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The Right vs. the Left and the Future of the World

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 28, 2022 4:31 pm

The Right vs. the Left and the Future of the World

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 28, 2022 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/28/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by Truth Network. With us today on the line of fire, Michael Brown, absolutely delighted to spend this time with you. Friends, I believe the fire in my heart is going to jump into your heart as well.

I believe you'll be ignited with truth today that could be life transforming. So, thanks for being part of the broadcast. Here's the number to call. And the phone lines are open for any question, any comment on any subject. I'll get to that a little later in the broadcast, but as much as possible this week I want to open the phone lines widely for all your calls, all your comments, all your questions. If you're curious, if you're new to the broadcast, if you're wondering where we're coming from, if you've been listening for years and have always had a biblical question or you want to challenge me on something, either way, friend or foe. 866-342, that's 866-348-7884.

That is the number to call. Okay, a few years ago there was an article that got my attention and then there were actually a bunch of articles written about this subject. I'm going to read a couple of excerpts. This was Gatestone Institute, International Policy Council, Gioli Meotti, May 6, 2017. The title of the article was Europe's childless leaders sleepwalking us to disaster.

Let me read the title again. Europe's childless leaders sleepwalking us to disaster. And some of the key points of the article, as Europe's leaders have no children, they seem to have no reason to worry about the future of their continent. According from Douglas Murray in the Times, Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument.

Joshua Mitchell said, finding ourselves becomes more important than building a world. So here's the article. There have never been so many childless politicians leading Europe as today. Well, not living in Europe and not knowing about the background of some of these political leaders, it didn't dawn on me. Be it Angela Merkel of Germany or be it Macron in France or one after another, they had no kids. Now, I'm not saying they're evil people because of that.

I'm not saying, oh, they're godless, evil people. It's just very interesting to hear one after another after another didn't have children. Now, would you agree with me, all of you who are parents, that having children gives you a different perspective on the world, on life, on the future, on what matters than your perspective before you had children? Even if you wanted to have a family, even if you've always wanted to have a big family and do all this and yes, but having children, raising children, nurturing children, it does give you a certain perspective. And now with our grandchildren, our youngest about to turn 16, the oldest early next year turns 22, right?

So even our grandchildren older, you think about their kids, it does affect your perspective. So the article continues, these leaders that are modern, open-minded, and multicultural, and they know that, quote, everything finishes with them in the short term being childless is a relief since it means no spending for families, no sacrifices, and that no one complains about the future consequences. As in a research report financed by the European Union, quote, no kids, no problem. Well, of course, that's a terribly short-sighted way of thinking because no children means no society. No children means no support for the elderly.

This is becoming a crisis all around the world. Now, on average, for every childbearing woman, so the average ages of childbearing say roughly 18 to 44 in terms of childbearing years, again, just imprecise figures, general figures. You have to average about 2.1 children for every childbearing woman to keep society afloat. When you start to get under those numbers or get precariously low, 1.6 or 1.3 or 1.1 or something, society cannot sustain itself.

You do not have adequate support for the elderly and the society will begin to crumble. So China's ill-advised one child per couple policy has really hurt the nation and may hurt the nation long term. From Japan to Russia to Greece to Spain to Italy, the same problem has arisen where there have not been enough children.

The only thing that's keeping America above that level is basically immigrants for some years now. Now, what's interesting is in religious homes, be it Muslim or Christian or Jewish, they have more kids. On average, they have more kids. Muslims leading the way, of course, the highest, highest would be traditional, ultra-orthodox Jews would have the highest. One of my rabbi friends, I mean, we're theological opponents, but one of my rabbi friends has 14 kids and he said it's not that uncommon in the neighborhood where he lives.

Think of that. But you have it in Latin America, other parts of the world, where the Christian population is growing, a lot of it is by large families. That's how Islam grows, large families. The more secular you get, the more religion does not play a major role, then the less children you have. Right now, you have a phenomenon, say, in Japan with homes for the elderly. So you don't have an environment where they can just live with the kids because there's just not an adequate number of kids that can support the system there. So you actually have developing robots now, robot dogs and things to be companions to the elderly. You have attempts in Russia to have more babies. In Japan, it's a go home from work early today and be with your spouse and have children.

These campaigns, they're pushing for these things. Hungary has been more successful by encouraging things and passing laws to benefit moms with kids, et cetera. But somehow, you take God out of the equation. So even just broad different religions, you take God out of the equation, you take large families out of the equation. You have a society that cannot reproduce itself and it's part of what the radical left produces. So the same with abortion, right? Who has the vision for life for children? Who looks at children as more something to discard if it's not the right time and setting, et cetera? So the radical left is militantly pro-abortion. So who's going to have more babies?

Just look at it. Gay activists, right? Okay, yeah, there are homosexual couples that love each other and love the kids that they have adopted or had from a previous heterosexual marriage. I'm not saying that there won't be devoted parents or caring in many cases. But of course, they can't provide what a mother and father together can provide because it's either two mothers or two fathers.

It's just the reality, right? On my best day as the most devoted parent I could ever be, I wasn't Nancy. I wasn't a mother. I did not have what she had. I did not bring what she brought.

And on her best day, she wasn't me. She wasn't a father. So those are just realities. And the challenges of bringing a child into this world or adopting a child for a gay couple, that's a whole lot more difficult than a heterosexual couple just going through the natural process of love and intimacy and producing children.

So who's going to have more children? Couples that are couples the way God ordained couples to be a male and a female, right? So that's just the reality of things. It doesn't mean that every gay person is a child predator or evil. No, no.

These are just biological realities. So the left, especially the radical left, is going to be pro-abortion, is going to be pro same-sex marriage, is not going to esteem family across the board the same as those who are God-centered and see the beauty and union of coming together as one and producing children and have a vision for future generations in the same way. It's just not going to happen. So what's interesting now is there is a new prime minister in Italy. And I'm looking at headline after headline where she is being vilified. The first female, Giorgia Maloney, and one of our grads in Italy sent me a clip of one of her speeches.

I would play it except it's in Italian and it's with captions. And she's talking about the left and their attack on identity. So you can't have national identity, that's wrong. You can't have religious identity, that's wrong.

You can't have gender identity, that's wrong. I mean, she's nailing these things, right? And I'm looking at headline after headline like this one on the Washington Examiner. The left fear Italy's new prime minister and that is why they vilify her. So they're making her into this radical right and it's going to be dangerous and all this. And I don't know much about her so I'm not going to comment beyond just the little clip that I want to talk about. But on this clip she says, look, I'm Italian, I'm Christian, I'm a mother, I'm a woman.

Like all the things that come under attack from the left. Now there is an unhealthy nationalism that I've spoken out against, an unhealthy Christian nationalism that I've spoken against. But there is a healthy I love God and I love my country. I love God and I appreciate my country and I want to see my country do well. If my country does well we can be a blessing to the rest of the world. That's good, great, God bless you, right? In that sense God bless America and let us be a blessing to the world, great. And I'm a Christian, loves America, great. And I'm a man and love being a man, great, good. So all these identities in themselves can be good and fine but there is this blurring of everything.

Friends, it's what happens. I have a quote from Francis Schaeffer in 1968 talking about homosexual activism. So this is a year before the Stonewall riots and the explosion of the modern gay liberation movement, gay revolution, etc. And Francis Schaeffer is talking about that the homosexual movement, the activism is going to do away with these absolute identities.

Male, female, these distinctive. So where we've gone now, where we've gone now over to transgender identity and those kinds of things. Where we've seen things progress inevitably. Friends, this is what you can expect. The good news is that everything reproduces after its own kind.

That's the good news. Everything reproduces after its own kind. And certain things do not reproduce well and other things reproduce really, really well. God's ways are ways of thriving. God's ways are ways of reproducing.

Friends, if we will simply live out God's principles, we will outlast these other revolutions and we'll be standing when they have fallen. It's the gospel truth. If you want to get on the show today, call 866-348-7884. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on The Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks, friends, for joining us on The Line of Fire, 866-34-TRUTH, the number two record. I want to take you back in my own personal history and then in some of the social history of America to give you some insights on what's happening in the culture today and some of the real battles that we are facing. Now, in John, the first chapter, speaking of Jesus, it tells us that he came full of grace and truth, not grace or truth, but grace and truth. Our gospel must be a gospel of grace and truth, as Paul says in Ephesians 4, speaking the truth in love. Thomas Sowell said that if we care about other people, we tell them the truth. If we care about ourselves, we tell them what they want to hear.

So the selfless thing to do is to speak the truth in love, regardless of cost or consequence. It was in 2004 that the Holy Spirit laid on my heart a calling, a burden to help push back against the tide of homosexual activism. Now, it was a strange thing on the one hand because it's not my own background.

I was a heavy drug user before I was a believer, I was an all-cause and rebellion as a teenager, but I've always had heterosexuality, it's all I've ever known, been attracted to women, it's all I've ever known. So why would I have a burden in this area? It's not part of my background. I didn't have a particular burden to reach out to the gay and lesbian community, that was not something that was specifically laid on my heart to do. I'm Jewish, I've had a special burden to reach out to Jewish people, but never had that. And I thought, okay, why this burden? Why me?

My PhD is in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University, it's not in family counseling or gender studies or things like that, so why me? What I began to sense was no one gets to sit this out. This is something that's going to affect the nation. And as I began to study and look at these things, I realized that even then, 2004, so we're talking 18 years ago, that this was already the principal threat to freedom of religion, speech, and conscience in America.

And that nobody got to sit this out. Okay, so I had this burden about the issues, about the activism, but I knew in order to have God's heart, I needed to care about the people. I need to have God's heart for the people. So I made appointments to meet with local gay or lesbian activists to sit so they could tell me their story. I began to read everything I could about the history, the gay revolution, the gay liberation movement. I began to read stories of pastors that were gay pastors and said I had demons cast out on me, I went through electroshock therapy, nothing worked, now I realize God made me gay.

You know, books like Holy Homosexuals or Stranger at the Gate and things like that to try to understand their perspective better. And so my heart would be moved. And in early 2005, a lot of this came together. I was with some colleagues, we were praying and fasting in front of the Supreme Court for the overturning of Roe v. Wade. And just silent prayer.

And I heard this in my spirit. Reach out and resist. Reach out and resist. Reach out to the people with compassion. Resist the agenda with courage. And I understood even then that reaching out to the people required tremendous compassion because many have been hurt. Many have been rejected. Many feel hated by the church.

Many were misunderstood or mistreated by their own families. So it's just like if you're at the beach all day and you got a bad sunburn and I didn't know it and I saw it and I said, hey, how you doing? And you kind of slapped your shoulder and just jumped.

It's like, well, I barely touched it. Yeah, but you're really sensitive. So I don't mean this in a critical way, but people have been really hurt and burned and rejected. They're going to be more sensitive. So I understood that to reach out required unusual compassion.

Reach out to the people with compassion. Resist the agenda with courage. And I understood that the moment you begin to speak out about these issues, you will be hated, you will be rejected, you will be vilified. You will be accused of being closet homosexual. You'll be called every name under the book. You'll be called Nazi and homophobe and all of this.

So I knew it took courage to do this, but it was a clear calling from the Lord. So since then, I've been on the front lines of the culture wars. Since then, I have been profiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the SPLC. A few years back, maybe a decade ago, they put out this article on 30 leaders of the new radical right. Ooh, dangerous. People like David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Or Malik Zulu Shabazz, former leader of the new Black Panthers. And me. Quote, anti-gay. Yeah, but on the list of GLAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which I nicknamed the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Disagreement. They put out the commentator accountability project. They had 36 people, initially it's grown, but these were conservative news commentators and experts and things that they were telling all the networks, do not let these people on your network, do not let them give their point of view, it's poisonous, it's toxic. You do not need their viewpoint.

It's always on that list early on. Human rights campaign, the world's largest gay activist lobbying organization. Human rights campaign, so they had me on their hit list for exporting hate. I was invited to Peru some years back to speak to congressional leaders and university chancellors and to discuss with them, to discuss with them what happens when you normalize same-sex marriage, you redefine marriage, and you open the door to transgender activism and things.

What happens? And I started saying, we're not here to demonize anyone. There's no hate here.

Some of your best friends in the world may be gay, lesbian, trans. Some of your co-workers may be, issues not to demonize. I just want you to know the social consequences. So, I've been involved on the front lines. I've been asked to be on TV and meet with political leaders in different countries and things as a quote expert. And I said, do you understand?

My doctor, I'm not a doctor in this field. Do you understand? They said, yeah, yeah, you're the person. I was calling of God and I immersed myself in these things. And here, years back, friends said to me, Mike, why are you doing this? Why are you wasting your time on these issues? I mean, you're a revival preacher and you've got a heart to see the Jewish people saved and you're an apologist and all. Yeah, well, I'm doing all that.

I haven't stopped doing any of the other things. But I told them, I said, look, I feel like an umbrella salesman in the desert. And there is a storm coming, a big storm coming. And you're like, Mike, why do you have all these umbrellas? And why are you building more warehouses and making more umbrellas? We're here in the desert.

There's no rain. There's a storm coming. And for quite a few years now, metaphorically speaking, we have not been able to make enough umbrellas. We have not been able to put out enough umbrellas because the storm has been here in massive ways. And now, you can't go through a day in the news without something in the news about transgender this or gay this. It's just everywhere we are facing it, it's the world we live in. Well, wake up.

We've been shouting it and others were shouting it long before I saw it, long before I caught it. Now, here's what's really interesting. In the middle of all of this, in the middle of all of this, a key, key group whose very existence must be attacked, whose very existence must be denied is ex-gay, ex-trans. If you exist, if you can be a former homosexual or a former transgender, it undermines the entire movement. It undermines the whole energy of LGBTQ plus activism.

Why? Because gay activists brilliantly saw that, hey, we must position ourselves as the inheritors of the civil rights movement. Americans don't want to be bigots anymore. We don't want to be discriminatory anymore like we were in the past. So this is now the new racism that you're anti-gay, you're anti-trans. And the equivalent is, hey, we're born this way and we can't change. It's innate.

It's immutable. This is the way we are. This is the way we'll always be. Therefore, this is our right and you have to recognize our rights.

And Americans want to be open-minded and tolerant and recognize those rights. So that means that those who are allegedly ex-gay, ex-trans, no, you cannot exist. You must be proven to be frauds.

You're not going to last. You're just acting. It cannot be because it undermines the whole movement. Now, here's what's really interesting. Going back in history. Going back in history. So gay activism really launched powerfully late 60s with Stonewall Riots as part of the sexual revolution of the 60s. As that really comes into prominence, gay activists realize, okay, we have two major enemies to deal with.

We have two major enemies. One of those enemies is the world of psychology, psychiatry. Because it says that homosexuality is a disorder. That it's a sickness. That it's like schizophrenia or some other disorder like that, right? So that is one target.

We must change the thinking of the psychiatric, psychological profession. The other enemy is the world of religion. And in America being primarily Christian, the world of Christianity, the church. Because the church says this is a sin.

I remember visiting some gay meeting at a local place in Charlotte, North Carolina to hear a talk about can you be gay and Christian from a pastor. And they were giving out literature there, not a sickness, not a sin. Not a sickness, not a sin. Yeah, that is the mindset.

So to say it's not a sickness, it's not a disorder, and it's not a sin. Well, the world of psychiatry, that turned around very quickly. Very, very quickly.

1973, 1975, that shifted. That left one more battle. The world of the church, the world of religion. Alright friends, we'll be right back. I think you'll find this very, very interesting as we continue. We'll take some calls. 866-348-7884. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on The Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks friends for joining us on The Line of Fire 866-34-TRUTH. So let me just continue with the history for a moment. In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association, APA, reversed its stance and said that homosexuality should not be looked at as a disorder in any way or as a hindrance to people's normal functioning. And then two years later, the American Psychological Association followed suit and then it was kind of like dominoes, all the other groups, so you'll see these long lists that they've all normalized homosexuality, etc.

It's not a disorder, it's not an improper function or anything like that. So that's just been like dominoes. But that happened very, very quickly.

That's a whole other story as to how that happened, but that happened very, very quickly. The battle of the church, that remains the battle. Their battle, what does the Bible say, that remains the battle. So there's an endless assault to try to get us to reinterpret the Bible or we've been misreading the Bible. And this is what you'll find with consistency. You'll find this with consistency. That someone, we're not talking about a theologian, a liberal theologian that doesn't even believe Jesus rose from the dead or doesn't believe the Bible is the word of God, so they're going to interpret things in all kinds of different ways.

I'm not even talking about that. A sincere believer, a Jesus follower, a Jesus lover. But as they, say as a child, 10 years old, you love the Lord. And your friends are like, boy, that's holy Sally or that's holy Joe. I mean, they joked about you because you really seem serious about the Lord. And now you're 11, 12 years old and you're reading the Bible more and serious about your faith.

And your friends, a little bit, 12, 13, they're talking a lot more about the opposite sex and they're noticing the opposite sex a lot more. But you're not. You're just not. You're not noticing. Why? Well, because you're so spiritual, because you love Jesus so much, because you're not concerned about those things.

But now you're, what? No, it can't be. You're starting to have, you're noticing the same sex. No, that can't be. You're attracted to the same sex. You're having lustful thoughts about, no, that can't be. That's not right.

No, it can't. Well, who are you going to tell? You're not going to tell anybody, right? So you pray about it and you talk to the Lord about it and just make this thing go away, make this bad thing go away.

And you remember, you know, wow, even when I was like younger, I felt a little different than others. Maybe. Well, no, no, no. I'm just going to pray about you pretty fast.

Nothing happens. Maybe I need deliverance. I'm not going to tell people what I need deliverance from, but I'm going to have someone pray for me to break this thing.

It's just I'm struggling with something, Pastor. Could you break something on me? Sure. Sure, Sally.

Sure, Joe. But nothing happens. Now you're 15, you're 16, and the desires are getting stronger and it's terrifying you. You don't tell your youth, Pastor, because then other kids are going to find out. They're going to look at you funny. You can't tell your parents because they're going to think, like, what? How could you? That's wrong. So get online.

You start your research and you look into it and you discover, okay, this is very interesting. This is like gay this and gay Christian that and gay Bible studies and gay Christian network and hmm. Oh, wait, you're saying we've misinterpreted the Bible. You're saying Jesus never talked about that at all.

And you're saying Paul's been misunderstood. And yet we know we're not under the Mosaic law anymore. And it's like, could be this way God made me. And suddenly it's like, whoa, so there's nothing wrong with me.

This is fine. So as long as I'm in a loving monogamous same sex relationship, that God's good with that. And so here's what happens. You begin to read the Bible through the lens of your own sexuality.

You interpret the Bible through the lens of your own sexuality rather than interpreting your sexuality through the lens of the Bible. I've seen it happen time and time again. I've read the stories. I've I've read some of them with tears. I put books down and got alone on my knees and wept for people. I said, God, I don't want to hurt me, but I just want to help people. I don't want to hurt anybody. I just care about people. But I got to be honest with you and with people, Lord. So I I've seen it.

It's what happens over and over again. You know, many years ago, I was I was doing a five day water fast and fasting was always challenging for me, especially with my unhealthy diet and and being addicted to certain unhealthy foods, chocolates and things like that. So fasting was kind of miserable.

So, you know, I've done as many as 21 days water fast, but I would try to pretty frequently do like a three day water fast or five day water fast. So I was really praying about a major decision when we lived in Maryland. And was God calling us back to New York? I was preaching a lot for David Wilkerson in Times Square Church in New York City.

Was I supposed to launch a school for him? What was God saying? Praying about it.

And Nancy really felt that we weren't supposed to go back to New York. But I felt I needed to hear from God. So I talked to a friend of mine, Messianic Jewish colleague, and I said, hey, you want to fast with me?

Because he was seeking God about some things. I said, yeah, let's do it. So we agreed we're going to do a five day water fast and encourage each other through it. Well, before the fast starts, I got my answer that it was not time to to go to New York.

God wasn't calling us there. But I I told the Lord I was going to fast and I felt he told me to do a five day fast. So I thought, OK, I'm going ahead with the fast.

But it's really difficult fast. Well, the the second morning my friend comes over, we're praying together before lunchtime. And and as we're praying, I could tell he's he's not he's he's losing it. He doesn't want to fast anymore. And I said, just promise me that you won't leave here and get lunch.

He goes, Mike, I can't make that promise. And he goes out and has lunch. So now I'm on my own.

Right. So by the third day, it's I'm miserable. I am absolutely miserable. And I'm teaching a class in the morning in our ministry school and I call Nancy and I told her, I said, hey, I'm I'm I'm having lunch today. I said, I just can't do this. I'm having lunch.

No, you're not. I said, I'm I'm I was ready to go to Popeyes. I knew the chicken tenders I was getting and fries.

I had the whole order ready. And she said, no, you're not. She said your stomach is not your God. You're a man of God. You're not eating.

And she got off the phone. So I was kind of stung. But we're both New York Jews.

We communicate like that with each other. So that night I convinced her, look, it's I don't need to fast. The Lord already gave me the answer to the fast. I don't need to. You know, it's fine.

And let's go out and have dinner with the family, which we did. So she said to me, she said, didn't you say that God told you to do a five day fast? I said, no, no, no.

What happened was I felt prompted to do a fast. And I said, Lord, I feel I should do a five day fast. And he affirmed that. You see, it wasn't that he spoke to me.

He affirmed my idea. That's why I can cut it short. So she said to me, she said, next time before the fast, write down what God said to you.

Because it seems to change during the fast. Okay, it's a funny story and revealing of my weakness. But hear me, if I could do that for food, how much more when it's your very sexual and romantic identity?

How much more when it's your relations for the rest of your life and whether you have to be celibate or single? You tell me there's not going to be an overwhelming temptation to read the word differently? To interpret scripture differently?

You better believe it's going to be strong. And then you get a scholar with Hebrew or Greek and they said this could be misread, this could be misread. Even though it's never been understood like that in the history of the church, suddenly now after the sexual revolution we're getting all these new insights into how to read the Bible, right? So you've got to be very, very suspicious of all that.

So bottom line is this has been the battleground in the church. And the thing that cannot exist, the single thing that cannot exist is an ex-gay or an ex-trans person. No, no, no. You are just in denial. You are like a left-handed person trying to be right-handed but that's never going to be who you are. Or once gay, always gay. Born gay, stay that way. And in fact, in many states in America now you cannot get legal counseling.

You cannot get counseling under the law. So you're 17 years old. You're a young woman. You were raped repeatedly by an uncle from the ages of 8 to 12. You developed this hostility towards men. You found yourself same-sex attracted. You're Christian.

You want to honor the Lord. You don't feel right about this. You want professional counseling in state after state in America. Illegal, illegal if you're a minor, even with your parents backing. But if you say, I'd like affirmation of my same-sex desires, have at it. Or you could be a 10-year-old kid, a boy feeling like you're a girl trapped in a boy's body and telling your parents about it. And they say, well, let's get to the root of this, Johnny.

Let's find out what's going on. Illegal to get professional counseling to help you. Illegal in state after state in America and in different countries if you're a minor. But if you want to get put on dangerous puberty blockers, dangerous hormones treatments, and then sex change surgery, maybe when you're 16 years old. Oh, that's perfectly fine. That's legal.

That is how upside down and twisted things have become. So if you say, hey, I'm ex-gay. Now, maybe that means I still struggle with same-sex attraction, but I simply say no to it because they're going to obey the Lord. And Jesus said, deny yourself, take up the cross.

Jesus is more than enough. And I can stand being single for now or for longer. And I'm happy and I'm praising God. Or I've got these desires under control and I'm starting to actually be attracted to the opposite sex. Or I don't have any gay desires at all.

They disappeared. God dealt with root counseling, got to the root of them, and now I'm just heterosexual. I know people on all of those journeys and those who are ex-trans. As I'm speaking, you're listening to me right now. So that's why the attack is so intense against you.

That's why the battle is so intense. It's not just that the devil hates you, but you are undermining an entire mass of social movement. And that's why it is critical, pastors, leaders, hear me, it is critical for the whole church to surround those who are ex-gay, ex-trans. Not expecting perfection out of them.

Not expecting them to change overnight. The goal is holiness, holiness to the Lord, right? Let's make that the goal and heterosexuality and natural desires can flow out of that. That's why it's so essential for the church to be on the front line standing with you, standing for you, and pushing back against LGBTQ activism, all reaching out to the people with compassion. It is time for us to rise as one and especially stand with our brothers and sisters who have come out of homosexuality, come out of transgenderism and other things, with compassion, with grace, as a community to say, we've got your back. Alright, Bill in Europe, hang on, I want to get your call on the other side of the break.

It ties right in. 866-34-TRUTH. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on The Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much, friends, for joining us on The Line of Fire. If you want to find out more about any of these subjects I've just talked about, we have an abundance of resources waiting for you. Free.

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Of course, we have books you can buy if you want to go deeper in the store, other materials, but tons of written material, tons of audio, video material you will find super, super helpful at Before you leave, in fact, first thing when you get there, sign up for our emails. We've got a really important, very exciting announcement to go out. We want you to be the first to know about it. So, AskDrBrown, A-S-K-D-R

Sign up for the emails and then check out all the resources we have that relate to the subjects we've been talking about. Alright, let's go over to Bill. Where in Europe do you want to be anonymous? I'm in Malta. Okay. Yeah, and before this I was in Ukraine. Really? I'm a teacher at international schools, so I get around. Okay, wonderful.

But what I wanted to comment on was before I went to New York City, because I'm also an actor besides being a teacher, but I feel like God's called me to be a teacher, but I just wanted to do a bucket list item and go to New York City. And before I went, I heard about something called the Game Mafia, and this pretty much forms our United States attitudes toward homosexuality and whatnot. They're pretty much in control. This Game Mafia is in control of New York theater and also what gets produced in Los Angeles. So, have you heard of this and what can be done about it?

I don't know if anything can be done. Yeah, of course. Anybody that starts dealing with activism as I have, you realize this is a very, very real thing when people refer to Game Mafia.

Now, let me be very clear. Your average person who identifies as gay or lesbian is just trying to live their life like everybody else, right? In other words, they go to work, they have their friends, they have their families, they have their routines, they live their lives like everybody else. They're not activists, they're not trying to take over.

They're basically saying, just the way you have your relationships in your life, let us have ours. That's the great majority, alright? However, because of being an oppressed minority and because of saying, okay, we've got to change the narrative, there's been a lot of creative genius and a lot of energy and effort that's made to get into places of influence and you will pay a price for bucking the tide. So, for example, there are conservative TV programs or major conservative news, like a fox, okay? I can't do an interview on some of the segments because a gay producer is going to nix it. I'm talking about a gay producer working for one of the major conservative voices.

That's just, they happen to be a gatekeeper. I mean, I know this firsthand or in different industries. Here, the Human Rights Campaign for years had the Corporate Equality Index. So they would take all the Fortune 500 companies and they would see, okay, what kind of policies do you have here for same-sex people, anti-discrimination, bathroom privileges for transgender, go down the list and then put out the Corporate Equality Index. Because they were so influential in the business world that if you got a poor score there, that didn't bode well, right?

You get a top score. So I started noticing years ago that all the major companies were getting scores of 100 and I thought, okay, if I boycott all the companies that are now gay activist friendly, then I couldn't fly on a plane, I couldn't use a cell phone, I couldn't use a computer. So the influence is actually there. So it's not the gay mafia in terms of they have assassins out killing people.

No, not the mafia in that sense. But having control and in certain, look, I've talked to professors at different schools and they've said, oh, we can't do any, it is so overwhelmingly pro-gay that you can't even think about challenging the narrative. I talked to first grade teachers in Florida, so a more conservative state generally speaking, in Florida, and they were saying the gay agenda is all through our schools, already in kindergarten, first grade, and if we dare speak out against it, we're out of a job. So this is the reality and what's empowered it is the idea that gay is the new black or trans is the new black and therefore it becomes the civil rights movement. Americans being ashamed of our past with racism and slavery and Americans wanting to do the right thing and wanting to be open minded and wanting to be nondiscriminatory have now taken on the new discrimination. One of the very first things, Bill, that I saw already in 2004 was those who came out of the closet wanted to put us in the closet and that's we've seen it as clear as day for many years now. Yeah, because there's a straight male, you know, it made it more difficult for me to work in New York and whatnot. It wasn't a problem in the Netherlands and nor was it a problem when I was in Kyiv, Ukraine. I got pretty busy in Ukraine before the war.

I left in the end of January. But yeah, in America, they're trying to include diversity and whatnot if they say a part for a certain show needs to be a left-handed homosexual male between the ages of 26 to 29. That's exactly what they'll cast.

They'll never cast a straight man in that type of a role. You know, I've got many gay friends, of course, because I'm in the industry of trans and whatnot, and it's not so much I'm not complaining that they're casting actors that fit apart, but they're just making it more difficult for those who are not gay. And of course, yeah, it is right. It is the it is the reverse discrimination is is what we're dealing with. You know, it's it's it's exactly that. So, yeah. Hey, I appreciate the call, Bill.

And of course, like you said, your friends, gay trans friends, you reach out to them with the love of God. But these these are realities. These are realities. All right. Bless you, Bill. Thank you for the call. I got time for another. James in Dayton, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire.

Are you there, James? Yes. Go ahead, please.

Yes. So there's just a couple of things that you had touched down on some topics and issues that was kind of concerning and raise the kind of flag and awareness. And so here in Ohio is where I'm from. It's in school. They're teaching these different things in sex ed and different classes that a lot of parents don't have the right to even reject or neglect that. And so I see how you spoke about a lot of things with the homosexuality that's going on and how children can be exposed to this through media and things like that. And so just what what would be your advice on just kind of getting control of that?

Yeah. Within your household and your children with God. We're God's parent family. We go to church. We we do what's necessary to raise our children.

Right. And so the exposure in the schools and the exposure that's going on out here is just overwhelming. So it's overwhelming, James.

It really is. So so let me let me say a few things. OK, be sure to visit our website,,, and you could just you could go by topic and you'll see a lot of resources.

That'll be very, very helpful. But it is far more extreme than you would realize. It's it's almost impossible for parents to keep up with everything happening. So one, obviously, reinforce everything that's good and right with your kids, with your family. Reinforce what God has established. Show the goodness of God's ways and in a healthy life giving way, not paranoid negative. That's one to really get involved with your kids, with social media.

Find out what they're getting. There's just a lot of bad I mean, there are tick tock videos that have gone viral where kids are self diagnosing. We have multiple personality disorder. We have this. We have that. And it is getting I mean, it's out of hand to the point that they are now the self diagnosing.

And OK, so that must be part of my identity is trans. And I'm hearing from the parents and they're they're flipping out with their they're losing their kids. Their kids are leaving the home and getting hormone treatments and things to say, what about this? My daughter, what do I do? She's about to mutilate herself for life. She's 18.

What do I do? So really get involved, really find out what they're into, especially the younger they are, have much more control. And then you've got to find out what they're getting in school.

Sit down, look at the textbooks, look at the curricula. If you have issues as parents speak up, as more and more parents speak up, it will make a massive, massive difference. As more and more parents raise their voices and speak up, it'll make a massive difference. People have to get involved on school boards more and more. Some of these things happening in Virginia, parents waking up. Look at look at the recent article I wrote about stop sexualizing our children.

It's on the Web site, but check out the resources that are there. Let it stir you even further, sir. And I don't mean to put a scare in you.

But these are the realities which I'm a little kid, children, little children, even three, four years old. Getting indoctrinated. It's dangerous. It's wrong. It ought not to happen. The sexualizing of our children must stop. It must stop on our watch. May the Lord give you your wife wisdom to keep your kids safe because there's a whole agenda. Heterosexual sex ed, homosexual activism, a whole agenda that is destroying the generation. May God give us the grace to turn the tide back.

Magic static. Call me a fanatic. It's our world. They can never have it. This is how we rise up. It's our resistance. You can't resist us. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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