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Open Line for Critics; A Pro-Life Update; and How Good Were the Good Old Days?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 12, 2017 4:41 pm

Open Line for Critics; A Pro-Life Update; and How Good Were the Good Old Days?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Morgan open the phones to critics today to those who differ with me also want to talk about how good the good old days in America and more Russia and from stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire. I decided to try to do this again. Yeah, I've got a lot of things I want to talk to about spiritually cultural, even politically lot of things going on a lot to talk about as your voice of both cultural and spiritual revolution but I thought I'd give it a shot again and post on Facebook post on twitter, and now give the invitation here that if you differ with me. If your critic theologically, spiritually, culturally, morally, politically, comes to Israel and comes to Islamic comes to faith in general, anything that I stand for that you differ with. We can be within the body within the family.

Those are fellow believers, and you have a different sort. You can totally disagree with the most fundamental things I live for live by. But if that's you want to give you an opportunity to comment, you say well I can't call because I am working well. We have open up Facebook and twitter and said go ahead and post your differences there.

So if you can't call if you'd rather not call if you don't feel good about talking or you don't feel you have a way with words or think of going out debate you were subs like that which again is is never my plan we open the phone for for for critics to: which to have a friendly discussion because I can't debate online and I can't get back to forecastle if if you'd rather not call you can't call then just post your disagreement and I'll address it and we've open that up at the start to brown Facebook page and on my twitter account as well � call 866-34-TRUTH 8663 foray 87884. Don't be afraid. It's okay will have a nice discussion.

You might so I don't like you and I might be angry. That's okay you can be. I won't be all right, that is fine it takes to to get into a fight, can get into a fight.

I may differ with you. I tell you your flat wrong. You may tell me. I thought that's just fine, but up real written giving it another shot. Folks sometimes talk up a fight and then back down fact, it reminds me of something.

It is sad but funny again and give me the number 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I just got a post from someone on twitter and I remember who the guy was.

I remember his name. I remember the acronym that he used for himself and that's when I first went on radio. He went after me and he was a hard-core atheist as aggressive as they come as nasty as they come as insulting as they come is as condescending and demeaning as they come and he would challenge me on every point every point every point, and in here and there when our blog was just getting started. Things like that. I'd engage in an ice okay let's get into it.

Let's go back and forth but I keep inviting him to call so he was like in a boxer before fight trash talking and he's going to put me he's got a crush raised in this. He's gonna that demolished me in and of so we set it up for him to call and he was like a lamb out of the stall and I mean he wasn't aggressive. He wasn't intense. Is he he he he lacked that the fire that he had in his posts. I felt his approach was very passive, easy to refute and deal with it was kind of shocking and then didn't hear from him much for a while. For years, and then he resurfaced today with Meditech that will threat a block combat as others had to because of persistent and consistent and constant attacks nonstop so did the same thing on twitter when he came up with this latest attack, but I just wrote back before blocking and said what was Sharon's it sad said the same untruths praying that God would bring him to himself. So I will look to see if folks have been posting their disagreements that we come back. I want to talk about the headline on the Drudge Report for cleansing's and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to the line of fire, 866 differ with me on any level. Give me a call. Tell me why talk about it all listener. I have no short of attacks from different people accusing me of everything imaginable under the sudden differing in the craziest ways that I may share some of those with you for fun little later in the show but this is a time for dialogue and inter action so I'd I go to Drudge Report today. There are a bunch of different websites that a look at different times in the day just to see with their reporting different headlines wide range of perspectives that I will look at and there is a picture there is a circle of Christian leaders and they are all surrounding Pres. Trump and they are laying hands on his back on his shoulders so there surrounding him in prayer.

These are a number of of well-known evangelical leaders praying for Pres. Trump and I I had heard reports about this yesterday but everything I heard was confidential. Not that this never happened before, or that the president hasn't been surrounded by some of these Christian leaders who prayed for him, but just that it happened.

I was told confidentially yesterday and then today, lo and behold look at this picture and one of the gentleman involved in and it's it's his picture that was posted and then that that got the attention of the daily mail UK, which is a massive publication and then a very active online as well. They reported the story of the South African Christian leader who's been in the states for several decades now these two decades, the burden for revival in America Rodney Howard Brown was known very controversially begin in 93. The laughing revival and their definitely controversial things that happened in those meetings, but as I've listened to Rodney's message. Over the years, and spoke with him here and there. He carries a strong burden for repentance in America and awakening and believes that we could see a great awakening, but that we are in very very critical times right now urgently critical times, kind of life and death. So put aside the controversy over so-called holy laughter. For the moment let's not focus on that. I'm happy to talk about it if you want to, but just a meeting in the White House, the Rodney Howard Brown quote was that she believes that there is going to be in awakening. We've spoken just a few times here and there over the years, face-to-face or by phone a couple of times and then met in different settings here and there so I spoke to him on the phone. I would say once in the last four or five years and it was about a series of meetings he was holding in DC evangelistic outreach meetings in an meetings praying for repentance in America and his whole, his whole message was the urgency of the hour. The critical nature of the state of things in America and how awakening was his life and death. So we shared the same perspective there. In any case, it's just interesting to see headline on Drudge prayers for Trump that is the story the Drudge Report decided to put his number one story suit what's Drudge Report if you go to it. It is the most bland website you'll ever see.

It's almost always black-and-white a little bit of color here and there with a picture or caption if you listen to Rush Limbaugh and go to Drudge Report you see a lot of the stories that he gets.

He gets from Drudge Report and all it is is this headlines is this headlines is deathly sensationalistic.

It's just headlines at black-and-white and then you click on them and it goes to that websites or takes you away from Drudge Report over to that website and they they get billions of views they get more views than the New York Times and other major news outlets get views.

So would you like Drudge Report are not normally people love Drudge or hate Drudge. Either way is just of interest that this is the lead story on Drudge and for sure for sure whether you are a fan of the president or an adversary of the president what he or one of those who thinks he's average illegitimate one of those who thinks she's been appointed by God. Either way, you should be praying for him. We are called, listen up. If that the ancient believers were called to pray for kings and rulers, and that included madman like like Nero, and in those types of leaders if they were called to pray for them to pray for their salvation and to pray for them so that we could live quiet and peaceful lives in all godliness and honesty. In other words, if we can be in a situation where were not being crucified for our faith by Christians were in ancient Rome were not being born burned like torches Christians were in ancient Rome were not being brought before the seas or the that the king and told to renounce Jesus or die that it's better if you can be in that situation it's better if you can be in the situation were not being beheaded for the faiths.

Christians are in the Middle East today were imprisoned or tortured for the faith is there other parts of the world to this day it's better if we can live quiet peaceful lives with all godliness and honesty without having to deal with those type of horrific situations. A little God still gives grace in the midst written off in the church grows in the midst of intense persecution, but in short, we should be praying for kings and rulers how much more should we be praying for a democratically elected president. In other words, someone that we have a vote in, and a voice in 8663 Fort roots.

So just a couple of more comments about the whole Russia situation. I been reading columns by conservatives very upset that Donald Trump Junior met someone representing themselves as being from the Russian government or that's what he was told they work with potential dirt on Hillary Clinton campaign that she had somehow been colluding with Russia and that he would've been more than happy to find out that that was true. He met along with what Jared Kushner and the campaign manager than Paul Manna for and turn out to be nothing of the sort. There was no such information forthcoming from the Russian individual that they met with nor was there any further contact. So if that's the smoking gun is a smoke is no smoke it if if this is the proof that that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton is nothing to it that should he have met with that a right thing to do Jew work with a foreign government to get dirt on your political opponents.

It probably happens a lot. It probably happens more than we realize that America probably metals in foreign affairs more than many of us would be happy with other governments try to meddle in our affairs more than we be happy with. There was very strong evidence of the Obama administration worked hard to take down a Prime Minister Netanyahu when he was running for election. The last time around during the Obama ministration that there was a real effort to defeat him and it was known and open with funding of of opposition party and opposition strategy can't prove that, but there is strong evidence to that dentist minutes right know would've been better Donald Trump Junior not to have met with someone who alleged to have information on Russia colluding with Hillary Clinton and if you wanted to do it in his. I was new to the political scene of the best thing to do with event to talk to his father because he said he didn't and and then to Seawright who can we talk to FBI or CIA Shaklee, who's to say for NSA whoever we talk to and inform them were having this meeting luncheon in the having this meeting and if something comes up. We want to turn it over to you press that would've been the way to do it, but this proves zero escrow exclusion. Although there is no this not it. That's not it it it it's like you say.

I know this person is guilty of a crime. I know they stabbed my neighbor. I'm sure of it. I saw the figure going in the house with a knife and I'm I'm shy. I saw it for the back and I'm sure it was them and and II know I know that the status person the debt and then a week later you search the police search that neighbors house and they find a knife, but most houses have knives they find a knife, but is not the murder weapon had it has no DNA of that person whatsoever. It doesn't match the stab wounds. Okay, they found that that they didn't find the knife nor did they find any incriminating evidence to to link the person to the crime to get my analogy so I in no way am I defending the Trump campaign or saying that with Donald Junior did was good or wise. What I'm saying is there's nothing to this, as far as an accusation that the Donald Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election.

It's time to move on. If real evidence one day surfaces that that's the case.

Trust me, the plaster over every news outlet for the whole world to see right now is nothing more distraction right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us today on the line of fire, 866-348-7884 is the number to call. Okay this is this is really fascinating. I got it I got admit this. This is fascinating on my Esther to run Facebook page. We have over 530,000 people who like the page over 513,000 who follow the page and any time I post something controversial at all, which is frequently because I'm constantly dealing with controversial issues in a constructive way tie I post that what happens is immediately folks who differ will weigh in and they'll give it which is great as long as her civil with one another. There is profanity than on engage in personal attacks. They can win all they want in there some folks that are regular listeners and regular participants on the page that I think always different with either unseal other posts, but when I receive them there differing with me, but what I find so fascinating, so I'm a week we can get hundreds thousands of comments running on on on something controversial.

I mean it could get very, very intense, very very quickly which is good.

That's why were discussing the issues, and in the comment section is a form for all of you to interact and get your viewpoints out and it's very rare that I interact in the comments section.

So I here's what I posted today.

Okay I posted this ON our Donna, do you have a difference with me theologically or culturally or politically. Are you critical of stances. I've taken today's your day to call into the show to the four and if you can't call you can post your concern here and that is if the focus of discussions do store if you remember to stay civil. Let's have cut some constructive discussions today, and then a link where folks can listen remarkably quite quite remarkably nobody's posted a difference there all right met. One thing that I'm wondering about with Facebook. Have they hindered the reach of this is if it's advertising for the broadcast I wouldn't that be faster on the try little experiment and see what happens during the break, 8663 for 87884 effect effect. Let's do this together. Let me post a question here. Comment here and let's let's see how folks way in her right once here's a little right out right.

What's your take on my views of Pres. Trump that's it just that little question what your take on my views of Pres. Trump boom will publish that. Let's just see what happens.

Could it be that Facebook has hindered the reach of my post inviting folks to contact me with a difference. Now that would be faceted. It would be would be because of the nature of the post. It would be because it's is the line of fire with Dr. Michael Brown and that would be perceived as advertising this show.

Wouldn't that be interesting to find out.

86634878843 switch subjects again. Dr. Eugene Peterson who is the author of the message which is a best selling radical paraphrase of Scripture. At times I found it to be beautiful and powerful. At other times completely distorted in terms of a restating of Scripture that really went well beyond the paraphrase, so I always told people for years and years and years. Do not use it as your primary bottle is not a Bible. The message is not the Bible. It is a professor, a Christian, professors, retelling of the Bible in his own words all right is not the Bible. The message is not the Bible. Let me repeat that it is an extreme paraphrase of the Bible. It would be like.

I studied Scripture for years and then in my own words. I retold you first for verse with the Bible said, as I understood it, so you would be getting Mike Brown's paraphrased recast, it restated version of the Bible you could not call it the Bible is if you title that you could call it Dr. Michael Brown's retelling of Scripture that would be accurate. So, at times with the message it's excellent. It's right on its poignant, it's beautiful. At other times it's okay and other times, like what some of the text says so I've used it here and I've quoted it because it's vibrant at certain points and beautifully expressed certain points soft core that as a paraphrase, and otherwise just told people hate use it as a paraphrase is extreme paraphrase, but under no circumstances use it as a primary Bible well. Eugene Peterson was interviewed by Jonathan Merritt, the story just posting or resisting analysis folks are talking about where Dr. Peterson was asked about homosexuality and he said boat yeah in his denomination Presbyterians debating this but basically he was in the church of maybe 500 and there were some gay men and women in it. They didn't even bother with that. That's findings of their spiritual life seem to be the same as everybody else's. If he was asked to perform a same-sex wedding. His answer was with yes we do it yes will work best even hesitate.

So I'm I'm trying to up to reach out to him to speak with him privately.

Obviously this is not a new position for him, but we just try to reach out privately if we can, but I'll probably be addressing that as well. Over the course of the week. Perhaps in an open letter this week or next MI surprised to hear this.

No grieved course is respected leader and he's done much good in his help many people in many ways with what he's written over the years and I'm sure he's been a great teacher and mentor to many, but when you take as much liberty with Scripture as he did with the message when certain things can maybe get water down or may be twisted here and there, then it doesn't deeply surprise me again sadness but not surprises. We come back. I am going to speak with a special guest about a major documentary that exposes one of the most aggressive and destructive organizations in America today. I'll say it again. One of the most aggressive and destructive organizations in America today we speak with Dr. Frank right in just a few minutes and I want to ask the question we look back to the America whole really good with the good old days really hope we over glorifying the past at the expense of the present will direct. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on a lot of 7884 is the number two call before I talked about important documentary. This can be airing in just a few days.

I wrote an article last night I been wanting to write it for little while and it's called when the church ruled by the sword when the church ruled by the sword and I wrote it because I wrote an article couple weeks back that got a lot of circulation it.

It was on the key difference between Christianity and Islam in us of the difference between the two faiths is the difference between Jesus and Mohammed. The difference between the cross and the sword. The difference between liberation and subjugation.

Of course a stand behind every word I wrote that and I wrote it with aforethought but I also noted this, unfortunately, through much of Christian history, the church is departed from the message. An example of Jesus also remember the sword honesty compels me to tell this part of the story as well and in fact, in fact it it well.

It's true that although Islam has terribly mistreated the Jewish people through history that often. Often Jews found much more safety and freedom in Muslim lands than so-called Christian lands is terrible, painful history and I shared that because look, my goal is not to be partisan. My goal is not to take particular sides.

My goal is to speak the truth in love. My goal is to expose darkness with light and tragically much of church history has been anything but exemplary that's why so many Jews are sure that Jesus is not the Messiah, they look at the history of those who profess to be his followers. And if you say will no true follower of Jesus would commit such atrocities will in theory, it's true, but if Jews just see a group of people say they're Christians and that's what's dominant in society and in those professing Christians mistreat them and they experience that almost universally that's what they understand the church to be right in other words, when when when we look to see what Islam really is. We don't just look at the terrorist code. Maybe their extremists may be there misrepresenting the faith. We look at whole nations we look at a wrong look at Afghanistan would look at Saudi Arabia. We look at Pakistan look at these other countries and we see what status did non-Muslims have in those countries and and are those people kept down by the sword by oppression and various things like that so Jews through history there understand."

Christianity was the corrupt regimes that ruled over them that the wicked rulers that persecuted them. So the difference here is that when professing followers of Jesus do those things they do them in direct violation of the teaching and example of Jesus in the teaching and example of his followers. The teaching and example of the believers of the first few centuries. When Muslims use the sword to spread their faith and use domination and subjugation to keep others down. Then, in point of fact, they are following the example of Mohammed and his first disciples. In the early centuries of Islam as it expanded and grew by the sword. That's the difference with friends may be offensive, but by God's grace I am going to tell the truth. Either way, we come back.

I am going to speak with a special guest Dr. Frank right and he is well prot�g� of Dr. D. James Kennedy and has been leading the James Kennedy ministries for years very important interview about a various court documentary stay right there on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire date 866-34-TRUTH very excited to bring on a special guest in one moment, we were just able to set this up right at the beginning of the show today of a few years.

A few years back I was placed on the list by the SPLC, the Southern poverty Law Center of 30 new leaders of the radical right included on that list were people like Molly Sue, Lucia, Boz, who was then the, the leader of the new Black Panthers or David Duke, the former grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazis and white supremacists yet and there were some other Christian leaders. There we were on there because we requote anti-gay and I did call them out. I did call out the SPLC.

I first wrote a letter thanking them for for making my day for putting me on their list, but I called out their inaccuracies and their biases and how they actually buy their own criteria, with one spreading hate and then it actually got to the point when they had the family research Council on their hate group list that gay man provoked in part by what they had written getting there, getting the address of the FRC from the hate map that the SPLC had this man went into the FRC headquarters in tried to carry out a massacre.

After wounding the security guard. He was tackled by that guarded subdued into police came, but his plan was to carry out a massacre and I and others said the SPLC has blood on their hands, that they even put Dr. Ben Carson on their hate list at one point until Bill O'Reilly drew attention to it and exposed it now.

Dr. Frank Wright, who is chairman. The CEO, president of D. James Kennedy ministries is put together something very important that all of America needs to see Frank. Welcome to the broadcast.

Thanks for joining us today. Dr. Brown, my friend. Thank you sir.

Good to be on with you all of it is, it is my drug. We can go through all your credentials and background but let's just say this you are eminently qualified to put out this expose all right first, who was the SPLC haphazardly come to such prominence in America unity X the SPLC is a classic example of a good idea. A good intention group of people gone horribly bad. It was founded in the 1970s the early part of the 1970s kind of on the tail end of the civil rights movement. There were still vestiges of of you know problems around the country with with respect to unit securing civil rights for all Americans, and they did some really good work they put some of the Ku Klux Klan organizations in the South completely out of business by financially bankrupting them. They did some legal work testing cases to apply civil rights law where others are sort of limited in their application of it. They did some very good things.

But what seemed to happen with them is as they made success of America.

Quite frankly made some measure of progress in civil rights for all Americans. The sense that the mission they had of fighting the enemies of civil rights was no longer driving their financial engine and so the good thing what they were doing many great things went horribly bad when they realized well, there's an easier way for us to keep the money coming in.

That is just start attacking Christian conservative and other organizations. Anybody who departs from a leftist ideology and label them as as haters and simply adopted that strategy.

The money is just rolling in this group of $300 million in offshore, oddly enough, bank accounts and generates about $50 million a year in revenue mostly through crisis email appeals to northeastern liberal Americans who have no idea that the things that they say are untrue� It is again how much do they bring in annually.

The recent most recent figures are $50 million a year and they have before the end of last year they had 260 something million dollars in offshore bank accounts because they have to disclose and with the with the additional funds he took in them last year as well over 300 million by everybody's account and interestingly Michael he spent very little of this money doing anything that relates to their name their offices in Birmingham, Alabama to Montgomery Alabama on the edge of a very deeply poverty-stricken portion of the community. They have this glamorous building. They spend the money on poverty. They spent very little money on any legal work these days.

The only thing you can say about the Southern poverty Law Center these days is that there Southern yeah that's about all that's consistent with that name. Yet it is it is quite extraordinary. I remember hearing about them years ago I was part of it of the church that was very socially active in and cared about justice issues in the SPLC they they had a name and they were they were kind of revered and then the FBI different law enforcement would look to them because they they can help identify these hate groups and here's a neo-Nazi white supremacist group inheres at a branch of the KKK so they had more influence than many Americans would have realized in years back when I first spoke out in a way that different with their position on homosexual issues. I actually got a letter from them is very friendly. St. Europe, you're probably not educated on the subject, and we like to help you. Let's dialogue I said great. Let's dialogue. Of course, never heard back from them. When I call them out publicly with open letters and things never heard a syllable back so this has nothing to do with dialogue or interaction.

I don't think that have anyone from their side debate any of us so that we could bring things out in public, but you have a documentary now that is going to reveal really for the first time ever on this level to the American people who and what the SPLC currently is and how dangerous they actually are. So tell us more about this documentary will like you Michael we been on the hate list for a long time with them and they have been able to get away with them in your last remark you really put your finger on it. They been able to maintain an aura of credibility even as what they argue about Christian groups and other conservative groups as being hate groups, which is patently false, but law enforcement to some extent relies has in the past relied upon them. You know, your friend Mike Tony Perkins of the family research Council showed me a fax he received from a sheriff in Louisiana that had Tony's own picture of the facts. Facts came from the Southern poverty Law Center and said this man leaves a hate group and and yet the FBI they don't, the FBI, not so much anymore but in the past has often relied on the Southern poverty Law Center, but their definition is so incredibly flawed that they need to have just needed for a long time to be called out Ewert you are breaking ground when you call them out. Back in those early days, and so we published last month a special report, the Southern poverty Law Center expose this pride. Other Saturday and Sunday. We will air in our syndication platform for the art cruiser transform a television program. We will air special that we produce called profits of hate.profit with NET profit with IT profits of hate the Southern poverty Law Center and were going to begin a major effort to get the truth out about who these people are and help people understand that they actually represent not just some crank group calling people who subscribe to the historic Christian faith haters. They represent one of the greatest threats of the First Amendment freedoms of all Americans in our day. You remember Martin Luther King's letter from the Birmingham jail when he said that justice denied. Anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Southern Poverty Rd., Law Center represents that in a way that many Americans have no idea that they are ordinary, long-held, deeply convicted Christian convictions in the in the eyes of the Southern poverty Law Center get them get them a rank or labeled as a hater so so allegedly with the SPLC that is you are willfully disseminating false information about another group then that makes you potentially a hate group.

So if the false information. According to them is for us, scientifically accurate, fairly presented and biblically reasonable if they differ with it. They can bring to hateful so if for example you say there is no reputable scientific evidence that anyone is born gay. You are now anti-LGBT you could be a hater if you take issue with transgender activism just scientifically, morally, socially, not even using Scripture. You could not potentially be listed as a hater. If you had a large enough organization.

Even a small one, you could be granted then as a as a hate group so some of you look at you the same way that they look at at some monster with some totally hateful in the KKK or Hitler type views really put the same class which to me makes them the hate group based on their own definition of what you say about that.

Well, it always got your your spot on the course that it reminds me of the famous letter, the Supreme Court relied upon when it issued its opinion of the Everson case about the wall of separation of church and state budget. Just say that my apologies will will continue under the side of the break the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for seven I am speaking with Dr. Frank Wright president CEO James Kennedy ministries and I asked decorator question right before the break. Southern poverty Law Center, which is put find Christian ministries and Christian individuals on their hate list for years now and associated with the left us with the likes of neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan Menon and other genuinely hateful groups. In doing so, they are disseminating misinformation and they themselves really are the hate group. So Frank right before the break, he began to reference a Supreme Court decision.

So back to use her.

Thank you. Thank you Michael. I was just thinking about Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists a very famous letter to American Supreme Court jurisprudence in which he talked about the great wall of separation between church and state. But he said something else. He said our laws touch on actions not on ideas and in this respect, the SPLC is turned the Constitution on its head.

It doesn't look at people's actions.

It looks at what they think about things and challenges them on your earlier comment about their standard that they use to apply.

You know it's a question of fact, if you're factually wrong in order to oppose you. That's not even true of them anymore. I mean if you defend pre-born babies today your hater.

You support traditional marriage about immigration enforcement or border security. Today, as you know, Michael.

If anything that departs from a hard left progressive liberal agenda the get you branded a hater.

Their goal is to silence the speech of those opposed to them. Which is why we see them as the greatest threat to our First Amendment freedoms.

If, for example, you have an organization or ministry that helps people with unwanted same-sex attraction, helping them deal with that you might be the target of an SPLC lawsuit and we all know that lawyers with enough money can wear out just about anybody they can bankrupt ministries they can bankrupt businesses. They can take your time and in and steal years from you. And yet, though they'll gladly do this if they believe it's for their cause. How can folks watch this documentary.

We made it very easy. Our website is RT James Kennedy ministries has a shortened acronym for the website it's DJ so if you go to DJ

If you do that today you will actually see a trailer for our special that airs Saturday and Sunday will also see the book special report of the Southern poverty Law Center expose so starting this weekend.

Everyone will be able to watch this special program on the SPLC and be able to forward the link to their friends and and can get the word out here by going to DJ PLC. I wonder thought I'd I need to watch that as well and then will do our best to share that with others assumes that links up will post them.

Share them. Frank realistically how much damage are they doing with the influence they have. I know that some influence has waned. I know that behind the scenes different law enforcement agencies are no longer looking to them or relying on them.

But still, they're very influential that much money and clout they can do a lot of damage. What are they actually doing that is harmful right now. Michael, in my view if you link to things together you get a real sense of danger here.

The first thing is that Congress passed the last decade. Laws against hate crimes.

Additional penalties against crimes motivated by hate. If you murder somebody and your motivation is hate, there should be a greater penalty and leisure of the murdered person feels about that their life is gone right at the Congress and the courts have upheld this idea of hate crimes. They never upheld the idea of hate speech. But as those things tend to metastasize. A lot of those laws on hate crimes are really targeted hate speech and then here you have this group the SPLC calling people like Michael Brown to James Kennedy ministries and family research Council and American family Association and others calling the ADS analyzed ascending street alliance defending freedom.

You know, we can go on those over 40 or 50 groups on their map and they're making a connection between a constitutional principle. According to this record.

Anyway, that there can be laws targeting hate crimes and they're making us connected to that in the minds of everyone and it leads to what we seen in the last decade and that is violence against starting with the family research Council were the Fort Perkins went in there with a gun and a bag of Chick-fil-A sandwich is going to kill everybody in the building and stuff the sandwiches in their mouths and take photos of them so that he could make the statement that he wanted to make an unjust couple of weeks ago, Congressman Steve Scully shot up on the ballfield in Northern Virginia by someone who was a devout TD of the pages of the Southern poverty Law Center particular hate mail so they are an engine of violence they are more dangerous. In my view than anyone on their list yeah and friends as you sink.

There is any hyperbole in what Dr. Wright is saying if you say coheres just another right-wing fanatic trying to parent over just all paranoid watch the documentary watches this weekend once more. Sir, please tell our listeners where they can go. Thanks Michael DJ you see a trailer and the resource that we offer the Southern poverty Law Center book until the weekend on the weekend. Both of those links will definitely credible garage we will watch a special program were also on DirecTV run satellite to cable broadcast television.

If you search for D. James Kennedy ministries or truth to transform which is the title of our program.

You can also find us in broadcast outlets as well. Submit may choose clients may light shines in the darkness. You know it doesn't matter how much money or how much influence they have their they're putting forth lies disinformation that is harmful not helpful so I can pray that all is that will be exposed and were also confident that the truth of the gospel and God's people will stand either way. Keep up the great work and will do our best to promote this and Michael recommend you practice good fight long before others got involved and what I commend you for being a leader in this regard and were really following your footsteps.

We thank you brother all wealth that were in this together.

God bless you.

Thanks so much like friends want to give you the challenge on this really seriously, if you don't take this seriously is if you say I'll use this to all geysers and the guys in their 60s probably in there. Just like these right wingers and think that that that was the world's clots and listen I will live with fear. I live with confidence. I feel that when I see an atheist rally. I feel bad for the atheists when I see Islamic terrorist and by the way I'm not comparing an atheist with Islamic terrorist slaughtering people. Okay, I just put them in different classes of those who don't believe what I believe and their aggressive about went when I when I see Islamic terrorism rising. I grieve for the people affected by, and agree for the terrorists and I want to see justice but on that if I go know all Miller to take over the old North Side's going to lose.

Listen were following a risen Savior. We got nothing to fear but at the same time, we recognize the reality what's happening.

Go to that website.

Check things out for your self this weekend and you will see, you will see with the SPLC is hey friends, this is the week to get your signed and numbered copies of saving a sick America will get you in advance when it comes out in September signed numbered collectors edition what could be the most important book I've written aspect Morgan open the phones to critics today to those who differ with me also want to talk about how good with the good old days in America and more Russia and from stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown blessed and delighted to be with you. Here's number. Call 8663487884866-34-TRUTH.

Thanks for this tweet. It's called pray for Trump success. That's the name of the twitter handle and it's as I'm totally in favor of any prayer for Trump but how could you possibly tell I am yeah :-) face response. There yes major news on Drudge Report Christian leaders surrounding Pres. Trump in prayer yesterday laying hands and praying from whether you like him or not you should welcome prayer for him is welcome. Prayer for Pres. Barack Obama would've been wonderful if much the same leaders could've prayed over him hate welcome to the broadcast.

In a moment I am going to speak with a pro-life leader in Charlotte North Carolina about something happening and that's us in our own back your those of you who live in greater Charlotte that you need to know about.

And if there's a way you can get involved and make a difference. That would be great.

I also want to ask some honest questions about our nation, which about all the good old days.

O making America great again and then some say well how good were the good old days really how good were the good old days or more was America ever really great.

I want to address that question had on the context of my new book, saving a sick America and you can download the introduction and first chapter 1st three by going to saving a sick saving a sick you can order a signed and numbered copy collectors edition a pre-order signed and numbered copy of a beautiful hardcover you can do that by going to ask Dr. you find on the homepage asked Dr. okay before I get into any of that. I want to speak to you about an attitude of heart I want to speak to you about a mindset. Many people listen to the broadcast regularly tell me that they receive courage as they do that they receive encouragement as they listen that they receive. Hope as they listen, I know that circumstances can often be disconcerting and depressed. I know that the news around us can often be very gloomy and very glum.

I know that it is very very easy to be discouraged and to say okay we have the hope of eternal life are going to be with the Lord forever. But this world met this messed up. This world is is just getting worse and worse and everything around us is getting worse and worse. Maybe that's how it feels in your own family.

Maybe that's literally how it feels in your own body because you're in a state of sickness, and an deterioration. Maybe all those things are true and and my heart goes out to if that is your situation. I just want to say this to you from the heart.

If God is for you.

No one can ultimately be against and I would rather have all the bad news in the world at my door. All the media all the governments of the world, all the armies of the world all technology of the world, steadfastly against me and God with me than the other way around. God is for ultimate who can be against will be right back for cleansing and Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for wanting us to pay on the line of fire. I want to bring on a special guest because we have friends, colleagues on the frontline standing for truth stand for righteousness out to the hurting, we have folks that we know on the front lines of the pro-life movement when they experience opposition.

We want to do our best to be a voice for them an outlet for them. I know that many of you are listening to me right now all over North Carolina.

We we have more stations that run in North Carolina than anywhere in America that's that's been our history as we started broadcasting in North Carolina. So many of you listening over North Carolina and River Charlotte. But wherever you are around America and the world. One touch about something very important and join with a local pro-life leader Daniel Parks, a Daniel, thanks for joining us today on the broadcast Dr. Brown thank you for giving the opportunity to share what going on. Sure thing. How long have you been engaged in pro-life work actively earthly. Me and my family, or 2000 and about 12 years in the frontline capacity art and how many kids do in your life have we have 88 kids and and to what extent are your kids involved with you in pro-life work well when you're involved in the capacity that I'm involved right now the molecular. They were like a missionary family that we get out the minute being America should all families involved in in that level. But the forest on the sidewalk. We bring our own family out on Saturday together and just as your children what it serve the Lord related others in that capacity Thursday they come out and not related to the victim in the clinic and often opine. Maybe share scripture only only microphone when they're under able to do that this art. So is it the reason I asked that is just to paint a picture that you got these kids.

What are the ranges in age so we have a 19-year-old all the way down a nonmedical okay so you are living examples of the pro-life movement is well. She drafted with the whole family are obviously not screaming and yelling you're obviously not using hate speech engaging in profanity here. There is a family in a way that's appropriate even for little children to be there and your offering women or couples going in there a better way offering them hope, getting them to rethink whether they should have an abortion.

Not many of them were emotionally wrought operating there really struggling whether to do it or not, and sometimes just seeing you there.

See in the family. There is enough to get them to turn away and maybe to go to a clinic where they can get help about adoption or or check in with one of the ministries there so you been doing this for years. What what has happened recently that will recently we have had, virtually really pro-abortion opposition out there some folks that I believe are stirred up because of the election by: not will not be pleased with the result and you know that they're coming out and trying to figure out everything the entity that they possibly can be a hindrance to what were doing.

Thankfully were able so many resource, many are 1300 churches in the greater Charlotte area all kinds of resources and help would like to bring these resources. To the front lawn.

The abortion clinic on the resources of the mobile ultrasound unit and the rental take a mom directly from the abortion clinic on board the mobile shelving unit. My life is actually one of the nurses that does the ultrasound there and and talk to some the options that we offer you think adoption and housing ministry work with, but we've even had a fight about the mobile ultrasound unit that there they try to get the.which is Charlotte Department of transportation with no parking found along the road there.

They try to get the MPD that the stop us from these and amplified sound. Stop us from handing out literature and they've tried to get the recently the latest thing of the Charlotte zoning department to keep us from using signage currently keep us from I believe, effectively using signage and to their pro-abortion great. This is really trying to get it from every angle and course strictness from the mission that the Lord, you out there alright so do they have any right to do with their doing are they within any legal bounces or are they pressing you on any level about something that you're doing wrongly so you, and in particular the zoning official in our latest battle yes or yes.

So what they are. You get quick rundown of what they've done. They came out about three weeks to get a bit of a canopy there to shield on whether it's on a public sidewalk in very low traffic that were the only traffic on that will pretty much in for five hours time the no one else but us there with that of a canopy in the zoning came out and beaten violation of and obstructing the sidewalk first obstructing a public right-of-way law want to remove it and I've learned over the years dealing with the official lately you with all the respect I tried it and bent law to report myth while all and I didn't agree that what they complain of their plan outlaw was was right and so they will feature canopy and they did. They took it wherever they could. And then the week after they came out on a Wednesday and told us we built them you have conversation with them what signage. How can we properly placed on it please you guessed it. With this belief try to abide by all of that and on her vehicle. As we reflect on it is important to associate people. The reality of abortion but also the reality of the choices which are pictures of babies that are victims of abortion to be the rescue from abortion to me that if the context of that not every contact of the contact should the victim in but this is the context for a change of heart.

The chain is likely like the motor vehicle off the ground like within the asset or holding the thought behind some time to meet the propped against the car or something like that with my holding it. We've never had an issue 12 years that I've been up never had an issue, but last Wednesday and city officials just showed up out of the blue and literally took find out a few of our volunteers and they were touching the ground that you're in violation of some other ordinance that you need solid waste abatement and cannot write your citation for each time limit. Take the fun but they did and then just this week on on Wednesday. One of our volunteers was actually getting the found permit to the police officer and that is fine down the vehicle away from anyone. The meaning of the family and against his vehicle but he was doing at about 10 or 15 minutes. It under the police officer that they have found permit is the temptation. Everything in the zoning officials literally came out of nowhere and that went made a beeline for they find cleaning it.

His car and entered I'm I'm asking for a united warrant.

You have a warrant of property in the evening and make some type again, obstructing a public right-of-way.

Yeah right right in the streets Charlotte. This is this is my dog. So, obviously, from everything we can tell there's a concerted effort their people have got together and said they're going to do something about this and what what would be the best way to come against us.

Obviously we we respect authority.

When authority ask wrongly week we confronted rightly. We confronted within the bounds of the law, what would be the best thing that could happen is more people coming down with you. Is it a people calling out a phone number is going to a website. What's the best way people could do something so certainly week we would always invite more about them and I promise you, Stan got got what you save a lot of baby and I don't stated that chemically say thank you ministry leader latest.

Usually you want your prayers want people to be praying when we just left and they're not not long ago we felt three baby face today and and one young lady just taken the abortion pill. Her face was just covered with regret. She came out on the file that we pray for her and and she was thrown out there in the in the parking part, I'm just praying that she thrown out the abortion feel like maybe the Lord and in Indiana, Napa. They were baby. She was just regret what happens what happens went just real quick when folks a woman comes in to the oil and gets her ultrasound. What happens typically we will talk through the issues that brought her there. We noted that comfort for reasons that are not just say good day for abortion is not that they have Christian life. Things are dealing with glee taken on board with a registered nurse or stenographer and a counselor and they free pregnancy test in the real Shannon than I thought that the issue that have been involved in there and then try to get them plugged into resources that they would meet the issue got it and it is their website they can go to an address that they should show up at the abortion clinic 30 between the threads drive an hour with Charlotte like the ball I give the website will more time. Charlotte.for number four I Charlotte.cities for line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi I made I'm in big discovery I made a big discovery if you're listening last hour you know that I posted on Facebook an invitation for people call or just post their disagreements with me.

I call or post your disagreement with me if you can call posted so we can have discussion we do periodic critics calling days.

Things like that so I I was so shocked by not even posting anything at the people and called it that no one posted anything and then I noticed on her Facebook page which has over half a million followers in the rate they are very very active and they have no shortage of weighing in with your views and opinions.

I noticed that the post hardly reached anyone. It tells you on the page. How many reached how to reach anyone, so I thought okay it could be because we have a lot of fire logo up there that Facebook looks at that as an ad for a show and they told me some time units post advertising to know it's not set advertising the way they don't like. So I reposted the same thing but without the logo and suddenly people started posting so lo and behold that's what happened. So let me let me just respond to a couple of things here and then I want to get to the question of how good were the good old days really in America if you want to differ with me on anything 866-34-TRUTH 780 forces that you've got questions. We got answers. This is only if you differ with me but I'm I'm just looking at some posts from hang on from MJ, the me to see if I could find this again here, where was is looking at the post was right in front of me here you go here you go, or from from Mayo. I'm sorry I posted three different websites so I'm I'm answering on the air not answering on the website. One of them by a gentleman why Dr. Michael Brown has no credibility. This is from October of last year while actually invited to gentleman on the air with me a few weeks back with within the last what six weeks.

I would say and how I was quite surprised by the direction that it went honestly and I did give this brother a warning of concern in terms of the direction he was going, a former assembly got Pastor Anthony way W ADE butter brother in the Lord. I expect to spend eternity with my brother in the Lord, but I'll mail please listen for that. Just go search the line of fire that work and type in this pastor's name and you'll see the interview that that we had.

So I just want to point you in that direction, but you went to a couple of other critical websites. One had an article about November of last year the Dr. Michael Brown checklist of manipulation. So here's here's the issue. Whoever this individual is that wrote this I don't know than ever contacted me to interact that's that's number one. Okay number one number number two are the date when they post falsehoods.

Why should I waste precious radio time refuting complete faucets okay if if someone writes a whole article about me that I'm no longer doing ministry in and said I I am selling a baseballs to minor league teams than the baseballs are faulty and they do a full report and all of its bogus why when I get on the air and refuted it silly.

So when someone says I become a very convincing apologist" front man from his false teachers like Bill Johnson Heidi Baker Rick Joyner Lance worn out. Even Benny head so I left my seat so somebody can show and I said, but immediately after it could've been a mistake to do it.

I was try to reach his audience and wanted to establish relationship with him privately and if I could be a blessing or if I saw where I wanted to address it. That's as far as it went. In essence wrote to him challenging a month on fundraising and other issues and things so on her front man for Benny. I had Lance Waddell on my show Lance as a friend. Okay I Lance worn out on my radio show. One time, right and we discussed his views of Pres. Trump in NY. He believed that God is raising up Donald Trump to be her 45th president, and I had differ with Lance on this before and I told Jos� I differ. Here's what Lance is. Here's why Isis must have flat spots are now in glasses front man Rick Joyner is a friend of the red Rick on the air with me.

Okay, it's on the front member front man for Rick Joyner. I had Bill Johnson on the air with me on the condition that he would take calls from critics and those who differed and but they didn't call. I put the word out. II did three holes shows that either with Bill Johnson within about Bill Johnson, the new apostolic Reformation, teachers, and I said call if you the third time around somebody finally called in who was a critic site. I give airtime to critics and then they don't call in and then they blame me for saying guys were are you don't don't don't post articles that are bogus and misleading and content.

I won't I won't give them the time I won't dignify them by refuting all the errors that are in okay but don't post these ridiculous articles and then not even take my invitation to come on the air and justify your position. Listen most folks do not offer free air time to their critics who attack them, malign them and misrepresent okay. Most don't do that and if they do it. The whole purpose is to set them up to destroy the end.

Folks that have called them that have been critics that the rare ones that have for the most part we had civil interaction in the midst of our differences and sometimes the posts of even more ridiculous after they find us between them and God. And I don't see these. I don't go to the websites on when they do hold broadcasts about me and put up whole YouTube videos about me. I don't watch them. I don't listen to them.

I pray for the folks and I smile because as further encouragement that I'm doing the right thing so so here's the best thing to do right.

I have written almost 30 bucks now, right, written almost 30 books. I have thousands of hours of radio shows 900 videos on YouTube. God knows how many preached messages out there circulating differ with the content of what I preach and teach right. I have friends on the air that our cessation is that don't believe in the gifts of the spirit. I quoted Pastor John MacArthur approvingly the other day with appreciation, although we strongly differ on the gifts of the spirit for today. I've had other guests on that definitely differ with me in other areas, but I appreciate their work in some areas and I'm glad to give them a platform for recognizing my brothers and sister. In point of fact, more than any of you are aware, I am actively addressing abuses within the charismatic movement. As I hope those of the secessionist side of addressing abuses on their I am actively addressing abuses in ways that will give a little time you will be somewhat shocked to find out, but friends if you can't pick up the phone and call or write a letter to our website say hey can we talk privately discuss the incident, don't expect me to take your criticisms all that serious right it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We have enough lines to a exclusively to those who differ with me. That's important interviews. By the way, and I've been responding to some folks who posted online, but if you have a genuine difference with me theologically, morally, culturally, politically, spiritually, personally, you want to raise that you want to discuss that with me to genuine concern you have, please by all means give me a call 866-348-7884 and by the way I'm I'm a nice guy yeah I'm a nice guy really won't be mean to you won't try to embarrass you if you say something that I find to be preposterous do my best to expose the error of it.

But that's not meant to hurt you. That's meant to help you. 8663 foray 87884 so yesterday the trailer to my new book, saving a sick America went live it. It is a real eye opener only three minutes long to watch you go to my YouTube channel. What you know what to do it, go here, go here. Saving a sick and they'll tell you-get assigned preordered copy of the book little bit later in the show justice down saving a sick right go there since you have an opportunity, not only can you watch the trailer there for the wet for the book, which is three minutes compelling. I opening right in the show you just a glimpse of how far America's Formica posted earlier. The difference between America when I was growing up as a kid in America today is the difference between leave it to beaver and game of thrones, but when you're there you can download the introduction and first chapter absolutely free now but consent September that you can download the introduction and first chapter free right there okay so somebody posted in response to the video of the trailer which is getting lots of excellent responses which we really appreciate someone posted this yet. The good old days when gaze just stayed in the closet so it's taking issue with whether these were the good old days in America and then someone else posted this wow old people problems where they remember a fictional leave it to beaver life. Can I ask you an honest question if you grew up watching leave it to beaver so your my age or little older little younger if you grew up watching leave it to beaver. Did you watch it and say this is just fiction. This is just nonsense.

This is no family in Americans like this, as this critic is saying a fictional America or did you watch it seem like a normal show to you. I understand plenty of American families were not like that. But what percentage of American households were divorced that. What percentage of kids were not raised by both mother and father. What percentage of kids were fatherless. How how many how many kids had a problem with pornography at that time her.

I think those are some fair questions to ask about the state of the nation. So we come back. I want to dig into this a little bit.

Yes, when I was growing up. Segregation was still rampant in different parts of America. When I was a boy. Yes Mr. much more inequality say in terms of women and their abilities in society but you better believe it was a far more innocent society, a far more family friendly society and as I say the difference between America then and now is the difference between leave it to beaver game of thrones will be right back by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and transfer joining us on the life 86634. Truth is the number to call again this is not Q&A you've got questions, we've got answers just inviting calls from those who might differ with me Anna let's start in the start in Dallas Texas.

George walking to the line of fire.

I hey how you doing had a question, but that you open up your show with the carpenter differ with you. Okay let me go ahead and tell you something please. Hello yes go ahead okay directly talking about the Genesis. You said that you believe that the angel became man that took on flesh became human though.

How does how how do how do they become flesh without being conceived and born of a woman yet that's a totally fair question. George salutes on the Genesis 6 which talks about the sons of God and the daughters of men, and that the sons of God took the daughters of men, and he took them for for wives and then their offspring apparently referred to as the nifty lamb which would seem to be a race of giants. So the question would be, or were they fallen Angels, which somehow took on human form and were able to procreate right because they're actually in a body that was malfunctioning male body, or just the sons of God just referred to to godly men who interacted with the who intermarried the daughters of man, and they were ungodly women, so there was a mixture that's one of the reasons that the flood came, so my problem with the second view is that there is a contrast between the sons of God and the daughters of men who daughters of man is nothing evil about that.

It's not saying that that the godly ones intermarried with the ungodly ones and that was part of what brought destruction so that the language just supported there.

And then there many ancient Jewish traditions that support the idea that these were fallen Angels and it seems to be spoken of in in Jude where it is implied is as well that that this is what happened, but how it happen.

I have no idea. I I can explain that I don't know how they could take on legitimate human form and and be able to to procreate with women I can explain how it happened. It just seems to be the most natural reading of the text and one that supported by ancient viewpoints so hot how you come up with a different view. So I have no answer, except for it seems to have happened and therefore they had the ability to do it, but how they did it.

I can't say I don't know what the text doesn't tell me so that's a fair objection what what is your view of the passage. That's why I would argue that they can't in order to in order to incarnate in order to become less they would have to be conceived and born of a woman that will constitute a human being. So I said so let me ask this okay solvency debts of the son of God came into the world. Born of woman right virgin born survey to ensure sinful nature but takes it to the Lord, appearing with two angels in Genesis 18. There there in physical bodies.

He washes their feet and they eat and drink with him now, wouldn't you think that in order to have a physical body were you can eat and drink with someone that you have to be born every human being that you brought that up because God created you and I believe the Lord Jesus, who appears with two angels and as you say they eat whatever Abraham offered them, but the Bible makes clear that that was not an incarnation because the word didn't become flesh until it was good. The and born of woman obviously can appear. I believe he appeared also know with the wrestling with Jacob and also appeared with the and in the in the fiery furnace.

You know those are to stop money and you have a drop in music and take on the appearance of Yuma bank absolutely.

But that's not the same as an incarnation that nothing is becoming being so so what what is the appeared as they took on human flesh for period of time. Just like the Angels with the Lord in Genesis 18 date they took on human flesh and they were somehow able to procreate human flesh just like long drink and human thought that the degree will they do not take on flesh. They appeared so you're saying that was not your it wasn't an actual just explaining your view how that works in it where they actually physical limits.

If I touch them to their physical substance like Jacob wrestling with the angel will you believe Jacob wrestled with the Lord.I believe when it says that the angel was really the son of God. Yet you absolutely right, so he didn't become a human being until it was conceived and born of a woman right.II agree with you the incarnation doesn't take place.

But he did appear in the human body at the time, right right blessing when I wrestle with the Holy Spirit takes on the appearance of the but the Holy Spirit do not actually become of the right right but in terms of Genesis 32 Jacob really wrestled with someone physically correct that like it when they ate with Abraham. Okay so why couldn't someone physically procreate, wrestle as a could eat and drink. Why couldn't they procreate the big procreate.

When he appeared before Abraham. I think it's a moot question actually.

But I'm just asking I know I'm assessing theologically, by the way, this is a totally fair discussion, George, and I'm not on the crew hello yeah okay good because I'm a try to prove a point and try to probe so as far as physically wrestling. I'm just think theoretically for your viewpoint and Angel. You could wash that angels feet you could physically wrestle with the son of God in the human body they could eat and drink, the son of God and angels can eat and drink actually take stuff in Chuan, etc. but they couldn't procreate where you draw that line eating and drinking. Quite different, procreation, I that so that's that your viewpoint so just real quick, then how do you understand Genesis 6. I do believe that the other guy there refers to the godly line is that I don't believe that was the angel that incarnated the case of the day, so the right artist can appear today and the Bible make. When Angel and appear to admit so. So what, why, in your view, sir, does it refer to the daughters of men. This is nothing ungodly about being called daughters of men. There was a sons of God set the sons of God, interacting with the daughters of Satan right not daughters of Satan but the ungodly line of pain right right but it says daughters of men. What is it's something that would make it clear that they were sinful.

Farming out the whole race was simple. At that point and the line of pain, you just see friends from your viewpoint, though it has some weaknesses because sons of God. So that's obviously speaking something positive. I'm saying sense of God and since veins addressing sons of God in the sense of godly ones you send the whole human race was sinful. So who all these godly ones coming out all right with what I but you still have the differentiation between the wicked and righteous. I'm talking line of that were the righteous where the line of King was the wicked, but what is it called in the daughters of man was in it called them wicked is daughters of men is generic is nothing good or bad you can't yet so great it's it's a problem that the passage presents problems for for everyone but hey George, this is a totally fair discussion and I'm being as honest as I can in saying that yeah it's it is a theological conundrum one way or another. But thank you for raising objection to it. That's obviously not a hill that I die on a work question, please go ahead. I think this is very important because there's a whole lot of talk about you all the factors I think they're going to rerelease of the close encounters of the third kind and you know I have do believe that you oppose the thing that appear are not aliens from other planets that bring their demonic. That are here to see, and so they can take on whatever form does that say yes NSF has in his life right so so the whole idea of UFOs being demonic apparitions. There is strong evidence for that as well. So yeah Wayans's lead in terms of our people that I confuse this with 6.interesting discussion.

Thanks are saying it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends with us today on the line of fire, 866 is the number two call of just want to take a moment to get into this, that the first chapter in my new book savings to chimeric.

You can download it for free. Free as an FRE along with the introduction which is a real saving us to go there to download the first chapter and the introduction absolutely free. The intro is an eye opener about the state of America as I become a family man in the early 60s falling asleep with my family were watching leave it to beaver and I wake up today. Yeah it's it's quite a shocker really felt God's grace in writing that to convey a powerful vision. We got a short video trailer that they convey some of that as well.

All saving and if you would like to order a signed and numbered collectors edition of the book when it comes out, due out in September you can get an advance copy signed and numbered by going to my website.

Asked Dr. a SK chapter 1 of the book asked the question how good were the good old days and and I point out that you know when I grew up as a boy and much leave it to beaver my family.

We didn't say torsos how corny is an effeminate like the cleavers. Instead, it was his normal trusses was entertaining. So in other words, we grew up with shows like father knows best in Andy Griffith show today. It's Keeping Up with the Kardashians in secret diary of a call girl in the late 50s early 60s in it for the cello is a popular young female stressing songs like pineapple, princes today :-) Cyrus singing songs like wrecking ball in the nude writing a wrecking ball on a on a music video, you take an old show like Dennis the Menace air from 1959 to 1963 and today we be following Dennis's journey on reality TV waiting for him to get out of the juvenile detention center after robbing an elderly man in broad daylight. Dennis of change really end up dead before his 18th birthday, Raven Dennis having that old scruffy hairdo with a chockablock moxa was at a place EDB sporting a purple Mohawk wearing earrings. I bring a lip ring and adorned with tattoos galore never seen clips from beyond scared straight. Check it check it out on I Love Lucy. There the codes of the day that Lucian Ricardo they they slept in separate beds today. You have got have some partial nudity had told his family show right mild profanity, constant sexual and UN innuendos. Kids will show the slightest respect to the parents or compare Andy Griffith to stalker for Hannibal or compare Lawrence Welk as it was Lawrence.

What young people go online and and just go to YouTube and look for Lawrence Welk videos yeah this is a popular music show when I was growing up, go to Lawrence Welk watch that and contrast that with the annual MTV music awards or watching old Elvis movie where he shakes his hips that was controversial of compare that to the latest comedy want to describe cots it in my book, he began to describe now discuss kids like to be listening latest music video rap music instance been around for years and years and years are all watching episode from Lassie and compare it to American heart story or compare West side story to natural born killers with no Flintstones cartoon show to South Park rattled swim yet debt is a different world. It was a different world yet we had problems, but it was a far more innocent and family friendly world when you go back to the founding of our nation.

In contrast to where we come today. Oh my right. Let's grab one more call Travis in High Point. Welcome to the line of fire.

My coat color. Yeah, that will okay but you talk about right track with God not be in the fallen angel. I have no what was different about an end just over 20 indicate big again. Amanda called on the name of the Lord in all mammoth people were that were caught on the name of the Lord and it really got on Angel got the genealogy like briefly look. There are exactly genealogy in the last verse of acting out specifically for Luke 338 yeah, but what you know there yet with the thought of Adam son of God, the one on God for the people that they were but for some reason just as Adam was about to back up all night. God's first first thing is the term sons of God is used for the angel saying in the book of Job, for example. So we we have that evidence, sons of God plural that's that's one thing and end there and then and then Judas, a computer, tell us about the Angels that fell so who were those angels that they sell it. It does not know that he never called Angel on it. And Jane Galt from missing certain that you just adjust it to just try to educate you on this. Of that, the king in Israel was called God's son right that that's one thing the children of Israel were called God's son. So at some right and sons plural. The name Elohim means people of that class of the Elohim class.

Hence interest LOI Elohim itself. Michael not the Bible. Travis Travis know this is Michael Brown this is Michael Brown. To me with the Hebrew says continue receiver. What I can read the Bible and God gave the Old Testament he agreed. Can you read the Hebrew language. I got it try Travis, can you read the Hebrew language translator can Travis. Travis Travis can you answer a question I just told you what the Hebrew meant I have a PhD in Semitic languages.

I told you with the Hebrew meant.

I knew that decades before I ever heard the name Michael Heiser. He knew that decades before he ever heard the name Michael Brown all were telling you is what the Hebrew says.

Why do you tell me that I'm wrong when you can't even receiver.

I don't live in High Point if I'm telling you the traffic light you're sitting at is in Minnesota but I'm not there to tell you that's one that we can differ. Travis on the Bible. That's fine we can we can different interpretations.

That's great. Please don't make a mockery when I attend with the recess right at a time.

I'm so sorry. Look into this another day. Friends asked Dr. right now in order. Your signed copy of savings

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