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REShow: Dan Orlovsky/Taran Killam - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 27, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Dan Orlovsky/Taran Killam - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 27, 2022 3:14 pm

ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky tells Rich how great it felt to have Jimmy Garropolo join him in the “I Once Stepped Out of the Back of the Endzone for a Safety” club, says why the Philadelphia Eagles are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, explains how new Head Coach Mike McDaniel has made the Dolphins’ offense much more dynamic and adaptable, why the Bills are still the best team in the NFL despite their Week 3 loss, posits that Raiders QB Derek Carr might be freezing out Davante Adams, and more. 

Actor/comedian Taran Killam joins Rich in-studio to discuss his Amazon Prime Video NFL show “The Pile On,’ why he’s he’ll go from unsufferable Rams fan to obnoxiously insufferable Rams fan if they beat the 49ers on Monday Night Football, and much more! 

Rich reflects on the fact that the only unbeaten NFL teams heading into Week 4 are Tua Tagovailoa’s Miami Dolphins and Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles whose fates have been inexorably intertwined since their days with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys Cooper Rush, live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What message do you have for Dallas Cowboys fans?

Yeah, the plan is to do your job. Earlier on the show, Tampa Bay Times Bucks beat writer Rick Stroud, Eagles cornerback Darius Slade. Coming up from Prime Videos, the NFL pylon, Taron Killam, ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of this show right here on the Roku Channel, channel 210, which is by the way free on every Roku device, on Samsung Smart TVs, on Amazon Fire TVs. The Roku app has the Roku Channel on it for free. And the is how you can take in this show every single day on desktop, on the internet, on any laptop for free.

That's the key word. We're thrilled to be here on Odyssey. We're thrilled to be here on Sirius XM Radio, Sirius Channel 218 XM 202. We're thrilled to be on the Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio Network. We're thrilled that we put this all together on a podcast on the Cumulus Podcast Network. You can listen whenever you're darn well pleased. It's you're right. And then also this show, once it's over after this third hour, it starts re-airing on the Roku Channel, channel 210.

There's no excuses, essentially what I'm saying. Here on hour number three, Taron Killam, formerly of Saturday Night Live, now of the show NFL Pylon that airs weekly throughout the NFL season on Prime Video in advance of the Thursday night football game, Miami and Cincinnati, the Sunday night football game. We talked quite a bit about it. And one of the things that we talked about was our friend of the program, Dan Orlovsky, getting a shout out from Mike Tirico almost damn near on the spot when Jimmy Garoppolo stepped out of the end zone and created his own safety. And when that moment happened, I thought to myself, and Orlovsky's getting a shout out, I thought, you know that GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood where he's pointing at the screen? Like, oh God, I see that.

I recognize that. Rick Dalton. That's what I thought. I thought he had to be Rick Dalton wherever he was watching the game. And then sure enough, I'm thinking that and in comes the tweet, all caps from Dan Orlovsky.

I've never been happier. Freedom, like he's William Wallace, okay? Tweeting that out. So the Rich Eisen Show booking crew knows that this man is what I call an anytime guest.

Doesn't matter. Anytime he's free and willing to come on, we'll have him. And sure enough, today's that day. Perfectly timed on the Mercedes-Benz Van's phone line from the worldwide leader in sports, the great Dan Orlovsky. How you doing, Dan? I'm better after that. I'm better after, so for clarity, it was two seconds. It was actually literally two seconds from the moment Jimmy's back foot hit, so Torico uttered the word.

You guys remember Dan Orlovsky doing that? So it was hilarious, man. It was a quick memory moment for him. So I know.

Well, I mean, that's Torico doing Torico things. So where were you? Where were you watching this thing?

And how quickly did you grab your phone to send that tweet, Dan? Yeah, true story here. So I'm sitting outside. We have like a covered kind of fireplace television area in the back of our house. So I was actually outside all day watching games. And then at night I was watching Sunday Night Football, but also watching some tape. And my kids had some friends sleep over. So they were inside watching, I think, like the new Jungle Cruise or whatever. So play happens. And immediately I jumped off the couch and run inside.

My wife was inside with our kids watching the movie. I'm like, hey. And she's like, what?

You've got to come outside right now. And she's like, what? And I was like, hey, Jimmy Garoppolo just stepped out of the end zone.

I'm not alone anymore. And she came around. She's like, what? She like held up her cell phone to videotape the television. And I was like, no, no, no.

It already happened. And they were doing replay after replay. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is incredible. And that's when I fired off the TV. So I was awkwardly excited.

You're not alone anymore. Although, I mean, that Jimmy Garoppolo stepping out, Dan, was actually to his and the team's benefit because he threw a pick six. So that saved four points. What happened with your throw?

That one I didn't know. What was the result of your play? You know the result because I actually never threw the ball because it took me way longer than Jimmy to realize. Well, Jimmy didn't even realize that he wasn't out of bounds, basically, because he obviously made the throw. I actually never threw the ball. And I've had many people come up to me like, you know what, man? Kind of a smart play because if you sack fumble and they recover, it's a touchdown. And I look at them like, gosh, one, I'm not that smart.

Two, you're an idiot for thinking. Dan Orlovsky here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right, let's get to the football. Which team is operating the best right now, beautifully, where you're watching on tape, you're watching on film, and it's just like, you're just nodding your head the entire time going, oh baby.

Which one is that? It's Philadelphia. It's Philadelphia. And I'm not surprised by the way they're doing it offensively. I am a little bit surprised by the way they're doing it defensively. So offensively, the way I'll put it, Rich, is they're the 2021 Rams, offensively. You know, the Rams were so good last year out of empty, no backs in the backfield, five guys blocking, because one, the quarterback was really good at figuring out who to throw the ball to, and you just couldn't match up against them. You know, when it came to Cooper and we came to Higbee, when it came to the addition of Odell and Van Jep, like they had so many of these guys. Right now, Jalen Hurts out of empty is 14 of 16 for 200 yards.

He's a QBR of 98 out of empty. And kind of the hard part when they get into empty is you got to be big enough, skilled enough, strong enough, and fast enough. You got to be big enough to go, can we cover AJ one-on-one? Are we strong enough or skilled enough to cover Devante Smith one-on-one?

Are we strong enough to cover Dallas Goddard one-on-one? And then are we fast enough to cover Quetz Watkins one-on-one? Not a lot of teams can, and you can't play them in man much because what I just said, and then you can't play them in zone when they're in it really, because their offense bond is too good. You won't get to the quarterbacks, you know, and so they are doing such a good job of building their offense around that formation grouping. Jalen has gotten so much better throwing the ball downfield.

Last year, he couldn't. This year, that go route he threw to Devante is literally perfect, but defensively, man, they're defensive line right now, and that's what's been missing out of that kind of defensive unit the last three, three years. The defensive line hasn't been dominant. Right now, the defensive line is playing dominant football. And I know we're marathoning and not sprinting, but so you think the Eagles are viable for a long-term Super Bowl threat? Yeah, they're real.

They're real. I felt that way going into the year, you know, that's why I picked them to win the division, but they're real. If that defensive line stays healthy, yeah, they can go with anyone. Okay, and the Miami Dolphins, Dan Orlovsky, what are you seeing from them? We had Andrew Hawkins in studio last week, and he told a story about Mike McDaniel being his position coach back in Cleveland in 2013, teaching him techniques about how to get off the line and how it was run, it was counterintuitive to what defenses are going to do, and it worked like a charm every single time, and I'm wondering what you're seeing on film that's a similar story from McDaniel. Yeah, so number one, Mike is very game plan specific.

You don't see a lot of the stuff from last game that you see in the next game, so to speak. He very much so figures out, okay, what is the defense? He always starts with this, can we block them?

Everything is about can we block them. Like, if you watched Buffalo against Miami this past weekend, I would tell you, listen, if Miami can't block the front four, I don't care who's playing corner, they have no shot. It was visible 18 times. Nine out of those 18 times, they had seven-man protection going, so it was, hey, your front four ain't gonna beat us. I mean, we're not gonna lose this game because players like Vaughn Miller and Greg Russo dominated the game, so brilliant by that. Number two, he's constantly changing what he gives you pre-snap to post-snap.

It's constant. I forced you to communicate, and not only you to communicate, but the communication that comes from you on the defense has got to go to everybody, right? So I don't, I always say this, man, offensive people, Mike is doing this. I don't need everybody to be wrong.

I need one guy to be wrong, you know, and as long as one guy's wrong, I win. So he's doing a really good job of changing that picture, pre-snap to post-snap to a defense. Ball is coming out of two of his hands quickly.

Certainly did this past week. He's allowing those receivers, you know, Jalen and Tyreek, what does everyone say? Well, they're fast. He makes sure that they are allowed to be fast. That goes back to cutting of the splits. Andrew's talking about the releases, and I was talking about this with Chad Hall, actually, who's the wide receiver coach at Buffalo.

I said, what's the most important thing? If you could coach one thing for receivers, one thing, what would it be? He said, get off the line scrimmage, releases, it's everything, and if you're watching the way that they condense splits or they use their motion and allow these guys to be full speed when the ball is getting snapped, they're doing an incredible job, man.

Dan Orlowski here on the Rich Eisen Show. I mean, we just talked about the Dolphins and then obviously the Eagles. Those are the two remaining undefeated teams, and you know, I just can't shake the feeling here that it still doesn't matter. It's the Bills world, and we're all just paying rent in it. You saw them in week two, by the way. Great call that you guys had of that Monday night game.

What can you tell? Are you counseling me to get off of that opinion or what? No, no, no, no, no, no. The Bills are still the best team in the team to be in the whole NFL.

Okay. Just going back to Miami briefly, the fumble snap before the half is not going to happen again. The Josh missing on fourth down, not going to happen again.

The missed field goal won't happen again. You know, they're playing without four starters on defense and two starters on offense. You know, that's sometimes, you know, I sat there on Monday morning, we're all sitting here going, listen, I love the fact that the Dolphins are playing well and really good in three and 0, and they are absolutely a contender in the AFC, but we can't, we have to contextual contextualize things. And, you know, if that's like, we were talking about green Bay after week one and everyone's like, yeah, they're all friends.

Yeah. Guys, they play without their number one, number two, number three, number four wide receivers. They're starting with tackle, starting right tackle.

Of course they weren't going to play that well. So, um, no Buffalo, I tell you this number offensively, you know, Ken Dorsey, their new play callers done two really good things. One, they want to at least have the peace of mind to run the football. So if they need to, they can, and if they can, the impact it will have on their passing game.

And then number two, moving step on around different places instead of keeping him stationary, give him so many different options. Um, you know, last week I really candidly thought Miami did a great job of saying, here comes all our pressure early in the first half. And then they gave you all our pressure looks and faked it or bluffed it.

And that was really good by my angle. It's not a knock on Buffalo. It's just good by Miami. I know for Buffalo defensively, man, listen, having that secondary beat up the way that they were last week, um, you know, it played in the Miami's favor. I don't anticipate that secondary to be as unhealthy when it matters the most as they were this past weekend.

And they brought Xavier Rhodes in for a little bit of a looksy today. We'll see what happens moving on from there. Dan Orlovsky, uh, from the worldwide leader in sports, NFL live college football, so much more, a few more minutes left with him here on the Rich Eisen show. And Dan, uh, you know, your, your career, so taken off like a rocket ship and, and you're terrific at what you do. And I could see one of the things that you like to do is make people smarter and then put out what you believe on screen. And so be it.

Uh, but I think you'll also agree, uh, with what I'm saying is, uh, I'm similar in that respect. I also want to be right. My God, I hate being wrong. And, um, I had the Raiders winning this division. They're 0-3 and it's gnawing at me. Um, uh, it's, it's, it's really troubling to me. So I ask you general question, what the hell is wrong with the Raiders?

What's going on? Yeah. Yeah. So I, I'll hit on the first thing too, cause I agree. I hate being wrong. Um, I love being right. I just, I just, I'm okay with being wrong though. Cause that makes me feel like rich. Like if I'm okay being wrong, I'll strain to be right.

I'll strain and try to find out a way. So here's, here's, here's what's going on with the Raiders and we're actually doing this on live today. Um, you know, week one, it seemed like this conscious effort to get 17 Devante Adams the ball, rightfully so. Derek turns the ball over a couple of times, likely the reason they lose that football game, some forced interceptions. Two of those were not to Devante though.

So just all right. First game of the year, Derek didn't play great. And then they go on the road and you're handling Arizona and the game falls apart and you start, they really stopped featuring Devante a little bit in that second half of that game. And then this past weekend was the most shocking one to me. And again, I don't, I don't ever say anything that I don't believe.

I don't ever try to stir up controversy. I literally try to do my job better than anybody watching this past weekend. It looks like Derek Carr is purposely not looking at Devante Adams. That's what, that's what the tape says.

There's five examples of it where, and the way I'm going to say it is this, if we just took X's and O's, right? These guys don't have reputation, indoor resumes, and you had an offensive play call and the defensive play call, the defense is this. And you sit there and say, well, this play that I have the route concept to my left stinks versus that defense. But I know I've got the route concept to my right is really good versus that defense.

I don't care who those people are. It's just a defensive structure, the X's and O's. Well, I'm going to throw the ball to my right naturally because the plate of my left stinks. It's the worst possible coverage for that play. Five times this past weekend, he's looking to the side of the worst possible concept versus the defense. And Devante is actually in the best possible side and he won't look there. He's not looking there. I don't know.

I don't know. And I don't know if that's a thing, but I know a guy who's played as much football as Derek Carr and as smart as Derek Carr and sees the field relatively as well as Derek Carr. And I've watched him operate these plays all day long. I mean, these, and you can sit there and say, well, Dan, you don't know what he's getting taught.

Yes, I do. I've run those plays 4 billion times. You know, my, the high schools I run these plays, they're going to get taught the same way. So it, it's, it's literally the tape tells me you're consciously like in your mind saying, I can't force it to Devante that you're going so far out of your way to not look at him. Well, it's time to force it to him.

Don't you think? I mean, let's go. I mean, what they've been supposedly waiting to play with each other for since college and it's now time to happen. And these, these are moments where you're not even forcing it to them. These are moments when you're, you're saying, Oh, the ball has to go there.

You know, even if it was me at wide out, you'd be, I got to throw the ball there because that's the person that's going to be open given the defensive structure. You know, it's, this isn't even a forcing the ball from this is, that's what I'm saying. It's, it's purposeful that you're not looking there. Or at least it looks that way, you know? So it's very odd, man.

It is very odd. Dan, you're the best. Really appreciate it. Send my best to everybody there. Did you, did you get a text from Compton?

Cause I saw that on Twitter. I did. What do you say? What do you say?

This would be the correspondence that I'll share with you. Hey man, ask him why he won't make the trip to Nashville come on the bus. And then when he mentioned that we don't have a motor and it doesn't run to say, because it doesn't have a motor doesn't mean it's not safe, Rich. That's why I don't like when people say all bad guys are dangerous or all bald guys are dangerous.

You're a perfect example, Rich. Because you don't have hair doesn't mean you're a dangerous guy. It looks like I'm going to have to take him on a walk. I think.

I think I'm going to have to take Will on another walk. Just so you're aware, it's got nothing to do with a safety concern at all. It's got to do with a branding concern. You can't brand a bus the way that they're branding it without a motor.

And plus they schlepped that thing all the way to Nebraska and Wisconsin. Just keep going. Come to come to Los Angeles.

And I did attempt to come out to Nashville this summer. Didn't work. The date didn't work for them. How does that sound?

I'm giving you an exclusive, Dan. Yeah. How does that sound?

We're going on a walk that bad. You make it work, right? You find a way you find a way you go out of your way to to appeal to the person that you're asking their time. I would be on your side on that one. Thank you, Dan Orlovsky. I greatly appreciate it. You're the man to be on a show in a year.

So I'm not even a bottom. Oh, my gosh. Best to your family, man. You got a lot going on on a Sunday.

Dad's out watching football in the backyard. Jungle Cruise is going on inside. You got a lot happening. Got a lot happening. It's it's not a quiet house, but it's one I'm very blessed to be a part of, man.

Well, congrats. You deserve it. Let's do this more often. Always look for my call, Dan. Always. You're the man. But right back at you, Dan Orlovsky, everybody, I follow him on Twitter.

You should as well. He sounded like he was free, more free now that he has his freedom. We're not alone, babe. That's what he told his wife. No, I'm not alone anymore.

Lonely man stepping out of bounds in front of the entire National Football League world. You and Dan both take you off the hook for things that you're not. There's just one more piece of B-roll. Like, they're not going to not show Dan now. That's it.

They show Dan and Jimmy. That's both. That's right.

But that doesn't mean you're off the hook. No, you're still part of the compilation. What's more recent? What's more recent? Yeah, but what's more memorable?

That's the thing. Oh, I will never forget Texas A&M losing to Appalachian State. I didn't even remember who they played that week again.

But the Michigan thing. Who could forget it? I'll never forget it.

You won't. Oh, it was great. All those kids partying in Boone. Ask them where they were. They were in second grade. They were in second grade when the previous one happened. All those kids running around, drinking like they're crazy. What about the kids who weren't in second grade? They were drinking out of a bottle when it first happened. What do they know?

They don't care. I'm with them. You were out there running with them? I would be. Were you drinking wine out of a box? I would have been one out of a box. That's not your steeze. I am not.

My name is not Bartles and it ain't James, man. Out of a barrel. Please. Boone's farm. I love it.

Let's take a break. Taron Killam, one of our favorites is here. Diehard Rams fan, whose house?

Rams house. Come join TV's Ross Matthews every Thursday on his new podcast, Hello, Ross. Hi, I'm Ross Matthews, and I am so excited to tell you about my brand new podcast, Hello, Ross. You know, I just said that.

Yeah, I know. I was just saying it again to emphasize the name of my new podcast. It's Hello, Ross. Look, you only have like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast, Hello, Ross. You have to tell them about the celebrity guests, the interesting people with cool stories to tell, and it's new every Thursday. Go ahead. You never know who's going to pop by to say Hello, Ross.

It could be an Oscar winner, the star of your favorite show, even my dental hygienist. Really? No, she's fascinating.

Okay. Anyone else? One time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from me, turns out she was a dominatrix. Ooh, that's going to hurt.

I've been a naughty boy. Are you going to ask? We're going to go there. For reals?

And there. For real reals? You better stretch.

I better stretch? On our show, nothing's off limits. I'm going to ask that question. No. And that question. No. And I'm going to get away with it. Oh boy. So it's like Mr. Rogers neighborhood, right? Except think of it, Mr. Matthew's gayborhood. Oh, that sounds fun.

You know, that actually does sound fun. And it's on YouTube or wherever you listen. That's my line.

Hello, Ross, available on YouTube or wherever you listen. Okay. Now you just repeated me. We are so over our time limit.

Oh, that's a bummer. Taran Killam is here. We just saw a great clip of NFL pile on that airs weekly on Wednesdays throughout the NFL season on prime video and the clip of Jerry O'Connell and you going back and forth. Very funny. It's so fun to have a place for fan. I'm just, you know, I'm a die hard Rams fan and I'd be doing this anyway.

I mean, all you have to do is check my Instagram for the last six years or whatever, just me screaming my head off. And now fortunately prime video, part of Thursday night football is just paying me to do the same. So cool.

It's the coolest. And I also, because you know, I've been around, uh, noticed despite the background, uh, and the plants and whatever covering up that looks eerily like the corner of stage one at NFL network. We might be five. We might be five. We might be five.

It's amazing that, that, oh my gosh, it's great. But you're in the news room. Yeah. You're, you're, we're down the hall. We're down the hall. Stage one, Sunday mornings, can't wait for the Christmas party.

And the neat thing is when you go outside, there's so far. I'm home. I'm home. It's right there.

Yeah, exactly. Whose house is it? I believe Rams, but you are now legally obligated to ask me two more times.

Let me write this down. World champion, Los Angeles, but we're doing good. We're in it. We're still in it.

Two in one. We're doing good. And we looked, we looked the cleanest. We looked the tightest this last game. So you're playing Arizona and that's usually, I mean, if you have the Aaron Rogers mentality, you'd say we own, we own you, you know, like pretty much Sean McVay pretty much owns that 11 and one. Yeah.

It's a, it's a rough, it's a rough stack card. Um, if we win, if we win Monday night, I then I will truly be obnoxious because we don't play another division rival for I think a month or something like that. We're already top of the division. If we beat the Niners on Monday night football, steer clear of me.

Because that, that is, as you know, being the Rams fan, diehard Rams fan that you are, that is the ultimate conundrum in the same way that the Rams have ownership of Arizona with the exception, with the exception of the NFC championship game, the Niners usually have had the McVay number. If you'll allow me to let my inner theater geek get out, it's very 12th night. You know what I mean? We're Olivia, but we're pining.

We're, we're, we're pining to beat the Niners, but Cardinals are pining to beat the Rams. You know, it's Shakespearean really. I was about to say, I'm glad you said that because Mike Del Tufa our audio executive was like, what, what night is that? What night? First performance guys, February 2nd, 1602.

Oh, wow. By the way, that's the first 17th century reference we've had in the history of the Rich Island show. Easily. Barely.

It's barely. You're practically on the cusp of the 16th century. I'm a new host.

You tell me if I'm going, I'm trying to get all demos. You know what I mean? I'll take 17th century viewers. I would love the 17th century viewer demo. Yes. Those 17th century Shakespearean.

They know how to find prime. Have you gotten their TikTok? Great TikTok. Separated by a shipwreck. It's a big story. It is.

It's a great story. It's a Buccaneers. Buccaneers. There you go.

I love all of this. World champs. Whose house? Ram's house.

Kill him here on the Rich Island show. Fantastic. I just love the fact let's, let's, let's linger on the Rams a little bit more. Please. It's your team.

I love the fact that Cooper cup now it's already, it's it. You don't even need to say like what you don't even need to say like what his history is. He is legitimately the best receiver in the league. And I know Stefan Diggs is number one in terms of yards. Yes. Yeah. And, and on the most talented team, it's just, but, but Stefan Diggs isn't a defending world champion who people know they're going to go to at least 35% of the time. And he still catches it every time. Super bowl MVP.

Who had a triple crown year. Yes. Like Calvin Johnson and Jerry Rice, you know, and like this, we have something here called a higher register on the show that you have to go higher register to believe your opinion.

And it Cooper cup used to be higher register. Like, yeah, he's a good receiver. You know what I mean?

You know, I mean, you look around, you know, Robert Woods and you got, he's kind of, he's kind of absurd, but not anymore. I'm at every home game. I'm at every home game and I have very, very good seats. Not so humble brag. And it's shocking. Oh, careful. This he's the king of bragging about his seats.

Be careful. Oh, he's better than you are at one 30, one 30. I'm one 29. I'm right next to you.

Why, why are we not getting jalapeno cheddar brats together? These are the guys who put the geek in seat. He works for a living. I don't, I'm just, I'm just a Rams fan and it's turned into work for me, which is like, wait, do you want to offer me a job?

Just doing what my passion is anyway. It's it's absurd. On prime video, Wednesday nights, teeing up the Thursday night football game, Cooper cup. Yes. Keeps catching it. Yes. Keeps catching it.

It's insane. And it looked like the play that he ran one in on this past week is the same play that they ran in the Super Bowl. His first sweep that ran, you mean the game winning one, the back shoulder? No, the fourth down play. Right. He cut it up immediately because he wasn't going to run it wide. You got to get that yard in that situation.

Correct. He ran this one wide. I'm wondering if it's the same play that was running in different directions.

That's interesting. You know, one was run from his left to his right. This one was run from his right to his left.

I wonder if they just flipped it and ran it and he just ran it in into. Yeah. His first running touchdown on the team.

That's his first running play touchdown. He's doing it all. He's he's he's setting new records. Yes. He's yeah.

He's fantastic. And thank goodness, because we're a little banged up. And that's like if I'm nervous about anything. Yes. I'm a little you know, the injuries have not been fun. Poor, poor Logan. I got to help announce with Stephen Jackson, the draft pick for Logan Bruss and you know, but but again, bring it back to Cooper Cup.

Yes. Similar injury. ACL that he came back from, like the bionic man like Cooper Cup. He's unreal. He's gotten better back. He's unreal from an ACL injury. I love him.

Stronger, better, faster. We have the technology. Love him. Taron Killam here on the Rich Eisen Show.

OK, so NFL pile on every Wednesday on Prime Video in advance of the Thursday Night Football game. So do you have good tour jokes lined up for this week? We got a good one.

What have you got for this week? Mike McDaniel is my go to guy, you know, the McLovin of NFL coaches. But he's legit funny. I'm all in. I am all in on him. And he is.

He's so funny. Yeah, we got there's you know, there's there's a quote that I saw on some of the tape is that Vegas is angry and we're happy about it. And I'm like, that's a great line.

That's a great line. Yeah, he's he's I'm and dolphins are my dad's team. So it's exciting to see good things for them. And I mean, it makes speaking of Thursday Night Prime football. This game got real interesting, real fast.

Joe Cool against an undefeated team. This is exciting. Well, it's also Tua versus Burrow, like on a Saturday from three years ago. Exactly right.

You know, exactly right. And I'm I'm I'm all for it. It's pretty huge. And Tua's career has been seen through the prism of him not being as successful as Burrow or Herbert since coming into the league.

And so that's a pretty huge game there. I love it. It's a good year for Alabama QBs, right?

Well, except for his his patriot Mac Jones. Now he's he's not very sure. Yeah, yeah. Sorry about that.

High ankle sprain. He's not very happy. It's not it's gonna get interesting in the Tiana Brockman household if the Falcons have a better record than New England by the end of week four. That is that the first time in your relationship with Sarah? Yes.

That you that that the Falcons will have a better record than New England. He just by the way, that was a quick yes. Yes. I didn't even finish the sentence. Easily.

Maybe. Well, what was the Falcons Super Bowl? Was that 2016? That was the first year we did it.

And they gave it away. Yeah. But no, I'm just saying that the Patriots were you with Sarah back in 2016? Yeah. Yeah.

They just started. OK. Not official. Maybe. I don't know. I'm probably talking too much. OK. OK. Oh my.

This is the twenty eight to three of relationships. Yes. Yeah. OK.

Relationship status still pending at that point. Julio Jones like. Got in the sideline. Very good. Yeah. For sure. Fantastic.

Yeah. Well, we're not going to win with Brian Hoyer, as I've stated multiple times to people on Twitter yesterday. So the Falcons are definitely going to be better.

So who is the most fertile comedic fodder in the NFL? Oh, man. You're like the NFL pilot. Like, yes. Like, let's go here. We're a brand spanking new show. We're finding our audience. We're finding our own structure. We're finding our own voice. But it was very heartening. Yes.

Only two episodes have aired. Week two was a significant jump up. And we could tell.

Yes. Because we we ruffled the tail feathers of Jets fans. And so you see the very toxic, unhealthy explosion of engagement on Twitter.

What did you say? You know, there's a wonderful, wonderful video of a Jets fan losing his mind over their win, over their huge comeback. And so we're we're poking fun, making light.

And in a very admirable way, the Jets nation came to his defense, which I loved seeing was fantastic. But it was also great validation for me because I was like, oh, there are people who are aware of us. It feels good. Well, I mean, you know, there's there's everything out there.

There's your ability to get everything out on social media and digitally and obviously video. I've heard of it. Yes. But come on, Taron. I mean, a little self-awareness. I mean, there used to be the St. Louis Rams. I mean, oh, Jared, the the Jeff Fisher High School offense. I was there. Come on.

I was there for the fire Fisher chance early at the Coliseum when he was rummaging through his pockets in New England, like he was like he was on a street corner looking for his challenge flag before throwing it. I mean that. Oh, I'm I if there was any creative mandate and hopefully Sarah is really this as well, I'm like, if anybody should be the butt of the joke first, it's the Fairweather Los Angeles and who lucked into his favorite team of all time six years ago.

Yes. And are already world champs and in the greatest sports facility in the world, undeniably. And whose house is that?

It's the Rams house. So that's two, two or three. I mean, I've said it twice. You said it once. I mean, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's like one more.

It's like, it's like Candyman or Bloody Mary. You have to commit all the way. You have to finish the trifecta.

I don't know. So we have, we're kind of doing a, I think this is a comedy bit, the Belichick press conference moment of the day. Let's read, let's see. Here we go. Mike Hoskins was not expecting this. So we do, it's sort of like a Letterman-esque type approach with a, you'll see there's a musical opening and then an ending and then Belichick in between.

Great graphic card. Chris Brockman's favorite new Patriot quarterback, Brian Hoyer, getting set to get the start. And then Bailey Zappi, your Western Kentucky backup, who he wants to see somehow. With more time after you said Hoyer, I wish that both of you and I had leaned back after that sigh from Chris.

His sigh was so big that there was a gust of wind. He wants Bailey Zappi time. He wants to throw him out there against the Packers defense that just took care of business against Brady. At any rate, Belichick was asked about Hoyer's readiness and, well actually Hoyer's abilities and then Zappi's readiness.

Here you go, check it out. Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Well, we prefer to win. What does Brian Hoyer bring to the offense? Brian's got a lot of experience in the offense. And how would you describe Bailey Zappi's progress since the time he was drafted to where we are now? It's gotten a lot better. Brilliant, brilliant.

He doesn't have anything to prove to you. How is that supposed to get fans excited? Yeah, yeah. Get ready for Hoyer handoffs people. It wouldn't be a big deal if there wasn't kind of a divorce going on. I'm keeping it about football. But the separation of Brady and Belichick, you know what I mean? And one went on to the newer, better life.

And all due respect, Gillette Stadium is struggling a bit right now. By the way, he just all due respected you too. Is that okay? Well, you could have, when you all do respect anybody, at least on this program, it gives you free reign to go much deeper than you just did. You could have said anything you wanted disrespectful because you actually front loaded it with that phrase. Yeah, that's true. With all due respect and then you could have really just dug in there. Like it's not doing so well. You're too polite.

He's a terrible coach and it's a terrible team and you'll never be champions again. All due respect. No, it's the other way around. You can't. I can't. I can't back. Take three. Oh boy. All due respect.

You got great tchotchkes on your desk. No, I'm doing it wrong. I don't get this bit. We stink. It's over. Oh my gosh. The NFL pile-on on Wednesdays throughout the NFL season on Prime Video which is shot on Stage 5 of NFL Network across the street from SoFi Stadium which is whose house? Ram's house. You're in Belichick right there.

You're inspired by Belichick. Ram's house. Donk, donk. In the swivel chair. Donk, donk, donk.

Donk in Belichick's swivel chair. But that's the best part about it. Like a child. It's kind of like Nick Saban's podium taps that you hear from his microphone when he's eye eating.

Like a kid visiting his dad's work. You know what I mean? Like the old Giuliani clip of his kid behind him, right? Yeah. That they did on Saturday Night Live. Oh, that's right.

Chris Farley, one of the greatest ever. Oh my god. We heard my wife, Susie Schuster, was sitting in this chair. Joe, commit to it. Let's hear the borat. One week ago.

No, they do that. She hates it. She hates it. I always say my wife. She hates it. She was sitting in this chair last week at this time, I believe, right?

Right around this time. And Marshall Faulk was sitting in your chair as the co-host because I was elsewhere. And Ed O'Neill, I don't know what's so funny about that. Ed O'Neill called into the show and told a classic Chris Farley story. Oh wow. That was at, here you go. I'll just, I will, if you can get the picture ready as the payoff, Mike Hoskins.

Okay. So Ed O'Neill told the story that he was at a Super Bowl party at John Lovitz's house here in Los Angeles. And Chris Farley was eating so much of the buffet that Lovitz told, Lovitz told him, like, why don't you save some for everyone. You turned it into a one layer dip. Yes, something similar to that.

And Ed O'Neill did the imitation and he said that Farley's response was to find a piece of Italian bread and then put every condiment that was on the table on it and then take Lovitz's beloved kitten and put it in the bread and then came out with it and Lovitz saw that story and then posted this photograph. That's it. Oh my gosh. God, the best ever, the best ever, the best that we just showed our girls, Tommy boy two weeks ago. Oh yeah. How old are they?

13 and, and almost eight. Excellent. And it holds up and they connected and they love like, like that's, that's timeless, right? He is timeless. He is all time great.

The 17th century demo, he's got them all. That's the only thing every century can agree on is the greatness of Farley. And again, apparently, no cats were harmed in the making of that sandwich.

But how about him just came out of the kitchen and he's just like, that's your answer. Phenomenal. Funniest thing ever. Taran Killam here on The Rich Eyes and Show.

NFL Pile on again Wednesdays throughout the NFL season on Prime Video. Come back. We're, we're just down the street. I may not leave. You could shoot your thing. Come down here. Done.

Down the 105 like you're in the movie Speed. It was cons Rich. It was cons. I'll be the home team. All right. You're on camera saying it.

You're on camera saying it. I'm on the NFL pile. I'm for sure. I know how to get there. I've got parking there too. You don't have to worry about me. I don't have that yet.

What's it like? The only thing they give me is a COVID tracker. They won't give me, they won't let me keep a badge. They won't let me take a picture.

You got to earn your spot. At Taran Killam on Twitter at Tarzan Noz, right? Tarzan Noz. What does that mean? It means, hey, how do you spell Taran? It's Tarzan Noz. That's the Instagram. I got it.

Here I am. The world makes sense again. Tarzan Noz?

It's Tarzan Noz. Even though the Eagles are undefeated? There you go. That's how to register.

No, I think you could really do it. Fantastic. Everybody check out NFL Pile on Wednesdays throughout the season on Prime Video.

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Navy Federal Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA. Chris, I don't know if you... Is this a plant of yours? Because I could see what Diego in Nashville, Tennessee wants to talk about and it's right up your alley. What's up, Diego? No, it's not.

I wish it was though. You there, Diego? Yeah. Hey, what's up, man? What's on your mind? Hey, first of all, congrats to you and the boys on the Roku thing. Thanks, brother. And also thank you. I have a radio station out in Nashville also on Roku. So you guys are really shining the light on Roku.

So who knows to you guys? Beautiful. And thank you. Beautiful.

Thank you so much. But yeah, also with all due respect, next time you're in Nashville, hey, we'll make time on our schedule. Come talk to the music with us.

Then if you have time, you can talk to the boys downtown. Sure. Sounds great. I'm in.

Absolutely. Seriously though, so the Niners, lifelong fan. I'm a transplant here in Nashville. I'm from the Bay Area.

So since 80-something, I've kind of seen it all. Ups and downs. Joe, Steve, Cap, Garcia, all of them, right? Coaches as well. There's a big shadow there in the Bay Area, your cast. And let's not even talk about the other side of the Raiders. But is Shanahan talking me through this, Rich? Is Shanahan just a glorified assistant?

Because it's all his tree, so to speak. You got McVeigh in LA. You have Sala in New York, which is going to do good things for your boys in the future.

I see it. Then you got McDaniel doing exactly what he did for us the last five years in San Francisco. Next is going to be D'Amico Ryans, right? He's going to take that job from Lovey in Houston and go take them to a Super Bowl. If Kyle, if the NFL were all about two-quarters, Kyle Shanahan's teams would have won five of the last six Super Bowls.

I hear you. Diego, thank you for the call. If Kyle Shanahan's ever fired, he would be hired within two minutes. Someone else would hire him. No, he does not get Tomlin treatment, man. Two minutes later. Give him at least 50. If you say Tomlin's five minutes, give him 15. I almost want the 49ers to bounce him just to prove me correct. Immediately.

If not sooner. But what has he done to prove it? He's under 500 in his career.

He's had two good seasons. Okay. I know what his record is. I get it.

I understand. You guys have been fired for way less. I understand that, and Jed York is not, does not have his finger on that trigger. No chance. No way.

He doesn't want to eat his contract. I'm just telling you. I'm telling you.

And that's why he wanted somebody other than Jimmy G is to prove it. Yeah. We'll see. That's been a failure. I know how you feel about it. They're going to have to start over.

You and I will agree to disagree on that. So we're entering week four, and through three weeks, there's only two teams that have negotiated these three weeks. That's wild. Undefeated. Only two teams entering week four with 3-0 records. And the quarterbacks of those teams.

I mean, you can't make this up. The NFL gods just wink at you. Or the football gods, since this is collegiately.

Put up the screen on the screen. The photograph of the two undefeated quarterbacks remaining in the NFL. It is Tua Tungovailoa and Jalen Hurts. And we're showing the photograph on the night in Atlanta when Hurts was benched at halftime, down 13-0 to Georgia. And Tua came off the bench and won the game for Alabama, attaching these two at the hip forevermore. And now here we are in 2022.

Four years later. They are the lone remaining undefeated quarterbacks in the NFL of two terrifically coached offenses. Dan Orlovsky of ESPN came on earlier this hour and said the Eagles are the best offensive unit he's seen on film this year. And it's run by Jalen Hurts.

And the Miami Dolphins are like, yeah, okay, new offensive guru and head coach. Got it. Oh, you even got Tyree Kil.

Sure. But that's Tua back there. Tua's 3-0. Could you imagine if those two face off in the Super Bowl? And it would be almost on the five-year anniversary of that night when Tua came off the bench and replaced Hurts on a championship night for Alabama. Interestingly enough, as you pointed out pre-show, Chris, had the Giants won last night. Who was the quarterbacks coach for those guys at Alabama? Brian Deball. The current coach of the Giants. Almost had the three 3-0 teams being those two quarterbacks and their quarterback coach, now currently the HC of the New York Giants. That didn't happen, as we all know, much to TJ and Michael Irvin's delight. But I just think it's amazing, man.

Amazing. Going into the season. Yeah, there would only be two undefeated teams entering week four and the quarterbacks of those teams were two and Jalen Hurts. Also, who did Tua throw that pass to to win the national championship game? Devante Smith playing for the Eagles.

And Jalen Hurts. Can't make it up. Nick Saban can recruit. Can't make it up. God, I love this sport. Unlike any other, the ultimate you can't make this up sport. Can't. Tua and Hurts, currently your undefeated quarterbacks entering week four.

Wild. They play each other this year, Chris? They do not. Maybe they will eventually.

Never know, because you can't make that up, too. Thanks for taking in this Tuesday show. Back on Roku in a moment. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before, you know, Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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