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REShow: Colleen Wolfe - Hour 2

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September 28, 2022 3:29 pm

REShow: Colleen Wolfe - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 28, 2022 3:29 pm

Jets fan Rich reacts to the announcement that Zach Wilson has been cleared to return to action in Week 4 and says why it’s time to see some results from the 2nd-year QB in New York.

Pro Football Hall of Famer and Jackson State Head Coach Deion Sanders tries to talk Rich into getting a hair replacement procedure, says why his son Shedeur deserves Heisman Trophy consideration, reacts to rumors he’s in the mix for the Georgia Tech coaching vacancy, weighs in on Aaron Judge’s home run chase, Mets manager Buck Showalter, says how Carlton Fisk lied about him drawing a dollar sign in the batters box dirt, and shares his favorite stories about two-sport phenom Bo Jackson. 

Rich previews the Raiders pivotal AFC West Week 4 showdown with the Denver Broncos which could leave Derek Carr and company in an 0-4 hole to start the season.

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Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

You ever done anything dangerous? Oh my God. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Cooper Rush.

What are Cooper Rush MVPs? And so is. Exactly. That is the question. Look it up. Do we have a quarterback to talk to first?

Hey, everybody safe travels home. Earlier on the show Pro Football Hall of Famer Head Football Coach from Jackson State University Deion Sanders. Coming up NFL Network host Colleen Wohl from NBC's Quantum Leap. Actor Ernie Hudson. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich is the number to dial. Our number three the actor Ernie Hudson is stopping by and we have a dynamite celebrity true or false for one of the stars of the rebooted Quantum Leap on NBC involving his work on Ghostbusters and Oz. One would think that would you say Ghostbusters and Oz are two polar opposites of the pop culture movie television spectrum if you had to choose Disney movie and then Oz might be more far you know just in terms of plot left comedically tone right yeah of course right the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Ghostbusters was frightening as a matter of fact yeah well yeah I mean I grew up you know and Sigourney Weaver being roast him you know being being being completely you know taken over by possessed right Zool Zool Zool it was frightening it was frightening is she the keymaster or the gatekeeper she was the she was the gatekeeper she was the gatekeeper he was the keymaster ah Rick Moranis oh that's right Rick Moranis was the key man I mean man I'd love to see Rick Moranis back in the world man we were watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids a couple weeks ago and right great still holds up very funny did you watch it with Cage or he's too young right he's too young right well at any rate uh Ernie Hudson's on in hour number three uh Colleen Wolfe uh is here my colleague from the NFL network NFL media group uh she will be coming out in about 18 minutes time her Philadelphia Eagles are three at oh um and she is going to be part of the Sunday morning coverage of the first London game the Vikings and the Saints live on NFL network she'll be live on NFL network at six eastern time she tweeted out 4 a.m pacific oh okay well then maybe it's very good I don't know I'm getting information here I don't know well I mean the game the game is at 7 a.m eastern I believe it kicks 6 30. Oh at any rate it's 30 pacific oh that's right I've got a 7 a.m eastern that's right yeah I'm reading actually she's at six eastern prior to the Thursday game there you go between the dolphins and the Bengals I screwed it up what I'm gonna do um not you you're gonna you're Deion Sanders is on an hour number one uh he took it easy on me on the whole hair restoration well I texted Susie yeah I was about to say you texted Susie with photographs of me all right so I sent her photos of um the less need hair she liked that I bet Ronaldo uh Mooch and then the Trevor Lawrence just for laughs uh her response was he looks like Robin Thicke that's not a bad um what are you what are you doing to this poor guy is this on the air I wrote yes we just showed it oh no and then the hand over the face emoji she likes that emoji and then you guys are mean with three of the hand over face oh then I said you're thinking about it and she wrote no he's not so that's an that's an no okay I mean I got the Ronaldo one yeah the one looks really good it does no it doesn't it looks like I've got a wig I'm wearing a wig it looks like I'm wearing a wig that's because you're not used to it I'm not used to it at all that's good but guess what you will are you advocating me leaving you behind in the ball brotherhood or is that what you're advocating wants you to be the beta tester for here's the thing because your hair like you don't have like the horseshoe going like I've got okay right like if you're just creeping back so you could fill in the front and it would look great I'm in my 20th year of creep back it is you know tj go ahead you could do it and it would like I said you just got to get over the initial shock of people not being used to it like and then after that it's whatever okay I'm gonna be very honest with you uh and I know Suzy might be having a little bit of fun or she could be straight up you know or the the the head slap emojis right it really is it's you know if if she's on board on board you would do it yeah I'd consider it Suzy here's the thing rich people didn't know I don't know I mean a little bit of you know you wear candles like I'm just saying like awful announcing and all those sites I'll have some fun with you at first I don't care the perfect time to do this rich joke buck is putting out instagram videos of him getting it done before monday night football exactly it's not like yeah no one cares rich looks great what if you did this like two weeks you take a summer vacation then you do it you come back you don't have to worry about anyone seeing and I'm wearing hats for months Dion told me it's a month-long hat wearing situation so two weeks you're on vacation then two weeks at the house you can borrow you gotta rake your cats all over the place del tufo's kangol you wear the indiana jones hat by the way del tufo's kangol write it down that's a fantasy name I got a couple bandanas for you bro like you can rock this style bandanas rock a bandana two weeks that's all you need you're back you're back baby Mortimer we're back we're back then you watch it grow in month by month and then rich when you break out like a ponytail though when you get one of these and you get your ponytail which I'm black obviously I never thought in my life I'd ever be able to put my hair into a ponytail and yet look peep the sea it looks great on you on me it would look like I'm one of those creeps in boogie nights that's only if you stay with the mustache you know honestly Todd Todd it looks good on you that's only if a guy named cosmos light and firecrackers around it then yeah yeah yeah Christian and Jesse's girl we'll start that up if we if you want ponytail rich let's go what does Taylor think oh she hates the beard yeah she doesn't like the beard bro she wants the beard gone and I can't come back I like it your mom likes it too bad yeah the beard she wants the beard gone yeah you can't go clean shaving again baby face rich yeah we don't like over yep he died a long time baby face rich is gone yeah he died he died I think if I showed up what's what would be more jarring if I showed up unshaven or with a new head of hair oh you and sweatpants that would be jarring baby you already said that you know me showing up in Birkenstocks the other day you you acted like honestly that I had just offended you when I walked in with with with highly fashionable Birkenstock well those are two words or three words four words three words I don't think go together let's stay on let's stay on top okay highly fashionable clips show up and it's baby face that's jarring yeah yeah but our show our show the thing that I love about our show and many I mean one of the many things I love about our show is we're turning eight next month okay we're turning great my daughter's nine okay yeah we're we're turning eight it will be on October what sixth is that what it is we should start looking into that um that it will be eight years old yeah October 6th yeah we tv we started tv I remember they were like you're getting on the air like well should we wait till the radio as well they're like no you're doing it Chris Long was like you're doing it I remember this yeah we did and we're like okay yes sir thank you may I have another and we've had eight years of another but I just seeing the clips and showing the clips back during commercial we have a hell of an archive we have a hell of a video archive the photographs that we have on the wall here if anybody ever you know comes to Los Angeles you know knock on the door and then of course we'll ask for identification but make sure that we're back but anyway when we walk in here we've created it it's like a talk show where there are there are photographs of all the celebrities who have been here on the wall to the point where like Josh Norman demanded a spot on the wall remember he came in here two years ago it's like what if you know they're all pre-hair rich I can't it's just it's tough I can't wrap my arms around then we put new photos up yeah with hair rich yeah just change them up it's like you have a baby picture on the wall exactly that's a good point though too it's a commitment though you know it's like having a baby picture on the wall you have one and you have all the new ones you grow up but you don't go halfway you don't go halfway what does that mean excuse me that means if I did this what do you think just give me give me the half yeah give me the half just give it up to only here well don't be like sprinkle it in so I'm still sort of losing it so I don't look so jarring like all in boom hair of course boom I'm surprised you're advocating for this Ronaldo I'm very surprised you're advocating for this I want what's best for you I don't know if I buy that when a friend says that so quickly it's completely ungenuine when a friend says that so fast like that rich one word it's completely not one word genuine one word yes content yeah you always got like I said when you come in with the content if I have hair oh my gosh are you kidding me ratings go up if I have hair yeah think about how many miles we're going to get out of this because I believe people are prejudiced against bald people we might circle the earth also there's no I'm just question about that yeah I believe that yeah absolutely question in my mind there is a bias against people who are bald I used to be bald I used to get I don't believe what do you mean used to be is this is a this is a system you were having your head right now no I mean like back in the days I used to be I used to go half year bald and I'd grow an afro for when it was cold and I'd shave up my head in like the summer and like it's a like a winter coat yeah what are you talking about like a weird like dog shed and you would hate you would shave is it when it got hot I'd go bald and then when it got cold I'd grow my hair back up my senior year high school basketball season the opposing fans used to chant don't let the bald guy shoot oh that's see that are you were bald in high school it was trending that direction I shaved my head for junior year and it didn't ever been never really filled back don't let the bald guy shoot it's a very verbose taunt I mean I was I was wearing shooter too also but it was also kind of a so boo the bald guy yeah that's just not I don't know that's kind of wrong by the way he this I just finally it just hit me it's not very it's not very one would say complimentary or great to admit that you were balding in high school right like that's not something that you want to have known but if it also comes with letting you know he has a good shot and had a great shot in high school he's willing to let that information loose that just self-promotion at its best that's just happened I've never seen him shoot but he tells me every day how good of a shooter he used to be how many people would go you know what and be proud of it you know in high school I was balding in junior year in high school like yeah I was losing my hair in high school that'd be real tough I'd be awkward looking for a junior prom date and you got some sort of spottiness that can't be easy you know I mean that's got to be very difficult so you don't usually share that with people let alone on a nationally televised internationally heard program international people in France listening right now people calling in all the time in the comments no matter what we had somebody on hold from Japan we had someone on hold from Japan who fell asleep we took his phone we took his phone call and he was snoring he was definitely that's how international we are definitely asleep internationally known from east to the west he's admitting this to that group of people happily because it lets everyone know he was a dangerous shooter I mean I have heard stories you know we can get mcten on the phone uh smidge said that he will photoshop hair into all the old pics on the walls so you're fixed pictures are fixed okay that's Sean Mitchell part of the bald brotherhood yeah yes by the way that commercial will be playing during the break I'm a thousand percent sure we could do a mockumentary like we could film you do it in and out the post never my bald brotherhood there's a flagpole this needs to be run up and you've already texted that individual well she seems not on board her next time in when's the next time she said um I think on the back end of me doing one of the games coming up all right so will you have some time I can't I still can't mention publicly what games I'm doing also I shouldn't say no okay it's just it's the problem if it comes out of my mouth not yours when it becomes public if I say it's the good thing he can't tweet it out of his own account permanently suspended that's right life without twitter has been great Ashton has lent his considerable heft to the situation we'll hit that later on you guys my man just wants great chat great chat everybody it's postponed our power rankings to hour three I went and printed those out with the quickness so we didn't need I did it and I have it right here but don't I can't reveal it so what is that it that is thank you Ed O'Neill all right we'll take a break Colleen Wolfe will enter this stupid fray let's come back right here live on the rich odds show before Ernie Hudson joins us live in hour number three on the program he's gonna call 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot-com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31,000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning and budgeting so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins everything you need all in one place so how do you prepare for uncertain times the answer is simple net suite it's why 93 percent of customers say they improve their visibility and control when they upgrade it to net suite so what are you waiting for right now net suite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to net suite dot com slash rich pod right now net suite dot com slash rich pod net suite dot com slash rich pod come join tv's ross matthews every thursday on his new podcast hello ross hi i'm ross matthews and i am so excited to tell you about my brand new podcast hello ross you know i i just said that yeah i know i was just saying it again to emphasize the name of my new podcast it's hello ross look you only have like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast hello ross you have to tell them about the celebrity guests the interesting people with cool stories to tell and it's new every thursday go ahead you never know who's gonna pop by to say hello ross it could be an oscar winner the star of your favorite show even my dental hygienist really no she's fascinating okay anyone else one time i was at a dinner party and the lady across from me turns out she was a dominatrix oh that's gonna hurt i've been a naughty boy huh are you going to ask we're gonna go there for real and there for real real you better stretch i better stretch what the hell on our show nothing's off limits i'm gonna ask that question no and that question no and i'm gonna get away with it oh boy so it's like mr rogers neighborhood right except think of it mr matthews gayborhood oh that sounds fun you know that actually does sound fun and it's on youtube or wherever you listen that's my line hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen okay now you just repeated me we are so over our time limit oh that's a bummer eight four four two oh four rich never to dial here on the roku channel roku back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio network we're all big one happy family here on the rich eisen show multi-platform and again my colleague colleen wolf from the nfl media group is here so what's it like back home right now in the city of philadelphia what can you tell me about it's you know what it's very strange rich i talked to my family yesterday yes they're all happy like this is weird i don't they don't know how to act i don't know how to act um it's uncharted territory but it's really it's kind of nice now i'm a little worried because i feel like they're peaking a little too early at this point long season yes uh everything is going great i'm someone who sets the bar extremely low like the bar is on the ground yes so my expectations are never high i don't like to be disappointed i only like to be surprised and happy by that uh so this is well beyond my expectations for how the eagles should have started the season well i think the good news here is um it appears that the quarterback will not allow the bar to get any lower i love the way jaylen hurts talks i love the way he carries himself i love the way that he is um leading i just i feel it and i feel like there is of course they're not going to go 17 and oh but i just feel my family thinks they will that's what's happening cream it is that's how weird it is and you're on your phone conversation i just think he is they're getting better i just think they're getting better like devante smith in particular right week one non-factor next couple of weeks significant they're putting on capes on each other the batman cape last week watching that catch devante's catch right before the actual touchdown where he went up between two defenders john and i my husband and i are watching the game and at the same time just in unison we've just screamed oh my god oh my god the dogs they ran out of house like they it's sundays are rough for them they don't understand that the yelling is actually like usually a good thing it's a good thing at this point it's like fireworks exactly i don't like them um but it's kind of wild to watch the eagles operate like this because they almost have two number one wide receivers at this point with aj brown and that i mean howie roseman just had such a good off season and you talk about you know trading away jaylen rager and kind of getting rid of the things that everyone just crushed howie for and bringing in aj brown now you have both of these guys operating at such a high level just helping jaylen hurts in the passing game i can't even remember the last time that the eagles had a true dominant number one wide receiver like this i guess to would be it but there's not a time that i can remember that the team had a number one wide receiver like this and then also a killer corner back like sleigh like they have the pieces that you know could make this team pretty good in the long run this is what's happening i'm shaking the kool-aid she just went higher register i mean that's you know if you go higher register you need you need to you need to really go higher register to really believe what you're saying but right no i do believe what you're saying and also i'm i'm i'm i'm reminded of yesterday when i we had sleigh on the program um and you just referred to him as such i called him darius the first couple of times yeah and his answer because i'm like so you're laughing already over there tj it was so funny though these guys rich and i were so confused because rich would be like darius so it's like he did it three times and we're just like what well we thought i thought he was because i was like so darius you know so the way that you're playing against justin jefferson you know going into the game you know what it was like you know making sure you shut him down up to the challenge and he goes it's sleigh and then continue on with his answer and then i'd be like so what is your darius what is your opinion about traveling with a receiver and he goes it's sleigh and then would you answer and i thought he was using the word sleigh as a metaphor like a vibe like all right i'll bite like what is your definition of sleigh and he goes no i'm telling you call me sleigh it was great it was the coming to america thing i'm gonna name sleigh i'm gonna call him sleigh yeah it's a total head slap moment it was very funny he just needs one name i mean that's like that's his thing and like sleigh all day i mean he's a beyonce fan like i didn't know that either yeah so i mean at least he was back in the day but that doesn't change like you're once a beyonce fan always a beyonce one would one would assume yeah and he's a hardened fan he said he's giving footballs to harden you know after they score i know and harden looks fit so i mean everything's coming up philly there it is again a very high register thing i gotta work on that there it is colleen wolf here on the rich eisen show so who was your pre-season pick for the super bowl who did you get i totally picked the eagles no i was uh bills and i was gonna say i never really went on record with it oh you didn't so you could say whatever the hell you want right now kind of change us around but i definitely thought the bills were going to win and so i was thinking bills rams bills niners was one that i was toying with but now at this point i'm not gonna go there at all um so the niners huh you won't do the niners well i'm not ready to jump off them just yet really yeah really i'm not ready to jump off them just yet i i think that you know what kittles back now right the defense looks amazing they're great they were just swarming trent williams injury concerns me um but uh eventually it's just a high ankle sprain eventually one assumes he will come back and then the second half of the season is when they start putting it together and it become the proverbial team you don't want to face and i i don't think that's out of the realm of possibility for them this year with i i was talking the other day actually on nfl network about jimmy garoppolo and the fact that like maybe some of the things we're seeing in his games just because he didn't have a preseason he's just started practicing with the team at this point but you know when you lose track of where you are on the field that's tough like when you pull an arlovski that's a bad look right it certainly is but unless you throw a pick six with that throw and you've saved your team four points just trying to glass out take a look at the silver lining you know i i just want to see more football before i discard the 49ers right now i'm not ready to do that just yet to say that they're not this is not going to be their year i just um i i don't i can't quit them who was your choice to win the afc west because mine was the raiders the raiders yeah you know i was really high on the chargers they do this to me every year i should learn by now that the chargers they're going to end up breaking my heart and it's a good team they had so many injuries last week obviously justin herbert getting hurt in that thursday night game against the chiefs with the ribs who knows how bad that was when he was playing but the fact that like they didn't have keenan allen out there cori linsley their center they lost so many guys during that game too so it's just like the same thing that happens with the chargers is they just keep getting got at the wrong time with injuries and bad luck but the chiefs were my pick i just kind of went with the old faithful there because andy reid i i have a bias with him after he was in philly for so long i think he's really good at adapting but i do think that losing tyreek hill is affecting that offense and we're kind of seeing some issues the special teams is what got them this week though let's go back to the philly thing for a second you're a colleen wolf friend of film you want to talk about philly no i it's a big game there this week what do you think doug peterson's welcome will be in lincoln financial i love this question because i'm not sure i want to believe that people are going to love on him when he gets there i think the ovation will be warm they doug peterson brought the city a super bowl he's i think beloved still him and nick foals can kind of do no wrong there's a statue of them in the city right um but then again you never know what's gonna happen at the link on game day so there could be some boo birds out but for the most part if it was me hey i'd give him a standing ovation and he's coaching the jags sorry okay um the jags look better the jags look better um and hey they could actually be a sneaky playoff team that's two seed in the afc right now jack Seville show some respect yes uh quarterback by the current afc offensive player of the week Trevor Lawrence as he was named this very morning um you know i i wouldn't like what what would be the grudge against peterson right i mean what there isn't one here here are the situations that that would maybe cause the grudge it to have occurred number one would be if Carson Wentz went elsewhere and actually turned into the Carson Wentz that Wentz was before he dove head first into the end zone here in the Los Angeles Coliseum and his knee blew up that did lead by the way to nick foals and the statue yeah the next year i mean had the football not gone through the hands of alshon jeffrey in the super dome it looked like the eagles were on the road to doing it again by the way and then i don't think anybody holds the weird game 256 moment where Nate Sudfeld came out of the mist to bench Hertz who had already benched Wentz i don't think they hold that against Doug Peterson right no and he didn't and he didn't slag on the team of the city going out the door either no not at all i think they he's respected and he's loved the only way that i think the city would turn on him is if he went and was coaching for the cowboys or like a division rival like but but other than that no i think that they're they're gonna it's gonna be a nice welcome for him i would assume i expect that but who knows you know what i expect too though uh is a game i expect the Jacksonville defense to chase Jalen Hertz around i expect that to be a game i expect that to be a competitive football game the jags are just such an interesting team because you knew coming into the season that there would be a definite jump just not having urban Meyer there and having Doug Peterson this is a team that went wild and free agency they spent so much money and it's actually paying off they look so much better so much more cohesive Trevor Lawrence looks great i mean as you just said player of the week i mean this is a team that so many people dunk on me included you just did i know exactly seconds ago yeah it's easy but now all of a sudden they're coming together and like i had said just a second ago i think that they could be a sneaky playoff team this is a team that could go from a worst to first scenario right that's what you said Chris right oh yeah we're aligned they're winning the division well well i mean that's that's not that difficult at this point i think it's i think it is there's still big time plus money to win the division like you really still get really good odds on them we have two NFL network people here don't talk to us i don't know anything about gambling partners don't talk to us that way don't talk to us that way yeah understand you understand accept it you understand the situation that we're in why would you put her in that position how dare you what are you talking i'm just i don't know what you're talking about i'm just telling you what are you talking about what are these words that you're using they're saying the words are coming out of my mouth see two NFL network people turned into the unfrozen caveman lawyers i'm saying if you have one if you have one piece of gum and you're like hey i think jacksonville is gonna win the afc south and they end up doing that you'd have like two and a half more pieces of gum what type of gum just any gum like big red or something i don't know i'm not a big fan juicy fruit ah now you're talking it's gonna move you it loses its flavor kind of fast juicy fruit does lose flavor kind of fast that's a fact didn't we have sean payton give us an autographed juicy fruits around here somewhere yeah we just don't know great job wow pick the jaguars people when they see i thought it was going to be the colts and like the colts it may still be what a w that was yeah well while we're on the subject of blowing our careers how many survivor pools went up in smoke this weekend i mean uh-oh bummer yours did yeah over see ya done would not want to be a andy reid done on the list this week this season has been already insane uh collin wolf here on the rich isin show let's talk about thursday night football before we send you on the rest of your wednesday here nfo game day kickoff with you uh at six eastern time this coming thursday night two swears it's his back okay and we'll we'll take him at his word um and and apparently that's what's keeping him a little bit dicey for this game teddy bridgewater potentially i i think we're gonna see to a walk through that door there's no way he's gonna miss him versus burrow right no this is gonna be dynamite i i'm hoping that's the case and just going forward assuming that it is let's do that back i mean i will say as someone who has had back injuries before i was a figure skater i have a couple slipped discs in my back like when the back goes and you step on it wrong you actually do crumble like that like the way that we saw to a kind of like stagger i've literally done that in my kitchen before so i could see that being an a possibility um but i am really hoping to see him on thursday because he has just taken such a step forward and being able to see him kind of thrive with mike mcdaniel and jaylen waddle and tyree kill just that offense the way that they're winning games they're doing it so many different ways yes and i'm a little worried about the defense to be honest this week on a short week after what they experienced against the bills 100 degree weather and all that 90 humidity guys were just like collapsing on the field like it was it looked like at the end of that game when josh allen and tua met like it was like the end of a battle scene yeah he put his head onto his shoulder you know it was i i thought you know what i honestly thought and obviously it's different stakes was kellen winslow senior being carried off of the orange bowl field you know after that classic playoff game where he was gassed he was done it had those vibes i thought about that i saw that too and and it's just a big game for from my perspective for tua you know who we on the show have been saying that salty tua i want to see salty too i want him to be salty i want him to have that beard going and just be a you know nasty yeah you know and be that guy be the guy the assassin that doesn't seem to be in his you know outward um persona right he's almost too sweet exactly like i want to see him salty to a angry i think salty to if we could channel salty to him right now and connect him to sodium pentothal and a microphone on the rich isin show he would basically say i have heard non-stop about herbert going after me and burrow going before me that's i've heard non-stop i've even heard about tom brady being tampered with i've heard about the fact that miami kept calling cincinnati to move up to take burrow and i know my team was knocking on to sean watson's door during the trade deadline last year and all of that and he's now three and oh and he can go into burrow's house on thursday night and say okay we're four and oh short week yeah we're gassed but we beat the bills and last year's afc champs in five days that's big man i mean look what other motivation do you need at that point he just has it all built in for all of that to happen what you just outlined and for it to play out so publicly like i would be salty all the time i would just be so angry like i would be playing like an insane person and he just is still so chill he's kept his composure about him you can just tell he's genuinely a good nice person and it's like i want to see him angry i want to see him pissed off like i want to see that side of him and i feel like we've started to see it and i think that mike mcdaniel has done a really good job of empowering stoking it maybe yes exactly and that's what he's needed it just feels like a perfect marriage and then you know and then hurts too being the other remaining undefeated quarterback and the two of them having a history together it really is can't make that stuff isn't it beautiful it is i love it me too that's why i love doing what we do you know with nfl network it's amazing colleen wolf again check her out nfl game day kickoff at six eastern time and then sunday uh right ahead of the vikings and saints from london at 7 am eastern time before i let you go you mentioned uh your figure skating career yeah did it come to an end because someone hit you on the knee with a stick no um i hit myself basically with the ice when uh i fell and yeah i slipped a couple discs so how good were you how good were you i was competing i was waking up at like 4 am skating before school after school like doing the whole thing did you have you know the coaches choreographers olympic dreams and stuff like that yeah yeah so you were serious about this oh i was in it i actually just uh just contacted a coach and i'm starting lessons again just like for the fun of it because i haven't skated in a while so probably not gonna do too many jumps but i can still spin okay so you can i was about to say so how many axles how many axles well so an axle is one and a half right so i could do a double but i was like working on a lot of different things like the funny thing is um i went skating probably like a year ago and i can still spin exactly the same way but when you're skating all the time your body gets used to it and so you don't get dizzy from the spins but since i don't skate all the time right i will just spin and be so dizzy that i will just fall over after in your kitchen in my kitchen so dangerous place right now are you guys feverishly trying to call up the video of me skating years ago so you're trying to do are we gonna go skating rich definitely not oh he's really really not good i was searching for colleen figure skating i don't think so they're all in vhs it's gotta be back in some basement in philadelphia right sure is so top five movies the cutting edge oh love the cutting edge no pick yeah i mean listen you want to talk about figure skating i'm your girl what's the best figure skating movie then why i mean the cutting edge probably number one yeah i mean there's not like a ton of figure skating did you go out with a torvo and dean poster on your wall has been called wow you want uk on her though right isn't torvo and dean uk were you oxana byul like who's your oh i did love oxana but michelle kwan was my girl loved her okay i once went drinking with oxana she could put him down i bet she could oh yeah well she drank everyone else under the table she have a situation i don't remember uh-oh i don't i don't know if i just maybe i'm not if i just toe looped into something i shouldn't is that the proper phrase that's good yeah good job she had an arrest at one point i don't know oh maybe so yeah well i don't know it wasn't that night we hope oh yeah 97. that's all right that's right around then it's all good i'm serious that's when it what happened after you left i don't know rich i walked home oh she was in connecticut that's right that's what dude yes she was drinking like that she lived in connecticut it was after a sports center we all went out there was oxana byul like pounding them back and i'm like what the hell is happening to my life it might have actually been the night i don't stop it i don't know if she could she could she could it was weird she up there in connecticut it was just weird one day i'm pounding back with oxana byul then i'm strolling to a starbucks in west harford and minute bowls walking across the street yes facts he lived up there too and it's just like what is happening in your segment strangest person you've gotten drunk with uh in connecticut again check out an nfl game to kick off thursday at 6 p.m eastern time right before dolphins bengal's great and then viking saints from london at 7 a.m eastern time thank you for being at that post for the network oh yeah no problem gotcha covered nowhere i'd rather be at 4 a.m like marv leavy then right here right now collin wolf here ernie hudson in studio 844204 rich number two when you become a member of navy federal credit union life gets better one big thing that gets better buying a car see navy federal credit union has created a fully loaded car buying experience where you can finance buy protect and enjoy your auto purchase all from one convenient place they offer great auto loan rates too and your pre-approval is good for 90 days so you know what you can afford while you shop you can even shop for new and used cars with navy federal's car buying service powered by true car also you can get exclusive member savings with carfax serious xm and more because it's navy federal they're always available with 24 7 member service representatives to answer any questions learn more at navy car buying that's navy slash car buying credit and collateral subject to approval navy federal credit union is federally insured by ncua if you missed yesterday's program uh or you haven't been tweeting um with chris brockman um we'll catch up to speed chris brockman wants no piece of brian you want a piece of bailey zappy western kentucky's finest you'd rather see what you got zappy let's see what we got because uh one one assumes we've already seen what brian hoyer can do and many many times and you don't want to see it nope even though green bay just really had much of its way for nine what about 50 some odd minutes 55 minutes against tom brady and tom brady is you know up here on the flow chart of uh patriots quarterbacks um and bailey zappy is you know down here you don't he's never played that correct did you want to throw him into lambo field of all places just do that go ahead so you want no piece of brian hoyer zero well maybe you'll like this is good news oh uh bill belicheck is making it sound like mac jones can actually go this weekend okay now we're here and he's he's consulting doctors like six to eight weeks okay he's consulting doctors on high ankle sprains yeah all right we're hearing something called tightrope surgery i don't know what that is just google it it's apparently something that alabama's doctors came up with to try and get people back from high ankle sprains five years ago you're hearing phrases like tightrope surgery and high ankle sprains and you know no i don't come back from that immediately but bill is making it sound like mac jones has a chance to show up in lambo field under center saw mac a little while ago um definitely getting better probably won't practice today but made a lot of progress here in the last whatever 48 hours so keep plugging away and take that day by day see how it goes and that's where we are for today okay there you go so uh you might sit here and think rich you've been talking about a new segment you've been branding it you've been doing it all the time with bill belicheck press conference moments how is that not yeah where was the front end why are we not dressing it up as the the segment of today's bill belicheck press conference moment that is my question well because the follow-up questions to that might just be the greatest version of today's bill belicheck press conference moment to date the goat here it is the goat here it is today's bill belicheck press conference moment i prefer to win can you expect to start on sunday for you guys take a day back there is the plan bill for max having kind of procedure to help along with the process here day by day that's the plan day by day are um is are you and the team on the same page with mac and his team as it comes to the injury and how to progress and move forward yeah i mean i'm not really sure what the what the nature of the question is they've had days getting better see how it goes day by day does he have a high ankle sprain day by a doctor an orthopedic surgeon like i don't know i don't know talk to the medical experts what are the medical experts on staff set to you day by day we'll evaluate him i mean what difference does it make to me what do you think i'm gonna read the mri that's not my job so if it's theirs and they talk to you about it right yeah it's day by day it's getting better day by day yes the best today's bill belicheck press conference moment two dates and i will proffered to say that's your clubhouse leader that's not going to get knocked out anytime soon but we'll keep trying i would say it's almost worth the stop after that because i can't believe it's ever going to get better you never know day by day now it's normally day to day but maybe he saw godspell last night that's the song anybody knows godspell the 1973 great broadway hit movie as well brockman definitely knows that just in case anybody's wondering i have looked up the lyrics potentially potentially we can we can do this yeah bill can do this next time because tomorrow it's another day by day one would think because if today's a day day is a day and tomorrow is a day correct then tomorrow will just be the next day by the previous day so just can come out and just with the lyrics day by day day by day oh dear lord three things i pray to see more clearly day by day love thee more dearly day by day follow thee more nearly day by day now the three things you pray chris is not brian hoyer correct please correct please not brian hoyer and oh dear lord not brian hoyer right those are you're not you're not too diverse in the things that you're you're praying for i would pray for no matt patricia too oh well now you're pushing it now you're pushing it i mean that's by the way day by day is the new moving on to cincinnati it's amazing you should create another one and he's like i'm not reading the mri but i'm not reading the mri what do you think i'm reading the mris yes i do think he's reading mris does he have a high ankle sprain you know if he has a high ankle sprain he doesn't want to say it he can't talk about injuries what are you even asking him by the way impressive just flat out asking him a specific injury and then asking about what what what the comeback schedule is like he's gonna really go in there and he's just that's a new one what i'm not reading an mri you think i'm reading an mri you think belicheck is just like okay he's got one of those those x-rays i guarantee you he knows how he just pops it right up okay let me just see he definitely knows how to read an mri i don't know about that i don't know about that he's not reading an mri 40 years of this he knows how to read an mri he's not looking at soft tissue he's talking about man i just had an mri this weekend he told me he don't know how to read what i just said it's not his job and he's telling the doctor do your job yeah i'm not reading an mr do you think somebody said here you want to take a look at i'm not reading it but tell me then the follow-up of what do the medical experts say great follow-up what do the medical experts say he's not telling you i don't talk about injuries around here i'm over it you know what i'm not reading an mri i'm too busy getting bailey zappy ready for chris brockman bam might do your job there you go he's telling you he doesn't even know what an audio drop is we got him to do it right i don't even know what an audio drop is that's what he said and then he gave us one and he gave because he's bill freaking belicheck man he's not day by day you're not gonna know anything of what's going bill belicheck doing the greatest hits of 70s broadway coming up tomorrow fiddler on the roof it'll be really weird but that like do you think he watched it last night channel surfing and it just happened to pop on bill belicheck talking about you know what hey bill when when will matt jones come back and it goes you know what sunrise sunset sunrise sunset bill belicheck's greatest tevye moments wow will be tomorrow and that will knock out this press conference moment out of the clubhouse you're asking what could come next i don't know man that was great no phantom of the opera well it's not 70s he goes 80s oh my god i'm done god spell maybe he was watching it last night you know because he pulled my cousin vinny out of that cost us to have marissa told me be the first rich eisen show guest in our super bowl coverage history number one would not say that i'm mona lisa veto of the football world where did that come from it was amazing and you're talking to him about psi and positronic he was watching cinematic fantastic had to be on right belicheck moment love it he's so good day by day and the follow-up questions were just uh they were good well yeah they came at him well done we do need to have mike reese on at some point maybe tomorrow just the art of the belicheck press i got out we'll reach out and the navigation uh mike florio reporting that if chief's bucks is moved because of ian it will be played in minnesota okay wow yeah how many bucks chief's fans are sitting there in minnesota thinking this is i don't know how they navigate it's something they're going to go to i don't know everybody yeah might look like a 2020 crowd right yeah man let's just hope that let's just hope that this isn't as strong as we think it might this looks yeah the actor ernie hudson is walking into our show studio in 20 minutes before that we have my power rankings and after that salty tua showed up today baby don't miss that for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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