary. I watched us about 10 minute clip Arabic with English captions. Otherwise, I would play clips for you, but it's in Arabic and my my spoken Arabic is not good superbike pickup here and there. Then of course reading the transcription so what will we say to those who kill us route.

Remember, just a few days earlier. 47 Coptic Christians were killed in their churches. 47 celebrating Palm Sunday blown up ripped apart what is what is he say what this is Bishop say now what will we say to those who kill us. I don't know the first thing we will say is thank you very, very, very, much what what thank you very, very, very much. That's what he says to you who kill us and you won't believe us when we say thank you you know why we say thank you you won't get it. But please believe us because you gave us to die the same death is Christ and this is the biggest honor we could have Christ was crucified. And this is our faith.

He died and was slaughtered and this is our faith. We thank you because you shorten for us the journey. This is extraordinary stuff to read friends when someone is headed home to a particular city keeps looking at the time I get home over there. It can you imagine if, in an instant, he finds himself on a rocketship straight to his destination. You shorten the journey.

Thank you for shortening the journey your helping us. You don't even know it. We need to thank you.

Trust me I will tell you why because their people. We visit in their homes one, two, three, four times to encourage them to come to church so they won't come when you're doing here you're bringing to church the people never come. Believe me, it is bringing to church the people never come you are filling up our churches friends. This is how the spirit of martyrdom. Tim overcomes the world.

This is how we live by dying. This is how the church is multiplied through history the one church growth secret. We don't want to teach in America.

Multiplication by martyrdom and yet it's happening all it doesn't minimize the agony, the pain and suffering the grief the anger, but it does make real that there is more than just this world and that God's presence is so real in the midst of this agony that he can bring death into life right that the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Here's an article by only one cane April 14 from Tel Aviv in Egyptian television channel aired an interview with the widow of one of the victims of a deadly attack on a church in Alexandria on Palm Sunday, 44 people were killed in the twin suicide attacks, which struck St. Mark's Cathedral, the main Coptic church in Alexandria and the church of the Nile Delta city of Tanta Islamic state claim responsibility via its mock news agency in the interview, the widow address the perpetrators of the attack, not let's think for a second right today as I'm broadcasting its Monday the 17th right so this goes back three days. This goes back to Friday. The man was killed the previous Sunday so this is within four or five days. Don't know exactly when the interview took place within four or five days. Ladies think of this. Your husband brutally killed while in a church service right. The father of your children taken away from you by Islamic terrorists how to react. How you responded the wound escaping the pain is deep. The shock palpable in the interview, the widow address the perpetrators of the attack, saying you took my husband, the father of my children. But I forgive you. I asked that God forgive you as well. My husband is gone. He put my husband in a place that I didn't want him to be in and I very much want to be next to him, I'll just say one thing to to those who did this. Those who been led astray. Think about what you're doing, think again. Think about your actions.

We didn't do anything to you when I say that I forgive you.

Believe me, I really forgive you grace. That's the gospel that is one of the greatest evidences of the love of God that you can possibly find her comments were expanded upon by the programs found the presenter armor on the who said the cops of Egypt are made of steel for hundreds of years they've suffered the Egyptian cops love their homeland immensely and they suffer for their home in such power suits great tolerance and forgiveness. If your enemies knew how tolerant consider tour you were, they wouldn't believe it, that my father had done this I would forgive him. These people are made of something else the cops. They have tolerance that is the product of very strong belief. After the show at Egyptian Christians responded on social media Reem Karsh on said it's true that we Christians live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. He commanded us to love our enemies. On Good Friday we asked our father to forgive them we are the salt of the earth spreading love. Reverie are our blessings to our Coptic brothers in Egypt. The social media user Maria Albaugh Tia commented we aren't made of something else were simply following the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed is his name Jesus was crucified by no fault of his own.

The crucifix that was the symbol of humiliation became the symbol of faith and salvation after Jesus Christ, God forgive them the attackers what they've done. Gladys wrote this is what Jesus Christ said 2000 years ago. He said you've heard to love your love ones and hate your enemies but I say love your enemies, do good to those who don't love you, pray for those who harm you and oppression. That's what every Christian says another commenter, Sue Hill Yousif roach were not made of steel. It's written a God took from us a heart of stone and give us the heart of man, it's also written they were perfect, as your father in heaven and they were merciful is your father in heaven how great you got all your instructions reviewed heavily enough instructions of the hand of man that your name be blessed. That reminds me, the great great act in the salvation of the Strobel was not the evidence. The evidence pointed him in the direction it was God mercifully changing his heart and giving him a new heart taking out the heart of stone. That's the gospel that enables us to love even RNs. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown modifier 866337884.

Want to talk a little bit more about the persecuted church before we change subjects you. Let's give away the book make a quick caller number six 866-34-TRUTH 784866-34-TRUTH the fire that never sleeps. Keys for igniting and sustaining personal revival written by yours truly, along with John Kilpatrick and Larry Sparks.

This book will stir your heart give you a picture of what real revival is cause you to hunger after God the father never sleeps. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Mike gift to you today all right. Let me just share a little bit more with you from this message from Egypt. The second part of the message that this bishop sent to the murderers of these Christians.

The second part of the message that he sent to those that kill them. These radical Muslims who persecute them and kill them, and in the Coptic Christians have lived side-by-side with this over the centuries, and they have suffered much over the centuries and and they have had to work jobs that rough in the lowest of the jobs and yes they held to their faith. The second part of the message we want to send you is that we love you friends. This is the power of the gospel to to to address people. A few days after they've murdered your friends and relatives your coworkers, others maimed for life, others fighting for their lives in agony for many months ahead.

Second part of the message want to send you is that we love you so, first, thank you.

Second, we love you and this unfortunately will understand at all why one should understand it, because this too is a teaching of our Christ and in in in Arabic massif Messiah. If you see a Pakistani with the last name Assis that almost always means that there Christians that I can imagine they would have that last name if they were not Christian so he permit she Arabic massif so these are these are people who are Christians and professing Christians in the way that you say Christ in Arabic massif. I long to talk to about our massif Messiah or Christ and tell you about how wonderful he is.

See what Christ said if you love those who love you. You have no profit or reward with me, even thugs and thieves love those who love them.

Any gang loves its members in a drug deal is all like each other and take care of each other right, but I want to tell you that if you love those who love you, what reward have you but I say to you, Jesus is love your enemies, you can love your enemy civil. I really hate you but I love I despise you better love. Though it it is a choice empowered by God, helped by God. We genuinely love the people you pity them you grieve over them. We genuinely want them to know the Lord. Give an example of what this looks like I heard it first hand sitting together with Pastor Richard Birnbaum who is the most well-known Christian sufferer of the 20th century suffering for the Messiah's story was the best known translated into more languages than any modern book. He told me other than the novels of Agatha Christie. This was years ago. He told me that with a smile, went to be with the Lord's early 90s miraculous that even survive that long 14 years skews me in prison. Two different imprisonments for preaching the gospel severe torture just just absolutely horrific suffering three years in solitary confinement as is when you hear what he went through in the nature of the torture it's who can imagine it one of the things that was done was they were put in what was called the courser. It was basically like a casket but stand standing upright except on all of the insides were razor sharp blades and then they close it on you and there was just enough room for you to stand there if you didn't move at all.

Didn't move at all, then you wouldn't be sliced, not first think of the terror. Think of the sheer tech Can. I can imagine using a buried alive kind of terror.

Think of the terror sheer terror being there and then you must start scrap or you just move you start to move. Then you move and you get cut that you move in another direction and they would have a AP poll through the side where they could they could watch you and in more Bronson normally when he would pass out from loss of blood. That's when they would take him out it was a spend of one of many tortures he endured his wife, Sabina endured horrific hardship and torture in a slave labor camp well when he was out of prison now that the Germans were in Nazis were in his country and he spoke German. He was multilingual and they were they were base there for time and away from home and lonely so he would he would go into a bar where he knew he could find some Nazis and he would begin to talk to the person befriend them, and any say listen a make a deal on the pastor and I'm a very good piano player what you come over to my home and I'll make a deal with all all give you piano concert and then you indulge me let me preach dear. They were so bored. I guess sure will do it well. One night, again pestering Ron told me this face-to-face. We met years ago. It's been a few hours together in in New Jersey while he was still here on this earth back in late 80s. Okay the late 80s early 90s so he brings this Nazi to his home, his wife Sabina is ill, so she can't get up bringing stuff like she normally would care for him.

She's in bed sick and pestering Ron does. We've been over as promised in and so on and you know the guys pretty relaxed at this point restaurants. Please counter from you guys now start to talk and destroy the boasted he has no clue the customer about his wife or or Jewish believers in Jesus. No clue discloses Christian pastor. He begins to us to boast all yeah yeah we put the Jews to death in this place and yet I gave the order to exterminate the Jews and this village and Barbara realizes with sickness. This complex process be this village a says to him, he said you ordered the execution of all of my wife's family reduce and if this the man begins to shake. He is he is now smitten with for the first time in his life. For the first time in years with conviction, pestering Ron leads that man to Jesus with tears and brokenness over the crimes he is committed. He leads him to Jesus and and at the foot of the cross. This man receives forgiveness from God.

Whatever society does with him is another issue pestering Ron then says you're going to meet my wife now is not now and I can't I can't. He said you going to meet my wife and I'm going to tell you her. This man is responsible for the extermination of your entire family, but he is now a brother in Christ, and she will get out of bed and hug the snow like I can't I Meet with them. I can't.

I can do it customer Sedona can do it any brings him into the bedroom. Sabina, this man she does is Nazi soldiers dressed as Nazi outfit German. This man is responsible for the death of your entire family gave the order to execute them. He is now your brother in Christ, and she did, she did just and she was there she was there Sabina was there I met with.

She got out of bed and hugged him and they both begin to weep friends. That's the power of the gospel. That's the power of the gospel so you struggling with forgiving somebody because they hurt you little better than mean to gossip about your that let you daddy becoming been us all come on friends, learn the martyrs and learn from the saints. Forgive love for those of you that that are hearing this and saying this is different. Yes, this is the gospel friends. This is the message of the cross.

This is how the gospel has spread around the entire world. This is why it is so unstoppable because it overcomes evil with good. It overcomes hatred with love overcomes death with life.

It overcomes murderous terrorists with the message of one who willingly died that they could live there take you back to Egypt. On the other side of the break, 8663 for 87884 the number to call. Be encourage friends beatified God is moving around the world. We will be right back right here on the line of fire error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

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Let's grab a phone call in Boston.

Josh welcome to light a fire are copper your doing very well thank you Ira Corson regarding how your many times not aware of your lack of forgiveness or your anger over something how the pain that if you and when you become aware of it can drive you if you want to get rid of the true God in prayer for God's grace and forgiveness because you can't really beautifully become aware of it or you're stuck with anger was that Dr. sadness or depression or all the above because of that shirt angry about how the pain of that and being caught in a rut drive. The guard asked for help yeah enter in Josh, so there are two sides to it. One is our will and the other is is God's supernatural help, and grace. Right. So in terms of of our will.

We have to choose to forgive.

We have to choose to give up our bitterness. We have to choose to look at that situation and say in the sight of God word from the heart. I forgive that person so yeah well that's the problem sometimes or will fall short. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to do it and that's where you go to Garza got. I want to I just don't know how I want to but I like I just feel trapped. I want to but I III don't know how to love this person. I can say the words I love them but they seem empty. I can say the words I forgive but I still have this rage inside of me or this this sense of it's not fair it's not right they got to suffer for this and again justice in the courts is one thing.

In other words, you may forgive a criminal with a criminal will still go to jail and into the time, but from the heart. You forgiven them and you reach out to them and you care for them, but sometimes John it's it's it's hard to do it directly. Josh originally if I did. Sorry, but sometimes it's it's very difficult. The wound is very deep and and we feel like if if we forgive that we we give up our right to to get justice. We give up our right to have the thing fixed and really it's it's the opposite. In that sense we get out of the way and God moves more freely to help and to restore and you know when we are bitter towards others are only hurting ourselves that there around not getting forgettable without hurting that person is much as were hurting ourselves, so it can be very difficult.

This is where you see the supernatural evidence of grace and what I've seen, sir, is I read accounts of people who had a family member murdered and he forgave the murderer and watching it from a distance. You're so outraged you're so angry you're so upset you. You see see no possible way that you could ever forgive and yet you hear the story and the people themselves are able why because God gives grace to those in the midst of the difficulty God gives that supernatural grace to those in the midst of the pain you look at it from the outside. You think that's impossible. I could never forgive and yet God gives that supernatural grace on the inside and people are able. So if you can't speak for someone else. Go to God, but I want to forgive want to do it's right. I want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, but I'm struggling help me help me and then meditate on his word to look at how Jesus responds to us in Colossians 3. Forgive one another is the Lord gave you. Think of how he forgave us. Think of how undeserving we were.

Think of how we've often let him down if he still forgave us a thank you sir for making this reel with recall, much appreciated. 866342's okay the end of this message from the Christian bishop again. Just sharing excerpts from liberty recorders article on the stream, the Christian doesn't make enemies because we are commanded by God to love all of his creation. So we love you because this is the teaching of our God that I'm to love you no matter what you do to me.

I love you very much and will say one last thing to were praying for you is the one who told us to love our enemies also told us to bless those who curse you and pray for those who spitefully use you for the command I've been given from my God was full of love makes it my duty to pray for you and into the congregants what you think about we make a commitment today to pray for them. Pray that they know the love of God, pray that they experience the love of God, because if they knew that God is love and experiences love. They could not do these things never never never.

I don't know what the final death count is this at 40 something.

Of course, many people in the hospitals will catch up to them. All of these are crowns there rejoicing with God, and they will attend the resurrection up there and there praying for us. The rest is on us all, you lucky lucky lucky ones. We cannot wait until it is our turn toward God be the glory, now and forever.

Amen. What a message with a message made speak to us in the West and listening around the world hey friends, we've got a great new TV show on God TV.

Check your local listings to see when it airs the first broadcast aired this past Sunday night so yesterday and they are a couple more times today were share my testimony. It's called word on fire shows you have DirecTV you can watch that if you have app you can watch that good and check that out for weekly listings look for word on fire. It is yours truly preaching and then starting this Wednesday 7 PM Eastern standard Time also on DirecTV NRB TV we are launching the line of fire. Yes, our radio show highlights excerpts from our radio show with word for the date of the special features all their coming your way send you an email blast.

Sign up today. Good aspect of sign up for e-news letter we send you the details of the shows and also a special free e-book side about to talk about Christians in Hollywood with a Christian leader in Hollywood stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is destroying our culture as Hollywood, reflecting our culture as Hollywood evil, dark, and Christians just flee from it or is that why Hollywood is evil and dark because Christians have fled from it. Can it be redeemed is God working through Hollywood should believers be more involved with this powerful medium can be used to advance the gospel resist something we just need to walk away from, and preach the gospel and other ways this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire, 866-338-7884 by Christian movies. How how real should they be.

If you want to appeal to the world to have sex scenes in them you have profanity in them to do glorified drug use.

The weights used in certain cultures to make it real to people resist trying to win the world by being like the world. I am joined by Phil Cook delighted to get him on the line of fire today feels an international filmmaker, writer and media consultant is actually produce media programming more than 60 countries around the world is created produce many of the most influential and successful Christian inspirational TV programs in history. In his book unique. Tell your story major brands in social media is changing the way the church and ministry leaders engage today's culture with the Gospels recall one of the most innovative communicators of our generation. You can connect with him. It's Phil Cook that's with and Phil and I have been having some fun interaction of email and by phone. Finally joining a lot of fire today fill welcome.

Thanks for joining us now are you Michael I'm thrilled to be here I'm doing great now, are you actually in California as we speak.

I am in Burbank beautiful downtown Burbank as we speak all right and that the state has not fallen off the map yet correct.

I'm waiting any minute. You never know how how long have you been involved in the Hollywood scenes are a very long time.

Actually, I lived with the college in Oklahoma and came out here after that. That was in the late 70s I went back to Oklahoma for a few years, but I've we've been living out here full-time since 91 and actually for number of years before that I was out here producing project so I've been doing this in the industry for about 40 years it's been a long time really and do you still have hope for God moving in Hollywood, working through Hollywood or things that are are they worse which are prospective after 40 years while my feeling is I don't walk away from any mission field and and I view Hollywood as a mission field. I think so many Christians and I completely understand how people get frustrated and angry with with what they see coming out of Hollywood bit many times, but the truth is we don't walk away from mission fields in Africa or Asia are China or other places because it gets hard and so I'm not ready to walk away from Hollywood not viewed as a mission field. These are good people that just don't know anything about the gospel they are fallen people just like we all were at one point, are we still are fallen, but we've discovered the power of the gospel and my my mission is to really tell that story out here and try to get reach as many people as possible so no fancier question. I'm not ready to walk sound sunk like vibrant after 40 years we got it we got a bunch of things to discuss this for segments is real quick just by way of introduction, but we've got a bunch of things to talk about. I did take my granddaughters 16 and 10 to see the case for Christ on Friday night and really liked it. Interestingly, my six-year-old said for Christian movie.

It was very well done's that was an interesting observation. One of your latest articles on Phil again that COO KE Handel's Messiah and why it's never too late for your dream and another recent article Christian movies use profanity all right.

I got my questions Phil Cook we come back talk Hollywood and the gospel here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and some of clients that DreamWorks Walt Disney pictures, USA network Iola University you version the Bible app. Billy Graham evangelistic Association.

I spoke for them this morning at their chapel service, so Phil you've been in there with top-flight folks. Why is it so important to you to do things with quality.

If we can redo them in the name of the Lord will quality open the door, you know, we live in an incredibly distracted culture when I wrote my book unique I discovered that the average person in America is hit were bombarded with about 5000 media messages every day.

The truth is nobody's gonna give you the time to read to read your book or watch a movie or listen to your sermon.

If they don't if they're not first attracted by it. So quality is a door that opens you know it opens up to it to really open people up your message so I think it's funny that your daughter said that was a good evening. She saw the case for Christ. That was a good movie for Christian movie we have this perception out there that things Christian Christians do in the media is just poor quality and that immediately is a turnoff for this generation so I think number one in the case of a movie. It has to be a great movie first and I don't care how great your messages if it's not delivered in an entertaining and compelling and interesting way. People simply won't watch and then we failed. So no matter how great our intentions. I think quality is what opens the door to really get that audience that were looking for.yet as I should like my granddaughters 16 so simply put, that even further down the generations that the South Americans they are rights of much of a compromising message but let's just say try to listen to the show on the radio right and you getting a poor signal to turn it off right at the door or if you watch us on the Internet and the fee keeps cutting to get that Internet service you give it up or if if I'm on TV right you have to have makeup before you're on TV in the picture. Your hair is right is not to be vain is to look normal because once the lights are on you if otherwise you look at ghost in New Orleans, listen to it at sisal were not about changing the message right. Yeah, absolutely.

It's not about watering down the message is not compromising your principal is strictly about speaking of visual language in a and a really a media language that this culture understands that the key so I can trust God for anointing I can trust God to supernaturally get a message out while still doing something with quality.

It's not either/or, not at all not at all and never has been, although I think a lot of pastors and ministry leaders over the years have just assumed the fact that I spoke at a conference after conference years ago and the pastor raises hand in the back and says you notebook film because were Christians, we don't have to do it as well as the world doesn't right, no, no, no, no, no, we have to do it better than the world is that I think you forgot to get people's attention.

We have to be extraordinary, and the truth is, if you look back at Solomon's Temple. If you look back at the things that were created throughout the Bible. Those were not shabby. You know they they hired the best artisans in the land and they wanted quality work done and I think to do anything less for God is just to be disobedient. So let's let's look around the play devils advocate or does your unit that I know you yeah I am feeling is that me up. None of them know I am. I don't know who's advocate I'm playing him.

I'm just gonna raise a counterpoint case so that was the Temple and David Solomon all that an exit is the tabernacle had to be exactly the way God show them but now you talk about salvation comes by way of the cross by way of someone dying the worst and lowliest death of all. And then these commoners, these apostles who nobody special, taking the message.

Doesn't that kind of is not the opposite of what you are advocating now.

I don't think so. I don't think I don't think so. Erwin McManus called the raw beauty look you work with what you have. I mean is no question that that you work with what you have and by the way, these were all unloaded men to a certain degree all the always brilliant Paul is really quite brilliant but I think noted that the calling is the most important thing I my feeling is if God is called you write a book or preach a sermon or launch a church or make a movie or whatever you go do it with the resources that you have.

But never forget always always always tried to do try to do it the best of your ability with the best resources you get your hands on because I think in this culture today. It simply a matter of no matter how great your intention nobody's listening, we failed, and my job.

I feel like as a filmmaker as a consultant to churches and ministries around the country is help them find the biggest audience for the message they're sharing on salicylates to step back and look at Hollywood for a moment.

We had decades ago, you had the Hays code that the moral code overhauling with and for example, you couldn't have like a bad guy come out winning, you can. You couldn't celebrate say drug use or the criminal doesn't get justice in an obvious economical kinds of sex scenes and things like that and and then that that changes was there was at it in your mind a good thing that was there or was it unhelpful because it was imposed from the outside. We have these things work in terms of morality in a creative culture like that.

Well obviously wanted imposed very often people working to put back what's really interesting about the history of film is that between about 19 are to me about an 1898 in about 1914.

The church actually made more movies than Hollywood did the church was incredibly incredibly active in the film business early on. In fact, I worked with a church in Montclair, New Jersey right across the river from Manhattan and it was an old church.

It was built at the turn of the last century and when they did a did a recent remodel in the sanctuary. They discovered a 35mm film projector embedded in the wall. Some authorities they'd covered it up but they they learned it in the 20s and 30s the church was doing movie nights. On Saturday nights they would bring the community in show movie soak early on, the church was extremely involved in filmmaking and there some great films out there that were done were done early on, but then you're exactly right. The Hays code came in because people are pushing the limits in this creative artist generally want to do in the Hays code was covered a wide range of things.

That's why Lucy and Desi never slept in the same bed in the Lucy show DBF the other did it at all kind of rules about what you could show it.

What you couldn't show and you know, in fact, if you if you look at gone with the wind, the very very last line Rhett Butler gives about frankly my dear, I don't give a you know that was that took special permission for the studio to actually let Rhett Butler say the D word at the end of that movie. So it was very tight in those days. Of course, in the 50s, particularly in the 60s, Hollywood started walking away from the Hays code and at the same time the church walked away from filmmaking and of course anytime there's a vacuum all counter forces are gonna come in and so I think there was two mistakes made. I think of it bit walking away from that code was was tragic but I also think the Christian community. Walking away from film is a medium wizard was tragic as well because there were decades where the church just Nunnally wasn't involved in filmmaking and TV, but they actually preached against it to a great extent and I don't think that helped you look obviously it's it's easy to understand why people would walk away when they to see something is sinful even when I came to faith sure we were in was, not directly taught from the pulpit of the premature industry Christians don't go to movies and and you know one things can lead to another is a lot of bad stuff out there and obviously there's a lot of trash and it pollutes and it destroys and it desensitizes us and got a book coming out September call saving a sick America and I start off with the story of a guy who's watching leave it to beaver with his family in 1962 and he falls asleep and wakes up today and right right so I mean it's it's it's very graphic and I'm eager to see how the publisher puts out a video intro that goes along with it so I can understand that you know a flee come out from among them. On the one hand, but on the other hand, as you say it's a mission field so behind and it's a tool with which people can be reached and some of the greatest moral messages that impact the generation actually come to Hollywood.

They do in Hollywood is no question Hollywood is the most influential place on the planet. It's interesting that after 9/11 when the buildings fell in New York City and the Allies invaded Afghanistan without initial fighting was over the devastating fighting that happened after 9/11 when that initial fighting was over, the Los Angeles Times reported that the first public buildings to reopen in Afghanistan were hospitals. They were government buildings. They were school the first public buildings to reopen after that invasion were movie theaters, mostly showing American movies. So you see that kind of influence globally not produce programming in about 60 countries around the world and everywhere you go you see the power of film and television and now digital media so there's no question that it's incredibly influential, and for Christians not to have a voice in those kind of media is to it that it tragic. I think just got 45 seconds before the break. Is there a lot of outreach going on behind the scenes in Hollywood, absolutely. There's organizations like the Hollywood prayer network. The Act I program.

The greenhouse is a number of minister Master media International is probably the highest level ministry organization trying to reach high-level influencers in the industry, so they're absolutely up on number of Christians at very high levels in the industry trying to make change happen from the inside so there's a lot to be encouraged by my two week we've got a few more minutes with no cookies busy in the midst of many many projects of glad we get a few minutes with him on the line of fire. Last we come back.

What are some of the positive trend cc within Hollywood and maybe a free tip or two for those of us who are communicators. Social media other things with Mike Telus again to connect with Phil to get his newsletters and interact with them.

Go to Phil Cook, COO, a number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and media consultant Phil as you been at this 40 years working with Hollywood ministering in Hollywood. What are some of the positive things in your view, taking place now. A lot of them actually it's interesting you know.

Remember when the river, the Bible TV series the came out Mark Burnell produced years ago it broke all the audience records a shattered audience record quickly and cable. The day it broke those records. I got a call from NBC nightly news, Associated Press and the Christian Science Monitor all absolutely baffled why anybody would be interested in watching a program about the Bible and I explained to them look Hollywood is bent over backwards for years to reach SPECIAL-interest groups like the gay community or environmentalists or other groups.

I said in pure research indicates there's about 95 million evangelical Christians in America which kind of makes us the biggest special-interest group.

There is an all of them went okay I get it now and what were starting to see his Hollywood realizes it was really the passion of the Christ that launch this Hollywood sees that the Christian audience is big and the truth is the biggest agenda. Hollywood has is to make money. I mean, they kill their grandmother to make a buck, so they understand suddenly that the Christian audience is bigger and bigger and bigger. So were starting to see more and more films that are more sensitive to the Christian audience that at least don't make the Christian the pedophile of the crazy person worsening hidden figures was a fantastic movie about the early days of NASA and all that wasn't explicitly Christian the characters with the church. They had scenes filmed the church and at the you know dinner afterwards and it showed that that was just a normal part of life and were starting to see that more and more in film. So it's very encouraging that even though they may not get who we are. They may not understand Christianity there starting to realize that this is a substantial audience and we need to honor them.

If organa reach them at the box office okay. Oddly enough that's a great thing.

I believe to be excited about right. So obviously Hollywood wants to make money. Some people you be driven by certain ideologies so they can put out earlier Exodus movie almost from an atheistic perspective or right no movie with some touches but I had seen while traveling. I saw the unbroken movie I'd read the book and was absolutely blown away by it, and I interact with you just a little very disappointed that the whole story because he came back and totally broken man from Johnny separated totally broken man from the prison camp and drunkard and losing his wife and and then Jesus saves them through Billy Graham meeting and that was the message of it and the movie portrayed something different so I was more grieved in the you suggested that there was more positive. You know that I saw and again it may just be our calling someone shouting out the war's and you're the one infiltrating. It's fairly fine you know. And you can believe that God is working in Hollywood, while still not watching trashy movies and foremen and all that sweat we understand it, but I don't write long way around to get to this. Sometimes I wonder how much it.

The Christian asked the surrender compromise to get ahead. No words I couldn't imagine someone with integrity, doing certain scenes or some young Christian gal, Sarah. I'll take my close offer.

Can you really get a head came and you have to water the thing down to get ahead there are plenty of challenges that actors face every day in Hollywood are directors or writers or producers and I always encourage people don't make that on the set when you're on the set. The director comes up to you if you're an actress and he said look we really want to do the scene without your top on present when 30 or 40 people of the crew were standing around the cash registers ringing times of the essence. That's not the time to make the decision. The time to make a decision is way ahead of time. Draw your lines in the sand and where you feel like God want you to go and as a way to go so.

But the truth is there are plenty of Christians in Hollywood that have gone very, very far in the industry and if not cross those lines.

They been. They have not compromised and so II think it is absolutely, it is possible. Certainly on my wife and actress and she's turned down projects because they expected her to do things that she was not willing to do and there are times when you have to walk away from those things but you walk away from that. In business there. Christianity refused to compromise in business because they want cheat on their income tax or do something else or you know, lied to the Board of Directors or something so I think we all face that some degree in whatever career were in but there are believers in Hollywood that are standing firm in making a difference and it does it does matter, then, as you say that that's the difference in choices I have to make on radio my going to talk about this if it's unpopular or pastor from behind the pulpit. If I do this, will I lose this tithing member so right it's the it is exactly that. The good thing is to know that you can make an impact BC there are challenges in there all kinds of temptations to face, but again you have to be called to do it all right if you had to give a nugget we've got 02 and 1/2 minutes if you had given nugget to Christians were involved in social media member try to get a message out just your average person that's online there's one thing you could leave them with helpful nugget about communication. In this digital age. What would you tell him well. I am a big believer that we should speak out whoever's listening this program. There are more opportunities today for you to speak out than ever before with U say social media is a powerful powerful tool doesn't cost a thing and it's coming. I got about 32,000 people following me on twitter, which in a weird mate way makes me the pastor of one of the largest churches in America, about 32,000 people that actually signed up to hear what I have to say, so I take it responsibly. I'm, I'm not telling him I'm at Starbucks. I'm not sure the pictures of my lunch. I'm trying to inspire them and encourage them so they take social media seriously, you know stock is being said I you can have fun with it. But if you take it seriously. You'd be amazed at the impact you can have in people's lives out there and by the way YouTube video is a powerful, powerful thing. Everybody's got a video camera and their phone nowadays and YouTube is becoming one of the most influential things in Hollywood, we have what we call Q scores, which of them.

An algorithm of the most influential celebrities and stars in the entertainment industry this past year for the first time the top seven most influential stars in Hollywood.

Work on movies they were on TV.

They were on YouTube while donning a generation that is being influenced by these are kids that produce programs and their parents basement or in a spare bedroom so it doesn't.don't wait for your big-budget, don't wait for big money to come in. You could start now sharing the gospel sharing your life story sharing a message you feel God called you to share through a number of tools that are out there that are absolutely free.

So speak up, get the message out there because that power can impact the culture. Thank you, thank you for saying that since take that to heart than everyone listening to this and all the different formats and rituals. Take it to heart and less question couple seconds.

A few get a recommend anyone movie for folks to see these days. What would it be you know what I saw hacksaw ridge and I was terribly moved. It is violent. I will say if I inaugurated the it is the war in the Pacific during World War II.

So obviously at the art at the military is violent, but what a powerful powerful story of Desmond Dawson how he won the Congressional medal of honor, and any all did it them. It's one of the most explicit typical movies I've ever seen. I mean it's his Bible that drives him for everything that he does and I just thought that was a terrible thing. And of course you mention the case for Christ. I ghost get people out there and you know what you're having trouble witnessing, sharing your faith in somebody to a movie to a filmlike case for Christ and help it start that conversation.

The could end up changing somebody's life sought encourages us to both the sales thank you so much as physically having on the do it again sometime. Thanks again for I think my high sales it is see okay.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown here of strategic patient present trump is made it clear the patient of the United States and our allies in this region is run out. What are we to make of what is happening in the world with our president with the current administration with bombing Syria now with potential conflict with North Korea. What are we to make of this.

This Michael Brown welcome to the line of fire.

I'm about to give away a book to all of our listeners, especially those just tuning and now be given that away shortly and will be will be getting the kingdom perspective on what's happening in the world around us last half hour I spoke with Phil Cook and international media and media film consultant film maker about Christians in Hollywood first hour, talked about the resurrection of Jesus talked about the strength of the persecuted church you can catch all of that later on my radio website. The line of the line of just click on listen later today and report you missed. You can listen to all of that as well as subscribe to our podcast as well as listen live all the shows as they happen on the website. Be sure to check out our latest articles and videos that are there all free for you and sign up for a newsletter this way is special.

Things happen. We got to TV shows that are launching this week a both if you have DirecTV at home. You can watch one on NRB TV the other on God TV but airing online. Of course, and other stations around the world that we've got some great information for you and it all comes your way through our weekly newsletter so sign up for it. Go to the line of when you do want to send you a free e-book yet got a free e-book for you to be a blessing to seven secrets of the real Messiah. All when you sign up for newsletter Guinness of the line of okay I could number two, Mike pence vice president pants in North Korea. He visited the DMC Z the demilitarized zone. I was there last year for special time of prayer for peace North Korea for the salvation of the people of North Korea. One of the saddest stories in world history. The story of North Korea. Let's listen to what vice president pants had to say. If China is unable to deal with North Korea, the United States and our allies will the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president and actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan, North Korea would do well not to test his resolve. So here is the great problem you are dealing with an irrational and irrational leadership.

There you are dealing with a demented delusional leader you're dealing with the people that is been brainwashed and cut off from the outside world for several generations. You are dealing with people who believe the reports on the radio which bear no resemblance to reality in many many cases, just like if you've read the 1984 novel that's basically what North Korea is like it is a police state with emperor worship and it's it is the number one most persecuted nation for Christians in the world. This is been several street years running horrific suffering for believers there and a dark dark place.

In fact, most of you seen her many of you seen the satellite image of North Korea and you see South Korea immediately below it and's nighttime image and of course all the lights on in the streets, dark is dark. His power goes out at night and that is a picture the darkness of that nation. The deception of that nation and would they do something crazy. Is it possible that they would they put a lot of money into military and military games as a been runner military strategist afflicted North Korea attacking South Korea in recent years. This is the slickest South Korea that happen. How we respond do we respond do you get involved with some perspective that I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and my Asia close to 50 times ministering and been to Korea.

Is it 13 times to South Korea. We checked I think it's been about 1312 or 13 times that that administer their is check my list here. 1-234-567-8910 1112 12 times thus far and prayed with the Koreans there for the salvation of their northern brethren some offense families separated for many decades now, and I remember one trip there. Years back I started going in 1990, and when the.

The Emperor, the, the deity of that country. The ones that the people worship as if God when he had died.

The people were hysterical morning weeping in the streets, and I was struck the Korean Christians they saddest is just so agonizing to watch that. It's so agonizing to see the pain that the ran deception that their aunt there been some efforts to bring unification of the countries and and again I mean is not not just a matter of one, one country being democratic and open in the other country. Being a dictatorship. You timeout people with completely skewed view of the world versus others know what's happening in. I mean, I've barring divine intervention. I've seen no way there can be unification again. I'm no expert in it, but would they do something crazy. They sought to launch a missile and showing off their look at all of our power and might, and the thing came crashing down immediately. That, of course, to the extent that was known to the people agree if they knew the thing was even happening at all. Get it'll get turned around to some kind of momentous victory and and some amazing thing that happened and maybe if there's any report of a missile going down. It was a missile trying to attack North Korea and they took it down because those have us spin the thing but but for sure they could do something crazy. It could be.

Maybe they think that's what's needed to rally their people or I don't know but you time on many many many many many many many innocent people would perish if there was a war that took place and ready many die of starvation. Who knows what would happen in the midst of war sold all of this must be evaluated carefully. Is it true that America cyber hack that missile and we brought it down there reports that say so, but I have no inside information on it.

All I can say is this. It was one saying because the global issue for America to bomb Syria response to the gas attacks to send a message, but not to go into Syria and not to say okay we are right now sending in troops and women try to take out a sought it's the truth that that's that's a big question. It's a big issue and to just go do it opens up a massive can of many many worms therefore must be thought through very carefully with long-term vision in conjunction with the nation of Israel and other key allies but the bomb and then not go in.

Okay fine I could see that to tell North Korea to to send our ships there is a don't don't do something stupid and for China upon which North Korea depends economically for China to say don't do something stupid. Yes. Sound the warning, with the hope that they back down if they did something crazy. South Korea is an ally you have to respond but boy, you need to pray for North Korea. Maybe this would be a time when God topples the government supernatural with. There's a clue in the government's overthrow.

Yet if the guy got saved. The leader of Korea got born again and repented of sin that would be a dream scenario beyond the dream scenario, but otherwise otherwise let that let the to be a clue that to be in overthrow the government.

Look at have a Stalin. It happened was Stalin that that he was about to carry out his murderous plot against Jewish doctors and and and inflict all kinds of pain, destruction, and that he drops dead and and it was it was get it around the town of Permanente Jews look at that is something that the God did in judgment on him. We know what happened in the book of Esther. So this pray for North Korea right I want to give a book away first to give the number 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 call number 10 the book that I co-authored with Pastor John Kilpatrick and editor Larry Sparks. The fire that never sleeps.

Keys for sustaining personal revival.

This book will ignite a fire in your heart. This book will stir you. It'll give you a picture of what real revival and visitation are not to some revival service but God coming and visiting the put a hunger and you to seek God for more in your own life or your church community. I was thrilled by the endorsements for the book, thrilled to see how it's impacted readers who read the book cry while here on pitching about you, but we can give it away right soldiers of the call 8663 freight 784 caller number 10: number 10 free copy of the fire that never sleeps okay have one more larger comments about the administration more larger comments about the direction of the trump administration. There are those who voted for Donald Trump when he said, America first. What it did seem to to mean was America only when he said him to be the president of America, not the president of the whole world.

People rejoiced and that now when when he said, America first Miss America first with what I took that to mean was like he said this inaugural speech we have to put our own interests first by make sense of the president of Italy right what's he stand for Italy and the Prime Minister of Italy or Germany or Nigeria or Mexico, whatever, and the national leader is premised of Canada. What's their first interest on country Primus Mitch, I know it is or what's the first interest on country. Of course, absolutely naturally. How can you not do that.

What when you work your job and you come home from your job yet you get paid at the end of the week come home from your job, whose bills to pay.

First, your families pay your mortgage.

Pay your rent you pay groceries you you do what you do, you don't you don't pay the mortgage of every neighbor, a block away from pay the groceries of someone living across the country because your first responsibility your family is a selfish, that's just being responsible right.

So to me.

I am all for America first.

Yes, we need to make sure our economy's health need to make sure infrastructures healthy weight when it needs it. We need to make sure that we are secure secure borders we need to fight against crime in our own country. We need deal with drug trafficking and human trafficking in our country weekly America first right of course.

And we do have a winner. Thank you, thank you for everyone: you have one. So yes, of course, but the SunAmerica only.

I never took that to mean America only you have some folks who been ardent from supporters and some who saw his potential way before I did. People I can culture and their basically say we want to present United States again. I don't understand why he can't be the president United States but yet America is an international player that isn't American needed in the world doesn't Israel NaturallySpeaking doesn't Israel need America is an ally don't other countries need. America is now it is in America America's presence a deterrent to some groups rising and growing.

Don't we have that role responsibility in the world.

Yeah, I'm ugly. We do so I'm all for America first. I'm not for America only more for America first because a healthy America is in the best interest of the world here I spotted this headline earlier today and just sent to me again. There were 28 people shot in Chicago in an 18 hour. 28 people shot only 123 years old, was killed. So one fatality 27 wounded of those wounded, three were teenagers 14, 15, 17, we need to to look at that as a what can we do as a nation to help the city of Chicago and what must the city of Chicago do and how can the church be involved to bring about positive change there. What's the real problem is guns is is is it is it lack of guns and some say there's so much gun control is a self-defense those are you crazy as all guns as it is, it that really guns.

Is it more breakdown of the family is. Is it the welfare state that's been put on people he brought up and and it some else's education system. These are things to look at this. Is this a sign of tremendous unhealthy and are in our nation. What can we do as a nation to see positive change, yet America first, let's address the problems in Chicago.

The columns in the inner-city and depositor education system and hubs of any quality and things like that, let's address them.

But let's not forget the rest of the world's America first that America only the breaking plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Be sure to check out what Howard let's take one more good folks will more opportunity get a free book, the fire that never sleeps gradebook keys to igniting personal revival sustaining personal revival John Kilpatrick, Larry Sparks and yours truly call number eight 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH: number eight you get a free copy of the stirring book sent out to you. I've written a few articles in the last few days, one asking the question what we care about Christians suffering there so many issues that come to our attention as a bombing at an airport overseas and we we talk about that day in day out we watch the footage terrorist bombing overseas, but the church doesn't seem to capture her attention. So I will write about that and and then then Ira wrote about for progressives and liberals leftists and LGBT allies. This what you mean by equality. Is this what you mean by equality. There is a 15-year-old boy he identifies as a girl. He hasn't done anything yet hormonally to to alter who he is obsessed at 16 surgery.

He just ran in a track meet with her.

The girls crush them from way way way ahead of the other girls and this is being celebrated. So I wonder if this is what equality means this fair to the other girls is one thing to say hey this point identifies as gross between him and God's family in schools and other things allowed to compete with girls so what about that and then I saw a disturbing image that someone sent me via twitter.

I saw a disturbing image and it was as an image of a alter right and all to write a trumpet supporter, so more racist oriented hybrid nationalistic and by the way you get to get extremists on all sides. The extreme supporters of her extreme support is a trump and and they both find something in the message of the person they can identify with the fun of who the people are you interested in the support you have to look at their the messages of the people themselves, but there has been this right wing extremist, white supremacist type of follower of trumpet and it was it was an anti-Semitic picture. It was mocking Gentiles and it had a picture of the cross, as if somehow this had to do with the gospel. Remember the KKK claim to be Christian right so I I wrote an article on five reasons why I categorically reject the alt right version of Jesus slowly let me share this with you but again we go my latest articles by going to the line of fire.ward number one. Jesus was a reconciler not a racist.

Jesus was a reconciler not a racist know he never crossed moral lines, but he certainly crossed traditional boundary lines that we associate with Samaritans included women in his larger team when it came to racial divisions while his mission began with Israel. He reached out to Gentiles and pointed to the day when they too would participate in his kingdom and he causes very diverse worldwide body to unity.

Michael knows wrote the daily wiring so we do have it when I should've told you we do have a winner. Thank you. You won't believe with this college is teaching on YouTube will be up in a digital operation right check back once a day, at least on a digital library and want to find out what the latest articles and videos and then sign up for a newsletter every Friday will send you here's a list of and and a synopsis all my articles for the recall my videos it can be sometimes 58 different items in a week since we won't miss anything right and then other things will alert you to view newsletters who do, but by the Michael most pointed out on the daily why racism is not a fringe element of the alt right. It's the movement central premise Jesus was a reconciler not a racist number two. He was a survey not a supremacist. Yes, it's true that is Lord. Yes, it's true that all authority in heaven and earth belongs to him. Yes, that's true, but heavenly when the world serving. He got low. He went the way of the cross for him. Conquest comes by way of the cross. He was a servant, not supremacist. Number three, while not a racist. Jesus is King of the Jews, not part of the KKK like a mole says the alt right is quote explicitly anti-somatic, and it was an interesting article in the forward by Sam Kasten bound this is a liberal Jewish publication. He noted that all rightly Richard Spencer quote isn't the first white supremacist to hold seemingly contradictory views on the Jews earlier white supremacist likes the Ku Klux Klan had a similar love-hate relationship. Spencer's cohort are building on these foundations so here's a track 1926 track McKay the KKK on religious and patriotic ideals appraised Jews as a minister wrote this is a wonderful people particular way in which they have maintained the purity of their racial blood, refusing to intermarry with other races. The minister Texan NWC Wright called Jesus Christ the Klansman because he belonged to the oldest clan existence. The Jewish theocracy that he said that that Jesus promoted the type of Jewish supremacy. Just as the KKK fought for white supremacy. Jews have been clannish since the days of Abraham. So we whites we should be clannish also. Jesus was a Jewish supremacist. We should be white supremacist. And this is the twisted logic of the KKK and some of the alt right before while devoted member of the people of Israel. Jesus was not a hyper national so contrary to what the KKK said is great emphasis was on the coming messianic kingdom which is a state. It was not over from this world.

Accordingly, his followers, who live in us will do so as foreigners and exiles. First Peter 211. Pray for the well-being of our respective countries and service. All citizens will also recognize the imperfections and failings of our respective countries than five. Jesus did not equate military might, with strength now. I don't believe that he is against armies of things against self-defense. The gospel does not advance by intimidation. The gospel does not advance by might, the gospel is not advanced by way of the cross so I get into that in my latest article and am speaking of the Jewish community are those government facilities testimonies, but this was sent to me from Victoria in Canada about 12 or 15 Jewish young people, some from Israel and Europe have been working various kiosks at the Mayfair Mall here, Victoria. You'll frequently find Israelis work in kiosks are healing team minister in the same all this that would notice a go to people asked if they like prayer for healing this Saturday. One of the team members and I approach one of the Jewish men asking to bless them in the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob P replied yes.

Immediately the power got overcame him. He couldn't speak and began weeping for the next 30 minutes, he was wrecked, meaning weeping and overcome couldn't function we can communicate with the fief was so overwhelmed when he recovered, somebody was able to phone his boss and admit sobs toes boss please I'm not capable of working right now. Could someone come in and replacement process of what happened. He said hello but some Christians can pray for them alone that I can't stop weeping, feels like electricity so that's going to Melissa person like functional. I can't stand up. Of course they went back reach out and follow-up of the gospel pay lives

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