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REShow: Chris Long/Michael Irvin - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 26, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Chris Long/Michael Irvin - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 26, 2022 3:13 pm

‘Green Light’ podcast host and 2-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long tells Rich why the Bills vs Dolphins Week 3 showdown reminded him of a playoff game, why he’s ready to purge his memory of the Broncos and 49ers sloppy Sunday Night Football fiasco, if Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are legit Super Bowl contenders, why he’s not a believer in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense, and if the Jaguars can actually contend for an AFC South title this season under new head coach Doug Pederson. 

Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin joins Rich in-studio to discuss why he’s not giving up on his Kirk Cousins as NFL MVP prediction, weighs in on the stuck-in-the mud Broncos and Buccaneers’’ offenses, previews the Dallas Cowboys’ pivotal NFC East showdown on Monday Night Football against the New York Giants, weights in on Jimmy Garoppolo’s return as the 49ers starter, and says how Jalen Hurts has changed the Philadelphia Eagles locker room culture.

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Shop the Prime Early Access Sale on October 11th and 12th at slash early access. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Now at number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

So much happening on this day. My gosh, not just the aftermath of the week three Sunday, but getting ready for Monday night football between the Cowboys and the Giants. I will be hosting Westwood One's coverage of such on Monday night football. Pre- and halftime of that game that you can also watch on ESPN and ESPN2. I guess the Manning cast is on tonight.

Cooper Rush and Daniel Jimins, we spoke with them last week. We'll replay some of those interviews tonight on Westwood One. So much fun stuff going on in Brooklyn, New York, where the Nets are meeting with the media after getting the band back together.

And the band looked like they were breaking up like the Beatles in the late 60s. And they're back. And some fascinating things being said into microphones. And we'll do our best to turn that around and get that to you before the end of the show here on this very busy Monday on the Roku channel. As well as Sirius XM, Sirius channel 218 and XM channel 202. We're on the terrestrial radio network coast to coast that is powered by Cumulus as well as our Cumulus podcast network. And you can get our podcast and anything that you may miss.

We're here on Odyssey. And then, of course, once the show is over, we are airing once again on the Roku channel, channel 210. There's our YouTube page is a nice backstop as well. slash Rich Eisen Show.

844-204-Riches, the number to dial. Tom Pellissero will join us in hour number three to break down all the injury. He was boarded the Chargers' leave there, lost to the Jaguars, banged up and battered. Chris Brockman is refreshing to find out what's going on with Matt Jones every single second as the Ravens went in and took that game from New England. Looked like the Patriots might pull that one out. And then the Ravens pushed the pedal to the metal.

And then Calleas Campbell put Matt Jones on the turf and he got seriously hurt at his peers. 844-204-Riches, the number to dial. But thrilled to tell you that last week's appearance went so well with Chris Long. And I reached out to him and said, how about every single Monday?

And he said, yes. So this is now a regular segment with the highly popular host of the highly popular Green Light podcast. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show is two-time Super Bowl champion and friend of the program, Chris Long. How you doing, Chris? Happy to be a friend of the program, man. Me too.

Very much so. I'll start this conversation as I did last week. What do you take away as the headline of week number three, Chris Long? Oh, man, that Buffalo Miami game was like a playoff game.

Didn't it feel, I mean, it felt like incredibly intense and it felt like, you know, the narrative that we're going to form based off of this game are going to be are going to be big. You got to tip your cap to Miami and the defense, man. You know, it was Tua's turn last week to win the game, that offense. But that offense this week only had to score really about 14 points. I mean, they got a short, short field on the Holland turnover there, backed up the bills, the bills, you know, scrambling to protect Josh Allen.

His play clock runs are just so damn loud there. And and they spot them field position. And it was mostly about that defense.

You know, like getting something out of a guy like Melvin Ingram, you know, a bunch of pressures. And yeah, the bills were wounded. Yeah, that the secondary, although they played very well, considering the fact like nobody had experience in that back end. The bills had their chance to win this game. I mean, the bills definitely had chance to win this game. You look at the the botched snap before the half where they have to fake spike at that three points there.

Yeah. Settle for a field goal in the low red. They miss a field goal.

They drop a pick six. So the bills are going to look back at this game the second time they play the Dolphins. And I think they're going to feel good about, you know, going down their tough atmosphere, tough defense, tough team.

And with everybody wounded, actually saying, hey, we we we had our chances. And so I'm really excited to look forward to the second meeting. I'm already circling this thing up in Buffalo. And I think this is the headline is like these two teams are going to really have a barn burn next time they get together. And they're both contenders. Yeah, I'm sure CBS is already protecting that game for week 15 from an NBC flex possibility.

That is that is as good as it's going to get. One would think based on what we've already seen over the first three weeks. And that's how I'm going to kind of flip the script on you a little bit, because this was my take at the top of the program is that if I'm the bills, I'm thinking this. OK, so we're without our top defensive backs, plural. OK, and we're going into this game against Waddle and Hill and Tua after they just put it on the Ravens like they did.

And man, we we we went to the last drop in 100 degree weather. We're dropping like flies on a short week after a Monday night opener at home. And that's the only way we can get beaten this year is that way in division on the road in that circumstance. And I'm you know, bills aren't going to go undefeated.

I don't think anybody is. And I take I take away a lot of positives for the bills coming out of this game. The Giants are still undefeated, Rich.

That's true. So the Eagles, the Eagles are as well as we're currently talking about. The NFL is a juggernaut division.

But no, I'm with you. I mean, like I want to give the Dolphins their flowers, man. Like this is a contending team. Like I had them in the playoffs. I don't know that they're like the best team in the AFC.

Like some people are getting ready to jump out of the gym for these two performances. But they're a good football team. But if you're the bills who are the Super Bowl favorites when they're at full strength, they are the Super Bowl favorites. They're looking back at this game. They're going to have a chip on their shoulder and they're going to know they could have won this this football game in a lot of different ways.

And they didn't. But they hung up with a good team and 120 degree weather down there in the playoff type atmosphere. So a lot of fun. Like a new a new team has kind of arrived.

It feels like at least they're at the dance. And Miami's got a short week at Cincy Thursday night. So it's going to be really, really interesting because, you know, a game like that in Miami with that weather, that takes it out of you. I don't care if that's your home stadium.

One hundred and twenty degrees on the field is one hundred and twenty degrees on the field. You get Cincy Thursday night. You're going to blitz Joe Burrow. You're going to heat him up. The Jets are probably a little, the Bengals are probably a little fresher. No offense for having played the Jets. That's going to be a big barometer. Like after these two big wings, can they come to play and kind of answer the bell again on Thursday night?

That'll be fun. Well, what did you make of Tua's back injury and how he came back from it? The back of the head? It's what it looked like to me, you know. I'm not calling Tua a liar, man. But I mean, honestly, I mean, you know, it feels like you went in the locker room and they were like, your back hurt this week, right? And he's like, yeah, yeah, back hurt. But that was when Bridgewater came in the game and that three and out, you just felt like, okay, the Bills finally get a break. But Tua's a tough dude.

We knew that about him. I mean, if it was the head, that's concerning. But if it's the back, you know, more power to him for playing through it.

That game had a little of everything, man. But have you ever seen a colleague of yours react to a back injury the way that Tua reacted to his on the field? I reacted to a back injury like that last week.

Got out of bed. Chris Long, everybody. And yes, I want to throw Tua a bone here.

Maybe he's just got, yeah, he's got what I have. Chris Long, host of the Green Light podcast right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So the Sunday night game, what did you make of that? What's your takeaway from the Broncos riding and the manner in which they did over the Niners?

My producer, Cowboy Reed, the Broncos fan. And I asked him, you know, in the morning, is it let's ride or let's hide? Because, like, it feels like a little more let's hide even after a win. Like, I don't feel like you feel better as a Broncos fan because you're waiting for this breakout game. You know, you're just you're thinking, OK, they've moved the ball between the 20s, right? They've been bad in the red zone. The coach is making questionable decisions, but they'll get they'll get it going.

Russ, not on target. I mean, made a couple of nights late to win that ball game. But I think the lead for me is and I have the Niners in the Super Bowl.

I had them in the Super Bowl to start the season out of the NFC. I think I think a lot of people are sleeping on them. Some of the biggest question marks.

They actually have worked towards answering like the interior. They're off in the line, that sort of thing. But Jimmy G, no, no training camp. Jimmy G, you know, a spot start against the Seahawks. This is a road game.

It's a tough defense. Chubb, Gregory, it's a totally different feel for him. So I'm not going to panic yet about the Niners offense because of Jimmy G. What I am going to panic about with the Niners offense is Trent Williams going down like that to me was the most significant thing that happened in that game. Yeah, that's the type of thing that can affect a contending team and make them not so, you know, like you saw what happened to that offense the minute he left the field.

And again, I was talking to my brother Kyle on Greenlight earlier about this. And, you know, he was pointing out just all the ways that Trent Williams changes a football game for an offense. I mean, in the run game, the things you're able to do, trapping, you know, the opposite defensive end, get him out in space. He's pulling.

You obviously don't have to help him in protection. So really tough blow for them to lose Trent Williams, but an awful game to watch, man, an awful game to watch. I joke that, you know, I was chasing a little bit yesterday and I actually bet the Niners in the over. I want to whisper that. But yeah, it's one of the things I wish I had an Eric B. enemy to get me off the field at halftime and say, like, we're good. Let's go to the locker room. That was that game for me last night.

And it was awful to watch. Chris Long, Greenlight Podcast hosts here on the Rich Eisen Show on a Monday, as he has kindly agreed to do for the rest of this season. So the Eagles, man, they are bandied about as the most complete team in football through the first three weeks. Would you agree with that assessment, Chris Long? I still think the Bills are the best team in football.

Like, we can argue about, like, who's the most complete and all that. But the the Eagles, man, the missing piece for them was, you know, you upgrade linebacker. Corners are playing lights out. Darius Slay having like a defensive player of the year type type year.

If he plays like he played last last week against Justin Jefferson. But they just were dominant up front. I mean, you know, these guys, I think they had four or five sacks in the first quarter.

And this is this is a group that, you know, hadn't been getting home so much relative to the hype and the expectation. You know, you've got Fletcher Cox, you have Brandon Graham with two and a half. You have Josh Swett, who's, you know, a first round pick in my in my mind. He's a top five pick, but he had the knee injury.

So he slid a little bit. I mean, you've got Hassan Reddick who finally got on the board yesterday. A bunch of young talent here.

I can't forget Hargrave. So like they're they're a really good group up front, but they hadn't gotten home. And when you play Carson Wentz, sometimes that's the that's the cure because he's going to hold on to football. And I think for the for the Eagles, the line that you saw Carson hugging up people before the game, there's no love.

There's no bad blood. But I certainly remember being on sideline and thinking, I'd love to rush Carson Wentz. He does. He does hold on to the ball. So if you're an eagle, it's kind of like a fantasy comes true. You know, you watch Carson take sacks in the link and now you get to rush him and they make the most of it. And that game was over pretty quick. So the Eagles are complete.

I love I love the tight end play. They get from Dallas Goddard. They don't get enough credit. He doesn't get enough credit. A.J. Brown's a big deal. But Jalen hurts, man, just doing what he's asked to do and being consistent and doing it. I mean, sure, there were guys opening up Minnesota, but he was putting that ball on target.

So I think they got to be considered, especially after the Trent Williams injury, probably the clubhouse leader in the in the NFC when it comes to like a chance to get to the big game. So we're now going to enter the you can only choose one portion of the sports talk radio conversation we were having right now. Chris, I love that you can only choose one. The Battle of the Bays as to who emerged yesterday. I know we came down to it.

It was really tight. Green Bay or Tampa Bay, which one? You can only choose one to go the distance. And I know you just mentioned the Niners and there's still the Rams and I know the Eagles, but you can only choose one of those two. Which one do you choose after three weeks? Chris Long, I got the.

This isn't reactive. If Tom Brady hit that two point conversion and they go in and win in overtime, I'd still say the Packers. I don't believe in the Bucks offense. I mean, like, I respect the greatness of Tom Brady. He's a goat. But, you know, it's a thin line. Been saying that's all off season.

You need to make some acquisitions. You know, Julio Jones, Rudolph Gage. But, you know, like you're missing Gronk. You know, Godwin's coming off an ACL.

Julio Jones has already missed time. It kind of going how I figured. You know, it's the line is too thin between, damn, this team might have a lot of weapons and like, I don't know who they're throwing the ball to. You know, at the end of that ball game, they really had to work hard to get in the end zone. And I just remember sitting there and thinking a lot of the same way I was thinking about the Chiefs in the red zone yesterday at times. You know, this used to be easier for them. You know, it just it feels like more of a struggle. And and I think Green Bay figures it out.

I mean, this isn't reactive. I've been saying this for three weeks. You know, relax, man. Like they lose to a division rival who beats them with regularity in the Vikings.

You know, the lizard is out. They look kind of hapless. They struggle through the bears a little bit.

But it takes time. And Romeo Dobbs, who I had on my damn bench and fantasy, I bragged about stealing him in the night or whatever it was, which is not a steal at all. People tell me I had a big game last night and Lazard looked good. And even if they don't get big numbers on the ground, they can run the football and just committing to that defense man with Sean Gary come along.

I know you love that. I believe in the Packers. I'm not saying they're they're the best team in the NFC, but they're not going to go away. OK, so you can only choose one in the AFC South, the Colts, who just shocked the Chiefs or the Jaguars, who just put it on the Chargers after shutting out the Colts.

They are now two and one. You can only choose one. Can I bite the cheese here?

I'm going to bite the cheese. I'm going to go with the Jags, man. And part of that is it's a homer pick for me. It's not a pick I made a month ago. That's why preseason predictions suck, Rich. Nobody knows anything. So, like, you know, like, who cares if you get some right or get some wrong? Who knew the Jaguars were going to look this good?

You know, like who really knew? I knew that they got some nice edge rushers. Josh Allen had a really nice day yesterday, but they really took it to the Chargers. And Chargers had some drops early, but they could have stayed in that football game. But the Jags, if you go back and watch their indie game last week and I got to really dig into this Chargers game, they're just so fun to watch offensively.

You know, like, we made fun of the Christian Kirk signing, right? He's paid dividends. He's getting touchdowns out of the backfield.

You know, a bunch of motion. Doug's doing a great job of getting people open, but also occupying eyes. You know, I think they were top five in the league in motion through the first two weeks. It probably hasn't changed after the Chargers.

He's constantly gaming and getting advantages. Evan Ingram's getting involved. Two Giants fans will remember that was a little frustrating at times, but they look fun. And Trevor Lawrence looks a little more settled in. That was a big boy win for them. Yeah, I would go Jags.

Okay. And I guess the emotional pick is because it's Doug Peterson there. Because, you know, I had a conversation just on this show and the segment before Chris talking about how, look, we all know that Doug Peterson is going to add something to the mix, but part of the benefit for him in Jacksonville is he's not Urban Meyer. And I pointed out how last year the game that the Jaguars had in so far, that's the one where James Robinson got benched for fumbling and Trevor Lawrence went up to Urban Meyer and saying, where is he? And he got put back in the game and then Urban denied benching him to the media. And that was when the players reportedly went up to the Rams after the game and said, please save us, get us out of here.

And now they return to the same stadium and just spank the Chargers with Robinson scoring from midfield, running it in. On fourth and one, which is where you get a lot of great, you know, that was the nail in the coffin, too. But, you know, you get a lot of big explosive runs on fourth and one.

You know, everybody's in the box and, you know, you make one guy miss and you're out to get it. But I just love Doug's aggressiveness. And also, you know, last yesterday, early, he was aggressive on fourth and medium and then and then he laid up as you saw the kind of tempo of that football game. He's a great head coach. I think when you look at Trevor Lawrence, you're getting the ball out really fast yesterday against the rush with Joey Bosa was down early.

That was a big deal. But, you know, if you get the ball out quick, Doug's probably licking his chops because the last guy you deal with was Carson. We just talked about how long he's holding on the football like Doug. If Doug can have an efficient quarterback that gets the ball where he needs to get it. He's decisive.

You can work around protection to perceive protection problems. But yeah, they the reason the Colts for me, that's a good win yesterday. They got a really good defense. Gus Bradley called a good game. But the Chiefs had a bunch of chances to win that football game, you know, so I'm not going to take too much from that game. I know they missed the rookie Pierce, the wideout.

But I don't think I'm going to I'm going to. I don't think I'm believing in the Colts just yet. Well, I guess in the last thing for you, the Chiefs Colts game did turn significantly on a personal and I guess an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Chris Jones. And it looked like he said something to Matt Ryan after he sacked Ryan and the Chiefs were going to get off the field and then didn't. And then they lost. What do you think happened there?

What's your what's your best guess on somebody who's been in those phrase before? It had to be bad. Maybe he said twenty eight, three or something. And the ref was like, that is just too. That is just too much. You know, Matty, I I contend that he didn't lose that Super Bowl. No one should should hold that Super Bowl over his head or against him. But maybe Christian said or something is I'm like, what the hell could you say?

You know, he was so calm. Whatever he said, it must have been there's two things I really want to know. Like, what did Lattimore say to Brady last week? Right. We talked about that. Yes.

Yes. And then there's our fly on the wall is like, what what did what did Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan? But, you know, the Chiefs had chances. They dropped the ball in third and seven in the end zone. The special teams, I count 14 points with the month that they gave up on special teams. You know, they had to run a fake field goal because they had no faith in their kicker. They get bucked back. They figure some things out offensively. I'm not panicking about the Chiefs because they play good defense.

But the Colts, man, like, I'm not going to take too much from that win. So who's on the green light pod this week? What do you got?

What do you got set up? Well, we we got we got a guest on Wednesday that if this guest comes through, he's one of the best. You know, Rich, do you like you ever do you give away the guest the day or two before? Do you ever worry that people are going to flake?

Well, it depends. Have you have you do you know this person? Do you know the person? OK. You know, he's playing football right now. He's one of the best football players in the history of the game.

OK, defensive, defensive. He's an edge guy. OK, he's probably going to come on on Wednesday. So, you know, did he win or lose this week? Did he win or lose? Because sometimes guys don't like to come on after they come up with the L. That's a great question.

That's a great question. And he lost. So, you know, yeah, I mean, that could narrow it down. But I like Vonn. I think Vonn's going to come on. I think Vonn's going to have Vonn on.

Yes! Come on, Vonn. He'll come through. Vonn will come through. But you know what? Like Vonn's the type of guy that he's not going to hide after a while.

I'm not saying he would, but, you know, you never know. But we were hoping to have Vonn on this week. And then we've got some more more fun lined up late in the week with Stanford Steve, as you do on Friday and that sort of thing. Fantastic.

And then you chopped it up with your brother after week three. So everybody should check that out. Green Light Pod with Chris Long right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Check out the pod. Go hit the RSS feed.

Go hit the follow and all of that good stuff at Joel 9-1 on Twitter. And La Flama Blanca on Instagram. Yeah. That's it. Ooh, IG. Shout out, Rich. That's it, man.

That's it. I cover all the bases as best I can. Check out my reels, guys. I got a TikTok too, I think. By the way, we need to make a t-shirt out of that. Out of that.

Check out my reels, guys. Check that out. Yeah. All right. Thanks for the call, Chris Long. You're the best. Thank you, sir. Good talking to you, Steve, buddy.

Two-time Super Bowl champ, Chris Long. Check out the Green Light podcast right here on Mondays on the Rich Eisen Show. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports, sponsored by AutoZone. We'll take a break over Reaction Monday and phone calls, 844-204-rich, number to dial. It's NBA media day. Oh, there's lots of sound bites that we're trying to get for you. 2000, 2008, 2022. When it comes to the economy, those are some scary years.

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It could be an Oscar winner, the star of your favorite show, even my dental hygienist. Really? Oh, she's fascinating.

Okay. Anyone else? One time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from me turns out she was a dominatrix. Ooh, that's going to hurt.

I've been a naughty boy. Are you going to ask? We're going to go there. For reals?

And there. For real reals? You better stretch.

I better stretch? On our show, nothing's off limits. I'm going to ask that question. No. And that question.

No. And I'm going to get away with it. Oh, boy. It's a Mr. Rogers neighborhood, right, except think of it, Mr. Matthew's gayborhood. Oh, that sounds fun.

You know, that actually does sound fun. And it's on YouTube or wherever you listen. Wait, that's my line. Hello, Ross. Available on YouTube or wherever you listen. Okay. Now you just repeated me. We are so over our time limit.

Oh, that's a bummer. We're back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. The voice you're hearing laughing is a man who just surprised us in the middle of our show, joining us here live on the Rich Eisen Show set, looking as great as ever.

Michael. Appreciate that, bud. I appreciate that, man.

Look at you here on the Roku channel for the first time. Yeah, man. Glad to be here, man.

This is great. I was leaving. And I figured you didn't know Rich that I was here, right?

I thought I was here. Because when he hit me, he said, hey, man, can you all call in the show? I was like, wait, tomorrow? He said, tomorrow? I said, I'm going to be flying. I'm going to be flying. I said, well, okay.

Yeah, that's sweet. Then I just stopped texting. I hear Susie. Oh, Susie? Susie. I put her in the car. I said, please, Susie, I'm going to crash his, you know, I said, right, right. She said, all right.

She's a hit back. Love it. Absolutely. I'm going to crash. So fantastic. Yeah, I came to stop by, man, since we were here and the Cowboys are playing tonight. So much is going on, man. So much to talk about. I was like, yeah, this is a great time right now. It's a great time. You feel good? I feel great right now, man. I feel great. Football's great. Miami. Miami beat Buffalo.

How about that one? Man, Jalen Hurts looks like, you know, I want, would you guys have played, made as much fun of me if I had picked Jalen Hurts as my projected MVP? No. Because now.

Of course not. I know, but which would, if I had said Jalen Hurts, you would have made even more fun of me. But boy, Jalen Hurts is right here. Put Jalen Hurts fans on the show. Okay.

But Jalen Hurts fans now. But that, I mean. Oh, they ain't loud enough? I've never experienced anyone saying I wasn't loud enough. Go ahead.

That was a noob. No, you're addressing the, you're addressing the studio space. So go ahead. Yeah. But I've never, you know, I've never heard anyone think in any way that this kid will be anywhere near, near a possibility of getting anywhere near that MVP. And he really is. I mean, you would say Lamar's probably out there, but Jalen Hurts is right there too. You know who's there too?

You gotta give him some props. Tua. Yeah, Tua's there. How could Tua know? Oh, oh, oh.

Come on now. But, but, but Tua, Tua has received some wins. Jalen Hurts has conceived every win. He made it happen.

Tua just riding along, some of them happening. Like last week, that was, that was defense. Oh my God. That Miami defense. Just yesterday, talking about yesterday.

Yesterday, yesterday. But he also, he also, okay. That was a great defense.

But he did make some plays that he needed to make go in the water and make it some incredible plays. All right, so I'm giving you a mulligan, unless you, you want to stick with Kirk Cousins. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You stick with Kirk Cousins.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Kirk Cousins made, made some plays and made, brought a team back yesterday through for oh, two, 270 yards or something like that, 250, 270, 270. And through the last, the game went touchdown to KJ, my boy, my universe of Miami, Osborne. So, so yes, I'm still got him in the hunt. Yeah, we had a, we had a poor, we had a poor week two.

We had a poor week two and, and, and, and, and I don't just put all of that week two on him. I, you know how much I love Justin Jefferson. I want, I'm going to put some of that on you, JJ. And, and, and, and some, and some on KO on the OC, North Turner would always tell me he was going to, they were going up against Derrick Slade Jr. over there, right? And Slade did some things, sat in that rocking chair and they took out Justin Jefferson. Justin Jefferson and KO head coach over there, OC, you got to not let that happen. You killed that game the moment you let anybody take out your top target, because now you're telling the rest of the offense, we playing handicap. We're not even going to try to go to him anymore. We got to let him, he says, take it out, you're going, I played Darryl Green and Deion Sens, the Raw Wizards, and North Turner would always say, there's no way I can let them take you out. And that's on him too.

We can't, there's no way. You're not, you're not seeing Sean McVay let anybody take Koopa Kup out. He finds a way to keep Koopa Kup involved because it gives the rest of the offense confidence. We got a shot. Our guy is doing something. You got to know that's on your way to championship, or you got to turn it into the retirement show and get it from Mike Irvin, our guy is telling you.

That's what I'm talking about. Michael Irvin is showing up. Preach brother, preach.

Michael Irvin is showing up. Testify. Testify. Testify.

Testify. But I also know the way you operate Michael Irvin, that is all just to throw us off the scent of him actually choosing Kirk Cousins as MVP for this year. Throw us off the scent and you will not take him all again. I'm giving you an opportunity for him all again and you are not taking it.

Still early, still early. And this is a new offense he's playing. This is a new offense. This is why I give him a, this is a new offense. Remember, remember how it took, it took even Aaron Rodgers a little while to learn and get a hold of that new offense. It's taken right now Russell Wilson a little while to get a hold of that offense.

The great ones have trouble getting a hold of the offenses, you know. So just give him, just give him another two games. He's climbed back out the hole he's set in week two.

Let's see over the next two weeks and ask him if I want a mulligan, okay? You may have missed it Irv because you were wrapping up on first take in hour one. I was saying that the offense that you're referring to, the Russell Wilson run Broncos offense, watching him struggle for three quarters and everybody's booing and then he finally just turns it on at the end to win it and then it's so suddenly positive after the game as if those three quarters of struggling didn't happen. I'm like, where can I put my finger on that before? You were with me. It was Tebow time on that Thursday night football. Didn't that look like something? I know people are like, I'm comparing Russ to Tebow time, but it was, that's a ping, that's a ping.

Last night I'm like, where am I seeing this before this looks so familiar to me. You were standing right next to me when the Jets were going, and I was sitting there like, I turned around and I'm like, how are we not beating up on these Broncos because defense is pretty good. Well then how are the Broncos not doing it when they got to Marius Thomas and Eric Decker? Well, the quarterback's throwing it all over the place and the offense might not be that boo and then boo.

That would be a great tease. Coming up next on the Rich Ives and his show, Tim Tebow, Russell Wilson, the same. That'd be a hot take, that's a hot take, it's called a hot take. So yesterday you also said on game day morning, that's why I love this, but I do believe Russell would get it right. We got to understand everybody can fit in every system and make it work. Great.

You know what I mean? And Rogers has a certain talent that he can probably move in any system because he has the real talent playing quarterback and getting that ball out here, it's everything. Russell Wilson has a unique talent. Man, he knows how to buy time and move around and keep his eyes up field and make plays up field.

Yes, great deep throw too. So now you're trying to put him in all of this system stuff, all of this system stuff will take away his natural stuff. So now you really have Clark Kent playing quarterback instead of your superman who you thought you got from Seattle because you're making him keep on his glasses and take off his cape. I love that analogy. That's great.

And I love the fact that you're here now. I could follow up on things that you were saying on game day morning yesterday. You said that Brady would lift his guys up more than Rogers because you said Brady's a lifter. And Rogers a drifter. I called Rogers a drifter.

I was nice with drifting. The drifter put up nice, put up 14 that stood the test. With his top guys.

He put up 14 points. With his top guys, Brady is 45 years old. He was trying to win with his fourth and fifth receiver. I don't know why he wanted to do all these four and five, four and five, four and five. His top three receivers were gone.

Two gauges four and Scotty Miller number five, Persaud, Paramin and six. He's 45. He said I'm going to try to beat you with my fourth and fifth receiver since I'm 45. And he almost did it. He almost did it. So come on, man. That's the best. Green Bay was at his ceiling.

We can honestly say Tom Brady was playing at his floor. So you would take Tampa over Green Bay for the long run. Right now. And I'll take any one of those other dudes. You can give me Julio. You can give me Garwin. You can give me Evans.

I ain't going to be green and ice for all three at one time. Just give me one. And I win that game yesterday. Say one. I go get drunk.

Go get drunk out of practice. And I win that game yesterday. Give me anything. Michael Ervin here on the Rich Eisen Show. What happens tonight, Mike? Man, listen.

Boy, a Cooper Ruskin win this game. Let me float around in the hyperbole just for a moment. You may do it.

You may float. And Jerry over there laid it out about the possible quarterback controversy. Well, you know what he was doing there. You know what he was doing there. It was brilliant. It was brilliant. Just to put me in a position.

Go ahead and try Cooper Rush. I would be loved for you to put me in a position. And also, Rich, sharing to the locker room that there's opportunity here. There's hope. I'll never forget. And Jerry remembers this, because every time I'm around he tells this story.

I'll never forget when we were sitting right there in Tofai. When they were playing, the Cowboys were playing, and Dak Prescott was on that football field. And Dak had just thrown a touchdown to Dez. And we had the year before where Romo was hurt, and we had brought in all the backups. Right? And they were talking about signing a backup.

I'm not another one of them. I mean, we had every backup to Brandon Weed, and they were all just, it was the worst season in the world. It was nothing.

It was the worst season in the world. And we just found this kid, and he threw a pass. And Jerry was talking to me about, I'm thinking about bringing in some people, I said, Jerry, stop.

Let's watch this game. Dak threw that touchdown. Jerry was looking at me, was that not a pass?

That's not a throw. I said, Jerry, that's not what you should be looking at. I said, look at the sideline.

Every player is toeing the line. Every player right now is toeing the line, watching Dak, because they're looking for hope. I said, Jerry, we don't need any more backups, because that killed, that last year killed all the hope in any backup. This is the year that he was in for Romo, because when you said SoFi, you said you remind you of the story?

Right, right, right. I said, hope will dictate effort over the whole football team, and they got hope. They got hope in Dak. Jerry right now is trying to use that to give to his locker room.

It's possible we can do this with Cooper Rush. I know it. I've seen it before. He's trying to give them hope so he can dictate their effort in tonight's game and in the games past this. I'm not saying he did anything wrong. I don't think so either.

I thought it was brilliant. And I knew that people would take the cheese and saying, well, Dak may not get the job back. Dak's getting the job back. He just wants to be put in the position of, okay, we're six and one when we're given in the back. Right. We're five and one. We're five and two, or what have you.

That's what he's looking for. And I love a couple more than anybody and everybody, man, but I'm not going, hey, man, I got a lot of things I'm going to have to put on the tray when it comes time for me to stand before God and answer to. I ain't going to be making this lie one of them. You ain't going to win no six straight games. I ain't going to make this, I ain't going to put this on the tray.

I got so many things I'm going to have to ask forgiveness for, but it won't be this God. You understand? So we can stop that one right there. All I need is Cooper Rush to do is split these things. If he plays at four, I need him to win two.

If he plays at six, I need him to win three. That's all I gave the truth right here. God, we'll talk about all the other stuff when I get up there with you. I just told the truth. Testify.

Testify. I ain't going to answer for that one. I ain't going to answer for that one. You're about to give me something else.

I ain't going to answer for that one. You're preaching to that choir in the corner right there. You know what I'm saying? They be trying to get us. They trying to get us.

Because we got to watch it now. Worst thing we can do is ride these peaks and valleys of a roller coaster. You know what I mean? We got to try to find steady waters and raging waters. Right now raging waters without your top quarterback.

But how can you find steady water and get to your promised land? That's what we're trying to do. So just, just go down the middle of the pack, man.

Split this thing. I want to win tonight though. I need to win tonight because now there's a, if you're going to split, you need to win the division games. In order for this plan to work, I would rather him have lost to Cincinnati and come back and beat the Giants than beat Cincinnati and come back and lose to the Giants. You see what I'm saying?

You know, for all the main reasons. This is division. This is NFC. We going to need this win. This win, this loss here hurts more than last week's loss. So you got to win this game right here. So how long do I have you for?

I'm just kicking with you, man. Like to the end of the hour? Can I get you to the end of the hour? Is that fine?

Is that fine? Come on, man. Let's take a break. Let's take a break. How great is this? This is amazing. Just the shock on your face when you heard that voice, I don't usually get surprised certainly sitting here on this show, you know, let's take a break. A man who I love so dearly and I would say that even if he wasn't looking at me with a big smile on his face, Michael Irvin will come back on the Roku channel.

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Credit and collateral subject to approval, Navy Federal Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA. Which, Michael Irvin, which, let's do it this way, which two in one team are you concerned about the most? I'll give you some options right here, okay? You've got the Browns, okay? You've got the Chiefs, okay? You've got two in one team, I guess would be the Rams. Two in one are the Bucks.

Two in one is the Vikings out of all of those. Which two in one team are you most concerned about the most? I'm really concerned, overly concerned about any one of those two in one team, you know what I mean? The Broncos, if you want to talk concern, you could talk about the Broncos in the sense that that was some horrible football watching last night.

Okay, so let me flip the script then, let me stop that since I've- But they still found a way to win in the end and you can extrapolate like, oh, when they really get a grasp maybe of that offense then maybe they could do something. What is your sense, Michael Irvin, on the 49ers? Because I had mentioned earlier on that Jimmy G in the first half showed you why, okay, this team was smart to keep Jimmy G. Right. This is why everybody thought Jimmy G might create a problem if Lance struggled because of that Jimmy G. And then in the second half we saw stuff from Jimmy G which like, oh, that's why they gave up all those picks to start the clock on the end of his reign to go draft Trey Lance. So how concerned are you about the one and two 49ers? Right, the ball dropping right in front of, I just, we asked Jimmy G to handle a lot over the last few months.

I'm going to hope, because I was prepared and according to what I see, to say, boy, now this team is, you know, this team, they can vote right back to the top of the NFC. You know, if Jimmy G played anything, like even the customary Jimmy G plays, he was just off in a bad way yesterday, last night. But you can understand that, you're talking about peaks and valleys, this man has been through some peaks and valleys over the last few months, and now to have his team back, you know, after saying, get out, we don't think you're worth it or whatever.

I know it's all nice and everybody loves each other, but it's still, you told me to get out. So yeah, I'm going to give him a pass on last night because that's a hell of a way to come back from. And I'm sure he was overwhelmed in that game with all of this, man, because he said I feel freer than I've ever felt before, but then I felt he played tighter than I ever saw him before. You see what I mean?

The skipping that ball, he didn't want to throw any inceptions because he felt I was already out the door, I don't want to be out the door. So I want to wait and see and give him one more week and see if he can climb back the way I think they will be, which is one of the top teams in the NFC, if Jimmy G gives them anything close to what he has prior to going through what he went through this last year. So you gave him a pass. You gave Brady a pass. I gave Brady a pass. He deserves a pass. Of course. I would agree with that. Yep.

Okay. And you're sticking with Kirk Cousins as your MVP choice. Yeah, but I'm going to tell you something, man, and I love going through things, but boy, and the reason I brought up Jalen Hurts, it's one thing I see on the football field. It's one thing I see on the football field.

But when you are a great leader, there are certain things you do that you inject in your team or you give to your people that they can feed off of all the time. And I heard something he said that I said, oh my God. Then I saw that damn Batman cape on the sideline. I was like, oh my God, dude, dude, dude.

That's a great idea. No bad. All Batman is no Robins. All Batman is no Robins. Now coming off this quote, this saying that I heard Jalen Hurts said, I get chills thinking about it. He said, I said to all my playmakers, we cannot just feel the temperature in the room.

We must be the thermometer. Oh snap. Do y'all get how great that is?

Oh snap. All of my playmakers. We can't just receive what's going on in the game. We don't set the tone every Sunday out here. And then they put that damn tape on every time one of them make a play.

I saw Devontae Smith jumping up, taking balls down like he was the six five Arthur Warren Brown. I said, oh God, this is ugly. This is ugly. What is going on? And that quote, we cannot just feel the temperature in the room. We must be the thermometer.

Something like that on top of them capes, boy, I'm sorry, somebody better do something about what I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. Well, I'll tell you what, I love the kid. And I know you're all about distance traveled and you're about stories about what happened in Alabama where he was the guy and then he's no longer the guy in the middle of the national championship and then he doesn't then he doesn't transfer and then he sticks around and then he transfers and then he goes to a spot like Oklahoma and he says, I'm going to change the culture there. Right. Right.

Right. And then he doesn't win the Heisman and everybody thinks, well, he's, he finally just broke up the Heisman streak at quarterbacks there. So he's not worth that much. And then the Eagles say, you're worth the second round draft choice.

And everyone in Philadelphia is saying, why is this kid a second round draft choice? And now he's doing what he's doing right now. That's a great distance traveled man.

I love his story and I love what he's doing. You see it. Yeah. You see it. Want to take temperature right there?

That's the thermometer. Well, you can talk to people like that, man. It's insane. I'm with you. And you see it happening. And it is a beautiful thing to watch.

It is a beautiful thing to watch. Yeah. And we all got competition and you look here and I want to beat your team, you want to beat my team, but we can all glean some inspiration from those kinds of things. You know what I'm saying? Where everybody told you, you couldn't do it. That's why I ain't got no problem with Lamar Jackson's doing say, no, I bet on myself.

I bet on myself this far. I didn't listen to y'all when y'all told me to go play running back and all that. Why should I listen to y'all when y'all tell me now? That's okay.

That's okay. That's why that's why certain people like this do certain things. They are like this. These are the people that risk going too far in the greatest quote.

Another great quote says only those who have risk going too far knows how far we can really go. So I can applaud that. Michael Ervin, I applaud you for being here on the show. Thank you.

God bless you. What a surprise. Michael Ervin here. We're still on Roku for another minute and a half. Chris in South Carolina, South Carolina wants to say something to you, Michael Ervin. Go put him online too.

What's up, Chris? You got Michael Ervin. We've got about 90 seconds. I'll take your 90 seconds.

I'm talking with Rich Eisen and Michael Ervin, the pillars of my nineties growing up is a dream of mine. I just want to say, uh, cause me pain and sorrow and to hear him talk about Jalen Hurts I go, you know, Michael Ervin is not that bad of a guy. You got something for him? You got something real quick? What do you think? I did. I did.

That's all I wanted to say. Okay. Well, I appreciate it, buddy. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Unfortunately, his cell kind of blew up right there in the middle too.

I think he was saying he was an Eagles fan, didn't like Michael Ervin. You inoculated yourself before he was coming through. I got to give the real, you know what I'm saying?

And a young man like that, cause there's so many young men like him in the ghetto that I came from and in some of the areas I'm sure he, he had to deal with that needs that kind of inspiration and motivation. So regardless of what helmet you're wearing, I still got illuminated to try to get to those young men. All right. I'm going to have to do this. I have to do these kinds of things by myself.

You know, don't know. You need solitude. I need to watch a Cowboys game with Ervin at some point. I didn't need Cooper Rush to rush out of the locker room, rush down the field with two early scores like he did last week.

If he can do that, we'll take the rush out of the bike out of the giants and we may end up, you know, rush when his first three stars. Thanks for coming on Michael. Absolutely. My brother. Appreciate it, man.

Love you too. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. All time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before, you know, Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts.
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